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I'm a voracious reader with an appetite for all genres. Founder of #NaturaLitsy & #NetgalleyGroup https://www.instagram.com/alldebooks
The North Wind | Alexandria Warwick

I completed the first book of The Four Winds series. An enjoyable read but with some very graphic description of sexual shenanigans. So don't say you haven't been warned! 🫣😳

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#WednesdayWanderings #MidsummerSolace
My most ambitious walk was climbing Ben Nevis back in my youthful days. It was challenging because once past the lochans, the weather deteriorated drastically. From blue skies to a snowstorm once we hit the peak.
It was a huge achievement for me, and I managed to raise a considerable sum for cancer research.

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Wild Flowers of Britain: Month by Month | Margaret Erskine Wilson
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AnnCrystal 🌱💫😍. 1d
Read4life 💙💙💙 18h
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#Naturalitsy #MidsummerSolace

I've created a new activity for #Litsolace events called #WednesdayWanderings where we discuss our favourite walks every week.

🧭 Where is your most ambitious walk?
🌄🌇 Do you prefer urban or rural settings?
🗺 Describe the terrain, atmosphere, and any local wildlife?
😊 How does the walk make you feel? Does it hold any special memories for you?

Please include any photos on your posts so we can all see. X

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TheBookHippie My favorite walks are in urban settings or the beach in California. Other than the walk to school- I don‘t walk here other than my treadmill. 😅 1d
TheSpineView There is a section of the AT in WNC around the Fontana Dam that I always found challenging. A lot of up and not much down. Roots and rocks so you must be careful with your feet. Have not hiked that is ages. 1d
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie beach walks are bliss 😊 23h
AllDebooks @TheSpineView sounds tough but I should imagine the scenery makes it worth it. X 23h
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Wilding | Isabella Tree
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#Naturalitsy #Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

Remember when Wilding was our #buddyread last year? There's now a film of the whole rewilding process, which looks fantastic. It looks a similar style to The Biggest Little Farm.


TheBookHippie Oh!!!! 2d
AnnCrystal 💝💝💝. 1d
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The North Wind | Alexandria Warwick
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

My Sunday #Hyggehour read is very gripping. I went way past an hour, as I was so engrossed.

@Chrissyreadit @TheBookHippie @jenniferw88

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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

This is a better term than 'late bloomers'.

BookmarkTavern Oh that‘s lovely! 3d
Deblovestoread Love this 💜 3d
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Flourish | Steph Edwards
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

Don't you just love it when you stumble across a new talent? I've just discovered Steph Edwards 😍 and I'm pretty sure her artwork will resonate with you too.


kspenmoll Thank you for sharing her art! She is new to me.💛 3d
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Relaxations: Big Tools for Little Warriors | Mamen Duch, Editorial Flamboyant Sl
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

It's Sunday 🌞☕️💚 Time for reset ready for the new week. Join in our Sunday #Hyggehour readathon. Take time out for yourself.

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88


S. A. Crosby is new to me. I read him thanks to #AuthorAMonth and so glad I did. This is an extremely tense thriller with great characters. I adore Titus Crown. The racial tensions are palpable throughout the story.
Trigger warnings - this has graphic detail of child abuse, torture and murder.


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#LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

Let's make Saturday a day for coffee and chats. Join in our #SaturdayChatterday event. Grab a drink and start chatting.
☕️ Are you having a good weekend?
☕️ What are you up to today?
☕️ Where are you?
☕️ What are your plans for next week?
☕️ Any recommendations - books, places, films/tv shows etc?

