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Birthday Love | Kimberly Moran
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Repost for @LitsyBirthdays
Here‘s the new updated June #BirthdayLove calendar 🥳If you‘d like to add your own birthday to the master calendar and receive a shoutout on your special day, please email the #BirthdayFairies at LitsyBirthdays@gmail.com 📧Don‘t forget to include your Litsy handle + your birthdate 💟

gradcat Thanks for this! 3h
robinb 👏👏👏👏👏🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️😘 3h
CouronneDhiver We‘re only a day apart in birthdays?! Awesome! @Librarybelle 38m
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McGlue | Ottessa Moshfegh
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Not wanting to lose my McGlue momentum,I‘ve read day two‘s chapters. McGlue is in the throes of alcohol withdrawal and he‘s describing what his mind feels like.... “My hot snake brains they feel like, slithering and stewing around, steam seeping through the crack in my head.” McGlue is an interesting character and it‘s obvious he‘s repressing some homosexual feelings. I‘m quite liking this story.

rohit-sawant That's such a metal illustration 🤘🏼 5h
Cinfhen Ha @rohit-sawant it totally is 😁 I think you might like this novella ~ I could send it to you after I‘m through reading it ✌🏽 5h
rohit-sawant So kind of you to offer to send it! 💕 Thanks! I haven't read Ottessa Moshfegh yet so definitely looking forward. I think this has been on my TBR since I read @vivastory's review long ago. 2h
LeahBergen I‘ll be catching up to you later this afternoon! 👍🏻 1h
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#MayMovieMagic This book has been lingering on my shelf for far too long #WaitingForAMiracle #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

gradcat Good book! 4h
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#BFC week 2 check in. Well, im doing great with my book goals it‘s the fitness part im really failing at☹️It‘s totally on me. I‘m just not motivated enough. I‘m aware which is important but i haven‘t been so good about implementing my goals. There‘s always next week. Hope the rest of my challenge buddies are staying on track and feeling good 😁

Meaw_catlady I am feeling the same way. I lack motivation because I am so busy it‘s stressing me out I just pass out the minute I get home. But sometime sleep is what you need for your health. Don‘t lose hope! You‘re doing great no matter what 🤗 1d
BookwormAHN Books are a big part of the challenge. Don't lose hope you can do this 👏🏻 1d
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Meaw_catlady @BookwormAHN your words of encouragement actually mean a lot!!!!!! 1d
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DivineDiana Congratulations on your book goals! You already look fit to me! 💗 1d
TrishB Know how you feel ❤️ I‘m sure it will return. 1d
RachelO Week 3 will be amazing! 1d
wanderinglynn Great progress on your book goal! 🙌🏻 What can we do to help you get back on track with your fitness goal? Team #BFC is here for you. 23h
Chrissyreadit Pick a goal and I will cheer you on!!! How can I help motivate? 17h
Megabooks You can do it, Cindy!! I have faith!! 12h
Cinfhen Thank you all soooo much!! Im working through some medical condition that leaves me fatigued and with terrible shortness of breathe with little or no exertion. It is related to low iron and low blood count so I‘m frustrated that simple exercises I used to do like sit-ups or lunges now have me panting and feeling sick after only a few minutes. @Chrissyreadit @wanderinglynn @Megabooks @DivineDiana @TrishB @RachelO 👇🏼 12h
Cinfhen And because I get frustrated I tend to throw all my other fitness/ health goals out the door which then leads to me being angry with myself. You know how that bad cycle goes. I‘ve been walking but even the walks leave me winded and they don‘t really tick my own boxes of what I‘d like to accomplish. 😩 12h
Megabooks @Cinfhen oh honey, I am so sorry! I had severe anemia related to my celiac disease four years ago and my red blood cells were so low, it was terrible to even walk my dogs. I had to have four iron infusions. It sucked! I hope you are able to return to normal activity soon!! Any progress is good progress!! I will pray for you to heal. 😘🙏🏻 12h
TrishB @Cinfhen make sure you look after yourself ❤️ I‘ve suffered with anemia on and off most of my life and when it‘s bad it‘s bad and exhausting!! 11h
Cinfhen Thank you both @Megabooks @TrishB I go twice a year for 12 rounds of iron infusions!!!! It sucks and they still can‘t figure out what‘s causing the loss. It‘s so exhausting and frustrating 😢 I appreciate your prayers and good cheer xx 11h
RachelO Sending hugs- so frustrating, especially when they can‘t find the cause, (I spent a few years there, back along) but please don‘t be hard on yourself! Do what you can do, celebrate the wins, and take it easy 😘 9h
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen that is completely understandable! I get fatigue frequently too- but as I research wonder if I have recurring Epstein Barr virus. Anyway, chair yoga is working, although physical activities in days I work is too much. I‘m also working on mindfulness and pain management. Not sure if this is helpful- just sharing that it is not about just physical activity. ❤️❤️❤️maybe just identify different goals? 8h
Cinfhen Are u using an online video for the chair yoga @Chrissyreadit that might be a good place for me to start!! I‘m sorry you have your own health issues to navigate. I find my eating and mental health is generally good it‘s really working on my stamina and strength that is weighing me down physically & mentally. 8h
Cinfhen @RachelO thanks for your encouragement 😘😘😘It‘s always nice to know you have friends who care and support you!!! 8h
Centique Oh man Cindy I‘m sorry to hear it‘s been so frustrating. You always spread so much good cheer on here, I hope we can all cheer you on too. Sounds like smaller/different types of goals might be better while the breathlessness is happening. 🤞All the best for whatever you want to try and I hope the condition improves. 💕💕💕 8h
Chrissyreadit I miss my previous life where I was very active and fit but this challenge is actually helping me most with depression because it is making me work on what I can do and not ruminate on what I can‘t do. @4thhouseontheleft mentioned she might also have some chair yoga sources 🥰🥰 8h
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Chrissyreadit #SharingIsCaring 😘😘😘 8h
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Centique I try not to focus on the negative but sometimes you need to share 💜and Littens are really THE BEST and most supportive people I‘ve ever “met” 8h
DivineDiana Sorry to hear about your medical issues. 😕I am confident that you will bounce back very soon! 👍🏻💪🏻❤️ 8h
4thhouseontheleft @chrissyreadit @cinfhen I'm still waiting to hear back from my friend/yoga instructor, but I follow Yoga for Adriene on YT and the video in the link looks very similar to what my friend Amber teaches! Ignore the title - it's not just for seniors, despite the title. 🙄All of the poses in the video look gentle, with the possible exception of the warrior pose, so if that one is a struggle, that's ok! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ts01MC2mIo 6h
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing the link @4thhouseontheleft and for all the words of encouragement 😘😘😘 5h
Cinfhen Thanks so much @DivineDiana It‘s hard to hold me back 😂😛 5h
Megabooks @Cinfhen 12!! I hope someone can find a cause, so you don‘t have to do that anymore. Best of luck! 💙💙💙 4h
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Megabooks 💕💕 3h
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Repost for @EadieB Join this true crime buddy read beginning May 28!!!!! Just tag Eadie and let her know🤓 Eadie is a great host and always provides insightful comments and questions🙌🏻

Melissa_J This should be a good book. His case was featured prominently in some of the courses I took in high school and university. 1d
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Three Women | Lisa Taddeo
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Thanks for the tag @tournevis @Eggs @Klou
#ThursdaySurvey @laurenslibrary
1. Heading back to the States...spending time with friends and family
2. Tagged book sounds super interesting
3. All the fresh fruit 🍉 🍒🍑🍓🥭
4. It‘s 98 degrees today, meant to be 102 tomorrow ☀️🔥💥
5. Tagging @BarbaraBB @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft @LibrarianRyan @CoffeeAndABook

