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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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Going into this, I thought this was going to be torture and pain rough, but it wasn‘t. Yes, some were gross and I wouldn‘t recommend eating while reading this, but besides one meh story out of 29, they were great. There was a lesbian couple and their daughter at the beginning of a mold apocalypse, a description of a werewolf woman eating of a fat accountant that sounded so sumptuous and delicious, an autopsy whose ME‘s blood sacrifice into 👇🏼

Reggie the cavern of his subject allows the subject to be born anew as it crawled through the entrails of its old body(totally got some Hellraiser vibes in this one), a country duo conjoined out of love and many more!!! This was great. A big ol‘ body horror pick! (edited) 3d
TrishB Great review 😁 3d
Reggie @TrishB thanks! They were a lot of fun. 3d
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Centique Oh my god a mold apocalypse. Just thinking about it creeps me out. Give me spiders any day. 😂😂 3d
Bookzombie This is a great review! Already stacked. 🙂 3d
Reggie @Centique it comes from old fruit and it keeps growing and one of the mothers just swipes her finger across it like nothing to prove it‘s just simple mold. By the end she‘s just a blob of mold in the hospital. It was horrible. 3d
Reggie @Bookzombie Thanks, Margie. There‘s a wide variety of stories in here. You‘ll enjoy it. 3d
Centique @Reggie that is very bleurgh 🤯 3d
vivastory I see that my local B&N has this in stock. I foresee a quick trip to the store in the next week! I also really want her recent anthology of Shirley Jackson inspired stories (edited) 1d
Reggie @vivastory I saw that one tonight because I was at B&N earlier but that they‘re Jackson inspired not puts me off but if I haven‘t read her then I won‘t get the reference even though I‘m sure I would just enjoy them on their own. It‘s a mental block. Lol. I think you would very much like Body Shocks. 1d
vivastory I really look forward to it. Body horror unnerves me like no other type of horror. To this day one of my most memorable reading experiences was literally gagging in a waiting room while reading The Troop. 1d
Reggie @vivastory oof I always think about the poor monkey and the poor turtle. And I could just see those worms ascend into the air, ugh. 🤮 1d
vivastory The worms going into the air gave me nightmares. I've thought about rereading the book, but also “No, thanks...“ 😂 1d
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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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I liked this sentence. From “I‘m Always Here,” by Richard Christian Matheson. Photo is of artist Peter Pavlesnkiy in his artistic form of protest against the Russian government.

Twainy OMG that looks painful. 4d
Megabooks Whoa! Great line! 4d
sharread 😳 ouch 4d
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BiblioLitten This is the second time I‘m seeing this picture on Litsy in 24 hours 😳 3d
Reggie @Bibliolitten what a coincidence. Dark times here on Litsy. Lol 3d
DivineDiana Perfect visual choice! 4h
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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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In a book of body horror themed short stories, I would never have guessed there would be one about the fashion industry. As someone who watched the first 6 seasons of America‘s Next Top Model back in the day, I was into it. It‘s so satirically scathing, making fun of all the pretentiousness, and yet, it manages to boil it down into a moment of beauty right before that last paragraph that knifes you in the back. Sooo good this story.

Lindy 💪😱 6d
Centique Next Top Model was my Friday night go to for years. It was compulsive stuff! I guess it‘s one of the godfathers of reality tv. 3d
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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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Just picked up this anthology of body horror yesterday. The cover looks like something Clive Barker would have done. The table contents is pretty awesome. Read the first story and even though it is about a family being caught at a roach motel and turning into roaches themselves it had a nice little lesson about life. I 🖤 horror.

Nute Spot on with the cover art…Clive Barker all the way. People turning into roaches, oh, my!😳 Just so you know you were correct about The Ruins…I liked it! I‘ll put some words on paper soon. 7d
Reggie @Nute 😁yay about the Ruins! I just remember that guy who wanted to be a doctor just wanting to save everyone and he couldn‘t. 7d
Nute Remember what you told me…to give it a chance for the top notch character development. Right on! Still gross in places.🤢 And I‘m definitely not reading a story about roach people! HaHaHa! I‘ll pass on this and see what you recommend for me next time.😀 7d
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Untitled | Unknown
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@teebe this happened a couple of years ago. My entry this year into your #CreepyChristmas scary stories. Enjoy! 🧟 🧟🧟

CarolynM 😱😱😱 That is scary! 1w
LeahBergen Eek! 😱 1w
Cathythoughts 😰 scary 😟 1w
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batsy Yikes 😰😰 1w
Librarybelle Oh my! That‘s scary! 1w
andrew61 Gosh v disturbing. 1w
Lindy @Reggie You are an excellent storyteller. 🏆😱 (edited) 1w
sprainedbrain Omg!!! 1w
teebe Super creepy! Humans are always scarier than anything else lol. Thanks for sharing! 1w
Megabooks Dude. That is crazy! Creepy for sure! 1w
Centique Holy crap that is scary! 1w
Bookzombie Scary! I also thought about all the horror movies. 1w
vivastory Man, that is creepy... 1w
kspenmoll I would be shaking with fright! 😱😱 1w
DivineDiana Very scary! 😱 1w
Reggie @CarolynM @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts @batsy @Librarybelle @andrew61 @sprainedbrain @teebe @Megabooks @Centique @vivastory @kspenmoll @DivineDiana I blame physical books. Had I just been reading my kindle on phone I never would have turned on the light in my room. Lolol @Lindy Thanks! @Bookzombie I was thinking The Strangers and oddly enough, the little boy in the beginning of 28 Weeks Later. 7d
Avanders 😳😟 so scary 6d
Tera66 Holy moly! 5d
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Revelator: A novel | Daryl Gregory
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There is this comedian, Katt Williams, who does this bit where he‘s talking to the ladies saying that there are no 100% men. That some of them are sitting next to 70% men hoping for an upgrade they can‘t even laugh at the joke because he‘s looking over at them. How some of them have a 98% man going to his job, paying the bills, cooking them food, taking care of her children better than he takes care of his own, and she throws him all away 👇🏼

Reggie because of that 2%-just because he cheated. And that‘s how I feel about this book. Do I let 2% ruin everything beautiful about this novel- the characters, the setting, the lovely writing-because 2 hours after finishing it at the laundromat I‘m still bothered. How big is that 2%? Don‘t tell me a story in front of a big red curtain and allude to behind the curtain and finish the story before showing me what‘s behind that big red curtain!!! 👇🏼 (edited) 2w
Reggie Daryl!!! Really, it‘s a great book. (edited) 2w
AmyG Ha!!! If my husband cooked and cleaned....screw the 2%. 😂 (edited) 2w
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Lindy I just saw this on the NY public library list of top 100 books of 2021 👍 2w
CarolynM The only thing worse than failing to reveal the thing you keep referring to is revealing it to be something that doesn't live up to the hype. 1w
Reggie @AmyG Lolol 1w
Reggie @Lindy honestly what I should have said that this was a beautifully written story in the 1930‘s where a young woman left behind by her father to her family in the south Tennessee mountains of Appalachia finds out her family has their own god hidden away in a cave. A god who only communes with the youngest female. This story is compelling and wonderfully infused by the time and setting specific metaphors used by the author. I‘m still on the fence 1w
Reggie with the ending. 1w
Reggie @Carolyn At the end I felt the book was missing 300 more pages. I wanted so much more. It was good, though. 1w
Lindy @Reggie It does sound good. If you‘ve read Moreno-Garcia‘s Mexican Gothic, how do the two books compare? 1w
Reggie @Lindy I haven‘t read that one but what I will say about her books is is that I have read 3, Signal to Noise, Certain Dark Things, and Untamed Shores, and none of them are like the other. They all take place in Mexico. They are all good in their own way and Untamed is my favorite because the protagonist is coming of age and uses her village‘s small mindedness to escape a murder being put on her. She‘s a skilled author. Also, you read a book 👇🏼 1w
Reggie about mycology and I hear mushrooms feature prominently. 1w
Lindy @Reggie Yes, I have read Mexican Gothic and your description of Revelator sounds like it has similar elements. I guess I will have to see for myself 😊 1w
Centique I get that sometimes when I‘m angry at a book because it was So Good it was nearly perfect and then the author screws up my perfect reading experience with this 2% of something I hate. And yet it‘s still an excellent book. I‘m looking at you 1w
sprainedbrain I‘m excited about this one now! 1w
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Rookfield | Gordon B White
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This novella was good but I‘m glad it was only 122pgs because I kept hoping the mc would die in a fiery crash. We follow a very Karen-esque father driving in his Maserati from the city to the country village of Rookfield, where his ex wife has taken their son to ride out the pandemic with family. Once he gets there he is shocked that almost all pandemic protocols are being strictly enforced and do not gel with his agenda. The part of this 👇🏼

