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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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It's true.

vivastory Very very true 2mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting for the return of #AuthorAMonth! Here are the top six authors in order of popularity.

So dig through your stacks or place your library holds! Starting July 1st we‘ll be reading some Margaret Atwood! What‘s your recommendation for any who haven‘t read her before?

Please repost to get the word out, just tag @MinDea since this was originally her thing, and please tag me so I can cheer you on!

Soubhiville Also, let me know if you‘d like to be tagged in reminder posts! I‘ll start a list. 😊📚 2mo
Jennick2004 Me!!! 2mo
BiblioLitten Even though the most popular one is The Handmaid‘s Tale, my personal favourite is 2mo
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BiblioLitten I absolutely love the list! 2mo
BookwormAHN I'd like to be tagged. Also @BiblioLitten Alias Grace sounds good. 2mo
Eyelit This sounds cool! I‘ll ask you about when I see you at book club 😄 2mo
Chrissyreadit Tag me! I rarely have extra time but have books on my TBR with all of those authors. 2mo
StayCurious I‘d like to be tagged. I‘m hoping that joining in some of these reading challenges will get me motivated to try new things 2mo
rjsthumbelina I would like to be tagged, too! 2mo
Kayla.Adriena How does it work? 2mo
IndoorDame I'd like to be tagged too! 2mo
Soubhiville @Kayla.Adriena it‘s very casual! During each author‘s month, just read titles by them and post using the hashtag. At the end of the month I‘ll start a discussion post that we can all share our reading experiences on. Your own posts can be blurbs, reviews, and/or quotes about the books you‘ve chosen to read. 2mo
Soubhiville @BiblioLitten I have Alias Grace sitting on my TBR shelf! I loved the Netflix series! 2mo
BiblioLitten The books by the authors should be common or up to the reader? And do we need to read all the works? 2mo
Soubhiville @BiblioLitten read anything you want by the author, just one or as many as you‘d like! 2mo
BiblioLitten That‘s great. I‘d like to be tagged. Thanks😀 2mo
Bookzombie Please tag me. I have only read The Handmaid‘s Tale, Alias Grace, and the first volume of Angel Catbird. 🙂 2mo
CoffeeNBooks Please tag me! I'm looking forward to this! 2mo
sudi I'd like to be tagged, and i have a copy of The Handmaid's tale so i'm ready for July 😊 2mo
DivineDiana Please tag me! Might help with my #readmyownbooks! 😉 2mo
OriginalCyn620 Awesome lineup! I‘d like to be tagged please! 😊 2mo
ValerieAndBooks I have all these authors, except VE Schwab, in my TBR (and some read already) . Count me in 😊! 2mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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I'm bringing back the #AuthorAMonth hashtag! Please vote by taking this survey. I'll host it through the rest of the year to see how it goes, and if folks participate I'll carry it into next year.

To participate, you just read books by the chosen author during their month, then post to your wall using the hashtag and tagging me and @Mindea the original founder who has been off Litsy for a bit.

Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FDV7P8R

Soubhiville Please excuse any misspellings- I am not familiar with a lot of these authors, so I copied them right off your comments. 2mo
sprainedbrain Done! I‘m so excited. 😃 2mo
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Soubhiville @sprainedbrain oh yay! I'm glad you're into it! 2mo
LibrarianRyan Oh god, I should have paid attention to autocorrect and all the mistakes when I posted authors. Yeshhhhh😖😣 2mo
LibrarianRyan It will be awesome to see what comes out on top. 2mo
sammisho Sounds like fun! 2mo
CrowCAH Great initiative! For sure it will be a challenge! 2mo
Nessavamusic Sounds really fun!! 2mo
mcipher I love this idea - really fun! 2mo
rsteve388 Sounds interesting! 2mo
Bookzombie I‘m excited to see which authors come out on top. 2mo
sudi Did the survery. Excited to see who wins 😊 2mo
BookwormAHN I'm so glad you're bringing it back 😺 2mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Hi Littens!
I‘m thinking of reviving the #AuthorAMonth hashtag, since the original host seem to not be on Litsy for a long time, and it‘s a square for #LittenLoveBingo.
The idea is, each month there is a highlighted author, and if you‘d like to participate you read any of that author‘s books and post about them using the hashtag. Simple, right?

What authors would you like to see included? They need to be prolific. Please comment and share.