TrishB 98! 😱 1d
Cinfhen It‘s soooo hot @TrishB even for me 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 1d
TrishB It‘s 66 here and just pleasant , apparently going colder over weekend! That is just wayyyyyy too hot for me. Take care 😘 1d
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Cinfhen It‘s the first heatwave of the season @TrishB but it‘s supposed to break and be back to 80‘s all next week! 1d
laurenslibrary Thanks for playing! 💛🧡 1d
4thhouseontheleft That‘s hot! It‘s supposed to be 96 here over the weekend, and the humidity arrived in full force today. 🥵 23h
Klou You're welcome!! 20h
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#MayMovieMagic I‘m #soclose to finishing this audiobook. It‘s a really in depth look at the behind the scenes actions and dealings of NBC, Must See TV, Friends and the writers and producers who worked to create the iconic show. Totally recommend for anyone who grew up on 90‘s television 📺

marleed That sounds interesting - both the book and way to go on the title. 1d
Cinfhen It was really good @marleed #Nostalgic 1d
rohit-sawant Echoing @marleed! Looking forward to your review. 1d
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Thank you SO MUCH @CoffeeAndABook for the wonderful surprise #BookMail 🥳🥳🥳YOU totally made my day 💜I‘m excited to try all the goodies and I‘m happy to discover a new book that‘s a “real book lovers book”❣️❣️❣️❣️So grateful for another Litsy friendship 🙏🏻😘😘

Crazeedi You will like this book! I really enjoyed it! 1d
Heideschrampf My great-grandma used this perfume all the time. Can't help but think of her whenever i see/smell it 1d
Cinfhen Hahaha @Heideschrampf I swear, I thought that was vodka!!!! I was going to add it to my fruit smoothie 🤣😂😂🤣😂😂you saved my life!!!!!! 1d
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Cinfhen And now that I opened it, it‘s divine 😇 @Heideschrampf @CoffeeAndABook (edited) 1d
Cinfhen Thanks @Crazeedi good to know!!! The blurb sounds good 😊 1d
TrishB Lovely Litsy bookmail ❤️ 1d
Crazeedi @Cinfhen you just made me giggle!! Vodka! 😂 1d
Heideschrampf @Cinfhen haha definately NOT safe for drink! It's the reason why perfume is also called (EAU DE) COLOGNE, because this company has been around forever. it's name was given because 4711 is the house number napoleon gave them when he invaded. And now it's a touristy souvenir/granny perfume 😜 1d
Cinfhen That‘s brilliant @Heideschrampf I never thought about the word “Cologne” #LiveAndLearn I think it smells good, not granny-ish at all 😉😂🤣 1d
Cinfhen It‘s almost 2pm here @Crazeedi reasonable hour to add a splash of alcohol to a smoothie 😉 1d
Crazeedi @Cinfhen go for it! ❤ sending my best wishes to you ! We are getting reading to go out on the lake before the rain comes!! Its 7 am here!! 1d
Cinfhen Thanks @Crazeedi Enjoy your time by the lake 💋 1d
CoffeeAndABook 😂😂😂 I‘m LOLlling all over the place!!! Now I wish I‘d sent you vodka 😜 but alas, it‘s only granny perfume from Cologne 😇 I‘m SO GLAD @Heideschrampf cleared that up though! And I did NOT know that bit about Napoleon - how embarrassing 🥴 #liveandlearn indeed! I‘m also pleased it made your day, hope you enjoy the book and definitely hope you‘ll find the ingredients for a “fun” smoothie elsewhere 🙌🏻 What a great idea 🥂😘 1d
Cinfhen Thanks so much Chrissy! I loved all my goodies xx such a wonderful treat @CoffeeAndABook Hope you‘ve recovered from your houseguests 😘 1d
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen You‘re very welcome 😘 Promise, next time there will be Vodka 😉 Yes, I feel much better, I‘ve truly been relishing the peace of our house, especially mornings 💓☀️☕️😌 Have a lovely weekend 😎🎋🍹 12h
Cinfhen Cheers 🥂 to a quiet house @CoffeeAndABook 😘😘 11h
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McGlue | Ottessa Moshfegh
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I‘ve read my first 5 chapters for the #McGlueBuddyRead and I‘m dazzled by Moshfegh‘s evocative writing. Curious to hear @shawnmooney and @LeahBergen initial impressions 😀

LeahBergen Oh oh, I better get crackin‘! 😆 1d
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Mrs. Everything | Jennifer Weiner
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Up next for me #NetGalley #ARC So far Litsy reviews are all positive! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

KarenUK @cinfhen I may or may not need to read this for work 🤫🤫🤫😉 2d
Cinfhen Ha!!!!! We can buddy read @karenuk😘😘 2d
Hazel0303 I'm starting this in a few minutes!!! Can't wait! 2d
seglitis I'm half way through and really enjoying it.... I just don't seem to have time to finish 😬 2d
Cinfhen I‘m really enjoying so far @KarenUK @Hazel0303 @seglitis The first few chapters are a little cliche coming of age set up but the pages are flying by and I‘m engaged with the storylines. 2d
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#StarTrekSummerMay Imagine if everything you thought you knew about yourself, your identity, your family was all a lie? This memoir was raw, touching and absolutely gripping #Inheritance what defines us? To whom do we owe our identity? Nature or nurture?

IamIamIam Oooh, I had this stacked but I'll have to push it up!!! 2d
Cinfhen I gave it 5 stars @IamIamIam 🤩 2d
IamIamIam WOAH!!! 2d
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Cinfhen Haha!!! EXACTLY @IamIamIam 😜 2d
Megabooks You‘ve convinced me to give this a shot, but the wait for the single library copy is long!! 2d
Cinfhen I May be able to loan you my audible copy. I think I need your email and I can try 🤞🏼 @Megabooks 2d
Megabooks I have your email, so I‘ll email you. Thanks!! 2d
Cinfhen Check your email and see if it worked 💋💋 @Megabooks 2d
Megabooks @Cinfhen Got it!! 😘😘😘😘 2d
megnews Hoping to get to this soon. 2d
Megabooks Already on chapter 9. I listened while I was cooking dinner. It‘s really good! I already have a lot to think about! 2d
Cinfhen So glad you‘re hooked @Megabooks I think Dani Shapiro is so insightful and her narration is so good 2d
Cinfhen @IamIamIam @megnews I‘d recommend reading/listening to Devotion first....it‘s really good and it‘s kind of the lead up to Inheritance. I listened via Hoopla 2d
Megabooks One of the things I find fascinating is the importance of lineage to Jewish identity. I had a number of Jewish friends in college because I was a “little sister” to the Jewish fraternity. Some of the guys I knew, even at 20-21, were dead set on marrying Jewish women, and that was a make or break deal. But even the men who didn‘t find it important in college, ended up marrying Jewish women in their late 20s/30s. Not all of them, but I‘d say most. 2d
Cinfhen Judaism evolved from oral tradition, the passing down and telling of laws, Values and beliefs. I feel like lineage and the importance placed on continuing the cycle is firmly planted in our minds from birth. I honestly don‘t think any member of my family going back at least 5 generations has married a non Jew. That‘s not to say all members are Orthodox or practice all the laws but I don‘t recall anyone marrying outside the faith. @Megabooks 1d
Megabooks @Cinfhen Wow! Impressive, but not surprising, given what I know from my friends. Even the ones who were more “culturally Jewish” than “observantly Jewish” placed importance on family history. But my Jewish psychiatrist is married to a Catholic woman, I recently found out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ One of the best times being a little sister was finding my friend from KY‘s Jewish roommate some friends. They went to UNC, and Toby was bemoaning the fact there 👇🏻 1d
Megabooks weren‘t any Jews she could relate to at UNC, and I was like, oh honey, let me take you to a party Saturday night! And she‘s stayed closer to many of them than I have. It was a really happy moment helping her find people to have Shabbat with and go to Seders with at the Jewish life center, etc. 1d
Cinfhen Yay @Megabooks that‘s called doing a MITZVAH (good deed)😃😌😘 my daughter who‘s 26 has one close friend from HS who‘s dating a non Jewish boy from Austin TX. They‘ve hung out a bunch of times and Niki said he‘s a nice guy but he JUST DOESN‘T GET all the “JEWISH STUFF” and I really think if you aren‘t raised and brought up with all the traditions it‘s hard to appreciate their significance or importance. I‘m not saying it‘s not possible 👇🏼 1d
Cinfhen But it would certainly be a challenge especially once you start to raise a family, 1d
IamIamIam You said Hoopla and I was excited that there was another app for audio! Lol, turns out it's just what your library uses... haha, we use Libby! 1d
Cinfhen My library uses both @IamIamIam and Hoopla has a much better selection of audiobooks but I‘m only allowed a maximum of 5 loans a month 🥴🙄😬 1d
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The History of Love | Nicole Krauss
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#MayMovieMagic The History of Love is a story within a story that traces the #OriginsOfLove for the curmudgeon Leo Gursky (whom I affectionately call #TheJewishOve ) A book that requires time and care as the dual stories are sometimes confusing. I loved Leo, so it bumped up my love for this book but it‘s not going to appeal to all readers. Still a book worth trying if you‘re seeking an unconventional love story.