Reggie story that has to do with the pandemic is already creepy enough but an element shows up in the last scene that punches this over the top and brings this story straight into the weird. Good stuff! 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Today‘s story is brought to you by the letter H, which is for hacking. Tried to log into Netflix and found out I no longer had an account. Went to email and found out someone from Nicaragua hacked my account, changed my password, then cancelled my account. Lol. Then I decided to clean out my email and found this gift from Margie from weeks ago and then came home to this gift that might have been in the Postal Bermuda Triangle. 👇🏼

Reggie A sweet card and a vampire book from Jennifer. Thank you Margie and Jennifer for making this Tuesday awesome! 3w
Ruthiella I think the universe is telling you to read more and stream less? 😂 3w
Leftcoastzen Well , that‘s wacky & annoying! 3w
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vivastory That's obnoxious. Hopefully you can get it straightened out 3w
Bookzombie I‘m sorry about your Netflix account. Glad you got the email though! I also enjoyed The Quick. 🙂 3w
LeahBergen The Netflix issue is annoying but … I really enjoyed The Broken Girls! 3w
TrishB A weird day! 3w
Twainy Now I feel like I should put my book down and try Netflix (of course this means I‘ll be watching anime until 5AM) 😁🤗 sorry about the thoughtless hackers in Nicaragua & wish them equal karma. Cuz I‘m mean. 3w
Cathythoughts What a crazy world ! And lots of goodness too ❤️ 3w
batsy Oh gosh, hope the Netflix issue is sorted out quick! But yay for the gifts 💕 3w
erzascarletbookgasm That‘s troublesome! Hope you get it sorted out. 3w
Suet624 Canceling your account is next level. I realized I had been hacked when all of my shows were now in Spanish. 3w
Jas16 Oh that is so annoying. I am glad the book arrived at a time you needed some book mail. 3w
Reggie @Ruthiella totally! Lol 3w
Nute Whoa! That‘s messed up!😐 At least the end of the day delivered some unexpected joy! Yay! Friends! Yay! Presents! Yay! Book mail!💕 3w
Lindy Life is stranger than fiction. Hope all is well for the foreseeable future. 🌻 3w
BeaG WOW 2w
Avanders Uuuuugh hackers 😡😡 2w
DivineDiana So sorry. The online world has become a danger zone. I have a 90 year old friend who was just hacked and it has been a nightmare for her. Two of her friends believed the false email and sent money on credit cards, which they then had to cancel. So glad some bookish surprises were there to cheer you! ❤️ 2w
Bookzombie Hi! I'm pretty sure I saw a comment on someone else's post so you are just hanging out, but I thought I would check in. I do that a lot, lol. Hope you are are doing well! 2w
Reggie @Bookzombie I haven‘t been reading at all. Lol, I‘ve been on the same book for almost 3 weeks and it‘s a great book. It‘s just me right now. I feel like such a reading Poser taking the same book into work for over ten days now. Ughhh thanks for checking on me Margie. Where‘s Thanksgiving this year? You going to your sister‘s? Who‘s cooking the turkey. I‘m heading to Grandmas down south this year and we‘re all cooking so it‘ll be nice. 2w
Bookzombie I understand. I have read a few this month, not counting picture books, but I seem to be dragging them out. It‘s also just me, not the books. 🙂 It‘s just us this year. My side is doing the extended family/large gathering and I‘m just not up for that. I will miss all the food, but not necessarily all the family. 😏David‘s going to cook steaks, lol. They will be delicious though. What will you have besides turkey? 2w
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Revelator: A novel | Daryl Gregory
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Just started this for my LPMBC pick and the writing is Appalachian exquisite.

TrishB That cover is also very cool! 4w
Reggie @TrishB turn it sideways and it also looks very cool. Like a river into a forest or jungle with clear skies. 4w
SoapboxEdits 🤯 4w
Bookzombie I‘m just going to stack it now, lol. 3w
Centique Wow, I love the way the cover looks so good sideways too! 3w
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This book disturbed me a great deal because it‘s much more than it seems and I found myself drinking the Kool-aid which I think was real. So we get a novelization of Camp Ghoul Mountain 6. It a story of Henry the Horror and how he butchers all those camp counselors but this entry into the franchise is different because of the extras. The ufos, the cults, the conspiracy theories. The author gives you footnotes to give you more info but then 👇🏼

Reggie he also includes chapters between the movie‘s novelization which tell the disturbing story of the director and the movie studio. There is definitely a point of view in here, that at a point, stops feeling like it‘s the movie and the director and you feel like the author is trying to save your soul. It gets very weird. It‘s a pick but it could have been better. (edited) 1mo
TrishB Great review Reggie! 1mo
Reggie Thanks @TrishB! 4w
DivineDiana I feel disturbed about it just reading your review! Great job! 2w
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#21DaysofHorror Day 21. Ever since I read Yo! by Julia Alvarez, I‘ve been a sucker for interconnected short stories. And in here it‘s basically a man collecting stories from all over the world from before, during, and after the Zombie World War. There have been stories from when I first read it over 15 years ago that still talk to me. One is a woman who falls out of an airplane into zombie trouble when a woman over the radio leads her to 👇🏼

Reggie safety. Only later she finds out there was no woman on the radio and it was only her psyche. There is a man in a wheelchair who wants to sign up for his neighborhood zombie patrol who almost gets told no cause of his wheelchair. But then he reminds them of what situation they‘re in. Also, the same man talks about his huge house and how he‘s not so lonely now because they have placed a family in the two rooms he doesn‘t occupy. Wondering before👇🏼 1mo
Reggie the outbreak what we were all doing with such big houses and no one living in those extra rooms. There‘s a job re-education program that is happening for all the people like entertainment lawyers whose jobs aren‘t needed anymore. And that particular lawyer is now being taught by their old maid how to clean. Brooks says so much about the world we still continue to live in while using zombies while still serving up some zombie dread. I love this👇🏼 1mo
Reggie book. Thanks Scott @vivastory for this. It‘s been so much fun! Happy Halloween, everyone! 1mo
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Blueberry Interconnected short stories...have you read Anthony Marra's books? So good. 1mo
Reggie @Blueberry I have not. But I‘m pretty sure I have him stacked. Just never enough time. 1mo
vivastory This remains my favorite zombie book. I too still think about certain scenes in it from time to time. During the start of the pandemic I would have random scenes pop into my mind. I typically only listen to nonfiction audio books, but I have been really tempted to listen to this one. I've heard that it's worth it just to hear Mark Hamill's performance. Happy Halloween! 1mo
Reggie @vivastory I wish I was an audiobook listener. My mind just flies away onto other things. But everyone who has mentioned the audio on here has loved it. 1mo
Bookzombie A great choice! I have so enjoyed both yours and @vivastory ‘s posts. You have reminded me of great ones I already read, some I need to get to, and given me some new ones to look for. 💗 1mo
DivineDiana TBR list for next Halloween! 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ 1mo
Suet624 @Blueberry thank you for mentioning Marra. Love him even if he is super depressing. 🙁 3w
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Only 40 pages in and am LOVING it so far.

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Rites of Extinction | Matt Serafini
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#21DaysofHorror Day 20. I love when horror also riffs on a message that is not really the horror itself but horror adjacent. From the sharp eye on parents at a random McDonalds in the first couple pages to a mother hunting her daughter‘s killer in the backwoods of New Hampshire where the creepy abounds, one starts to question how much parents should give of themselves to their children. A disturbing novella with nice writing.

vivastory I have heard a lot of great things about this one. Will def have to check it out! 1mo
Bookzombie I‘m sure I already stacked this one because of you. That cover is eye-catching! Ha! 1mo
Reggie @vivastory yeah, I always mean to check out something by him but something shiny comes along. This was so good though. Also, I‘m so excited for for your day 21 post. I feel like you hyped it up in your post last night I can‘t wait! 😁 1mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Eye see what you mean. Lolol 1mo
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I loved this. The writing, evocative and sharp, had me hooked from page one. Have you ever known someone for a while and shown up to an event for them and then wondered why the hell am I here? I don‘t even like this person. Imagine having that toxic friend tipping point at a wedding in a haunted mansion in Japan. My only complaint was that it wasn‘t longer.

