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Rebecca by Daphne Dame Du Maurier
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Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs by Claire Kowalchik, William H. Hylton
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Zorrie by Laird Hunt
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The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, Michael Chesworth
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A Flower A Day by Miranda Janatka
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👩🏻‍🍳 https://www.hoopladigital.com/ebook/the-classic-hoosier-cookbook-various-authors...



Some Zorrie type recipes 👩🏻‍🍳♥️👩🏻‍🍳

Liz_M I read this title as “The Classic Horror“ cookbook 😳 and wondered if it was either a) recipes with lots of strawberry jam, red food coloring etc. or b) full of Midwestern 1950s meat-and-potatoes-and-boiled-vegetables 😂 15h
Sace @Liz_M 😂 😂😂 14h
TheBookHippie @Liz_M Isn‘t it the same thing 😅👀🤭😵‍💫😂 14h
willaful Are all the recipes for hot dish? 😁 11h
TheBookHippie @willaful 😂😂😂😂 11h
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1. CITY GIRL trapped in small town hell 😂👀
I did love Army Bases as a child -all that communal multicultural living.

2. Chicago💙🏙️🚊


TheSpineView Thanks for playing! Happy Tuesday 14h
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Bookwomble Excellent! 🎸 18h
dabbe #robertplant #heartthrob 💜🧡💜 18h
TieDyeDude Sometimes I need a reminder of just how freakin' epic Stairway to Heaven is! I haven't been listening to much classic rock since I don't have radio in my car, just bluetooth. I need to force some changes in my Spotify algorithm 😅 16h
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TheBookHippie @TieDyeDude 🤘🏻🎸♥️🎵 Some of their songs just blow my mind still!!! 16h
TheBookHippie @dabbe ♥️💯🎵 16h
AmyG Zeppelin forever. 15h
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Happy Earth Day! | Alex Appleby
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Happy 🌎🌍🌏

#litsolace 🌿💙💚

Poem from Emily Dickinson
Art https://linktr.ee/tarnellisart

Bookpearl I love photo! 2d
slategreyskies I‘m so glad I wasn‘t born in July! 😳 🪱 2d
TheBookHippie @slategreyskies 😂😂😂😂😂😂 My grandson would love it! 2d
dabbe @slategreyskies Unfortunately, I was! Yikes! 😂 1d
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Zissen Pesach. Chag Pesach kasher vesame'ach.

UwannaPublishme Happy Passover! 2d
Graywacke Chag Sameach 2d
CarolynM Happy Passover 2d
LeahBergen Happy Passover! 2d
CoffeeK8 Chat Sameach 2d
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8-9 PM Wherever you are in the world on Sunday nights. I‘m just starting early!! 🙃🎉

I‘m sitting outdoors it‘s 49 F and SUNNNNY!
I‘m enjoying my strawberry plants even though it‘ll probably freeze this week and I‘m enjoying the green and birds returning and going over my notes for this book before I put it back away -another book off my TBR!!! However I‘m gonna keep this book, but it is read- YAY!

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MAY is on the way 🪻🌹🌷🌻


It‘s my BIRTHDAY the 28th so I gave us a fun one 👀

28. MY BIRTHDAY, SO What rules have you broken that have been WORTH IT?

✍🏼 https://vanillapapers.net/2020/08/25/journaling-techniques/

🎨 https://stylemeetsstory.com/junk-journal/

Everyone welcome!!! Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list! 🔖

SaceReads Add me please? 3d
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TheBookHippie @SaceReads absolutely!! 3d
CoffeeNBooks Thank you!! 💜 3d
dabbe Yay, and thank you! 💜🧡💜 2d
Read4life Thank you! It will be a verbal exercise in May since I still won‘t be able to write but I‘m looking forward to it! 2d
TheBookHippie @Read4life 🙃♥️ It should still be fun. Hope your healing is going well! 2d
curiouserandcurioser @TheBookHippie this looks wonderful-could i please be added? 2d
TheBookHippie @curiouserandcurioser Absolutely!! You can use the hashtag to look back to our start in January. 2d
curiouserandcurioser @TheBookHippie ok, thank you! Im looking forward to this❤ 2d
Jari-chan Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ 2d
quietlycuriouskate Thank you! ❤️ 2d
Read4life Thank you, Christine! Slow but steady progress. I read the prompt and verbalize my response to Sherlock. I like to believe he‘s listening intently and not napping. 🤓🐶 2d
TheBookHippie @Read4life I‘ve the same beliefs of Miss Diva Winifred. 2d
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May, my birthday month! I have never read this. I am hoping for a good warm fuzzy cozy read.

Also a Shirley Temple Movie to look forward to! YAY.

Everyone welcome

2024 schedule https://bookhippie.com/index.php/2023/10/01/childrens-classic-read-2024/

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mcctrish I am 99% certain I watched the movie on a Saturday morning a long long time ago but I have never read the book. Count me in. I am on the hunt for a copy 3d
tpixie @TheBookHippie I remember loving this book as a child. I have no recollection what it was about though. Looking forward to reading it. 3d
TheBookHippie @tpixie I‘ve zero knowledge of the story I‘m excited to read it! 3d
SaceReads I‘ve never read this! I‘ll try to join in. 3d
BarbaraJean Oh, wow—I‘ve never read this one, either, but I have it on the #KindredSpiritsBuddyRead list at the end of June… I may just have to read it early!! 3d
TheBookHippie @BarbaraJean oh 😬 sorry bout that. I make and put out our schedule Oct 2023. I didn‘t catch you had it on your schedule. But please do read along. It‘s very low key we just post fun things we find and movies and articles with the hashtag. We all will have to join in your talks in June. 🙃 3d
curiouserandcurioser @TheBookHippie I read this a long time ago and loved the Shirley Temple movie:) I'm excited for this❤ 3d
BarbaraJean @TheBookHippie Oh, no worries!! I made up our schedule only a few months ago and wish I‘d thought to look at your schedule before I did. I may see if the Kindred Spirits readers want to move things around a bit… there‘s just a few of us and some are on your tag list as well 😊 @TheAromaofBooks @julieclair @rubyslippersreads 3d
TheBookHippie @BarbaraJean 🙃🙃🙃🙃 3d
AmyG Oh, how I love Shirley Temple movies. My childhood…they had them on Sat or Sun mornings and I always watched. 3d
rubyslippersreads @AmyG Me too. My mom and I used to watch them together. 3d
UwannaPublishme Woo hoo! This one is new to me too. I‘ve got the ebook on my Kindle and already ordered the Shirley Temple movie on ebay! 🙌🏻 3d
AnnCrystal 🎉🎂🥳👍. 3d
julieclair @BarbaraJean I'd be fine with moving the Kindred Spirits schedule around a bit so we could all read together. 2d
TheAromaofBooks @BarbaraJean - I'm also fine with moving this one to May if it works better. I haven't read it in forever, so I'm looking forward to the reread whenever it happens 😂 2d
PurpleyPumpkin Another children‘s classic that I haven‘t read! Looking forward to this. 😉 2d
Bklover Not sure if I can fit this in this month, but I know I loved this as a child. Can‘t remember a single thing about it though! 2d
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Up next for MAY 🎉🎈🧁


Everyone welcome!

It‘s my birthday month and I LOVE Dorothy Parker so here‘s hoping it‘s good!

vlwelser I'm ordering this from the library as soon as I finish Zorrie. 3d
vlwelser And it's on Hoopla. Score. 3d
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TheBookHippie @vlwelser 🎉🎉🎉 3d
mcctrish I‘ve got my copy, once again Book Outlet for the win 3d
AmyG Yay! 3d
DebinHawaii Got mine & I‘m ready! 🎉 3d
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Many. Those that stand out are those I got to listen to speak for a long time or share a meal or long conversation : Amy Lee-Tai , Jason Reynolds, Jazz Jennings, Yusef Salaam, Lindy West(had us in hysterics) I would love to meet Judy Blume ♥️.

mrp27 I met Judy Blume about 11years ago at LA Festival of books, which is coincidentally going on this weekend. 3d
TheBookHippie @mrp27 I got a signed book and note from her with my fancy copy of Are You There God it‘s me Margaret from her Fla bookshop by mail. I‘d love to meet her. How lucky you did. My friend is at the LA festival this week! (edited) 3d
Lsmoore43 Yes. Donna Everhart, Kristin Harmel, Mary Kay Andrew, and Patti Callhan Henry at our library. Patti Callhan Henry I met twice. 3d
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mrp27 It was definitely a bucket list moment. Next bucket list moment I want to have is to visit her bookstore. Wish I was at the festival this weekend! 3d
TheBookHippie @mrp27 🙃 oh me too I‘ve not been to a festival in so long!!! 3d
mcctrish I have met Ann-Marie MacDonald ❤️ Kate Quinn, Janie Chang, Amy Jones, Paul Cavanagh and Sara Gruen. I would honestly love to meet everyone and anyone I have read a book by except JK Rowling 3d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish 🤢JK. I feel so vindicated as I didn‘t like her from day one. 3d
Lsmoore43 I also met Kristy Woodson Harvey. 2d
BookmarkTavern I loved meeting Lindy West! ❤️ Thanks for posting! 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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Now we finish it 🧡

I‘m glad for the slow pace to really take this in. It‘s quite beautiful.

