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The Dressmaker: A Novel | Beryl Bainbridge
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In 1944 Liverpool, a sheltered young girl being raised by two middle-aged aunts starts to date an ‘inappropriate‘ American GI.

As one of the blurbs states: “Like the better Hitchcock films Miss Bainbridge suggests a claustrophobic horror all the more poignant for the brilliantly etched domestic setting…”

Don‘t read the Litsy blurb as it‘s best to go in blind here. This one is grim and shockingly good. 😬

Lcsmcat I‘ve liked every Bainbridge I‘ve read. I‘ll have to add this to my list. 16h
AlaMich The woman on the cover is terrifying! 16h
Tamra Ohhh, I guess I won‘t read the blurb! 16h
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LeahBergen @Lcsmcat It was really good! I have Harriet Said waiting on my shelves, too. 13h
LeahBergen @AlaMich Right?? A more modern cover that I saw has a super attractive, WW2 couple on the cover and this is DEFINITELY not that sort of read. 13h
LeahBergen @Tamra It‘s just a small, 150 page novel so the blurb gives away big plot points from the last 20 pages. Eek! 13h
Cathythoughts Stacking immediately 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁 13h
BarbaraBB Great review. I have always wanted to read more Bainbridge! 13h
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts 😆😆 I think you‘ll like it! 11h
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB She‘s so good! 11h
Lcsmcat @LeahBergen Harriet Said was my first Bainbridge - it‘s excellent! 5h
jlhammar Oooh, sounds fantastic! 4h
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Daddy's Gone A-hunting | Penelope Mortimer, Valerie Grove
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It‘s now June so that means it‘s time for one of our #PersephoneClub reads!

@CarolynM ‘s pick for us this month is Daddy‘s Gone A-Hunting by Penelope Mortimer. This is a casual buddy read; read and comment on each other‘s posts and reviews as you see them. We usually aim to finish by the middle of the month but that‘s not written in stone. 😉 And anyone is welcome to read along with us, of course!

Cathythoughts Thanks Leah ! I‘m way behind in my reading .. I‘m taking this down tomorrow morning, and I‘m looking forward to it XXX 24h
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LeahBergen @Liz_M Thank you! 24h
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts So am I! I think I‘m going to have to cut some of my self-inflicted reading schedule. 😆 24h
Cathythoughts I mean I‘m taking down the book from the shelf, and I‘m really looking forward to it. Love Persephones . But I‘ve definitely over committed in other areas 🙄 .. 😁 24h
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Gotcha! 👍 And same for me! 😆 23h
Tamra 😄 23h
jlhammar Yay, looking forward to it! I'm going to try to knock out a few others first over the coming week and plan to start this next weekend. 23h
rubyslippersreads Thanks for the reminder, @leahbergen and thanks again to @tamra for sharing your extra copy. 😊 22h
Tamra @rubyslippersreads you are more than welcome! (edited) 22h
willaful I forgot to put this on my June reading schedule. 🙄 Yay, the library has it. Boo, it's already checked out. Should get it in time, though. 21h
quietjenn Yay! I've been curious about Penelope Mortimer for ages. 20h
merelybookish Thanks for the reminder. It's next up! 👍 18h
LeahBergen @jlhammar I may not start until later next week, too. 😄 13h
LeahBergen @willaful Whenever you can get to it is totally okay! I may wait until next week to start it myself. 13h
LeahBergen @quietjenn Me, too! This will be my first read as well. 😊 13h
LeahBergen @merelybookish Awesome! 😘 13h
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Today‘s book mail from Blackwell‘s (my new Book Depository 😉) is this food memoir about a girl growing up in her family‘s Chinese restaurant in Wales in the 1990s. With recipes!

@DebinHawaii , have you heard about this one?

Cathythoughts Looks good ! Great cover. I‘ve ordered from Blackwells too , I feel they take longer to deliver, but that‘s ok. ❤️ 3d
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I think they definitely take longer to arrive here in Canada (but luckily I already own way too many books so I‘m not suffering 😂). 2d
batsy Oh, interesting! I remember just reading about this somewhere. 2d
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MaureenMc I had a pen pal (remember those?) in middle school & high school years from Wales whose family ran a Chinese take away. I think I need to read this! 2d
Tamra I have yet to order from Blackwells, but I think I some books sitting in my cart. 😆 No surprise. They can‘t take any longer to deliver than my local Indie. I swear Pony Express would have been faster. 2d
sarahbarnes I love Blackwells! 2d
jlhammar This memoir sounds wonderful! I haven't ordered from Blackwell's yet, but I'm sure I'll need to at some point. 2d
LeahBergen @batsy I think she was on a recent podcast, too. Now which one was it? 🤔 23h
LeahBergen @MaureenMc Oh, pen pals! 🥰 That‘s so cool. 23h
LeahBergen @Tamra I‘m used to the slowness of Canada Post. 🙄 23h
LeahBergen @sarahbarnes I do, too. I‘ve ordered from them for years and found they were quite often cheaper than Book Depository. 23h
LeahBergen @jlhammar Blackwell‘s is great. 👍 23h
DebinHawaii I have not heard of this one but it looks interesting. I‘m stacking it! (And apparently I need to check out Blackwells too!) 😉 16h
LeahBergen @DebinHawaii I always think of you when I pick up a good food memoir. 😘 And definitely give Blackwell‘s a try when you need a UK edition! 14h
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Sigh. Time for some “heavy” reading. 😉

Tamra Good thing you are prepared to take notes 🖊️ 1w
LeahBergen @Tamra Right? 😆 “Midnight feast? Check. Near drowning? Check.” 1w
BarbaraBB This is awesome 🥰. And @Tamra is right 🤣 1w
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CarolynM I can‘t remember which story belonged with which form. Hope this isn‘t an overly angsty one😆 1w
TrishB So much love for these ❤️ 1w
Karons1 I used to adore this series as a kid 👧🏼 did you know the bbc have done a series ? You can probably watch it on iPlayer , I adored st Clare‘s too ! Have you also seen the drama adaption of Enid blyton ? Played by the wonderful Helen bonham carter ? Highly recommend it too . Enjoy 😊 1w
squirrelbrain I‘m sure that‘s the cover that I owned…. ❤️ 1w
batsy Oh, lovely! I'm itching to re-read these now. 1w
Vansa Oh my god I literally had the same edition, read to absolute bits 😂 1w
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB She is! 😆 1w
LeahBergen @Ruthiella You are so good to remember that! 😆 1w
LeahBergen @CarolynM I think I‘ll be able to handle it. 😆 1w
LeahBergen @TrishB Me, too! ❤️ 1w
LeahBergen @Karons1 I‘ve watched part of the series but haven‘t seen the Helena Bonham Carter. I‘ll definitely look out for it! 1w
LeahBergen @squirrelbrain @Vansa This cover is the BEST, isn‘t it? 1w
LeahBergen @batsy This is MY reread. 😆 1w
Ruthiella It‘s one of my favorite tags. Right up there with Kittens Against Literature! 😆 1w
LeahBergen @Ruthiella lol! I‘m going to have to remember to tag them (and you!) now. 😆 1w
Cathythoughts Enjoy 🥰🥰🥰 1w
kspenmoll Happy Litsyversary! I joined in May the same year as you, just don‘t know what date, but I do known I was on Cape Cod. 6d
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘 6d
LeahBergen @kspenmoll Thank you! I thought we‘d been here about the same length of time! 😆 6d
TheNeverendingTBR Yea, Happy Litsyversary! 😀 7 years! Damn! 😃 6d
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Mr Tibbits's Catholic School | Ysenda Maxtone Graham
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I‘m currently reading (and really enjoying!) this #SlightlyFoxed book about a South Kensington Catholic boy‘s school. It follows its history from 1934 until the present day with lots of tidbits about eccentric teachers, headmasters, and quotes from past students.

#LittleBrassHand 😉

AshleyHoss820 The little hand! 😂😍 1w
Cathythoughts I love that drawing ❤️and the golden claw 💫 1w
Aimeesue Ahhh, SF books. So lovely❤️ 1w
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Tamra What a beauty! 😍 1w
Suet624 Sounds intriguing. 1w
jlhammar Well that sounds wonderful! Those Slightly Foxed editions are just lovely. 1w
LeahBergen @AshleyHoss820 I‘m glad you like it. 😆 1w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts The little hand is back to haunt you 😆 1w
LeahBergen @Aimeesue @Tamra @jlhammar They are consistently good reads! 1w
LeahBergen @Suet624 It‘s one of those “micro histories” that speaks so much about a certain era. 1w
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I‘m in a bit of a fickle reading state right now so I‘m reaching for some true crime to jolt me out of it.

robinb Sounds like you‘re in a fickle pickle, Leah. 🤣🤗 2w
jlhammar Hope it does the trick! Sounds good! 2w
squirrelbrain Sounds fascinating- was going to stack but see I already did so! 2w
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Aimeesue “A bit of a fickle” is a PEFECT description. I live this a lot lately. 🙃 2w
Tamra Me too with audio books. I hope it works! 🤞🏾 2w
LeahBergen @robinb That I am! 😆 2w
LeahBergen @jlhammar It seems to be working! 2w
LeahBergen @squirrelbrain It‘s pretty good so far! 2w
LeahBergen @Aimeesue @Tamra It‘s annoying when it happens. 😑 2w
Cathythoughts I hope it works. I‘m not doing too great with the reading just now either. Life is so much better when we can just get lost in a book ♥️ 2w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts That‘s so true! 2w
TrishB I always go back to the detective novels when I‘m like that. Hope it works. 2w
LeahBergen @TrishB They work for me, too. 🤞 2w
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Yoked with a Lamb | Molly Clavering
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I enjoyed this 1938 novel set in a gossipy town on the Scottish Borders. I initially thought it was going to be just a typical “light romance” of the era so the theme of adultery and marital reconciliation was a bit surprising at first (and we‘ve all already discussed Andrew and Lucy!).

I could definitely see similarities between this and the writings of her friend and neighbour, DE Stevenson, especially in regards to plot and scenery.

