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It‘s June, which means it‘s time for a new #Riotgrams Challenge! 📚📸🎉

Macnjen How does this work? I just started following #bookstagram 5y
Liberty @Macnjen You post a photo each day that pertains to that day‘s prompt and include the #riotgrams hashtag. ☺️ 5y
Macnjen Ah @Liberty, that‘s simple. Thanks 5y
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Dracula | Bram Stoker
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It‘s Vampire Day over on Book Riot! Check out a bunch of bookish vampire-related content you can really sink your teeth into. (Sorry not sorry.) ☠️🖤🦇https://bookriot.com/2019/05/07/were-celebrating-vampire-day/

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The 2019 Read Harder Challenge is up! Have fun, all you delightful readers. 📚❤️🎉 https://bookriot.com/2018/12/12/2019-read-harder-challenge/

quirkthenerd Thank you for this! I plan on following it in the New Year 🙂 5y
jillannjohn Yay! 5y
Callsie What‘s neurodiverse mean? 🧐 5y
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BooksAtNight @Callsie I believe it‘s meant to be a more respectful term for people whose brains work differently in any aspect than your “average” human. So for example, the term could include those on the autism spectrum, those with ADHD, dyslexia, etc. 5y
Zil I‘m in! 5y
AnimalRiotPress Amazing! 5y
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Who is playing along with the #Riotgrams challenge this month? 📚

SilversReviews I am not...I have so many other ones, but this looks good. 6y
Crazeedi I mostly don't do these , for some reason. Many I don't know about, some I forget and don't know how to really keep track. I guess I'll stick to reading books and looking for new ones 😊 6y
Crazeedi I wish there were some way you could save posts to refer back when needed 6y
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Heretherebedragons I'm the thinking about it. Maybe this is the push I need. 6y
Robothugs @Crazeedi Until that day comes, take a screenshot! 😊 (edited) 6y
Crazeedi @Robothugs that is a GREAT idea! Thank you 6y
BookwormDownUnder Sounds good! 6y
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#Riotgrams Day 3: favorite title! (📸: Rioter @Matilda )

SandyW Sounds like a good read too! 6y
Jazruiz.2014 On my tbr! 6y
ACEbookworm That cover tho 💕 6y
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Day 1 of the #Riotgrams Challenge: reading selfie! Read anywhere, everywhere, every chance you get. ❤️🛀 📚

MiyakoBunny Great photo 😄😄😄💣💣💣💣 6y
GypsyKat Love it! 😆 6y
kspenmoll Fabulous! 6y
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AndroidMonkey I'm not sure that counts as a selfie. 6y
HeidiReads Easy, AndroidMonkey, her hands are full! 6y
AlohaShan Like a boss😎 6y
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We‘re doing another #RiotGrams Challenge in June! Follow the prompts and take fun bookish photos! Or just follow the hashtag and see what other people have posted. Either way: BOOKS. ❤️📚❤️

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The @DeweysReadathon is underway! Happy reading to all the participants and everyone else out there today. Remember to take breaks, move around, eat snacks, and stay hydrated. And that any amount of time spent reading is a win. 😘 - @Liberty

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“Day 27 of the @bookriot #Riotgrams Challenge: take a book on a date! As luck would have it, I actually left the house today. I had lunch with my friend, so I didn‘t read my book (it‘s frowned on) but I brought it just in case. ❤️📚💛” - Rioter @Liberty

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Warcross | Marie Lu
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Doing the #ReadHarder Challenge this year? Here are some great recommendations for ‘read a sci fi novel with a female protagonist by a female author.‘ https://bookriot.com/2018/02/20/read-harder-sci-fi-novel-female-protagonist-by-a...

Jillybeane Lilith‘s Brood ♥️ 6y
ralexist Borderline was so good! 6y
noturavgnerd I love this!!! 6y
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March: Book One | John Robert Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell
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Day 16 of #Riotgrams: black history. 📚 (Photo by Rioter @theinfophile )

PictureandBook The March books are sooo good 6y
JMo1 These books are so amazing!!! 6y
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Reign of the Fallen | Sarah Glenn Marsh
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#pinkredandwhite for #riotgrams because it's the perfect excuse to show off my new copy of Reign of the Fallen 😍” - Rioter @rachelsbrittain

