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The Covenant of Water | Abraham Verghese
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After a false start at the beginning of the month I picked it up, started over and became enthralled. Part 7 dragged for me a bit but otherwise it‘s captivating. #ChunksterMini @Amiable #Booked23 #Featuring3Generations @BarbaraTheBibliophage @alisiakae @Cinfhen #SummerEndReadathon @TheSpineView #BuddyRead @Cuilin 4.5🌟

Cinfhen Perfect pick 🙌🏻😃 1h
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Reposting for @AllDebooks
#Naturalitsy #Scarathlon

Here's the reading schedule for our #buddyread worth 50 points. Starting 1st - 31st October.

All welcome to join in. Please let me know if you wish to be added to the taglist

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#Naturalitsy #Scarathlon

Here's the reading schedule for our #buddyread worth 50 points. Starting 1st - 31st October.

All welcome to join in. Please let me know if you wish to be added to the taglist.

@LitsyEvents @StayCurious @Clwojick

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TheBookHippie Library book is in! 8h
Read-y_Picker This looks fascinating! Please tag me. I'll try and get my hands on a copy ASAP!
TheSpineView Just checked. Not at the library. Picked it up for 12.99 on kindle 8h
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I‘ll have to buy this one. None of the libraries in my network have it. 🥺 8h
SamAnne I will probably skip this one since my library doesn‘t have it. But will look forward to following the discussion! 8h
candc320 I can‘t find the book at my library so I might have to skip it. But I‘ll keep looking around! 6h
CogsOfEncouragement I‘m going to bow out of this one. 6h
Eyelit Looking forward to this! 6h
vonnie862 Add me! 5h
kelli7990 I‘m skipping this one. My library doesn‘t have it. 4h
Bluebird Count me in. Hopefully I‘ll get to join the discussion. Also, for those unable to find at the library. The same book is also titled ‘from the forest‘ (no gossip. Lol) try searching that title, or just by author🤷‍♀️ 4h
julieclair This looks really good. I found a copy on eBay, so please add me to the tag list. 😀 2h
gossamerchild Ooh, this looks interesting. Thanks for the tag! I also found it under “From the Forest“ in my library system :-) 2h
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Dceased | Tom Taylor
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Okay, here is my list for my first attempt at #bookspinbingo !
@TheAromaofBooks #scarathlon #teamwhoyagonnacall

TieDyeDude Oh, and 21. Heart Shaped Box and 22. The Turn of the Screw for #buddyread 11h
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Glad to have you along!! 4h
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Untitled | Unknown
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October‘s #BookSpinBingo list…I‘m all about the spooky (to me) options! Thanks to Canva for this fabulous graphic.

The first 10 are various #buddyread titles and challenge titles…most are mysterious or spooky, but not all of them.

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 17h
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The Nature of Autumn | Jim Crumley
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🎃🦇🍄🖤 Here's the schedule outline for nature based games and activities in collaboration with #Scarathlon
Individual posts will be added over the coming week.
All welcome to join in. Please comment below if you would like to be added to the taglist.
A link to our buddy read is in the comments.


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MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Yay!!!! More Scarathlon festivities!! ❤️😍❤️ 1d
Bookwormjillk I would love to be tagged thanks! 1d
tdrosebud Please tag me. 1d
TheBookHippie 🍁I‘m in! 1d
Deblovestoread Please tag me! Thank you! 🍁 1d
Emilymdxn I‘d love to join in! Please tag me 🎃 1d
kelli7990 Please tag me. 1d
Hooked_on_books I‘ll be doing the buddy read but not the games/activities part. 1d
Chrissyreadit yes i fully intend to do this!!! 1d
LocalTXLibrarian Please add me to the tag list - this looks like a lot of fun! 1d
Jadams1776 Sounds fun! 1d
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books 🖤 Noted, I'm keeping a separate list for the buddyread 🍂 1d
Larkken Yay! Bring it on! 1d
candc320 I‘d love to be included! 18h
TheSpineView Please add me to the tag list! Thanks! 17h
julieclair How fun! I‘d love to join in! 🎃 16h
MidnightBookGirl Sounds spooktacular! I would love to be tagged! 12h
Bookworm54 Please tag me in the posts :) 10h
AllDebooks Oh my, I'm so happy rn. This is gonna be fun!! 8h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Combined #BookReport and #WeeklyForecast :

I had a great reading week and managed to complete a couple #buddyread titles and a book I‘ve read off and on for months.

This week should see the completion of more buddy read titles and hopefully a title or two from my “actively reading” list. On audio, I‘m nearly finished with Love, Lies, and Liquor, and since the Agatha Raisin books are short, I think I will start Tom Lake this week.

Cinfhen Great! Looks like you‘re using your new found free time 💕💕💕hope things are going well 3d
Librarybelle @Cinfhen They are! Still adjusting, but I love being home. 3d
Cinfhen That‘s wonderful 🫶🏼 3d
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First published in 1934 our #buddyread for next month is set in a bookshop and antiquarian books play a major role! Delightful! Join us if you can - discussion on Oct 29th. #goldenagecrimeclub

Aimeesue Rats! It‘s not out for Kindle in the US until December. How disappointing! (edited) 3d
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The Turquoise Shop | Frances Crane
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Yeah - it‘s #buddyread time!
Discussion 1
This month we‘ve read our first #goldenagecrimeclub set outside of England, written in 1941 by an American woman, set in a US town. Let‘s dive right in - Do you think this book differed in any ways from the British Mysteries we‘ve been reading?

jlhammar It did have a different vibe to it, but hard to put my finger on what it was exactly. Maybe a bit more celebratory or embracing of the independent, the eccentric, the less than proper, perhaps felt a bit more soap opera-esque? Lots of money talk and lots of shooting (guns) which maybe gave it more of an American/Wild West kind of feel? 3d
Ruthiella For sure the location colored and shaped the plot and characters, but in some ways, the eccentric characters in a small New Mexican town weren‘t all that different from those in an English village… 3d
Librarybelle What I liked about this one was the female MC, with the mystery unfolding through her words. 2d
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quietjenn Definitely said to myself “lots more guns in this one“ as I was reading! 2d
Aimeesue @quietjenn Yes! Just hanging your pistol on the back of your chair in the bar! Losing your purse with your gun in it! My goodness, times were different. 1d
Aimeesue @Librarybelle It was a great perspective, since everybody and his brother came in to Jean‘s shop, and she got ALL kinds of info from everyone! Lots of it completely irrelevant, but sorting it out was interesting. 1d
Aimeesue @Ruthiella Yes, everybody in every small town talks about everybody else and has an opinion about everything that goes on. Jean was a little Miss Marple-ish, sitting back and observing as she polished the silver pieces. 1d
Aimeesue @jlhammar There was a lot more acceptance of the breaking of social norms, up to sexual behavior, I thought. Sure, people have fairly shadowy pasts, but that‘s OK, since EVERYBODY is pretty much a newcomer. 1d
AmyG I apologize as I never got to this one. Life still going crazy as ever. 1d
kwmg40 I too noticed that there were more guns everywhere! There seemed also to be a more diverse group of characters. 1d
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Gwendy's Button Box | Stephen King
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Just a reminder that October‘s #LosersClub read is #GwendysButtonBox Put your library holds in now, search your shelves, or buy a new copy, and check back on or about October 1st, when we begin reading this one. Discussion will be at the end of the month! #StephenKing #StephenKingInOrder #KingFromTheBeginning #ConstantReader #ReadAlong #BuddyRead #BookDiscussion

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