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Book Report: Publishing Strategies, Writing Tips, and 101 Literary Ideas for Aspiring Authors and Poets | Mark Shaw
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Based on practical advice from Mark Shaw, the author of fifteen published books, Book Report is the only reference on book publishing alternatives writers will ever need. Readers will learn: How To Decide if Your Book Concept has Publishing Potential, How to Create Unique Storytelling Ideas, How To Improve Writing Skills, Why It Is Important to Market the Book Proposal and Query Letter Not The Book, How to Create Exciting Book Proposals and Query Letters, How To Find the Right Literary Agent or Publisher, and Why it is Important to Avoid Subsidy Publishers.
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- Read 16 books this week (5 out of 9 forecasted; 2 ebooks, the rest on audio; within a 1-5 ⭐️ range; Little Women and the Codebreakers books are the favorites)
- 🎧 Arrowood: a mystery thriller for #NewYearWhoDis and I‘m intrigued to learn the truth
- 📱Love You, Truly: romance on a dating show—yes, please!
- 📱Serving Up Love: a fun historical-romance novella collection featuring Harvey House girls

Cinfhen Your reading numbers are just incredible 🙌🏻💕do you ever sleep???? 5d
MidnightBookGirl We read 10 Blind Dates for our YA book club in December and it was a big hit! 5d
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#bookreport #weeklyforecast

I had a crazy good reading week, finishing 7 books (3 audio, 3 physical, 1 ebook)! 😳 My favorite of those was Mary Toft, but they were all interesting and well-written. I‘ve just started the two in progress and am looking forward to the two on deck.

Sigh. I ❤️ reading.

Buechersuechtling 🥳👏🏼 5d
readordierachel Well done! 5d
rmaclean4 You had an amazing reading week. Water Dancer was a favorite read of last year for me. I hope it is for you also. 5d
Cinfhen Oh wow!!!!! Crazy good for real!!!! Hope you can keep the momentum going😊 5d
Reggie Omg you‘re a reading machine!!! 3d
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Well it‘s been a busier more social holiday than expected so less reading time than I‘d hoped. #bookreport
Pachinko was excellent, Too Much Lip was stellar. The Deer Leap was average so I think I might give up on this series for a while. Have started Once and Future King and am enjoying it - will take Dear Fatty out on the boat today. 🤞🤞 Will have to report on His Elderliness (dads) reading when I get home.

LeeRHarry His Elderliness 🤣 6d
Cinfhen I‘m glad you‘re enjoying your holiday time 💕💕💕looking forward to hearing from His Elderliness 😁 6d
batsy I recently bought Once and Future King and am determined to read it *this* year! 😆 5d
Cathythoughts His Elderliness ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
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I‘m absolutely thrilled with this week‘s #bookreport. It was a(nother) migraine-y week, which meant I lost three audiobook days and struggled with reading at all, but I met most of my goals! Finished American Dirt (5 ⭐️ - incredible book!) and The Eyes of the Dragon (5 ⭐️ story, 3 ⭐️ audio narrator), reached my target of pg 237 in The Three Musketeers (it‘s ridiculous in all the best ways), started The Forty Rules of Love (HATE the narrator 👇🏻)

DGRachel ...May end up bailing on Forty Rules, but we‘ll see Monday. Also, started a brand new eARC, written by a sorority sister. So, all in all, a great week worth celebrating! 💖💖 6d
TrishB Hope you‘re feeling ok now. American Dirt definitely getting the rave reviews! 6d
DGRachel @TrishB Thank you. We‘ve got bad storms heading this way, so I‘ll be flattened again soon and am just enjoying a few pain free hours by reading and watching Big Dreams Small Spaces with Monty Don on NetFlix. 💖 I was, honestly, surprised by how much I liked American Dirt, but it truly deserves the hype. 6d
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Cinfhen Sorry about the migraines 🤕those things are mood killers!!!!! I‘m excited for (but nervous ) too much hype?!?? Over 👉🏽 6d
DGRachel @Cinfhen I totally understand being worried about all the hype. It‘s why I expected to hate the book and bail. 😆 Instead, though, I thought it was great and I may see if I can force my work book club to read it. 6d
Cinfhen Gentle persuasion usually works 😜 6d
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Stuck to my #weeklyforecast. I finished Kamourska in print, continued Angle of Repose on audio (it's 22 hours long!), and started Overthrow (close to the halfway mark).
Mixed feelings about all these books, for different reasons. Hence the 🙈🙉🙊
#bookreport @Cinfhen

Cinfhen All the monkeys 🐵 🍌 6d
LeahBergen I started Kamouraska and bailed. 😬 6d
merelybookish @LeahBergen Yeah, I can't decide if it was an impressive depiction of mania or a big ol' pile of overwrought 💩 6d
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Read the three from my weekly forecast which I really enjoyed and then added the Chernobyl one and The Silent Patient, both of which were just so-so for me.

Cinfhen 5 books / one week 🙌🏻💖🎊 6d
TrishB @Cinfhen good for a work week 👍🏻 6d
Cinfhen Yes, and it was a work week 😂😂😂 6d
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Cathythoughts Well done 👍🏻 6d
Centique Wow that‘s an amazing week! 🙌🙌 6d
Andrew65 Read 2 of these, that‘s excellent for the first week of the year!👏 (edited) 5d
TrishB @Cathythoughts @Centique @Andrew65 thank you friends ❤️ 5d
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Weekly #bookreport part 2, the purchases. In my defense these are either for book challenges, book club, MyTBR.co picks (which also work for book challenges), or my #newyearwhodis suggestions from @ladyneverwhere

SaturnDoo I ❤ Ruby Fruit Jungle. I read it years ago for the first time, and now I revisit it every so often. I hope you enjoy it. 😊 6d
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Weekly #bookreport part 1.
Finished: The Gifts of Imperfection, Beard in Mind, & We Have Always Been Here.
In progress: The Stationary Shop, Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Burnout, Gilead.

