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Cat photographer, bookreviewer, mama, catlover. Brit living in Seattle. All my links, including my book blog 👉🏼 http://linktr.ee/romans_mama
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We'll Fly Away by Bryan Bliss
The Grief Keeper | Alexandra Villasante
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This book is blowing me away.
17-year old Marisol and her younger sister Gabi have crossed the U.S. border illegally, fleeing a life in El Salvador where they were frightened for their lives and their brother had just been murdered. Marisol‘s asylum request is denied but she soon is asked to become a ‘grief keeper,‘ and this is where a story about the complexities of immigration, grief, and sexual orientation really comes alive.
#LGBTQ #yalit

kamoorephoto THIS BOOK IS OUTSTANDING. Will add my review link once I have it up! 🙀 2d
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April | Mari Kesselring
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Finally posting this: April was a pretty good month, with 10 books, including 6 arcs/unreleased reads, but several on my backlist. Two were fresh from my bookswap with the lovely @ReadingRover 💓
It was a month of SO many good books, I‘ve hardly read a mediocre or bad book in a while honestly.
Also, 2 signings this month: one with Ian Doescher, and another with Rachel Lynn Solomon, Shaun David Hutchinson, and Kathleen Glasgow!

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Nicely done! 📖💖 2w
ReadingRover Yay! What did you think of The Test? Did you like it? 2w
ReadingRover 🤦‍♀️I just realized I never sent the other thing I have for you! I‘m such a spaz! I swear it exists! 2w
kamoorephoto @ReadingRover Oh I loved both of the books I‘ve read so far (Brat Pack America and The Test...SO GOOD)!!! Been enjoying my books but am behind on reviews...😻 (edited) 2w
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The Grace Year | Kim Liggett
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Back home to a sunny Seattle after a whirlwind and very fun weekend in Santa Monica at #YALLWEST 📚 Friends, books, the beach, amazing authors (especially time with author Katya De Becerra 💜), and I am grateful, exhausted, and ready to read and review this big stack!
Thank you, everyone at YALLWEST! ✌🏼🥰

Brat Pack America | Kevin Smokler
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THANK YOU SO MUCH @ReadingRover Megan, for my amazing ‘Cat-mageddon‘ #scififantasyswap package!!! I love it so much!
The books are all spot on (I‘m glad we are both anal about our Goodreads lists; it made it easy). You picked so many on my wishlist (I had not bought them)!!
And thank you for indulging my cat obsession so perfectly. I wish I could hug you 💗💗💗😽

*Thanks for hosting, @Avanders - you picked a perfect swap partner for me 😻

kamoorephoto Thank you for the little notes ☺️ 1mo
Megabooks Star Trek Cats! I still remember Data‘s “Ode to Spot” on TNG! 1mo
ReadingRover @kamoorephoto omg I‘m so happy you like everything! I was worried I might have gone overboard 😂. There is actually one more thing I have for you that didn‘t fit in the box so that will come soon. I just have to get my ass back to the post office for the great reboxing! We totally have the same taste in books & other stuff too. It was so much fun shopping for you! 1mo
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kamoorephoto @ReadingRover I actually have something else I am planning to send you too 😹😹😹 (edited) 1mo
Gissy Let me know about that Witchsign book! 1mo
Avanders 🧬🦄♥️♥️👏🏽 1mo
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So I LOVED all of these books (I honestly had to give them all 4-5 stars) but with my last five reads, I‘ve been treading in some dark, depressing, and pretty sobering territory.
I probably should read something a little lighter next, don‘t you think? Maybe?!

*BUT, I highly recommend all of these books! 🤔

kamoorephoto Uplifting topics included: 1. Self-harming/drug abuse, 2. grief, teens in foster homes, 3. murder/serial-killer, 4. Munchausen-by-proxy disorder, 5. insanely unrealistic societal (and ultimately pathological) expectations for young girls. 1mo
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March | Gabrielle Lord
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I had a pretty good month of reading and enjoyed lots of cool books; knocked lots off my lists, challenges, and arc TBRs.
Also went to Emerald City Comic Con and took part in the @penguinrandomhouse Book Club where we discussed ‘Salvation Day.‘

I think I covered quite a range of books (but no non-fiction): sci-fi, fantasy, horror, humor, literary fiction, YA, middle-grade.
And squeezed in 2 signings. Good distraction from homelife.

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Great job! 📖💖 2mo
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Scary Stories for Young Foxes | Christian McKay Heidicker
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I have FRESH NEW #bookreviews up on my blog for #TheNewMe by Halle Butler (dark comedy, literary fiction), #SkyWithoutStars by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell (YA sci-fi reimagining of #LesMisérables), and #ScaryStoriesForYoungFoxes by Christian Heidicker (middle grade Poe-inspired woodland tale).

