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Never enough bookshelves for all the books 📚😊. ❤️ non-fic, art, memoirs, most fic genres. Ravenclaw.
Baldwin's Book Barn | West Chester, PA (Bookstore)
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Tagging another local used bookstore! Baldwin‘s Book Barn is five stories! While they do have more recently published used books, this is also an antiquarian and luxury edition paradise. On my last visit a while back , I even came across 1Q84 😊.

ETA: your local libraries can be tagged also using this new feature.

LeahBergen This looks like such a lovely shop! 8h
DivineDiana I haven‘t been here in a while. Did you make a purchase? 8h
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen you would absolutely love this one. It has the kind of books you love to buy 😊 8h
ValerieAndBooks @DivineDiana I was last there a few weeks ago — didn‘t get around to posting my haul. I tend to get just 2-3 from there at a time because it‘s not as inexpensive, but I sure love it there 💖! 8h
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Second Reading II | West Chester, PA (Bookstore)
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In case you missed it!! @TimSpalding recently had a post that brought this to my attention. You can now tag bookstores on #Litsy! If a search doesn‘t come up via Litsy for the bookstore you want, you can add it as a venue on LibraryThing.

This is where I got my haul this morning! They accept book donations and all sales benefit the local senior center. They run different price specials each month.

JanuarieTimewalker13 Wow! That‘s a great bookstore!! And that‘s nice that they can be tagged! 9h
ValerieAndBooks @JanuarieTimewalker13 it is, to both! Libraries can now be tagged as well. 8h
JanuarieTimewalker13 Wow!!! That‘s very cool!! 8h
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Naked Lunch: The Restored Text | William Burroughs
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It‘s been a while since I posted an used book store haul! $1 trade paperbacks for the month of May 👍.

The trees have changed since the last time (two months ago) I took a book haul picture from this spot 😃🌳🌿🍃🌳

Tagged book is a #1001Books (as is Candide).

Henrik_Madsen Nice haul! 📕📕😃 11h
Christinak Great haul! ❤️📚❤️ 11h
PerksOfBeingABookworm Nice haul! My friend keeps telling me I need to read The Book of Speculation. I own it... just haven‘t gotten around to it yet. 11h
Christine Great finds! 10h
AKinderman Loved The Book of Speculation!
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Starting this about the Donner Party. I gave this to my Dad last Father‘s Day. He didn‘t get to finish it— I will for him.

But the history of the Donner Party was pretty familiar to us. I grew up a couple hours away from Donner Pass, and so we were also taught about them in school as part of our local/state history.

This should hopefully be an interesting refresher to what I learned years ago!

LauraJ Sounds like a compelling read. 1d
LeahBergen ❤️❤️ 20h
Suet624 Awww...💕💕💕 3h
Suet624 By the way, I freak out every time I go over Donner Pass. Chills. 3h
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This was my first Didion, so I don‘t know if this is consistent of her style. The Questions without question marks throughout got annoying real fast. Definitely felt like a relic of the 1970s. (It was published in 1970)

Read this for #1001Books

DivineDiana Don‘t know. 🤔 Only “read one” but it was an audio! 🙂 1d
LittleWonder I started with The Year of Magical Thinking, then Blue Nights. The Netflix documentary “The Center Will Not Hold” is fabulous! (edited) 1d
saresmoore I think that would drive me bonkers! 1d
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Reggie It started with Cormac McCarthy years ago, but my irritation for authors not using quotations, or question marks, or lately even indenting paragraphs has been so eroded I‘ve almost come to expect it. Lol 1d
Chab256 This was my first and only Didion so far, but I actually loved it. Not sure if her essay style differs... 1d
CarolynM I've only read this one and The Year of Magical Thinking. I liked it a lot. I took the lack of question marks as part of the general ennui and off-handedness. 22h
ValerieAndBooks @DivineDiana I guess with audio, punctuation (or lack of) would be unnoticed 🙂 14h
ValerieAndBooks @LittleWonder I‘ve had The Year of Magical Thinking in my TBR for a long time but the topic would hit too close to home for me right now. Wonder if I‘d like her essays more ? 14h
ValerieAndBooks @Chab256 yes, I‘m curious to find that out about her essays. Maybe I can find one online to start with. 14h
ValerieAndBooks @saresmoore yes especially since it felt affected to me. 14h
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie oh Reggie your punctuation expectations have lowered 😂! 14h
ValerieAndBooks @CarolynM makes sense about the lack indicating the ennui. This novel definitely felt very detached. I actually didn‘t like the overall tone of the book but that really is probably more me than an indication of Didion‘s talent. (edited) 14h
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This engrossing book about westward expansion focuses on the settlement of one area of Ohio and the remarkable people behind it. McCullough also does a great job evoking the dangers (wild animals, etc) of going into unknown territory. Thanking my mom again for sending this!

(New plant given to me by daughter‘s girlfriend 🌱 💜)!

saresmoore I tend to really like people who give plants as gifts. 2d
ValerieAndBooks @saresmoore it definitely is a sweet gesture! Think I need to find a sunnier spot for this darling. 11h
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Hmm. Looks like donating money for college buildings (to get one‘s kid in —or back in—) is a much older tradition than I thought.....

Reggie Also see: Legacy 6d
Suet624 Oh yeah. Definitely.. 6d
QuintusMarcus Awesome find, well done! 5d
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie @Suet624 @QuintusMarcus History does repeat itself 🙄 2d
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The Summer Cottage | Viola Shipman
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Wow! I won this summer reads prize pack sponsored by the publisher Graydon House. Looking forward to spending time by our pool with these. Just wish it‘d warm up for real! I‘m thinking I‘ll probably read the tagged book first. Your thoughts/recommendations?

