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Becoming by Michelle Obama
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Celestial Bodies by Johka Alharthi
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Gone with the Wind by Margareth Mitchell
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Circe by Madeline Miller
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Milkman by Anna Burns
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The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu
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It‘s officially summer. The best coffee shop in town is now open (yes, it‘s a beach hut in a car park. And?). There‘s much talk of jellyfish.

And I started this beautiful book this morning (thank you @TrishB ), 3 brothers growing up on the Tasmanian coast. Harry‘s breaking my heart already.

TrishB This post is so perfect ❤️ enjoy. I loved this book, but yes 💔 1h
Cathythoughts Jellyfish talk 🤔... always a sign of a good summer 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 1h
Soubhiville I got stung by a jellyfish once when I was little. It was excruciating. The book sounds good! Stacked 😊 11m
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#bfc #bookfitnesschallenge Week 2 Check-in

1. Step goal 56300/60000 So close! I might actually have made it if I remembered to check the fitbit was on before I left the house! Still, not bad. Aim for next week - to actually make the numbers!
2. Finished ‘The Girl with Seven Names‘ - that‘s 3/6 total. Aim for next week - write reviews.

Thanks for doing this @wanderinglynn - I might just form some good habits before the 6 weeks is up!

Freespirit It looks like a fabulous place to walk😍 14h
wanderinglynn That‘s a great week! 🙌🏻 12h
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BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 11h
Chrissyreadit Great!!!! 10h
baes Nice job! 10h
Clwojick Awesome job! 8h
TheEllieMo That‘s what I‘m finding great about this challenge - I‘m developing good habits! Well done on your goals, all progress is good progress, and you can smash those targets next week! 3h
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Debated going daft for the motivation bit of the #bfc #bookfitnesschallenge, but...

It‘s a year and a week since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once I‘d done the essentials (surgery, radiotherapy) I decided to tackle the other stuff. I wanted to get to within the NHS ‘healthy weight‘ guidelines before my 1 year scan in case I needed more surgery. I‘ve lost a stone (almost there) & my diet & exercise levels have both improved loads 👇

RachelO even tho there‘s loads further to go.

Added motivation: books by women that have gone on being awesome after having BC.
Birdsong28 So sorry to hear your news. Glad that you have been talking positive steps. Sending lots of love and hugs 😘📚📖 19h
RachelO @Birdsong28 Thanks Victoria! And thanks for being so understanding about that mess with the parcel - I‘m going to be weighing and measuring everything before I go to the PO in future, so I can query anything that sounds odd! 19h
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mrozzz Keep it up. You're doing great. 💗 19h
RachelO @mrozzz Thank you 😊 19h
TrishB Doing brilliant ❤️ 18h
Caterina Thanks for sharing your motivation! Sounds like you're doing a great job taking care of yourself. You got this! ❤ 🙌 18h
BookwormM Well done you 18h
LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️ 17h
squirrelbrain 😘 17h
JennyM ♥️♥️♥️ 17h
TheEllieMo Love this post! 16h
4thhouseontheleft So many people don't approach their health post-diagnosis this way. You rock! 16h
wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! I‘m so sorry about your diagnosis, but I think you have a great attitude about it. 💜 15h
bewareofwords You‘re amazing! Stay strong! ❤️ 15h
DivineDiana You are fierce! 👏🏻💪🏻👍🏻 15h
CoverToCoverGirl YOU are amazing! ❤️💪🏻👊👟 12h
Chrissyreadit You are an inspiration!!!! 10h
batsy ❤️❤️❤️ 10h
Dragon Congratulations on your weight loss and your healthier lifestyle! Best of luck on your one year scan. Positive energy heading your way 🤗 9h
Libby1 💕 8h
Kaye 💗💗💗💗💗. You are tough. Keep up the good work. 7h
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Hyeonseo grew up in North Korea, #soclose to the Chinese border that her brother would play in the river with boys from the other side. Her decision to cross the river was almost accidental, little more than a teenage prank, a young person quite literally pushing at boundaries and wanting to explore their world. But it had a lifetime of consequences for her and her family.


Cinfhen Sounds harrowing 21h
RachelO @Cinfhen Surprisingly, I think she had a fair bit of luck on her side. Almost every decision she made could have turned out a whole lot worse. Her poor mother, though! 21h
Cinfhen I‘ve already stacked but interested to read her journey 21h
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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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My audiobook came in! I‘ve been on the wait list for this for MONTHS, so dropping everything & ramping it up to double speed to get through it.

AND photographic evidence that I actually left the house today. Got a 45 min walk in for #bookfitnesschallenge #bfc but managed to leave the Fitbit at home, so it isn‘t going to show in my stepcount. Predictable, eh @julesG ?

Also, the beach huts are back! (They seem to migrate in the autumn 🤷🏻‍♀️)

