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I'm a Hygge girl, in a Hygge world. On LT I'm avanders; on Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/avanders
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Case Study by Graeme Macrae Burnet
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Chrissy!!!! Thank you so much!! I have been so unacceptably busy & crazy, & *such* a bum about Litsy & being in touch (even posting this dayzz after I rec‘d this!), & I appreciate SO MUCH this incredibly thoughtful, loving, & generous birthday gift!! Thank you for thinking of me & sending such fun & wonderful gifts! I love absolutely all of it! (sorry you can‘t see the candies - they were already in my belly when I took the pic 🫣)

Chrissyreadit Glad you like it- let me know what you think of the locally roasted coffee? I had a sample and was surprised by how much I liked it. 1mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit the coffee was so yummy! Thank you for sending… I love trying new coffees, as I‘m sure you know 😘🥰🥰 How‘ve you been?? I know I owe an email!! 1mo
jenniferw88 Hi, if you have it can you please drop me an email at irene_gulliver@yahoo.co.uk with the list of banned members for #litsyswaps? I know about lapreader 4w
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@LibrarianRyan What a super fun surprise!! Er, should have been an un-surprise, but my brain is all mush lately, so it was a surprise. This book looks soooooooo good!!! (Delicious Monsters) And I‘m posting it alongside the one you sent from my wishlist. Thank you for your always-thoughtful and incredibly kind generosity — and Happiest of (un) Birthdays!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

LibrarianRyan Yeahh. I‘m jelly you for your copy first. Mine hasn‘t come in yet. 3mo
Avanders @LibrarianRyan oh no! That‘s crazy!! Esp given our respective states 🫢🤯 3mo
BethM Just checking on you! 2mo
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Avanders @BethM hey lady! Oof other than being, apparently, the worst, I‘ve been doing ok? The job transition has been tough… not the work, so much, as the … um, people challenges? 😬 But it seems to be settling, in many respects. And .. I hope that it settles into something really good ☺️ How‘ve you been?? ♥️ 2mo
BethM I‘m glad it‘s settling! At least the work itself is good- when both are bad it‘s… ooof. We‘re doing ok! Still sleep and work challenges but we‘re making it through. 2mo
Avanders @BethM no kidding! It‘s so up and down, sometimes I feel completely energized and other times completely drained. 🫠 I know what you mean about sleep and work challenges — has he passed through this phase yet? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 1mo
BethM Marginal improvement 😂 1mo
Avanders @BethM eeee that is *rough*!! Hope you‘re finding other times to rest, relax, and zone out! 🧘🏽‍♀️🩵 1mo
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Life: chaos.

Started a new job last Monday! It was a crazy week, but I‘m excited for the job! 😄 That‘s one of the many things life has thrown at me recently, thus my being nearly MIA here. Hope everyone is well!!

Reading the tagged… And we picked Case Study for this month‘s #RealLifeBookGroup - looks interesting! Has anyone read it?

Happy almost Valentine‘s Day everyone! 💘💘💘

Ruthiella Congratulations on the new job! I loved the 4mo
Bookzombie Congratulations on the new job! 4mo
vivastory Congrats on the new job! 4mo
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Librarybelle Congratulations on the new job! 4mo
Gissy Yes, congratulations ion your new job! 🎉👏 4mo
Leftcoastzen Congratulations! 4mo
squirrelbrain Congrats on the new job! Case Study will be great for a book club discussion. 4mo
Reggie Congrats on the new job! 4mo
CarolynM I read it for my IRL book group a few months ago. It didn't fo much for me but most of the rest of the group liked it. 3mo
BethM I was just thinking about missing you! Congrats! What are you doing now? 3mo
Chrissyreadit How is the new job? 3mo
Avanders @BethM missing you too! And I couldn‘t do #cbbc 🥺 The new job is NM Solicitor General - at the AG‘s office. 🤓🤓 It‘s been a lot, and I‘m not sure I love it yet… but I‘m trying to give it a real chance… 😬 How‘ve you been?? How‘s Wes? ♥️♥️ 3mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit it‘s… busy. And stressful. But not really for the reasons that I would‘ve expected .. I‘m working through a few things. And I guess still deciding if I‘m sticking around… 🙁 How‘ve you been?? ♥️♥️ 3mo
Chrissyreadit In my usual state of chaos. Seriously exhausted. But mostly good. Im not able to read without feeling distracted and it‘s driving me crazy…. 3mo
Chrissyreadit Feel free to email- I‘m curious about the job. Have you started packing? 3mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit man, I feel all of that! Chaos and exhaustion. Mental and emotional for me these days — not as much physical. In fact, I sit at a computer for too many hours in a row! 😵‍💫😵‍💫 I totally relate re reading. I‘m on book 4 for the year 🫠 Haven‘t really started packing, but we made a spreadsheet and feel remotely organized 😜 Will email more about the job … this week will provide some more key info, so after wed will be better… 3mo
BethM Wait moving? Feel free to include me on that email! I had to google the job, sounds like a lot and not a lot of person interaction? We‘re ok! Wes has been in a major sleep regression since dec 26 🙃 actually @Chrissyreadit has helped me a bunch ❤️ but we still have really broken sleep after anytime between 1030-230, just wish it would be after 230 more often 😂 3mo
Chrissyreadit I‘m glad it‘s better- I wonder if his nap is tricking his body that it doesn‘t need the longer sleep? @BethM 3mo
Chrissyreadit Ok I will wait patiently for the updates. 😘 3mo
Avanders @BethM Oooh yeah. I know. Moving. Again. But not til Aug.. It's just “on the horizon.“ Lol I'll include you in the email for sure! You know, the job *is* a lot. And though it's not a ton of personal interaction, the *kind* of personal interaction is a lot for me... it's intense!! But I'm still only a month in... Oooooh noooo that's a long sleep regression!! Hope it's sorted soon... so glad she was able to help! Do you know what's causing it? 🤔 3mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit 😂 I'm just trying not to jump to conclusions.... 😇😘😘 3mo
Chrissyreadit @BethM if it‘s helpful feel free to text anytime about sleep stuff (or to chat 😘😆) 3mo
BethM @Chrissyreadit I was just thinking about texting you today! I‘ll probably do so in the am. @Avanders I think mental growth- I think it‘s all imagination/fear type stuff. But he‘s at least going to sleep In his own room in his own bed now. That‘s a HUGE improvement on what we were dealing with. 3mo
Avanders @BethM awwwww 🥺 That‘s so hard. That‘s great that he‘s sleeping in his own bed now! If there‘s anything I can do, let me know. Otherwise, sending love and support!! 💖💖 3mo
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So sorry for such a long delay — I did *not* forget!! I just have been crazy busy 🤪🤪

I picked 4 names - you‘ll each receive a book, specially plucked from your wishlist, directly from the seller ☺️ Please email me at Leathy18 at gmail with your address. 🤗♥️

THANKS TO ALL for celebrating with me!