TheSpineView Congrats! 1w
BarbaraBB You won all these books? Incredible! Lucky you! 1w
Reggie Woohoo!!! 1w
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Graciouswarriorprincess Congratulations 1w
Jas16 🙌🏽 1w
Suet624 That's awesome!!! Congrats.
LeahBergen Wow! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
MicheleinPhilly Amazing! And we‘re finally getting sun today! 1w
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America's Women | Gail Collins
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An interesting overview of women‘s role in America and American history over the past 400 years. Not surprisingly, lots of roadblocks and frustrations along the way for women. Given that it covers a long timeline, individuals and issues are not all covered in depth but it‘s still a good brush-up on history and also thought provoking.

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Look what arrived today! This is from my mom, who knew how much my late dad and I like McCullough ❤️. I miss talking history with him so much.

Lynnsoprano I saw this just the other day in a list of recommended new books, in the Washington Post, I think. It looks wonderful. McCullough writes so well. 2w
LeahBergen Aww, what a lovely gift. 💕 2w
Suet624 Awww, that's sweet of her. 2w
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Tamra 💚 Love McCullough too! 2w
MicheleinPhilly ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
MaureenMc 💕💕 2w
DivineDiana Wonderful memories. ❤️ 2w
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano yes, he‘s very good! Just starting this tonight, finally. It‘s been so busy here! Youngest is graduating HS in 3 weeks! 1w
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1Q84 | Haruki Murakami
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Wow! Love #Litsy on the web so far! Many extra features! Cool that it shows when members joined.

This is still the last book I finished— been super busy lately. Hope to catch up more soon on here!

RestlessFickleBookHoarder Oh I hadn't even noticed join dates! 2w
LauraJ So much fun to be had! 2w
batsy I hadn't noticed that too. Thanks! Now I finally know when I joined 😆 2w
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LeahBergen May 2016 for me! (I thought it was later 🤔). 2w
BarbaraBB This seems could, I didn‘t know we were on the web too! 2w
ValerieAndBooks @RestlessFickleBookHoarder fun seeing when everyone joined 😄! 2w
ValerieAndBooks @LauraJ yes! It‘s great to have both versions now!! 2w
ValerieAndBooks @batsy @LeahBergen pretty cool right?! I don‘t think I made my very first post until a couple months after joining, though! 2w
ValerieAndBooks @BarbaraBB I just got the email yesterday informing me! Exciting!! 2w
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1Q84 | Haruki Murakami
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One moon in 1984, two moons in 1Q84. Odd things happen. Is it a parallel or alternate reality? Murakami takes the reader through 925 pages to try to figure it out. Murakami is surreal as usual. Maybe a little longer than it needed to be, but I still liked this!

ruskigurl16 I've seen this book and just haven't picked it up yet. I am glad to hear the length was worth it. 4w
Reggie I have yet to read him. But I don‘t know where to start. 4w
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SG2014 @Reggie Start with south of the border, west of the sun. It‘s a gentle intro into the surrealism of Murakami and a beautiful read. 4w
Reggie @SG2014 Thanks!!! 4w
QuintusMarcus Loved this book! 4w
ValerieAndBooks @ruskigurl16 @Leftcoastzen @reggie @SG2014 @QuintusMarcus sorry all for my late reply to this post! I enjoyed this but definitely wouldn‘t recommend as a first Murakami 😊! I haven‘t yet read the one @SG2014 recommends. My first was actually the short story collection Men Without Women. Of the novels I‘ve read so far, I might recommend this as a possible first: 1w
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Zelda: A Biography | Nancy Milford
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It took me such a long time to read this — could only take a little at a time. So depressing and tragic. Milford doesn‘t wring hands in her well-researched bio of Zelda Fitzgerald. But it is so clear that Zelda‘s relationship with Scott was a toxic one and excaberated by her mental illness. Left me feeling so many “what if” 😢

Leftcoastzen Great review .I wish things had been different for them , love that vintage set , is it Chase? 4w
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen I‘ve had this set for years— a gift from my SIL — and looked at the bottom to see. It isn‘t; but the patent number was at the bottom and I googled it. Patented in 1935! Thanks so much for asking 💖! Because who knew a cocktail shaker could have a patent?! Love it! https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/f9/7f/ce/014b1ab24763d1/USD97979.pdf 4w
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen and yes wish it had been different for them too 😢. If they had been born later, there would have been good meds for her and for his heart condition and maybe.... 4w
Leftcoastzen It‘s a beautiful set ! Thought it was 1930s. 4w
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1Q84 | Haruki Murakami
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My #1001Books current read. There are four pages that have this blue tape —somewhat transparent— at the top. At first I thought they were repaired pages (I bought it used and was unaware of this at the time), but there are no tears. I‘m now wondering if this is the messed-up result of a new roll of paper being attached during the manufacturing process? Anyone know what I mean?

Leftcoastzen Very Odd. No clue 1mo
ChasingOm I bet you‘re right. Looks like the receipt you get at the store when the roll is at its end. 1mo
Lcsmcat Bizarre! 1mo
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen @ChasingOm @Lcsmcat maybe I have a collector‘s item now?! Also maybe now I want to visit a book-making factory to see how they deal with paper as it runs out 😂 1mo
Lcsmcat @ValerieAndBooks If you find out, please share. I‘m very curious now. 1mo
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The Right Stuff | Tom Wolfe
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My youngest has made up his mind! And this author happens to be this college‘s most notable (to me) alumni 😊

I have been reading and finishing books — just been really busy and will continue to be for a while. I miss Litsy 💖!

MicheleinPhilly YAY!!! And he won‘t be terribly far away! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 1mo
DivineDiana Fantastic! 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻 1mo
Leftcoastzen Nice ! 1mo
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ValerieAndBooks @MicheleinPhilly @DivineDiana @Leftcoastzen Thanks all 💖! He‘ll be 310 miles from home — not too bad!! 1mo
Lynnsoprano I‘ve missed you. Life has been crazy here, too. I promise I‘ll email soon so we can figure out what and when for our annual buddy read. 1mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano miss you too! I‘ll watch for your email when you have the time 😊 1mo
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Still in a huge reading slump! But that didn‘t stop me from taking these home from the used bookstore after I dropped off several there 😊. $7 total. Tagged book is a #1001Books, as are a couple others here — including Franny and Zooey which I read many years ago but don‘t remember much.