I enjoyed all three! But SO different.
You could say I have broad reading tastes... ??‍???


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Sky Without Stars | Jessica Brody, Joanne Rendell
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1. I‘m from England, grew up in Hong Kong, and live in Seattle! 🇬🇧🇭🇰🇺🇸
2. I want for my son and I to move out of our current situation (with his dad and brother, because it has turned basically SHIT), and find somewhere still in Seattle, or go back to England (London).
3. Frets, on a planet called Laterre.
4. Should we say salmon, since it‘s Seattle?
5. @Gissy @ephemeralwaltz @GatheringBooks @scripturient @BookishTrish

HKGirl I'm from the US, but grew up in HK too! 😀 2mo
GatheringBooks sending you positive thoughts!!! 🧚🏼‍♀️📚💕😍 2mo
ephemeralwaltz ❤️❤️ 2mo
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Susanita When my dad lived in Seattle, he would send us smoked salmon every Christmas. It was so good! 2mo
SailorMoon Thanks for playing!!! 💕🤟🏻🌙 and crossing fingers here for you, hoping your living arrangement will get better soon! 2mo
kamoorephoto @HKGirl I have nothing but great memories of HK!! 2mo
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Emerald City | Jennifer Egan
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My son and I had an amazing time at #ECCC2019 #Seattle this wknd:
Books bought and signed, panels, the #StarWars experience, LEGO, Bakugan, @penguinrandomhouse book club, shopping, and tired feet. We really needed this for our mental health and time away from reality! Until next year!

*I also hit the yearly public library sale this weekend...it was like a huge treasure hunt.

BlameJennyJane My 11 year old would have LOVED this!! 2mo
RainyDayReading I almost went to that library sale! But figured I‘d wait for the half price books warehouse sale this summer to stock up 😁 2mo
kamoorephoto @RainyDayReading When is that sale??? 2mo
RainyDayReading @kamoorephoto Not sure yet, they haven‘t announced the dates. They have one a month during the summer so the first one should be in June. I‘ll keep my eyes open and let you know when it‘s happening! 2mo
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1 I turned 16 in 1990 so these were definitely my teen years!
2 Evenly split; I loved the way these two went at each other‘s throats and clashed. I‘m not a blonde, and resonated with the Walshes since they weren‘t so wealthy, so maybe leaned toward Brenda.
3 I completely fell for Dylan! Reminded me of James Dean.
4 That‘s difficult, as a lot of it sucked. I did a foreign exchange after UK high school and came to USA for 6 mo‘s.

Swipe Right for Murder | Derek Milman
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I‘m dying to start this!
The second book from Derek Milman, author of #ScreamAllNight which came out last year. I‘m a massive fan of this guy‘s writing, and since this one is set to be totally different from his debut, I‘m especially intrigued.
A ‘Hitchcock-esque‘ thriller (recall ‘Dial M for Murder?), this has a LGBTQ MC and cyber-terrorism at the core.
Out 8/19 @LittleBrownBooks /Jimmy Patterson Books!

*Considering this for my YA #LMPBC group.

kamoorephoto @gibblr @Canndor @IheartYA Because I have extra copies (arcs) of both, it‘s this one or 3mo
gibblr I think I‘m leaning toward The Haunted, but I will honestly read whichever one y‘all choose!! 3mo
kamoorephoto @Canndor @IheartYA So, the Vega book then? @gibblr has her vote in... 3mo
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IheartYA The Vega book is good. But I wouldn't mind taking the extra copy of this book off your hands. 😂 3mo
kamoorephoto @iheartyalit I may just send it to you then, my lovely. I will gladly help Derek promo his new book since I think he‘s awesome. You just promise me to put the review up in all the right places (unless you hate it)! We will go for The Haunted for our group read then. 3mo
Canndor The Haunted is my vote too 3mo
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February | Gabrielle Lord
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#FebruaryWrapUp #monthlywrapup

I‘m late to doing this (as with everything else right now):
Super-slim month, and I blame short February as well as how distracted I am in my personal life.
Even though they were all excellent reads, I don‘t think I‘m reading very quickly and I‘m being pulled out of happy book-hole too often. Also, behind on challenges.

Important reads: Unpresidented, The Black Coats
Indulgent reads: Daisy Jones, The Lost Night

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Toll | Cherie Priest
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These are #horror books by women on my radar right now (incl. some YA), and the one I‘m considering for #ScreamsByMail Round 2 is The Toll by Cherie Priest.
It‘s a ‘Southern Gothic horror novel‘ due to release 6/19. Since Cherie is local to #Seattle (I met her last yr at comic con), it‘d be cool to do this one.
What say you?