Tamra Those themes came as a surprise to me as well! 2w
jlhammar Yes, it is such an interesting and unexpected mix when you think about it! It has the romantic and comedic elements, but the situation with Andrew and his family is actually quite heavy. I mean, he left them all for another woman for four years! That is a very difficult thing to recover from. Makes me wonder where Clavering got her inspiration for this story. I'll have to give Stevenson a try sometime. 2w
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Ruthiella Besides our earlier group read of The English Air, I‘d only read the first two Miss Buncle books by DE Stevenson, so I was not expecting the drama! 😂 2w
batsy Yes! Reading these FM titles have been interesting in terms of seeing the depth of the topics addressed in "domestic" or "women's fiction". 2w
BarbaraBB Those shelves 🥰🥰 2w
CarolynM I don‘t think I‘d fully comprehended that DE Stevenson and Molly Clavering were Scottish writers. It‘s interesting to contrast with the English village stories. I think DES has the edge for wit. @Ruthiella You need to get to know Mrs Tim! 2w
Cathythoughts I love how you are bringing in the other writers.. I‘d be all for the Scottish being a Celt myself 👍🏻❤️ 2w
Ruthiella @BarbaraBB IKR? Total shelf envy! 😍 2w
LeahBergen @Tamra They were probably still a bit shocking for this sort of “domestic fiction” in 1938! 2w
LeahBergen @jlhammar The four years (!) is really what got to me. I found myself wanting to know more about what went on during that relationship before Andrew returned home. And definitely try some DE Stevenson; I recommend Miss Buncle‘s Book or Mrs Tim of the Regiment. 👍 2w
LeahBergen @Ruthiella SO much drama in such a small town. 😆 2w
LeahBergen @batsy I agree! I think I enjoy these books so much just for that “fly on the wall” peep into history. 2w
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB @Ruthiella Thank you both! I sort of love them, too. 😆 2w
LeahBergen @CarolynM I think DES has the edge for wit, too! Although I was reading someone‘s review of this one and she said the other Clavering books she‘d read were funnier. We‘ll have to try more! 😁 2w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Have you read any other DE Stevenson yet? Other than The English Air? Try Miss Buncle‘s Book or Mrs Tim of the Regiment. 👍 2w
Cathythoughts I will try them. Painting new book shelves at the moment , so I will have to get new books to celebrate ❤️ 2w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Ooo, how exciting! I hope you share a photo when they‘re done. 😍 2w
Cathythoughts I will ! My growing FMB books and Persephones have been a bit homeless.. but they will be getting a fine permanent spot now 🥰 2w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I can‘t wait to see! 2w
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The Comforters | Muriel Spark
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My latest find from a charity book sale. Isn‘t this cover fantastic?? 💙

BiblioLitten It‘s so cool 💙 3w
AmyG Cover is great. 3w
LeahBergen @BiblioLitten @AmyG It‘s so vibrant! 3w
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squirrelbrain Love it! 💙 3w
Leftcoastzen OMG!!amazing! 3w
Cathythoughts This is fab 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁 3w
quietjenn So good! 3w
batsy Very cool! 3w
youneverarrived Ohh 😍 3w
MaureenMc 🤩 3w
AlaMich Trippy! 🫠 3w
jlhammar Wow, I love it! 3w
LeahBergen @AlaMich Exactly 😆 3w
vivastory I've never seen this cover before. This is one of my faves by Spark. 2w
LeahBergen @vivastory Oh, good to hear! 👍 2w
Aimeesue Wow! I love Spark. I am emerald green with envy, which means that I would match that book perfectly in an aesthetic sense, so obviously I shall now have to find my own copy. I wouldn‘t want to clash. Fantastic find! (edited) 2w
Aimeesue Holy cow, that seems to be a first edition! 😍 2w
LeahBergen @Aimeesue A first edition, second printing unfortunately! Although it‘s still pretty rare. Not bad for $4, though! 😆 (edited) 2w
Aimeesue @LeahBergen See, I find that fortunate, because then I‘d never be tempted to sell it! I have a FE Canadian edition of The Grapes of Wrath, which is also virtually worthless, but is gorgeous and I want to HAVE it, so $$ worth never enters into the equation, lucky for me! 2w
LeahBergen @Aimeesue That‘s a perfect way of looking at it. 😆 2w
Aimeesue @LeahBergen I may have some practice in finding ways to hang on to my treasured old books. 😂 2w
kspenmoll Love the cover- you have such a knack at finding older treasures! (edited) 1w
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Yoked with a Lamb | Molly Clavering
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I‘m getting a bit of a late start on this month‘s #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub pick but I‘m enjoying what I‘ve read so far.

Personally, I think I‘d just buy some of this pre made potted head to donate to the “Fancye Fayre”, wouldn‘t you? 😆

Ruthiella They‘d find you out and then you would be ostracized in the town! 😂 3w
Tamra 😂 I had to look it up! 3w
Cathythoughts I think I‘ll pass on the potted head 🫢😂 3w
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CarolynM Sounds very unappealing to me, even if it‘s homemade🤢 3w
batsy I had to look up potted head, as well! And felt terribly bad for poor Flora that that was her specialty 😬 3w
sarahbarnes I feel pretty certain I don‘t want to know a lot about what potted head involves. 3w
jlhammar I will most definitely be passing on the potted head! @batsy Yes, what a specialty! 😆 I‘m finding the book quite funny so far. 3w
LeahBergen @Ruthiella You‘re right! 😆 3w
LeahBergen @Tamra I believe it was also called “head cheese”, a favourite of my Nan‘s. 🤢😆😆 3w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts @CarolynM Right? Just the name… yikes. 😆 3w
LeahBergen @batsy And the bit about her “oddly” having no appetite for it after she‘d finished making it all. 😆 3w
LeahBergen @sarahbarnes That‘s probably for the best. 😆 3w
LeahBergen @jlhammar Come on … just a teeny bite? 😆😆 3w
rubyslippersreads I‘ll definitely pass on the potted head. Although it made me think of the calves‘ foot jelly from Pollyanna. Both equally appealing. 🤢 2w
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Well, #EuropaCollective people, it‘s a long way ahead but here are your choices for September 2024. Vote away!

(See comments for links to book descriptions).

jlhammar @Tamra Leah was ready with her picks so we decided to keep going through 2024 for this round of voting. You can go ahead and post your picks for December 2024 as soon as you‘re ready. Thanks! 3w
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LeahBergen @jlhammar @Tamra Sorry. That flurry of voting got me all eager. 😆😆 3w
jlhammar Tagging our newest addition, @Adventures-of-a-French-Reader 3w
Adventures-of-a-French-Reader Excited to be in this group ;) My pick is 3w
jlhammar @LeahBergen No, I love it! Taking us through the next year is a great idea. Thank you! Hmmm, now how am I going to decide between these two… 3w
GatheringBooks Great picks! I have a growing collection of Jane Gardam novels (i have her old filth trilogy) and so I vote for 3w
squirrelbrain Both great choices but I think I‘ll go for 3w
CSeydel I like the sound of All God‘s Children! 3w
jlhammar I very much want to read that Gardam sometime, but the “masterpiece of western fiction“ is calling to me so I'll vote 3w
jlhammar Welcome @Sapphire ! Very happy you‘ll be joining us, Amanda. Feel free to cast your vote! 3w
jlhammar Welcome @TheKidUpstairs ! Feel free to cast your vote! 3w
BarbaraBB Oooh, great choices!! But like @GatheringBooks I love Jane Gardam so my vote is for 3w
TheKidUpstairs Both sound so good, but this one is just so up my alley 3w
TheKidUpstairs Oops, forgot to tag it 3w
Tamra @jlhammar 😅🥹 3w
Aimeesue I will always, always, always pick Jane Gardam ❤️ 3w
Deblovestoread Want to read both but voting for 3w
batsy I see that I have the tagged book stacked! I've always meant to read Jane Gardam but never got around to it 🙈 3w
Cathythoughts These look great. I wasnt aware of this new venture. I‘ve just put my name down 👍🏻❤️😁 @jlhammar (edited) 3w
jlhammar @Cathythoughts Feel free to vote on this one! 3w
Cathythoughts Hi Leah !! I‘m excited to join in 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️ 3w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Yay!! I‘m so glad you‘ll be reading along, too! 😊 3w
LeahBergen @batsy I read one (or two? 🤔) years ago and have always wanted to read more. 3w
lauraisntwilder I would be happy with either one, but I'll go with the Western! 3w
jlhammar @Sapphire @charl08 @mcctrish @DrexEdit Would you like to cast your vote for this one today before we call it? If you‘ve no preference, that‘s fine as well. Thanks! 3w
mcctrish I don‘t think it really matters to me at all but if I have to vote I guess 3w
jlhammar @TheBookDream You can go ahead and vote on this one today if you‘d like. Happy to have you in the collective, CJ! 3w
DrexEdit @jlhammar I'm fine with either of these. Thanks! 😊 3w
jlhammar Closing voting and looks like Gardam is our winner! In September 2024 we'll be reading A Long Way from Verona! 3w
LeahBergen @jlhammar Wonderful! 👏 3w
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Factory Girls | Michelle Gallen
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My current IRL book club read and I‘m REALLY enjoying it!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty ☕️ ❤️ 4w
TrishB And a fab bookmark of course. 4w
Sapphire Love that bookmark! 3w
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youneverarrived Echoing other comments - I love the bookmark! 3w
LeahBergen @TrishB @Sapphire @youneverarrived There‘s something very satisfying about a good book and bookmark pairing. 😆 3w
Hooked_on_books I really liked this one. I think it‘ll stick with me for a while. 3w
LeahBergen @Hooked_on_books It really opened my eyes to everyday life during “the Troubles”. I think I‘d heard about it on the news for so many years when I was younger that it didn‘t even register after a while. 😬 3w
Tamra I‘ll be watching out for your review! 3w
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Italian Food | Elizabeth David
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I went to the first (of two) big yearly charity book sales that we have in my city and made out quite well: some green Viragos, a couple of thrillers to stick in the camper for this summer‘s travels, and two foodie #FolioSociety editions. 👍

jlhammar Wow, great finds! Those Folios are beautiful. I‘ve been curious about that Cavanagh thriller. Sounds fun! 4w
squirrelbrain Hubby loves Cavanagh books… perfect for in the camper he says! 😁 4w
TheBookHippie The foodie in me 😍😍😍😍😍 4w
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Leftcoastzen Wow ! Nice haul! 🍎🍏 4w
willaful How much do I love being at a site where someone will casually mention finding green Viragos? 😍 4w
Tamra Exciting!! 😃 The thrill of the hunt is half the pleasure. 4w
batsy Lovely! Those green Viragos 😍 3w
LeahBergen @jlhammar @squirrelbrain “the serial killer is on the jury…” How could I resist? 😆 3w
LeahBergen @TheBookHippie You‘d love these! 😊 3w
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen @batsy @willaful Thanks! I had to do one of those thoughtful pauses, “wait, do I have this green Virago already?” 🤔😆 (edited) 3w
LeahBergen @Tamra I‘m addicted to the thrill of the book hunt. 😆 3w
willaful My husband brought one home for me from a Little Free Library the other day. 😍 3w
LeahBergen @willaful What a lucky find! Which one is it? 3w
willaful Aurora Floyd. I can't remember if I've already read it.

(How annoying Litsy doesn't have the proper cover. 😁 )
(edited) 3w
LeahBergen @willaful Oh, nice! I haven‘t read her yet but I DID find a green Virago of Lady Audley‘s Secret last summer. 👍 3w
Centique Oh those Folios! 😍 I do love books about food! 3w
LeahBergen @Centique Me, too! 😊 3w
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This Sweet Sickness | Patricia Highsmith
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My current read and it‘s very good so far!

Patricia Highsmith is a master at the “self-deluded” creepy stalker character. 😬

willaful If that's your bag, The Collector is about as creepy as it gets... 1mo
LeahBergen @willaful Yes! I loved that one. 👍 1mo
Cathythoughts This one is so good 👌🏻 Enjoy! 1mo
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AmyG Ha..yes she is! 1mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I remember you really enjoying this one when you read it! 👏 1mo
LeahBergen @AmyG Like Mr. Ripley, for instance. 😆 1mo
Aimeesue Are there snails in this one? High smith really had a thing for snails. 🐌 1mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue I‘m almost at the end and there aren‘t any snails yet! She sure loved her snails. 😆 I think the last one I read of hers that had snails was Deep Water? 🤔 1mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen They show up in some of her short stories. Some Not Very Pleasant short stories. Eek. 1mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue I‘ll keep that in mind as I have a big book of her short stories waiting for me. I always loved the bit about her taking her snails with her in her handbag to parties. 😆 1mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen The stories were well done - clearly they made an impression! 😂 1mo
Rissreads I LOVED this book! ♥️ 3w
LeahBergen @Rissreads It was so good! 3w
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The Land Of Spices | Kate O'Brien
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I‘m coming in late with my #NunLitQuarterly review but it looks like I feel much the same as everyone else!

