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Hosted by: @Jess7 on this page. Please tag host with questions or comments. Use the hashtag #LitsyBuddyRead when posting about this month‘s book
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Discuss here 👇🏼 this is the FINAL discussion of Love Hate and Other Filters and also the FINAL discussion of #litsybuddyread in 2018!

#lovehateandotherfilters #lfof #LITSYBUDDYREAD

Jennifer3 I am working to catch up today! @Jess7 thank you for allowing me to be part of this group this year! It has enriched my reading life!!! 5y
RaimeyGallant I think the title is brilliant, and I don't think I mentioned that in the first discussion. (edited) 5y
RaimeyGallant I read this some time ago, but from what I remember, I was a little disappointed in the guy saves girl aspect of the ending. This said, I liked that the last chapter was a realistic resolution to the romance. 5y
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Currey @RaimeyGallant I agree with you about the title. Maya is such a typical American young woman, really more consumed with peer pressure, crushes and exercising adult freedoms slightly before she is ready for them. The title somehow captures the political time and time of life 5y
mrp27 I'm really torn about this one. I liked it enough but it just didn't hit the mark for me. I liked Maya and was annoyed by her at the same time. Second half of the book was definitely less fluffy from the first half. 5y
theokiereader I remember someone saying last time that they were disappointed in the book because they wanted to have more insight into what it‘s like to be a Muslim in America. However, I think that was the entire point of the book— Maya didn‘t want to be a Muslim in America, she wanted to be an American teenager. Everyone around her wanted to label her as something, whether it be a terrorist, a “good Muslim girl,” or a daughter in need of protecting because.. 5y
theokiereader ...of her heritage. Maya just wanted to be a normal teenager with a boyfriend (and a boyfriend she liked for reasons other than the fact that he was an “acceptable” match). In a world where everyone was labeling her as a Muslim, she just wanted to be Maya. 5y
CoffeeNBooks @mrp27 I agree! That's exactly how I feel about it. I feel like it's more of a surface story, even for YA. I was thinking about what my students would say about it if they read it, and I think they would enjoy it, but would want to know more. 5y
mrp27 @CoffeeNBooks Glad it's just not me! 5y
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Checkout the post marked SPOILER following this post to join in on the final discussion of #lovehateandotherfilters!

If you‘re caught up please join in. If you‘re not, just add your thoughts whenever you are! Be sure to tag others when you comment so they will be notified of your comments. #lhof #litsybuddyread

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The first open discussion begins now. Remember no spoilers beyond the first half (we read through chapter 11).

Go to the discussion post (marked spoiler) to begin discussing anything related to those first 11 chapters.

#lovehateandotherfilters #lhof #litsybuddyread

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Open discussion begins now... Discuss here 👇🏼

#lovehateanotherfilters #lhof

LitsyBuddyRead How is everyone enjoying the book so far? 5y
CoffeeNBooks I like it so far, and it's interesting to see how Maya navigates the differences between what she wants in life vs. what her parents want for her. 5y
britt_brooke I finished this a couple of days ago and wasn‘t a fan of the style, but I did like the story. In the first portion, I really liked the relationship between Maya and her aunt. She needed an ally and I appreciate that Ahmed made it a strong female relative who defied cultural expectations. I like Kareem‘s role, too. How are you liking it so far @Jess7 ? 5y
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Currey I enjoyed the book for the Young Adult tensions between Maya and her parents and her sweet and simple take on crushes. I felt that Maya‘s relationship with her aunt gave a nice window into what a woman could be in the world. However, up to Chapter 11, it is missing some of the things I was hoping for in a book about Muslims living in the US. To Maya, it isn‘t about how to practice her religion but how to work around her parents. 5y
Jennifer3 I agree with CoffeeNBooks. It is cool to see how Maya handles things. 5y
CoffeeNBooks The only thing that I'm having a hard time with in this section is Maya's relationship with Kareem. Did they really hit it off right away, and he's also super cool with her ending things? Or does he have ulterior motives and he's using her to look good to his parents, in the same way she was sort of using him to look good to her parents? 5y
CoffeeNBooks @britt_brooke @Currey I agree with you both about Maya's relationship with her aunt. I like that she has an ally in her very independent aunt. 5y
RaimeyGallant I finished the book a few months ago. It's hard for me to discuss without spoilers for those who haven't finished it. :) I like that the book did as well as it did. I like that this Muslim story is in the mainstream. I don't love how money is valued by Maya. She seems entitled, but maybe I don't understand an American child's expectations regarding their parents' money, because I live in Canada, where uni is subsidized. 5y
RaimeyGallant Overall, I feel like this book is a step forward for acceptance of diversity and a step backward for gender equality. Can't win 'em all. :) 5y
britt_brooke @RaimeyGallant Interesting thoughts. I can see where you‘re coming from. 5y
britt_brooke @CoffeeNBooks My thoughts on Kareem are that his folks were forcing the relationship in the same way Maya‘s were. They were both bystanders that want to make their parents happy but ultimately both knew they were better as friends; even if Maya was the one who came out and said it first. (edited) 5y
mrp27 I'm enjoying it so far but was expecting something a littler more heavy. I haven't read beyond page 137 but I know there is something big coming. Wonder if the next half will have more depth. I'm reminded a bit of the book When a Dimple Met Rishi. 5y
RaimeyGallant @mrp27 There is something heavy coming. 5y
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Here is the reading schedule for our December #LitsyBuddyRead. Please like and share to spread the word. Will you be joining?

#lovehateandotherfilters #samiraahmed #lhof #LITSYBUDDYREAD

Currey I finished the whole book but will join the discussion and keep my comments tomorrow to only the 1st half. 5y
Pamwurtzler I can‘t join this week but will for the final discussion! 5y
theokiereader I‘d like to join when it begins! 5y
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Discuss here ⬇️⬇️ #litsybuddyread

This is the FINAL discussion of #thestoriedlifeofajfikry - discuss anything related to this book. #ajfikry

LitsyBuddyRead What did everyone think of the book? 5y
AmyG I really enjoyed this book. It was sweet, funny, sad...all the feels. I would love to know what happens to Maya...did she become a writer? Yes, it was bit corny in parts, and I can understand why some didn‘t like it...but I really enjoy a book like this every once in a while. 5y
Jess7 I really enjoyed it. I would of liked a little more depth, but I appreciated the book references and the heartwarming story. @AmyG 5y
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CoffeeNBooks It was a nice, quick read. It reminded me of a Hallmark movie, but sometimes that's what you're in the mood for. The end was definitely sad- AJ and his family deserved more time together. I kind of liked that I forgot about the missing Tamerlane as I was reading the story, and then the mystery of it was solved in the end. 5y
Currey @CoffeeNBooks @Jess7 I agree, it was a nice warm hearted easy read and I loved all the book references. I did wish the ending wasn‘t so sad but on the other hand I was expecting something to go terribly wrong. I did like the characters - particularly Maya and A 5y
Jennifer3 I loved it. It was the kind of read I needed, I embarrassingly am still working on our last month‘s book. This book although sad at the end was hard to put down and I agree @CoffeeNBooks it was like a Hallmark moving just with the sad ending. I did wish A.J. could have had longer with his family and I forgot about the mystery of Tamerlane, so it was nice to wrap that up. 5y
Andrew65 I absolutely loved this book. Fell in love with the characters, and was rooting for them all. Shame it took so long for them to get together and even sadder that they had so little time together. A very sad ending all round. 😢😭 Just loved the reading experience all round. Some similarities to A Man Called Ove. Felt heartily sorry with the brain tumour and the effect it had and not being able to communicate at the end. @AmyG @Jess7 @CoffeeNBooks (edited) 5y
Jennifer3 @Andrew65 The communication issue at the end broke my heart because it was an essential part of who A.J. Had become and it is essential to all of us in our connections. It was hard to read how he struggled. I definitely wanted to know how things turned out for Maya. 5y
Andrew65 @Jennifer3 Agree totally, broke my heart that he could not speak or communicate with people at the end. No way to go. 😭😭😭😔 We do need a sequel for seeing what happened to his wife and daughter in the future. (edited) 5y
Jennifer3 @Andrew65 I would love a sequel! 5y
shadowspeak17 I didn‘t have much of a reaction to this book. I didn‘t love it, I didn‘t hate it. It was sweet, I guess, but it felt lacking in depth and I think that just kind of left me at a distance. 5y
theokiereader I absolutely loved this one. So many of the books I‘ve read lately address social issues, so I needed something warm and loving to begin the holiday season. I absolutely loved the direction the author took with the Tamerlane. Us parents can ALL relate to toddler crayon on important documents. 😂🤣 I also loved how the disappearance of the Tamerlane turned out to be an act of love and not theft. 5y
thereadingowlvina It's a light, quick & heartwarming story & I loved it! I agree with @Jess7 - I too wish it has more depth as I felt some parts were just touch and go. And yes! Definitely has A Man Called Ove vibe @Andrew65 🤗 I'll definitely re-read this book in 2019! 5y
Jess7 Yes, I agree that part was sad. @Andrew65 I can see some small similarities to Ove, but Ove seemed deeper than this one. This was the perfect read for me this time of year though. Perfectly light enough 5y
mrp27 I agree with everyone here, it was the perfect light hearted read for this very busy time of year. I'm glad I finally read it and I'm very curious about the rest of Maya's story. I also liked the bit of mystery with the missing Poe book. 5y
Suelizbeth Yes, @CoffeeNBooks a total Hallmark movie vibe, but that made it a perfect, light read. Unlike others here, I do not want a sequel. This book was enough and self contained. Not everything needs to be explained or expanded upon for me. 5y
Andrew65 @Jess7 Yes I‘d certainly agree that Ove had a lot more depth to it than this one, and overall much more hard hitting. 5y
erzascarletbookgasm Sorry,late to the discussion. I read this a while ago and really enjoyed the story for what it is..heartwarming and sad. And agree it‘s corny at times! I liked the references to books too. I can see why it‘s not for everyone. Sometimes we must be in a mood for it. However I don‘t agree it‘s similar to Ove. Ove‘s character is multi layered and has more depth, his story addresses certain important issues and has no ‘Hallmark‘ vibes to it. @Jess7 5y
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The final discussion of #thestoriedlifeofajfikry begins at 1 pm. Be sure to scroll to the following post marked spoiler and join in a few minutes! #ajfikry #litsybuddyread

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Discuss pages 1-128 here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#ajfikry #thestoriedlifeofajfikry #litsybuddyread

LitsyBuddyRead I‘m really enjoying all the book references in this book and I really like the style. What does everyone else think of it so far? Which characters do you like and dislike the most? 5y
AmyG I am really enjoying the story. It‘s very predictable at times, but that‘s ok as I want AJ and the woman bookseller (oy, I already forgot her name) to be together. I am curious what part 2 brings for those two..,and for Maya. (edited) 5y
Currey I also enjoyed the story. Although not particularly challenging, the fact the AJ is a curmudgeon and the constant reference to other books kept my interest. And the characters are all likeable. I particularly like the police officer 5y
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CoffeeNBooks I'm really enjoying this one so far! A quick, easy read, a fun story to watch unfold. I hope A.J. and Amelia end up together. I'm not entirely sure how Daniel and Ismay factor into the story, but that's ok. It reads like a Hallmark movie, but sometimes that's just what you need. 😊 5y
zezeki I'm really enjoying this one. It's a quick read, and I really love that isolated small town bookstore setting. 5y
Currey @CoffeNBooks Oh no, if it is a hallmark movie there will be crying in the end. I was looking forward to a happy ending. Maybe it is a “uplifting” Hallmark Movie 5y
Suelizbeth I‘m enjoying this light read. It feels familiar. I know I‘ve read something very similar, but the title escapes me. I really love Maya and Lambiase and Amelia but not Ismay so much. 5y
LoverofLit All the tears and love for this book! ❤😭❤😭 5y
Jess7 I am finding the story to be very heartwarming. I love all the book references and I love that AJ‘s fatherhood has changed him. I‘m also liking the flirting that is happening between Amelia and AJ. The cop is a nice guy too. I‘m really interested to see how Maya grows up and what conflict will arise. At this point there doesn‘t seem to be anything wrong. @Suelizbeth @Currey @AmyG @zezeki @CoffeeNBooks 5y
BookishMe I am particularly amused by Fikry's book recommendations to the various residents and his internal cringing at some choices. Loved how the police officer becomes hooked to the books. Wasn't impressed with Fikry's episode though I could feel his grief. I found the aftermath of reporting the loss was rather hilarious 5y
Jess7 @BookishMe i love that you‘re joining the discussion, but I think you might be talking about pages behind 128? This is just our first discussion. 🤗 5y
BookishMe @Jess7 Oops... Let me check my pages again. Thanks for pointing out. And I thought I was restraining myself from mentioning about events later to come ;p esp in reference to Hallmark movie. 5y
Jess7 I think you‘re good up until the last two lines about fikry‘s episode and aftermath... that part so if you edit that part out you should be good @BookishMe (edited) 5y
zezeki @Jess7 Yes, nothing seems to be going wrong, so I'm a bit scared to see what will happen next, because something bad is bound to happen. Maybe that's just pessimist in me talking. 5y
thereadingowlvina I loved this book! It's an adorable, heartwarming story. I loved Fikry, Amelia and Lambiase characters. I do get the A Man Called Ove vibe. Fikry reminds me of the grumpy but younger version of Ove 😏 5y
Jess7 So true! @zezeki - same!! 5y
Jess7 @thereadingowlvina I can see the comparison! That must be why I like AJ! 5y
Jennifer3 I love this book! I had to restrain myself not to read@past page 128. I knew if I did I@would say something that would be meant for the last discussion! 😳 I need an easy read from time to time and this one fits the bill. AJ, the Chief Lambaise and Maya are my favorite characters. Worried about the sadness I know is to come. Can‘t wait to read the rest! The book references are great & thanks @Jess7 for picking the book as I don‘t know (edited) 5y
Jennifer3 if I would have selected it to read otherwise but am glad I am! 5y
TracyReadsBooks Late to the discussion but I am very much enjoying the book. Truthfully, I find it impossible not to love such a bookcentric story. Equally impossible not to like the super grumpy Fikry & hope for good things for him. All the book references are fantastic & I love that the characters themselves see the world in terms of books & their characters. Definitely a fun cast of characters & I‘m looking forward to the reading whatever comes next. 5y
mrp27 I'm late to the party but I agree with everyone here. Sweet and quick. Love the literary references, loving the characters and I'm rooting for all of them. The only thing is I keep thinking A.J. is older and I have to keep reminding myself he is not. 5y
Andrew65 Yey! Finally caught up. This was just the read I need at the moment, light, entertaining, engaging, feel good (much needed positivity) and loving Maya. In fact mostly really great group of characters. Intrigued to see where it is heading. @jess7 @AmyG @Currey @CoffeeNBooks @zezeki @Suelizbeth @LoverofLit @BookishMe @thereadingowlvina @Jennifer3 @TracyReadsBooks @mrp27 Although do worry what may be ahead! 5y
Jennifer3 @Andrew65 I agree! I just finished today and am ready for our final discussion! 5y
theokiereader Apparently I completely screwed up in regards to the reading schedule— I missed the first discussion, and then I read ahead just to find the final discussion isn‘t until next week :) I had the same thought as @thereadingowlvina— this book feels very similar to A Man Called Ove. I think AJ is a little gentler than Ove, 5y
theokiereader ... and he‘s not trying to kill himself (although you get the sense that he‘s just waiting for the day when death comes). I love the lighthearted ease of this book. I‘m not going to say much in fear of talking about events further into the book, but this one definitely left me with a book hangover. (edited) 5y
Andrew65 @Jennifer3 I had to finish it off today too! Very ready for the discussion, roll on next week! One of those books that leaves a lasting impact! 5y
Jennifer3 @Andrew65 It definitely leaves an impact! I was sad to leave the characters when I finished! 5y
Andrew65 @Jennifer3 Totally agree. 5y
thereadingowlvina @marywag08 Agree! He's gentler than Ove but still grumpy most of the time 😂 This book is just so good and I know I'll re-read it one of these days! 5y
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The first discussion of #Thestoriedlifeofajfikry begins at 1 PM EST today. We will be discussing pages 1-128. Be sure to check back for the next post marked “spoiler”. Click into that one and begin discussing.

You can discuss anything within those pages on that post. If you‘re not caught up yet, join as soon as you are. #litsybuddyread

LitsyBuddyRead If I did not tag you and you want to join, please join and then let me know so I can add you to my list to tag for the final discussion. I will be joining in a few hours later when I get home. 5y
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Jennifer3 I will join later too. I am out trying to find something to wear to a wedding. 5y
Jess7 I‘m home and have started commenting! Excited to see what you think @Jennifer3 5y
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Here is the reading schedule for our November Litsy Buddy Read! We will be reading #TheStoriedLifeofAJFikry by Gabrielle Zevin. This is a short book (only 260 pages!)

Who is joining me? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Comment below so I can add your name to my list ⬇️

Please LIKE, SCREENSHOT, and REPOST to spread the word. Thanks 😘 #LitsyBuddyRead

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theokiereader I am!!! 5y
Suelizbeth I‘m in! 5y
LitsyBuddyRead Great! Adding you to the list! Please repost with our hashtag #litsybuddyread to get others to join this month! 😘 thank you! @marywag08 @Suelizbeth (edited) 5y
CoffeeNBooks I'm in! 5y
JackOBotts Enjoy! This was such an enjoyable read! 🤗 5y
shendrix413 Oh I will! 5y
Jennifer3 I am in! 5y
JennyM Enjoy littens. Great story!!! 5y
sweetpealsd I‘m in 5y
britt_brooke I‘ve read this but may jump in during the discussions., 5y
Cinfhen Sweet book - but not able to join in 5y
mrp27 Yes! No waiting on library holds for thus one. 5y
Andrew65 I‘m in. 👍 5y
GatheringBooks count me in! have read this two years back, i think. :) 5y
Karkar I too!!! 5y
Wingneedle Me too‼️ 5y
Currey Yes, I‘m in. 5y
mcctrish I‘ve already read this and I would love to see what everyone has to say! I‘m in 5y
TracyReadsBooks Definitely in. I‘ve already started reading and so far so good! 5y
Jaayimee I‘m in 5y
Mowen036 I‘m in just have to find my copy of it. 5y
cajunsyd I am in 5y
swatreads I'm in 5y
Cinfhen Thanks for the tag but I‘m not participating ~ it‘s a great book, though xx enjoy 5y
JackOBotts Enjoy the conversation!!! 🤗 5y
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A Place for Us: A Novel | Fatima Farheen Mirza
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Discuss anything related to this book here. This is the final discussion. 👇🏼 Even if you didn‘t read along with us, if you have read this book please join! Just remember to tag people so they see your comments. 👇🏼👇🏼

#litsybuddyread #aplaceforus #lbr #finaldiscussion

janeycanuck I really enjoyed parts 1-3. 4 didn‘t quite do it for me though. I didn‘t like how we went from everything being anchored in Hadia‘s wedding to first-person from Rafiq‘s POV. But I loved 1-3, the story was so complicated and layered, it just sucked me right in. 5y
AnneCecilie Part 3 left me in tears more than once. For me everything came together in part 4, with the father‘s POV. I didn‘t know I was missing it until that point. Suddenly I saw everything in a new light, proving once again that there‘s at least two sides to every story @janeycanuck 5y
janeycanuck @AnneCecilie yeah, I‘m not sure I saw things differently enough to warrant the drastic change? Things like that are often lost on me, I like my stories nice & tidy with a big ol‘ bow stuck on them at the end 🤪 5y
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LitsyBuddyRead From @Currey : “It was rather shocking to me to flip from the daughter‘s and mother‘s perspective to the father‘s. I did not like him right up until I heard his story in his own voice. Incredibly sad that these people living together seemed to know so little about the deeper emotions each of them had. Glad 5e daughter was able to have a life of her own choosing though” - moving your comment here to the discussion post. :-) 5y
LitsyBuddyRead @janeycanuck @AnneCecilie - see the new comment from @Currey above 👆🏼 5y
Currey Thank you for moving my comment 5y
AnneCecilie @Currey I couldn‘t have agreed with you more. All the missed opportunities because of bad communication and family patterns they never managed to change. @janeycanuck (edited) 5y
Currey @AnneCecilie Exactly. I felt the beauty of the book was that it didn‘t irritate me throughout the reading, it just hit me over the head as I finished. 5y
kspenmoll @LitsyBuddyRead Having the ending be the father‘s voice & perspective helped me have sympathy for him. The relationship he had with his son was so tragic. I too did not like him much although I felt his religion was his structure & belief system & his son‘s ambivalence/rejection of that path hurt him. For his son, losing his best friend/ anchor devastated him & changed the trajectory of his life. 5y
kspenmoll I loved the phone relationship the son had with his sister‘s son, his nephew. 5y
Currey @kspenmoll Yes, I liked that also, it seemed to represent some hope 5y
GatheringBooks @janeycanuck i share your sentiments here. i felt that it was just needlessly repetitive and overly saturated. 5y
janeycanuck @GatheringBooks I get what people are saying about not liking the father until part 4 - I think for those folks, all of 4 was necessary. But I liked him - or at least understood things were more complicated than they seemed so a lot of 4 did feel repetitive to me, too. 5y
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A Place for Us: A Novel | Fatima Farheen Mirza
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The final discussion begins at 1:30 pm EST. If you‘re not caught up, feel free to join whenever you are.

