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Things My Son Needs to Know about the World | Fredrik Backman, Neil Smith
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Funny and touching. I laughed and I cried and I just want Backman to write all the things. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Beartown: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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This was a hard book for a couple of reasons. One is that I‘m not a huge fan of books about sports, even though I love going to hockey games. The rape and reaction of the town, especially the adults, was disgusting in so many ways. I expected the reaction from the teens, but the parents calling the accusation lies was beyond upsetting. Major trigger warnings in this one. Don‘t think I‘ll read the sequel. #AuthorAMonth2020 #AuthorAMonth

My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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I am incredibly impressed with how many have read Backman books for January‘s #AuthorAMonth. I‘ll post a total because it‘s definitely the highest number of books read in one month so far, surpassing even Gaiman month! There‘s one week left to get your reviews posted to count for January. Don‘t forget to use the hashtag and tag me to be sure I see.

Next month we‘ll be reading Colson Whitehead. I‘ve not read any of his books yet, so I‘m excited!

BethM How did you feel about Britt Marie? I couldn‘t get through it. I adored all the other ones except Bear Town which I haven‘t read yet. 21h
Soubhiville I liked Britt-Marie @BethM . I liked all of his novels. The novellas not quite as much. 21h
Lauren.Archer I just saw he has a new book this year, Anxious People, coming out in September. 21h
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AmyG Whiteheads books are very good. Enjoy! I am going to see if there is one of his books I haven‘t read yet. 21h
BookwormAHN I loved A Man Called Ove. 16h
dariazeoli I‘m so happy to hear this! Backman has become one of my favorite writers over the past few years. I‘m so glad a new book is coming in 2020; I was a little sad to have caught up on everything that‘s been published. 6h
dariazeoli @AmyG I‘ve only read The Underground Railroad and I‘ll start February with his latest. What‘s your favorite of his backlist? 6h
AmyG @Soubhiville Ha! Apparently he has a few books on his backlist o which I had no clue! I am going to read John Henry Days. FYI....I loved The. NIckel Boys. Excellent book. 5h
Soubhiville @AmyG and @dariazeoli I have both The Underground Railroad and The Nickel Boys. I‘m not sure whether I‘ll get to both in Feb, but I‘m definitely looking forward to both of them. 5h
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Britt-Marie Was Here | Fredrik Backman
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Kicking off the #24B4Monday Readathon with Britt-Marie Was Here, the second Fredrik Backman book for #AuthorAMonth, and will also cover Sweden for #ReadingEurope2020.

jb72 🎉🥳 2d
Librarybelle 😁 2d
bookaholic1 ❤📚👍 17h
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MaleficentBookDragon I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ this book. 6h
Andrew65 @MaleficentBookDragon Hoping to finish it tomorrow, I can see why. 27m
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Parable of the Sower | Octavia E. Butler
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@vivastory already wrote a great review, so I'll keep it brief.

Butler's lean prose outlines a bleak vision of the future. Systems breaking down. Humanity breaking down.

You can see how so much of what we read and watch today in sci-fi/dystopian stories is built on the foundation laid by Octavia Butler. 4.5 ⭐

vivastory Great review 👍 I love this edition! 2d
readordierachel @vivastory I have ebooks of both this and Talents, but I just had to get this when I heard N.K. Jemisin wrote the forward! 2d
Tanisha_A Beautiful edition! 🤩 2d
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Tanisha_A And 👌 review! 2d
Leftcoastzen This is a really nice edition. Love your review. I have to get to the 2nd one soon. 2d
batsy Nice review! I should really get around to reading her this year. 2d
sudi Great review, i'm hoping to read some of her books during the #authoramonth challenge 1d
readordierachel @Leftcoastzen Thank you! I need to get to the 2nd one also, and to more of her work in general. I've only read this and Kindred so far. 18h
readordierachel @sudi Thanks! I look forward to your thoughts when you read her! 18h
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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This is my stack for the #24B4Monday Readathon. Already started the bottom three.
Also meets some of these challenges / readathons : #SeparatedByAPondTour #AuthorOfTheMonth #ReadingEurope2020 #BOTMBuddyRead #MaeveBinchyBuddyRead #AuthorAMonth

