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Neon Gods | Katee Robert
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I've been trying for a long time to disconnect the idea that reading anything is a #GuiltyPleasure (as long as it doesn't harm another person, have at it), so I'm reading smut without any shame. Miley, on the other hand 😬😬. I'm still somewhat embarrassed to admit that I started enjoying her music with Wrecking Ball. Ah well, life's too short to stay embarrassed for too long. Love me some Miley!

#TitlesandTunes @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

Bookzombie I love Miley too! No shame! 1h
Cinfhen This is another song I love to belt out😀and im all for smut #NoShame 1h
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The Starless Sea | Erin Morgenstern
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Like others have said, I don‘t feel guilty rereading a favorite, and my happy-place book is The Starless Sea. I tend to read it every fall.

A song for the guilty pleasures playlist that stays stuck in my head forever: Call Me Al by Paul Simon. If you‘re my age and watched much MTV, you know how fun this music video was. My husband and I BELT this song when it comes up on our playlist. 😁

tpixie Rereads bring the confort odd friends and short back to you!! Love the video with Paul Simon & Chevy Chase! https://youtu.be/uq-gYOrU8bA 5h
tpixie @Soubhiville lol 😂 I just saw your post after I sent the link 😀 This is a great video for #NationalSmileDay ! The end when Chevy sticks the trumpet in Paul‘s face and Paul breaks and smiles for one second! 😀 (edited) 5h
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LaraReads Great choice! 🎶 4h
youneverarrived One of those songs once you hear it you can‘t stop singing it all day 😆 3h
Soubhiville @tpixie 😁🎶 gotta love it! 2h
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I struggled to think of a #GuiltyPleasure book for #TitlesAndTunes, then saw this book waiting for me to read, which I totally bought to salve my guilty conscience for enjoying the Fu Manchu stories of Sax Rohmer. So, this book isn't my guilty pleasure, but I will read this deconstruction of Western popular culture's racist fascination with The Orient so that I can "ironically" read a Fu Manchu afterwards, when I will post a matching tune ? ⬇️

Bookwomble Written in 2014, Frayling just missed Trump's "Chynah Virus" bullshit, but it will still be interesting to read in that context.
Apologies for the headache-inducing carpet pattern ? I'm at my parent's house!
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@BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

I don't actually believe in #GuiltyPleasure. If I like something, why should I feel guilty about it?

📚 I love re-reading The Chronicles of St Mary's series. The only guilt I feel about it is that I should work on eroding #MountARC and #MountTBR.

🎶 My kids make fun of me, because it's a song by Idris Elba. 🤷‍♀️

jhod Strong agree!!! 5h
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So - bear with me while I explain. I‘m going to reread Murderbot because rereading is my #guiltypleasure (I don‘t really feel guilty but I know it‘s not reducing my TBR!)
Also Murderbot is a character with a guilty pleasure. Yes he‘s hacked his mind control but does he use his freedom to overpower his human masters? - no he uses it to watch 35000 hours of movies and soap operas. I get you Murderbot. And for my song, well you probably don‘t know⬇️

Centique Computer Games by Mi-Sex, it‘s a 1979 NZ hit, a heavy synth pop song about living in a world run by computers. A little bit prophetic for 1979! 😝 #titlesandtunes (edited) 13h
LeahBergen Who cares about your TBR when you‘re reading something you enjoy? Go, you! 13h
Centique You can see the music video here https://youtu.be/gsHYSs_qgmU it‘s kind of a vibe as my daughter would say 😂 (edited) 13h
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Centique @LeahBergen yeah! Rereading is fun 🙌 13h
CarolynM I like that rationale for the book an PERFECT song choice 😆 I think you‘ll like mine too😉 12h
BarbaraBB Such a cool explanation and I love the video! 12h
rwmg I think I might have to re-read at least “All Systems Red“ to check Murderbot's pronouns. In my head Murderbot is a she but I've seen quite a few people use he. 11h
Ruthiella @rwmg I also think of Murderbot as “she”. I‘m not sure why, but that‘s why I skipped the audio, because the narrator was male and it didn‘t line up in my head! 11h
willaful @rwmg @ruthiella I believe Murderbot is canonically “it“ but I also always think of it as she! (edited) 11h
rockpools Just brilliant. And I noticed last week that work had finally bought the Murderbot series - so I reserved the first one last night. Enjoy! 11h
julesG I have the same/similar guilty pleasure for the same reason. 😂😂😂😂 9h
julesG @rwmg @Ruthiella @willaful - yep, it's canonically "it". My son refuses to listen to the audiobooks, because they are read by a man. My son would be fine with a female narrator, he says to him Murderbot feels more feminine. I tend to say "he" when talking about Murderbot in German, but only because the German word for 'robot' is masculine and grammar is an inbuilt system that's very hard to overcome. 9h
julesG @rockpools Enjoy! 9h
batsy Yes to rereading faves! I love this ❤️ Not familiar with the song so looking forward to listening to this and the rest of the playlist 🎶 8h
Clare-Dragonfly @rwmg My book club read “All Systems Red” and we talked for several minutes about Murderbot‘s pronouns and gender! Some of us thought it felt more male, some more female. I thought I had its “it” pronouns firmly in my head but I still found myself saying “she” occasionally. Some book club members used “they.” (edited) 6h
Centique @rockpools I hope you enjoy it! 6h
Centique @Ruthiella yes I just started listening to it on an audio book with a male voice so I think I reverted to “he” without thinking. I could easily see Murderbot as any gender or no gender. 6h
Centique @CarolynM I‘m glad someone knows the song! Looking forward to yours! 6h
Centique @julesG @batsy yay to re-reading faves! 6h
Cinfhen I love your #GuiltyPleasure - i think the focus for all of us is on the pleasure 🥰 (edited) 57m
Bookzombie I love this! 💗 53m
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Lexicon: A Novel | Max Barry
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#GuiltyPleasure #TitlesandTunes
It seems right to start this post with a confession: I don't have guilty pleasure reads. I read mostly literary fiction and have noticed what people call guilty pleasures are mostly romance or thrillers. My explanation for that is bad versions of those genres can still be fun, but exactly 0 people want a bad LF novel. So I found one thriller on my shelf - actually well-reviewed but check out the tagline 🦴🤐