Full Disclosure: I‘ve had a hard time getting into this one and I‘m behind. Hopefully next month will be better for me! #LitsyBuddyRead

Jennifer3 I am behind too! So sorry will talk about it when I get finished. 5y
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Currey It was rather shocking to me to flip from the daughter‘s and mother‘s perspective to the father‘s. I did not like him right up until I heard his story in his own voice. Incredibly sad that these people living together seemed to know so little about the deeper emotions each of them had. Glad 5e daughter was able to have a life of her own choosing though 5y
LitsyBuddyRead @Currey - be sure to move your comment over to the actual discussion so no one misses it :-) thanks!! 5y
LitsyBuddyRead It‘s the post that follows this one that is marked spoiler :-) @Currey 5y
Currey Oops sorry - I should know better by now 5y
LitsyBuddyRead That‘s ok @Currey just didn‘t want you to miss out on the discussion that a couple are having. Be sure to tag them when you continue to discuss so they see your comment :-) 5y
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A Place for Us: A Novel | Fatima Farheen Mirza
This post contains spoilers
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Discuss the Parts 1 and 2 (pp. 1-223) of #APlaceForUs HERE :👇🏼👇🏼 #LitsyBuddyRead

Jennifer3 Does anyone have a favorite character yet? (edited) 5y
TEArificbooks @Jennifer3 I really connected with the mom, her stories about what is like raising kids and all their unique needs as individuals, were spot on to some of my own experiences 5y
Currey I also connected with he Mom but she does seem consumed by doing what is right for her children without understanding that, at least her first daughter, may need to find out what is right for herself on her own. Also the father is definitely the force in the house. The daughters want his attention as they take their mother‘s attention for granted. @mdm139 5y
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Currey The other thing that is interesting is how everything is about what is happening specifically in the family. There is very little about anyone else except the Ali family. The back and force really stitches the character development in a unique way. @Jennifer3 5y
Jennifer3 @mdm139 @Currey I like how the story revolves around the family is a unique way to bring a story together. I seem to be liking Hadia as my favorite character, I can relate to the responsibilities she she feels she must carry. 5y
Jess7 I still trying to catch up, but I wish the timelines were more linear. I‘m not loving the jumping between different time periods, and then various ages within those periods. @Jennifer3 @Currey @mdm139 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 It can be challenging to keep track of where each part fits along their lives. 5y
Currey @Jess7 I felt this got easier in Part 2. In Part 1 it was really not easy and further I wasn‘t finding it an effective way to draw out the character development. I guess we will see if it comes together somehow in the second half of the book 5y
AnneCecilie So far I‘ve connected mostly with Hadia, maybe because we‘re both the oldest sister. I‘m not sure I would call the father the force in the family. I think it was early in part 2 that it was mentioned that Hadia had bruises on her arm and that Amar was drawing attention to himself deliberately. I think the siblings are afraid of their father so they‘re watching him closely so as not to anger him. @Jennifer3 @mdm139 @Currey @Jess7 5y
GatheringBooks like @Jess7 i feel that my reading is disrupted by the changing timelines, i find it jarring, like i am often losing my footing while reading. then there is the story within a story within a particular timeline which complicates matters even further. but am finding the writing quite lyrical - sometimes a bit over the top, but still effective. 5y
Jennifer3 @AnneCecilie I am an older sister myself but just a younger brother. Which is why I feel I relate to Hadia. 5y
janeycanuck Oops, didn‘t quite get this chunk finished yesterday like I‘d hoped. I‘m LOVING this so far. I did have a bit of a tough time getting used to the timeline changes but I‘ve fallen into the groove now and am enjoying how the memories are playing into the story. Mirza is weaving such a compelling story, I can‘t wait for the next part. 5y
Jess7 I‘m still way behind for this one. It‘s just a heavy book and hasn‘t grabbed my attention like I‘d hoped. I think it‘s my mood, and not the book. I‘m really sorry guys! I will post the discussion at 1 but I‘m not caught up. Hope everyone else is — I know this supposed to be such a beautiful story! 5y
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A Place for Us: A Novel | Fatima Farheen Mirza
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The FIRST discussion of #APlaceForUs starts at 1 PM EST today! I‘m not quite caught up, but if you are please join the discussion and discuss anything through part 2 on the next post. It will be marked “SPOILER” and you will need to click it to join in! #LitsyBuddyRead

janeycanuck I just finished part 1 so I‘ll check in when I‘ve finished part 2 in a few hours! 5y
Jennifer3 I am not caught up either, but am enjoying it! 5y
GatheringBooks haven‘t caught up yet, but so far so good. 5y
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A Place for Us: A Novel | Fatima Farheen Mirza
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Yay! It‘s time to start our October #LitsyBuddyRead of #APlaceForUs by Fatima Farheen Mirza. This is our October reading schedule. Our 1st discussion is in two weeks! 🤗

🙋🏻‍♀️ Are you joining us this month? Comment below ⬇️ so I can add you to the list!

➡️ Please REPOST to spread the word! Thank you! 🤗

Blurb: “A Place For Us is a deeply moving and resonant story of love, identity, and belonging...” #LitsyBuddyRead

Kindredanne I want to join! 5y
mrozzz Oh nice!! Might not read in time for the first discussion but I‘ll try to get to it by the end of the month 😄 5y
AnneCecilie I‘ll be joining in. Heard a lot of great things about this one. 5y
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Currey I am in and looking forward to it 5y
theokiereader I‘m joining! 5y
Jennifer3 I am in!!! 5y
Jess7 @Khuggins are you joining? 5y
Jess7 @britt_brooke are you joining? 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 Passing, thanks though. 😉 5y
theokiereader I‘ll (hopefully) be joining if I can get the book!! 5y
sweetpealsd I‘ll be joining 5y
janeycanuck I got an ebook on super sale a few weeks ago, will have to see if I get get the first two parts done by the weekend! I‘ve heard amazing things about this. 5y
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Us Against You | Fredrik Backman
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This is the FINAL discussion post. DISCUSS anything about #usagainstyou by #fredrikbackman HERE ⬇️⬇️ by commenting below. Tag others as you discuss so they get notified of your comments. Anyone who has read this book is welcome to join!

#LitsyBuddyRead ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Comment below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

LitsyBuddyRead We can discuss anything here! To start us off: What did everyone think of the book? Did anything surprise you? (edited) 5y
mcctrish Well I thought Beartown was a roller coaster of emotions and then I read this one ❤️💚 while I‘m happy-ish to take a break from my heart being broken by Fredrik Backman I hate to leave all these characters behind. Ramona, Benji, Amat, Vidar, Ana, Maya, Leo 5y
ReaderthenBlogger I liked it but not nearly as much as I did Beartown. There were moments that it seemed to be a bit drawn out. And for some reason, his style of writing felt different. There weren‘t any real “woah” moment for me though. @LitsyBuddyRead 5y
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Jennifer3 I loved this one a lot. I had a couple issues with a few repetitive phrases but I think he did use it to emphasize points throughout. For example, Hed Hockey against Beartown Ice Hockey. I found that kind of weird. As for surprises, Peter leaving the club and going to help Kira. I never thought he would give up on the hockey. Also, I am grateful for the lack of a fairy tale ending, as he called it himself. And Benji...fave character for me. 5y
mcctrish @LitsyBuddyRead I thought Benji was going to die about 6 times and I was ready to throw the book across the room that many times or put out a hit on FB for his stupid vague opening statements that he then clarified 😡 5y
JacqMac I liked Beartown better, too. I also felt the writing was different. A little off. But I still loved it. I felt all the feels. 5y
Jennifer3 @ReaderthenBlogger I agree, he changed his style but I wondered if that was a choice that was to mean something I couldn‘t pick up on. 5y
JacqMac @mcctrish I was so worried about Benji, too! (edited) 5y
Jennifer3 @mcctrish Benji!!!! I feel you, I didn‘t want anything bad to happen to him. 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 What did you like about the book? 5y
mcctrish @ReaderthenBlogger @Jennifer3 it did feel as though I was rereading some phrases more than necessary and FB kept making vague opening statements to heighten suspense I suppose but because he kept doing it I was like “I‘m on to you now, it‘s just blah, blah, blah tell me the story” 5y
Amiable I like the fact that Backman doesn't promise--or always deliver--happy endings. Life is messy and unpredictable, and Backman is a master of portraying that uncertainty. In so many books you can feel the emotions but also know deep down that everything will be "ok" at the end. But you don't know that with Backman's books. That's the momentum that keeps you going--and also keeps your stomach churning and your heart racing! 5y
mcctrish @JacqMac and Ramona telling Benji everything he needed to hear 💚 5y
Jennifer3 Yes, definitely the same for me. It wasn‘t as emotional as Beartown but I was still I read it and it focused on their lives instead of the hockey. @mcctrish @ReaderthenBlogger 5y
Jennifer3 These are the first two I have read by him @Amiable and I love that it isn‘t the ending you want because life is messy. 5y
Jennifer3 @mcctrish @JacqMac Ramona and her relationship with Benji was a high point for me and Maya‘s lyrics for him too at the end. 5y
ReaderthenBlogger @Amiable I agree. You never know what type of ending you will get with him. He does keep it as close as realistic as possible even if it crushes our souls. 5y
Jess7 @Jennifer3 I loved both of the books. I was grateful for this follow up. I thought the beginning of this one was a little drawn out and repetitive, but once I got past that, I really liked it. I think I was surprised to find out that Benji didn‘t die. I misinterpreted a flash forward scene with the puck on a grave in Beartown to mean Benji was going to die.. I cried in Beartown at the scene bc I thought Benji died, and then he didn‘t in this book. 5y
Jess7 @Jennifer3 I recently heard from @britt_brooke that there was a third book in the series being written right now! 😱 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 He is my favorite character and I would love a book following him and Maya into their futures. I am so glad we read both books and these are some@of my favorite characters! 5y
Jess7 @Amiable great point about Backman‘s commitment to delivering realistic (if not always ideal) endings. I appreciate that too. 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 For real!?!?! 🤯👊🏼😁 5y
Jess7 I really want to know more about the little girl‘s future too. I thought this book would of focused more on that but it wasn‘t far enough in the future I guess. Do you remember the quote in Beartown about in ten years one of them would be dead? Or something like that? I took that and the grave scene to mean Benji would be dead but now I‘m confused @Jennifer3 @Amiable @ReaderthenBlogger @mcctrish @JacqMac 5y
Amiable @Jess7 Yes, I remember that about how in 10 years one would be dead. I thought it would be either Benji or Bobo. But in this one it says Bobo will be a father 5y
Jennifer3 I do remember that quote! @Jess7 5y
ReaderthenBlogger @Jess7 I don‘t want Benji to die! Vidar dying nearly crushed me and he wasn‘t even in the story that long. At least with the ending of this book, Backman didn‘t do the whole “flash forward” thing so I can see a third book being a possibility and of course I‘ll read it, lol. 5y
Amiable @ReaderthenBlogger Yes, when I'm reading Backman I get so nervous because my heart is saying "of course THIS character is going to be ok at the end" but then my brain is saying "well, it's a Backman book, so nobody is guaranteed a happy ending--not even the main characters!" 5y
mcctrish Dear god @Jess7 a third book where I have to wonder if Benji dies ? I‘m not sure my heart can take it 😬but I‘d love to read more about that scrappy little girl and Elizabeth 5y
sweetpealsd I felt for Vidar‘s family but it really didn‘t bother me that he died. I didn‘t really care for the character and him being attached to Ana made me really not care. 5y
Andrew65 You‘re finishing your buddy read just as I finally get to the top of the reservation list 😱😔😳🙈 5y
Jennifer3 @mcctrish Yes more Elizabeth and that hockey loving little girl! 5y
Andrew65 @Jennifer3 Will have to look at your discussions as I read through the sections. 😂 5y
Jennifer3 @Andrew65 Not a bad idea! It was a good read, love these characters! 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 I can‘t remember where I saw that about a third book, but it wouldn‘t surprise me. But, I‘m beyond ready for something new/different from Backman. I‘m just tired of this story. 5y
Jennifer3 @britt_brooke Why do you feel that way? Just asking as I have really enjoyed these characters but I appreciate others‘ perspectives. (edited) 5y
britt_brooke @Jennifer3 I just really liked Beartown as a stand alone. I‘m bored with this story and characters now. I‘m also not one for series, so that‘s a big part of it. 😉 5y
Jennifer3 @britt_brooke I do appreciate a stand alone more often than not because some of the popular series everyone else likes seem to have lost steam in my opinion. 5y
britt_brooke @Jennifer3 Agree. Sometimes they just go on and on. That‘s what makes me crazy. 😩 5y
Jennifer3 @britt_brooke Yeah like the Red Queen! I started the third book months ago and then found out there was a forth book! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 5y
Currey I generally do not live serials either and like others have mentioned, the first part was very repetitive to get people who had not read or read and did not remember Beartown up to speed. I also felt that Bachman‘s trick of foreshadowing a dramatic moment was not as effective in this book as it was in Beartown. He used it too often at the head of chapters instead of allowing the whole book to unfold. Still, I loved the characters. 5y
AmyG I loved Beartown. I liked this book because of the characters more than the actual book. I found the first half a bit draggy and almost put it down. I flew through the second half. I felt there were alot of stories going on and that some of the new characters weren‘t develped as much since the characters are the strongest part of this book. There‘s a third book? If so, I‘m done. I‘d like to read something different. 5y
Fan_of_70 @Currey I definitely agree that the foreshadowing wasn‘t as strong in this book as it was in Beartown. It was one of the things I loved about Beartown, and was kind of disappointed with how it played out in this. 5y
Fan_of_70 @sweetpealsd I‘m glad I‘m not the only one who didn‘t get much from Vidar‘s character. He seemed to spring up pretty late in the story, not develop much/develop too much to quickly, and then he was gone. Hard for me to get attached. 5y
GatheringBooks i am soooo late to this party - and really enjoyed reading everyone‘s inputs from @britt_brooke ‘s boredom to @Amiable ‘s nerves as she was reading the book. I have to admit that like @Jess7 , I simply loved this sequel, and don‘t mind reading on. i felt the suspense in my gut, like i was watching a game. and boy was i scared that benji will die, and was about ready to throw the book too several times if that happened. 5y
GatheringBooks i especially liked how real maya and anna‘s story felt to me - resonated deeply with its truth and post-rape trauma that was just so sensitively depicted. and yes, vidar. so tortured. 5y
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Us Against You | Fredrik Backman
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Hey Litsy Buddy Readers! The FINAL discussion of #usagainstyou begins at 1 pm EST today (Sunday 9/30)! Be sure to check back on this page in about 25 minutes! I‘ve loved seeing all of your posts about this book. There is a lot to discuss!

You will need to click the spoiler post that follows this one to begin commenting. This is the FINAL discussion so if you haven‘t finished the book feel free to join whenever you finish. #LitsyBuddyRead

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Us Against You | Fredrik Backman
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DISCUSS CHAPTERS 1-24 (pages 1-214) HERE 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

#UsAgainstYou #Beartown (sequel) #LitsyBuddyRead

LitsyBuddyRead How is everyone liking this book so far? What was your favorite and least part at this point (half way). Feel free to talk about anything that stood out to you or ask questions of your own. Let‘s get this discussion started. If you‘re responding to anyone be sure to tag them so they see the comment. 5y
Jess7 Once I got past the beginning parts where much of the first book #beartown was summarized, I really got into it. I‘m enjoying the story. I feel like the suspense is building. I was holding my breath when I read about Benji‘s sister looking for him in the woods. I loved the part where the pack stood up for the little girl and told her parents that if they ever hit her again they would have them to answer to (paraphrasing) 5y
Jess7 What does everyone think of the new coach? I can‘t decide yet what I think of her. She‘s tough as nails and as a woman in a male dominated profession, I understand feeling a need to be emotionless at work, but I also can‘t decide if her approach is what‘s best for these kids. I like that her approach lead to Benji taking pride in the team and naturally becoming the captain, but worried about her insistence that winning is all that matters 5y
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AceOnRoam I'll be honest, at first I was thinking that this is way way darker than I have come to expect from Backman. But once those first few chapters were out of the way, I could see that there wasn't any other way to tell this story. 5y
Jess7 That makes sense! What do you think of the new coach so far? @AceOnRoam 5y
AceOnRoam Well I have read the whole book so I will add a spoiler for the new coach below.. @Jess7 5y
AceOnRoam @Jess7 I absolutely loved the new coach, she had some great lines in the book and she was totally courageous and strong. 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 Benji‘s sister looking for him was so hard to read! He is definitely one of my favorite characters, despite his toughness on the ice, he is so loving and caring. And the pack standing up for the girl is one of my favorite parts. It is such a good story so far and I love how the author builds the suspense. (edited) 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 and @AceOnRoam I had to work hard to stop myself from continuing to read. I do like the new coach in some regards but I agree @Jess7 the winning is everything attitude doesn‘t appeal, but I think so many have that attitude about sports from a young age. 5y
Jess7 Very true. @Jennifer3 what do you think about the coach insisting to add that goalie to the team? Do you think it will cause more trouble? 5y
Jess7 What do you think about Peter‘s decision (at least it seems that way at this point) to take the politician‘s deal about getting rid of the standing area for the pack? Does anyone else feel like maybe Peter has started putting his ambition and the team above his family (specifically Maya) again? I thought he made more realizations in the last book about what really mattered, but maybe not? @AceOnRoam @Jennifer3 5y
Jennifer3 Actually @Jess7 because I work for the public defender and I have seen young kids get in so much trouble, I liked the move. Maybe he just needs a chance and the team can help him. His brother‘s relationship with the bar owner is one I enjoy seeing. What do you think about the goalie addition? 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 What about Maya? Do you think she is being portrayed well after the rape? I also feel bad for Peter and his wife, I don‘t think there relationship is one that could be sustained they both are so driven. But they have had two incredibly difficult tragedies. 5y
Jess7 I think I will have to read more to see how that will play out as far as the goalie. It may be good for him, but Im worried what it will mean for the team. I‘m so invested in these characters and I don‘t want anything bad to happen to them @Jennifer3 5y
Jess7 I‘m not sure about Maya. It feels like like she is being forgotten about in the last several chapters. @Jennifer3 5y
Jess7 @Jennifer3 @AceOnRoam I agree about the relationship between Peter and Kiera (hope I‘m getting that close I‘m writing off of memory). I think she is going to resent Peter even more if they don‘t confront the issue. I think Peter isn‘t considering his family right now. He might think he is with thinking hockey is how he supports them financially, but his wife is successful. I wish they would just talk about it. So much is unsaid between them. 5y
JacqMac You can add me to the list. :) I‘m not sure why, but I‘m finding this a really slow read. I loved Beartown. I‘m really liking it, but I‘m finding I put it down a lot. I really like the new coach so far. I have a soft spot for the socially awkward. Peter is breaking my heart, though. Selling himself out and destroying his family. I think it‘s time to put his wife before hockey for a bit. 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 I am invested in these characters too. Benji and Amat are two of my favorites. I like Maya too and I feel somehow what happened to her is being neglected. I am blanking on her friend‘s name at the moment but what she did to Benji so soon after what happened to her friend getting crucified on social media made me so angry at her. And if Peter and Kiera, don‘t talk soon it is going to drive me crazy! They do love each other! 5y
Currey I found it difficult to get through the early chapters as it was a lot of summary and also a great deal of emotion that the author just told you about instead of making you feel. However, I have enjoyed the introduction of the new coach, the introduction of the new teacher, the relationship between Maya and Ana and getting to interact again with Benji, Ramona, Amat and Bobo. It feels right now as if the Peter and Kira story is going to end badly 5y
Currey Also, Richard Theo seems to be an old fashioned “bad guy” although so far he has mostly caused good things to happen and Teemu is the class “bad guy” with the heart of gold....It will be interesting to see where these two characters go. @Jess7 5y
ReaderthenBlogger I have a feeling that there is more to the new coach and can‘t wait to find out. I‘m so glad to be back in Beartown. The suspense is that is building reminds me of why I enjoy Backman‘s writing style. I am worried about Leo. I need his parents to see what he is going thru ASAP before he gets seriously hurt or he seriously hurts someone else. I like how Amat‘s friend stopped him from going down a path of self destruction. 5y
Jennifer3 @Currey Good point it will be interesting to see the evolution of the story with Teemu and Richard Theo. 5y
Fan_of_70 I‘m really liking the portrayal of Teemu and Richard Theo. It makes them more real. Also, my heart breaks for Benji. Also, is anyone else missing the foreshadowing that was present in Beartown? 5y
AmyG Richard Theo. I wonder if Peter sold his soul to the devil. There are so many characters and relationships that I‘d love to see succeed. There are so many people in pain. I thought it was good to get Teemu back, but this will be his last chance. @Jennifer3 I, too, love Benji. It‘s been so hard on him. I hope he finds peace. 5y
Jennifer3 @ReaderthenBlogger Thanks for reminding us about Leo! I had to start up another book before I went too far past what we were reading for discussion one. @AmyG I want peace for Benji too. 5y
kspenmoll @Jess7 Understand I have not read Beartown- want to now so I may miss some things,but so far to me the book is standing on its due to characters flashbacks. It does seem as if Peter is putting his love of hockey & ambitions first by agreeing to get rid of standing area. Maya seems to not be getting what she needs; its like she is taking care of her parents response to her rape? 5y
kspenmoll @AmyG Any I agree; love this eclectic group@of characters. Richard Theo is a character that will be fascinating I think to watch... @Fan_of_70 5y
kspenmoll @Jennifer3 I agree- hard not to read on! 5y
kspenmoll @ReaderthenBlogger I really like the new coach- but not sure why Richard T‘s promoting this.but like the idea 5y
Jennifer3 @kspenmoll You‘re spot on about Maya. I need to write down some of my thoughts as I read. I definitely felt like they wanted her to be okay so much that she began to pretend she was. 5y
kspenmoll @Currey I know what you mean about a lot of summary because I had not read Beartown so it helped me, but I can see it might be redundant if you read Beartown. I did love the portrayal of Ana & Maya & the new coach is intriguing. 5y
kspenmoll @JacqMac I too have a soft spot for the socially awkward❤️ I am reading this backwards ( never read Beartown) so the flashbacks are helpful for me but I can see where they make it slow for you. Wonder if Peter & Kira will survive as a couple- 5y
mcctrish @Jess7 @Currey the thought niggling in my brain has been that Peter is considered the good guy but is he? selfish choices, oblivious to career sacrifices his wife is making, can‘t remember names of people he went to school with, Richard Theo painted to be the bad guy but bringing jobs back to Beartown, hockey back to Beartown, listening to the people ( playing them off each other and making deals with who? Machiavellian 🤷🏻‍♀️ 5y
kspenmoll @Jennifer3 They have had such tragedy with the Maya‘s rape by the hockey team‘s Star, the disintegration of the team & losing it to Hed. Hard to find balance with all that & with their ambitions. 5y
mcctrish I love Benin and Amat. I feel bad for Bobo, he‘s just so awkward. The new coach is great, I love her lines and her self awareness but lack of ability to change. I am not worried about Maya, the flash forwards show she survives but Leo is a growing concern. I love the other side of Teemu and I do hope the brother works out. It won‘t be good with him and peter 5y
mcctrish Benji 5y
kspenmoll @mcctrish Benji & Amat are great. So many diverse characters - I am afraid for Leo. Seems like he is hurting so - too young to deal with all the after effects of his sister‘s rape 5y
GatheringBooks @AceOnRoam i have finished the entire thing as well - i couldn‘t stop reading! backman does that to me. and i share your sentiments about the new coach! 🧚🏼‍♀️ 5y
GatheringBooks @Jess7 @Jennifer3 i actually didn‘t mind so much that maya is not so much forgotten, as much as not being too central or portrayed as a victim here. there is only much that can be written about being a survivor without it sounding pedantic or romanticizing it - i like how forward-looking and action-oriented it is - and so credible in its portrayal of each and every character - even those i absolutely loathe. 5y
GatheringBooks @AmyG @jennifer3 can we have a support group just rooting for Benji. My heart beats so fast each time there is something written in connection to him that remotely puts him in probable danger. 5y
mcctrish @kspenmoll yes Leo is scaring me with his choices. I‘m afraid he‘s about to get a pounding because some of those older hockey played ( forget names and I‘m at work) are seriously psycho 5y
AceOnRoam @GatheringBooks Benji ❤❤❤ 5y
Jennifer3 @GatheringBooks Yes to the Benji support group! 5y
Mowen036 I loved the summary at the beginning of the book. I didn‘t have time to reread beartown to refresh my memory so it was appreciated. I Worry for Leo and the path he‘s put himself down. I agree there needs to be a support group for loving Benji. 5y
ReaderthenBlogger I definitely agree with the Benji support group. Looks like we may have to form an intervention for Leo while we‘re at it. @Mowen036 I highly recommend reading Beartown when you get a chance. The summary at the beginning of this book was good but it doesn‘t do the actual book justice. 5y
LitsyBuddyRead The final discussion begins at 1 pm today! 🤗🤗 5y
LitsyBuddyRead @AceOnRoam @Jennifer3 @JacqMac @Currey @ReaderthenBlogger @Fan_of_70 @AmyG @kspenmoll @mcctrish @GatheringBooks @Mowen036 the final discussion of #usagainstyou for #LitsyBuddyRead has been posted. I hope you will join in! Head on over to the most recent post (marked spoiler) to start the discussion! 5y
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Us Against You | Fredrik Backman
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Litsy Buddy Readers: Scroll the next post and click the post to remove the “spoiler” so you can begin discussing the first half of this book: chapters 1-24 (pages 1-214) and remember no spoilers beyond chapter 24. I‘m looking forward to discussing #usgainstyou with all of you! #LITSYBUDDYREAD