This 1941 novel of an Edwardian era, Irish convent school was initially slow-going for me but once I got past the first section I found myself delighting in the day-to-day “harem-like” world of the nuns and pupils. It‘s a “pick”!

(The nun above is a 1950s “head vase” that was gifted to me, a non-Catholic 😆).

Ruthiella This isn‘t the first head vase of yours that I‘ve seen. Do you collect them? 1mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I did but I haven‘t bought one in years! I probably have ten or so? I haul them out and plunk some flowers in them every so often. 😆 1mo
batsy Great review and I love that head vase! ❤️ Fab accessory for our #nunlit reads. 1mo
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Gissy I do something similar. I like to know about religion from historical, cultural and social perspective to understand better, some beliefs rituals/ceremonies and symbols like this vase.It is like a way to respect others. That vase is so pretty❤️ 1mo
Tamra Apropos! 🙏🏾 😉 1mo
jlhammar Okay, that vase is awesome! I‘m so glad you put this book on my radar. Wonderful review. It will be interesting to switch to something so different (contemporary memoir) with our July selection. Looking forward to it! I‘ll be reading The Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader sometime in May for one of my #NunLit extras (all are welcome to join me). I‘ve had it waiting on my shelves for years so can‘t wait! 1mo
sarahbarnes That vase is sort of amazing 😂😂 1mo
LeahBergen @batsy I knew she‘d come in handy one day. 😆 1mo
LeahBergen @Gissy Thank you! And I, too, like to learn about other religions in the very same way. 😊 1mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar Thanks! I‘ve had The Anchoress on my shelves for forever, too. I‘ll try to squeeze it in this upcoming month, too! 1mo
LeahBergen @sarahbarnes 😆 And she‘s sporting some pretty impressive eyelashes, too. 1mo
marleed Love that vase. I downsized to a small 1954 cottage type home in the city (vs sprawling suburb home of yore). I found a little head vase at a neighborhood estate sale and had to buy her. She just belonged in my house. I‘ll try to incorporate her into a post sometime! And yep, we match feelings on the book! 1mo
Gissy @LeahBergen That cover is also pretty😍 1mo
CarolynM Great photo😍 1mo
Cathythoughts That‘s a crazy head vase ! 😁 1mo
LeahBergen @marleed I can‘t wait to see her in one of your posts! 1mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Thanks! 😘 1mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Isn‘t it? 😆 1mo
UwannaPublishme What a cool head vase! 1mo
rubyslippersreads I absolutely worship your nun vase. 😂 1mo
Aimeesue Oh my, that vase! I‘ve seen other head vases, but that‘s the first nun one I‘ve ever seen. Peachy keen! 1mo
LeahBergen @UwannaPublishme @rubyslippersreads @Aimeesue It‘s quite something, isn‘t it? 😆 1mo
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post image

My current “Royalty Buddy Read” with @shawnmooney is this “confection of 101 fascinating and funny anecdotes” about the Queen Mum. 😊

Tamra Love that title & subtitle. 😉 (edited) 2mo
TheBookHippie Ha!!!! I love it! 2mo
shawnmooney Yes, DO let‘s! 🥂👸🍷 1mo
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Cathythoughts One for the road 😁 🍷 1mo
sarahbarnes This is sort of always my motto tbh 😂 🍷 1mo
Aimeesue Hear, hear! 🍸 1mo
rubyslippersreads I love everything about this photo! 🍸👑 1mo
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post image

After finishing the tagged book I went online to read more about Helen and Edward Thomas. This was the first thing I found and it broke my heart a little!


Cathythoughts Oh that is heartbreaking 💔 Thank you X 2mo
BarbaraBB How touching 2mo
See All 14 Comments
quietjenn What a gut punch. Wonderful find. 2mo
jlhammar How wonderful 💔 Thanks for sharing. 2mo
sarahbarnes ♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
andrew61 Perfect poem to post leah. Having just finished it has rounded off the experience. 2mo
Centique That is beautiful and sad even though I haven‘t read the book 😢 2mo
LeahBergen @andrew61 I can‘t wait to hear what you thought of it! 2mo
LeahBergen @Centique It‘s so moving! 2mo
CarolynM Very beautiful. And a bit of a contrast to the poem in the Afterword😯 2mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Oh, a total contrast. 😳 2mo
Aimeesue Oh my. 1mo
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post image

The author of this memoir (or is it autofiction?) describes life with her troubled ‘war poet‘ husband, Edward Thomas, in a style that is often a tad overwrought and worshipful but somehow oddly beautiful and compelling. I found them a fascinating couple and I‘m still going down the internet rabbit hole as I write (“Margaret” was the author, Eleanor Farjeon, and the “American poet” was Robert Frost 😮).

What did you all think, #PersephoneClub?

sisilia I just happens that I‘m reading Old School now and Robert Frost is in it, too 😬 2mo
LeahBergen @sisilia He sure wasn‘t impressed that Helen wrote such an “earthy” memoir about his dead friend! 🙄 2mo
See All 23 Comments
batsy Oooh! Robert Frost. Intriguing. 2mo
Cathythoughts Lovely review ❤️ That‘s very interesting about Robert Frost ! 2mo
Cathythoughts I‘m still not finished … 2mo
Hooked_on_books Wow, look at all those Persephones! 2mo
jlhammar Yes, worshipful! Great word choice and great review. 2mo
Tamra Yes, apt word choice! I did find her frankness about sex refreshing for the era. I would have been disappointed had I only read the 1st volume, but in the 2nd I appreciated her publicly sharing their struggle with depression. I think it hit close to home bc my husband struggled during Covid and it was all new to me. I was helpless & engaged in the same futile coping mechanisms. 😐 All‘s well now, but I‘m sad for those before modern treatment. 2mo
Tamra I‘m guessing it wasn‘t common to talk about no less expose mental illness at the time. 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy I think you‘d enjoy this one! 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! It‘s definitely one that had me searching out their history. I hope you end up liking it, too. 2mo
LeahBergen @Hooked_on_books I *may* have a problem. 😉 2mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar I don‘t think she would‘ve lasted very long in that marriage if she wasn‘t obsessed with him. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I‘m glad you‘re husband is feeling more himself now. I‘ve had experience with depression, too, and was thinking the same thing about how it was dealt with during that time period. Yikes! And her unabashed writing about their sexuality gave me DH Lawrence vibes. 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra Oh, and did you notice the note from Persephone Books on the publication info page? About the “dirty bits” that were edited out of the first edition? 2mo
Hooked_on_books A problem? Like, needing more shelves? 😉 2mo
Tamra @LeahBergen nooooo! I‘m not surprised at all. 🤣 “dirty bits” (edited) 2mo
LeahBergen @Hooked_on_books You‘ve nailed it! 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I became skilled at hunting down the “dirty bits” as a young reader. 😆 2mo
Cathythoughts They are fascinating as a couple , I agree. 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts They sure were! 2mo
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post image

My current ‘vintage school story‘ read.

This 1951 story (the first in a series) concerns the Blake family, who move to a huge manor house which is sold to them by a family who can no longer afford its upkeep. The three girls of the family are enrolled at Melling, a weekly boarding school, and find when they get there that their new roommates are the daughters of their home‘s previous owner. Oh oh! 😆

A very well-written example of this genre.

squirrelbrain Sounds delightful! ❤️ 2mo
dabbe These look like my beloved Rosamond duJardin books from the 50s! Love! 💜 2mo
CarolynM Sounds like a good premise for a school story. Enjoy! 2mo
See All 6 Comments
Cathythoughts Enjoy ! I‘m loving the cover ♥️ 2mo
batsy Ooh, that looks and sounds lovely. 2mo
Aimeesue Great cover ❤️ 2mo
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post image

It‘s now April so that means it‘s time for one of our #PersephoneClub reads!

@andrew61 ‘s pick for us this month is As It Was and World Without End by Helen Thomas. This is a casual buddy read; read and comment on each other‘s posts and reviews as you see them. We usually aim to finish by the middle of the month but that‘s not written in stone. 😉 And anyone is welcome to read along with us, of course!

jlhammar Yay, so excited! 2mo
Cathythoughts Thanks Leah X I‘m off to get it from my shelf 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
See All 21 Comments
Tamra Thank you for the tag! 💙 I read ahead because I wasn‘t sure about keeping up, but the font was big enough to make it easy. 😁 2mo
CarolynM I‘m ready to go👍 2mo
merelybookish I'm tempted to join you in June for 2mo
rubyslippersreads I‘m going to sit this one out, but will catch up in June. 😀 2mo
elkeOriginal In a (probably misguided) attempt to keep book buying under control, I am not joining this month‘s read. I look forward to all your posts convincing me how wrong I was! Besides, I still have to finish last month‘s furrowed middlebrow book…🫣 2mo
Tamra @elkeOriginal I haven‘t finished that one yet either, so know you aren‘t alone! 2mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar Me, too! 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I still need to do that. 😄 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra Hooray for big fonts! I love them. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Awesome! 👏 2mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish Please do! 😘 2mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads No problem! 😘 2mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal Control over book buying? Impossible! 😆 No worries. We‘ll see you for the next one! 😘 2mo
quietjenn I'm ready! 2mo
Cathythoughts @Tamra oh I have mine open now. Yes ! That‘s great font 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Karons1 Picked my copy up from the lovely 🥰 shop in bath on Friday ; happy 😃 reading everyone it has great 😌 reviews . 2mo
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Invitation to the Waltz | Rosamond Lehmann
post image

Up next: this 1932 novel about a seventeen-year-old girl, Olivia, who is invited to her first dance.

I‘m looking forward to trying my first Rosamond Lehmann!

andrew61 Enjoy, love the virago edition. 2mo
jlhammar Sounds wonderful. Lovely edition. 2mo
LeahBergen @andrew61 @jlhammar There‘s just something really pleasing about the old green Viragos, isn‘t there? 2mo
See All 8 Comments
Cathythoughts What a beautiful title 🤍 2mo
Cathythoughts And cover 🤍 2mo
TheEllieMo I loved this book! 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts It‘s really lovely so far! 2mo
LeahBergen @TheEllieMo I‘m enjoying it a lot! 2mo
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Business As Usual | Jane Oliver
post image

I‘m currently reading this 1933 novel about a young woman who goes to London to find work for a year and ends up in the book department of a major department store. It‘s illustrated with line drawings and utterly delightful so far!

oddandbookish This sounds so good! Added it to my TBR 2mo
LeahBergen @oddandbookish I hope you like it, too. It‘s quite charming! 2mo
CarolynM Loved this one💕 2mo
See All 20 Comments
LeahBergen @CarolynM I remember you liked this one! I kept forgetting it was on my shelves for some reason. 😆 2mo
willaful I loved this -- so sad the sequel isn't available. 2mo
batsy This sounds delightful! 2mo
Cathythoughts Looks good 👍🏻 Gorgeous picture 💫 2mo
jlhammar Wonderful book! Enjoy! 2mo
Tamra Love illustrated books! 2mo
LeahBergen @willaful I know! 😔 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy It is! 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘 2mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar I‘m really enjoying it! 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra So do I! It‘s probably a holdover from childhood. 😆 2mo
kspenmoll Looks good! 2mo
LeahBergen @willaful Oops, I forgot to comment on your above comment! That‘s so true; this one certainly does have a Daddy Long Legs vibe. I really enjoyed your blog post about it and then followed your link to your reread of Dear Enemy. I have that one on my shelves but haven‘t quite been able to bring myself to read it yet. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @kspenmoll It was a wonderful read! 2mo
willaful @LeahBergen yay!

