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Far from the Tree by Robin Benway
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Restorative yoga plus meditation to finish off the day - I need this tonight! May continues to be crazy busy. I woke up planning on doing yoga at some point today, if that‘s at 9:30 at night, so be it. I‘m right next to my bed, so I can just flop into bed afterwards.
😴 🧘‍♀️


LapReader I love a good yin yoga session. I hope it makes you as sleepy as it does me. Well done for doing it so late. 2h
bewareofwords Way to get it done! 👏🏽 2h
Kshakal Good for you!!! 1h
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mcipher I love your bolster!! Yay for restorative yoga, it‘s so nice to treat yourself to a chillout session. ♥️ 1h
Tamra Restorative ...... 💜 1h
BookwormAHN Nice 👏🏻 58m
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Wednesday | Anne Bertier
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1. Lists. I usually pick a stack of books each month that I want to tackle, and throw in some mood reading with library books.
2. I used to! I‘m not on public transport regularly anymore, sadly.
3. My family and pets. 😂😂
4. Hot tea and popcorn. Usually not together.
5. @Varun_Venki @Hufflepuffle @Veronica4 Welcome new followers!


Eggs Nicely done ✅ thanks for playing 🌺🤗 8h
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Far from the Tree | Robin Benway
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Lindy 💔 14h
JSW I never understood the “words will never hurt me” part of the “sticks and stones” rhyme. Words have always hurt me. A bruise fades but I‘ll replay an insult forever. 13h
4thhouseontheleft @JSW I agree. Words hurt me far less than they used to, but they can still leave a mark. (edited) 10h
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Far from the Tree | Robin Benway
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I was really hungry for 🥑 toast this morning! 🍞 🥚 📖 #booksandbreakfast

Jee_HookedOnBookz That looks so darn good! 😋 14h
4thhouseontheleft @Jee_HookedOnBookz It is! I usually use GF toast, but I‘m out, so I used Dave‘s Killer Bread, and the Wholly Guacamole single packet that is just chunky avocado with nothing else added. A small drizzle of EVOO and southwest seasoning, and YUM! 14h
JSW Mmmmmmm 13h
catebutler One of my favourite breakfasts, it looks delicious! 10h
Cathythoughts Looks delish... making me hungry ♥️👍🏻 10h
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Far from the Tree | Robin Benway
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Finally got home from my last meeting, finally some evening time!

Going by the blurb, this book bears many similarities to my own life and shared experience with two of my biological half-sisters. I bought it almost two years ago, but wasn‘t ready to read it then. I think I am now.

The 10 year anniversary of my birth mother‘s death is coming up in a few days, and this book has been silently calling to me all month.

Lovesbooks87 This was such an amazing book! 1d
4thhouseontheleft @Lovesbooks87 I really like it so far. It also makes me want to sit down and write the story of how I found my birth family and half-siblings. 😊 1d
Lovesbooks87 @4thhouseontheleft I am sure. It hit home for me as well my mom and sister were both adopted. My sister grew up knowing her birth family. But my mom went back and found her birth family when she was in her 40s. 1d
4thhouseontheleft @Lovesbooks87 It‘s definitely a story topic that touches many! Did your mom use DNA testing to help in her search? That ‘s what I did, and matched to one of my half-sister‘s 3 years ago. Unfortunately, my birth mother passed away on May 31, 2009 of an opiate overdose, long before my reunification, but I have a good relationship with her parents, and my birth father. My bmom gave birth to 3 kids, all adopted, I‘m the oldest. (edited) 1d
Lovesbooks87 @4thhouseontheleft my mom had some details about her adoption so she hired a private investigator and found her that way. That's amazing that you were able to find some of your birth family and have a relationship with them. My mom is also the oldest of 7. But she was the only one that was adopted. 1d
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Mermaids | Patty Dann
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I had some extra time today to finish my shopping for #summersantagoespostal! Found myself keeping to a summery theme, and had a lot of fun 🛍 for my match! What‘s in the bag? You‘ll have to wait and see! 😉


Lovesbooks87 Love the bag. 1d
AmyG Yes....cute bag! 1d
Erofan 😍 1d
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LibrarianRyan I hope they get the bag too. 1d
CoverToCoverGirl Love the bag! 1d
TheSpineView Love the bag too!💜 1d
JoScho Awesome bag! 1d
kspenmoll Beautiful bag! 1d
Jee_HookedOnBookz Gorgeous! And reminds me of someone on Litsy! 😉 1d
youneverarrived Love that bag 😍 20h
BookishMarginalia Love the bag! 17h
4thhouseontheleft @Lovesbooks87 @AmyG @Erofan @LibrarianRyan @CoverToCoverGirl @TheSpineView @JoScho @kspenmoll @youneverarrived @BookishMarginalia The bag is fantastic! @Jee_HookedOnBookz It would be a perfect fit for any Litten with 🧜‍♀️ in their name, ahem @TheReadingMermaid 😃. It‘s from 2nd & Charles. Hopefully my swap partner likes it just as much! 15h
TheReadingMermaid O.M.G. 😍😍😍😍😍 13h
Gissy Even the bag is pretty!☺️ 8h
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Unicorns | Patricia D. Netzley
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I used to buy adorable unicorn bookmarks - the above is one example - from NerdyGrlDesigns, who has since closed up her Etsy shop.

Help! I'm trying to find someone else who makes something similar. Any suggestions?

cobwebmoth It looks like this shop has similar unicorn bookmarks. https://www.etsy.com/shop/paperlyandco 1d
guinsgirlreads ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1d
Gissy So cute and pretty! 😍💛💜💛💜 7h
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The #cozymystery genre is not my usual cup of tea, so I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book. It would be a great palate cleanser in between heavier literary reads.

Set in WNC, near Asheville, I could relate to the atmospheric setting (my guess is it is inspired by Hot Springs, NC), and loved the MC‘s talent of bibliotherapy, a modality I didn‘t even know existed, and now want to incorporate into my coaching practice!

Caterina Good to know, I've been considering reading this one even though I also don't usually read cozy mysteries! It had me at book and scones. 😍 You're almost there with your book goals, great job!! 1d
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 1d
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4thhouseontheleft @Caterina I definitely have some criticisms of the book, but the topic and setting definitely drew me in! I‘ve been a reading machine since finishing up the last GoT book earlier this month. 😃 1d
guinsgirlreads Way to go on your book goal!! 👏 1d
hilded That scone looks yummy! 😋 1d
rabbitprincess I'm here for the scone 😋 1d
Clwojick How many books have you read from your goal so far? 1d
Clwojick Nevermind. 😅 just read the first comment! Way to go! You‘re crushing it! 🤓 1d
Read4life I have this one and keep picking something else up. You just moved it up my list! Great job on the challenge 💙 14h
4thhouseontheleft @hilded @rabbitprincess 🤣🤣 @Clwojick Thanks! I had a bit of a reading frenzy after I finished A Dance With Dragons earlier this month! @Read4life 🎉🎉 I definitely plan to read the 2nd in the series, maybe this summer. 13h
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Book club is in 4 hours, and I‘m only halfway through! Pretty sure I won‘t be finishing in time. 😬