Ubookquitous I want this book! I may have to buy it 6y
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Day 12 of #Riotgrams: favorite leading ladies. (Photo by Rioter @Matilda ) 💫

kamoorephoto I need that book! 6y
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“Day 11 of the @bookriot #Riotgrams Challenge: punctuation! This was way more difficult than I thought it would be. 💲*️⃣⁉️” - Rioter @Liberty

tracey38 Love the sequenced & sign!! 6y
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The Lido | Libby Page
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“Day 10 of #riotgrams! Starting my day with a lighter read and a spicy infused coffee!” - Book Riot Insider @BeckyLeJ 📚

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The Invisible Library | Genevieve Cogman
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“For a #belovedseries for #riotgrams day 9, I was going to choose Harry Potter. Most of those books are at my parents house though, and I wanted to highlight another series I love! This is the one book series where I preorder new installments. It's got a spunky female lead, dragons, and a magical library. What more could you want?!” - Book Riot Insider @sunnyaltman

ju.ca.no It‘s so great! I still have to read the fourth book though! (edited) 6y
BeckyK I‘ve only read The Invisible Library! I didn‘t even know it was a series! I‘ll be looking for more :) 6y
TNbookworm Love this series, can't wait for the next book! 6y
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BellaBookNook I‘m reading book one now and really enjoying it! 6y
Conservio Ugh I am so over Kai. @TNbookworm, fourth ones been released. “The Lost Plot”. (edited) 6y
Ann6 That‘s so funny! I opened up my Litsy and see this picture first thing in my feed. I‘m currently reading the second book. So glad there is a following for it. 6y
tracey38 Another series I haven't heard of but have added it to my tbr list. 6y
Tlbeadle Just started the series yesterday. So far it‘s tons of fun. 6y
Purrsistently I LOVE these! 6y
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Day 8 of #Riotgrams: spine poetry! (Photo by Rioter @theinfophile ) 📚

MissAimz_55 Love it 6y
LibrarianRyan Love your spine poetry. Didn't care for Here lies the librarian. 6y
Djspens I'm going to have to try this #spinepoetry! 6y
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Complicit | Stephanie Kuehn
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Day 7 of the #riotgrams Challenge: black writers! “A selection of *excellent* black authors, both classic and contemporary.” - Rioter @Kelly

Niche_Nietzsche Big fan of Ta-Nehisi Coates. You should check out his excerpt about the 2016 election https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/10/the-first-white-president-t... 6y
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The Complete Stories | Flannery O'Connor
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#riotgrams day 6! I don't read many #shortstories, but I make an exception for Flannery O'Connor. She's one of my all time favorite authors!” - Book Riot Insider @sunnyaltman

MayJasper I'm not one for short stories either. 6y
suvata Beautiful pictures 6y
Christy Love that cover. 6y
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Queen of the Night | Alexander Chee
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Day 5 of the #Riotgrams Challenge: royalty! (Photo by Rioter @Liberty ) 🎼🖤🌹

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The Paying Guests | Sarah Waters
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Day 4 of the #Riotgrams Challenge: purple! “Purple is one of my favourite colours so I happen to have a purple blanket handy just waiting around for the purple prompt one day 😏” - Book Riot Insider @Bindrosbookshelf

SilversReviews Gorgeous!! 6y
shaynarae Love Camille Rose Garcia‘s artwork! 6y
tif Love that Alice cover! 6y
ReviewsbytheMrs LOVE purple too 💜 6y
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Fever Dream | Samanta Schweblin
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Day 3 of The #Riotgrams Challenge: naked hardcovers. (Photo by Rioter @Matilda )

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The Wedding Date | Jasmine Guillory
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“Day 2 #riotgrams #currentlyreading It was pickup day for my library holds and I‘m super excited to cozy up with a drink, a heated blanket and The Wedding Date.” - Book Riot Insider @Kmatti844

Devidou I **just**got this from the library after having it on hold for awhile!! 6y
specklife LOVED this one!! 💕❤️💕 6y
CoffeeK8 I‘m reading this now too! 💖 6y
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How to Party with an Infant | Kaui Hart Hemmings
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It‘s Day 1 of #Riotgrams! “A shelfie for #riotgrams! Note, this is only a selected piece of the chaotic shelving, edited to hide the stacks sitting here deep on the floor! Oh, for nice new shelving!” -Book Riot Insider @BeckyLeJ

chael0910 Oh My God! That is a bookshelf to die for! Cheers!! 6y
SilversReviews LOVE IT. 6y
AndroidMonkey I spy with my little eye Johannes Cabal. I approve! 6y
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It‘s that time again! Kick off February with a month of fun bookish photo challenges! #riotgrams 📚

