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Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book
~ Jane Smiley
Landline | Rainbow Rowell
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Last morning in #Colorado ☀️☕️😿
Enjoying a peaceful morning cup of coffee with my friend‘s soft cuddly cat.

Am sad & a little nervous, flying home later today after almost four weeks of travel in Canada & the US. With abundant magical memories & impressions to relive whenever it pleases me 😊

Just finished reading this fun, quirky novel by Rainbow Rowell and am now agonizing over which book to read during my flight 😬😇🙃

C.Perone Wow! Sounds like a great time 2w
CoffeeAndABook @C.Perone It sure was!! 😁 Thanks for sharing in the joy ☀️ 2w
Cinfhen Wow! That flew by!!! Safe travels😘 2w
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CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Thx 😊 Yay made it back & am now reeling from jetlag 🥴 are you flying out to the States this summer? 2w
Cinfhen I fly out on Monday ✈️I‘ll be away 7 weeks!!!!! 2w
Cinfhen When do u start your new job/ business?? Hopefully you can sleep away your jet lag over the weekend 2w
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen oh wow - SEVEN weeks! That‘s a serious trip! Oooh I‘m sure you‘ll see loads of friends & family, most importantly your kids!!! I‘ll bet you‘re in full prep mode right around now 😜 Got your books lined up yet???? *** OMG, can‘t believe you remembered my job situation! You‘re amazing. My new job starts Tuesday, I was in today to sign my contract. I‘ll also still see my patients so - whoa! It‘ll be tough but I needs the money 💵💰🤑 2w
Cinfhen That‘s really exciting 💕best of luck ~ I‘m sure you‘re gonna be amazing 🙌🏻 2w
Cinfhen And yes.....I‘m in FULL prep mode! There is no way I‘m getting everything into one suitcase 😜😜 2w
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen 🙈 I can see you sitting on your suitcase with everything spilling out on the side 😂 have a good prep time full of joyful anticipation for your happy summer trip! ☀️ 🧳 👒 2w
Cinfhen That‘s pretty much the situation but you left out the hubby silently cursing about overweight baggage fees!!!! 🙄😜😂 2w
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen 😂 ah yes the sighing husband 🙄 I have one of those too!! Can‘t they appreciate that we need all sorts of clothes for the multiple occasions? All sorts of books for the different moods? Therapy handbooks specifically to assuage my guilt. And so many presents! “The good camera” that I just might use! And shoes... Handbags and backpacks inside the carry on! 🙈 (edited) 2w
Cinfhen Exactly!!!!! 2w
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Landline | Rainbow Rowell
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Litten in Vancouver, trying to re-adjust to the big city vibes after two weeks in the more remote natural and peaceful environment of the Sunshine Coast 🏞

Still lovin‘ our vacation in #Canada so much!!!

Cinfhen Fun!!! So glad you‘re still chillin ♥️ 3w
CoffeeAndABook Thanks 🌸 Canada is such a great place, I‘m so glad it exists and hopefully we can return soon. Hope you‘re well Cindy!! 3w
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Litten on vacation on the beautiful Sunshine Coast ☀️ in 🇨🇦

We have our own private patio as part of our studio apartment 💓

My new happy place 🌸🌸🌸


Cinfhen How perfect!! Glad you‘re enjoying xx 4w
raelaschoenherr Gorgeous!! What a great little getaway 😊 3w
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Finally made it to #Canada 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Let the Sunshine Coast adventure begin 🌊🏞🐬

First thing we came across right around the corner from our cute little guesthouse in Vancouver was this delightful Little Free Library 👏🏼 And along the way we found several more. So I already feel at home - this is obviously a Litten-kinda-place 😊


AmyG Enjoy your trip! 1mo
Cinfhen How fun!!!! Enjoy 😊 1mo
CoffeeAndABook @AmyG @Cinfhen Thanks 🤩🌸☀️🍹 1mo
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CoffeeAndABook @AmyG @Cinfhen Thanks🤩🌸☀️🍹 1mo
Sarah83 Have a wonderful time 😍 1mo
CoffeeAndABook @Sarah83 Thank you 😊 it‘s so lovely here 💓 1mo
Sarah83 I really do believe it 🤩 1mo
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After You: A Novel | Jojo Moyes
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New Starbucks opened in Cologne?

There are just way too many great little Cafés in town so I don‘t frequent Starbucks on a regular basis but wanted to give this one a whirl before the comfy chairs get all gross ??

So after a long busy week & a particularly taxing meeting with an old friend I‘m treating myself to a grande Latte ?☕️ and at least a half hour with a book ??

Cinfhen Self care #goodplan ❤️ 1mo
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⚡️Littens ⚡️
I‘ve taken the leap 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️
After months of masterful procrastination I‘ve FINALLY gotten my legal stuff together & dug *WAY* deep for courage & calm & taken on my first patient as a psychotherapist this week.
It‘s still within the sheer endless training to get my license and there‘s strict supervision - but nevertheless!
I‘m so proud! I‘m so relieved! I‘m excited to see where this takes me & us & want more!
🎉 🎉 🎉

JohannaRose Congratulations! 🎉🎈🎊🍾 you‘ll do great! 2mo
DivineDiana How wonderful! Cheers to you! 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻 2mo
hermyknee 👏👏👏👏 Congratulations! 2mo
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HeatherBlue Congratulations!!!!🎉 2mo
Cinfhen Congrats!!!!! I‘m sure you‘ll be fantastic!!!!!!!! 2mo
Chrissyreadit Congratulations! 2mo
Eggs Congratulations 🎉🎈 2mo
TheSpineView Congrats! 2mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 2mo
stacybmartin Congrats - that‘s awesome! 🎉💙🎉 2mo
Jas16 Congratulations!! 2mo
Leftcoastzen Congrats! 2mo
Simona Huge step! Congratulations 🍾🥂 2mo
Kalalalatja Congratulations! 2mo
JoScho Yay!!! 2mo
marleed Congratulations! 2mo
raelaschoenherr That‘s amazing! Huge congrats to you! 2mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @raelaschoenherr!!! 🙏🏻 🌸It‘s exciting but not easy 😬 2mo
Avanders Congrats! 🌺🌺 1mo
CoffeeAndABook Thanks @Avanders!!! It‘s still new & nerve wrecking but also great!!! Have a lovely Sunday ☀️☀️☀️ 1mo
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This is my first morning after a four-day visit of my lovely American family here in Cologne.
I‘m heartbroken & totally relieved at the same time. I am not good with house guests. It all went really well but I get so stressed!!! No alone time 😩 I wasn‘t able to sleep most nights!
And yet already miss them like crazy 🤷🏼‍♀️
Am now enjoying my first peaceful morning cup of coffee ☕️ with a book & soft music 🎶