Busy for much of Saturday and working tomorrow so will limit my reading time.

umbrellagirl Fredrik Bachman 💙💙 2d
Andrew65 @umbrellagirl Love his books so looking forward to those two. 2d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ll be watching firing the day, but can participate at night!! 2d
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Andrew65 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😊👏👏👏 I‘m hoping to catch up on Three Women, been a very busy January! 2d
BarbaraBB It looks like a great stack! I hope you‘ll find the time to read them! 2d
Texreader I‘m in! 2d
Andrew65 @BarbaraBB Me too! And thanks 😊 2d
Andrew65 @Texreader Yey! Great to have you with us. 😊👏👍😍 2d
TheBookHippie I am in !!! 2d
Andrew65 @TheBookHippie 🥰😍😊👍🤗❣️ 2d
EadieB @Andrew65 When are we doing this book? 2d
Andrew65 @EadieB I‘ve put the start date on Librarything of Tuesday 28th so we finish it before the end of the month. 2d
EadieB @Andrew65 Ok. I didn‘t see that message. 2d
Andrew65 @EadieB It‘s on the mystery group what are you reading during January page. Should finish it in 4 days so put it in on the last four days so I can read both the Backman books before he is no longer the #AuthoraMonth for January. (edited) 2d
Crazeedi @Andrew65 the Backman books are really good, I read them when they were translated , because I loved Ove! Enjoy!! I'm going to be joining in too, but I won't get much reading done Sunday , obligation that day 2d
Andrew65 @Crazeedi For me it‘s Saturday. Good luck 😊👍 2d
Librarybelle Looks like a good lineup! Good luck! 2d
Andrew65 @Librarybelle Hopefully 🤞 Thanks 😊 (edited) 2d
TheAromaofBooks Nice stack!! Good luck! 2d
JacqMac Nice stack! 2d
gradcat @Andrew65 Thanks for the tag, Andrew. Are you able to read more than one book at a time, even when they‘re if the same genre? I‘m not very good at that. This is a regular Readathon, right? Or are you guys doing specific books? 1d
Andrew65 @gradcat Yes don‘t usually have a problem, but know my wife can‘t it similar genres. 21h
Andrew65 @gradcat We do the Readathon the last weekend of every month. Usually open theme, read whatever you want. 21h
gradcat @Andrew65 Thanks Andrew. Right now I‘m reading the tagged book for @MrBook ‘s 1-word title prompt. 9h
Andrew65 @gradcat I read Borderlands by L J Ross for that, but not in the database. I did request it was added a few weeks ago but not actioned yet. https://www.fantasticfiction.com/r/lj-ross/borderlands.htm (edited) 9h
gradcat @Andrew65 Have you reviewed that yet? Aren‘t we supposed to wait until the 29th? (Not sure exactly how this works...do you review immediately after reading, and then post again on the 29th? Or just wait for the 29th to do all of it?) 9h
Andrew65 @gradcat I think I missed that about 29th. 😳🤔🤫🙄 I usually review books when I read them but sometimes forget to do some. Now I know I will post something on 29th 9h
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A wonderful story that gave me all the feels!

Soubhiville Logged, that‘s 2📚 1d
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A Man Called Ove | Fredrik Backman
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Wow, this book was genuinely wonderful. It made me snort with laughter and get choked up with tears. I absolutely loved it.

So glad Backman was our #AuthoraMonth because otherwise I don't think I would ever have gotten around to this gem.


TheAromaofBooks Also - #LitsyAtoZ - Letter M @bookishmarginalia || #JanuaryBookBingo - Borrowed from Library || #BackwardsAtoZ - No G 2d
AmyK1 Yay! So glad you like it. It‘s one of my favorites of his 😊 2d
TheAromaofBooks @AmyK1 - I'm really glad that I read Beartown first, because they are completely different books, and as much as I liked Beartown, I genuinely loved Ove. It's such a warm story. 2d
Soubhiville Logged, that‘s 2📚 1d
TheAromaofBooks @Soubhiville - Thank you!! 22h
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