Cinfhen You‘re like me!!! Lots going on all at once 😂great week 6d
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Finished 3 books:

Braised Pork by An Yu.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The Spotted Dog by Kerry Greenwood⭐️⭐️
American Gods ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

2 chapters into Pine by Francine Toon.

The sample of Donal Ryan‘s next book has been deferred to next week!


Cinfhen I‘ve been very neglectful of ARCs 🙄This week I need to focus on completing some 🤞🏽 6d
TheEllieMo @Cinfhen these were proofs I got at a Literature Festival in October, so it‘s taken me a while to get there, Braised Pork was released on Thursday so I just managed to finish it ahead of then! 6d
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Did pretty well considering it was a busy week! Even started a new book! #bookreport @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Great week 🧡 6d
kspenmoll Nice reading!!! 6d
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✨Finished Shadowplay & loved it

✨✨Still working through the ones on the right... and loving both .... I can‘t complain , all these books are 5 stars in their own way ✨✨✨✨✨

Cinfhen Awesomeness 💗👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❣️ 7d
TrishB It‘s great when you‘re enjoying them all! 6d
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen @TrishB 👍🏻❤️❤️ 6d
Centique What a great start to the year! 6d
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#bookreport #weeklyforecast

I‘ve finished two great books since the beginning of 2020 and should finish up these two in progress in the next couple of days. After that, I want to dive into Mary Toft for #tob2020 and then see what library holds come in and what mood I‘m in.

BarbaraBB Looking forward to your thoughts on Mary Toft! 2w
thebluestocking @BarbaraBB Did you read Version Control? This is my first Palmer. 2w
BarbaraBB No I didn‘t, even though it was in the ToB earlier. 2w
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Cinfhen Ohhh that Benjamin Franklin is a chunkster, right?!?!!!! 2w
thebluestocking @Cinfhen Yes, yes it is. Except that the audio I had from the library was abridged. I should have known Isaacson didn‘t write a book that was 7 hours long. 🤷‍♀️ 2w
Cinfhen Hahahahaha 2w
Ruthiella Just heard you on the Year End Reading Envy podcast! You should be a guest sometime! 😀 2w
thebluestocking @Ruthiella Thank you! I was a bit nervous and stilted in that clip but loved being involved. I have loved listening to your episodes. 💙 2w
Ruthiella @thebluestocking You sounded GREAT! I know you don‘t believe it. I can‘t even listen to the episodes I was on because I feel like I‘m such a moron (why didn‘t I say that or mention this). DO IT.😀 2w
thebluestocking @Ruthiella That‘s really very nice of you to say. Why are we so critical of ourselves? 🤷‍♀️ But I may be on an episode in the next couple of months. 🤞 2w
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I finished Love from A to Z on Monday. 💗I carried the ninth book in the Armand Gamache series over into 2020 and finished Thursday. 💗

I started several in the new year, but will include them in my weekly forecast. 🤓

Cinfhen Looking forward to your #WeeklyForecast 😍 2w
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Finished: Virgil Wander for my book club next week.
Continued: Beard in Mind. I love this series on audio!
Started: The Gifts of Imperfection. Gilead for #newyearwhodis @ladyneverwhere selection. And Burnout on audio for @Chrissyreadit #buddyread.

Chrissyreadit 👏😀 2w
Cinfhen I should try that series / the titles are hilarious 2w
Amandajoy @Cinfhen the consistently have me laughing. The other day I was sitting in my car in the garage laughing while my family was wondering what was taking me so long to come in from the garage. 2w
Cinfhen Ok, SOLD!!!!!! Which is the first book?? Does it matter?? 2w
Amandajoy @Cinfhen I don‘t think it matters where you start, but Truth or Beard is the first one & what got me hooked on the series. I would read Beard Science (Book 3) before Beard in Mind (Book 4), the stories overlap some. I‘ve listened to them all on audio and highly recommend that. 2w
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My #BookReport for the last/first week of the year. It took me quite a while to finish Why We Sleep (which I loved) and Call Me By Your Name (which I didn‘t love), but then I have been going a little audio crazy the last two days, which got me through the bottom two for #NewYearWhoDis. In between all my audio listening, I‘m making my way through Imaginary Friend. So overall, a pretty good week for me! 👌

Cinfhen Excellent week!!! Lots of good listens 🎧 2w
Suet624 Fantastic week! 2w
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I probably won‘t finish American Dirt today, so here‘s my #bookreport for the week.
Finished Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder on audio - disappointing
Finished The Blue Eye - LOVED SO MUCH
Bailed on The a God Game - not sorry
Made progress in American Dirt - still good, even though the pacing is starting to slog
Started The Eyes of the Dragon (reread) on audio for #LosersClub. Not my fave narrator, but love the story

Cinfhen Good week 👊🏼 2w
DGRachel @Cinfhen I had much bigger plans, but I‘m happy with the results anyway. Working on being nicer to myself and letting things go. 🥰 2w
Cinfhen That‘s the best forecast / kindness to oneself 2w
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Visiting my partner‘s stepmother for New Year limited my reading time this week, so I‘m not surprised I didn‘t achieve all of my forecast, but I did finish three of the five, and make a start in the fourth, though still American Gods remains untouched! I realised I had an ARC I wanted to read before its publication date of 9th Jan so I started that today too.

