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The Murmur of Bees | Sofía Segovia
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This month‘s just the right book pick for me...it sounds intriguing! Anyone read it? Thoughts?

Lcsmcat I picked it up when Amazon did their read areound the world giveaway, but I haven‘t read it yet. 3d
CareBear @squirrelbrain @Lcsmcat would you guys have any interest in doing a very laidback buddy read with it at some point lol 3d
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BarbaraJean @Lcsmcat @squirrelbrain Me too! @CareBear I‘d also be interested in a buddy read. 😊 3d
squirrelbrain @Lcsmcat @CareBear @BarbaraJean - yay, that would be great! I already have buddy reads booked in until mid-July though but can do after that.... 3d
BarbaraJean @squirrelbrain @CareBear @Lcsmcat Late July or August works for me, too. 3d
CareBear @squirrelbrain @Lcsmcat @BarbaraJean wonderful! Why don‘t we do August? 3d
Lcsmcat August works for me. 3d
squirrelbrain @Lcsmcat @CareBear @BarbaraJean August it is then, looking forward to it! 3d
Reggie Yes, I loved it but it‘s slow. 2d
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The Essex Serpent | Sarah Perry
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My reading companion tonight. This is my sweet foster kitty Fiona who has completely stolen my heart. 🥰 #catsoflitsy

RedxoHearts She is beautiful! 5d
Crazeedi You're so awesome to foster! I could never do, I'd end up with a houseful of cats! 5d
KatieDid927 Cutie! 5d
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CareBear @Crazeedi this is my first foster. I may yet end up with a houseful of cats lol 5d
Heatherfeather I'm fostering two kittens right now and it's going to kill me to give them up this weekend 5d
CareBear Oh, @Heatherfeather , *hugs*. Are these your first? 5d
Scochrane26 I still send my cat‘s foster mom pics sometimes. We have an open adoption 😉 5d
Susannah Floof! She looks so soft! 😻 5d
CareBear @Scochrane26 lol, that‘s so sweet!! 5d
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Posted | John David Anderson
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Julie, your package is on its way and Cayla your notebook for my book is on its way too! #postlit

JulAnna Great! I will watch for it, thanks! 2w
JulAnna @ScientistSam I don‘t have a book to send to you this month. 2w
CareBear @JulAnna @ScientistSam this book was Samantha‘s pick so people should be getting their own books back within the next two rounds or so! (edited) 2w
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ScientistSam Thanks @CareBear @JulAnna. @daniwithtea I guess this means our rotations are done as I don't have a book for you this month. Did you get your book back? 2w
daniwithtea @ScientistSam I did not, but I know it was one of the ones that got lost, but I‘m not sure if it was replaced or not. @CareBear do you know? (It may be on its way to me now) 1w
CareBear @ScientistSam @daniwithtea @CaliforniaCay has your book! It still has a bit more of a journey to go on! (From Cayla to Anna to me and then Julie to Samantha). It did get backed up because it was replaced (edited) 1w
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The Essex Serpent | Sarah Perry
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I‘m on my way to NYC for a work related thing — I missed the train I was supposed to take with my boss .. oops. But now I can read the whole way uninterrupted!

Ncostell That will be a much more enjoyable trip probably anyway! 2w
kspenmoll Hope you enjoyed your uninterrupted reading time! 2w
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Bookstore Cat | Cindy Wheeler
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That Bookstore did a trial run for a resident cat!!! Beer, books, and cats ... yes please!

kspenmoll How could I have missed the kitty?! 2w
CareBear @kspenmoll they just did this today! Guess we need to go back ... 🤷‍♀️😉 2w
Ncostell How cute! Yet another reason we‘ll have to go again! 2w
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Lcsmcat Book store cats are the best! 2w
mrozzz 😻😻😻😻😻 2w
cathysaid I love that he‘s sitting on the bestseller shelf 😂 2w
kspenmoll @CareBear yes, we need another trip there soon!!! 2w
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Just beautiful writing.

CaroPi One of my favorite books last year 2w
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This special girl turned 2 this week and this is why I missed #bookcon this year 🥰

wanderinglynn What a cutie! ❤️ 3w
Suet624 Sweet photo. 3w
JanuarieTimewalker13 So cute!🌸 3w
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tpixie Adorable!! I think she‘s worth it!! 3w
CareBear She absolutely was! @tpixie and thanks to all of you 💕 @JanuarieTimewalker13 @Suet624 @wanderinglynn 3w
IamIamIam Awww, happy birthday, little one! 3w
Texreader Ahhh what a cutie!!! 3w
MrBook Awww! Happy birthday 🥳 🎂!!! We miss ya, but this is the one legit reason to not attend. 😎👍🏻👍🏻 3w
erzascarletbookgasm Happy birthday to your little girl! 🥳 3w
Trashcanman Carrie!!!!!! 🤗🤗 3w
CareBear @Trashcanman hi George! 👋 how are you doing? 3w
Trashcanman @CareBear I don't know really, it depends on the day. Overall better. How are you? 3w
kspenmoll What a cutie! 3w
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Posted | John David Anderson
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Anna, I got your #postlit package! It‘s your pick Samantha; I‘m so excited to read this one!