I thank you for joining me in Sundays 🧡

Any clue how this ends?!

Librarybelle This is so beautiful. I‘m glad we‘re reading this! 3d
AmyG No clue. I love this story. So simple and beautiful. 3d
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle Me too. It‘s zen. 3d
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TheBookHippie @AmyG what a reward after last month!!! 3d
vlwelser It's soothing. Especially after that last slog. 3d
IndoorDame The slow pace seems so essential for this, and I‘m sure I would have rushed through it on my own! 3d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame I think it‘s so essential. We for sure are getting the best experience. 🧡 3d
TheBookHippie @vlwelser 😬👀♥️ 3d
BarkingMadRead Lived this, it was so beautiful! 3d
mcctrish Again I agree with you @IndoorDame this really needs to be savoured and I don‘t think I‘d be doing that on my own 3d
kspenmoll Like everyone else, I feel this story, its telling & its writing is gorgeous. 3d
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll It is definitely a feels book. It‘s so beautiful. 3d
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRead It‘s just so lovely. 3d
DebinHawaii It has a stark beauty to it & I have no idea what will happen, but I am enjoying the slow journey with it. 💚 3d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I do love the pace of it all. 3d
Sargar114 The writing is lovely. It‘s not one I would have picked up normally, but I‘m sure glad I have. I feel like I‘m still missing a lot but couldn‘t imagine how much I would be missing without the discussions and stopping! 2d
julieclair I wonder if this book actually will have an "ending", or if it will just kind of fade off, in a "life goes on" manner. 2d
TheBookHippie @julieclair I am wondering the same thing....... it's okay with me if it just fades out but I prefer that as opposed to neat and tidy. 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
This post contains spoilers
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Ruby dies…

Caves …

The aunts affect on Zorries life..

And NOW WHAT ???!

Librarybelle Looking forward to seeing how the rest goes! 3d
vlwelser Looking forward to seeing where this goes. 3d
mcctrish I found the cave thing strange, what would you say Opal is suffering from? Autism came to mind with the caves because she needed to shut out stimuli 3d
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TheBookHippie @mcctrish I‘m not sure. People anywhere on the spectrum were institutionalized. I remember nursing clinical we had so many PKU patients. I wonder if it‘s something I‘m not thinking of. Women were institutionalized quicker so 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3d
mcctrish @TheBookHippie women sure were 3d
AmyG @mcctrish I am curious what Opal is sufferring from, too. I am also wondering if maybe she doesn‘t have schizophrenia too. Who knows? 3d
mcctrish @AmyG I don‘t know about mental illness 3d
DebinHawaii I feel like I want to know more of Opal‘s story too. It will be interesting to see how it all ends up. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3d
Sargar114 Wasn‘t there a mention of a house fire or a suicide attempt early on and that‘s why they put her in an institution? 2d
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 House fire. 2d
Sargar114 @TheBookHippie and she set it right? I guess the question was intent and that may be hard to know 2d
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 So they say but 🤷🏻‍♀️ it wasn‘t clear why. 2d
julieclair Ruby's death.... 💔 It feels like both Zorrie and Noah are lost orphans now. 2d
TheBookHippie @julieclair And so alone!! 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
This post contains spoilers
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Librarybelle Part of me was surprised she visited Opal, but then a part of me was not. She‘s been curious about Opal for years, and knowing her is a way to know Noah. 3d
AmyG I found her visit to Opal surprising and quite fascinating….wondering where this leads. 3d
vlwelser I thought this was a bit creepy tbh. It seems out of character for her to be nosy like this. But I get that Noah intrigues her. 3d
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IndoorDame I can‘t decide if she just needed to satisfy her curiosity so she can move forward with Noah, or if she actually plans to go back and keep Opal as a figure in her life in some fashion 3d
BarkingMadRead This was so odd to me, I guess he was doing something nice for Noah by being nice to Opal? Still. Really weird 3d
mcctrish @Librarybelle I feel this way too and that her whole chosen family has passed away, she adding another circle to hers. Maybe to make sure Opal is happy there? I wouldn‘t doubt Zorrie would bring her home and take care of her if she wasn‘t (edited) 3d
mcctrish @vlwelser I was expecting the home to be a nightmare possibly because of Noah being banned from visiting 3d
Librarybelle @mcctrish I could see Zorrie doing that! 3d
Karisa Wow! That building is impressive and looks also oppressive. The Opal part was just so sad and knowing that Noah has only visited once! 😢 I felt like hitting him—even if he‘d been told that once you‘d think after so long he‘d say forget it! Go to see her monthly at least… Feels like he‘s just using it to justify his avoidance. I‘m sure I‘m not being fair but jeez… 3d
TheBookHippie @Karisa I felt the SAME WAY!!! 3d
DebinHawaii I wonder at her motives for visiting Opal. Does Zorrie even know what they are? I do like that she was nice to Opal. And yes, Noah not visiting in all that time is strange but it does seem like he hides from things & doesn‘t deal with them or talk about them. 3d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I agree, he just shrinks. 3d
Sargar114 @DebinHawaii I wonder if some of her visit was because she cares for Noah and his family and this is someone he cares for and since his family is passing not sure who else will take care of Opal. I got the impression that Noah struggled with mental health issues, so agree @TheBookHippie shrinking is an apt description. His mom always took care of the emergencies so he doesn‘t know what to do. 2d
julieclair I was totally surprised when she visited Opal. I wonder if she will continue going to visit her? 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
This post contains spoilers
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Hello ghost girl
Janie dies
The cemetery all the other girls
Still glowing
So she knows
And wonders the affects on her
She keeps the box
Doesn‘t bury it

Librarybelle I almost yelled at her for not disposing of the box! 3d
AmyG I wondered if that comes into play with Zorrie. Was she there long enough? Did she take enough radium? (edited) 3d
TheBookHippie @AmyG I wonder that as well. 3d
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vlwelser This part was so sad. All I can think of during the radium parts is Marie Curie. 3d
IndoorDame When she asked Marie about the miscarriages I kept wondering if Marie was trying to make her feel better, if she really hadn‘t been there long enough for it to effect her, if that‘s what they thought at the time…? I mean today they tell you not to eat raw fish and unpasteurized cheese and a thousand other things, they would definitely frown on Luna powder 3d
TheBookHippie @vlwelser Oh I do as well. It‘s on my mind during these parts. I read her daughter‘s book on her it‘s very good … 3d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame I am wondering as well. 3d
BarkingMadRead I would have buried the box! I don‘t know if she was there long enough, but taking some with her and using it while pregnant couldn‘t possibly help 3d
mcctrish Would putting the radium in the ground on a farm actually be a good idea? I think Marie was being kind but honestly does she know? I have to think ingesting radium ended her pregnancy, did it cause all the other miscarriages 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have to say the jaw cancer absolutely horrifies me, the description of it just disintegrating 😲 (edited) 3d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish 🤷🏻‍♀️ I‘ve no idea. Has to be sealed and all kinds of things correct? The sounds of the affects on all of them, so so heartbreaking. 3d
Karisa It feels horrible that the box of radium is still lurking. @mcctrish 😱 You‘re right! Burying it doesn‘t seem good either 3d
mcctrish @Karisa should have been left at the watch factory, it was almost funny how much work place theft happened #karma 😬 3d
kspenmoll Oops I resounded to this in the previous post. So heartbreaking. 3d
DebinHawaii It definitely brought all the feelings of The Radium Girls back. 😳🥺😫😭😡 I agree, I want to to get rid of the box but I have no idea how she could do that safely @mcctrish I agree burying it on the farm doesn‘t seem good. I am hoping she wasn‘t there long enough for more health issues than the miscarriages for Zorrie but it‘s hard to know with the ingesting of it. Truly heartbreaking @kspenmoll 😢 3d
Karisa @mcctrish Except for us teachers, we take things from home to bring to school🙃😂 3d
Sargar114 Such a heartbreaking moment. I‘m glad she got to touch base with Marie though. 💔 2d
julieclair I couldn't figure out why she wanted to keep the box. It just made no sense to me. 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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Crops trees birds butterflies
Four leaf clovers
Canned ham and green beans
Canned dill pickles
And a gentlemen caller..
Who sees all 👀

So, thoughts ????