Cinfhen Ha!!!!! I TOTALLY get what you‘re saying 😘 2mo
TrishB Yep 🤷‍♀️ 2mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Thanks for sympathizing!! I‘m an emotional mess 🥴 Hope your Sunday is stress free ☀️😎🍹😘 (edited) 2mo
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Cinfhen I had weekend guests but they left early this morning, so other than the laundry and dishes I‘m doing ok 💜 2mo
julesG Totally get it. Enjoy your alone time. 2mo
Crazeedi @CoffeeAndABook I am the same way! I love my family but I'm always on edge and waiting for my peaceful life to return 2mo
mabell Wow that is exactly how I am too!! 2mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen OMG 🙈 The laundry!!! So much laundry 😩😂 Enjoy the evening hours 🧡 2mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Thank you!!! There‘s a terrible thunderstorm outside so I feel completely justified in snuggling up with a book, coffee, cake & relax 🎋 2mo
CoffeeAndABook @TrishB @mabell @Crazeedi That‘s why Litsy is so great 🔥 We get each other here 💓 (edited) 2mo
julesG Oh, it's not reached us yet. Looking forward to a thunderstorm. 😸 More reading and tea. 2mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Yess ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 2mo
Zelma I totally understand. My folks just left after visiting for a week. I will miss them but am so glad to have some alone time and not feel guilty about being lazy and drinking coffee and reading all day today. 2mo
CoffeeAndABook @Zelma I hope you had the best laziest day doing just that!!! ☕️📖☕️📖☕️💫 2mo
Zelma @CoffeeAndABook it was embarrassingly lazy. And glorious! 2mo
CoffeeAndABook @Zelma YAY 😀 🌸🎋 2mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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🤒 that my fever of two days broke today

🤣 a book to keep me company during my fever that made me laugh

🐝 watching the wild bees that have made a home in our tiny back yard

Texreader Good to hear you are feeling better. I ❤️ 🐝 🐝! 3mo
Eggs Fever‘s no fun-hope you feel much better today💗 3mo
CoffeeAndABook @Texreader @Eggs Thank you so much 😊 am already feeling sooo much better! 3mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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🍪 My 94 year old friend Hannelies who‘s the toughest cookie and a big joy in my life

🍝 My husband‘s home-made pesto

📖 A laugh out loud book by Kinsella just when I needed it

AmyG Your friend sounds lovely. I have a friend, Martha, who is 106 and tough as nails. I learn so much from her. ❤️ 3mo
Eggs I‘m sure you‘re a joy to her life; lovely💗 3mo
Texreader How lovely!! 3mo
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tracey38 💜 3mo
CoffeeAndABook Oh wow @AmyG 106 years!! 👏🏼 what a gift 💓 I can only hope for at least another 12 years with Hannelies. I love just being with her and I also learn so much!! We‘re truly blessed 😌 3mo
CoffeeAndABook She certainly makes me feel appreciated @Eggs, so I do believe it goes both ways. And it‘s good to keep that in mind - thank you 😊 3mo
Eggs 💗🌸💗 3mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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These past few days have been SO frustrating. Several important things are simply not moving along & totally out of my hands & I feel helpless & angry.
So I‘m really in need of refocusing on the things that are great in my life and in the world around me ?

1️⃣ @Eggs for inspiring this sense of gratitude ??

2️⃣ a small ray of sunshine that graced my table in the café

3️⃣ the spark of humor that suddenly lit up a dark moment

Cinfhen Sending love ❣️ 3mo
julesG ❤️ 3mo
Crazeedi Always darkest before the dawn, stay strong! Blessings sent your way🌷🌷 3mo
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TrishB Sending hugs ❤️ feeling the same this week. 3mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen @julesG @Crazeedi Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! 🌸☀️🌱 3mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @TrishB, hope things quickly work themselves out & get lighter for both of us 🤗🦋🎈 3mo
Eggs Aww you‘re welcome @CoffeeAndABook 💗💗 Remember the small miracles of everyday life 3mo
tammysue Sending hugs.. hang in there ♥️🌷💐🌸 3mo
Sarah83 Oh. anything you want to talk about? 3mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @whatshesreadingnow 🙏🏻 Litsy hugs really do help 🤗 3mo
CoffeeAndABook @Sarah83 Thank you so much for asking!! It‘s pretty complex and involves several areas of my life. I think that‘s what‘s makes the current situation so hard to deal with, it feels like life is closing in on all sides. But of course that‘s not really true, there‘s a lot that is fine about my life - and some bits are even great 😁 And this gratitude prompt by @eggs is helping me keep a wider perception 🏞 Hope you have a great weekend 🍹📚😎 3mo
Sarah83 Hope you feel better soon 😍😉 3mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @Sarah83 🙏🏻 3mo
Eggs May your positive perceptions continue 😘 3mo
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Great Music Makers | Louis Kahan, Michael Shmith
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1️⃣ Aw man, that was 1992! Probably the best year in my personal history of music! The 80s were finally over 😅
Under the Bridge and every single track from Blood Sugar Sex Magic 👊🏼 But also Nevermind, Achtung Baby and Use your Illusion I&II had just been released and were still not fully digested. Friday I‘m in Love * Tears in Heaven * Jump around!

2️⃣ Libra

3️⃣ C. S. Lewis & Irvin Yalom

4️⃣ @raelaschoenherr @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Thanks for the tag!!!! And you choose some awesome tunes 😘😘😘 3mo
Eggs Thanks for joining in 💗🤗💗 3mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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#gratitude21 #litsywalkers

🌸 when the forecast predicts a rainy gray weather and instead it turns out to be a lovely sunny & mild spring day

🎧 audiowalking on that spring day

🐌 feeling light as a feather after getting a phone call over with that I‘ve been procrastinating forever

AmyG Looks lovely. 3mo
tracey38 Good for you! Glad you ended up with a nice day. 3mo
Kaye Very pretty. It was grey yesterday but pretty here today too. So nice to see blue skies again. 3mo
Eggs Yay sounds like a great day!! 3mo
Cinfhen I‘m loving your daily affirmations ❤️ 3mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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🚂 reading on a train in a quiet compartment with other readers nearby

📽 old childhood slides

🎶 hearing a song for the first time that you instantly know will be an all-time favorite

Leftcoastzen The song thing! So magical when that happens! 3mo
Eggs #1 heaven on earth! 3mo
Texreader Love your third pick. So neat when that happens 3mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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🎶 the magnificent song of the blackbird at dawn and at dusk

👭 Having a sister. She‘s so much younger than me and so troubled right now, it breaks my heart. But I‘m so grateful for having her in my life and her trusting me.

☕️ coffee in the crisp spring afternoon sunshine ☀️

Eggs I‘m sure she is grateful to you as well ❤️ 4mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @Eggs for saying that 💓 4mo
Eggs You‘re welcome 😉All my life I was my 5 sisters‘ little sis and I loved them dearly 4mo
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CoffeeAndABook Oh wow @Eggs - five sisters! That‘s amazing!! I can imagine that would create a strong bond of sisterhood. I was always very close to my brother who is only 18 months younger than me. I feel the relationship with my ten yrs younger sister was much more complicated, I was half mother at those times when our mom fazed out. But really I was an anxious confused adolescent. So - we‘re still working on re-inventing our relationship as grownup sisters💞 3mo
Eggs Of course. The road isn‘t always smooth but it‘s worth it. I‘ve lost 3 siblings: 2 sisters and my only brother. That was more painful than I ever imagined 3mo
CoffeeAndABook Oh @Eggs that breaks my heart. I truly can't imagine. I'm very sorry to hear that. Yes, I can see how especially in that light it's worth it to do whatever it takes ❤️ Thank you for sharing this with me and here's a hug 👐🏼 3mo
Eggs ((((Chrissy)))) 3mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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#gratitude21 🌸☀️⚡️ I‘m joining 🙌🏻

🌄 a new morning & new beginning every day

🎸 a husband who whooped & cheered at my guitar recital last night despite... reality.