Have a great day 🌞

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

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AllDebooks I've a day in the garden planned with frequent breaks, reading We are the Ark, rewatching Bridgerton and sipping herbal tea 🍵 😋 5d
Librarybelle It‘s a beautiful, sunny day in my part of Pennsylvania today, but Saturdays are usually my cleaning day. You‘ll find me cleaning and reading! 5d
Bookwormjillk Happy Saturday! I was doing some chores earlier and had to finish up some work, but I'm done now and plan on spending the rest of the day puttering and running the kids around. It's a beautiful day here so I will be maximizing my outdoor time. 5d
wanderinglynn So far so good. I got my workout in & then went down the block to Starbucks & it‘s an absolutely lovely morning—warm with low humidity. I have to do some chores, but I‘m going to read to. I just finished the tagged & recommend it. Not only is she a minority woman, she‘s deafblind & so she also faces disability discrimination. Her story is amazing. 5d
wanderinglynn @Bookwormjillk if only the entire summer would be like this! The weather this morning is prefect! 5d
TheSpineView Today is going to be hot and humid. I plan on going to the barn and get a short ride in before it gets too hot. Then lunch with my barn friends. A stop at the grocery store then home to get a few chores done. I will be listening to 5d
julieclair I'm spending the morning at the beach with my grandbabies, aged 4 and 2. They love playing in the sand and the tide pools. This afternoon, I will probably be reading Thomas the Tank Engine books to them about 6,000 times. 😂🤪 They head home tomorrow 🫤. The week went by so fast! 5d
IndoorDame I‘m a little under the weather so I‘ll mostly be in bed with books and tea, but I‘m still hoping to sneak in a few chores and maybe some time on the roof deck to soak up some sunshine and fresh air. 5d
kspenmoll Started my day with early morning coffee & reading on the porch.Then a morning walk- beautiful day, in low 70s. Stopped & took photos of all the vibrant flower garden‘s on my street. Only occasional bikers going by, stopped to chat with neighbors out walking or having coffee on their porches/stoops. So peaceful & connecting. Now I am ready to do some errands, hope to be home by noon to enjoy more outdoor time. No other plans. (edited) 5d
kspenmoll @IndoorDame Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. That was me last weekend. 5d
kspenmoll @julieclair The beach my favorite place sounds wonderful! Enjoy your grandbabies and who doesn‘t love Thomas the tank?! 5d
kspenmoll @TheSpineView I hope you can beat the heat! 5d
kspenmoll @AllDebooks I plan to do some reading of the arc as well – it‘s slow going right now because work is busy end of the year teaching stuff. I recommended it to a friend of mine who has all native plants in her garden. Enjoy your gardening. 5d
kspenmoll @Librarybelle Glad you are getting some reading in between all that cleaning! 5d
kspenmoll @Bookwormjillk Enjoy your kids, puttering & the outdoors- beautiful here in Connecticut too. 5d
kspenmoll @wanderinglynn Haben sounds fascinating. I saw your post. I plan to go to the library tomorrow and if it‘s not there put in a request. 5d
IndoorDame @kspenmoll thanks! I always take pics of the neighborhood flowers when I‘m out walking too! 5d
IndoorDame @julieclair love the beach!! Enjoy the waves and the kiddos! Hope I can manage a drive up to the coast sometime this summer! 5d
Cupcake12 Just made myself a cuppa. Worked in the garden this morning. Pressure washed the patio and put out the garden furniture 🪴 Currently reading 5d
IndoorDame @AllDebooks only a few days till Brigerton!!!!! 5d
wanderinglynn @kspenmoll what a lovely way to start your day! 5d
wanderinglynn @IndoorDame hope you feel better soon! 5d
wanderinglynn @TheSpineView enjoy your ride! ❤️🐎 5d
julieclair @IndoorDame Hope you feel better soon. My completely un-medical advice: no to chores, yes to sun on the roof! 😘 And I hope you do get to the coast sometime this summer. 5d
julieclair @kspenmoll Low 70s sounds divine! We are full into hot & humid here in coastal South Carolina. Perfect excuse to slow down and be lazy, lol! 5d
TheDaysGoBy Not sure yet. Saturdays are always a family day - I meet up with my parents and sister and 2 nephews. The particulars of what we do are always last minute 😂 I might try to sneak in a little reading before I head out for the day 5d
Read4life I‘m currently having coffee and croissants with my husband. Then we‘re off to watch my young nephews flag football game. A walk, reading time and some chores will round out the day. 5d
Cuilin My Saturday involves planting in containers to put near the mailbox. A quick grocery run and house chores. And of course reading. Hope you feel better. @IndoorDame 5d
Cuilin @AllDebooks @IndoorDame I just finished Queen Charlotte. It may be my favorite. Looking forward to the rest of season 3 5d
peaKnit It‘s a little rainy in WI but I hope to head off to the garden center and get my errands done to spend the afternoon reading. 5d
DebinHawaii I‘m having coffee & oatmeal cookies (so breakfast) 😉 at my sister‘s in Oregon City. It‘s sunny & low 60s (F) at 8 AM, which feels great. We have a family gathering here today this afternoon to see everyone (nieces, nephews & great nieces & nephews). Had dinner with my siblings last night. Still have residual junk from bronchitis but feeling better each day & it‘s nice to be with family. 💛 5d
Cuilin @Cupcake12 I love pressure washing. I watch videos of it, it‘s so satisfying I just realized how weird that sounds. Lol 5d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame my son has been sick since last Saturday missed all his exams 😵‍💫 so this week he has to take them alone at school 😵‍💫 thankfully only two the rest of his teachers gave him a pass due to his GPA. Which is 4.5 😳 I hope you get to feeling better soooon!!! Rest&Hydrate! (edited) 5d
TheBookHippie @Cuilin Queen Charlotte is my favorite!!! 5d
TheBookHippie It‘s 62 up from 50 when I woke up 🙂🙃 coffee and chores and reading. My almost 18 yr old son has been sick a week so I‘m constantly wiping everything down 😵‍💫🤪😝. Next week we‘ve reschedule his examinations and I‘ve decisions to make about next school year and my plans … I just finished watching on Netflix Turning Point: The Bomb And The Cold War I highly recommend it. 5d
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie thanks! I hope your son feels better soon too and make-up exams go smoothly 💜 5d
IndoorDame @Cuilin thanks you! 🙏 Definitely agree about Queen Charlotte!!! 5d
Cuilin @TheBookHippie my daughter had Covid last week. We drove two hours to pick up laundry and go grocery shopping. Went to laundromat. Did laundry. Returned it to her with the groceries and then drove back to New Hampshire. I couldn‘t even give her a hug. But it‘s what we do right? Hope your son feels better soon. (edited) 5d
Cuilin @DebinHawaii I hope you have a lovely family reunion. Hope to get home sometime soon to see mine. Enjoy. 5d
DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie Hope your son feels better soon! 💛 5d
DebinHawaii @IndoorDame Hope you can rest & feel better soon! 💛 5d
DebinHawaii @Cuilin Thank you. The last time I was in Oregon was 2017 so long overdue for a visit. Hope you get to see your family soon! 💛 5d
TheBookHippie @Cuilin yup ♥️♥️♥️ motherhood 5d
AllDebooks How lovely is this? Just getting my coffee and catching up x 5d
AllDebooks @Librarybelle Sounds lovely. I think there's something so relaxing about a clean and tidy house. With 4 teens, mine rarely is! 5d
AllDebooks @Bookwormjillk Sounds perfect. Enjoy the sunshine x 5d
AllDebooks @wanderinglynn Sounds like a lovely day, enjoy. The book looks great, stacked! 5d
AllDebooks @TheSpineView What a perfect day you have planned x 5d
Librarybelle @AllDebooks Oh my! I would imagine it‘s a bit difficult! My house is far from perfectly clean, but every little bit helps. 5d
ElizaMarie I‘m at work today. But I love this!!!! I had coffee this morning. Realized that Argylle book is not for me (I can‘t get into it) - started listening to it yesterday and got a little over and hour in. 5d
AllDebooks @julieclair How wonderful, gotta love a day making memories with little ones x 5d
AllDebooks @IndoorDame oh no, forget the chores and go rest in the sun. Wishing you better x 5d
AllDebooks @kspenmoll I love days like this when you have time to slow down and be more mindful. Hope it's a relaxing day for you x 5d
AllDebooks @kspenmoll I got quite a few chores done in between rest/reading pit stops. I bet your friends garden is gorgeous and buzzing with life 💚 5d
AllDebooks @Cupcake12 A busy morning for you then, time to relax for the rest of the day. Enjoy your book. 🙂 5d
AllDebooks @IndoorDame I can't wait to see the rest of Polin's story. I'm interested to see if it follows the book's storyline. 5d
AllDebooks @TheDaysGoBy oooh a family day sounds so good. Hope you did something fun 🙂 5d
AllDebooks @Read4life Sounds like a chilled day, enjoy x 5d
AllDebooks @Cuilin I love a bit of pottering about in the garden. I adore Queen Charlotte,it has been my favourite Bridgerton so far. Shondaland sure does great tv 💚 5d
AllDebooks @peaKnit I don't mind a few rainy showers, saves watering the garden. Did you get anything nice at the garden centre? I love plant shopping almost as much as book shopping 🌻💚🌻 5d
AllDebooks @DebinHawaii I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. Love that you're having such a lovely time with family. X 5d
AllDebooks @Cuilin pressure washing videos 🤣 I did not know there was such a thing! 5d
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie Oh no, being ill and missing exams must be so stressful for him. Hope he's feeling better and wish him good luck with his exams. X 5d
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie thanks for the Netflix tip. I'll look out for it 🙂 5d
AllDebooks @Cuilin hope she's feeling better now x 5d
AllDebooks @ElizaMarie yay, I thought it would be nice to chat. How was your day at work? I have Argyll to read but I've seen the film now. I did enjoy it, was entertaining but not enough Henry Cavill 5d
dabbe @TheBookHippie Hope your son is on the mend soon and that he kicks butt in his exams next week. 💙💚💙 5d
dabbe Just finished walking the dogs with a temp of 98º--supposed to hit 110 today. 🥵 I know I said I'd try not to complain about the heat, but it's not even officially summer yet, and I just want to sob. I. HATE. IT. So, I'll be staying inside the rest of the day and praying to the air conditioning gods that our AC is working. #fourmoremonthsofthis 🔥 Thanks for listening. 5d
dabbe @IndoorDame Feel better soon! 💙💚💙 5d
AllDebooks @dabbe I hear you! I could not cope with that heat. 🥵 I hope you managed to keep cool. Sending hugs x 5d
IndoorDame @dabbe thanks! Putting in a word to the AC gods for you 💙🙏 5d
dabbe @AllDebooks 💙🤗💙 5d
dabbe @IndoorDame You, too! Boston's been toastin', too! 💙🤗💙 5d
IndoorDame @dabbe for reals! A rainstorm last night is making it feel a bit more like how June is supposed to feel at the moment, but tomorrow it‘s right back to oh-yeah-the-world-is-ending-temps 5d
TheBookHippie @AllDebooks he is so stressed!!! 5d
TheBookHippie @dabbe trying to send cool weather to you 😵‍💫🤪😝 5d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I hope you‘re enjoying your visit and haven‘t had to use my phrases 😵‍💫🤣🤣🤣🎉♥️🫣😘 5d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame @dabbe next three days here temp is supposed to be 62, 63, 65….😳 5d
TheBookHippie @peaKnit it‘s supposed to rain this afternoon so I assume it‘s headed over the lake 🙃 5d
TheBookHippie @ElizaMarie I have bailed so many books this year! 5d
TheBookHippie @julieclair I‘m so glad you enjoyed my summer favorite recipe!!! 5d
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle Mr Book Hippie is in Pennsylvania currently he says it‘s way warmer than home 🙃 5d
dabbe @TheBookHippie 💙💚💙 5d
Librarybelle @TheBookHippie A very sunny 80 degrees in the south central part of the state! 5d
DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie Not so far but this is the bigger family gathering so I have them handy! 🤣🫢🤣 5d
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii 😅😂🤣😘 5d
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle He‘s by Lancaster today. 5d
Librarybelle @TheBookHippie Nice! That‘s about an hour east of me. 5d
peaKnit @AllDebooks I ended up with Bee Balm and a tomato plant. I went for a yellow sunburst cherry tomato plant but all were gone:( so now I‘m unraveling an old knitting project and listening to a book. I hope you‘re enjoying your day! 5d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Having a great weekend so far! Today we had an early birthday celebration for The Wyrmling with family. Went for a hike in a state park. Next week is his real bday so we‘ll be celebrating just the three of us with a zoo trip and some sort of fancy treat. 🥰 5d
Catsandbooks So nice reading through this thread ❤️ We had planned on going to a local festival but with the heat here in MS reaching high 90s and real feel at 100, I just wasn't feeling up to it. (Idk how you survive @dabbe lol) So instead we went to a new-to-us Thai restaurant for lunch and it was very good! I had chicken pad Thai and taro bubble tea 💜 5d
AllDebooks @Catsandbooks Reading through all the responses certainly lifted my spirits. I hope it did the same for everyone else. Your lunch sounds amazing x 4d
AllDebooks Same time next week y'all x 4d
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks yummmm! I don‘t know how @dabbe does it either 🤪😝 4d
dabbe @TheBookHippie I will try to vicariously enjoy the cool breezes where you're at. 💚💙💚 4d
ElizaMarie @AllDebooks work was so stressful! It was “too much” I came home and was exhausted! Im at work again today and tomorrow then off for 7 days. So I can‘t wait! 4d
ElizaMarie @dabbe it‘s Been rainy here for the past 2 days and ugh! Work has it so cold! 4d
ElizaMarie @TheBookHippie I feel my tolerance has gotten a lot lower. Now I am a lot quicker to bail (which feels good) #HailToTheBail 4d
TheBookHippie @ElizaMarie I do too!!!!! 🤣🫣 4d
dabbe @ElizaMarie Let's switch places! 🥵😂🥶 4d
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

I always need to remind myself of these points, some more than others.