Librarybelle The gentleman caller section was fun to read. I knew it wouldn‘t work out, but it was nice to see Zorrie having a new experience. The Ghost Girl parts stood out the most for me - the repercussions of the radium… 3d
AmyG We knew the radium part was coming. 😢 And the gentleman caller was sweet. I just think Zorrie is more comfortable alone. 3d
TheBookHippie @AmyG OR in love with Noah…. 3d
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vlwelser She's very self sufficient but also cares for others. This was all very sweet. 3d
BarkingMadRead I wish it had worked out with him, he was so sweet. I knew the radium part would come and it still sucked 3d
mcctrish @BarkingMadRead he was sweet but I do wonder about Noah ( nothing better happen to him, I‘m not up for much more loss) I am so glad the radium girls reached out - they were Zorrie‘s first family after her wicked aunt 3d
BarkingMadRead @mcctrish I‘ve wondered about Noah for awhile as well, since she mentioned him at the picnic or bonfire or whatever it was 🤣 3d
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRead @mcctrish I think she‘s been in love with him since she first laid eyes on him. She‘s just not consciously admitting it… 3d
mcctrish @TheBookHippie I thought it was love at first sight too 3d
AmyG @TheBookHippie Yes….I am wondering about Noah. Torn between good friends and something happening there. 3d
Karisa @mcctrish Yes, it keeps coming back to Noah. Interesting when she went to visit his wife. I was surprised that his wife was so nearby, and he hasn‘t been visiting. That whole dynamic is so sad 3d
TheBookHippie @Karisa He wasn‘t allowed. That was common too back then. 😵‍💫 3d
mcctrish @Karisa Noah wasn‘t even the one who committed her. He‘s just waiting to be invited back 😢 and yet they correspond 3d
kspenmoll This section was such fun to read- a gentleman caller! I also knew the repercussions of the radium would assert itself. She could not cope with the thought it may have been why she could not carry a baby to term- I am glad she & her clock painting friends are reconnecting- the whole part about glowing under their graves- so sad. & Zorrie checking on her radium box but leaving it on the shelf. 💔 3d
DebinHawaii I feel like I was peeking through my fingers waiting for the radium effects in her friends who stayed to come. 🫣🥺 Being perennially unattached/single myself, I am okay for Zorrie to be & I think she is too, but if not, I hope she & Noah can find some happiness & contentment as friends or more. 3d
DebinHawaii And homemade pickles 🥒 😋 3d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I‘m okay with her just staying single but I hope she sees Chicago at least once! 3d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I feel it‘s pickle season 🙃😂 3d
Karisa @TheBookHippie @mcctrish So strange! Feels like as a husband he‘d have the right to see her. I just wish he would fight a bit more for that 3d
DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie Yes, if I were voting for a relationship or seeing Chicago, I vote Chicago! 😉😆😂 3d
TheBookHippie @Karisa most of the time it was a no to even parents of children, it blows my mind how people just accepted things as how it was/is. However…. I see it in today‘s world as well. 3d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii The answer is always CHICAGO. 3d
mcctrish @DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie travel is first choice for me 3d
Sargar114 @DebinHawaii I read the radium part the same way; good description. I also wonder if she is just going to have a friendship with Noah. She seems content moving about life and he seems to still be in love with his wife. 2d
julieclair I agree with others who have said that Zorrie has been in love with Noah from the start. But she recognizes and respects that he still loves his wife, and she has figured out a way to accept that. 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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Virgil Alzheimer‘s ..dementia..
Noah his caretaker

A puppy!
Puppy antics
Reading aloud
Suppers with Ruby Virgil Noah
Oats & Virgil
Then Virgil dies
Zorrie inherits the book..

Montaigne https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/montaigne/

Librarybelle The Oats and Virgil part almost made me cry! So beautiful 3d
AmyG I loved the part with the Oats. And Virgil was such a kind man. The dog and Virgil also touched my heart. 3d
IndoorDame Oats and Virgil together were so wonderful! But introducing Oats in general seemed so bittersweet, that these puppy antics were the height of levity and love in her life… 3d
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vlwelser I thought this was all very sweet and fun. Even though the Virgil bit was a little sad. 3d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame I was so happy it wasn‘t a cat 😂😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ 3d
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie 😂😂😂😂😂 3d
BarkingMadRead This was so sad, Oats is adorable, and the way she clings to Virgil is so sweet, and so like a dog! 3d
mcctrish I agree with everyone re:Oats and Virgil and then when Oats knew 💔💔💔 3d
Karisa The parts with Virgil reminded me of my grandfather‘s last years. Always known for his sharp mind and strength… Then they were taken by Alzheimer‘s and bone cancer. I love that Virgil had Oats there by his side in those last days. Dogs are so awesome 3d
TheBookHippie @Karisa I‘m so glad Virgil had the dog. Alzheimer‘s is such a horrific thief. 3d
kspenmoll Agree with you all- Oats & Virgil was so like a dog- to feel out who needs you. This part was so loving as were the dinners together & nights of reading. 3d
kspenmoll I love my cats & they are empathetic & seem attune to our feelings but not all cats are like that. I agree @TheBookHippie that a cat would not have the demonstrative love the author was conveying. Had to be Oats! 3d
DebinHawaii If anyone needed the loyalty & goofiness of a puppy, it was Zorrie. And that Oats could be there for Virgil was so touching. I enjoyed this part, sad as it was. 3d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii It was such a gift, Oats was. 3d
Karisa @kspenmoll I love my cats too. Of the 3, one would definitely be there for me. The others… probably just if they were looking for someone to feed them or to play attack my feet 😂 3d
Sargar114 Oats was delightful. So sad about Virgil and his passing. It‘s so hard reading about her losing her found family. 2d
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 It‘s so so sad. 2d
julieclair Oats was such a huge ray of sunshine amidst the sadness. What a difference a dog can make... 2d
TheBookHippie @julieclair I agree, I liked Oats being added to the story. 2d
mollyrotondo Love oats! It was so beautiful how Oats was just drawn to Virgil who needed the dog the most. And regarding Montaigne, what is the significance of his work being discussed in this novel? The struggles of marriage without children? Montaigne's belief that living life brings upon knowledge instead of institutionalized learning? 2d
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo it‘s intriguing as to why this particular philosopher. And is the author saying it with this story. It‘s odd. 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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Zorrie seems to maintain ways to keep it alive, whether she knows it or not. Think it‘s innate or is she just surviving ?

To try to go to Chicago and land in Michigan at the lake.
Oy. I can commiserate…😬😂😵‍💫🤷🏻‍♀️

Librarybelle It might be a little bit of both. She‘s had to survive, and yet she also knows there‘s something to reach for beyond survival. 3d
IndoorDame She seems like a true survivor. I think cultivating hope is a part of that. 3d
AmyG I agree…Zorrie is just a true survivor. It‘s all she seems to know. 3d
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vlwelser She seems a little lost here. In both senses. But she makes the best of things. 3d
TheBookHippie @vlwelser but middle age approaching too, I wondered that as well. 3d
mcctrish @vlwelser literally and figuratively for sure, it was extra heartbreaking that she tried to treat herself and it failed. @TheBookHippie middle age hits hard #throwsallthepunches 3d
Karisa @IndoorDame 👆Yes! This exactly! 3d
Karisa I kept thinking about you @TheBookHippie during that part. You much know those places so well and it‘d be interesting to think about how they‘ve changed since the book‘s era. I love getting glimpses of places I know well from an author‘s eyes. (edited) 3d
TheBookHippie @Karisa As far as farming the life and women, food, community- it‘s exactly the same as 1920/30. Exactly …. As for my love Chicago - It has had massive change even during my lifetime. It‘s quite mind-blowing. The places and things I did as a child are no longer there. The L is different as well. Some things remain hundreds of years still. I was screaming when she didn‘t make it to the city I was heartbroken … but like her, I just carry on. 3d
kspenmoll Yes- I love her relationship to land, her crops, the sand, even the lake she never quite found - she definitely is a survivor but I think she strives for more- maybe not consciously? Maybe she will make it to the city one day? 3d
DebinHawaii She is a survivor for sure. Although her expectations for happiness are low, she keeps reaching out for it in small ways. 3d
Karisa @TheBookHippie Yes! I wanted her to go ride the L for her friend‘s sake and to have that city of experience at least once. Only been once, but Chicago is amazing! 3d
TheBookHippie @Karisa Before COVID I was any chance I can get I was there, my whole life I've been there at least a week a month. HA. It has slowed down but we still talk of living there when the last kiddo is launched into the world after college-so 5 years. When I hear the L, and the city noises and all the languages and the smells of all the food, my whole body calms. ZEN. Although I felt that in SAN FRANCISCO too! HA. I LOVED working with LarkinYouth. 3d
Sargar114 I wonder if some of her resilience and ability to maintain hope is because she had to work hard at it growing up under her aunt. So now as an adult she is more practiced in her ability to maintain hope. 2d
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 I was told this was true of me by a therapist if that helps 🙃 it was in me as an act of defiance ✊🏼 2d
Sargar114 @TheBookHippie ✊I‘m being told the same thing about my son who is struggling with school. They say it‘s better to struggle early so they have the skills to learn how to overcome later in life. Or they say this to make me feel better haha 🤷🏼‍♀️ 2d
Sargar114 I keep going back to the scene of her reminiscing being under the Christmas tree looking up at the ornaments and her aunt joining her and actually having a moment of compassion. I‘m sure there were a few moments like that growing up allowing her to maintain hope and resilience. 2d
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 SOLIDARITY!!! 2d
julieclair I was so sad she didn't actually get to see the lake. Water is so calming and soothing. But the scene on the dunes was beautiful. 2d
mollyrotondo When Zorrie got lost, I was like yup that's me 😂 but sometimes getting a little lost helps us see the beauty in something we didn't know we'd find. @Sargar114 I was shocked that the aunt actually sat under the tree with Zorrie and acknowledged the peaceful of the moment. There was compassion inside her aunt but no one forced her to power through her bitterness. 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
This post contains spoilers
show me
post image