Billypar Now songs... I've got plenty of guilty pleasures! I still love all the Kelly Clarkson singles, including this one. @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB 14h
BarbaraBB That tagline sounds quite cheesy! 12h
Ruthiella Good point! Bad LF is excruciating. 😖 11h
Cinfhen Did we just “guilt” you into reading literary cheese??? 😂😂and Kelly Clarkson is TRULY an American Idol 🙌🏻🩷LOVE her 49m
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Virgin | Cheryl Brooks
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A #guiltypleasure read for me is usually something light like a children's book, a romance, or an erotica. It has been a while since I've read erotica so I'm going to read one on my way to Scotland in a few weeks. I've really enjoyed the Cat Star Chronicles, so Virgin sounds like fun.

Now for my tunes...it was hard to pick just one. I love Enrique Iglesias so I picked a song that goes with my book. And...I also had to pick Daddy Yankee's song ⬇️

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willaful I am... extremely surprised by the title of that song. 😂 13h
BarbaraBB Lol me too 😂 12h
Cinfhen I love that you embraced this prompt 🙌🏻😂💙 41m
Cinfhen And your song choices are FABULOUS 31m
Cinfhen Hope all don‘t offend anyone but I added the dirty versions 😊😂😉 30m
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Bookstop | Nairobi, Kenya (Bookstore)
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#BOTM! can‘t wait and I think the Hilderbrand book will be one of my #guiltypleasure reads for #titlesandtunes !

JenReadsAlot Good picks! 15h
peaknit @JenReadsAlot you are an influencer! 😊 14h
JenReadsAlot Ha! 😂 14h
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So, I‘ll go with innocent pleasure more than #guiltypleasure I feel no guilt with either of these picks! They definitely take me back to more innocent times. Me as a 12 year old girl listening to NKOTB and being in love with Jordan Knight and my daughter being a 12 year old girl and us reading this series together and both being in love with Peter K. So this is my ode to innocent love. No guilt needed (well, maybe a little 😉). 💕 #titlesandtunes

BarbaraBB Love all of this 🧡 12h
Cinfhen Ahhhhh, love this too @BarbaraBB 28m
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Untitled | Unknown
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For some reason I cannot access my @LeeRHarry account so I‘ve decided to start a new one…..let the following of people begin! 😊
Please add me to your lists guys! 😊
@Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @alisiakae #booked23
@TheAromaofBooks #bookspin
@BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain @Megabooks #camplitsy23
@AllDebooks #naturalitsy

Megabooks Great! @BarbaraBB is managing the CL tag list. Sorry you can‘t get to your old handle, but I‘m glad you found a workaround! 15h
CarolynM Weird! Also annoying to have lost your old posts and book lists. Maybe it‘s a glitch that will work itself out🤞 15h
Books_et_al @CarolynM it is annoying but maybe as you say it‘ll fix itself 😊 14h
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BarbaraBB I‘ll follow you of course and will change your names in the tag lists of both #CampLitsy23 as well as #TitlesAndTunes! 12h
Books_et_al @BarbaraBB thanks Barbara 😊 12h
squirrelbrain Oh no, that‘s annoying. 😬 Following you now. 12h
AllDebooks Done x 9h
batsy Oh dear, that's inconvenient! I think Litsy has become a bit of a forgotten app in terms of development or even maintenance. 8h
TheAromaofBooks I just got a new phone and went to download the Litsy app... and literally can't find it??? I do most of my stuff from my computer, but love using the app to post book reviews because it's easier to take a picture. So all that to say... no idea what's going on with Litsy these days 😂 Glad you made it back, though - I updated your username on my BookSpin list!! 4h
Books_et_al @TheAromaofBooks it is the weirdest thing but it looks like all posts under my previous name have vanished too! Thanks for updating your list. 😊 (edited) 4h
Books_et_al @AllDebooks thanks 😊 4h
TheAromaofBooks I will say that when I click on your old username, it does take me to your account and I can see all your posts!! So you haven't disappeared completely! 😂 4h
Books_et_al @TheAromaofBooks that‘s good to know! 😆 4h
PaperbackPirate I‘m sorry that happened to you. How frustrating! 💙 3h
Cinfhen Oh no!!! Soooo frustrating!! Of course I‘ll update my lists and happy you tagged me xx 2h
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