ScientistSam Hope you enjoy it! 4w
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
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I feel like I‘ve just been gut punched. 😭 #readathon

KatieDid927 So good. 1mo
Liz_M I cried while lying on a towel on the Jersey Shore reading this. 1mo
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Readathon storybook: Oshindonga & English | Dorian Haarhoff, Linekela Shipindo Moshindonga, Sarie Maritz
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I spent all afternoon putting this together so that I can spend the next three days reading in it 😎💪

Areader2 Love the color 💙 1mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Excellent!! So envious! 💚 1mo
Eyelit Nice! 1mo
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DivineDiana It‘s so inviting! 1mo
Soubhiville Perfect! 1mo
Tamra Yay! 1mo
minkyb Well Done!
kspenmoll Looks so comfortable ! Love the color! 1mo
LeahBergen I loved a good yard swing! ❤️ 1mo
Curiouser_and_curiouser Lovely color and it looks so cosy! Enjoy 🙂 3d
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Saint Mazie: A Novel | Jami Attenberg
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From last week‘s #CTlitsymeetup ...books bought, received in the gift swap, exchanged for free, and the lovely ladies I spent time with, some of whom I got to know better and others I met for the first time!

mrozzz ☺️♥️♥️♥️ it was fun, as always! 1mo
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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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This is by far the best book I‘ve read this year. It‘s one of those books I want to make everyone read. Loved it!

Mccall0113 I really enjoyed the content and the style. 2mo
j9brown It's way up there on my list, too. One of my 2019 favs for sure! 2mo
kspenmoll I have it so I should start! 2mo
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All Tomorrow's Parties | Rob Spillman
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Last reminder (don‘t forget the gift swap too, if you want to participate)! I‘ve got a count of 10 for tomorrow and I can‘t wait to see each of you!
RJ Julia‘s Cafe
2:30 pm

ScientistSam Can't wait to see everyone! Quick question for the Yankee swap. I assume we wrap the books? 2mo
KatieDid927 @ScientistSam That was my question too! And do we just bring one or can we bring a few if we have books we‘re willing to share? @CareBear 2mo
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CareBear @KatieDid927 so the gift swap can be 1 or 2 wrapped gifts - I know a few of us are also bringing books we have that we‘re willing to share or trade or whatever. So you can do that as well, but no need to wrap those and they wouldn‘t be part of the Yankee swap! 2mo
Crazeedi Have fun y'all!! Sounds like an awesome get together!😍 2mo
Amiable I‘ll be there! Looking forward to it! Since I‘ve never been to a meetup before, how will I know which group is you guys? 😀 2mo
j9brown Can't wait! 😁 2mo
KatieDid927 @CareBear Coolio, thanks! 👍🏼 2mo
CareBear @Amiable so the cafe is in the back of the bookstore and small - it‘ll be hard to miss us. If you‘re unsure I‘ll have the group name under “Carrie” or “Litsy” so you can ask a server to point us out. @ScientistSam and I will be there a little early just to make sure everything goes smoothly 2mo
riversong153 I read it as clitsy lol and had to do a double take 😂😂😂 2mo
CareBear @riversong153 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2mo
umbrellagirl @riversong153 that would be a different sort of get together 😆 2mo
Ncostell I‘ll be there, looking forward to it! 2mo
kspenmoll Apologies for last minute change of plans. I am very bummed to miss this today but I have a sinus infection & am lying low. I was so excited to meet you all!! 😥 Carrie thanks for all the organizing- hope another meet comes soon! @umbrellagirl @Ncostell @riversong153 @KatieDid927 @j9brown @Amiable @ScientistSam @CareBear 🥵😢 I was going to share this today: Martha Hall Kelly of Lilac Girls & List Roses is coming to East Granby Senior/Community (edited) 2mo
kspenmoll The author coming coming May 23. The info is on East Granby Library website http://www.egpl.org/ 2mo
Ncostell @kspenmoll I hope you feel better soon! 2mo
kspenmoll @Ncostell Thanks Nicole! Have a wonderful day. 2mo
ScientistSam @kspenmoll hope you feel better soon and sorry I won't get to meet you today 2mo
kspenmoll @ScientistSam Thanks so much for your get well wishes. ❤️ I was looking forward to meeting up so we have to do it again!!! 2mo
j9brown @kspenmoll Ahh, that's a bummer, hope you feel better soon!! 2mo
bookish_wookish Sorry everyone but im not gonna make it to the meetup. I thought i would have enough time to do the meetup and then my cousins bday dinner, but id be cutting it too close! 😩 Hope you have fun! 2mo
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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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Happy independent bookstore day!

JanuarieTimewalker13 That‘s a great sign!! 2mo
Lovesbooks87 I love the sign! 2mo
CareBear @JanuarieTimewalker13 @Lovesbooks87 thanks! I do too. It‘s a local artist and she had a bunch of cool bookish sayings! It was hard picking just one. 2mo
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JanuarieTimewalker13 Is she on Etsy? 2mo
CareBear @JanuarieTimewalker13 that‘s a good question I‘ll see what I can find out for you 2mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 No rush, I‘ll be moving within a year and I‘m trying to purchase only expendable stuff. But maybe after the move! 2mo
kspenmoll Great sign & great book choices! Hope to see you soon in Madison! 2mo
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Meeting New Friends | Michael Gordon
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Just a reminder — two more weeks! I can‘t wait to see you all again (and meet some new people, too!)
I can‘t make a reservation but I can call ahead and let the cafe know how many people are coming. I have @Amiable @kspenmoll @Ncostell @mrozzz and @umbrellagirl as yeses. Let me know if that changes and if the rest of you can just let me know the day before, that would be great!
RJ Julia‘s Cafe, May 4th, 2:30 #ctlitsymeetup ⬇️