TrishB Gorgeous 💕 2d
RachelO @TrishB There are battenburg coloured beach huts this year (possibly new paint?) - just like 2d
4thhouseontheleft I get so frustrated when I forget my Fitbit, or, as happens more often, it needs to be charged, and I don't realize it until the end of the day. 2d
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RachelO @4thhouseontheleft it‘s so annoying! And so frequent!!! I tend to get eczema on my wrists, so usually carry my fitbit in a jeans pocket rather than wearing it - which means as soon as I get changed... 2d
TrishB Sounds lovely. Sadly we‘re probably not going to make it down this year! Too many other financial commitments. I‘m living it through your pics. 2d
julesG Migratory Beach huts? Do they fly to warmer climates? I tend to forget my fitbit in the charger, on the nightstand, or in the wrong pair of trousers. 😉 2d
Clwojick I always put the charging FitBit half in my purse or with my keys so i can't forget it. I've done it wayyy too many times. 2d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2d
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 2d
CoverToCoverGirl It‘s a win, win situation! 1d
Reggie Hmm that‘s funny, I don‘t see Joe Hill anywhere. 👓 Lol Nice pic! 1d
RachelO @Reggie Joe Hill and his entourage are currently locked in my local library, no doubt wreaking mayhem amongst the stacks, and having a right old time! 😜 I had a ‘your reservation has arrived‘ email this morning... but the library‘s closed on Thursdays. Sure they do it deliberately to build the anticipation! 1d
RachelO @TrishB That‘s a shame - but I‘m sure exciting things are happening. Hope the exams are going well. 😘 1d
RachelO @julesG I reckon they do! Or at least drier climates, where a winter storm‘s less-likely to turn them to driftwood. Would love to know where they go! Glad I‘m not the only one this is a problem for 🙃 1d
RachelO @Clwojick Hmmm! I‘m going to have to come up with some sort of plan like that! 1d
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A good #bfc #bookfitnesschallenge day today - walked to a circuits class in glorious sunshine (AND remembered to put my Fitbit on before I went?👍), then a quick dash to the shops in what looked like a bit of a shower, and swiftly turned into a downpour! 💦💧💦

And started tagged book on audio. Not my usual, but I was craving non-fiction, and this has a lots of Litsy positivity. I know very little about FLDS, so I‘m finding it shocking already.

squirrelbrain Go you! Book sounds really interesting too... 4d
julesG Damn! Why did you have to remember that fitbit. I'll never catch up with you. 😉 4d
Itchyfeetreader Go you what a lovely day 4d
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BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 4d
bewareofwords That sounds like a successful day! 🤗 4d
saguarosally It‘s an interesting book! 4d
britt_brooke Great work! This is a great read. Her dad wrote a rebuttal, but I can‘t remember what it‘s called. It was a crock of 💩, though. 4d
Bookwormjillk Great job! 3d
Caterina Great job!! At least you got your steps in, even though the rain got you! 3d
CoverToCoverGirl Well done! 3d
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Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for the card 🌝. Sorry for the delayed reply - I was away when it arrived and am still catching up with myself! Hope things are good with you, and you‘ve had a fabulous weekend. x

NOS4A2 | Joe Hill
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OK @Reggie , this is happening!

(Possibly 😬)

Reggie I‘m so excited!!!! You‘ll love it. 7d
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Back in Devon, dreaming of Greece!

My weekly #bfc check-in:
✅ Fitness goal: Over 60000 steps (85000ish) across Greece, Turkey & the UK.
✅Book goal: Read ‘Just one Damn Thing After Another‘ & ‘Strange Weather in Tokyo‘ (AND finished Gone with the Wind - started way before #bfc, but it needs celebrating!) 2/6
😬 Will be able to do more cheering this week, now I‘m on actual wifi! But steps and books will both be competing with work, so more tricky..

wanderinglynn Way to go! Excellent first week. 🙌🏻 1w
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 1w
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wanderinglynn Also, the tagged sounds like an interesting book. Stacked! 👍🏻 1w
TrishB And I‘m dreaming of Devon!! 1w
britt_brooke 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1w
LauraBeth Way to go! 1w
nu-bibliophile Pretty! 1w
squirrelbrain That‘s a LOT of steps! Glad you had a fab time.... 1w
kspenmoll Great work!!! 1w
Bookwormjillk Great job 👏I‘ve been wanting to read 1w
CoverToCoverGirl Well done! 👏 1w
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Starting tagged book on my train journey home from the hols. Only a few pages in so far, but I feel I‘m in safe hands - she‘s a good storyteller! And I‘ve brought the weather back with me 🌞

ShyBookOwl I read this book a couple years back and still think of it often. I learned so much and yet it also read like a thriller. I was on the edge of my seat and even when I'd put it down, it would be constantly running through my head. I hope you enjoy it! 1w
RachelO @ShyBookOwl So good to hear! I‘ve been wanting to read this for years, but never quite got to it. Was flicking through my kindle on the journey today and nothing was ‘sticking‘ til I got to this. Like her writing style so far! 1w
Itchyfeetreader Hope it‘s been a lovely break 1w
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RachelO @Itchyfeetreader It‘s been great thanks Jo! Lots of sunshine and blue skies and way too much eating 😉. Be glad to get back now though x (edited) 1w
Cathythoughts I‘m only home today too. I hope you had a great break. 👍🏻♥️ 1w
RachelO @Cathythoughts It was lovely thanks Cathy! Hope you had a fab time in Spain too. Wifi‘s been a little patchy, so I‘ll catch up with everyone‘s posts tomorrow 😀 1w
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Gone with the Wind | Margareth Mitchell
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I‘ve found a new way of being rubbish at readalongs! I started this as part of the #readingenvyreadalong , but now I‘m on my hols I‘m rattling through it - so in the interest of actually finishing a chunkster, I‘m just going to keep reading.

I hadn‘t expected so much humour - the Rhett and Scarlett conversations are just wonderful!