Reggie @Twainy anytime you encounter endless metaphors and flowery prose please tag me. Totally ate this up. 1mo
Linsy I just got this hold from the library! 1mo
andrew61 I've just listened to your reading envy episode reggie and it was great and added a lot to my tbr. I don't read horror enough and when I do I love that feeling of having to look over your shoulder and worry about a creaking stair. I just finished a gothic style book and enjoyed the disorientation it created. This looks great with a cover that echoes Ringu so will definitely try it. 1mo
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Magpiegem I really want to read this but not sure I can have that book cover in my house!! 😂 1mo
Twainy The worst part of reviews is when someone says they‘re going to read the book based on what you said. I‘m glad you liked the book! 1mo
Kappadeemom That cover 😳😳😳 1mo
Reggie @Linsy I hope you like it! 1mo
Reggie @andrew61 Thanks, Andrew, it‘s always fun being on Jenny‘s show. I hope you like this if you get to it. 1mo
Reggie @Magpiegem @Kappadeemom I was reading it while eating at a burger place and there were a couple of people who stopped and stared the cover down and 2 that actually asked what the hell was I reading. Lol 1mo
Reggie @Twainy Lol, I had been seeing it around but your review clinched it for me so thanks! 1mo
Michael_Gee @andrew61 Reggie‘s on a podcast?! Downloaded the episode. 🖤🤩 1mo
Suet624 I don‘t think I told you how much I enjoyed hearing you in the podcast. Your enthusiasm for a book is contagious. 3w
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White is for Witching | Helen Oyeyemi
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#21DaysofHorror Day 19. This is one of the best haunted house novels I‘ve ever read. The story is told from different perspectives and one of them happens to be the house itself. We follow Miranda and her twin Eliot and their dad, Luc, as they grieve their mother and wife. They live in a very sinister house that at one point describes its killing of one of the family‘s relatives. It is one of the scariest things I have ever read.

vivastory I've read a few by Oyeyemi and this remains my favorite. Great choice! 1mo
SamanthaMarie I don't like being scared but that cover alone makes me want to stack it 😍🤣 1mo
Reggie @SamanthaMarie lol, Yeah it totally has a Xmas cozy vibe to it, right? 1mo
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Reggie @SamanthaMarie but if you look between the black trees and focus on the white it looks like the outline of a person? The witch, perhaps?!! 1mo
Reggie @vivastory I‘ve only read one other by her and the odyssey I felt she took me on was totally one not expected. 1mo
SamanthaMarie Yes! Not to mention the spooky skulls and photos floating around. Definitely Xmas vibes but very deceitful. 1mo
Bookzombie I definitely need to bump this one up. I haven‘t read anything by Oyeyemi yet. 1mo
Centique I loved this book! Reading it with you was such a great experience. 😍 1mo
Reggie @Bookzombie she totally writes that book a college class can be built around. Luckily for me I had @Centique to talk it all out with🖤❤️🖤. 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#21DaysofHorror Day 18. Paul Tremblay is horror with elevated writing. He weaves characters, their relationships, and their stories together, so affecting and intricate, all right in front of a horror backdrop. Everything I‘ve read by him I have loved. Even when he shoots someone in the middle of a book that destroys my day right before I have to go to work. He wrote one of my favorite ever short stories. It‘s about a meth addict who kidnaps👇🏼

Reggie her daughter all the while monsters are coming out of the sea. Layers, people, layers. None of his books have easy answers. He‘s good horror. ❤️Paul Tremblay. (edited) 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Ah I remember that story from Growing Things 👍 1mo
vivastory Amen!! 🙌 1mo
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vivastory I bought my own copy of Growing Things a couple of weeks ago. When I read it I had checked it out from the library, but over the past few weeks certain stories kept coming back to me & I decided it's def one I want in my personal collection 1mo
AFrostCauseReads I just read the tagged by him and LOVED it! I definitely want to read more by him, what do you recommend I check out next? 1mo
ValerieAndBooks I‘m intrigued! I looked at my library‘s Libby (ebooks app) and there are two by him — The Cabin at the End of the World, and The Little Sleep. Which of the two do you recommend for first reading of him? 1mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm it‘s the first one in the book and it was a doozy! 1mo
Reggie @vivastory I loved the choose your own adventure story in there. The story told in photos. So much to love of course you had to get your own copy. 1mo
Reggie @AFrostCauseReads I say Survivor Song if you want a sure thing. If you want to question whether you liked it or not go with Cabin because it is polarizing. If you like short stories go with Growing Things. 1mo
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks I say Cabin just because I haven‘t read the other one. If you like Cabin you‘ll love the rest of him. Hope you like it! 1mo
vivastory @ValerieAndBooks Little Sleep is part of his duology featuring a narcoleptic investigator. I really liked it, but it's one of his earlier books & completely different from what he's been publishing the past few years. 1mo
Bookzombie Another author I need to pick back up. I have only read A Head Full Of Ghosts so far. 🙂 1mo
Reggie @Bookzombie you‘ll like any of the other books up there. He always hits me in the feels right after he scares me. 1mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie @vivastory thanks! Just borrowed Cabin. 1mo
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Maaan! So I love V. Castro, but this needed to be a 40pg, 100pg, or 500pg story but not the 200 one we got. We meet Belinda who is lost in the world who travels to a friend‘s wedding at a farm where decades earlier, a migrant worker, Milagros, was violently killed by the owner‘s jealous and racist wife. I was totally into the anger awakening a goddess who would allow Milagros to take revenge from the afterlife but V. keeps going and this book 👇🏼

Reggie seemingly turns pulpy, there‘s a new religion and before we can get a real taste for the future there‘s a swipe at ICE in the form of an epilogue. I get it. I get what she‘s trying to say but it just seemed a short and cheap way to end. I love V‘s love of sex, her empowered women, her thoughts on our future(it‘s grim), and most of her writing style, and for all of that this is a pick, but there needs to be some cleaning up. 1mo
ReadingOver50 This is the second book of hers I have read. I notice she has problems with endings. They always seem too rushed. 1mo
Reggie @ReadingOver50 Yes! The dismounts are a problem. Lol, up until then it‘s a solid routine. 1mo
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The Laws of the Skies | Grgoire Courtois
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#21DaysofHorror Day 17. The passage above is not a spoiler. It‘s in the prologue. This has got to be one of the most bleak and terrifying books I have ever read. Along with the discovery of how everyone dies, is the story the teacher tells from which the title is taken which in itself is a horror story within a horror story. This book put me into a funk for a couple of days while making me glad I‘ll never have kids. #thekidsarenotalright

batsy This sums up how I felt reading it! 1mo
vivastory I have checked this one out from the library several times and just never got around to it. I actually had to return it yesterday because it was overdue. 🤣 Someday... 1mo
Bookzombie I need a way to say I loved this without saying I loved it because as you said it is bleak and terrifying. It is one I think about fairly often. Thank you for putting it on my radar after you first read it. 🙂 1mo
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Reggie @batsy @Bookzombie I don‘t know the word that says a book has seared or branded itself into your memory because of the amount of horror and pain. We should have a world like that though, right? 1mo
Reggie @Vivastory well because of you it won‘t be discarded any time soon. Lol 1mo
Bookzombie @Reggie We should have a word like that! Also, I‘m going to put this on hold at the library just so it circulates again, lol. @vivastory 1mo
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#21DaysofHorror Day 16. A couple of years ago I was in an international horror postal group and this was one of those gems that came my way. We think of mermaids as beautiful creatures and Mira Grant says Funk that. Cause in here they are poisonous, disgusting, murderous, monsters!!! There is a lot to love in here, crazy scientists, queer people with agendas, different points of views including those of animals, people behaving stupidly in the👇🏼

Reggie scariest of situations. Just a great read. Check it out. 1mo
Cathythoughts Brilliant review as alway .. I‘m smiling away as I read it … very different 🧜‍♀️ mermaids indeed 😳 1mo
vivastory Great choice! I recall a few weeks before I read Grant's novel I had insomnia & I read the following which had similar vibes 1mo
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Reggie @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! yeah, you never want to see these mermaids. Mira Grant writes really well and her stories always convey larger themes, just going for a splash here on the days of horror. Lol 🖤 1mo
Reggie @vivastory Thanks, Scott. I‘ll check it out. Mira also wrote one of my favorite short zombie stories called You Can Stay All Day. I really need to read her Feed books. 1mo
Twainy I think I might have read a prequel a year or so ago … I own this book … I need to read it. I‘m going to have to move Halloween to Nov 30. 1mo
Reggie @Twainy just celebrate Day of the Dead on November 2nd and boom, you got two more days of scary reading room. 1mo
Twainy I should celebrate them both and read horror until 11/30 too. I feel another King marathon coming on. So many books 😁 1mo
AmyG Great review. I think I have this book somewhere. 1mo
JamieArc I just started reading this after listening to Rolling in the Deep last weekend. Who knew I needed some mermaid horror in my life? Really enjoying it. 1mo
Bookzombie I‘m going to have to bump this up. It‘s been on TBR awhile. 🧜‍♀️ 1mo
Reggie @AmyG @JamieArc @Bookzombie honestly, as much horror as I read, I still get in these moods where when the girl picked it as her book, I thought, who wants to read about scary mermaids. I was so surprised. It was soooo good. 1mo
Reggie @AmyG @JamieArc @Bookzombie honestly, as much horror as I read, I still get in these moods where when the girl picked it as her book, I thought, who wants to read about scary mermaids. I was so surprised. It was soooo good. 1mo
Michael_Gee @Reggie This book has been on and off my TBR. Feed was one of the worst books I‘ve read so I feel very hesitant to try her again but your review made me stack it again. 4w
Reggie @Michael_Gee I don‘t know if you know but she‘s also Seanan McGuire and some of those books I have disliked but she wrote one of my all time zombie short fiction stories so she has a special place in my 🖤. 4w
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Untitled | Unknown
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#21DaysofHorror Day 15. There was a comicon at my work this weekend. These 2 girls were nice enough to let me take their picture and were the inspiration for today‘s post. I was in my teens, in the back of our family suburban on our way out of town reading about an evil clown. I was on campus during spring break reading about people who turned into zombies after having answered a phone call. I nearly pooped my pants reading Salem‘s Lot when I 👇🏼

