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American Dirt | Jeanine Cummins
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I told myself I would never read this but I am so starved for in person book chat I thought why not. And that is totally on me. I didn‘t care for it. Can‘t wait for bookclub tomorrow.

AmyG I bailed on this. I get it. 1w
Prairiegirl_reading This is how I ended up reading The Goldfinch. It‘s my most hated book of all time! My book club met on zoom through 2020 and I told them I wanted my time back even my 2020 time that‘s how much I disliked it. The sacrifices we make for book club eh? Lol!! 1w
BarbaraBB Even my 2020 time lol 😜 @Prairiegirl_reading (edited) 1w
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Cathythoughts I bailed on this one 😐 1w
CarolynM Thanks for validating my decision not to read it😆 1w
batsy Yeah, not on my list 😆 Have you read the reviews by Myriam Gurba and Parul Sehgal? So good! 1w
sarahbarnes I share your sentiments on this one. 1w
Centique Like @CarolynM said. Thank you for taking one for the team! 😘 1w
Suet624 I‘ve been able to avoid this one. 3d
Reggie @Prairiegirl_reading @AmyG @BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts @CarolynM @batsy @sarahbarnes @Centique @Suet624 the librarian who picked it framed the author as being a victim of cancel culture and it went down hill from there. Someone said it was just jealousy and other people were so upset on her behalf. I was the only dissenter and it was quite the ride for an hour. lol however, it didn‘t mean we left the meeting as enemies and that‘s why I really 👇🏼 3d
Reggie like this group even though the books they‘ve picked so far aren‘t my thing. Some of the stuff they say is hilarious. There are two guys who love to take one thing and run way far away off topic until this very old lady who I like, Dolores will slam her book and say let‘s get back to the book. Just fun stuff. 3d
Prairiegirl_reading @BarbaraBB lol! That‘s what I said while leaning in to my zoom camera! Lol! I really hated that book. 3d
Prairiegirl_reading @Reggie I‘m glad you found a group you enjoy!! Even if the books aren‘t your favourites. 😊 3d
Suet624 Like @Prairiegirl_reading said, I‘m glad you found a group you enjoy to hang with. Clearly you have a lot more patience than I do. I might be grinding my teeth as they talked about cancel culture. 3d
BarbaraBB That‘s wonderful Reggie! To have found such a group and to be so open minded ❤️ 2d
BarbaraBB @Prairiegirl_reading I must remember that, it‘s hilarious even though it is sad of course 2d
Centique Oh wow - starting off by saying shes a victim of cancel culture. That was really setting the tone! I wonder if theyve read Yellow Face yet - that would raise a few more complicated questions 🙄 Well done you for enjoying the group dynamic - im glad they can disagree without it getting personal 👍💕 2d
Rissreads Dolores sounds fabulous! ♥️ 19h
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Annie Bot | Sierra Greer
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Soooo…. Eff Doug. Annie is a cuddle bunny AI bot who is owned by Doug. Annie learns all about what it takes to please Doug. Something happens with his trash ass friend Roland and all trust is lost. This gets intense and part of me was hoping that she would either kill Doug or hope she would throw herself out of a window so that people would know that an AI tried to kill herself just to get away from Doug. I liked this, it‘s very readable. Very👇🏼

Reggie frustrating. I can only imagine all the women trapped in these types of relationships. There were times when I didn‘t know what was real. It kept me off kilter in a way because here Annie is having conversations on the phone and I wondered is this real??!!! She‘s on the phone? It‘s a pick. The ending was enjoyable and calming. (edited) 2w
Lesliereadsalot Great review! Starting this one today, 2w
marleed Oh, good review. This one is going to spin in my head for months. 2w
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AmyG “There were times I didn‘t know what was real”…..good job, author, good job. Sounds like an interesting book. 2w
RohitSawant Fantastic review! Stacking this for sure. 2w
intothehallofbooks Your reviews make everything you read sound so great. I had no idea this is a book I might want to read but I just added it to my list. How about that!? Also added to my (vocabulary) list: “trash ass friend” because it‘s a GREAT descriptor and we all have them from time to time. 2w
Reggie @Lesliereadsalot I hope you like it! 2w
Reggie @AmyG if I get to pick for my bookclub sometime next year and this book is on the list I‘m subjecting them to it. It definitely makes you think. 2w
Reggie @RohitSawant Have you read Sea of Rust by Robert Cargill? I think that book is a great companion book for this. There is a moment where Annie is two thoughts away from giving us the full Terminator Skynet experience but she backs away from it. This is a more relationship book but the AI stuff really throws some wrenches in there. I was telling a coworker about it and she was saying but she‘s just a robot and I almost stopped talking to her. lol 2w
Reggie @intothehallofbooks Thanks! I hope you like it if you get to it. I had to edit some of the cuss words I had in here. I hate when people make others feel bad and my heart just went out to Annie. And yes to the TA friends. I‘ve had 2 I had to give the chop to when I realized who they were. 2w
TNbookworm Great review, makes me want to read this! I enjoyed Sea of Rust! 2w
Avanders Perfect review! ♥️ 2w
Reggie @TNbookworm Thanks! I hope you like it. So much to think about in here. 2w
Reggie @Avanders Thanks!😊 2w
RohitSawant @Reggie I‘ve been meaning to check it out! I liked Cargill‘s collection of stories & added Rust to my wishlist long back. Loved how you put that about Annie being close to giving the full Terminator experience. I dig the fact that it focuses on the relationship dynamic, mirroring real world scenarios through a sci-if lens. Echoing the sentiment that I had no idea this‘d be on my TBR, but you‘ve so sold me on it. 2w
Amor4Libros Ok, I need to read this 😅 2w
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Beloved | Toni Morrison
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I read this for my horror bookclub earlier tonight. This book is an ocean of sorrow. It‘s based off an actual woman who killed her child rather than let them be a slave. You know what she got charged and convicted of? Destruction of property. In the book, Sethe and her daughter, Denver live at 124 Bluestone Rd. A haunted house if there ever was one. A man from Sethe‘s past shows up and one thinks maybe the ghost is gone. That is until a young👇🏼

Reggie woman shows up a couple days later. Morrison does not baby you as a reader. She takes a knife and carves the horror of slavery into you. How the horrors of slavery can haunt someone, a people, for a long time. Morisson‘s writing is sticky to me, it doesn‘t let go. A sad, horrific pick! 2w
Ruthiella This is such a fantastic book. 2w
TrishB Great review Reggie. Still not read this book. 2w
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batsy Nice review, Reggie. I'm not sure what I've been doing that I've yet to read Toni Morrison's fiction. 2w
Amor4Libros I have not read Morrison yet and now I want to read this, but also don‘t…Great review!!! 2w
AmyG Great review. This book was heartbreaking. 2w
Reggie @Ruthiella I‘m glad bookclub pushed me to read her. Sometimes she‘s intimidating and then you‘re in the middle of it and wondering why did I wait so long. 2w
Reggie @TrishB Thanks! And you should. She‘s such a genius writer. 2w
Reggie @batsy Thanks, Suba! I‘m shocked you haven‘t. There are passages in here that I will think about years from now. One is how 3 characters went to the circus and even though they weren‘t holding hands, their shadows were. You have to read her. Promise me you will. Pinky swear! 2w
Reggie @Amor4Libros thank you! Yeah, she‘s tough, she doesn‘t baby the reader, lets you know exactly how it was. So good. 2w
Reggie @AmyG thanks, AmyG! I totally felt ripped open and raw by the end of the book. 2w
batsy Yes pinky swear!! Think I will read her books in order of publication and make it a reading project to tackle for myself 🙌🏾 2w
Amor4Libros I‘m bumping her up on my TBR, I‘ve put it off long enough! 🤗 2w
RohitSawant This has been on my TBR for ages. Likewise bumping it up. 2w
Centique This is definitely one of the best books ive ever read. Just broke me and is now seared into my heart and brain. Morrison was the greatest 2w
Reggie @RohitSawant you‘ll love it. There‘s this character who talks about how as a slave he could only love small, the faintest stars, the smallest flower, because if he loved bigger they would hurt him with it. But now he‘s deciding he can love bigger and make a life for himself. That‘s one of 8 or 9 passages I can pull out my hat from here. Morrison is a boss. (edited) 2w
Reggie @Centique the passage where Paul D and Sethe are talking about the rooster Mister. And they laugh about how annoying he was. But then Paul D remembers when he has a bit in his mouth for punishment and Mister crows. And he realizes that rooster will always have more freedom than him. Ughhh……😭this book. 2w
RohitSawant @Reggie Wow, boss is right. That‘s so poignant and powerful. Needless to say, it‘s such a heavy topic & I didn‘t know how to engage with it previously without having a depressive episode. In comparison, I feel better mentally equipped now to deal with it and am really prompted by your post to check it out. 2w
RohitSawant It‘s also a subject I‘m interested in exploring from a writing perspective, mainly in an Indian context, as it pertains to the oppression, slavery & displacement of the population under colonial rule. I tried doing research some years ago but found it too triggering at the time. I can never write a “literary” story on the subject as I find that too painful to process, but for some weird reason, I‘m all right with exploring it through a genre lens. 2w
RohitSawant Maybe if I figure out a way to throw a werewolf or something in the mix, I‘ll get back to researching someday and write it! 2w
Suet624 This book has been on my shelf for ages and anytime I get close to reading it I shy away. One of these days I will. 3d
Rissreads I think I will pick this for my bookclub. It‘s been sitting on my shelf looking at me for years! Thanks for the push. Great review as always ♥️ 17h
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@psalva This is on its way to you. Should be there Monday they said. Written in the UK during the 1950s we follow a young Colin who goes around performing in a drag troupe and his two suitors. This was better than I expected and all the feelings and attitudes are still relevant today. Pick!

vivastory Not book related, but have you watched Immaculate or Late Night With The Devil? Considering going to see one of them this weekend. I have heard great things about both. 3w
Reggie @vivastory I have not even heard of Late Night but I totally want to see that. I have Monday and Tuesday off so that‘s where I‘ll be. Thanks, Scott. 3w
vivastory I've heard several people I trust say that it's going to be one of the best of the year 3w
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psalva @Reggie I just retrieved it from the mailbox. I‘m excited to get to it! 3w
Reggie @vivastory so I just came back from Late Night with the Devil.lol, and I loved it. Have you watched the V/H/S anthologies? The last couple have taken place back in the 90s and 80s and it just felt like an elongated episode of one of the short stories that make up those movies. It has a good pace and just good stuff. 3w
vivastory @Reggie I hope to see Late Night etc in the next couple days. Glad to hear your endorsement! I have seen most of the V/H/S anthologies. I remember really liking the one set in '85 with the swimmers who come back for revenger. I also really liked the segment in '94 towards the end where the extremist group planned on using the vampire as a weapon 3w
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Angels: A Novel | Marian Keyes
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I actually read this over 20 years ago. Maggie Walsh-Garv finds out her husband has cheated on her and decides to leave Dublin to go stay with her friend in Los Angeles. Being the “safe” sister of the Walsh family it was fun to see her let her down as she tries to move on. I loved getting to reconnect with The Walsh clan. I forgot how funny they were. Might go pick up other Keyes when I need a pick me up. Pick!