bookish_wookish Count me in too! 🙋🏼‍♀️ 2mo
bookish_wookish @ScientistSam Are you coming?! 2mo
CareBear Last year we did a yankee book swap - we each brought a book we enjoyed, used or new, and then chose numbers and picked a package in that order. I think we‘ll do that again but there‘s certainly no requirement to participate! 2mo
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CareBear @bookish_wookish great! Got you, Amy! 2mo
MrBook How could I miss an opportunity with my #LitsyFamily! 😁 I‘m in. 2mo
bookish_wookish Sounds good! I think i may bring some other books too to pass on in case anyone would like to read them! 😊 2mo
Mdargusch Sounds fun! 2mo
ScientistSam Count me in, @CareBear @bookish_wookish! I'm planning on also bringing some books. (@carebear, are you still OK with picking me up in New Haven?) 2mo
mcipher I‘m in - it‘s on my calendar! Excited to see everyone!! 😊 @CareBear Let me know if you need any help organizing anything... 2mo
Ncostell Looking forward to it! 2mo
kspenmoll Cannot wait! 2mo
j9brown @KatieDid927 and I still plan on coming! 2mo
Amiable Yay! Can you remind us again as we get closer about the book swap? I‘m leaving for an overseas vacation tomorrow for 8 days and my brain can only retain the immediate tasks necessary to get myself from now until then! 2mo
CareBear @ScientistSam yes! I‘ll email you and we can work out the details 😊 2mo
CareBear @bookish_wookish that‘s a great idea, I may do the same! I think @umbrellagirl mentioned doing that too! 2mo
CareBear @Amiable sure! Sounds awesome, have a great time!! 2mo
mrozzz Oh no I‘ll be there!! 2mo
umbrellagirl @bookish_wookish @ScientistSam yes, I‘m planning on bringing my tote of books that I‘m not keeping to share with the group. Always happy to ♻️ 2mo
umbrellagirl @CareBear I am in for swaps! 2mo
ScientistSam Yay, thanks @CareBear! I'm also on the slack group which might be easier for messaging? 2mo
MoMogrl I wish I could make it but my husband apparently made plans for us at the same time. 😥 2mo
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Got the house to myself, beer in the fridge, pizza on the way and this beautiful chunkster. Happy Friday, Littens! 🥳

TheLibrarian Sounds like my evening. Enjoy! 2mo
Trashcanman I think I'm going to invite myself. I don't speak much. 2mo
Ncostell That sounds like the perfect evening! 2mo
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rretzler Reading this myself right now. 2mo
ravenlee Checks all the boxes! 2mo
CareBear You too, @TheLibrarian ! George, you‘d be welcome @Trashcanman 2mo
CareBear @rretzler is it a reread for you or first time? 2mo
rretzler It is my first time reading the series. How about you? I found it a little slow up until page 105 when there was finally some action. Now I‘m about 40% through and it‘s really picking up. 2mo
CareBear @rretzler it‘s my first time reading the series, too! 2mo
rretzler I‘m joining the very loose group read of the series on LibraryThing. Are you a member? 2mo
CareBear @rretzler I am but I don‘t use it that often. The group sounds cool though - if you can find me and add me to the group I‘m carebear10712 over there. 😊 2mo
rretzler Friended you and invited you to the 75ers group which is doing the group read. You can find the into thread at https://www.librarything.com/topic/302886#. It‘s hosted/introduced by @humouress who is a member of Litsy and LT as well. We‘re all reading at varying speeds, so there is an intro thread and then a thread for each book so everyone can participate as they are reading the corresponding book. 2mo
CareBear @rretzler awesome, thanks! 2mo
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Interrupting the #readathon to watch the Hartford Symphony Orchestra play during the movie 🍿

Klou AWESOME! 3mo
AmyG Ooooooo ❤️ 3mo
britt_brooke Fun!! 3mo
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Clwojick WHAT! This is so cool;! 3mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Oh WOW!! 🤩 3mo
Lynnsoprano OMG! That is the best movie score. The timpani solo makes my percussionist hubby drool. The only movie score CD I ever owned. 3mo
Chrissyreadit That looks like a great evening! 3mo
ReadingSusan That‘s so cool! 3mo
KirstieE I LOVED this when I went ! 🤗😍 3mo
tpixie Amazing!!! 3mo
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I have plans tomorrow smack in the middle of the day but I‘m hoping to participate in #deweysreadathon as much as I can!!

Samplergal I signed up but have little hope of doing much with it. We are going to the beach tomorrow so maybe 2 hours. Good luck! (edited) 3mo
Soubhiville Yay! Have a great readathon! I hope you find plenty of reading time! 3mo
CareBear Thanks, Soubhi @Soubhiville and @Samplergal 🥳 3mo
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Giant Days Vol. 1 | John Allison
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Oh my gosh, I need volume 2 ASAP. Loved it. 💜

Bookgoil Best series ever 😍 3mo
callielafleur It's sooooo good!! 3mo
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Alif the Unseen | G. Willow Wilson
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Mental health day today. Really enjoying this book and snuggling with my sweet boy. #catsoflitsy #sheldon

Erofan 😻😻😻 3mo
Velvetfur Aaww what a gorgeous happy face! 🐱💜 3mo
Dragon 😻 3mo
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Reviewsbylola He looks so sweet! 3mo
ravenlee What a handsome baby! I can hear the purring from here. 3mo
BookwormM He looks super chilled 3mo
TheBee ♥️♥️♥️ 3mo
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May 4th
2:30 pm
R.J. Julia‘s Cafe

Does anyone want to do another book swap?

