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My #NovemberWrapUp is also a day late but I‘m very happy with my stats. I have to give a huge shoutout to @TheReadingMermaid @jb72 @Andrew65 & @Clwojick for both the #24B4Monday #readathon & the month long team games for breaking me out of my #bookslump and getting me back into enjoying reading again. You guys rock!🤘

britt_brooke Excellent month! I still need to do my stats. 😬 4d
jb72 Wow! Great job! Glad you were able to push through a reading slump! 4d
kspenmoll What a wonderful reading month ! Congratulations 🎊 4d
Andrew65 That‘s massive, ‘enjoying reading again‘. No matter whatever else we or you achieved this has made November a resounding success! 👏👏👏🥳😍🤗💃 4d
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Haikyu!! | Haruichi Furudate
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I got distracted by #Haikyuu over the weekend so I didn't get to read more for the #24B4Monday #readathon Orz on the plus side, I'm ready for season 4 in January!!! Well, I'm probably going to rewatch the #anime again next month. One of my favorite series, recommended! #sports #sportsmanga #thebrofeels

@jb72 @TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65

Andrew65 Thanks for taking part. 😊 2w
Crimson613 @Andrew65 it was fun, thanks! Altho I wish I'd read some more 👀💦💦 2w
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This is where I ended for #24B4Monday. I tried to get a couple more hours in last night, but fell asleep after traveling home from in-laws lol. For my #BookReport, I almost finished the tagged. Now I just have to wait a few days for another audio loan. I started Midnight in the Garden for #MidnightParty #buddyread, and The Lost Hours for #LiteraryCrew. My #WeeklyForecast is finishing Midnight and NOS4A2, along with my #LMPBC picks!

Andrew65 Fantastic performance, well done! 👏👏👏🍾🥂🥳😍👍🎈 2w
jb72 Great job! 2w
lele1432 Thanks!! @Andrew65 @jb72 😊😊 2w
Librarybelle Yay! 2w
Cinfhen Forecast looking good!!! Nice reading time 😊 2w
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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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I wasn't able to read as much as I wanted to this weekend, but I did get a bunch of audio working done. Six of Crows is fantastic on audio. Subterranean and The Stand are both off to a great start. One of these weekends I'll finally hit 24 hours. #24B4Monday
@TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 @jb72

julesG 👏👏👏 Six of Crows has a great cast of narrators. 2w
Andrew65 Double figures is a great performance. 👏👏👏😊🥳🍾🥂😍🎈 2w
Andrew65 Out end of Year Party will be over a longer period. Could help getting to 24 hours. 2w
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sudi are you doing the buddy read for The Stand or just re re-reading it ? 2w
TK421 @sudi I was going to join the buddy read for this one. 2w
sudi @TK421 you should, we already have one going on. You should ask @Meaw_catlady if you're interested. 1w
TK421 @Meaw_catlady would it be ok for me to join The Stand buddy read and slack group? 1w
Meaw_catlady @TK421 yes absolutely!! We would love to have you join! Do you have the link? If not I can email you! 1w
TK421 @Meaw_catlady could you please send the link to angerelephant at gmail? Thanks!☺ 1w
Meaw_catlady @tk421 Link should have sent ! 😊 1w
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I finished the book today, after finishing #24b4monday at midnight last might with 12:39:19.
Books about Ebola never fail to keep me enthralled, and this one didn't let me down. I will be handing this book off to my Mom, the one who started my interest in such subjects.

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I finished the #24B4Monday readathon with a personal best of 15 hours and 15 minutes! Thanks to the hosts @Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid and @jb72 .

This is not among my favourites of Agatha Christie‘s works. The plot is somewhat implausible and Poirot is not as good without Hastings, but it‘s still a worthwhile read for Christie fans.

Andrew65 You can‘t do better than a personal best. 👏👏👏🥂🍾🥳😍🎈🔥 2w
kwmg40 @Andrew65 Thanks! It was a good readathon weekend! 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Day 3 #24B4Monday #Readathon

My reading time got cut short yesterday. I only got about two and a half hours of reading done. Over the weekend I finished Cujo, Sanitarium, and the first five chapters of The City of Ember. Still haven‘t made it to 24 hours yet but I‘m happy getting almost 14. 🙂📚

Andrew65 Brilliant! A great performance. 👏👏👏😊👍🍾🥂🥳😍🎈🔥 2w
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Rules | Anna B Doe
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I haven't so much time to read this month. This weekend I read Rules (512 pages) for #24B4Monday #Readathon.
@TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 @jb72

It is YA romance and one part is set at Christmas time. If you looking for #WinterGames TBR I recommend it.
#SlayBells @MidnightBookGirl @Clwojick @StayCurious

#weekendvibes #readingtime #mummyreading #mummytime #kindle #ebook #arc #rules #annabdoe #coffee

StayCurious Oh great, thank you! 2w
maich @StayCurious You're welcome 2w
Andrew65 A great time, well done. 👏👏👏👍🍾🥂😍🥳 2w
maich @Andrew65 Thank you❤❤😘 1w
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#24B4MONDAY #readathon

My readathon time was a bust. I was having a hard time concentrating especially with a headache yesterday. I did finish the tagged book which I enjoyed so I got about 2 hours of reading completed.

I know I missed a bunch of comments on Saturday. I tried to catch up a bit today. Just let me say thank you to all who participated. It is all about reading and having fun and I hope you all did just that!

TheReadingMermaid You are fabulous no matter what time you got Jen. Love you and all that you do ❤️ Also I hope your headache is better today 😘 2w
jb72 @TheReadingMermaid Thank you so much! It is better. Now I‘m off to the eye doctor. And of course the library. 📚 2w
xxjenadanxx It happens to the best of us. Thanks for being an awesome host! 2w
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Andrew65 Hope the headache is better. I had less than half my usual total this month. 2w
jb72 @xxjenadanxx Thank you so much for your kind words! That means a lot. 2w
jb72 @Andrew65 Thanks! It‘s better. I‘m off to bed to hopefully relieve the rest of it. We will do better next time or have fun trying. 2w
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Technically the #24b4monday #readathon is over, but the kids are with their grandparents and I‘ve got the whole day to catch up on laundry and read. So I‘m going to let the timer keep running...