Meshell1313 Oh wow wow wow! Thank you so much! Super generous of you and congrats again on the amazing milestone! Super impressive and truly appreciated! 💖 4mo
Ruthiella Thank you so much! What a fantastic surprise for me to wake up to! 😊 4mo
TheDaysGoBy I totally forgot about this 😂 Thank you so much! I‘ll email you later today. So sweet and congrats again! 4mo
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BarbaraBB Thanks for organizing! 4mo
BookNAround How exciting! 4mo
BethM Hope things are well! We got snow this weekend ;) 4mo
Avanders @BethM I bet it‘s so beautiful!! 💙 It‘s been surprisingly chilly here in NM lately, but not much snow… 😒 4mo
Avanders @BookNAround @TheDaysGoBy @Ruthiella @Meshell1313 I am *mortified* that I haven‘t ordered your books yet!! So sorry - they will be coming soon!! I switched jobs and spent the past month wrapping up my old job — and then had my first week on the new job… but soon! I promise! ♥️ 4mo
Ruthiella No worries and no rush! ❤️ 4mo
Meshell1313 @Avanders No worries at all! 💝💝💝 4mo
BookNAround Definitely no rush! I still have to send @Meshell1313 her #lastfirst book too. Life happens to all of us. 🤷‍♀️ 4mo
Meshell1313 @BookNAround I feel so lucky and fortunate! No worries at all! 4mo
TheDaysGoBy @Avanders No rush! Life gets crazy. Hope your new job is going well! 4mo
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The Sunken City | Emma V. R. Noyes
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Oooh 🤩🤩 Thank you @Jjaxn95 for this wonderful and wonderfully wintry #Winterwonderlandswap package!! 💙🤍

I‘m so excited for the books, the socks are perfectly cozy, the candle smells amaaaazing, the treats sound delish, and those pens!!! I love both the colors and that they‘re scented!! Thank you!!


TheBookHippie Ooooo those pens!!!! 5mo
Chrissyreadit 1. Just stacked tagged book! 2.those pens!! 3. ❄️🤍❄️🤍💙❄️🤍❄️🤍 5mo
Avanders @TheBookHippie they‘re so great 😁 @Chrissyreadit I know - the book looks so fun! 💙❄️🤍 5mo
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Cytonic | Brandon Sanderson
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I started the year at a good rip, met my Goodreads goal, then hit a brick wall in my brain… I still managed to have some favorites. 🤩🤩

Here are my top 12 picks (favorite reads) for 2022. I‘ve noted which ones I ear-read, rather than eye-read. I know in at least 1 instance, it made a difference (Paris!). And yes, a romance novel made the list!

What‘re yours?

Reggie Space Unicorn Blues!!! Loved that book! 5mo
Avanders @Reggie right?! It totally took me by surprise 😁 A coworker gave me the 2nd for Christmas this year… 5mo
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Giveaway | Carolyn Finlay
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Hey look at that!
I‘ve long planned to do a giveaway if/when I reached 100k & here we are!

So let‘s see… by 12/31/22 @ midnight US pacific time, add a comment here saying what your fave book of 2022 was, what you‘re most excited about in 2023, & if your Litsy TBR is a good source for book-picking (if not, what is?). I‘ll use a random-picker & send a book or 2… 😁

If Book depository ships to your country, then you‘re included!