mrozzz I‘m down! 3mo
Amiable Sure! Are there any guidelines re:genres? Or just bring something we‘re willing to give away and see if anyone wants it? 3mo
Ncostell I‘ll be there. I‘m up for a swap too! 3mo
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mcipher Yay! I‘m excited and definitely down for a book swap. 3mo
Readergrrl Shoot! I forgot, but I will be at UCONN on the 4th helping to judge the CIC. I was certainly looking forward to meeting up too!! Maybe a third meetup in the fall? 3mo
umbrellagirl I think I can finally attend! I have a big tote of books to swap too. 3mo
kspenmoll Cannot wait! Swap sounds like fun! 3mo
CareBear @Amiable @umbrellagirl last year we did a yankee gift type swap - google it if you‘re not sure what it is. Each person brought a wrapped book, and it was a lot of fun! 3mo
umbrellagirl @CareBear Yankee swap sounds great! 3mo
ScientistSam Sounds great! 3mo
JulAnna Do you listen to Roxanne‘s Just the Right Book podcast? I enjoy it and it makes me want to visit her bookstore sometime 😊 3mo
CareBear @JulAnna I do! I really enjoy it also - you should definitely check it out. It just won best bookstore in CT. 3mo
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Public Opinion | Walter Lippmann
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What do you guys think? Should we do another #ctlitsymeetup ? Maybe a weekend in May and a return to RJ Julia‘s? Let me know!

also, if I‘m tagging you in CT posts and you‘d rather I not, please let me know!

bookish_wookish I was just thinking about this! 3mo
KatieDid927 Include me too, if you can! I‘m in NYC which is a quick train ride away and I have fam in CT. Would love to try and make it if I can! 3mo
MrBook Yes, yes, yes! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
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saguarosally If I‘m still in the area I‘m curious. Looks like I‘m about two hours? 3mo
CareBear @saguarosally @KatieDid927 ok great, I‘ll definitely keep you guys in the loop! 😊 3mo
Amiable Depending on the weekend, I‘m definitely in! May looks good for me. 3mo
ScientistSam Ooh, how far from NYC? Maybe I could day-trip it? 3mo
Readergrrl I missed the last one. I‘d love to meet up! 3mo
Redwritinghood As long as it‘s not late May, I should be around. 3mo
Ncostell Count me in! I can do any weekend except 5/18-5/19 (but could come late that weekend depending on the time as it‘s my weekend to work). 3mo
mrozzz I get married on the 18th! So that‘s the only weekend I couldn‘t make it. I‘m looking forward to it! 3mo
mrozzz @ScientistSam it‘s a couple hours by train! 3mo
CareBear @ScientistSam it‘s definitely doable as a day trip! 😃 3mo
mcipher I‘m in! That would be so much fun! We still need to plan a Book Barn trip when it gets warmer @mrozzz + anyone else interested in that... 😊 3mo
kspenmoll I would love to!!!! 3mo
kspenmoll @mrozzz Congrats on your wedding! I married on that same day 28 yrs ago! 🎉❤️ 3mo
mrozzz Yes definitely @mcipher 😄 3mo
mrozzz Thanks! Wow!! @kspenmoll 😃💜💜 3mo
CareBear @mcipher I‘m in for book barn too! Maybe when we meet we can talk about a date 😊 3mo
CareBear @bookish_wookish @KatieDid927 @MrBook @saguarosally @Amiable @ScientistSam @Readergrrl @Redwritinghood @Ncostell @mrozzz @mcipher @kspenmoll why don‘t we do the first weekend in May then? That seems to work for everyone. We can meet sat the 4th at like 2/3 o‘clock? That should give traveling people enough time on both ends. 3mo
bookish_wookish Im in for Book Barn!! @mcipher 3mo
bookish_wookish I should be good for May 4th but ill double check and let you know! @CareBear 3mo
KatieDid927 This NYC kid can probably make it! Book Barn is even better, only half a mile from my Mom‘s! (edited) 3mo
CareBear @KatieDid927 @bookish_wookish @mrozzz @mcipher should we do the book barn instead of RJ Julia‘s? 3mo
bookish_wookish Im good with either! @CareBear 3mo
bookish_wookish Or we can do the Storytellers Cottage! @CareBear 3mo
KatieDid927 Book Barn is definitely way easier for me but I wouldn‘t rule out other spots. Prob bringing @j9brown with me and we may need to rent a car. 3mo
MoMogrl I know I'm late to the party but I am definitely in! First weekend in May should be good. Saturday is definitely the best 3mo
CareBear @j9brown I hope you can make it, too! Looks like from your profile we have a bunch in common (rock music and Disney)! 3mo
j9brown @CareBear Oh nice! 😄 Definitely going to try to come, it would be really cool to chat with some Littens in person 3mo
mcipher @CareBear I‘m fine with either - Book Barn is super close to me but RJ Julia‘s isn‘t bad and it‘s such a cute place. 3mo
mcipher Oh and afternoon on 5/4 sounds awesome. I‘m marking my calendar right now. 🥳 3mo
Ncostell Count me in! RJs or Book Barn works for me. 3mo
Amiable Book Barn is 5 miles from my house—I would definitely be up for that! But RJ Julia isn‘t far and it‘s a great spot, too. Plus there‘s a fabulous tea shop only a block away! @CareBear @KatieDid927 @bookish_wookish @mrozzz @mcipher 3mo
KatieDid927 @Amiable Pretty positive @j9brown and I will be renting a car so I‘m up for non-Book Barnness too! We‘ll still be stopping by there that weekend either way as we‘ll be staying in town. 3mo
CareBear @mrbook @ScientistSam does RJ‘s work better for you than book barn? I think you would be doing the most traveling. 3mo
MrBook @CareBear It doesn‘t matter with us. We‘ve been to RJ Julia‘s and loovve it, and we haven‘t been to Book Barn, so either one works for us. 😊 3mo
mrozzz RJ Julia‘s on the 4th will be great!! Yay! Maybe they‘ll have patio seating available at the café! If not we could take up @Amiable on the tea shop! ? 3mo
ScientistSam @CareBear where is Book Barn? For RJ's, I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in carpooling from New Haven or Hartford. Otherwise the trains seem a little intense (3 trains?) to get all the way out there but I need to check MetroNorth again. @katydid927 would you maybe be interested in carpooling? You mentioned you're also coming from NYC? I'd be happy to chip in on car rental/gas. 3mo
Amiable @ScientistSam Book Barn is in the Niantic section of East Lyme. There is actually no train station there—the nearest stop would be Old Saybrook, which is about a 10-minute drive from East Lyme. The train is the Shoreline East, which runs from New Haven to New London. It‘s the same train that you would take to get to RJ Julia‘s— that stop is Madison. (I ride the Shoreline every day, so I can help with any train-related questions!) (edited) 3mo
CareBear @Amiable @ScientistSam @mrozzz @MrBook @KatieDid927 @j9brown @Ncostell @mcipher @bookish_wookish ok I think I‘m going to leave it at RJ Julia‘s. Maybe when we‘re all together we can talk about a date for book barn because that place is also awesome 😊 3mo
CareBear @ScientistSam I go through New haven and Hartford to get to RJ Julia‘s I can pick you up! 3mo
ScientistSam @CareBear thanks so much! Which would be easier for you? 3mo
MrBook 👍🏻👍🏻 3mo
MrBook We still have an active Slack group for the CT Meetup, if anyone wants to join it, email me at jasonvigorito at gmail, subject-line “CT Slack”. 3mo
CareBear @ScientistSam it‘s literally a 5 minute difference between the two and based on my NYC train travels, I would think New Haven would be much easier and shorter for you. Plus you‘ll have more options. So just let me know what works for you. 3mo
CareBear @ScientistSam you can email me or catch me on the slack channel @MrBook mentioned. NH and Hartford are not 5 mins apart lol, I just meant it‘s basically a 5 min difference between stopping in NH or Hartford. 3mo
saguarosally Sorry I‘m late, but no go on Saturdays and I may be on a job elsewhere by then. Enjoy! 3mo
Amiable @MrBook I emailed you a while back about being added to the group, but I never got any notice or response. Is there something I‘m supposed to do or check? I‘m a newbie to Slack. 3mo
CareBear @amiable if you don‘t hear from Jason I can add you to the group. I just need your email address. 3mo
MrBook @Amiable 😳😱🙈 I probably missed it! Sorry about that. I can add you or @CareBear can. 👍🏻 3mo
Amiable @CareBear @MrBook My email addy is AmyBF45 at gmail. Thanks! If there are additional directions to sign up, let me know because I‘m technologically impaired. 😬 3mo
umbrellagirl Just saw this. I‘m up for RJ‘s or Book Barn or anywhere really. 3mo
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In a bit of a reading slump. I need something that‘s going to hook me quickly and keep me engaged. Which do you think is best for that? Or suggest something else!