Reggie heard someone tiptoe to my door at 3am in the morning. I remember it raining while I was reading Dreamcatcher at my favorite place I ever lived while I had the door open smelling the rain. I remember discovering a love for the short story and the novella through you. I may have not been a constant reader but thanks for being a constant author and giving me all those nightmares. Shown are all the ones I‘ve read by him but I think I might be 👇🏼 1mo
Reggie missing one or two. One last memory- I remember reading about the government stealing mail in Firestarter right before DeJoy started sabotaging the post office during the pandemic. (edited) 1mo
Cinfhen That photo of the girls is 🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥 1mo
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Cinfhen Love your memories 😁 1mo
LeahBergen The Shining girls have always been one of my very favourite horror things! And King was a big part of my teenage reading experience, too. 🖤🖤 1mo
BookwormAHN I remember reading my first Stephen King novel when I was 11. It was The Dead Zone, still one of my favorites and it was my first adult novel 🖤 1mo
TrishB I throw a sickie off school to read ‘Salem‘s Lot. I was wrapped in a blanket in the living room and my dad brought me some hot chocolate in - but at a really scary bit. I jumped, he jumped and the hot chocolate went everywhere!! I‘m grateful for all the reading memories he‘s given us too. ❤️ 1mo
LitStephanie @LeahBergen me too! My boyfriend and I dressed up as them for Halloween a few years back and won a costume contest. 🤣 1mo
LitStephanie I love your post about reading memories! I remember reading The Shining alone in my apartment at night. Bad idea. I was so scared I herded my cats into the bathroom with me whenever I had to go because I was scared to be alone in a room, ha! 1mo
vivastory @TrishB 🤣 That's hilarious 1mo
vivastory @LitStephanie The Shining is hands down one of the most terrifying things I've ever read. I can definitely see why it inspired book in the freezer 1mo
vivastory I really need to read Desperation & Regulators. The 25th anniversary recently passed. I didn't realize that they were both published the same day. I feel like King doesn't get enough credit for the innovative approaches to publishing that he's done over the years. 1mo
TrishB @vivastory I also borrowed my Mums rosary beads and draped them across my headboard! 1mo
Reggie @TrishB lol, there was this girl at school, Jessica, and her mother loved Stephen King. And her book mark was this card of the Virgin Mary with the prayer Hail Mary on the back. And she would tell us those were the only books she used that bookmark on. 1mo
Reggie @LeahBergen “come play with us, Danny.” Lol🖤 1mo
Reggie @BookwormAHN Wow. I love the Christopher Walken movie of that book. You know who was also at our comic con was Anthony Michael Hall. The guy who was in the Dead zone series and the new Halloween Kills. He‘ll always be the 80‘s nerd to me. 🖤 1mo
Reggie @LitStephanie Thanks! And also, Lol to the cats. 🖤 1mo
Reggie @vivastory to me, those two are two of his scarier books. In the Regulators, everyone in the neighborhood is trapped in a street they can‘t leave. And in the middle of all of it a car comes down the street and someone shoots from it. That very same night I had a nightmare where a car comes down our street and shoots at our green house. It was so dreadful I remember waking up so scared. 1mo
Reggie @vivastory and in Desperation there is a family vacation gone sooo wrong I still get sad and angry thinking about what happens to that family. 1mo
TrishB This is a great thread 😁 I don‘t really get scared now, when I was a teenager I loved that feeling even though you couldn‘t sleep and nearly wet yourself at every sound in the house!! 1mo
vivastory @Reggie I've heard such great things about both books & the covers are my favorite King covers. 1mo
vivastory @TrishB It really is! I've been thinking that at some point a #KingAtoZ challenge could be fun. I think it'd be interesting to see how answers would change since the previous one. 1mo
TrishB @vivastory great plan 👍🏻 I really enjoyed the last one. 1mo
LeahBergen @LitStephanie That‘s awesome! 🤣 1mo
LitStephanie @vivastory I think The Shining is one of the scarier things I have read, too. I remember being petrified at the hedges, and also when Jack has alcohol on his breath even though there is no alcohol at the hotel. The Jack Nicholson movie is great, but the book was so much scarier. 1mo
Bookzombie I love your post! It makes me want to pick up more King. This whole chat was lovely as well. Also, that photo! I agree AMH will always be the 80‘s nerd. 1mo
Reggie @Bookzombie just saying if you find yourself agonizing over having to pick between watching Halloween Kills or Malignant. Pick Malignant. AMH is in Halloween Kills and plays a character so annoying I was rooting for Michael to take him out. Also, I don‘t know if you ever saw Friday the 13th part 6 where the Jason is in the Winnebago and grabs that girl into the restroom and shoves her face into the mirror. She was also there! Her name is Darcy 1mo
Reggie Demoss. 1mo
ValerieAndBooks Reading Cujo right now! Read it waaaay back in HS. 1mo
lydiadeetz31 Stephen King The Regulators is INCREDIBLE! Highly suggest it. 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

I took this today after I got her permission to post it but people like her are my #readinggoals. I was just walking around my casino and there she was snuggled into the corner. Lol I wish I was her right now.

JackOBotts She is everything! 1mo
Rissreads Love this! ♥️ 1mo
Avanders 🥰 1mo
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LeahBergen Aww! 👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
MatchlessMarie 😂📚💯 1mo
Tamra 😄👍🏾 (edited) 1mo
TheBookHippie ♥️♥️♥️ 1mo
BeckyRoy @Reggie I work in a casino and love to find these kindred souls too! 1mo
vivastory This is wonderful 📚📚 1mo
wanderinglynn She is amazing if she can read in a casino! Too much noise & too many flashing lights—I‘d be constantly distracted. 1mo
Blueberry 🧡 1mo
Cathythoughts Brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Centique I love it. Totally me when I‘m dragged somewhere I don‘t really wanna be by my family. Various sports stadiums or adventure parks for example 😂😂 1mo
batsy Love it ❤️ 1mo
Reggie @JackOBotts @Rissreads @Avanders @LeahBergen @MatchlessMarie @Tamra @TheBookHippie @BeckyRoy @vivastory @wanderinglynn @Blueberry @Cathythoughts @Centique @batsy I try not to bother her because she is that curmudgeonly reader. The first time I asked her what she was reading she looked bothered, and that was months ago. Last night I convinced her that were people out there who would champion her and one side of her frown barely went even (which I 1mo
Reggie took as her version of a smile,lol) when she said, ok sure. 1mo
Cathythoughts You are doing great work in your Casino.. big heart ❤️ Reggie 😘 1mo
JackOBotts 😂😂😂 Love her even more after that story, @Reggie ! 💜💜 (edited) 1mo
BarbaraBB Wonderful picture and wonderful story 🤍 1mo
Bookzombie Thanks for sharing this with us! Definitely #goals 1mo
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Demon Theory | Stephen Graham Jones
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#21DaysofHorror. Day 14. Way before we knew him for The Only Good Indians and My Heart is a Chainsaw, SGJ wrote this book in 2006 which is a horror book given a horror movie script treatment with footnotes that are funny and informative. His love of the horror genre is on full display as he gives us a trilogy in 400 pages. The 2nd part even takes place in a hospital. (Halloween 2 anyone?) Glad he‘s finally getting his due. Also, if you see his👇🏼

Reggie name in any horror anthology, snatch it up. His story alone will make the purchase worth. There is this one in an anthology about the horrors of the ocean in which a young man gets stranded on an island after a plane crash that simultaneously makes me cry and shudder in terror. Good stuff! (edited) 1mo
Twainy I feel conflicted. You know I‘ll read your recommendations but you know I‘m not a fan of his writing style … dammit … I‘m gonna go look for it 😆😭 1mo
Reggie @Twainy I think he‘s a little more playful here while serving up the dark stuff. 1mo
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vivastory I have such great memories of reading this one. I hope it gets reissued. 1mo
TrishB I haven‘t read him yet because every time I go to people say animal cruelty! And it puts me off, but I feel like I‘m missing out. 1mo
Reggie @TrishB mmmm I still feel like you would be ok in The Only Good Indians because the whole point of that book is the said hurt animal coming back to slaughter everyone. And you don‘t do short stories right? Cause After the People Lights Have Gone Off is pretty good. He definitely has a writing style. 1mo
Reggie @vivastory me too because have you seen the price of those books lately? 1mo
TrishB Maybe give it a go…. 1mo
Chrissyreadit I read Mongrels a few months ago for LMPBC Native American read- and it bothered me so much BECAUSE I did not realize this was a writer of Horror- I wish I had known and gone into the book with that understanding- it‘s not considered a horror book but it felt like one to me. 1mo
vivastory @Chrissyreadit He's written crime novels too, but he writes mostly horror. Mongrels is one of my favorites by him, but yeah, def horror 1mo
vivastory @TrishB I would also suggest Night of the Mannequins. It's a novella & I don't recall there being any animal cruelty. It's fantastic 1mo
vivastory @Reggie I lucked out & found a copy on ebay for 20$ a few months ago 1mo
TrishB @vivastory thanks- may give that one a go and it‘s only Qa on kindle. 1mo
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Eden | Tim Lebbon
post image

Climate change is out of control and a United Zone Council has designated Virgin Zones in different parts of the world where no human is allowed in an effort for the world to start healing itself. Well, what happens when you say you can‘t do something to people? In this case it‘s a team of 7 adventure racers eager to race across the Eden Zone to be the first to do so. It is full of dread as nature has maybe grown tired of us. An eco-horror pick!