TheSketchyReader You‘re on! This looks like so much fun. 6y
kaliceax3 I'm down 6y
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SilversReviews Looks like fun...starting tomorrow. THANKS. 6y
SharonAlger I only just joined Litsy today. Are you ok with me starting from today‘s prompt? 6y
ApocalypseArchives How does this work? I post a picture illustrating one of these things and then use a certain hashtag? 6y
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Things Fall Apart | Chinua Achebe
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Doing the #ReadHarder Challenge this year? Here are some great recommendations for ‘read a work of colonial or postcolonial literature‘: https://bookriot.com/2018/01/23/read-harder-2018-a-work-of-colonial-or-postcolon... 📚📚📚

rachaich Highly recommend the Anericanah title, and Things Fall Apart 6y
shaynarae Americanah is one of my favorite books! 6y
Lanney220 This is amazing!!! I‘ve read some pieces on here, but many are new to me! 6y
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BrainyHeroine A cyberpunk one lol 6y
HeathersReadingHideaway Finally reading this book! I‘ve had it on my shelves for at least three or four years now. 6y
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Jadams89 Unless I get a lot of reading time today, I'll be reading 6y
VioletBramble Starting a trilogy. 6y
RohitSawant Strange Weather by Joe Hill! 6y
Jess_Read_This @MaureenMc Good choice!! I just finished that one and really enjoyed it! 6y
twohectobooks I just started Post Captain by Patrick O‘Brian, which I very much doubt I‘ll finish before the end of the year. So it will either be that or a graphic novel. 6y
Jenniferlikes2read The Alice Network 6y
JamieArc I will be finishing 6y
harrithehobbit Finishing off Apprentice in Death by JD Robb 6y
tnociti I will be finishing 2017 and floating into 2018 rereading a favorite, Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. 6y
Lucy1062 Secrets of the Lighthouse by Santa Montefiore 6y
belacat The Bear & The Nightingale by Katherine Arden. Unless I finish it today... 6y
cdreincarnate Still haven‘t decided for sure, but I‘m leaning toward “North and South “ by Elizabeth Gaskell 6y
LauraRenae Unless I change my mind last minute. 6y
Bookzombie The Godfather and Chinaberry Sidewalks 6y
bibliophagebecky Either Lord of The Flies or War Horse :) 6y
tomes4gnomes Aside from the one I‘m already reading now, first book will be 6y
RhubarbandGin Once The Underground Railroad has rung me dry I think it might be 6y
roni1574 I‘ve been waiting to read this since I bought a signed copy 6y
unique Make your bed 6y
TonyFritsche Killers of the Flower Moon for me. Been waiting on a library hold forever... 6y
cplaczek Turtles All The Way Down 6y
jkSep10 In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick 6y
Songbird72 The Heart's Invisible Furies 6y
michiganvol Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. Book club pick for Jan! 6y
KStar1 I'm finishing Blood and Circuses by Kerry Greenwood now. I'm not sure what will be after that... 6y
Chandi I‘m reading Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown 6y
BlameJennyJane I‘m wrapping up The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. 6y
Nandika_k7 I'm finishing up Unravel Me byTahereh Mafi 6y
LuluTheBookBug I'm starting Black Elk by Joe Jackson today 😊 6y
Rnichols I‘m starting Reunited by Colleen Houck 6y
SnarkyLarane I'm going to finish Fast Food Nation and then start on The River at Night. 6y
itsmecaterpie Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari 6y
knitgirly Started Lincoln in the Bardo 6y
bookvixen The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood 6y
Bkwurm On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder 6y
Pandemica Future Home of the Living God 6y
reheadedminx Russia by Edward rutherford 6y
stevefraye Rules of Civility by Amor Towles 6y
lindseytailored In the middle of (edited) 6y
Wooljunky The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith 6y
froggiekme I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter 6y
TheBibliotherapist Annihilation by VanderMeer 6y
CAnne Goodnight from London 6y
LSDuigi Theft by Finding Diaries (1977-2002) by David Sedaris 6y
Carolefort Poison by John Lescroart 6y
RaderOfTheBooks I read Caraval by Stephanie Garner! Now on to Hiddensee! 6y
Paloma Never Mind by Edward St. Aubyn. 6y
Mitch Fictional story of the first women who ever wrote for publication (in the seventeenth century ) (edited) 6y
brown_recluse Barefoot Gen volume seven. I've been working my way through the entire series and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna finish it this year. 6y
MasqueOfTheLion Glass Town! 6y
Quasifesto Soonish by Kelly Weinersmith 6y
Sal23 The Husband‘s Secret by Liane Moriarty 6y
LittleMummyMe The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne by Andrew Nicoll 6y
fewa420 The Hate U Give 6y
Mrs.C @fewa420 , I just finished reading that and it was so so so so so good! 6y
Mrs.C Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng 6y
Mhamilton Children of God by Mary Doria Russell 6y
Ann6 Quiet by Susan Cain 6y
agmerm I had to finish Behind Closed Doors and Trophy Son, but my first new book is Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. 6y
emoluvie When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon 6y
BrandonT Turtles All the Way Down by John Green 6y
Erinsuereads Started the year off dark with The Deathly Hallows.... 6y
Miche Re-reading the Potter series... 6y
jdenslow Finished Barbara DeMarco- Barrett's Pen on Fire! 6y
Jules7 Started with "The Two Family House" and just finished "Alias Grace" 6y
Mrsdalejrmt Queen of Shadows 6y
Shibbyfruitfly The first book I finished was Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning 6y
ElePoser The hitchhiker‘s guide to the galaxy 6y
CrystalDawn Call Me By Your Name. 6y
dcampbell2040 I'm planning on reading The Command and Control of Nuclear Forces by Paul Bracken. Overall, I'd like to read more and I'm hoping this app will help! 6y
HW1023 The Empress- Kincaid 6y
Readingun96 Mine was No Easy Target, finishing up Beautiful Darkness now. 6y
wizard-rachel Mine was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ⚡ 6y
burnsnya Mine was Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King. Now I'm reading Station 11 by Emily Mandel. 6y
Seesydneyread The Fate of the Tearling!!! Having such a hard time putting it down to continue with my adult responsibilities. 6y
BillyPilgrim Bobby Kennedy by Chris Matthews. 6y
pineappleang Finished an ARC of "Into the Black Nowhere" by Meg Gardiner. Loved it! 6y
Jillybeane It was The True Game by Sheri S. Tepper ❤️ (edited) 6y
mgallmeyer03 Truly Madly Guilty. It was such a let down. 😔 6y
Booklish Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. Awesome. 6y
jenpro Before We Were Yours (Lisa Wingate), Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood), Faithful (Alice Hoffman), and A Gentleman in Moscow (Amor Towles) have been the first four 😊 6y
bookgurlbunny Busted by Gina ciocca 6y
courtney88jones Just finished Jackaby 6y
rachelk I was finally ready(emotionally) to read Hillary Clinton‘s book, ‘What Happened‘. (edited) 6y
Little_bookgirl City of Bones by Cassandra Clare 6y
SurrahSee Eleanor Oliphant is Perfectly Fine 6y
GriemCar It was “The 57 Bus.” #AMAZING! 6y
Alismcg Winged Obsession by Jessica Speart 6y
kaliceax3 Crazy Is My Superpower by AJ Brooks. For the 4th time. 6y
althaeria The sleeper and the spindle by Neil Gaiman 6y
chael0910 Fault in our Stars by John Green!!😁👍 6y
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Sign-ups are open for the next @24in48 #readathon on January 27-28: https://24in48.com.

