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Just for kicks I thought I‘d look at my #bookspin and #doublespin and one month‘s #triplespin since I won‘t get around to writing reviews for any I haven‘t yet. But I did get through most of them so big thanks for the inspiration @TheAromaofBooks . I didn‘t play along in January. Meet Me in Monaco was the doublespin for June and the bookspin for July and A Shot in the Dark was the doublespin for both August and September.

Suet624 Fantastic! 2y
BookNAround @CoverToCoverGirl There was only a triplespin in April as far as my notes go. 2y
TheAromaofBooks I love this!!! It makes me happy to see how people have gotten books checked off their list. So fun!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @CoverToCoverGirl - I only did #TripleSpin one month (in April). In May we did #BookSpinBonanza where everyone tried to read all 20 of their books in the order they were drawn out (way too challenging haha). The in July I started #BookSpinBingo which seems to be the best way for some people to still only read one or two books from their list but let other people read more, so I've stuck with that!! I just started #BookSpin last January 😂 2y
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Queenie | Candice Carty-Williams
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#BookReport #WeeklyForecast I always enjoy time traveling with Jodi Taylor‘s series 3 1/2 🌟 Queenie and A Better Man tick off boxes for #LitsyAtoZ and #BookSpin both 4 🌟 I loved Sense and Sensibility, a first time read for me. 5🌟
My daughter and I are doing a book/movie reread of The Hunger Games trilogy after reading The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Might finish Red, White and Royal Blue today.

Deblovestoread @TheAromaofBooks Hi Sarah, A Better Man was my April #TripleSpin and #Queenie is June‘s #DoubleSpin....not sure if you are tracking any of that. Love getting these off Mt. TBR! 2y
Cinfhen Ohhh!!! You had a very successful reading week!! I really liked Queenie too!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I do put checks by names that let me know... hopefully each check will be an entry for the end-of-the-year drawing I haven't quite figured out yet! 😂 2y
Josee.lit.a.lu.et.lira Nice visual report 😍 2y
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The Vanishing Stair | Maureen Johnson
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April #TripleSpin book but read on May.Late but completed!?☺️ This is a sequel so not much to comment. I enjoyed it and the author integrates parts of the first book so it is not difficult to follow the story. Again, I will like to read the last book to see how will be the conclusion of this story. "Reading is one of the great pleasures in life...all the money, all the power none of it compares to a good book" page 339 3.5⭐️. @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Better late than never!! 😁 2y
WanderingBookaneer Esta trilogía nos encantó. 2y
Gissy @WanderingBookaneer Tratando de comprar el 3er libro pero la tarjeta no llega, con esto del COVID-19, todo está lento!?y BookMarkPR no está haciendo órdenes especiales por ahora? 2y
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Spin (Spin, #1) | Robert Charles Wilson
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Good morning, friends!!! Since I didn't actually remember to mark down who wanted to be tagged for just the regular #BookSpin, and who wanted to also do #DoubleSpin, they are both combined into one post of awesomeness!!!!

Official #BookSpin is TEN and #DoubleSpin is THREE!!!!!

Thank you all for your participation & enthusiasm. Hosting this challenge is SO fun!!