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

dabbe It's taken me until retirement to finally learn how to say no. 💙💚💙 6d
IndoorDame So difficult, but so important! Thanks for the reminder 🙏 6d
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Untitled | Unknown
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#LitSolace #Midsummersolace

It's Friday! 🙂 How's your week going?
Are you ready to play #Fridaynightshare by naming a favourite read for the beach or summer holidays?

Just for fun and to extend our tbr summer lists. 🌞😅🌞

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

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Bookwormjillk Happy Friday! I love reading Stephen King on the beach. 6d
Librarybelle Happy Friday! I just finished a book that would be a good beach read: 6d
mcctrish I have three summer read favourites - something huge that I can finally read cuz I have the time ( A Suitable Boy, A Little Life have been past reads) something light ( Elin Hildebrand, Jenny Colgan) and something themed to wherever we might be traveling to ( this summer we are going to Scotland for the first time and I‘ve got Julie Shackman and Jane Bettany loaded on my kindle) and I‘m looking for suggestions beyond those light reads 6d
TheBookHippie I always reread 🤣🫣🤪 6d
ElizaMarie I don't have a summer read. I am looking forward to other's comments because of course I want to add to my TBR (ha! I love Litsy for this reason - among others). 6d
dabbe A book I like to revisit every summer because it leads me to try yet another classic is BEOWULF ON THE BEACH by Jack Murnighan. It gives a what-to-read/what-to-skip for 50 classics. I find it helpful and humorous. 🤩 6d
AllDebooks @Bookwormjillk lol, certainly a fast paced read guaranteed 🤣 6d
AllDebooks @mcctrish Ooh Scotland is beautiful 😍 I love a good chunkster on hols x 6d
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie I have never read Judy Blume 🫣 6d
AllDebooks @dabbe lol, that looks great 🤣 6d
AllDebooks I really enjoyed Taylor Jenkins Reid last year. I usually choose fast-paced thrillers as a holiday read. 📚 I always take my Kindle too, for backup. 😅 6d
TheBookHippie @AllDebooks 😳😳😳😳 6d
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie Sorry, don't hate me. Just never gotten around to her books 🫣😅 6d
TheBookHippie @AllDebooks 🙂🙃 her books saved my life I‘m a bit partial to her. 6d
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie ❤️glad you could find comfort. X I will definitely read 6d
Catsandbooks Any romance or something light and joyful. Anything by Tessa Bailey 🩷 6d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I don‘t have a specific book. Mass market paperbacks are something I associate with going outside to read. I used to take horror anthologies with me to read to my cousins around summer bonfires when we went to visit. 6d
tdrosebud I don't have anything specific that I read, but for me, a good summer read is one that is easy to carry with me wherever and is an easy read. 5d
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#Naturalitsy #Litsolace #Midsummersolace

I am completely besotted with this charming book. The author describes her German garden throughout the changing seasons while also reflecting on her upbringing and experiences in Japan. The audio version is pure bliss.

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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

I'm such a dawdler, are you? 💚🐛🐞🦗🪺🐦‍⬛🦉🐿🦔🕷🦋🐌🐝🍅🌳🦊🐀🐰💚

@Chrissyreadit @TheBookHippie @jenniferw88

Normandy '44 | James Holland
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#Dday #Normandylandings #WW2

80 year anniversary of the formidable feat of landing Allied troops on Normandy beaches in a final push back against Nazi Germany.
Lest we forget ❤️

kspenmoll Thank you for the reminder. 1w
Librarybelle ❤️❤️❤️ 1w
Cuilin ❤️🤍🩷 1w
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

Walking around my home brings me so much peace and joy. I live in a semi-rural area, surrounded by fields and woods. The sunsets are spectacular and my favourite part of the day.

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

Bookwomble Beautiful 🌄 1w
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1w
kspenmoll Just gorgeous! That red! 1w
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Night Walks | Charles Dickens
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#Naturalitsy #MidsummerSolace

I've created a new activity for #Litsolace events called #WednesdayWanderings where we discuss our favourite walks every week.

🧭 Where is your favourite local walk?
🌄🌇 Do you prefer urban or rural settings?
🗺 Describe the terrain, atmosphere, and any local wildlife?
😊 How does the walk make you feel? Does it hold any special memories for you?

Please include any photos on your posts so we can all see. X

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#Naturalitsy #MidsummerSolace
#Bookedintime Prompt - 1930s America - dust bowl

I've only read Steinbeck's Of mice and men at school. Who knew Steinbeck had such a prosaic view of nature and landscape? Not me, for sure. Why have I not read him before now?

@Cuilin @dabbe

Cuilin I read this in secondary school and don‘t remember liking it very much. Maybe I have to rethink this. 1w
dabbe On the spreadsheet! Steinbeck's one of my favorite all-time authors. He and the Salinas Valley are one. 💚💙💚 1w
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#Naturalitsy #LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

Have you started our #buddyreads yet? There are a number of new books (UK) published this Spring, all along similar themes (tagged ⬇️). Gardening for wildlife is the bee's knees, literally. How marvellous would it be if this method of sharing space was taken up everywhere. I have hope 💚🐝🐌🦋🕷🐛🐞🦗🪺🐦‍⬛🦉🐿🦔🐰🐀🦊💚

Do you have any further recommendations?

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

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Untitled | Unknown
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

What websites/podcasts/books do you use for mental health and emotional well-being?
Please share below so we can get a varied selection of available support systems going. Save the list and check them out.

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit

AllDebooks www.calm.com 1w
See All 13 Comments
Chrissyreadit The Balance app is my go to. The podcasts i most recommend are Being Well and Hidden Brain. Hidden Brain is not necessarily mental health and wellness but some episodes are. 1w
Librarybelle I second calm. I bought a lifetime subscription during the pandemic, when it was drastically low in price. I cannot say enough positive things about it, as it is a good fit for my mental health journey. I also subscribe to emails from this website…⬇️ 1w
Librarybelle ⬆️ https://www.mindful.org , which also has a magazine on mindfulness. 1w
IndoorDame If you can‘t afford a subscription model right now I highly recommend the Insight Timer app!!!! There is some paid content you won‘t be able to access, but they have a huge library of content (literally thousands of talks, guided meditations, and other content) available to everyone. 1w
Cuilin Two podcasts I‘ve just started are very inspiring, not necessarily about mental health, but uplifting anyway. A Life More Wild and Why Women Grow. I‘ve also used the Calm app. 1w
lil1inblue Headspace is my go-to! 1w
dabbe I have two. One is an ambient website where you can create your own mix of rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire, ... it's https://asoftmurmur.com/.

The other came out during Covid, and it's called https://www.window-swap.com/. You can look through other people's windows all over the world. Somehow, it feels like it brings us all closer together. 💚💙💚
AllDebooks Thank you all for these great suggestions. I hope they're of some help x 1w
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Mr. Mercedes: A Novel | Stephen King

This was a very tense thriller with some particularly horrific opening scenes. Bill Hodges is a great character and I will read the whole trilogy.