LeahBergen I think that‘s about when I read it, too! 1mo
Reggie @LeahBergen I think I‘ve read about 4 Keyes books, 2 of them having to do with the Walsh daughters. This one and the Rachel one. I like her books. 1mo
Librarybelle I love Marian Keyes! I was just thinking this morning, as I gazed at my shelf of her books, that I really need to read one of her books soon. 1mo
Reggie @Librarybelle she gave me something cute and made me laugh at a time I needed to laugh. I appreciate her. 1mo
Lindy I was sceptical when a member of my feminist book club suggested that we read Marian Keyes, but I enjoyed 1mo
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Ripe | Sarah Rose Etter
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This one got a little crazy, so crazy that I had to take a break and read a Marian Keyes before I came back. Cassie is in her new life in San Francisco at a toxic tech startup. There‘s homelessness, rising rents, people setting themselves on fire, a boyfriend who is not hers, and she has this black hole that accompanies her everywhere that sometimes gets bigger or smaller depending on her loneliness. This was wild and depressing. This belongs 👇🏼

Reggie in that category of women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She‘s for fans of Otessa Moshfegh. There was a point where I just started laughing because it got to be too much but things start to happen on the last half that roped me back in and I just felt so much for Cassie. Pick. A sad pick! A sad, sad, sad, pick! 1mo
sarahbarnes Wow, what a review! I‘ve been curious about this one. Your comparison to Moshfegh is very compelling. 1mo
Billypar A 'triple sad' pick...how can I resist? 😅 1mo
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Reggie @sarahbarnes @Billypar I‘ve never read someone who is so good at interrupting their own scenes. It‘s jarring and every time we‘re presented with air, the author plunges us face first into mud. It was a lot. I hope ya‘ll like it if you pick it up. 1mo
Cathythoughts Excellent review! I loved this one and will be looking forward to more by this author 👍🏻❤️ (edited) 1mo
Rissreads A ‘sad‘ stack it is then! 1mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! I‘ve been thinking about Cassie all week. 1mo
Reggie @Rissreads lol, I hope you like it! 1mo
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Broken Monsters | Lauren Beukes
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I reread this earlier this week and I still liked it. The first 100pgs is hard because there are so many characters are introduced but Beukes threads them masterfully together against the biggest character in here, the city of Detroit. This was wonderful, and scary, and I went to a horror bookclub tonight at an Albuquerque library where wonderful people had some really thoughtful things to say. Pick!

Centique Ooooh horror book club might be the best book club 🙌🧙‍♀️🧙🏻‍♂️😈 1mo
AmyG Horror in Detroit? Sounfs fun. 1mo
vivastory If you haven't read it I also rec The Shining Girls 1mo
Bookzombie Book club sounds fun! I second The Shining Girls! 1mo
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The Paris Library: A Novel | Janet Skeslien Charles
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I read this for bookclub next week. 2 timelines, Odile starts work at the American Library in Paris right before the German occupation of Paris. We find out what the staff of the library went through to keep it open while helping and protecting patrons. Then there is Odile in 1989s Montana living next door to coming of age Lily who just lost her mother. I enjoyed both timelines but I‘m not sure they fit in the same book. This was also a lovely👇🏼

Reggie story about books and what they offer to the world, what libraries offer to the world. How important they are. It could be twee at times but ultimately I liked it. Pick! 2mo
Centique It sounds like its full of heart even if imperfect. 💕 Ill be interested to hear what your book club thinks! 1mo
Suet624 This doesn‘t seem like a typical pick for you! 1mo
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Untitled | Untitled
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Hi groupQ! These are my picks. Let me know what you‘re interested in cause all work for me. We have lesbian coming of age, Spanish gay, queer horror anthology, Arab drag memoir, late 1950s drag tale. The order is me to Peter, Peter to Margie, Margie to Krysta, Krysta to me. Mark, draw, comment, tell an anecdote, have a good time. All hands in, break!

BookmarkTavern These all look great! I have had Unicorn on my TBR for a while, but I‘d honestly be interested in any of these! 💕 (edited) 2mo
psalva I‘m okay with any of these. They all sound like interesting choices! 2mo
Bookzombie These all sound like great choices! If you really need me to lean toward one, I‘m really curious about Chorus of Witches. 2mo
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The Trees: A Novel | Percival Everett
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Book #5 in #24in24. The writing gymnastics one has to have to have dry, witty and humorous, dialogue while still having this important weight of horrible history hanging over it is astounding. I found laughs bubbling through me on one page only to be so angry and sad on the next. The care certain characters got in here when it came to their murders while there was a whole century of people who sometimes didn‘t even get names to their bodies,👇🏼

Reggie infuriating. This book is just brilliant. Pick! (edited) 2mo
batsy I'm in awe of what he did with this book and have no clue how he was able to do it. Just brilliant. 2mo
Reggie @batsy the names were hilarious. Governor Pinched Wheyface. Pick. L. Dill. What killed me was how accurately he captured the outrageousness of characters, that made me laugh. They seemed like a caricature, the exaggeration, BUT he wasn‘t wrong. And because he wasn‘t wrong I felt like I shouldn‘t have laughed because how much those characters have done in real life. He has me tumbling over myself. 2mo
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batsy @Reggie "Tumbling over myself" is such a good way to describe how it was to read it. So true!!! 2mo
JamieArc Brilliant is exactly the word I use to describe this author. 2mo
Aimeesue Such a great book. The names! Just brilliant. 2mo
Tamra Isn‘t it fantastic?! Such creativity! If you haven‘t already, I recommend reading 2mo
BarbaraBB Loved all I read by him. Brilliant indeed! 2mo
Jas16 I loved this book and have and have not stopped recommending it to people since I read it. Great review. 2mo
youneverarrived I need to read this! Great review. I‘d recommend So Much Blue too by the same author if you haven‘t already read it 🩵 2mo
Ruthiella Agree, this book makes you laugh and cry. The balance is amazing. It‘s a masterpiece. 2mo
Centique I loved this too. Great review Reggie! 😍🙌 2mo
Reggie @JamieArc @BarbaraBB @Jas16 @Ruthiella @Centique It reads so easy all the while he‘s Trojan horsing you. It was amazing. 2mo
Reggie @Tamra I definitely want to read that one. My parents loved the movie. 2mo
Reggie @youneverarrived I have read that one. The part about him being in El Salvador all those years later and he meets that father again whose son he helped bury all those years ago. Gets me every time I think about it. I need to read more of him. 2mo
Reggie @Aimeesue Junior Junior, Triple J, Pinched Wheyface was my favorite, Pick L. Dill, Mister Mister. There was a lot of fun being had. 2mo
vivastory Just know that mentally I am sending you a link for the Daniel Bryant “Yes! Yes! Yes!“ GIF Fantastic review, friend. This is such a great book & I still think about it 2mo
Reggie @vivastory Thank you, Scott.Lolol I had to go look that gif up. Hilarious. Part of the style in here, it reminded me of Brian Evenson a little. 2mo
Rissreads I‘m excited to read this one 1mo
Suet624 This was the first of his that I had read and I couldn‘t believe I had never heard of him before. Just as you say, I was amazed at how he made me laugh and be horrified page by page. 1mo
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Camp Damascus | Chuck Tingle
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Book # 4 for #24in24. This made me sad. I hate when kids are the victims of adult bigotry. We follow Rose Darling a 20yo member of The Kingdom of the Pine religion. Their claim to fame is Camp Damascus, a conversion camp with major results. It‘s funny because most of the book doesn‘t even take place there but it is no less compelling. Rose Darling starts to see scary apparitions and throws up mayflies every so often. What could be wrong? Pick!

Jas16 What could be wrong indeed? You always make me curious about books I know I should never read. 2mo
Bookzombie Great review! 2mo
Reggie @Jas16 one day I will convince you to come to the dark side! 😁 2mo
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Reggie @Bookzombie I thought of you when they tell that Saul he was in a cult. He says we don‘t believe in anything that crazy. We‘re just like all the other religions with just small differences on how we interpret a book. AND the game the mom played with her giving Rose the scenarios around the neighborhood. What a sicko! 2mo
vivastory Lol love your see no evil hear no evil speak no evil zombies 2mo
Reggie @vivastory I‘m trying to keep it fresh with these rotting zombies. 🧟 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ 2mo
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The White Road | Sarah Lotz
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Sarah Lotz has scared me off of planes and cruise ships and now we can add cave exploring and Mt Everest climbing. Simon, eager to get some hits for his fledgling adrenaline website, decides to go explore a forbidden cave with an unstable older guide. The guide does not come back. Simon does, with more than he bargained for. The first part of the book in these caves had my windpipe choking me while reading what was going on. It was harrowing. 👇🏼

Reggie Desperate for more clicks his partner sends him to climb Mt. Everest. There are so many layers to not only the settings but the different characters in here, and I think Sarah did a great job integrating them all into a solid, good story. There‘s a video on YouTube where a guide takes her cave exploring to do research for this book and oof…I could not do it. Pick! 2mo
BkClubCare Yowza 😳 2mo
sarahbarnes This sounds terrifying. 2mo
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vivastory This one was great. I also liked 2mo
Suet624 Ooohhhh, sounds interesting! 2mo
Reggie @BkClubCare @sarahbarnes those first 50 pages were the summit of this book. It was crazy. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory I‘m gonna have to order that one. Just so I can be a Lotz completist. My libraries don‘t have it. 2mo
Reggie @Suet624 there is a lot about the 3rd who always walks with you in here. But I thought it was great. And the sections about MtEverest and the trials and tribulations were great. 2mo
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Day Four: A Novel | Sarah Lotz
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I came back from my last break and a coworker asked me if I was okay cause I looked tired. I replied that I‘m at the point where I think everyone in my book is about to die. The 3 of us in our little room all laughed at the same time. lol. I loved this book. On the 4th day of a cruise, the engines blow up, the stabilizers fail, there is a murderer loose on the ship, there is the norovirus starting to spread, and a medium-psychic who has 👇🏼

Reggie started to stop faking it. It was claustrophobic, creepy, and eff all the people on Goodreads, and there are a lot of them , that said she threw away the whole book at the end, cause I loved the Twilight Zone double, triple down ending in here. Pick! (edited) 2mo
batsy And now you've got me to add this to the list. Fab review! 2mo
Reggie @batsy you know, Reggie 7 years ago was all about concrete endings, and NOW, I‘m in love with authors who smudge all the answer lines in the end into something not legible. lol, thank you Suba. If you get to it I hope you like it. None of these characters were likable but I hoped for better for them. 2mo
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Lesliereadsalot Can‘t wait to read all her books! 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Hahaha very often you make me curious about the books you‘ve enjoyed. 2mo
Librarybelle Wow! I did not even have this one on my radar, and now I‘m curious. Do you need to read the prequel before this? I noticed this was a follow up to Three. 2mo
LeahBergen And the most terrifying of all is the Norovirus! 🤢 I‘m going to keep an eye out for this one, Reggie! 2mo
Reggie @Lesliereadsalot You know, I‘m amazed at her versatility because The Impossible Us is sci-fi and this was just horror. And looking her up, she has this other one where it‘s just 2 girls who go to Paris coming of age. 2mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm 😁Idk, there‘s something about horror that just grabs me. 2mo
Reggie @Librarybelle it‘s almost 10 years old, maybe that‘s why. And no you don‘t have to read The Three before this one. But I will say alot of people enjoyed The Three way more than this one. I enjoyed both. 2mo
Reggie @LeahBergen also, their toilet system stopped working so they were given red plastic bags to do their business in. The lower deck restrooms were backing up. At one point someone looks overboard and there is this sea of red floating bags. There is a lot going wrong all at once. Hope you like it! 2mo
Librarybelle Good to know! Thanks! 2mo
Lesliereadsalot Excited to read them all! Thanks for a great review. 2mo
LeahBergen @Reggie Oh, Lawdy! 😬 2mo
Bookzombie I would have stacked it if I hadn‘t had it stacked for a while. lol. 2mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I think if I had read it before Trump and Covid I think I would have felt differently but now what we know about people this hits differently. 2mo
vivastory I have to admit that I did not like this one (I loved The Three) but I really liked the ending. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory I loved it because these people are just trying to survive and they don‘t know if they should follow the rules that are the ones we know or to make up new ones. There were so many angles covered. And I was never at ease. 2mo
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A House With Good Bones | T. Kingfisher
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Samantha, an archeoentymologist, has to go stay with her mother after her job gets put on hold. The house belonged to her grandmother, her mean grandmother. As soon as she gets there she discovers all is not right. There are vultures and creepy, blood thirsty roses and a mother who seems less than herself. Samantha is humorous and very knowledgeable about bugs. That was my favorite part of this book. Her passion for bugs. This was alright.