As always, a few housekeeping notes!!! ⬇

TheAromaofBooks 1. I am hoping to have a giveaway at the end of the year. Entries are reviews of #BookSpin & #DoubleSpin books, but I will only know about them if you tag me, so please tag me whenever you read & review your book for the month. DNFs count! The goal for #BookSpin is to get a book off your TBR, so if you decide not to finish it, it's still off the list, so tag me & tell me why you bailed. ⬇ 2y
TheAromaofBooks 2. Remember, the #DoubleSpin number is totally optional. (Let's be real - they're BOTH totally optional!) You can read one or both numbers, but please don't let this challenge become a burden where you feel obligated to read!! This should be fun, not a chore!! ⬇ 2y
TheAromaofBooks 3. I am tagging everyone who posted a list, so if you posted a list & you do not get tagged here, please let me know! It means I either accidentally missed your original #BookSpin post OR I wrote down your username wrong. Either way, I'm really sorry. Everyone is welcome to join this challenge, so if I missed you it was entirely by mistake - just let me know!! ⬇ (edited) 2y
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TheAromaofBooks 4 & final - While I don't have time to reply to all of the comments to this post, I do read every one and love seeing which books got picked for you!! Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm, and happy reading!!! 2y
Hestapleton Oooo I got some good ones! MIRACLE CREEK and NORMAL PEOPLE. 2y
LeticiaToraci My #Bookspin book is The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman. 2y
mollyrotondo @Hestapleton ooo both are very good! 2y
mollyrotondo Yayy! My bookspin is The Kind Worth Killing and my doubespin is Bombs Away. 2y
Cinfhen Yay!!!!!! The wait is over🥳🥳I need to go see what books I‘ll be reading woohoo 🙌🏻 Thanks for posting bright & early 😜 2y
AmyK1 Yay! My bookspin is Into the Wild and double spin is The Bookshop on the Corner 👍🏼 2y
Maria514626 YAY! Dumbfounded and Start Finishing. Thanks! 🙌🙌 🎉 🎉 2y
Megabooks Into Thin Air and A Burning. Thanks!!! 2y
Kangaj1 Fun! My bookspin is The Perfect Couple and my doublespin is Gods of Jade and Shadow. 2y
OriginalCyn620 Yay! Mine are A Stranger in the House and Memoirs of a Geisha! 2y
squirrelbrain Thank you! #bookspin is The 7th Function of Language, which I‘m not sure about, but it gets it off the shelf one way or the other! #doublespin I‘m very much looking forward to: 2y
kiks Loving my choices. The Lost World and Murder on the Orient Express 2y
JamieArc The Miseducation of Henry Cane and then Swallows and Amazons. I‘m happy with those! 2y
Clare-Dragonfly All‘s Faire in Middle School should be a quick read—so maybe I‘ll also get to Serial Killers: The Insatiable Passion! 2y
aroc Woo hoo! Just in time! I finished my current read last night! 2y
Soubhiville Yay! Thank you! 2y
SamAnne My first spin is The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. An appropriate spin for what‘s going on in the world right now. Double spin is Stephen Kong‘s On Writing! 2y
Clwojick Woohoo. 2y
Clwojick 🎉🎉🎉 2y
Librarybelle Yay! My #bookspin is A Court of Thorns and Roses, and my #DoubleSpin is The Night Watch! 2y
Suet624 Thank you! All the Men in the Sea is the #bookspin. #doublespin is 2y
Prairiegirl_reading Thanks again for doing this! 😄 2y
Allylu My #BookSpin is Blood Sisters by Melody Carlson (love her) and #DoubleSpin is Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie (one of my #ReadYourSign books)! Thank you! 2y
Carolyn11215 Yay. Thanks for doing this again! My #bookspin is Olive Kitteridge and my #doublespin is The Butterfly Garden. 2y
Eggs Thanks Your Awesomeness Majesty! 2y
Cosmos_Moon Ooo, looks like some heavier lifts for me this month! Hope I can do it... The Book of Strange New Things and In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. 2y
Desha @TheAromaofBooks Yay! I love my #bookspin numbers for this month! One of them is a mother/daughter story about dealing with Alzheimer‘s that I‘ve been wanting to read for years!! (Just found it in all my reorganizing and it was #10 on my bookspin list!) Thank you!! 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚 (edited) 2y
Sace 10 on my list is "BOTM". I'm thinking The Ministry of Utmost Happiness since that can also work for #Booked2020 (I think.) I sort of failed doublespin last month (interestingly it's the same number this month.) I'm going to try to finish last month's then maybe I'll get to the new book I put in 3. 2y
vlwelser I got Queens of the Conquest and The Widow. I can't wait to get these off my list. Except it may take me most of the month because that first one is a beast. 2y
ChaoticMissAdventures Hello! I think you missed me or the notification didn't come, either way so excited to get Maugham's The Razor's Edge and Davies' Fifth Business off my TBR. Thanks for all your hard work! 2y