After a brief rain shower on my walk this afternoon, the ☀️ came out in full force. So I made strawberry mango slushees as an after school snack for Maya and I! So good and only 4 ingredients: 🥭 🍓 ice and sparkling water. If it wasn‘t a no-sugar day, I would have added a bit of honey, too. #bookfitnesschallenge

Tanisha_A Ah! That looks yum! 🤤 2d
catebutler Your day sounds lovely! I saw this book on your feed the other day and thought it looked great! You‘ll have to let us know how the book discussion goes. 2d
guinsgirlreads Sounds good! 2d
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audraelizabeth That looks declicious. 2d
DivineDiana You have inspired me to make my own slushee! 👍🏻 2d
monalyisha Mangoes are my FAVORITE! 2d
Stacy_31 Just made a slushy and oh my, is it tasty! I might try strawberry lime next time. Any other flavor combos you can recommend? 1d
4thhouseontheleft @Stacy_31 Oohh, I bet strawberry lime would be delicious! I also like watermelon and basil, and just mango by itself. I think raspberry kiwi would be good, but haven't tried that one yet. 1d
4thhouseontheleft @catebutler The book discussion was great! I was surprised we had so much to talk about with a cozy mystery, but that might just be my bias against cozies shining through. 😂 1d
Stacy_31 Watermelon and basil sounds delicious! Have you tried pineapple? I‘m not a fan of mango on its own. I wonder how the two would taste. These are so refreshing, they‘re going to be wonderful for summer. 😊😊 1d
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This post contains spoilers
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And now our watch has ended...almost. What do you think is going to happen tonight?

As for me, I was disappointed with the manner of Cersei‘s death last week, it felt out of character. She needed a defiant death, not a whimpering one beneath the rubble. Especially after such an incredible Battle of Winterfell ep, the King‘s Landing battle felt off.

Trashcanman Yea I wanted it to be a more remarkable death. Some people at work think shes still alive. 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I agree... I‘ve been disappointed with this season for the most part.. I wonder @Trashcanman the same thing... 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks And Arya has always said “I‘m going to kill the queen.” I s always been a Dany fan, but last week kind of threw me!!! 3d
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4thhouseontheleft @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @trashcanman I thought Arya acted really out of character last week. My favorite episode this season was definitely the Winterfell battle, but I have also been disappointed with Season 8. 3d
Ashley_Nicoletto I think Arya is going to kill Dany. I‘ve also been disappointed in this season, but I was suspicious that Dany was slowing losing her shit this season. @Trashcanman @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 3d
Trashcanman @4thhouseontheleft there is actually a petition going around to redo season 8. Lol. I truly think Jon will kill Daeneries and greyworm. I think Daeneries may try to kill Sansa 3d
Trashcanman And she will kill tyrian 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Ashley_Nicoletto yeah me too... she couldn‘t handle the truth about Jon... 3d
Trashcanman @Ashley_Nicoletto yea she flipped her lid. 3d
Trashcanman And what the hell is the purpose of Bran? 3d
4thhouseontheleft @Ashley_Nicoletto After last week, I was wondering if Jon might turn on Dany. Not because he wants the Iron Throne though, tbh, I half expect him to end up back in the North with Tormund and Ghost. 3d
4thhouseontheleft @Trashcanman I hope she tries to have Tyrion killed, but he survives. He's a great Hand. If not to Dany, then whoever it ends up being. 3d
4thhouseontheleft @Trashcanman I felt cheated that they didn't show the full convo between Jon, Bran, Sansa and Arya on screen. Those 4 need more screen time together, and esp Jon's identity reveal! I have no idea what they'll do with Bran for this last episode. Put him on the Iron Throne because everyone else kills each other? 🤔I feel like his story arc was only to reveal Jon's true identity. @alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @ashley_nicoletto (edited) 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @4thhouseontheleft yeah I think Bran‘s work is done... Can‘t wait to see what Jon says to Dany!! 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Whaaatttt?!?!?! 3d
Trashcanman What the fuck kind of ending is this? 3d
Trashcanman @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks This episode sucks ass. What a shitty way to end the series! 3d
4thhouseontheleft Hot damn, my earlier comment about Bran was a joke. I never thought that would actually happen! 😮 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Trashcanman (edited) 3d
Stacy_31 Such a disappointing ending. 😡😡 I feel so unsettled. 3d
4thhouseontheleft @Stacy_31 I agree. 😬😬 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Trashcanman I totally agree!!! Ughhhh I‘m ready to scream!!! 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @4thhouseontheleft good call!!! This whole season has sucked though!! 😫😫😫 3d
4thhouseontheleft Seeking a new king: must love to tell stories. 🙄 3d
swishandflick I hated it. It made me laugh out loud when Tyrion said some crap about how people love stories and "noone has a better story than Bran." And I'm like LITERALLY EVERYONE STANDING THERE HAD A BETTER STORY THAN BRAN. 3d
sprainedbrain Ugh. What a horrible way to end a once-great story. 😫 3d
Alicepondpoe Danys end is close to the vision she had. She never made it to the throne in her vision either, she was about to but then met Drogo and her baby in a tent just beyond the wall. While I understand why everyone seems so upset about the show, some parts were rushed sure, but it was an amazing conclusion. 3d
Alicepondpoe Rewatching the series with my husband knowing what the ending is like, everything makes more sense. Sansa is the queen she always wanted to he, Ayra is the warrior adventure she always wanted, and Bran is on the throne because he is the keeper of the realms past. Who better to put on the throne than someone who... 3d
Alicepondpoe Can visit the past and see all of their mankind's mistakes. It's the message of if you don't know or remember your history than you're doomed to repeat it. 3d
JenlovesJT47 Very disappointed in this... makes no sense to me 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3d
4thhouseontheleft I‘m satisfied that House Stark got basically everything they wanted, but it was so disjointed! And Danys‘ demise felt so rushed and underdeveloped this season, I‘m frustrated for the character. @Alicepondpoe @JenlovesJT47 3d
JenlovesJT47 @4thhouseontheleft I‘m disappointed with Bran being king, wtf was the point of Jon being a Targaryen? He got the shaft big time! Sigh. I don‘t hate it but it was very disappointing. 3d
bookandcat Satisfied enough with the ending in terms of closure. But season 8 was terrible writing-wise. Pacing all over the place, and foreshadowing isn't the same thing as character development. I am happy with where the characters landed, but the trajectory of their arc was SO ROUGH 2d
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Game of Thrones | George R R Martin
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Who is ready? I am not!

But I am ready to discuss all things season 8, up to and including tonight‘s final episode! ⚔️ 🐺 🐉 🦁 🦌

I‘m setting up a discussion post right after I post this one, behind a spoiler tag. Join me there if you want to talk GOT!! #got

4thhouseontheleft @Trashcanman Do you mind moving your comment to the post I have behind a spoiler tag? Even speculation can be spoilerish to people who are still trying to catch up on episodes. Thank you! ⚔ 🐉 🐺 3d
Trashcanman There you go. 3d
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By complete coincidence, hubby brought home a scone from the bakery just as I was sitting down with my morning tea to start this book! #booksandtea

Book club is tomorrow night, so I‘m on a time crunch with this one!