Bookwormjillk I love this series 1w
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#Naturalitsy #Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

Has anyone had a go at soap-making? This recipe sounds lovely. I'm definitely going to have a go.


Bookwormjillk I have made soap, but never with that many ingredients. Maybe I will try that herb combo with the goat milk soap base I have on hand. 1w
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It's a bit late, but here's my #BookspinBingo list for June. It feels good to plan out this month's reads. The last 2 months have been a little more random without my monthly routine.
I'm absolutely obsessed with #SheSaid May's #buddyread (tagged), still catching up. 😅

@TheAromaofBooks @Riveted_Reader_Melissa

julieclair Isn‘t it amazing how comforting a routine and a plan can be? 1w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I need to get back to scheduling…. I‘ve been going without for awhile, not book journaling either, and it has negatively effected my reading. 1w
AllDebooks @julieclair I hadn't realised how much it helped focus me until I stopped doing it. 1w
AllDebooks @Riveted_Reader_Melissa same here. Looking forward to getting into a more stable routine. 1w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Looks fabulous!! 1w
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

If you can do just one thing for yourself when struggling with anxiety/low mood/depression/anything, let it be showing kindness to yourself as you work through it. Accept all days are different, all hours are different. Just because a day doesn't get off to a great start doesn't mean it won't end well.

Cont. ⬇️

AllDebooks Take a deep breath, give yourself a hug, and just be. Give yourself permission to do what you need to do to get through the day.

Bookwomble 💖 1w
IndoorDame ❤️❤️❤️ 1w
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JenReadsAlot ❤️ 1w
AmyG 🙌🏻❤️ 1w
LiteraryinLawrence 💗💗💗 1w
Kitta ❤️ 1w
Read4life 💙💙💙 1w
lil1inblue 💙💖💙 1w
dabbe #weareapartofitall 💙🩵💙 1w
dabbe @kspenmoll 🤩🤗😘 1w
Catsandbooks Love this! 🩷 1w
TheBookHippie 🩷🩷🩷🩷 1w
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#LitSolace #Hyggehourreadathon

How are you planning on spending your Sunday #hyggehour tonight?

I shall be writing my cards for #MSScardswap and continuing travelling through the history of the earth in this amazing book (tagged).

Whatever you're doing, I hope it's restorative and helps set you up for the week ahead. X

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

Lizpixie I bought my father a special signed edition of this for his birthday last year. He loved it!💚🌏 2w
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#Naturalitsy #Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

Today's selection for reading and relaxation, in between the many gardening tasks. To be fair, I haven't done anything but sit in the sunshine with my niece and her daughter this morning. It's been bliss.

How to Develop Emotional Health | The School Of Life, Oliver James
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#LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

I came across this print today. It completely encapsulates how I've been feeling lately.
The responses to yesterday's post had me thinking about emotional and mental health. I will be focusing on that throughout the month in the hope it helps us all. X

The Fatigue (2022) by Mihail Zablodski


@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

See All 22 Comments
Bookwormjillk Even the title is perfect. Looking forward to this month. 2w
IndoorDame This piece is amazing! ❤️ 2w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm This is lovely. A perfect representation of the feeling. ❤️ 2w
Chrissyreadit wow!!! this piece is perfect! 2w
TheAromaofBooks Oh wow I love this! Thank you for sharing! 💕 2w
julieclair Wow. Sometimes a work of art - its power to connect - can take your breath away. Thank you for sharing. 💗 2w
mcctrish Just sinking ………. Love it 2w
TheSpineView 💖💖💖 2w
Librarybelle ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
Cuilin Thanks. I feel like I‘m trying to keep my head above water too. Sending lots of 💗 2w
gossamerchild That's such a beautiful, poignant, on the nose print. Thank you for sharing this and to everyone struggling, I send lots of hugs and support. 2w
Deblovestoread 💜💜💜 2w
dabbe I find this print to be ultimately ... calming and something a lot of us needed. Thanks. 💙🩵💙 2w
PaperbackPirate 💙💐 2w
ElizaMarie This is so beautiful! I need to get a print od this one. Too all those strugglingg know you aren't alone. 2w
Catsandbooks Great focus and lovely print 2w
BethM Yes. Love this 2w
Charityann Beautiful print!💜 1w
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#LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

Wow, wow, wow! 😍 I am so deeply grateful for all your lovely responses to my previous thread. ❤️
It's so lovely to log back in and see all those lovely convos and connections.
You have made my day. I'm ngl, I was a little anxious at starting up again after a prolonged absence.
After a busy day, I'm going to unwind, catching up with you all. Thank you so much. xxx ❤️💐❤️

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

dabbe 💙🩵💙 2w
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Our #buddyread forJune is the tagged alongside continuation of Peter Frankopan's The Earth Transformed. I'm behind with it, as I keep rereading chapters. I hope you're enjoying it.

All welcome to join us. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.


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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

This is a reminder of our 2 #buddyreads for June. This is a relaxed, own pace buddyread, so please join in as much or as little as you please.

All welcome to join us. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

PageShifter I have to see if I can find We are the ARK, but another one I found and I am planning to join 2w
TheBookHippie Both on hold at library. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 2w
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AllDebooks @TheBookHippie ❤ 🙏 ❤ 2w
DebinHawaii The Ark is coming as a hold/transfer for me at the library. & I found a copy of Prodigal Summer at the library bookstore for $1.00! 🤗 (edited) 2w
peaKnit @DebinHawaii $1! That‘s awesome!! I‘ve been meaning to read this. (edited) 2w
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A warm welcome to June and the start of our 2nd #MidsummerSolace event. I'm so ready for relaxing, hanging out, chatting books, buddyreads, all things hygge and summer fun with you.