FantasyChick Looks like Miss Peregrines' and Nemesis for me! Both have been on my shelf for WAY too long! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @ChaoticMissAdventures - I didn't have you on my list for some reason!!! I must have missed it when you posted your stack for this month!! You're in the system now, though! 😂 2y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Yay! The adventure Kill the Farm Boy is up first followed by some romance with Sparking the Fire. I'll be checking off at least 2 for Read Your Sign: adventurous/strong-willed character and my element Fire in the title. 2y
Lcsmcat Two books by authors I already like: Doc by Mary Doria Russell, and My Cousin Rachel by DuMaurier! 2y
Sargar114 Oooh The Family Upstairs is up for my #bookspin this one has got some good reviews, I‘m excited! 2y
TheSpineView That is The Good Hawk for #BookDpin and The Final Six for #DoubleSpin 👍 2y
Blackink_WhitePaper Somehow I missed the tag this time. Excited to see these numbers. My pick is 2y
marleed Whoohoo! Bookspin is Between Shades of Gray and Doublespin is Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. I‘m so excited! Thank you for hosting! 2y
GinaKButler I love this challenge! Thank you SO much for hosting! I got The Stationery Shop and The Happy Ever After Playlist! 2y
cwarnier @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Kill the Farm Boy was amazing. I had a blast a few months ago reading it. Enjoy! 2y
claudiuo So cool, thanks a lot for doing this. My #10 is Skyward vol.3 so I will start with Skyward vol.2, luckily I got both from library and they are waiting for me. (edited) 2y
cwarnier I can't wait to join you this month. #10 is Tweet Cute by Emma Lord, I just discovered this book here last week and found it on #libby and added it for fun. #3 is Elanor Ophiant..., which I plan to read to finish out #BBRC reading challenge this month.
Thanks for including me. :)
JackOBotts The Vacationers & The Splendid and The Vile! #bookspin will definitely happen, but I may bump the Larson as I‘m hoping to dive into 2y
BookwormAHN Looks like I will be reading Ten Thousand Doors of January and The Flight Portfolio. Thanks 💚 2y
Kimzey Bookspin will be I and Thou by Martin Buber, which has been TBR for years! Doublespin will be Alabama Noir edited by Don Noble. It is a recent release and a book I can count for work, since they are all Alabama authors. Cool! Can‘t wait! 2y
MaleficentBookDragon How about picking a #Triplespin? I'm trying to get out of my reading slump. 2y
HannaPolkadots I will be reading Cutting for Stone for the June #bookspin 😀and continue to work away on my #bookspinbonanza pile 😅 2y
Jari-chan I got Graham Greene and Sergej Lukianenko - what a couple! 😆 2y
InBooksILive I have These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch and Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill. The first book is also one of my ReadYourSign book so that's perfect!! 2y
DieAReader Looks like my very 1st #BookSpin & #DoubleSpin are great picks! Thanks so much for this @TheAromaofBooks 🥰📚🥳 2y
Lesanne Throne of the Five Winds for me, woo hoo! I may or may not do #DoubleSpin, if so it‘ll be Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. Thanks @TheAromaofBooks ! 2y
robinb So excited for my books this month! For #bookspin I‘m happy to be reading a next in series “A Conspiracy in Belgravia” (I read the first in a previous #bookspin!), and “Moonshadow” for #doublespin (a first in series, I believe). Thanks Sarah! 💕 2y
ozma.of.oz The Tyrant‘s Tomb and Scales of Retribution for me! Woo! One audiobook and one read you sign book. This‘ll be fun. 😁 2y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick @cwarnier I'm already 90 pages into Kill the Farm Boy & its so fun! 2y
RainyDayReading My #bookspin is Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan and my #doublespin wound up being Binti by Nnedi Okarafor! I find it ironic because I just started reading Binti last night before the numbers were drawn 🙈🤣 2y
PaperbackPirate Thank you! 10 means it‘s time to read the short story selected for me by my husband. 🤖 2y
AllisonM89 Hi, I'd love to jump in if it isn't too late! How/where do I post a list? Or do I just make a list and tag you? How does this work??? lol
TheAromaofBooks @AllisonM89 - Hello!! Yes, you make a list of 20 books you've been meaning to read & post it & tag me. On the 2nd of every month, I draw 2 numbers & everyone reads those 2 books from their lists. You can use the same list every month (just replacing books that have been read) or make a new one each month, whatever works! You are welcome to join this month by just making a random stack of 20, or counting off books on a shelf or whatever!! I can ⬇ 2y
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) also add you to the tag list for the reminder when it's time to make your list for July!! Just let me know if you have any questions!!! @AllisonM89 2y
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Magic Elizabeth | Norma Kassirer, Joe Krush
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Hey friends!! If you have a minute, I would love to hear your thoughts on #BookSpinBonanza!! How many books did you complete? Did it help you read more in May? Would you be interested in doing it again? Any suggestions for improvement??