My ratings:
Me 5⭐️
Queenie 4⭐️
Village Christmas 4⭐️

#BookReport @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Do you think Queenie would be good for bookclub??? 2w
TheEllieMo @Cinfhen yes, I do, it has potential for a lot of discussion around its themes of casual racism and mental health. It‘s my book club‘s choice this month, we‘ll be discussing it on Tuesday, I shall report back! 2w
TheEllieMo Hi @Cinfhen, we‘ve just finished discussing Queenie at book club and I can confirm it was a lively conversation, lots of different opinions, so definitely a good Book Club choice, I think 1w
Cinfhen Thank you SO SO MUCH for getting back to me!! I‘m about to email the ladies and let them know!!! 1w
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#BookReport Week 10
I‘m starting this report from January 1 ~ not sure why🤪
Completed 3 books and making progress on two more
Loved Olive Kitteridge and iffy on #BelowZer00s #BuddyRead ~ Case Histories (Saving comments for next week‘s discussion)
I can‘t stand the author‘s narration on Lady From Black Lagoon so I‘m waiting for a #KindleDeal and I‘m returning the audio to Audible
The Applefeld memoir should be holding my interest but it‘s not 🙁

peaknit Picking up Case Histories for next week! 2w
TrishB I can see a good discussion next week 😁 2w
Librariana I like that you called it 'hibernating' for setting those two titles aside 😁😊 2w
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Cinfhen Because it‘s not really a bail @Librariana I hope one day to return to them 🐻 2w
Cinfhen I‘ll be curious to hear your thoughts @peaknit 2w
Reviewsbylola Hibernation. 😆😆😆 In my world we call that bailed. 2w
Cinfhen No, honestly some books I TRULY bail on @Reviewsbylola but this was just bad timing or wrong medium. I think I‘m going to try again on 2w
Reviewsbylola Yeah I‘ve been in that situation before but I‘m pretty bad about trying a book a second time. That‘s one reason I try really hard to start a book at the right time, because I have a hard time going back even if I was the problem and not the book. Maybe I can work on that in 2020. 🤪 2w
Cinfhen I probably won‘t go back to the memoir by Applefeld but I will try the other book in print @Reviewsbylola It took me 3 tries to finally connect with Commonwealth and I ended up LOVING IT (edited) 2w
peaknit I‘m just a handful of stories on and can I say dark, dark, dark. Yikes! 1w
Cinfhen I ended up loving this collection so much @peaknit although a few stories were really off putting!!! There are still plenty of lighter moments & Olive is such a hilarious character. She is so abrasive but at the same time quite endearing (edited) 1w
peaknit I was referring to Case Studies today, I should have been more specific:) agree, love grumpy Olive! Case Studies is tough, sad, so far. (edited) 1w
peaknit I‘m just a handful of stories on and can I say dark, dark, dark. Yikes! 1w
Cinfhen Hahaha 😂 @peaknit you are correct / maybe that‘s why I didn‘t respond well to the book 1w
peaknit I might even bail it‘s so doooown, I can‘t handle January aaand a sad book lol. THAT SAID, it is very visceral and real. I‘ll stop now But I‘d still like to join the convo with 1/2 of the book read.😊 1w
Cinfhen Definitely join in @peaknit !!!! Sorry you bailed but life is short and not necessary to torture yourself 😘 1w
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#BookReport A bit better this week ...
✨Read the beautiful Red At The Bone
✨Halfway through A Constellation of Vital .. and I‘m letting it sink in ... lots of wisdom in this one
✨Bailed on Blood Orange, I thought it would be a bit of “ light” relief , but I got bored with it.
✨Started Stella Fortune & loving it ... it‘s only 85p on kindle @TrishB @Birdsong28 @Balibee146 if ye havnt read it yet

TrishB It‘s £.99 for me ☹️ good week for you ?? 2w
CarolynM Cheers to the bail! 👍👏 There's no reason to read a novel that bores you. 2w
Cathythoughts @TrishB that‘s weird 🤷🏼‍♀️... maybe it will come down. But this seems to be a bit of a new development 2w
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Cathythoughts @CarolynM indeed there is not 👍🏻👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen I really loved Red and definitely enjoyed 2w
BarbaraBB Oooh! I loved Red at the Bone and am so looking forward to Stella and Constellation 💜 2w
Balibee146 Thanks Cathy.... Nipping onto kindle now 😊😊 2w
Balibee146 Sadly £9.99 for me same as @TrishB will keep an eye on it. Thanks for thinking of me 😘😘 2w
TrishB Cathy and @Balibee146 UK and Ireland used to be the same - maybe gearing up for Brexit!! 2w
Balibee146 @TrishB sounds like it boo... Yet another reason to hate the Brexit f*ckery..... I want to hide 😱😱 2w
Cathythoughts @TrishB @Balibee146 could be .... 🙄great craic 2w
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen yes! Loving Stella ❤️👍🏻 2w
Cathythoughts @Barbarab yes, Constellation & Stella are good books too ❤️👍🏻 2w
Crazeedi ❤❤❤ Stella! My top read for2019 2w
Cathythoughts @Crazeedi Really !!! Oh that‘s great to hear ❤️👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen Wow @TrishB @Balibee146 is that an actual possibility??? Shame on you Amazon!!! 2w
Balibee146 @cinfhen definitely a scenario 😥😥😥 2w
Birdsong28 Thanks for the tag @Cathythoughts ❤️😘📖📚 2w
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Six books finished. Started several more. (See forecast)

Cinfhen Awesome week 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3w
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Totally forgot the #bookreport yesterday. It was a slower week for reading, but I did manage to finish Why We Can‘t Sleep (4 stars) and Crewel Yule (3 stars). I bailed on Toxic Spirits, and started two ARCs and another audiobook.