Not hot and/or green outside yet but spring is in the air 😊🌱🌱🌳🌳🌱🌱

Blaire Crossing to safety is one of my all-time favorite books. Highly recommend! 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @Blaire Good to know! I‘ll keep it near the top, then 😊 2mo
Leftcoastzen Nice ! I love Franny And Zooey read it yearly 2mo
Liz_M It's good to have plenty of options for when the reading slump ends! 😁 2mo
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Zelda: A Biography | Nancy Milford
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Just started this. Think I‘ll like it, but the font is tiny. I think I need to up my glasses prescription anyway 🤓

rwmg I'm wondering the same about two of the books I'm reading 2mo
Louise I use a magnifying ruler for books with small print and often order library books in the large print edition. It makes such a difference! It‘s like a spa day for the eyes! 🤓 2mo
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My next #1001Books. Wish me luck! I tried reading this back when Oprah‘s Book Club had the “Summer of Faulkner”, but DNF. Maybe this time will be better?!

LeahBergen I‘ve had this waiting on my shelf for years! 😬 3mo
LauraJ Not an easy read. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen it probably can wait a little longer 😬!! 2mo
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ValerieAndBooks @LauraJ you are so right! I have no idea what‘s going on. I had to look up background info online and probably will have to again and again 🧐 2mo
DivineDiana I remember “The Summer of Faulkner”! Not my favorite choice for Oprah. I read 2 of the 3 chosen, but don‘t remember which ones? 🤔 2mo
KimHM Stick with it, it is soooo worth it. One of my top faves 💙📚💙📚 2mo
Liz_M I am not entirely sure "getting it" is the point. Especially the first section narrated by Benjy. Maybe try reading it for language and mood and then go back, after the later sections, to see how it fits together. 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @DivineDiana That summer, I did read and finish (it was easier to get through) 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @KimHM @Liz_M still reading this; language and mood are definitely amazing. But at the same time it‘s a challenge 😊 2mo
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Kitchen | Banana Yoshimoto
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*Kitchen* is a novella that follows with a short story *Moonlight Shadow* — both are a lovely, yet somewhat quirky (but not too weirdly so), examination of love and loss. This book will stay with me a long time ❤️.
(Note: Cat is a teacup when turned upside down 😻; mini teapot has a strainer under lid for loose leaves).

cariashley Great pic. That cat tea cup is adorable!! 3mo
LeahBergen I love that tea cup! 3mo
Reggie Nice review!! I‘m gonna look it up because I liked her other one. 3mo
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BarbaraBB I love all about this post 😍 3mo
Cathythoughts Great review & pic ♥️ 3mo
batsy I loved this! Nice review ❤️ 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @cariashley @LeahBergen thanks! I got both the pot and cup at a local tea house when we lived in Colorado. I wish I had gotten at least another one of the the cups before moving away! 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie and I‘m going to look up her other works 😊. Kitchen was the only one I ever knew about. 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @batsy I don‘t know why I waited so long to read it 💖! 2mo
rubyslippersreads ❤️❤️❤️ your Maneki Neko cup! 2mo
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Excited about reading KO‘s thoughts on Edvard Munch! Coming out March 26. This might be a rare pre-order or early buy for me.

BarbaraBB This sounds fascinating! 3mo
Leftcoastzen Gotta read it ! 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @BarbaraBB @Leftcoastzen looking forward to how he does this!! 3mo
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Kitchen | Banana Yoshimoto
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The random number generator picked this (#1003) for my next #1001Books read. It‘s super windy today and I keep watching the trees swaying intensely and wondering if any are going to break. 💨 🌳

Brooke_H I use a random number generator too! 3mo
readingjedi That's a gorgeous view 🌳💚🌳💚🌳💚🌳 3mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Windy here too! 3mo
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LauraBeth I have tall, mature trees in my backyard too and I‘m always terrified they‘re going to fall! 3mo
Leftcoastzen I remember thinking this book was quirky and fun. But it was a while ago. (edited) 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Brooke_H it‘s really helping with the “which one to read next?!” feelings! 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @readingjedi the view is this fixer-upper‘s saving grace 😊🌳🌳 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @JanuarieTimewalker13 hope it‘s not freezing 🥶 for you as it is for me now 🥶! 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @LauraBeth we‘ve removed several already (not all at once). A month after we moved in (almost four years ago), one fell on my son‘s car, totaling it 😱 (edited) 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen quirky is a good word for this one. I liked it a lot. 3mo
Brooke_H @ValerieAndBooks I used to have so much anxiety over which book to choose next! 😂 3mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Checking in with a “feels like” temp of 19. Brrrr🥶 3mo
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I‘ve had this in the TBR for a while! Starting it because youngest is currently reading it for school. I‘ll miss doing these readalongs I‘ve done with my kids over the years, when he graduates in June 😢.

Hollie I‘m sure he will have assigned books in college that you can read with him! 3mo
LauraBeth Oh I‘m with @Hollie! He‘ll have a ton of assigned reading in college that you can also read! 3mo
Emilymdxn I adore this book! That‘s a lovely tradition with your son. 3mo
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batsy What a lovely older edition! 3mo
batsy And I think that's an excellent tradition to have with your son ❤️ 3mo
Lynnsoprano It‘s so much fun to be able to discuss books with my children. I think our son and I do that more now that he‘s an adult. Of course, @Ambrosnazzy and I are always talking about books😄 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Hollie @LauraBeth I‘d like that! We‘ll see — the schools he applied to means it‘d be long-distance readalongs. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Emilymdxn I‘m liking it so far! I‘ve done readalongs with my older two also, but this kid is the only one who really likes books and discussing them 😊 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @batsy it‘s from the 1970s that I picked up a few years ago 😊. But bad news — the pages are falling out as I read 😢. It‘s in good shape but the binding is too brittle (from age?). 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano yes it‘s fun to do that! May it continue through the generations for us 🤞😊 3mo
batsy Oh no. It's often the case with older books. Lovely keepsakes but too delicate as reading copies. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @batsy I just downloaded it for free for my kindle app! Wish I had thought of doing that before (literally) cracking the book open. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3mo
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More books for adults should be illustrated ( for this novel, by Mary Thomson). This was an enjoyable romp with lots of witty banter. Keep in mind though that this was written in 1938 so there‘s sexist views/vibes (ie a woman is nothing without a man) and the like. Miss Pettigrew is an “old dame” who isn‘t even yet 50 😏.