Who‘s in? 📚

mariaku21 Just signed up @bookriot 6y
KimHM Already signed up. Looking forward to it 💚📚 6y
Rocki What is it? 6y
See All 10 Comments
Nandika_k7 Can anyone please explain more about this to me? 6y
Mschafe2 Signed up! 6y
CaracasFinest This is doable! I thought it was 24 books in 48 hours and I was super intimidated 6y
kelsyreads22 I'm in! Can't wait!! 6y
Alismcg hmm, thinking thinking... wondering... sharing LOL ... 😂 6y
Jennifercaloyeras I‘m in! I thought it was this weekend by accident so I got a lot of practice reading in! :) 6y
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The 2018 Read Harder Challenge is up! Who‘s in??? 🎉📚❤️


Ottergirl I‘m in! Although having had a read of the tasks I think I‘ve ticked quite a few of those off this year! 6y
Heretherebedragons I've already got my spreadsheet started! 6y
MarthaG I‘m in. 6y
See All 18 Comments
Jprglisa I‘m in! I did not do a great job of it last year but my son is more independent these days so I may get more time! 6y
lovingallthebooks Oooo I didn‘t know this was a thing! Definitely participating :) 6y
BookishBron Yes! 6y
KimM I'm in! Great list this year! 6y
TheRomantiCate I‘m in and focused on it this year, tried to do too many of the challenges and ended up failing them all 😩 6y
elizabethlk I am so excited for the new challenge. I feel like I did well on the 2017 one even though I didn't finish (I have participated every year and never finished), and I am pumped for new categories. 6y
Tex2Flo This will be my first challenge and I‘m challenged just to post correctly, but I‘m in! 6y
audreytcat Excited! 6y
Bajen I have listed down all the categories and I am going to try very hard to read as many as possible. I'm such a moody reader, I always end up not finishing these challenges 😞 6y
Mitch I‘m in - going to find “a book with a cover you hate” the hardest! 6y
reheadedminx Have found 11 books so far in my tbr pile so hopefully this year I will complete challange 6y
Mallorybayers Just picked all my books! They are all by women, POC, or LGBTQ+ 😍 6y
Mrs.C While I‘m not confident I will finish the list, I am super pumped to try! 6y
LittleFawn2012 Got some books finished already!!! 6y
althaeria First time doing a book challenge that isn't just number of books. Really enjoyed finding books that match and read some things I never would have picked up normally already! 6y
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Read more? Read less? Read what you own? READ ALL THE BOOKS??? What are your #2018readingresolutions? 📚📚📚

BookNAround Read all the books. Bwahahaha! Pretty sure that‘s no longer possible even in my lifetime given the size of the tbr. I‘ll settle for just making a dent in it. 😂 6y
Soubhiville Read what I own, including rereading Terry Pratchett ‘s Discworld and McCall Smith‘s No 1 Ladies Detective Series. 6y
RebelReader I'm hoping my reading challenges will make a dent in what I own already. Of course I'm always anxious for all that is new too! I guess I really just want to read "most" of the books. ?? 6y
See All 45 Comments
Leftcoastzen Read more of my own that I intended to swap for other books , my shelves are bursting at the seams. 6y
nightwitch For every book by a white author I read, read a book by a minority/foreign/indigenous author. 6y
catherine2 As always, I just hope to decrease my “books to read” list and also purchase fewer books. It never happens, but a girl‘s gotta dream. 6y
CocoReads I really need to read more of what I own and buy less books, use the library more, etc. However, I‘ll probably keep on reading all the books and buying most of them. 6y
Johanna414 Read more of the books I own - particularly those big ones I tend to skip over because I‘m worried about reaching a certain number of books. Also, read more nonfiction. 6y
jessreads020 Keeping current with eGalleys & reviews, upping my total count, and reading more minority authors. 6y
Pamwurtzler Read what I own - I bought those for some reason! Although I do like shiny new books too! 6y
Knitticism13 Read what I already have, read what I buy as I buy it, and keep up with my ARCs 6y
JackOBotts Work through the backlog of books I own while limiting the additions to my library. 6y