** If you‘re not tagged and you want to be for the final discussion let your host know!**

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Us Against You | Fredrik Backman
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Hey Litsy Buddy Readers, here is the schedule for our September #LitsyBuddyRead of #UsAgainstYou by #FredrikBackman!

Who is joining? Please comment below so I can add you to the list of people to tag for our first discussion in two weeks. #LITSYBUDDYREAD

Please LIKE and SHARE to spread the word! Thanks 🤗

LitsyBuddyRead @Khuggins if you want to participate, just comment here letting me know to add you to the list. Then read according to this schedule. On the day mentioned in the schedule make sure to be caught up and I‘ll tag you when the discussion begins and you can comment to discuss! :-) 5y
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AmyG I‘m in. ✋🏻 5y
ReaderthenBlogger So glad this was first. I started it last week, lol. I‘ll be ready for discussion this time. 😊😊 5y
TracyReadsBooks I‘m in. 5y
Laughterhp I‘m out. I haven‘t read the first book. 5y
Mowen036 I‘m in. 5y
Currey I am in. 5y
cajunsyd I am in! 5y
Jennifer3 I am in!!!! 5y
Jess7 @Fan_of_70 - adding you to this comment so I remember to add you to the list! Glad you‘re joining! 5y
kspenmoll Getting the book then joining in! 5y
JennyM I‘m in thanks ladies xxx 5y
RebelReader I have the book so I‘m in! 5y
Dempsey Me! 5y
Valeka I don‘t have this book so I‘m going to sit this one out. Enjoy guys!! 💚 5y
GatheringBooks definitely joining! :) 5y
Pamwurtzler Keep me in!! 5y
mcctrish Pretty sure I‘m in, I have to go get the book first 🤞🏻I make it to the book store tomorrow ( I got a gift card today as a belated birthday gift 🎉) 5y
swatreads I'm in! 😍 5y
BookNerd9906 🙋‍♀️ 5y
Jaayimee I doubt I get beartown then this in time from my library but they‘re both on hold so I‘m going to tryt 5y
Jaayimee Happy belated birthday @mcctrish 5y
Lisas.Library I have to skip. I didn‘t read Beartown yet 5y
mcctrish Thank you @Jaayimee 5y
ReaderthenBlogger I had to stop myself from reading ahead. Ready to discuss the first part with y‘all! 5y
kspenmoll Is there a specific time? 5y
LitsyBuddyRead Sorry! Just seeing this! I usually post around 1 pm EST - I‘m a little behind today but it‘s up! :-) @kspenmoll @ReaderthenBlogger 5y
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Buddy Reading: Cross-age Tutoring in a Multicultural School | Katharine Davies Samway, Gail Whang, Mary Pippitt, Mary Pippitt Eriksen
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Here is the tentative reading list for the next five months of #LitsyBuddyRead! The shortest books were deliberately assigned to November and December because of the holidays. If several of you would prefer to switch the books assigned to September and October so that you have time to read Beartown before Us Against You, please let me know ASAP. A September reading schedule will be posted this week. Thanks! #litsybuddyread


SoniaC Nice choices! 5y
julesG I might join you in November. 5y
Q84 I've been meaning to read November 5y
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Coleen_Nieto Great list and I already have a couple of those on my tbr stack! 5y
PurpleyPumpkin Fantastic! Really looking forward to this. 👍🏽 5y
LitsyBuddyRead @Pamwurtzler it‘s not too late, just let me know today if switching would be better for you! 5y
Pamwurtzler @jess7 - no, it‘s fine! The hold length was the same on both books. All good! 5y
kspenmoll Great list; A couple I have.😘 5y
Khuggins Hi! I‘m new here. Are there instructions for how this buddy read works that I find and read or could someone give me the low down? Thanks! 5y
theokiereader Can I get in on the October read? I need to get back on the Litsy bandwagon! 5y
Jess7 Yes, you can! Our first discussion is Sunday 10/14 parts 1 and 2. Just comment on the latest schedule post so I remember to tag you @marywag08 5y
Jess7 @Khuggins if you want to participate just go to the @LitsyBuddyRead page comment that you want to join on the latest schedule post for A Place for Us - that‘s the book we‘re reading this month. Then read parts 1 and 2 before Sunday 10/14 at 1 pm EST. Then I‘ll tag you that day and you just discuss with others - open discussion style. If you want to see how I‘ve done t in the past scroll the @LitsyBuddyRead page. 5y
Jess7 @Avanders can you post this to @LitsyHappenings please? #litsyhappenings Thanks! 5y
BookishMe Just catching up on what I have been missing... Omg - I LOVE LOVE Fikry. Makes awesome reread ;D 5y
erzascarletbookgasm 👍 thanks 5y
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Buddy Reading: Cross-age Tutoring in a Multicultural School | Katharine Davies Samway, Gail Whang, Mary Pippitt, Mary Pippitt Eriksen
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Thank you everyone for voting. I have tallied the votes (assigning 3 points for first choice, 2 points for second choice, and 1 point for third choice). The top four were very close in points and the fifth wasn‘t far behind. So the top five will be our next #LitsyBuddyRead books — see the bottom right square. The shortest books were deliberately chosen for November and December due to the holidays.

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LitsyBuddyRead Great, thank you! The results are up @akckitty @TracyReadsBooks @Laughterhp @AmyG @Suelizbeth @mrp27 @BookNerd9906 @sweetpealsd @shendrix413 @Pamwurtzler @JamieArc @RebelReader @Currey @GatheringBooks @PurpleyPumpkin @swatreads @Valeka @Jennifer3 @kspenmoll - if anyone would prefer to switch Us Against You to October and A Place for Us to September so you can read Beartown first let me know ASAP. I‘m going to make a schedule for sept tomorrow. 5y
AmyG Awesome. Thank you so much! 5y
LitsyBuddyRead You‘re welcome @AmyG 5y
JennyM Thanks guys x 5y
mrp27 Awesome! 5y
GatheringBooks thank youuuu 5y
Pamwurtzler Hey @jess7, I wouldn‘t mind switching A Place for Us and Us Against You if it‘s not too late - it would give my library hold a better chance. Thanks! 5y
Pamwurtzler Or not - the hold times are about the same. 😂 5y
swatreads Awesome😍 5y
Jaayimee Looks good. They all sounded like good books and it was a hard choice for me to rank them lol 5y
Jaayimee Except for the bear town one. I skipped that one because a book about hockey just doesn‘t sound good to me. Someone please tell me it doesn‘t center around hockey like the excerpt makes it sound. 5y
Jennifer3 Yay! Very excited! 5y
mcctrish Looks great, I‘m going to try and get my act together for September 5y
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Buddy Reading: Cross-age Tutoring in a Multicultural School | Katharine Davies Samway, Gail Whang, Mary Pippitt, Mary Pippitt Eriksen
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Litsy Buddy Readers: I am planning to announce the books for September, October, November, and December soon. These are the books I am choosing from and I would like input from those who want to participate. I made my first ever attempt at creating a google survey and I would really appreciate it if you would take a minute to vote. Thank you! #litsybuddyread

Visit: https://goo.gl/forms/kurX4lNRxiwjRqJz1

LitsyBuddyRead Has anyone voted yet? Is the link working? - thanks! 5y
akckitty @LitsyBuddyRead it lets me get to the “second choice” but as soon as I try to submit it, it just reloads the screen. This could definitely just be on my end though! I‘ve tried refreshing/starting new etc, but it keeps happening. I‘m ensuring I‘m clicking on a different book and have tried selecting other books too. Will try again later! 😊 5y
Jess7 I think I fixed it! Try again! @akckitty :-) sorry about that! 5y
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Jess7 I had the navigation wrong, so it wasn‘t you! It was the form. It should be fixed now. @akckitty 5y
akckitty @Jess7 awesome!! Thank you! I‘ll vote again :D 5y
Jess7 Great, it should let me know when you do, but feel free to tag me and let me know so I can make sure it worked. Thanks. @akckitty 5y
akckitty @Jess7 I have submitted it! Worked perfectly :) 5y
Jess7 Received it! Thank you! Just need more people to see the survey and respond now that it‘s working . :-) 5y
Jess7 @KathyWheeler @AimeeReads @AmyG and anyone else who participates or wants to participate in Litsy Buddy Read 5y
TracyReadsBooks Voted! 5y
Laughterhp Voted! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 5y
AmyG Done! 5y
Suelizbeth Voted! 5y
mrp27 Voted! 5y
sweetpealsd Done 5y
shendrix413 Done! ❤️ 5y
JamieArc Thanks for the tag! Done! 5y
RebelReader Thanks for the tag! Voted 🗳 5y
Currey Voted. Thx. 📚 5y
GatheringBooks voted! 😍🧚🏼‍♀️📚 5y
PurpleyPumpkin Voted! 😉👍🏽 5y
swatreads Voted❤ 5y
Valeka Voted! 👍🏼 5y
Jennifer3 That you @Jess7! I voted! 5y
kspenmoll Thanks for tag; voted 5y
cajunsyd I never got this notification, sorry I didn‘t vote! 5y
LitsyBuddyRead That‘s ok! It was short notice - but I hope you will join us. We‘re reading Us Against You for September @cajunsyd - the schedule is posted please let me know if you‘re joining on that post and share to spread the word! Thanks!! 5y
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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Final discussion of #TheMarsRoom — Comment below and let‘s discuss! #LITSYBUDDYREAD

jhod I loved the ending! I thought that Romy was making one last decision for herself - she hadn't been able to make any in incarceration and I thought it was quite beautiful. I think others found it unfulfilling though? 5y
Schlinkles @jhod I can see your point, but it also seemed like there was just no redemption in the end. 5y
Jason7 I don‘t think there was supposed to be redemption. I think it was an appropriate ending for a book about lifelong incarceration and the hopelessness that is undoubtedly a result of it. 5y
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KristinaRay @Schlinkles I agree with @jason7, a successful escape, or a reconnection to her son would have made this a miracle story. Redemption would have undermined the theme of the book. 5y
KristinaRay @jhod I liked the ending as well. She was in a dehumanizing situation and I saw this choice as an exertion of her free will, her humanity. 5y
LauraJ @jhod Agree as well. Good ending. This story is the opposite of “everything happens for a reason”. 5y
AmyG I liked this book but the ending made me love it. It‘s the story of a woman‘s life. Her horrid circumstances, sad childhood, bad choices and just plain bad luck. I don‘t blame her for trying to escape. She had already lost everything. What‘s one more thing, her “not” life. 5y
bookandcat This book was so full of heartache. I agree that redemption or any magical curealls at the end would have defeated the purpose of the book. I like how the book really makes you think about the macro and micro of the issue of incarceration but walkals the reader into it through a lens of empathy. 5y
jhod Agree @AmyG , in fact with all of the above! Heart breaking indeed @bookandcat 5y
OriginalCyn620 When Romy escaped, a small part of me thought she wouldn‘t get caught, but I agree with everyone else. I think the ending was appropriate and any other ending would‘ve been far-fetched. I did enjoy the book but it was pretty tragic! 5y
GatheringBooks i debated with myself whether i would give this a 3 or a 4 on Goodreads. 3 mainly because the darkness was relentless, some of the characters just fade off into the night (hello there hauser), there are snippets that are unaccounted for (apparently the journal of a unabomber according to the botm GR review), and a looseness to the narrative that i am not sure how i feel about. Yet it remains a 4 because while I couldn‘t connect to the characters⬇️ 5y
GatheringBooks (cont) it was masterfully written, was gripping, and unadorned in all its ugly truth. 5y
GatheringBooks @bookandcat very true re the macro/micro issue of incarceration. i felt that the snippets abt each of the ladies made them come alive and real - never mind how the reader feels about them - this remains their story and who they are. i felt it was plucky for kushner to remain faithful to the voice in her head, notwithstanding its being potentially unpopular or unlikeable. 5y
GatheringBooks @OriginalCyn620 i hear you about its being tragic. i think i need a lighthearted and uplifting read after this one. 5y
JamieArc While I didn‘t find the ending satisfying, it was one of those situations where there was no satisfying ending. So I see why it had to be that way. The main reason I was disappointed was that it I wasn‘t sure why there were perspectives of other people that didn‘t wrap up or tie in in a significant way. They just dropped off. 5y
JamieArc And I don‘t get the full significance of including the writings of Ted Kaszinski. Anyone have any ideas? 5y
Jess7 Ok, I finally finished this one! This was a slow one for me. I felt the same way @JamieArc - I don‘t know why the ted journal entries were included but a book club discussion at the end of the ebook of this one mentioned it related to connecting with nature and being alone or something. I wanted to like this book, but I ultimately really didn‘t. 5y
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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The final discussion post for #TheMarsRoom will be live in just a few minutes. It will be marked spoiler so you will need to click it to join the discussion. #LitsyBuddyRead

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Jennifer3 I have gotten so far behind because of Work 5y
Jess7 That‘s ok. Join when you‘re caught up. Just tag people when you comment. @Jennifer3 5y
kspenmoll Sorry to miss this read; started it but have not kept up. What is the next book? @Jess7 (edited) 5y
Valeka I‘m so ridiculously far behind in my reading ☹️ I need a week off from life so I can get caught up!! 5y
GatheringBooks just finished reading the book! will check and catch up with the comments/posts now. 5y
GatheringBooks thank you for the tag @Jess7 - really appreciate it! 😍🧚🏼‍♀️📚 5y
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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Week 2 Open Discussion: Discuss chapters 10-19 here! 👇🏼

#TheMarsRoom #LitsyBuddyRead

Jess7 I am enjoying the writing in this book, but it is very depressing. Some of the time I have been listening to it on audio and other times I have switched to print. I am having a little trouble keeping track of who is talking with the audio so I have had to re read parts in the print. 5y
Jess7 I‘m ready to find out what happened with the stalker. We‘re so close to finding out! 5y
AmyG I am almost done with this section...1 more chapter. I will say...I love reading about Romy, but not so much the other people in the prison. I look forward to finding out how she actually came to be in prison...and what happens with her son. 5y
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JamieArc This section got interesting! Do you think the short, italicized chapters are the stalker? Really curious who it is! And this section left with a cliffhanger and now I‘m really curious about what happened to Jackson! (edited) 5y
Jess7 Ooohhh I was wondering who it was? It might be the stalker! Now I want to go back re-read those pages with that in mind! @JamieArc 5y
Jess7 I‘m excited to hear your thoughts @AmyG ! I agree that Romy‘s is the most interesting. Gordon (or whatever his name is) is interesting to me when it relates to Romy too. The others are ok, but it‘s somewhat hard to keep track of who a section is about when I listen to it on audio. 5y
JamieArc Yeah, I‘m curious as to how the other characters fit in, like Doc. I‘m hoping it‘s not there just for a different voice but that somehow it all wraps up together. 5y
AmyG @JamieArc Agreed. I am hoping these other characters, Like Doc, tie together, too. @Jess7 As for Gordon. I thought he was so creepy but after this section, I‘m not so sure. 5y
OriginalCyn620 @JamieArc I was wondering the same thing, but you might be right. It might be the stalker! Interesting... 5y
OriginalCyn620 I‘m still liking the book, but I‘m wondering why some of the other characters have been introduced, especially Doc. He has nothing to do with Romy (at least as far as we know). He has a connection to Betty, a death row inmate, and I‘m wondering why these two are in the book. I‘m hoping they somehow tie into Romy, either in the present or her past. 5y
JamieArc @AmyG Yeah Gordon creeped me out in the beginning but he seems to have learned his lesson and seems genuinely empathetic now. We‘ll see if that holds... 5y
Currey I care about Romy but her life is so depressing. The other characters are also just in the process of becoming interesting. Gordon is creepy but seems to be trying hard to be less so. I am also becoming fascinated by Conan for example. The chapters that are in a totally separate voice and font. Who is this? He is totally odd. Sometimes I want to like a character and then am reminded that they are murderers. @Jess7 @AmyG 5y
LauraJ I like that the L.A. parts occur in my neighborhood and are spot-on. I‘m beginning to suspect that a lot of women writers live here, because I see it mentioned so much. 5y
AceOnRoam @JamieArc I believe these italicized sections are notes from the Unabomber (check Wikipedia as I didn't know anything about him) prior to reading this book. 5y
AceOnRoam The spoiler above is about the italicized sections that @JamieArc was wondering about. 5y
JamieArc @AceOnRoam Hmmm. Now I‘m really curious! 5y
jhod @AceOnRoam I would never have got that! Going onto wiki now...! 5y
jhod I am really enjoying this and i do feel a lot of sympathy for Romy. I know we don't know the details of her crime yet but her moving to LA and trying to start again with Jackson and Jimmy - it feels like she was trying to make go of it. Stupid stalker. And can't help thinking if she'd been able to pay for a lawyer things might have been different. I'm enjoying the Doc and Gordon interludes 5y
LitsyBuddyRead The final discussion post is live and ready for everyone to join in the discussion. @AmyG @JamieArc @OriginalCyn620 @Currey @LauraJ @AceOnRoam @jhod 5y
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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Hey everyone! Be sure to scroll the the next post marked “spoiler” and click it to join the open discussion of chapters 10-19 of #TheMarsRoom and begin commenting! Remember to tag people in your comments!