MommyOfTwo Loved this book, I need to get the next one 4d
stacybmartin Beautiful picture! 💜 3d
4thhouseontheleft @MommyOfTwo Thanks! I'm only one chapter in, but I like it so far! 3d
TaylorMay Can't wait to read this one. What a happy coincidence 💙 3d
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Ready to Ride | Sebastien Pelon
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Finished my 1st Peloton spin class since my surgery, so I‘m feeling on top of the world! 🎉🎉 A 20-minute low impact, and I kept myself to about 60% of my previous effort level, which is about my max right now. Biked almost 5 1/2 miles, with a tiny bit of lower abdominal pain (I toned back immediately when that started and it went away), and a bit of nausea at the end that also went away quickly, I call it a success. 😃

#bookfitnesschallenge #BFC

wanderinglynn Way to go! That‘s fantastic! 🙌🏻 (just don‘t overdo it.) 💜 4d
JSW Great job!! Take it slow and I love how in tune you are with your body‘s signals. 👏🏼👏🏼 4d
OrangeMooseReads Great job! Glad it was a success 4d
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Cathythoughts Well done 4d
Erin7 Great job🙌🏻. And good for you for listening to our body too. 4d
4thhouseontheleft @wanderinglynn Thanks! This was actually my 3rd bike ride in a week, but the first two were very short, little effort rides to ease back into the saddle. 😃 @OrangeMooseReads @JSW @Cathythoughts Thanks! 💜💜 @Erin7 Thanks! I‘m married to a surgeon, he‘d me mad if I didn‘t listen to my body‘s signals! 😂 4d
Clwojick Congratulations! This looks like it would be a lot of fun! 3d
TheEllieMo Well done! 3d
Megabooks You are fantastic! Way to go! 3d
TheSpineView Awesome! 3d
BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 3d
guinsgirlreads I want a Peloton! Hope it‘s fun!! (edited) 3d
Kaye Good for you ! You‘ll slowly get back to normal and feel good again. 3d
VanChocStrawberry Go you! It‘s scary to move after surgery!! 3d
dariazeoli It is a success! Nice work 🙌 3d
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🙇🏻‍♀️⬅️ Me realizing this book is not a standalone. I want to know what happens next; I don‘t want to read another book to find out.

This was a great concept with a diverse cast of characters, but I‘m not a big fan of Hank Green‘s writing style. I did like the blend of sci-fi w/ commentary on today‘s social media obsessed culture.

#booked2019 #socialmediafocus
#pop19 : revolves around puzzle/game
Bk 4/6 #bookfitnesschallenge

OrangeMooseReads It took me a bit to get use to Hank‘s writing style it‘s so much different than John‘s. 4d
BarbaraTheBibliophage Way to double up your challenges! Sorry it wasn‘t so great ... 👊🏻📚♥️ 4d
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RadicalReader @4thhouseontheleft what‘s the first book of this series? 4d
4thhouseontheleft @RadicalReader This is the first book, which ends on a cliffhanger. 😒 4d
4thhouseontheleft @OrangeMooseReads It is quite different from John's! It felt a bit repetitive to me, and I don't really feel he pulled off the blending of sci-fi with contemporary analysis of celebrity culture. @barbarathebibliophage Thanks! It wasn't bad, and I don't regret reading it, it just wasn't a solid 👍. Perfect book for this prompt, though! 4d
Cinfhen Great review.....so helpful to know it ends on a cliffhanger 😖hate that!!!! 4d
ravenlee I unabashedly look up synopses/spoilers when I don‘t want to continue a series but would like some resolution. I did that with The Hunger Games movies, because I hated the third one and refused to watch the fourth. From my research, I would have loathed the last one. 4d
Ashley_Nicoletto I loved this book. Was pretty irritated that it‘s a series and I didn‘t know. 🤣🤣 4d
BethM Killing your book goal! I hate unexpectedly finding out it‘s in a series. 3d
guinsgirlreads Awesome job on your book goal!! Woo 🥳! 3d
VanChocStrawberry Go you! Glad I know it‘s not a stand alone now! 3d
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YMCA | Katie Marsico
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The last two days have been great fitness wise! (And not so much reading wise lol). Almost made it to 20,000 steps yesterday, and had a great time on the lake today, and just squeaked in to complete my 10,000 step goal right before bed. I‘ll probably finish up my #currentread with my tea in the morning.


Caterina Woohoo! That's amazing! 🙌 That pic on the left is VERY impressive. 4d
Erin7 I love the pic with you on the kayak❤️. That is an awesome couple of days🙌🏻 4d
4thhouseontheleft @Caterina @Erin7 The pic on the left is my daughter. 😂 I can do tree pose on a paddle board, but not right now; my core is not what it was 4 weeks ago before my surgery. 😜 (edited) 4d
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BethM Congrats! That‘s awesome! 4d
Caterina I'm sure you'll get back to that point quickly, with how much you've been working out! 💪 ❤️ 4d
Ash.on.the.line That‘s awesome! 😁 4d
LapReader I would love to try SUP. Good luck with the rest of your week. 4d
Felso 👍🏻 wow! 4d
BookwormAHN That pic of your daughter is fantastic 👏🏻 4d
britt_brooke Excellent!! 4d
CoverToCoverGirl An excellent day all ‘round! 4d
julesG Great stats and pictures! 4d
Cathythoughts Loving these pics ♥️👍🏻 4d
hilded Looks fantastic 🤩 4d
tracey38 Great pictures! I have always wanted to try paddle boarding. 4d
Clwojick I love these pictures! 😀🥰 3d
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After a hot and ☀️ day at the Family Fun Day hubby‘s surgical group organized at a lakefront Y summer camp facility, I‘m ready to sit down, finish this book, and enjoy my sparkling water with muddled blackberries and lime!

#bookfitnesschallenge folks: I was thinking of you when I said no thank you to the brownies on offer! 😄👍

@hermyknee I think I first saw this brand 💧 in one of your posts, it was recently on sale at WF and I am a fan!

hermyknee Topo Chico is the best! 4d
4thhouseontheleft @hermyknee It is good! I am usually strictly a Pellegrino fan for unflavored sparkling water, but I like Topo Chico just as much! 4d
Velvetfur That drink sounds lovely and good on you for the strength to resist the brownies 💪 4d
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DivineDiana Need to try muddling some blackberries and lime! 4d
BarbaraJean Blackberries and lime—YUM! 4d
BookwormAHN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4d
guinsgirlreads 🙌🏻🙌🏻 nice! 4d
VanChocStrawberry That sounds amazing! My kids and I went to see Hank and John on tour for this book. ❤️ 4d
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1. Tagged book on audio, and my #botm copy of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green.
2. The Secret Book and Scone Society by Ellery Adams for book club.
3. Les Mis - it was Maya‘s first time seeing it. The Hugh Jackman one. 😍


Megabooks Hugh Jackman is a wonderful male specimen! My favorite of his is still Kate & Leopold, though. 4d
4thhouseontheleft @Megabooks Yes he is! I saw him on Broadway when he debuted in The Boy from Oz in the early 2000‘s. He was incredible on stage. And he‘s coming back to Broadway in 2020! Kate & Leopoldo is fantastic, but I think my fave is Greatest Showman. 4d
Megabooks @4thhouseontheleft That‘s fantastic!! He‘s an amazing singer, too. I haven‘t see the greatest showman, yet. I‘ll have to check it out! 4d
BooknerdsLife Love the movie and the musical 😍😍 4d
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One sign that summer weather has arrived is when meals on the bread board make an appearance on weekend nights!