I'm tagging everyone who posted a Bonanza list, but if you don't feel like answering questions, no worries!!

I loved reading everyone's reviews this month. Thank you all for participating!!

My answers⬇️

TheAromaofBooks I completed 10 books from my list. I think it did help me read more - even when I wasn't reading Bonanza books, I was trying to GET to Bonanza books! 😂 I'm hoping to have this challenge again this fall, so I would love to hear what you all think!!! (edited) 2y
DieAReader This sounds super fun & I look forward to participating in the fall! 🥳📚 2y
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BarkingMadRun I read 9! (12 books total) it helped me read books I might have kept ignoring! 2y
HufflepuffGirl90 I read/ finished 4 from my list, which were books I had been ignoring for awhile. 2y
Librarybelle I didn‘t really read any from my list 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I have my top two off to the side to hopefully read in June. I think this is such a great idea so would gladly attempt to do it again at some point! I am just as happy with regular #bookspin months too! 2y
Jari-chan I managed to read all 20 books ☺️ It was a new experience, since I had to plan my reading totally different than usual, and that's great. I'd be in for another round! 2y
LeeRHarry I read 9 off my list and I‘m going to try and complete the rest in June - it definitely helped keep me motivated, even in these trying times 😊 thanks again for organising! 2y
zezeki I've read 7 books and I'm quite pleased with that. I liked it, and would be interested in doing it again. 😄 2y
Sace Er... I don't think I was doing bonanza. If I was, I can proudly say that it was an epic fail. I'm still trying to read the second book. I did manage to finish one book though. 2y
ImperfectCJ I read 10 and loved the challenge. It was kind of like a month-long readathon. I wouldn't want to do it every month, but it would be fun to do twice a year or quarterly. 2y
llwheeler It was great! I read 10, which definitely helped me out with my goals to read more of my owned tbr. I'd be up for another round in a few months or so. If there was going to be another bonanza this month I wouldn't be up for it, but I like the idea for later on in the year. 2y
BayouGirl85 I read 13 books. I loved the challenge. I definitely read more this month. I am doing it agin this month in combination with the #readyoursign challenge. 💜😁 2y
Gissy I will post mine tomorrow. Also one of the book read on May was from April TripleSpin 😳But I'm trying☺️ 2y
faelinwolf I read 7! I totally want to do it again. It was lots of fun! I think it did help me read more because I was trying to get further down on my list! I was also reading other stuff as well, so I actually read more than just those 7 this month. 2y
Smarkies I read my usual-ish 2 bookspin books. I tried getting onto the third but I wanted to finish something that I had on hand first. I have not had much physical book reading time though I am cracking through my audiobooks. Perhaps for the next bookspin bonanza I will have to do a rejig of my list and include audiobooks as well. 2y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I read 10 out of the 20. It was certainly fun and I would gladly participate again. I have so many I want to read that narrowing it down to 20 is hard enough. This helps me choose what to read. 2y
Thousand-Lives I only read my #bookspin and one other book on my list. I‘m a mood reader so I tend to rebel against reading “plans” but I would be up for trying again in the fall! I really appreciate you organizing #bookspin! 🙂 2y
Leftcoastzen I pretty much knew I would be lucky to get through the doublespin due to deadlines and chunksters, but I like the idea and some months I could see getting through a few more titles. 2y
vlwelser I read all 20. And apparently I also read 16 others. Probably mostly library books. It was really fun and I would definitely be interested in doing it again. Maybe I wouldn't include quite so many chunksters in my list but that's on me. 2y
LibrarianRyan Posting now. 2y
aroc Loved it! If I didn't like one or wasn't in the mood, I just moved to the next one on my list. Helped me knock out 4 books! Now I'm going to donate them to a little free library! 2y
Carolyn11215 I read 5 out of 20. (My goal was 8 so didn‘t quite make it.). I would definitely do it again! 2y
RainyDayReading I only made it through 5 1/2 books off my list but I had a lot of fun! I was just super slumpy this month and would completely be up for giving a #bookspinbonanza another go! I honestly can't think of any way to improve it. 2y
HeyT I stopped at 13/20 because at that point it was starting to feel more like a chore and less of a fun thing to do. I think in general I would have had more fun if it was only like half the list and not the full 20 because I tend to have more hefty page counts on my tbr right now. 2y
wanderinglynn I finished the bookspin and doublespin books and then started 2 others. I knew there was no way I‘d read all 20. But it was a fun challenge. I‘d be down for it again (after my move 😉). 2y
OriginalCyn620 I got through 12 books (10 read, 2 DNF‘d) and really loved it! I‘d definitely be up for another round. This is such a great way to work through my TBR...I love the randomness of it! 😊 2y
Kangaj1 This was my first month doing Bookspin and it happened to also be a bonanza month. I will definitely do it again, but I learned some things about how I would choose my list differently, to incorporate more audio and kindle and a lot more shorter reads. Thanks for organizing! 2y
BookKenz I read 5 of my books on my list. I loved it. I definitely read some books that I have had for forever and probably wouldn't have picked up otherwise. I would love doing it again. 2y
JenReadsAlot I loved it! I read 6 and would definitely do it again! 2y
Butterfinger I have kept the same list since January and have only done the first bookspin. I was hoping you might do the bonanza again because I would put the books that I WILL read for the upcoming month anyway and go by the order. I doubt this makes sense. 2y