Let's start with a 'how are you and what you have been up to' thread. 🌞😊💚💐🌞

All are welcome to join us. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

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Lizpixie I‘m still working through the worst reading slump I‘ve ever had, my health is in a downward peak on the spreadsheet of life & my daughter & grandson have moved out and I‘m missing my little man like crazy. But I have a smutty werewolf romance so alls good👍 2w
Bookwormjillk I have to get up and work but I am trapped in bed by cats so that might not happen. I‘m looking forward to the calmer days of summer. 2w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm June is a busy month for us. This is our only weekend where there isn‘t something planned for every day. 😅 I‘m hoping to get some things done around the house but also to try and fit in as much reading as I can. Might lean more towards reading, I could use some downtime. 2w
Librarybelle It‘s my birthday weekend, so there will be lots of cake and fun! 😂 For the rest of June, my big focus is finishing my coursework in proofreading and laying the groundwork to market myself as a freelance proofreader. Exciting, yet scary. It‘s my first summer in decades that I‘ve not had to plan a library summer reading program, and it feels so weird. But, this gives me more time to read and enjoy life! 2w
Julsmarshall Work has been busy for me but not unreasonably so and I‘m looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of reading. It is great to catch up with everyone, Happy Birthday @Librarybelle ! 2w
Librarybelle Thanks, @Julsmarshall ! ❤️ 2w
TheDaysGoBy I‘m gonna jump in to this! Hopefully life doesn‘t get in the way too much lol. June should be fairly quiet which is a bit unusual in my family but I know summer will fly regardless 2w
TheDaysGoBy @Lizpixie Sorry to hear about your health! I‘ve had a rough patch recently too but doing what I can to make sure it doesn‘t slow me down. Hope you rest as much as you can and get to feeling better soon! 2w
mcctrish We have all of June left in school and the contract teachers are frantically writing report cards ( I‘m a sub) so it‘s busy busy work wise, June always flys by. Happy Birthday @Librarybelle and @Lizpixie I do hope June has you feeling better 2w
Librarybelle Thank you, @mcctrish ! ❤️ 2w
Avanders Hi all! Happy birthday @Librarybelle !! And so sorry to hear about your updates @Lizpixie , but happy about that book for you 😈 This sounds glorious @AllDebooks : “relaxing, hanging out, chatting books, buddyreads, all things hygge and summer fun”… trying to get some of that myself this weekend! 🌈🌳🌞🪼 2w
Librarybelle Thank you, @Avanders ! ❤️ 2w
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle Your card is enroute! 🤣😵‍💫🎉💜 Happy Birthday!! 2w
TheBookHippie June. Breathe in Breathe out!!! It‘s been a long few weeks. 2w
TheBookHippie @Lizpixie oh I‘ve had that! Sending love & light!!!! 2w
Librarybelle Thank you, @TheBookHippie ! ❤️ 2w
Chrissyreadit Happy Happy Birthday @Librarybelle I hope all your bday wishes come true 🎂 2w
Chrissyreadit @Lizpixie I hope your book is deliciously distracting and you recover soon. i also hope you get to find new ways to feel connected to your family. 2w
Chrissyreadit I‘m a mixed bag of #chaosasusual - still working on weeds and seeds- based on hand and knee pain - but also have a beautiful new seating space out back. Still trying to work on health work balance and it‘s one heck of a balancing act. (as many of you know). But the season is lovely to be present in. 2w
Librarybelle Thank you @Chrissyreadit ! ❤️ 2w
IndoorDame May left me in a a rough spot both health wise and emotionally, but I‘m finished work so I have time to focus on recovery, and I‘m excited about the start of Pride and the nice weather! 🏳️‍🌈🌞🏳️‍⚧️ 2w
kspenmoll @Librarybelle Happy birthday! I hope you eat lots of cake!🎂 sending you good vibes regarding proofreading- My guess is that you will find lots of work. 2w
kspenmoll @Lizpixie I am so sorry about the heath challenges you are facing along with the sadness your daughter & grandson moving out brings. Read as many smutty werewolf books as you need to manage all this. 💙❤️🩵 2w
kspenmoll @mcctrish Yippee! 6 more days of instruction, exams then I am out of the HS for the summer 6/17 2w
kspenmoll @Chrissyreadit Take a picture of your outdoor space! 2w
Librarybelle Thank you, @kspenmoll ! ❤️ 2w
kspenmoll @IndoorDame Glad work is done & you can focus on you. 🩵❤️💙 2w
Read4life Happy birthday, @Librarybelle 🎉🤣. @Lizpixie sending good thoughts & hugs to you. 💙💙 2w
Read4life I‘m still recovering from hand surgery. I miss writing!! Spring storms are causing my migraines to rage. But, I‘m focusing on the positives and loving that my daughter is home for the summer. My son will be visiting for a week at the end of June so I have that to look forward to. 2w
TheAromaofBooks So lovely to hear how everyone is doing, both good and bad!! I admire all of you for looking for the sunshine!!! So lovely to be a part of this community - looking forward to reading with all of you!!! 💕 @Lizpixie @Librarybelle @Bookwormjillk @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @Julsmarshall @TheDaysGoBy @mcctrish @Avanders @TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @IndoorDame @kspenmoll @Read4life 💕 2w
TheAromaofBooks Busy/somewhat stressful May helping with my grandma as we all continue to deal with losing Grandpa and all the changes that has brought to the family. Happy to start summer, windows open and flowers growing, trying to stay positive and focus on the blessings!! 2w
dabbe @Librarybelle HB! 💙🩵💙 2w
dabbe @Lizpixie Sending hugs your way, and I hope that smutty book helps! 💙🩵💙 2w
dabbe @Chrissyreadit Being present is an excellent way to live. Hope you're balanced and that the health starts swinging upwards. 💙🩵💙 2w
dabbe @IndoorDame Sending you 💙🩵💙. And 🤗🤗🤗. And 🌈🌈🌈. 2w
dabbe @kspenmoll @mcctrish Hang in there! 💙🩵💙 2w
dabbe @Read4life Sending 💙🩵💙 and 🤗🤗🤗. 2w
dabbe @TheAromaofBooks Sending 💙🩵💙 and 🤗🤗🤗. 2w
dabbe If the only stress I have right now is to gird my loins for the 115º+ temps that are about to come, I am indeed truly lucky. June reminds me of that. 🌞

“In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.” ~John Steinbeck
AllDebooks Thank you all so much for this response. ❤ You have made my day !😍 I'm going to grab a drink and work my way through replying to you all. x 2w
AllDebooks @Lizpixie Urgh, I hate reading slumps! I always get out of them by switching to short stories or audiobooks. Hope we can get you out of it. Illness is no fun, wishing you well soon. 🌼 It must be such a wrench, having your family move out. Had they been with you for a long time? I hope they're still local, so it's easy to meet up. Lol, what a way to break your reading slump!! 😅🐺 📙 2w
AllDebooks @Bookwormjillk Lol, sounds like a good place to be! 😻 Me too, looking forward to some sunshine and longer days. x 2w
AllDebooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Sounds hectic, but hopefully good fun! Wishing you a relaxing weekend x 2w
AllDebooks @Librarybelle 🌸🎂😍 Yay!! Happy Birthday weekend!! x
Good luck with the rest of your course and marketing. a change is as good as a rest, they say. Wishing you a fun summer now that you have a lighter workload. x
AllDebooks @Julsmarshall It really is great to catch up with everyone. It's put the biggest smile on my face. x 2w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @TheAromaofBooks I‘m sorry to hear about your grandpa. Sending love to you and your family. ❤️ 2w
AllDebooks @TheDaysGoBy A warm welcome to #LitSolace and our #MidsummerSolace event. Here's to a lovely, relaxing June full of summer fun. x 2w
AllDebooks @mcctrish It is a crazy time of year for teaching staff. At least you're free of writing reports. Here's to a lovely summer. 🍻 2w
AllDebooks @Avanders Here's to a whole month of it. 🍹Wishing you a chilled weekend. x 2w
dabbe @Librarybelle Check your email when you get a chance! 💙🩵💙 2w
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie Sending hugs 🌹❤ 🌹 I'm really looking forward to this event as a time to reflect and relax after a tough few months. I've certainly missed the Litsy community, for sure. x 2w
AllDebooks @Chrissyreadit I feel your frustration. I have similar health problems that impact how much gardening I can do and there is so much to do at this time of year. It's easy to get overwhelmed with it all. Then I sit in it and focus on the plants and wildlife and it makes me so happy. 😍 So glad to have you with us for this event, hope it helps with the stresses of life. x 2w
AllDebooks @IndoorDame Wishing you well. I hope this event helps you rest and relax. Do you have anything fun planned for Pride? ❤🌈 ❤ 2w
TheAromaofBooks Thank you @dabbe !!! 2w
AllDebooks @kspenmoll Woohoo! Enter Alice Cooper's summer anthem. 😅 🎸
AllDebooks @Read4life Yikes, sounds painful. Wishing you well soon. Lots to be grateful for, wishing you a lovely family summer. x 2w
TheAromaofBooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm - Thank you!!! He was a week shy of 93 so it doesn't feel like it should have been such a shock, but he literally had a heart attack while grocery shopping, so it was very abrupt for all of us 💔 It has been six months but we are still making a lot of adjustments as Grandma needs a lot of care. She'll be 93 in two weeks!!! They were married 71 years! 2w
AllDebooks @TheAromaofBooks I agree, it is so lovely to catch up with everyone. x 2w
AllDebooks @TheAromaofBooks What a sad time for your family, I'm so sorry for your loss. Grief is such a tangible emotion. I hope you are taking care of yourself too, as well as your family. Sending love and hugs to you, Sarah. x 2w
AllDebooks @dabbe We have to take our blessings where we can. Love the Steinbeck quote. x 2w
AllDebooks I think I'm all caught up!! I'll double-check in the morning.