Soubhiville How about Stephen King, Kristen Hannah, Jodi Picoult? Someone YA? Who else? 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Soubhiville Hannah has been done. How about Duncan (YA) Avi (MG) Erin hunter, Nora Roberts, Sandra brown, James Patterson (he does all ages), Patrick Ness, ami Kaufman, Melissa DeLa Cruz, Victoria Schwann, Jay Kristoff, Rick Riordian, Ridley Pearson (adult and MG) meg Cabot, Beverly clearly , Ray Bradbury, Laurie Halse Anderson, Diana Wynn‘s jones , Carl Hiassen (adult ya and Mg) Sranan McGuire, inert Skye (mg). For starters. 3mo
LibrarianRyan David Levittown, holly black, Sarah deaden, Benedict okoafor, Marie lu, Neal Schuster man, Libby bray, issac Asimov, l. Ron Hubbard, rl stein 3mo
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CrowCAH Great idea 💡! 3mo
LapReader Margaret Atwood, Paulina Simmons, Bryce Courtenay? 3mo
Soubhiville @LibrarianRyan and @LapReader thanks for the suggestions! 3mo
Simona I like this idea❣️ 3mo
sudi I love this idea 💜. Octavia Butler , Donna Tartt, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury , Terry Pratchett, Ursula.K.LeGuin and Neil Gaiman are some of my suggestions 3mo
sprainedbrain I would love for this to come back! @sudi has a great list of suggestions. ⬆️ 3mo
sudi Thanks @sprainedbrain 😊 3mo
Soubhiville @sudi yes thanks for jumping in with a list! (edited) 3mo
Bookzombie Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Roxane Gay, Erik Larson, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, David Grann, Douglas Preston and/or Lincoln Child (they write together and separately), Jason Reynolds, Beverly Jenkins, Jonathan Maberry, Joyce Carol Oates, Ira Levin, Sarah Waters, Roald Dahl, Shirley Jackson, Jennifer McMahon. 3mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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1. Don Delillo
2. Agatha Christie
3. Sara Gran
4. Donna Tartt
5. Benjamin Black

By no means is this an exhaustive and/or exclusive list...each author named just gets one into an arena of other similar authors/genres. 😂

Leftcoastzen Ok ,putting Don DeLillo on your list made me follow you.Not a lot of mentions on Litsy ,👏👍📚 6mo
gradcat @Leftcoastzen I think, but don‘t hold me to this—I think I‘ve read every thing he‘s ever written. I‘ve read a lot of the older cool guys like DeLillo, Pynchon, Roth & Bellow...I think there‘s a group of new writers (Young Turks) that would (perhaps) be considered in the same atmosphere. I am not moved in the same way, however. Maybe it‘s an age thing...DeLillo is just so approachable & erudite at the same time. 🥰 6mo
Leftcoastzen He was definitely like a bridge to a more modern,edgy style. I love the the others you mentioned as well.Ever read Cheever?Those 2 cocktails on the train from the city then to the “perfect “ suburbs for 2 more with the undertow of quiet desperation and psychosis?🍸 6mo
gradcat @Leftcoastzen Omigod, I love Cheever! A friend of mine gave me a book of his short stories and I was ever after hooked...he makes you feel as if you are on that train, heading right straight to oblivion, aka the “suburbs.” Who else do you like? Oh, I can just look at your page. By the way, thank you so much for commenting...I am enjoying this very much! ❤️ 6mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Aaaaaand GO! 😃