whippoorwill815 I liked Vicious but LOVED Scythe, so I would vote for that one ! 4mo
Lovesbooks87 I second Scythe. It isn't something that I would normally read but it hooked me! 4mo
Bklover Scythe! Not my normal read either but really loved this one! 4mo
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BookHoarder32 Scythe 👍 4mo
Soubhiville I loved Scythe. 4mo
Laughterhp Definitely Scythe! I‘m currently reading Vicious and it‘s not really hooking me. 4mo
Hooked_on_books You‘ve already decided, but totally Scythe. It sucked me right in. I loved it. 4mo
whippoorwill815 I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us did! 4mo
Bklover Tell us what you think when you‘re finished! 4mo
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The Winter People: A Novel | Jennifer McMahon
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So, what did everyone think? What did you think of Sara and Katherine‘s choices? Do you think you would choose to bring a loved one back from the dead if you could?! #februarywinterpeople #winterpeoplefebruary

Callemarie So I wont lie.. I fell behind on reading for February but I'll have this done today! I'm about 200 page in-- but LOVING it 4mo
CareBear @Callemarie no rush! Just check in with us whenever you‘re ready 😊 4mo
Reecaspieces Please forgive. I did not find my copy and I did not reread it. I failed! 🙇🏻‍♀️ 4mo
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TrishB I really enjoyed it 👍🏻 loved the two time periods and how the ending came together. 4mo
Carolyn11215 Definitely one of the creepier books I‘ve read recently. I can‘t imagine the pain of losing a child so can understand why Sara and Katherine wanted to bring them back, but felt it was ultimately very unfair to the children who return confused and scared. And 10 days (I think that was the time period they would stay unless they got stuck as did Sara‘s child) just wouldn‘t be enough time. So ultimately more torture for their mothers. 4mo
Jovy I also enjoyed the book! I understand why both women did it but I don‘t know that I would do the same. I keep thinking of Pet Sematary and what if they come back different? Also agree with @Carolyn11215 that the time back will never be enough. 4mo
Litlady I have 200 pages left to go as well and made a big mistake reading in bed the other night. 😱😯 It was a slow start for me but the hook happened three to four chapters in and so far love the smooth melding of the two time periods as well. So far a 3.5-4 ⭐️‘s! Thanks to @CareBear for hosting a great read! 😊 I hope to finish this cold and snowy weekend. 🤓📚 4mo
Melissa_J Despite some initial misgivings, I ended up really enjoying this. I don‘t think I would have made the same choice as Sara, but grief can cause people to act in ways the wouldn‘t normally act. 4mo
nomadreader I really enjoyed it. I definitely understood Sarah's reasons, especially given her time and place 4mo
nomadreader I credit McMahon with making a paranormal ghost story feel so real. 4mo
CareBear @nomadreader I agree. I think there were some real issues dealt with about grief and loss within the parameters of a really creepy story! 4mo
CareBear @Jovy @Carolyn11215 agreed. And it feels a little selfish to me too. But I also think @Melissa_J has a good point that grief can cause people to act in ways they wouldn‘t normally act. 4mo
CareBear @nomadreader @Melissa_J @Jovy @Carolyn11215 @TrishB what did you guys think of the sort of cliffhanger ending? 4mo
Melissa_J I thought the ending was perfect! Added to the creepiness factor because we really don‘t know what will of it. 4mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I really loved Ruthie. I thought McMahon made her so strong, with the perfect side serving of insecurity. She was up against a lot and persisted. 4mo
Melissa_J @BarbaraTheBibliophage I agree. I didn‘t know if I‘d like her at first, but she definitely won me over. 4mo
Carolyn11215 I too liked the ending. It didn‘t actually feel unfinished to me for some reason. 4mo
Jovy I also thought the ending was perfect! It felt complete to me and yet leaves a hint of mystery. 4mo
TrishB Great ending and as already said, Ruthie was an excellent character. She definitely grew during the story telling. 4mo
Callemarie I loooooooved this book. It had the perfect .mixture of suspense and horror. I truly dont know if I xpukd.bring my loved one back. My biggest fear being them not returning the same. But again grief makes you do incredibly crazy things. The ending was... interesting. I sont think I expected little Bertie to be a zombie essentially but overall I thought the whole book was great! 4mo
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Skipping my CLE (continuing legal education) tonight and ended up at my new favorite place, That Bookstore. Enjoying my drink and book. #booksandbooze