Cinfhen What‘s your initial thoughts on 3w
DGRachel @Cinfhen I expected to dislike it - it really didn‘t sound like my kind of book. I‘m only 66 pages into it, but I actually love it. I‘m fully invested in the characters and the plot. I know it‘s early, but initial thoughts are “believe the hype”. Of course, I reserve the right to completely change my mind by the end. 🤣🤣 3w
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I did say last week‘s forecast was a bit ambitious, and I was not wrong!! I managed to finish two novels, but American Gods, A Village Christmas and Me all lay untouched all week. Spending time with my family was more important than reading!

Of the books read:
Starve Acre 3⭐️ Author can write but I found a major plot angle to be hugely out of character
The Wicked Cometh 3⭐️ Author too fond of telling not showing.

#BookReport @Cinfhen

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Looking back at last week‘s forecast, I was over confident about my free time to read. There was so much peopling this week.

I only finished “A Christmas Mystery” but I listened to about 10 hours of HTLGI and read a good chunk of MTT. #bookreport

Cinfhen Peopling takes TIME!!! 😜 3w
Eyelit Omg, same. I thought I‘d read so much this week, but peopling did happen more than I anticipated. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3w
Bookzombie @Cinfhen It does!! 🙂 3w
Bookzombie @Eyelit I hope we both have more reading time this week. 💗 3w
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I was never late with school work, but I‘m regularly late with my book report. Thank goodness this isn‘t for a grade. 😋

I only finished one book from last week‘s forecast, V is for Vengence. Then there was a sudden change in the weather and I read Anna and the Apocalypse and Whiteout.

Eyelit I really liked Whiteout! How does Anna & the Apocalypse compare to the movie? 4w
Cinfhen Hahaha! As long as you didn‘t say “My dog ate my book report” 😁 4w
Bookzombie @Eyelit Me too regarding Whiteout! At first, I almost bailed on Anna, but I kind of fell into and read it quickly. It‘s the same story, sometimes line for line, but then a few things were fleshed out or added. I would pick the movie over the book though. 4w
Bookzombie @Cinfhen Hahaha. No dog to blame here. 🙂 4w
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#BookReport & #WeeklyForecast @Cinfhen

Still working on Crooked Kingdom and my #ARCs, just packed The Twelve Dates of Christmas into my bag for reading on the tram/bus. There will be #Jolabokaflod reading, but I don't know which books yet.