Maybe if we keep talking this book up, they'll reprint the sequel?
LeahBergen @willaful I hope so! 🤞 2mo
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Mrs. Tim Gets a Job | Dorothy Emily Stevenson
post image

I‘m heading back into the highly amusing world of Mrs. Tim with this 3rd installment in the series.

I‘ve missed her!

DivineDiana These covers look so appealing! 3mo
tonymp I am intrigued. You can't judge a book by its cover, but the covers make me think they look like Amelia Bedelia books but for adults. OMG I miss Amelia Bedelia. She's up there with Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. (edited) 3mo
quietjenn This one is maybe my favorite! 3mo
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Ruthiella @tonymp I LOVE Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!!! (edited) 3mo
CarolynM I really must read more Mrs Tim soon! 3mo
LeahBergen @DivineDiana Don‘t they? I love them. 😊 2mo
LeahBergen @tonymp Oh, how I loved Amelia Bedelia and Mrs Piggle Wiggle as a kid. 😆 This series definitely has charm; they are about a woman and her children during (and after) WW2 and told in diary format. 2mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn It‘s my favourite so far, too! 2mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella Me, too! 2mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM This one was really good! 👍 2mo
Cathythoughts Sounds good 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Are you in Paris now? 😍 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen We are just back yesterday, it was a lovely trip. Such a beautiful city , we had been before but never for this long , my husband says it‘s like a huge wedding cake 😁. lots of walking and eating and sipping coffee in cafes .. and later sipping wine in cafes. I have my post and a book called Guard Your Daughter…. I‘m taking a wild guess it‘s from you ?! Thankyou my lovely friend 😘I read a few books I‘ll post on Saturdays Book report. 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I‘m so happy you had such a lovely time (and I‘m a bit jealous, too 😆). Yes, Guard Your Daughters is from me. I hope your other little parcel arrives soon. 😘😘 2mo
Cathythoughts Thanks so much. I am looking forward to Guard Your Daughters. I must get a good photo shoot before I post it X ♥️😘😘 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts It looks like your little birthday parcel has finally been released from customs in Ireland. I hope it doesn‘t take too much longer to reach you! 😬 2mo
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post image

Book mail!

I‘ve been looking forward to the release of this memoir for ages. Oliver Darkshire applied for what he thought would be a year-long apprenticeship in rare bookselling at Sotheran‘s (one of the oldest bookshops in the world) but he somehow never left.

I follow him on Twitter and he‘s quirky and hilarious.

Leftcoastzen I just saw this on B&N site ! I want to take a peek at that! 3mo
ShelleyBooksie Stacked! This sounds so good and the cover is beautiful. 3mo
rubyslippersreads I think I need this. #blameitonleahbergen 😄 3mo
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LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen It might be your cup of tea! 3mo
LeahBergen @ShelleyBooksie This is one of the rare occasions where the North American cover is better than the UK. 3mo
gossamerchild This was so fun and quirky. I got the finished copy, too, and it's so beautiful! I loved it. 3mo
jlhammar That is one gorgeous book! Can‘t wait to get myself a copy. 3mo
squirrelbrain So pretty! ❤️ 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful 🤍💚 3mo
Leftcoastzen @LeahBergen I love coffee, I love tea, I love the Java jive & it loves me!🎵🎶 3mo
Aimeesue Oh, that‘s lovely. 3mo
CarolynM I ordered a copy of this last week. It‘s a present for my husband‘s birthday but I think I‘ll be reading it too😆 3mo
Ruthiella I just heard about this book from a Canadian Booktuber today. I recognize that beautiful cover immediately! 😍 3mo
LeahBergen @gossamerchild Oh, good to hear! 👏 3mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar @squirrelbrain @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Aimeesue Definitely inspired book design for this edition. 👍 3mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM How convenient. 😉😆😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella It‘s such a striking cover! 3mo
batsy Gorgeous book. Yes, the twitter account is perfection isn't it 😁 3mo
LeahBergen @batsy It‘s quite weird and hilarious. 😆 2mo
Jess_Read_This Well, I‘ve stacked this lovely sounding book from your post.. hopped over to a book selling site and it‘s the first book “recommended for you” . A sign or an incredibly swift algorithm update? Either way, 💸😆 2mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This 😆😆 It was meant to be. 2mo
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A Coronet for Cathie | Gwendoline Courtney
post image

My current read is this utterly charming tale of a young, sickly girl who discovers she‘s a duchess and heir to vast estates (after the untimely and oddly convenient death of several unknown family members).

Oh, and she gets a little white terrier called Blanche. Come on! What‘s NOT to like here? 😆

AmyG I love the cover! 3mo
ReadingRachael I love the little dog!! 🐶 3mo
BiblioLitten Ooo interesting! 3mo
See All 38 Comments
jlhammar Aw, that sounds lovely. 3mo
elkeOriginal LOVE a convenient death AND a pup sidekick! 3mo
Centique And it‘s gorgeous! Blanche is a perfect name too 😊 3mo
Aimeesue "Oddly convenient deaths"? How very Kind Hearts & Coronets! (edited) 3mo
Leftcoastzen Just 😂 I think I‘m a long lost princess but only if the right people die!👑 3mo
Tamra I‘ve lived the wrong life! 😵 3mo
batsy Looks adorable! I'm still waiting for the "heir to vast estates after the convenient deaths of unknown relatives" narrative arc to get going in my life ? 3mo
LeahBergen @AmyG @ReadingRachael It‘s such a cute cover! 3mo
LeahBergen @BiblioLitten @jlhammar It‘s a delight. 😊 3mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal Who doesn‘t? 🤣 3mo
LeahBergen @Centique I thought Blanche was such a good dog name. 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue I had to look up that film … I‘ve never seen it! 3mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen Aren‘t we all? 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I am, too. Clearly! 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @batsy Oh, man … the people I wouldn‘t bump off for THAT outcome. 😆 3mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen Oh, it‘s fabulous! Alec Guiness is BRILLIANT. Ealing Studios ❤️ 3mo
BiblioLitten @batsy 😂😂 This book reminded me of a book that I had read for children‘s classic challenge. Cannot remember the title at all though. About a boy who inherits and then warms up his gruff grandfather with his cuteness. 3mo
batsy @LeahBergen Echoing @Aimeesue Kind Hearts and Coronets is so good! 3mo
BiblioLitten @batsy Yessss!!! It was bugging me that I couldn‘t remember. Thank you!! (edited) 3mo
batsy @BiblioLitten No problem! I scrolled down the posts and it appears most of us enjoyed it for the children's classic read 🙂 3mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue @batsy I‘m going to have to hunt that film down now. 👏 3mo
LeahBergen @BiblioLitten @batsy Ah, Little Lord Fauntleroy! This book made me think of another Frances Hodgson Burnett several times while I was reading it: A Little Princess. One of my all time faves. 😆 3mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen I‘m sure @batsy will agree, it‘s dark, delicious fun! Hope you enjoy it! (edited) 3mo
batsy @LeahBergen @BiblioLitten I have so much love for A Little Princess! I remember being completely obsessed with it as a child. 3mo
batsy @Aimeesue @LeahBergen Yes! That sums it up perfectly 😁 3mo
Centique @batsy @LeahBergen @BiblioLitten just putting my hand up for the “A Little Princess” fan club. When I did chores as a kid I would pretend I was Sara and that my house was a boarding school and my mother was the mean headmistress 😂😂 2mo
merelybookish That cover!! 😍 2mo
BiblioLitten @Centique 😂😂😂 2mo
rubyslippersreads @Centique @BiblioLitten @batsy @leahbergen Add me to the Little Princess fan club. (I also ❤️ the Shirley Temple version, even though it diverges wildly from the book.) 2mo
rubyslippersreads I have this book. I‘ll have to move it up the TBR list. 2mo
rubyslippersreads @Aimeesue My dad loved this movie, but somehow I‘ve never seen it. I‘ll have to remedy that. 2mo
LeahBergen @Centique Your mother was mean Miss Minchin! 🤣🤣 2mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish Isn‘t it a wonderful cover? 2mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads I think you‘ll love it! 2mo
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Wine of Honour | Barbara Beauchamp
post image

This 1945 novel is an eye-opening and gossipy peek at a group of demobilized villagers who must return to their old lives in the immediate aftermath of WW2. Wartime love affairs, illegitimate babies, soldier‘s PTSD, and the demise of the country house are all touched upon by an author who had herself just returned from war service. Super interesting!


LeahBergen Oops, @Lizpixie ! I almost forgot to tag you for #BirthdayPixieReadathon. So sorry, no pixies on the cover here! 😆😆 3mo
jlhammar Such lovely shelves. Gossipy peek is a perfect description. Great review! 3mo
Ruthiella So many illegitimate babies! People would have us believe that things were different then… 3mo
See All 24 Comments
sarahbarnes Love the title! 3mo
CarolynM Great review. I‘m hoping to finish tomorrow. It‘s so interesting to read about this period in a contemporary work. To take @Ruthiella ‘s point one step further, I‘m getting a feeling from it that is not dissimilar to the current mood in my world of post pandemic restrictions. 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm Sounds like I‘m missing a very good read this month. Great review Leah! 3mo
batsy Nice review, Leah! I'm about halfway through and I like the description "gossipy peek", as well. It does feel like we're sat at The Cock and Pheasant eavesdropping on the next table ? 3mo
Cathythoughts Lovely review! Gossipy peek is right. We‘ll said , that really is part of the charm of the writing. And all your gorgeous books in the picture 🥰 3mo
Tamra Gossipy yes! So fun in these period novels. 🤫 3mo
Aimeesue Nice review! Starting this one tonight! 3mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar There‘s a whole lotta middlebrow on these shelves. 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella Exactly! 3mo
LeahBergen @sarahbarnes It‘s great, isn‘t it? 3mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM There are total similarities! 3mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm I think you might like this one! 3mo
LeahBergen @batsy I loved that pub. 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘 3mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I don‘t mind a wee bit of gossip myself, sometimes. 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue I hope you enjoy it, too! 3mo
elkeOriginal How many Furrowed Middlebrow do you NOT own? I assume that is a shorter list than ‘own‘ 😉 3mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal LOL! Well, you made me curious and I had to count. 😆 I think I still need 16 (but the rest of the ones I own aren‘t all Furrowed Middlebrow editions; I have around 18 of the titles in old hardcovers). 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3mo
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen Fantastic numbers! The real HCs are such a prize 💕 3mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal They are, aren‘t they? I always think they “read better” than a new edition. 🤫 3mo
Lizpixie 🙌🎉😘 2mo
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William - an Englishman. | Cicely Hamilton
post image

I was out of town this past weekend and (naturally) found a secondhand bookshop. Lo and behold, I found two #PersephoneBooks that look unread and still have their matching bookmarks.