Karisa Oh! I had almost forgotten this book. I loved it too! Jewish Ove is perfect description for him. Starts slow but pulls you right in. Gorgeous passages. 3d
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Karisa so many parts of Leo felt like a combination of Ove and my grandfather that I was totally smitten 🥰 3d
JennyM I tried to read this a few months ago, but it wasn‘t for me. And I was so sad not to love it - I really wanted to. It just seemed to pass my by 🙁 3d
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CafeMom I loved the book from start to finish. Leo Gursky was my favorite character, every cantankerous ounce of him. I work in the field of gerontology so I felt at home with Leo. 3d
CarolynM What a fabulous quote. This book has never really appealed to me, but maybe I should look at it more closely before dismissing it completely. 3d
Cinfhen This book had a lot of stunning sentences @CarolynM I think you should give it a try❣️I‘m sorry it didn‘t pull you in @JennyM there were moments when I wasn‘t sure what I was reading but in the end it all came together for me. And I agree @CafeMom Leo Gursky is a wonderful character ❤️ 3d
Leftcoastzen I liked it a lot quietly intense. 3d
TaylorMay You guys convinced me! Now added to my stack 2d
rohit-sawant Love your description of the book. 💜 Also that quote! #Sold 2d
Librarybelle That quote! I‘m stacking this! 2d
Centique What a quote and what a great review! Seems I‘ve already stacked this 😍 2d
KarenUK As you know.... it‘s one of my faves 👍💕😊 2d
Cinfhen I‘m so excited to see all the love for Leo @Centique @Librarybelle @rohit-sawant @TaylorMay I ALWAYS think of you when I think of this book @KarenUK And I‘m pleased to know you love it too @Leftcoastzen 💕💕💕 2d
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Ask Again, Yes: A Novel | Mary Beth Keane
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Thank you #NetGalley @ScribnerBooks for this compelling story of two families and a tragedy that forever links and connects the characters for decades to come. It touches on many real life issues and it‘s done in the most seamless and natural ways. Ever character is well nuanced and their actions are believable. I found myself missing the book and eager to return to it. Book is available May 28!

TrishB Not out until August here, currently expensive! 3d
Cathythoughts Sounds really good 👍🏻♥️ 3d
Cinfhen Hope you‘ll find a daily deal @TrishB it was a really engaging read @Cathythoughts 3d
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Birdsong28 @Cathythoughts @TrishB It's really good but hard going in parts, I have also been reading via Netgalley as the publisher invited me to review. 3d
Birdsong28 @Cinfhen It is an engaging read. 😁📚📖 3d
Cinfhen I feel like this book will linger @Birdsong28 whereas most books I read I forget pretty quickly. I was caught by surprise, because initially the beginning felt trite & I thought this would be melodramatic 3d
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Still Alice | Lisa Genova
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#MayMovieMagic One of the first books I ever read for bookclub and it has stayed with me almost 12 years later!!!! At 50 Alice seems to have it all except sometimes she misplaces her keys, or forgets why she went into the kitchen but when she goes out for a run and can‘t remember how to get home, her “old life” is about to change. Such a heartbreaking look at early onset Alzheimer‘s Disease. Beautifully written and explored. #WhereIsMyMind

Kalalalatja So sad! 😢 4d
TrishB A good read, as are all her books. 4d
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rohit-sawant Need to read this one. Loved the film. 4d
Cinfhen I agree, her books are well written and heartbreaking @Megabooks @TrishB @Kalalalatja It‘s a good read @rohit-sawant but if you‘ve seen the film I‘m not sure you need to rush to read the book. 4d
marleed So I‘m scrolling down my feed after posting my morning pic, saw your post, and realized I used the wrong book! And how appropriate anyway because it seems the challenge today is personal #WhereIsMyMind! 3d
CafeMom I loved this book when I read it. I have been meaning to read more books by the author. 3d
Cinfhen The last book I read by her @CafeMom was similar to Alice and definitely worth a library trip 3d
britt_brooke This book ripped my heart out, but helped me gain perspective. My MIL has had early onset Alzheimer‘s for a few years and is really going downhill lately. She doesn‘t know a lot of us anymore. It‘s absolutely heartbreaking. Such a shit disease. 2d
kamoorephoto This destroyed me, film and book. My grandmother, who I barely knew, and I saw maybe once a year as a child whether we visited England (from Hong Kong) suffered from Alzheimer‘s, and all my life the disease has terrified me. To see it rip memories and basically a life away, seems so cruel, and in turn, it‘s devastating to everyone around that person. I should revisit this when I feel stronger. Heartbreaking and courageous. 2d
Cinfhen I so agree @britt_brooke @kamoorephoto Alzheimer‘s is a SHIT disease...because it really effects the entire family. I‘m terribly sorry that you‘ve both been personally affected. 😭😭😭 2d
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A Fairy's Job | A. J. Culey
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REPOST: Some of our Birthday Fairies are ready for a well-deserved retirement. We are currently looking for two new fairies to help spread #BirthdayLove on Litsy. 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️

If you‘re interested in joining the fun and gaining your wings, please contact LitsyBirthdays@gmail.com for all the inside info 🌟✨💫✨💫🌟

Giveaway | Carolyn Finlay
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In appreciation for all my new followers, I‘m hosting a #giveaway just for you❣️❣️❣️If you started following me in 2019 then your eligible to participate in the #OldMeetsNewGiveaway 🎉🥳📚Just repost above image, tag me, and answer the 4 questions so I can get to know you a bit better. Random winner will be drawn June 1,2019. Winner will receive a book from their current TBR and a book I think you might like.