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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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Discuss chapters 1-9 here!

#TheMarsRoom #MarsRooms #TMR #LitsyBuddyRead

LitsyBuddyRead What are everyone‘s thoughts so far? Are you liking it or not liking it? I‘m still trying to catch up, so if you‘re caught up this week, feel free to get the discussion going! 5y
Schlinkles I‘m a little further along than ch. 9, but I‘m enjoying the writing, but not sure about the subject matter. 5y
AmyG I like the book and the writing style. But wow, what a sad topic. Romy‘s life...her Mother, her choices, friends, lovers...jail. It‘s all just quite depressing. 5y
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JamieArc I‘m really curious to find out what/if anything is going to happen between Romy and Gordon. I‘m also finding the writing style interesting. 5y
Currey I am also enjoying the writing but not the topic. Romy‘s life is completely depressing to me. I am exactly at the end of chapter 9 and hope that jail life can‘t get worse 5y
OriginalCyn620 Sorry I‘m so late but I was out all afternoon running errands. I agree with everyone that Romy‘s childhood is completely depressing and heartbreaking, and therefore, so has her adulthood thus far. I am really liking how the chapters are broken into smaller vignettes that alternate between the past and present. It really keeps my attention! 5y
akckitty Ok, so I‘m caught up now. The writing is superb. I have to ask - who else dislikes Gordon? I get a bad vibe from him. He clearly ignored the fact that the girl at the last prison (before he transferred) had no interest in him and yet he CONTINUED to show up every week for a hair cut. I know it foreshadowed that there might of been a bigger reason for her filing against him and “tricking” him but I can clearly tell he‘s a creep who doesn‘t get it 5y
akckitty My heart goes out to Romy. The subject matter is depressing, sure. She‘s still clearly living in a world that was unfair to her. But the subject matter of her life and how she ended up in prison is what‘s keeping me reading :) that along with the writing has me excited. The only thing I can tell so far is that I‘m probably going to have issues with Gordon in this book. 5y
akckitty @OriginalCyn620 I agree with you. How the author has separated certain timeline and segments of the MCs thoughts is intriguing and keeps me interested! 5y
akckitty @JamieArc I do wonder how Gordon is going to be involved in the novel for the long run. But I just don‘t get a good feeling from him. I hope he doesn‘t turn out to be a bad guy for Romy 5y
akckitty @Schlinkles I‘m curious! What about the subject matter has you uncertain? 5y
Schlinkles @akckitty This is just one book in a long line of books I‘ve read recently that‘s just a lot of really bad life choices. I do feel more for Romy as I learn more about her. Sometimes books just aren‘t for everyone and that‘s how I feel about this one. I appreciate the writing, I‘m just not connecting with it. (edited) 5y
OriginalCyn620 @akckitty I‘m with you about Gordon. Is he one of those people who‘s totally book smart but has no clue when it comes to other people? Or is he just creepy? Something isn‘t quite right with him! 5y
akckitty @Schlinkles yeah, a lot is going on with her. But I completely understand!! I was definitely just curious on your take of it :) thanks for responding back! 5y
akckitty @OriginalCyn620 that‘s what I‘m trying to figure out!! But your example is definitely what I was trying to portray. He just comes off with poor social skills maybe? I suppose we‘ll find out in future chapters :) :) 5y
Chelsea.Poole @akckitty I agree that Gordon is probably going to turn out to be no good. But, I think the author did such a good job at making him sympathetic (in his own eyes, as it‘s written from his point of view) that I was almost sympathetic for him too! I think it‘s wonderful when an author can get so far into characters‘ minds that even when they are “the bad guy” the reader can see their point of view. 5y
JamieArc I kind of see Gordon as operating out of privilege and being blind of that fact. 5y
JamieArc But he‘s the character that is making the story for me. Romy is in prison for a long time. We know that. But Gordon - what is his role? I can see it playing out in so many different ways so I‘m really curious as to where this story is going. 5y
LauraJ @akckitty So we have one character who has been the stalkee and one who has the stalker... 5y
Jess7 I‘m caught up!! 5y
Jess7 @JamieArc - I agree, given the focus of Gordon‘s perspective and Romy‘s makes me interested to know how they will encounter each other and whether it will be positive or negative. 5y
Jess7 Im caught up! I‘m interested to know more info about Romy‘s background too. What specifically happened when she killed her stalker... etc. @JamieArc @LauraJ @akckitty @Chelsea.Poole @OriginalCyn620 @Schlinkles @Currey @AmyG @ReaderthenBlogger 5y
Jess7 I think by chapter 5 or so, I became more interested. I‘m going to try to get caught up for this week‘s reading soon too, but I wanted to check-in since I was late getting caught up last week 5y
Jess7 It is definitely depressing and sad, but I think the writer is doing a good job with the writing and slowly revealing details about Romy‘s life. 5y
Currey @jess7 I am now further than chapter 9 and now find the character studies a joy even if their lives are ones of desperation 5y
Jess7 @Currey Great! Hopefully the tagging issue will be fixed this week and there will be more people later this week to discuss the next set of chapters. I‘ll plan to post that one on Wednesday or Thursday this week . 5y
AmyG @akckitty Oh, something is very off with Gordon. Creepy doesn‘t begin to describe him. 5y
akckitty @AmyG I‘m with you on that one ☝️ I can‘t wait to find out how he plays a role in this book! 5y
akckitty @Jess7 oh I bet the details on how / when she killed her stalker will be gruesome! It‘s like what finally pushed Romys last button to commit murder 5y
akckitty @LauraJ exactly!! Maybe he‘ll turn to stalking Romy? 😔 5y
akckitty @Chelsea.Poole DEFINITELY! When put into his perspective, you can have those situations when he‘s doing something that‘s off putting but also feel bad for him. It‘s exactly like Romy. She‘s telling her story and you see the injustice she‘s experienced and we as the reader seemingly have no problem that she killed her stalker. But it‘s all her POV so does it justify her killing? The author is doing a good job 😃 5y
jhod I'm joining in now! Just finished section 1 and hope to get to end of section 2 by tomorrow. Am really enjoying it - the description of the bus, the other inmates Romy is with, the San Fran episodes growing up. I hope there is some hope for Jackson - poor child... 5y
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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If you‘re caught up on week 1‘s suggested reading (chapters 1-9) please scroll to the post marked “spoiler” and click it to join the discussion! Be sure to tag people so they know to respond to your comments! #TheMarsRoom #TMR #MarsRoom #LITSYBUDDYREAD

(The tagging function is currently not working! Hopefully you all will see this post)

LitsyBuddyRead It‘s not letting me tag everyone, but I‘ll try again later! 5y
See All 12 Comments
kspenmoll Way behind. Will get more reading done then join in. 5y
Valeka I‘m so sorry I missed it! Work got a little crazier than expected. How is everyone coming along with their reading? I‘m a little behind. 5y
Lisas.Library I‘ve only read half of the recommended reading. I‘m working on ladies 👍🏻😊 5y
Jess7 I‘m caught up. I‘ve just added my thoughts to the discussion, if any of you are caught up for last week‘s chapters (1-9). Tag me and if me be happy to discuss on that post! @kspenmoll @Valeka @Lisas.Library @Mitch @Dempsey @Reviewsbylola @Mowen036 @mrp27 @TracyReadsBooks @shendrix413 @AceOnRoam @Jennifer3 @sweetpealsd 5y
Jess7 Tagging everyone else - please check back on the discussion bc of the tagging issue people may add to the discussion. Thanks! @ReaderthenBlogger @aimreads 5y
KathyWheeler Oh no! I forgot I said I was going to do this! 5y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Final Discussion NOW!!! Comment below 💙
@MinDea @Jess7 #LitsyBuddyRead

Jess7 I really enjoyed this book (so much more than I expected to). What surprised you most about this book? 5y
Redwritinghood I‘m not sure surprised is right, but I felt that Circe didn‘t stand up for herself at all until the end. 5y
Jess7 What was your overall opinion of the book? @Redwritinghood I thought it was nice that she finally stood up to her father and realized what it seems her brother may have known from the beginning 5y
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julesG @Redwritinghood Agree. I struggled with the book and didn't really like Circe. 5y
Jess7 What part did you struggle with? What did you not like about Circe? I‘m sure there are others that felt the same. @julesG 5y
Redwritinghood @Jess7 Overall, I liked the book, but I felt there were a lot of flaws. To me, the writing is a little contrived and she seemed to throw in any character she could think of to make the story more interesting instead of just focusing on Circe. (edited) 5y
julesG @Jess7 I got the ebook and audiobook, but listened to it only. I liked the narration and the book until the middle of chapter 9,then it started to drag. It seemed to be repetitive. Circe felt very naive for very long - to me it felt like she really grew only grew up when Odysseus left. 5y
Redwritinghood @julesG She was not a strong person and I would rather have seen her as a strong, unapologetic woman than the doormat she was for a lot of the book. 5y
Jess7 I thought some sections were kind of rushed through, but I wondered if she wanted to give readers a bit of background and scope to show that many years had gone by. That was probably the case bc she is such a fan of greek mythology and tried to stay true to the original myths. some of that was hard to get through though, I agree 5y
Jess7 @Redwritinghood - As far as the contrived language, based on what I learned from her at her book signing that part was intentional. Apparently she spent seven years writing it and went through 50 drafts of the first chapter to try to get Circe‘s character right. She said she wanted it to seem like Circe was old, isolated (language changed, but she wasn‘t around people to pick it up), but also naive in some ways 5y
BookwormAHN I really enjoyed. I was really proud of Circe for finally standing up to her father. But I was also disappointed to find out Odysseus was such a jerk. And I didn't buy that he was too much of a warrior excuse. 5y
Jess7 I think part of what the author had to struggle with was staying true to the myths (which didn‘t portray women as strong, reasoned women), while trying to expand upon how she imagined Circe, as strong and having reason for turning men into pigs.. I‘m not very familiar with all the myths but I she touched on this at the signing. @Redwritinghood @julesG - are either of you more familiar with the myths than me? Does this seem right? 5y
Jess7 Yeah, It‘s hard to accept that about Odysseus given our understanding today. @BookwormAHN . I loved that she finally stood up her father though. I kept waiting for that to happen. I just wanted to shake her so many times! 5y
Jess7 Yeah, I think you might be right about that. She did seem to grow a lot after that. @julesG 5y
LauraJ Long ago, I minored in Classical Culture because of my love of mythology. By the way people rave about this book, I was expecting a more complex story. Had I known I would be reading “fan fiction”, I may not have been disappointed in the book. 5y
julesG I read mist of the Greek mythology stories an eon ago, @Jess7. So I wouldn't call it intimate knowledge but I remember a lot. 5y
CoffeeAndABook Hi 👋🏻I had my difficulties getting through this book & was in the process of bailing but kept getting drawn to it & then read the final chapters with intense interest. Needless to say, the writing is atmospheric & intense, I liked how she went back & forth between detailed descriptions & then skipping over centuries. I really loved the ending. I actually teared up a bit, felt like it was an ode to humanity & mortality, which really touched me. 5y
julesG @LauraJ Exactly. I thought people rave about this it must be superb. 5y
Ash.on.the.line I think Miller did a good job of balancing the actual myth and her own version of the story. I liked Circe and how she was portrayed. She wasn‘t perfect and sometimes unlikable but that felt right. Of course the ending was great. I enjoy mythology and loved this take on it. The best I‘ve ever read so far. 😊 5y
TheRomantiCate I really liked this one. I‘m not the biggest fan of ancient history but love mythology so that drove me through this one. I was drawn to Circe from the beginning and continued to root for her throughout. Towards the end it got a bit slow, but the ending made it all worth it. It was a beautiful picture of the strange beauty of mortality and it‘s a beautiful thought that Circe finally finds someone that can love and understand her. 5y
tpixie @Jess7 that information about the language and writing process is very intriguing!! 5y
tpixie @BookwormAHN I heard the author mention he may have has PTSD. How when he came back home, he killed everyone until Athena told him to stop. And how he couldn‘t adjust to Home Life when he returned ( even in Homer‘s version). I thought that was interesting. 5y
tpixie @Jess7 re: Circe strength- yes and she was only a nymph which is the weakest of gods. She was never accepted by her family and so it took years on the island by herself to regain her strength or even I guess get her strength. 5y
tpixie @CoffeeAndABook I loved the ending also. Mortality vs Immortality 5y
tpixie I also loved the relationship between Circe and Penelope. It wasn‘t the contrived ‘ I hate you because you cheated with my husband‘. They were both strong wise women who grew to learn and appreciate each other and have a good female relationship. 5y
tpixie @julesG et al, maybe check out https://youtu.be/RAhXdh-IfSw 5y
JennyM @tpixie @jess7 agreed. When Jess mentioned in a post about Miller‘s deliberate use of language, it all made more sense to me and I became much more invested in the story. Not at all my usual genre, but I thought it was an excellent and beautifully written book. Thanks #litsybuddyread for getting me to read it! Xx 5y
CarolynM I second that @JennyM I don't think I would have read it without #litsybuddyread and I'm very glad I did. I've read Greek myths in the past but I've never been able to remember very much about them, I think I will remember many of the stories from this version and I think it's probably because the characters seemed much more real to me here than they have before. 5y
CarolynM @tpixie @BookwormAHN That is an excellent point about PTSD. There must have been a lot of it about with all the wars that went on. Another phenomenon for the myth makers to attempt to explore and explain. 5y
Jennifer3 I am not sure I would have branched our to read this if not for it being our July #LitsyBuddyRead! Circe was so fascinating for me as she became strong and learned more about her abilities. The use of language here the story telling was phenomenal and I know @Jess7 said it was deliberate. Thanks again for introducing me to a great book! 5y
Laughterhp I really liked this book. I had picked it up through BOTM, but only did because of Litsy. This isn‘t my typical genre and I struggled a little through the middle. But I‘m glad I was able to pick it back up and finish and definitely enjoyed it. I may read her other book, the Song of Achilles, but we‘ll see. 😊 5y
tpixie @Laughterhp I loved Song of Achilles also. I did the audio. @Jess7 & @MinDea thanks for getting us all to read this book! 5y
CoffeeAndABook I‘d also like to thank @Jess7 & @MinDea for hosting this buddy read & prompting me to read this fascinating book that will certainly stay with me for a long time!!! 😌 5y
KathyWheeler @MinDea and @Jess7 Thanks for hosting this. I‘d bought this book but may have put off reading it if it hadn‘t been for this buddy read. I really enjoyed the book. 5y
SoniaC I really was surprised how much I enjoyed the book. I didn‘t expect to like it as much as I did. I loved seeing Circe finally stand up for herself and just wish it had happened sooner. As @tpixie said I also like how the relationship between her and Penelope was handled. I found it interesting that Circe really seemed to come into her strength after motherhood. 5y
GatheringBooks @julesG @LauraJ - I enjoyed reading your thoughts here about Circe, mainly because it somewhat differed from mine. I felt that Circe‘s disingenuousness was deliberate, making her rare moments of power & ruthlessness even more stark and moving. I was also struck by your mention of fanfiction, as I now wonder about the blurring lines between retellings, postmodern versions of classics and myths, and how those differ really from fanfiction. 5y
GatheringBooks @tpixie I was also struck by the Womanity of the novel, which had a measure of subtlety even while being at the forefront of everything. I like how Circe & Penelope‘s simmering resentment existed, yet their mutual respect for each other while unacknowledged, emerged as more powerful. There was a bond forged out of a shared experience of being ignored, marginalized, & under-appreciated as females in a male-dominated world, mortal or otherwise. 5y
GatheringBooks @Jess7 Thanks for sharing the background of how the book was written by Miller and for being such fab hosts again along with @MinDea. I did feel that Circe‘s character was alive: flawed as it may be. It was real, poignant, vindictive, petty, resolute yet oh so vulnerable. Her sense of isolation and loneliness shone through even while she entertained herself in various ways, as she worked too on perfecting her craft. Her self knowledge was what⬇️ 5y
GatheringBooks drew me to her character; her self-awareness and willingness to do what she felt like doing, regardless of the consequences- yet never foolhardy too. I like how a woman will be able to see her vulnerability reflected in Circe, despite her being a god - the fact that her power can easily be stripped due to physical weakness and a male‘s capacity to overpower women due to brute strength was told unflinchingly and unapologetically. 5y
GatheringBooks @CarolynM i agree how other myths came more alive for me as perceived through circe‘s eyes: daedalus & icarus, odysseus & his sons telegonus and telemachus, medea & jason - while “minor” characters, i remember them with greater clarity and multi-coloured vividness now as their lives get entangled briefly with hers. I was also fascinated with her love-hate reln with her sister, Pasiphae, and her adamant refusal to be seen as essentially the same. 5y
swatreads I really liked this book. The characters were interesting. I liked the island where she was isolated. It felt magical reading those parts. I like how the a author maintained the originality of the Greek mythology. Circe standing up for her father was good. She herself was more vulnerable than strong but I liked the fact that even Gods aren't mighty and strong always. They too have their vulnerability. Parts of it was slow but liked how it ended. 5y
tpixie @swatreads I agree! 5y
Jess7 We will post the @LitsyBuddyRead discussion for this week (chapters 1-9) of #TheMarsRoom tomorrow around 1 pm EST. 5y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Final discussion for #Circe is about to start! Can't wait to hear everyone's final thoughts! Hope you all enjoyed #LitsyBuddyRead this month and hope to see you all for next month's pick #TheMarsRoom.