@wanderinglynn asked about things that motivate us in the #bookfitnesschallenge. Easy, healthy meals motivate me to...eat healthy! ? Tonight‘s meal is a Nordic inspired board: Gravlax salmon, rye crispbread, capers, cloumage cheese, very lightly sautéed baby ?& haricot verts, and a bunch of other random things. ? ? for dessert.

Caterina Yum! That's great motivation! 5d
4thhouseontheleft Also #bookanddinner! Leisurely nibbling and reading while hubby handles calls from the hospital about a patient that went AWOL (a situation that quickly destroyed his enjoyment of dinner 😣) and Maya is in the front playing with friends. 📚 (edited) 5d
rather_be_reading yep!! i love fresh light stuff like this when its hot! and gorgeous set up 😍😍 5d
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4thhouseontheleft @Caterina Healthy meals have to be easy when we are busy, I‘m also a big fan of Buddha bowls. @rather_be_reading Thank you! I have so much fun setting up my boards. I‘m all about display. 😃 5d
saresmoore Beautiful! 5d
Tamra So yummy! 5d
guinsgirlreads Ah, yum!! 5d
Chrissyreadit That is incredibly talented and artistic! 5d
Leftcoastzen Hang on , I‘m coming over ! Looks delicious! 5d
BookwormAHN That looks really good 👏🏻 5d
Sharpeipup I bet it‘s as delicious as it is pretty! 5d
wanderinglynn Wow! I want to come over to your house for dinner! 😋 5d
VanChocStrawberry That is amazing! It looks like a magazine pic! 5d
BarbaraJean That looks soooo tasty!! 5d
Simona Looks absolutely delicious 😋 🤤 5d
Clwojick Yummmmmm 🤤🤤🤤🤤 3d
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1. A great pick me up book for when world news gets you down.
2. Gorgeous weather the whole week made for lots of outdoor time.
3. Mediterranean
4. 🙎🏻‍♀️🙎🏼‍♀️🙎🏻‍♂️🙎🏻‍♂️
5. 💜💜💜


MelissaSue81 Yes, I think I need this book.
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Someone‘s being cute this afternoon. #catsoflitsy #HelloKitty

CatLass007 😻😻😻😻😻 5d
Leftcoastzen 😻awwwww! 5d
That-Bookish-Hiker Cutie! 😻 5d
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That-Bookish-Hiker Cutie! 😻 5d
wanderinglynn Aw, so sweet! ❤️🐱 5d
Velvetfur Aaawww I love when they do that with their pawsies! 🐱💜 5d
Tamra I can‘t not tickle furry bellies! 5d
CoverToCoverGirl Oh! That face! 5d
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I revised my step goals and increased them, since I now feel fully recovered post-op!

I also discovered I comment a lot! 😆As for my other fitness goals:
✅No sugar Mon - Fri
⚔Meditate. I fell off the wagon pretty quickly on this one, starting during an extremely busy #Maycember was not the best idea. Will try again this week!

I LOVE the encouragement and wonderful community that has formed around this challenge! #bookfitnesschallenge #BFC

Kaila-ann That‘s awesome! Glad you‘re feeling better. 6d
Sharpeipup You really crushed your steps goal! 6d
Kaye 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 6d
See All 13 Comments
wanderinglynn Great first week! 🙌🏻 6d
BookwormAHN Nice first week. I‘m with you on cutting out sugar 👏🏻 6d
4thhouseontheleft @Kaila-ann Thanks! @Sharpeipup Thanks, I did! It was originally low (for me), a 40,000 step goal, because I made my goals when I was only at 2 wks post-op and could only do short walks. I have all my energy back now! 🎉 6d
4thhouseontheleft @Kaye 💙💙 @wanderinglynn Thanks! Loving this challenge! @BookwormAHN Way to go! I may need an accountability partner this week. 😃 6d
britt_brooke 🙌🏻🙌🏻 5d
Caterina So glad you're fully recovered!! ❤ You're crushing your goals!! 🙌 Good luck meditating this week! 5d
guinsgirlreads Wow! 💪🏻👍🏻🙌🏻 5d
Megabooks You‘re killing it!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 5d
CoverToCoverGirl 👏😊 5d
Clwojick You‘re crushing it! Way to go! 3d
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Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
post image

Another reminder that this #buddyread starts in two weeks! There is still time to join in!

🌟Starting in June, I will be hosting a 3-month #CrazyRichAsiansbuddyread! 🌟

Discussion starts the 7th of each month, open forum. In June, there will also be a #booktomovie viewing event!

There is also a giveaway! To enter:
💫Read all 3 books & participate in discussions
💫Share this post
💫Tag @4thhouseontheleft in posts, use #CrazyRichAsiansBuddyRead

AnneCecilie I‘ve the first book out from the library. So I‘m ready 6d
jpellet I‘d like to join!! 🙂 5d
laurenslibrary Can I still join?? I read the 1st book a few months ago and this will motivate me to get to the next 2! 3d
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post image

1. Independence
2. Cleaning up cat puke. 🙀 And kid puke, but that hardly ever happens anymore.
3. Not having to pay bills, or deal with things like leaky roofs and broken pipes.
4. When I was 18, I had 3 jobs: work study at Western Psych Hospital, hostess at Red Lobster, and sales associate at Sears.
5. Never give up.


wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💛 (edited) 6d
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post image

I‘m 4 wks post-op, and back on my bike! (Which lowers my steps 😕). Many of my steps today came from attending Maya‘s School Art Walk.

It was not an easy event for my sweet child; Maya‘s class lost a fellow 5th grader to the flu this year, and she was one of the aspiring artists in her grade. She was also one of Maya‘s close friends. Today‘s event was dedicated to Morgan and I think we honored her well. 😢👩🏻‍🎨 #Bookfitnesschallenge #BFC

BookishMarginalia Hug 💜 6d
guinsgirlreads ❤️❤️ 6d
CoverToCoverGirl Hugs ❤️ a tough loss for everyone. 6d
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4thhouseontheleft @BookishMarginalia @guinsgirlreads @CoverToCoverGirl Thank you. ☺️ I knew this would be hard, as will the 5th grade award ceremony/graduation next month. Just as tough for the teachers. 6d
AmyG How awful. I have been getting horrible news about the tragic passing of some young people. 😪 6d
4thhouseontheleft @AmyG I‘m so sorry. 😔 6d
kspenmoll I am so sorry; how difficult for all of you. Hugs & live❤️ 6d
wanderinglynn Happy you‘re back on your bike! {hugs} to Maya & her class. Never easy to lose a peer. 💜 6d
Bookwormjillk So sad. I‘m glad you could honor her. 6d
BookwormAHN Hugs to you and your daughter 🌻 6d
AprilMae Great that you are back on the bike, hugs to you and your daughter 6d
Clwojick Sending love to you & your little one ❤️💕 6d
catebutler What a great tribute! 💓 6d
julesG You're doing good! Bike is great. I think you should just convert those metres on the bike back to steps. If you really want to add them to your step count. 6d
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post image

1. Co-Active Coaching, I refer to it often.
2. Yep, but not very often. And I usually discover the author through their academic work first. I avoid self-help gurus like Tony Robbins.
3. Tagged most recent one.
4. Probably grad school when I was also working two jobs.
5. @Clwojick @dariazeoli @imabusybee


Eggs Thanks for joining in 🤗🌸🥰 1w
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post image

A beautiful 6 mile walk along the UNCC greenway today! Stopped for a moment of silence in memory of the two victims - both UNCC students - that died in the school shooting two weeks ago today. 😢

Started a new audiobook that is actually a reread, haven‘t watched the movie yet.