LeahBergen You‘re a gem. 😘😘 4d
KarenUK What a lovely idea x 4d
KarenUK Ps. Email me your address, I have this one ready to mail 😊 4d
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Lizpixie What a lovely idea from a lovely lady!😘♥️♥️♥️♥️ 4d
Cinfhen Awwwww, thank you my lovely #OGsofLitsy 😘😘😘 @KarenUK @Lizpixie @LeahBergen 4d
Cinfhen I totally forgot @KarenUK on it now!!!! THANK YOU 🥰 4d
Cathythoughts How kind 👍🏻♥️♥️♥️ 4d
squirrelbrain What a lovely idea! ❤️😁❤️😁 4d
TrishB Lovely 💕 4d
JennyM Lovely idea, Cindy. You have a heart of gold 😘♥️ 4d
BarbaraBB What a great idea Cindy! You‘re the best 💕 4d
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Ask Again, Yes: A Novel | Mary Beth Keane
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#NetGalley #ARC I read and LOVED the book FEVER by this author so I was excited to see she has a new book coming out. After a slow start, I‘m finding my rhythm with this book. It‘s a story about 2 families who are bound by circumstance & tragedy. Rumor has it this book is a June #BOTM selection 😍

Kimberlone I hope this is a June #BOTM the blurb sounds so good! 4d
Cinfhen It‘s at a point where I can‘t stop reading @Kimberlone 😊🧡 4d
Reviewsbylola This sounds great! Def picking it if it‘s a June choice. 4d
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Kimberlone @Cinfhen i haven‘t but I‘ve heard of it before and sounds right up my alley 4d
Cinfhen I read it awhile ago but I LOVED it!!! This book is totally different from Fever but it‘s still good @Kimberlone 4d
Reviewsbylola Yes, I loved Fever! 4d
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The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin
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#MayMovieMagic #TomorrowNeverKnows unless a psychic foresaw you‘re future and told you the day you would die. When four siblings are given this “knowledge” it will shape their lives. What would you do if you knew the date of your death??? I loved this book!!! #BookClubWorthy

TrishB Good pick 👍🏻 4d
Cinfhen Thanks @TrishB 🥰 4d
Cathythoughts Nice one 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4d
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rohit-sawant Great pick! 🙌🏼 4d
marleed I‘m reading this book now and didn‘t even realize how well it answered the challenge! 4d
Cinfhen Are you enjoying the book @marleed ??? 4d
Cinfhen Thanks @rohit-sawant @Cathythoughts 🧡 4d
marleed @Cinfhen Yes. I saw this book and was struck by the title and cover and added it to my TBR. I don‘t always do this but I deliberately avoided reading much about it so the story would unfold in unexpected ways. 4d
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Patsy | Nicole Dennis-Benn
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Patsy is an immersive story of heartache, longing, doubt and acceptance. A story about motherhood and immigration, expectations and reality.

Told in alternating chapters, Dennis-Benn chronicles Patsy‘s journey in Brooklyn and the ensuing years of Tru‘s childhood in Jamaica. Their similar parallels and experiences are a stark reminder that no one place is better than another. #NetGalley #ARC

Miller's Valley: A Novel | Anna Quindlen
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#MayMovieMagic #WhenTheLeveeBreaks #BeatleMaynia #CarryThatWeight Mimi Miller is reflecting on her life as she looks back to the year the US government decides to flood her family land creating a diversion that will ultimately become a reservoir. As the river is allowed in, dampening the ground, loosening ties, it seems to drown people little by little forcing secrets to float up to the surface. A quiet but powerful story of home and belonging.

TrishB Sounds interesting 👍🏻 5d
Cinfhen It was a little too reflective for me but it‘s beautifully written and a great character study @TrishB 5d
Megabooks I really enjoyed this book! 5d
Eggs 💗Anna Quindlen💗 5d
rohit-sawant This sounds really good! 5d
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Stuart Little | E. B. White
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#MayMovieMagic Another family favorite for book and movie #LittlestThings #Nostalgic

KathyWheeler I loved this book when I was a kid. I reread it several times, but I‘ve never done so as an adult. 6d
Cathythoughts Gorgeous 6d
Cinfhen I just saw a comment from @DivineDiana where it seems like this book didn‘t hold up as well as an adult reader @KathyWheeler which is a shame 🙁 6d
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Cinfhen I always loved the illustrations in this book @cathythoughts 6d
KathyWheeler @Cinfhen I hate to hear that. 6d
TrishB Aww...lovely pick 💕 6d
BookBabe I loved this as a kid ❤️🐭 6d
marleed They turned this into a movie a few years back and it didn‘t even compare to the book. I love this book! 6d
4thhouseontheleft I love Stuart Little! 🐭 💙 6d
erzascarletbookgasm Would you believe it, I‘ve never read this! 6d
Cinfhen I feel like certain books are “iconic” and universally loved and shared during childhood @4thhouseontheleft @marleed @BookBabe @TrishB I‘m not sure how it would be to read it now @erzascarletbookgasm but if u pick it up let us know 😉❤️ 6d
rohit-sawant Love this! 💕 5d
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Holes | Louis Sachar
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#BeatleMaynia #FixingAHole Such an amazing book and movie🤩A family favorite 🙌🏻❣️

TrishB Same here 💕 1w
Eggs Sachar‘s masterpiece!!! 1w
mrp27 Loved this book! Movie was decent too. 7d
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Patsy | Nicole Dennis-Benn
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#MayMovieMagic My current ARC is the story of Patsy, a young Jamaican woman who leaves her daughter behind as she journeys to America in hopes of improving their lives. Patsy is #hookedOnAFeeling that America will offer all that she‘s yearning for, including a lost love...her friend Cicely. But as we often discover, America is not a friendly place for an undocumented immigrant. This story is really good so far, although a bit repetitive.

Kalalalatja I‘m so excited there‘s a new book by Dennis-Benn 🙌 (edited) 1w
gradcat Nice mid-read review! 😊 1w
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#Eurovision2019 Hands down the best singers on the Eurovision stage🙌🏻 The Shalva Band withdrew from the competition when they discovered they would have to discrete the Sabbath. Producers wanted to allow them to have their dream recognized so they granted them a chance to preform last night on the Semifinals. Watch the clip #DareToDream https://youtu.be/EhRewe-uEIw
#StarTrekSummerMay #BestOfBothWorlds

Cinfhen The Shalva Band is a group of 8 young adults who each have a physical disability but that doesn‘t stop them from preforming and inspiring. 💕💕💕💕💕 (edited) 1w
Kalalalatja They were great! 1w
Megabooks Oh that‘s fantastic!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
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Cinfhen They really are amazing @Kalalalatja @Megabooks and congrats, Katja....Denmark qualified 🎉🎉 1w
Kalalalatja Good to know, I fell asleep before the votes were in 😅 1w
RachelO They were great! 1w
Cinfhen Do u have a favorite @RachelO ?? 1w
Cinfhen I‘m tagging you @ElishaLovesBooks this performance was too special not to share💕hope the link works 1w
ElishaLovesBooks @Cinfhen I‘ve seen them perform before. . .Amazing and Inspiring 💕💖 Thank you so much for sharing!!💓 (definitely a few tears) 6d
DivineDiana Video not available in this country. 🤨 4d
Cinfhen Awww, too bad @DivineDiana I can watch that video on repeat and I cry EVERY TIME!! You might be able to just google Shalva Band Eurovision 2019 and maybe a different link will be available. BTW: bought my tickets xx looking forward to seeing u 😁 4d
DivineDiana I found it! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Just beautiful in every way! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 See you soon! ❤️ 3d
Cinfhen Yay!!! Im happy you were able to see what true talent looks and sounds like. They are so inspiring💕💕💕 @DivineDiana (edited) 3d
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Time for my first #BFC “weigh” in😜Week 1
If I‘m #KeepingItReal I had some successes and a failure too 😔

My scorecard:
Fitness Goals - 1 ( need to improve during week 2)
Nutritional Goals - 3 ( can do better but off to a good start)
Book Goals - 4 (I finished 3 physical books & I‘m in the middle of 2 audio books 🤓🎧 tagged book is really good)

Overall Week 1 score 2.75

Doing some #AudioCooking ~ weekend guests 😜

TheSpineView Awesome! 1w
wanderinglynn A great week 1! 🙌🏻 1w
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bewareofwords Way to go for Week 1! 🤗 1w
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 1w
britt_brooke 🙌🏻 1w
LauraBeth Sounds like you did a pretty good job to me! 1w
guinsgirlreads Great job this week! 1w
Bookwormjillk 👏👏👏 1w
Cinfhen Thanks for the positivity @Bookwormjillk @guinsgirlreads @LauraBeth @britt_brooke @BookwormAHN @bewareofwords @wanderinglynn @TheSpineView I‘m just disappointed in myself that I gave up so easily when the fitness portion of the challenge was too difficult. #NoPainNoGain I need to sweat it out a little more and build up my strength/ breathing 1w
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#BlacKBird #BeatleMaynia #StarTrekSummerMay #RememberMe?? My friend returned these two books to me on Monday....I honestly have no recollection of buying them lest loaning them😂Anyway, she said they were both good not great. Anyone else read them???