Had a slow reading week. I watched too much TV. 😉

Cinfhen TV is allowed in “moderation” 😉 4w
julesG @Cinfhen 😁😁 I had to finish The Rook, although I still have to read the book. Then I watched Carnival Row, people were raving about it. I thought it was more #MehThanYeah. And then I stumbled upon Tin Star and since I #lovehate Tim Roth I had to watch the first season. 4w
ljuliel Litsy is a ghost town. Not sure if it‘s broken or no one is posting. 4w
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julesG @ljuliel Probably no one around to post, everyone's out shopping. Or all are posting Wintergames stuff. Don't worry. It'll get busy again in a few days. 4w
Sace @julesG my husband and I watched the first episode of Carnival Row but haven't felt the burning need to see the next episode. 4w
julesG @Sace I'm glad I'm not the only one. So many of my friends liked the series, all I could see were plot holes. 🙈🙈🙈 4w
ljuliel Yes, you‘re probably right on that. I un- muted winter games yesterday just to see if there was anyone around. 5 minutes of that, and the mute button got clicked again. Right now, it‘s so quiet in here, you can picture a windy old west ghost town. All you see is a tumbleweed rolling down the road and you can hear the wind whistling. 4w
Sace @ljuliel I've noticed fewer posts, but that's because I mute a ton of hashtags. There still seems to be lots of conversations on the posts I do see. 4w
julesG @ljuliel 😂😂😂😂 I am actually glad for the quiet. I managed to check back 13hours of Litsy posts before my tea got cold. 😁 It's weird though, how much is going on for the games and how little else gets posted at the moment. 4w
julesG @Sace That's what I've noticed too. There is more conversation on "normal" posts. 4w
ljuliel @Sace I‘ve got it narrowed down to book related posts , which are few and far between. I guess lots of people have things to do during this week . 4w
Sace @julesG we watched the first episode after watching Going Postal and CR suffered by comparison. We liked GP so much more. 4w
julesG @Sace Oh, I'll have to give that a try, Going Postal I mean. Thanks for the tip. 4w
Sace @ljuliel ah... I guess I'm just not on enough to notice an extreme slow down? Tbh, I mute so much and I unfollowed many "games not books" folks that I've gotten used to the slower pace. It's kind of nice. 4w
ljuliel @julesG Yes it‘s a bit sad or frustrating that it‘s a book group but you can scroll through hundreds of posts without seeing a single book review anywhere. Sure hope things get back to normal. I‘m already counting up how long it takes before they start the Valentine games. 🙄🤨. @sace (edited) 4w
Sace @julesG it's based on the Terry Pratchett book. (If it's another MoreMehThanYeah I apologize! 🤣) 4w
julesG @sace @ljuliel It is nice to have a slower pace here. I should mute more # in future. 😁 4w
julesG @Sace And here I was not daring to write that it sounds very Pratchett. 🥴 4w
Sace @julesG @ljuliel I guess I've always been a little more interested in quality over quantity? As long as I get to have a couple bookish conversations a day I am content. Also, when you're actually reading it takes up more time, so fewer posts. If one is spending all their time posting to hashtags when does one read? 🤣🤣🤣 (I hope that didn't sound ugly...I don't mean it to.) 4w
Sace @julesG I'm a huge proponent of muting 😁 4w
julesG @Sace Naaah, my thoughts precisely. 4w
ljuliel Nope, doesn‘t bother me a bit. I just remember when the majority of posts were book related. I agree , quality is better than quantity. 👍🏼 @sace 4w
Sace @ljuliel I'm trying to do my part by sticking to book/reading habits related posts. 😁 I understand the frustration though. 4w
Sace @ljuliel I'm only speaking from my experience...but one thing that has always bothered me about online interaction is the "followers factor" (for lack of a better descriptor.) Sometimes I feel like people just want a following so the goal is numbers. Since I would be perfectly happy to interact with the same 10 people I tend to not join ALL THE THINGS. I've been down that road and I didn't enjoy myself. It's me not them. 4w
ljuliel @Sace I think my concern is that this book group will go the way of countless others from the past. They all seemed to be very active for a few years, then membership dwindles , people stop posting, and they fizzle out. I‘ve gone back into GR , but it doesn‘t seem to have the attraction it once did. 4w
Sace @ljuliel what are some others that have fizzled? I was on GR for years and I just can't with it anymore. Are you on LibraryThing? 4w
ljuliel Well, if I go WAY BACK , AOL used to have a really nice area devoted to just book groups. They were really active. That was back in the late 90s I think. Then there was a really nice book forum type group which was run by folks from the UK, but everyone was welcome. It was super busy , but it fizzled due to lack of members ( plus the owners had to pay a fee to keep it open). I think the remainder of them went to FB.I liked Shelfari. It‘s gone. . (edited) 4w
ljuliel @Sace ☝🏼. 👉🏽I‘ve never gotten the hang of LT. The setup reminds me a bit of GR. You know, the way the messages are, etc ? I‘ve never gotten involved enough with it to have an opinion otherwise. (edited) 4w
Sace @ljuliel I know many people still mourn Shelfari. LT to me is much nicer and less clunky than GR. I am not a member of many groups, just ROOT and Litsy. I would encourage you to check out the 75 Books Challenge and the Category Challenge 2020 groups. Both are super active. LT allows for a lot of personalization of your homepage, library etc. Clearly I am biased. 😏 4w
Sace @ljuliel FB *shudder* hell no. 4w
julesG Now I feel like I should spend some time getting to know LT beyond the basics. 4w
julesG @Sace @ljuliel Yahoo used to have good groups, too. But it all fizzled out with FB. I hate FB, just check in once in a while. 4w
Sace @julesG I dumped FB in July of 2016. Never looked back and so much happier for it. 4w
ljuliel Yes, I forgot about the Yahoo groups, Jules. Those are more that are probably gone, I‘d guess. I never got super involved with them. I‘ve never had an interest in FB. To me, it sounds as if it‘s not a place I‘d like to get involved in. @Sace I may wander around in LT to take a closer look. Thanks for the rec. 😊 4w
Sace @ljuliel you've got all kinds everywhere, but my impression has always been that LT has some folks that are pretty serious about their books 🤣 I think it suffers in comparison to other places because of design, but they are really working on some design upgrades without losing the focus on books. Again, I am biased and generally feel LT can do no wrong. 4w
Sace @ljuliel I'm Sace over there too. Feel free to add me as a friend. 4w
ljuliel Thank you @Sace I think Andrew65 is also pretty active over there. 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks This is just my two cents worth opinion... I don‘t think I would have the friends I do today if if this were strictly a book reviewing app. I enjoy, as I know others do as well, getting to know people. Facebook is nothing but drama. So why not talk about books and get to know each other?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 4w
Daisey I read through your conversation when I noticed the “quiet” comment. My feed is also flooded with Winter Games at the moment, but I don‘t want to mute because I do enjoy some of it. Instead I‘m spending some time today searching out other specific hashtags I don‘t want to miss, like the Weekly Forecast and the Tolkien readalong. It is amazing the posting time I can scroll through with a specific hashtag. 4w
julesG @Daisey The tags are really helpful. I enjoy scrolling through them. 4w
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Hoopla audiobooks have kept me sane this week and if anyone has any recommendations of other cozy holiday mysteries, please share.
Finished 5 audiobooks and an ARC. I recommend everything I read, especially Scared Little Rabbits.
Started Toxic Spirits and made progress in Why We Can‘t Sleep.

xicanti I had a lot of fun with CREWEL YULE by Monica Ferris, if you can get your hands on the audio. 4w
DGRachel @xicanti Thank you! It‘s on Hoopla, so I just downloaded it. I can‘t wait to listen to it at work on Monday! 4w
Cinfhen Great week 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I bailed on 4w
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DGRachel @Cinfhen Oh no! I‘m sorry it didn‘t work for you. I‘m still slowly making progress, but I haven‘t been reading much of anything lately. If it wasn‘t for audiobooks, my stats would be abysmal. 4w
Cinfhen It was becoming repetitive and it wasn‘t really speaking to me but I can see that the author was thoughtful. I just have other books that seem more engaging #FickleReader 4w
writerlibrarian Adding to the Crewel Yule Ferris' series. It's nice, not sappy and the women hanging at the craft store are fun. 4w
DGRachel @writerlibrarian Thanks! I was able to get Crewel Yule in Hoopla and have it all queues up for Monday! It‘s my last Hoopla credit for the year, so I‘m debating now on whether to listen to things I already own after Christmas or use a credit or two for more cozies! 4w
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His Elderliness did v well in this week‘s #bookreport He loved Bringing Columbia Home, enjoyed Motorcycle Apprentice but dismissive about Rabbit Stew.
I enjoyed Frankly in Love. Autumn Light was 5 stars for me (but understand it is a plotless contemplative book not everyone‘s cup of tea!) and I‘m partway through Jane and Prudence which is deliciously Pymy
Also watching Sherlock which I‘ve never seen before (so late to that party!) and loving it

TrishB A good week👍🏻 4w
Centique @TrishB thanks lovely 😘 4w
Cinfhen I love these graphics 🥰🥰🥰 4w
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This week I didn‘t have a lot of reading time.
I did finish Mostly Dead Things, which was good but very dark, and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, which was sad but also hilarious.