*I have arcs of 1, 3, 5!
Tagging my YA group to see if you want to do one of these. Also have a thriller I‘m considering.

danibolahood I think the toll sounds great! 3mo
BookishTrish YES!!! 3mo
Reggie Sounds great! 3mo
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kamoorephoto Extra bonus of doing an arc and me passing it around is that I can maybe persuade you to post your reviews online for a new/unreleased book! Makes the publisher and author extra happy 😊 3mo
scripturient Sounds fab! 3mo
gibblr I‘m good with either 3 or 5...I‘ll leave it up to you guys 🙂 3mo
kamoorephoto @gibblr @IheartYA @Canndor I do have TWO copies of The Haunted (so that‘s the preferred one for me right now), and I also tagged you all in the other one I am thinking of. 3mo
Canndor @kamoorephoto the Haunted looks good to me 3mo
IheartYA I was just looking at the Haunted and put it on my TBR. Lol 3mo
GatheringBooks the toll sounds great! i am fine with any of the titles here. :) 🧚🏼‍♀️ 3mo
kamoorephoto The Toll and The Haunted!! 👍🏼 3mo
kamoorephoto Btw @Reggie - I sent you a box last week, so I hope it arrives safely. There are three of our group reads in it: The Devil Crept In, Hag, and The Toll. There are the three notebooks, plus an extra read for you. Sorry to load so much on you at once!!! (edited) 2mo
Reggie Hi, I got it this weekend. No worries, I will knock them out. Thanks so much for extra book. I had been eyeing that one for sometime. I read your comments and was horrified for your son‘s friend. It made me think of Elizabeth Smart. How she was taken one day but found years later just chilling in the street having been brainwashed. Anyways, glad she‘s been found. 2mo
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This is hard because I love both of most of these; there‘s a big grey area for me!
👽Sci-fi AND Fantasy
👽Earth mostly, sometimes other galaxies/planets
👽I like both but ICED all year round
👽I love science, also superhero AND magical powers
👽Not read either (too ‘epic‘/long)
👽Prefer standalones unless the series is only 2 or 3
👽Big YA fan but I read both!

@hermyknee @Avanders #ScifiFantasySwap

hermyknee 🙌🏼🧚🏼‍♂️🌙✨ 3mo
Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽🧬🦄🧞‍♀️ 3mo
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The Lost Night | Andrea Bartz
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I devoured this mystery #TheLostNight!

While the premise may not seem entirely new (MC can't remember the night BF committed suicide, suspects something more sinister) this covers new ground as it delves into the recesses of the mind, memory and a hazy chemically-infused hipster past.


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A compulsive read.
You may think you know everything about Trump, but to see it all written down in linear form with 54 pages of endnotes thanks to copious research, IS MIND-BOGGLING. Brockenbrough has written this biography for YA readers, but it‘s a MUST-READ for everyone.


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Finally doing my #JanuaryWrapUp!
I didn‘t the start the year going through my exact TBR list, but that‘s ok; I‘ve decided I can‘t get upset about that!
I read one from my #Booked2019 list (I‘d Rather Be Reading), and read a whole load of review copies, and learned a lot about moles.
I also went to #ALAMW here in #Seattle and accumulated about 170 books for me and for the school library. That‘s a lot of reviewing.
Several 4-5 ⭐️ books this month!

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Great job!! 📚💕 4mo
gibblr What was your favorite of the ones pictured? 3mo
kamoorephoto @gibblr It‘s got to be #SongOfTheDead! 💀💗 Only slightly biased because I‘m in the acknowledgments and Baroness Katerina (in the book) is named after me. Very close second was Lady Smoke! 3mo
kamoorephoto @gibblr Oh and ‘A Danger to Herself and Others‘ was great too...a haunting, emotional read. 3mo
gibblr I‘m legit blind and didn‘t see the number 1 on the book. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Also you have such a huge role, that‘s amazing!! Is the author a friend? I really like the title of Danger. Prob gonna add that to my tbr! 3mo
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#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

I rarely have anything to complain about here in #Seattle (truly): we don‘t have extremes (I have MS so I can‘t handle them), it really doesn‘t rain as much as everyone thinks it does, and we have seasons.

1 45 F (high of 55 later), NO rain
2 55-75 F so symptoms don‘t flare. 80 tops or I feel crummy
3 No idea
4 Inside when it‘s rainy outside, 70 if I‘m out
5 The only season I ‘match‘ my books to is probably Fall ☺️