ImperfectCJ I'm reading this one right now! (Well, right now I'm posting a comment on Litsy, but immediately before and after, I'm reading this novel.) I'm enjoying Kingfisher's humor. 2mo
Reggie @ImperfectCJ lol, yeah. I‘ve read another by her, The Hollow Places, and both were so funny. 2mo
Aimeesue 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 🐞 2mo
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The Honeys | Ryan La Sala
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We meet Mars, short for Marshall, a gay genderfluid teen, being woken up in the middle of the night by their twin sister, who tries to murder them. They tussle over to the banister, fall over it, fall on the chandelier that breaks and they land on the sister, killing her. High drama! She should have been at camp. Now Mars goes back in her place to investigate. This book is a fever dream of wth is happening. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the 👇🏼

Reggie author‘s style of writing. It felt like while I was reading I was eating Poprock candy. The words just snapped and crackled in my eyes. Ya horror, it‘s a pick! 2mo
CarolynM You make the most unlikely books sound appealing 😆 2mo
5feet.of.fury Loved this one, it was so unique 2mo
Reggie @CarolynM Thanks! 😁 @5feet.of.fury I loved this book so much because Mars, despite the world telling him to be smaller, acted much larger they were and I admired them for their bravery. Mars was a diva and I loved it. (edited) 2mo
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The Impossible Us | Sarah Lotz
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Loved this. Bridget Jones meets Blake Crouch meets a Simon Pegg comedy. Bee and Nick accidentally connect when his i-mail gets sent to her e-mail. They hit it off and soon try to meet each other only to find out they live in parallel universes. This a charming, romantic, sci-fi that made me chuckle so many times, unexpectedly. There just some really great epistolary email/imail back and forth. It also had great side characters. Pick!

vivastory I always forgot that Lotz wrote this one... 2mo
Ruthiella Sounds like lots of fun. #reggimendation 2mo
LeahBergen This sounds delightful! 2mo
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Lesliereadsalot I loved the ending that I didn‘t see coming! 2mo
CarolynM Sounds great. Stacked🙂 2mo
Reggie @vivastory yeah, it seems real crazy to me that this author is the one who wrote The Three. She‘s talented. I have her 2 other books from the library to try out. 2mo
Reggie @Ruthiella @LeahBergen It was fun and delightful. It kept me up way past my bedtime. 2mo
Reggie @Lesliereadsalot Yes! So happy for them. 😁 2mo
Reggie @CarolynM I hope you like it.I have this friend who told me about the Hadron Collider they turned back on last year and how because of it we might be merging with other realities and that‘s how you get Mandela effects and she used to send me these freaky TikToks of people warning about it. And every time I got them I would think no, not another one, but I‘d still watch it. lol This reminded me of that but in a good, romantic way. (edited) 2mo
Centique This sounds BRILLIANT 😆 Stacked! 2mo
Reggie @Centique it‘s very cute. I think you‘d like it. 2mo
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Alexei is hiking the 2000 mile PCT, trying to work through his being disowned by his family for being gay. Ben is also hiking the PCT for a new start after a string of bad boyfriends. The two meet and fall in love. This was slow, but steady, and by the end had burrowed itself into me, encircled my heart, squeezed it, broke it, and put it back together. Pick!

CarolynM This is on my #readyourkindle list. I hope it‘s number comes up next month🙂 2mo
Reggie @CarolynM I hope you like it. I ended up crying the last 80 pages. lol. It gets emotional. 2mo
BkClubCare Love your reviews 💖 2mo
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Untitled | Untitled
post image

Thanks for the tag @Deblovestoread The other night I was reading late at night on the sofa. And I hear a slow crunching of leaves right outside the window. All of a sudden I hear this not petite sounding guttural ,”MEEEEOOooooow.” And it scared the hell out of me.lol and the cat just kept doing it. It was like they were saying, I see you in therrrrre, why are you ignoring meeeee, feeeeed me. People at work think it belongs to a previous owner👇🏼

Reggie but I‘ve been here for 5 months. But then a friend who knows me best said it‘s the spirit of the animal buried in the back yard. lol. When I moved in I told a friend ohh I think they used to do fires in the backyard cause of this ring of rocks. When she came to visit she told me that was a pet grave marker. Oof. 2mo
Ruthiella Yes, for sure it is a demon spirit trying to eat your soul! 😈 I do hope someone is feeding the little devil any way. Also, love your amendment to the game! 😆 (edited) 2mo
Reggie @Ruthiella 🖤I want the ghost demon cat to scratch messages into my door or even into the paint on my car telling me what to do or give me the clues to solve its murder to let its soul rest. lol If it comes back I‘ll get some cat food. 2mo
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LeahBergen He‘s speaking from beyond the grave so you can find out who neutered him and seek revenge. 2mo
AmyG Ah, a Pet Semetary. Churchill has come to visit you, it seems. 😳 2mo
Deblovestoread Welcome! I‘d be awake all night after that! 2mo
Rissreads Awwww the poor love. It might be the friend you didn‘t know you needed! 2mo
Reggie @LeahBergen I‘m with Bob Barker on this one, so demon ghost cat will stay in a state of unrest. lol 2mo
Reggie @AmyG I know I‘ve said it before but every time you bring up Pet Sematary: we will always have Dale Midkiff! 2mo
Reggie @Deblovestoread I didn‘t go to sleep anytime soon that night. 2mo
Reggie @Rissreads we never had pets growing up. And there are some cute pets out there, it‘s not for me. Also, cause I live alone if I die in my apartment I don‘t want them eating me. 2mo
LeahBergen 😂😂 2mo
Rissreads Oh Reggie you crack me up! 😆 2mo
AmyG Hahahaha I love Dale Midkiff! 2mo
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Count Your Lucky Stars | Alexandria Bellefleur
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Olivia is getting to prove herself as an event planner being assigned a big account. What she doesn‘t count on is running into her best friend, Margot, from high school who she hasn‘t seen in a decade. The one she had that one special week with during spring break their senior year. This is 2nd chance with low stakes but I loved it because there were some scenes where it‘s just them 2 making cookies and it was lovely. The one thing I will 👇🏼

Reggie say is that I think Bellefleur has control issues. After every piece of dialogue the characters smirked, raised an eyebrow, pushed their hair out of their face, bit their lip, huffed air, sighed, harrumphed, giggled. lol, I just wanted to say we can imagine that for ourselves sometimes. It was a bit much. Still a pick! 2mo
Bookzombie Lol. I read her first one a few years ago so I can‘t remember those kind of details, but I‘m betting she did the same in it. I enjoyed it though. 2mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Yeah, I still liked it. I‘ll probably read another of hers. I like the “just moments” in romances where they‘re just existing in coupledom doing things couples do. And she really did that for me here. 2mo
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Centique @Reggie yes i love the “just” moments too. Thats a great name for it! 2mo
Centique Which reminds me that the last romance novel i read is still in my head because they do stuff like grocery shopping and making dinner together 2mo
Reggie @Centique yes, exactly. Also, just placed a hold for tagged book, so thanks. I went to Barnes and Noble and almost didn‘t buy any books because I have 4 on loan through Libby and 8 physical. What business do I have buying a book. Still bought one, though. lol 2mo
Centique @Reggie it would be terribly off brand if we didnt! My daughter is always asking me why im picking up reserved books from the library when there are 40 unread books in the bookshelf by my bed 🤯🤯 2mo
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Almost Perfect | Brian Katcher
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Logan starts off his senior year of high school broken hearted having been dumped by his gf of 3yrs. But a new girl shows up and she‘s tall, quirky, and fun. And no matter how much she tries to keep things platonic, Logan kisses her and that‘s when she has to tell him she was born a boy. I really liked this book a lot. There are complaints about Logan, we‘re in his head the whole way through. He‘s an 18 yo from rural Missouri. It‘s a double 👇🏼

Reggie edged sword. Most people want to judge him for not being PC but he is also the guy we need to meet queer people in the middle. I found him hilarious and contemplative. This story broke my heart because you want better for trans kids and the world 14 years after this book was written is worse off for them. Pick! 2mo
TrishB Great review Reggie 👍🏻 2mo
CarolynM Fabulous review. Stacked. And you‘re right, things should have got better rather than worse. I really don‘t understand why it‘s so controversial. 2mo
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squirrelbrain Great review - stacking. 2mo
Ruthiella Stacking! Another #reggimendation ! 😆 (edited) 2mo
Suet624 Such a lovely review. 💕💕 2mo
Reggie @TrishB @CarolynM @squirrelbrain @Ruthiella @Suet624 Thank you ladies. It‘s sad to say but the weekend I read this, a candidate for Secretary of State in Missouri, the state where this book takes place, ran an ad where she has a flamethrower and is burning a queer book. 2mo
Ruthiella @Reggie That‘s awful. 😞 2mo
squirrelbrain WTF - what is WRONG with people?! 2mo
TrishB 😢 no words. Well I have many tbh. But I definitely agree it‘s getting worse. 2mo
Suet624 Oh God. 2mo
Rissreads What!!!!!!!!!! Why do people feel the need to control what other people read? This truly saddens me. 2mo
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I liked the last quarter of this almost 400pg book. So it gets a so-so. I loved the movie Practical Magic-I wished for you too!!…😭😭💔So I thought I would love this but the lovely writing doesn‘t support a strong story. There‘s a floofiness and flimsyness, a floofy flimsyness, lol, I didn‘t care for in here. I was missing the grit and heartache 1600s Salem Trials and being a witch ought to have. This was read for bookclub tomorrow. The best👇🏼

Reggie thing I can say about this is it made me long for the best witch and magic books I‘ve read. The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, The Daylight Gates by Jeannette Winterson, and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. 2mo
Ruthiella Floofy flimsiness! 🤣 2mo
charl08 Ah such a shame when a new book by an author you loved doesn't work! 2mo
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Kimberlone Interesting take! I quite liked that this one was more lighthearted and optimistic than most books set in this time period. I read it around the same time as Hour of the Witch, which was so grim and bleak and the prose really reflected that dourness, that I thought this one really shined in contrast. But to each their own! 2mo
Reggie @Ruthiella a floofy flimsiness is my fetch. Lol 2mo
Reggie @charl08 I went to bookclub and there was a guy next to me who just loved it and said he was gonna read the rest. And because of the happy way he talked about it just made me happy for him and like the book a little bit more. 2mo
Reggie @Kimberlone I think we need different books at different times. I have a job where reality doesn‘t seem to exist right now and maybe I took that out on Alice. 2mo
Centique Floofy flimsiness is the best ever description! 💕 2mo
Reggie @Centique ❤️Lol. Hope you‘re loving Cantoras. Whenever someone asks me about a queer women book, that‘s my go to. I love that book so much. 2mo
Rissreads Floofy flimsiness! I can‘t wait to use this! 🤣 2mo
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The Reformatory | Tananarive Due
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This is such a good book. This is horror but the horror doesn‘t come from the supernatural or made up monsters. Within the first 25 pages the racism of 1950s Florida comes and grabs you by the throat and doesn‘t let go. Half this book is 12 yo Robbie at the school for boys, the other is his sister Gloria doing everything she can to get him out. They both go through their own hell. Due is a great writer, her writing put me right there with 👇🏼