Birdsong28 Lindsey Kelk and Gill Paul 📚📖 9mo
Lel2403 Sarah PERRY and Mark Lawrence 9mo
julesG Laini Taylor and Mo Hayder 9mo
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WeeziesBooks Leigh Bardugo and Jeff Zentner 9mo
ravenlee Jane Austen and Neil Gaiman 9mo
Landslide Tessa Bailey and Zoe York 9mo
LapReader Margaret Atwood and Paulina Simmons 9mo
callielafleur Mary Doria Russell and Erik Larson 9mo
thereadingowlvina Anne Perry and Lydia Kang 9mo
quirkthenerd Cheryl Strayed and Paulo Coelho 9mo
TorieStorieS John Connolly and Anne Bishop 9mo
TNbooklover66 Tana French and Sarah Waters 9mo
Valeka Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Shakespeare 9mo
UwannaPublishme Anne Tyler and Anne Lamott 9mo
BookHoarder32 Adam Silvera and Ben Aaronovitch 9mo
Littlebookpage Karen White, Beatriz Williams, Laura Willig, and Sarah Jio... sorry couldn‘t pick just 2!! 9mo
AsYouWish Julie Garwood and Rachel Gibson 9mo
Megabooks Emily St. John Mandel, Roxane Gay 9mo
Pamwurtzler Louise Penny & Liane Moriarty 9mo
Caroline2 Primo Levi & Tolstoy and Tolkien! 😉 9mo
FantasyChick J.D. Barker & Darynda Jones 👍 9mo
jb72 Kris Radish and Dr. Seuss 9mo
RamsFan1963 Philip K. Dick & Cory Doctorow 9mo
Herschelian Deon Meyer and Kent Haruf 9mo
Bookyonce Dara Horn and Ruth Emmie Lang 9mo
Elma Kristen Hannah and Ruth Ware 9mo
Craftylikefox Charles De Lint and Victoria Schwab 9mo
BookNAround Kamila Shamsie and Peter Geye. 9mo
Amor4Libros Isabel Allende and Marcela Serrano 9mo
Andrew65 Ian Rankin and Peter May 9mo
Ddzmini Steven Erikson and Leigh Bardugo 9mo
Ddzmini Jay Kristoff and Elizabeth Kostova 9mo
Ddzmini Nora Roberts and Johanna Lindsey 9mo
Ddzmini C. G. Jung and Martin Seligman... ok that‘s the last two 😝😬🥰 9mo
avgeyer Don Winslow and Justin Cronin 9mo
jdiehr Leif Enger and John Irving 9mo
Erinreadsthebooks John Hart and Joe Hill 9mo
wanderlustywriter Tana French and Lauren Oliver 9mo
Victoriahoperose Tim O‘Brien and Jennifer Weiner 9mo
ephemeralwaltz Oscar Wilde and Toni Morrison 9mo
amb Edgar Cantero and Neil Gaiman 9mo
MaleficentBookDragon Richard Matheson and Agatha Christie 9mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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It‘s here! I‘m so excited thank you! @Endowarrior21

Endowarrior21 Oh I hope nothing is damaged 12mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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@JoeStalksBeck my bookswapbox is going out today so heads up littens! This was fun to put together- hope my recipient loves these favorites too!! It is off to...NewYork State!

bookandcat I'm still waiting for some items to arrive before I can send my box out! Hope they get here soon eek! 12mo
theresidentromantic @Booksnchill Aahh! So excited! Your box is probably going to go out on schedule, I'm still waiting for a bunch of things @.@ 12mo
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Booksnchill @theresidentromantic no worries- I am always early for everything due to a fear of forgetting!!🤣 I interpreted this as sending you my favorites that I thought fit with your reading lists and favorite things so I hope they work out📚🙃💖 12mo
theresidentromantic @Booksnchill I kind of just did a mixture of a bunch of interpretations 🤯 My actual favorites, favorites I thought you'd like, your tbr, evvveerrryytthhiinngg 12mo
theresidentromantic @Booksnchill I'm not home to make a post, but the fiance says my swap is safe in our apartment!! I'm so excited I can't wait to finish shopping for you tomorrow 💕💕 12mo
Booksnchill @theresidentromantic great- thanks for letting me know! 12mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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britt_brooke Oh, yes!! 1y
dilipc01 Yes I want to meet Frederick backman!! 1y
Bostonmomx2 I‘m totally different in that I don‘t care to meet any of them. I don‘t fangirl at all. 1y
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RowReads1 Yes but lots are dead 1y
TNbookworm Yes, totally agree! 1y
CoverToCoverGirl 🙋🏼‍♀️ 1y
Librariana I met two of mine... and I was SO totally uncool 😯😓 and super embarrassed 😣 I told Rainbow Rowell she was 'pretty' and was completely SPEECHLESS with David Levithan 😔😔😔 1y
JoScho @Librariana lol I would do the same thing! 1y
Alfoster @librarianna I once said to Jesse Kellerman, “You‘re 10 years old!” And instead of calling me out on my rudeness he just smiled and said, “Yes, I am.” 1y
Ddzmini Yes just line them up 😋 1y
Librariana @Alfoster - I think your message went to a different librarian named Ana (theirs has the two N's 😁) but I'm glad I saw it nonetheless! 😃 I think sometimes we just say the first thing that comes to mind, no? And the (brain) coffee filter didn't quite do its job and we ended up with grounds 😂 I'm sure he knew you meant well! 1y
Alfoster @librarianna Thanks for catching that! Obviously I‘m a moron and become a blithering idiot when I meet authors!🤪 1y
misslala Authors are my celebrities. I get weird and nervous around them. So embarrassing. 1y
Megara Most of my favorite authors and celebrities are dead. 😐 I did get to see Neil Gaiman speak, though! 😍 1y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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5. New to-you favorite authors:
Patrick Rothfuss
Katherine Arden
Margaret Atwood
Ray Bradbury
Neil Gaiman
Sarah J. Maas

I can't believe I had never read books by these guys until this year! What was I doing??