🎶 portable music 🎧 being able to listen to my favorite tunes on a train

Cinfhen Love these!!!! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Thx 😁 this is such an uplifting prompt. Litsy is magnificent 👏🏼 4mo
Eggs Love your choices and mostly your outlook🤗👏🏻🤗 4mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @Eggs especially for initiating this inspiring prompt! 🌸👏🏼😄 4mo
Eggs @CoffeeAndABook 💗💕 4mo
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Am about to go to my own little guitar recital 😬
I‘ve started learning classical guitar in January and my school is hosting a spring recital where the newbies will perform Love Me Tender 😂🎸
We‘re a group of five but I‘m still a bit nervous.

Chilling at a coffee shop to gather strength & courage 💪🏼

Suet624 I would be so anxious! 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm All the best! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @Suet624 Oh man, I was ok beforehand & then totally blanked once I was onstage. I was still able to pull it off okay-ish but it felt nightmarish. I‘m so glad it‘s over!!!! 😅 4mo
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Suet624 Well I‘m very impressed that you did it. Congrats! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you ☺️ Performing is NOT my thing but I‘m proud of my courage 🙌🏻 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @Suet624 Thank you so much!!!! 🌸 4mo
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The Storyteller | Jodi Picoult
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Whoa what a riveting book!!
I picked it up at a used bookstore a few days ago & have hardly come up for air! Have been reading any chance I got.

It‘s very hard to read in parts but the storyline and moral dilemma that‘s presented are so compelling.
And I love the quirky side character Mary, the ex-nun with the Harley 👩🏻‍🎤

Sarah83 This place looks pretty cosy 😍 4mo
AmyG I enjoyed this, too. 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @Sarah83 It really was! It‘s a tiny café inside a fairly new urban space called Markthalle in Cologne. The Latte was the best I‘ve had in ages ☕️? 4mo
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Sarah83 Looks so great. Need to look for it. 💕 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @Sarah83 Yes 🙌🏻 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @AmyG Yes 🙌🏻 It‘s my first Picoult & I‘m excited to have discovered (for myself) this great storyteller who‘s already written so much 😃 4mo
MrBook What a great pic! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @MrBook Thx 😌 Hope my three rambling comments from yesterday weren‘t too overboard, I tend to get carried away when I try to make a point.... Hope you‘re doing ok today. Sending out another Litsy Power Beam ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 4mo
MrBook @CoffeeAndABook Got the Beam 🤗! Nope, I enjoyed your comments. I love knowing what‘s on folks‘ minds. 🙌🏻 4mo
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People watching & relishing this hilarious & warm read on a grey afternoon in a pretty crowded Café in the city ?☕️?

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Head Over Heels | Jill Mansell
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Ahhhh.... exhale 🌬
Afternoon coffee break ☕️🧡☕️
🎶 listening to Adele 🎈

Hope your day / day‘s beginning is not rushed & your coffee is just as celestial 🌅

bookandbedandtea Jill Mansell is one of my favorites but I haven't read this one. Looks like you were set to have a wonderful day! 5mo
madamereadsalot1 I adore Jill Mansell! She's so sweet and talented! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @madamereadsalot1 I agree! I haven‘t read that many by her but so far I‘m enjoying them. It‘s comforting to find authors who‘ve written lots & lots, no danger of running out of reading material 😅😇 4mo
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madamereadsalot1 @CoffeeAndABook I know! I'm just about completely through all of her published work. There's a small few I haven't gotten my hands on yet thankfully. I'm so glad she's still writing. Which have you read? Your favorite so far? Also, If you ever post on Instagram, post about her books and tag her. She will interact with you! She so cool like that! She's interacted with me several times! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @madamereadsalot1 Oooh that is very cool 😎 I‘m not active on IG but love that she would respond!!! Too bad she isn‘t on Litsy... So I‘ve read MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY & THIS COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING. I really liked both! As you can see I still have tons to read by her😊 Which is your favorite? I‘ll soon want to read the next! Just now I got started on JOSH AND HAZEL‘S GUIDE TO NOT DATING & it‘s hilarious & fun! 4mo
madamereadsalot1 @CoffeeAndABook I haven't read BEACHCOMBERS BAY yet! My favorites would probably be MILLIE'S FLING, THINKING OF YOU, HEAD OVER HEELS, GOOD AT GAMES, A WALK IN THE PARK and on and on. Lol! You can't really go wrong with any of hers, some are just better than others, but they're all good! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @madamereadsalot1 Thanks so much for what will probably be a list of my next Mansell reads 😉 Have a relaxed booktastic Sunday 🍹☀️📖 4mo
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Scar Tissue | Anthony Kiedis, Larry Sloman
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Thank you so much @Cinfhen for this lovely fun #bookmail which our neighbor held for us over the weekend as we were away. Hurrah 😁 ☀️🌸

Oooh unpacking it was such a joy, I loved everything in it - the super interesting book but also lovely goodies such as a cool bookmark, chocolate & green tea in delicious flavors (how did you know I make myself drink green tea every day & am super grateful for variety?) - it really made my day!!

Cinfhen Yay!!! That took forever but I‘m glad it got there❣️Enjoy 😘😘😘 5mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Yay 😁 Have a cozy Monday 🌦☕️👋🏻 5mo
Cinfhen Thanks, you too❣️❣️ 5mo
BarbaraBB Enjoy! I loved this book, but I‘m not neutral since I‘ve got this huge crush on Anthony Kiedis 😍 5mo
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post image

Lazy rainy Sunday afternoon.... 😊😊😊

#hp #harrypotter

noellereads Harry Potter all day everyday! 6mo
CoffeeAndABook @noellereads Yesss!! It hardly gets any better than this 🤓🦉🥢 6mo
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Hello, Sunshine | Laura Dave
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What a beautiful icy morning for an early rise to *almost* make it out by sunrise. Seeing the sun was about to show up I jumped out of bed, got dressed, made coffee to go and rushed out to greet him.
It‘s been grey and dark for ever so this has been an uplifting experience 😎☀️
Now back inside and snuggling up with a book and another coffee ☕️☺️