I‘m savoring The Starless Sea. I love it, I want to absorb every word into my being.

Quichotte wasn‘t holding my attention, so I returned it since there were others waiting for it.

No One Can Pronounce My Name is good so far- some terrific characters!


Cinfhen I‘m thinking Earl might give me Perks vibes and im down for that 4w
Soubhiville @Cinfhen I haven‘t read Perks, but I loved the movie. 4w
Cinfhen I was so surprised by how much I loved the book!! 4w
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#BookReport for a busy and tired week 😴

I have only had time for listening to audiobooks this week, but I hope to read a bit in print tonight 🤞

Cinfhen It‘s a busy time of year 4w
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#BookReport Week 8
I completed 5 books this week
🎧All this Could Be Yours 4🌟
🎧Beauty Queens 2.5🌟 Narration 5🌟
📚Girl 2.5 🌟
📚MiddleSex 3.75🌟
📚Such A Fun Age 2.75 🌟
And 1 BAIL
Feeling a little scroogy with the stars 😜

Cathythoughts That‘s a lot of books 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4w
merelybookish 3.75 😂😂 4w
BarbaraBB Lots of books again! 4w
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Cinfhen MiddleSex took me 3 weeks to read/ still waiting on my review ~ not sure how I feel about that one @Cathythoughts @merelybookish @BarbaraBB curious to hear what my buddy readers think @sisilia @emilyhaldi 4w
valeriegeary Nice work! It's Christmas though... You should be passing out those stars like Santa passes out presents 😂😉 4w
TrishB Good week 👍🏻 4w
Cinfhen Hahahaha @valeriegeary You‘re right 🤩🤩🤩🤩 4w
Cinfhen Thanks @TrishB 💕 4w
TrishB I think you‘re stars/numbers are hilarious. Love to know the criteria difference between 2.5 and 2.75 😁😘 4w
Cinfhen Hahaha @TrishB It‘s like I want to bump it up but I‘m having an internal struggle 🤪 4w
Kalalalatja I was thinking the same thing @TrishB 😂 and I know that feeling Cindy! 😅 4w
Sace @TrishB I never give stars because I feel like I should be able to justify them with actual criteria and not my fickle mood. I admire all the reviews with stars. 😁 4w
Cinfhen Sometimes stars speak louder than words 😂😂😂 @Sace @Kalalalatja 4w
Megabooks You are getting a bit grinchy with your stars, but I also had a generally bad week book wise! I think it was 3 bad/2 good. I need to do a book report 😂😂 4w
Cinfhen Yes, I am being a bit grinchy @Megabooks 😂🤣😂I think im just ready to dig into all my “new” reads that I‘m looking forward to. 4w
emilyhaldi LOL 3.75⭐️ love it!! I'm so slow this week.. hoping to have a little time for Middlesex tomorrow but I'm only on page 222 at the moment. 4w
Cinfhen I‘m back to wavering so maybe 3.5 for MiddleSex @emilyhaldi 😬😜 4w
Bookzombie You had a great week! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 4w
Cinfhen I did make progress @Bookzombie even though I didn‘t love all my reads😁 4w
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Running behind with this week‘s #BookReport, thanks to travel yesterday.

- Read 20 books (+ 15 picture books) (8 out of 9 forecasted; all on audio; within the 2.5-5 ⭐️ range; Far From the Madding Crowd is the non-reread favorite)
- 📱It Happened at Christmas: a YA retelling of While You We‘re Sleeping 😍
- 🎧 Once Upon a Dickens Christmas: three Christmas novellas based on Dickens
- 📱A Season to Dance: a contemporary ballerina story for review

MidnightBookGirl I am not sure what #bookreport is, but I feel like I am here for it. 1mo
hes7 @MidnightBookGirl It‘s something @Cinfhen started about a month ago, along with #WeeklyForecast to talk about the books we plan to read (Sunday) and then, check in on what we actually read that week (Saturday). 1mo
Cinfhen How did you like The Five??? What ever happened with your BookOutlet order??? 1mo
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hes7 @Cinfhen I liked it! The author did a great job; it‘s a nonfiction that actually kept me interested the whole time. And Book Outlet is sending me the books that they still have in stock at no charge. It‘s only half of my original order, but it‘s something. 1mo
Clwojick 1 pt. 1mo
Cinfhen That‘s really disappointing that only half the order was in stock 😣hopefully some of those other books caught your eye🤭 1mo
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#bookreport #weeklyforecast

I‘m not getting a lot of reading done lately because of work and Christmas prep. But last week I did finish Invisible for #lmpbc. And this week, I should finish The Bear and the Nightingale for #bookclub and Trust Exercise on audio for the #toblonglist (unless of course the #tob short list comes out in the meantime and TE doesn‘t make the cut).

BarbaraBB I keep planning around the shortlist too. Let‘s hope they‘ll publish it tomorrow! 🤞 1mo
thebluestocking @BarbaraBB Yes! I‘m really hoping it‘s released tomorrow. The deadline for the reader judge submissions was the 12th or thereabouts right? So tomorrow seems doable. 💙😉🤞 1mo
Cinfhen You and @BarbaraBB with the shortlist!!! And probably @merelybookish too ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @thebluestocking I think @merelybookish just reads the whole longlist 😀 1mo
BarbaraBB Yes, tomorrow seems doable, last year it was December 15! 1mo
Cinfhen Hahaha / I just wait for the shortlist ( which isn‘t even that short !!!) @BarbaraBB 1mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I'm excited for the short list but I love the long list! It feels like more room to play. 1mo
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A day late, but I have been with friends all weekend. ?

Finished Frankissstein (#MoreMehThanYeah)
Finished Gå Glip (Miss Out, okay but too philosophical)
Finished American Kingpin on Audio (Very interesting!)