AlaMich Yes, Scarlett could be a hoot when she wasn‘t being a giant selfish baby! (And even when she was!!) 😆 2w
Oryx We have the same approach to readalongs I think . I do enjoy Scarlett, she's very entertaining. Her exclamations are great - "God's nightgown!" and "you can go to Halifax!" have become my two favourite phrases. Have a lovely holiday ? 2w
squirrelbrain @RachelO @Oryx same here... I can‘t read in chunks, I have to just keep wading on.... 🤣 Hope you‘re having a fab time! 2w
Blaire Looks like a great reading spot! 2w
Cathythoughts Have a lovely holiday 👍🏻♥️ 2w
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Poems of Nazim Hikmet | Nâzım Hikmet, Randy Blasing
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“To live like a tree in solitude and
free and like a forest in solidarity”

I‘ve spent day 1 of #bookfitnesschallenge in Marmaris, Turkey. Meeting my 60000 weekly steps will be much more challenging when I‘m back at my desk in Week2!

I‘m reading Gone With The Wind (taking chunksters on holiday is obviously the way to go!) but this statue with a quote from a Turkish poet caught my eye while we were walking along the waterfront.

Eyelit Lovely! 2w
TrishB Enjoy ❤️ 2w
Wife 🌹 2w
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Velvetfur Gorgeous statue! And I'd love to go to Turkey so I'm jealous, haha! Have a great hol 😊 2w
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2w
BookwormAHN Fantastic 💚 2w
Bookwormjillk Beautiful! I totally agree about chunksters on holiday. 2w
4thhouseontheleft Beautiful picture! Enjoy your trip! 2w
Kaye 💖 2w
Chrissyreadit Wow! Enjoy!!!!! 2w
Clwojick This is simply stunning! Enjoy your trip, and safe travels. 2w
Cathythoughts Beautiful quote 2w
BarbaraJean Love it! Traveling is fantastic for getting that step count up, right?! 2w
Caterina Wonderful! I always get a ton of steps in while traveling too. 👍 2w
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The Wednesdays | Julie Bourbeau
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Hi @squirrelbrain , thanks for the tag!

1. That bit of magic! Characters, story, place, a connection or maybe just the feel of it... good question!
2. Does half-finished craft projects count? I have more than strictly necessary of them!
3. My most recent & cuuent fave is Thug Kitchen.
4. I feel like I haven‘t read enough to have a fave yet.
5. Tagging my newest followers in case you‘d like to answer: @mamajama @JainLaine @Krishnandu

post image

I‘ve just signed up for @wanderinglynn ‘s #bookfitnesschallenge - sounds like lots of fun - see @wanderinglynn ‘s page for the sign-up doc.

I‘m keeping it simple - my goals are
6 books
60000 steps a week
(my step count has fallen through the floor since I‘ve been working more - and the fact O keep forgetting to put on my fitbit doesn‘t help 🤦🏻‍♀️)

I‘m away with dodgy wifi until 16th May, so might be a bit quiet the first week.

wanderinglynn Yay! 🙌🏻 So excites you‘re joining! 3w
julesG 👏👏👏 3w
squirrelbrain Well done! 👍 3w
Kaye 💕 3w
Kaye 💚 2w
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“The motor-car has restored the romance of travel.

Freeing us all from the compulsion and contacts of the railway, the bondage to fixed hours and the beaten track, the approach to each town through the area of ugliness and desolation created by the railway itself, it has given us back the wonder, the adventure and the novelty which enlivened the way of our posting grandparents.”
~Edith Wharton, 1908

#behindthewheel #maymoviemagic

batsy Ooh, a Wharton I hadn't heard of! 🤩 3w
RachelO @batsy I had no idea she‘d written travel books as well! 3w
AlaMich I love the quote, and I love the idea of a travel classics series too. Stacked! 3w
gradcat @batsy New to me as well, and interesting. 🤔 3w
rohit-sawant Nice! 💜💜 3w
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Salt to the Sea | Ruta Sepetys
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In January 1945, the MV Wilhelm Gustloff was torpedoed, whilst evacuating refugees, civilians and military personnel from the advancing Russian Army. This is the story of 4 young people and their journey to the ship.

It‘s an incredibly well-researched novel, yet wears it‘s research gently, never feeling as though you‘re being preached at or lectured to. And it kept me turning the pages. But with 4 rapidly switching viewpoints, 👇

RachelO ... plus short chapters, and based on so many stories, I didn‘t truly get to know the characters - there were so many things I‘d have liked to know more of, spend more time with. Maybe I‘m just not doing so well with YA right now.

It‘s a quick read, about lesser-known aspects of WWII, and for that reason I‘m glad to have read this.

#readaroundtheworld #lithuania
rretzler This was one of my younger son‘s summer reading choices for Freshman Honors English - the other was Agatha Christie‘s And Then There Were None. He‘s very interested in WWII, but I‘m glad I steered him to the Christie (being one of my favorite books.) He had to pick a second book and after much discussion we finally decided on Code Name Verity. After reading your review, It seems my instincts paid off although I did buy this book for me but not him 1mo
xxjenadanxx I actually love Ruta Sepetys but think Between Shades of Gray is the better read! 4w
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Milkman | Anna Burns
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Hi @scripturient - it arrived this morning, and it looks brand shiny new - thank you 😊!

Really looking forward to getting back to reading this - on sensible-sized paper this time. (My last attempt involved a phone, and didn‘t go so well.)

See you next year 📚🎂🍷🎉 x

Cathythoughts I loved this one 👍🏻♥️ 1mo
scripturient Yay! Glad it got there safely. Funnily enough I only thought this morning that it should be getting there about now. Seems I was spot on. 😂 Enjoy! 1mo
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Cosmos | Carl Sagan
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I‘ve fallen into a work-related #supermassiveblackhole over the last couple of weeks, and missed #anglophileapril yesterday. Which is probably a ‘run-me-out-of-town‘ type offence - they‘re quite proud of Muse round here!