marleed I read 14.5 books from my May Bookspin Stack. The .5 was because I read a John Grisham from my JG stack but accidentally read the wrong book - that‘s worth .5, right!? I couldn‘t get to 20 because my e-library turnover during covid has such a fast turnaround that all my holds dropped. Such a great problem to have! Bonanza is a fun challenge! 2y
AsYouWish I read 21 and a half books (a couple I didn‘t log because one I started before the spin happens and the other two were never on my TBR at any point). I loved it, because I didn‘t have to sit and wonder what to read next, I had a list to refer to so I could just grab my next book and start reading. I would love to do it again sometime!!! Thank you so much for all the work you did to make it happen!!! 2y
AmyK1 I read 16 and bailed on 2 so got 18 off my TBR, including some that had been there for quite awhile and I would most likely have continued to ignore if not for the bonanza 😂 I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again in the fall. 2y
mollyrotondo I read 3 which I was proud of since i had so many book club books to read lol I would definitely do this again! 2y
Suet624 I read 3 and DNF‘ed one. I think an occasional bonanza would be great. I wonder, though, how much work it entails for you. I have loved the bookspin idea so much and I want to thank you again for all you do to make it work so easily. 2y
TheSpineView I read 15 books in May but only 1 for BookSpin. 🤷‍♀️ I got distracted by others. I love doing this and another bonanza would be good. Hopefully I can keep my focus. 2y
MallenNC I really enjoyed it! I read six books and could have finished more but my first book was a kind of dense nonfiction. I picked books that I owned physical copies of so finishing these will help me actually make a little room on my shelves! I think the best part was my reading was pretty eclectic bc of the random choices. It was a fun month. 2y
Melismatic I read a lot of books this month - more than my average, and finally did both my Spin and my Double Spin. I didn‘t get far on my list but I feel like it overall motivated me to read more in general. 🤗 2y
JamieArc I loved it! I read 3, which was pretty good since I had read not been reading the one (not doing double spin). I liked seeing how far I could get and it motivate me to read more. I really hope we do it again (and May just do it on my own each month - pull numbers after the two you pull). 2y
LeafingThroughLife I read 3 and DNFed 3. I‘m not a fast reader and one of the ones I read was a major chunkster so I‘m pretty happy with clearing even that many off Mt TBR. It was definitely a good motivator to read more and a even a good motivator to clear away some books that have lingered too long on my shelves but just weren‘t a good fit for me. I‘d definitely be happy to do it again sometime! 😀 2y
BookwormAHN I read 3 and still plan to use that list throughout the rest of the year. I would definitely like to try it again but maybe like in November as a push to finish a bunch before the new year. 2y
CarolynM I did 12 (2 bails) which I was very pleased with. I'd love to do bonanzas in the future, but I'd prefer a few months space between them. Thanks for such a brilliant idea and for running it so well💕 2y
Hestapleton I read about 6 books off my list which is pretty good for a mood reader! I tend to always shoot for a #bookspinbonanza (or as close as I can get 😂) most months, just because it helps a lot with the “what do I want to read now” dilemma. 2y
janeycanuck I got through 13 books. It definitely helped me read more but that definitely came at the expense of other things. I‘d be up to do it again, maybe in a month that‘s generally terrible weather! 2y
AmyG I only read one. Sigh. But I always have lofty goals! 2y
Kelly326 I read 8 books total in May, 5 of them off of my Book spin list. I got distracted by a new mystery series. I would love to do the Book Bonanza again. 2y
bookandbedandtea I enjoyed doing the Bonanza because it encouraged me to read books I wanted when I got them but keep overlooking. I read 10 of the 20 and would love to do it again in a couple months. 2y
BookNAround I only read two but I knew that was a likely outcome as I‘m in the middle of my annual heavy push for the reading committee I run. I‘d love to try it again in August or later when I‘m not already committed to so much reading I can‘t really deviate from. 2y
ozma.of.oz I definitely did read more. I got seven finished for the bonanza, which was more than I was expecting! I‘d love to do this again. 2y
ravenlee I really enjoyed the bonanza this month, and it inspired my strongest reading since sometime last year. I finished 19 and started the last one, which I‘ll finish sometime soon. I had to think hard about the balance of book types/lengths on my list and would love to try again later in the year. I love #bookspin and appreciate all your work organizing it. 2y
PaperbackPirate I only read one. I‘m a slow reader and do other challenges and book club reads so it‘s not likely I can read more than 2 or 3 if you do another Bonanza in the future. I still thought it was lots of fun! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @BarkingMadRun @HufflepuffGirl90 - Yay!! My original thought for #BookSpin in general was that I would make a list of books I'd been avoiding/putting off, so I'm always excited when people get those kind of books checked off!! Thank you for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle - I know the feeling!! I didn't even start my pile until halfway through the month because I kept getting sidetracked by other books! 😂 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I finished 7 and DNFd 1 more. I do think it motivated me to focus and read from my choices. As I mentioned before, I did ignore the order / list you posted. So, maybe next time I‘ll be more disciplined. 😛 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Jari-Chan - Yay!! I think it's so fabulous that you read all 20!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @LeeRHarry - I'm planning to finish the rest of my list in June as well. Some of them have gotten rolled over into the #ReadYourSign challenge 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @zezeki - That's great work!! Thanks for participating & sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Sace - haha I probably just accidentally highlighted your name back in the beginning. I really can't be trusted with highlighters 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @ImperfectCJ @llwheeler @BayouGirl85 - Yay!! I'm so glad that you all enjoyed it!! Thank you for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