Ruthiella This one where I root for nature. 1mo
Reggie @Ruthiella the people are likable but yeah, just like in the horror movie Don‘t Breathe, there are 3 kids who break in hoping to rob a blind man and I was left wondering if I should bother rooting for them seeing as they were the ones breaking in. Lol, so yeah, go nature! 🌱 1mo
Twainy Added it to my stack of Hoopla loans 😁 1mo
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Reggie @Twainy I saw that post. What is it? Like book 20? 😜 1mo
Twainy I feel your evilness … Eden was number 11 & your SGJ recommendation is number 12!!! 😩🤣 1mo
Bookzombie This is ready for me to pick up at the library. I put it on hold after I listened to the Books in the Freezer Podcast. 😀 There are times I feel nature has grown tired of us. (edited) 1mo
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Eden | Tim Lebbon
post image

I‘m about to jump outta my skin reading this book. I kinda want to be put in a scary story, and hopefully it would be that short one where at the first red flag I make my group turn back and we all returned safely and lived long lives. Lol. This is like red flag 10 for these people and they‘re driving me nuts.
Get ouuuuut!!!

vivastory Stacked! This gives me vibes similar to The Ruins! Also your comment reminds me of one of the final destination movies on DVD where you could control the outcomes . At the very beginning of the movie one option was to have everyone get off of the rollercoaster & nobody dies & the movie ends right away 🤣 (edited) 1mo
Reggie @vivastory Lololol yes!!!! Totally! Also, yes to the Ruins vibes but I‘m trying to keep it out of my head. And no to the Ruins vibes because I thought of those flowers as extraterrestrial and I think it‘s just nature in here evolving. Who knows, I‘m only half way. 1mo
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Swan Song | Robert R. McCammon
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#21DaysofHorror Day 13. My favorite post apocalyptic novel written by one of my favorite authors. Nuclear missiles were launched and several characters spread across the country will meet up to either fight for good or evil. McCammon writes some real scenes of horror, one in a movie theatre where Faces of Death is showing, and another, a fight in the parking lot of a Kmart. Great characters, great story, and a lot of horror in this chunkster.

vivastory I really want to read this one. It's sitting on my TBR shelves, but I just have to be in the right mental space for a chunkster. When I am though there is absolutely nothing in the world like a horror epic 1mo
Reggie @vivastory it‘s been 20 years since I‘ve read it but if you wanna buddy read let me know. I‘d love to pick it up again. 1mo
vivastory Sounds good! I'll tag you when I'm ready to start 1mo
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TrishB Loved this and read on your recommendation Reggie! It took up a whole flight to Singapore. When such things happened. 1mo
TNbookworm One of my favorites! 1mo
Reggie @TrishB maybe one day again. I play an online game where they hold world championships in different parts of the world. Vietnam has not allowed its players out of the country so they have not attended the last two years. Glad you liked this book! 1mo
Reggie @TNbookworm me too! 1mo
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Off Season | Jack Ketchum
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#21DaysofHorror Day 12. I should be recommending The Girl Next Door by Ketchum but in the world of horror that would be like recommending A Little Life. So instead I‘ll recommend the first 2 in his Dead River trilogy. Ketchum is so good about making you care about his characters and embroiling you in their drama……right before he sacrifices most of them to a clan of cannibals. If you can do the goriest of body horror, give it a try!

rockpools I can‘t so I won‘t- but I am enjoying your horror posts all the same 😁 1mo
Reggie @rockpools Lol, thank you very much! 1mo
vivastory I was just thinking the other day that I need to read Off Season. I've heard it's wild 1mo
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vivastory Also, I had no idea this was part of a trilogy ✨The More You Know✨ 1mo
Reggie @vivastory there is a moment in the first one where the horror gets broken for me because he goes too far and then I just started laughing, not because it was bad but because you just don‘t expect a person to keep going when writing something like that. I still loved it. 1mo
Bookzombie Hmm, I thought I had read the second one too. I might just have go back and re-read Off Season. I also didn‘t know this was a trilogy. 1mo
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Lost Girl | Adam Nevill
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#21DaysofHorror Day 11. A father is searching for a daughter kidnapped 2yrs ago. It‘s the UK, 2053, and the world has been devastated by climate change. Billions have been displaced due to unlivable conditions, plagues are running wild, and I remember feeling sticky because of how hot and humid Neville kept writing the temperature. Just when you thought you had made it past the really bad stuff, there comes the final act. A climate horror pick!

vivastory Nevill must be really prolific, I've not heard of this one before. The only one I've read by him is House of Small Shadows, which I remember liking 1mo
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Brother | Ania Ahlborn
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#21DaysofHorror Day10. Imagine being a 3yo boy just playing outside your house when you get abducted by a family who tells you that your parents put you outside because they didn‘t want you anymore. So you‘re heartbroken but grow to love the new family even though they are a sadistic serial killer family. And you don‘t know you are in a sick competition with a brother whose games will turn this story into a horror Greek tragedy. Dark, but so good.

BarbaraBB I read this one thanks to you and loved it! I need to read another book by her and am thinking of 1mo
Twainy This is on my TBR! 1mo
Twainy This author wrote Seed too! I‘ve read that one. It made my quarterly favorites 😁 1mo
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BiblioLitten My kid is 3yo and this would be too triggering for me. Otherwise this is right up my alley😅 1mo
sprainedbrain Ooooh. This sounds good. I just finished another Ahlborn that was unputdownable (wish I had picked that one for our first LMPBC horror round together). 1mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB Ooooh Seed is so creepy. That, The Shuddering (snow monsters), and The Devil Crept In are the other ones I like from her. 1mo
Reggie @Twainy this is such a good Halloween read. Not that it‘s fun in any way but soooo good and dark. 😱 1mo
Reggie @sprainedbrain 🍷 here‘s to the new one. 1mo
BarbaraBB Thanks, I‘ll take note! 1mo
Rissreads This sounds great! Stacked! 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Women pictured clockwise from top left: Breonna Taylor, Sabina Nessa, Sandra Bland, Sara Everard. “Trowel, Brush, Bones,” by Audrey R. Hollis. I listened to this story on Pseudopod last night which about a group of women who go to South America with their professor to help on a dig on an archaeological site. You think you know the monster-the witch, the cursed object, the alien flowers that eat them, but you‘d be wrong. It‘s the professor who 👇🏼

Reggie can‘t keep this hands and what‘s in his pants to himself. Sometimes you have unintentional themes in the books you read. My first year on Litsy I picked up a lot of books about slavery. This year there have been a lot of books about women and girls whose lives are made so much harder simply by being their gender and the men who abuse their power over them. #21daysofhorror Day 9. (edited) 2mo
TrishB It seems to be getting worse 😞 or maybe we just hear more. 2mo
vivastory Not that it matters, but I'm curious if the pseudopod is unpublished/indie authors? It sounds intriguing. I agree with your unintentional themes. It's one of the spices of the reading life. This year for me it's been books about Vietnam🤷‍♂️ 2mo
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vivastory @TrishB It's definitely not my place to speculate if it's getting worse, I will say that it's very alarming how many women have lost agency due to having to quit their jobs because of kids being home during the day bc of the pandemic (understandably for safety precautions) 2mo
TrishB @vivastory why would you not want to try and help your staff? I had 2 team members with small children that had to be home schooled/looked after. We all pitched in as a team to cover mtgs and replanned work so they could do reports etc in the evening. We may all need a hand sometime, bosses need to remember this. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB I think after #metoo we hear about it more. 1mo
Reggie @vivastory They‘ve had a few heavy hitters but yeah mostly indie authors. 1mo
Centique REGGIE! I just finished listening to your episode on Reading Envy and I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for the shout out. God that‘s the kindest thing to say. Love back at you brother 💕💕 1mo
Reggie @Centique 😁❤️ 1mo
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No Country for Old Men | Cormac McCarthy
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Day 7. #21DaysofHorror I know, I know. McCarthy horror you think of The Road but lately I‘ve been thinking about the sheriff in here who is the conscience of this book. Who makes these observations that tell us maybe the world is headed in the wrong direction. Let‘s be honest, who hasn‘t felt that way lately? So much unease. There is a bargain made in here that leads to a wife‘s moment of horror that has always stuck with me. He‘s good stuff.