Yay!! 💖💖

TheBookHippie So much thought provoking discussions with this book 5mo
BethM Omg yay!!! Litsy wouldn‘t be the same without you! 5mo
Erin.Elizabeth10 One of my fave books this year was Lessons in Chemistry, I‘m looking forward to reading more books I already own next year, and I love my Litsy TBR! 5mo
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BethM I loved the Love Hypothesis, and I‘m looking forward to getting just like magic bc my sister loved it and she generally dislikes romance. 5mo
wanderinglynn Congrats on your milestone! 🎉👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 My fave 2022 was Ordinary Monsters. In 2023, I‘m looking forward to Magic Tides, a Kate Daniels novella releasing on 1/17. My Litsy TBR is up to date. 5mo
Jerdencon Congrats!!🎉my best book was the Lost girls of willowbrook and not even sure what I‘m looking forward to but my Litsy list is pretty up to date . Thanks! 5mo
RayHallucinogen That's insane. I'd say read any novel by Steinbeck, he is my favorite this year. So, yes, I'd 5mo
RayHallucinogen I like to pick a good old classic any time 5mo
LeeRHarry Congratulations 🎉 ok I‘ll call it 😏 my fave book of 2022 - Malibu Rising - in 2023 I‘m looking forward to all the buddy reads, readalongs and bookgroup reads 😊 my Litsy TBR is up to date. Thanks for the giveaway! 5mo
Twainy 🎉great achievement! 2022 - Dungeon Crawler Carl … 2023 - Play of Shadows … nope on the TBR, I have an Amazon Book Wishlist 😁 good luck with your next milestone! 🤗 5mo
TheKidUpstairs Congrats on your milestone! 🎉 My favourite read of 2022 was The Sleeping Car Porter, it 100% deserved its Giller win, the perfect blend of story, style, and substance. Next year in reading I'm looking forward to the new Cherie Dimaline coming out, and Tomb of Sand finally being available in Canada! And yes, my Litsy TBR is up to date 😁 Thanks for the opportunity for a cool giveaway! 5mo
KateReadsYA Congratulations and thank you so much for hosting a giveaway!! Favorite book of 2022 was A court of mist and fury and I'm Most excited to read Stardust in their veins by Laura Sebastian! My Litsy tbr is not currently up to date haha but I do have an Amazon wish list!! 🥰 5mo
Deblovestoread Congrats on the milestone 🎉! My favorite book today of 2022 was The Dance Tree. I‘m most looking forward to Demon Copperhead and my Litsy TBR is up to date. Thanks for the opportunity 😊 5mo
CBee Amazing milestone! My favorite of 2022 has to be Fresh Water for Flowers. I‘m excited to read the next Thursday Murder Club book, and Demon Copperhead! My Litsy TBR is up to date! 5mo
Born.A.Reader Congrats on such an accomplishment! 🙌 🎉 and I have to pick one?! Probably Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney. I'm excited to start working through my TBR series in 2023, and my Litsy TBR is woefully out of date, but my Goodreads is accurate. Thank you! 😊 5mo
Meshell1313 🙌🎉 Absolutely amazing! And thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! My favorite book of 2022 was This Woven Kingdom and in 2023 I‘m most excited for the sequel! I devoured most Mafi books all year. My Litsy TBR is up to date. Yay! 📚🤗 5mo
Read4life Congratulations on 100K+ 🎉🥳 My favorite book was The Inheritance Games by Barnes. I‘m most excited for book 4 in the Inheritance Games series. I love that my daughter enjoys reading them with me 🤓 My Litsy TBR is up to date. (edited) 5mo
BarbaraBB Great milestone! My favorite - I think - is This Time Tomorrow because I read it at just the right time for me. I am looking forward to 2023 because 2022 wasn‘t the best year and because I love starting new reading challenges. My Litsy TBR is up to date. Thank you for this giveaway 💜 5mo
UwannaPublishme Woo hoo!!! Congrats to you! 😘🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉🎉📚📚📚 5mo
Jas16 🎉👏📚Congratulations on your milestone and thanks for hosting such s great giveaway! I am probably most excited about either the new Emily Henry or the new Leigh Bardugo. Litsy TBR is up to date My favorite book read in 2022 was 5mo
mabell Congratulations! That‘s a big number! 😄🎉🎉🎉 5mo
Scochrane26 1) 2022– The Anthropocene Reviewed 2) excited about the next Lady Sherlock coming out in the spring of 2023 3) yes, my Litsy tbr is the best place to find books I don‘t own that I want to read. 5mo
Cinfhen Congrats on achieving this milestone 🫶🏼and thanks for hosting a #giveaway 🥳 so hard to pick a favorite book but I‘m going with one that really left an impression and one I‘m really looking forward to is Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld 5mo
BookwormAHN Congratulations 🎆 and thanks for hosting a giveaway to celebrate 🍾 My favorite book of 2022 was The Witch's Heart or Song of Achilles and I'm really looking forward to Hell Bent. 5mo
wordslinger42 Congratulations!! My favorite book of 2022 (although it's hard to choose!) was Child of Light by Terry Brooks. In 2023, I'm most excited about publishing the first book in my epic fantasy series! My Litsy TBR is a good place to look for books, but I could also email you a short list of ideas if I won 📚 Thank you for hosting 😊 5mo
LeahBergen Congrats on the big number! 🎉🎉 Woohoo! 🎉🎉 Let‘s see … my favourite read of the year was an oldie called Christopher and Columbus by Elizabeth von Arnim (with several others coming in a close second!). I‘m looking forward to many more Litsy buddy reads and swaps in 2023! My Litsy TBR is pathologically up-to-date and consists of all unowned books. 😆 Happy New Year to you and thanks for this fun and thoughtful giveaway. 😘😘 5mo
MaureenMc Congratulations! 🍾 My favorite read of 2022 was Miss Buncle‘s Book (D.E. Stevenson). In 2023, I‘m looking forward to my personal reading challenge for my 50th year. 😁 My Litsy TBR is good for finding books I want to read that I don‘t already own, at least for the most recent 50 or so. 😆 Thanks for hosting this thoughtful giveaway! 5mo
TieDyeDude Whoo! 2022 - All About Me by Mel Brooks. 2023 - Lone Women by Victor Lavalle. Litsy TBR is okay, GoodReads is edited more often. 5mo
Gissy Congratulations!📚📚📚📚🎉🎊👏👏👏 5mo
CarolynM Congratulations on reaching this milestone🎉👏 and thank you for the giveaway opportunity 🙏 The book I feel most affection for this year is Greta & Valdin by Rebecca O‘Reilly, a book from New Zealand & a gift from @Centique when I was lucky enough to spend a day with her in October. In 2023 I‘m most excited for Edenglassie by Melissa Lucashenko. My Litsy TBR is the books I want to read & don‘t own. Thanks again & Happy New Year to you & yours 💕 5mo
Hooked_on_books Congrats and thanks for doing this! Best book of 2022 is Ed Yong‘s An Immense World. Absolutely incredible book! Most excited for Justin Cronin‘s new release in 2023, The Ferryman. And yes, my Litsy TBR works great! 5mo
BookNAround My favorite of 2022 was Love and Saffron by Kim Fay. I‘m looking forward to finding some more little gems (the books that others don‘t often find because they don‘t have a big marketing budget behind them) that I can introduce others to. As for finding books for me, I have an appallingly long Amazon wishlist. 5mo
BennettBookworm Congratulations!! Wow! And thank you for the generous giveaway opportunity! I think my fave from this year was True Biz by Sara Novic! And I‘m most excited to start 2023 with the final Beartown book, The Winners by Backman 😭❤️☺️ and yes my Litsy TBR is now a wishlist of books I don‘t own :) Thank you again! 5mo
Ruthiella Congratulations on reaching 100k! 🥳 I really loved Going Postal which I read in 2022 and was the 3rd Terry Pratchett title for me and which cemented my love of him. I. 2020 I‘m looking forward to the 2023 Tournament of Books and reading the shortlist. My Goodreads TBR is more accurate than Litsy! 5mo
julieclair Wow, Congrats!! That‘s a wonderful achievement. My favorite book of 2022 was Salt to the Sea, which was a #LiteraryCrew Buddy read. For 2023, I‘m excited to be more intentional about my reading, and less like a ping pong ball, lol. Thanks for kindly hosting this fun giveaway. It‘s a great way to celebrate with you! My Litsy TBR is up to date. 💙 5mo
TheDaysGoBy Congrats! So cool! My favorite book might actually be When Books Went to War - I found it so fascinating! I‘m looking forward to getting back into a real rhythm reading again in 2023. 2022 my reading slipped quite a bit but it‘s picked up the last few months so hoping I can keep that going. My Litsy TBR should be good 5mo
bthegood Congratulations and thanks - Favorite book of 2022 The Music Shop - looking forward to another year - just grateful for everything - TBR is current. 5mo
TheAromaofBooks Congratulations!!! So many fabulous book recommendations on this post!! I think my favorite read of 2022 may have actually been Great Northern? by Arthur Ransome, the final Swallows & Amazons book (published in 1947). It was just so, so delightful. I had never read the series before and wish there were more of them!! I don't really look ahead to upcoming books, just stumble across them as the year goes on 😂 but my Litsy TBR is up to date!! 5mo
Chrissyreadit CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊 Now I need to read all your comments!!! This was a fun post 🎉❄️💙😘💙❄️🎉 5mo
AsYouWish Congratulations!! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! So sweet! I read so many good books in 2022 it is difficult to narrow it down, but I fell in love with The Order of Ravens and Wolves series! I am looking forward to Riley Sager‘s new book in 2023. My Litsy TBR is pretty up to date. 5mo
Gissy Congratulations 🎉🎊 🥳 📚📚📚📚📚📚👏👏👏👏👏👏 5mo
Gissy My fav book in 2022? Difficult 😳I have many Ivwill say: Hamnet
🎄2023 I have new goals for different aspects of my life, a positive attitude to face life, work in some projects to have space for my books; goals for new events in sports, that means to be more disciplined. I‘m planning some minor changes in my appearance like hair style. 2023 means changes and working to reach an internal harmony🧘🏽‍♀️ Happy 2023 @Acabders 🎉🥰
peanutnine Congratulations on this accomplishment! 🎉 My favorite book of 2022 was A Strange and Stubborn Endurance. For 2023 I'm most looking forward to the release of TJ Klune's newest book In the Lives of Puppets. My Litsy TBR is mostly up to date. Thanks for doing a giveaway! ☺️ 5mo
Bklover Just made it! Congratulations on your 100k!🥳🥳. I think my favorite of 2022 was The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn! Couldn‘t pick one single book but my TBR is up to date and I can‘t wait for The Spare by Prince Harry! (edited) 5mo
Avanders *trying to tag everyone — if you‘ve been tagged multiple times — sorry!! Will check in later and try to fix…. 5mo
TheBookHippie I think I was first comment ! ♥️ 5mo
Avanders *and* (continued) @BarbaraBB @Jas16 @Scochrane26 @Cinfhen @BookwormAHN @wordslinger42 @LeahBergen @MaureenMc @TieDyeDude @CarolynM @Hooked_on_books @BookNAround @BennettBookworm @Ruthiella @julieclair @TheDaysGoBy @bthegood @TheAromaofBooks @AsYouWish @Gissy @peanutnine @Bklover Thanks everyone for entering and all your book “suggestions” 😁 Love the things we‘re looking forward to in 2023 (many books ;)) Will post winner(s) later! ♥️♥️ 5mo
Avanders @TheBookHippie I think that‘s right! 😘♥️ 5mo
KateReadsYA 🎆❤️ 5mo
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All ready for 2023‘s reading journey — these are the ~120 books I can pick from (plus for my #reallifebookgrouo). Not that I can read that many books in a year (yet! Someday my life won‘t be too busy 😜), but it helps to somewhat limit my choices. 😳

As for the rest? Imma have to cullll my books again this next year 😥 bc we‘re moving next year! (Again 😬🫣)

Happy Holidays all!! Hope you‘re staying safe & are finding quiet moments of peace❄️💙🌺

kspenmoll Happy Holidays to you! How to choose??! 5mo
Avanders @kspenmoll for the shelf? It‘s a combination of a “spark joy” sort of consideration and trying to make sure I‘m mixing new and old & mixing genres. As for in the moment? 💯 mood-based 😁 5mo
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Thank you @magyklyXdelish for this perfect book selection and, what I know you didn‘t know, but are my absolute favorite chocolates!!!!! I‘m originally from Wisconsin, and I miss these! I gasped when I opened the box and saw them ? Happy Jólabókaflód!! ?❄️?