DivineDiana Did you see the movie? I thoroughly enjoyed it! 3mo
Reviewsbylola I agree, illustrations are a wonderful addition! 3mo
LeahBergen I ALWAYS want more illustrations! 3mo
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ValerieAndBooks @DivineDiana I plan to look it up for watching soon! 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reviewsbylola @leahbergen there needs to be some sort of campaign for more illustrations!! ✊👩‍🎨 3mo
Lynnsoprano Oh, I love when there are illustrations, even if it‘s just a small line drawing at the opening of a chapter. 3mo
Suet624 Love this illustration in particular. 3mo
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It‘s been a while since I‘ve last tackled a #1001Books, but I was overwhelmed at which one to get to next! So I did a random number generator — my plan was to keep trying until I got one I already had in my TBR (marked in red in the 1001books app).
Well, on my very first try, got number 487 which is this book! I‘ve had it in my TBR forever (#librarything tells me I added it in 2009 🙈). Here I go!!

LeslieO Oooooo I almost clicked buy on this one on Amazon but controlled my self and added it to my wish list instead. 3mo
Dragon I enjoyed this one, a charming and surprisingly funny read. Hope you enjoy it 😀🐉 3mo
LeahBergen I was thinking of reading this one next, too. 😄 3mo
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Liz_M It is a delightful read! I also like the movie. ☺ 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeslieO @Dragon @LeahBergen @Liz_M I am loving this one so far 😍!! 3mo
Dragon 👍🐉😀 3mo
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I found this fascinating and kept sharing tidbits to my son! Crime within the rare/used book world is more common than I thought. This book focuses on one person who passed bad checks or stolen credit card numbers (1990s/early 2000s when it was easier to do) to hoard rare books for himself. His narcissistic nature was really infuriating. The author spent about 2 years interviewing him (sometimes when he was in prison) and others to write this.

umbrellagirl Sounds a bit like The Map Thief. 3mo
LeahBergen I‘m so glad you liked it, too (I thought I was the odd one out here 😆😆). 3mo
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We have #Litsy now to share our book love 😊📚📚

(This was published in 2009)

TheSpineView 3mo
LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
Reggie 🤩 3mo
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The Tin Drum | Günter Grass, Steidl Verlag
post image

This weekend‘s WSJ mag has an article about Marlon James (who I haven‘t read yet). Of course I scrutinized this photo. I don‘t know for sure if this is his library but found it interesting that there‘s several editions of The Tin Drum (which I read several years ago).

Link w/photo (may need subscription to read?) : https://www.wsj.com/articles/marlon-james-on-writing-black-leopard-red-wolf-1154...

Reggie This library looks comfortable. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie It does!! That reading couch 😍 3mo
QuintusMarcus Thanks for posting this link to the interview: somehow I missed it! Reading Black Leopard now - crazy difficult book to get through, but I'm going to stick with it. 3mo
CafeMom I could not make it through the Tin Drum. DNF. 3mo
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The Blazing World | Siri Hustvedt
post image

Hubby is out of town this week, so thank you Book Outlet for brightening up my Valentine‘s Day 🥰 ! Also I treated myself to this chocolate bar 🍫 🤤

ValerieAndBooks PS what happened to all the @Litsy stickers?? There‘s only one now 😥! 3mo
LeahBergen I know! The stickers have vanished. 🤔 3mo
Litsy @ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen try updating the app, please! We just released another update that should (among other things) bring the stickers back. 3mo
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LeahBergen @Litsy Well, that did the trick! Thanks! 3mo
mrsmarch I love chuao! 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Litsy Thank you so much for responding! The new update works 😊 @LeahBergen 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @mrsmarch me too — especially this flavor 🤤! 3mo
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post image

So odd that I just started this book about book theft and our local bookstore was just broken in! Several rare books taken and cash register untouched. Big enough news that it was on the local TV news, also. I hope they catch the creep(s) soon! my son and I were discussing theories about this for a long time. Https://www.philly.com/news/books-stolen-west-chester-pa-baldwins-to-kill-a-mockingbird-20190212.html

LeahBergen Hmm... I‘m thinking it was an “inside job” (someone that knew that the security system wasn‘t on). 🤔 What were your theories? 3mo
rather_be_reading oh no!! 3mo
Crazeedi What a shame! That's awful , I hope they catch the thief 3mo
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Samplergal Terrible. 3mo
Leftcoastzen 😡Awful.I wish I could go there, looks like a wonderful store. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen Theories include: probably not employees — there are just a few, who‘ve been there many years. But maybe a newer “regular “ customer. Windows had been broken to test the alarm system. Maybe a college student who knows something about literature, looking to get extra cash. Maybe someone relatively local who sells books online (ie Abe Books). Maybe someone who read this tagged book and was inspired to try 😱! This place is 3 miles away 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @rather_be_reading @Crazeedi @Samplergal yes it‘s awful 😢. I hope our police take it seriously! 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen it is a neat place! It‘s supposed to be haunted too; hope the ghosts scared away the thief/thieves!! 3mo
LeahBergen You‘re going to have to keep me posted now on how this plays out! 😆 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen I definitely will if there are any new developments!! 3mo
DivineDiana I did not know this! 😲 3mo
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The Breakthrough | Daphne Du Maurier
post image

A suspenseful sci-fi short story by the author of Rebecca 👍👍. And my first little volume of Penguin Moderns. I can see how collectible these could be! Thanks so much to @BarbaraBB for sending this to me 💖!