peaknit I am almost finished with the first one, my library opened mid month and got distracted by holds I had before I could get to book spin. That was just how things go sometimes 😊 it was fun to be motivated to read TBR. 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Gissy - as long as books are getting read, it's all good!!! 😁 2y
TheAromaofBooks @faelinwolf - I was slow actually starting my list, but once I did I really wanted to read them all!! It was like competing with myself! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Smarkies - I know several people like to include audiobooks in their lists, and I have at least one person who does two separate lists - one of physical books (she uses the #BookSpin number for that one) and one of audiobooks (she uses the #DoubleSpin number for that one). Still great progress!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick - I got to the halfway point as well!! 2y
Soubhiville I read 4. I‘d do it again, but not every month. I like the idea of a couple times a year. I‘d plan better for it if I had a month or more of notice beforehand. It was really fun! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Thousand-Lives - I'm hoping to do a #BookSpinBingo for July that may be more up your mood-reading alley 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Leftcoastzen - I liked that different people set different goals - I didn't want people to feel pressured about committing to all 20!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @vlwelser - That's an incredible amount of books!!! I only read 10 of my #BookSpin books, but did manage to get to 15 others 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Carolyn11215 @aroc - Great progress!!! Thank you so much for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @RainyDayReading - Some months just aren't as book-y for me as others haha 2y
TheAromaofBooks @HeyT - I can definitely see this becoming more of an assignment if the books were heftier ones!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @wanderinglynn - haha well hopefully you will be all settled in by the fall!! Are you still on track to move this month? I know it's been postponed a couple of times. 2y
TheAromaofBooks @OriginalCyn620 - the original idea partially came from the fact that I use a random number generator a LOT to decide what I'm reading next in my regular reading life! 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Kangaj1 - Bonanza is quite the way to jump right in!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did employ some strategy choosing my list, focusing on rereads and shorter books! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Kenziejo @JenReadsALot - Yay!! So glad you had a good time!! Thank you for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Butterfinger - it makes total sense!! I wish I had done that more with my May list as well - I ended up with several other “assigned“ reading books that I needed to get through that weren't on my list! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @marleed - I would even go so far as to count it as a FULL book! 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @AsYouWish @AmyK1 @mollyrotondo - Yay!! So glad that you were able to get some books checked off!! Thanks for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Suet624 - It was a little more work than usual, just because I had more tags to read through, but it's really a pretty easy challenge to track - when people post their lists, I write down their names; when they post reviews, I put a check beside them haha I really do enjoy seeing the lists and reading everyone's thoughts, so that part is a lot of fun. 2y
TheAromaofBooks @TheSpineView - I read a LOT of not-on-my-list books as well 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @MallenNC - Three of my fat books were in the first 10, too, which made for a bit of a slow start!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Melismatic @JamieArc @LeafingThroughLife - Yay!!! So glad you were able to get some books checked off!! Thanks for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @BookwormAHN - I am leaning towards October because I think a lot of people like to participating in the Halloween party through the month (can't remember what it's called because I'm not a big Halloween person haha). I'm not sure about doing it in November/December, if people will be too busy with holiday stuff to mess with it, or if they are trying to get a bunch of stuff read before the New Year!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @CarolynM @Hestapleton - Yay for getting books off the list!!! Thank you so much for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @janeycanuck - Right?! After I came up with this brilliant plan I was like “May?! Seriously?!“ It's basically my busiest month of the year! I have no idea what I was thinking! 😂 2y
TheAromaofBooks @AmyG - Ah well, there is always next month!! 😁 2y
GinaKButler I read 7 from the book spin bonanza list, and 11 total (way more than my normal reading)! I think I‘ve been putting “more difficult” books on my list to challenge myself. The extra 4 were 2 audiobooks from the library, and 2 mystery books from a series that are easy reading. I look forward to bookspin every month. Thank you for hosting! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Kelly326 @bookandbedandtea - So glad that you were able to get some books checked off!!! Thank you for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @BookNAround - I can see it being difficult when you have a lot of assigned reading going on, too! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @ozma.of.oz @PaperbackPirate - Yay for getting books checked off the list!! Thank you for participating & for sharing your thoughts!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @ravenlee - that's fantastic progress!!!! 2y