My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Thanks for the tag, @KimM !! Here are my #10AuthorRecommendations ! :)

Tagging some of my new bookish friends below!! I‘m not sure if you all have done this yet or not. 💜💕

LeahBergen What a great list. 2y
slategreyskies I wish I had put Mary Oliver on there instead of Billy Collins!! 😂 2y
Lissa00 Good list! I have to think about mine! 2y
slategreyskies @Lissa00 It took me a week to come up with mine! 😂 2y
KVanRead Ooh some good ones here and some I need to try! 2y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Pruzy I really enjoy the mix of literary fiction and SF/F authors I am seeing on these lists on Litsy! 2y
Lacythebookworm Love your list! 🙌 2y
slategreyskies Yay!! Thanks for the tag! It‘s gonna take me a while to come up with my 10. This is gonna be fun! :) 2y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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It took me a while but I finally did it, @moranadatter! LOL! Here are my #10authorrecommendations in no particular order. I work in a library so it was super hard to narrow it down to ten, mainly because I work in the kids department and kept thinking of picture books. 😅 @WarpedSweetness and @Liatrek have you guys already posted your ten?

EchoLogical @JoeStalksBeck You're the creator of this tag, right? 2y
JoeStalksBeck Lol yeah 💕 love the list 🤘🏻 2y
EchoLogical @JoeStalksBeck I'm terrible at tagging the right person because I'm usually so late on these things. Lol 2y
See All 13 Comments
JoeStalksBeck Lol! No worries my dear! I have forgotten to tag people lots of times. I‘m a dork and I get in a hurry then end up editing 2y
Tamra I need to get to Butler! 2y
Liatrek @EchoLogical Hi no I haven‘t done this yet😊thanks for tagging me. You have to authors that would 100% be on my list !! 2y
EchoLogical @Tamra Absolutely! You won't be sorry 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 I totally would have picked Martin but I'm mad at him for not finishing the books & letting it go on in tv land! 😠 2y
EchoLogical @ForeverNerdy I am too but I can't deny I'm a huge fan of his work. Have you read the Wild Card books? 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 @EchoLogical I haven't, I'll look those up. Is the series complete, lol 😂 2y
WarpedSweetness I don't think I've been tagged yet! Woot! I'm always forgetting to tag people. I usually put a disclaimer just tagging anyone. Lol Neil Gaiman has some cute ass children's books!! 2y
EchoLogical @ForeverNerdy Well about that... It's a set of anthologies so probably not but as of now there 23 published books so there's a lot to read while we wait. 😂😂😂 2y
EchoLogical @WarpedSweetness I haven't read any of his kids books. I'm just obsessed with American Gods. Lol 2y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Wow! It was difficult to trim this down to just 10, especially since I wanted to have multiple genre represented in my list.

Thanks for tagging me @Andrew65
Great idea @merelybookish ! I look forward to seeing everyone's list.

merelybookish Gaskell, that's a good one! And I think @JoeStalksBeck gets all the credit for starting this! 2y
JoeStalksBeck Great list! 2y
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Andrew65 So many great authors, I need to get to Mary Doria Russell 2y
SilversReviews Ooooo....I forgot about Kate Morton. LOVE HER. 2y
Bluebird @Andrew65 I think you will really like her. My favorite is Doc. It was the first I read by her. Been hooked ever since. 2y
Bluebird @SilversReviews I almost forgot about her too! I was all done with my list when it dawned on me that she was missing. That would have been a grave oversight from me. I own a few of her books in print, ebook and audio! 2y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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These are my #favoriteauthors at the moment. It‘s so hard to choose!📚📚❤️❤️ #top10authorrecommendatioms

My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Pruzy Nice!! 2y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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StellaDz I ❤️ Sandra Brown and J.R. Ward! Every book is a pleasure! 2y
robinb Kleypas ❤️...should have included her on mine! 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Andrew65 A great list! 2y
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Sneaky #top10authorrecommendations while working. 😉 ☺️❤️📚

My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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Here are my #top10authorrecommendations
My go to genre is women‘s fiction so that‘s where most of these names fall.

Suet624 I think Kristen Hannah is underrated. 2y
Bostonmomx2 @Suet624 I just got her latest in the mail from a Goodreads Win. I‘m so excited!! 2y
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