The truly amazing thing is that I own about 75 Persephone books BUT NOT THESE TWO. 😆

jlhammar Wow, what a find! 3mo
AmyG You were meant to find them! 3mo
Tamra Jackpot! 🎰 3mo
See All 28 Comments
Ruthiella Now that really is a bookish miracle! 😃 3mo
Reggie Love the figurine. 3mo
Cathythoughts Great find for you ! 😍 3mo
Gissy Wow! Lucky girl📚🙌 3mo
BarbaraBB 77 Persephones!! 😍😍 3mo
youneverarrived Ohh great finds 😍 3mo
MaureenMc 🙌📚🙌 3mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar @AmyG @Tamra @Ruthiella @Cathythoughts @Gissy See? Thank goodness for Litsy friends! Anyone else would be all “yeah, you bought a couple more books” 😆😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Reggie Thanks, Reggie! My best friend bought a little bag of these for me from an antique shop. 😆 They‘re called “shelf sitters”. I love their slightly creepy cuteness. 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB I actually didn‘t realize I had so many. 😆😆 3mo
Reggie I hope one day one or both of them move their heads for you. 😱lol 3mo
LeahBergen @Reggie I‘ll be calling in an exorcist if that happens. 😂 3mo
Lindy 🎁🎉 3mo
AmyG @Reggie Your comment was spot on for you. 🙌🏻 3mo
Amiable What an amazingly fortuitous shopping excursion! 😀 3mo
LeahBergen @AmyG Right? 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Amiable It was! 😆 3mo
CarolynM They must have been waiting for you! 3mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM “There she is!”, they said. 😆😆 3mo
Centique I can totally see those Persephones calling out to you! They found their real home now 💕 3mo
rubyslippersreads I would call you a “book rescuer.” 😄 3mo
kspenmoll They found their true home with you! 3mo
LeahBergen @Centique @rubyslippersreads @kspenmoll It‘s my true calling. 😆😆 3mo
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Vera | Elizabeth Von Arnim
post image

My current read (another Elizabeth von Arnim) is a 1921 novel which anticipates the plot of Du Maurier‘s masterpiece, Rebecca.

Young Lucy Entwhistle is on holiday in Cornwall with her beloved father when he suddenly dies. Enter Mr. Wemyss; a man whose wife, Vera, has recently and mysteriously died. They immediately fall in love and it isn‘t until after they marry that Lucy begins to worry: what really happened to Vera?

Vansa This sounds fascinating. 3mo
Cathythoughts Sounds great ! Stacked. 3mo
LeahBergen @Vansa I‘m liking it so far! 3mo
See All 16 Comments
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts So far, so good! 👍 3mo
batsy Nice! I want to read this, too. And that cover is just the best! 3mo
tpixie Wow! Similar plot! 3mo
ShelleyBooksie Love the cover. 3mo
Tamra Perfect cover! 3mo
LeahBergen @batsy @ShelleyBooksie @Tamra These Vintage von Arnim covers are all really pretty. 👍 3mo
LeahBergen @tpixie Exactly! I‘m interested to see how close the storylines end up being. 3mo
tpixie @LeahBergen 😊⭐️😊 3mo
quietjenn I have some version of this on my Kindle, *but* that cover is fantastic and might sway me to get a paper copy. 3mo
willaful @quietjenn The cover of my Virago Modern Classics edition has always been one of my favorites. https://hachette.imgix.net/books/9780349005218.jpg?auto=compress,format&w=440 3mo
quietjenn @willaful it's lovely 🙂 3mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn I always think a nice cover makes the book read better. 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @willaful Yes! I‘ve always loved that Virago cover, too! 3mo
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Possession | Celia Fremlin
post image

This is probably the best (and most excessive) usage of the “cover blurb” that I‘ve ever seen. 😆

(I keep wanting to say “that‘s what he said” after each one 😆😆).

What do you think @Cathythoughts and @Tamra ? This one features a pathologically obsessed mother whose darling boy has just become engaged. Yikes!

jlhammar Wow, I‘ve never seen a cover like that! That is some fantastic blurbing. You all are making me want to try Fremlin sooner rather than later. 3mo
Ruthiella Whew! 😅 I need a cold shower and a cigarette after reading those blurbs! 😆 3mo
Tamra Oh yes! 😵 We might need to start a Fremlin club! 3mo
See All 27 Comments
Tamra @jlhammar I‘ve only read one and I can‘t wait for the next I‘ve ordered from the library. (edited) 3mo
vivastory I'm still waiting for the book this year that will give me, "A frenzy of tension" 3mo
BarbaraBB 😂😂 3mo
Cathythoughts Oh yes ! Sounds like a good one Leah. I‘ll be getting that next. She‘ll write a great story on that theme 😳 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm @Tamra Fremlin club sounds great! But my library has no Fremlin! 😢 And her books are not easily available over here. 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm Never seen a cover like that! Eye catching! 3mo
Amiable That cover is to-die-for! (See what I did there? 😀 … That‘s what he said. 😉) (edited) 3mo
batsy Excellent cover! It seems to cover all the bases 😂 3mo
Tamra @Amiable 😉 3mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar I hope you like her when you do! 😊 3mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I think we already have an unofficial one! 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @vivastory Me, too! 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I think she will, too! 3mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm They‘re a bit tricky to find (which is a shame). 3mo
LeahBergen @Amiable 😆😆 3mo
LeahBergen @batsy All the bases, indeed. 😆 3mo
Cathythoughts @Tamra I think a Fremlin Club is a great idea. As you say Leah , we kind of do have an unofficial one. I just counted 23 books ( including short stories and poetry ) … and I would gladly reread the ones I‘ve already read. Something to think about ! Meanwhile let‘s see .. the unofficial group may gather momentum 😁 3mo
Tamra @Cathythoughts @LeahBergen true! I am all for it, official or unofficial. 3mo
Aimeesue “It grips like grim death!!” That‘s excellent. 😂 3mo
sarahbarnes Omg…”that‘s what she said”. 😂😂😂 3mo
Suet624 This post is fantastic. The book sounds great. 3mo
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The Chalet School Goes to It | Elinor Mary Brent-Dyer
post image

A couple of my current reads. 😊


Leftcoastzen Love that cover! 3mo
jlhammar Oooh, and they look so pretty together! 3mo
Lcsmcat Great dust cover art! 3mo
See All 6 Comments
Cathythoughts Gorgeous cover 💕💕💕 3mo
Centique Oh I‘m in love! 😍😍 3mo
Suet624 That cover is just so pretty! 3mo
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post image

Thank you so much, @Clwojick , for this wonderful #MugLove23 parcel! ❤️❤️

I adore the mug you chose for me and the lovely black tea sampler looks amazing. I‘m terribly excited to get to this new Grady Hendrix, too! 👏👏 I use a LOT of sheet masks (to no avail, it seems 😆) and the socks are super cute.

A big thank you to @Cinfhen and @TheKidUpstairs for bringing back this swap. 😘😘

Cathythoughts How lovely 👍🏻❤️ 4mo
Cinfhen Ohhhh!!! I LOVE what I see 😍 4mo
TrishB Fab 😁 4mo
See All 18 Comments
Chelsea.Poole That mug is awesome! 4mo
CarolynM Love the mug! 4mo
Daisey Beautiful mug! 4mo
TheKidUpstairs 😍 😍Oooh, that mug is awesome! 😍 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wonderful! I love the mug too! 4mo
MatchlessMarie That mug is so cool 🌀 4mo
Clwojick I‘m glad you love the mug as much as I do! It‘s kind of wonky, but I love that it‘s not perfectly shaped. 💙 And I can‘t wait to hear your thoughts on the new Hendrix when you get to it! 4mo
LeahBergen @Clwojick Yes! The wonkiness of its shape is what I love about it and it feels so good in my hand. 😊 4mo
Cinfhen Enjoy 😊 4mo
Reggie Can‘t wait for you to read this. 3mo
Centique Oh those socks are cute! 3mo
CarolynM Thank you very much for the parcel Leah (it arrived last week!) I‘ll do post later in the week.😘 3mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Oh, good! I‘m glad that it didn‘t take 2 months again. 😆 I hope you‘re having a truly lovely day. 😘😘 3mo
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Tyler's Row | Miss Read
post image

My current read with a big ol‘ Saturday night glass of red wine.

I‘m not sure Miss Read would approve. 😉

Ruthiella Maybe if it were a modest glass of sherry? 🍷 4mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I think you‘re onto something there. 😆 4mo
Cathythoughts I don‘t know about Miss Read… but I definitely aprove 😁 Enjoy 🍷 (edited) 4mo
See All 10 Comments
squirrelbrain Oh, I used to love the Miss Read books! 4mo
MaureenMc Lovely. 💕 4mo
Tamra Never heard of the series! Perfect evening. 👌🏾 4mo
Aimeesue What beautiful old editions ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
Gissy Beautiful edition!😱😍❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
elkeOriginal Again with the awe-inspiring shelfie! 4mo
Centique Oh a whole shelf of beauties! 🙌 Sounds like I need to try Miss Read? 3mo
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The Spider-orchid | Celia Fremlin
post image

They sure don‘t ‘cover blurb‘ like they used to, do they? 😆

In this 1977 novel, Adrian finds himself a bit put out when his mistress of four years moves in after her husband agrees to a divorce. Rita seems to really dislike his 13-year-old daughter … and some sort of murder is being hinted at (but of whom?). I‘m continually surprised that this vintage author isn‘t more well known.

Look, @Cathythoughts ! I‘m reading another Celia Fremlin. 👏

Tamra I‘ve not encountered her before. Where should I start? 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra The first one that I read and that got me hooked was 4mo
Cathythoughts So you are !! And I love that colour and the title 😁.. I‘ll just have to get it , won‘t I 👍🏻❤️ 4mo
See All 18 Comments
Cathythoughts @Tamra I think Hours Before Dawn was one of my first ones I read too. She‘s nice and creepy 😉 it was @EverydayImReading who introduced me to her. 4mo
TrishB I think I have The Hours Before Dawn on the piles! 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I think you‘ll like this one, too! She reminds me of early Ruth Rendell a little bit. 4mo
LeahBergen @TrishB Let me know what you think when you get to it! 😀 4mo
batsy @Tamra I just read The Hours Before Dawn recently and really enjoyed it! That's the only one I've read by Fremlin and want to read more 🙂 4mo
Leftcoastzen She was never on my radar at all . That‘s how it is sometimes.makes me wonder who her U.S.publisher was back in the day . 4mo
jlhammar Oh my gosh, that cover blurb is just too good! Definitely want to give Fremlin a try sometime. 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Oh I have not heard of this title. I‘ve only read The Hours Before Dawn and I‘ll add this to the others I have stacked as want to read. 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy That was my first one, too. 👍 4mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen Good question! 🤔 4mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar Isn‘t it great? 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve stacked a bunch of her other books, too. 👍 4mo
Leftcoastzen I was looking on Abe , saw a Lippincott ( old) Avon paperbacks . 4mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen Oh, interesting! I noticed a few old luridly covered paperbacks when I was searching, too. 4mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
post image

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, @rubyslippersreads !

I hope you have a wonderfully (bookish) day!


batsy Happy birthday @rubyslippersreads ! Have a fantastic day 🎁🎂🎈❤️ 4mo
TrishB Happy birthday 📚🍰 4mo
Karons1 😃 happy birthday 🥳 let‘s all eat cake 🧁 and celebrate with you 😂 4mo
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tpixie @rubyslippersreads enjoy your special day!!! 🎁🥳📕🎂🎉 4mo
Aimeesue HBD, RSRs! 🎈 💭 🎈 🎉 4mo
mabell Happy Birthday @rubyslippersreads ! 🎉🎂📚🎈 4mo
AmyG Have a wonderful birthday! 🎂 4mo
quietjenn Happy birthday to the wonderful @rubyslippersreads 🎉🎈🍰 4mo
rubyslippersreads @batsy @TrishB @tpixie @Aimeesue @mabell @AmyG @quietjenn Thank you so much for the lovely 🎂 wishes! You may all obey @Karons1 and eat cake in my honor. 🤣 I hereby decree that today, it has no calories. 4mo
Ruthiella Happy birthday @rubyslippersreads ! 🥳🥳🥳 4mo
MaureenMc Happy birthday! 🥳 4mo
tpixie @rubyslippersreads Woot! 🥳🥳🎂🎂🥳🥳 4mo
fredamans Happy birthday! 4mo
Tamra Happy Birthday! Wishing you many bookish presents! 🎁📚 4mo
Gissy Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉🥳 4mo
UwannaPublishme @rubyslippersreads Oh, I missed your birthday! Hope you‘re still celebrating! 🥳❤️🎂🎁🎉 4mo
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The Home-maker | Dorothy Canfield Fisher
post image

I really enjoyed this thought-provoking, ahead-of-its-time 1924 novel.