To all those snowed in today- hang in there! The sun and warm will return 👊🏼

#LitsyWalkers @kaye

Texreader Gorgeous photo 6mo
Kaye Gosh, you don‘t know how welcome this post is today ! Gives me hope that the sun will show here again someday. The sky is so weird today. All the pouring snow, strange color of sky. You feel like you‘re on another planet. Thanks for this bright uplifting post and for taking your walk that others may miss out on due to weather ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 6mo
Cinfhen Stunning!! What body of water is that??? 6mo
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youneverarrived Gorgeous!! 6mo
CoffeeAndABook @kaye Wow your description sounds fascinating, like a rare natural phenomenon. We haven‘t had anything close to a blizzard this winter, only a few scattered snowflakes, that hardly showed on the ground. So I‘m a little envious, to be honest. But I acknowledge that it would feel entirely different when you‘re in the middle of it. So remember that the sky and sun and moon are all still out there above all those crazy clouds ⛅️ 6mo
CoffeeAndABook Thanks @Cinfhen 😊 This is the notorious Rhine river, I live right next to it, a little outside of Cologne. I know, it‘s not the Mediterranean but it‘s a powerful soothing river and I walk there almost every day. There‘s a small nature preservation area where we live so there‘s woods and meadows as well. Would still love to live by the ocean though 😉 6mo
Cinfhen It‘s an absolutely picturesque spot 💙I need to drive about 20 minutes to see the Mediterranean ~ my daily view is mostly dust 😬🙄😷 6mo
CoffeeAndABook @Texreader @youneverarrived Thank you 😊🙏🏼🌅 6mo
CoffeeAndABook Oh @Cinfhen, you have no idea how endlessly fascinating life in 🇮🇱 sounds to me, dust and all!! Plus living near the sea has been such a dream of mine 🌊 But we have found a fine little spot here. When we first came here almost 14 yrs ago it was hard, I loved my ten years of real city life after having grown up in a tiny village in a narrow valley. In the meantime we‘ve both come to love it here. And who knows, one day we might yet move..?! 😁 6mo
kspenmoll What a lovely view first thing in the morning! 6mo
Crazeedi Thank you for the beautiful photo today! 6mo
CoffeeAndABook @kspenmoll @Crazeedi Sometimes the world is just so brilliantly beautiful 😊🌱🙏🏼 6mo
raelaschoenherr Gorgeous! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @raelaschoenherr Thank you!!! Wish the sun were shining like that today... 🤷🏼‍♀️ You probably share the feeling of being so done with winter & all the cold right? 😉 How have you been? What are you reading? 4mo
raelaschoenherr We still have a ton of snow and ice here, and it started raining today so it‘s extra slippery 😫 I just finished listening to The Lost Man by Jane Harper and just started The Huntress by Kate Quinn! Have you read either? What are you reading? 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @raelaschoenherr Hi 👋🏻 ah jeez, snow ice rain on top - it can only get better 🥴 I haven‘t read either of the books you mentioned but will check them out! I‘ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, everything feels like a drag. Even while reading the fifth Harry Potter book I recently I kept wondering when it would be over. Maybe it‘s time for a thriller 😱 and a digital detox!! Are you still doing that? 4mo
raelaschoenherr @CoffeeAndABook I totally know how those slumps can be! I was more focused on podcasts for a few weeks when there wasn‘t anything I was dying to read and then when I was excited about something, I dove back in and enjoyed it. I am kind of still on a digital detox! Not really on purpose, but I‘ve found mostly being off social media has been SO good for me! I didn‘t realize how hooked I was. But I still love the book community on social media! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @raelaschoenherr 🌸 Yeah same here, I love Litsy especially. I don‘t post that much but enjoy just seeing what everyone is up to & reading. I only use FB with an alias to keep up with my US family, I don‘t want to get lured into the FB/IG wormhole. It could easily happen 🥴 Anyway, I was about to get The Lost Man (sounded very enticing!!) when I got seduced away by an Amazon deal for Josh And Hazel‘s Guide To Not Dating. So I got that 👇🏼 4mo
CoffeeAndABook ... and am totally rolling with it. It‘s hilarious 😁 maybe I‘m mistaken but in my head there‘s a connection to you, didn‘t you once post a good review? I think I stacked it off of that! What podcasts are you listening to? I often listen to the Rob Bell one The Robcast (do you happen to know him?) and The Moth, a storytelling podcast. 🦋 4mo
raelaschoenherr Yes, I read Josh and Hazel! Very light and fun rom-com. It‘s cute and a quick easy read :) I do know Rob Bell but have never heard his podcast. And I know of the moth too! I kind of pop around to different podcasts. Lately I like what should I read next, the happy hour with Jamie Ivey, The Good Place podcast by NBC, a podcast by the comedian Mike Birbiglia, and a storytelling one called Wolf 359. I‘ve listened to the Modern Love podcast too! 4mo
CoffeeAndABook @raelaschoenherr Oooh thank you for a great list of new podcasts to try!! I‘m looking forward to listening in!! 😊 Have a relaxed booktastic weekend 🍹 4mo
raelaschoenherr Same to you! 📖 4mo
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We had fun & gracious visitors for a few days and as much as I enjoyed it.... 😅
I‘m positively glowing from how much I‘m enjoying this breakfast alone right now.
Me, my book, coffee and listening to the concert for flute and harp by Mozart 🎼 ☕️🌸☀️

Have a great weekend y‘all!!!

Kaye I know what you mean. I value my solitude more than anything else. I like peace and quiet and freedom to do what I want , when. Time to ponder 🤔 life. 6mo
CoffeeAndABook @kaye Ahhh yes 😌 Freedom to just be 6mo
AmyG I understand, too. I love having family and friends visit. I also love when they leave. 6mo
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kspenmoll I also get it. So@trimester quiet time is too rare unfortunately- after a few days of people, I savor it too. Enjoy! 6mo
Cinfhen Ha!!!! I hear ya sister!!!! It‘s nice to be with friends & family but sometimes ALONE time is pretty awesome too 💕 6mo
tracey38 So understand this! I need my quiet and alone time. And I need a lot of it. 😉💜 6mo
CoffeeAndABook @AmyG @kspenmoll @Cinfhen @tracey38 I knew I‘d be understood in Littenland 💓☺️ 6mo
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A small Lunch for One at my favorite Sushi place before doing some tiresome grocery shopping on this gloomy day.

Am enjoying this peaceful yummy, healthy (I hope 😬) meal and very intrigued by this honest insightful book. 🍣🥢🍵📖

Have a good restful last weekend of the year Littens!!

Cinfhen Pretty photo!!! And yay, you managed to sneak away 😉I‘m trying to do the same before we go out for drinks and dinner 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Go for it!! 🤞🏼 to me it makes all the difference 😇 and have a fun evening 🍷🍷 7mo
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Cozy Sunday morning with a dusting of snow on the ground and a sweet christmassy read ❄️🔥☕️

Happy third Advent 🕯🕯🕯 dear Littens 🌟

julesG Happy Third Sunday in Advent! 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG have you gotten some snow as well? 7mo
julesG Yes, about 5cm. So we have cancelled going swimming, because snow in BI means snow covered streets, no snow ploughing. We're playing board games by the fire. 7mo
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CoffeeAndABook @julesG Ooh das klingt gemütlich ???? 7mo
Cinfhen Hey!!! Hope all is well and you had a wonderful holiday ❤️💚❤️ 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Yes we did, thank you 😊We‘re have a party marathon, between the 26th and the 2nd of January there are 4 birthdays in my immediate family plus the anniversary of first becoming my husband‘s girlfriend💓 So it‘s crrrrazy but fun 🤪 SO. MUCH. FOOD. 😋 How‘ve you been? Do you still have visitors? How did that go for you?? 7mo
Cinfhen I‘m soooooo glad all is well!!! My previous guests left last Thursday but my next round are due to arrive in 30 minutes!!! It‘s a revolving door ~ lots of laundry but it‘s always nice to be with friends & family. Happy anniversary ~ what a year!!! (edited) 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Wow, your days sound equally busy, filled with love and people, I‘m glad you‘re enjoying it too! As long as we can fit in an hour of alone time here and there we‘re fine right? 🙇🏼‍♀️📖 🍹Have a lovely visit 🙋🏼‍♀️☀️🎈 7mo
Cinfhen 💯I REALLY require a little bit of alone time 😄cheers to you 🥂 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Le Chaim 😉🥂🍾 7mo
Cinfhen Hahaha 😂😂🥰😘 7mo
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On the couch with a bad cold today! 🤒 I was running a fever for a few days & watched Sitcoms mostly but finally feel strong enough to read again.
I chose this light but entrancing story full of mysteries, plot twists & some romance, set on the isolated Scottish Island of Islay. There‘s a lot to learn about Whiskey production as well. 🥃 I‘m liking it!