SamAnne @TheAromaofBooks thanks for organizing! I loved #BookspinBonanza although I was a epic fail at actually doing it....I'm still finishing my Bookspin from April--this week! And while I did read 4 books out of my pile, they weren't in the chosen order. And I was reading some heavy duty books for various read-a-longs, and work was crazy that month. I have a great list of shorter fiction in my pile this month and may just do my own BonanzaSpin! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @BarbaraTheBibliophage - Hey, as long as the books are getting read, that's the main thing!!! 😁 2y
TheAromaofBooks @peaknit - it's definitely been an extra complicated month for those of us who depend on libraries for a lot of our books!!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @Soubhiville - I definitely felt like I needed to plan a different list from usual for the Bonanza, so I agree that I wouldn't want to do it every month. Thanks for joining!!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @GinaKButler - Yay!! Glad it helped you feel more inspired to read!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks @SamAnne - I definitely had to choose a different list than my normal BookSpin for the Bonanza month - I think I will plan my strategy a little differently next time!! 2y
Mollyanna I loved it. I was in a major slump the beginning of the month, so didn‘t really start reading my list until half way thru May. I made it through 2.5. If I had been reading for the whole month I think I would have gotten 4-5 (I‘m a slow reader, so that would have been amazing for a single month). I definitely would like to see it again. I think twice a year is perfect for it. (edited) 2y
mhillis I liked it a lot! It was my first time to join. I wanted to finish 10, and I ended up with 9. There‘s an art to making a good list!! It would be fun to do it again, maybe 2-3 times a year. 2y
Clwojick I think I read a total of 18/20 books! I‘m always down for a challenge, so I would definitely do it again. 🙌🏻♥️ 2y
Clwojick Also there‘s a few marathon still reading events in October, so I think that would be brilliant! #Scarathlon #Screamathon wtc 2y
Charityann I enjoyed it and would love to do it again. I read 10/20 and would love to top that next time. Thanks for hosting! 😊 2y
CBee I only managed two. But, personal things happening didn‘t help 🙁 Would still try it again at some point! 😁 2y
Hooked_on_books I thought it was a lot of fun! I‘ve read 10 but am working on number 11 which I intend to count for this if I finish today, since the numbers aren‘t drawn until tomorrow. It didn‘t help me read more, but it did keep me on task and got me to read some titles that had languished for a while. I fully intend to finish the stack and would love to do it again! 2y
Blackink_WhitePaper May was not a successful reading month for me. I could only finish 3 books from my bookspin list. I restructured my June list by including books for other challenges as well.😊so let‘s see. I hope I can tick off at least 8-10 books in June. It‘s so much fun & exciting to wait for lucky number. Thank you @TheAromaofBooks 2y
MaleficentBookDragon May was terrible for me. I only finished one book. I love the idea. Hopefully I'll do better next time. 2y
Addison_Reads I enjoyed the challenge. I read all 20 books and it also really motivated me to just keep reading when normally I would have let myself get distracted by other things. This was my best reading month ever, with a total of 47 books. I'd love to do another #BookSpinBonanza in the fall. 2y
claudiuo I'm a slow reader so I only finished 5 books from my list and except for 1 and 2 all the others were out of order. It helped me a lot because I got done a few books I started a while back (a couple of them I started years ago, read a chapter and added them to the TBR_for_sure_but_not_right_now list). I am really grateful you did this, thank you. If helped me a lot, it was just hard to read them in order when all of them were so anxiously waiting😁 2y
KarouBlue Loved it! 2y
sheffner I finished one book, DNFed two, and and almost done with another one. It helped me get through my TBR backlog-the two I DNFed have been on my Kindle since 2015! 😂
I would definitely do another #BookSpinBonanza.
InBooksILive I would LOVE to do it again! I unfortunately had a reading slump during it so I only got 3 books read which is probably my worst month in a very long time but I would love to try again to get all 20 read!! 2y
Lizpixie I managed only 4.5 books coz I got the gardening bug this month! I‘m planning on making a June list today which I‘ll definitely read🤞I‘d do another #bookspinbonanza though, hopefully I‘ll settle into a routine with the gardens and start reading more again!🌻 2y
KatieB I finished 6 and am halfway through 3 others. This was a fantastic reading month for me and all thanks to @TheAromaofBooks and #bookspinbonanza! Definitely up for doing this again! 2y
BGam Thank you @TheAromaofBooks for the wonderful monthly posts #bookspin however, couldn‘t really live up to the #bookspinbonanza aspiration 😀of reading 20 books in a month and that too in the chosen order as my list contained many series and sequels. I could read only 3 books in May. Couldn‘t get my head into reading like Feb and March. However, I look forward to #bookspin, #doublespin and #triplespin 🥰💐🍹 2y
rockpools I read 4, which is a full 3.5 more than my normal #bookspin reads, and am pleased as anything. Turns out I have some amazing books around the house! (I knew this really!) I‘m currently eyeing @JamieArc‘s idea of extending the normal list myself, for June. I worked from a list of your first 5 numbers, as 20 would‘ve been overwhelming. Really appreciate that you make these challenges so laid back/flexible. 2y
Bookzombie I‘m pretty pleased with my 11 1/2 books. I hope you do another round in a few months. I also enjoy the regular #Bookspin and #Doublespin ! Thanks for taking the time to organize it! 💗 (edited) 2y
SaturnDoo ❤I will be back to post my results and give my thoughts. Been a very busy day and just to exhausted ❤ 2y