LeahBergen Lovely! I wonder if this story is in one of my Du Maurier short story collections? 🤔 3mo
BarbaraBB I am glad you liked it! I haven‘t read it, but I thought you can‘t go wrong with DuMaurier! 😘 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen it probably is! This story was originally published in 1968 I think. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @BarbaraBB Thank you again 😘! A nice diversion from yesterday‘s bad weather. 3mo
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This novel manages to be a light read (I wish there was more about the MC‘s parents, for example) while seriously tackling common self-help topics and phrases (i.e. setting “ SMART goals”). The cover blurb says it‘s a best seller in France. In between pick and so-so. Cozying up today— yesterday and today were/are snow days from school but it‘s raining now — I‘m not going out to shovel in that! See my new floor lamp 😄? From IKEA.

DivineDiana I do! But I‘m loving the Bowie poster! 😉❤️📚 3mo
BookBabe What a perfect reading nook! Love it! The poster is awesome 👌🏻 3mo
MrBook Nice!!! 3mo
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StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love the poster ❣ 3mo
kspenmoll Wonderful reading chair, lamp, poster!!! 3mo
squirrelbrain Nice nook! 😁 3mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Nice Bowie poster! Im envious! 💚 3mo
Suet624 Soooo cozy! 3mo
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A Novel Bookstore | Laurence Cosse
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The guys are away on a Boy Scouts trip this weekend 😊. Stopped at the library and the 4 books on left were on the resale shelf. And I couldn‘t say no to Girl Scouts cookies! 📚 🍺 🍪

4thhouseontheleft Those are the two best cookie flavors! 😃 3mo
valeriegeary 🤤🤤🤤 3mo
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QuintusMarcus Big yes on the Thin Mints! 3mo
saresmoore How fun! I agree with @4thhouseontheleft that you picked the best cookies. 3mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen if you liked it, I‘m sure I will too! The title definitely caught my eye. Surprised it only has a 50% on Litsy though! 3mo
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(Re)reading this on this cold winter‘s night— to try to spark some creativity. ❤️ Danny Gregory.

P.S. my 1980 house still has the original mirror-like blinds here. Cool reflection of some of my books 😎

jpmcwisemorgan I‘ve never seen blinds like that. They‘re awesome! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @jpmcwisemorgan It definitely gives off a 1980s vibe 😊. This is the only room with them, though! Oh but there are two completely mirrored walls here also 😂 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @jpmcwisemorgan Mirror walls are in other rooms, that is. 4mo
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LauraBeth 1980s house ❤️ 4mo
jpmcwisemorgan I want some, tbh. I live alone and I‘d be able to see around corners and into rooms without entering. No one would be able to hide. 4mo
Reggie I miss wood paneling. And aqua and orange color themes. I dig the mirrors. Stay warm!! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @jpmcwisemorgan apparently they still exist! Google “mirror blinds” 😊. I tried to paste a link into this but it didn‘t work 😕. 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie @LauraBeth there‘s a lot of 1980s elements in this house 😂. We are only the second owners (bought it 4 years ago). Remember the dusty rose/hunter green combo in vogue back then? Our kitchen has that 😆. 4mo
Lynnsoprano Our house was also built in the 80s, and the original carpet was sculpted mauve throughout the house. Awful! It was a happy day when we pulled up the last of that. @reggie the house has cypress paneled vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom and living + family rooms. Aqua and orange: are you a Dolphins fan😂 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano ahh yes, the vaulted ceilings of the 80s! We have one of those too, with a wood beam where the peak meets 😂. I bet you got rid of that carpet as fast as you were able to! 3mo
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The Quest for Queen Mary | Hugo Vickers, James Pope-Hennessy
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Here is that WSJ article I mentioned about royalty bios @LeahBergen and @shawnmooney and I want to read them all, including Robert Hardman‘s! Have you read any of the others?

Link for easier reading: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/robert-hardman-11548428025

LeahBergen That was an interesting read; thank you! I haven‘t read any of the others (yet! 😉) 4mo
LauraBeth I ❤️ royal bios 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen so much has been written about the royals that we‘ll always be behind 😊. Unrelated question— what do you call the clear dust jacket protectors you use? Recommendations? My son wants to cover some of his books with this material. 4mo
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ValerieAndBooks @LauraBeth same! I haven‘t read one for quite a while though— need to change that! 4mo
LeahBergen I buy a roll but you can buy individuals or multi-packs. 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen Thanks so much 💖! I‘ll sit down with him this weekend and take a closer look at all the options. 4mo
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Coincidence! In this essay collection (tagged) by Hustvedt, the essay “No Competition” includes an examination of Karl Ove Knausgaard and gender roles— and I happen to be also reading his Book 4!

She says “Knausgaard does a lot of crying in *My Struggle*. His tears are not only ‘unmanly‘, they subvert the strong stoicism that permeates Norwegian culture. I know. I grew up with it.” And “A ban on tears can be hard on a sensitive child...”

Leftcoastzen Wow , I need to read her book! 4mo
batsy How are you finding the essays? I enjoyed it; so much to think about. 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen her essays are great so far. I l want to read more of her novels also— loved 4mo
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ValerieAndBooks @batsy yes, definitely thought-provoking! Didn‘t realize she was also an psychiatric expert. Fascinating. 4mo
Suet624 That‘s so interesting about Karl Ove. I‘m still on Book 1. 😁 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Suet624 and I‘m still on Book 4 .... it‘s not quite as compelling (but still good). 4mo
DivineDiana There are no coincidences! 😉📚🤗 4mo
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Ordered through Book Outlet and decided I‘m better off using tutorials online, at least for now.