LeahBergen Yes! This one certainly had some “😬” parts. 2mo
Reggie @LeahBergen and Anton Chigur. 😱Hello Friendo. 2mo
sisilia I couldn‘t sleep after I watched the movie (edited) 2mo
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vivastory I haven't read the book, but the movie is just absolutely incredible. Speaking of McCarthy I've heard that Child of God is pretty disturbing as well... 2mo
Reggie @sisilia @vivastory I‘m glad I watched the movie because it had answers to questions about the book and the book had answers to questions I had about the movie. 2mo
Bookzombie This and The Road are both so good. My husband also really likes The Border Trilogy. He is currently rereading The Crossing. He frequently mentions I should read them. 2mo
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Kin | Kealan Patrick Burke
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Have you ever wondered what happens after the final girl escapes the backwards hillbilly clan. Kin is that book. There is still plenty of blood and guts and in between them are plenty of interesting and well written characters. My favorite scene in here is where a father of a boy who was killed asks the final girl in her hospital bed if his boy at least went down fighting. She says yes. But then it shows her memory and how the boy took off👇🏼

Reggie running without a backward glance once he saw them in trouble. She was being kind. Anyways, great book. #21DaysofHorror Day 6. 2mo
TrishB We all like to think we‘d be the brave one! 2mo
bhartiattri6903 Where do u get these books?tell me if it's online 2mo
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vivastory I had no idea that this was the synopsis for Kin. Sounds very intriguing! 2mo
Reggie @bhartiattri6903 Yes, I usually get them from Amazon. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB in my 20‘s I like to think I would have had a chance. Now I think I‘d be the one with wet pants. That rhymed. Lol 2mo
Reggie @vivastory there is a father and son who pick up this girl while she‘s running away and their story is sooooo good. 2mo
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post image

If you‘re single like me and like to think about the hypothetical relationships you would be in and in some of the scarier iterations you get cheated on but think “what if there was a slant of horror to go along with that heartbreak/betrayal?” Well have I got a book for you!!! There‘s 7 stories in here(skip the 2nd one, I have no idea what it‘s doing in this book) and all of them feature betrayal!!! Langan‘s elevated prose can be considered 👇🏼

Reggie by some something you have to wade through, I consider it a bonus. Check him out. #21daysofhorror Day 5. (edited) 2mo
TrishB That made me smile 😁 2mo
Reggie @TrishB 😁Lol 2mo
vivastory I have been meaning to read more Langan ever since I read The Fisherman. I like the take on the Goya painting on this cover. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory the Goya painting has to do with the 2nd story that doesn‘t really belong in here. Also, he got the idea to write a story off the Goya painting from Laird Barron, whose story is way better than Langan‘s in relation to their interpretations of that painting. 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hi #GroupH these are my picks for round 13. I‘m cool with either of these so let me know if something interests you.

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sprainedbrain I have not read any of these, and they all look awesome for different reasons. Boatman‘s Daughter has been on my tbr since last October, but honestly would be happy with any of these. Can‘t wait to hear what you pick! 2mo
NikkiM5 What is grouph? (I assume horror group reads or book swap?) very interested for more info😆 2mo
Erinreadsthebooks Boatman‘s Daughter and Revelator sound excellent 🤩👏 2mo
Reggie @NikkiM there is a Litsy member who does this lettered postal group where we all sign up under letters. Whoever gets to the letter first usually has a say in what genre they want to read. Every letter only gets 4 people and we all choose books. We read them and mark them up with comments, then mail them to the next person in the group until your book comes back to you. 2mo
Chili They all look good. I haven‘t read any of them. 2mo
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A Stir of Echoes | Richard Matheson
post image

This was really good. A man at a neighborhood dinner gets put under hypnosis only to find out later his mind has been opened to telepathy, psychometry, and a couple of other things. There was such suspense and thrill in here. Ashley, this will be going back to you either tomorrow or Monday. And thanks @MaleficentBookDragon @BookwormAHN @JackOBotts for a great round of LMPBC.

LeahBergen I haven‘t read this but I remember I found the movie quite scary! 2mo
Reggie @Leahbergen I think you‘d like it. I haven‘t seen the movie but there was stuff I didn‘t see coming at all and I gasped here and there. It has no gore but it does some great stuff. 2mo
BookwormAHN I'm glad you enjoyed it 👻 2mo
Reggie @BookwormAHN Ashley, remember when that guy said he‘d send your book back to you because he finished early in the month and was quite in fact proud of himself. Yeah, well, he‘s trash, and barely put in the post today. Hopefully you get it Monday. Happy Halloween! 🎃 1mo
BookwormAHN No problem, thanks. Happy Halloween 🎃 1mo
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post image

I love a good single author collection and this one is great. She has a story that rifts on a Christmas Carol that is 3 ghosts of ex bf‘s visiting an about to be bride on Halloween that is great. There is the one in the back called Flowers for Amaryllis that has to do with mental health and addiction that is also queer. And it‘s so affecting. And my favorite has to do with 4 girls trick or treating going up 1 by 1 to the haunted house and 👇🏼

Reggie knocking wondering if the door will open. It‘s the simplest yet the most dreadful. Give this collection a try. #21daysofHalloween Day 4 2mo
vivastory This one is completely new to me. I'm sold! 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Creepy title and cover. 😬 2mo
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TrishB Great review Reggie 👍🏻 2mo
DivineDiana Intriguing! 2mo
Reggie @vivastory the addiction story comes back to talk to me every once in a while. 2mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm Hi Jesse! Yeah, the story it goes with is pretty creepy too. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB thanks! 🖤 2mo
Reggie @DivineDiana I gave this book to a friend who is not one for horror stories or movies and she liked it. She still got scared but said it was worth. Lol 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl That title! 2mo
sprainedbrain That cover. Omfg. 2mo
DivineDiana @Reggie Ok! Stacked! ❤️ 2mo
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Earthworm Gods | Brian Keene
post image

Meet Teddy, a thoughtful octogenarian who happens to be from the Greatest Generation. Teddy and a couple of friends is all that‘s left of their mountain because the rains haven‘t stopped and the water keeps rising. There‘s also satanists, sea monsters, conspiracy theorists, and of course lots of worms. Favorite line: That was the morning the early worm ate the bird. Keene is so good and he wrote the hell out of this book. #21daysofhorror. Day 3.

BiblioLitten The cover reminded me of 2mo
vivastory Yes! Such an original book! I remember reading this early on in the pandemic & it was such a great escape. I really do need to read the sequel as well as more of Keene's work 2mo
Crazeedi The early worm ate the bird!!! Hehehehe!!😁 2mo
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Reggie @BiblioLitten did you like that book? 2mo
Reggie @vivastory I like the third where people paid to be in different scenes of the apocalypse. Keene actually got on the phone with all of them and found out who they were so he could write them. There‘s some scenes I still think about. 2mo
Reggie @Crazeedi Teddy keeps track of this bird outside his window because there‘s less and less wildlife and one morning he checks outside for it. That‘s when he sees this worm jump up from the ground and swallow it whole as it was coming down from the tree. At first he tells himself he must be seeing things. But yeah, that line is how the chapter starts and it sticks with you. Lol 2mo
BiblioLitten @Reggie It was in 2020 and it was too much for me. I bailed after about 60% 🙃 2mo
Reggie @BiblioLitten somethings definitely hit different during different times. I put on the Keanu version of The Day the Earth Stood Still and even though it‘s 13 years old some of the stuff in there feels very much scary now that I almost turned it off. 2mo
BiblioLitten @Reggie True. I had marked The Plague and Devolution as my top TBR but I never got to it. I just couldn‘t! 2mo
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Last Days | Brian Evenson
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Today at my casino, a woman was reading the book on the left. I asked her about it and she said she had been a 7th Day Adventist for over 25 years and that she had recently left. The book deals with a founder of the religion who said she was a prophet but many things have come to light that just didn‘t jive well with the woman reading the book. There was more to it, and she had a pen and showed me all the points she had underlined. She was 👇🏼