So here are some (totally non-book-related) photos - a lifesize Muse mural, and a tourist information board with a poster from their homecoming gig 10 years ago. I‘d have loved to have seen that - we didn‘t live here then!

Mdargusch That‘s cool that they are so proud of Muse! 1mo
Cinfhen I love that MUSE is a “local” group!!! Cool 🤘🏽🎸🎼 1mo
TrishB Cool 👍🏻 1mo
emilyhaldi I'm in a supermassiveblackhole of work too 😩 1mo
Reviewsbylola I‘ve been struggling the past few weeks too. Everything seems to go into overdrive in the spring! It‘s so hectic. 1mo
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The Addams Family: An Evilution | Charles Addams, H. Kevin Miserocchi
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Thank you for the postcard @TrishB ! It gave me a smile this morning 😊.

I had no idea the Addams family were written/drawn by an Addams. (I‘m probably the last person on the planet to know this, but it made my day).

Have a lovely Easter Break!

Annl And as a side note my boss was friends with him and had an original Morticia in her house! But like you I didn‘t know this until I started working with her! 1mo
RachelO @Annl That is SO cool! How fun! 1mo
Swe_Eva A childhood love that continues still today! Morticia is the best! 1mo
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TrishB I often wonder what his family were like 😁 @Annl that is so cool 1mo
TrishB @Swe_Eva me too ❤️ we had the theme tune of the series playing as we came back down the aisle at our wedding . 1mo
RachelO @TrishB Brilliant! I‘ll be humming that for the rest of the weekend now... 1mo
Swe_Eva @TrishB That is just wonderful!! 💜 1mo
TrishB @Swe_Eva it was good fun! 😁 1mo
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The Wolf Border | Sarah Hall
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Struggling to review this one! Particularly on audio, it‘s a quiet read, despite the huge themes it tackles - family, power, politics, addiction, love - and yet it really was gripping.

Rachel Caine, working on wolf projects in Idaho & long distant from her family, receives an unexpected offer - to reintroduce grey wolves to a large private estate in Cumbria, her home territory. Despite her better judgement, she drifts into a new start.

Cathythoughts Can‘t wait to read it ... ♥️👍🏻 1mo
Lindy ❤️This was a 5-star read for me. 😊 1mo
julesG My mind just went: Rachel Caine is from Cumbria, why the US spelling then, oh, that's the name of the protagonist. *slaps forehead* 1mo
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RachelO @Cathythoughts 😊 Hope you enjoy it when you get there! 1mo
RachelO @Lindy I agree! Looking forward to discovering what else she‘s written now 😊 1mo
RachelO @julesG 🙃 Exactly the sort of thing I‘d do! That sounds really fun though. Worth reading? 1mo
julesG I quite enjoyed the series. It's a fast read and the audiobook is also very good. Mind you, it's a 5 book series with the last book coming next year. (we all thought this year's fourth book was the last, but Ms Caine ended on a cliffhanger) 1mo
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Rachel's Pudding Pantry | Caroline Roberts
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Just realised I forgot to tag this when I finished it!

It very definitely has #FoodOrBeverageOnTheCover and way too many puddings inside as well. #Booked2019

Cinfhen Cute!!! I‘ve definitely been missing notifications ~ sorry 1mo
RachelO @Cinfhen No probs - don‘t know how you keep up with these anyway! Have you tried deleting & reinstalling the app? It‘s worked for me (sometimes) when notifications have thrown a wobbly. 1mo
Cinfhen I‘m always scared if I delete the app I‘ll lose EVERYTHING but it‘s frustrating ~ it looks like a week ago I missed a bunch of notifications over the course of 4/5 days. 1mo
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Ayesha at Last | Uzma Jalaluddin
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This P&P retelling was a joy - great fun, with just enough weight behind it to keep things interesting.

Aspiring poet and newly qualified teacher Ayesha keeps crossing paths with traditional, awkward, judgemental Khalid. Then things get complicated! Their family/friends and situations are so well drawn. And is it wrong to have a soft-spot for a money-minded wrestling life-coach?

Thanks to #ReadersFirst for the ARC - I loved it!

Robothugs This looks like a recent retelling I might be interested in reading! 1mo
Cinfhen Another post I missed- sorry 😐 1mo
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Poetry in translation from #Indonesia. Sad, funny, tragic and hopeful; living a lie, not living a lie, mythology, faith, perhaps, pop songs, loss, dreams of a better life - and life beyond alien invasion. Pick!

The translator‘s note‘s really interesting - she talks about translating a collection about queerness from a language where there are no gendered pronouns into English where we tend to talk in binaries.

TrishB Sounds really interesting 👍🏻 1mo
Cathythoughts Lovely sound to the words ✨✨✨ 1mo
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Starting my pre-summer-holiday reading with a new audiobook, and a walk along the seafront. Easter‘s here in full force (it‘s busy!) but nobody‘s told the sea mist to sort itself out. This is a definite #blameitonlitsy for me, and I‘m pleasantly surprised how much I‘m enjoying it so far. I do need to find the promised who‘s who/family tree PDFs though!


readordierachel Lovely spot! 1mo
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The Wolf Border | Sarah Hall
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I‘m still sitting with this one - I‘ll write a review of it at some point (short version: it‘s great). Meanwhile, for #AnglophileApril, Rachel Cane is not one to say I‘ll #LetYouLoveMe. But, by the end of this very quiet book, she has actual relationships with real-life human beings, a family, even. Plus wolves. And told with a smidgeon of alternative history, which is still very ‘live‘.