KarenUK @Kalalalatja Me too..... I love Claire Fuller.... 1w
Megabooks No, I‘ve never read them! 1w
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Mdargusch Very funny! I‘m glad I‘m not the only one who does that! 1w
Eggs 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @Cinfhen 💗 1w
Cinfhen It‘s terrible @Mdargusch I have A LOT of impulse buys....most are courtesy of #BookOutlet 😜 1w
Cinfhen My friend did say the Fuller was better than the other book @Kalalalatja @KarenUK #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime Thanks @Eggs @Megabooks like @BarbaraBB said #SoManyChallengesSoLittleTime 😜😂😂😂 1w
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A Little Life: A Novel | Hanya Yanagihara
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#MayMovieMagic what a haunting beautiful song @rohit-sawant 🎵I googled the English lyrics to #LeTempsDeLaAmour and immediately thought of this haunting beautiful story.

🎶It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
when the time comes and goes,
one thinks of nothing in spite of one's wounds🎶
Fan art from Google (no named credit)

TrishB Great choice ❤️ feeling a bit clueless for this one at the moment! 1w
Cinfhen I think the French initially threw me too @TrishB but I have confidence in you ‼️🙌🏻 1w
Kalalalatja Great pick for the lyrics! 1w
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rohit-sawant Right?! It's such a gem. Can't wait to read the book. I'd stacked it a while back. 1w
Cinfhen Be prepared @rohit-sawant this book will leave you emotionally bruised 1w
Cinfhen Thanks @Kalalalatja 😘 1w
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Baby Teeth | Zoje Stage
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#MayMovieMagic Hanna has such a #SweetDisposition when she‘s around daddy but when it‘s just Hanna & mommy ....she becomes a full on DEMON SPAWN 😈 This book was wayyyyyy over the top!! I actually gave it a Pan because it was soooooooo ridiculous but I can see how others would find this book entertaining. It‘s The Omen meets The Bad Seed meets Kevin. 🍌👖

LeahBergen I have this one and still need to read it. I love “bad seed” type stories. 😆😆 1w
Cinfhen Please bump it up @LeahBergen and then share your thoughts with me❣️❣️❣️ 1w
Megabooks I‘ve been curious about this one too. It keeps coming up in my library recs! 1w
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TrishB I just don‘t fancy this one. 1w
rohit-sawant Didn't know about this one. Definitely intrigued! 😄 1w
Cinfhen Stay away @TrishB even if it‘s a #KindleDailyDeal 😜 1w
TrishB 🤣🤣🤣 1w
kamoorephoto LOVED this book!!! 2d
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Those Who Save Us | Jenna Blum
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#MayMovieMagic This may be an #unpopularopinion but according to my GoodReads I gave this book only 2 stars. I recall it‘s about the lengths a mother is willing to go to in order to save herself and her daughter set during WWII. #SaveMe

Tex2Flo I gave it the same ranking. Just didn't appeal to me.
Cinfhen Thanks for backing me up @Tex2Flo ❤️it was a few years ago when I read this but I remember cringy dialogue and writing 😬 1w
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Patsy | Nicole Dennis-Benn
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I‘m on a #NetGalley roll!!! Reading through my #ARCs @Liberty posted this book a few months ago and I‘ve been looking forward to reading it 😁

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Romanov | Nadine Brandes
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OMG!!! Just when I thought I couldn‘t be surprised anymore by @LibrarianRyan another book arrived ‼️❤️ I‘ve lost count, Ryan but you‘ve spoiled me beyond measure❣️❣️❣️❣️Thank you so much 😘#BookMail #LittensAreTheBest #GiveAwaysRock 🙌🏻

LibrarianRyan This is the last one. I am glad the book made it before my letter. You never know with book depository. (edited) 2w
Kalalalatja Gorgeous cover! 2w
Cinfhen It really is a stunning cover @Kalalalatja 🥰 Ryan, do you want this copy after I attempt to read it ??? I didn‘t realize it‘s VERY YA and I‘m not sure I‘m gonna love it as much as I was hoping 😩 @LibrarianRyan I saw you posted that you were looking forward to this one and I‘d love to share it with you ❤️ 2w
LibrarianRyan @Cinfhen sure. I didn‘t realize it was YA when I ordered it. (I ordered everything in December) I was surprised to see it on the YA shelf over the weekend. It‘s sounds like something I would like. But no rush. 1w
Cinfhen I didn‘t realize it was YA either when I put it on my Top 40 list @LibrarianRyan so I was surprised as well 😉 I did finally mail out that package (on Friday) so hopefully you‘ll be receiving it within 10 business days 🤞🏼🤞🏼 1w
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Night Before | Wendy Walker
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Thank you #NetGalley and the wonderful people @StMartinsPress for gifting me an ARC of Wendy Walker‘s newest thriller. Once again she delivers a page turning story that will have you gasping out loud. Even when you think you know all the pieces, a new twist throws you off course. This book is available tomorrow and will definitely be one that has people talking. #BeachRead #PoolSide #Thriller

TrishB Stacked - out later this week, will probably wait for a kindle deal. 2w
Suet624 The Litsy website says I have stacked 2.3K books. It's unimaginable, but now I'm completely embarrassed to stack any more. If I could though, I would stack this one! 2w
Cinfhen I think that‘s a good plan @TrishB it‘s entertaining and a fast paced read 😊 2w
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Cinfhen Hahahahaha!!! That‘s hilarious @Suet624 😂😂😂🙌🏻 2w
TorieStorieS Yay- so glad you enjoyed it too!! ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
Suet624 Can you imagine if I actually tried to read 2.3K books? Good Lord. 2w
Cinfhen I thought I stacked a lot of books @Suet624 🤪 2w
Suet624 I can‘t imagine it‘s accurate. 2w
Mdargusch How many stars do you give it? 2w
Cinfhen I gave it 3.5 stars @Mdargusch only because I DID figure out the main twist ( and also I‘m a little desensitized to thrillers) I think waiting for a daily deal or library copy is perfectly acceptable 😉 2w
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Night Before | Wendy Walker
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#NetGalley #ARC Trying to finish up this psychological thriller before publication day, tomorrow. Laura meets a man online who seems almost too good to be true. When she doesn‘t return home after her date, her sister Rosie will lead a #Manhunt to find out what‘s happened to Laura. #StarTrekSummerMay

Cathythoughts Lovely picture ✨✨✨ 2w
Mdargusch I will be anxiously awaiting your review! 2w
Megabooks Beautiful flowers!! Excellent use of prompt! 🖖🏻🖖🏻💐 2w
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An Orchestra of Minorities | Chigozie Obioma
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While some authors write books, the truly gifted tell stories. Chigozie Obioma is one of those rare storytellers. Using African myth and beloved proverbs, Obioma crafts a spectacular tale of destiny and fulfillment. It‘s an epic quest that will leave you spent and aching, Although it was a bit too long, this book was still stellar and a 4 star read. Second book completed for #BFC Day4