I‘m not planning much this week, but I‘m currently listening to Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman to get me through weekend cleaning ?

Cinfhen Glad you‘re having a fun weekend with friends ❤️ 1mo
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#bookreport @Cinfhen

So His Elderliness finished the two on the left. He took great exception to the author of Secret Lives talking about “rebuilding” the Parthenon when they don‘t have all the pieces. Which shouldn‘t put anyone else off unless you too are 87 and pedantic. 😂 He much preferred the Lives in Ruins book.
I finished the two in the middle - both excellent - and 9yo read Funny Kid which he liked but didn‘t love.

JennyM Love your family book reports ♥️ 1mo
Megabooks ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
Cinfhen I agree @JennyM my favorite book report each week / I love a multigenerational family book report, Flea 💕📚💕📚💕📚 1mo
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Centique @JennyM @Cinfhen aw you guys are so sweet! 💕😘😘 1mo
merelybookish I plan to be very pedantic at 87! 😁 1mo
Centique @merelybookish and why not?! One of the few perks of bring older I reckon. 😂 1mo
merelybookish @Centique Exactly! If not then, when? 1mo
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I planned two ‘definite‘ books this week and also to finish the Rabbit Girls. I read the Baldacci, finished The Rabbit Girls, have started ‘The Word for Woman...‘ and added a few more along the way.

Favourite of the week was definitely ‘Joshua‘, which was a random, impulsive pick in the library.

Cinfhen Hahaha 😂love this book report 1mo
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Finished Truth to Power, (not going to say anything else about politics today). Good read.
Finished The Witch‘s Daughter- forgot to review as it‘s been one of those weeks- an eventual pick!
Nearly finished Villa America, rich peoples‘s problems not usually my thing - but I‘m enjoying this as a major distraction from real life.
Not started the poetry and may not today as it‘s about refugees experiences 👇🏻

TrishB in this country and I‘m not sure I‘m in the right frame of mind this weekend. #bookreport (edited) 1mo
squirrelbrain I thought exactly that about the poetry book, when I saw it was on your list to read this week.... 😒 1mo
TrishB @squirrelbrain I love poetry as you know, just feeling a bit raw at the moment! Shall delay for a bit ❤️ 1mo
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Balibee146 Great report Trish... Yeah that poetry book sounds awesome but too painful after the most bruising week since the early 80s 😘😘 1mo
Cinfhen I‘m thinking of you and the kids!! How was graduation 🎓 1mo
BarbaraBB I hope you‘re okay Trish and that you enjoy the graduation 💜 1mo
jillrhudy A bunch of librarians were raving on Twitter about the trilogy that starts with The Witch's Daughter. The final book int the trilogy was a 2019 fave for several of them. I might have to read that! 1mo
TrishB @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB it was as good as it could be 😁 nice ceremony, a few drinks etc thank you for asking 😘 1mo
TrishB @Balibee146 that‘s just what it‘s been like! 😘 1mo
TrishB @jillrhudy I can recommend, I have the second ready too! 1mo
CarolynM I felt physically sick for days after our election earlier in the year, so I hear you. 💙 1mo
TrishB @CarolynM it‘s going to be hard! 1mo
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#BookReport Week 7
I had an ok reading week
First half of the week I bailed on 3 audio books and wasted 3/5 Hoopla credits 😩Thanks to @Megabooks for suggesting BEAUTY QUEENS which is fantastic 🥰
I read 2 ARCs/ ok but not WOW 🙄
BENEDICTION, last book in the PLAINSONG trilogy was a disappointment 😣
I‘m on page 252 of my #SexyBuddyRead ( MIDDLESEX) & I‘m still not sure what to make of it 🧐
I started Olivia but I‘m less than 12 pages in 🤷🏼‍♀️

TrishB Quite a good mix of a week though 👍🏻 1mo
squirrelbrain I wish I could bail like you - I need lessons! 1mo
TrishB @squirrelbrain it‘s liberating 👍🏻 1mo
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Cinfhen Bailing is SO LIBERATING @squirrelbrain @TrishB This was just an ok week/ reading wise. It was a bleh start but ended up better 1mo
BarbaraBB After I finished Middlesex I still didn‘t know whether I liked it or not! 1mo
Cinfhen We‘ll see how the MIDDLESEX book goes for me @BarbaraBB any thoughts @sisilia @emilyhaldi 1mo
Megabooks So glad you‘re enjoying Beauty Queens 💄💅🏻 1mo
Reviewsbylola Damn girl, I didn‘t know you were on the same bailing level as me. 🤣🤣 1mo
Cinfhen I definitely have adult A.D.D @Reviewsbylola I can bail 4x in an hour😆😆😆 1mo
emilyhaldi Too bad you didn‘t like Breaking Free!! I enjoyed that one, but am a total sucker for any books about FLDS horror stories. I‘m really enjoying Middlesex so far!!! Only 107 pages in but it‘s so different from what I had expected... I‘m enjoying the way the story is unfolding. 1mo
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#bookreport ( a day late - but not bad!) @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Great reading week!!! 1mo
JennyM @cinfhen I did and I loved it. It‘s very Aussie and, for me, perfectly captured Brisbane. How did you find it @Jerdencon? (edited) 1mo
Jerdencon @JennyM I loved it! Australia is on my bucket list and I loved her descriptions of it. From the other side, I live in NYC and felt that she did well describing those scenes too! ( Even though I wasn‘t around in 1938! 😉 1mo
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Here is my #BookReport for the last week. I didn‘t get in as much reading as I normally do, but I finished 2 novellas and an excellent audiobook. I have 4 books in progress, mostly Christmas romance for #WinterGames #MerryReading

Cinfhen Thank Goodness for audiobooks 🙏🏼I love them!!!! 1mo
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I‘m struggling to keep up with Litsy this week and need to post reviews, but I managed to read a good bit! I finished Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy and Killer Instinct on Sunday. The rest during the week.