And thank you @MaleficentBookDragon for hosting and organizing my favorite swap all year! Happy Jólabókaflód to you! ♥️??? #jolabokaflodswap

JamieArc How cool! Happy Jolabokaflod! 5mo
magyklyXdelish That‘s awesome!! I wanted to get you something local and seroogy‘s is our pride and joy lol I‘m so happy you got a piece of home ♥️ 5mo
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The Midnight Girls | Alicia Jasinska
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Oooh thank you @Bookgoil for this fabulous #jolabokaflodswap selection!! Im@so excited for this book! Jenny Lawson first recommended it and I‘ve been wanting it ever since! Glad to hear you loved it! And the orange slices are so yummy ?? And love the chocolate marshmallows too! Thank you and Happy Jólabókaflód!! ?❄️?

BethM That reminds me of those chocolate oranges you can crack open! 5mo
Bookgoil Can‘t wait to hear what you think when you read it 🥰 5mo
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Merry Christmas Eve-Eve! ❄️🎄🌺

Thank you so much @MaleficentBookDragon for this amazing #LMPBC/#holidaycheer package!! I‘m so excited for the books — & husband is also super geeked on the tagged book 😁😁 &2 of my fave coffees! ❤️‍🔥🤤 I 💗 the mug, coaster, & socks, & the chocolates & tea smell/sound delish! Also buggy & I will be painting this reindeer mug together on Christmas!

Thank you!! I‘m so blessed to call you Friend.

MaleficentBookDragon Yay! It almost makes up for be being so late returning your book. 😉 I love James Hoffman. I‘m about a third off the way through the book myself. Happy Holidays! I‘m also thrilled we‘ve become friends. 5mo
BethM Love it! 5mo
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The Book Exchange | Pryor, OK (Bookstore)
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Yay!! Received this #jolabokaflodswap package from @magyklyXdelish today!! Can‘t wait!


Bring Me Back | B A Paris
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Oh @Chrissyreadit - what a wonderful winter holiday gift!! Thank you so much — and for always being so sweet & thoughtful - I‘m grateful for your friendship! I had a … very rough & tumble week, ending with more bad news (on the car front), & these gifts were such an appreciated lift me up! 🤗💙❄️🤍😘

Also, how cool to have used @Rachel.Rencher ‘s mystery book shop on Etsy - I love it and I‘m so excited to read this book! 🤩

Thank you!! ♥️♥️♥️

julieclair Love this! 5mo
Chrissyreadit 😘😘😘❄️🤍❄️🤍❄️hope you get time to relax tomorrow 5mo
Rachel.Rencher Enjoy!! 🥰🥰📚 5mo
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The Christmas Town | Donna VanLiere
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Yay received my first (of 2 :)) #jolabokaflodswap packages! From … @Bookgoil ? Basing it off name on return… ? #jólabókaflód

Also, look at this great idea for gifts! Teachers? Office? ???

And look at how big my tiny baby is!! He‘s practically a man ?????

AmyG Adorable! 5mo
Avanders @AmyG 😘♥️ 5mo
Bklover Oh I Love the sunglasses!! Looks all grown up! 5mo
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Gissy Adorable!🥰 5mo
Bookgoil Yes from me! Sorry I‘ve been sick and keep forgetting to post! ❤️ 5mo
Avanders @Bookgoil 👏🏽👏🏽 no worries - can‘t wait! ♥️🥰 Hope you feel better soon! 5mo
Chrissyreadit Super cute- both your son and gift idea 5mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit 😁😘 Though I can‘t take credit for that idea… found it on… I think FB? 5mo
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Fairy Tale | Stephen King
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Thank you so much @AmyG - your sweet thoughtfulness & generosity are so appreciated! 💙🤍💙 The card & bookmark are beautiful, & I‘m so excited for this book!! 🥰😘

Also ready to send out #WinterWonderlandSwap #WWS & #Jolabokaflodswap pkgs (Chelle - lmk if I have a 2nd to send!).. & finally sending #coffeebeanbookclub #cbbc last pkg (Chrissy -I think I tracked down the book on Litsy - Apple cider slaying? I never rec‘d it! 🫢) & #LMPBC last pkg😅

TheBookHippie 💙❄️💙 6mo
Chrissyreadit Oh no!!! So you never got your last cbbc package? 6mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit it‘s so weird - I got *my* book back (seashells, spells, and caramels), but I never received the Apple cider slaying book! I wonder if that‘s why everyone was so surprised we were on our last month… we lost a book along the way!! 😧 6mo
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Chrissyreadit Ohh! That makes sense! I‘m going to look and see what happened. So odd. I‘m not bothered though. Sometimes things happen. 6mo
Chrissyreadit I wonder if it was lost in mail to PR because of the storms at the time. 6mo
Chrissyreadit Do you think there will be another round? 6mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit ooh I wonder - that‘s possible! Do we know who was sending there? And I don‘t know! Nicole seems to be taking a longer break than usual… maybe we‘ll start up again sometime next year ☺️ 6mo
AmyG Yay! Enjoy, my sweet friend. 😘 6mo
Avanders @AmyG 😘♥️ 6mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon 2nd #jolabokaflodswap package sent directly from Amazon, set to arrive on Thursday! 😘 6mo
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post image

Hi litsy friends! What is your Winter Season Aesthetic? This is mine!
#winterwonderlandswap #winteraesthetic #wws


Chrissyreadit ❄️😍❄️😍❄️ 6mo
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post image

Whew! The end of 2022 is flying by CRAZY fast!!!
I‘m reading Tomorrow, & tomorrow, & tomorrow 🤗 Still striving for better reading focus…

We picked the tagged for our end-of-Jan #RealLifeBookClub book…

Decorated a tree — minimal decos overall since we‘re traveling for the holidays this year…

#BOTM #BookoftheMonth picks…

Oh & loooved this fun holiday cup from #DutchBrothers… and the candy cane cocoa inside! 🥰

Happy December everyone! ❄️💙🌬️

AmyG What a lovely tree. How are you liking Tomorrow….? 6mo
Trashcanman Beautiful 6mo
Sleepswithbooks Your tree is awesome! 6mo
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Avanders @AmyG Really enjoying it so far!! It‘s been a challenging season for me, but this one seems to be keeping my focus anyway … always an impressive feat these days! 😉😁 6mo
AmyG It recently finished it. A bery good book. Happy to hear you are enjoying it! Happy Holidays 😘 6mo
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Winter Wonderland | Dick Smith, Felix Bernard
post image

Last day to sign up!!

#WinterWonderlandSwap #wws

A swap to celebrate Winter. Or Cozy. Or Warmth. Or Cold.

melissajayne Are there any more big swaps for the Christmas season? I was kicked out of this swap!! 6mo
melissajayne Why did you kick me out of the swap?!?! I WANT TO BE INCLUDED!!! 6mo
MaleficentBookDragon Damn. Missed this one completely. 6mo
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Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon oh no!! I didn‘t tag anyone bc I didn‘t want any added Christmastime pressure…. But I should have! Oh but also, on a separate note, I signed up twice for Jólabókaflód and got 1 match — that‘s totes cool, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn‘t missing 1! Let me know ☺️? 6mo
MaleficentBookDragon @Avanders you should have gotten 2. Let me check my emails. 6mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon any update on 1 vs 2 matches? 🫢 6mo
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Winter Wonderland | Paper & Cloth
post image

#WinterWonderlandSwap #WWS ❄️🤍❄️🤍❄️

This is a fast turn around due to timing!! A swap for anvone who wants to celebrate Winter- inside or outside!