Cinfhen Loved it @LibrarianRyan THANK YOU 😘 (edited) 2w
Cinfhen I‘ll send it out later this week with the other book @Kalalalatja 😁 2w
Kalalalatja You are making me so excited to read it 🙌 2w
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rohit-sawant Sounds fascinating! Great review! 2w
KateFulfordAuthor Great review thanks 2w
Cinfhen This book is too “big” for me to describe properly @KateFulfordAuthor @rohit-sawant but I‘m in awe of what Obioma created. Definitely read this one, especially if you enjoyed The Fisherman. There‘s some hints of his debut in these pages 2w
KarenUK I loved Obioma‘s debut, both in print and on audio as a re-read for a bookclub. I think I‘ll try this one on audio because it has the same Nigerian narrator as the Fisherman, and his voice is soooooo beautiful! 💕🎧 2w
Cinfhen I think this will be fantastic on #audio @KarenUK let me know 💕 2w
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#BeatleMaynia #WhenIm64 The best book Ive read about love and companionship for those in their “later” years. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

ReadingRover I haven‘t read this book but I saw the movie and I really liked it. You should check it out. 2w
Cathythoughts Great choice 👍🏻♥️💔 2w
Reggie 😭😭😭😭😭 2w
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TrishB Loved this one too ❤️ 2w
Cinfhen I‘ve been meaning to watch the film @ReadingRover Have any of you lovely Littens seen it @TrishB @Reggie @Cathythoughts ???? 2w
TrishB I‘ve not seen the film as yet. 2w
Honeybeebooks This title is one of the few universally liked by book club. There were misgivings about the casting in the film though. Definitely a pick. 2w
Eggs I‘ve had this stacked a while ... 2w
Cinfhen Go for it @Eggs it‘s a one sitting read....interesting about casting @Honeybeebooks what could be bad about Fonda and Redford????? (edited) 2w
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The Sparrow: A Novel | Mary Doria Russell
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#MayMovieMagic I read this wonderful book and it‘s sequel, last year with @Andrew65 and @SledgeReader ( who completely disappeared from Litsy 😞) It‘s full of insight, wonder, moral arcs and religious beliefs. I think Bowie would have loved the world Mary D. Russell created. #SpaceOddity HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

KathyWheeler I loved these books so much! 2w
jmtrivera I remember, and I enjoyed following that discussion! 2w
rohit-sawant I've been meaning to read these! Love how prompts bring stacked books to the forefront again. 2w
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Cinfhen I‘m so glad I read these @KathyWheeler @jmtrivera @rohit-sawant it was a definite #BlameItOnLitsy 2w
Andrew65 Yes these were #BlameItOnLitsy for me too. @cinfhen was a great reading companion. A real shame @SledgeReader has disappeared. 😔 (edited) 2w
Cinfhen I know @Andrew65 I hope @SledgeReader is ok 😔 2w
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An Orchestra of Minorities | Chigozie Obioma
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Part Two of this tale was a little off the rails 🙄Hoping Part Three pulls this story back on track. As for my #BFC I‘m pleased to report I‘m reaching my daily goals and feeling pretty good💪🏼Hope my challenge buds are all staying strong 🙌🏻❤️‼️

Chrissyreadit 🎉🙌 2w
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2w
tdrosebud Keep it up! 2w
Cinfhen Thanks!! The witching hour hit and I was a little naughty 🙈 @Chrissyreadit @wanderinglynn @tdrosebud oh well!!! #Onwards 2w
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 2w
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An Orchestra of Minorities | Chigozie Obioma
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#StarTrekSummerMay Sometimes #TheEnemy is only yourself. This book is so good. I‘m loving the Nigerian folklore and the proverbs scattered throughout the pages. Chinonso is a simple man, with a big heart and pleasing nature. Through a series of unexpected events his life becomes a story of calamity. Equal parts hilarity and heartbreak. I‘m halfway in and totally hooked.

Cinfhen Thanks for gifting me this ARC @LibrarianRyan I think it‘s my favorite so far!!!!!! 2w
Megabooks #stacking!! I love Nigerian literature!! 2w
Cinfhen Have you read this book yet @Lola ???? I think you‘d really like it. I‘m not sure if you‘ll have the patience for it @Megabooks it‘s a bit of a slow burn. Let me know if you give it a try 👍🏻😊❤️ (edited) 2w
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Megabooks @Cinfhen I will!! 2w
Lola @Cinfhen We are such book twins 😍 This is in my physical TBR. I ADORED 2w
Cinfhen 👯‍♀️❤️had a feeling @Lola 🙌🏻 2w
Kalalalatja Now I‘m even more excited to read this! Loved The Fishermen 👌 2w
Cinfhen It‘s headed your way @Kalalalatja after I‘m finished reading 2w
LibrarianRyan 👍🏻😁 2w
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#MayMovieMagic #BeatleMaynia #Because it‘s Mother‘s Day I‘m combining my #ImmigrantSong with a book that focuses on the immigrant experience told through the eyes of a mother‘s love. Alma, Arturo and Maribel, travel across the Mexico-U.S. border to Delaware to start a new life. Maribel has been involved in a mysterious accident and has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her parents are hopeful that America will “fix” their problems. If only.

TrishB I loved this one 💕 Happy Mother‘s Day to you 😘 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Happy Mother‘s Day! 💐💗 2w
rohit-sawant Great mashup! Happy Mother's Day! 💕 2w
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Cinfhen Thanks for the Mother‘s Day wishes @TrishB @erzascarletbookgasm back at ya 💕💕Thanks @rohit-sawant I think Ill buy myself a present since nobody in my family did 😁😂 2w
TrishB In that case I would definitely be buying myself a present! 2w
Crazeedi Happy mother's day Cindy! 💐👑 2w
Cinfhen Thank you so much @Crazeedi 🥰hope you have a wonderful day as well 😘 2w
saresmoore Happy Mother‘s Day to one of my very favorite Litsy mamas! 💐♥️🥰 2w
Cinfhen Right back at you @saresmoore 💋🎉❣️Happy Mother‘s Day 🌻🌻🌻 2w
mrp27 Happy Mother's Day! 💐 2w
Cinfhen That book sounds really good @lynneamch thanks for the recommendation 2w
Cinfhen Thanks @mrp27 Hope you did something special today 😘 2w
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Day One of #BFC (thank you for the hashtag @catebutler ) was a rude awakening!!! Im in TERRIBLE physical shape! Good Lord, I could barely breathe through the first 7 minutes of my 20 minute work out. I did slay the book portion of the challenge😂Finished the tagged memoir. It‘s quite the story & I felt for Kerri & her family but this book is not for true crime fans. It‘s more of a finding faith & healing memoir with a serial killer father.