Reggie Robbie and Gloria. Tananarive Due really gave a lesson in how to take something from history and turn it into a story. If you read this, which I think you should, look up every mention of a person, every side characters name. All of them are rooted in the struggle for civil rights in Florida. This book is amazing and took a piece of me with it. 2mo
AmyG Bumping this one up in my kindle. 2mo
Suet624 Stacked! 2mo
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batsy Great review. Added to the list for sure. 2mo
Bookzombie Great review! 2mo
TNbookworm Excellent book and great review! 2mo
Centique This sounds really good. Stacking 😍🤞 2mo
Reggie @AmyG @Suet624 @batsy @Bookzombie @TNbookworm @Centique There were moments when I was so caught up with tension I had to remind myself to relax my hands and shoulders. This is based off a real boys school whose survivors showed up decades later to shut it down. Due has a relation who was buried on the school grounds. Her mother and father were civil rights activists. Hope ya‘ll read it. 2mo
vivastory I think humans are the scariest monsters. A lot of the parts in Stephen King's work that stand out are those committed by people, not the supernatural creatures. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory have you read Due before? Her Good House is one of my top 10 horror. And totally agree. Have you read Under the Dome by King? Where the aliens put the glass jar over a town and everyone freaks out. Love that book. 2mo
vivastory The only one I have read is The Between, but I loved it & I have the Good House on my TBR shelves. I haven't read Under The Dome yet, it's one of the longer King works I have left. Looking forward to it! 2mo
Rissreads Great review! My tbr shelf is getting out of control! I‘ve managed to stack 4 books in minutes from your reviews! This, Cantoras, Under the dome and Almost Perfect! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 2mo
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The Reformatory | Tananarive Due
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Of course I had to go down a rabbit hole because I didn‘t think she would throw something random out like that. I had no idea these women existed. Check them out: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/seventy-five-years-ago-militarys-only-all...

julesG Wow! I can understand your rabbit hole jump. 3mo
BarbaraBB Wow! 3mo
Itchyfeetreader Yup would follow you down that rabbit hole 3mo
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Tamra Thank you for sharing! 3mo
AbstractMonica Whoa, that‘s amazing! 3mo
Bookzombie Wow! Thanks for sharing! 3mo
Rissreads Rabbit holes are the best! 🐇 2mo
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The Future | Naomi Alderman
post image

In the first 3 chapters we follow 3 billionaires who get an alert that an apocalypse has started and they need to get to their bunkers. I was excited. Then we don‘t see them again for 250 pgs. This had a lot to say about community vs the self. The role of the internet. There were 2 great female MCs in here, one a survivalist refugee coming from a fallen city and the other coming from a cult. This could very faintly be called a sapphic romance.👇🏼

Reggie That last quarter got a little convoluted and slowed everything down for me. Still a pick. (edited) 3mo
TrishB Great review Reggie 👍🏻 3mo
vivastory I had no idea what this one was about. I read Alderman's book Disobedience years ago & sometimes still think about it. Def recommend. Adding this one to my TBR 3mo
batsy I was thinking I wasn't going to read this but your review has me intrigued! Sounds a tiny bit like a sapphic, survivalist Birnam Wood with a twist. 3mo
Reggie @TrishB thanks! @vivastory @batsy I liked the Power better, but I like the 2 MC characters in here far more than anybody in The Power. I need to check out Birnam Wood. 3mo
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Tom Lake: A Novel | Ann Patchett
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Thanks for the tag @julieclair

1. I thought it was going to be North Woods but Tom Lake weeks later still keeps talking to me.

2. Just looking forward to a bunch of horror. The long list for the Stoker Awards came out so there‘s a lot I want to get to. Also- #justiceforMariannaEnriquez She didn‘t get nominated and I‘m pretty upset.

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 3mo
julieclair Interesting about Tom Lake! Just yesterday, my irl book club was picking books, and Tom Lake didn‘t make the cut. I was disappointed about that, but will just plan to read it anyway! 3mo
AmyG I got to get to Tom Lake. 3mo
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BarbaraBB Super interested in Tom Lake, especially after your North Woods review! 3mo
Bookzombie I haven‘t read Our Share of Night yet, but I know it was a big pick for you. Since I sort of bailed (I might go back to) Burn The Negative, I think she should have that spot. 3mo
Bookzombie Also, how do they define long fiction? Due‘s Rumpus Room is a short story (very good) but Khaw‘s is more of a novella (haven‘t read it). Just curious. 🙂 3mo
Bookzombie Also they have Camp Damascus as YA. It feels YA but the main character is an adult age wise and Goodreads has it as adult. 🤔 I don‘t really keep up with the awards so I‘m probably being annoying with my lack of knowledge on how they work. (edited) 3mo
Leniverse Tom Lake still speaks to me too, and I read it in Nov-Dec. I haven't read North Woods yet, but it's a high priority. 3mo
Reggie @julieclair I think you‘d love it! 3mo
Reggie @AmyG you loved the North Woods, you‘ll love this. 3mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB I don‘t know how your kids are but in Tom Lake there is this one daughter who just eats that mom‘s lunch and even though they‘re adults in the present there are echoes of their strained teenager-mom relationship and I just loved it. 3mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I have no idea what constitutes what cause I wanna just be like novellas? You talking about novellas. Short story? Best short story? lol also ughhhhhh last year for best first time novel the one book from that category that won, I bailed on. Sometimes I just wonder if it‘s a popularity contest cause all members get to vote. And I don‘t think everybody reads everything. I need to just stop. lol I‘m becoming that crazy guy. 3mo
Bookzombie You are not! I remember that last year you were not thrilled with all the wins. I don‘t feel like I can keep up with awards because I don‘t read enough of them in time to make a responsible decision. For example, for first novel, I have read two so far. I wonder about it being a popularity contest too. 3mo
vivastory Off to look at the longlist but I'm a bit shocked that Enriquez didn't get nominated! 3mo
vivastory @reggie @bookzombie I'm looking at the Stoker longlist now & am also a bit annoyed/confused as well. Annoyed bc while I did enjoy Black Mirror's Beyond the Sea, it didn't compare to Demon 79 IMO. And how can you nominate Exorcist: Believer, but not “Talk to Me“? I'm definitely confused by the long form category because it appears that there is a category specifically for short stories under short form. 3mo
BarbaraBB That sounds great, thanks! 3mo
Reggie @vivastory I have only watched a couple of Black Mirror episodes but now that it‘s really cold and overcast I think I‘m going to watch the new ones now. @Bookzombie last night I went to a horror bookclub for Lone Women. I had such a great time. I was explaining why I didn‘t like the back half part of which was the stakes were low. We got to a point where none of the likable characters were gonna die. I said my favorite books will hurt me and 👇🏼 3mo
Reggie verbatim-‘I want to be torn up on the inside.‘and right after I said that this girl who looked like she was 19-21 let out the biggest laugh and right away took it down as all the older women looked at her. And none of them got it but I smiled real big at her, like get your mind out of the gay gutter. It was a small moment her and I shared. It was so funny. 3mo
Bookzombie @Reggie lol That is so funny! I‘m glad you had such a great time. I still need to read Lone Women. What‘s their next read? 3mo
Reggie @Bookzombie It‘s Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes. Which I love, so I‘m gonna reread it and go back. The one after that is Beloved by Toni Morrison so I‘m excited for that. I‘ve never read it. 3mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I loved Broken Monsters too and also have never read Beloved. 3mo
Rissreads Another book club Reggie! It sounds like you are living your best life! I binged all of Black Mirror recently, sooooooo good! 2mo
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Lone Women: A Novel | Victor LaValle
post image

Book 3 of #24in24. Sooooo there was a lot of nyuhhh nyuhhh grinding teeth chewing the side of my check thinking about this book because I loved the first half. But then he has identity after identity after identity show up. Just give them a little bit more than “I‘m this identity.” lol idk. I felt some of the characters were shortchanged. Adelaide, a Black woman, flees to Montana in the early 1900s to homestead and hide. Little does she know👇🏼

Reggie it‘ll take community to pull you through sometimes. And that which you hate about yourself sometimes becomes this uncontrollable monster that has disastrous consequences. Pick…. (edited) 3mo
Crazeedi Nice review! 3mo
BkClubCare Great review 3mo
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Jas16 Great review and you are making excellent progress through your stack! 3mo
Megabooks Fantastic review! I‘ve been on the fence about this one, but you make me want to read it!! 3mo
Reggie @Crazeedi @BkClubCare @Jas16 @Megabooks Thanks! I‘m excited because I found a fright night bookclub in Albuquerque at one of their libraries and this is the book they‘ll be discussing this Thursday. I‘ll be going. 3mo
Centique Oh wow - enjoy the Book Club Reggie. Hope this one has some kindred spirits. 👻🧛🏼‍♂️🧙‍♀️ 3mo
Reggie @Centique I had a great time at bookclub. Most surprising were two people who were differently abled, wheel chaired people who shocked the hell out of me with their interpretation of the “monster” in here. There were 8 of us and it was a lovely, lively time with a bunch of laughs thrown in. 3mo
Centique @Reggie i am so glad to hear that! People you can laugh with as well as who can surprise you make the best kind of book club. 😍 3mo
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North Woods | Daniel Mason
post image

I really liked this. Mason tells the story of a piece of land starting somewhere in the 1600s up to the future end, and a lot of its inhabitants. He‘s great at making each character not only having a distinct voice, but also a style pertaining to the time period. I laughed, I cried, I breathed deeply at the beauty in here. Bonus points for a certain lascivious beetle scene. lol. It reminded me of 3 stories that are near and dear to my heart. 👇🏼

Reggie The Overstory by Richard Powers. The Daylight Gate by Jeanette Winterson. The novella N. by Stephen King. Pick! 3mo
Crazeedi Maybe I need to pick this up again, I read several pages and then put it down. Maybe I just didn't give it enough time! 3mo
intothehallofbooks Oh wow. I have been wanting to read this one (and The Overstory too) and I think your review has moved it up near the top of my to-read pile. Stories in this format work really well for me, with some being among my favorite books. Barkskins by Annie Proulx, The Forest by Edward Rutherfurd, Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick. I‘m going to try to put my hands on this ASAP and I‘m crossing my fingers I‘ll like it as much as you did. 3mo
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sarahbarnes Great review. I‘m on a long list at the library for this one. 3mo
AmyG Yes, much beauty in this book. I absolutely loved it. I still need to read the Overstory. (edited) 3mo
Tamra Can‘t wait! 3mo
BarbaraBB I am reading this one now too and it‘s quite original! 3mo
vivastory Have you read Frankisstein by Winterson? I think you'd dig it. It's transgressive, topical & smart. 3mo
Reggie @Crazeedi I read a review that describes it as a bunch of short stories strung together and I see that but I love short stories so it worked for me. And I was kind of like you where after the first 20 I wondered if I wanted to go through with it but luckily there were some ladies on Litsy who I trust that recommended it. Good luck! 🍀 3mo
Reggie @intothehallofbooks I have read none of the books you have mentioned so there goes my TBR today. But I hope you like it, too!!! 3mo
Reggie @sarahbarnes I hope it comes sooner rather than later. There are so many voices and styles in here. Mason wasn‘t showing off, but he was showing off. lol 3mo
Reggie @Amyg I was absolutely shocked when the sister took an axe to the other sister. I went back to work off of break with my mouth open and my heart hurt for Alice. When I read the letter of the gay artist to his lover talking about their glen, I had tears in my eyes. And the whole part with the pulpy True Crime! guy made me laugh so much. Lots to love in here. 3mo
Reggie @Tamra Hope you like it! I had to talk some of it out with my coworkers and a friend today. 3mo
Reggie @BarbaraBb yayyyy! Glad you‘re liking it. 3mo
Reggie @vivastory I have never read another Winterson. And I need to. Anytime I hear people say give me a good witch book I run to Daylight Gate. Also anytime I see, hear, or read about a place that holds echoes or ghosts of memories of lovers I run back to that book. I‘ll give Frankisstein a try. 3mo
AmyG I think that was what I loved most….a little bit of everything, like in life. And I love to be completely surprised in a book. When that‘s happens I‘m thrilled. So much love, laughter, murder, kindness, evil., apples. Yes, lots to love. 3mo
Crazeedi @Reggie that's probably it, didn't realize the short story style and I think I gave up too quickly. 3mo
BkClubCare I might have to put this on my book spin list for Feb. I own it but so many books yet to read for ToB 😫 3mo
Suet624 So many lives, so many stories, some great writing. I agree.. the storyline of the gay artist brought tears. 3mo
Reggie @Suet624 @Centique I read this because you two and AmyG recommended this. And when I read this, I thought-You Liars!!!! Because you say you don‘t do horror but there is a horrific ax murderer in here. (Poor Alice) There is a seance with actual paranormal activity. There is an old woman holding a door open to blizzard while her dog is barking. There was some really scary stuff in here. 😜 lol thanks for the push to read this. Loved it alot. 3mo
Suet624 @Reggie Lol. You‘re so right! 3mo
Centique @Reggie im so glad you liked it! Yes the supernatural side to it was so cool! I think i probably DO do horror but not jump scares, not body horror, no constant feeling of peril. Can definitely handle your milder ghosties 😂😂 3mo
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Boom. 2nd book off of #24in24. Thanks @Jas16 for this signed book for Xmas and thanks @CarolynM for the nudge to read it. Rikker walks in to the locker room of the hockey team he just transferred to and no one is more shocked than Graham as they have a shared history that has haunted him. Queer hockey romance that at times felt like horror because of the prison Graham builds for himself by being in the closet. This was sweet and, of course, 👇🏼