kamoorephoto **Atlanta, DC, and NYC see more annual rainfall than we do each year ☔️ Seattle is something like #41 on rainiest US city list. And thankfully snow mainly stays in the mountains. STAY WARM, everyone!!!! ❄️ 4mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 And it does rain a ridiculous amount here in DC. So I‘m excited about moving to Seattle. 😀 4mo
kamoorephoto @wanderinglynn You‘re moving here???! And our summers are the best!!! Yay!! We shall have to meet! ☺️🙌🏼 4mo
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wanderinglynn Yep! In about 2 weeks. I‘ll be living in Bremerton & working for the Navy. I can‘t wait to meet all the PNW Littens! 😀 4mo
kamoorephoto @wanderinglynn That‘s awesome! We shall have to have another PNW meetup in Seattle (or you just say when you‘re here)! @MinDea 4mo
wanderinglynn Absolutely! 👍🏻👍🏻 4mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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I‘ve been AWOL for a few days because I was at #ALAMW19 here in #Seattle! I joined #ALA (American Library Association) because of the time I‘ve been volunteering in the school library, and so I went to grab a whole of books and info for school, and arcs for myself to review.
I had fun meeting online friends, talking w/people about books, met Blake Crouch, and gave myself sore shoulders. Books are always worth it.

*The stack is only Day One‘s haul

BillBlume So much envy! Looks like you had a blast. 4mo
RainyDayReading How on earth did I not know this was even a thing in Seattle?? I feel like a bad Washingtonian now haha. 4mo
LeahBergen Fun! 4mo
kamoorephoto @BillBlume And guess what‘s next? #EmeraldCityComicCon! So glad I got to meet Blake Crouch here and get him to sign my #DarkMatter and an arc of his new book Recursion because I will miss the day at #ECCC. @RainyDayReading Are you a member of the ALA? Would‘ve been cool to have had you come! @LeahBergen Seriously nerdy book fun 📚🤓 4mo
RainyDayReading @kamoorephoto No I‘m not, don‘t have the right degree to work for a library and there‘s no volunteer opportunities open to me. I‘m just an avid user haha. I‘m just glad to know that something like this exists! I had no idea. I thought I was relatively up to date on happenings in Seattle but apparently not haha. 4mo
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I picked this for my Litsy #Booked2019 ‘Reminds You Of Your Happy Place‘ because...books. I realized the most obvious thing that makes me happy is a BOOK.

This little book is jam-packed with all sorts of things that everyone on Litsy will find themselves relating too; it‘s a must-read 👉🏼


Cinfhen I just picked this up!! I‘m already feeling it‘s magnetic force 💕💕 4mo
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Song of the Dead | Sarah Glenn Marsh
post image

TOMORROW! 1.22.19

#SongOfTheDead, the sequel to the stunning #ReignOfTheFallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh is almost here 💀💗

Find out why it‘s called #SongOfTheDead!
Find out why there‘s a beautiful mechanical sparrow on the cover!
Find my appearance as Baroness Katerina (along with my cat)!

Read my 5⭐️#bookreview 👉🏼

**I‘m honored to have my name in the acknowledgments of the book 🙀

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉 4mo
rachelsbrittain That's so cool! I enjoyed the first book and look forward to reading the second 😊 4mo
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#Pick3 @GypsyKat
📚 BOOKS automatically take up one choice, so it may be indulgent to also pick another entertainment choice, Netflix (despite my addiction)
🍫 I seriously can‘t imagine a life without CHOCOLATE... (but is there anyone who can‘t live without TACOS???)
👖It‘s a shame to see wine and coffee go, but I honestly live in LEGGINGS every day, plus they‘re comfy enough to be worn as pajamas

PS. Messy bun would just happen 😬

Cinfhen I had a hard time between coffee & chocolate!!!! Ultimately coffee won!!! Leggings was a no brainer along with books 4mo
wanderinglynn It really is an impossible choice. I too love my leggings. But tacos, yum. And chocolate. And who can live without coffee? 4mo
kamoorephoto @Cinfhen @wanderinglynn I figured I would just have anxiety if I chose the coffee over the chocolate...even though it would be missed. Chocolate makes happy ☺️ 4mo
GypsyKat Great choices! ❤️ 4mo
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White Stag | Kara Barbieri
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My first official review and blog post of the year!

#WhiteStag is a brutal stunning dark fantasy about a young girl held captive in the goblin world, a debut novel from a young author who got her start writing the novel on WattPad.
Inspired by Norse mythology!

*I have included trigger warnings.


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Hunted | Meagan Spooner
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Okay I‘ve finally chosen my Winter books for #Booked2019!
1. Female Detective - Dead Ringer
2. Fairytale Retelling - Hunted (and then I want to read Sherwood!)
3. Reminds you of your happy place - I‘d Rather Be Reading (because...books)
4. Related to a podcast - Welcome to Night Vale (been meaning to read for a while)
5. Set in Ireland/Irish Author - Milkman
6. New to You Author - The Priory of the Orange Tree 🍊

valeriegeary Nice selection 5mo
JennyM Great picks - I might have to borrow a few for my winter list 😊 5mo
kamoorephoto @valeriegeary @JennyM Thanks! Sure, steal away! 😉 5mo
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IndoorDame Welcome to Night Vale is on my TBR as well 😊 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage What a list! I‘m tagging my cohosts here too. @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft 5mo
Cinfhen Fun choices!!! I love seeing everyone‘s choices😀thanks for the tag @BarbaraTheBibliophage 5mo
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I did mighty well #in2018, if I might say so!