Caroline2 I‘ve got this next to read on my bedside table! Glad to hear it‘s good! 👍🏻 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @Caroline2 Ooh fun, hope you enjoy it! 👏🏼 7mo
Jas16 Hope you feel better soon 7mo
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Sarah83 Hope you feel better soon 7mo
Dragon Hope you feel better soon! 💐 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @Jas16 @Sarah83 @Dragon Thank you all ☺️🔥☕️ 7mo
raelaschoenherr I read a bunch of Christmas books this month too 😁 7mo
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Made it safely to Germany from the US & still struggling with jetlag... 🙄
After all that ☀️ I‘m now completely in the winter zone & all those christmassy things are coming out, the candles, cozy blankets, Santa Baby, our fireplace, mulled wine at the Christmas market...

Today I surprised myself by buying this book at the used bookstore (it‘s so *not* christmassy!) & am already deeply immersed 110 pages in. Can‘t stop! What a storyteller, wow!!

BooksForEmpathy I loved The Goldfinch! 8mo
CoffeeAndABook @BooksForEmpathy 😊 Good, I‘m grateful for an endorsement, it‘s such a massive book!!! 8mo
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Airport reading ☕️🛫☀️

I‘m sad to leave the US (and just days before Thanksgiving!!) but looking forward to hours of uninterrupted reading time aboard that humongous Lufthansa bird 📖🍸

TheSpineView I can usually get a lot reading done on travel days. 8mo
LauraBeth You go on the coolest travels 8mo
Cinfhen I‘ve been so bad at keeping up!!! How was your trip???? I need to hear all about it! Look at that blue sky 💙 going to scroll through your feed now xx Safe Travels ✈️ 8mo
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CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Hey there, my trip was exhausting but my time in the US was so great!!! Staying with my wonderful warm family & friend & seeing some incredible nature in both AZ & CO was an exquisite experience. I feel rejuvenated & blessed 😇I just wish I could have stayed longer but my cute husband was a pretty strong reason to return 💓 but not a lot of down time so hardly any reading or Litsy posting... hope you had/will have a good Thanksgiving!!! 8mo
Cinfhen Glad you had such a wonderful time!!! 8mo
Leftcoastzen It‘s been forever since I‘ve been on that big of a bird! Glad you had fun! 8mo
CoffeeAndABook @Leftcoastzen Thank you ☺️ that bird was indeed huge & half empty - flying OUT of the US two days before Thanksgiving has it‘s merits 😉 I ended up stretched out over an entire seat row sleeping for hours. Such luxury 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 compared to any flight I‘ve ever been on in my entire life 😅 8mo
raelaschoenherr So fun you visited the states! I was in Germany for a few days in October! 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @raelaschoenherr Hi 🙂 I‘m glad you‘re back & doing fine! Ha - a social media break, can‘t argue against that. I‘ll bet it felt good 🎋 what part of Germany did you visit and did you like it? Only if you want to say, of course 😉 7mo
raelaschoenherr @CoffeeAndABook I was there for a wedding, so no sightseeing! I was around and outside of Minden. 7mo
raelaschoenherr @CoffeeAndABook And yes, I liked it! I spent a decent amount of time in Germany back when I studied abroad, but it was fun to be back! 7mo
CoffeeAndABook @raelaschoenherr How cool that you studied abroad in Germany! Where was that? Do you have German ancestors? I‘m just so curious about people‘s lives, stop me or else I‘ll just keep asking 😇 Minden is not that far from Cologne, which is where I live. But I‘ve never actually been there, I imagine it to be kind of idyllic with lots of nature around. Hope you have a great last Sunday of 2018! 7mo
raelaschoenherr We moved around all of Europe a lot! I can‘t remember every city but we were in Saarbrucken, Munich, Berlin, Neuschweinstein for sure! We were in Cologne then too, and we also went through Cologne on the train this year! I got a glimpse of the cathedral:) I do have German ancestry! My last name is German ☺️ Happy New Year‘s Eve in your time zone! 7mo
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Starting this new book on a beautiful sunny Colorado morning ☀️at my friend‘s house while listening to my favorite reading music 🎶

Am excited to finally read this but am also afraid I‘ve built it up too much in my expectations after all those rave reviews. Only one way to find out 😉

Cinfhen Can‘t wait to hear about your trip! Hope this book doesn‘t disappoint you. It took me awhile before I really got into it. 8mo
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Sweet Laurel Falls | RaeAnne Thayne
post image

Holiday reading ☀️🌵🌸

Finally made it to the US & am enjoying the balmy weather in Tucson, Arizona. It‘s delightful here & my aunt and uncle have the most gorgeous backyard.
Also on the plus side, we made a pact not to discuss politics & I can‘t say how much I appreciate that.
The book I‘m reading is a light sweet read, perfect for the long trip & my jet lagged brain. Also it‘s whetting my appetite for my next destination, beautiful Colorado💓

Leftcoastzen Pretty! 8mo
Cinfhen OMGeeeee 😍😍😍that yard is stunning!!! Have the BEST time. So glad you‘re enjoying this time xx 8mo
julesG That's a small paradise you've found. Enjoy your holiday! 8mo
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CoffeeAndABook Thank you @Cinfhen!!! I LOVE being here!!! Nature is stunning & it‘s wonderful being with my family. Also I‘m simply enjoying being „my American self“ for a change! 😂👍🏼 8mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Thanks!!! It sure is paradise, especially in November. 🌺🌺🌺 I already want to stay much much longer!!!! Greetings to 🇩🇪 8mo
Cinfhen It‘s amazing how easily we fall back into our “old” selves!!! I‘m so happy you‘re having beautiful weather and enjoying time with family❤️ 8mo
julesG We have sunshine today, but it's cold. Wish I could sit next to you. 🙋 8mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG That would be fun!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ (edited) 8mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Thanks 😎☀️🍹🌵😘 8mo
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Small Great Things | Jodi Picoult
post image

#FallReading 🍁 so beautiful 🧡

Just finished this gem of a book. Important & not always easy to read, such great writing, very insightful, provocative, surprising.
About halfway through I needed a break and a week later returned to it hungrily, read through the second half almost in one sitting.
Highly recommended 💎

tracey38 Pretty fall spot for reading. 9mo
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Small Great Things | Jodi Picoult
post image

Beach Café reading in #Crete!!! It‘s basically paradise!!! Long late breakfasts with lots of reading time at this lovley little place that offers the greatest food and smiles followed by more reading under a tree by the water... some swimming and snorkeling and then... a yummy dinner ??? and repeat!!!
It‘s so cozy that I started yearning for a more substantial read than the beach lit I had brought along and so far I‘m fascinated by this book!

mabell It sounds amazing! What a lovely vacation! ❤️ 10mo
scripturient Great picture!! 10mo
LauraBeth Wow - this looks wonderful! 10mo
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Simona Beautiful❣️ 10mo
Pamwurtzler Oh my that looks like paradise!! 10mo
ephemeralwaltz GORGEOUS 😍😍😍😍 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @mabell @scripturient @LauraBeth @Simona @Pamwurtzler @ephemeralwaltz Thank you all 😊I never want to leave🐬🍹📖🌅🇬🇷 10mo
tracey38 Gorgeous! What a wonderful vacation. Enjoy!!! 10mo
Cinfhen You‘re making me sooooooo jealous 💕💕💕💕💕 10mo
Cinfhen I‘m glad you‘re resting, relaxing & reading ~ perfect vacation 10mo
UwannaPublishme You found the perfect spot! 😍🙌🏻 10mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @Cinfhen!!! It‘s exactly that - perfect 💎 I‘m finally truly relaxing! 🧜🏻‍♀️🎋 Wish it would last a little longer... I‘m quite a bit jelly of YOU living right by the Mediterranean Sea 🌊🐠☀️ I know it‘s different when you‘re on holiday... but still 🤩😉 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @UwannaPublishme @tracey38 Thanks 😎 I think so too 🎋📖🍹👌🏻 (edited) 10mo
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The Greek Escape | Karen Swan
post image