My main issue with this book is that it should be bound in such a way to lie flat and also it‘s not large enough to practice on its pages. It also felt too basic, even for a beginner like me 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ruri_kaichou I bought a hand lettering book I really enjoyed, but I think all interactive books should be spiraled so it's easy to lay flat 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Ruri_kaichou exactly! What‘s the hand lettering book you liked? 4mo
Ruri_kaichou It has a decent flow to helping know what to do 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Ruri_kaichou thank you, I‘ll look into that one! 4mo
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You guys, I have just not been able to focus much on reading lately, especially if it‘s fiction. Longest slump I‘ve ever been in. However I‘ve been reading quite a bit of what might be termed “self-help”. I especially like this one from Karen Putz. I just like how she is so encouraging. Incidentally she‘s deaf as well (as am I). Her main passion is barefoot skiing🦶 , something I probably would never do, but I‘m trying to find/rediscover mine 🤞.

LauraJ Good luck finding your passion. I hope the search is fun! 4mo
LauraBeth I‘ve been thinking about you - I hate that this is a tough season and I know you miss your dad 💕💕 It‘s okay to be in a reading slump - it won‘t last forever. Read those “self-help” books. Re-read your favorite books. Here‘s a virtual hug 🤗 🤗 4mo
Emilymdxn I‘m so glad you‘re finding something that makes you happier to read even if it isn‘t the same reading you‘ve done before - no shame in reading self help or any other reading if it works for you! I went through a time of not doing that well, not doing too well, having no passions and looking around for more. I tried a lot of things before I found hobbies that truly worked for me. Thinking of you 💖 4mo
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TrishB Hope they help 💕 4mo
BarbaraJean Hugs!! 🤗 Glad you‘re enjoying the reading you are able to do—hope the fiction slump is over quickly! 4mo
CouronneDhiver It‘s good to hear from you. 😘 Try not to stress about it... there‘s plenty on your plate already without worrying about reading. You‘ll be back to it in good time 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @LauraJ thanks! I know I need to do something about it, because pretty soon I‘ll be an empty nester when youngest goes off to college this fall! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @LauraBeth Thank you 💖 — I know you understand too well what loss feels like. The self help books are like much-needed pep talks right now! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @Emilymdxn Thanks! It does act as a sort of therapy right now. And that‘s good you now have hobbies that resonate with you 💖 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @TrishB Thank you— it‘s definitely bibliotherapy for me at this point! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks @BarbaraJean thank you— at least I‘m still reading even if it‘s not as much right now 💖 4mo
Suet624 Wait. Barefoot skiing? We now have 20 inches of snow and its still falling and I can‘t figure out why someone would ski barefoot. And hugs to you. 💕 4mo
Lynnsoprano Sending lots of hugs your way. 🤗 4mo
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Wow, this excerpt in today‘s WSJ of a previously unpublished short story by Sylvia Plath left me wanting more! It‘ll be available for purchase in February 2019.

kspenmoll Thanks for heads up! 5mo
MatchlessMarie @RowReads1 Amazing! It's like she left a treasure chest behind and they keep finding more! 5mo
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I‘m sure many of you Littens own at least one of @outofprint ‘s Banned Books items ❤️. Well this morning over breakfast I got to wondering how many I‘ve read from what‘s on my mug! Made a list of all 51 books on it, and I‘ve already read 32. Some others are currently in my TBR.

I‘m thinking this might be a good (informal) reading challenge for myself in 2019! Anyone want to do this also 😊?

Many are also #1001Books

OriginalCyn620 I have this mug! I need to do the same and see how many I‘ve read. 😊 5mo
wordslinger42 James & the Giant Peach was banned?! 5mo
LeahBergen I have the socks! 😄 5mo
Lynnsoprano I‘ve never looked at this list. Maybe this could be a source of our buddy read. 5mo
Liz_M What a fun idea! ☺ 5mo
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Christmastime | Alison Jay
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It‘s been hard for me to be in the Christmas mood. Missing Dad, hubby traveling for work too much (currently in Switzerland for 2 weeks), 2 older kids not home, youngest busy/stressed with college apps, no money to shop for Xmas until payday next week...but I forced myself to take out the tree and put lights on it. And know what? It does cheer me up 🎄😊!! Now maybe I can hole up here and read the rest of the day 📚☕️.

(📷 Hipstamatic enhanced)

Tamra That sounds like a perfectly perfect plan! 5mo
HKGirl 💓🎄💓🎄 5mo
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BarbaraTheBibliophage Sending you big hugs!! ♥️♥️🎄🎄 5mo
Suet624 Aww, honey. I‘m glad you could at least put a tree up. That‘s all I‘ll be doing as well. 💕💕 5mo
JacqMac 🤗💕 5mo
Julsmarshall Looks lovely! I‘m loving reading under the Christmas tree lights! 5mo
saresmoore I hope you will find abundant moments of unexpected joy this week. ♥️ 5mo
LeahBergen Aww! Take good care of yourself, my friend. 😘😘😘 5mo
Lynnsoprano You‘ve been in my thoughts so much recently, because I know this a hard time. Hope you have something fun to read. And think about what we should do for our 2019 buddy read! 🤗🤗 5mo
wordslinger42 Praying you'll be able to find some joy this season ❤ Your tree looks beautiful! 5mo
BarbaraBB Your room looks lovely and cosy. I hope it‘ll cheer you up a bit ❤️💜 5mo
LazyDays The holidays are always a tough time. I hope you can enjoy yourself and feel better soon. Xoxoxo💕💕💓💓😘😘😘 5mo
Jas16 Sending you love. 5mo
Reggie Thinking about you my friend and sending cozy Christmasy thoughts your way. 5mo
Bookzombie Sending hugs and thinking of you! 5mo
batsy ❤️❤️ 5mo
ValerieAndBooks @Tamra @MaleficentBookDragon @HKGirl @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Suet624 @JacqMac @Julsmarshall @saresmoore @LeahBergen @Lynnsoprano @wordslinger42 @BarbaraBB @LazyDays @Jas16 @Reggie @Bookzombie @batsy Thank you all for all your kind words and Litsy love 💗. This simple act of putting up the tree helped!! But the majority of my reading has been reading rough drafts of son‘s college applications 😂. I‘ll be glad when he has them all done. 5mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano Yes, we should continue the buddy read tradition in 2019 💖. Definitely let‘s talk about doing it after New Year‘s! 5mo
DivineDiana Sending lots of hugs to you. Christmas decorations always lift the spirits! ❤️ 5mo
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Middle grade book. Jilly is a hearing girl who reaches out to a Deaf boy after finding out her baby sister is Deaf. Hearing privilege and some aspects of Deaf culture is addressed, but so is #blacklivesmatter (boy is Black, as is her aunt). Tries to be two books in one. Well written but touches the surface of issues; but it is a middle grade book after all.