Bessie & Gus die
New fields

Interesting the form her grief takes?

Librarybelle Zorrie did not have much nurturing growing up, and it‘s almost like she‘s learning how to grieve at this point. Her thoughts on hope and her aunt‘s negativity towards thinking of hope were so sad to read. 3d
IndoorDame Land seems like everything here. When her aunt died and she didn‘t get the house she turned into a sort of tumbleweed for a while, but it didn‘t suit her. Now that she‘s lost everyone again it goes the other way and she starts building herself up, maybe even more resolutely than when she was married. 3d
AmyG She is alone again. I agree with @IndoorDame about the land. She seems to be working her land, working her way through grief. 3d
See All 20 Comments
vlwelser I sort of appreciate that she just sort of does her thing. On her own. Without needing anyone in her space really. 3d
TheBookHippie @vlwelser I absolutely love her for it. 3d
BarkingMadRead Poor Zorrie is always alone! 3d
mcctrish Do we even know who her aunt left the house to ? Although I think her tumbleweed self ( love it @IndoorDame ) led her to her people ❤️❤️ she is losing them all one by one 💔 3d
Karisa @IndoorDame She does feel rooted to that land. I was glad that she went to reach out to old friends but so sad when she found out many of them were gone. @Librarybelle Her aunt does haunt her. Just heard RuPaul speak yesterday and he spent a long time talking about taking care of our inner child as key to growth as an adult. 3d
Librarybelle That‘s lovely, @Karisa ! 3d
kspenmoll She has somehow, maybe because of her relationships- Bess, Gus, her husband, her clock friends moved beyond her horrid Aunt & somehow recaptured hope, despite her grief. She is independent but does seek others when her aloneness overwhelms her. 3d
DebinHawaii @kspenmoll Beautifully put! Resilience is the first word that comes to mind when I think of her. She bends but doesn‘t break & keeps going. 3d
kspenmoll @DebinHawaii Resilience, yes! 3d
CoffeeNBooks @Librarybelle Her aunt's attitude toward hope is what stood out to me the most about this section- so sad to think that Zorrie was taught that hope is a bad thing to have. I don't understand the aunt at all. @DebinHawaii Resilient is a great way to describe Zorrie! 3d
TheBookHippie @CoffeeNBooks It‘s so hard to read in print. I‘ve known people this bitter, but to read it, it‘s so unnecessary and cruel. 3d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish the bank seized the home I think ? 3d
TheBookHippie @Karisa I agree with RuPaul and having a safe home and food. This story focuses on that in the peripheral. 3d
julieclair It is so sad to think of how the aunt tried to steal all of Zorrie's joy, including her hope. Zorrie is such a strong person to be able to keep her hope alive in the face of that. I do wonder what the aunt's backstory is. She must have lived through something very tragic in her life to be so bitter. 2d
mollyrotondo @CoffeeNBooks @Librarybelle I found this the most upsetting. Her aunt constantly squashing any ideas of hope. But it is amazing that Zorrie understands that her aunt is wrong and is now trying to overcome those negative feelings toward hope. 2d
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo So so bitter, just so sad for Zorrie. 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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The Grass is Singing | Doris Lessing
post image

👀 After Reading The Golden Notebook I had to read some more of her books out of curiosity. I would say she writes in steam of consciousness and a little bit autobiographical. In other words I think she was constantly trying to figure things out and put it in book form and made money from it. She can write, and some of her prose is breathtaking and some is blah blah blah, not unlike a certain Russian novel I just read.⬇️

TheBookHippie I've learned a bit and l'm happy to have this knowledge as it's mentioned in so many books I read, even though I believe half of those folks are fibbing about reading The Golden Notebook. 4d
IndoorDame I totally agree that the lady can write something beautiful, but I‘m impressed that you turned straight around and read a whole other stack of her stuff. If I dive back in it‘s more in the maybe someday slot on my agenda 4d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame I was so befuddled by the accolades she gets -also I‘m still perplexed over “feminist writer” NONE of these are either. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4d
See All 9 Comments
Daisey I liked this one quite a bit more than The Golden Notebook, but I‘m not rushing to read any more of her books at the moment. 4d
TheBookHippie @Daisey 😊 It‘ll be a long while before I try again if I do. Tagged book is pretty good I agree, but I definitely see patterns in her writing. It‘s fascinating for sure. 4d
vivastory I loved this Lessing. Short, to the point, but a gut punch that you won't forget. I read it a couple of yrs ago & it had one of the most unforgettable scenes I read that year 3d
vivastory Also, you have probably seen this, but just in case you haven't this remains my favorite Nobel reaction:
TheBookHippie @vivastory Her interviews crack me up, always… that‘s NOT why she‘s writing 🙃 I believe she thinks we‘ve all missed the point! Ha. Rest her soul. 3d
TheBookHippie @vivastory after a break I‘ll try your recommended read! 3d
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Flora and the Peacocks | Molly Schaar Idle
post image

@wanderinglynn It‘s arrived! Late in posting it‘s been bit of a circus here.

In 2010/11 I mentored a young mom who was terrified of peacocks like a phobia even pictures of them. She was light and full of laughter and had a fun sense of humor. She knew I loved peacocks and would gift me things but say don‘t open it I don‘t want to freak out. I love her as my child as I‘d mentored her her entire childhood. She died in childbirth January 19, 2011⬇️

TheBookHippie When she died we found a peacock wallet wrapped up 🦚. When Lynn said she had an extra one of these she kindly mailed it on having no idea how much this meant at first. We plan to puzzle this with her friends one of which was my daughter. Thank you Lynn. This means so much. 4d
wanderinglynn I‘m so glad I could add a little joy. Enjoy! It really is a beautiful puzzle. 💚🧩🦚💚 4d
LapReader I have issues with them too from my Nan. Her little sister was wearing green when she died and there were peacock feathers in the room. I can‘t have them in my house eg. a girlfriend gave me a tea cup with a peacock on it. I gave it away to the op shop. 4d
TheBookHippie @wanderinglynn ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 4d
TheBookHippie @LapReader 😵‍💫 I understand phobias. It can be so frightening! 4d
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Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook | Elena Craig, Kristen Mulrooney
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Friday night dinner
Gilmore Girls

Dark chocolate pudding

It‘s been a LOOONG DAY

You best believe I ate this for supper 🤭


mabell Oh yum!! And you deserve it for supper!! 4d
TheBookHippie @mabell It‘s so good! 4d
Tamra Delectable! 4d
See All 12 Comments
IndoorDame That looks perfect! 4d
vlwelser Totally valid supper. 4d
UwannaPublishme Yum!!! 4d
Cupcake12 This looks yum x 4d
Read4life You deserve it and I wish I was enjoying it with you. 💙 4d
TheBookHippie @vlwelser so leftovers for breakfast is ok? 4d
vlwelser Definitely the only acceptable breakfast imo. 4d
kspenmoll I am salivating! 3d
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll it‘s so very good. 3d
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We are all home or Nana‘s house.

Thanks guys.

