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The Book of Joy | Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu
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Started my seed trays
Nearly done weeding
Will be starting a new author soon
Am running book awards and #autumncomfortswap
Finding more time to feed my soul

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#5JoysFriday @DebinHawaii sorry it‘s a day late. It takes me some time to gather my thoughts about the week, lol. 1) My faith - as always especially when it‘s 3am and it‘s just me and God- no one else I want to bother or is even available. 2) My mom as usual- I love that woman 👩🏽🩷 3) My mom and I exercised 3 times this week 4) the birds outside my window chirping to let me know everything is going to be ok. 5) 👇🏽👇🏽

Mimi28 5) The people I pray for even if they don‘t know I am praying for them or are being mean to me or don‘t even care back. I feel like I have no friends here. Yea for books and #litsylove @Alwaybeenaloverofbooks @Read4life @TieDyeDude 😻😊🩷🙏🏽🫶🏽🤗😎 4d
Mimi28 Oh I have another one 6) my mom has been decluttering allll day. Mostly all old mail but it gives me motivation 😊😎😉🩷👩🏽 4d
Mimi28 @dabbe I just got your letter from April today it was in bad shape the post office damaged it. I will write back soon 😊🩷😉 4d
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DebinHawaii A great list of joys! 💛💛💛It‘s these things we can depend on to jive us joy when things don‘t seem great. Yay to walking with your mom! 🎉 Thanks for joining in & spreading the joy! 🤗 4d
DebinHawaii Wanted to thank you too—I‘ve been down & out with bronchitis this week & finally got out to my mailbox yesterday & had a #LitsyLove postcard from you! Thank you! I will get a return letter out to you soon! 💛📬 💌💛 4d
Mimi28 @DebinHawaii Thanks! You spread joy also 😊🩷Did you get my postcard? My mom and I are just doing chair yoga and her old PT exercises after her surgery. We may go walking the week after this. Thanks for the suggestion. You‘re awesome 😎 4d
Mimi28 We must have posted at the same time! We‘re in sync 🫶🏽😊🩷you are welcome for the postcard. I hope your bronchitis improves. Take care yourself!! 🙏🏽🫶🏽😊🩷🤗 4d
Read4life I love that you and your mom are so close. My mom is one of my best friends. As soon as I get cleared to write (post surgery should be another 6 weeks or more 😔) I‘ll send a letter out to you. 🤓 I‘ve missed writing so much! 4d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️🙏🏻🥰 4d
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1. Finished a diamond painting I‘d been working on for a while.
2. The new Stephen King collection got delivered this week.
3. My favorite horse for the Preakness came in 2nd.
4. Spent some time listening to favorite CDs from my teens and twenties.
5. My Sparrow 🐈 didn‘t need her insulin increased.


AmyG #2 Hooray! 4d
DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 I can relate to kitty diabetes & having good numbers & no increases.🐱💛 And yay for new books! 🎉 Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 4d
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@Debinhawaii (thanks for the tag! 😘)

One day late, but better than never! 😀

IndoorDame Jacuzzi is totally one of my dreams!!!!! 4d
DebinHawaii Wonderful list of joys! 💛💛💛 so glad Matt continues to improve & yay to jacuzzis! 🎉 Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy. 🤗 4d
Cupcake12 Great news about Matt! 4d
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dabbe @IndoorDame Come visit and stay with us; this one seats four! 💙🩵💙 4d
dabbe @DebinHawaii Thank YOU for reminding all of us that there are always 5 things to be grateful for. #always 💙🩵💙 4d
dabbe @Cupcake12 You. Are. Lovely. Thanks. 💙🩵💙 4d
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I‘m a bit late, but thanks for tagging me, @DebinHawaii 😸


DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 Daiso is my happy place & I loved Remarkably Bright Creatures! 🐙 Thanks for joining in & spreading the joy! 🤗 Give Sadie & Nicky love & scritches from me! 🐱💛🐱 4d
LeahBergen I don‘t know Daiso! 4d
LeahBergen Oh, I think it might be like the Oomomo store we have here. 👍 4d
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen You‘d love it. Lots of cute Japanese stationery items. Also cute household stuff, but I spend most of my time in the stationery aisles. 😄 4d
CarolynM I would have included the Dean Street Press news in my 5 if I‘d remembered 🤦🏻‍♀️ Definitely a Joy of the week! 4d
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#5JoysFriday @DebinHawaii

1. The school year is over.
2. The school year is over
3. The school year is over.
4. The school year is over.
5. The school year is over.