Scochrane26 Can I join in even though I dislike winter weather? 6mo
Avanders @Scochrane26 yes! I think a lot of people don‘t love winter weather… 😁😘 @Chrissyreadit @TheBookHippie 6mo
Chrissyreadit @Scochrane26 I love enjoying it from my couch under a blanket 😆 6mo
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Deblovestoread Yay! So excited! 6mo
TheBookHippie @Scochrane26 YES & maybe this will help❄️❄️❄️💙💙💙 6mo
Scochrane26 @Chrissyreadit That‘s exactly how I enjoy it, too! Sometimes with my cat cuddling with me. 6mo
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Coffeehouse Angel | Suzanne Selfors
post image

Oh my gosh I‘m such a bum!!! I received this super wonderful package from @Gissy for #CoffeeBeanBookClub #cbbc and still haven‘t posted! Sorry and thank you!!! Everything is perfect and wonderful and sooo appreciated. The rock kit is so perfect for buggy!! You are the best!! ♥️♥️♥️

Gissy I‘m happy you liked everything! 🥰 6mo
Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍😍 6mo
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The Wilderwomen | Ruth Emmie Lang
post image

Ok well look, I never claimed to have any self-control w/ books! #BookoftheMonth #BOTM selections 🤩

And @Deblovestoread , what a lovely surprise!! I love this! It really made my day. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! ♥️♥️♥️

Happy Halloween everyone!!

ICantImReading I also got The Wilderwomen and The Cloisters, and I‘m reading Thistlefoot now (from my October box). I‘m loving it so far! 🏚🍗🍗 🎃 7mo
Avanders @ICantImReading yay!! Glad you‘re loving it so far 😁 new books are a o exciting! 😄 7mo
BethM That‘s why you‘re here -none of us do ;) 7mo
Avanders @BethM 🤭 so true! 7mo
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The Babysitters Coven | Kate M. Williams
post image

Oooh @mcipher what an amazing #BasicWitchSwap #bws package!! I absolutely adore everything!! The books are perfect selections & I can‘t wait to read them! The candies: so yummy; the 🍄 lip balm is too cute; the little tray is perfect for my ring and hair clips; the pin is 🤩; that card game sounds right up my alley; & the teas smell delish! And that candle!!! Amazing 😍🥰🖤 Thank you so much!!

Avanders And thanks to @sprainedbrain for hosting such a fun swap again! 😘♥️ 7mo
5feet.of.fury The candle is gorgeous! 7mo
mcipher Oh I‘m so glad you liked it!!! Our Crooked Hearts blew my mind, I loved it so much. I hope you feel the same way!! 7mo
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sprainedbrain This is awesome! ❤️ 7mo
UwannaPublishme Wow! ❤️ 7mo
Avanders @5feet.of.fury isn‘t it though?! 😍 @mcipher ooooh I can‘t wait to read it!! 😄 @sprainedbrain @UwannaPublishme 🥰🥰♥️ 7mo
Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍 7mo
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The Clockwork Girl | Anna Mazzola
post image

Have started too many… still struggling to really focus… re-committing! Want to actually finish all of these … soon!! 🤓🤓

ju.ca.no I feel that! I have also started too many but also hope to finally finish some of them🙈 7mo
JamieArc I always do that this time of year! So many books I want to read so i can‘t help myself and start way too many! 7mo
Avanders @ju.ca.no it‘s so hard to resist! 🫣🫠 @JamieArc so true — fall & winter books catch my eye harrrrrd 🤤🤤🤤 7mo
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All Hallows' Eve: A Novel | Charles Williams
post image

Ooooh thank you @Skygoddess1 for this perfectly All Hallows‘ Eve #AllHallowsReadSwap #AHRS package! I‘m soo excited for the Boogeyman book!! And Flight 171 sounds right up my alley! Also, perfect choices for the chocolate — thank you so much!!!

And thank you @MaleficentBookDragon for hosting this always fab swap!! ♥️😘

Winterset Hollow | Jonathan Edward Durham
post image

What. A **perfect** #NightmareMakerSwap package!!! You picked the perfect activity for our house! The pumpkin carving book and kit — amazing! 🎃👏🏽👏🏽 And the tagged book looks sooo good!!

And your activity: the bookmarks you made are gorgeous - you are so talented!!

And of course I love the treats & socks too! Thank you @Readergrrl !! 🎃♥️🎃🖤🎃🧡🎃

And thank you @LibrarianRyan for hosting such a fun swap!! #NMS

Readergrrl I‘m so glad! I thought long and hard about the craft for you to do. Originally, I was thinking about a knitting or crocheting project, but your comments about time struck home with me! Have fun!! 7mo
Avanders @Readergrrl it is so appreciated—my son was so excited when he saw it all, he said he wanted to make a pumpkin immediately 😄😍 Thank you so much!! 🎃🖤😘😘 7mo
Readergrrl The bookmarks were fun and quick! I was laboring to finish a 6x6 oil painting of Frankenstein‘s Creature (my favorite “monster”), but something was wrong with my oils; they just weren‘t drying! Ugh. But, ironically, the bookmarks were so much more fun: picking lines from my favorite scary books, sketching and painting, even selecting the little stone weights and matching their colors to the watercolors. I want to make more thematic collections! 7mo
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Avanders @Readergrrl they‘re sooooooo pretty - I love them so much!! I enjoy painting (acrylic), but am not particularly talented 😏 I love the thematic nature of the bookmarks, too — are you on Etsy? 7mo
Readergrrl No, not on Etsy. Im definitely not at that level! 😂😂😂 7mo
squirrelbrain Such a fun package! 7mo
Avanders @Readergrrl after seeing those bookmarks… imma have to disagree!! 😘😘 7mo
Avanders @squirrelbrain so much fun! 😄🎃🖤 7mo
Avanders @LibrarianRyan right?! So perfect! 🧡🎃🖤 7mo
Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍😍 7mo
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post image

Received a package - I assume it‘s Litsy, but I‘m not sure if it‘s #AllHallowsReadSwap or #NightmareMakerSwap 🤷🏽‍♀️😯😄 @MaleficentBookDragon @LibrarianRyan any clue? It‘s from an Ashley…

Also - this book looks fun! Anyone read it??

julieclair This book looks so good! Just added to my TBR stack. 📚 7mo
LibrarianRyan It's not nightmare maker. it was just shipped. 7mo
Avanders @LibrarianRyan ok thanks! 😁 7mo
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Avanders @julieclair I know right?! 🤩 7mo
BethM The cover and synopsis both look great! 7mo
Skygoddess1 It‘s HHS, I realized after I got home from the post office I forgot to write what it was for, sorry 7mo
Avanders @Skygoddess1 no worries but…. I think it‘s All Hallows‘ Read Swap — hopefully! I didn‘t sign up for HHS in time this year 🫢 7mo
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The Clockwork Girl | Anna Mazzola
post image

#TMW it‘s finally cold enough to read in front of a fire…


mabell I love it! 😍 7mo
BethM Jealous! Hubs won‘t let me use ours bc he‘s afraid we‘ll burn the house down 😂 7mo
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Lute | Jennifer Marie Thorne
post image

Fun book day yesterday in the mail!! Received my #fantasticstrangelingsbookclub book (tagged), the book I ordered from #Aardvarkbookclub plus the free one they sent this month… and received my #BasicWitchSwap #bws package!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Yay!