Eva, a house-proud, unhappy mother, finds her world turned upside down when her husband is paralyzed in an accident. Will their lifestyle be accepted when she finds a fulfilling career and her husband flourishes as a “househusband”? I was fully invested in their sweet childrens‘ lives, too!

What did you think, #PersephoneClub ? 😀

Cathythoughts Great review Leah! Sounds like a good one 👍🏻I havnt started yet I‘m afraid I‘m way behind.. but hope to start this weekend. 4mo
Cathythoughts And I love this picture ❤️ 4mo
See All 30 Comments
andrew61 Great review leah. I am halfway through. I love the characters, really enjoying the story. 4mo
batsy A gorgeous stack of Persephones 😍 4mo
Karons1 Mine hasn‘t arrived yet 😕I have also got saplings and Marianne haven‘t read those yet and they were sisters , they knew mr knight , to bed with grand music and expiation 👍😆x x. 4mo
tpixie Great Review! The premise sounds great! Lovely cover! 🥰🥰🥰 4mo
Aimeesue Nice review! I love this cover. It reminds me of the staircase in my grandparent's house where my cousins and I would sit around reading comic books for HOURS. Must be the lighting and the quilt. 🙂 4mo
quietjenn What a picture! Glad people are enjoying the book. 4mo
Tamra Fantastic pic & review! 😊 4mo
jlhammar That is one beautiful stack of books! Wonderful review. How she wrote children was one of the stand-outs for me as well. Her knowledge of and passion for the Montessori method of child-rearing and education really comes through. 4mo
Gissy I‘m still waiting for my copy🙁🤷🏽‍♀️I will read as soon as it arrives. Does Waterstone know where PR is?😂 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! I think you might enjoy this when you get to it. 😊 4mo
LeahBergen @andrew61 Thanks, Andrew! 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy The Persephone Classics are always pretty. 😊 4mo
LeahBergen @Karons1 I hope yours arrives soon! It always takes a long while for Persephone orders to get to me here in Canada. 4mo
LeahBergen @tpixie Thanks! 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue That‘s such a lovely memory! 4mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn I saw your review on Goodreads and agree with your comments on the preachy bits. 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra Thanks! 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar It certainly did come through, didn‘t it? I enjoyed learning more about her and her own marriage in the introduction and afterword. 4mo
LeahBergen @Gissy I know what it‘s like! My orders take a long time to arrive here in Canada. I also recently read that UK mail was disrupted by strikes and they were asking people to hold off on sending international mail because they had a backlog. 4mo
Tamra @LeahBergen @quietjenn preachy bits? I got the same vibe in parts. 😉 This makes me realize I‘m more willing to forgive/overlook it in older works, but less so for contemporary writing. I need to ponder why. 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra That is EXACTLY me. I‘ll be reading a vintage book and happily say, “oh, a product of its time” or some such thing. In a modern book? I‘ll cuss and eye roll. 😆😆 4mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen @Tamra yeah, usually I'm pretty good about going with it, but sometimes I am grumpy. 😅 I also read it as a pretty crappy e-book, so that probably didn't help. 4mo
elkeOriginal @Aimeesue I was surprised to see the credit in the back that this cover is a Norman Rockwell! 4mo
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen You have so many of the illustrated Classics versions! I have, a couple of times, chosen those over the grey because the art was so inviting… 4mo
Aimeesue @elkeOriginal OMG - THAT'S why it reminds me of my grandmother's house. We lived very near Rockwell's Studio, and she had a lot of his prints in her house. I actually worked in one of the buildings in his "Christmas on Main Street" piece for a while. ? 4mo
elkeOriginal @Aimeesue Amazing! It IS grandma‘s house 😉 4mo
CarolynM Great review. I‘ve just finished, still thinking about my review. 3mo
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The Colour Of Murder | Julian Symons
post image

I‘m just starting this 1957 British Library Crime Classic and I‘ve heard it‘s best to go in without reading too many blurbs, etc (I‘ve skipped the intro for now!). I‘m only two chapters in and the narrator is already maliciously creepy. I‘m hooked!

@vivastory This is the one I mentioned in your last comment. 😊

vivastory Maliciously creepy! Say no more. Stacked! 4mo
batsy What @vivastory said! 4mo
charl08 Wow, what a gorgeous cover. 😍 4mo
Tamra Oh fun! 🥺 4mo
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post image

I mailed my #MugLove23 parcel this afternoon (and didn‘t take a photo of it 😆).

Keep an eye on your mailbox, @Clwojick !

@Cinfhen @TheKidUpstairs

Kimzey I would love a Litsy mug! Where would I find one? ❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @Kimzey I received this several years ago from a contest that Litsy/Library Thing ran on here. 😊 4mo
Kimzey Awww! A collector‘s item. What a treasure! 😍 4mo
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Clwojick Amazing! I‘ll have yours mailed by the end of the week! 💖 4mo
sarahbarnes Your mug!!! 😍😍😍 4mo
LeahBergen @Kimzey It is! 😄 4mo
LeahBergen @Clwojick Yay! I can hardly wait. 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @sarahbarnes I love it. 😄 4mo
Cinfhen This photo is awesomeness!!! Thanks for the update 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen Thanks to you and Megan for bringing back this wonderful swap! 😘😘 4mo
rubyslippersreads Speaking of mailboxes, a package from you arrived. 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads Whew! I was worried it might be late. 😬 4mo
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The Home-maker | Dorothy Canfield Fisher
post image

It‘s now February so that means it‘s time for one of our #PersephoneClub reads!

@Aimeesue ‘s pick for us this month is The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. This is a casual buddy read; read and comment on each other‘s posts and reviews as you see them. We usually aim to finish by the middle of the month but that‘s not written in stone. 😉 And anyone is welcome to read along with us, of course!

Tamra Thank you! 4mo
Karons1 Looking forward to it haven‘t started yet 😅x. X x 4mo
See All 17 Comments
jlhammar Yay! Hoping to get started this weekend. 4mo
JenniferP I absolutely loved this book! Hope you all enjoy! 4mo
LeahBergen @Karons1 @jlhammar I hope to get started in the next day or two, as well. 👏 4mo
LeahBergen @JenniferP Good to hear! I‘m really looking forward to this one. 😊 4mo
elkeOriginal Pulling off the shelf for the bedside stack now! 📚 4mo
quietjenn I'll probably sit this one out, since I read it relatively recently. But will definitely follow the conversation! 4mo
CarolynM I was going to comment first thing this morning that my Persephone order hadn‘t arrived yet, but I came back from my morning walk to find my letterbox full of books! Still waiting on one, but fortunately I don‘t need that one just yet🙂 4mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal Me, too! 😄 4mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn Totally makes sense! It‘s always fun to follow along with the comments though, isn‘t it? 4mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Isn‘t that the way it always works? 😆 4mo
Cathythoughts Exciting! Thanks Leah. I‘ve been eyeing it recently in anticipation ❤️ 4mo
Oryx Hi. Thanks for tagging - just a slight typo in my tag - but looking forward to joining in. I read this one already and loved it - will post my thoughts closer to middle of the month with everyone else ❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @Oryx Yikes! How did I miss that? So sorry. I‘m looking forward to your thoughts! 4mo
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post image

Time for another cozy read …. 🤣🤣

I‘m flipping through this volume (a Christmas gift from family 😆) and it‘s crazy. Each chapter focuses on one collector and their collection and I must admit to being a bit shocked that these people chose this as a hobby. There are quite a few gross items but a lot of other intriguing ones like Salem Witch trial documents, Lizzie Borden signed registers, wanted posters and the like.

Ruthiella I like how you switch between this and vintage books with heartwarming plots and characters! Keeping it real! 😂 4mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I know! 😆😆 4mo
Tamra You just never know what people are collecting behind closed doors! 🥺 4mo
See All 8 Comments
jlhammar 😂 Love it. And great bookmark pairing! 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra Eek! 😬 4mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar I thought the bookmark was pretty good, too. 😆 4mo
Suet624 Wow! That‘s so creepy. 4mo
LeahBergen @Suet624 It is! 😆 4mo
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Scarborough | Catherine Hernandez
post image

I‘m just finishing up this read for my IRL bookclub and (disappointingly) finding the ending a tad overwrought, after what was an overall pretty impressive reading experience. 😒

Centique Oh bother! Hate it when that happens 😟 4mo
LeahBergen @Centique Right? Ah, well… 4mo
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The Guest List | Lucy Foley
post image

A bit of white wine and a thriller while on holiday.

Let‘s see how this one goes; I seem to enjoy a lot of current thrillers until I get to the ending. Anyone else? 🤷🏻‍♀️

batsy Yes! The endings tend to ruin what was a perfectly good book. 4mo
sarahbarnes Sounds like a great holiday! 4mo
tpixie @batsy @LeahBergen I agrée! I do recall Stephen King, saying the ending is always the hardest part of the book! 4mo
See All 15 Comments
TheLudicReader Yep. So much promise until the end and then it all falls apart. 🙁 4mo
Cathythoughts Yes ! Or I enjoy the first half and the author loses me. 🤷‍♀️ 4mo
LitStephanie Yeah, I love thrillers, but sometimes the endings are this huge complex mess being crammed into a quick wrapup, and I am left thinking "Wait, what? What about x, y, and z." Enjoy your holiday! 4mo
vivastory Don't get me started on the problem with the endings of contemporary thrillers *sigh* 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy And yet I don‘t usually find that to be the case with a lot of vintage thrillers. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4mo
LeahBergen @sarahbarnes It was. Thank you! 4mo
LeahBergen @tpixie It must be! 4mo
LeahBergen @TheLudicReader It‘s like they try to hard for “the twist”. 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Yes! About 80% of the time. It‘s probably why I enjoy vintage psychological suspense so much more. They don‘t seem to try so hard for the big twisty finish. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4mo
LeahBergen @LitStephanie That‘s exactly it! 4mo
LeahBergen @vivastory Right? What‘s wrong with a quietly malevolent ending? 😆 4mo
Cathythoughts Great discussion! I really wish the modern thriller writers could see this thread 👍🏻 4mo
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Russell Books | Victoria, BC, Canada (Bookstore)
post image

Congratulations on your big 20k, @BennettBookworm ! 🎉🎉🎉

I have a LOT of favourite bookstores 😆 but I‘m going to highlight this one in Victoria, BC, Canada. I always try to make it there when I‘m travelling on Vancouver Island (and I make sure to allow myself plenty of browsing time).


BennettBookworm Thanks for sharing! Sounds wonderful ❤️ 4mo
Jakaranda Let‘s go this summer😉 3mo
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Slenderman | Kathleen Hale
post image

I‘m currently in the US of A this week 😉 and went to a Barnes and Noble store.

Here are my purchases!

