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I've been working non-stop so my reading time has suffered. I never got to post a #WeeklyForecast! I started Barracoon and the history behind the last slaves brought to America is fascinating. I'm close to finishing Salt Slow, and working on The Case Against Sugar.

#TIL there is a state park in Mobile, AL named after Timothy Meaher, the rich slave owner who smuggled in the last known illegal shipment of slaves. Nothing to see here.🙄🤬 #NFNov

Cinfhen I did a sugar elimination diet this past September .... I lasted 41 days and I felt so good ( well the first 11 days were pretty ugly) Anyway, I‘m trying to get back on it but it‘s soooooo hard. Sugar is literally ADDICTIVE ( it‘s crack for me) I‘m trying but the struggle is REAL!!!!! 11h
lele1432 @Cinfhen yes!! It is crack for me as well. Really really bad. I know I would feel a lot better if I made some drastic cuts but it's so hard! 😩 41 days is quite the feat! 11h
Cinfhen I was aiming for 90 days!!! Everyday i tell myself today is the day I go back but it doesn‘t last more than a few hours 10h
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lele1432 @Cinfhen 🤣 sounds like my life! 10h
Cinfhen There‘s always tomorrow ❤️ 10h
rsteve388 4 pts 3h
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Furyborn | Claire Legrand
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I was late with my book report and I'm late with my #weeklyforecast - such is the way of life! Still working on The Gilded Wolves in print although I had a couple graphic novel holds come in that may derail that plan. What If It's Us? and Interment are both audiobooks while Furyborn is my ebook read.

Cinfhen Never too late to share what you‘re reading!!! 3d
Bkwrm7 @Cinfhen I was just coming back to update my post because I forgot to tag you. Glad you found it anyway! 3d
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The Prophet | Kahlil Gibran
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This was a quick read that really left me tranquil😊 Love, marriage, children and all aspects of life portrayed in a non judgemental poetic way. Beautiful❤️

Cinfhen Ohhh, that was quick!! One from your #weeklyforecast completed 4d
batsy That's a lovely cover! 3d
Cathythoughts Yes ! As @batsy says ...a lovely cover ✨ 3d
Freespirit @Cinfhen it's a very quick read...couple of hours with periods of contemplation😍 3d
Freespirit Thanks @batsy @Cathythoughts it's always interesting to see the variety of covers worldwide! 3d
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Quince | Sebastian Kadlecik, Kit Steinkellner
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My #weeklyforecast is a day late, but I am excited to dive into this YA #graphicnovel as a part of it.

In addition, I hope to:
? Continue listening to "Real Queer America" by Samantha Allen (currently @ 24%)
? Finish reading "Grimoire Noir" by Vera Greentea (currently on pg. 102 of 275)
? Start reading "Hungry Hearts" edited by Elsie Chapman (haven't had a chance to enjoy any of these stories just yet!)


Cinfhen Love your mug 🙌🏻good luck this week 😁 4d
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Breaking Away | Anna Gavalda
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I posted my #weeklyforecast and then promptly picked up something I hadn‘t intended to read. Story of my life! I am thoroughly enjoying it though. It‘s translated from the French (Gallic is the publisher) and to start with, it was very French feeling. I‘ve adjusted now and am giggling at certain bits and loving the story of these four crazy adult siblings.

Crazeedi That's what I'm afraid I'd do if I tried to forecast my reading for the week!! 4d
BookNAround @Crazeedi It happens to me each week but I do find that forecasting does pull me back to that short stack too so I‘m not flitting from book to book and leaving others that I was excited about reading behind quite as often as I was so it‘s working for me. Also, I try and pull one book off my bedside table and add it to the weekly forecast to help remind me to get back to the temporarily abandoned stuff. 😉 4d
Crazeedi @BookNAround that's a good way to think of it. Nothing set in stone but not wandering around trying to decide what to read next, like I just did today! Lol 4d
Crazeedi @BookNAround I definitely need to attack my unfinished books, ones I do want to read but just havent. I'm thinking for the next 24beforemonday I'm going to read only books I need to finish! 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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I forgot to post my #weeklyforecast yesterday. Since Gatsby got in the way of seeing the titles, here‘s the plan:

A Stranger at My Table
Eat Joy
The Peacock Summer

Time After Time
Open Mic Night in Moscow

Cinfhen HotBox was a #KindleDailyDeal yesterday so I picked it up!!! Hope it doesn‘t disappoint. I‘ll be watching your #BookReport 💜 4d
Cinfhen Hi GATSBY!!!! 4d
BookNAround @Cinfhen don‘t hold your breath for it to make the book report since I think this is the second or third weekly forecast it‘s been in without me opening it. I‘m not very good at predicting. LOL! 4d
Cinfhen Ha!! Fair warning ⚠️ 4d
ShelleyBooksie ♡♡♡ Gatsby! 4d
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Ninth House | Leigh Bardugo
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This weeks #weeklyforecast is more 9th House, my manga about witches, at least one GN galley and 4-5 picture books.

Cinfhen I keep trying to pick up one of my ARCs but it‘s not holding my attention at all😬 4d
Lifeisasnap Oooo, what is that adorable fabric cover you have?? Does it cover your Kindle? @Cinfhen I have a few I am having a hard time reading, also. I don‘t like not enjoying a new book. 4d
LibrarianRyan @Lifeisasnap no. It‘s a “Book Hugger” I designed for my hard cover books. It‘s similar to a book sleeve except it stays on you book while you read. I hope to get my Etsy shop opened soon. 4d
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Lifeisasnap It‘s wonderful! The fabric truly is adorable and fun. I look forward to when you open your Etsy! 4d
Tera66 @LibrarianRyan Im so happy you are going to finally do an Etsy store! I love the one you sent in our swap. They are so clever! Proud of you, friend. 4d
LibrarianRyan @Tera66 I have like 15 I need to put snaps on. And after the Vday sun with Josh and Dad and Mom I‘m going to work on them. I had to put everything up because of the boys and not having my craft room done. I currently have lots of skulls because I was on a roll in August. But life... 4d
LibrarianRyan @Lifeisasnap thank you. I only made two of the retro space pattern. One for me and one for a swap partner. But I have some other fun ones. 4d
Lifeisasnap Can‘t wait to see what you have! 4d
Cinfhen You sent me one too that‘s awesome, Ryan!!! I‘m glad you‘re taking your “hobby” to the next level ...you‘re super talented! 🙌🏻💚 4d
Cinfhen Yeah, I think I need to stop requesting books on Netgalley based on blurbs @Lifeisasnap because they are almost never as good as I‘m expecting 🤨 4d
Tera66 @LibrarianRyan Make sure you post on here when you open up shop. I love skulls and having two couldn't hurt!😊 4d
kspenmoll Love your book huggers! 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Not sure how many of these I‘ll get through this week but these are all the books I‘m reading next, after I finish The Raven‘s Tale. Also still reading This House is Haunted on Kindle.

Cinfhen I‘ve heard Cujo is terrifying!!! Scary stack😱 5d
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