Reggie I cried. Pick! 3mo
ShyBookOwl I see Camp Damascus in the shot. Have u read it yet?? It's pretty high on my TBR! 3mo
intothehallofbooks I love everything I‘ve read by Sarina Bowen! 3mo
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Lesliereadsalot Shark Heart is so good! 3mo
Jas16 Yay! So glad that you liked it! She has written other gay hockey romances and they are all really good. (edited) 3mo
Reggie @ShyBookOwl not yet, this stack of books is my TBR for a challenge this year where we pick 24 books to read off our bookshelf. I‘m just gonna keep taking pictures of the books I read off of it until it gets down to zero books. But I loved Tingle‘s Straight novella so I have high hopes for Camp Damascus. 3mo
Reggie @intothehallofbooks Yeah, I think this is my 3rd book by her and they‘re always good. 3mo
Reggie @Lesliereadsalot I have heard nothing but good stuff about it. 3mo
ShyBookOwl @Reggie Awesome! I hope to make it a summer read 3mo
CarolynM Glad you enjoyed😀 I just love Johnny Rikker. If you‘re interested there‘s a follow up novella called Yesterday in 3mo
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post image

Happy Saturday Littens! Today, at the laundromat I asked this girl what she was reading and it was a book about the 12 steps but the original ones more based in faith(?) because she had a friend who was an addict going through the program who asked her to read it so she could help them out. Later on while she was leaving she asked me what I was reading and I told her-gay hockey romance. Her eyes widened just a touch and her small, cute 👇🏼

Reggie mouth released an-ohh. And you could tell bells of realization were ringing for her and our story was now over. But it wasn‘t over for me. In the multiverse where there is a straight Reggie I walk up to use the dryer she just finished with. There are sexy panties left over that I have to return to her. Lolol we have reading dates and her addiction friend becomes the godmother to our children. When they ask our kids how their mommy and daddy 👇🏼 3mo
Reggie met they‘ll say over books at the laundromat. And our kids are readers and two of them have to have glasses before 1st grade. But alas Littens it is not to be. Extra points to romantsy readers who can recommend me meet cute romances in the laundromat. Happy Saturday! 3mo
AmyG HA! She wouldn‘t be thrilled with me either as I believe in a woman‘s right to choose what to do with her own body. In my multiverse we‘d all be accepting of each other based on kindness and would form a book club. But not a horror one. Maybe we‘d give horror the month of October. ;) 3mo
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Reggie @AmyG one of Albuquerque‘s library has a fright night book club and I‘m going to it next month on the 1st. So I‘m excited. 🖤🖤🖤 3mo
cariashley Ha I love this post!!! 😆💛 3mo
psalva Laundromats are interesting places. Same for apartment building laundry rooms. I‘ve had some interesting interactions with people in those venues and I can definitely relate :) 3mo
sarahbarnes I love this universe‘s version of Reggie! ♥️ 3mo
Jas16 Love this 3mo
AnnR @Reggie - I loved reading your post and the comments here. 🙂 3mo
Ruthiella I think the laundry romance is a book you should write Reggie! 😃 3mo
Leftcoastzen Love your post! Please write a laundry romance straight,gay , or otherwise!😂👏 3mo
Suet624 Aww, Reggie, I wish I lived close to you. I‘d love to hear all of your stories. 3mo
Bookzombie @Suet624 I feel the same! 3mo
Bookzombie I love your story! I can‘t think of any laundromat related romances. Just this graphic novel which is definitely not a romance. 3mo
TheBookgeekFrau 😂 Love it! 3mo
LeahBergen You almost had your own little laundro-meet cute. Almost. 😆 3mo
BarbaraBB Great story! You should write a book! 3mo
batsy Reggie you need to write a memoir and then a novel and ASAP please 😁💜 3mo
TrishB 😂😂 go for it! 3mo
julesG 😍😍 Really enjoyed this whole post. Do write a laundromat romance, please. 3mo
vivastory I'm so happy that I live in this universe where there is a horror loving Reggie with terrific stories like this. Never change, friend 💙 3mo
rwmg @ruthiella @bookzombie My Beautiful Laundrette? (edited) 3mo
Centique Dont change our Reggie please and thank you! PS just imagine when that girl has kids with her meet cute they grow up to be a goth lesbian art historian and a pot smoking truant surfer dude who both school her on having a wider world view. I say this as i have a kitchen full of goth lesbians baking brownies right now 😂 3mo
Reggie @Centique goth lesbians baking brownies sounds like great time and a great title for a short story. Can I ask? Is the daughter one of them or is she friends with them? 3mo
Centique @Reggie the daughter is currently undecided but the majority of her friends are queer - and kick ass - and good at baking which is a plus! 3mo
Rissreads Awwwww Reggie, she has really lucked out not getting to know you. Her loss! And yes you really need to write a book. It would be an instant best seller! ♥️ 2mo
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John Paul Brammer is an advice columnist for Grinder that starts off as a spoof and then gains traction as more and more letters come in prompting him to cull from his personal life leading to shared universal experiences that are super self aware, funny at times, and touching at others, all well written which means that after this long ass sentence: It‘s a pick!!!! So glad queer books like this exist. 🏳️‍🌈

Smrloomis I loved reading this one and enjoyed it so much. I hope he writes more books/thoughtful advice for others. He‘s great! 3mo
sarahbarnes ♥️♥️♥️ 3mo
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This Wretched Valley | Jenny Kiefer
post image

A liminal space horror story. 2 college students and 2 rock climbers will go in search of an undiscovered climbing space only to never return. You find this out in the first chapter. The rest is their story. I liked this purely based on this wretched valley that is the main character. However what‘s missing here is characterization. There‘s a guy who loves his dog, a girl who likes to climb, a girl who‘s a biologist, and some guy who might as👇🏼

Reggie well be a mediocre potato chip. Like people are arguing later on in the book and I‘m thinking there‘s no love triangle to base this in, no unrequited lust, no we were childhood best friends, no post-graduate frenemies history or just something to ground them to the reader. Still an ok pick. (edited) 3mo
batsy The concept sounds so interesting! Alas, not the walking, talking potato chip 😂 3mo
Rissreads Walking mediocre potato 🥔 chip! 🤣🍟 (edited) 3mo
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vivastory A mediocre potato chip lol 3mo
TrishB Great description 😁 3mo
Leftcoastzen You have inspired me to write a short story about a mediocre potato chip!😁 3mo
Reggie @batsy @Rissreads @vivastory @TrishB People are saying this is a comp to The Ruins and I get it with the wilderness horror, but The Ruins was DRIPPING in characterization. 3mo
Reggie @Leftcoastzen I hope that in the story they have a breakthrough and maybe become salty, maybe bitter at time wasted, or they fall in love and become sweet. And somehow they do a dna test and find out they come from a sweet potato. lol 3mo
Rissreads Hilarious! 😆 😹 🤣 I do love a sweet potato 🍠 3mo
Bookzombie I took a screenshot of this somewhere to add to my TBR. I do that a lot. I will temper my expectations. I loved The Ruins. 3mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Margie you staying warm? I‘m glad your work is from home. 3mo
Bookzombie @Reggie Yes, it‘s not been that bad, but definitely nice to work from home. We have had snow, but not anywhere near what other places had. Everything pretty much keeps functioning. Do you get snow in Espanola? 3mo
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My 1st book in my #24in24. I thought this collection was amazing. All the stories had a bite to them, full of anger and despair. There were 3 that had to do with how the line between having a life and having a job blurs and next thing you know your life is the job. The most affecting were the ones about race, abortion, and school shootings. Not easy stories but ones that will stick with you long after. Thanks again, Scott. Pick!

CarolynM I missed the original #24in24 post but I‘m on it now, so thanks for that🙂 By the way I see one of my favourite romances at the top of your right hand stack. Hope you like it 3mo
Jas16 Oooh! There are some books I really loved in your stack. 3mo
marleed Great stack! 3mo
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AmyG Some great books. I loved Leave the World Behind. Curious what you will think of it. 3mo
vivastory I could blow up your comments section just talking about the truly excellent stack of books (some read & loved, quite a few on my TBR). I'm so happy that this one worked so well for you. There are several stories in here that I think about on a regular basis. 3mo
Reggie @CarolynM I‘ll make that my next book! February/Valentines is close and it wouldn‘t hurt to get in the mood. 3mo
Reggie @Jas16 thanks for the inspiring challenge. 3mo
Reggie @marleed Thanks! 3mo
Reggie @AmyG Everyone has been talking about the movie at work so I kinda wanted to get to it. 3mo
AmyG The book is MUCH better. The movie is a bit different than the book….and imho not in a good way. 3mo
Bookzombie Most of these are on my TBR. Maeve Fly and Camp Damascus are the ones I have read. I will be interested to see your reviews of all. 🙂 3mo
Rissreads I have this book on my tbr. I‘ll get to it eventually! 2mo
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WTF @vivastory ! The Finkelstein 5 is a knockout. What a way to start a collection. Thank you my friend for the books and the bookmark.