Lcsmcat That looks like a lot more fun than most CLEs! 4mo
CareBear @Lcsmcat it definitely was! lol 4mo
Liz_M Yum, cider 4mo
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Our House | Louise Candlish
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Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise, Stephanie! There‘s not much better than #bookmail ! I can‘t wait to read this one! And that bookmark is so cute! 💕 #jb

wordzie 💌🎉 4mo
BookwormM Love the hedgehog bookmark 4mo
StephanieGeiser Yay! I‘m glad it arrived safe and sound! (Unexpected #bookmail is sometimes the best kind! Enjoy!) 4mo
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Maybe it‘s just where I am in life right now but after reading a page and a half of the teenage daughter discussing multiple ways to commit suicide, ultimately concluding that “OD‘ing on heroin or something would be the best way of all,” I‘m done. 💔

Posted | John David Anderson
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Will be in the mail to you @JulAnna either tomorrow or Tuesday. Loved your choice, @StellarDoc 💕 #postlit

hermyknee That‘s a gorgeous booksleeve! 4mo
StellarDoc I'm glad you liked it! One of my absolute favorites! 4mo
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Home sick and feeling like shit. 🥴 at least I have some company! #catsoflitsy

Lovesbooks87 Hope you feel better soon! 4mo
cobwebmoth Feel better soon! 4mo
wordslinger42 Sending love & prayers 💜 4mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Me too girl... wishing us a speedy recovery ❤️😘 4mo
DGRachel I hope you feel better soon! 4mo
Crazeedi Get well soon! Kitties are very healing🐱😍 4mo
CouronneDhiver Better soon ☕️🛁 4mo
BookNerd9906 Sending love and healing energy. ❤️ 4mo
Redwritinghood Hope you‘re feeling better soon! 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Redwritinghood thank you!! I hope you are too ❤️ 4mo
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Classic Fairytales | Belinda Gallagher
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Katie: thank you so much for my #happilyeverafterswap 💕 I‘m so excited to try new authors and you completely captured my love of Disney! I love the bookmark and the magnet and the chocolate, and just everything! Thank you, thank you!

Chrissyreadit ❤️💕❤️ 4mo
KatieDid927 Yay glad you like it! 🥰 4mo
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Thank you so much, Ashley, for everything! I love it all - I hid my dark chocolate hearts from my husband and omg to that Mickey Mouse bookmark. The kitty sock slippers are so cute and soft! Happy Valentine‘s day! 💕 #jb

Kaye ♥️ very nice ! 4mo
BookwormAHN Your welcome and enjoy. Happy Valentine's Day 😸 4mo
Wife 🌹 4mo
Betty That cat face! 4mo
KatieDid927 That Mickey bookmark is amazing. 4mo
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So this relatively new local indie bookstore just got their liquor license and my bff and I skipped out of work early today to enjoy a local beer and browse the books. I broke my book buying ban 😳 but it was worth it.

rather_be_reading sounds like a good Friday too me!! 4mo
kspenmoll Have to get there! Glad you enjoyed your visit! And boondoggle is the best! (edited) 4mo
guinsgirlreads That is the best thing ever! 4mo
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KirstieE That sounds heavenly ! 😱 4mo
Mtroiano 🍻 4mo
ravenlee You‘re supporting small businesses...local economy...it‘s important! 4mo
GloVerdino That sounds like an amazing business! 4mo
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Look what came today!!! 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧜🏾‍♂️🧜‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️#happilyeverafterswap

KatieDid927 Yayayay! 😇 5mo
Chrissyreadit So awesome!!! 5mo
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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The circus arrives without warning. 🎪

I‘m so looking forward to this re-read.