Some highlights of 2018:
⭐️112 books (so far)
⭐️Went to #Yallwest and #PDXBookFest
⭐️Met TONS of authors (v. lucky we get lots of signings here) including some faves: Ruth Ware, Grady Hendrix, V.E. Schwab, Josh Malerman, Jay Kristoff, Emily Suvada (again)
⭐️Met some Littens in person too, and made new bookish friends

If I didn‘t have my bookish life, I couldn‘t survive the rest of it honestly 💗

JennyM Blooming heck! You did awesome!!! 5mo
Cinfhen Well done!!! 5mo
Reggie Wow, so awesome!!! 5mo
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BookBabe ❤️❤️❤️ Awesome! I met lots of amazing authors this year too, but I‘m still jelly of yours! 5mo
britt_brooke 🙌🏻🙌🏻 5mo
GondorGirl Wow! Congratulations! This is awesome! ❤ 5mo
Reviewsbylola 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 5mo
Bookzombie Congratulations!!! 5mo
RealLifeReading Hooray!! 🏆 5mo
Oracle very impressive !!! 5mo
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I‘d like to do a holiday #giveaway, and have anyone (like me) who neglected to participate in a swap of some sort enter (because they couldn‘t afford to or because they forgot to sign up in time)!

It‘s an ARC for ‘Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners‘ by Gretchen Anthony, which has already come out, a Wes Anderson-esque quirky family drama, and is sure to brighten someone‘s holiday.

PLEASE only comment here to enter if you didn‘t do a swap!

4thhouseontheleft Thanks for the giveaway! I am taking a break from swaps right now, mainly as a time management issue. 😊 Happy Holidays! 5mo
kamoorephoto @4thhouseontheleft So far you are a shoo-in! Apparently everyone else managed to do a swap! I‘m only giving it until the end of Boxing Day/26th for entries! 😹 5mo
4thhouseontheleft 🤣🤣🤣 5mo
kamoorephoto Congrats, @4thhouseontheleft - email me scriptkat@hotmail.com 😽 5mo
LitsyHappenings Sorry we didn't get to repost this in a helpful time frame! 5mo
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The Disasters | M. K. England
post image

‪We have LIFT OFF!‬
#TheDisasters has launched! TODAY!‬

‪And I did a Q&A with the #StarWars inspired, talented author M.K. England. She is a YA librarian and grew up on the Space Coast of Florida and 💗 books and video games (yes, it‘s possible) 🙀‬

‪This amazing YA space adventure is SO much fun, it‘s a must for your holiday TBR ☄️🚀✨‬

@HMHteen @The_FFBC #BookishTues

‪Go check out my blog post with my Q&A here 👉🏼http://bit.ly/2GrBGWo‬

Lovesbooks87 I plan on looking for this when I am out shopping. Sounds so good 5mo
kyraleseberg Loved this one! So fun! 5mo
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I've been a bit AWOL, and this is my VERY late #NovemberWrapUp, which was NOT a very good month.
I had several books on the go this month, but I'm only including finished books!
Now I'm trying to squeeze in a few extra books this month because even though I completed my Goodreads goal of 100 books, I upped my Booklikes goal to 120, and I have 3 more books to read on my #Popsugar reading challenge!
*I really don‘t feel like reading #NordicNoir...

kamoorephoto Oh and the other one I have left is ‘A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym‘ - I just don't feel like reading J.K. Bowling/Robert Galbraith right now!! Is she the only modern author with a male pen name? 5mo
RainyDayReading I know that the Cal Leondros series is written by a female author who uses a male name (her name is Robyn so she just used Rob instead) and The City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte is actually a pen name for two female authors who co-wrote the book. But those are the only ones I could think of. 5mo
See All 8 Comments
kamoorephoto Thank you @RainyDayReading - I hadn‘t heard of Magnus Flyte! 5mo
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An Anonymous Girl | Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
post image

They‘ve done it again.
The bestselling authors of #TheWifeBetweenUs - Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen - which I had the fortune to read early too (also a #BOTM pick), have written another twisted, smart, mind-bending psychological thriller.
I could barely put this book down, it had me so engrossed all the way through.
I don‘t know how these two ladies do it; but they have a winning formula.
Release date 1.8.19 (or a Dec BOTM pick?!) 🙀🖤

ReadingisMyPassion Very nice 6mo
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IT‘S FINALLY ON SALE! It‘s the 2019 Seattle Area Feline Rescue Calendar, with 13 gorgeous photos and stories of rescue kitties, put together by me!