I've been pretty quiet on Litsy over the last few months. It is so good to be back. I've been dealing with a family bereavement, my teens are all in exam season, there's family drama and honestly, I've had enough of the dramatics. Life is too short and time is too precious for such nonsense! I'm loving tending my garden as a way to relax and have been counting the days down ⬇
(edited) 2w
AllDebooks Until the start of June and #MSS ❤ It seems like it's fallen at an opportune time for a fair few of us. So here's to reconnecting and enjoying each other's company through the summer. xxxx

A big thank you to @TheBookHippie for organising the #MSScardswap and @jenniferw88 for organising the #NaturalitsyMidSummerSwap and to @chrissyreadit for co-hosting, alongside me and @TheBookHippie xxx
(edited) 2w
dabbe @AllDebooks 💙🩵💙 2w
IndoorDame @dabbe 🩵🤗🩵 2w
IndoorDame @AllDebooks thank you! It‘s good to see you back here. Pride is still up in the air, but I have a few exciting possibilities on the horizon this month 😊 2w
TheAromaofBooks Thank you @AllDebooks !!! Being at Grandma's more does give me extra reading time, so there's a silver lining 😂 2w
Julsmarshall I‘m so sorry for your loss, @TheAromaofBooks Glad you are able to be there with your Grandma. 2w
Julsmarshall @dabbe I feel you. It was only 90 degrees today but next week looks tough and I‘m not ready! 2w
dabbe @Julsmarshall I keep telling myself that I'm lucky to have an outdoor sauna that is HUGE! 🤩😂😀 2w
Catsandbooks Unfortunately I've been struggling with my mental health and some health issues, so I haven't been super active on Litsy. I'm doing a bit better but most things feel exhausting. I don't know how active I'll be for the events but I'll still be around. 2w
julieclair I am so thankful that #MidSummerSolace is coming at a time when so many of us really need a calming, supportive, relaxing event. I love that you asked this question, @AllDebooks , and I really admired everyone‘s honest answers. And I love how everyone is focusing on positive things. Who would have guessed that werewolf romances could be so restorative?🤣😂 @Lizpixie @TheDaysGoBy @Chrissyreadit @IndoorDame @Read4life @TheAromaofBooks @catsandbooks 2w
TheAromaofBooks @Julsmarshall - Thank you so much 💕 💕 2w
TheAromaofBooks @julieclair @Lizpixie - Werewolf romances for the win 😂 2w
DebinHawaii Hi everyone, as usual I am late to the party. Thank you @AllDebooks for this event & the question. TBH I am vacillating between being okay & not okay both mentally & physically & most of May, I have spent feeling drained & exhausted. A lot of it is work. I left a really toxic environment last April that knocked out all my confidence & it was a slow climb back in a new company this year. Then changes happened & I find myself struggling again ⬇️ 2w
DebinHawaii …although without the toxicity.. My asthma flares with it & that keeps me from excercising & I‘m not happy with my health & weight right now & really, I just feel old & tired & overwhelmed & sad most of the time. Trying to dig out & find my happy place again. I started #5JoysFriday to help focus on the positives in life & it helps me along with journaling & daily gratitude practice but I feel like I‘m on the edge of a slippery slope of life.⬇️ (edited) 2w
DebinHawaii …But I am grateful for Litsy & this group & the card swap & #LitsyLove & it helps to not feel alone. So thank you everyone. 💛💛💛 2w
DebinHawaii Happy Birthday/Birthday Weekend @Librarybelle !!! 🎉🎂🎈I hope you are enjoying it! 2w
DebinHawaii @Lizpixie I think I need to try a smutty werewolf book! 😉 Hoping things get on the upswing for you health wise & reading wise. 💛💛💛 2w
DebinHawaii @TheAromaofBooks Sending you love & strength for you & your grandma. I‘m so sorry for your loss. 💜 2w
Librarybelle Thank you, @DebinHawaii ! ❤️ 2w
julieclair @DebinHawaii #5JoysFriday is helping ALL of us focus on life‘s positive. And the weeks when we don‘t feel like participating are the weeks when we really need to. 💙 Sending you love and light. ☀️ 2w
peaKnit So glad to be here among all the honesty. It‘s hard to be vulnerable but deepens life so much. 🩷 2w
Chrissyreadit @IndoorDame I hope you feel better!!! Also HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 2w
Chrissyreadit @TheAromaofBooks I hope you are all able to enjoy beautiful moments to help ease your grief. I know it can be hard but what a beautiful testement of how he was loved to be so missed. 2w
Chrissyreadit @Catsandbooks sending you love and I hope you are able to feel better. I know that litsy friends have really and truly helped me feel better emotionally when i‘ve had some struggles due to life and you are a loved part of this community so i hope you can reach out if you need some emotional virtual hugging and hand holding. you have my number if you need a friend 💛 2w
Chrissyreadit @DebinHawaii I am so grateful for you and your participation in so many fun activities- I love #5joysFriday and i‘m sometimes not in a great place myself- but i think i will put more effort in because @julieclair is right about needing it. I wish i could hang out with you and share space lounging and eating soup and reading good books. I hope you are able to feel better and regain your confidence. 2w
IndoorDame @Chrissyreadit thanks! Good luck finding more balance! It‘s a constant struggle for me as well, but some stretches definitely seem harder than others. 2w
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks 💚☀️💚 I‘ve been there. Sending you light. Hoping reading all the posts this month when you can will help. 2w
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame 🩷🏳️‍🌈 sending so much light!! I‘m excited for your summer, hoping you get some renewal. 2w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ your 5 joys is helping so much! I‘m so sorry to hear you‘re struggling. I have felt my age in my bones and being this past month as well. Sending light and positivity to you, friend. It was so incredibly brave to start a new job. I‘m so glad it‘s not toxic. 2w
TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks ❤️ grandparents are such special people. I hope your grandma is doing better than last we talked. 🩷 2w
Catsandbooks @Chrissyreadit Thank you Chrissy, that's very kind of you! ❤️ 2w
Catsandbooks @TheBookHippie thank you! I could use more support and community so my goal this month is to be more involved on Litsy again. ❤️ 2w
TheAromaofBooks @DebinHawaii - Thank you for your encouragement!! I hope your path gets smoother. 💕 It's tough to feel like you're on a treadmill of frustration and not actually getting anywhere despite the trouble! But I try to believe that that next beautiful vista is just ahead!!! 1w
TheAromaofBooks @Chrissyreadit - Thank you!! I try to remember that the reason we miss him so much is because of all the wonderful memories he has left us with 💕 1w
TheAromaofBooks @TheBookHippie - Thank you!! She is up and down, which is reasonable all things considered. My cousin had a baby two weeks ago so my aunt has been gone pretty much all of May and we are starting to get a little weary on our own!! 1w
Charityann Looks fun! 1w
AllDebooks @Charityann You're welcome to join in. Would you like me to add you to the taglist? 1w
Charityann @AllDebooks Sure!😃 1w
AllDebooks @Charityann Great to have you join us. Here's the link to our #buddyreads if you wanted to participate. We're using #LitSolace (tag for the whole year) and #MidsummerSolace (tag for this event). https://litsy.com/p/bWhwc1pTSXA1 1w
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It's almost that time of the week we all look forward to. Are you joining us for our #Hyggehourreadathon tonight, between 8-9pm?

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit

post image


For our #HyggehourReadathon tonight, I'm sitting outside under my apple trees. Alternating between reading #NaturaLitsy #buddyread (tagged) and daydreaming to the sound of birdsong and buzzing insects.
I'm feeling quite blissful for the first time in months 😊
@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit

TheBookHippie 💚💚💚💚💚💚 4w
AnnCrystal 📚🦜🌳🐦💝. 4w
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Hygge | Louisa Thomsen Brits
post image

Sunday = #HygghourReadathon

And relaaaxx!

All welcome to join in.

Hosted by @AllDebooks @TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit

Prodigal Summer | Barbara Kingsolver
post image

#LitSolace #Naturalitsy

I've chosen 2 books for our relaxed #buddyread in June. I will be reading both. It's your choice to join in however much you like.

Fiction - tagged

Non-fiction - We are the Ark by Mary Reynolds, tagged in comments.

Discussion threads will be posted on the 29th June.
All are welcome to join us. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.


See All 23 Comments
LeeRHarry This is my favourite Kingsolver 💕 - hope everyone enjoys it! 😊 4w
Librarybelle I‘ve not read either, but I will definitely try to read Prodigal Summer! I‘ll try and find a copy of ARK. 4w
mcctrish I‘ve got a hold on Prodigal Summer and I can get We Are the Ark on audio #winning 4w
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm June is a busy month for me, so unfortunately I won‘t be able to take part in these buddy reads. 4w
PaperbackPirate My favorite by Kingsolver! Tempted to do a reread but I still haven‘t read her new one. I did order We Are the Ark though! 4w
Read4life Just put a hold on Prodigal Summer. 4w
julieclair I will read Prodigal Summer, and will also try to keep up with We Are the Ark, which looks fascinating. 4w
quietjenn I'll read it if I can find my copy ... 4w
AllDebooks I'm really looking forward to this #buddyread. PS is one of the few Kingsolver's I haven't read. I do love her writing x 3w
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Summer | Ali Smith
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Hurray, it's nearly time for another #LitSolace event.
Our #MidsummerSolace event runs from the 1st - 30th June. Come and celebrate all things summer with friendly games and activities, a #buddyread and lots of lovely chitchat.