Hope everyone is enjoying their fall! 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

sprainedbrain 🥳🥳 8mo
Chrissyreadit What do you think of Aardvark? And Lute? 7mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit I love Aardvark so far - such a great idea, and I love that they made such an effort, despite some shipping snafus their first month — and really more than made up for it a free books! They are also really responsive. We‘re about to go into month 2, so we‘ll see! Lute is so pretty, but I haven‘t been able to read (anything) in so long… hopefully I can break this slump (curse), and get back to it soon! ♥️♥️ 7mo
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Love on the Brain | Ali Hazelwood
post image

Welp, after years of saying I just don‘t like romance, here I am, breaking a *serious* reading slump with this… to be fair, this one is Rom-*com* … 😬🥸

Reggie Horror or romance have always been my go to slump breakers. And this author, she‘s hilarious. 8mo
Avanders @Reggie I can see why! And I totally agree!! 😄♥️ 8mo
Reggie Lol I loved her Star Wars and cat puns. 8mo
Avanders @Reggie lol yes! She is unapologetic about it! 😂 8mo
BethM Still romance 😂😂😂😂 I loved Love Hypothesis I can‘t wait to read this own! 7mo
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post image

My attention span issue is getting me into a little bit of trouble… I wasn‘t able to finish Night of the Living Deed before I had to send it on… but I bought it so I can finish it anyway! I *am* enjoying it! And I‘m hoping to finish Wine & Roquefort before I have to send *that* one in… just a couple days!

But I‘m also happily reading the School (horrifying!), and I have the other 2 that I‘m waiting to get back to once my holds come up!


julieclair The Night of the Living Deed arrived today, plus the wonderful surprise bonus (tagged)! ? Thank you! That one has been on my TBR for awhile. I'll pass it along to another Litten once I'm done. I'm sorry you didn't have time to finish "Deed" before you had to send it. I am embarrassed to admit that I have the last book from my Round 14 (!) LMPBC that I still haven't finished. I need to follow your example: buy a copy & return the original. ? 8mo
Avanders @julieclair yay!! I‘m really enjoying it (the School book) - tho as I say, horrifying! Lol I don‘t know that it‘s the better example … I have too many books on my “finish” pile right now! What I *need* to do is focus… 🤔😁😘 8mo
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post image

No pics of pkgs, but various things mailed!
#LMPBC sent! @julieclair @MaleficentBookDragon @Deblovestoread

#BasicWitchSwap sent! @sprainedbrain (2 packages - 1 media, 1 priority)

#AllHallowsReadSwap sent! @MaleficentBookDragon (plus a little something-something for you, Chelle :))

julieclair Love this pic! 🧡🖤 8mo
Avanders @julieclair it‘s so cute, right?! 🎃👻😘 8mo
sprainedbrain Wonderful! 8mo
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AmyG I am in Croatia and got notice that I received a package from Albuquerque….so if it‘s from you, I got a box. Not home until Thurs! 8mo
Avanders @AmyG 😁😁😁 it‘s 1 of 2 from me! 👏🏽👏🏽 8mo
AmyG I will let you know when I get an email that the other one arrived. Thank you 😘 8mo
Avanders @AmyG you bet! I was so excited to get you for #BWS 😁😘😘 @sprainedbrain 8mo
AmyG Ha! I was so excited when I saw the box was from Albuquerque. 👏🏻🥰 8mo
AmyG And I just got notice that the second box arrived. I am home tomorrow and will pick up on Thursday and post. Thank you! 8mo
Avanders @AmyG yay!! 👏🏽👏🏽 And thanks for the update 😁😘 8mo
LibrarianRyan avanders, I think I just missed the post and can't find it, but did you send your nightmare Maker swap package? 7mo
Avanders @LibrarianRyan yes! Sorry - I didn‘t separately post - I just responded to the post on your page 🫢🫣 7mo
LibrarianRyan @Avanders Sorry, I reread those this morning and still missed it. I blame Mondays. Forgive me. 7mo
Avanders @LibrarianRyan lol no worries! Happens to me too!! 😘 7mo
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The Marvels | Brian Selznick
post image

And oh my goodness @sblbooks what a wonderful and wonderfully fall jack…olantern #fffs package!!! The tagged book is stunning, & I‘m so excited to read the other 2 as well! Those bookmarks 😍😍😭😍 —they‘re so fall perfect!! I love the mug you chose - so perfectly fall! The scarf is so lovely, & I can‘t wait to dig into those yummmmy treats!! Thank you!!! 🍁🍂♥️🍁🍂♥️🍁🍂♥️🍁🍂♥️

Ps your wrapping was so beautiful, I had to show that off too!! 😘

sblbooks I'm glad you loved everything. I had fun picking it out. 🍎🍁🌰 8mo
sblbooks You better get some tissues for A Monster Calls! It was a five star pick for me. I haven't read the other two. I enjoyed Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. 8mo
Avanders @sblbooks yes, love it all!!! And oooh good to know re A Monster Calls! 🫢🥲 8mo
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post image

Yay!! It‘s #FallingforFallSwap #fffs open day!
Thank you @BeaG for this perfect Cozy-cozy package!! I‘m soooo excited for this book, and that cup is goooorgeous!! I love the cup cozy too - so cute! Thank you!!! 🍁🍂♥️🍁🍂♥️🍁🍂♥️🍁

Happy Fall!

AmyG Great cup! 8mo
BeaG I‘m glad you liked it! 8mo
Avanders @BeaG so much!!! 🍂🍁♥️😘 8mo
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LeahBergen I love the cup! 😍 8mo
Gissy I will post a picture tomorrow! No electricity here right now and early today I had problems with Celular. But I loved everything. I received @Catsandbooks Did you paint the card? 8mo
Catsandbooks @Gissy I'm glad you liked everything! I'm trying to remember the card I sent... 🤦🏼‍♀️ if I signed the back of it then yes I did 😂 I'm glad to hear that you are safe! If you need anything please let me know! 💕 8mo
BethM That cup ❤️ 8mo
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post image

Thank you @AmyG for this package of fall and hygge awesomeness!! (I was planning on opening this last night but my days keep getting away from me!) You are so sweet and thoughtful to send these and I love every bit of it!! Thank you!!!

AmyG I am so happy you like it. Happy Fall, my friend and thank you for hosting this wonderful swap! 😘🍁 8mo
Avanders @AmyG 😘😘😘 8mo
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Scarecrow Has a Gun: A Novel | Michael Paul Kozlowsky
post image

This was a fast read, an intriguing thought experiment, a philosophical sci-fi book. What if we could revisit our memories? How powerful would we be? Could we be? Would we choose to be? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #earlyreviewers #arc

Also excited for this Derry series!