I‘m weary of these
Columbine anniversary tomorrow as well…

Meshell1313 Thank goodness. ❤️ 5d
CatLass007 😢💙 5d
lil1inblue Glad you're safe! It's so sad that this is the world we live in. 😓 5d
See All 24 Comments
IndoorDame ❤️🖤 5d
Deblovestoread I‘m so glad you are all safe. I am so sorry this is our world today and you all had to experience it first hand. 5d
TheBookHippie @Deblovestoread I‘ve been locked in the high school with a student with a gun on the roof before COVID. It‘s just never ending… 5d
LeahBergen Thank goodness!! ❤️ 5d
Read4life Christine, I‘m relieved you are all safe 💙💙💙 I was sending positive thoughts your way and checking for updates. Hugs and love sent your way. 💙 5d
Mimi28 Thank God!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 5d
IMASLOWREADER just seeing this now…glad everyone is safe 🙏 5d
rubyslippersreads So thankful you‘re all safe. 5d
Ruthiella 🙏🙏🙏 5d
marleed ❤️❤️🙏 5d
AnnCrystal 👏😘👍🫂. 5d
Suet624 💕💕💕💕 4d
TheBookgeekFrau So glad to hear!!! 🙏🏼❤️ 4d
curiouserandcurioser @TheBookHippie just saw this-grateful youre all safe❤ 4d
TheBookHippie @curiouserandcurioser ♥️♥️♥️ me too! 4d
Bookwormjillk Just catching up. So glad you‘re safe. 4d
CarolynM I‘m just seeing this now. I‘m glad you‘re all safe and so sorry that it continues to happen💜 4d
TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk ♥️♥️♥️ 4d
TheBookHippie @CarolynM ♥️ me too. 4d
kspenmoll I am so upset you had to experience this - especially the children. Love to you all! 3d
TieDyeDude It's a crazy world we live in... I'm glad everyone is safe ❤ 2d
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Grandson and I are out ♥️
Son is home

willaful Thank goodness. Holding you in my heart. 5d
IndoorDame That‘s a relief! You and baby Hippie should eat the biggest 🍫bar in the world! Sending ♥️ to your daughter. 5d
dabbe Big sigh! Hugs to all of you! 🤗🤗🤗 5d
Leftcoastzen Such a relief! Hugs to all ! 5d
AnnCrystal 👏😘💕💝💝💝💝. 5d
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My son has been walked to his car and released to home
My daughter the admin assist at middle school will be at school until all children are safely released
Grandson and my elementary building is one small group at a time.
This was a planned half day in which most students have been in lockdown for hours.

Massive thanks to all those who donate stickers crayons markers to me for my school bag. Ever grateful I had restocked it and added crackers.

IndoorDame Glad your son is safe! Keep sending updates. I‘m sorry you and all the kiddos are under such stress! ♥️ 5d
Deblovestoread Thinking of you all! 💜💜💜 5d
Ruthiella ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
See All 6 Comments
Aimeesue ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
Leftcoastzen ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
AnnCrystal 💕💝💝💝💝. 5d
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post image

My daughter, son and grandson and me are all in separate buildings . We start releasing at 11am EST

Send us some positive energy 🙏🏼

TheBookgeekFrau 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️ 5d
Leftcoastzen So sorry this is happening. 5d
Karisa Horrible. So sorry you are going through this and sending all the wishes for safety and peace today 5d
See All 15 Comments
IndoorDame Sending love 🙏 5d
Cupcake12 Thoughts for you and your family members 5d
CBee Love love love and more love sent your way ♥️♥️♥️ please keep us updated, my beautiful friend 5d
Meshell1313 So scary. Hope everyone is okay. ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
Mollyanna Stay safe. Positive thoughts to you and your family. 5d
AnnCrystal May you, your daughter, son, grandson, and everyone all be safe through this horrifying experience. 💝💝💝💝. (edited) 5d
Librarybelle ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
quietlycuriouskate May you and yours be safe. 🙏 ❤️ 5d
Deblovestoread Just saw this. Hope you are all safely home wrapped in peace. 5d
dabbe Holding you all in my thoughts. 💜💚💜 5d
marleed I‘m just now reading your thread. OMG how scary and I‘m so thankful your and your family are okay. It‘s terrifying to be in these situations and I hope you and yours find peace this evening and in the coming days. 5d
kspenmoll This is so scary- love to you all. 3d
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Pearl Jam Twenty | Pearl Jam
post image


1. Pearl Jams album dropped at midnight 🎶🪩
2. Strawberry plants showing LIFE 🍓
3. Letter sending & receiving 💌
4. Leaves budding on trees
5. Coffee & Waffles

Bookwormjillk I‘m going to have so much new music to listen to during work today! 5d
Princess-Kingofkings Pour over coffee ~ I must try … eventually 5d
IndoorDame Fresh 🍓!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 5d
See All 7 Comments
DebinHawaii Love your joy list! 💛 Strawberries to come & pour-over coffee with waffles! 😋🍓🧇☕️ Thanks for joining in! (edited) 4d
kspenmoll I hope your strawberry plants remain ok- we have a frost predicted for tomorrow ( Monday) in my area. 3d
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll me too they‘re up way to early!!! Frost predicted Tuesday Wednesday here. 🤞🏻 3d
TheBookHippie @Princess-Kingofkings it‘s the only way 🙃☕️ 3d
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Rebecca | Daphne Dame Du Maurier
post image

Enjoying the creepy people 👀

#pemberlittens #hashtagbrigade

Suzze One of my all-time favorite books 5d
Tamra I enjoy creepy too. 🥹 5d
IMASLOWREADER a favorite…glad you‘re enjoying it (edited) 5d
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Untitled | Untitled
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1. Ava Gardner
2. Lauren Bacall
3. Bernadette Peters


dabbe 🖤 all 3, esp. #2! Thanks for sharing! 💜🧡💜 6d
vivastory I admire your restraint 😂 6d
TheBookHippie @vivastory after last week ….I figured I‘d obey 🙄😬😂😂😂😂 6d
vivastory @TheBookHippie Eh...obedience is overrated 😂 😂 6d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
post image


Places in the Heart is on Netflix 🙃
I‘ve not seen it since the 80s
Apparently my reading and visual life is farming 😂😅

See you Sunday … 🤫🤐🤫

AmyG I didn‘t know this was based on Zorrie. Thanks for the heads up. 6d
TheBookHippie @AmyG it‘s not -but the visuals of farming were helpful to see what she came from . I think it‘s a 1935 setting. (edited) 6d
AmyG Ahhhhhhh 6d
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"Bei Mir Bistu Shein" (Yiddish: בײַ מיר ביסטו שעהן, or Yiddish: בײַ מיר ביסטו שיין)

“To Me You're Beautiful"


? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvxkomTYkfM

kspenmoll Thanks for the link! 7d
AmyG My Grandma loved this song. 7d
TheBookHippie @AmyG Mine too. She danced to it 🙃 7d
See All 8 Comments
AmyG Yes! Mine, too. 7d
julieclair Does anyone even know how to sing like that anymore? 6d
TheBookHippie @julieclair Actually yes, Jazz Clubs I‘ve heard some good stuff. Post Modern Jukebox comes close. It‘s lovely isn‘t it? 6d
julieclair So, you just sent me scurrying to Spotify. I‘d never heard of Postmodern Jukebox. Oh my! Their cover of Jolene is unbelievable! Gut wrenching. I‘m an instant fan! 6d
TheBookHippie @julieclair 😊🎶😊 6d
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Anne of Green Gables | L.M. Montgomery
post image

1. Let the Sunshine in

2. Tagged 😊🧡📙Anne Girl 👩🏻‍🦰

#TWO4Tuesday everyone tagged!

TheSpineView 💜 your book title. Thanks for playing 1w
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post image

🎼🎶🎵🎤 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7z8pYOdRTo

🎵🎶🎤 Please, mister, please
Don't play B-17
It was our song
It was his song, but it's over🎶🎵🎼

#TuesdayTunes 🎶🎵🎶

dabbe “Please Mr. please,
if you know what I mean
I don't ever wanna hear that song again.“
Love ONJ! 💙🩵💙
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1. Migraine Clinic tomorrow & yearly ultrasound on my thyroid Thursday … and usual week otherwise.

2. Trees without leaves and blue sky.

3. It‘s 60 F HEATWAVE (sorry @dabbe ) Going down to 44 at dark.

4. ✔️

Cupcake12 Thanks for joining in. Hope your appointment goes well x 1w
Mimi28 I hope everything turns out well 🙏🏽🤗🫶🏽😊🩷 1w
dabbe @Cupcake12 💙🩵💙 1w
See All 6 Comments
dabbe @Mimi28 💙🩵💙 1w
AnnCrystal 😘🙏. 1w
TheBookHippie @Cupcake12 🤞🏻 @Mimi28 🤞🏻. @AnnCrystal 🤞🏻 ♥️♥️♥️♥️ (edited) 1w
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Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs | Claire Kowalchik, William H. Hylton
post image

I‘ve been #hyggehourreadathon all day with this magnificent book! My used bookstore find!! It‘s amazing!! We‘ve kept the waffle iron going all day today … zen #litsolace

Happy Sunday!!