Leftcoastzen Yay! 4mo
TrishB Lovely ♥️ 4mo
UwannaPublishme Was that you?! 😄📚 4mo
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squirrelbrain The tagged book sounds rather good! 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wohoo! Have a lovely vacation! 4mo
SamAnne I just picked up Woks of Life from the library! 4mo
Cathythoughts I hope you enjoy your trip. The books look good ♥️ 4mo
LeahBergen @UwannaPublishme Did you walk by me at B&N and not say hi? 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @squirrelbrain I hope it is! I‘d read a bit about this case a while ago. 4mo
LeahBergen @SamAnne Some of the recipes look amazing! 👍 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! It‘s just a quick, one week jaunt but we‘re having fun. 😊 4mo
Mitch Mr K is too! I‘ve sent him with a smallish shopping list! 4mo
batsy How fun! Enjoy, Leah ❤️ 4mo
Reggie Ooooh how exciting! 4mo
CarolynM Enjoy! 4mo
youneverarrived Have fun 😍 4mo
mabell Have a great time! 4mo
tpixie Pretty journals! Yummy looking cookbook! And Slenderman- Tragic! Likely a good read. Welcome to the US of A! From Kansas🌻! ( The Sunflower 🌻 is our state flower). 4mo
Bklover Welcome! Have a wonderful time! 4mo
MaureenMc Enjoy! Hope the weather is decent where you are. 😊 4mo
jlhammar Fun haul! Hope you‘re having a good trip. 4mo
Tamra Anxious to read your thoughts on Woks of Life! 4mo
LeahBergen @Mitch Is he? I hope he brings home some good loot for you! 😊 4mo
LeahBergen @tpixie Thanks! And I‘m waving towards Kansas now. 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @MaureenMc Much nicer weather than my part of Canada at the moment. 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I‘ve tagged several recipes so far. 👍 4mo
tpixie @LeahBergen 👋🏻 4mo
UwannaPublishme Didn‘t you see me waving to you from the memoir section? 😆👋🏻 4mo
LeahBergen @UwannaPublishme Sorry, I was too caught up in the true crime section. 😆 4mo
Clwojick Slenderman CREEPS me out! You‘ll have to let me know how this books is because I love true crime, but something about Slenderman just gives me the heebie jeebies. Might have to keep it on my radar for October since there‘s always mini challenges to find a book that scares you, and not much gets under my skin. 🫣 4mo
UwannaPublishme Next time, we‘ll just have to meet in the coffee shop 🫖…or better yet…the Clearance section. 😆🛍️ 4mo
LeahBergen @Clwojick The idea of it creeps me out, too! I‘ll let you know how this one goes (when I get to it 😆). 4mo
Suet624 Did you see any fun sights??? 4mo
LeahBergen @Suet624 We didn‘t do a lot of sightseeing but I got an entire weekend with my best friend who I hadn‘t seen since Covid (she‘s in the US and I‘m in Canada). It was WONDERFUL. 🥰 4mo
Suet624 Wonderful! 4mo
Jakaranda Love you bestie💜 3mo
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The Holiday Friend: The Modern Classic | Pamela Hansford-Johnson
post image

I received a surprise delivery from Book Depository today! Who‘s my secret sender? 😍

Gavin and Hannah are a happy couple on holiday in Belgium with their young son. Melissa is a student of Gavin‘s and follows them there, stalking the young family‘s every move. This 1972 novel of “sinister obsession” sounds fantastic!

Aimeesue Ah, remember the days of yore, when you could just stroll around all day and lean against lampposts? Ah, youth! Wait, stalking?? Eek. (edited) 4mo
jlhammar Well that sounds great! What a nice surprise. 4mo
Andrea313 The book looks great but I am *swooning* over your shelves! 😍 4mo
See All 19 Comments
LeahBergen @Aimeesue 😆😆 4mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar it is! 🥰 4mo
LeahBergen @Andrea313 Aww, thanks! 😆 4mo
Cathythoughts I‘m ready for my next book , I‘ll give this one a go. ♥️ 4mo
batsy How lovely! 😍 And how have I not heard of it before? *immediate add to wishlist* 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm It‘s from me, Leah! Supposed to arrive earlier in the month for New Year 😂. Enjoy!😘 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts This is a new author for me. I‘m excited! 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy 😆 Here‘s hoping it‘s good! 4mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm Thanks so much, Jessie! I haven‘t read this author before but have always wanted to. You‘re so thoughtful. 😘😘😘 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm You‘re most welcome❤️. Thank you for your bookish friendship, and introducing many new-to-me authors! Although, my bank account is not too pleased.🤭🤗❤️ 4mo
rubyslippersreads @batsy I just added it to my wishlist, for the cover, if nothing else. 😄 4mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm 😆😆 And thanks for your bookish friendship, too. 😘😘 4mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads It‘s a great cover, isn‘t it? 4mo
tpixie What a nice surprise!! Great premise! The old cover! 4mo
sisilia This is one the books that I bought because of its cover 😅 4mo
LeahBergen @tpixie @sisilia They really did a good job with the art for these republished novels! 4mo
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The Wild Birthday Cake | Lavinia Riker Davis
post image

Why yes, I DID buy this vintage teen romance for its cover.

Serena (commonly known as Squeak) is surprised to find that old Mrs. Frostgate has bequeathed her book collection to her. Unfortunately, she must share the inheritance with her childhood nemesis, Cliff. I don‘t even care at this point if the story sucks as the premise and cover are just too good. 😆😆

(Unfortunately not in the Litsy database).

rockpools Of COURSE you had to buy it - it‘s incredible! 😘 4mo
batsy "Squeak", a book collection, a nemesis named Cliff, plus that cover! You had to buy it! ? 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm 😄 and I love the matching pencils too! 4mo
See All 22 Comments
TrishB Of course there‘s matching pencils 😉 4mo
CarolynM Hmm, I wonder what will happen in the end? 🤔😆 Great find! 4mo
AlaMich Whaddya figure, she‘s got about a 16” waist? 😂 4mo
youneverarrived That is a gorgeous cover 😍 4mo
jlhammar Love it! 😆 4mo
Tamra 😂 funny! 4mo
Ruthiella I don‘t blame you! It‘s an awesome cover! 4mo
Aimeesue @batsy is spot on - you had no choice! 😄 4mo
Leftcoastzen Look at all those books! 😱what a great cover! 4mo
MaureenMc 😍 4mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I would have done the same. 4mo
Gissy That cover😱😍❤️ 4mo
Cathythoughts Love this 👍🏻♥️ 4mo
Suet624 Fantastic cover. 4mo
Centique Oh my, I‘m in love with it! 😍 4mo
rubyslippersreads I have to check my shelves; I think I may have this. I know I have some of this author‘s pony books. 4mo
UwannaPublishme 😍😍😍 4mo
tpixie Love the book inheritance premise. And I can only imagine the hate to love from sharing the books! Fun!! 4mo
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post image

And now for a vintage children‘s story (about seven sisters suddenly thrust into boarding school when their governess has the audacity to marry).

I‘m pairing it with a bit of jasmine tea in the pretty cup and saucer that @ShelleyBooksie sent to me for the #FallingForFallSwap. 😘😘

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty ☕️ 5mo
Ruthiella Love it! 😍 5mo
Tamra Such a peaceful looking evening! 5mo
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Chrissyreadit Lovely evening ❤️ 5mo
Cathythoughts Gorgeous picture 🥰 cosy ! 5mo
batsy Oh, that looks fun! 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm 😍Looks perfect! 5mo
ShelleyBooksie Yay!! I'm so glad you like it ♡♡ 5mo
Gissy Beautiful cover! 😍 5mo
jlhammar Lovely! 4mo
BiblioLitten Hi Leah! I might be hitting Calgary next month. Any bookstore recommendations? 4mo
LeahBergen @BiblioLitten Hi!! Let‘s see… for small independents I like Shelf Life, Owl‘s Nest, and Pages in Kensington (and Kensington is a fun neighbourhood of shops, restaurants, etc.). Our big used bookstore is called Fair‘s Fair with two locations. The Inglewood location is a really fun shopping area, too. Oh! And there‘s a nice independent one near it, too, called The Next Page. 👍 4mo
BiblioLitten Thank you for the recommendations! I hope to check out a few💕 4mo
Centique That sounds fabulous. I expect that many “scrapes” ensue and hopefully tea and cakes after someone wins a race at sports day. 😁 4mo
rubyslippersreads Gorgeous cover! 4mo
LeahBergen @Centique The tea and cakes came after winning a big tennis match for their school. 😆 4mo
Centique @LeahBergen that is perfect! 4mo
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The Corner That Held Them | Sylvia Townsend Warner
post image

What to say about this novel? It‘s a dense and beautifully written story of a 14th-century fenland nunnery, with no niceties (or “grossities”) ignored. We follow numerous sisters (and several bishops) from the onset of the Black Death to the Peasants‘ Revolt. Nothing much happens but EVERYTHING happens. It‘s life and death in a nutshell and utterly absorbing. I loved it.


merelybookish Great review! Ive been curious about this one for a while! 5mo
Tamra Fabulous review! 5mo
Deblovestoread Great review! I‘m loving it, too. 5mo
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BarbaraBB Fab review 🤍 5mo
Cathythoughts Wonderful review Leah 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5mo
batsy Great review! I felt the same—just utterly loved it! 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm Great review🌟 5mo
TheKidUpstairs Oooh "Nothing much happens but everything happens" is one of my favourite sub-genres. Stacked. 5mo
andrew61 Sounds excellent. 5mo
jlhammar Grossities 😆 Love it. Fantastic review. You sum it up perfectly. This book is SO GOOD and I‘m very thankful to have been reading it along with you and the rest. I still have a couple chapters to go. 5mo
Chrys I hadn‘t heard of this that I remember, but after your review I need to read it. 5mo
Tamra Oh perfect, the “grossities” indeed! 😉 Very apt description of nothing & everything is contained in this novel. (edited) 5mo
quietjenn “nothing happens BUT everything happens“ is such a great way to phrase it! Couldn't agree with your comments more. 5mo
Suet624 I got stuck about 1/4 of the way through this with library holds all arriving at the same time. I need to get back to it. I‘m glad you liked it. 5mo
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post image

Well, it‘s January 10th and time to start the first letter in this behemoth of an epistolary novel!

A year-long buddy read … what have you made me do, fellow #Clarissa readers? 🤣


rubyslippersreads We‘re #Folio twins! 😄 5mo
Tamra Sweet editions! You‘ll definitely need a surface for reading. 😅 5mo
Daisey Beautiful editions! 5mo
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Aimeesue Lovely luscious Folios! ❤️ 5mo
Amiable Based on the first letter, it sounds like it will be a year of juicy revelations. If that makes it any better. 😀 5mo
Leftcoastzen Folio!so nice! 5mo
Cathythoughts Gorgeous books. Sounds like fun ❤️ 5mo
hilded Beautiful books ✨ 5mo
batsy Beautiful big big books 😍😆 5mo
Liz_M Your poor wrists! 5mo
Lcsmcat What a beautiful edition! 5mo
AnneCecilie Those look beautiful 🤩 5mo
Reggie Good luck!!! That‘s a lot of letters, yeah? 5mo
britt_brooke A year?! Looking forward to your progress! 5mo
Suet624 Yikes! 5mo
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Clothes-Pegs | Noel Streatfeild, Susan Scarlett
post image

Okay, #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub, here‘s our 2023 reading schedule!