Author is hearing but has/had Deaf grandparents.

IamIamIam That seems like an interesting choice! It reminds me of this but without the race issue, just class issue. 5mo
Lmstraubie I have to check this one out! 5mo
ValerieAndBooks @IamIamIam I will have to read Wonderstruck again — it‘s been a long time. I haven‘t seen the movie yet but it was controversial within the Deaf community because one of the Deaf characters was played by a hearing actress. 5mo
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ValerieAndBooks @Lmstraubie Let me know what you think— you are much more familiar with books and curriculum for this age range. 5mo
IamIamIam @ValerieAndBooks Oh, I haven't seen the film. I just recall loving the story. Lol, I had no idea there was controversy surrounding the film. I did suggest thur book to a friend who is a museum curator, though, simply because of the AMNH connection. 5mo
ValerieAndBooks @IamIamIam 👍 And also Wonderstruck is gorgeously illustrated!! 5mo
Lmstraubie @ValerieAndBooks Will do 🙂 5mo
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The tagged book is one I gave my mom years ago. In her attempts to downsize, she recently gave it back to me. Filled with gruesome examples from old cookbooks (jello salads with salmon inside, anyone??), its hilarious! It does have the occasional salty language.

But what‘s really funny (or sad) is that this recipe for 7-Up guacamole actually showed up in a grocery store flyer! *Yesterday*. Just when I was re-reading this book! 🤢

GypsyKat 🤮 6mo
OrangeMooseReads 😂🤢 6mo
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Leftcoastzen That type of book is so fun though! Love old , bizarre,recipes!(reading not making) 6mo
Leftcoastzen Though Coca Cola cake has endured. 6mo
valeriegeary Ick. 😂 6mo
DivineDiana What a coincidence! It is fun to see how culinary trends have changed! 🙂 6mo
tournevis I love teaching food fads in material history class! Love it! 6mo
Tamra What??? 6mo
LeahBergen 7-Up guacamole?? 😳 6mo
Reggie I make 7-up biscuits. Lol 6mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Omg the “aspic” recipes are 🤮 6mo
dragondrool Can you imagine someone hosting a potluck where every dish had to come from a recipe in this book? 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen My mom has many of these old cookbooks 😜!! 5mo
ValerieAndBooks @tournevis old food advertisements are fun, too! 5mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie Still better than 7Up guacamole 😆!! 5mo
ValerieAndBooks @dragondrool it‘s not really a cookbook (discusses pictures/recipes) but I‘m sure if someone tried hosting something “retro” like this, everyone would go away hungry 🤭!! 5mo
tournevis @ValerieAndBooks They are great! From the 1950s especially. 5mo
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The Blind Assassin: A Novel | Margaret Atwood
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I love this page and “Your face will look like a testicle.” 😂

What a great novel, and I only wish I had started reading Margaret Atwood sooner. Lots of catching up to do with her backlist! This is the third I‘ve read of hers.

Will be interested in how she does the Handmaid‘s Tale sequel!


CouronneDhiver 😂😂 6mo
RadicalReader @ValerieAndBooks taking your face will freeze in a certain position to a savage level 6mo
kspenmoll Just love that! 🤣🤣🤣😘 6mo
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LauraBeth 😂😂 6mo
TheClevelander This might be my favorite Atwood book. So good, and so sad. 6mo
Suet624 Wow! May it not be so! 6mo
BookBabe This might be my favorite Atwood quote. 😂 @MrBook , care to show this to your sister? 🤣 4mo
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Thanksgiving | Ellen Cooney
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Recently returned from California— we spent Thanksgiving at my mom‘s. First holiday without my dad. We all headed over to his favorite beach 🌊 one day, even though it was raining 🌧 . Picture is of my kids ❤️

Now to try to read more before the Christmas crunch starts — l seriously have not been reading lately 😮!!

Suet624 What a beautiful photo. Hard to get through the holidays after a loss. 💕💕💕 6mo
TrishB Great pic 👍🏻 all the first are hard aren‘t they. 💔 6mo
Leftcoastzen A great way to still honor him ,heading out to his favorite beach. Holiday time can be so emotional anyway and the first year without someone is particularly difficult.Hugs to you and your family,wonderful photo. 6mo
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LauraBeth What a beautiful pic! While there is an empty chair at the table, the relationships with our loved ones who once occupied those chairs, will always live on through our memories and stories of them. ❤️❤️ 6mo
LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
Amiable Great photo! 6mo
Reggie Those first holidays are the tough ones. Great photo. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Suet624 Thank you. Hard, but many good memories 💖 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @TrishB Thank you. Yes it was hard but good to be there for my mom 💖 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen Thank you 💖. So many times there and so many good memories 💖 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @LauraBeth Yes, Thank you! We remember so many good things about him 💖 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @LeahBergen thank you 💕💕 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Amiable Thank you! Glad it turned out in spite of the rain. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie yes, definitely tough. Thank you 💖 6mo
kspenmoll Beautiful photo. We have done that too; my dad used to drive his car, then have us drive him & just listen & look at the ocean & birds when he could no longer walk it. Still visit “his beach” when at the Cape. It‘s a lovely way to remember. I am glad you have that. 6mo
DivineDiana Love this photo of your children! So nice that you could be there for your mother, and honoring your father with this beach visit. ❤️ 6mo
Suet624 Are you going again at Christmas? I‘ll be there for a week 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @kspenmoll 💖💖💖 memories like that are special. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @DivineDiana Thank you 💕 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Suet624 no, I wish I was though. Are you going to that same part of CA? 6mo
Suet624 Not exactly sure where you are In the photo? I‘ll be in SF and northern regions. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Suet624 This is Trinidad beach, not far from where my parents moved to after retiring. I grew up in the Sacramento area. I hope you‘ll have a good trip! 6mo
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The New York Trilogy | Paul Auster
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More book haul — I came across these two Penguin Classic Deluxe Editions at the used bookstore the other day when dropping off several books. Couldn‘t resist 😍!! Tagged book is a #1001Books.