Juli Read what I own and borrow more from the library. Also, don‘t get caught up in reading challenges. I am going to do one and read what feels good. 6y
Ingerella Read more! I also want to expand my horizons and try things I'm not sure I'll like. 6y
TheLudicReader I always say I am going make a dent in my massive tbr pile (600 books give or take) and that, other than books for my book club, I won't buy anymore but...who am I kidding? 6y
erzascarletbookgasm Trying to read mostly what I own to reduce my enormous physical TBR books, but I‘m always excited about new releases too! 6y
Elisa Read more from my physical TBR shelf, vary genre more often, don‘t give in to hype because I am usually disappointed (I‘m talking to you, Caraval). 6y
Olivia.Grace Trying to finish my huge physical TBR pile, and finish the book I‘m currently writing. 6y
Gissy I will read more what I have in my enormous tbr but I also have a huge wish list☺️I created a cycle system of what I will read.It is not by month due to work.I created categories and I should read one book of each category before I start it again.In that cycle are new releases, book from tbr, sequels, box subscriptions, non fiction, book club book, LGBT, season book, book received in swaps, classic.Most books are from my tbr & I can do challenges 6y
aflanagan53 Try to make my pile of to read books go down. Also throw in a couple of classics this year. Slow down in buying new books. 6y
BookishClaire I‘m going to try so hard, and probably fail so hard, to read more backlist. (edited) 6y
kamikazepilot42 I‘ve resolved to make a third of my year‘s reading goal to come from books I already own. It sounds like we all have the same problem... 6y
ashimilie I‘m going to be attempting to read through Nora Robert‘s entire catalogue that I haven‘t read yet (about 100 books or so), as well as knock out the books I‘ve previously requested from NetGalley to get to 100% on my reviewed books. And, of course, whatever strikes my fancy in the mean time. 6y
TwiggySC1973 Journal more. I will be upping my goodreads challenge to 75 books. I accomplished 60 this year. 6y
Stephaniereads1 To read 150 books. 6y
Stephaniereads1 Also to read 5 book in my home library before I purchase another book.....lol we shall see how long that last! 6y
akmunna enjoyin read book....evrytime 6y
Bajen To read more non fiction and physical books. I know what you're thinking... 6y
KEOchuk To read all of the books I bought in 2017! 6y
Mitch Good luck with that @stepaniereads1 ! 6y
aflanagan53 Stop buying books for awhile and tackle the 100 books I still have to read. Maybe.... 6y
Carolefort To read 75 books this year and attempt to write reviews on all of them. 6y
Nandika_k7 To read at least 30 books in 5 months 6y
brown_recluse I'm gonna try to read 100 books this year. I did 75 last year. 6y
Quasifesto I have resolved to read 75 books this year. At least 36 must be books I bought before 2018. 6y
danielle_framed To read more and listen to audiobooks instead of the radio. 6y
Jules7 Try genres that make me uncomfortable. 6y
CrystalDawn I gave been Ina reading slump. My resolution is to read 200 pieces if literature. That includes novels, nonfiction, and short stories. 6y
Readingun96 I‘d like to read a book a week, at minimum! 6y
pineappleang I'm working on tackling my personal collection more. I tend to borrow or check out, but rarely pick up something I already own. 10-12 this year is my goal. And If i dont like it, it gets donated to make room for more. 6y
alekreads My biggest reading resolution of 2018 is to finally read the ASOIAF series. I‘ve tried to many times, but I always tend to get distracted by other books halfway through. 😊 I also want to read more in general, and commit to actually reading the books I buy. (edited) 6y
rachelk I‘d like to read 50 books from my current pile before bringing home any more books. (edited) 6y
chael0910 Aspire to be a velocireader and keep on working on it like @liberty #readharder 6y
Livelifelovebooks All the books I own 6y
thepenned I would love to try Faulkner and Twain this year of 2018 6y
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Snowy Day | Ezra Jack Keats
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A lot of Rioters are experiencing snowy weather right now. What are your favorite winter reads?