#bookfitnesschallenge #BFC #audiowalk #2019greenwaychallenge #MayMadness #personalchallenge

TheReadingMermaid Wow what a pretty flower! Looks like fire 🔥🏵️🔥 1w
Kaye Good job 👍🏼. Very pretty ! 1w
Marina_h Well done! It looks like it was a beautiful walk 😊 1w
See All 16 Comments
wanderinglynn I watched the movie (& loved it), so now I need to read the book! 😉 Great job! 🙌🏻 Looks like a lovely walk. 1w
TheSpineView A beautiful walk. Good going! 1w
Bookwormjillk Very sad. Looks like a beautiful walk though. 1w
DivineDiana Six Miles! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
bewareofwords How sad! I‘m glad you could take a moment to honor them. Way to go on your 6 miles! 👍🏽 1w
Caterina The UNCC shooting is close to home for me too, I went to Davidson College and live an hour east of Charlotte right now. 💔 Good job getting a long walk in! I loved the movie, I might need to read the book someday. 1w
BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 1w
BarbaraJean Beautiful walk—and a lovely moment to honor the victims. 1w
CoverToCoverGirl So sad.😔 You live in a very picturesque area. 1w
guinsgirlreads Wow! Great! 👍🏻 1w
Megabooks I was so sad to see a shooting in Charlotte. I used to live in Ft. Mill. Awesome job on the BFC! 1w
Clwojick I need to read that book! I have it, I just haven‘t got to it yet. 😅 1w
tdrosebud Great job! 1w
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Kindred | Octavia Butler
post image

@Cinfhen Your generosity is overwhelming! 🥰 Thank you so much for the post-surgery care package! It arrived today! You somehow knew Maya‘s favorite candy, sour gummies! Excited to read the books, this is one of the only Octavia Butler‘s books I haven‘t read yet. 😍 I‘ll pass on High Holiday Porn to @AmyG when I am done! The bookmark is gorgeous!

AmyG How lovely! (And thank you in advance) 💕 1w
LeahBergen How wonderful! ❤️ 1w
mabell What a lovely package! 1w
Cinfhen Sorry it took so long to get there!!!! Im glad you‘re already up & moving and feeling better 😘😘😘 1w
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Calypso | David Sedaris
post image

I laughed so much in this humorous yet deeply personal collection of essays. The #audiobook was fantastic, I have already put a hold on another one of his audiobooks at the library. His obsession with wearing a Fitbit, which he brings up in two separate chapters, had me laughing as I listened while tracking my steps on two separate #audiowalks. 😆

Almost finished my puzzle while listening to the last few chapters! #audiopuzzle

4thhouseontheleft #nonfiction2019 #travel : many chapters related to his family trips to the beach, and anecdotes from his various book tours. @Riveted_Reader_Melissa 1w
BethM Funny books are the best! Great job! 1w
See All 12 Comments
4thhouseontheleft @BethM They are! And my favorites are the ones that do a great job at balancing humor with serious topics. 1w
Megabooks I love this book too! 1w
wanderinglynn That‘s a fun puzzle! I also enjoyed working it. And way to go on completing your first #BFC audiobook! 🙌🏻 (edited) 1w
CoverToCoverGirl I might be obsessed with my Fitbit too, since I‘ve had it I only take it off to charge and right back on it goes! Well done! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @wanderinglynn This is a fun one! I know you do a lot of puzzles, do you keep all of them when you are done? I only like to do them once, and don‘t frame any, but it‘s hard to find somewhere to sell/trade. 1w
4thhouseontheleft @CoverToCoverGirl Same! I‘ve had mine for years now, I‘m on my 3rd one. Apparently, I‘ve walked the distance of the Nile since owning my first one. 😃 (edited) 1w
wanderinglynn @4thhouseontheleft yes, it is hard to sell/trade them. I‘ve sold a group of them on eBay. I was thinking about trying a jigsaw puzzle meetup to see if anyone would be interested in swapping. 1w
Caterina I like this picture! Good job finishing your first audiobook for the challenge! 🎉 1w
DimeryRene I have just discovered Sedaris. I am reading Me Talk Pretty One Day!! 1w
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Truth! The sharpest critics are often blind to their own shortcomings and mistakes. #quote

post image

#BFC Day 3!

Despite the overcast 🌥 weather, it was a perfect day for a walk in the woods! Hikes are my annual Mother‘s Day Tradition.

This next week may be the last week of mild spring weather, so I plan on walking in the greenways and parks as much as I can over the next few days before the sticky summer weather arrives for good. 🚶🏻‍♀️🍃🌳


ferskner We have such similar pictures today! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @ferskner Wow, we do! And we posted at almost the same time! 😍 1w
TheSpineView What a lovely place to walk! 👍 1w
See All 14 Comments
wanderinglynn Lovely walk! Way to go! 🙌🏻 1w
CoverToCoverGirl Picture perfect place for a walk... and a successful day 3! 👍 1w
nu-bibliophile That's beautiful! 😍👍 1w
Jess What a beautiful picture. 1w
lesliemarie Hikes are my tradition also! And the kids know they can't complain because its Mother's Day 🤣 1w
Stacy_31 Beautiful! 1w
saresmoore I fear you‘re right about summer coming. I think we‘ll only have a few more days here before it heats up. 1w
BookwormAHN Great tradition 🌻 1w
dariazeoli Nice view and a great tradition 💪 1w
tdrosebud Walls in the woods are the best. It is so serene and invigorating at the same time. 1w
Clwojick This is so pretty! I want to go on a proper hike some time next week. Hopefully the weather warms up just a bit more. 1w
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post image

Enjoying afternoon tea on the porch and a new book after a lovely Mother‘s Day Hike, our annual tradition! I‘m so happy the rain held off!

Melissa_J Your mug 😂 ‘That‘s no ordinary rabbit!‘ 1w
rabbitprincess I need that mug!! 🐰😸 1w
Velvetfur I love that tradition of A Mother's Day hike 💜 1w
See All 7 Comments
Beatlefan129 Quick, get the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @Melissa_J @rabbitprincess @Beatlefan129 I wish I knew where the mug came from, it was a gift! 😃 1w
BooknerdsLife Happy Mother‘s Day to you 🙌🏼🌸📚 1w
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Giant Days Vol. 2 | John Allison
post image

I enjoyed Vol 2 over tea this morning, and it was another fun, light, 🍭 read. An excellent palate cleanser after my #ASOIAF marathon before moving on to my next book!