Aaaand the pumpkin express!! 🚂🚂🚂

And reading & enjoying this #LMPBC cozy! Just need to find more time… 🤪

AND rec‘d my cozy-cozy #fffs package — sorry for the late post @BeaG !!! 🍁🍂🍁🍂♥️

Avanders Also - re #fallingforfallswap - I have received confirmation of receipt of pkgs from everyone but the following tagged… please let me know if you‘ve received your pkg yet (If I just missed it, sorry!): @Itchyfeetreader @alexus_sb @Blerdgal_Fenix @BookwormAHN @NovelGirl82 @rsteve388 @Wonderwoman89 8mo
Itchyfeetreader Sorry mine is here… tagged my sender not you! It‘s been a while for doing one of these I apologise @Avanders 8mo
rubyslippersreads Is this title based on the fact that, in The Wizard of Oz movie, the Scarecrow does actually bring a gun to the Haunted Forest to battle the Wicked Witch? (Too bad he didn‘t bring a water pistol. 😂) 8mo
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Avanders @Itchyfeetreader no worries - I must have missed it when I checked! Thank you! 🍁🍂🎃♥️ 8mo
Avanders @rubyslippersreads yes!!! So few people remember that from that scene, and that was the author‘s whole premise — we have real memories of real things, but we remember things differently than reality… but what if we could see the actual memories? I would never have known that but of trivia!! 8mo
rsteve388 I received my package! 8mo
Avanders @rsteve388 thanks! 🍂🍁🎃♥️ 8mo
NovelGirl82 I received my package!! Sorry! I was pretty sure I posted, but I went back and it looks like it didn‘t post. I need a new phone, so things are not going well sometimes. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 8mo
Avanders @NovelGirl82 no worries… I did the same thing!! 🫢😘🍂🍁🎃♥️ 8mo
BookwormAHN I haven't received mine yet. 8mo
Avanders @BookwormAHN ok I‘m double checking with your sender! 8mo
BeaG @Avanders I‘m just glad you received it! 8mo
Blerdgal_Fenix Received mine — sorry been a little all over the place 8mo
alexus_sb @Avanders I‘ve not received mine yet! 8mo
Avanders @Blerdgal_Fenix great! Thank you! 🍁🍂♥️ 8mo
Avanders @alexus_sb hi your sender checked tracking and reported this: It says it is being held at her post office at customer request. They attempted to deliver it on the 10th. 8mo
alexus_sb @Avanders I had no clue! There was no note! Please tell my sender that I‘m super sorry! I‘m going to go to the post literally right now to see if they still have it! Also, the person I sent to should have already received theirs! I‘ll hunt for the tracking number! 8mo
Avanders @alexus_sb so frustrating! 😩 And your recipient did report receiving it & apologized for not saying something sooner! 🍁🍂♥️ 8mo
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All Hallows' Eve: A Novel | Charles Williams
post image

Guys. It‘s time. @MaleficentBookDragon ‘s annual #AllHallowsReadSwap - sign up by Tuesday!!

You will be sending THREE Items-
1 BOOK From Your Recipient's Wish List, Some Halloween Candy, AND 1 scary book you recommend to them.

We will open on October 30th so we all will have a new scary book to read on Halloween.

Sign up here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZhCMivmtTcmJOnO7eTiIc7oBwjprI2HRxBc0P...

LeahBergen I signed up. It‘s the most swappiest time of the year. 😆 9mo
Avanders @LeahBergen it so is!! 🎃♥️ 9mo
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mcipher Fall swaps are the best! 9mo
BethM Love this! 9mo
Avanders @BethM @mcipher Agreed!! 🎃♥️🍁🍂🎃♥️🍁🍂🎃♥️🍁🍂 9mo
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post image

🍁🍂♥️ perfect fall package ♥️🍁🍂
Thank you @Gissy for another wonderful, thoughtful, and generous package!!!! Buggy looooves his new cup, and his new book! The socks & mug are so perfect, the coffee smells so good!! And I cannot *wait* to do the pumpkin kit!! 🎃🎃🎃 Thank you!! 😘😘
#cbbc #coffeebeanbookclub

And this tag from @Eggs - thank you! 😘 Reading: Scarecrow has a Gun, sci fi, v intriguing so far!! #currentlyreading #littenswanttoknow

Eggs 🧡🍁💛 you are welcome 🙏🏻 9mo
Gissy Wow! That was fast. It was supposed to arrive tomorrow☺️I‘m so glad you liked everything. I saw the cup and Immediately thought was perfect for Buggy🤗The book well, was about dinosaurs.🦖I thought the pumpkin kit could be a family activity and it was a way to include your husband in the box items☺️Enjoy the cozy autumn readings, socks and cup are waiting for you🥰🍁🍂 9mo
BethM Oooh love it!! Buggy‘s cup is perfection! 9mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awesome gifts 🍂🧡🎁 9mo
Avanders @Gissy it‘s so perfect for him — he was always using mine and is so happy to have one of his own 😁😁 And yes, the pumpkin kit is the perfect thing for us to do together!! 🥰🥰 Thanks again!! ♥️♥️♥️ 9mo
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Night of the Living Deed | E.J. Copperman
post image

Yay!! Received the #LMPBC #groupm package — thank you @MaleficentBookDragon for the extra book, the amaze socks, and the yummy chocolate too!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Also — I haven‘t heard from a handful of you on #fffs #fallingforfallswap — if you‘ve told me and I missed it, my apologies! But if you‘re tagged in the *comments*, please confirm asap that you‘ve sent your package!!

Avanders Also @julieclair for some reason, even though I sent the book priority, it‘s not going to get there until Monday! #lmpbc 9mo
tdrosebud I'm sorry, I sent mine yesterday and it should get there Saturday. I always forget to post because I'm in a rush to get to the post office after work. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 9mo
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Avanders @tdrosebud ha I understand! Thanks! 🍂🍁🎃♥️ 9mo
julieclair Monday is totally fine. Trust me, I have plenty of other things to read in the meantime! 🤣🤣 9mo
NovelGirl82 Sorry! I thought I emailed you. Yes, mine was sent out Tuesday via UPS, so should be there in plenty of time 😊 9mo
Avanders @NovelGirl82 you might have - sorry if I missed it! I‘ve got you now ☺️🍁🍂🎃♥️ 9mo
Avanders @julieclair lol I hear that! 😂😅 9mo
Itchyfeetreader Apologies all done arrival date is Tuesday by guaranteed post 9mo
Avanders @Itchyfeetreader great, thanks! 🍁🍂🎃♥️ 9mo
alexus_sb @Avanders hi! Yes! I sent mine already! It should have arrived either today or Monday at the latest! 9mo
Avanders @alexus_sb ok awesome thank you!! 🍁🍂🎃♥️ 9mo
Avanders @tdrosebud hiya - your recipient hasn‘t received the package yet - can you please check tracking and let me know? (edited) 8mo
tdrosebud @Avanders I'm looking around for the receipt and am not finding it. It is possible it is a casualty of my organizational purge. I found an older swap receipt and am afraid I might have gotten rid of the wrong one. I'm going to keep looking though. 8mo
tdrosebud @Avanders I found it! It says it is being held at her post office at customer request. They attempted to deliver it on the 10th. 8mo
Avanders @tdrosebud yay!! I‘ll let her know — thank you so much! ♥️ 8mo
Avanders @tdrosebud she‘s going to check right now - she said she never received notice! And she apologized ☺️♥️ 8mo
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Falling for Autumn | Heather Topham Wood
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Hi all!! I have been MIA & I‘m sorry! I got siiiiick. 👎🏽

> #FallingforFallSwap #fffs folks - sorry for the 9/5 deadline to ship - 9/6 is great! I didn‘t realize when I scheduled that today was a holiday 🤦🏽‍♀️

> #lmpbc & #cbbc will be mailed out tmrw!

> my #fffs pkgs will be on their way tmrw too!

> Amy - rec‘d this pkg - thank you!!! 🥰🥰

> trying, & failing, to read while sick. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Here are my tries.