Please look for the post marked spoiler to join the discussion!
@Jess7 @MinDea

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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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Hey #LitsyBuddyRead-ers! Here is the suggested schedule for our next book! It starts Aug 5th! Comment below if you'd like to join and we'll add you to he list to tag in future posts and discussions!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
@Jess7 @MinDea #TheMarsRoom

Jennifer3 Add me please! 5y
AceOnRoam Me too please! 5y
akckitty Count me in!! ❤️😊 5y
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Valeka Super duper!! I‘ll be here! 5y
Jennifer3 Yes please! 5y
sweetpealsd Yes! 5y
Cinfhen No thanks! But appreciate being tagged😘 5y
ReaderthenBlogger Can‘t wait! 5y
Pamwurtzler Keep me in! Hopefully my library hold comes in. Thanks! 5y
AmyG I just started. Look forward to his read! Thanks for tagging me. 5y
Laughterhp I‘m out for this book! 5y
TracyReadsBooks Definitely in! 5y
shendrix413 I'm in! ❤️ 5y
LauraJ Good to go! (edited) 5y
Schlinkles Me please! 5y
Lisas.Library I would like to join. 5y
Avanders Yes will do!! 👌🏽👌🏽 5y
Dulcinella Yes please 5y
bookandcat Joining in for this - just finished it! 5y
Mowen036 Me! 5y
ReaderthenBlogger Will be starting this tonight! Can‘t wait 5y
Lisas.Library 🎉 My book came today!! Staring it tonight 👍🏻 5y
Jess7 @Jennifer3 @AceOnRoam @akckitty @Valeka @sweetpealsd @ReaderthenBlogger @Pamwurtzler @AmyG @TracyReadsBooks @shendrix413 @LauraJ @Schlinkles @Lisas.Library - we will post the first discussion (chapters 1-9) tomorrow afternoon around 1 pm EST ish - check back around then if you can and join in whenever you‘re caught up. I‘m a little behind this week, but I‘ll join in when I‘m caught up! 🤗📚 5y
Schlinkles 👍🏻👍🏻 5y
Jennifer3 Yay glad I am not the only one behind! Will get caught up by Saturday night. 5y
LauraJ Football 🏈 has made me lose reading time!!! 5y
Valeka I‘m a little behind but I‘ll be here! 5y
akckitty Seriously I‘m so happy I‘m not the only one behind EITHER. Starting tonight and should be ready by either tomorrow night or by Sunday. Can‘t wait to discuss!! 😃 5y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Open Discussion starts now! Comment below to join the discussion!
#LitsyBuddyRead @Jess7 @MinDea

LitsyBuddyRead How is everyone liking the book? We are almost done with it (I know some have already finished it!). Who are your favorite characters? What is your opinion of Circe? Do you have a favorite scene or aspect of Circe? 5y
julesG It eventually picked up for me in Chapter 15. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to stick with it. As I might have mentioned before, Circe is one of the reasons I got a weaving loom. 😉 5y
MinDea I am loving this retelling of Circe. It is so good and such a unique take on her backstory. I am tainted by my love of a greek Mythology for a favorite character, but I do love Odysseus. I love seeing all the different mythos showing up in this book. I loved her getting the fin. 5y
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MinDea @julesG I am so glad to hear that!!! 5y
Jess7 I am really enjoying it so far. I read a bit ahead and can‘t remember what the last thing is that happened in this section. I wish I had my Book to check. @MinDea @julesG 5y
julesG I finished it as audiobook while weaving, so I'm not sure how chapter 20 finished either. 5y
erank58 LOVED THIS. I took Greek mythology as a college elective and literally learned more from the book than the class, even though there's a lot of "fiction" as far as the retelling goes! Can't wait to gets my hands on Song of Achilles ? 5y
MinDea @erank58 I took a couple mythology classes as electives too! I enjoyed those classes so much! I love the retelling in Circe. It's so fun. I also am looking forward to reading A Song of Achilles! 5y
UrsulaMonarch @julesG that is so cool!! I think my favorite part of Circe the character is her growth and evolution, in spite of her immortality. The gods seem so petty & stagnant! 5y
UrsulaMonarch @erank58 @MinDea I feel the same way about ! 5y
MinDea @Jess7 @julesG chapter 20 ends with Telegonus sailing to see his father. 5y
MinDea @UrsulaMonarch Yes! I love that about how Circe is growing & changing. It is such a cool way to tell her story. 5y
Jess7 Gotcha! I like she let him go and didn‘t make him stay secluded on the island. @MinDea 5y
julesG Same here, @Jess7. I liked that she let him go. It's hard to let your kids go. 5y
MinDea @julesG @Jess7 I liked that too. I think if she hadn't he would have gone anyways. So for her, better to arm him and protect his ship to do what she could to keep him safe. 5y
BookwormAHN I was quite proud of her for letting Telegonus go @MinDea @julesG @Jess7 I'm also looking forward to reading Song of Achilles 5y
Redwritinghood @julesG I‘ve been watching your weaving. It seems like a very relaxing activity. 5y
CarolynM I think the most interesting aspect about Circe is her status as an outcast. Not just since her exile on Aiaia but all her life. Although she starts off seeing the best in everyone, they soon show her their faults and failings. Odysseus is interesting. I can see why Circe is drawn to him, but her final assessment of his character seems the most compelling. I liked the relationship that developed between Circe and Penelope. 5y
BookishMe I couldn't help noticing that even as non-mortal, Circe is not immune from the heartache of parenting 5y
BookishMe @UrsulaMonarch @erank58 @MinDea Daughter started Song of Achilles immediately after Circe. She didn't want the story to end 5y
erank58 @MinDea @UrsulaMonarch @BookishMe just put it on hold at the library!! Hope I get to it this month! 5y
KathyWheeler @CarolynM Circe was such an outcast among her family that she might as well have been exiled at birth. I think her attraction to mortals is interesting. 5y
julesG @Redwritinghood Thank you. It is relaxing. Very. But I've still got to learn. My edges look wonky. 😉 5y
MinDea @BookishMe I wonder if she had that heartache of parenting because her son was mortal. If he had not been would she have worried so much for him? 5y
Currey @BookishMe @MinDea I think as an immortal Circe was overly sensitive about her son. She could not, as any mortal parent would do, attempt to build up his ability and self-confidence to take on the world himself rather than feel it was all on her to protect him. Also, the simple time difference of the gods versus mortals caused them to be out of sync in a way. A normal mother‘s long view was Circe‘s blink of an eye. 5y
GatheringBooks @CarolynM It is precisely her being in the fringes, being an outcast, that made me sit up and take notice of this book that clearly has multiple layers. i like how each of the myths seem to come together through her eyes, all from her perspective. I also found Odysseus to be compelling, with a certain charm of his own, that is powerful, altho not entirely likable. But he is a force of his own, that much is clear. 5y
GatheringBooks @BookishMe i am glad your daughter found Circe fascinating. I will have to find Song of Achilles, myself. These are definitely books to own, not just borrow, I feel. 5y
BookishMe @GatheringBooks I can't agree more. I was thinking the same, of owning the books ;D 5y
BookishMe @Currey I find her sensitivity has always set her apart from the other Gods @MinDea 5y
BookishMe @MinDea that's an interesting point to ponder - would Circe be less fretful if Telegonus was not a mortal 5y
MinDea @BookishMe I totally agree. I thought her love, sympathy and empathy for the mortals is what made her unique. @GatheringBooks so well said! I agree, these are great addition to your shelf! 5y
MoniqueReads305 @GatheringBooks I'm enjoying seeing the myths through Circe's eyes also. Even though I only know the bare basics of Greek mythology, I'm never lost. 5y
MoniqueReads305 Even though they are only a small part of the story I like Circe's nymphs. Especially, how they help her handle the sailors. It's almost a push back against their exile and their fathers control. While they can't control there loved at home, at least they/Circe are in charge on island. 5y
GatheringBooks @MoniqueReads305 i especially love circe‘s relationship with daedalus - which, i felt, seemed purer than the transitory and volatile one she shared with odysseus. 😍 5y
LauraJ This section was a slog for me to get through. Huge fan of mythology and am wishing there was more depth to Circe‘s stories. 5y
TheRomantiCate @LauraJ I agree... this was the first time when I felt just a bit bored... I was frustrated by her relationship with Odysseus but I‘m glad she was given her son... but the fact he‘s mortal drives a lot of her anxiety of this section. It does make me intrigued to find out what Athena was talking about... 5y
DivineDiana It only makes sense that as Circe‘s son grows that he will want to have interactions with someone other than his mother. That sneaky Hermès! What are his motives! And I definitely don‘t think Athena just forgot her anger! 5y
tpixie @julesG ooo I love that you have a loom! I‘m glad it picked up for you! 5y
tpixie @Currey interesting- you‘re right, there‘s a big difference between mortal and immortal time! 5y
tpixie @GatheringBooks yes her relationship with Daedalus was a better relationship. 5y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Open discussion for #Circe will be starting soon!
Please look for the post marked spoiler to join the discussion.
#LitsyBuddyRead @Jess7 @MinDea

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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Discuss Chapters 8-14 here!!!
#LitsyBuddyRead @MinDea @Jess7

Laughterhp I “accidentally” read ahead, so I‘m nervous to say anything so I don‘t spoil! But I am loving this book and enjoying it thoroughly! 5y
Ash.on.the.line I‘m enjoying the growth of Circe‘s character so far. 5y
MinDea How is everyone liking this book so far? I loved it! I devoured it in just a couple sittings. What do you think of Circe so far? Her punishment? 5y
See All 55 Comments
MinDea @Laughterhp it's ok. I already finished the book! It's so good! 5y
MinDea @Ash.on.the.line I agree. I love how her character is growing into the character we know in Greek Mythology and the Odyssey! I love how she has created this backstory on maybe why she is who she is. So good! 5y
GlassAsDiamonds @Laughterhp me too! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ @MinDea I‘m enjoying it but I do find the voice seems oddly distant. I don‘t know if it‘s a device the author is using to convey time or just her writing? Still, the imagery is extraordinarily well done and I‘m liking the character set up of Circe. 😊😊😊 (edited) 5y
BarbaraBB I finished it, and loved it. She is such a strong character. 5y
MinDea @GlassAsDiamonds I totally know what you are referring to. My thought is that it was done on purpose. It was to convey how Circe views things. She has all the time for whatever so she is never really in any hurry and I think she made it flow slowly. At times I found it to be too slow. 5y
MinDea How did everyone feel about what she did to those men? Do you think they deserved it? What do you think that means for Circe? 5y
julesG I continue to struggle. It's me, not the book. It's like those fairy tale retellings (Bear and Nightingale, To Kill a Kingdom, Hunted,...) which I struggle(d) with. Don't ask me what exactly is wrong with me about this genre. I will keep going, but it's tough. 5y
BookishMe @MinDea Her revenge, justified, is another turning point. It hardens her attitude towards mortals or specifically men. She is now wary and has come to expect the worst instead of the previous optimistic eagerness 5y
MinDea @julesG is it the writing or this genre that you struggle with? I had a hard time getting into this book until about chapter 10 I think. 5y
MinDea @BookishMe yes! It is a turning point for her. She has definitely seen the ugly side of Gods and now mortal men! 5y
BookishMe @MinDea your comment makes me wonder if there's anything positive about Gods outside their powers. I can't recall Circe praising her divine family/ relatives 5y
julesG @MinDea I've been trying to figure out what irks me about it. At first I thought it's the first person POV but I don't think that's it. It might be the fairytale/myth retelling, but there are retellings that I quite enjoyed. No clue. *shrug* 5y
MinDea @BookishMe That is a interesting question. I think because of their power and abilities they have a different view of how things should be and what is important. I think their best traits (in some cases) are probably their worst. Re: if a God is a fertility God they can help make things fertile (land, people, etc) but then they are probably callous towards things that do not bring life. 5y
MinDea But overall I think they are selfish, petty beings because of their powers. They do great but also terrible things. Cause they can. 5y
MinDea @julesG I hope this one picks up for you. Are you caught up? Did you finish Chapter 14? I feel like it starts to pick up a little... 5y
alisiakae @MinDea I also sped through this book! I felt Circe‘s distance and aloofness was just a part of who she was. In regard to the men being turned into pigs: Circe‘s malice is born out of her need for self-defense, after her mistreatment by sexual predators. I may not agree with it, but I can certainly understand how she felt, and why she did it. 5y
julesG @MinDea Chapter 12,so not exactly caught up but working on it. 5y
GatheringBooks @julesG I do feel that there are books that just resonate with us, depending on where we are at in our lives. While I loved this book, I am currently reading three other books that I just can‘t get into, but which other trusted book people in Litsy absolutely adore. I am also beginning to think It Is Me, Not the Books. But I am hoping that my reading slump after so many 5star reads will be over soon. And that Circe picks up for you, too. 5y
GatheringBooks @4thhouseontheleft @MinDea I agree with both of you that the aloofness is deliberate. I like how matter-of-fact and understated everything is, in fact I find the restraint and the control masterful, hiding all that rage, which only comes out when absolutely necessary, making me feel immensely gratified in the end. 5y
GatheringBooks @BookishMe i like the phrase “optimistic eagerness” - I enjoyed reading through her naivete, and how she embraces her vulnerability, yet at the same time, wielding her power fearlessly and unapologetically- because she also can, as @MinDea pointed out. Like it or not, she is still divinity and she exercises it when the need arises with zero compunction as well, as it should be, and especially when it is deserved. 5y
LauraJ I‘m enjoying this, but it‘s much lighter than I expected. 5y
julesG @GatheringBooks Thanks! I know exactly what you mean. I always feel bad when I can't resonate with a book a lot of trusted Littens loved. 5y
Lidia I am loving this book! I've always been a fan of Greek mythology and have read many of these classic myths. I think this is a feminist retelling of this story that appears in the Oddisey. I remember reading about it many years ago and thinking Circe was just one of the villains keeping poor Odysseus from returning home. But this is from her POV giving us her backstory. Even though she is a goddess she must obey her father and.... (edited) 5y
Lidia ... accept such a severe punishment for her actions. But I agree that it is this banishment that sets her free and makes her flourish in this island on her own I completely understand why she did that to those men. She is just defending herself, they deserved it! 5y
JennyM Circe is treated badly by nearly everyone, and repeatedly so. I think she remains remarkably calm during most of her treatment, and only acts on her powers when really pushed. I can‘t say I feel sorry for the men she turned into pigs and killed. 5y
JennyM Oh, and I‘m enjoying this, but feel things have slowed up a little compared to the first quarter. 5y
Lillysbookworld @JennyM I agree, I also think that things are moving slower, but she evolves quite a lot, she is stronger and has more confidence in her powers. I am still at chapter 9 and I want her to find someone she can trust. 5y
Lillysbookworld I like how the story goes so far, but the writing is a little difficult to me. Not sure if it's just me being tired or if it's the book. How are you enjoying the writing? 5y
Lillysbookworld @Lidia yes, she is free, she creates her own world on the island. What makes me sad is how she cannot find love. She has always been lonely. (I'm still at chapter 14) 5y
ReaderthenBlogger I have FINALLY caught up on my reading and I am LOVING this book. I didn‘t know how I would feel about it being based off Greek mythology but as soon as I started reading it, I remembered that I do enjoy some mythology. The background story that the author has provided makes Circe very complex. I did wonder how long it would take her to become a scorned woman. (Cont) 5y
ReaderthenBlogger (Cont) I do wonder if the men had whispered about the sheep if she would have turned them into sheep instead, lol. I can‘t wait to read more. 5y
TheRomantiCate I continue to love this book, I continue to oddly identify with Circe. However, my girl cannot seem to catch a break... I mean she‘s happy enough on her island in exile and in a FWB thing with Hermes but then her sister summons her and she just runs to her.. I mean it just bums me out all the crap that Circe takes from everyone... and then anyone that showed her any kindness, it seems, dies, including her 🦁! The end of Ch. 14 gave me chills... 5y
Currey I am still enjoying this retelling from Circe‘s POV and even appreciate her wrestling with issues around humans. She clearly likes mortals more than most gods but she is still an immortal and to her there may not be much difference between piggish men and actual swine. 5y
Lillysbookworld Yesterday I kept reading about some men that got hurt and now I see what you guys ment!!! She amazes me !!! 5y
BooknerdsLife I started this book only two nights ago but love it so much I've totally caught up in two sittings! Love the way she writes about Circe & mix it with the Greek Mythology! It's so beautifully written. I think I'm the odd one that love this one even more than The Song of Achilles 😁🙈 5y
Jennifer3 I am really enjoying this book and the mythology. I was a couple days behind but am caught up today. Circe is becoming a well developed character and I see many ways the characters could be symbolic of issues in our society today. I tried to read all the comments everyone wrote but it looks like for some reason I can‘t get to the earlier ones. 5y
kspenmoll I too am loving this book. Circe is constantly growing & changing & coming to her own well developed self- experimenting, balancing her powers & growing to believe in them. Her sense of loss, isolation, sorrow, is beautifully rendered. Every year we read The Odyssey with 9th graders- this book is a supplement in that it incorporates so many of the myths, gods/goddesses/monsters we cover. 5y
kspenmoll @Jennifer3 Like your comparison to issues today. 5y
kspenmoll @Lidia This is a wonderful retelling, and Circe emerges as a fully evolved nymph, sorceress, in a positive light. I love her backstory & POV. In The Odyssey she is depicted as a beautiful witch/ sorceress with magical song that lures men to her. Ultimately she entraps them & turns then into animals with her potion.Odysseus can only free his men but even so stays with her a few years. 5y
Jennifer3 @ksenmoll Thanks, I could talk for an hour about how I feel there are lessons in the story with comparisons to the issues of today. 5y
DivineDiana Circe, the goddess who is fascinated with mortals, has captured my heart! I have caught up in my reading. The writing is eloquent, yet straight forward and I am transported to the time and place. So much sadness for Circe! I was actually happy that she was able to take control of the situation with the violent Captain and his men! Hoping she finds happiness. 5y
Jess7 I‘m caught up finally! Same here @TheRomantiCate - The rape scene was awful to listen to and it drives me crazy that it was so unfathomable for a woman to be on her own that even though she had been the one to be hospitable to the men, they only wanted to thank her “husband” or father. I‘m glad the author portrayed Circe strong though so there at least that. @MinDea @GatheringBooks @Lidia @JennyM @Lillysbookworld @ReaderthenBlogger @Currey 5y
Jess7 @Jennifer3 @kspenmoll @BooknerdsLife - couldn‘t tag everyone in my last comment but I‘m caught up with last week‘s chapters (through 14). Im really enjoying it. See my last comment too. 5y
Jess7 @Lillysbookworld - I went to a discussion and signing last week and the author explained her writing process. Her writing style was deliberate and it took her 50 drafts of the first few chapters to get into character and seven years to write Circe. She wanted to make the language sound odd when Circe was speaking like some one who had been around since language was first developed but whom had not picked up all the changes bc of her banishment. 5y
Jess7 It was an interesting discussion and awesome to hear the author‘s reasoning behind her writing style and choices in the book @Lillysbookworld 5y
TheRomantiCate @Jess7 yes, absolutely.. as horribly terrible as that scene was, I want this to be a turning point where she takes the reins of her life and becomes the strong QUEEN that she is.. 5y
Jess7 Yes!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Me too! @TheRomantiCate 5y
Lillysbookworld @Jess7 that's very interesting to know. As the story progresses, I like how Circe's attitude towards the world is changing. I like it so far 😊 5y
Lillysbookworld @TheRomantiCate @Jess7 what made me even more frustrated was that Circe had people who knew where she was, gods were watching... Hermes, with whom she had something (not a relationship, but something)... they did nothing! Her powers, in that moment, were nothing against the psychological trauma. It was indeed a strong scene. I would add this book in school, for a study case. Really! 5y
TheRomantiCate @Lillysbookworld that‘s a really good point and something that I hadn‘t thought of... I mean it‘s clear that there are forces in her life that could intervene and intervene quickly, but it‘s like no one cares... 5y
Jennifer3 Oh you all got me thinking and I can‘t even think about the rape scene, I teared up quickly because I couldn‘t help her and was so angry Hermes didn‘t come to her. (edited) 5y
kspenmoll @Jess7 Thank you for sharing your author discussion. I am in awe at her perseverance & dedication to getting Circe into her character- I had not thought of how her isolation affected her language too! Would love to see her one day. 5y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Discussion for #Circe Week 2 is starting soon! Please look for the post marked spoiler to join the discussion!
#LitsyBuddyRead @MinDea @Jess7