BarbaraJean Hahaha... I had a similar awakening, and felt soooo lame gasping for breath at the top of a hill, during the first 5 minutes of my walk around my neighborhood! Lesson learned: I need to work up some hill stamina! 2w
Cinfhen I have a feeling many lessons will be learnt @BarbaraJean but we‘re all in this together and that‘s the BEST part! (edited) 2w
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catebutler Just think how different we‘ll feel the more we do this challenge. I can‘t wait! 💪🏼 And I give all credit to the #BFC hashtag to @wanderinglynn! 😄 2w
BookwormAHN A few reps of lunges almost killed me this morning so I sympathize. It will get easier though. 2w
BarbaraJean @Cinfhen Yes!! I‘m loving all this cheering each other on! 2w
jenniferw88 You can do it! 2w
Marina_h You got to start somewhere 😊 2w
Kaye When I first went to the gym, I got tired really fast. After 20 minutes I had to stop. Each week, I gradually built up. On good days now I can go 2 hours. It takes time, so be patient and don‘t give up. (edited) 2w
Bookwormjillk Great job! I got a rude awakening yesterday when I decided to climb some stairs yesterday. After 6 weeks we won‘t even feel it! 2w
tdrosebud I received that same lesson just doing calisthenics. It will get better though. 2w
marleed Oh good luck. It really does get easier. 2w
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen your response about the book was very accurate. 2w
4thhouseontheleft Just think how satisfying it will be at the end of the challenge when you kick ass during the whole workout and can look back on all the progress you made! 🏋️‍♀️ 💪🏼 2w
Laughterhp At least you‘re moving! Good luck! 2w
guinsgirlreads Great job roughing it out! It gets easier! 💪🏻 And thank you for the clarifying review, it definitely helped me out. 2w
Ash.on.the.line We never seem to realize until we actually get up and do it! 😂 Just keep going! 😁 2w
MaleficentBookDragon Beautiful photo. 2w
wanderinglynn Way to stick with it! The important thing is you did it! The hardest part is just getting started. In 6 weeks you‘ll look back and be amazed how far you‘ve come! 🙌🏻 2w
Megabooks Great review!! 😘😘 2w
Cinfhen Thanks @MaleficentBookDragon my flowers are so colorful I had to share them 🌼🌺🌸 2w
jillannjohn Great start. It‘ll get easier! 2w
Cinfhen I think I was more humbled than defeated yesterday and honestly today wasn‘t much better but onwards! Thanks #TeamBFC @catebutler @BookwormAHN @jenniferw88 @Marina_h @Kaye @Bookwormjillk @tdrosebud @marleed @4thhouseontheleft @Laughterhp @guinsgirlreads @Ash.on.the.line @wanderinglynn 😜👊🏽 2w
Cinfhen I wanted to like this book more but I found myself doing too many eye rolls @Megabooks @Chrissyreadit I think her editor did a terrible job!!!! @guinsgirlreads (edited) 2w
CafeMom Too bad this book was so-so. I saw her interviewed on the Dr.Phil show and I had great sympathy for her. She really was kept in the dark her whole life. 2w
Clwojick I know what you mean! My Fitbit app straight up says my “cardio health” is poor for women of my age! 😂 I‘m here to fix that though, so we can power through together! 2w
Cinfhen She definitely has a compelling story @CafeMom which is why I think the editor did her a disservice. It needed to be branded differently and weeded out. There were dozens of unnecessary stories from childhood & multiple mentions of meals at Arby‘s & Taco Bell 🙄 2w
Cinfhen I think I want a FitBit for my birthday @Clwojick I could use a daily kick in the ass 😂😂 I‘m so glad to know we are all in this together 🥰 2w
Clwojick I wholeheartedly suggest you get one! 💙♥️ 2w
TheSpineView Now I want a FitBit.😋 good job! 2w
kspenmoll Beautiful flowers! Thanks for the review. I had to push myself this morning after a long day/night Fri with work & HS prom . Keep it up!!! 2w
Caterina Beautiful pic! And great job not giving up after those first 7 minutes - you can do this!! ❤ 🙌 2w
Cinfhen Thanks for the good cheer @TheSpineView @kspenmoll @Caterina Hope you‘re all having a good day 😁 2w
dariazeoli I‘m out of shape too, but I highly recommend the Fitbit anyway. Nice start to the challenge! 💪 2w
Reviewsbylola The religious slant was so not for me. I gave it a so-so too. 2w
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Eligible | Curtis Sittenfeld
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#MayMovieMagic Nothing says #ModernLove more than a Jane Austen retelling ❤️The Bennett Family has been relocated to the suburbs of Cincinnati, Liz is a magazine writer & Jane a yoga instructor. And the hot bachelor is a former reality TV star. The novel captures the spirit of the original, while cleverly weaving in elements (bypass surgery, the Paleo diet, high tech venture capitalists) that make the story very 21st century. I liked it❣️

erzascarletbookgasm Great choice 👍. How‘s your throat? Have you seen the doc? 2w
Cinfhen Haven‘t seen the dr, need to wait until Monday 😫😫 @erzascarletbookgasm and it‘s still sore & achy 😢 2w
Cinfhen Thank you for checking in on me @erzascarletbookgasm 😘 2w
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TrishB Hope its better soon ❤️ 2w
CarolynM Feel better💐 2w
avalinah I definitely liked this one as well :) 2w
GlassAsDiamonds @Cinfhen weird but works - try drinking sage tea (literally stick dried sage into a tea strainer). Tastes like drinking a bad pizza or something but oddly works very well for sore throats. Don‘t drink more than a few mugs a day but morning, midday, afternoon and evening is fine. (edited) 2w
Crazeedi @Cinfhen is your throat any better? Any other symptoms? Fever etc? Thinking of you 2w
KarenUK This is such a fun book... 💕 2w
rohit-sawant Oo, stacking this! Hope you feel better 💜 2w
Blaire Great choice! This was a fun read. 2w
suzisteffen I've read many P&P adaptations but haven't hit this one yet. Next!
Cinfhen Thanks friends, no fever but I‘m pretty sure this throat thing isn‘t going to go away without antibiotics @TrishB @CarolynM @Crazeedi @rohit-sawant Need to pick up sage @GlassAsDiamonds but it sounds nasty!!!!! 2w
Cinfhen I‘m thinking of trying this adaptation next!! Have any of you read it @suzisteffen @Blaire @rohit-sawant @KarenUK @avalinah 2w
suzisteffen @Cinfhen I sure have! I enjoy Ibi Zoboi so much. This one has a few plot holes ... BUT so does P&P. I read Unmarriageable last month (will tag in next comment) and right now, I am reading Sonali Dev‘s 2w
suzisteffen @Cinfhen oops I mean CURRENTLY, not “right now.” 😂 The other book was 2w
KarenUK @cinfhen no not read that one, but I think @LauraBeth really enjoyed it.... I‘m thinking of trying this one (another Austen project one) for #pop19 for a retelling of a classic (edited) 2w
KarenUK I own it, but the Litsy rating is terrible! 🤦‍♀️ 2w
avalinah @Cinfhen nope, haven't read that one! 2w
Cinfhen I was gonna say @KarenUK you‘re book doesn‘t have much #LitsyLove 😜although sometimes the Litsy rating doesn‘t make sense 🤷‍♀️ 2w
Cinfhen Unmarriageable looks adorable @suzisteffen I might have to try that one as well. 😄 2w
suzisteffen @KarenUK oooh I‘m going to try that one! Litsy and GR can be brutal(ly and mistakenly) rude about retellings of classics, esp Austen. I‘ll definitely read that one! 2w
suzisteffen TBH my fave - though also disliked by many - retelling of P&P is 2w
suzisteffen @Cinfhen I liked it a lot but didn‘t love it. Wracking my brain to figure out what the second P&P retelling I read in April was - will post when I figure it out. 2w
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen I really liked it (Pride) Young adult, definitely but I thought it was well done and I loved Eligible. I just finished Unmarriageable (still need to review it) & it was fun too. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. 😘Get better soon. 2w
CarolynM @GlassAsDiamonds Sage tea is my husband's favourite cold remedy. It's too disgusting for me! 2w
Reviewsbylola This was amazing! It showed me that retellings can be good. 2w
GlassAsDiamonds @CarolynM 😂😂😂😂 Great minds (but it *IS* vile!!!). 2w
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Insightsintobooks Aww, I wish I would have seen this. 1w
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This caused me to snort. In a letter written by Dennis Radar, the BTK serial killer, musing to his daughter that his brothers are not communicating with him. He finds that “not very Christian”. Dude, you strangled, brutalized and killed 10 people! Really, in my book that‘s #NotVeryChristian 😆 This book is interesting in some parts and very unnecessary in others.