Carolyn11215 This one has been unread on my Kindle for WAY too long! 5mo
CareBear @Carolyn11215 I have those too, lol. This is one of my all-time favorites though, you should bump it! 5mo
Carolyn11215 @CareBear , will definitely do that!! 5mo
Crewgurl I love this ❤️❤️❤️ (edited) 5mo
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The Catsitters | James Wolcott
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I saw this on Facebook and had to share. I know many of you can relate. #catsoflitsy

Birdsong28 Definitely. I think my cat is on a secret mission to stop me reading!!! 😹😻📚📖 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage 🤣♥️🤣♥️🤣♥️ 5mo
Dragon 😻 5mo
Bookzombie So cute! 5mo
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The Winter People: A Novel | Jennifer McMahon
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Just a reminder we‘ll be reading this for February! Feel free to post lots and discuss along the way (just use the spoiler tag)! It‘s perfect weather to start this! 🥶🥶🥶 #februarywinterpeople

Please feel free to tag anyone I missed.

Reecaspieces Got to find my copy! 🤷🏻‍♀️😩 5mo
TrishB Thanks for reminder! I knew I was signed up for another buddy read..... 5mo
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Litlady Yay!! 📚❣️📚❣️ 5mo
rjsthumbelina This sounds really good! 5mo
rjsthumbelina @CareBear can I join y'all with this one? 5mo
Carolyn11215 Looking forward to starting this book tomorrow! 5mo
TheBookkeepersApprentice One of my all-time favorite authors! 5mo
BethM Is there a schedule? 5mo
Elma I completely forgot about this, but was still planning to read the book in February. 5mo
CareBear @BethM no - laid back, read at your own pace! Just finish by the end of the month! 5mo
CareBear @rjsthumbelina of course, welcome! I‘ll tag you in future posts. 5mo
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Many Thanks: A Book of Gratitude | Ariel Books, Andrews McMeel Publishing
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I just wanted to say thank you again, Julie, for your generous giveaway! These are the books I purchased with the gift card I won 😍🤓📚

MichaelK I've been wanting to pick up The Finnish Way for a while now. Let me know how you like it. 5mo
Kaye You are welcome ! I hope you enjoy them all. ♥️ 5mo
CareBear @MichaelK will do. It‘s the pick for this month for my non-fiction book club. I had never heard of it. 5mo
ReadingsByTheC I loved Godsgrave! 5mo
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Monstress Vol. 3 | Marjorie Liu
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Continuing #24in48 with this volume. I love this series so much. 🖤 #graphicnovel2019

britt_brooke I still need to try this series. 5mo
CareBear @britt_brooke I don‘t think you‘ll regret it! 5mo
RebelGrrrl I'm so woefully behind! One day i'll catch up! 5mo
GondorGirl This one is on my to-read list! 5mo
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The babies love readathons (you can see #aurora ‘s tail in the corner). #catsoflitsy #sheldon #24in48

I didn‘t feel very compelled to pick this one up but now that I‘ve started I don‘t want to put it down. Already know this is another win for #newyearwhodis

Kaye Beautiful kitty 5mo
Suet624 Well hello there! 5mo
Carolyn11215 This one scared the bejesus out of me! 5mo
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Susanita LOL that tail! 5mo
AnnieReads That baby is gorgeous! 😻 5mo
kspenmoll Look at those eyes! 5mo
tracey38 Loves very cozy 5mo
mcipher I loved this book! So creepy. 5mo
Reggie Lol these killer 🧜‍♀️ ‘s. Hope you like it. 5mo
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Valentines Day | Julie Murray
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It‘s on its way! It should arrive Monday. #jb

BookwormAHN Yeah! Yours will go out sometime this week 😸 5mo
Kaye 💕 5mo
tracey38 Great wrapping! 5mo
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Harvard Yard | William Martin
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My new sweatshirt came just in time for this weekend! #24in48

Chrissyreadit Yes! 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Where did you get it Carrie? I want it!!!! (edited) 5mo
cathysaid I can never see “Harvard Yard” without hearing the guys from Car Talk in my head. 🤣 5mo
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CareBear @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks check out theinstantmessage.com - they have a bunch of cute bookish clothes! 5mo
CareBear lol @cathysaid now it‘s in my head too! 5mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks yeah! Same question here! 😁N I want it tooooo!! 😆 5mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Oh OK. Just saw the answer lol 😅❤️ 5mo
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Fun Facts | Ray H. Miller
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Soubhiville ❤️ 5mo
Booksnchill 💖 5mo
merelybookish My son is highly sensitive! It definitely makes life more challenging! 💕 5mo
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tracey38 Yes, I would LOVE to go to Bora Bora! 5mo
QueenJen I, too, collect Pops!! I love them! 5mo
readordierachel 💕💕 5mo
BiblioLitten 💕 Isn‘t Litsy the best! 😊 5mo
Kaye Great answers ♥️ 5mo
CareBear @merelybookish it‘s a gift and a curse! 💜 5mo
CareBear @tracey38 wouldn‘t it be the perfect place to be zen and read? 5mo
CareBear @QueenJen they‘re so addictive! 5mo
tracey38 @CareBear yes! Especially those little huts on the water. 5mo
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Stacy_31 I am really digging all these Nortorious BIG quotes today. 😂😂 5mo
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City of Brass | S A Chakraborty
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Playing hooky from work today because this book is SO. GOOD. 🤐 #catsoflitsy #penny #newyearwhodis

sherryvdh Best reason to miss work! We should all get "this book is too good to put down" days from work. ? 5mo
monalyisha HA! 5mo
CareBear @sherryvdh agreed! I‘ll lobby for it in my next review 😉 5mo
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aeeklund The BEST kind of hooky!! 5mo
UwannaPublishme Best reason to stay home from work! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5mo
CareBear @sherryvdh I just noticed today was release day for the second one! I may need to go get it! 5mo
sherryvdh @CareBear I didn't even realize it was today! I'm first on the hold list for it at the library, so hopefully it'll be in my hands soon! 5mo
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Any #ctlittens interested in attending with me?