RaeLovesToRead 💃💃💃💃💃 5d
Librarybelle Love this! I‘m not a teacher, but I have family members who have worked and currently work in schools. Such a joyous time of year! 5d
Chrissyreadit ☀️🎉☀️🎉☀️🎉 5d
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KadaGul @Sace, I enjoyed Fridays because of work and posting two weeks in a row for TGIF. But I understand the feeling of the school year being over. 👏🎉🎉 5d
Sace @Librarybelle @Chrissyreadit @KadaGul I absolutely love my job but it will be nice to renew and refresh. (And read!) 5d
rabbitprincess Woo hoo!! Enjoy the R&R (reading and relaxing) time!! 5d
DebinHawaii It seems like you are happy the school year is over?!? 🎉🤣 That sounds like the perfect joy list to me! 💛💛💛 Enjoy & thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 4d
dabbe HALLELUJAH! Enjoy your break; you've more than earned it! 🤩🤩🤩 4d
LiteraryinLawrence Major congrats to you!!!! 4d
Sace @rabbitprincess @dabbe @debinhawaii @LiteraryinLawrence Thanks! But I'm already missing my students. I had such a great group of kids this year. 4d
dabbe @Sace There are those special groups that stay with you forever. My husband's special group called themselves “The Flock.“ They'll always be a part of you. 💙🩵💙 4d
PaperbackPirate Same! Congratulations! 📚📚☀️ 4d
Sace @dabbe ❤️ 4d
Sace @PaperbackPirate it's a great feeling, isn't it? 4d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😂😂😂 4d
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1. I've been struggling with my mental and physical health for awhile now and last week things kinda blew up. I'm glad I'm still here.
2. I've been rewatching Grey's Anatomy. The best seasons are 1-10
3. Cold water on a hot day
4. Root beer floats
5. Kitty cuddles


TheBookHippie ♥️ Sending you so much love & light♥️ 5d
Catsandbooks @TheBookHippie thank you Christine ❤️ 5d
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Ruthiella I‘m glad you are still here too. 5d
DebinHawaii I am so glad you are still here too. 💛💛💛Wishing you strength and many small moments of joy to help you through. You are loved and needed and very brave for sharing. 💛💛💛 5d
thebacklistbook Grey's is good and everything in the show improves dramatically post a certain later event. 5d
AnnCrystal 🙏💝. 5d
AnnCrystal “There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn't.“ -John Green ⁣ 5d
IndoorDame ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5d
RaeLovesToRead Sending love 🫂🫂🫂 5d
Deblovestoread 💜💜💜 5d
Leftcoastzen 💜💜💜 5d
Read4life 💙💙💙 5d
TheBookgeekFrau Glad you're still here, too 🫂💕🫂 5d
DaveGreen7777 @Catsandbooks Sorry you‘ve been struggling with your mental health right now! 😩 Mental health issues can be so draining and even cause us to believe terrible lies about ourselves. Glad you‘re still with us and I hope things get better for you real soon! 🙏 5d
Liz_M I'm sorry to hear you're struggling. You help make Litsy a welcoming, fun place. I'm grateful for your continued presence here. I hope you find peace soon 5d
MaGoose Sending you love 🩵💙❤️ 5d
LiteraryinLawrence I‘m so so sorry things are that bad. Sending you strength. 💗💗 4d
CarolynM Sending love and hugs 💕 4d
slategreyskies Just now seeing this post. I just want you to know that I‘ve been in a similar place before, so I know how hard it is to keep fighting when you don‘t have anything left to give. I‘m so sorry you‘ve been hurting. Sending you so much love. 🤍🫂 3d
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💛 Lots of time home with Luthien, the cats, and the hammock since school‘s out for summer
💛 Strawberries! It‘s strawberry season, and I‘ve enjoyed them fresh, in cake, shakes, pie, etc. 🍓
💛 There are strawberries frozen for the rest of the year.
💛 A quiet evening at home with a fire in the backyard and a lovely sunset
💛 Supper with friends tonight that included fried fish, French fries, fresh broccoli, and more strawberries


TheBookHippie Yummmm 5d
DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛 What could be more joyful than fresh strawberries?!?! 🍓(That cake looks amazing!) Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 5d
mabell That all sounds and looks fabulous! 5d
Lesliereadsalot Frosting and whipped cream and strawberries oh my! 5d
Daisey @TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii @mabell @Lesliereadsalot It was a deliciously joyous week! The cake was a new recipe and fantastic, with strawberries in the cake and the cream cheese frosting. 5d
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This week‘s joys are all about Disneyland. Wrapped up 3 jammed packed days this evening. In no particular order:

1) a new compatible travel partner who loves it as much as I do.
2) Some amazing meals
3) New to me rides: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance😁, Guardians of the Galaxy😬, Mickey and Minnie‘s Runaway Railway🥰
4) Old favorites: It‘s a Small World, Mr. Toad‘s Wild Ride, 🌟Thunder Mountain Railway🌟
5) Goofy!

Texreader Yay!! What fun! 5d
TheBookHippie How fun!!! 5d
DebinHawaii Such a fun list of joys! 💛💛💛 Yay to compatible traveling partners & Disneyland is a huge joy bringer! 🎉 Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 5d
UwannaPublishme The joy of reverting back to childhood! Glad you‘re having so much fun 🎉 5d
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#5joysFriday Thanks @DebinHawaii for the tag!

1) son graduated cum laude from high school
2) tonight we got to see the rocket ship son‘s rocketry class has been building, to be launched from the military base in White Sands in June (nose cone in photo)
3) husband & I went to Norwegian society picnic to celebrate May 17
4) daughter made her first yummy skillingsboller (Norwegian cinnamon rolls)
5) I have many baby bell peppers in my garden

Deblovestoread Congrats to your son 🎓! 5d
DebinHawaii What a wonderful & joyful week! 💛💛💛 Congrats to your son 🎉 & the cinnamon rolls look amazing. Thanks for sharing & spreading the joy! 🤗 5d
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