bobregina All of Agatha Christie ☺️ 6y
Godmotherx5 Just about anything by Dickens 6y
benchley1 Agatha Christie or Harry Potter 6y
See All 9 Comments
MaleficentBookDragon I always think of Dean Koontz in snowy December because he‘d always release a book on the 26th. Cozy mysteries are also great for snowy weather. 6y
Michael_Gee I get the urge to read something massive that you can really get lost in. Some of my recent favorite winter reads: Moby Dick, Middlemarch, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell 6y
underground_bks Snowy day reading in Georgia of all places, reading When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams ❄️ Harry Potter is always extra cozy this time of year too. 6y
cdreincarnate Doesn't matter what I'm reading as long as I have a mug of hot chocolate to go with my book. 6y
Stephaniereads1 Anytime I'm reading in complete silence with either chai tea or hot chocolate under a warm blanket! 6y
LittleFawn2012 I loved Faithful by Alice Hoffman. 6y
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It‘s December! What are your reading plans for the rest of 2017? 📚📚📚

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Sadly mine looks equally unsurmountable! Good thing there is a new year coming. 6y
Leniverse Well, in addition to the five books I am in the middle of, I have 20-something other books and a stack of graphic novels, all of which I planned on getting through in 2017. 😆 Time to make some hard choices. 6y
RebelReader Twelve to go and that's if no more come into the library next week! Oh and two book group reads too! 6y
See All 18 Comments
enidkeaner I have around 80 unread books at my house and 9 more on the way, sooooo..I‘ve got some options! 6y
amvs1111 Finishing the Broken Earth trilogy! I'm in love with Jemisin's characters and setting. Beautiful to have so many diverse characters and perspectives in sci-fi/fantasy! 6y
TrishaIsHawaiiBound Read or Die!!! 6y
leighanne2212 I'm starting The handmaid's tale 6y
leighanne2212 @enidkeaner I've so many too, I don't know where to start. Spoiled for choice :) 6y
Batmanreadsbooks I'm currently reading the final installment of the all souls trilogy 😊 6y
Manny The Beautiful and Damned 6y
enidkeaner @leighanne2212 it‘s seriously the best problem to have! 6y
shanmcf Haha you all make me feel better, I just posted a pick of the stack I'm reading through. I'm in good company here! 6y
ABibliophagist I want to finish Artemis and read Dark matter, plus get a 2018 game plan set! 6y
LadyGothic Try and read as many books as I can and keep reading for the years to come. just got to add to my collection 6y
DiannaHardy I have a stack of new paperbacks I've never touched - years sitting on my shelf. It's time to read them! Might start with 'What Alice Forgot'. 6y
cozy_bookworm I am planning to read a historical nonfiction on the Folklore of Japan. 6y
ChrisBlanc I'm currently enjoying the diary of a bookseller and looking forward to some more expensive books I've ordered for Christmas. 6y
LittleFawn2012 4333wwqqq1q1dh. Hello 6y
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Recent acquisitions I can‘t wait to read! - Rioter @Kelly #riotgrams