#vacationtime #beachreading #paradise #coffeandabookinthesand #nuffsaid

Much love from Crete 🐬🏖⛵️🇬🇷🍹

Chrissyreadit Wow ! So lovely! 10mo
Cinfhen Loving your hashtags 💕🙌🏻😘enjoy 10mo
Cinfhen Super Jelly!!! I WANT to go back ❣️❣️❣️ 10mo
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Samplergal We want to go! 10mo
julesG Enjoy the sun and the sea. 10mo
tracey38 So jealous! I miss the sun. And love the beach. 10mo
Kalalalatja Enjoy! It looks lovely 👌 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @Samplergal I know!! I never want to leave 🐬 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @Chrissyreadit Thank you ☺️ It‘s hard to decide whether to read or take in the scenery 🌊🐠 10mo
CoffeeAndABook Oh @Cinfhen it‘s just so lovely & peaceful here. I don‘t ever want to leave...For the first week we‘re staying in a converted old farmhouse in the mountains, still only 20 min drive to the beach. It‘s incredibly quiet & the stars at night are amazing. There‘s a terrace with olive trees & vine, we could sit for hours looking into the mountains & valley. Wednesday we‘re moving down to a small hotel by the beach. Such fun!!! And I get to read lots 😜 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Thank you!!! It‘s not hard - there‘s so much natural beauty here 😍 Hope you enjoy another round of the epic summer in Germany 😅 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @tracey38 Thank you!! I‘m loving every second here. Hope you will get to visit a sunny beach soon!!! 🤞🏻 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @Kalalalatja Thank you!!! I‘m just drinking it in, it‘s such a beautiful island. Too bad you, @Cinfhen and I came to Crete at different times this summer, we could have had a Litsy meetup at the beach somewhere, with Greek goodies, lots of Frappe & raki, visited the site where Circe met her sister & delivered her “baby”, stuff like that 😁😁😁 10mo
julesG 15°C and sunny. Not exactly epic summer but okay. I'm going to investigate used book stores for the Litsy Meet-up. Did anyone tell you already? We're meeting in Bielefeld on 06 Oct 2018. 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Oooh Thanks for letting me know!! it‘s my birthday weekend so I‘m not gonna be able to make it 😒 Still always love to know 😇 I‘m sure it‘ll be fun!!! 10mo
julesG Then hopefully another time. 10mo
Cinfhen Oh man!!! We need to organize a #LitsyGreekMythologyCruise @Kalalalatja @CoffeeAndABook your trip sounds perfect 🙌🏼💕🍷 (edited) 10mo
Kalalalatja That would be amazing! @Cinfhen @CoffeeAndABook 🙌🙌🙌 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen @Kalalalatja Yessssss ⛵️🐬🍷🍷🍷 10mo
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Whoa!! What a book! I‘m just... wow. I‘m blown away by this one. Loved it, but more than that - I really felt it deep inside me. Am grateful for the insight & wisdom it provided, had my heart broken a little - but mostly uplifted and inspired. I laughed out loud & chuckled often, Cheryl‘s humor was unexpected & just great. I wish I could meet her, I think I‘d like her 🤩
I‘m so grateful I got to read this!! It‘ll stay with me 💓

post image

New book!! 📚

Left my old job at a psychiatric clinic yesterday - without having my next job securely lined up, at least not for another couple of months. It‘s SO scary but probably the right move 😬🤞🏻
So I‘m in desperate need of some light fun escape & seeing as I‘ve always been dreaming of living in Brooklyn this sounds perfect. Cozy & funny 🔥☕️

I also plan on reading Cheryl Strayed‘s WILD for some wisdom 😇

CouronneDhiver Everything will work out in the end. Sometimes a change is necessary 👍🏽 11mo
erzascarletbookgasm All the best for things to work out well. Change is good🍀💚 11mo
CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you so much 🙏☺️ I absolutely agree!! But gah... right now it feels scary🐥 (edited) 11mo
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Zelma Best of luck! I did that when my last job was literally making me ill. It was a challenge but ultimately the best decision for me. 11mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @Zelma !!! That is so helpful to hear!!! 🌼 11mo
mabell So brave, and I love that you are taking the plunge! Good luck! I hope you find the perfect job next. ❤️ 11mo
CoffeeAndABook @mabell Thank you so much 🌸 that does a world of good 😌 11mo
Cinfhen Good luck!!!! It‘s scary making that leap but I‘m convinced you will find something that makes you happier 😘😘you deserve it 11mo
DivineDiana Cheers to following your heart! ❤️ 10mo
CoffeeAndABook @DivineDiana Thank you ☺️ it‘s not always pleasant but hopefully worth it!!! 10mo
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Just finished this fantastic book, I‘m just as hooked and in love with it all as I‘d expected. For some reason I started straight out with the movies back then and am now slowly savoring the books, one by one 💎
This one is my favorite so far❣️❣️❣️


Have a great Sunday y‘all!!! ☀️

#hp #harrypotter

Reviewsbylola Yum 🍣 11mo
CoffeeAndABook @Reviewsbylola Yep 👌🏻 Love salmon avocado maki 😋 11mo
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The Rome Affair | Karen Swan
post image

Starting a new fun summer read & eating an avocado cheese enchilada at the one and only really good Mexican place I know of in Cologne 😋😋😋

Plus drinking an ice cold non-alcoholic Pilsner 🍺 my absolute favorite drink this endless epically hot German summer 💦🌞🎋

Later on I‘m meeting an old old friend/almost brother/handsome-as-hell first love and his brand new baby daughter 💓

Life is good today ☺️


Cinfhen Doesn‘t get any better...would love to join you!!!! 12mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen I‘d love that too!!! ☀️😘 12mo
MStew Omg this looks great! 12mo
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post image

Gorgeous #summerreading ☀️

Finally the temperatures have dropped back to endurable & pleasant & I‘m having my coffee outside with my #newBook 😎📚☕️

#naturreading #booksandnature

julesG I'm joining you with my tea. The sun and temperature is bearable today. 12mo
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Yay 👏🏻 Sunday buddy read👌🏻 12mo
JennyM Beautiful 12mo
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BarbaraBB This is your garden 😲?! 12mo
AmyG It looks so peaceful ❤️ 12mo
SilversReviews I enjoyed this book...very pretty photo. 12mo
CoffeeAndABook @BarbaraBB Sadly it isn‘t, but close enough, it‘s my parent‘s, out in the countryside 🌸🌿🌾🌻 12mo
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Circe | Madeline Miller
post image

Whoop 🎉
Splurged & got a new (used) Kindle Oasis, the older version. Am loving it so far, my old Kindle Paperwhite has somehow morphed into being my husband‘s Kindle full-time. I love how that can just happen 😂
As good a reason as any to treat myself to a newer version after 5 yrs with the old one👌🏻
I bought CIRCE as the first book to go on this Kindle - I wanted it to be a beauty 💎
This way I can also (belatedly) join the #LitsyBuddyRead 🤩

