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The Magnolia Inn | Carolyn Brown
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Book #10 for my 2019 reading challenge: read 30 NEW books this year. I‘m a notorious re-reader so this is a fun challenge. I needed a little bit of feel-good chick lit so this is my current pick.

The Dark Angel | Elly Griffiths
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What do you do when your plan is to go out for lunch after hubby‘s doctor appointment, but he is finished earlier than expected? Go to the library! I came home with #10 in my favorite series. I think there‘s one after this that isn‘t available in the US yet. If so, maybe I can use it to justify another trip to England 😂

rretzler There‘s always Book Depository. I get my Elly Griffiths and Christopher Fowler books from them because both authors publish in the UK before the US. Jasper Fforde, too. In Fowler‘s case, it is sometimes over a year before the US book is out. Book Depository has free overseas shipping and the prices are fairly comparable to the US. I also have an Amazon.co.uk account that I sometimes use to order books to come to me here in the US😝 3w
Lynnsoprano @rretzler Thanks for the advice. I‘ve never used Book Depository, but I definitely need to correct that😄 3w
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One Crazy Summer | Rita Williams-Garcia
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#LAE3414SP19 “One Crazy Summer” by Rita Williams-Garcia is a historical fiction novel. This novel was awarded the Coretta Scott King Award in 2011. This book tells the story of three sisters who go to meet the mother who abandoned them and took place in 1968. The girls learn much about their country, family, and themselves during this “one crazy summer”. This website provides a detailed lesson plan with instructions along with charts and

Kcallihan word graphs to help students better understand the text: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/One-Crazy-Summer-Novel-Unit-Free-217.... The UDL strategy I would use for this book would be 8.3, “foster collaboration and community”. I 2mo
Kcallihan would use this because I could allow for the students to work together on the classwork and also brainstorm throughout the book on what they thought would happen next. The ESOL strategy I would use would be #10, “teach think, pair and share strategies in groups”. This strategy would be used because the students could work together in those same groups to help ESOL students get a better understanding of what the lesson is on. 2mo
Kcallihan For this book I would use shared reading (SR) so students could get more practice reading while also still having guidance. 2mo
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Where the Wild Things Are | Maurice Sendak
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Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" is one of the most popular fantasy (F) children's books that has won the Caldecott Award for being a wonderfully captivating picture book. "Where the Wild Things Are" can be used in the classroom during paired reading (PR) activities! When I was in elementary school, my peers and I used to read "Where the Wild Things Are" to each other because we all adored this story and could not keep our hands off of

caldwellalex95 it! A young boy named Max becomes disruptive at home while wearing his wolf costume; because of his bad behavior, his mom is sends Max to bed without any dinner. Suddenly, big and tall trees appear in his room, along with grass and a body of water. Max's room transforms into a jungle as he sails to an island that is taken over by creatures called "Wild Things." Max asserts his dominance with the Wild Things, and then he begins having fun. After 2mo
caldwellalex95 spending some time with the Wild Things, Max becomes lonely and eventually sails back home to his bedroom. To his surprise, Max finds that his dinner is waiting for him. "Bright Hub Education's" website lists several activities for students to complete, individually or with a peer! For example, students can make three-panel comic strips to illustrate the sections of the story, or they can illustrate their drawings on monster-shaped pages. ESOL 2mo
caldwellalex95 strategy #10 and UDL's executive functions strategy (6.3) can apply to several of the activities listed on "Bright Hub Education's" website. "Where the Wild Things Are" is a classic book that will never go out of style. Although it became a major motion picture, the book is definitely better than the movie! This book is perfect for readers with an imagination and a strong love for children's literature. 2mo
caldwellalex95 #LAE3414SP19 www.brighthubeducation.com/pre-k-and-k-lesson-plans/75923-where-the-wild-things-are-activities/ 2mo
DrSpalding Another beautifully detailed post ...you certainly know your books! Very well done! 1mo
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Gallery of the Dead | Chris Carter
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I've loved reading these books, they really are addicting and I couldn't wait to get to the next one. But tonight I start the last one (#9) and before even getting to page 1 I know I'll be sad that there isn't another one right there waiting for me. Thankfully #10 comes out next month, but then I'll just be stuck with this feeling all over again

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Starting this series! I'm loving it already just a few chapters in. @Lynnsoprano didnt you say this was a good series?

MicheleinPhilly I love this series! I‘ve been pacing myself with it though. 2mo
Crazeedi @MicheleinPhilly I can see why, I'm flying through this one it's very good 2mo
robinb I need to get back to this series! I read this one, liked it but got distracted by another book and moved on. Too many books waiting in the wings! 😳🤪🤪 Enjoy and thanks for the reminder! 2mo
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kspenmoll It‘s a fabulous series! Enjoy! 2mo
Crazeedi @kspenmoll I am enjoying tremendously! 2mo
Crazeedi @MicheleinPhilly when I find one I binge read, and then I'm depressed 🤨 2mo
Lynnsoprano It is one of my favorites. I just finished #9, and #10 is on my Kindle. I‘m trying to rest reading it right away, because that‘s the most recent, and I‘m going to be depressed until the next book comes out 😄 2mo
Crazeedi @Lynnsoprano I hear you, when I get to end of series I'm always bummed and waiting for the next one, this series is good, so I'm glad I'm on number 1!! 2mo
kezzlou85 @Crazeedi it's such a great series. Theres 11 books so far and I've just finished 9 but already got 10 and 11 ready to go. 2mo
kezzlou85 @Lynnsoprano is your no 10 book the dark angel because if so it's not the latest. Her new one is called the stone circle. Came out earlier this month. ❤ 2mo
Lynnsoprano @kezzlou85 I thought that wasn‘t coming out for a couple more months. Now I‘m excited! 2mo
kezzlou85 @Lynnsoprano nope it's out already in hardback. 2mo
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A Time to Cherish | Robin Jones Gunn
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#10. Rereading all 30+ books before Becoming Us is published ♡♡♡ Christy & the forever friends were the first fictional friends that I ever made. I feel as if they are real, I literally see them in crowds of people and wish that I could hang out with them. Oh to be 17, again.

ReadingSusan Ahhh I loved these books so much! I still haven‘t finished the adult Christy books. 2mo
MaggieCarr I literally preordered the new one 6 months before it releases. Sigh. Waiting is hard but so worth it. The married and baby years mirror real life so completely, I count the characters as friends. 2mo
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