Cathythoughts I‘m looking forward to reading this one. Loved her short story Mrs Fox 👍🏻♥️ 1mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts She‘s a really interesting writer! I‘ll look out for her short stories. 1mo
Reviewsbylola Sounds very good! 1mo
Mdargusch Sounds perfect for this prompt! 1mo
emilyhaldi fascinating!! 🐺 1mo
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Moving Pictures (Revised) | Terry Pratchett
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Haven‘t been #litsywalkers -ing very diligently for a few weeks, but took a looong walk to a yoga class today. Warrior poses. Who knew standing still could be such hard work? The funny-shaped buildings are the part of the medical school - wasn‘t sure to start with, but I quite like them now.

And listening to the next #OokBookClub title. Enjoying this one much more! Can‘t decide how much is the narrator & how much is the book!

Cathythoughts Love the warrior pose ... strong stuff 👍🏻♥️ 1mo
Kaye Great to see a change in the photos. We were seeing snow not long ago. Now we see green leaves and flowers 1mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts I‘ll be off to YouTube to give it another go! Next week, the focus is on balance. Uh Oh 🙃🤣 1mo
RachelO @kaye This was my first jacketless walk in forever! 🌞 1mo
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post image

A link to the UK site with the world book day freebies: https://www.amazon.co.uk/b?node=16393158031&ref_=SIN_CWBD19_UK

@TrishB Let me know if this works!

RachelO Other countries: the US site is https://www.amazon.com/article/read-the-world?ref_=apubna_pr_gr_10016_ml_1_2_190... Click on the ‘Shop On International Sites‘ link to find AUS, Canada, India (edited) 1mo
TrishB You‘re a superstar 😘😘 thank you 1mo
TrishB @Sarah83 see if this works for you? 1mo
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Sarah83 @TrishB thank you, but no, it doesn't work. 😑 Since I think it's six months, I can't download anything from amazon.uk or amazon.com anymore.... I can only download at amazon.de and they often don't have the same offers as amazom.uk or Amazon.com . 1mo
Naj @RachelO Thank you for this! It's working 🙏💙 1mo
RachelO @Sarah83 ☹️ That‘s so annoying! Hopefully they‘ll add more regions in future. 1mo
RachelO @TrishB 😊 No probs. Some good-looking titles here! 1mo
RachelO @Naj Yay! 1mo
RachelO @BookwormM I‘m sure you‘ve found these already, but might be good for #ReadAroundTheWorld (which I‘m doing RUBBISH on this year 😐) 1mo
squirrelbrain Thanks so much for this! I may have just downloaded them all....! Like I needed more books, but hey, who‘s going to say no to free books! 1mo
Sarah83 @RachelO hopefully they do more #kindledeals ... 😑 1mo
RachelO @squirrelbrain I may have done the same thing! Shhh, don‘t tell anyone 😉. To be fair, at least (exactly) 1 of them was on my tbr... 1mo
Lcsmcat Thanks for sharing! I did this either last year or the year before, and some of them from that batch were real gems. Others were worth what I paid for them. 😆 1mo
BookwormM Thanks for the heads up 👍😃 1mo
RachelO @Lcsmcat 😂😂 Love it! I didn‘t find the international link last year. A couple of these sound right up my street though! 1mo
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The Outrun | Amy Liptrot
post image

Rather than heading for formal #rehab, Amy Liptrot goes home to Orkney to recover from her alcohol addiction.

Not sure if I‘ll ever get to reading this one, but I love the covers. All of them!!


kathedron Nice cover but I wasn't thrilled by the book. 1mo
RachelO @kathedron Your review convinced me that maybe it‘s not essential reading after all. Thank you! 1mo
Mdargusch Great cover! 1mo
Reviewsbylola This looks like a great book. Sad to see that it‘s not. ⬆️ 1mo
kathedron @RachelO @Reviewsbylola Mine is a minority view though: most people seem to love it. 1mo
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Ayesha at Last | Uzma Jalaluddin
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I‘m really enjoying this retelling of Pride and Prejudice, set in a Muslim community in Toronto.

Straight-laced, traditional Khalid is frequently being told by colleagues that he needs to #SpiceUpYourLife . In fact it‘s perfectly spicy, due to his secret hobby - cooking (only when there‘s no one else in the house. And he hasn‘t quite perfected his garam masala mix yet)! #anglophileapril

Cinfhen This looks fun 1mo
squirrelbrain Great choice! Sounds fab - stacked... 1mo
emilyhaldi Cute! 🤗 1mo
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RachelO @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi I‘m never sure about retellings, but this is really well done. And fun. And cute! 💕 1mo
RachelO @squirrelbrain Yay! It‘s quite addictive reading 😊 1mo
Reviewsbylola I‘ve got a P&P retelling on my stack too! 1mo
Mdargusch Funny that it‘s a secret hobby! 1mo
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Hi @kaysworld1 !

What a lovely surprise through my letterbox this morning- thank you so much 😊. A beautiful Kent Haruf (which I don‘t own), a notebook (Perfect! I‘m getting through notebooks like 🚀 this year - had just started hunting for a new one!), and stickies 🍋🍉🍊.