Jess7 Great! 12mo
BookishMe So much awesomeness in this one post! Yes, it's a Perfect choice for first ebook purchase 12mo
CoffeeAndABook @BookishMe Thx 😊☀️ 12mo
kspenmoll 🙌🏻 12mo
Jess7 Yay! The final discussion post is live! Please checkout @LitsyBuddyRead to join in! 12mo
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Stepford Wives | Ira Levin
post image

What can I say? This is me in 1977, preparing to become the *perfect* Stepford Wife for my next #stepfordsummerparty with my best 70s tea set in all it‘s glory, complete with silver tray and trumpet 🎺 😂😂😂
You‘re all welcome to come over for a cup of fine imaginary tea ☕️ 👗👛👠🍸

mabell I love it! 😂😂 You were very serious about it! 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m loving this!!!! U look the same 💕💕💕💕that gorgeous smile 😀 13mo
ElishaLovesBooks Adorable!! I love it! 13mo
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CarolynM Gorgeous! That coffee pot is so 70's! 13mo
ValerieAndBooks Love it! Brown and orange — definitely a 1970s color combo 😊! 13mo
Reviewsbylola So cute! That tea set couldn‘t be more 70s. 😂😂 13mo
GripLitGrl Love it💕💕 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Thanks ☺️ I do so hope I‘ve slightly changed 😂 Serving coffee with a trumpet nearby is something I might still aspire to😜🎺 13mo
Cinfhen Were you taking a soccer break??? 13mo
batsy Awww! Too cute! And @ValerieAndBooks I was thinking the same about the colour combo. Very groovy and 70s 😁 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen I'm definitely taking a soccer break now ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Iceland is playing Nigeria! All the men 😜 Gislason 🍬And some great soccer too 😊 13mo
Cinfhen Yes!!! It‘s on in my house ‼️Iceland 😍 @CoffeeAndABook (edited) 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @ElishaLovesBooks @CarolynM @ValerieAndBooks @Reviewsbylola @GripLitGrl @batsy Thanks!! 😄You can hardly go wrong with 70s pictures they're the best - in retrospect 🧡💛 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @mabell I know!! So serious 😂I guess if you‘re serving with a silver tray & a trumpet you better know what‘s what 😉 13mo
CouronneDhiver Adorable! ☕️ I cant play along because I wasn‘t around in the 70s. Lol 13mo
CouronneDhiver I‘m tuning into the football game though - 🇮🇸 👏🏽 🇮🇸 👏🏽 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Oh Yay 👏🏻 So we‘re watching together!! In all honesty, it‘s not that great a game (YET) , so I‘ve got a chance to catch up on the amazing stepford posts!! 🍹💎🎉 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver Yesss! @Cinfhen & I are watching too!!! 🇳🇬 - 🇮🇸 👏🏻👏🏻 The game has a little room for improvement though, right? come ON you Vikings!!! Can I make you guys really jealous?? I just found out the Northern God Gislason is playing in the same league as my city‘s team - I‘ll get to see him live in our stadium sometime next year 🤪🤩 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver @Cinfhen Wait what??? 😱 🇳🇬1:0🇮🇸 13mo
CouronneDhiver Surprise! This WC has been full of upsets so far... it‘s not over til it‘s over. 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver It sure isn‘t 🤞🏼🤞🏼 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m actually happy for Nigeria @CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver 13mo
Cinfhen And I‘m enjoying all the upsets ~ I like an #Underdog 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen I wasn‘t sure whom I‘d be rooting for before the game began - basically they‘re both underdogs! But then - Iceland is just so tiny & it‘s their first World Cup!! Their fans so brave!! Anyhow, I can appreciate what this means to Nigeria & their team 💪🏻 And on top of all that this was another day of fabulous Stepford fun!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👗🥂 13mo
Cinfhen 😘😘 13mo
tammysue Cute! I love the tea set! 😂👍🏻 13mo
Bookzombie Adorable! Love the colors! 13mo
KarenUK You‘re so right! We totally could have had a tea party 💕👍 @CoffeeAndABook 13mo
Mdargusch Very cute. Glad you started practicing early! 13mo
DebinHawaii Great photo! Adorable and very groovy! 🌈💛 13mo
BluestockingDuchess @CoffeeAndABook I love your expression in the photo 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver @cinfhen 😜 What a soccer fight!!! ⚽️⚽️ 13mo
CouronneDhiver Scared the cat with all my yelling. Outstanding! 13mo
Cinfhen Congrats @CouronneDhiver @CoffeeAndABook I actually missed this game but I heard it was a nail biter 🎉🎉🎉 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver @cinfhen 😂 I know!!! I yelled & groaned intermittently. I‘m a wreck 😅 13mo
Cinfhen Are you ok?!?! 😱😢😢Last night was pretty shocking 13mo
CoffeeAndABook Oh @Cinfhen! I‘m pretty sad 😢 It was a hard game to watch but we just weren‘t good enough this time. So at least it doesn‘t feel unjust. It was an awful year for soccer for me, our league team in Cologne has had a horrible season and descended to the second league. But - it‘s just a game 😏 We‘ll get over it & see better times! We‘ve had a nice high last time & now it‘s time for other teams... just right now I don‘t feel like rooting for 👇🏻 13mo
CoffeeAndABook anyone else... yet!! Thanks so much for asking @Cinfhen !!! It‘s good to have Litsy-Support 😊 Are you rooting for any of the remaining teams?? Have a fine day 🌞🍹 13mo
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Stepford Wives | Ira Levin
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I found this 1978 “Happy Hour Barguide” in a huge scrapbook type recipe book I inherited from my beloved American Grandma. She certainly knew to serve a killer cocktail at any occasion! 🍸🍸🍸

It‘s such a joy to share a cool lunch time cocktail with all you Littens for our #stepfordsummerparty

Cathythoughts Cheers 🍹🍹🍹 13mo
erzascarletbookgasm 🍹🍸😋 Loving those hairs in the pics! I remember trying very hard to achieve the effect! 😆 13mo
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Cinfhen I‘m so loving this ❤️🥂🍹🍸here‘s to #daydrinking as my kids like to say 😊 13mo
ValerieAndBooks That plaid suit on the left 😂! 13mo
Reviewsbylola Loving the fashions! 13mo
GripLitGrl Love the 70's photos😁😁 13mo
Bklover Cheers!! 13mo
mabell So classic! 😂 The Comfort n Cola served at the Breckinridge Pavilion Hotel in here in STL! 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @mabell Absolutely classic 😆 what an amazing coincidence that you could actually walk into the Breckenridge Pavilion Hotel and ask for a Comfort‘n‘Cola!!! Please post & tag me if you do!!! 😉👏🏻 13mo
mabell @CoffeeAndABook I had to look it up - apparently the Breckinridge is no more. First it was a Marriott, then it was reincarnated as a Hilton. I'll have to whip one up myself - if I get brave enough! 😂 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @mabell Well since it‘s apparently A CLASSIC it‘s like you HAVE TO try one since you live in STL!! 😅👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🍹🍹 (edited) 13mo
ElishaLovesBooks Love those pics!! And I might have to try a drink or two. . . 🍸 13mo
Mdargusch Great bar photos! 👍🏼 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @ElishaLovesBooks @Mdargusch Yes, I had the greatest time going through the whole brochure & checking out everyone else‘s posts. The 70s were certainly a treasure in terms of style!!! 13mo
asiriusreader Cheers! Those cocktails look like they‘d be smooth going down! 🍹 13mo
DebinHawaii Love the pictures! 🤣💙 13mo
Bookzombie Look at those clothes! 😄 13mo
SledgeReader @Cinfhen My kids called it purple tooth! ... after drinking too much red wine! 🍷 13mo
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Soccer is Fun | Calee M. Lee
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Totally not book-related but soooo excited 😜