wanderinglynn It always amazes me how people compartmentalize and can see faults in other, but not themselves. 2w
MicheleinPhilly 🙄 Also dude, your grammar. 2w
Kalalalatja My thought exactly @MicheleinPhilly 🙄 2w
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Cinfhen Yea, that‘s for another rant @MicheleinPhilly @Kalalalatja 😂 2w
Cinfhen So true @wanderinglynn I mean, talk about denial!!! 2w
KarenUK My new favorite understating hashtag! Serial killing = #notverychristian 😂 2w
CouronneDhiver Ugh 😑 2w
Blaire BTK lived near my neighborhood in Wichita...think it might creep me out too much to read more about him. Shudder. 2w
Cinfhen I‘m sure it would @Blaire this guy was a total psychopath although the book does not go into much detail. It‘s more about the daughter‘s healing from the trauma of discovery. It needed better editing @CouronneDhiver @KarenUK It‘s a crazy story but it never really went anywhere. 2w
Reviewsbylola BTK is a very deranged dude. 2w
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The Enchanted: A Novel | Rene Denfeld
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#BookMail part II Both were impulse buys because I can‘t resist a #BookDepositoryBookBargain

TrishB If Revolutionary Rd is as depressing as the film you‘ll need a cheery read afterwards! 2w
Tex2Flo Ditto for The Enchanted. Bleak stuff for a Friday! 2w
Cinfhen Ha!! I‘ll proceed with caution @TrishB @Tex2Flo 2w
readordierachel I absolutely loved The Enchanted. Dark, yes, but some beautiful writing and a lot to think about. 2w
Cinfhen Thanks @readordierachel for your promising endorsement ❤️ 2w
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#BookMail May‘s IRL bookclub choice 🎉McEwan generally leads to good discussions so I‘m looking forward to his newest novel 🤓

Cinfhen And I haven‘t forgotten @TrishB it‘s already marked for you ❤️ 2w
Heideschrampf Such a creepy cover! 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Look forward to your thoughts on this. 2w
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TrishB 👍🏻 I think it looks really good, hope it‘s not disappointing. 2w
Pruzy @Heideschrampf Yeah, who in the art department OKed that one? 2w
Cinfhen It‘s really a super creepy cover @Pruzy @Heideschrampf but it‘s pretty magnetic IRL. The AI looks human yet machine at the same time. The back cover has its female counterpart ~ also creepy AF. (edited) 2w
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My first audio book for the #BookFitnessChallenge is not in the database, but it‘s day one and I‘m ready to go💪🏼
My goals feel attainable and with all the Litsy support, I‘m excited 😊

nelehelen Yasss! Go go go! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 2w
Kalalalatja You go 🙌 2w
squirrelbrain Yay! Go girl! 👍 2w
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4thhouseontheleft You got this! 💪💪 2w
Kaye You can do it. 🌟 2w
Cinfhen Thanks everyone @nelehelen @Kalalalatja @squirrelbrain @4thhouseontheleft @Kaye it really helps knowing you‘re all cheering me and the others on xx 2w
LMJenkins Have a great day and start to the challenge! 👋🏼⭐️🏃🏼‍♀️ 2w
mabell It is exciting doing it together! 😊 2w
Clwojick Good luck on your first day! And also that cover has me craving a salad! 2w
Sharpeipup Good book to kick things off! 2w
Crazeedi Hope you are doing ok, how's your throat 2w
Cinfhen You guys... I‘m soooo out of shape!!! I could barely handle my 20 minute low impact beginner workout @Crazeedi @Sharpeipup @Clwojick @mabell @LMJenkins Thank God for this challenge!!!!! Im in NEED 2w
Crazeedi @Cinfhen I didn't sign up as I have a rough patch ahead this summer, but I'm following you all and going to do as much as I can. I wish I could have jumped in, as I'm like you 🤨 2w
LauraBeth I signed up too! 2w
audraelizabeth Good luck 2w
Cinfhen Thanks for the support @Crazeedi @audraelizabeth I didn‘t realize how out of shape I truly am. Yesterday was an eye opener @LauraBeth but it made me more determined 💪🏼 2w
Cinfhen I‘m sorry you‘re still dealing with your health issues @Crazeedi sending you inner strength and healing vibes 2w
Crazeedi @Cinfhen thank you for caring Cindy. I have lots of family support and friends like you! I❤😘 2w
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World That We Knew | Alice Hoffman
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#MayMovieMagic Sharing 4 upcoming novels that I‘m looking forward to reading & reviewing!!! All seem to have a #LustForLife vibe. I‘m especially excited for the Alice Hoffman novel #NetGalley

TrishB I‘m looking forward to the Alice Hoffman one too! 2w
Cathythoughts Books look good. I still need to read Alice Hoffman‘s Dove Keepers ! It‘s on my kindle, must do ! 2w
Cinfhen Alice Hoffman does HF so well @TrishB @Cathythoughts I‘m really hoping this book doesn‘t disappoint 2w
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4thhouseontheleft Ooohhh I didn‘t know Alice Hoffman has a new book coming out! 2w
rohit-sawant The tagged Hoffman book sounds quite interesting! 2w
Cinfhen I‘m really hoping it lives up to my expectations @rohit-sawant @4thhouseontheleft I‘m SUCH a fan of AH 2w
GlassAsDiamonds Ooohhhh!!! One more for the Alice Hoffman train! (Although I need more books to read like I need a hole in the head and they‘re still all over the place .... but still!!! 😂😂😂😂) 2w
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Playing catch-up on my #NetGalley #ARCs Up next, true crime.

AmyG It‘s a decent book. But wow...it‘s crazy just wrapping your head around this. Enjoy. 2w
GripLitGrl Oooh sounds interesting. Gotta check back for your review. 2w
valeriegeary I just read this.... It wasn't what I wanted it to be, a little scattered in places. Interesting though, and brave of her to share her story. I just wish she'd had a more thoughtful, thorough editor. I skimmed parts. 🤷 2w
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Fake Like Me | Barbara Bourland
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When Carey Logan, the darling of the art world commits suicide both patrons and fellow artists are left to wonder why. Enter our unnamed narrator, a raising star of the art scene, who soon finds herself being compared to Carey Logan. Following in Carey‘s footsteps our narrator‘s world becomes blurred between art and reality. I found parts of this story similar to Daisy Jones, Still Lives And Museum of Modern Love. #NetGalley #ARC #BorrowNotBuy

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#MayMovieMagic #YouNeverCanTell what goes on in a marriage or in the minds of suburban housewives 😜This was a fun & twisty read. Perfect for summer #BrainCandy 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭

SarahHarts_books This was a gread read! I really enjoyed it! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 2w
TrishB Have this one on kindle for sometime 👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen It satisfied my reading itch @SarahHarts_books @TrishB I‘d read another book from this sister duo. 2w
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marleed I loved this book. The Wife Between Us had a similar vibe. But I‘m team Mrs Parrish since I read her first. 2w
Cathythoughts I think I have this too 👍🏻♥️ 2w
rohit-sawant Great pick! On my TBR as well. 2w
SarahHarts_books @Cinfhen Agreed! I think would too, as well. 👍 2w
Reviewsbylola I enjoyed this one more than I expected! 2w
Cinfhen Guess what?? @SarahHarts_books @Reviewsbylola They have a new book coming out this summer 2w
SarahHarts_books Really? That's exciting!! I would definitely like to get my hands on that when it comes out!! 😊😃😊 2w
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