BarbaraBB And a good one it is! 6mo
Lcsmcat ❤️ O‘Hara, although I haven‘t read that title yet. 6mo
LeahBergen Great covers! 6mo
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Leftcoastzen New York Trilogy is on my all time favorites list! 6mo
DivineDiana I would not have been able to resist either!😉 6mo
Cinfhen Hi Val!!! Happy Thanksgiving 🧡🦃 I haven‘t seen you in ages. Hope all is well 6mo
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Sometimes lighter fare is all I can handle, and I like Jojo Moyes. So I bought all these from Book Outlet (two hours before they sent an email announcing they‘d be awarding 3X points on purchases 😐 — can‘t really complain at their prices though). One of these I‘ll take with me to CA — we‘ll be with my mom for Thanksgiving.

DivineDiana That will be nice for your family! ❤️ 6mo
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The Blind Assassin: A Novel | Margaret Atwood
post image

November 11. That‘s today. Thinking thankfully of all who have served ❤️

Oh, and The Blind Assassin is so good so far!


vivastory I loved this one. If you end up loving this, I highly recommend 6mo
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My Struggle, Book 3 | Karl Ove Knausgaard
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When I spotted this photo (left), I suddenly realized Bradley Cooper could play Karl Ove (right) if a movie is made about His Struggle. Maybe? 🤔

I‘m currently on Book 3 (tagged).

Maybe later I‘ll discuss more about when/how I got started in this series. That was very recently. I admit I‘m hooked.

merelybookish Yes! I got hooked too. It's a weird love/hate thing Still have last volume to complete. 6mo
LauraJ Spot on! 6mo
JamieArc I was reading through a few pages of one of the volumes wondering if it was something I want to embark on... I‘m definitely curious. 6mo
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Leftcoastzen I don‘t want it to end, on book 6. 6mo
BarbaraBB I thought it was him on the left! And I‘ve loved this series so much! 💜 6mo
Cathythoughts He would be perfect... 👍🏻 6mo
Liz_M I am still resisting reading these, but I now own volumes 1-4 and have a request at the bookstore fit for volume 5. Now I just need a way to get paid to stay home and read these! 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @merelybookish Right?! Just finished this one (#3) and am trying to pace myself! 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @LauraJ it‘s really uncanny; I thought it was Karl Ove at first! 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @JamieArc Best way to know is to try Book One. Book Three, though, is tough because Karl Ove frequently discusses the abuse from his dad. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Leftcoastzen I am going to try to wait until Book 6 comes out in PB so it matches the rest, but I‘m not sure I can do that! 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @BarbaraBB yes! That‘s what I thought! That‘s Lady Gaga with him 😊. I guess I‘ll have to also get the season series too 😊. I read the Autumn from the library but will want to own them all. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Cathythoughts Yes! Almost twins. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Liz_M I was exactly the same way 😊! Picked up 1-4 at an used bookstore, then once I started reading I got 5 new. Will try to wait for 6 to come out in PB. Once you start, you might have a hard time stopping! 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Liz_M meant to also say that the first four did also sit in my TBR for a long time 😊 6mo
Leftcoastzen I just couldn‘t wait.I have the others in paperback. 6mo
Suet624 Good catch. Yup, they look so similar. 6mo
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Crime and Punishment | Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
post image

OMG @saresmoore !! I opened up my New Yorker to this!! 😂😂😂😂

also hashtagging #littleraskols

saresmoore Bahahahahaha! That‘s uncanny! I *almost* wore that outfit today, too. 🤪 6mo
Leftcoastzen 😂 6mo
Moray_Reads *scoffs* looks to me like her FRIENDS have the problem! @saresmoore 6mo
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LauraBeth 😂😂 6mo
SomedayAlmost 😆 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm Hahahaha! I love it! 6mo
batsy Bahahaha, I love this! Too right, @Moray_Reads 😂 6mo
CaramelLunacy Oh god, the hashtag! 🤣 6mo
LeahBergen 😂😂 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @saresmoore Sara, maybe your outfit for next Halloween 😂?? @Moray_Reads these friends of Sara‘s definitely aren‘t on Litsy 😂 6mo
saresmoore 😳 *closes blinds* 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @saresmoore always a good idea 😂!! 6mo
Suet624 Hahaha 6mo
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Vote! | Eileen Christelow
post image

Using my Bitmoji because our precinct has never given out stickers (since I‘ve lived here).

Today was the first time (At this precinct) that I had to wait for a parking spot to open up and/or actually wait in line to vote. Even the 2016 presidential election didn‘t have this kind of turnout! Glad to see this involvement happening.

vivastory 🙌🎉👏 6mo
Texreader 👍 6mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Another for my ‘no sticker, but my vote still counts‘ party! 6mo
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Leftcoastzen 👍👏 6mo
CouronneDhiver Excellent news! 👏🏽👏🏽 6mo
Liz_M My polling place gave me three stickers 😁 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @vivastory @Texreader @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Leftcoastzen @CouronneDhiver @Liz_M May voter turnout continue to be strong from now on, stickers or no stickers 🤞!! 6mo
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