#BFC #BookFitnessChallenge

TheSpineView 🤩 1w
OrangeMooseReads I enjoy this series 1w
BarbaraJean Oh, I love Giant Days so much! 1w
See All 9 Comments
Caterina I read the first few volumes during college, and they were the perfect break from school work! Good job getting another book done! 1w
guinsgirlreads Looks fun! 1w
LoveToReadLiveToRead I love Giant Days! I‘ve only recently discovered it and didn‘t realise at first but it‘s set in the city I live in! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @OrangeMooseReads @BarbaraJean @guingirlreads It‘s a fun series! @Caterina Thanks! @LoveToReadLiveToRead Neat! Which city is that? I‘ve been trying to figure it out. 1w
Clwojick 😍😍Giant Days!😍😍 This is always my #1 recommendation for graphic novels. 1w
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A Dance with Dragons | George R. R. Martin
post image

I‘m done!! 🎉🎉🎉

This series was a commitment, with ups and downs, but overall, I enjoyed it. ADWD started out rather terribly, but drew me in about 1/3 of the way through. It was still a slow journey that I probably won‘t repeat.

#seriesread #pop19 #imaginarycreature

#BFC #bookfitnesschallenge

#MayScavengerHunt : dog in it (Ramsay‘s hounds), >300 pgs, multiple POV, made into 🎥 (b/c some episodes are as long as a movie!), character dies

4thhouseontheleft And now the wait begins... 😂😂 2w
TrishB This one could have done with a good edit! 2w
Soubhiville I love your collection! 2w
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4thhouseontheleft @TrishB It definitely needed editing! 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Soubhiville Thanks! Varys is our newest. 😃 (edited) 2w
wanderinglynn Congrats! 👏🏻 2w
TheSpineView Congrats! A good accomplishment! 2w
TheReadingMermaid Very nice! ❣️ 2w
Marina_h Congrats! Will you be reading the rest of the series if the books ever gets published? 2w
BookwormAHN Congrats, I'm working my way through that last book as well 👏🏻 2w
kspenmoll Congrats! 2w
4thhouseontheleft @BookwormAHN I thought the beginning was really, really slow, but I finally got more into it. 1w
Marmie7 That's awesome! I finished the series last month and am now reading fire and blood. Targaryen history, definitely not boring! 1w
BookwormAHN It is slow, but getting better. 1w
Caterina You did it!!! 👏 🙌 🎉 Yay!! 1w
TheSpineView 👏 1w
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post image

Finished my steps for the day with a date night in Uptown Charlotte. 🥰 The park on the Green has these lovely author-themed street signs. 😃

Didn‘t get to listen to much of my audiobook on my morning walk today, since I ran into 2 friends who joined me for most of my walk. I enjoyed the company!

Today‘s meditation focused on using your senses to tune into your surroundings, inward and outward.
#BFC #bookfitnesschallenge

TheSpineView Good job! 2w
Megabooks Cool! Great job! 2w
Sharpeipup I‘ve been to that park! Loved it! 2w
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BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 2w
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2w
4thhouseontheleft @sharpiepup Have you been since they built Romare Bearden Park nearby (by the Panthers stadium)? It‘s another great little urban park. I love this part of the city. 2w
BethM Cool signs and good job! What mediation app are you using? 2w
4thhouseontheleft @BethM I am using Insight Timer. 2w
BethM Which program on there are you using? I find that app overwhelming. 2w
CoverToCoverGirl Well done! Great photo too! 2w
Erin7 Sounds like a great day. And too cool that you‘re meditating. 2w
ReadingSusan That‘s so cool! 2w
ChasingOm How did you do this photo? 🤔 I love the composite of the data with the photo of your day! 2w
Texreader Alice, Texas! Of course! It‘s a stone‘s throw (in Texas miles that is) from where I live. Love this!! 2w
Kaye 💚 2w
4thhouseontheleft @BethM I usually choose a guided meditation by topic. I go to meditation - guided, then pick something for sleep, gratitude, stress, etc, depending on what I am in the mood for. 2w
4thhouseontheleft @ChasingOm In the top right corner of the Fitbit dashboard, there is a share button. On the screen, there is an option to add your own photo, and then you can skip posting it on FitBit and save it to your photos instead. 2w
ChasingOm Thank you!! 2w
tdrosebud I never knew you could set up as photo like this. Thank you for showing me something new. 1w
Caterina How lovely to have 2 friends join you for your walk! Sounds like a great day for spending quality time with people, with the date night too! ❤ 1w
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Calypso | David Sedaris
post image

Day 1 of #bookfitnesschallenge is in the books! No sugar (and none planned for this evening) - even when my daughter ate a chocolate mug cake - and I am ahead on my weekly step goal. Listened to two chapters of Calypso and my morning meditation definitely helped set the mood for a positive day. 🧘‍♀️ ☮️ 💪🏼

How did everyone else do? I‘m rooting for you! #audiobook #audiowalk #LitsyWalkers

Meaw_catlady I should make a goal concerning my eating habits as well. But I love my sugar and coffee and my carbs! Keep strong! You‘ve got this! 2w
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2w
BookwormAHN Stay strong 💪🏻 2w
See All 20 Comments
nu-bibliophile That's great! 2w
Bookwormjillk Nicely done! 2w
CoverToCoverGirl Great start! 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Meaw_catlady I did Whole30 a few years ago, and taking out sugar made a big difference in my sleep and energy levels. That will be the hardest of the goals I set for this challenge, since I exercise on a regular basis, which is why I gave myself some wiggle room on weekends. (edited) 2w
CocoReads Great work! I got my workout in but as I‘m off today, and I woke up with a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and headache I haven‘t gotten many steps in. But I typically don‘t sweat lack of steps on my days off since I usually get about 8k in at work and then more after. And, I work the next 7 straight so that‘ll be some serious steppage! 2w
guinsgirlreads Awesome!! 👏🏻 👍🏻💪🏻 2w
Kaye Great job 💖 2w
Chrissyreadit Wow!!! Kicking sugar is in my plan to get my health back!!! How was it? 2w
Clwojick Way to go! Keep that positivity going! 2w
althaeria Well done, such a great start 💪 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Chrissyreadit The first time I did it was really hard until I got through the first few days. I‘ve done it a few times since then, and it‘s easier because I eat much less sweets than I used to. 2w
BarbaraJean Great job! It can be so hard to stick to eating goals when others are eating the good stuffs right in front of you! 2w
Simona Congrats👏👏👏 2w
hes7 Way to go! 👏🏻💪🏻 2w
Jess Nice job today! 2w
Caterina Great job resisting the chocolate! And that's a ton of steps! 🙌 2w
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post image

Maybe, just maybe, I will finish this book today. 183 pages to go. 🤞🤞

@wanderinglynn would this be able to count towards the #bookfitnesschallenge? I wasn‘t sure if books started before today can be included.

wanderinglynn Yes, as long as you complete them within the 6 weeks. 2w
SaturnDoo That drink looks so refreshing 😍 2w
BooknerdsLife You can do it! 🤗🤗💖 2w
See All 13 Comments
4thhouseontheleft @wanderinglynn Ok, thanks! I've been reading this 1,100 page chunkster for 2 weeks, I better finish soon! 😃@Saturndoo it's really yummy! It's a bit cooler here today, I needed a reminder that summer is just around the corner! @Booknerdslife Not if I spend all day on Litsy! 😂 😂 2w
BooknerdsLife @4thhouseontheleft Hahaaaa 🤣🤣🤣 like what I‘m doing right now? 😆 instead of reading before bed? 😅🙈 2w
Cathythoughts I‘m very tempted to start this book series... also tempted by the refreshing look of your drink 2w
Velvetfur This is a lovely photo ❤️ 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Cathythoughts It's had its ups and downs, but I'm glad I've read the series! I'll also be glad to move on, it was a major commitment! 😂 2w
Kaye 💖 2w
Chrissyreadit Your drink looks so yummy! 2w
Caterina You can do it!! 👍 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Caterina Got home from date night and immediately picked up the book again! Only two more chapters to go but I got this 😕look from my hubby. But only for a moment, he knows not to come between me and the end of a book. 😂 😂 2w
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post image

#bookfitnesschallenge Day 1!