As always, anyone is welcome to jump in and read along with us for any month. It‘s a casual buddy read; we generally aim to be finished around the middle of the month and simply comment and chat on each other‘s posts and reviews.

jlhammar Wonderful! Looking forward to all of these. Excited to place my book order! 5mo
See All 60 Comments
Tamra Thank you Leah and all for making this fun club happen! 😊 5mo
elkeOriginal Fantastic set of books! 5mo
catebutler Such a great line up! 👏🏼 5mo
quietjenn Woohoo! I and I appreciate the symmetry of beginning and ending the year with Susan Scarlett. 🤓 5mo
Tamra @jlhammar I just loaded them all onto my Kindle - while I‘d prefer to read physical copies I just can‘t justify the cost difference! 😣 (edited) 5mo
CarolynM Fantastic! Thanks Leah😘 5mo
Ruthiella Thank you Leah! 🙏 We‘ve lots of great reads ahead! 5mo
Kimzey Terrific! Thanks for putting together the year at a glance. I‘ve screen shot it and will order the next two. And I‘ll be thinking ahead to my 2024 potential selections! 5mo
Aimeesue Thanks! I've screen shotted this and am off to fill my cart! I'm happy that the Kindle versions are so inexpensive. And as I have no space on my physical shelves, the Kindle is my. Est friend these days 😄 (edited) 5mo
Tamra @CarolynM such a nice offer! 😊 I downloaded mine to Kindle - I hope someone else can use one. 5mo
catebutler @CarolynM I‘ve already ordered my copy, but thank you so much for your kind offer!! 💓 (edited) 5mo
rubyslippersreads @Aimeesue Plus you can always have your library with you. 😄 5mo
rubyslippersreads @CarolynM I have the Kindle version, but thanks for offering. 😊 5mo
batsy Thank you! Fantastic line up for the year 😍 I realise that it's my turn to start off 2024, but shall I post the choices sometime mid-year? Just in case there's voter fatigue? 😁 5mo
batsy @CarolynM That's such a kind offer! If no one has claimed it yet I would love to have it—I was planning on getting a physical copy 🙂 5mo
Gissy Sounds so interesting and they are beautiful!! I will try to follow you but I‘m late for the first book. An excuse to buy these beauties 😜😂 5mo
CarolynM @batsy Send me a message munchenberg at onthe dot net dot au 5mo
batsy @CarolynM Just sent you an email 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm Splendid line up! Thanks Leah!😘 5mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn I noticed that symmetry, too. I like to start and finish the year with a bit of froth! 😆 5mo
LeahBergen @Kimzey Yes! @batsy , you, and then @Jess_Read_This will be our first three book suggesters for next year. I was thinking we should wait until closer to the end of the year to start voting on those as Furrowed Middlebrow has some new books coming out this year. What do you all think? (edited) 5mo
batsy @LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This @kimzey Oh yes, that's an excellent idea. I was just wondering about new titles coming out this year 🙌🏾 5mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue @Tamra I really love how they release their ebooks in a non-price gouging way, don‘t you? So impressive for a small press. ❤️ 5mo
Ruthiella @LeahBergen @batsy @Kimzey @Jess_Read_This I agree Leah, we can vote on 2024 later in the year. 👍 5mo
LeahBergen @batsy I saw that they are going to publish their new releases for April soon! 👏👏 @Ruthiella (edited) 5mo
Ruthiella @Gissy Jump in any time! If you have a kindle, the books are quite inexpensive, too. 5mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm It‘s going to be a fun year of reading! 😘 5mo
LeahBergen @Gissy Definitely jump in anytime to read along with us! As @Ruthiella said, these are very inexpensive as ebooks and we‘d love to have you. 😘😘 5mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM How nice of you to share! And I‘m kind of laughing that you have two copies. 😆😆 5mo
Tamra @LeahBergen indeed! 👍🏾 5mo
CarolynM Me too🤣 I must have got a bit gung ho with the ordering. 5mo
Kimzey @LeahBergen @batsy @Jess_Read_This Yes, I was hoping we‘d wait until at least midway through the year. We can see what comes out and I will want to research and maybe even read a few potential picks before choosing. That may be a little ambitious though! 😊 5mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM I feel you. 🤣 5mo
LeahBergen @Kimzey Perfect! And we have something to look forward to. 😆 5mo
Kimzey @CarolynM Thanks for offering your extra copy. I see it found a home! 😍 5mo
Cathythoughts Nice work Leah !! You‘re great 👍🏻 what a fun year for us ❤️❤️❤️ 5mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Yes! Between this and #PersephoneClub, we have a lot to look forward to. 🥰 5mo
Rissreads Such beautiful covers! ♥️ 5mo
Jess_Read_This @Ruthiella @LeahBergen @batsy @Kimzey Sounds like a plan to me! I like the idea of waiting a bit to see what new releases come out this year. Just let me know when to make my selections. ☺️ 5mo
Jess_Read_This Thanks for posting this! Took my screenshot and off to see what I own and what I need to buy. 5mo
LeahBergen @Rissreads Aren‘t they great? They hunt down the best old artwork for these forgotten books. 5mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This Amazingly (and perhaps shamefully) I only had to order one. 😆 5mo
Rissreads I might join in to some of these as I didn‘t realise they were so cheap on kindle! I‘ll see how I go. 😊 5mo
LeahBergen @Rissreads Please do! We‘d love to have you. 😊 5mo
shawnmooney I‘ve got the July one so count me in! Might acquire one or two others! 🕺🏼🕺🏼🥰🥰 5mo
LeahBergen @shawnmooney Yay! I think you might like the September pick, too. 👍 5mo
Gissy @LeahBergen Thank you! But I prefer the physical books, they are so pretty☺️😍 5mo
Gissy @Ruthiella I prefer physical books, they are so pretty! I can read in February the one assigned to January and then catch up with the group for the next month. Well, I should clarify that I‘m a slow reader☺️but motivated to read these books. 5mo
Ruthiella Oopsie Whoopsie! @Tamra I got ahead of myself. Will repost in MARCH! 🙊😂 I deleted my previous post. (edited) 4mo
Tamra @Ruthiella well, I was excited too! 😃😆 4mo
Tamra Woot woot! 💙 4mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella 😆😆 I hear ya! I‘m forever looking forward to our next reads together! 4mo
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Clothes-Pegs | Noel Streatfeild, Susan Scarlett
post image

Annabel is promoted from seamstress to glamorous mannequin (what we now call a “model”) in a high-end London fashion house and finds romance (and catty women) along the way.

I very much enjoyed this light romance/Cinderella story and definitely saw a lot of parallels with Noel Streatfeild‘s children‘s stories; she always has the coziest of home scenes and the most comforting of parents (dear Ethel and George)!


andrew61 I listened today to the Backlisted Christmas edition about Ballet Shoes. She sounded like a fascinating character and they played a piece from her desert islands discs, what a voice. I'll definitely try and read some of her adult books this year. 5mo
rubyslippersreads Lovely photo. Is that one of the Bennett sisters? (The acting family, not Pride & Prejudice. 😂) (edited) 5mo
See All 29 Comments
jlhammar Beautiful photo! I actually haven't read Streatfeild's children's books yet, but look forward to trying them someday. This was my first encounter with her writing. 5mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️ 5mo
Aimeesue @andrew61 That was a fab episode of Backlisted. I loved the part where they read the "similar" passages from Ballet Shoes and The Whicharts ? 5mo
batsy Lovely review and evocative photo! Ethel and George were the best, weren't they? ❤️ 5mo
Leftcoastzen Looks like an original deco frame. 5mo
Tamra Perfect backdrop! 😘 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm Gorgeous photo 💖 5mo
Ruthiella Beautiful photo! I‘m so hoping to finish this tonight or tomorrow. 🤞 5mo
Cathythoughts Lovely review Leah. As for the photo … beautiful 👌🏻 5mo
LeahBergen @andrew61 I have to listen to that soon! The novels that she wrote under the name Susan Scarlett are definitely of the “light” romance variety but the ones under her own name seem to be a bit more “literary” (for what that‘s worth 😆). Persephone Books published this one that I‘ve been meaning to get to 5mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads I‘m not sure! She was in the frame when I bought it. 😆😆 5mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar You must try one if you liked the dynamics of Annabel‘s family; they all have that lovely, cozy feel to them. 😊 5mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue I have a copy of The Whicharts and I‘m kind of looking forward to a grittier Ballet Shoes. 😆 5mo
LeahBergen @batsy I would like to come home to Ethel everyday, fussing about over dry feet and cottage pies. 😆 5mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen It is! I‘ve found a few of them over the years and always love them. 5mo
LeahBergen @Tamra @erzascarletbookgasm Thanks, you two! 😘😘 5mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella Thanks, Ruth! 😘 5mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘😘 5mo
Jess_Read_This Terrific review and photo! And I also would love to come home to an Ethel every day! She is such a loving wise dear! (edited) 5mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen That's gonna be either very amusing or TERRIFYING. 😂 5mo
Tamra @LeahBergen oh yes indeed re: feet & pies. 😆 (edited) 5mo
quietjenn Lovely comments and points. It's so interesting to compare and contrast the various children's books v. the literary adult books v. the Scarlett books. What a fascinating woman she was! And how fond I am of the characters she created. 5mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This Thank you! 😘 5mo
LeahBergen @Aimeesue I‘ve read some angry reviews of The Whicharts! I guess some people don‘t like to see a mutilation of their childhood favourite. 😆😆 5mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn Her characters leap from the page. My most recent read of her children‘s books was White Boots and I kept noticing similarities in the best characters of both these novels. 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve just finished. I love the family scenes and the details of daily life too. 5mo
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Yoked with a Lamb | Molly Clavering
post image

Okay #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub , it‘s time to vote on our May read.

I haven‘t read either of these authors yet but I already own several of their books. Help me out here and vote away!😆

@catebutler @elkeOriginal @erzascarletbookgasm @rubyslippersreads @quietjenn @LeahBergen @CarolynM @Cathythoughts @Ruthiella @batsy @Kimzey @Jess_Read_This

Ruthiella Oh dear. This is a tough choice because both sound delightful. I think I‘ll go for the Molly Clavering title because it seems slightly more salacious! 😆 5mo
elkeOriginal I vote Seaview House! 5mo
See All 23 Comments
Cathythoughts I‘m voting Seaview House ! 5mo
CarolynM I‘m going to hold off posting my suggestion because I want to see if Yoked or Wine (which I had picked out to suggest) get up. 5mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Good idea! I was thinking that, too. 👍 5mo
batsy Nice! My favourite moment 😁 I'm voting for 5mo
quietjenn I love Elizabeth Fair (and this book), but voting for 5mo
catebutler My vote is for 5mo
LeahBergen Well, it looks like Yoked With a Lamb has won this one! @Jess_Read_This and @Kimzey , we still need your vote for our March choice. Head over to @quietjenn ‘s post and exercise your Middlebrow rights by voting. 😆 5mo
CarolynM Yay for the Lamb😆 Now let‘s see about Wine then I‘ll post my options. 5mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM It‘s a close race! 😆 5mo
Kimzey Looking forward to Yoked with a Lamb! 5mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen @CarolynM currently tied, with only @Jess_Read_This left to vote! 5mo
batsy Nice!! 🐑 5mo
LeahBergen @Kimzey I am, too! 5mo
LeahBergen @batsy yes! 👍 5mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn @CarolynM It‘s a nail biter! 😆 5mo
Jess_Read_This Guys, I‘m so sorry. I just got all these notifications today at once on the app. 😬 And I never want to be a tiebreaker!! 5mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This No worries! I‘ll make sure to keep bombarding you with tags. 😆 5mo
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