Jess7 I‘m not caught up yet — but I will join in on the discussion later today, tonight, or tomorrow at the latest - when I can finish the last couple chapters of this week‘s schedule. 5y
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ReaderthenBlogger I hope to be jumping into the convo soon! This book is really good. Def not my normal genre. @LitsyBuddyRead 5y
JennyM I‘ll Join in later tonight/tomorrow xxx 5y
CarolynM I haven't got there yet. I'll try to catch you up in the next few days 5y
Sresendez12 I‘m still waiting on my copy 😥 5y
BooknerdsLife I've been away for holiday but finally home so will try to catch up as much as I can. Loving it so far 🤗 5y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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BookishMe Where do I even start?! Lol... I find Circe a witch/ Goddess with a conscience. 5y
BookishMe Oops! Am I allowed to call her witch yet? I have read more than half the story, as it couldn't be renewed earlier. Will quickly revisit these pages to discuss within this section 5y
Jess7 I loved these first few chapters! It was really hard not to want to read more. 5y
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Currey I agree, I wanted to race ahead. I often get bored with one first person narrator but Circe is intriguing and I was loving her voice. I liked the very human characteristics of the Titan gods, Circe‘s father and brother in particular. They are so egotistical and self absorbed and the whole court is consumed with gossip and petty intrigue. 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 I read the first 7 so fast!!! I was holding myself back not to read more! I have always enjoyed mythology and this book has reminded me of that. 5y
Jennifer3 @Currey I love what you said and totally agree. These characters are intriguing and the egotism is appropriate for what we see on some of society now. 5y
GatheringBooks i love how circe‘s voice is so distinct, so apart from everyone else. her being an outsider is clearly established from the first few chapters. there is something true, pure, and vulnerable in her that her siblings seem to see-through and use to their own advantage. i like the womanity of the novel, unapologetically so. while i love mythology, miller seems to take it to a different level entirely. the reinvention is shaping up to be glorious. 5y
GatheringBooks @Jennifer3 i am also halfway through. i totally understand what you are saying about it being a riveting read 5y
JennyM I wouldn‘t normally read mythology, but this is so beautifully written, I can see why there is so much hype over this book. Circe shows such vulnerability, I feel so protective of her and want to shield her from her cruel-tongued family. Only 7 chapters in and I‘m completely invested and eager to read on. 5y
julesG Reading the first 7 chapters was fast and I had to make myself stop there. Still, I find it a difficult read for me. Myth/fairytale retellings are not my cup of tea and I know that I am reading it to challenge myself. Apart from that, I quite like this take on the Circe myth. 5y
swatreads I love how fast paced this book is😍 the characters are so interesting! But the Greek gods are definitely scary( the punishments oh my God!)😁 and some of them so pompous! Very well written though. I can't stop reading! 5y
Jess7 Do you think the punishment Circe received was fair or unjust? @Jennifer3 @GatheringBooks @Currey @JennyM @julesG @swatreads 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 I felt it was unjust because her family already punished her everyday by how they treated her. But I understand this punishment was about keeping peace with the Olympian gods though. Her desire to be loved and accepted was what drew me in to her character and made me angry that she had to be punished. 5y
julesG @Jennifer3 @Jess7 - I think the punishment was fair, especially since it means she'll be alone on her island with no one around to give her a slight bit of attention. It heightens her previous isolation. 5y
Jess7 I‘m torn. I think Helios and Zeus are closed minded, and I like Circe a lot so it‘s hard to see it as fair, but I do think it was realistic for the setting. I‘m excited to see whether she will hone her craft and revolt. I‘m also curious to see whether or not her siblings (especially her brother) will be on her side if and when she does. I‘m also curious to see if anything bad comes of the transformations she made. @Jennifer3 @julesG (edited) 5y
ErinC I‘m loving this. When I first started teaching, I taught The Odyssey and Scylla and Circe are both kind of villains in that story in a way. Interesting to see their back story here and feel some sympathy for them. Miller‘s creation of Circe as a vulnerable, sympathetic character is fantastic, but I can see that changing and I don‘t think she‘ll continue to be vulnerable as she develops her powers. 5y
Myhusbandhatesreading Just finished the first 7 chapters and am loving it so far. I‘m doing the audible version like I did with Song of Achilles. Can‘t wait to see how Circe grows throughout the book. 5y
Laughterhp Just finished reading the first 7 chapters. This book is really good. I don‘t have a lot of knowledge of gods/mythology, so I have no idea what‘s going to happen and makes it very intriguing!! 5y
eri.reads I'm enjoying this. Circe is such a relatable character. She's small, fragile & already an exile while living w/her family. I love that she's beginning to see her worth & experiment w/her newfound power. While I didn't agree w/the punishment, I understood that Helios had to allow Zeus his grievance and agree to it. However, w/out the punishment Circe may not have tried to reach her true potential and may have forever been searching for acceptance. 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 I think that is why I like her so much, I think she will become powerful and being an outcast like she was, made me think how many of us struggle at times or all our lives for a sense of belonging. 5y
Currey @Jess7 @Jennifer3 I would have thought the punishment fair or at least fairer if it was constrained by some factor of time but Circe is immortal and the thought of being isolated FOREVER is overwhelming. 5y
Eki Her exile was intended as a punishment, but it really set her free, so she could be herself and not just hang around, trying to get someone to like her. It gave her the chance to finally grow up an be her own woman. I don‘t know much about mythology, so I am curious what will happen next. 5y
GlassAsDiamonds @GatheringBooks I like “distinct” here. I almost thought the narrative voice a little disinterested but this works 😊😊😊 @Jess7 .... I don‘t think it was a fair punishment but then the Greek gods were exactly know for “fair”! 5y
Jennifer3 @Currey Bringing up her immortality is a good point, it would be overwhelming for it to be forever..... 5y
Jess7 I think you‘re right @Eki -I hope this exile will help her reach her full potential. 5y
Jess7 Right, I think it was too much and personally I kind of hope she she gets a sort of revenge eventually @GlassAsDiamonds 5y
Jess7 @MinDea what are your thoughts? 5y
DivineDiana I have not read The Odyssey, so this is my introduction to Circe. She is very likable, and I am cheering for her to find happiness. I do feel that there should be a “punishment” for what she did to Scylla. Although Circe misses her brother, I feel that living in this beautiful house where everything is provided for her isn‘t too bad, particularly with a lion companion and regular visits from Hermès! (edited) 5y
LauraJ The Circe bit of the Odyssey has always been one of my favorites. Knowing where the story is going takes away none of the enjoyment of reading Miller‘s take on the characters of Greek myth and folklore. 5y
TheRomantiCate I‘m loving this book so far, and I really feel for Circe. I feel like she really gets dumped on by everyone.. I definitely identify with her feeling out of place in her family. My brother and my younger sister are extraordinary and I certainly consider myself to be a black sheep and I was bullied by “popular kids” like Circe... I do think she should‘ve been punished for what happened to Scylla, but maybe not with banishment. 5y
MoniqueReads305 @Eki I agree with you. Her "punishment" set her free and allowed her to escape from the shadows of her family. Which was suffocating her. While, I think banishment for her actions was harsh it ended up working in Circe's favor. 5y
swatreads @Jess7 I though the punishment was unjust she was being treated as an outcast already by her family. But it did end up working in Circe's favour. Curious to see what happens further! 5y
alisiakae I feel that there definitely should be a consequence for what she did to Scylla, but a lifetime banishment seems extreme! It‘s almost silly how immature and arrogant the gods and goddesses can be. 😃 I love that Miller‘s retelling seems to stay true to the feel of Classical Greek mythology. It definitely feels like the same world to me! 5y
swatreads @4thhouseontheleft Totally agree! Her retelling seems so perfect! 5y
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Open discussion for week one of #Circe is starting soon!
#LitsyBuddyRead. Look for the post marked spoiler to join the discussion!
@Jess7 @MinDea

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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Hey guys! Just posting the schedule for our July pick; #Circe. Hopefully everyone can get a copy soon!

Tagging everyone who showed interest earlier when we announced July's pick. Anyone is welcome to join! Comment below and I will add you to the list of people to tag for the weekly open discussions!

#LitsyBuddyRead @MinDea @Jess7

julesG Ebook and Audiobook ready. 5y
See All 50 Comments
Drnkpnkprincess Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! No!!!!! I left my copy in AZ and I‘m in Cali until end of July 😫 5y
JB_Reads Have requested from the library. Fingers crossed it will arrive in time! 5y
JennyM Awesome. Count me in xx 5y
laurieluna Oh I'm hoping to get to this next month. Shall try and join in! 😄 5y
BookwormAHN I'm ready 😺 5y
BookishMe I have paused after chapter 3 to resume with y'all and wait for the library hold to come through ;D 5y
PurpleyPumpkin Looking forward to this!👍🏽 5y
Dulcinella I will order urgentely now! 5y
ReadingsByTheC Can't wait! 5y
Oryx I'd like to try to join in too. 😁 5y
AnneCecilie Count me in. I can't wait to read this one. 5y
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m in! Can‘t wait 😊 5y
Ash.on.the.line I may try and do this! 😁 been awhile since I‘ve done a buddy read! 5y
Pamwurtzler Fingers crossed for the library hold! 5y
swatreads I'm in😍😍 5y
Jennifer3 I‘m in too! Really enjoying all the books we have been reading. 5y
somebooksaround Can‘t wait!! 😃🙌 5y
Sresendez12 I‘m in! 5y
KathyWheeler I‘ll do it, as I haven‘t read it yet. 5y
EsquireGirl Please add me to the list! 5y
Eki My order just arrived yesterday. Since then I‘ve been admiring the cover. 😍 5y
mrp27 Hoping my library hold comes in! 5y
Deblovestoread Count me in please and thank you! 5y
janeycanuck Ooh, I just finished this... Reading Glasses podcast did it as a live book discussion at the beginning of June - there‘s LOTS to chew on. 5y
shutterbug_mama Count me in! 5y
jlondon1963 Count me in 📚 5y
rubyslippersreads Count me in too! 5y
GatheringBooks count me in on this one. reserved a physical copy from our library. 5y
LauraJ Got some bookish sticky tabs in place and we‘re ready for July!!! 5y
Tashreads Yes please! Circe has been sitting on my shelf tempting me for too long. I‘m in :) 5y
Velvetsun I have my copy and I‘m definitely in, please! 5y
bookandbedandtea Yes please! Circe is sitting on my desk but keeps getting bumped due to library books coming in so a buddy read will be perfect. 5y
BooknerdsLife Yes please!!! I‘ve got the book already and just waiting for a buddy read! 🙌🏼💜 5y
Lillysbookworld Hi everyone, can I join in as well? 😊 I am new here (half a day new) but I love this community! It would be my first #buddyread and hopefully not the last :) 5y
Lillysbookworld Oh, I also have the book ☺ 5y
MinDea @Lillysbookworld Yes! We'd love to have you join! We have open discussions every week and a final discussion at the end of the book. Follow along with the schedule or go at your own pace. Whatever works for you! 5y
MinDea @Lillysbookworld Also, Welcome to Litsy!!! 5y
Lillysbookworld @MinDea thank you 🤗 5y
MinDea @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Here is the schedule for Circe. Everything is laid back though so read at your own pace and join in on the discussions when you can! 5y
Sace @MinDea ok! I'm sure I'll get behind because my book hasn't even shipped yet. 5y
MinDea @RestlessFickleBookHoarder no worries at all! I usually don't get my botm box until the 15th of the month so I totally understand if you don't get to it but you can join the discussion whenever you do start it. I am excited to discuss it with you! 5y
swatreads Starting chapter 1. All excited😍 5y
alisiakae Yes please!! Add me in! 5y
DivineDiana Please add me! 5y
GlassAsDiamonds 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️could you add me too please ?! Love it when the buddy reads hit my TBR! 5y
ReaderthenBlogger I almost forgot about this. Going to get started tonight! 5y
phatsallylee I'm a little behind but i just got a copy of circe and would like to participate! 5y
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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
This post contains spoilers
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Discuss #TheAnimators here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #LitsyBuddyRead

LitsyBuddyRead What did everyone think of this book? What did you like or dislike? 5y
Crystallinegirl I definitely wasn't expecting that ending! 5y
Jess7 Yeah, I wasn‘t either @Crystallinegirl . It was sad. Did you like the book? Anything stick out to you? 5y
See All 16 Comments
Crystallinegirl I did like it. More than I thought I would. I think overall the part that stuck out the most was what I talked about last discussion - the visit home and how surreal it felt. Oh, I also really loved that the two guys from Louisville came out to join Sharon. It felt like a passing of the torch. 5y
mrp27 It was not the ending I was expecting or hoping for. I really liked the book despite a couple of eye roll moments like the possibility of Teddy and Sharon being half siblings. Even though a lot happens there were long moments where nothing was happening at all. 5y
Suelizbeth I loved this book, so much. The ending was inevitable. I was a little irked at Sharon‘s obliviousness to Mel‘s feelings for her. Everyone else could see it, but then everyone else didn‘t bother to explain it to Sharon until it was too late, so there‘s that, as well. (edited) 5y
BookishTrish I agree with the eye rolling about the possible incest storyline but LOVED the book so hard otherwise. 5y
britt_brooke I loved this book. The characters felt real and relatable. Sharon or Mel aren‘t particularly likable, but I don‘t think they‘re meant to be. I was impressed that this was a debut and can‘t wait to see more from Whitaker. 5y
Jess7 I agree. Parts of this one were really slow. @mrp27 5y
Jess7 Good points @Suelizbeth 5y
Jess7 I agree about being impressed with this debut author— especially in terms of the level of character development @britt_brooke 5y
Jess7 The mom drove me nuts with the nicest timeline. @BookishTrish 5y
GatheringBooks @Suelizbeth that was the exact right word: oblivious. Clearly Mel loved Sharon, yet Sharon chose to ignore it, for reasons of convenience, maybe? or just plain denial because acknowledging it means things would change irrevocably between the both of them, which will inevitably affect their working relationship - something which clearly both of them did not want to happen. so best ignore the elephant in the room, even if it kills mel. 5y
GatheringBooks this was a solid 5-star for me. i love narratives about high creatives, mainly because this is what i study in my own academic research. I find it endlessly fascinating, such that even the parts which may be perceived as slow going for most is what i found infinitely absorbing: the creative process and how their work consumes both mel and sharon to the exclusion of everything else, even at the expense of their own personal relationships w/ others 5y
GatheringBooks There is an edginess to the narrative that is pointedly grating &may even serve to exclude the reader, w/ a lot of comic and movie references that the author assumes the reader should know about if “cool” enough, a cosmopolitan/indie/angry vibe that is raw, earthy, and pushes boundaries. the fact that whitaker accomplishes all this as a debut novelist is an astounding accomplishment. she is able to ‘read‘ women & all their intricacies &complexity. 5y
Suelizbeth @GatheringBooks Yes! Sharon‘s modus operandi appears to be obliviousness. 5y
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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
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The final discussion of #TheAnimators will be posted in a few minutes. Remember: The post will be marked spoiler and you will need to click on that post to see the discussion and jump in. Looking forward to discussing the book with you! #LitsyBuddyRead

See All 11 Comments
Jennifer3 Finished it just a few minutes ago. The trunk surprised me, as did the stroke, and somehow I knew Mel loved Sharon and that her choices would end up costing her in some way. Glad I read it! @MinDea @Jess7 5y
JennyM @MinDea @Jess7 I enjoyed buddy reading this, and I‘m not sure I‘d have enjoyed it as much if I‘d read on my own. I was surprised to find that Mel loved Sharon, but it makes sense and helps explain some of her behaviour. I did think the possible incest storyline was a bit naff, especially as it just kinda fizzled. However, I thought the book was an astute look on a number of issues - celebrity,ownership, meaning of art, love, friendship & family✨ (edited) 5y
Jennifer3 @JennyM I agree with your comment on the incest storyline! (edited) 5y
mcctrish @Jennifer3 @JennyM I finished last night and I really can‘t believe how much happened in the book. Sometimes it felt like all they did was drink or smoke too much but then it would also feel like there was so much to process ( sort of like life and long days and short years) I‘m so glad I read it 5y
Jennifer3 @mcctrish @JennyM - Seriously @mcctrish I had whiplash from how we went from smoking and drinking to holy hell a lot has happened and I need a breather to process! Your comment was spot on and I really enjoyed the writing here for the most part. 5y
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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
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Open discussion post for week 2 (through page 259) of #TheAnimators. Discuss below. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #LitsyBuddyRead

LitsyBuddyRead For those of you who have read ahead or previously read this book here is a brief recap of where this section ended so you don‘t accidentally give away any spoilers from week 3. This part ends BEFORE the “A Little Strange” chapter. The last thing to really happen is a private screening of their movie in front of Teddy and his friends and Teddy gets very upset. 5y
Jess7 I felt like that was a perfect storm brewing when Sharon didn‘t tell Teddy the specifics about her project and I am not a fan of them together. Do you like them together? Do you think they will be finished after this or get back together? (edited) 5y
Jess7 I was a little surprised when Sharon was talking about moving to Louisville after only a couple months. I feel like she lost herself in Teddy. (edited) 5y
See All 26 Comments
Jess7 What did everyone think of Susan‘s mom and sister? 5y
Crystallinegirl I know a lot happened in this section, but when they're driving through her hometown, and Sharon feels like it's all so surreal and talks about how she never belonged there? I went home last Christmas and felt EXACTLY THAT. My hometown is on the other side of the country and it's so weird. Bizarre to see my exact experience in that chapter! 5y
JennyM @Jess7 the relationship between mel and Sharon is complex - they are 2 damaged individuals who seem to need each other. For me, the story raises lots of interesting questions about ownership of data - be it images, memories, words. What is cathartic for Mel is traumatic for Teddy. Where is consent in a joint narrative? (edited) 5y
JennyM @Jess7 I don‘t think Teddy and Sharon will get back together - it was inevitable and again reinforces Sharon‘s coping style - ignore it, don‘t say anything until it is forced to come out. 5y
JennyM @Jess7 the talked about move back was weird. I also feel that we have gone from Sharon nearly dying to now back to animating again very quickly. (edited) 5y
JennyM @Jess7 I didn‘t feel much of anything for her Mum or sister. 5y
Jess7 I agree. Going back to my home town feels surreal too. It‘s very small and I live in a mid size city now (Cincinnati) and I cant imagine ever living back home again. @Crystallinegirl 5y
Jess7 @JennyM I agree with that assessment - that it‘s really painful for Teddy. I think she should have said something to him about it when she decided to date him. It sort of mixed the boundaries between professional and personal and makes the line fuzzy and the necessity for requesting permission blurry since it‘s technically fiction but also kind of not and it‘s someone you‘re sleeping with 5y
Jess7 I didn‘t like either her Mom or sister @JennyM 5y
Crystallinegirl I agree that she should have told Teddy. Even if she didn't ask if it was okay, the least she should have done was not surprise him with the film. That shit was traumatic for him too, springing it on him like that was cruel. He should have had time to mentally prepare for that. 5y
Crystallinegirl I don't like much of her family either. Her step-dad actually seems like a nice guy. 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 I didn‘t like Sharon and Teddy together at all. I think she allowed herself to get caught up in some sort of weird version of closure due to the earlier traumatic experience. 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 Sharon‘s family is pretty awful. I think Whitaker threw in the likable stepdad to break up the misery. Sharon is no peach either as we‘ve seen, but I can‘t help but like her. I can identify with being the one family member that got the hell out of dodge. I love my hometown, but I don‘t want to live there. 5y
Eki @Crystallinegirl I agree she was cruel by not preparing him. And I was totally with him, when he was angry about that. But then I was annoyed about him saying Sharon has no right at all to show the story. It is part of her story, too. It would be reasonable to say she should anonymize it enough, so he doesn‘t get pestered by the media again… but saying she can‘t tell anything about it at all? 5y
Crystallinegirl @Eki if she'd warned him and given him time to think it through, he might not have reacted like that. But seeing it up on screen with no idea that's what she was doing? I can't really blame him for lashing out. Ultimately, you're right, it's her story too. I think she and Mel both have a history of not thinking about who else might be hurt by the way they tell their stories, though. 5y
GatheringBooks @JennyM @Crystallinegirl @Jess7 i admit this is the part i find most fascinating - the ethics of who tells whose story, when sharon herself admitted that everything is just basically fodder for her writing. i have artist friends who claim that everything they experience is fair game and “material” to them, as they also transform it through their narrative or art or performance. there is a “vulture” like aspect to it but also strangely liberating. 5y
GatheringBooks @Crystallinegirl @Eki i agree Sharon ultimately brought it upon herself by not being transparent abt her intentions at the get-go. i feel that much of mel & sharon‘s seemingly-callous attitude abt how others would feel about their work is rationalized by their certainty that their art is above all these things, that it is its own purpose/justification, & they do have this gleeful (not malicious) intent to share its truth&awful beauty to the world 5y
GatheringBooks @britt_brooke i hear you. i feel the same way about my home country, a feeling of dread each time i go back & visit. i find it surprising that whitaker is a debut novelist as she was able to capture the family dynamics w such grit, raw openness, w all its festering & ugly/beautiful truths.the niece w the fake teeth who wants to join a beauty pageant is hilarious. the way that mel seamlessly fit in w everyone was unexpected but totally in character 5y
britt_brooke @GatheringBooks I read this book back in April and I was mind-blown that it‘s a debut. The writing is so relatable and honest-feeling. I really loved it. One of my top reads this year. 5y
mrp27 Sharon's family was truly unlikeable but her siblings did show concern when they found out about her being in Teddy's house. I also thought Sharon was unfair to Teddy by not being truthful about the project and it raises interesting moral questions about who owns the rights to their experiences. Not sure I liked Teddy and Sharon together and I feel like I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, that there's more to come for Sharon's story. 5y
Suelizbeth Since Sharon‘s stroke and Mel‘s discovery of the journal, their relationship has become the most honest one that they both have, so it‘s the one that survives this Louisville interlude. I didn‘t like that Teddy was starting to try to control Sharon and step between her and Mel. I do think that Sharon should have told Teddy what part he was going to play in the project, but she selfishly wanted to keep their relationship going. 5y
RebelReader I totally missed this discussion, but I‘m loving this book and all the moral issues it‘s bringing up. Teddy and Sharon were doomed from the start. Mel and Teddy hated each other and Sharon was keeping a secret from Teddy. Plus Sharon feels incomplete without Mel. Can‘t wait to read more @Jess7 @Suelizbeth @mrp27 @britt_brooke @GatheringBooks @Crystallinegirl @Eki @JennyM 5y
mrp27 @RebelReader Me too, I think I'm going to end up finishing early cause I need to see how it all ends! (edited) 5y
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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
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The discussion for week 2 is up. Don‘t forget it will appear in the feed with the spoiler tag on it for you to click into and begin commenting. Looking forward to this discussion! #TheAnimators #LitsyBuddyRead

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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Hi Littens! We have picked the next 2 books for #LitsyBuddyRead. We can't wait to read these! Comment below if you‘re joining us, and please share and repost to spread the word. Thanks!