Leftcoastzen I love this one too. 1w
slategreyskies Mmmm waffles! 🧇 💕 1w
Chrissyreadit nice!!! Now i want this book too! (edited) 1w
See All 6 Comments
TheBookHippie @slategreyskies I love waffles. Love. 😊 1w
TheBookHippie @Leftcoastzen it‘s so wonderful! 1w
TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit it is really good, I‘m mapping my herb garden with it! 1w
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post image

Both of these 1883 🤍



AmyG Wow! 1w
Meshell1313 GORG 😍🙌 1w
CBee WOW ♥️♥️♥️ 1w
See All 10 Comments
Bookwormjillk 😍😍😍 1w
KadaGul @TheBookHippie Amazing condition. 🥰❤️🥰 1w
julieclair Those are gorgeous! My oldest book is our family Bible from the 1860s. 1w
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1w
BookmarkTavern Double wow! Those are gorgeous! Thanks for posting! 1w
slategreyskies Love these! It‘s the middle of the night here, and everyone‘s asleep or I‘d get up and check my shelves now. 💕 1w
Gissy 😱😍🙌❤️❤️❤️ 1w
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post image

#naturalitsy #hygge #litsolace


It‘s a nice simple list we all can do one or two of them for sure. Definitely use reader view to read it whew the ads!!

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post image

#CampLitsy24 my four 📙📘📗📕

squirrelbrain Ooh, some good ones here. I‘m listening to 100 Objects now - it‘s fab on audio! 1w
BarbaraBB Very interested in Knife. Thanks for nominating and joining again! 1w
TheBookHippie @squirrelbrain I bet the pictures in the book are fabulous!!! 1w
See All 15 Comments
TheBookHippie @BarbaraBB I am too!!! I cannot wait to read his thoughts. 1w
Megabooks So glad to see some nonfiction!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1w
TheBookHippie @Megabooks I have a long list of it, it‘s my preference 😊 I thought others may want to read these four 📘 1w
Deblovestoread Adding to my tbr. 1w
TheBookHippie @Deblovestoread 🤭♥️📘📗📕📙 1w
Bookwormjillk My TBR is getting so long this afternoon 🤣 1w
TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk 🤭🤭🤭🤭📕📙📘📗📕📙📘📗 1w
kspenmoll What is CampLitsy24? Looks like great reads- can i join? 1w
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll I tagged you under the original post! 1w
kspenmoll @TheBookHippie Oops! Sorry! I will look. 🤯 1w
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll no worries! It‘s always fun, books I wouldn‘t read otherwise and discussions with Litsy peeps I don‘t usually do reads with. Like summer camp. 1w
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post image


I hope everyone is doing okay! Taking a specific time gathering my cocoa or tea or coffee and my book and blanket and purposefully sitting an hour at night before the start to the week… ZEN


Everyone welcome to join in in anyway you like!

Happy Sunday I hope we all have a wonderful week!

kspenmoll Love your graphics/ photos. Looking for ward to tonight, ending my vacation on a serene note. (edited) 1w
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll ♥️🙃😊♥️ yay for serene!!!! 1w
Read4life Still dealing with post op pain so I‘m especially looking forward to this tonight. I‘m so grateful that I found the #NaturaLitsy group. This is all new to me but I‘m loving how much I‘m learning from this group. Still taking it all in. 💙 1w
TheBookHippie @Read4life 💙💙💙💙💙 1w
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
post image


The prose is beautiful …… sigh

Happy Sunday ! I love the slow pace of this month. I also love the slow read of this to soak it in and contemplate it. I think it‘s the better experience for this book.

I thank you for joining me ♥️

On we read 🙃

Sargar114 I‘m pretty dense when it comes to prose and writing styles, but I am enjoying it a lot more than I would expect so maybe that‘s why. I agree the slow read is beneficial; I think I am catching more than I would if we went straight through. 1w
AmyG Thank you for this one. You have redeemed yourself after The Notebook! 🤣 1w
TheBookHippie @AmyG omg we were bamboozled by that one … now when I see it mentioned in other books I truly believe the author hasn‘t read it. 😵‍💫🤣👀🤭🙄 1w
See All 36 Comments
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 I think we would miss too much of the story. 1w
AmyG @TheBookHippie Ha, I wouldn‘t be surprised….they want to seem like they read it because it‘s a “literary work of art”. 🤣🤢 1w
kspenmoll I just love this read so far! 1w
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll Oh me too, it‘s just lovely. Heartbreaking -but I think very necessary. 1w
Librarybelle Great start! It‘s such a quiet novel that packs a punch with its poetic writing style. 1w
Karisa Beautiful book! Definitely one to slow down and savor with. Perfect for SBR. It wasn‘t on my radar—thank you! 1w
TheBookHippie @Karisa ♥️😊♥️ 1w
vonnie862 I am enjoying the short read. I am still in shock that people use to add radium to their food and drink. 1w
Read4life This pace is perfect. My post op meds make me very sleepy so I‘m in and out. Small, beautiful daily reads have been wonderful. 1w
TheBookHippie @vonnie862 it blows my mind…. 1w
TheBookHippie @Read4life Sending love & some good healing vibes! This is a lovely read and pace… 1w
Read4life I couldn‘t find The Golden Notebook to borrow on ebook & the physical book was too bulky for me to navigate one handed. I followed the discussions and I‘m ok with missing that one. This one is so beautiful so I‘m glad I bought the ebook when it was on sale. 💙 1w
Read4life Thank you, Christine 💙💙 I‘m really enjoying it and savoring each page. 1w
vlwelser It's so nice to just read a few pages for the week after that last nightmare. 1w
TheBookHippie @vlwelser 😵‍💫 thankfully I‘m a good planner… whew. I stillll feel betrayed. 😝 ughhh. 1w
TheBookHippie @Read4life I am actually glad I read it but… what an ordeal AND it wasn‘t what people say it is, not even a little bit. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 1w
willaful @TheBookHippie I wish I'd noticed, I would've warned you! 😂 1w
mcctrish This book is an actual gift, thank you Christine for picking it and extra thanks for your impeccable timing ( @AmyG I laughed out loud at your comment ) 1w
mcctrish @Read4life you dodged a bullet with the notebook 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish ♥️📙😊♥️ 1w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish Now when ppl say they‘ve read it I QUIZ THEM. 👀 1w
mcctrish ABSOLUTELY!!!! Anyone who gushes is lying 1w
Sargar114 Y‘all are making me real glad I skipped last month…I mean with everything that happened can‘t imagine I wouldn‘t have bailed but still… 1w
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 only a few of us actually finished the really strong willed stubborn ones apparently gluttons for punishment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄🤭🤷🏻‍♀️ it is SO NOT what it is billed as AND the author doesn‘t want it to be so 😵‍💫 it all just astounds me. It‘s been referenced in countless books we‘ve read together. 🤯 such a betrayal 🤭😝 1w
DebinHawaii I gotta say that after have a bit of guilt about abandoning TGN after 130-ish pages, I am happy I escaped it after seeing all the posts & comments each week! Whew! 😅😆 This is a lovely book & as you said, perfect for a slow read & discussion. Looking forward to more.💛 1w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I want a medal for finishing and I found pictures and questions for all of it 🤣😵‍💫😝🤷🏻‍♀️🤭🤯🙄😳 I still can‘t believe we did it. What a mess. 1w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii this current read is just zen. 1w
DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie You deserve a medal🏅actually you deserve 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅one for each notebook & a trophy 🏆 for the whole darn thing! 😂 1w
julieclair I am in awe of those of you who actually finished TGN. I took one look at the page count and wimped out. But I do wonder… as much as I am enjoying this quiet read, would I be enjoying it even more if I was reading it after having slogged my way through TGN? 🤔 1w
maich Zorrie is outside my comfort zone and I wouldn't have chosen it myself. It is meaningful story and we can learn a lot from it. It is that kind of book that I have google open on my phone and looking for more informations about the stuff I read in book. And I agree with all you that this is a slow read. 1w
mollyrotondo I am loving this book! It‘s beautifully written. So glad this was the pick after The Golden Notebook. I agree @TheBookHippie that I think if anyone is glowingly referencing it in a novel they definitely have not read it 🙄 1w
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo RIGHT?!?! Surely not. 1w
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
This post contains spoilers
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Part two



Farming life

Multiple miscarriages ( This blame the woman then and now makes my blood boil)


Kipling https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/57409/epitaphs-of-the-war

