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Snowblind: A Thriller | Ragnar Jonasson
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Landmarks | Robert Macfarlane
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#24b4monday @Andrew65 @SumisBooks @jb72

I fell asleep with my timer going again 😬 I think I was at about 3 hours so will try again from 0 today and add 3 to it

I always love Robert McFarlane and this book of glossaries of landmark words from various British languages could have been hard to read but never was. His explanatory chapters were magical and have put a LOT of new books on my tbr.

This was my #doublespin @TheAromaofBooks

Andrew65 A perennial problem with readathons. 😔 3h
TheAromaofBooks This book sounds amazing!!! Totally stacking it. #BookSpin is actually ruining my goals of reducing my TBR haha 55m
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Educated: A Memoir | Tara Westover
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Here‘s my March #Bookspin @TheAromaofBooks
I kept the list the same with the addition of the tagged book in spot number 12.

I can‘t wait to see what March brings!

TheAromaofBooks OOo nice list!! And I love your graphic! 12h
Soubhiville @TheAromaofBooks thanks. I just pulled the image from Pinterest and used Phonto to filter and put text on it. 😊 11h
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Eleanor and Park | Rainbow Rowell
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The story of two teenagers who meet when Eleanor sits next to a very reluctant Park. Slowly they become friends and then boyfriend and girlfriend. I've read a few YA books recently and have found the teen angst a bit tiresome at times, this had none of this. Oh how I loved this book. I laughed out loud, I cried, I worried about the characters. So glad that I included this on my #bookspin list. Thank you @TheAromaofBooks #readingwidelychallenge

TheAromaofBooks This is one I keep meaning to reread. Great review! 12h
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A succinct book for a crash course in astrophysics. This book made me wish I had taken more science classes. Sadly, I was turned off of science at a young age. But I‘m trying to make up for that. I treated this book like a text book & underlined and flagged parts to go back to.

And 2 birds — #fancifulfebruary & a good start to #24B4Monday Although that time doesn‘t include the half hour or so this morning as I forgot to start timing.

wanderinglynn Ah, I meant 3 birds 🤦🏼‍♀️ because this was my first #bookspin book for February. @TheAromaofBooks 18h
TheAromaofBooks Nice!! I love nonfiction books that make a topic accessible and interesting. 12h
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Trickster Drift | Eden Robinson
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I thoroughly enjoyed being back with Jared, and reveling in Robinson's world building and delightfully dark wit. This, the second in her Trickster trilogy, carried on the momentum built in the first and deepened the exploration of family, inheritance, and personal choice. I found it to be a more evenly paced read, and I loved some of the new characters introduced. Can't wait for part three.

Thanks @TheAromaofBooks - this was my #bookspin for Feb!

TheAromaofBooks I haven't even heard of this series!! I'll have to check them out! 12h
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Another much anticipated #BookSpin -Mar @TheAromaofBooks

1 Gun Island
2 Vintage Murakami
3 At Bertram's Hotel
4 Library of Lost & Found
5 Men without Women
6 Ides of March
7 Nemesis
8 Naturally Tan
9 Flashman on the March
10 Tears of the Giraffe
11 Restaurant of Love regained
12 Binti
13 Chasing Cézanne
14 Violets of March
15 Lady & the Monk
16 Dark Vineyard
17 Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
18 Pietr the Latvian
19 Roar
20 Bamboo Stalk

TheAromaofBooks Oooo look at you all fancy with your list already! Glad you are ready to play along again!! 1d
BookishMe @TheAromaofBooks of course! I have been restraining myself from posting much earlier! Hehehe... I thought I'd only replace the 2 titles I ticked off this month, but it was so FUN picking other titles. Lol 1d
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Spin | Robert Charles Wilson
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I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The book originally came to my notice as a Goodreads book club pic that I purchased but never got around to. I thought the title was appropriate for heading my #BookSpin list and I‘m glad it was my #DoubleSpin read. The story revolves around three childhood friends and their lives after the Earth is effectively sealed off from normal time/space.

TheAromaofBooks Now I kind of feel like I need to try and create a #bookspin list with spinning as a theme... 😆 Glad you enjoyed your pick!! 1d
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Homegoing: A novel | Yaa Gyasi
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Just, wow. I'm so glad this was my #bookspin read for this month as I don't know how long it would have taken me to read this otherwise. I love the format, with each chapter a vignette of the life of two sisters and 6 generations of their descendants. Most chapters were vivid and compelling with richly drawn characters. This is my first 5 ⭐ read of the year. @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks So glad you enjoyed this one!! Sounds involved but rewarding. 1d
Joanne1 I agree, this is a really memorable book, and I also loved the format 7h
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On the Come Up | Angie Thomas
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ahhhhh oh my god!! I love this so, so much. It felt so authentic and the themes were so powerful—it‘s good. So, so good. And, this was my #doublespin #bookspin book! I hope next month‘s are just as good!

TheAromaofBooks So glad you enjoyed your pick!! 1d
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