@MinDea @Jess7 @LitsyBuddyRead #Circe #TheMarsRoom

TheRomantiCate I know I can join for July! 5y
See All 67 Comments
AmyG Ha! I saw this and I‘m hoping that in July, when the selling of my house is over and done with...I will have all the time in the world to read! 🤞🏻Both of these are on my TBR. (edited) 5y
swatreads Yes!!!! I'm in❤❤ Both are on my tbr! 5y
Crystallinegirl LOL, Circe was my April Book of the Month. So I've already read it, but I'll certainly participate in the discussions! 5y
mrozzz Possibly for Mars Room! 5y
JennyM @Jess7 would love to. Thanks for the heads up lovely xx 5y
TheFunkyBookworm @Jess7 ohh I‘m down for July! 5y
GypsyKat I don‘t have either of the books, although Circle is on my TBR. But I have way too many books ahead of it so I think it‘s going to be a while. Have fun though! 😊 5y
ReadingsByTheC Great timing! I just picked up Circe with my Audible credit. I'm in for July. 5y
RebelReader Possibly August 5y
sweetpealsd @Jess7 oh yes! I‘m in! 5y
Laughterhp I‘m definitely in for Circe. Not sure about the Mars Room though. I‘ll probably decide in August! 😊 5y
Graciouswarriorprincess We are reading Circe in July for the @litsybookclub as well.👍🏻😀 5y
Carolyn11215 Planning to get Circe from library and join in! 5y
rubyslippersreads @Jess7 I'm definitely interested in Circe. 5y
TracyReadsBooks Love an excuse to read more books! 5y
julesG Thanks for the tag @Jess7. Well, count me in for Circe! Unless I have to read Song of Achilles first, which I might not be able to cram it into my 'non-TBR' right now. 5y
somebooksaround I am for sure interested! I‘d love to do both! I have already read Circe, but I‘d love to follow along and read it again! 5y
Andrew65 @Laughterhp I‘m also definitely in for Circe, need to research the other book as not know a lot about it. 5y
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag @jess7, I will repost it. 5y
Jess7 Thank you! @Andrew65 5y
Jess7 No need to read the other one first. They are related but not a series. I‘m not going to read it first either. Glad you‘re joining @julesG 5y
Eki I‘m definitely joining for Circe. 👍 5y
Pamwurtzler I‘m in - thanks for the tag! 5y
Suelizbeth I‘m in for sure in July. I don‘t know about August. Circe is in my TBR pile. 5y
mrp27 Both books are on my tbr, definitely interested. I just hope I can get them from my library. 5y
Mitch I e already read Circe ..... but I‘m intrigued by The Mars Room - so I‘m in for August 5y
BookishTrish I‘m in for July. I‘ll do August too if I can get a copy of the book in time... 5y
akfreeborn I‘m in for both. Looking forward to it. 5y
Rachbb3 If I can get Circe from my local library then I'm in! 5y
Valeka @Jess7 I am definitely in for the August reading! 5y
Louise I'd like to read Circe. Haven't heard of the other book but will look into it. Thanks for the tag! 5y
cherinium I don't think I will be joining for either of these, but thanks for the tag! 5y
BookishMe My Overdrive hold, for Circe, just came through... Excited! 5y
britt_brooke I‘m going to pass on these, but thanks for tagging me and keeping me in the loop! 5y
elyseh I barely found you!! I'll definitely be joining next month!! 5y
Karkar I am in! 5y
FantasyChick If I can get caught up on my backlog I'm definitely in for July....possibly August too! Haha who am I kidding, I'll never get caught up. Count me in for July at least! 5y
jlondon1963 I am in for July that is in my TBR pile😜👍 5y
Susanbones Ooooooohhh!! I‘m down! (edited) 5y
CoverToCoverGirl 🙋🏼‍♀️ can‘t wait.. loved 5y
KathyWheeler Thanks for tagging me. I‘m definitely interested! 5y
staci.reads @Jess7 I'm definitely in for July! Thanks for tagging me! 5y
Cinfhen Thanks for the tag @Jess7 I‘m in for both !!! 5y
Cinfhen @BookNerd9906 We knew someone would hear our prayers 🙏🏻 sorry @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I was thinking it would have been the #BOTM people😉 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cinfhen we were doing it for November! But it‘s ok! We discussed it on one of our last posts, but didn‘t announce it. (edited) 5y
emilyhaldi I'm in for Mars Room in August!!!👏🏻👏🏻 5y
Jennifer3 I am in for both!! 5y
GatheringBooks thanks so much for the tag. we don‘t have physical copies of circe in our library here in singapore, so i will pass on that one. but joining for mars room in august as we do have that one available in our library. 5y
rjnellie I‘m in for Circe in July. 5y
Dulcinella I‘m in for reading! Just have to know in time to get a copy 😃 (edited) 5y
Jaayimee Yes I‘m in. 5y
cajunsyd Count me in although I may be late to the party as usual! 5y
mcctrish These look great 5y
shendrix413 August for sure! 5y
PurpleyPumpkin I just bought Circe and I‘m looking forward to our July buddy read!😉 5y
PurpleyPumpkin Thanks for tagging me @Jess7 !🙌🏽 5y
Dariachick Count me in thanks for the tag 5y
ReaderthenBlogger I believe that I will hop back in on this buddy read. I have both of these on my bookshelf! 😊 5y
AishReads Im hoping for August! 5y
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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
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Week 1 Discussion Post. Comment below and let‘s get this discussion going!

Please remember this open discussion of #TheAnimators only through page 134 (i.e., the end of the Teddy‘s House chapter). If you read ahead, please do not spoil anything beyond this chapter. Please also remember to tag people in the comments so we can keep the discussion going. Thanks! #LitsyBuddyRead

Jess7 For me this one started off a little slow and it took me awhile in this first week‘s reading to really care about Mel and Sharon. BUT then so much happened toward the end of this week‘s reading and now I am really enjoying it! What does everyone else think so far? 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 I agree, it was slow to start but know I am really enjoying it! Can‘t wait to read more this weekend. 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 I loved this book - one of my favorite reads so far this year! The characters are unique, but relatable, and very well-developed. They felt very real to me. 5y
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Reviewsbylola I felt this way for the first 50 pages but it turned a corner for me and became one of my favorite reads last year. @jess7 @jennifer3 5y
mrp27 This book has hooked me from the start. 5y
Crystallinegirl I'm with @Jess7 - it was a little slow at first, but took off near the radio interview. I didn't like Mel much at the beginning, but she got better, too. 5y
JennyM I knew nothing about the story going in and am blown away by the issues it is already touching on. I am so invested in Mel and Sharon. So cleverly written...I‘m loving it! @jess7 @MinDea (edited) 5y
swatreads Completely agree with @Jess7 Found it to be a slow start and it took a while to care about the characters! Enjoying it now! 5y
RebelReader I thought this was gonna be tough in the beginning, but I agree with @Crystallinegirl I got into it at the interview point. Now it‘s becoming evident how dependent they are on each other and I care about their relationship now. 5y
Jess7 What did everyone think of the stuff that happened at Teddy‘s house? That part surprised me. I didn‘t realize that was coming. @RebelReader @swatreads @JennyM @Crystallinegirl @mrp27 @Reviewsbylola @britt_brooke @Jennifer3 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 I was surprised, but it does unfortunately seem like something that could happen, irl. It‘s necessary for the story to have a reason for the return to Kentucky. 5y
RebelReader @Jess7 @britt_brooke I think what happened at Teddy‘s house could realistically happen, but it seems there‘s more she isn‘t telling us about that time or did I read into it too much? 5y
mrp27 @Jess7 I definitely didn't see it coming but the minute Sharon starts telling Mel about Teddy there was a sense of foreboding. Between her childhood and Mel's it's shaping up to be quite a read. 5y
Jess7 I agree. I‘m interested to learn more. I feel like there was a suggestion or something that perhaps she had been one of the girls in the photographs. I don‘t think we know for sure at this point, but I‘m definitely curious whether that‘s the case. @britt_brooke @RebelReader @mrp27 5y
mrp27 @Jess7 There absolutely was the suggestion that she is one of the victims. We don't know for sure yet but my gut is telling me she was. 5y
JennyM @Jess7 @mrp27 @britt_brooke @RebelReader I agree. Her hostility towards her Mum and her desire to stay away from her home town leads me to think she was a victim. I feel her story is going to get darker as more is revealed. 5y
GatheringBooks @mrp27 hello! i have the same sentiment - it hooked me right from the beginning. and it somehow reminded me just a weensie bit of the tagged book - with the ny connections, coming from small-town homes, and the pursuit of beauty and authenticity in art. i love stories about high creatives! 5y
GatheringBooks @JennyM @Jess7 @RebelReader i definitely think there is more that sharon isn‘t remembering yet - her familiarity with the term “discorporation” or her capacity to dissociate herself from whatever is going on with her body is something brought about by intense trauma - and i dread discovering when i read on, how this could have happened to her - and if it also entailed some sort of betrayal from people she trusts. 5y
GatheringBooks @JennyM i don‘t know if it was just me but i felt that sharon‘s hostility towards her mother, while very sad, may be somewhat justified? the callous and disinterested response to her stroke, was like 😱😳plus, there seems to be a dismissive way about her that suggests a lack of concern although i suspect she IS concerned, she may not just know how to demonstrate or connect in a way that will be meaningful for her daughter whom she finds strange. 5y
GatheringBooks @RebelReader @Jess7 the interview and the panel clearly indicated how mel was a loose cannon that needed to be reined in - i also felt that it should have been apparent how the film: her “life in mono” with her conflicted relationship with her mother whom she calls a crack whore is chipping away at the edges that she has fought so hard to keep in place so that she doesn‘t completely unravel - and it seems that she was at the point of falling apart 5y
JennyM @GatheringBooks completely! Her response was definitely 😳. And I think you are totally spot on about discorporation - I never picked up in the fact that she mentions it multiple times through this first third. 5y
mrp27 @GatheringBooks Little Fires Everywhere was a great read too. I agree too about Sharon's mother. There is more to learn about her family. 5y
Suelizbeth I agree with everyone that thought it was a slow start, but has definitely picked up. My gosh! No wonder Sharon and Mel are so drawn to each other. I think Sharon‘s trauma is going to turn out to be quite horrible. I am reading Little Fires Everywhere, at the same time @GatheringBooks, and am seeing slight similarities. I‘d say The Animators is much, much darker. 5y
GatheringBooks @Suelizbeth very true. this one is way darker and at least in my opinion, way better written. there is grit, raw pain, and acerbic humor here that was not starkly evident in little fires everywhere - that one is a walk in the park definitely in comparison. 5y
Suelizbeth @Jess7 The scene in Teddy‘s house creeped me right out. It hadn‘t occurred to me that Sharon might have been a victim, but I can see the possibility. It didn‘t help that I was watching a particularly creepy X-Files rerun at the same time. 😳 5y
Jennifer3 This book is going places I didn‘t expect, Sharon‘s stroke and the description of it was written so well....I felt helpless reading is like I was in Mel‘s shoes. 5y
BookishTrish Im with most of you. I liked the writing up to the interview scene but hadn‘t yet invested in the characters. I was SHOCKED by Sharon‘s stroke and really got into the MCs and their relationship at that point. 5y
BookishTrish I really liked how caring Mel was at this point and how she intuitively knew not to call Sharon‘s mother. I wonder how Mel suggesting they animate Sharon‘s story mirrors the genesis of their original film. 5y
jdenslow I love a book that makes me say, "I didn't see that coming," and Sharon's stroke was that kind of moment. 5y
jdenslow @Jess7 I didn't see that coming, either. After it became a part of the story, it was kind of easy to look back and see that Teddy's attachment to Sharon might have grown out of the weirdness at home. 5y
mcctrish I haven‘t finished this section yet ( I‘m on page 118) report card writing is killing me but when I first started reading I was like “this is a nice book, I‘d like to learn about the animation process, but I‘m not sure why this is a Litsy read 🤷🏻‍♀️” and then BOOM 💥 @Jess7 nailed with all the things happening 5y
mcctrish @jdenslow I‘m so behind but the stroke was out of no where for me ( but I‘m smarted now cuz I was watching the season finale of Bull, totally behind@there too, and nailed the “he‘s gonna have a heart attack” moment 5y
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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
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Good afternoon Littens! Hope you‘re having an enjoyable Thursday! In a just few minutes the first discussion of #TheAnimators will be posted for you to join in the open discussion.

Remember it will be marked “spoiler” so you will have to click the post in order to read and comment. I feel like so much happened in the Teddy‘s House chapter and I can‘t wait to discuss with you!

If you aren‘t caught up, just join when you are! #LitsyBuddyRead

Susanbones I just started the book!! 😭😭😭 Hopefully I get all caught up in time for the second week!! 5y
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Laughterhp I‘m so behind! I‘m only 60 pages in. 5y
AmyG I‘m sorry. Life got in the way and I am not going to be able to read this. :( 5y
Susanbones I have a favor to ask! @LitsyBuddyRead Would you mind indicating the first few words of the last sentence of the page that marks the end of the section for discussion that week? I‘m reading it through a Kindle and the page numbers don‘t show up the same way it shows up on the physical book! 5y
britt_brooke @Susanbones Is it showing you a percentage currently? Try lightly touching the bottom left corner of your kindle screen. Page numbers should be an option. @LitsyBuddyRead 5y
Jaayimee I need to get on that reading. I‘m not to the first stop yet but will be tomorrow. 5y
kspenmoll Sorry folks, I am way behind ( meaning have not started book yet) but hope to catch up for next week. 5y
BookishMe I am sorry that I will bail on this, for now ;(( 5y
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Other People's Houses | Abbi Waxman
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Final discussion starts now!!!

Don't forget to tag people in your comment so they can discuss with you!!

#OPH #LitsyBuddyRead @Jess7 @MinDea

LitsyBuddyRead How did everyone like this book? Was there a character/situation that you enjoyed most? Did you relate to anyone or any household at all? What about this book did you not enjoy, if anything? 5y
Jennifer3 I loved the story because of the writing and the humor. It made it a fast and fun read for me. Favorite character was Frances because she seems to be the glue that keeps everyone in her family together and she does the same with the carpool. Anne was my least favorite because she was selfish when she had the affair but at the same time she didn‘t seem to recognize that she was unhappy or why: 5y
SandyW I really liked Frances too. She was what kept me going. But I have to say, I wouldn't recommend the book. I didn't care for the ending at all. And I hated the way Waxman trivialized Anne's behavior. She didn't make a mistake. She had an ongoing affair. That involves a conscious decision to engage in (IMO) inexcusable behavior. Behavior that you know will damage your marriage and deeply wound your spouse.p 5y
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Jennifer3 @SandyW I agree she did trivialize the affair and I certainly don‘t think I could forgive my spouse. However, I loved the relationship with Ava and Frances so much that I would recommend the book to others. And Frances and Michael were a good pair. 5y
Cinfhen I thought the writing was fun and I felt like I was getting a taste of Abbi Waxman, the person. I thought the running away story line was really lame and a poor way of wrapping up the story. I was surprised/ sad to discover why Julie was living apart from her family. This isn‘t a literary masterpiece but it was a quick, enjoyable read. I would read this author again when I‘m in the mood for something light! 5y
Cinfhen Thanks @MinDea @jess7 for the buddy read!!! What‘s up for June?? (edited) 5y
MinDea @Cinfhen June's book is The Animators! It actually starts in May. Would you like to join? 5y
SandyW @Jennifer3 (Love your Avatar.) I enjoyed Frances and Ava's relationship too. You can just feel the good parenting. And I thought Frances and Michael were good together. And you do go through periods of time in a marriage where sex isn't a priority. But I don't believe Ann and Charlie have even the remotest possibility of getting back together. & to do it because the kid wants to live with mom? That doesn't serve anyone's interests in the long run 5y
Cinfhen I read it already!! Thanks @MinDea do u have the schedule moving forward?? 5y
SandyW @Cinfhen Agree entirely about the running away. I thought Julie's rationale was interesting. It certainly would preserve her young sons childhood as long as possible. 5y
Jennifer3 @SandyW I agree on Anne and Charlie, his anger seemed so intense and staying together for the kids doesn‘t mean it will be a healthy environment for them oftentimes it makes things worse than a separation would. 5y
mcctrish This book reminded me of Big Little Lies without the murder. It was a light without being complete fluff. I did like Frances the most but I feel she was the character that was most filled out. She was the lynchpin of the novel. I did enjoy it and I have recommended it already. I don‘t think Anne‘s affair was trivialized though @Jennifer3 I think Anne had an affair for the same reason men through the ages have #midlifecrisis 5y
Jennifer3 @Cinfhen I liked that it was an easy quick read. But I agree the running away wrap up was almost too easy and a bit silly. 5y
Jennifer3 @mcctrish That is a good point sometimes there isn‘t a lot of thought behind an affair, I guess myself and @SandyW wanted it to be handled a little more seriously because the book did have some humor. I think Frances was most developed because it is a reflection of Abbi Waxman or someone in her life. 5y
TheRomantiCate Frances ended up being my favorite, as I had predicted... I ended up not liking Charlie OR Anne. Charlie was pretty cruel and just turned into a spurned man caricature and when he got drunk and Bill punched him, I was glad. I thought that the plot line of Julie and Bill‘s relationship hit me harder than expected and was pretty sad but I loved the conversation with Julie and Frances... I also liked Ava and would‘ve liked a bit more development... 5y
janeycanuck I thought this one was light & fun, especially given how heavy some of the topics were that it covered. I had a couple of good laugh-out-loud moments, which is always welcome. I felt like maybe some things maybe were wrapped up too quickly - a little bit too much laying of ground work for too little payoff. But a fun read, I enjoyed it. 5y
Suelizbeth I liked Frances the best. Her relationships are warm and real, and she showed some backbone when she let Anne have it with both barrels when the boys were missing. I loved her relationship with her cousin Iris, and I loved Iris and Sara‘s relationship. I guess the simple moral of the entire book is, however difficult it may be, never stop trying to honestly talk, and talk honestly, to your loved ones. 5y
MinDea @Suelizbeth @janeycanuck @TheRomantiCate @Jennifer3 @mcctrish @SandyW @Cinfhen I agree with a lot of what you all have already said. I enjoyed this book for what it was. A peak into the house and lives of the people you interact with all the time. You never really know what someone is going through or what happens behind closed doors. I think there was a lot that Waxman could have built on like Ava, Sara and Iris, Julie and Bill. 5y
MinDea I felt like she touched on them but really didn't develop their stories which was a little disappointing. I really enjoyed the humor and liked how relatable everything was. I personally didn't feel that the affair Anne had was trivialized. I have known a few friends who have had affairs. I get both sides of the coin. I think it is hard to judge someone's situations or actions when you don't know what they are feeling and going through. 5y
Jennifer3 And if you think about it @MinDea That was how it was advertised on the cover. It was a peek into their lives and I still looked forward to reading it. 5y
MinDea It is definitely a hurtful and damaging act, having an affair, but I also think some people.have one not thinking of the consequences or how anyone else will feel about it. Mainly because they don't think they will get caught or aren't thinking of anyone else but themselves. However when they do realize how hurtful it is they then realize what a mistake it was. How bad their actions were. 5y
TheRomantiCate @MinDea yes definitely!! It‘s a good book for what it is and it does bring up the point about being open and honest with your loved ones like @Suelizbeth says. I also love the irony that Richard is the one that brought the boys back home... 5y
MinDea But I really loved how this ONE action affected all the lives around her because that is so true. You just don't realize how your actions can reverberate and affect other things. I also found the ending very disappointing. I didn't like the kids running away and I didn't like that Anne and Charlie ended back together! But overall I enjoyed this book. Super quick read, had some really funny moments and was relateable. 5y
MinDea @Jennifer3 yes! You are so right. It is advertised that way. I just wanted MORE!! 😀 5y
MinDea @TheRomantiCate ha! Yes. That was interesting. And poor sad pathetic Richard. He really had no idea what he got himself into. Just that he thought he was in love with Anne. How blinded. 5y
Jennifer3 @MinDea I did too because the topics are all so relevant! Marriage - sex, getting older, changing, raising kids together; relating to your kids especially teenagers; friendships; the gossip mill we all live in; health...on and on all things that I would have loved to see developed more. 5y
TheRomantiCate @MinDea I just thought it was funny how he kept popping up, like in the art store with Ava and Frances 5y
Suelizbeth How many cat lovers laughed out loud at the last line of the book? For me, it saved the ending from being maudlin. 5y
Currey @MinDea I enjoyed the read and appreciated Frances but ultimately found Anne, Richard and Charlie‘s characters and situation too simplified. The ending just didn‘t pull off the dynamics of the neighborhood. She is a good writer though, maybe her next book 5y
britt_brooke This was a quick, easy one which is just what I needed. I laughed a lot, too. I was annoyed by how much Frances‘s weight was mentioned. Total overkill. I really like her character and identified with her the most. I just wish her and hubby could figure out their sexual relationship, though. 5y
Jess7 I liked the commentary in this book a lot. Overall I liked Francis the most. Her observations were funny and witty. I didn‘t care for the neatly wrapped up ending and I wish it had a little more depth to either the characters or the plot, but it was an easy, light, enjoyable read @MinDea @Jennifer3 @SandyW @Cinfhen @mcctrish @TheRomantiCate @janeycanuck @Suelizbeth @Currey @britt_brooke 5y
The_Heeler_Booklife I really loved this book and read it a few months ago. I don‘t have children, but I found the book refreshing with the day to day interactions, the comedy from children, and the neighbors. My favorite part was when the child was running around saying that their dad said they could be a toilet when they grow up. 5y
Valeka Such a quick read!!! I did fall behind because of LIFE but I did enjoy it very much. Most of the characters felt real to me. I think Abbi Waxman did a great job in capturing the way people interact and communicate with each other. 5y
TracyReadsBooks Everything @Jess7 said—ending was a little abrupt & definitely neat and tidy. It definitely felt as if we skimmed the surface of these characters, their lives, & their problems. I would have enjoyed more depth & complexity. Interaction between Frances & Ava remained the most interesting & Frances the most likable. Not a fan of either Charlie & Anne or how that whole situation was resolved BUT it was a quick, fun read with some witty dialog. 5y
Jennifer3 @TracyReadsBooks and @Jess7 You‘re summaries were so eloquent and it summed up how I felt about the book. And sometimes you need a light, easy read so that is why I enjoyed this selection. 5y
theokiereader I liked the book more by the end than I did at the beginning. However, I did not like the ending. Like everyone has said, it was too wrapped up in a neat-and-tidy bow. When Richard was revealed to be the one outside Anne‘s apartment, I thought, “Here we go.... he‘s going to try to kill her or kidnap her or something.” Then, nothing. And I‘m sorry, but if my Husband called me the things that Charlie called me IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD, 👇 (edited) 5y
theokiereader I would NOT have gotten back together with him. I also agree with @SandyW . Anne‘s affair seemed trivialized, and Charlie seemed unnecessarily demonized. You could have showed Charlie‘s hurt without making him call Frances fat and making him the villain in the story (because, let‘s be honest— he was the villain by the end). I did love Frances‘ character and Julie‘s storyline. I think Julie‘s diagnosis and subsequent story was a beautiful addition. (edited) 5y
KateFulfordAuthor If you need a recommendation to follow this, may I point you to my People‘s Book Prize nominated debut? Sassy female narrative, laugh out dialogue and a pacy plot. Check the link in the bio for 2 free chapters, reviews and more. 5y
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Other People's Houses | Abbi Waxman
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Happy Sunday! The final discussion for Other People's Houses is about to start. Please look for the post marked spoiler to join the discussion! We hope you all enjoyed the buddy read for this book and look forward to discussing with everyone!