All are welcome to join us. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.


Hosted by @AllDebooks @TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

More in comments ⬇️

Librarybelle This will be fun! 4w
See All 31 Comments
mcctrish I‘m in for games and reading 4w
julieclair Yes yes yes, please! 😃☀️💙 4w
AllDebooks Any suggestions welcome for our #buddyread I was thinking of summer in Corfu 4w
AllDebooks @Librarybelle I hope so x 4w
BookwormAHN Yay 🌻 4w
Bookwormjillk Fun! I‘m in! 4w
Lunakay Please add me too! 4w
ElizaMarie What are we reading? 4w
quietjenn Sure thing! 4w
AllDebooks @ElizaMarie I was thinking My family and other animals but waiting on any other suggestions 🙂 4w
Soscha My personal inclination is for scary to semi-scary summer camp/campire tales stuff. MrBallen has a graphic to that nature coming out. That one‘s not coming coming out until October. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/742533/mrballen-presents-strange-dark-a... 4w
Soscha Not sure how popular the topic would be with all here but there are other books that would serve for summer. 4w
Soscha Has anyone considered starting a Litsy Bookclub on Fable? 4w
Soscha And I just put this is on TBR. It‘s YA & a fun, light scare. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/63249817 4w
Soscha Yes! That was another title that‘d been recommended for summer suspense. I‘ve heard his work is quite good. 4w
AllDebooks @Soscha I'm not on Fable atm. Tbh I haven't been that engaged on social media this year. I'll look into it. 4w
AllDebooks @Soscha thanks for these recommendations, they look great. I would add these to my tbr but they don't really fit with the hygge vibe. 4w
DebinHawaii Yes! Please keep me on the tag list! 🤗 4w
Read4life I‘m in. 4w
jen_the_scribe Hey there! I‘d like to join in! 😊 3w
AllDebooks @Lunakay @jen_the_scribe 👋 Welcome to #LitSolace I've added you both to the taglist. x 3w
KadaGul @AllDebooks Count me in for #LitSolace. Let's get those summer 😎 🍉🌻🌞🕶️⛱️⛱️ vibes going! 2w
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Aargh, I completely lost track of the days! Sorry. It's a bit late, but hopefully, you're well into the habit now.

I've really missed these weekly communal reads. I'm really looking forward to resuming them.

I plan on a candlelit bath listening to #NaturaLitsy current read (tagged).

What are your plans?

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit

Untitled | Unknown
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A quick guide to the online book world in today's garden.
Who would you recommend worth following?


AnneCecilie I‘ve been following Eric Karl Anderson for years and love his channel 1mo
LeeRHarry @AnneCecilie I particularly love his content with Anna James discussing the Women‘s Prize. 1mo
LeeRHarry I watch a heap of BookTube - there are some great content creators out there. 1mo
AnneCecilie @LeeRHarry I love those too, but I also love his enthusiasm for all the books he read, even if it‘s a DNF 1mo
BookBelle84 I love VE Schwab's newsletter and No Write Way podcast. She is so knowledgeable I'm her craft and her love of writing and books always comes through. 1mo
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I was so very lucky to see the Northern lights tonight, here in the UK. They were visible across most of the country, thanks to a rare solar storm
That's another ✔️ off the 🪣 list.


Bookwormjillk Wow!! Thanks for sharing. 1mo
kspenmoll How amazing- unfortunately it looks like it might be too cloudy here in Connecticut in the states. 1mo
Cheryl_Russell_BookNotes Here‘s hoping…🤞🏻🤞🏻Not supposed to be cloudy in my area of Ohio. (edited) 1mo
See All 8 Comments
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
AnnCrystal Thank you for posting this 😍🤩😍💝. 1mo
KathyWheeler We could even see them a little bit down in Alabama. 1mo
batsy Wow. How wonderful! 1mo
kspenmoll Fantastic! 1mo
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The Modern Fairies | Clare Pollard
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An engaging read, reimaginging the literary salons of pre-revolutionary France. Pollard prefectly captures the tension and stresses of the time, as there is a spy amongst their midst. This results in arrests and the cessation of these gatherings where fairytales are told by Charles Perrault & Madame D'Aulnoy.

#NetGalleyGroup Released 13/6/24


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Spring bouquet of foxglove, peony, cornflower, bluebell and Queen Anne's lace. They smell AMAZING! My garden is my happy place ☺️

#wildflowers #homegrown #happyplace

AnnCrystal 💐👏😍👍. 1mo
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#5JoysFriday @DebinHawaii

1. The weather has warmed in the UK, busy gardening all week. Now helping Dad with his.
2. Booked a holiday with cousins to commemorate my aunt. I am looking forward to reminiscing and making new memories with our family.
3. Reading the tagged for #NaturaLitsy and it is fascinating.
4. Feeling well atm.
5. Loving the birdsong in my garden, so peaceful and calming.

DebinHawaii A lovely list of joys! 💛💛💛Birdsong is such a joy bringer! 🐦🩵 Thanks for joining in & spreading the joy! 🤗 1mo
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🐾 Hi 🐾

Here's our reading discussion for April's #buddyread

🐻 Did you like the writing style?

🐻‍❄ Did you have any strong likes or dislikes?

🐻 Did you find anything memorable or impressive that altered your opinion of bears?

🐻‍❄ Do you agree with the rewilding of keystone species or conservation efforts?

🐻 Do you have a favourite bear?

All are welcome to join in the discussion.

