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Know You By Heart | Tif Marcelo
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The premise is the classic romance trope, marriage of convenience. However, it takes places when the marriage of convenience is nearing its end, which is a cool twist to the trope. I found that twist very refreshing and it offered a unique perspective to the trope. I enjoyed seeing the main characters discover their true feelings for each other.

Full review: https://oddandbookish.wordpress.com/2022/05/15/review-know-you-by-heart-heart-re...

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Book Report Journal | Journals for All Staff
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Had some real fun reads this week!

Hollow Kingdom | Kira Jane Buxton
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Finished one of my BookSpin backlist titles this week. I also read a handful of harlequins but I don‘t track those because they‘re so fast and light.

My goal this week is to finish the Hambly book and start another BookSpin backlist title.

Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#BookReport #WeeklyForecast combo

I actually reviewed everything I read this week. 💃🏼 I‘m struggling a little with Growing Up Dead and I just started Manhunt. Other library patrons are waiting on it and Electric Idol so I want to get them done this week hopefully. Strangers is for #aam for May.

Saturday is the San Antonio Book Festival so I will lose some of my reading time and increase my TBR instead. 📚

TheBookHippie Oooo love a book fair! 6h
Cinfhen That‘s exciting….I‘ve heard great things about the San Antonio Book Fair 🙌🏻💕who‘s expecting to be there??? Also congrats on being up to date with your reviews!!! 4h
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The End of Oz | Danielle Paige
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Escape Artist | Brad Meltzer
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The Escape Artist is taking forever-I'm hoping the beginning was just slow. We'll see if I put Escape Artist back for later or just DNF it in the next couple of days or manage to finish.
I've gotten a couple of books in that I do want to read before they are due back (The Investigator, for instance).
#BookReport #WeeklyForecast

Unlikely Animals | Annie Hartnett
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#BookReport I loved all of my books this last week with the tagged being 5 🌟 and the rest 4 🌟

#WeeklyForecast Hope to finish Say Nothing and just started All the Ways. So far I‘m keeping up on my buddy reads.

Cinfhen Yay!! So happy you had a great reading week!!! 15h
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#BookReport #DaiseysReadingWeek
Well, this week‘s graphic includes no completed books and the same current reads as last week. School is busy, and I‘m in the middle of several long reads.

📖 The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien #FellowshipOfTolkien
📖 & 🎧 #BibleBuddyRead
📖 & 🎧 Ulysses #SandCoUlysses
📖 Eats, Shoots and Leaves
🎧 Deep River
🎧 The Tenant of Wildfell Hall #PemberLittens

📚 Continue current reads

Book Report Beagle | Pamela A Klawitter
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The Change was awesome! 10/10 would recommend! I‘d also recommend Out of the Corner (review tmrw) to all my 80s peeps and Hawk‘s Way to nature lovers. Heck I‘d recommend all three to most folks on Litsy.

Dead in the Water was interesting, well done true crime, and Hometown Victory was a cinematic underdog story. Gates‘ writing was thoughtful.

The Puzzle Solver was disappointing and The Pisces (review tmrw) was Just. Plain. Weird! #BookReport

Cinfhen Great week!!! Your flowers are looking GORGEOUS 💜💜💜 1d
Bookwormjillk Your flowers look great! 1d
Megabooks @Cinfhen thanks!! 😘😘 24h
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Megabooks @Bookwormjillk thank you! We‘re loving them! 24h
Cinfhen I‘d love to see more!!!!! 24h
Megabooks @Cinfhen they may be popping up with future books! Also finally picked out mom‘s Mother‘s Day flowers too. Pics soon! 23h
Cinfhen Woohoo 😘 23h
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Here is #BookReport for May 8-14 no amazing reads this week, and two DNF‘s

🎧Part of Your World 4.5⭐️
🎧A Farewell to Arms 4⭐️
🎧Stuck With You 4⭐️
📔Solitaire 3.5⭐️
🎧Below Zero 4⭐️
📔Gallant 3⭐️

DNF - Sea Witch & Ruthless Stranger

Currently Reading:
🎧Written in the Stars
📖Juniper Hill

Cinfhen Still lots of 4 & 4.5 stars💕💕💕💕great week‼️ 1d
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