Thank you Kay 😘


TrishB Lovely ❤️ I‘ve just read this one and really enjoyed it. 1mo
kaysworld1 I did it the other way around I watched the movie first then read the book (gospel book mistake) 🤦 1mo
RachelO @kaysworld1 😂😂 I didn‘t realise there was a film too! 1mo
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Mouthful of Birds: Stories | Samanta Schweblin
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Without doubt, Schweblin‘s stories are inventive, strange, dark and disturbing. And while some will stay with me (whether I want them to or not - looking at you, title story!), others felt like an idea that never quite took off, or that I‘m just not ‘getting‘. I haven‘t read Fever Dream - I might yet - but I suspect it‘s well-named.

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Mouthful of Birds: Stories | Samanta Schweblin
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And some seriously weird short-story reading from earlier today. I haven‘t quite decided what to make of this yet. It‘s dark, disturbing and very strange. Some of the stories may hang around my brain for quite some time. Yet to decide if this is a good thing!

But that cover! 😍

readordierachel I'm still not sure how I felt about her novel, Fever Dream. That cover sure is easy on the eyes 😍 2mo
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The Illustrated Eric | Terry Pratchett, Josh Kirby
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Sorry @julesG ! #ookbookclub

Not my favourite Pratchett so far. Not sure if I needed to be more familiar with Faust, if I‘d have been better off with print (though the audio narrator did grow on me), or if I just needed to concentrate better, but I found the storyline jumpy & hard to follow.

Which doesn‘t change the fact it has a lot of very funny moments, and some fantastic characters. Especially Lavaeolus. I‘d read a whole book about him!

julesG Well, no need to be sorry about not liking it. 2mo
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Binti | Nnedi Okorafor
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I‘m not a big sci-fi reader, so I‘m never sure how I‘m going to feel about books in this genre. Happily, I loved this novella - a quick easy read on belonging, difference, curiosity and unexpected friendships.

I will be reading the sequels!

Rachel's Pudding Pantry | Caroline Roberts
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Yesterday‘s train reading had to go with a pic of Afternoon Tea at the #ReadingRetreat.

Young mum Rachel is running her parent‘s farm, dealing with her own grief and that of her mother, following the death of her father two years earlier, and bringing up her 4-year old daughter. But the farm‘s struggling. Could her mum‘s pudding baking provide a new start and some extra income? And could her friendship with Tom, farmer next door, become more?

RachelO This is a sticky-toffee pudding of a book - sweet, predictable, reliable, enjoyable. I appreciated her taking on the real problems farmers are facing, alongside the more romantic baking-based storylines. It‘s a very cosy read - the tense moments are all quite gentle and short-lived - and it made me smile. Best not read it if you‘re cutting back on the sugar though! 🧁🧁🧁 2mo
RachelO This ARC was provided to me by #NetGalley, and will be published on 18th April 2mo
Birdsong28 Have you read any of her others? If not you should 😁📚📚 2mo
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rabbitprincess That afternoon tea looks amaaaaazing! 😋 2mo
RachelO @Birdsong28 I haven‘t, but I might well pick them up at some point! 2mo
RachelO @rabbitprincess It was. 🧁 2mo
TrishB Loving all the pics ❤️ 🍰 2mo
Cathythoughts That afternoon tea is making hungry.... 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
RachelO @TrishB 😊 2mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts It was very impressive! And quite generous!! 2mo
LeahBergen Ohhh! 😍😍 2mo
kathedron Today I've been to the gym relaunch and B&Q and THERE IS NO CAKE IN THE HOUSE! (I'm beginning to suspect I am adulting incorrectly.) Hope you are all having a lovely time. 📚🍰 2mo
RachelO @LeahBergen You need to put a night here onto your UK tour itinerary (I‘m sure you have one!). It feels like a very Leah place to be! 2mo
RachelO @kathedron It‘s been very very lovely, but I will be returning to the incorrect adulting world you describe tomorrow (minus B&Q. We have the joys of Four Candles locally - the name tells you all you need to know!). It‘s very peaceful and green here - it‘d be a lovely space to escape to to write... (Just saying 😉) 2mo
LeahBergen I love that “Leah place” comment!! 😘😘 2mo
tpixie Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! 2mo
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The next book in my Tilted Axis Press subscription arrived the other day - poems from queer Indonesian poet Norman Erikson Pasaribu.

A few from the colkection are reproduced in Asymptote Journal: https://www.asymptotejournal.com/poetry/norman-erikson-pasaribu-sergius-seeks-ba...

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The Illustrated Eric | Terry Pratchett, Josh Kirby
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So I‘m at a small railway station, debating where on earth the egg whisk came from (amongst other things). Turned on Eric, for #OokBookClub, and within a few sentences he‘s explained everything! Matter has plans!

I need a cuppa!

Rachel's Pudding Pantry | Caroline Roberts
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Starting #readingretreat weekend with a cosy romance ARC, set on a farm in Northumbria. I have an unreserved seat, a working plug socket and cake. 🎉🎉🎉. The waves/tides were quite high this morning!