If you find yourself struggling on day one, I just want to let you know you are not alone! My meditation goal will be my biggest challenge. A house full of guests, a night of insomnia - I definitely did not feel like meditating. So I decided to “get it over with“ early.

After a 10 min breathing meditation w/ a monkey mind, I opened my eyes to a room slowly filling with daylight. That moment made it worth it.

Read4life Nicely done. Together we‘ll all be successful. 💙 2w
Kaye 💚 2w
wanderinglynn Great start! 🙌🏻 I started the morning with yoga and plan to end the day with meditation. 👍🏻 As @Read4life says, we‘re all in this together. 💚 2w
See All 17 Comments
BethM You go girl! 2w
BookwormAHN Great, I plan to start meditating today as well 💜 2w
LauraBeth Meditation is one of those things that I never want to do, but afterwards am so glad I did it! 2w
hes7 Sometimes, the “get it over with” moments can be the best. 👏🏻 Way to go! 2w
nu-bibliophile Great job👍👍Meditation helps a lot! For me it helps me de-stress. 2w
4thhouseontheleft @nu-bibliophile @wanderinglynn @laurabeth I'm used to meditating at the end of yoga classes, it's building my home practice that is the current goal! And it's usually the hardest during times when I need it most, as things usually are! For the first week, I'm going back to the basics, even though I'm not a beginner. 😃 2w
4thhouseontheleft @hes7 Yes, they can be!! 2w
audraelizabeth Great job 2w
Clwojick Thanks for posting this! I didn‘t put meditation into my fitness goals, but I would still like to try it. When I seen this I immediately downloaded a podcast app, and looked up some mini meditations. 2w
dariazeoli Great job, and thanks for sharing 🙏 2w
Chrissyreadit I‘m trying to get back to regular meditation! Good for you!! 2w
Caterina Great job meditating anyway! It's so hard to start meditating but so worth it. I need to get back to doing it daily sometime. ❤ 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Caterina Thanks! I meditate when I take classes at my yoga studio, but I struggle to maintain a consistent home practice. That is what I am working on for this challenge. 😄 2w
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Spot, the Cat | Henry Cole
post image

I picked this cute, wordless book for the #MayScavengerHunt. It‘s a sweet story of a cat‘s adventures, and the boy who tries to track down his wandering pet. Beautiful, finely detailed illustrations, but I would not recommend the ebook version, as it is hard to see the details (and find Spot on each page) due to the formatting.

TheReadingMermaid Yeah those books are definitely better in paper. Good pick though. This one is a hard one. Glad you found one that fits 👍😃👍 2w
4thhouseontheleft @TheReadingMermaid Since it was just me reading it, I didn‘t mind! Made me miss the read aloud picture book days with my daughter a bit. ☺️ 2w
TheReadingMermaid Awe that's so sweet ❤️❤️ I know I'm going to miss these days with my son. He is already starting to move to bigger books now. 😞 2w
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post image

I‘m always on the look out for new things. Today, while walking at a park I thought I knew well, I found an offshoot path that I thought went to picnic benches. Instead I found this serene, quiet fingerling peninsula on the lake. I watched a sleeping 🦆 wake from his nap and go for a swim, kayakers paddle by, and was hypnotized by the small waves lapping to shore. I felt a world away from the daily grind.🥰

#newtome #maymadness #personalchallenge

TrishB Looks lovely ❤️ I would like such a spec! 2w
Clwojick Sigh, I could easily spend a whole day there. Listening to the waves, and reading a 📖 2w
Jee_HookedOnBookz I wanna be there right this min!! ❤️ ❤️ 2w
See All 11 Comments
TheReadingMermaid Wow! What a beautiful place! 😍😍😍 2w
Leftcoastzen Lovely spot! 2w
4thhouseontheleft @TrishB It was lovely! @Clwojick I read a chapter before heading back to my car! @Jee_HookedOnBookz @thereadingmermaid It is fun to find beauty in the every day. ☺️ 2w
TheReadingMermaid 100% agreed 2w
mreads On my walk today I saw so many baby birds learning to fly, so cute. They were working so hard.😀 2w
rohit-sawant How wonderful! 2w
4thhouseontheleft @mreads That must have been so cute!! 🐥🐥 2w
Clare-Dragonfly What a marvelous discovery! 2w
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Calypso | David Sedaris
post image

Just got a ton of crazy looks when I laughed hysterically on my lakeside walk when I listened to the following:

“Increasingly at Southern airports, instead of a ‘good-bye‘ or ‘thank-you,‘ cashiers are apt to say, ‘Have a blessed day.‘ This can make you feel like you‘ve been sprayed against your will with God cologne."

That, and being called sweetie or hon are huge pet peeves of mine. ?? #audiowalk #LitsyWalkers

Tamra 😂 It took several days vacationing in NC to get over the shock of strangers using terms of endearment in greetings & conversations. (edited) 2w
Tanisha_A 😂 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Tamra @Tanisha_A No lie, I‘ve been wished a blessed day twice since this post. At the juice bar, and grocery store. I jinxed myself. 🤣 2w
See All 8 Comments
SaturnDoo 😞😞 Being a southerner I use terms of endearment and say have a blessed day as well as thank you and goodbye. Just our culture/nature.😊😊😊 2w
4thhouseontheleft @SaturnDoo It rubs me the wrong way because it assumes that everyone is religious/Christian. And 90% of the time I hear it, it sounds really fake or is said in a passive-aggressive way (the PTA president that didn‘t want to hear a no from you, the politician that doesn‘t like your coffee chat questions). Not saying it is wrong, I just personally don‘t like it, and I grew up with a southern grandmother. 2w
SaturnDoo @4thhouseontheleft I totally understand 😊.I work retail and we are forced to greet/close with EVERY customer. Unfortunately, after a while we do begin to sound robotic or like broken records.I try to personalize my salutations/closings and it's a challenge 😂 Good food for thought 😊 I will keep this in mind. 2w
Amandajoy I have to call a lot of patients for my work. Getting a voicemail greeting that ends with “have a blessed day” makes me roll my eyes. It happens at least twice a day. It always feels disingenuous. 2w
ravenlee I get this a lot here in NW Louisiana, and I hate it for the same reasons as @4thhouseontheleft . Sometimes I respond with “blessed be” just to see if they notice, but I mostly just try to ignore. I‘ve had too many people try to “save” me to engage at all. 2w
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post image

1. Both. I like to pair them together.
2. Outdoors! But I also love my Peloton bike, and my yoga studio.
3. 🎶 🎧 🎵
4. Hiking, spin workouts, yoga, and walking
5. One of my playlists: 140-150bpm:



wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing your playlist! And thanks for playing. 🙌🏻 2w
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post image

As #bookfitnesschallenge kicks off tomorrow with the wonderful @wanderinglynn, I wanted to share a practical, evidence-based goal strategy that I often share with my coaching clients. It's called WOOP, developed by the tagged author:

W - Wish. What is your wish for the future?
O - Outcome. What is the best outcome fulfilling your wish?
O - Obstacle. What holds you back?
P - Plan. Make if/then action plan.