Soccerparty ⚽️🏃🏼‍♂️🏆 🎉

Germany - Mexico @ #WorldCup #Soccer #wm

Cinfhen Good luck 💚I saw the score a few minutes ago but I‘m sure by now it‘s changed!!! 😘😘 13mo
CouronneDhiver Yes!!!!! Party is on at our place too. 🤟🏽 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen not yet.... 😠 13mo
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CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 13mo
CouronneDhiver Yep. That‘s ok. Get it out of our system now and much better luck next time. 🖤❤️💛 13mo
Cinfhen That goalie from Mexico was unstoppable but @CouronneDhiver is right... 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @CouronneDhiver @Cinfhen Thanks you guys!!! And wow, I agree, the entire Mexican team was ON FIRE 🔥 I‘m impressed. Ok, let‘s hope for a better result next weekend 🤞🏼⚽️⚡️ 13mo
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This is one of my absolute favorite people in the entire universe, she‘s been my sweet friend & soul sister from when I was six and she five.

This is from a glorious trip to San Fran 2 yrs ago.
We both love reading & found the greatest spots throughout the city & it‘s parks to rest & read.
We also both lugged around a huge book haul from a great 2nd hand book store for the entire day - true #bookishfriends 💓
#readingresolutions #bookandnature

Zelma Beautiful photo! 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @Zelma Thanks ☺️ It‘s one of my favorites 🌳🌁🌊 13mo
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Starting this book today!!! I‘m excited 🤓🤩☺️
(Not doing The Corrections!!)

This morning it‘s mildly sunny & I‘m blissfully drinking it all in - the pleasure of cracking a new book, the first cup of coffee on a new day, our tiny but peaceful backyard in June 🌸🌻☀️🦋🐛

And.... #bookandflowers was yesterday‘s prompt for #readingresolutions 👌🏼

knittedgnome Sounds like a perfect morning! 13mo
Jess7 Loved this book! 13mo
CoffeeAndABook @knittedgnome @Jess7 Yesss 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 13mo
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The Corrections | Jonathan Franzen
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To read or not to read - I‘m entirely undecided!! 🤷🏼‍♀️
The reviews are so mixed!! I‘m in the mood for a literary read after some rather lighthearted books & this has been sitting here forever. But not in the mood for a downer, exactly!! Have bailed on too many books lately!!
Ugh, sometimes picking a new book isn‘t fun!! 😑

#bookishproblem #booknerdneurosis #itwillbeokintheend

The Gourmet | Muriel Barbery
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⚡️These are some of my favorite covers ⚡️

#readingresolutions #coverlove

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Haven‘t been to the beach recently but am planning another holiday in Crete in September!
This is on our favorite beach there, one of my happiest places on earth, a true blessing, we go as often as we can manage.
I‘ve spent so many blissful bookish hours there 😌

#readingresolutions #bookandbeachtowel #booksinnature #booksandnature

Kalalalatja I‘m going to Crete by the end of this month 🌞🌞 14mo
CoffeeAndABook @Kalalalatja That is awesome!! What part?? Hope you post plenty of pictures, I'll be on the lookout 👀😄 14mo
Kalalalatja We are staying in a small town called Kolymvari, 23 km from Chania 👍 and I‘ll be sure to post a lot! 14mo
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CoffeeAndABook @Kalalalatja I just checked it out, it‘s on a beautiful coastal stretch 👌 We‘re also flying into Chania but then driving over to the Southern coast. But we might stay in Chania for a day or two & explore 😉 Yay 👏🏻looking forward to your posts!! 📸🐬🐬🐬 (edited) 14mo
tammysue Beautiful! 14mo
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Hiking & reading intermittently - I‘m so grateful that my husband gets me... ☺️ We found a beautiful spot to read, rest, enjoy the view 🌿⛅️ it always looked like it would start pouring any minute but it never did 🙌

Aims42 Awesome picture & awesome hubby!! 14mo
CoffeeAndABook Thank you @Aims42 🌸 14mo
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Nope, not for me!!! I SERIOUSLY wanted to like this book but, alas, DNF!!! Very frustrating!!

I just didn‘t care to spend more time with it, with the pretentious characters & well, honestly, the somewhat pretentious writing.
I did find an online plot summary though, to find out where the story goes.
I can see how this is a matter of taste, it wouldn‘t hurt to give it a chance, the story is quite intriguing & the overall style very original!!

ValerieAndBooks I tried this one quite some time ago, and it started out really promising. Then I ended up bailing (can‘t remember if it was because of some event in the book or because it didn‘t hold my interest anymore). 14mo
CoffeeAndABook @ValerieAndBooks Yes, I agree on that it starts out so promising. And then quickly becomes unbearable! 😣 Oh well, bailing was the right decision - so many great books waiting to finally be read by us 👏🏻👏🏻 🎉 14mo
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Splendid 👏🏻 *German Littens * One of our big bookstore chains is offering a special discount for English books to honor the Big Fat British Wedding 🎩 👰 🇬🇧

Anybody doing anything special on Saturday?

I accepted an invitation to view the entire ceremony with a group of gals - hats / fascinators mandatory!! 👒
I‘m hoping for lots of G&T and British themed yummies!! 🥂 Ha! And not to forget tea ☕️

#royalwedding #Iknowitssillybutshouldbefun

Maike Still on a buying ban ... 😒 1y
Cinfhen Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you‘re feeling better💚 1y
julesG @Maike me too 1y
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julesG Your party sounds like a party my ergotherapist goes to. She asked me today, what the right dress length would be, for such an event. 1y
Sarah83 @Maike @julesG sorry for showing it. 😱 1y
CoffeeAndABook @julesG @Maike That‘s rough!! Stay strong 💪🏼!!! 1y
CoffeeAndABook 🌼Thanks @Cinfhen 💁🏼‍♀️Yes I am feeling better!! Finally 😅 Are you doing anything special for the wedding? 1y
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Gah!! Is there an appropriate dress length for a royal wedding party??? There probably is but I never thought about it - until now 😟 1y
julesG My therapist thought evening gown - knee length should be okay. Low heels and tights (no bare legs at a royal wedding) - - - wish I could have a peek at that wedding etiquette guide the Queen issued for William and Kate's wedding. It was over 20 pages long. 😵 1y
julesG @Sarah83 Don't worry. That'll test our resistance. It's books, not Bork, so we should be okay. 1y
Cinfhen No wedding plans...I‘m still kind of trying to process the price tag ( it seems like such an incredible waste of money, it makes me a little sad🙄😬) 1y
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Thank you SO MUCH 😅🙏 Now I‘m all set!!! 👗👒 1y
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen I know - and it‘s not just the wedding, it‘s keeping the entire royal business on the road. Imagine that price tag!!! But I guess it‘s up to the British to do something about that... Have a fun weekend!!!! 🦋📕🌻🍹 (edited) 1y
julesG I think the British get a lot of tourist money out of their royal family. The family earns money through opening the palaces for visitors, they employ a large number of people. Guess it's a win-win situation. 1y
CoffeeAndABook @julesG Ha! I hadn‘t considered that! It‘d make sense. Hope you have a lovely sunny extra loooong holiday weekend 😎☀️🍹 1y
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