These are beautiful calendars: spiral-bound 8.5x11”, smooth paper that‘s easy to write on, with important pet holidays you won't want to miss. I always make a calendar I‘d want to use myself, and I hope you love it!
Be quick, the first batch goes quickly!


Dragon 😻 6mo
VeganCleopatra Thanks for the tag! Rose is gorgeous! 6mo
kamoorephoto @VeganCleopatra I‘ll do a calendar ‘photo shoot‘ so everyone can get sneak peeks of the kitties soon! 💓 6mo
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The Disasters | M. K. England
post image

It's time to start this YA sci-fi adventure pitted as ‘The Breakfast Club meets Guardians of the Galaxy‘...🚀

Release date December 18th, 2018, so make sure to add it to your TB and maybe Santa will bring it to you!

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The Waning Age | S. E. Grove, Sylvia Sellers Garcia
post image

I‘ve been quiet lately; I‘ve been finishing the 2019 calendar for the cat rescue, and I lost my voice! 😹

So #TheWaningAge blew my mind. Set in an alternate present-day San Francisco, everyone ‘wanes‘ at the age of 10, meaning they lose the ability to feel emotion. Read my review! 👉🏼

VeganCleopatra What cat rescue and are the calendars sold for charity? (edited) 6mo
BookishTrish Get well soon! 6mo
kamoorephoto @VeganCleopatra It's the rescue I've taken photos at for 9 years now, Seattle Area Feline Rescue; yes, all proceeds go to help the kitties (we are a small no-kill rescue that runs solely on donations and fundraising). I will post the ordering link! I'm so excited for everyone to see the calendar! 💓😻 6mo
VeganCleopatra Great, look forward to it! 6mo
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THANK YOU @DoonTheGoon - I couldn‘t wait any longer to open my #ReadTheMovies swap (and now you MUST open yours!
I have NOT read either book, and it‘s been terribly long time for ‘No Country for Old Men‘ (and don‘t remember it too well, love Coen Bros). There were soo many coincidences in this box, that I must tell you about (maybe in comments); it was so well thought about and put together, I wish I could give you a hug.
Thanks for doing this! 💓

DoonTheGoon Omg hooray I am SO GLAD you like everything!!! 😀🍿🎬🎥💜 I might be biased but I had SO MUCH FUN shopping for you! 6mo
kamoorephoto @DoonTheGoon So Dana, I have worked with Jim Taylor, who collaborated with Tom Perrotta, to adapt the script for ‘Election‘; he was one of the scriptwriters (and has written multiple Hollywood scripts). I didn‘t recognize the name at first! Also, the little pop-open notes? I send those, but have never received one! Pocky? I love them. The gloves? I could‘ve used these exact ones on set. Also, I totally love washi tape... 💓💓💓 6mo
DoonTheGoon @kamoorephoto Ahh that's so awesome! Perrotta lives pretty local to me and I love his work. Had to share. And I'm so glad so many of the items spoke to you. I couldn't resist! 6mo
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Portland: A Food Biography | Heather Arndt Anderson
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Anyone going to the #PDXBookFest this wknd? There are some amazing authors there and I can‘t list them all, but these are some of the authors I hope to see:
-Virginia Boecker
-Kendare Blake
-Shea Ernshaw
-Nova Ren Suma
-Marissa Meyer
-Emily Suvada
-Somaiya Daud
-April Genevieve Tucholke
-Lindy West
-Leni Zumas
-Ling Ma
-Lauren Groff
Tickets for Tom Hanks are SOLD OUT. Come with me!

MinDea I can't make it this weekend! New job is getting in the way of my book life! 6mo
That-Bookish-Hiker I‘ll be there! So excited to finally meet Nova Ren Suma. 6mo
Gissy I wish! 😱Enjoy! 🤗 6mo
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kamoorephoto @That-Bookish-Hiker Send me a message on GroupMe! We need to meet up! I‘ll be at the 10am at the Old Church with Rollie bag full of books! 📚 6mo
kamoorephoto @That-Bookish-Hiker PS. I did the blog tour for Nova‘s most recent book, so I‘m excited to get my arc signed. Did you read that? 6mo
MirrorMask I'll be there. I waited too long to get tickets so I won't be seeing Tom Hanks or Abbi Jacobson, but there's a lot of great authors going. 6mo
That-Bookish-Hiker @kamoorephoto I read it last month! I have everyone of her books and plan on getting them signed lol. 6mo
MirrorMask @That-Bookish-Hiker and @kamoorephoto do I have to print my ticket or would it be fine to just show my e-ticket? 6mo
That-Bookish-Hiker @MirrorMask you can just show your eticket. 6mo
MirrorMask @That-Bookish-Hiker Thanks 6mo
kamoorephoto @MirrorMask Post tomorrow who you are seeing! 6mo
MirrorMask I just saw Time to Fight, heading to On the Run, then Allegiance 6mo
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‪Don‘t get out of #Halloween mode yet! I just posted my Ultimate Horror-Slasher Movie List for the @penguinusa #WickedReads Blogger Campaign and it‘s to die for 💀
I happen to have worked on quite a few #HorrorMovies in my time so this was super fun! 🔪