Reggie definitely one of us. Do I think 7th Day Adventistism is a cult? No, but there was a heartbreak, a having been misled quality to her story that made me think of cults. And made me think of The Last Days which is about a detective with a self amputated arm that‘s asked to investigate a compound that houses of all things, an amputee cult. It is crazy pants but you won‘t be able to stop reading. #21DaysofHorror Day 3. (edited) 2mo
wanderinglynn What a fascinating interaction. 2mo
CarolynM I think it can be hard to leave any group that is based around a particular way of being or thinking, whether it's a cult, a mainstream religion, a political party or even just a friendship group. I hope the lady you met finds peace. 2mo
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TrishB What a great post Reggie. ♥️ 2mo
TrishB @CarolynM so true. I recently resigned my membership of the Labour Party. I‘m a life long socialist but don‘t feel the Labour Party is for me at the moment. But I feel bereft and sad and angry. And not sure who I‘m voting for! 2mo
kspenmoll My guess is she found your authentic interest so helpful- and discussing her decision to leave must have been helpful to her. Books are a catalyst for so many of us- you are a gem Reggie. 2mo
CarolynM @TrishB I feel you. Unfortunately I don't think parties with genuinely socialist agendas are any chance of winning government in either of our countries in the foreseeable future. With 2 major parties here, my vote goes to the lesser of the 2 evils. 2mo
AmyG I love when books lead to interesting interactions with people. An amputee cult? 😳 and @TrishB @CarolynM what a world we live in. I can‘t believe I have to now vote for the person who believes in democracy. 2mo
vivastory I think that cults have been on a lot of people's minds these days. I remember hearing about this one & meant to check it out. I recently have been dipping into his new collection 2mo
BarbaraBB Wonderful encounter! 2mo
TrishB @CarolynM @AmyG yes, the lesser of 2 evils or the one that still believes in democracy. It‘s a bit grim! 2mo
LauraBeth Wow! That‘s fascinating! 2mo
Reggie @wanderinglynn @CarolynM @TrishB @kspenmoll @AmyG @BarbaraBB @LauraBeth Thanks all! I got the sense she had come to terms with it because she said what mattered most to her was her own personal relationship to God. Although, she‘s a little attached because she was a secretary with the organization for 20 years and they keep calling her for help with the computer. 2mo
Reggie @AmyG yes an amputee cult and it‘s fascinating because they are all categorized by numbers. 1‘s all the way up to the highest which I think was an 11 depending on how many limbs you had cut off. And the higher numbers looked down on the lower numbers. And yes, a year later and we still have crazies saying our president isn‘t the president. The bar is pretty low right now. 2mo
Reggie @Vivastory I tried another by him but there was such a lack of emotion that really started to bother me that I just left it. 2mo
LauraBrook What an interesting convo you had! I have an old friend who is 7th Day - used to say it was a cult, and if that‘s the case, she has now fully drunk the Kool-Aid. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope she finds it a positive thing in her life, but based on our now-limited interaction I‘m thinking it‘s not so much. 2mo
DivineDiana A great example of books bringing us together. You are a kind soul, Reggie. ❤️.... But you do find the strangest books! 😅 2mo
Reggie @LauraBrook maybe she finds this book one day and throws up all the Kool-Aid. This lady I was talking to, after showing me what she had underlined told me she was gonna pass it on to friends who she thought might be receptive to it. Maybe she‘ll start a mini revolution. 2mo
Reggie @DivineDiana ❤️ Lol, I‘ll take that. 2mo
Suet624 This was such an interesting post to read. Thanks for sharing. 1mo
Reggie @Suet624 I always get excited when I see readers at my casino. Sunday there was a guy who was reading read sci-fi. 1mo
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Garden of Fiends: Tales of Addiction Horror | Jack Ketchum, Mark Matthews, Glen Krisch, Kealan Burke
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One of the best things about reading an anthology of horror is discovering new to you authors. A couple of years I was reading an anthology of addiction horror and came across a story about how a man after having sex with his gf discovers his penis is bleeding. A day later there is so much pain. A day later there is movement underneath the skin. A day later actually spiders coming out the tip. After the end I thought, Who is this?!!!👇🏼

Reggie It was Max Booth 3rd and I‘ve read 3 books and one novella that actually got turned into a movie. I‘ve really enjoyed his journey as a writer and look forward to anything by him. #21daysofHalloween Day 2 2mo
vivastory Great choice! Have you had a chance to watch the movie yet? 2mo
Reggie @vivastory I haven‘t. I‘ve been rewatching Halloween for this next week. 2mo
LitStephanie Yeah, I will never, ever be reading that author based on your description. 🤣 2mo
BkClubCare @LitStephanie - Yeah, … me, neither! 2mo
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One of the first horror novels I read as a teenager. I was in love at first read. Two men, Randall and Jaffe, discover a mystical place called the sea of quiddity One wants to use it for evil and one wants to protect it. Their feud will last decades and destroy lives in utterly gnarly ways. Barker never shies away from the body horror. If there is a totally 80‘s horror fantasy novel this is it. Day 1 of 21 days of horror.

johncadams This takes me back! 2mo
vivastory I recognize the title, but I had no idea that's what it was about. Sounds amazing! 2mo
Reggie @johncadams His books remind me of hot summers. His books were some of the first ones when I became a reader in my teens. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory ummmmm it‘s just one of a thousand parts. I think you‘d like it still. 2mo
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Wow, for a first book this was great. We get 11 related short stories of people under the arc of the life and death of an American newspaper in Rome that they have a connection to. If I had read this 11 years ago when it first came out, I think I would have taken these stories better. The main character of each story suffers from an illusion, a delusion, a kind of fantasy. They all get brought back to reality. Very compelling, just a downer.👇🏼

Reggie A sad pick. Thanks again, @Centique, for this wonderful book. 2mo
Ruthiella I liked this book a lot too, but yeah it was a little depressing. 2mo
Centique Aww I‘m glad you liked it but sorry it made you sad! 💕 These are tough times for sad reads. 2mo
Reggie @Ruthiella @Centique on a lighter note, Brittney Spears got to leave her conservatorship. So something good did happen this week. 2mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
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I had the top two for two weeks and the other two came today. Thank you so much, Paula!❤️ Which one should I read first? I‘m excited the most for The Imperfectionists. And yes, hopefully the USPS and Australia and New Zealand can find a solution.

Centique Oh yay! I‘m so glad they got there! I wanted to say that even though We Ride Upon Sticks got mixed reviews on Litsy it was such a nostalgia blast and so tender hearted at core that I think you‘ll like it. I think it was sold as being more “witchy” and darker than it is - it‘s more a snarky nostalgia read with a diversity of teen experiences. 2mo
Centique Yes go for The Imperfectionists if that appeals most. They‘re all good but one story just struck me as being one you‘d love. I hope I‘m right. 2mo
rockpools That‘s quite a selection- how lovely 😊 2mo
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LauraBeth Nice picks! I‘ve been wanting to read The Imperfectionists forever! 2mo
Twainy I‘ve only read GTN & it seems the least like the others. Interesting TBR!!

Struggling English print media set in Rome. Plenty here for a good story without Teamsters (Italy lol) AND you have it in print! I can‘t wait for the review! 🤗

The Imperfectionists! 😁 🖤
BkClubCare I enjoyed The Imperfectionists AND We Ride Upon Sticks. Have fun! 2mo
Megabooks Sticks is a lot of fun! 2mo
Reggie @rockpools Paula‘s awesome. Thanks! 2mo
Reggie @LauraBeth I got halfway through The Imperfectionists today and am really liking it even though it is a big of a downer. But it is giving me Joan Silber vibes and you liked her. 2mo
Reggie I‘m really digging the half of the Imperfectionists that I read today. Thanks! 2mo
Reggie @Megabooks I‘m looking forward to it. 2mo
LauraBeth I did like Joan Silber! 2mo
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Translated from Catalan by Mara Fay Lethem this is about Paula, a 42yo neonatologist, who is meeting Mauro, her partner of 12 years, to have lunch. Mauro tells Paula he is leaving her for someone else and then dies by car accident 4hrs later. Told through Paula‘s eyes this is a nonlinear account of grief, rage, love and humor. I appreciated the middle agedness of this book. And even though I feel Paula didn‘t get the best closure, do we ever 👇🏼