Cinfhen You know I‘m GaGa over #BookSpin!!!! I thought #BookSpinBonanza was a great motivator to read from my own damn books!!!! I tried to follow your posted order but I‘m too moody for that....I managed to complete 9 and then I had a bail, a suspension and one I‘m still working on. So 12/20 is awesomeness 🥳Thanks for hosting💗 2y
Kimzey I read two of mine! I appreciated the challenge. I haven‘t posted the books yet, but will tag you when I do. Signed up for the June bookspin. Can‘t wait to see what‘s next! 2y
Tineke I read two. I'm not a big challenge person, so the bookspin and doublespin in itself is perfect, and with bookspinbonanza I still get to do that. I love to see my original list evolve. How are you planning the bingo? I secretly hope just numbers in various order. 2y
Enchanted_Bibliophile The thing I love most about the #BookSpin is that it makes me read the books that I've acquired and then just stashed on my bookshelves. I have discovered some gems that I didn't realise I owned. I did read more of those books with the #BookSpinBonanza ; but I'm a slow reader so I only managed 5. But it did up my overall reading for the month. As May was my best reading month for this year. So I'm down for doing it again. 2y
jenniferw88 Read 3, bailed on 1 & hibernated another for this month's tag over on Goodreads, so 5 in total. 2y
squirrelbrain I too loved #bookspinbonanza- it certainly helped me clear some books off my TBR shelf ( read 9 and donated 1 as a fellow Litten said it was rubbish!😁). I will continue with #bookspin and #doublespin and I agree that #bookspinbonanza would be good every few months. Whether I‘ll read as much off my shelf once the libraries and bookshops re-open remains to be seen..... 2y
UwannaPublishme I‘m onboard with whatever way you spin for us! 😁 I finished 5 and bailed on 2. #BookSpinBonanza inspired me to read more. But my schedule prevents me from reading more than 5 books. To tell you the truth, I‘m waiting for Bingo Spin. I‘m game for all your creative ideas. 🙌🏻 2y
Lesanne I loved the idea! I didn‘t get through as many as I wanted to (note to self: don‘t include 950 page chunks in a #BookspinBonanza list!) but in “normal” times it‘s a great way to stay focused. That said, I wouldn‘t want to do it every month! 😳 2y
rabbitprincess I thought it was a lot of fun and would definitely do it again! 2y
KarenUK Loved #bookspinbonanza ! I read 6 which is more than I thought I would, and I‘m happy with whatever format you want each month.... it really helps every chip away at my TBR mountain! 2y
throwmeabook I read 8 books and like participating in #bookspin because it forces me to focus on the books I actually own (some for years) and haven‘t read. I would love another #bookspinbonanza or any other creative version of the spin you come up with. Can‘t wait to see the numbers for this month! 2y
wideeyedreader I read eight of the books from my list (including one dnf)! I really enjoyed doing this, and I‘ll totally participate next time—it‘s such a fun way to get books off the tbr 2y
Bookwormjillk I only read 3 because May went way too fast. But I liked it! 2y
wordslinger42 I would LOVE to try it again!! 😊 2y
Allylu I read 4 of my #BookSpinBonanza books, but I read 6 books in May which is great for me. I WOULD DEFINITELY do #BookSpinBonanza again in any form. I‘m going to randomly pick the rest of the books on my list this month. I think it is a great way to decide what to read next. I appreciate it so much. 💕📚📚📚💕 2y
Eggs I loved it and what a crushing blow to Mt. TBR!!!!! I finished my 20-what a thrill. And yes I‘ll do it again ❤️❤️ 2y
FantasyChick I didn't get my 20 in but I did manage to get 13 books off my list! I found I haven't been in much of a reading mood all year and this challenge kickstarted me into getting some books in, finally 😄 I didn't do them in order because of using a lot of audiobooks but just being able to get so many books finally off my TBR was thrilling. I'd have another go at it for sure 😁😁 2y
michellelav It definitely helped me read more! I really enjoyed it and got 3 books from my list! You seriously are the best for doing this every month 💖 2y
ferskner I totally failed at it, but I LOVED it. I love artificial ordering of books to help me decide what to read, especially if someone else creates it. Please do this again! 2y
HannaPolkadots I managed to read only two, for which I blame panic attacks and covid 19. But I will work away at the pile, and finish before the year is over 😃 loved the concept though! 2y
robinb Although I didn‘t participate in the bonanza (I‘m just too slow!), I do love the #bookspin and #doublespin options as they motivate me to get some books off my TBR! ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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May #BookSpinBonanza #TripleSpin @TheAromaofBooks

Just as fun, quick, and darkly humorous as I'd hoped it would be! Due to being written and published over the course of several years, there are some small inconsistencies between the short stories, each of which follows 88-year-old Maud, a lowkey serial killer. The inconsistencies do not detract from the fun writing and Maud's predicaments! 😂

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love this photo!! 2y
Lcsmcat My (84 yr old) mother read and loved this last summer. I wonder if I should be worried . . . 2y
TheAromaofBooks What an entertaining concept! @Lcsmcat - you better be careful, sounds like she was giving herself a few years to plan ahead 😂 2y
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The BFG | Roald Dahl
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This was a sweet and cute story. I loved the language used by the BFG.
And with this book I also finished my April #triplespin and now I need to wait for a new round in June.
TBR since October 2014, 208 pages.

Cupcake12 Loved this book when I was younger x 2y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! Don't worry, June 2 is almost here! 😁 2y
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This week:

Finish “Thin Air.”

Continue “Call Down the Hawk,” for #booked2020 and #triplespin

Next up- start “(in)visible”-trying to get in one more #bookspinbonanza before the end of the month.


Cinfhen 💚 2y
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