Harold dies

So visceral it all is…

Sargar114 Amazing how much information we got. I wasn‘t aware there were multiple miscarriages (I didn‘t catch that) but not surprised. So sad about Harold, but again not surprising. Is she gonna have to take care of his parents now? Didn‘t seem like they were doing all that great and can‘t imagine how this will affect them. 1w
IndoorDame Harold blaming her for the miscarriage 😵‍💫. But the doctor and everyone else keeping her inside for so long actually shocked me! She‘s right, she‘s not exactly the first person this happened to… 1w
AmyG Oh, the times she lived in. I am fascinated by Noah. Does he come into the story more? 1w
See All 22 Comments
kspenmoll So much happened to Zorrie in so few pages- so much loss. @Sargar114 I missed the multiple miscarriages too. @AmyG Me too. Keep wondering if something will happen with Noah & Zorrie despite his marriage. Not sure why he cannot visit his wife 1w
AmyG @kspenmoll Right? What would make his wife set their house on fire? I hope we learn more about her. 1w
TheBookHippie @AmyG oh I hope we see Noah and more of the story. 1w
Librarybelle Zorrie‘s life - just wow. It is frustrating to read how miscarriage thoughts always blamed the woman. 1w
Karisa @kspenmoll @AmyG Noah does feel important somehow. It‘s like all the other characters at this point are too perfect, in a dream world. 1w
Karisa All these big events are covered thoughtfully but also quickly, not in small detail. I‘m wondering if the pace will slow down as we get to her main story. Laird Hunt‘s writing is reminding me a bit of Claire Keegan‘s novellas. 1w
vonnie862 My heart broke for her. With just a few words, Zorrie's heartaches were fully demonstrated. Laird Hunt was a talented writer. 1w
vlwelser This is all so very heartbreaking. But she just keeps doing her thing. 1w
vlwelser I want to know more about the neighbor and his wife that's locked away. But I guess we're getting Zorrie's perspective so she probably doesn't know. 1w
TheBookHippie @vlwelser I assume that as well, so I wonder as she or if she gets to know him more will we ? Or will it just remain background? 1w
mcctrish @IndoorDame I was surprised too that they had her take it easy for so long. I wasn‘t surprised she lost the baby taking spoonfuls of radium but I was surprised it meant she lost more ( unless it was understood she kept taking the ‘tonic‘ shudder) @Karisa it‘s a combo of Claire Keegan and Kent Haruf for me; spare, quiet and powerful writing ❤️❤️ 1w
Sargar114 @kspenmoll @TheBookHippie @vlwelser I wonder more about Noah and what will happen with them as well! 1w
DebinHawaii The keeping her inside & resting & the blame seem so Indicative of the times. So many things happening in the first two chapters & not that many pages should be depressing, but the writing style & pace make it hard to dwell on the tragic—it has a resilience to it like Zorrie herself. (edited) 1w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii That is it exactly! 1w
julieclair I feel that Noah will become an important figure in Zorrie‘s life. 1w
maich So many happens in these pages. And that miscarriages. My mum was pregnant during Chernobyl accident and she had a miscarriage. She told me that there were so many miscarriages and genetic mutation in Europe because of the Chernobyl. So definitely Zorrie lost her baby because of the radium. 1w
TheBookHippie @maich oh how awful. It‘s so so sad. 1w
maich @TheBookHippie there are so many sad stories from the history that are still untold... 1w
mollyrotondo @DebinHawaii I agree. It‘s terribly sad but it‘s written in a way that makes you continue to feel the fight in Zorrie so you feel worried and angry and sad but not utterly depressed because Zorrie‘s fight keeps you keeping on. Harold wasn‘t my favorite 🙄 1w
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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We meet Zorrie and get her back story. What do you think of her childhood? Her Aunt 😵‍💫

Is this writing lovely or what ???

kspenmoll This writing is beautiful! So much related to us in “sparse” writing. “ Eerily lit, at times, by a radium glow, this is a luminous book.” Erica Wagner ( from back cover of the book) 1w
kspenmoll Her aunt was a horror. Nasty. 1w
IndoorDame The writing is so lovely!!! 1w
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Sargar114 So dark and then just leaves her nothin!!!! It‘s amazing she made it out as lovey and sociable as she is. 1w
AmyG I am amazed how positive she stayed after living with her nasty Aunt. Agree with @Sargar114. And yes, the writing is wonderful….I am loving this story. 1w
Librarybelle The aunt is a terror. But, how she picks herself up and carries on is inspiring. I‘m liking the writing of this and really wanted to keep reading. I made myself stop after section 2! 1w
Karisa Love the writing! The part in which Noah and Zorrie talking about whirlwinds… breathtaking! Zorrie herself is almost too good to be true at this point—makes her feel not quite fleshed out. Aunt was 🤮! 1w
vonnie862 I love Zorrie. With everything she went through, she kept going on. She tried to find work to better support herself. People back then we're more resilient. 1w
Read4life @Karisa I think breathtaking is a perfect descriptor. 1w
vlwelser The writing is so lovely. I'm glad you found this. I would never have picked this on my own. 1w
mcctrish Zorrie is a wonder. I was so sad when she wasn‘t more forthcoming with her teacher but then she finds a full family and community so ❤️ her aunt was a shit (edited) 1w
DebinHawaii Her aunt was awful! I am enjoying Zorrie as a character & want to learn more. The writing is lovely. I agree with @vlwelser I‘m glad you picked this book because I hadn‘t heard of it & likely would not have picked it. 🤗 1w
BarkingMadRead That aunt is the worst, I was so glad she found real family on her own 1w
CoffeeNBooks Zorrie is so hopeful that everything will work out, despite everything she's been through. 1w
julieclair I am so impressed by her calm strength, despite all the tragedy that has happened to her. She just keeps quietly persevering. 1w
TheBookHippie @julieclair she seems to have inner fortitude that‘s for sure! 1w
TheBookHippie @CoffeeNBooks I kinda love that. She is quite remarkable. 1w
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRead Right?! Our relatives in books are 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 lately!!! 🤣🤣🤣 1w
maich @CoffeeNBooks I agree with you. And that's why I like Zorrie. Her aunt is nasty. In Slovenia, we have the term 'Relatives are a scattered sheet' for all mean relatives. 1w
TheBookHippie @maich I love that saying!!! 1w
mollyrotondo Zorrie definitely had a rough youth. Her parents died and then she was raised by a woman who did not encourage her education. She basically just used Zorrie to keep her farm going. I felt bad though for the aunt because she was in so much debt that she was basically at risk of loosing her farm. It was just terrible that there wasn‘t anything left for Zorrie to inherit in order to keep a roof over her head. 1w
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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kspenmoll This was heartbreaking to read about with the knowledge we have now. How the girls used it for beauty, etc. ingesting it… Zorrie‘s loss of her baby & infertility caused by the radium - she thought she was haloing her baby. How sad. I wonder how many women suffered this way? 1w
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll I wonder as well since I‘m sure there‘s so much more not reported about the affect of radium on these women. 1w
IndoorDame I found it especially hard to read these sections with everyone being so young and carefree. I kept looking for any kind of foreshadowing in the writing itself, but it was only in my mind which was a really strange sensation. 1w
See All 32 Comments
Sargar114 I cringed reading that part and every time she used it as a “tonic” especially when she was pregnant. I was so happy when she got out of there! 1w
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame I know- it was in us the reader!!! So visceral!!! 1w
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 me THROW THAT BOX AWAY!!!! 😵‍💫 1w
AmyG I read Radium Girls and when I read what Zorrie was doing I thought….oh no. I would guess, too, her miscarriage and infertility is caused by that. 1w
Sargar114 @TheBookHippie right?!!! 🤢😵‍💫 1w
Sargar114 @AmyG I have that on my tbr! 1w
kspenmoll Thanks for all these articles-here‘s one concerning CT where I live - had no idea of this history. https://connecticuthistory.org/waterburys-radium-girls/ 1w
kspenmoll @IndoorDame I wanted to shout at Zorrie to stop using it! Yes, @TheBookHippie “ THROW THAT BOX AWAY!!!!!!” 1w
AmyG @Sargar114 It‘s a heartbreaking book…but very good. 1w
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll oh my goodness …I was thinking while reading without Radium Girls being such a big hit would people even know about any of this? It should be taught in history class. Fascinating article you found. 1w
Librarybelle @AmyG Exactly. I too have read Radium Girls, and I think I actually said “oh no” out loud when we got to the first section. I groaned when she took radium during her pregnancy. It‘s so hard to see how people lived with this and interacted with this knowing what we know now. Same thing with opium and laudanum - I want to scream “don‘t touch that!” 1w
Karisa When they instructed her to put the brush in her mouth ((shudder)). I can see how the glow would seem like magic though. I didn‘t realize some people even thought it was healthy to use! 😢Makes you wonder what everyday things today will be found to be toxic… 1w
TheBookHippie @Karisa I had those same thoughts. Look at all the things women have taken in pregnancy that turned out to be deadly Thalidomide and Diethylstilboestrol (DES) just two examples. Nonstick pans etc etc 😵‍💫 1w
Karisa @TheBookHippie Oooh, yes. Exactly 😢 1w
vonnie862 I need to read Radium Girls. I shouldn't be shocked that radium was used for everything but I can't imagine all the health issues and deaths it caused. It broke my heart that Zorrie lost her baby and could not get pregnant again because of the radium. 1w
Read4life I, too, need to read Radium Girls. Like others have said, it was heartbreaking reading this section, seeing the joy the ladies felt using the powder for fun with the younger kids, etc and knowing the devastating effects it would bring. 1w
vlwelser I was horrified by this. Those poor girls. But how were they supposed to know? And then Zorrie loses the baby. So awful. 1w
mcctrish @Karisa as I was reading the part of her training I hit that part about putting the brush in her mouth and my brain corrected to “before” dipping and I kept going and then the real words caught up to me and I said “oh no, not after WTF” and then I thought do I know what radium actually is? Is it bad? Please don‘t be bad 🤦🏻‍♀️ 1w
mcctrish This was bloody heartbreaking 1w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish I was holding my breath while reading and then DREAD… but, how would they know? 1w
Karisa @mcctrish 😭 Horrible 1w
DebinHawaii I echo everyone. Having read Radium Girls as well, my heart just sank with the training, the brush in the mouth & taking her in the bathroom to see the glow & how much they used it. Then with the baby. So tragic. 😭 1w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I imagine it was fun and new how could they know, but reading it we all just sucked in our breath, so worried for them all! 1w
BarkingMadRead I haven‘t read Radium Girls, the parts with the baby were heartbreaking, I hope she never knows 1w
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRead I had that same thought. 1w
CoffeeNBooks I read Radium Girls, too, so I worried as soon as I read this part. 1w
julieclair So so sad with the radium. And she purposely took it while pregnant because she thought it was healthy. 😢 1w
maich I was worried for her. She will probably die soon. I remembered of Marie Curie (my favourite scientist). She gave her life to radioactivity and died as a result. Her diaries still emit radiation today. 1w
mollyrotondo I learned so much from Radium Girls that as soon as she started working in this factory I thought oh no. And I loved how the author did not explain anything but just left everything for us to figure out. It‘s a sad story but incredibly beautifully written. 1w
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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kspenmoll Enjoyed reading about the L‘s transit history. 1w
Sargar114 So unique! Love Chicago! 1w
AmyG What a wonderful city! 1w
See All 16 Comments
Librarybelle Thanks for the links! 1w
Karisa More cities need this type of system today! The reference in the book helped to show the time period so well. Lots of progress happening 1w
vonnie862 @Karisa I agree. It saddens me that we don't have a better public transportation here in Southern California. 1w
Karisa @vonnie862 Such a missed opportunity! 1w
vlwelser I think it's cute that this is what the girls aspire to. 1w
mcctrish I was happy to remember being in Chicago and my ride on the L during this chat and @vlwelser I thought it was cute too that this was their dream 1w
DebinHawaii This was a fun part to read about. It‘s such a great system & city! Great links. 🤗 1w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I was like SEEE this is my love!! 😊🤣💙🏙️ 1w
TheBookHippie @vlwelser I absolutely love it. 1w
maich Thanks for the links. I'm learning American history slowly. 1w
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I've never been to Chicago, so this gives me a good idea of the landscape. Thanks for these! 2d
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Twilight Sleep | Edith Wharton
post image