SonyaBeatty Oooh! I want to read the Vivian Maier one! 7y
DeeLew I must read all of these books! 7y
Kelly @SonyaBeatty first book about Vivian by a woman! I'm so interested in her take. 7y
Mitch Just booked theatre tickets to see Sylvia - the hip hop musical! 6y
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How to Be Bored | Eva Hoffman
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#RiotGrams, Day 26: Today's prompt is "how to.” ❤️?❤️ - Rioter @Liberty

Sweettartlaura ❤️ 😍 LOVED 7y
SilversReviews How To Be Happy. 7y
SilversReviews Oops. I didn‘t do a book. Sorry. 7y
See All 7 Comments
SilversReviews All those books with that title are awesome. 7y
dragonlexie Nice collection! 7y
kamoorephoto Why isn‘t there a ‘How to be a cat‘? That just popped into my head for some bizarre reason. 7y
SocialWords I definitely want to read how to travel without seeing! 😊😂😁 7y
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Echo After Echo | Amy Rose Capetta
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Queer reads for today's #riotgrams - Rioter @Kelly

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It‘s @DeweysReadathon day! Rioter @Liberty is all set up and ready to read for 24 hours in her secret volcano lair. Who else out there is participating? *high five* 📚📚📚 #readathon

CocoReads Not officially because I forgot to sign up and I “have” to go do birthday stuff with my besties (which also involves books). But I‘m reading away at the moment! 7y
BellaBookNook I‘m in but I never figured out where to sign up. Still reading!! 7y
Kodak2057 This is my dream challenge, maybe when my kiddos are older 7y
Meowcedes Just signed up! I read a ton but this will be a challenge even for me. I‘m excited to tell my students about it. 6y
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Bad Apple | Laura Ruby
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#RiotGrams, day 20. “Bookish apple shenanigans. We are a green apple family.” - Rioter @Kelly

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#riotgrams day 15: Poetry
I love Neruda and the Il Postino soundtrack of actors reading his poems is fantastic. - Rioter @Matilda

jveezer OMG, I LOVE that movie. Maybe my favorite ever. And I have at least 10 books of Neruda's poetry. 'Nuff said. 7y
readinginthedark 😯😯😯 7y
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Just Like Beauty | Lisa Lerner
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#RiotGrams, Day 11: Today's prompt is "underrated read." This amazing 2002 novel set in a dystopian America, where a teen girl is rebelling against participating in a government-mandated beauty pageant and the chaos of the world, is even more important and scary now. ??☠️ -Rioter @Liberty

Crystallinegirl Ooo. I love dystopias! And I'd never heard of this one. Added! 7y
Bertha_Mason I'm reading it now! It's so Night Vale. 7y
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Nobody Cries at Bingo | Dawn Dumont
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Day 9: Indigenous/Native/First Nations reads ❤️ #riotgrams - Rioter @Kelly

readingwinds 'If I Ever Get Out of Here' was a great read. The others in this stack look intriguing as well. 7y
Liberlove What was ‘if I ever get out of here‘ about? Would you highly recommend? 7y
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The Silver Spoon | Editors of Phaidon Press
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Day 5 of #riotgrams BIG BOOKS! These 2 monsters are basically in opposition (The Silver Spoon is the bible of Italian cooking) - Rioter @theinfophile

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This One Summer | Mariko Tamaki
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Today's #RiotGrams prompt: three-word titles! (Photo by @Matilda )

Vansa I loved 'We were liars' . I didn't see that ending coming at all. It was quite a punch to the gut. 7y
sdbruening That wreath!! Yay, Nightmare Before Christmas! 7y
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#RiotGrams, Day 1: Today's prompt is "shelfie." I know a shelfie is supposed to have me in it, but how can I pass up that face??? ❤️??- Rioter @Liberty

cajunsyd Looks similar to scenes at my house! 7y
RaimeyGallant Cute! 7y
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#RiotGrams is back for October! Tag us in your photo and show us your stuff! 📚📷❤️

GypsyKat Will you be doing another challenge for November? I‘d love to repost it if you are! 7y
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It's Stephen King's 70th birthday! 🎂