LeahBergen 😆 3mo
vivastory 💙 It keeps getting better 3mo
merelybookish Lol. Best reviews on Litsy. 3mo
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batsy Hahaha! Love it. 3mo
Reggie @vivastory so I‘ve been binge watching Beat Bobby Flay because now I have Philo because it‘s the cheapest option to watch the new season of Drag Race. Anyways they do those chef interviews where they say I‘m so and so and I‘ve worked my whole life working my way up and through to become head executive chef of so and so. I‘m here because my success has come with a lot of sacrifice to my kids, my marriage and my friends. If I beat Bobby Flay it 👇🏼 3mo
Reggie will mean it was all worth it. And part of me wonders if that day beating Bobby Flay would be better spent with those kids, that wife, those friends. The retail stories in here have really paired well with those chef interviews. Lol 3mo
Rissreads Hey @Reggie have you tried all the Aussie delicacies yet? I‘m dying to know what you think! 3mo
Reggie @Rissreads I have not. Last month my sugars were averaging 300 so I went on this carnivore diet where I‘m eating nothing but beef, salt, and water until April1st because I‘m also in this diet competition at work where the prize is $500. So I‘m saving the box for April 1st my official first cheat day. The good news is that my sugars have been normal for 2 weeks and people at work are saying I look slimmer so Yay! But I promise you I will eat 👇🏼 3mo
Reggie that box on April 1st. Also for context, I‘m diabetic. So that‘s why I needed this diet. (edited) 3mo
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A Wild Winter Swan: A Novel | Gregory Maguire
post image

I picked this up at the library because they said they were doing a bookclub on it tomorrow and it was only 230pgs. Of which the last 80 were only the good ones. Oh man I hate read that first 150. It‘s Coming of age, Laura has just been kicked out her school. She‘s been raised by her Italian immigrant grandparents because her father and brother are dead and her mother has never recovered. It‘s Christmas and the household is getting ready for👇🏼

Reggie an important Xmas dinner when a boy with one swan arm and one regular arm crashes into the side of her bedroom wall during a winter storm. A great 80 pages does not rescue this from so-so. But I get to go to bookclub now! 🙌🏽 3mo
sarahbarnes Another great review! 🩵😆 3mo
quietlycuriouskate Happy bookclubbing! 😊 3mo
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Centique Fingers crossed that there were some kindred spirits at the bookclub 🤞🤞 3mo
Rissreads I love your commitment! 🤣 (edited) 3mo
Reggie @sarahbarnes @quietlycuriouskate @Centique @Rissreads so sad news. I went to bookclub and I guess I saw the time wrong. I showed up 5 minutes until one and they had started at 12 and were just about to finish. But they let me say my thoughts on the book. And as soon as I finished this man straight across from me says-I felt the opposite in every way you felt about this book. We locked eyes and I marked him as my READING NEMESIS! lol he was 👇🏼 3mo
Reggie real nice about it. I got next months book and am looking forward to it. There was 9 of us, 2 of the women had binders. They were serious and pretty cool. 3mo
quietlycuriouskate Well that went from "Oh no!" to "Oh wow!" in very short order, Reggie! ? 3mo
Centique Every good story needs a hero and a NEMESIS! 😂 Im glad you have one! Look forward to the next instalment of Book Club Zombies Take Over the Library. 😍 3mo
Rissreads So what is the next book? This bookclub sounds very intimidating! 😳 3mo
Reggie @Rissreads Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman is our next book. I think the women with the binders and there was one woman with a book journal, I think they‘re just very organized people. Albuquerque has 9 libraries and I found one that has a fright night bookclub that I‘m also gonna try to make so that‘s exciting! 3mo
Reggie @Centique @Rissreads so I went to bookclub today and the same man was there, my nemesis. He went after me and said the exact opposite of everything I said. It was hilarious until he mentioned that we brought up slavery. Because in this novel it‘s in the periphery in one of the sections. AND THEN he says that ‘if I was getting paid room and board maybe I would never leave. That doesn‘t sound so bad.‘ Spoken like a true Fox News person. Omg. He 👇🏼 2mo
Reggie also mentioned that he had an ex wife and I couldn‘t help but think she had escaped. And that if he had enough money he would have one of those mail order brides. Someone he could control. Besides him everyone else was great. Even though I didn‘t like it there was a cuddly looking guy next to me who said he reading the rest of them cause he loved the book. And it made me happy for him. There was a lady there with her binder giving us all the 👇🏼 2mo
Reggie backstory to Salem, and there was another lady who printed out a recipe from the book. And another one who played us a song from the book on her laptop. Overall I enjoyed it. Also, there was this woman named Delores who was old and she was a battle axe about how much she didn‘t like this book and I adored her. lol. 2mo
Rissreads @reggie this book club sounds BONKERS! I have a feeling the members are way more interesting than the books! You need to write all this down. It‘s gold! Write a screen play! Which book club character can my daughter play? 🤣 You are braver than me, I think this book club may be a little too anxiety inducing for me. They all obviously take it so seriously! Cuddly guy sounds nice and what a gorgeous way to describe someone! 2mo
Rissreads Nemesis/Fox News guy sounds like he just loves the sound of his own voice! 🤮 So what‘s the next book? I hope it‘s better than the last 2! Who gets to pick? Do you take it in turns or are they already set? Does the bookclub have a theme? (edited) 2mo
Centique @Reggie oh my god your nemesis is AWFUL! I read that bit to my husband and daughter & cue Massive Jawdropping 😳 Just imagine you have us as an audience behind you GASPING at every awful thjng he says. As @Rissreads says what a great screenplay this would be. Fingers crossed that cuddly guy is not Ted Bundy. 😂 (I really really hope that cuddly guy is NICE! A tiny bit boring cos predictable is preferable to exciting in the apocalypse- but NICE) 2mo
Centique @Reggie also this is the best book club update ever! Thank you for updating us 💕💕 Hope work is not too manic and the world is being kind and the winter is not blizzarding you 😘 2mo
Reggie @Rissreads @Centique the lady told me they can only pick so many books because to be able to have bookclub they have to have so many copies of a book and have it also in different formats. Our next book is called The Paris Library. I think they have the next couple of books picked out. I think once you‘ve been there a while you get a turn. Rissa, we would have to doctor up your daughter about 40 years to play anyone in this group. I‘m the 👇🏼 2mo
Reggie youngest one by 10-15 years at least. Paula, cuddly guy should be afraid of me! lol, after I told them I read horror he asked for a rec and I gave him one. I look forward to the next bookclub. 2mo
Rissreads @Reggie so you are the spring 🐥 chicken of the group! They can do amazing things with makeup and prosthetics these days! 🤣 (edited) 2mo
Reggie @Rissreads if they can give Nicole Kidman that nose in The Hours they can do anything. 2mo
Rissreads @Reggie I laughed out loud when I read you recommended a horror book to cuddly guy! He doesn‘t know what he is in for! How long until the next book club? I can‘t wait to hear what he thinks! Maybe I should join a new random book club? Yours is so interesting! I need a bit of crazy in my life! 2mo
Reggie @Rissreads It‘s the 2nd Friday of every month. You should start one at your library. See how it goes. I bet there‘d be interest. There‘s also a horror bookclub that I went to this past month on the 1st Thursday of every month and that was good, too. 2mo
Centique Oh wow! I hope cuddly guy likes the book recc 🤞🤞💕 2mo
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Boys Weekend | Mattie Lubchansky
post image

Came to return books and saw this on a display. I loved this. Sammie, a trans woman, is best man at her college friend‘s bachelor weekend at an anything goes, in the future, in the middle of the ocean resort. While grappling with the fact that her buddies haven‘t caught up to who she is now, Sammie starts to notice that not all is right at the resort. There are a lot of details to love in here. The itinerary, the capitalism in here was👇🏼

Reggie suffocating and the part where they have to hunt clones of themselves. Only, Sammie‘s is the guy she used to be. Some powerful stuff. Pick! (edited) 3mo
psalva I‘ve got this on my library stack across from me as I write this! I‘m excited to get to it :) 3mo
BarbaraBB Sounds great. I thought I‘d skip it but now I am hesitating again! 3mo
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Reggie @psalva I think you will love it Peter. I cried at the end. 3mo
Reggie @BarbaraBb Idk how it will go for you. There‘s some cosmic horror in here and all the illustrations remind me of the Simpsons. The story and details did it for me. 3mo
Megabooks I loved this too!! Agree with the Groening influence. Very Futurama-like. 3mo
Reggie @Megabooks one of my favorite things in some books explore friendships that have to die sometimes because they no longer are healthy. This is one of those books. Also Loved the message at the end that sometimes you have to save yourself. When the worker turns out to be her before transition…..oof. 3mo
Kenyazero Library finds are my favorite! This sounds like a super fun read 🤩 3mo
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I thought this was going to be fluff. I had no idea it would be so charming, funny, romantic, and have some mystery with a couple dashes of danger. Two gentleman in the early 19th century England lovers to enemies and back to lovers. There were times I was reading this at work and was cursing the clock that I had to go back from break already. Pick!

LeahBergen I like the cover! 3mo
Reggie @LeahBergen It is serene yet fetching. 3mo
LeahBergen Just like you and me. 😜 3mo
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Centique KJ Charles forever 🙌 I havent read this one yet but will do! 3mo
Centique PS saw Poor Things this week and loved it. Wish it had been even stranger - kind of pulls back a bit from the strange towards the end. Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo are So Good. Love to hear your opinion if you see it. Definitely not horror or v gorey though so dont expect too much going in! 3mo
batsy Oh, a KJ Charles with a lovely cover. I need to read this. I loved this series 3mo
CarolynM K J Charles is SO good! Her latest is the follow up to this one and I liked it even more 3mo
Reggie @Centique I‘m on my weekend and haven‘t been to the movies in forever so im gonna give it a go. I‘ll go see Poor Things. Also this was my first KJ so I‘m excited for the backlist. 3mo
Reggie @batsy @CarolynM Libby only had this one but luckily for me Hoopla has them all, so yay! Lol. This was so well rounded. It had a little of everything. 3mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB chica my phone is going crazy and I accidentally erased your comment but it was good. Give it a shot. 3mo
BarbaraBB I think I will, trusting your judgment! (edited) 3mo
Centique @Reggie 😘 3mo
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Tom Lake: A Novel | Ann Patchett
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I loved this book. A family that owns a farm is stuck together during the pandemic. While picking cherries the mother will tell her 3 daughters about that summer she dated a movie star. This is about the look back you have on your life and realize how much you didn‘t know and all the avenues you could have taken and the ones you didn‘t take. So good. It‘s about mother and daughters, even that one who eats your lunch during their hormonal rage👇🏼

Reggie teenage years. (❤️Emily) So happy to have read this. Now sometime this year I have to read Our Town. Pick! 3mo
Kristin_Reads I loved this one, too! Our Town is a quick read and I found it really enhanced my experience of TL. 3mo
Librarybelle It was so good! One of my favorites from last year! 3mo
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Lesliereadsalot I loved this book too! 3mo
TrishB Loved this too ❤️ 3mo
sarahbarnes Great review! I really need to read this one. 3mo
vivastory The Dutch House was one of my favorite reads of November 3mo
squirrelbrain One of my favourites of last year! ❤️ 3mo
BarbaraBB Like @sarahbarnes I really need to read it !! 3mo
TheLudicReader You absolutely must read Our Town.❤️ 3mo
merelybookish Reading it now! On audio. Meryl Streep is the narrator. 3mo
sarahbarnes @merelybookish Meryl Streep?! That sounds very fun. 3mo
sarahbarnes @BarbaraBB I‘ve somehow never read anything by her! 3mo
BarbaraBB @sarahbarnes I did and I didn‘t like her books as much as everyone else does but I do have high hopes for this one. 3mo
Reggie @Kristin_Reads @TheLudicReader One if my libraries has a book of his 3 plays, one of which is Our Town so I just have to wait for the ice to melt to go get it. 3mo
Reggie @Librarybelle @Lesliereadsalot @TrishB @squirrelbrain She really has a delicate and deft hand when writing families that just comes off so beautifully. 3mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB you‘re missing out. And I‘m shocked I got to this one before you. 😁 3mo
Reggie @sarahbarnes this is my 3rd of hers. Loved Commonwealth by her. Did not care for State of Wonder. I had to go watch the movie, Congo, to erase State of Wonder from my brain. But she‘s an impeccable writer. I‘ll still read another of hers. 3mo
Reggie @vivastory I heard it was great. And it‘s available on Libby but I want to wait. Maybe in the summer or the fall. When I was reading this I felt like my breathing got deeper. And I was more relaxed. So good. Hope you like it. 3mo
BarbaraBB Lol maybe because of wasn‘t too much of a fan of Bel Canto and that one with the oranges on the cover 😊 3mo
Reggie @merelybookish I think that sounds awesome. I love that movie where she‘s a divorced mother of 3. She runs a bakery and Steve Martin is the contractor she starts to date. But then she cheats on him with her ex played by Alex Baldwin. This had those same vibes because of her relationship with the children. 3mo
Centique I have this one on hold on Libby - your review is gorgeous 😘😘 3mo
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@vivastory thanks for putting this in my radar. This was fun. 5 women invited are invited to a writer‘s retreat. It is run by a female author who is huge yet has this aura of mystery to her. It‘s being hosted at an estate in the middle of nowhere. There is story upon story upon story in here and I couldn‘t stop chuckling at the inventiveness of the author and the audacity of a character in here. This could also be a queer novel. It‘s a pick!

