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The Trespasser | Tana French
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Just realized I missed #nationalpuppyday — here‘s a shot from yesterday when the doggo trespassed on my picture of The Trespasser.

#booksandpups #dogsoflitsy #photobomb

DGRachel 😍🐶😍 8mo
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It's finally feeling like spring! Took the puppy out for a nice walk, now she's pooped! I started this audiobook, enjoyed the first hour. #nationalpuppyday is tomorrow! #dogsoflitsy

xxjenadanxx I loved that book! Also doggos give me life! 8mo
Read_By_Red Such a great little story! 8mo
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Meet the Boxer | Dog Fancy Magazine
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Christine11 They‘re gorgeous! 🐾 2y
EricQiao They have the exact same pose! 2y
RebelReader I love your babies! So cute! I have extreme dog fever! 2y
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Ninja School Mum | Lizzie Chantree
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This is what happens when I try and sit down for a moment to read a good book and forget to throw the ball. 😂 #nationalpuppyday #books #booklover

GrilledCheeseSamurai ❤️😂 2y
OriginalCyn620 😂😂😂 2y
myellenbee Oh no! Sorry I'm laughing really hard😂 I had a dog like that. 2y
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britt_brooke 😆💚🐾 2y
LizzieChantree @myellenbee She looked really pleased with herself too! 😁 2y
Louise Hahaha! Love it! ❤️🐾 2y
LizzieChantree @Louise Worse still, once I took the wet ball out of the tea, she helped herself to what was left! 2y
Louise 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Louise I'm guessing you wouldn't have wanted to finish it anyway! 😂 2y
LizzieChantree @Louise You are so right! 😂 2y
TheHeartlandBookFairy 😂😂😂 2y
rohit-sawant 😂😂 2y
LizzieChantree @rohit-sawant 🤣📚 2y
Jinjer Did he drop it in there himself????? 2y
LizzieChantree @Jinjer Yes. She looked very pleased with herself afterwards too! Plus the ball probably tasted a lot nicer. 😬😂 2y
Jinjer 🤣 2y
RadicalReader @LizzieChantree what an adorable move on the pet‘s part!! BONUS POINTS 2y
LizzieChantree @RadicalReader 😂☕️📚 2y
BethM 😂that's awesome! 2y
BethM Welcome!! 2y
LizzieChantree @BethM 🤣☕️ 2y
LizzieChantree @BethM Thanks Beth. 🌟 2y
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For #NationalPuppyDay, Bernie and I watched the documentary Pet FOOleD. It was like the first time I watched Food Inc. I started freaking out over what I have been feeding my guy! Reading The Royal Treatment for more information. Dr. Royal is one of the vets featured in the documentary. If anyone has any other dog diet/health book choices, please let me know.

Bookladylinda This doesn't surprise me, that is why our fur babies are getting cancer. Such a scary thought. 3y
tpixie What are we to feed our dogs?!! Or NOT feed them?! 3y
ocdIrene @tpixie Pretty much most dry kibble sounds bad. Too much of the protein content comes from enriched carbs, which are unnecessary. They advocate for a raw diet, which is why I'm doing research. It makes sense to me that my dog's digestive system is different than mine, so he can handle the raw food. Sadly no studies done for benefits of either dry kibble or raw diets, which makes reading about this topic rather polarizing. 3y
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ocdIrene @tpixie Also, when we got our pup, my first dog, I asked our vet about food. They said to choose a product that meets the AAFCO nutritional guidelines. Turns out AAFCO is not a regulatory body, which I would have learned if I had bothered to go to their homepage: www.aafco.org But I trusted my vet, who is well-meaning but entrenched in a food system that basically regulates itself...leading to the 2007 Menu Foods mass recall. 3y
Megabooks If you do not want to feed commercial food, please get a consult with a veterinary nutritionist. It is easy to get vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you are determined to avoid the vet, try My Pet Grocer for balancing a homemade diet. 3y
Megabooks Also if you want to avoid the pet industry complex, yet still get balanced, whole food try https://www.rayneclinical.com/ (edited) 3y
ocdIrene @Ebooksandcooks I'm not avoiding the vet at all. I love our vet. However, I think many vets mean well when they recommend AAFCO as a nutrition guideline & perhaps that industry created "standard" should be rethought. I'm not changing anything drastic about Bernie's diet until I do more research & talk to our vet. I did go through our various foods for him to ensure that they didn't include the toxic preservative BHA. Clear on that one thankfully? 3y
ocdIrene @Ebooksandcooks Excellent! Thanks for that link. Adding it to my research pile! I didn't have that one yet! 3y
tpixie @Ebooksandcooks thx! 🐱🐶❤️ 3y
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A Dog's Purpose | W. Bruce Cameron
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I celebrate lovin' this puppy EVERY day, but cheers to #nationalpuppyday!

MicheleinPhilly 😍😍😍😍😍 3y
Melissa_J Soooo adorable! 😊🐶 3y
MyNamesParadise So cute! And that tongue! 3y
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TheWordJar That is a gorgeous pup!! 😍 3y
DebinHawaii Adorable! 🐶❤️ 3y
Bklover Cutie pie! Is that a Yorkiepoo? 3y
MrBook 😻😻😻😻 3y
AnnieReads Too cute!! 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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A couple days late to post a pic of the other half of our pack for #NationalPuppyDay, but these two smelly boys are hard to photograph! Connor is on the left. He's a GIANT Golden Doodle that we inherited when my FIL passed. Randy is on the right. He's a Bouvier des Flandres/coyote mix. 🤣 We had his mom, Karma, who was the Bouvier. She ran away with the coyotes for a few weeks, and we ended up with her pup.💕

DiruVamp Look at those smiles! 😍 3y
SaraFair What a doggie love story! Bouviers are beautiful. Sweet faces. 3y
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My puppy is a big lad but still a puppy in every way. #nationalpuppyday

ScorpioBookDreams Adorable! 💕😍 3y
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Dogs on Instagram | @dogs_of_instagram
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Merlin says Hi as well on #nationalpuppyday 😊 (a little belated though)

ScorpioBookDreams He's adorable! 😍😍 3y
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It's #nationalpuppyday ! Dear old George is far from being a puppy, but I remember when he came home at nine weeks of age. My child, then three and now a teenager, asked what he thought of getting a dog, said he would like a black dog called George. And we've had him ever since.

LeahBergen ❤❤❤ 3y
Bookish.Heart Beautiful boy ❤😍❤ 3y
KarenUK 💗💗💗 3y
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stacybmartin What a sweet face! 💜 3y
Emiller What a sweet face!! ❤❤ 3y
DGRachel 😍🐶😍 3y
Melwilk He is adorable ❤ 3y
BookishJess Aw cute 😍🐶 3y
PurpleyPumpkin So handsome!🐶 3y
Bookzombie 💕🐶 3y
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