I give my examples ⬇️, w/ a link!

4thhouseontheleft You can find more info and download a helpful app here to WOOP it up!

Example #1:

WISH - Meditate every day for 10 minutes.
OUTCOME - I will be less stressed and feel more grounded and balanced.
OBSTACLE - I won‘t feel like doing it.
PLAN - If I‘m getting ready for bed and haven‘t meditated that day, then I will remind myself of all of the positive benefits, and do a guided meditation I already know I like.
4thhouseontheleft Example 2:

W - Eat only healthy snacks Monday through Friday.
O - I will have more energy and less digestive problems.
O - My body craves sugar in the afternoon and evening.
P - If I have a sugar craving, then I will eat a sweet fruit like berries or peaches, or drink a flavored sparkling water.


#lifecoach #positivepsychology
LibrarianRyan Thanks. 2w
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4thhouseontheleft @LibrarianRyan 👍 It‘s hard to explain it adequately in a limited txt format, so I hope the links are helpful! 2w
mabell Great explanation and examples! Thank you for sharing 😊 2w
wanderinglynn This is great! Thanks for sharing. 👍🏻 2w
4thhouseontheleft @mabell @wanderinglynn Happy to share! I‘m setting up my goals for this challenge in the WOOP app today. 😃 (edited) 2w
Clwojick You‘re a gem! This is great! 🤩 2w
LauraBeth Love this! 2w
Cinfhen Love this!!!! Especially example 2! 2w
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Today is the last day to sign up! Head over to @wanderinglynn for details. So many wonderful Littens have joined in, I hope you consider joining too!


wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 😀 2w
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I finally reached the one and only Jaime chapter in ADWD! 😮😮

300 pages to go...

#gameofthrones #gotcad

KathyWheeler Jaime went from being one of the characters I hated the most to being one of my favorites. (edited) 2w
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Cooking in the Moment | Andrea Reusing
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1. An original voice.
2. Funko pops, crystals, tea pots
3. Tagged. I also like Julia Child, Mark Bittman and Smitten Kitchen.
4. Maya Angelou, Rumi and Emily Dickinson
5. 👋👋👋


Eggs Love these responses!! Thanks for playing 🤗🌸 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Eggs Great questions this week! 2w
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Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
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This series is on my TBR, and what better motivation than to hold a summer buddy read!

🌟Starting in June, I will be hosting a 3-month #CrazyRichAsiansbuddyread! 🌟

Discussion starts the 7th of each month, open forum. In June, there will also be a #booktomovie viewing event!

There is also a giveaway!. To enter:
💫Read all 3 books & participate in discussions
💫Share this post
💫Tag @4thhouseontheleft in posts, use #CrazyRichAsiansBuddyRead

4thhouseontheleft I look forward to reading this series with other Littens for a fun summer (or winter, depending on where you live!) group read! 😃 And for those who are participating in #Booked2019, this will also help to fulfill the summer #BooktoMovie prompt! @cinfhen @barbarathebibliophage (edited) 2w
Cinfhen Cute idea!! I read the first book... maybe I‘ll join u for books 2 &3 💕 2w
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AmyG If I can find these, I‘m in. I have the first one..,somewhere. 😳 AND...found! 🎉 (edited) 2w
Caroline2 Oh yay!! 😀 this sounds fab! Count me in! 👍🏻 2w
4thhouseontheleft @MaleficentBookDragon Yay!! @Cinfhen You can still join the discussion for book 1 and then read along for the rest! 😘 @AmyG 🎉🎉🎉 @Caroline2 Awesome! Glad you‘re joining in! 2w
Cheshirecat913 Fun, these have been on my TBR pile. I got my mom the first one for Christmas but haven't read themself yet. 2w
phatsallylee I'm in for book 2 and 3! I read the first one but didn't see the movie. 2w
StephanieMarie Just read these this year! Enjoy!! 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Cheshirecat913 @phatsallylee I‘m glad you‘re joining in! @StephanieMarie You are always welcome to join the discussion! 2w
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Caraval 3. Finale | Stephanie Garber
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I ordered the special edition Caraval #Finale 📦 from #OwlCrate and I am in love! It smelled delicious just opening the box. I‘ve never used a shower steamer before, but this one smells all kinds of amazing.

Pillow, tote, book pin, candle, deck of cards, book tin, it is all fantastic! And I think I have enough book-themed pillows now to cover the sofa. 😃

BooknerdsLife What a beautiful 📚box!!! 💙💙 Happy Reading to you 🙌🏼 2w
GypsyKat 😍😍😍 2w
Gissy I also received my box yesterday😍❤️❤️❤️Never used shower steamer before either so let see how it works. Isn't that cover beautiful? 2w
MellieAntoinette It did smell wonderful! 2w
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An afternoon training I had today finished early, so I‘m taking some me time with an aperol spritz before I go home. ☺️ I‘m also in one of the Charlotte neighborhoods we are considering moving to, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to check out the vibe. We‘re getting tired of the suburbs.

RvnclawWhovian Love a good aperol spritz! 2w
TrishB @RvnclawWhovian me too 👍🏻 2w
hilded Ah, my favourite summer drink 🍹 2w
4thhouseontheleft @RvnclawWhovian @TrishB I walked in planning to get a cappuccino, until I saw aperol spritz on the Sunday special list. 🎉🎉 with the ☀️ peeking through the clouds, I took it as a sign to order one of my fave summer 🍹. 😃 2w
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Game of Thrones | George R R Martin
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Since some GoT episodes are the length of a movie, I‘m counting it for the #MayMadness #Booktomovie #personalchallenge as this was my Saturday night entertainment.

Slowly catching up, hopefully in time for the final episode in a few weeks! #gameofthrones

julesG 👏👏👏👏 Did this this morning. 3w
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Star Wars: Vader Down | Jason Aaron
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May the fourth be with you!

It‘s hard to do just one photo of the Star Wars merch we have, so I chose the shelf in Maya‘s room. ☺️ #showmeyourstarwars #starwarsday #MayMadness

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Love him! I have the R2, but not the BB8 3w
Clwojick Lol! The little 💩 sticker. 😂😂 3w
4thhouseontheleft @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I want the R2! @Clwojick I was waiting to see who would notice/comment that first! 😂💩 I only noticed Maya did that when I took the photo today. 3w
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