erzascarletbookgasm Sounds fun. Will look it up in my library 4mo
vivastory This was such a fun, wild ride. Glad you dug it! 4mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm I hope you like it. I think for an author it‘s hard enough to write AtoZ sometimes but then this author turned every letter into a doorway. And behind every door there was a story. It was pretty cool. 4mo
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Reggie @vivastory lol Roza Vallo, that crazy lady. 4mo
batsy I thought it was fun, too. My main complaint is that it could have been more batshit 😆 4mo
TrishB Great review- I‘ll keep my eye out for this 👍🏻 4mo
Reggie @batsy yes I agree because I felt like I was in the audience of an early 90s talk show like Sally Jesse Raphael, Donahue, or Geraldo, but we hadn‘t devolved into the 2000s and beyond level of real housewives of crazy, throwing the fake arm on a table of craziness. Totally agree. lol 4mo
Reggie @TrishB even though there is murder in here and an estate with a really terrible history, it still felt light. I hope you like it if you pick it up. 4mo
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Untitled | Untitled
post image

These are my top 11 for the year. Our Share of Night is my favorite of the year. Cult, coming of age, a haunted house, fraught father son relationship, and an author who knows how to plant seeds throughout the book that turn into some great surprises. Fruiting Bodies, every story was a dark indulgent sorbet. Needful Things because King is King and he can make me laugh and horrify me and he just really knows people. Happy New Year Littens!

AmyG 🥳 Happy New Year! 4mo
Jas16 Happy New Year Reggie 4mo
Ruthiella Happy New Year! 🥳 4mo
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TheBookgeekFrau Happy New Year! 🎊 4mo
sarahbarnes Pew and Fruiting Bodies! 😍 I am interested in Our Share of Night. 4mo
Megabooks Happy new year!! 🍾🎉 4mo
Bookzombie Screenshot! Happy New Year! 4mo
Rissreads Pew, was soooooooo good! Happy 2024 Reggie. I sent you a parcel and it says it arrived Saturday. Have you got it? 4mo
batsy Happy New Year, Reggie! 🥂💜 4mo
AnneCecilie Happy new year 🎆 4mo
julieclair Happy New Year! 🎆🎉 4mo
RohitSawant Happy New Year! 🥂🎆 4mo
Suet624 I‘m glad Pew made it on the list. Happy New Year!! 4mo
vivastory Fantastic list, Reggie! Several on here that have been on my TBR & a few that I have been meaning to read for awhile now. 4mo
GatheringBooks Belated Happy New Year, dearest Reggie. Here‘s hoping the holiday had been kind and brought you new great reads. Sending hugs your way! 3mo
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Freddy Krueger | Kenny Abdo
post image

So I had to work tonight and people are crazy. I have to work tomorrow. My only saving Grace is that they have the tvs on the SyFy channel and A Nightmare on Elm Street came on. lol. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my Litten friends.

Ruthiella Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you Reggie. 🎄I‘m sorry you have to work over the holiday. Hopefully the workday will pass quickly. 🤞 4mo
batsy Merry Christmas to you, Reggie 🎄 Hope you can get some time off soon! 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy holidays! Hope you‘ll get to enjoy and relax on your off days soon. 4mo
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LeahBergen Merry Christmas, Reggie! I hope you get some well deserved time off very soon. 😘😘 4mo
Chrissyreadit Merry Christmas Hope more good movies come on! 4mo
quietlycuriouskate Merry Christmas, Reggie! 4mo
Jess Merry Christmas! Hope the day does smoothly. 4mo
AmyG Yep, people are crazy. May they be less so today. Merry Christmas, my friend. 🎄😘 (edited) 4mo
Mollyanna Merry Christmas Reggie! Hopefully people won‘t be as crazy today. 🎄 4mo
TheBookgeekFrau Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎅🏼 and may the crazy give you a break today 🤞🏼🤞🏼 4mo
Bookzombie That seems like a perfect Christmas Eve movie to me. 😏 4mo
dabbe MC! 💙❄️💙 4mo
CarolynM Merry Christmas Reggie🎄💕 Hope your work included some Christmas cheer. 4mo
vivastory I hope that you get some time off soon! May any a-hole customers get the dreams that they deserve *MWAHAHA* (edited) 4mo
Rissreads Merry Christmas Reggie, don‘t let the crazies get you down. I hope you get some time off soon to curl up with a good book! ♥️💚 4mo
AnnR Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (Sorry, I didn't see your post until now. I hope your holiday was better than expected. (Freddy Kreuger totally gave me nightmares during my school years. Yikes) 4mo
Centique OMG that sucks working Christmas. I have done Boxing Day in retail many times and thought “what is wrong with you people?!!!” I hope you have recovered from it now. Are you getting a break? NZ basically shuts down from Christmas to about January 10 cos its summer holiday and Christmas all at once. 4mo
Rissreads Hey Reggie did you get a parcel from me yesterday? It‘s saying it‘s been delivered. I‘m a bit worried something has gone wrong! 4mo
Reggie @Rissreads I‘m so sorry I just went to the mail. I did get it. Sorry I didn‘t message sooner but work has been whooping me this week. Thank you for the box!!! I‘m excited to try the Tim Tams. Also, I‘ve never had vegemite so I‘m excited! Thanks so much Rissa. Happy New Year! 4mo
Rissreads I‘m so glad you got it. I could just envision a neighbour lying on their couch enjoying all your goodies! I‘m excited to see what you think! ♥️ 4mo
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A Merry Little Meet Cute | Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone
post image

Oh, I liked this. A porn actress is trying to go mainstream starring in a made for tv Christmas movie hoping no one knows who she is. A bad boy ex boyband member is trying to rehabilitate his image with this new wholesome movie. They meet and sparks fly. This was soooo hot and funny. There are so many small details that make this amazing. And as always, romance has a way of sneaking bigger, very valid conversations in their books. Pick!

Bookzombie Great review! 4mo
BarbaraBB Indeed! 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Thanks and Merry Christmas! 4mo
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Reggie @BarbaraBB Merry Christmas! There is a part in here where I think everybody watched that Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch video where he rolls those stockings down that girls leg in the Good Vibrations video-where he says you feel it baby-yeah I do too. There is a scene definitely inspired by that in here. Lol 4mo
BarbaraBB Merry Christmas! That sounds so great! 4mo
Bookzombie Merry Christmas! 4mo
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Christmas at the Amish Bakeshop | Shelley Shepard Gray, Loree Lough, Rachel J. Good
post image

I picked this up because of Jenny Colvin. I can‘t remember if she was doing the episode where she was talking about a book on the Hutterites or one where she was talking about romance where she mentioned that there was a lot of Amish romance out there. So when I saw this on display I had to give it a try. It was wonderful and the balm my soul needed while dealing with the usual holiday craziness. 3 stories all loosely tied by a bake shop. I 👇🏼

Reggie had no clue about the Amish other than 1. They do well in zombie apocalypses 2. There is always an episode of a Law and Order or an NCIS where an Amish kid is found dead on their Rumspringa. This book has me almost contemplating going to church. Each story was special and made me reflect on how I handle things in life. A super Christmasy pick!! 4mo
Chrissyreadit i bet my mom would love this. i‘m so glad you shared it. 4mo
Chrissyreadit also I love that it was on Reading Envy. One day I will listen to more episodes. The ones i heard were always so good. But it makes me sad because i‘m too sentimental sometimes. 4mo
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Librarybelle It sounds like you found the perfect book for this time of year! 4mo
AmyG You got Litsy to work! 4mo
Ruthiella That‘s Jenny for you! Getting us all to read outside our comfort zone and find gems. 4mo
Bookzombie Aww, this is so nice! I‘m still pleased and sad when I look up a book on GR and find a Jenny review. 4mo
Centique I love that you love both gory horror and Amish romance! Im going to have to try this for next Christmas. 😍 And i remember Jenny talking about Amish romance too - look how her words are still touching us 😢💙💜 4mo
vivastory @Chrissyreadit It's only recently that I have been able to listen to Reading Envy again & I can't even listen to the final episodes, so I get it 4mo
Reggie @Chrissyreadit she would love it. The physical aspect of the romance in here is so tame. It‘s so heart warming. @vivastory I remember waiting every two weeks for the show to come out. It took me a couple of months to come to terms with the fact there was not gonna be another show. 4mo
Reggie @Librarybelle it was! I felt so good today after finishing it last night. 4mo
Reggie @Ruthiella @Bookzombie @Centique we are all better readers for having known her. I wouldn‘t have picked up Amish romance without her. And now I kinda want to go find an Amish biography or something. 4mo
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Sooo I‘ve been to one of the Albuquerque libraries 3 times this month and each time I saw this Christmas romance display. Each time there were the same books. And I just thought they looked like orphans begging to be taken home. Someone had taken the time to make the display so I thought why not. This is one of those books. I also picked it because my grandma used to make these cookies called cow patties which were just cowboy cookies made👇🏼

Reggie the size of someone‘s face. But it has nothing to do with cowboy cookies. Eternally optimistic Jazzy has entered a campfire cookie competition and enlists the help of Cowboy Roan. This was great and I really enjoyed the emphasis on community but if I had to pick the color of Christmas ornament balls to represent this book it would be blue balls. I cannot tell you how many times people ALMOST had sex in here. Someone‘s 4yo daughter was coming 👇🏼 4mo
Reggie early from grandma‘s . Or someone was saying “are you thinking about your 2 years deceased wife right now?” Or someone was saying,”Are you thinking about your ex who left you for your frenemy right now?” Or “Is our 10 year age freaking you out right now?”Lolol it was hilarious. The book has some real charm to it even though it had its silly and goody two shoe moments. Pick! 4mo
CarolynM 🤣🤣🤣 Too funny! 4mo
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Leftcoastzen 👏😄great review! 4mo
batsy 😂😂 4mo
AmyG Hahahaha, sounds like a very frustrating book. 4mo
Jas16 Great review as always 4mo
quietlycuriouskate Fabulous review, Reggie! 🤣 4mo
Reggie @CarolynM @Leftcoastzen @batsy @AmyG @Jas16 @quietlycuriouskate Thank you ladies for laughing. Last week I had to put down the new Jesmyn Ward. I‘ll get back to it but reading about slavery was not giving the Christmas vibes I needed. This was perfect. 4mo
Rissreads Funny as always Reggie! 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 4mo
Reggie @Rissreads thanks for laughing. The book brought me out of a funk. 4mo
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Hi Litsy I have a short window. I have an IOS phone. For the past 2 days Litsy comes up as the white screen with the logo minutes later just says can‘t connect. My internet is fine. I turned off/on my phone, uninstalled-reinstalled, let my phone totally die. Did the new iOS update. And it‘s still the same. I go to the desktop version on my laptop and it can‘t connect to the server even though I can do everything else. Any ideas. I can get 👇🏼

