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Skating in just under the wire with my #AAM selection. What a fabulous read! Thank you so much to all the Littens who recommended it! I bought a physical copy of it around the time it was first published, but had no patience for nonfiction back then & didn‘t make it very far into the story. I‘ve always meant to go back to it, & I‘m so glad I finally did! This was informative & exciting, it won‘t be my last Eric Larson. #Booked2023 #AboutAMonster

Cinfhen Excellent choice - loved this Larson ❣️ 3d
Suet624 Larson‘s books are all 🔥🔥 3d
lynneamch Of the many Larson's I've read, this one is the best, by far. 3d
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The Dispossessed: A Novel | Ursula K. Le Guin
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Hello, June! I‘ll be doing some traveling for work this month, so my kindle is already all loaded up with #aam, #sundaybuddyread, one of the #camplitsy reads, and #roll100 picks 🥰

I can‘t decide if I want to read the tagged for #AuthoraMonth, or if I want to go in the suggested order for the Hainish Cycle and start with Rocannon‘s World… UKLG says there are only loose connection among the books, and I own the tagged novel, sooo…

bnp If I were in your place, I think I'd start with one you own. Rocannon's world is fairly early, and I think it isn't considered one of her best. 4d
bnp Which one do you have? 4d
Larkken @bnp I have Dispossessed on kindle, maybe a few others in physical book form, and I‘m getting the “first three” from the cycle on library hold at some point. So I have options, lol! I‘ve read several in the series a long, long time ago, but I‘ve no idea which (except Left Hand, I remember that one!) so I‘m excited to get back into it. 4d
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bnp @Larkken LeGuin is one of my favorite authors. I think my favorites are Left hand of darkness, Dispossessed, and Lathe of heaven. Or any collection of essays. 4d
Megabooks Ooo! Enjoy traveling!! Looking forward to having you join us at the CL discussions! 4d
rwmg @bnp I preferred Semley's Necklace, the short story which was expanded to become Rocannon's World. 4d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3d
Larkken @bnp she‘s wonderful ! I usually gravitate to Ged but decided I wanted to get back into Hainish more 😊 3d
Larkken @rwmg ooo interesting that wasn‘t on my radar. Thanks!! 3d
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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May is drawing to a close #AuthorAMonth readers. 🙂 I hope you‘ve enjoyed reading Erik Larson‘s books.

Do you have your Ursula K Le Guin books ready?

Now may be a good time to update your Google form tracking your #AAM reads. If you haven‘t started your form yet here is the link to do so:


Soubhiville Reminder to keep the email you get once you start your form, you will need it in order to update throughout the year, or you can wait and fill the whole thing out in December if you‘re keeping track of your books along the way. Your already started form should be available to edit in your Google Drive as well. 4d
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dariazeoli Bummed to have DNF‘d my Larson read this month, but looking forward to 4d
Andrew65 Got a couple of books lined up, The New Atlantis and Five Ways to Forgiveness. (edited) 4d
AmyG I just got on audio 4d
Amiable I just got “A Wizard of Earthsea” from my library. 4d
Cinfhen I think I‘m skipping this month 4d
Bookzombie @Cinfhen I don‘t know if you can get it but she has a children‘s picture book. That‘s what I‘m starting with. 4d
Cinfhen Thanks @Bookzombie I‘ll look to see if I can borrow a copy 😘 4d
youneverarrived I have A Wizard of Earthsea ready from the library 4d
PurpleyPumpkin Ugh missed reading this month‘s pick. 😤 Will try again in June. 🤞🏽 4d
Teresereading Is it right that the form downs store my responses each month? Do I need to worry? 9h
Teresereading Doesn‘t 9h
Soubhiville @Teresereading Once you have started a form you need to keep the response sent to the email you provided. To edit, open the email and you should see the option to edit responses. You also should be able to find the started form on your recent pages in your Google drive. 8h
Soubhiville @Teresereading if you click my link to a new form, you will find an empty new form every time. 8h
LibrarianRyan bye bye May 3h
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Weak pick for this #aam selection. I don‘t like to downgrade books just because I guessed the ending, and Ware did successfully set up a suspenseful tale that had me compulsively turning pages. That said … the mystery depended on the MC failing to notice a detail that, given what we learn about her character during the book, she would never, ever have missed. A bit disappointing, but the writing was good enough that I‘d try another from Ware.

paper.reveries Grrr those character loop holes are frustrating! 1w
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I learn so much from Erik Larson! He makes everything so fascinating that you can‘t wait to see what happens, even though you already know what happens! Devil in the White City is still my favorite, but this was excellent! Read this for #authoramonth #aam

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The library loan for the tagged expired when I was halfway through, so I picked up an out-of-genre pick for #aam - only to have my hold get redelivered early! So now I can officially say I like Larsons nonfic more 😂
Beasts was an interesting view of the beginning of Hitlers rise to power through the lens of the anti establishment and kinda unlikable US ambassadors family.
No One was a nice little supernatural story with an odd and curtailed end.

RamsFan1963 I hated the ambassador's airhead daughter, but I enjoyed the book over all. 3w
Larkken @RamsFan1963 Martha was the worst! So deliberately naive and spoiled. Can you imagine living through the beginning of a genocide and only worrying about juggling all your boyfriends? 3w
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Due to trying to close out the school year, deal with a sick cat, and binge Madam Secretary, I finished zero books, gave up on our #Clarissa buddy read, and decided to save my reread of the sonnets and pick up Adrianne Rich, who‘s calling to me more strongly, instead. I did start this months #lmpbc book, and am loving the dramatic beginning! and I‘m still finding my #aam pick totally captivating. #bookreport #weeklyforecast

Cinfhen Still, it all looks promising 😍 3w
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Victory City | Salman Rushdie
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#BookMail #BuyBuyBookDepository 📚Thought I‘d try the newest one from Salman Rushdie even though my track record with him is 0-3 😅

TrishB You‘re very good! Authors get 2 chances from me. 3w
Cinfhen Honestly @TrishB it was meant to be an IRL bookclub pick but it ultimately got nixed 😬 3w
Cinfhen I‘m gonna save it for #AAM 🤓 3w
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Readerann I just bought this, so will be curious what you think. I really loved Midnight‘s Children. 3w
BarbaraBB I used to love Rushdie (and I mean LOVE) but I didn‘t keep up with his tempo and lost him somewhere along the way. But I am very interested in what you‘ll think of his newest - and probably last one 😳 3w
Centique @BarbaraBB me too Barbara! He was my favourite modern author when I was in Uni but his later books haven‘t grabbed me. Fingers crossed for this one @Cinfhen 3w
Cinfhen I‘m nervous about this one @Readerann @BarbaraBB @Centique but im hoping I can make a connection 😅 3w
Megabooks I‘ve never read him, so I‘m excited for author a month later this year! 3w
Cinfhen Yeah #AAM will be a good opportunity to try this book @Megabooks but I don‘t have high expectations 3w
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This was my first Larson book and I‘m glad he was chosen as an #aam as I found it fascinating.

The Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat during World War I. I liked the mix of viewpoints in the book; passengers‘ stories, both UK and US politics, what was happening on the submarine itself.

Of course, reading about a tragedy like this is ever easy but I thought that this was a balanced view and I learnt a lot.

LeahBergen I found this so fascinating, too! 3w
JillR I‘ve had this on my “maybe one day” list for ages! Might bump it up… 3w
squirrelbrain I think you‘d like it @JillR 3w
Megabooks This is definitely one of his best! 3w
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