Reggie get the closure we want? A strong pick! 2mo
Twainy I think you might have the weirdest TBR 😝🤗 now I have to go look for this book. 🙌 2mo
Bookzombie Great review, Reggie! 2mo
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Cathythoughts Great review! And a great picture 👍🏻 stacked 2mo
CarolynM Great review, it sounds like an interesting book. 2mo
rockpools What everyone said - great review! That cover‘s weirdly disturbing though… 2mo
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 2mo
Suet624 Oh boy! What a complicated mess of emotions must result from that! 2mo
Reggie @Twainy 🤪 Lol, I need something a little different from time to time. 2mo
Reggie @Bookzombie @Cathythoughts @CarolynM @rockpools @TrishB @Suet624 I really loved this book. She has this father who is great. There were times I was on the emotional ride with her where my heart felt like it was about to burst open and then there was a moment when I wanted something to be nearby so I could throw it against the wall in a rage! Not the book, because the book was good. Lol, Hope ya‘ll give it a try. 2mo
Nutmegnc Thanks for that. I did a survey of Spanish literature(including works from Catalan in translation) for my master‘s and this looks right up my alley!! On a side note, I‘m so glad we have a resurgence in books in Catalan- as it was banned until the end of the Franco era. 2mo
Nutmegnc Also I‘m not sure anyone knows of the history surrounding the people and place of Cataluña, but this book very much seems to be a product of that. 2mo
shawnmooney Oh oh oh - THIS is the book about which I would love to interview you for 10 minutes on Zoom for my BookTube channel, specifically for the Bite-sized Book Chats series. You may have seen my posts about this series but if not here is the playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU-61cZp1pQdBH5V0Zb9q-2ujl4PY8nhf. Several Litsy folk have already been on and I would be absolutely delighted if you would be a guest! 2mo
shawnmooney Hi again just wondering if you saw my comment from about ten days ago? No pressure, but just wanted to make sure you saw it. :) 2mo
Reggie @shawnmooney I‘m sorry Shawn I didn‘t see it, but sure. I‘m in Mountain standard time and have Thursday‘s and Fridays off. I usually stay up until around midnight. Let me know how and when. 2mo
shawnmooney Fabulous! It‘s probably best if we take this off-line so if you don‘t mind dropping me a quick email I will get back to you with scheduling options and Zoom links and what not. shawnmooneyinjapan@gmail.com 2mo
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Centique 😳😳😳 wow, this sounds so good! 2mo
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Silence for the Dead | Simone St. James
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This was great. It‘s 1919 England and Kitty Weekes is running away from danger straight into a haunted asylum. This was put in the mail this morning to you @BookwormAHN and should be there by Monday.

BookwormAHN Okay, I look forward to reading it 👻 2mo
Centique Looks like I was prescient getting BD to deliver books to you. Did you see UPS has stopped delivering between Australia, NZ and the US. Cant get enough space/too few planes. Pretty freaky when the good old mail can‘t get through! 2mo
BookwormAHN Got it, thanks 👻 2mo
Christy2318 I love Simone‘s books. This one is my favorite. 2mo
sprainedbrain Love this one! 2mo
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Silence for the Dead | Simone St. James
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@JackOBotts thanks for picking this book. I‘m barely at the part where Kitty does her first night shift. Holy crap, the hairs on my arm stood up. Lolol it‘s my first Simone St. James and it‘s really good so far.

LeahBergen I‘ll have to read this one now! I‘ve read a couple of her other novels and really liked them. 2mo
JackOBotts So glad you‘re enjoying it! I love her writing and her ghost stories! 2mo
Reggie @LeahBergen this is totally making me want to read her other stuff. 2mo
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Bookzombie I‘m glad you are enjoying it. I only have one of her backlist left to read. I usually listen to her books. 2mo
BiblioLitten Her books are always a Pick for me. Have to read this one though 2mo
CoffeeNBooks This is one of my favorite St. James books! 2mo
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The gist is to try and think like a scientist. Put an answer out there to try for and try to not only prove it but also disprove it and adjust accordingly based on data that may or may not change. I learned a lot. Some that would be applicable to my job and some to how I have evolving feelings towards books I read a year ago. Grant was gentle and had humor that kept me engaged. This kind of nonfiction is not my jam but this book is a pick!

Christine This kind of nonfiction IS my jam and now I want to read this one even more! Thanks for a great review (as always) and for including those ways in which you found it personally applicable! ❤️ 2mo
Reggie @Christine You would like it. He has a couple of chapters dedicated to these two teachers and their methods of teaching. It was mind blowing to someone who learned by rote and memorization. 2mo
wanderinglynn I enjoyed this one too. @Christine I had checked it out of the library & liked it so much, I ordered myself a copy so I could mark it up and take notes. (edited) 2mo
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Reggie @wanderinglynn the part about psychological safety at work really resonated. And how the less psychologically safe a workplace is the less team members care to voice opinions or ideas for fear of failure and punishment. That was just 1 of 100 things in here. 2mo
wanderinglynn Yes, that was a really interesting section. The quote that really stuck with me was in the intro: (paraphrased) we laugh at someone using Windows 95 but we still go by our opinions that were formed in 1995. 2mo
Christine Ooh that is intriguing re: teaching! You and @wanderinglynn have me rushing to Libby. 2mo
BkClubCare Just purchased this after my library loan expired. I think it will be a wonderful resource 2mo
Reggie @BkClubCare I hope you like it. It has me really rethinking some of the ways I deal with things at work. 2mo
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I‘m totally guilty of kummerspeck and shemomedjamo.

TrishB 😂😂 yep 2mo
Bookzombie Me too! 2mo
LeahBergen Oh, yes! 🤣 2mo
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TiredLibrarian "Grief bacon" ?? 2mo
vivastory 🤣 2mo
ReadingEnvy Ahhh grief bacon, a cousin to grief mac & cheese. 2mo
NikkiM5 I‘ve been on hold for this book since 20 Jul. I can‘t wait 😊 2mo
CarolynM I can totally relate to iktsuarpok - I thought that was just me😬 2mo
Reggie @CarolynM that‘s my parents when any family visits them. They go into this whirlwind of cleaning and feeling resentful about it but happy they‘re seeing family. It‘s a whole process. Lol 2mo
Reggie @NikkiM5 you‘ll like it! 2mo
Christine Grief bacon!! Finally I feel truly connected to my German heritage. 2mo
Centique @Reggie @CarolynM 🙋🏻‍♀️me too. Both the grief bacon and the guest anticipation anxiety. At least my hub has now agreed we are Never Having Another Party Here. That‘s one whole anxiety windmill of its own gone. 🙌 2mo
Reggie @Centique yayyy for never having to have another party thrown at your place. They‘re fun but sometimes the stuff before and after‘s not. 2mo
KimM Giving a party a month from now. Already anxious. Gonna need some grief bacon. 2mo
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Really enjoying this book. He does some entertaining experiments that speak to much larger truths.

Suet624 I was going to make a joke about the arrogance of Yankees fans but I‘ll hold myself back. 🤪 sincerely, a Red Sox fan. 2mo
Reggie @Suet624 Lolol 2mo
rwmg Sports fans are weird 🤷‍♂️ 2mo
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Reggie @rwmg lol, yes, today at work I read this section to a friend at work and all he had to say was- I hate the Yankees. Lol (edited) 2mo
Centique Have you seen that new Heineken advert about building bridges between opposed people? Makes me think of that. 2mo
Reggie @Centique I just went and looked it up and wow! That was powerful. I really thought that man was gonna leave the trans woman. There‘s another little experiment in here where he asks one group of fans to describe the other team‘s fans with 3 negative words. And another group the same but with 3 positive words, also. And then he tells both groups that today at the game they are testing out a new hot sauce in the opposing side‘s hot dogs. How hot 2mo
Reggie should it be? The people with just the negative words chose the hottest while the people who also came up with the 3 positive words chose milder hot sauces. 2mo
Centique @Reggie that‘s amazing. We‘re all so influenceable. 😳😳 Yes, I really thought that man was walking out in that ad too. 2mo
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I loved this. Nichole is a Black woman in her 40‘s who wrote this bunch of essays that are candid and highly relatable. From dealing with abusive family relationships to power dynamics within relationships to frank sex talk, this was just great. There is a lot of pop culture critique in here that will stick with me (the name of her book comes from a Prince song), especially the part about Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. Good stuff!!!

Leftcoastzen The best part of the laundromat is reading time! 3mo
Trashcanman Hey man, how's it going? 3mo
Reggie @Leftcoastzen I do agree. It‘s the nice hum in the background for me. 3mo
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Reggie @Trashcanman I‘m doing good, George. How bout yourself? 3mo
Cathythoughts Great review! I knew when I saw the washing machine that this would be a Reggie post 👍🏻😁😘 I love that swishy sound too 3mo
Trashcanman @Reggie oh you know, waiting for the sun to shine. 2mo
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Lol, Nichole has this essay on her adventures in dating and really knows how to balance out the serious stuff with some great humor. This book is the best thing I could have picked up today.

Ruthiella 😂😂😂 3mo
Cinfhen Hi Reggie!!! Hope all is well 😘 3mo
Cathythoughts 😂😂very good 3mo
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LeahBergen 🤣🤣 These quotes are gold. 3mo
Centique OMG and the pictures are perfect. The serial killer mouse!! 😜 3mo
Reggie @Cinfhen Hi, Cindy! It is. I just came back from a vacation and am feeling pretty good. You doing ok? 3mo
Reggie @Ruthiella @Cathythoughts @LeahBergen lol, right? @Cinfhen I was just going to put up a picture of a regular mouse but then said wth, let‘s search serial killer mouse. Look what came up. The internet truly has everything. Lol 3mo
mandarchy I think this wins review of 2021. Hysterical illustrations with great quotes. 3mo
Reggie @mandarchy lol, thank you very much. The essay was cracking me up when these descriptions kept coming up. 3mo
Cinfhen Im well/ thanks for asking!! Glad you were able to get away 💚 3mo
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