Tanisha_A Have an awesome reading retreat! 😀 2mo
Naj Have fun! 2mo
batsy Have a blast at the retreat! Readers getting rowdy together 💜📚📚📚 2mo
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RachelO @batsy @naj @Tanisha_A Thank you! We‘re expecting a very rowdy weekend 😉 2mo
JennyM Have a great time! 2mo
Cathythoughts Enjoy!! Take pics ♥️👍🏻 2mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts Thanks! We will 😊 2mo
RachelO @JennyM Thank you ☺️ 2mo
LeahBergen Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! 😘😘 2mo
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Gladstone's School for World Conquerors | Mark Andrew Smith, Armand Villavert, Jr.
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I‘ve wrapped.
I‘ve written clues which are spectacularly wonky and wobbly, but almost legible.
I‘ve packed.
And if no-one sends me the project (supposed to arrive yesterday) in the next 2 hours, I won‘t be able to download it before catching the train at stupid o‘clock tomorrow morning. I had planned to work on the train, so I guess that buys me 6-10 hours more reading time this weekend & a laptop‘s-worth more book space.
I‘m about to repack!

julesG Fingers crossed! 2mo
julesG Oh, and if someone leaves at stupid o'clock, it'll be me. I'm leaving at 10.30 tonight. 😵 2mo
RachelO @julesG 😱. Is it far to the airport? Do you get to sleep at all? (I kind of knew as I wrote that, that you‘d pick me up on it. But I‘m not getting up at 5 to download files 😠) 2mo
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julesG I would not get up at 5 to download files either. Depending on the kind of train 1.5 to 2 hours. Or about 1.5 hours by car. But I don't want to drive this distance early in the morning or late at night Sunday. There used to be a fast train connection at 4am which would have got me to the airport at 5.30. But this train seems to have been discontinued. 2mo
RachelO @julesG How annoying! They always cut the useful trains, don‘t they? I hope you get some rest tonight! 2mo
squirrelbrain I just heard from someone, who heard it from someone else, that your project definitely isn‘t coming today! 😉 2mo
RachelO @squirrelbrain Well that settles it then! I‘ve closed the laptop and set the out-of-office. Please thank your sources for me! 2mo
julesG Now I hope you're going to tell me how the two of you are connected. @squirrelbrain 2mo
RachelO @julesG 🔮💫🐿 2mo
julesG Oh, crystal balls and fairy dust. I knew you were working for the Ministry of Magic. 😝 2mo
RachelO @julesG These squirrels have a lot of under appreciated powers! 2mo
squirrelbrain Yes, my squirrel senses often tell me nice things! @julesG 2mo
TrishB I‘m excited for you all and very jealous 😁 looking forward to all the pics 👍🏻 2mo
RachelO @TrishB 😊 Thanks! Wish you were coming - we‘ll send photos! 2mo
TrishB So do I 😘 I‘m going to live vicariously through all the pics! 2mo
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The Winter Palace | Eva Stachniak
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Varvara becomes a maid to the future Catherine the Great, where she‘s spotted and trained up as a ‘tongue‘, a spy, to report back any conversations, rumours or other goings-on within the household. I didn‘t get through the book, but haven‘t totally ruled out going back to finish it at some point. #rumourhasit #anglophileapril

Mdargusch Good choice. And I love that cover! You can tell something interesting is going on. 2mo
Reviewsbylola The cover and synopsis sound like Phillipa Gregory! 2mo
gradcat Nice! ✅ 2mo
emilyhaldi 💙 2mo
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Selected Letters | John Keats
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Happy April!

I though I‘d find something written #closetome for #AnglophileApril , so here‘s John Keats, in a letter to a friend, having a good old grumble about the weather in this part of the world, and making his excuses for not getting out walking.

Nothing‘s changed in the last 101 years - the risk of fog and falling chimney pots is still up there!

Cinfhen Hilarious 😂 2mo
Mdargusch Great thinking outside the box! 🌳🌳🌳 2mo
Reviewsbylola ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
emilyhaldi I love any excuse to stay indoors 😜🌧 chimney pots get the job done! 😆 (edited) 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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My #MarchWrapUp, in which I‘ve read some great stuff, and spectacularly failed to read my own books. Faves were 🐐🥀with 🚜🦸‍♀️ close behind. Authors from Macedonia, UK, Iceland, S. Africa, Japan, USA & Canada.

March stats (2019/goal)
in translation 3 (6/12)
NF 1 (8/12)
ARCs 2 (3/12)
from my shelves 0 (4/24)

#readingwomenchallenge 3 (6/26)
#Booked2019 1 (11/24)
#readaroundtheworld 0 (1/12)
#readinggifts2019 0 (2/20)
#nonfiction2019 2 (7/25)

tpixie Congrats 🎈 2mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Great job! 📖💖 2mo
Velvetfur Cool! You're doing great there 😁 2mo
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My holds came in (all at once).

You have an extra book‘s-worth of space in your suitcase next week @julesG - Eric arrived early (but thank you!)

Still practicing travelling light, I‘m reading Milkman on my phone. Love the book (quite a surprise!) - her voice is just 👌. Not loving the phone-reading experience though 🥺

CarolynM Milkman would be extra tough on the phone - all those long, long paragraphs! 2mo
julesG 👏👏👏 Great! I'll do immersion reading tomorrow, audio + physical copy. 2mo
Cathythoughts I listened to Milkman too .. I thought it was great on Audible 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Unexpected visit to Newcastle‘s Lit & Phil for a lunchtime bagpipe recital. As one does...

Simona 😍😍😍😍😍😍 2mo
NHLibrarian I have a dear friend who plays bagpipes professionally and we go see him whenever we can so this sounds normal to me 😉 2mo
RachelO @NHLibrarian 😂😂 You might have enjoyed this! There were French, Galician, border, northumbrian and Uillean pipes, rather than the Scottish bagpipes - it was a taster for a piping festival that‘s was on this weekend. Actually surprisingly varied! 2mo
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The Art of Travel | Alain de Botton
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Low tide! On a train to an airport to The North (generally!) and I‘m having a little bit of an airport-related freak-out. I‘ve only flown by myself once before, haven‘t flown anywhere in round about 997 days (don‘t ask!), am totally out of practice and am generally being a muppet. It‘s only an internal flight, ffs. Would someone please tell me to get it together? Ta!