#OPH #LitsyBuddyRead @Jess7 @MinDea

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The Animators: A Novel | Kayla Rae Whitaker
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Hi Littens! Here is the June #LitsyBuddyRead suggested reading schedule for #TheAnimators. We are technically starting this one in May, because one of us will be out of town the last half of June. Comment below if you‘re joining us, and please share and repost to spread the word. Thanks! #LitsyBuddyRead

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Reviewsbylola I‘ve already read this but I would love to join in the discussions! 5y
TheRomantiCate I would love to join if I can get my hands on the book in time 5y
Jess7 @daena adding you to my list. 5y
TheRomantiCate Yes I will be joining; ordered from library... should be available to me on Thursday 😻 5y
Austen_Nerd I will look for the book!! If I find it in time will join in!!! Thank you 😊 5y
Jennifer3 I will be joining got the book on Kindle for 1.99 last night! 5y
Laughterhp I have to double check if I packed this book away already! But I‘m planning on joining in! 5y
BookishTrish I‘m in! So happy you‘re organizing! 5y
GatheringBooks i am in as well! 5y
Jess7 @TheRomantiCate @Austen_Nerd @Laughterhp if you have a kindle the ebook is only $1.99 right now. 🤗🤗 Thanks for letting me know @Jennifer3 - great catch! 5y
Jennifer3 @Jess7 I was shocked at the price!!! Super good deal! 5y
TheRomantiCate @Jess7 oh cool, thanks for letting me know! 🤗🤓 5y
MoMogrl Awesome. I will try to jump in on it. 5y
Jess7 @JennyM here is the suggested reading schedule. Also tagging others who commented on my post about it. @TracyReadsBooks @BookishMe 5y
Jess7 If you listen to this on audiobook there isn‘t chapters per se but there are sections which are................................ Week 1: Prologue through Teddy‘s House................. Week 2: Pussyfooting through The Heart Lives and Dies in Louisville, Kentucky..... ............................................. Week 3: A Little Strange through This is Between Me and The Voices in My Head 5y
Jaayimee Let me check my library. I‘m still on the waiting list for the last two lol 5y
Jaayimee I‘m in. I just bought it. As usual my small town library didn‘t have it. 5y
Crystallinegirl I'm going to go buy the Kindle version, but I've never done a buddy read before - are discussions for those sections posted at the end of their respective weeks, or is that the week we discuss that section? (ie, should I read Section 1 by the 20th or by the 26th?) 5y
Austen_Nerd @Jess7 Thanks for Kindle deal!!! 5y
mrp27 I requested the book from the library this morning, hope it's in in time! 5y
Jess7 @Crystallinegirl So for the first two discussions (week 1 & 2) I will post the discussion sometime near the end of that week. Usually that thurs or fri mid-day ( week 1: 24th or 25th, and week 2: 31st or 1st) and you just join when you‘re caught up. The final discussion will be posted around 1 pm EST Sunday, June 10th. We tag the participants in a pre discussion post and then the discussion post is marked spoiler where you discuss 5y
Jess7 Fingers crossed, I hope you get it, but if you have a kindle or the kindle app and can‘t get it from the library it‘s $1.99 right now. @mrp27 5y
ephemeralwaltz I won't be able to join in this month either @Jess7 but thanks so much for the tag!! Happy reading! 🌟🌟 5y
Suelizbeth I‘ll be reading along. I‘m looking forward to it. 5y
cajunsyd I am going to try so please include me. I am quite behind but will join when I can. 5y
theokiereader I‘ll be joining the discussion!!! 5y
jdenslow I snapped up the Kindle version so I can read along! 5y
JaclynW Tag me please. I will try. These last 2 months have been busy for me and not much reading has occurred. 😢 Thanks! 5y
mcipher I‘m putting it on hold at my library - fingers crossed this one comes in time! 5y
heikemarie I‘m in!! 5y
Bookishgal71 Yaaasss! 5y
kspenmoll Love to join if I can. Been saving it for #Litsybuddyread! 5y
Susanbones Doen for this for sure! 5y
LazyDays If I can check the book out I would love to participate.😊 5y
mcctrish I‘m hoping to buy at the mall this aft ( I have about 10 pages of Other People‘s Houses to finish- Frances just lost her shit on Anne 🤭) 5y
MinDea @cinfhen here is the schedule. 5y
Cinfhen Great graphics!! Do u know what your reading next?? 5y
Valeka I‘m in! 5y
swatreads I would love to join😍😍 5y
Eki I‘m in, too. 5y
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Other People's Houses | Abbi Waxman
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Week 2 discussion for Other People's Houses starts now!!! Don't forget to tag people in your comments so they can discuss more with you!

#OPH #LitsyBuddyRead @Jess7 @MinDea #OpenDiscussion

Jess7 I am enjoying the book so far. I am liking Francis‘s personality more since Anne was caught. She doesn‘t seem as judgmental as she came off in the first section. Her one liners still make me laugh 5y
Jess7 I like that Francis came to Anne‘s defense when the judgmental woman they barely knew started gossiping about Anne at the soccer game. I thought the observations made about how people (including Francis) can be quick to judge someone and gossip about a situation when it doesn‘t hit close to home probably reign true for many people (edited) 5y
Jess7 I personally hated Charlie‘s response to finding out his wife cheated. I absolutely get being upset, but how he acted with her around the kids really bothered me. It‘s hard to say how I would act having not been in that situation around kids, but I really don‘t think I would ever tell them that their parent cheated on me. I thought that was uncalled for 5y
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MinDea @Jess7 I completely agree. Francis came off as very judgemental and opinionated about Anne's situation in the first section but seems to have at least understood that although Anne made a mistake and shouldn't have done what she did she still doesn't need to be gossipped about and rumor mongered about. I really like that she stuck up for her. She definitely tried to do the right thing. And sometimes that is all you can hope for in someone. 5y
MinDea For someone to try to do the right thing. 5y
MinDea I find Richard to be a tad pathetic. I don't really feel and for him. Does anyone else feel that way? Or am I sounding heartless? 😆😆 5y
Jess7 Very true @MinDea I was also impressed that she walked to meet Anne and show her kindness, and I liked her response to Charlie when he was being a bit immature in my opinion (at the soccer game) 5y
Jess7 I also think Richard is a bit unstable. Not saying it isn‘t realistic, but he is not doing himself in favors in terms of having any kind of relationship with Anne. His immaturity about the entire situation is showing. @MinDea 5y
Jess7 @britt_brooke what were your thoughts about Richard when we pined over Anne and told Francis he loved Anne at the ice cream parlor ? 5y
theokiereader I‘m starting to not like this book for several reason. First of all, why do all of the SAHMs have to be overweight and described as not caring about their appearance? Second, why is Anne the victim? Should she be gossiped about ruthlessly? No. The way the news traveled around the community was wrong. But, how come people are talking about poor Anne but not poor Charlie? Charlie was nothing but sweet to her, and she cheated on him with....👇 5y
theokiereader The whiniest college professor in the history of college professors. This wasn‘t a little mistake— it was a big mistake. Charlie has every right to be as upset as he was. Now, throwing her out without letting her get clothes was wrong, but he let her back in the house as soon as he cooled off. That sounds pretty darn human to me. I‘m interested to see where the story line goes in regards to Francis‘ marriage. Something is obviously building there. 5y
britt_brooke @MinDea @Jess7 Richard is completely pathetic and selfish. So is Anne, IMO. Thankfully, I‘ve never been in this situation so I have trouble empathizing with either of them. They both suck. Charlie is also a hot mess, but I‘m not saying I‘d be less angry given the circumstances. 5y
britt_brooke @marywag08 The incessant talk about Frances being overweight really started wearing on me. She‘s had 3 kids for Pete‘s sake. 5y
theokiereader @britt_brooke And if they talk about Ava‘s hormones one more time.... 😂😂 5y
britt_brooke @marywag08 😆 Yes! Poor thing. 😬 5y
MinDea @marywag08 @britt_brooke I would agree there is a lot of stereoryping going on. Francis being overweight, Eva and her hormones, etc. I think what I got out of this was "this is life". If you can look past some of the frustrating stereotypes you can see that everyone has their own problems, struggles, ways they deal with things, hopes, fears, goals, etc. I think that makes this book relatable on that level. 5y
MinDea Yes, Anne made a horrible mistake and really messed up. However does she deserve to be kept from her kids, humiliated and gossiped about? I don't think so. If I were Charlie would I be mad, hurt, upset, angry? Oh God yes! I don't know if I am a public sort of person about my feelings so I probabaly wouldn't have done what he did (locking her out, yelling at her at the soccer game, etc) but he has every right to feel the way he does. 5y
Jess7 I‘m not on Anne‘s side. I don‘t think what she did was right or ok. I just think Charlie needs to get it together in front of the kids. Personally if I were ever in that situation I don‘t think I would fell the kids my husband cheated on me unless or until they were much older. I just wouldn‘t want there to be a chance of them hating their dad (or in this case hating the mom). I just didn‘t like how he acted in that particular situation. @marywag08 5y
Jess7 So I think that‘s why I mentioned it. I get being upset, wanting her to move out of the house, yelling, being upset etc... I dont even really fault him for the big fight he had at the house (although I wish he had not of done that). I think my dislike of Charlie really comes down to the moment when he told the one kid about what happened. @marywag08 that felt very selfish and didn‘t feel like he was thinking about the repercussion of that 5y
Jess7 As for the portrayal of the SAHM - I felt like that was mainly aimed at Francis in particular, but I‘m not sure that‘s how the book is conveying all SAHMs, but maybe I just didn‘t catch those parts. @marywag08 @britt_brooke - I love Francis‘s quick wit and sarcastic comments. I‘ve laughed a lot. @MinDea (edited) 5y
theokiereader @MinDea I personally wouldn‘t call Charlie‘s actions “keeping her away from her kids.” He actually seems to be giving her quite a bit of access this early on in the process. Most couples going through a divorce would not openly invite the cheating spouse to a soccer game, for example. I‘ve seen some friends go through family court, and it‘s very rarely pleasant. Charlie seems willing to work with Anne, IMO. It‘s kinda a classy move on his part. 5y
MinDea @Jess7 @marywag08 yeah, maybe I missed that but I thought Anne and Iris were both described as skinny, happy, easy going stay at home moms. Each with their own problems but I guess I don't picture them as overweight or disheveled like I did Francis. 5y
Jess7 I agree @marywag08 @britt_brooke @MinDea Richard is a bit hopeless and thoroughly naive 5y
MinDea Have you finished the book @marywag08 ? 5y
theokiereader @Jess7 @MinDea I actually support telling the kids what happened more than the fight in the neighborhood. 😂😂 The fight in the neighborhood was public shaming. However, telling the kids was necessary. If he didn‘t explain what happened, the kids might think that Anne left because she didn‘t want to be their mommy anymore. The fact that he invited her over for that conversation was again kind of a classy move, IMO. 5y
MinDea I agree. Some people definitely have ugly awful knock out custody battles. I personally went through that with my parents when they got divorced. I also know quite a few people who have amicably split and have been very good about how they handle the kids. I think everyone handles divorce differently. It isn't easy to fun for anyone. 5y
britt_brooke @MinDea I agree, I think the only one described as overweight and unkempt is Frances, but it‘s repeated many times. I think the others are described as thin and stylish. @marywag08 @Jess7 (edited) 5y
theokiereader @MinDea Nope. I‘m purposely not reading ahead so I don‘t accidentally spill the beans. 😂😂 #thestruggleisreal 5y
theokiereader @britt_brooke @MinDea @Jess7 Isn‘t Iris described as overweight, too? I might have gotten the wrong picture in my mind after the ice cream scene. I know the author was describing her grandma jammies. 5y
britt_brooke @marywag08 I think it was just the weird pjs, but I‘m not 100% sure now that you mention it. 5y
theokiereader @britt_brooke Now I‘m curious. I‘ll have to check after I finish picking my kids up from school (no carpool involved 😉) (edited) 5y
Jess7 I see what you mean, but I guess I think despite the infidelity, I think Charlie owed it to the kids to have a conversation with Anne before telling the kids anything. I think they should have decided together. I dunno im a person who separates things. So like if I‘m upset with my husband, I dont let it get in the way of our obligations. @marywag08 5y
MinDea Gotcha. @marywag08 I finished it. Definitely interested in your thoughts once you finish it! I love the discussion!! I feel bad for everyone in this situation. The kids, Charlie and Anne. Sometimes people do things not really fully understanding the repercussions or the fall out of said actions. I think that makes you human. Both Anne and Charlie are being very human in this book. 5y
MinDea I think it was just the weird PJs she liked but not her as being frumpy or overweight. I thought she was described as skinny and lovely. 5y
britt_brooke @marywag08 Ha! I‘m in the pick up line now. No car pool here either. 😆 I‘m not that nice! 5y
theokiereader @MinDea I completely agree. These situations happen in real life, and it‘s hard for people not to get hurt. 5y
Jess7 I thought Iris‘s Wife was described as the better looking one, but I never thought she was overweight. I honestly don‘t even picture Francis as overweight - just maybe not gym toned. Basically, just average and like most everyone, she is a little insecure about it, but her love of tasty food and being really busy has prevented her from toning up. Haha story of my life half the time lol @marywag08 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 I agree. I think with such sensitive situations, you have to have some prep time and not just blurt stuff out. My brother and his wife have separated twice over the last 2 years (eerily similar situation), but remain together now. They have 2 small kids and I often wonder how they have explained it to a 7 and 5 year old. None of my business, but I‘m genuinely curious. 5y
MinDea No car pick up for me when I was a kid. It was walking to the school or a bus for me! 😆😆😆 5y
MinDea I know someone who was cheated on by both her husband's and her plan was to tell her kids on their respective 18th birthdays that their father cheated on her and that men are evil scumbags and never trust them. 🤔🤔 I hope in the 14-17 years she has to wait she rethinks this plan. 😆😆 @Jess7 @britt_brooke @marywag08 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 That‘s the problem. Frances is not exactly enormous, just a bit soft maybe after popping out 3 kids. Honestly, she‘s probably thinner than the average American. 5y
britt_brooke @MinDea Oh no! 😬😆 5y
britt_brooke @MinDea Bus for me, too, lol! 5y
Jess7 Did the book call her enormous or something? I think I missed that. I think I just assumed it was her own insecurities about it. I never pictured her really overweight. @britt_brooke 5y
MinDea @Jess7 there is like a comment about Francis's weight in every chapter! It is a tad ridiculous. Ok. We get it. Move along. Nothing to see. Lets dive deeper into the characters if we need me words per chapter. 😆😆😆 5y
Jess7 I must have just ignored it. It‘s hard to tell when it‘s in third person narration whether you‘re supposed to take the comments as someone‘s inner monologue or the author‘s subjective view that she wants to impart on the reader. I probably just chalked it up to being Francis‘s inner monologue or something and was laughing at her other witty thoughts @MinDea @britt_brooke 5y
britt_brooke @Jess7 @MinDea It‘s like her weight becomes its own character. It‘s ridiculous. 5y
MinDea 😆😆😆😆 @britt_brooke So true! It is so unnecessary! 5y
theokiereader @MinDea And don‘t forget the talk of Ava‘s hormones! At one point, Ava even attributed her own attitudes to her hormones. I was like, “Come on!” No teenager would EVER admit their behavior was due to their hormones! 5y
MinDea 😆😆😆😆 @marywag08 !!! So true!!! 5y
TracyReadsBooks What I‘m enjoying most about the book is how the author describes some of the more mundane aspects of daily life—situations that many of us have encountered & can relate to. Also, it‘s totally quotable! The relationship between Frances & Ava remains the most interesting (though I doubt that was the author‘s intent). As for the center of all the neighborhood drama, Anne & Charlie, I don‘t find either one, as written, to be particularly sympathetic. 5y
Jess7 I agree @TracyReadsBooks - I think Francis‘s observations are extremely relatable and very quotable! 🤗 5y
DanaManiac I finally caught up to this week‘s reading, and I find the storyline to be very interesting. First of all, I cannot believe the way that Ava speaks to her mom. It‘s incredibly nasty. I also struggle with the plentiful descriptions of Frances‘ body- seems so irrelevant. 5y
DanaManiac @TracyReadsBooks I agree with you in that I find it hard to feel for Ann and Charlie. I feel like we were introduced to their problems so quickly, and there wasn‘t enough of a history with them for me to feel fully invested in them as characters. 5y
TheRomantiCate So I finally caught up and I agree with @Dana1084 and @TracyReadsBooks. It‘s almost like Anne and Charlie‘s issue which should be a catalyst event are a side note because there‘s so little background given to the two of them other than Anne was unhappy. And I‘m getting very suspicious of Michael.. and Sara to a degree. And what‘s going on with Bill and Julie?? And yeah, Ava reminds me a lot of my younger sister with the way she talks to Frances. 5y
TracyReadsBooks @Dana1084 and @TheRomantiCate Yes! Everything you both said. We don‘t know enough about Anne and Charlie to really care or be invested and because we don‘t have much in the way of backstory, they simply aren‘t that interesting. Perhaps the author wants us to view them only through these brief glimpses, show us how people react without really knowing the people or events involved?!? I don‘t really think that‘s her intention, however. Not really. 5y
TheRomantiCate @TracyReadsBooks It could be in keeping with that theme of glass houses. We‘re “based” in Frances and Michael‘s house so we only get those glimpses of the “Other Peoples‘ Houses” and are then left to make our own judgements... kinda like the exchange between Frances and Shelly in chapter 24... (edited) 5y
Jennifer3 I like this book a lot. Her writing style has drawn me in. I don‘t have anything earth shattering to say about it, I am just enjoying the characters and storylines. (edited) 5y
Bookishgal71 I love the paragraph in chapter 16 that says that other parents get to see a more perfect version of our kids than we do. So true! 5y
Suelizbeth @MinDea That‘s it exactly. Everyone is being human in this book. No one escapes that characterization, and no one is perfectly likable at all times. 5y
SandyW @Jess7 @MinDea While I don't like the idea of parents badmouthing each other to their children, I think it is a very human reaction to an unanticipated and devastating wound. IMO, one of the most difficult things about going through a divorce with kids would be attempting to maintain a level of civility with the cheating spouse before you've even had time to digest what's happened yourself. 5y
mrozzz @TracyReadsBooks 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 5y
SandyW @marywag08 I agree 100% that Anne should not be catin the role of victim. IMO what she did cannot be classified as a mistake. She had an ongoing affair. That cannot be classified as a mistake. 5y
SandyW ... a one night stand, or a drunken encounter, maybe. But conducting an affair over a period of time involves active calculation and scheming, and an awareness of what you are doing to your partner/marriage... no matter how you justify it to yourself 5y
SandyW @Dana1084 I'm not sure that Ava's nastiness towards her mom is unrealistic based on things other people have told me. I had a boss once who came in to work and blurted out, "Amanda is such a bitch." Amanda was her 16yo daughter. (I was horrified.) I have more trouble with how Ava is then so sweet to her mom, or acknowledges how awful she's been. I don't find that at all convincing 5y
SandyW @TheRomantiCate I totally agree re Anne and Charlie. It's hard to care that much about them being so un-invested in them. And yes @TracyReadsBooks I think the author is trying to show is how idle gossip is "wrong." It's human nature though, and they are lucky these fights haven't wound up on YouTube, which would be a more realistic scenario today. 5y
ReaderthenBlogger This far in the story and we see a bit of everyone‘s issues. I think the one that threw me the most is Michael‘s drinking and smoking. He‘s a functioning alcoholic. I wonder when Frances is going to surprise him with her purchases. My heart broke for Kate and Theo when Kate had her breakdown. It definitely shows how what you tell and expect of your children can backfire at anytime. @Jess7 (edited) 5y
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