Finally finished my #WhartonBuddyRead

I enjoyed this one quite a bit and I hope she becomes a nun 💟.

I very much enjoyed the read and l like the ending non ending. I enjoy Wharton's prose very much, even when it's about vapid people...

I‘d have never read this without the group so thanks all! Sorry I fell so far behind!!

Graywacke Glad you finished and enjoyed it! I like your ending non-ending description (edited) 1w
batsy Ha, yes! #NunLife all the way 😆 1w
TheBookHippie @batsy Revenge and peace all in one move. 1w
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post image
Blueberry Wow, very interesting. 2w
kspenmoll Thanks for this article. I knew she wrote under other names but did not think@about the fact that there might be more of her work as of yet not attributed to her. 1w
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Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook | Elena Craig, Kristen Mulrooney
post image



Friday Night Gilmore Girls 👩🏻‍🍳


Never made a peach pie INMYLIFE 👀🎉😅

Tamra Neither have I - looks beautiful! 😍 (edited) 2w
TheSpineView Yum!! 2w
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 2w
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Lynnsoprano That looks delicious! I make a peach pie every summer, but put a crumb topping on it. This looks much fancier 😍 2w
TheBookHippie @Lynnsoprano OH!!! That would be yummmm. 2w
quietlycuriouskate Oh, that looks good! 😍 2w
AmyG Wow. Beautiful pie! (edited) 2w
TheBookHippie @quietlycuriouskate I cannot wait to cut into it! 2w
mabell Oh my goodness that looks perfect! 2w
LiseWorks You need ice cream lol 2w
kspenmoll Yum! I bet it was delicious! 1w
mcctrish I am thoroughly enjoying this culinary journey 🍑🍑 1w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish it‘s been way more fun than I anticipated! 1w
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Untitled | Unknown
post image


2. Filling the house with BIG BAND in memory of my grandma
3. Coffee time with Mr Book Hippie that lasted all day 💕☕️☕️💕
4. Root beer floats with the family
5. Reading my letters with a good cup of cocoa

Fun new list making for FRIDAYS from @DebinHawaii 💟

DebinHawaii What a joyful list!! 💛 I love some big band now & then & I love your pretty mug! Thanks for joining in! 💛💛💛 And thanks for the #LitsyLove snail mail! My first ones will go out this weekend! 2w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii 💛💛💛💛💛💛 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💛💛💛 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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1. Christmas Vacation
2. Some Kind of Wonderful & When Harry Met Sally
3. Dirty Dancing

Footloose, Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Outsiders, GOONIES, Flash Dance, Red Dawn, Dead Poet Society, RAINMAN, Steel Magnolias, Against All Odds, Valley Girl, Pretty in Pink, CHRISTINE, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Scarface, Gremlins, BIG, Coming to America, Purple Rain, FREDDY -Nightmare on Elm Street, St Elmo‘s Fire, Out of Africa, Tootsie⬇️

TheBookHippie Working Girl, For Keeps, Baby It‘s You, shhhh 9 1/2 weeks shh, Baby Boom… 2w
slategreyskies 👏 👏 👏 love your list! 2w
TheBookHippie XANADU, The Color Purple, La Bamba, Annie, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Yentl, Coal Miners Daughter, GOOD MORNING VIETNAM, Young Guns… 2w
See All 26 Comments
TheBookHippie SWEET DREAMS, The Untouchables 2w
TheBookHippie @slategreyskies still adding 🤣🤣🤣 2w
lil1inblue Damn it! I forgot about Ferris Bueller! 2w
TheBookHippie Hoosiers, CaddyShack, The Color Of Money, VisionQuest, Less Than Zero, Sophie‘s Choice, Wall Street, Endless Love, The Legend of Billie Jean, A Chorus Line 2w
TheBookHippie Howard the Duck, Troop Beverly Hills, Back to the Future, War Games 2w
TheBookHippie Can‘t by me Love, Trading Places 2w
AmyG All these movies. Bringing back so many memories. 2w
TheBookHippie @AmyG 🙃♥️🙂 2w
TheBookHippie @lil1inblue it‘s so good. 2w
TheBookHippie Beverly Hills Cop 😂😂😂 2w
TheBookHippie The Big Chill!!! Love 2w
vivastory Such a fantastic decade! 💙 2w
Deblovestoread So.many.good.movies! 2w
Suet624 Such good movies in this list!! I just rewatched Beverly Hills Cop recently and it was still hysterical 2w
JessClark78 Lots of great titles. 2w
Bookzombie Howard the Duck! I love your list. 2w
dabbe You. Crack. Me. Up. 😂 #nostalgiaoverload Now I have to go and watch all of these! Thanks for playing! 💙🩵💙
TheBookHippie @Bookzombie 🙃🙂🙃 2w
TheBookHippie @dabbe I went a bit far 😅😅😅 2w
TheBookHippie @vivastory Decade of protesting and clubbing 🙃 2w
dabbe @TheBookHippie You can never go too far with 80s movies--the best decade ever! 🤩🤩🤩 2w
kspenmoll So many movie memories evoked by your extensive list!!!!💜 1w
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