> bugga & his dad at the zoo ☺️

CBee Hope you‘re feeling better!! 9mo
Avanders @CBee soooo much better - thank you!! ♥️ 9mo
CBee @Avanders glad to hear it! 😊♥️ 9mo
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Avanders @AmyG and then I forgot to actually tag you 🤦🏽‍♀️ Thanks lady!!! ♥️♥️♥️ 9mo
sblbooks Sorry you've been sick, glad your feeling better. 9mo
Chrissyreadit Oh no!!! I‘m sorry I hope you are recovering well ❤️❤️❤️sending love and healing vibes😘 9mo
LeahBergen I hope you‘re well on the mend! ❤️ 9mo
AmyG Feel better!!! 9mo
julieclair Oh no! Glad you‘re on the mend. 🎃🧡 9mo
Avanders @sblbooks @Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen @AmyG @julieclair Thanks everyone — feeling about 99.8% today 😘😘🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️ 9mo
julieclair @Avanders Oh my! The #LMPBC #GroupM box arrived today and it contained such lovely things in addition to The Christie Curse! So I began to wonder... I think you were also sending out a coffee swap box. Did you accidentally send that box to me? 9mo
Avanders @julieclair aww that‘s sweet of you to check! No I was just in super-fall mode and sent some extra goodies to a couple people this month.. including you! 😘🍁 9mo
julieclair Oh my goodness! What an absolute delight!!! Thank you so much! 😀🍁🍂🍁🧡💛🧡 9mo
Avanders @julieclair you‘re welcome!! 😄🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁♥️ 9mo
julieclair I am going to copy this idea and do the same for some unsuspecting Littens in the future. 👍👍😀😀🧡 9mo
Avanders @julieclair love it!! 😄🥰🥰🥰 9mo
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Other Birds: A Novel | Sarah Addison Allen
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Picked this for #BOTM #BookoftheMonth and added on this horror pick everyone‘s been talking about!

And here‘s bugga looking all school-ready … he got chased around the playground by the principal‘s daughter who‘s developed a crush 🤣🤣

Oh!! And I haven‘t been able to take a pic, but I received my Jack…olantern package for #fallingforfallswap #fffs (I have 2 matches for matching-reasons ☺️). Yay.. so excited!!! 🍂🍁🎃🧡 @sblbooks

AmyG He is adorable! Can you blame her? 🤣 9mo
sblbooks Yay!🎉 9mo
bookish_wookish I just finished The Devil Takes You Home! It was incredible! 9mo
TheBookHippie Awe!!!! Have a great year!! 9mo
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In the Dream House: A Memoir | Carmen Maria Machado
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Ok as promised, though a little late, my “review” of the tagged. Loved it. The fragmented, 2nd person (mostly), experimental book packs a powerful punch, and never felt kitch to me, or cheesy, or anything other than impressive. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (tw‘s though)

Also read The Christie Curse #LMPBC #groupM and realllly enjoyed it!! Will definitely read more! 🌝

And with that, finished my Goodreads goal! 💃🏽💃🏽

And just a little note to summer 😡😜

Avanders (Note to summer found on Facebook 🤓) 9mo
Deblovestoread Well done! 9mo
Mollyanna Woohoo! Nicely done. 9mo
julieclair I think I'm up next for The Christie Curse! Glad you enjoyed it. 👍😀 9mo
Avanders @Deblovestoread @Mollyanna thanks!! 😘😘 @julieclair yep - trying to package it and send tomorrow!! 💌♥️ 9mo
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It Girl | Ruth Ware
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I‘ve been painfully distracted lately. This is the longest book “rut” I‘ve been in, in years. Not for want of excellent / enjoyable books!!

Listening to The It Girl… unfortunately bc of my inability to focus on reading lately, I‘m about to lose it to the list of holds, and I‘m only about 20% done. Enjoying it so far though!

This brilliant memoir, however, has really captured my attention, and I‘m almost done… review to come. #RealLifeBookGroup

AmyG Hope your slump ends soon. 9mo
Reggie I loved this book and just thought how creative she was in how each chapter was a different theme. 9mo
Avanders @AmyG thanks lady! It‘s not a book issue 🫠🫠😘 @Reggie I super agree!! 🤩 9mo
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Yay!!! @sprainedbrain is hosting this fun swap again!! 🧙🏽‍♀️🧙🧙🏽‍♀️

Are you interested in magic, nature, spells, spirituality, &/or feminine power (fiction, real or both), or just down for some witchy stories or witch-related spookiness? Do you love Litsy swaps?

#BasicWitchSwap is back for the 4th year… sign up now through 8/31. Matches will be sent by 9/3. See the link for more info:


sprainedbrain Thank you for sharing! 🖤 9mo
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The Christie Curse | Victoria Abbott
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♥️♥️♥️ Yay I received my #LMPBC #groupm #round15 package — thank you so much @MaleficentBookDragon for the super fun package!! I‘m so excited for the book *and* the extra books you sent! I‘m always intrigued by everything Darcy Coates 🤩 The socks are perfect, the coffee is going to be my perfect work-companion this week, and the cozy (cosi?) is so fun! You‘re always so thoughtful & generous! Thank you!!! 🥰♥️😍♥️😘

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Candy House | Jennifer Egan
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Read this for #RealLifeBookGroup and…. Just loved it. I had read Goon Squad, though quite some time ago, and thought it was v good. But this one seemed to hit all the feels and 🤯🤯 at just the right time. The interconnectedness of it all… the varying methods of story telling… the heart. Loved it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Also, bugs at the aquarium store today… he wanted 5 snakes. But when I said he could have one, he wasn‘t interested. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

UwannaPublishme What? Those snakes are so cool! 😂 10mo
tpixie I want 5 snakes 🐍 or none!!! 10mo
BarbaraBB Great review. Stacked! 10mo
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MicheleinPhilly He‘s like me with books. 10mo
Avanders @UwannaPublishme lol right?! But they were not cheap!! 🫢 @tpixie lol! See, you get it! 😂 @BarbaraBB hope you enjoy it!! @MicheleinPhilly 😳 so accurate!! 10mo
BethM That‘s so cute! 9mo
tpixie 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 9mo
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This #coffeebeanbookclub #cbbc package was pure coffee therapy @Gissy !! Thank you so much for such a truly generous and thoughtful package again! Buggy looooooved the books, and I love all the fall joy! 🍁🧡🥰 The coffee smells delish as usual (mmm) and the cookies are perfect for… breakfast in the morning 😜😘😘 Also, I‘ve read this book — and loved it! Can‘t wait to see what everyone wrote.

Thank you!!! ♥️😘🥰♥️😘🥰

Gissy It is always fun to prepare this box but this one was special because I know you love autumn season. I‘m always thinking what I could give next to Buggy🤗🍂🍁 10mo
Avanders @Gissy yes it was special and I do sooooo love fall!! 🍁🍂🧡 He loves those books so much, and he loves that they come in a box! ♥️😘 10mo
Gissy @Avanders It seems he is very organized🤗 10mo
BethM Wow love it! 9mo
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Cytonic | Brandon Sanderson
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And some of my favorite C‘s!
#AlphabetGame #LetterC

Also tagging a few to join along 🤗 @BethM @MaleficentBookDragon @Chrissyreadit @Mommamanzi @Mollyanna @mabell

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for playing! 10mo
BethM Do I do c or d? 10mo
Avanders @BethM whichever you want! Today is C I think ☺️ 10mo
Gissy Some of those title will be in my list too🤗 10mo
mabell Thank you for the tag! 🥰 10mo
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The Book of Cold Cases | Simone St. James
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And some favorites that start with B…
#AlphabetGame #LetterB

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Lots of good ones! 10mo
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American Elsewhere | Robert Jackson Bennett
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Thanks for the tags @Gissy and @jenniferw88 !! Fun!

You‘re supposed to tag a favorite book that starts with that letter ☺️ #AlphabetGame #LetterA Great idea @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks !

I can never pick just 1 - here are some that start with A! Since I‘m behind, I‘ll go ahead and post my B and C next 😁

Not all of these are universally liked, but they are all ones I‘ve loved. 🥰🥰

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for playing! 10mo
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Through the Woods | Emily Carroll
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This quick, horrifying, creepy, disturbing, and beautiful graphic novel was just what I needed to start August. Loved it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

(I tried to clip a couple pics that showed a little but didn‘t give anything away… idk if I succeeded, but these images make me remember the stories so I love ‘em!)

Thanks again @TheBookHippie !! ♥️

TheBookHippie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 10mo
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