What is your favorite SK book? 🤡🐉🚗

TheLudicReader IT. And not because of the movie. I read it when it first came out. Scary as crap and emotionally resonant. I loved those kids. No one writes kids like King. 7y
twohectobooks The Long Walk! 7y
SnazzyShelbey91 The Shining! 7y
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Karkar The Stand 7y
ItsAngel Duma Key, The Stand, Lisey's Story, Mr. Mercedes and Gwendy's Button Box. Currently reading IT. 😊 7y
dragondrool It. Bag of Bones. Pet Sematary. 7y
KennethTolesJr IT and REVIVAL, but IT most of all. 7y
tif The Running Man and The Long Walk 7y
DavidBookwormPopovich It is up there. Also enjoyed Gerald's Game. 7y
Aleida The Stand. 7y
Melissa_J Eyes of the Dragon 🐉 7y
Fortifiedbybooks Will always be my favorite. 7y
Quellek The Long Walk and Eyes of the Dragon (and Different Seasons and The Stand). I'm really bad at favorites. 7y
Jenken1998 The Stand 7y
DHill How to choose?? Going with the Dark Tower series. 7y
chrissy.ww This was the only one I ever fell in love with! 7y
Tamarity Finders Keepers 7y
kezzlou85 The Stand 7y
StatikHeart And The Stand ❤ I'll read them again and again 7y
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Rioter @Liberty made her own version of this meme. 😂

Booksblanketsandahotbeverage Guilty! 🙋🤦‍♀️ 7y
Blaire Great one! 7y
Mamashep 😂😂😂 7y
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Liatrek Lol 7y
8leagueboot Accurate. 7y
Hooked_on_books Yes. Yes indeed. 7y
melbeautyandbooks 👏🏻 7y
Heretherebedragons Hahahaha 😂 Me. 7y
Heretherebedragons I love how "My TBR" looks legitimately offended. This must be why I feel guilty whenever I walk past it. 7y
tpixie Lol 😆 7y
monkeygirlsmama Hilarious! 7y
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Summerlong: A Novel | Dean Bakopoulos
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The summer is flying by! What's the best book you've read this summer? ⛱☀️🏄🏽‍♀️

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The new episode of Annotated is up! In this episode: the life of Belle De Costa Greene, the most glamorous and influential librarian in early 20th Century America, who kept a life-long secret that could have ended her career.

Listen here: http://bookriot.com/listen/worlds-glamorous-librarian/


Dasuse I really enjoy Annotated! Interesting listen!! 7y
minkyb Enjoyed this episode. 7y
Zm486 Ok 7y
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Rioter @Liberty thought about cleaning her office. Then she rethought it. 😝📚📚📚

dragondrool Priorities straight! 😊 7y
Leftcoastzen Yay! Love it ! Happens to me all the time. 7y
SleepyDragon If you've got time to lean? 7y
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The #24in48 #readathon is back this weekend with a TON of amazing prizes! (Check out their website for details: https://24in48.com) Who's participating this time around? 📚⏱❤️

RealBooks4ever I'm in! 😜 7y
bookloo I've joined! Can't wait to clear up a bit of my current reads. ☺️ 7y
nickimags I'm joining in for the first time 😊 7y
See All 26 Comments
TheLibraryMonster I'm in too ♥ First-timer :') 7y
Linda24 Just signed up! 7y
charminggoats Meeeee! I'm so excited! I have so many books on my shelf that I haven't read yet. 7y
Eryn2513 Meeeee!!! 7y
mjdowens Just completed my sign up👍 7y
PacingTheCage I'm in! Can't wait to start 7y
carmens.library Me!!! Can't wait! 7y
UwannaPublishme Me! Woo hoo! 😁🙌🏻 7y
Bookzombie 🙋🏼 7y
monkeygirlsmama Me me! 7y
catebutler Can't wait!!! 7y
TheBrockUEnglishMajor I wish I could but I work on the weekends! Hopefully I can still cram in as much reading as possible 7y
lauralovesbooks1 perfect way to spend the weekend! 7y
heikemarie Yay!! Can't wait!! 7y
littledid.she.know I'm doing it for the first time! 🎉 7y
ApoptyGina69 Bonus weekend off! I'm all in. Just have to gather my choices. 7y
Sharpeipup 🙌🏻me!! Me!! Can't wait... 7y
Rabidgummibear So excited for it! 7y
Rachellynnwright I'll be participating for the first time! So excited! 7y
Zm444 Ok 7y
Zm444 Ok 7y
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