hermyknee I think @kspenmoll already has a ticket! 5mo
MoMogrl I'd love to, but my book club is meeting that night. 5mo
mrozzz How cool! I was thinking about catching her in NYC a few days earlier— I wouldn‘t be able to make it out from the city to this event on time, but I appreciate the heads up! 😊 5mo
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Redwritinghood Sorry. Sounds interesting, but I‘m not free that night. 5mo
CareBear @MoMogrl @Redwritinghood maybe another time 😊 5mo
CareBear @mrozzz I figured it was a long shot for you! Let me know what you think if you see her in the city! 5mo
Smrloomis I wish I could go to this! Hope it‘s interesting! 5mo
bookish_wookish What city and what time? I work until 6pm on Fridays 😬 5mo
Amiable Oh, man! I would have loved to go. But I'm out all week on location shoots for a video project at work and there's no way I can get up to Hartford on time on Friday. 5mo
CareBear @Amiable aww that‘s too bad! @bookish_wookish not sure how far you are but it‘s in Hartford and starts at 7. 5mo
CareBear @Smrloomis thanks, I‘m sure it will be! 5mo
bookish_wookish Yeah Hartford (minus traffic) is like 45 mins away. On Friday with traffic id have to leave now 😂 5mo
CareBear @bookish_wookish lol I hear that! It‘s not even 10 mins from my office so I‘m lucky on this one! 5mo
bookish_wookish RJ Julias is closer to me but they always do stuff during the week too! 😕 5mo
Amiable @bookish_wookish RJ Julia's is closer to me, too! Even though they do stuff during the week, I'm lucky because I drive past them on my way home from work. (edited) 5mo
bookish_wookish Lucky! RJ Julias id have to fight the New Haven traffic. @amiable 5mo
Ncostell This looks great, I just have to check out a few things with my schedule but I may be able to make it. 5mo
CareBear @Ncostell awesome, just let me know! 5mo
Ncostell Will do, just have to figure out a few things with the kids‘ schedules that day but will let you know as soon as I figure it out. 5mo
Ncostell Ok, looks like I‘m in. Just bought my ticket, looking forward to it! 5mo
CareBear @Ncostell yay! shoot me an email this week and we can plan to meet up! ctlitsy at gmail.com 5mo
mcipher It would be fun, but I‘d never make it in time after work with traffic and all that. Hope you have a blast! 5mo
Ncostell Great, sounds like a plan! 5mo
CareBear I totally get it. Thanks! @mcipher 5mo
kspenmoll @CareBear @Ncostell I got tickets & am going with the woman I co-teach with. She is driving- I will look for you there. Email me if you want & I will you what I am wearing! Kspenmoll@gmail.com 5mo
Ncostell @kspenmoll That would be great! 5mo
CareBear Yeah, sounds good! 😊 @kspenmoll 5mo
TieDyeDude I visited the Mark Twain House a few years ago. I loved it! They have some great events, but I don't love anywhere close. I picked up this hold from the library, looking forward to reading it. 5mo
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The Last Coincidence | Robert Goldsborough
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@CoffeeNBooks @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks is this a really weird coincidence or are you reading them together? lol #jb

CoffeeNBooks Yes, we're reading The Air You Breathe for the #BOTMBuddyRead, and we just finished a buddy read of Behind Her Eyes. 😂 5mo
CareBear @CoffeeNBooks ahhh that makes sense. I figured it was something like that. One ok but two? 🤪 5mo
CoffeeNBooks @CareBear That would have been an awesome coincidence though! 😂 5mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🤣🤣🤣 it would have been!!! 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @CoffeeNBooks we need to do another!!! 5mo
CoffeeNBooks @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yes! That was so much fun!! And such a great book!! 5mo
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City of Brass | S A Chakraborty
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I have been so pleased with @sherryvdh ‘s favorite reads of 2018 so far! Starting book number 3 for #newyearwhodis — Saturday morning reading means tax season has officially begun! #catsoflitsy #penny

Lcsmcat 😻 5mo
sherryvdh I'm so glad you're enjoying them! That one is probably my most favorite read of last year. 5mo
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Snuggling with my baby boy #catsoflitsy #sheldon #newyearwhodis

8little_paws Awww 5mo
kristincatastrophic I just finished this book last night, so good. Also, your kitty is so fluffy. 5mo
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Looking for recommendations! My husband is starting to listen to more audiobooks but he likes the thrillers and that‘s not really my jam. Anyone have any good thriller audio recommendations that‘ll keep his interest in books going? Thanks!

SitsWithaBook I don't know if it's a thriller per se but a favorite compelling read of mine to reccomend is I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh. 5mo
silentrequiem Fantasy okay? The Peter Grant books by Ben Aaronovitch are great in audio. They're like supernatural crime solving with gods and ghosts and whatnot. 5mo
RachelO Attica Lock‘s books are really well done on audio. I especially liked 5mo
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Birdsong28 The tagged book 5mo
JoScho The Bill Hodges trilogy by Stephen King is fantastic on audiobook 5mo
CareBear Thanks so much! I added them all 🙃 @JoScho @Birdsong28 @RachelO @silentrequiem (I‘ll ask him but that actually sounds up my alley so I‘m totally going to check them out) @SitsWithaBook 5mo
aroc Anything read by RC Bray! He is an amazing performer. My hubby (who now loves audiobooks but not a big reader) got me loving this series in the audio format. We listened to the last three together while painting the house or road trips! 5mo
Bookzombie While I don‘t know if this fits the thriller category, this series is full of action and edge of your seat stuff. They are a little out there with crazy science and a secret military group saving the world, but the narrator, Ray Porter, is so good. (edited) 5mo
CareBear Thank you! 🥰 @Bookzombie @aroc 5mo
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