kamoorephoto @Reggie @danibolahood @scripturient @ephemeralwaltz @GatheringBooks @BookishTrish @MinDea This is especially for my horror-loving friends/fiends 🧟‍♀️🧛🏼‍♀️ 7mo
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October | Richard B Wright
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Here‘s my #OctoberWrapUp; I had such fun with all my reads this month, plus I did so much horror movie watching...my favorite month for it! 🎥
I did several book blog tours (This Cruel Design, An Assassin‘s Guide to Love & Treason, plus Wicked Reads), and loaded up on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, both on TV and with the graphic novels. Also, I‘m on my 2nd read for the month for my #HorrorPostalBookClub!
And I‘m on my 100th Book Of the Year!

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What the Woods Keep | Katya de Becerra
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Today I get to help one of my favorite authors Katya de Becerra reveal the cover of her next book, coming Fall of 2019! 🙀
After her debut #WhatTheWoodsKeep, this horror-adventure looks like another captivating page-turner, set this time on the hot sands of Dubai. Open for the #CoverReveal 👉🏼


Cailey_Mac Oooooooo😍❣️ 7mo
IheartYA This one is high on my TBR! I plan to check it out of the library this week 7mo
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Bedbugs | Ben H. Winters
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THANK YOU @EH2018 for my horrifically wonderful #HalloweenHorrorSwap box!! I love all my books and goodies; I could barely force myself to tear into the wrapping because you did such a boo-tiful job and I didn‘t want to destroy those bows.
*I actually got Claire Messud to sign my copy of ‘The Burning Girl‘ at a festival last year, so I love my tote!
**And I love the bookmark!
Thank you so so much; I love it all 😽🖤

LeahBergen Bedbugs sounds disgustingly terrifying! 😮 7mo
EH2018 Yay! Glad you like it!! I hope you enjoyed your Halloween! Happy Reading!! 🎃🕸🧙‍♀️📚 7mo
kamoorephoto @EH2018 I totally freakin‘ LOVED it. You almost made it too pretty and I didn‘t want to open it 😹 The little ‘secret‘ Magic book is so great; I‘ve always wanted a hideaway book. And you actually managed to get horror books I hadn‘t read, including the arc. You can send me book boxes any time you want, sweet girl. I really hope you had a great Halloween yourself! I had the ‘Halloween‘ theme tune in my head all night... 7mo
kamoorephoto @TheReadingMermaid Thanks for doing this swap! 🧜🏻‍♀️💓 7mo
TheReadingMermaid You are most welcome sweetheart 🤗 7mo
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My dearest book buddy @IheartYA THANK YOU for all my #WitchPleaseSwap goodies and books, as well as putting some things in for Roman! And sooo much candy (my favorite are the candy sticks; I haven‘t had them in years)!
I‘m especially happy for ‘Bring Me Their Hearts‘! ❤️
**How did you know I needed a new oven mitt?!
Sending hugs to you tonight 😽

IheartYA I hope it met your expectations. 😀♥️🎃 7mo
kamoorephoto @IheartYA I felt your heart through all of it, and I loved that the most! I hope you felt that with mine too. Roman was especially happy that you thought of him too 😽 That was so sweet. I can‘t BELIEVE how much candy you put in, but I‘m so not complaining. Btw, I already got one of the price stickers completely off...👍🏼 7mo
kamoorephoto @monalyisha Thank you for doing this book box swap!! 🧙🏻‍♀️🖤 7mo
monalyisha You‘re both so welcome! Your friendship is heartwarming. 💖 Also, I‘ve eaten soooo many kit-kats in the last 24 hours. I feel your candy comments. 😅Hope you had a happy #WitchPleaseSwap! 7mo
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I‘ll post my #Halloween box photos when I get back from trick-or-treating, but here is my boy Roman, as Spidey, specifically with the Homecoming ‘Homemade Suit‘ on from the latest Spiderman (ALL his idea). I think it came together so well!
I‘ll post my awesome #HalloweenSwap boxes when I get home!


merelybookish Nice! I love that version of Spiderman. 7mo
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This Cruel Design | Emily Suvada
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FINALLY! IT IS HERE! It‘s the #bookbirthday for one of my most anticipated reads of the year, #ThisCruelDesign, the follow-up to the brilliant #ThisMortalCoil!