Reggie get back here like this but within minutes it‘ll do the same thing. Any advice? 4mo
julesG You have similar problems with your phone and the desktop version. Did you use the desktop version from your phone? If no and you used a computer to access the Litsy website, then it might be a DNS problem. Have you tried restarting your router and or updating the router's software? 4mo
Reggie @julesG Thank you it‘s working now when I‘m not home so yeah that might be it. I‘ll give it a try when I get there. Thanks so much. 4mo
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julesG @timspalding @LibraryThing any ideas what the problem might be? 4mo
julesG Hope that'll do the trick. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 4mo
Ruthiella Once again it‘s @julesG to the rescue! 👏👏👏 4mo
Bookzombie I hope this works! 🤞🏻 4mo
Reggie @julesG you were right. I just rebooted my modem and it works fine now. Thanks so much. 4mo
julesG 🥳🥳🥳 Yeah!!! Glad this helped. 4mo
Centique I had something similar with the ios app not loading - days of white screen this week - but thank goodness uninstalling and reinstalling worked for me. Cant live without Litsy! 4mo
Reggie @Centique I Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and that I got the knife bookmarks and the King book. Thank you soooo much! I hope your family has a great holiday! 4mo
Centique @Reggie yay! Im glad they got there safely. Good day yesterday, saw a gazillion family members, avoided the potential feud brewing between my in laws - survived the onslaught of the Commerce Gods! Hope you had a good day and that you get a break and some chill out time 💕 4mo
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Yellowface | R F Kuang
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I got off of the app formerly know as Twitter because I was on there for horror authors but every month there was some scandal and I just got sick of hearing how rotten people are behind the writing curtain. However, I do love this booktuber named With Cindy and oh does she have a crazy tale of a crazy author. It‘s a real life Yellowface. Check it out: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FY4vgK9B8sk&pp=ygUPcmVhZCB3aXRoIGNpbmR5

TrishB Is this the dodgy reviews on GR scandal? I‘ll have a watch later- got work now. 4mo
Reggie Yes. I hadn‘t heard of it before seeing the video. 4mo
batsy @TrishB @Reggie I was intrigued by the GR review scandal. I have to sit down with this later. She was so good in explaining the story behind some drama with booktok and a hockey player some months back too, lol. 4mo
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Reggie @batsy she‘s very thorough. She covers a lot of the angles. She could be an investigative journalist. When I thought she was done she brought up more. I thought, the FBI and CIA could ne-ver! Lol 4mo
batsy @Reggie 😂 4mo
Susanita Wow. Just. Wow. 4mo
Reggie @Susanita did you watch it? I started laughing when the author is trying to show it couldn‘t be her when she showed the fake text conversation with the person she made up. It‘s like when you‘re a kid and you think of the most bonkers lie to get away with something and you don‘t say it because you know the adults in your life would never believe it. But now there are actual adults trying to spin them all the time. 4mo
LeahBergen Oh, I‘ve been hearing about this! I‘ll save the video to watch this evening. 👍 4mo
Reggie @LeahBergen It is WILD! 4mo
BookmarkTavern This whole story is completely off the rails! I‘ve been bouncing between Twitter and TikTok seeing everybody talk about it! 😂 4mo
Susanita Yes, I watched the video. Crazy! 4mo
Reggie @BookmarkTavern watch this video because Cindy is something special when she covers book drama. Lol 4mo
Bookzombie I will have to check it out. I watched a video of Ashley (BookishRealm) talk about it but her video was less about the details and more about what it says about publishing. 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I couldn‘t find her because I kept typing in bookish realism. Lol She did a great video about who the real victims of this are. I hope you like this video. I will be honest. I laughed a lot through it because some of the stuff the girl does is just mind blowing. She had a movie deal and a 3 book deal. What more did you want? Love me and only me? me, Me, ME,MMMEEEE!!!!!! Lol 4mo
Rissreads @Reggie firstly THANK YOU for including that link! WithCindy is such a character and her insights are hilarious! I would definitely be scared of her as she has the mind of a criminal! I enjoyed watching this very disturbing and quiet sad train wreck. But I did go down a rabbit hole and ended up watching 2 more of her videos. One was to do with Yellowface which was also very illuminating and one was to do with ⬇️ 4mo
Rissreads ‘Does the romance genre have a white supremacy problem?‘ Seeing as I hate romance novels I still found this very interesting. I will be systematically working my way through all her videos. It appears she is bang on with a lot of issues. 4mo
Reggie @Rissreads She‘s great. I will say this that I think it was 2019 when Courtney Milan called out a bunch of romance authors for using language that was racist. Instead of looking into it 2 days before Xmas they punished her and said she could never hold office in The RWA the romance writers association. Then a bunch of chapters of the org stuck up for Milan and disbanded their chapters because they didn‘t agree with their actions or stance. 👇🏼 4mo
Reggie They even cancelled their awards show that year because of all the tumult. And then Nora Roberts come out of the woodwork with her own letter telling the story of why she quit the RWA and how she knew it had always been racist. It was a lot that year. The video Cindy does more has to do with certain stories people are now writing. But if you type RWA 2019 I‘m sure you‘ll see a lot of articles. 4mo
Rissreads Thanks @Reggie I definitely will. I find all this stuff fascinating🧐 (edited) 4mo
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We follow Anna, someone who reads as a tomboy. She is bullied at school, home life isn‘t going so great, and something sinister is going on at work. Then someone goes missing. The book is told in two timelines. There is such a foreboding pace to it. I wanted to read this every chance I got. Medina is Indigenous and is really spotlighting the issue of Indigenous girls and women who go missing every day. It‘s well written and my heart ached for👇🏼

Reggie Anna. Pick! 4mo
Bookzombie If I hadn‘t already stacked it, I would have now. 🙂 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie It‘s sooo good! 4mo
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Cold People | Tom Rob Smith
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Yeah, this is bad. The writing is way more tell than show. I gave it the good ol‘100 pg try and couldn‘t. I made to 25 years into the future where there are 3 settlements and the first one we read about he keeps writing there, you‘re like family. Everyone there, they‘re family. They hugged because everyone there, they‘re like family. I just started laughing. Shoutout to Olive Garden‘s marketing because when you‘re there, you‘re family. Lol👇🏼

Reggie I have 5 more books to read for my goal this year and I just want them to be good. 4mo
Ruthiella Hope the next five are great! Love the Olive Garden reference. It made me chuckle. 🤭 4mo
Reggie @Ruthiella Thanks! Yeah, he must have written that phrase like 5 times over a couple of pages. In my head I was hearing the guy in the commercials. 4mo
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batsy Lol! Love this. 4mo
Bookwormjillk I couldn‘t get through this one either. I had such high hopes too. 4mo
TrishB This is in my pics folder for future purchases! It shall be relegated! 4mo
Bookzombie I tried to read Child 44 by him years ago and couldn‘t get in to it. I hope your next five books are great! 4mo
Reggie @batsy @Bookwormjillk @TrishB @Bookzombie there are only so many times I can be told something in a book without the author writing a scene to support it. And then he expects us to be connected enough to where he kills off this character and instead of caring I just rolled my eyes. Whatever. Not for me. 4mo
Rissreads This reminded me of the book I read The last. A similar thing happened. The author used this expression at least a dozen times in the book. She/he spread her hands. I started to get an involuntary tick every time it came up! It really pissed me off in the end! 🤣 I‘ll give this book a miss. Good luck on your last 5 books! May they be fabulous! (edited) 4mo
Reggie @Rissreads Lolol, yeah. Sometimes it‘s just a word, too. They keep using it. I totally understand. Thanks! 4mo
Centique @Reggie @Rissreads the funny thing is when i wrote a novel and did a writing course i discovered my own overused phrases. It was so bizarre! I was writing for a year or more and every chapter two or three times someone would “hold their breath” or “ take a breath” Completely shocked me when i read it and saw how often i mentioned breath! (edited) 4mo
Centique @Reggie @Rissreads but YET we were just beginners and even we could use google search and find our overused words - so no excuse really for publishers and editors. 4mo
Rissreads @Reggie @Centique yep someone needs a kick up the arse! The editor was definitely asleep at the wheel! 4mo
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I loved this. This was really a sad and whimsical children‘s book for adults about a big cat living in the Hollywood sign area who has many adventures and deep thoughts. Through the cat‘s eyes we‘re left to connect the easy dots of our inhumanity and our disconnectedness with each other. I‘m glad the cat got to go to Disneyland! Lol. Pick!

batsy "Big cat having adventures and deep thoughts"—that's an irresistible premise. 4mo
AllDebooks "I have so much language in my brain and nowhere to put it". Oh, I need this! ? 4mo
squirrelbrain Lol, that‘s when it got a bit *too* weird for me, when they went to Disneyland. 🤣 Still liked it though. 4mo
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Reggie @batsy @AllDebooks just a warning, it has a 65% here on Litsy. I thought it was great, though. Hope ya‘ll like it. 4mo
Reggie @squirrelbrain lol, the part where little slaughter brings him to the turnstile and the employee is like- excuse me is that a service animal. And she says-yes it‘s my support cat. Lolol I only laugh because as absurd as that is I can‘t tell you how many bring their poor animals to the casino, where I‘m sure they‘d want to be anywhere but. 4mo
AmyG Thank you so much, for the mail, my friend. And to you….incoming. Mail by me is awful so hopefully by Christmas! 😘🎄🎅🏻 4mo
vivastory I received your package today, Reggie (I don't check my mail often lol) Thanks! A more articulate response will be coming your way when my brain is not mush. Just wanted you to know that I received it & it is appreciated!
Reggie @AmyG yay I‘m glad you got it. The mail lady told me I had the wrong zip code but it‘s the same address I‘ve always used. No worries, happy holiday! 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I received your package a few days ago. Thank you so much. I‘m always slower than you so something will be headed your way soon. 🙃 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie seriously, all I want is a Christmas card. I know it‘s an asshole move. “Don‘t send me books but I‘m still sending you stuff.” I am proud of myself, I‘ve almost been exclusively reading books from the library these past 2 months. I think you‘re awesome Margie,hope you enjoy the box, and Merry Christmas! 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie It‘s not an asshole move! Spoiler: I‘m not sending you books. I‘m pleased that you are enjoying your library. 🤓 I will write more in the card, but, of course, I love what you sent. I also might have playfully said, “Damn it, Reggie!” when David handed me the box. Lol. I also think you are awesome! Merry Christmas, my friend! 💗 4mo
Centique @Bookzombie @Reggie oh this made me laugh because i too went “damn it Reggie” 😂😂 “i thought we were on a book break” 😂😂 4mo
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Cantú worked as a Border Patrol Agent for 4 years from 2008-2012. He talks about his other agents, the people comes across in the desert. It‘s very well written. He talks about his conscience and the guilt, the moral injury he starts to suffer from as a result of the job. Most of all I think he does the best job of showing you how people who try to cross the border are humans. He un-others them. Pick!

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I liked this. There are 19 short stories by Black authors that also includes a 2 page forward by Jordan Peele that is just as good as any of those stories. There were devils, alien baby snatchers, a magical family who deals with addiction in a frightening way, there was this sci-fi story about ai that made me work hard and left me feeling rewarded. There were a couple of stories that made me wish they were written tighter. Other than that, pick!

Megabooks I‘ve been wanting to read this! 5mo
TrishB I was looking at this one the other day- it‘s just my dislike of short stories that stops me! 4mo
Reggie @TrishB honestly, these stories haven‘t come back to speak to me like some other collections have so I would say it‘s ok not to get it. It‘s still good though. 4mo
TrishB Thanks Reggie 👍🏻 I trust your judgement. 4mo
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