See All 32 Comments
TEArificbooks Loved the prose. Loved learning about the ancient myths and legends about bears. Was shocked and disturbed about that the bear bile farms are still such a big thing. Worried about the future of bears and wish I was a gazillionaire so I could establish bear rescues and reserves. 1mo
julieclair I did enjoy the writing style. I listened on audio, and although there were plenty of facts and research presented, the book still flowed easily. Like @TEArificbooks , I was shocked and sickened about the bile farms. So sad. One thing that surprised me, was how smart bears are. Makes the phrase “smarter than your average bear” seem pretty silly, since your average bear is actually very smart. 1mo
julieclair I do agree with rewilding and conservation efforts, but I also sympathize with the farmers and ranchers who lose valuable crops/animals to the bears, not to mention the loss of human life due to bear encounters. It‘s hard to know where the right balance is. 1mo
Bookwormjillk I enjoyed this book. I like when the author tied in literature like Paddington and how he came to be from Peru. This reminded me of another favorite read this year 1mo
yourfavouritemixtape I liked this book a lot because the writing was very fluent and you learned a lot without the feeling of being taught. 1mo
AllDebooks @TEArificbooks Yes, the bile farms were shocking and so difficult to read. I thought she did a great job highlighting the difficulties of stopping this illegal torture. 1mo
AllDebooks @julieclair I listened to the audio too and loved it. I'll probably listen repeatedly. 1mo
AllDebooks @julieclair As to rewilding, I agree it's a complex balancing act. We, as humans, need to completely rethink our mindset on it being our planet. We share it with billions of species who have as much right to be here as we do. We've caused catastrophic damage to their environments and food sources. We can't really complain when they start encroaching into our space in order to survive. 1mo
AllDebooks @julieclair I think the answer lies in legislation, education, public engagement, and support for landowners to adapt their land use. Look at the success of the Knepp estate. These rewilding projects can be monetised, bringing in tourists. 1mo
AllDebooks @Bookwormjillk Yes, I found that really charming and engaging. Who doesn't love Paddington? 1mo
AllDebooks @yourfavouritemixtape It is a beautifully written, informative book. 1mo
AllDebooks I'm so glad you enjoyed this read as much as I did. It's one of my favourite reads of the year so far. It would have been perfect if there was more mention of European bears. 1mo
AllDebooks For anyone didturbed by the bear bile farms. There are a number of charities working to stop it. Links for your information coming next x 1mo
AllDebooks I was shocked to find the WWF last report on bear bile farms was from 2011!!! https://www.wwf.org.la/?200329/Illegal-bear-bile-trade-rampant-in-Asia 1mo
julieclair @AllDebooks 💯 I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said! 1mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Loved the writing style. I really enjoyed the little jabs she took at people that are part of the problem. Bears are my husbands favorite animal so I knew quite a bit about them and honestly have always had a positive opinion of them. Except for the panda…I‘m not a big fan. 😅 My family and I even got black bear tattoos on a family vacation to Gatlinburg one year. I wholeheartedly believe we should be doing our best to help these animals and ⬇️ 1mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm although I feel for people more directly affected, I do think there‘s a middle ground we can meet in without killing more bears. My favorite bear has always been the grizzly. There‘s something so very wild and “old world” about them. This book may have moved polar bears up a bit though. I cried at the thought that my son could inherit a planet without polar bears. 1mo
bookwyrm7 Unfortunately I got sick and still haven't finished it 😅 However, as a biologist who wanted to specialise in bears I know that my favourite is the Polar Bear and I absolutely hate Pandas 🤣 They may be cuddly but as a species they are absolutely ridiculous (I could write a dissertation on that), not to mention that they are now used by China to get what they want politically exactly because so many people love them and will pay to see them. 1mo
bookwyrm7 On the other hand Polar bears are incredibly resilient, considering just how well adapted they are to a very specific habitat. They are amazing at living in one of the most inhospitable environment on Earth but they are also incredibly intelligent and resilient and try their best to adapt to changes (unlike Pandas who will ONLY eat literally one thing 🤦‍♀️). Unfortunately, things look very dim for them, which is why I left the conservation world. 1mo
bookwyrm7 As for the rewilding of certain species, I don't usually agree with it unless the issues that led to their struggles have already been resolved. This was another reason why I left the conservation world: of you're just keeping a species around for you to feel better about yourself, while the animals keep suffering, struggling or facing some sort of incoming problems or possible extinction (due to climate change, etc), 1/2 1mo
bookwyrm7 Then who are you helping? Why are you keeping these animals around? I think ppl don't realise how little conservation has to do w/ science or biology: if capitalism keeps exploiting everything in its path, there is no future for any of these species. Are you ready to change a whole world-wide system? To give up on comforts like Amazon, fast fashion or buying new smartphones every few years? I wish we could save them. But I don't think it's likely. 1mo
bookwyrm7 With that said, I'm really enjoying the book. So far the author strikes a good balance between exposing the hardships these animals face (as well as some of the locals) while also giving the reader some hope and some happy stories (otherwise it would be a very depressing read...). 1mo
bookwyrm7 I would just like to clarify that I do believe in saving these animals (and many others!). Rewilding can be done well and it's great. I definitely want to save all the bears (except maybe Pandas ?, just kidding...). I definitely get that we keep these species "alive" in the hope of better days. But I also think there should be a balance between keeping it going and knowing when to let go. I hate to see animals suffer. 1mo
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Let's skip back to our March #buddyread

🌊 What are your thoughts?

🌊 Were you engaged/interested?

🌊 Did you learn anything new?

All are welcome to join in the discussion.

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Wow, 1st of May!! It's been a while, and I'm sorry for that.

Our next #buddyread is a read at your own pace. I've also extended the read time into June, too, as it's a chunkster.
All are welcome to join us. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.


AllDebooks I will post discussion threads for our last 2 reads over the next few days. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all x 1mo
See All 25 Comments
Bookwormjillk Hey! Good to “see” you. Glad to hear about the extended deadline since my library hold won‘t come through for a few weeks. 1mo
TheSpineView Lovely edition. 1mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Excited for a chunkster! Waiting on my library hold to come in. 1mo
dabbe Beautiful! 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
Soubhiville Wow, that‘s quite a book! 1mo
kspenmoll I am going to try & get it from my library! 1mo
Hooked_on_books That‘s a beautiful edition. And a seriously fat book! 1mo
julieclair I will probably not read this one, but will be back mid -June for Wild Weather. 1mo
jenniferw88 I will be in for this one (but have to prioritise some other books first!) 1mo
quietlycuriouskate I want to read this but, realistically, can't commit to it at the moment. I'll be interested to read your posts. 1mo
AllDebooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Chunksters are the best 👌 1mo
AllDebooks @quietlycuriouskate ok, it is a big task! x 1mo
AllDebooks @Soubhiville tis a hefty one! x 1mo
AllDebooks #Naturalitsy I just noticed this is on Everand I'm reading "The Earth Transformed: An Untold History" on Everand.

Check it out: https://www.everand.com/book/627641536
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Looks good though! 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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A tentative hi 👋

My apologies for going missing over the last several weeks. It's been very tough coming to terms with the loss of my aunt. It's her funeral on Monday, and I hope to be back to some semblance of my usual self after this.
I'll catch up with posts, and #NaturaLitsy buddy reads over the next week.

Bookwomble Sometimes life needs us to focus on the essentials. So sorry to hear of your loss. Take good care of yourself ❤️‍🩹 2mo
LeahBergen I‘m so sorry for your loss. 2mo
dabbe Holding you and your family in my thoughts. 💙🩵💙 2mo
See All 20 Comments
Ruthiella You have my condolences. ❤️ 2mo
IndoorDame 🤍❤️🤍 2mo
Librarybelle So sorry to hear about your aunt. Thinking of you. ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
CatLass007 I am so sorry for your loss. Do what is best for your emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Grief is a normal human emotion that can come in waves. We are here for you. Be kind to yourself. 2mo
quietlycuriouskate Oh, that is sad! Thinking of you. ❤️ 2mo
AnnCrystal 💕🙏❤️‍🩹💔🫂💝. 2mo
JessClark78 Sorry for your loss. 💔❤️ 2mo
Larkken Oh no! So sorry for your loss. 💔 2mo
TheBookgeekFrau Sorry for your loss 🙏🏼 2mo
Reggie I‘m sorry. 2mo
Liz_M I'm so sorry for your loss. It's good to see you here when you are able to spend time here. 2mo
Cuilin So sorry for your loss. Sending love and light your way. 2mo
kelli7990 I‘m sorry for your loss. 1mo
Bookwormjillk I missed this. Sorry for your loss. Take your time ❤️ 1mo
AllDebooks Thank you all for your lovely comments. X 1mo
kspenmoll I just saw this- i am so sorry. Sending 💕 1mo
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Hi, our next #buddyread starts today. As this is a relatively short read, I'm going to host this as a read at your own pace. We'll discuss it at the end of April.

I hope you're all well and enjoying the longer days. I will be back to normal in a few more weeks.

All are welcome to join us. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.




AllDebooks FYI - keep your notes on Gleick's The Three Ages of Water and I'll post a discussion thread sometime this month. My apologies for any inconvenience. 2mo
See All 13 Comments
bookwyrm7 Joining this buddy read! 2mo
bookwyrm7 Please add me to the tag list too 2mo
IndoorDame Ooh, this is one of the ones on the list that I have easy access to. I‘ll definitely join you guys this month! 2mo
TheSpineView This sounds interesting. At 272 pages it should go fast. 2mo
vonnie862 🙌 2mo
AllDebooks @bookwyrm7 Will do. Welcome to #Naturalitsy 😊 2mo
julieclair Excited for this one! 2mo
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I just wanted to pop on and wish you all a Happy Easter weekend.
I've been dealing with a stressful time over the month and needed to be with my family.
I apologise for my absence for #LitSolace #NaturaLitsy and #NetgalleyGroup I will be back with my booky family soon.

Blessings to you all x

Librarybelle ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
TheLudicReader Take care of yourself. 2mo
IndoorDame ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
See All 10 Comments
Roary47 Happy Easter. I hope everything will balance for you soon. 💛 2mo
TheBookgeekFrau Happy Easter and may things work out for you 💜 2mo
AnnCrystal 😘💕🫂💝. 2mo
yourfavouritemixtape Happy easter and I hope everything‘ll work out! ♥️ 2mo
Bookwomble ❤️ Hope you got the support you needed 🫂❤️ 2mo
DebinHawaii Please take care. Wishing you hope, health and d happiness. 💛💛💛 2mo
kspenmoll Take care of yourself! I hope April brings new blessings for you. 💛💜💚 2mo
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The Life of Mammals | David Attenborough
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A new series from BBC with Sir David Attenborough, can't wait. ❤️