In this twisty, smart sci-fi, Cat is caught in the middle of an outbreak, struggling to find out her true identity. Find my Q&A with Emily Suvada here 👉🏼


IheartYA Finally! My library has 1 week to get it in before I buy my own copy. 7mo
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This witty, charming book releases TODAY! And my blog tour post with giveaway is up!
Set in 1601, Twelfth Night is the backdrop: Katherine Arundell must avenge her father‘s execution at the hands of Queen Elizabeth I.
This 5 star read gives revenge, murder, wit, charm, and romance. Shakespeare would approve ⭐️


The Cold Is in Her Bones | Peternelle van Arsdale
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This beautiful arc has captivated me...
Young Milla‘s world consists entirely of the farm she has lived on for her whole life, and her small family. Her world opens up when young Iris comes to live with them; it all changes Iris is possessed by a demon, just like many other girls in the village.
Inspired by the myth of Medusa, this book has a powerful female voice, one of girls who long to be heard and understood. It‘s haunting.
Out 1.22.19! 🐍

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Firestarter | Stephen King
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ephemeralwaltz For sure! 💪 7mo
BookishTrish Yup 7mo
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I went to one of my favorite book events here in #Seattle today, even though it‘s one where I can‘t really afford to buy anything (maybe that‘s a good thing)...the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair, where rare and collectible book sellers come to show off their rare books (and maps, etc). If you can afford it, you could buy a first edition Lord of the Rings for $45,000. Or the one I wish I could have: Frankenstein (1st Illustrated), $12,500 💚🖤

tournevis That Shelley costs more than my roof and my furnace combined. 7mo
kamoorephoto @tournevis But did you see the how much Shakespeare‘s works are going for/worth???! His was the most costliest I found, and that bloke from London brought the most priciest collection on a plane in cases...I‘m surprised he survives those flights suffering the anxiety knowing all his books are in cargo. 7mo
tournevis @kamoorephoto It's only slightly less expensive than my house. 7mo
kamoorephoto @tournevis - or half the price of most houses in #Seattle, I guess...I would think the bookfair makes a decent amount coming here! 7mo
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Hankering for #ThisCruelDesign, about to come out on 10.30? Me too!
The amazing #EmilySuvada has put out a special novella ebook, a PREQUEL to #ThisMortalCoil (which came out last year), and it‘s available for a short time for FREE on Riveted Lit.

I‘ve posted the link at the bottom of my review post 👉🏼

IheartYA OMG OMG OMG 7mo
kamoorephoto @IheartYA 😹😹😹😹💙💙💙 7mo
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I was very lucky to get my hands on, not one, but two ARCs of this book! Releases SOON!
Set in England, 1601, Shakespeare is using his upcoming performance of Twelfth Night at the Globe Theater to draw in the supposed would-be (Catholic) assassin of Queen Elizabeth I. And Katherine Arundell of Cornwall, dressed as a boy, who has tried out for one of the parts, is the would-be assassin.
This is heaps of fun, and has lots of history references 💓👑

kamoorephoto **Just finished this and will review soon and put up link to my review post; I‘m giving it a 5/5, I loved it so much ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 7mo
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#fallswapsurvey @Clwojick

1 Ugh, NO pumpkin spice for me, thanks!
2 I drink both but ICED, all yr long! I love iced green mint tea
3 Generally, I resist socks, but 💓those ‘reading‘ socks, or Out of Print brand, also infinity scarves. NO WOOL
4 LOVE candles (nothing fruity)
5 I‘m a chocolate junkie but 💓 candy too
6 Red/black
7 Bubbles!
8 Aside from hoarding books - washi, nice stationery, pens
9 Frankie, Freddie, Vlad
10 Cats😻 plus bats 🦇

Stark September | C D Bradley
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#SeptemberWrapUp - what a slim, pathetic month of reading; not that the books were; all were excellent, and three were off my shelves for a change.
I had a bunch of author signings (Victoria Schwab, Rebecca Schaeffer, Grady Hendrix), and went to two book clubs, including help organize the B&N book club. I also worked the school book fair.
Things have been stressful at home, had lots of photos to take too, but need to read more this month.

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Vengeful | V. E. Schwab
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Awesome fun at signing for #Vengeful last night, meeting Victoria Schwab; had chat about Edinburgh, my skull leggings (will have to find her some), heard her talk about Vengeful, and City of Ghosts, one of my faves. Super long line to get books signed, even though was there early - peculiar system to get in line - and good to see a few friends.

*Will miss Kiersten White tonight but need to take photos at benefit for cat rescue! ❤️🖤 #Seattle

IheartYA I'm so jealous I *almost* hate you! Lol ❤❤❤ 7mo
kamoorephoto @IheartYA oh honey bunny!!! I had an extra ticket!!! ❤️🖤❤️🖤 7mo
kamoorephoto @IheartYA Have you read all her books? 7mo
IheartYA Almost all. I haven't read Vicious but the premise doesn't interest me. 😕 7mo
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