Karisa Sending lots of love from California! Meditation apps help me! Download a track and hang in there. 💗 2mo
Eyelit You‘ve got this! 💜 2mo
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RachelO @Karisa I have one on my phone, which I‘ve used exactly once. Will give it a go. Thanks. 2mo
RachelO @Eyelit @rather_be_reading My library‘s decided it‘s the perfect time to auto-download Milkman, so there is that... 2mo
CrowCAH Stay calm and read! 📖 2mo
jpmcwisemorgan I try to distract myself with reading, that mostly works. 2mo
TrishB Hope it was ok! I fly a lot with work and still don‘t like it! 2mo
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Just in case anyone‘s interested, ShelterBox (UK) have started a book club. A book from round the world, every 6 weeks. Haven‘t seen this as a charity ‘thing‘ before: https://www.shelterbox.org/book-club

Velvetfur That looks sooooo good! Thank you for sharing 👍 2mo
Weaponxgirl Oh wow! Thankyou for this so much! 2mo
Cinfhen Cool idea !!!! 2mo
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RachelO @Weaponxgirl @Velvetfur Looks good, doesn‘t it? Would love to hear how it goes, if you try it. If my finances ever settle down, it‘s something I‘d like to do. 2mo
RachelO @Cinfhen It looks neat doesn‘t it? I also like the fact that the person running it has the official job title ‘Head Bookworm‘ ! 2mo
Weaponxgirl @RachelO that‘s my only thing, but since it looks like a good cause I may just got for it soon. 2mo
Velvetfur @RachelO Yeah finances are the concern for me at the moment too 😊 2mo
TrishB This looks fab! When my jet lagged brain becomes unfogged I will decide 👍🏻 2mo
RachelO @TrishB Hope you‘ve recovered from the jetlag. I‘m still considering- but the books they‘ve chosen seem to be ones I‘ve wanted to read... 2mo
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The October 2018 update to the Oxford English Dictionary focussed on the language of film. And there sat in the middle of the list was #MrsRobinson - a term that‘s been in ‘real life‘ use since 1970, just 3 years after The Graduate was released. https://public.oed.com/blog/oed-3-the-revisioning-or-how-we-added-film-terms-in-...

And a memoir of life at the OED, which sounds quite fun!


TrishB Cool 👍🏻 2mo
booklahoma Another book TBR. Did it really take over 100 years for "not in Kansas anymore" to make the leap from L. Frank Baum's book to the OED? 2mo
gradcat So cool 😎 and good question, @booklahoma ... I‘m curious about that as well.... 2mo
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booklahoma I also notice peplum on the list! I like cheesy old movies in that genre. Like "Vulcan: Son Of Jupiter" (1962) starring Bella Cortez in a show-stealing role. https://tinyurl.com/y3p9zcht (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen LOVE THIS 2mo
RachelO @gradcat @booklahoma The Wizard of Oz thing seems really odd, doesn‘t it? Also omnibus really surprised me! Peplum was a completely new one for me - I only knew the word as the frilly bit on sewing programmes. Might investigate further - sounds fun! 2mo
RachelO @Cinfhen 😘 @Lizpixie is keeping us on our toes this month 😁 2mo
gradcat @RachelO Like you, I only know peplum to be a fashion term (that piece that skirts the skirt, so to speak?). So @booklahoma , you‘ve got my curiosity up—I‘m heading over to google to luck up that term. 😂😂 2mo
booklahoma @RachelO @gradcat Per peplumtv.com: "The term PEPLUM to describe a certain kind of film was coined by French film critics, from Cahier du Cinema and other influencial film magazines or newspapers as a quick way of describing a type of film that takes place in Ancient times, such as Ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt/Arabia/Norse, etc. Any story taking place thousands of years ago in and around the Mediterranean or Old Europe they described as a PEPLUM." ? (edited) 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I took the other path through the park this morning, and discovered a woodland walk with gardens, ponds and mini-waterfalls. Plus many daffodils!

No audiobook this morning - the birds were very sing- y though! #litsywalkers @kaye

Tamra So ready for green & birds chatter! 2mo
RachelO @Tamra Not long now, hopefully? The paths are still very muddy, but it‘s starting to look like proper spring! 🌸 2mo
wanderinglynn What a lovely place to walk! 💚 2mo
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batsy Oh! It's so unbearably hot and muggy over here, and that looks soothing and lovely 💚 2mo
Tamra @RachelO I hope so! 🤞🏾 I am so desperate I was thinking about mums that can tolerate low temps overnight. 💚 2mo
RachelO @wanderinglynn It really is! 🌱 2mo
RachelO @batsy I‘ll wave some cool drizzle in your direction! Muggy is the worst 🙁 2mo
Kaye Very pretty ! 2mo
Aussie4paws Awesome find 2mo
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Blackout | Kit Mallory
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“Ever since the Wall split the UK in two, [16-year-old Skyler‘s] survival as an illegal Northern refugee in the South has been a relentless knife-edge balance between evading the brutal, corrupt Board and clinging to her reputation as the South's best hacker... when fellow Northerner Mackenzie unwittingly hands her a chance to exact revenge on the regime..., she seizes it. She's about to start a fire”

TBR, obvs!

#anarchyintheuk #MarchIntoThe70s

Cinfhen Obvs!!!! 😂😂😜😘 2mo
Lizpixie 👍♥️ 2mo
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Ayesha at Last | Uzma Jalaluddin
post image
RachelO ...but I might need to invest in a page magnifier to read the titchy print. Getting old! 🙄 2mo
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