Cinfhen Excellent week! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Bookzombie @Cinfhen Thank you!! 1mo
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- Read 24 books (+ 17 picture books) this week 🤯—so much reading for #WinterGames #MerryReaders (8 out of 9 forecasted; 2 print, the rest on audio; within the 1-5 ⭐️ range; The Silence Between Us is the non-reread favorite)
- 📖 Definitely Not Mr. Darcy: Austen meets The Bachelor 😂
- 🎧 Everyone Brave Is Forgiven: a WWII story for #20BooksBy2020
- 📱It Happened at Christmas: a YA retelling of While You We‘re Sleeping 😍

Cinfhen I love the split graphics!!! Another mind blowing week 👍🏻🎉💖 (edited) 1mo
Clwojick 1 pt 1mo
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My Saturday #BookReport. I turned out, I needed to watch tv and series a bit more than I needed to read this week, so I didn‘t read as much as I expected. However, what I did read was great!

My two finished books are both 4⭐️, Frankissstein seems like it is going to be great, I just need to get into it, and I can‘t stop listening to You, even though it makes me mad and scared.

So all in all, a good week 👍

Cinfhen You is super disturbing / I can‘t imagine what the audio must be like 😱 1mo
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen it is beyond creepy! It feels like the narrator is talking directly to me because he keeps saying “you”, but he does a horrifyingly good job at narrating Joe‘s anger, sexism, obsessiveness and creepiness 😳😱 1mo
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1. DNF Hunting Party ( not a fan 🤷🏼‍♀️
2. I really enjoyed the beginning of Out , but it‘s gone into #hibernation , parts were hard to read , but I think it‘s my mood .. I‘ll definitely give it more time.
3. The Long Shadow .... Loved it ❤️
4. State of Wonder .... loving it ❤️

erzascarletbookgasm Hope you‘ll enjoy the Patchett 🙂 1mo
Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm thanks! So far so good. Have you read it ? 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm It‘s still waiting for me on my shelf 😊 1mo
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TrishB Mixed week 😁 1mo
BarbaraBB I want to read State of Wonder too. I‘ve heard so many good things about it! 1mo
Cinfhen Loved State of Wonder!!!!! Such gorgeous writing 1mo
Cathythoughts @TrishB mixed week ✨❤️ 1mo
Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB good so far 👍🏻❤️ 1mo
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen 👍🏻❤️ 1mo
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Not a bad week 😀

Cinfhen Very focused👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❣️ 2mo
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- Read 16 books this week (8 out of 9 forecasted; 4 print, the rest on audio; within the 2.5-5 ⭐️ range; Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is the favorite)
- 📱In Love By Christmas: a holiday read for review
- 📱It Happened at Christmas: a YA retelling of While You Were Sleeping 😍
- 🎧 The Things We Cannot Say: a WWII/contemporary story

Cinfhen another #Amazing week!!!!!How was 2mo
hes7 @Cinfhen I thought it was a lot of fun! Plus it focuses on a married couple (rather than a brand new one), which is a nice change for a romance novel. 2mo
Cinfhen Im considering it for #pop20 but it‘s SO NOT my typical genre / I‘m glad to hear it‘s fun and not silly 🙃 2mo
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My week turned out as expected - not much time to read. But I finished the illustrated HP 4, listened to Never Enough (super interesting and informative) and read Heart Berries (right book, wrong time and format). All in all, a pretty good week, but I‘m looking forward to next week, which will bring more reading time (hopefully 🤞)


Cinfhen Sorry you didn‘t enjoy HeartBerries more, although it‘s a very emotionally raw read. Looking forward to seeing your #WeeklyForecast 2mo
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Pretty much where I hoped to be this week on the weekly #bookreport despite it being busy.

Finished The Philosopher's Stone (nostalgia!) and A Dog's Purpose and partway through Station Eleven. ❤️❤️

Cinfhen Woohoo for staying on track 🙌🏻💕🚂 2mo
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#BookReport @Cinfhen

Still in the early chapters of Midnight, enjoying it very much, doesn‘t feel like I‘m reading a non-fiction!


ChasingOm I like your graphic! 2mo
Cinfhen Oh wow!!! Good week for completing books🤗I agree, Midnight read like fiction🖤 2mo
Cathythoughts I know what you mean about the “ non-fiction” 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 2mo
Clwojick 1 pt 2mo
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- Read 20 books this week (I forgot to include one cover 🤦🏼‍♀️; 6 out of 9 forecasted; all on audio; within the 3-5 ⭐️ range; Nothing to See Here and Matilda the favorites)
- 🎧 Cowboy Christmas Redemption: a fun cowboy romance
- 📖 Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: loving it still; now WAY overdue 🤦🏼‍♀️—I WILL finish it this week
- 📖 Take a Chance on Me: an #LMPBC pick I need to finish and mail this week

Moll 20 books in 1 week?! Wow! 2mo
Cinfhen You‘re just a reading machine 🙌🏻!!!!!! 2mo
valeriegeary You inspire me! 😆🙌 2mo
UwannaPublishme Wow! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2mo
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I planned to get through all these this week, but it‘s been busier that I expected. #BookReport summary:

Murder & Mendelssohn - disappointing Phryne Fisher mystery. The 20th, and as far as I know, last one.

Quichotte - loves this book despite my issues with Rushdie‘s writing style

The Killing Zone - about 50% through, interesting and educational so far

Earthly Delights - about 40% through, enjoying it so far


Cinfhen The Phyrne novels have the BEST covers 2mo
TheEllieMo @Cinfhen they‘re gorgeous, aren‘t they?! 2mo
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