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The Book of Book Lists
The Book of Book Lists: A Bibliophile's Compendium | Johnson
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This is a book of book lists. Lists that make you smile, make you wonder, and see titles together in entirely new ways. From Bin Laden's bookshelf to the books most frequently left in hotels, from prisoners' favorite books to Member of Parliaments' most borrowed books, these lists are proof that a person's bookcase tells you everything you need to know about them, and sometimes more besides.
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I love @4thhouseontheleft ‘s idea of making a list of all the books you wish you‘d got to in 2019 from your TBR mountain, and creating a #2020TBR ......
I‘ve created a bookshelf on goodreads with 52 books (one a week) as an optimistic TBR for next year 🤞😊💕📚Lets see how that goes! 😂

4thhouseontheleft Love it!! 1d
JennyM SOooo much goodness there!!! Hope you‘re doing ok my lovely. Been thinking of you 😘😘 (edited) 1d
BarbaraBB So many good ones here! But what about the books you‘re going to buy/borrow in 2020 😉😘? 1d
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CarolynM Some great titles there! I loved 1d
KarenUK @barbarabb That‘s why it‘s only 52! I read about 100 books a year, so I‘m allowing for about the same number for books that I shouldn‘t be buying when I have so much else to read!!!! 😂📚📚 1d
KarenUK @CarolynM it‘s been on my #TBR forever!!! 1d
KarenUK @jennyM thank you sweet friend 💕😘 1d
BarbaraBB That IS smart! I have yo think about that too! 1d
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Simplicity 📖😋

LoverofLit Love! 👏👏👏 2mo
jaimeisbionic 😆 2mo
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Super nerdy bookish trivia.... i.e. perfect for me! 🤓

From David Bowie‘s 100 most influential books, to the books Oscar Wilde had in his jail cell, to Bin Laden‘s bookshelf discovered by Navy Seals, to the most picked Desert Island Disc Books.... each list is accompanied by a description of its source. A really fun little nerd fest of a book...

keithmalek I've been wanting to read this, but without getting it online, I can't seem to find it (neither libraries or stores). 2mo
KarenUK @Keithmalek I had to order it from my local store... (I also work there!) 2mo
Nute I go for nerdy books like this too!💕 2mo
AmyRebecca Neat! 2mo
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I like articles like this, to see if there‘s anything I‘ve not heard of that might interest me! Bit of a danger to the TBR pile though!
I‘ve read 18 of these.

ValerieAndBooks I enjoy these lists, too! I counted 19 that I‘ve read; a few others waiting in my TBR. 2mo
JacqMac I have only read 12. And my TBR is bigger again. Lol 2mo
AnneCecilie I think I counted 28. I also saw several that I want to read 2mo
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Crazeedi Perfect!! 4mo
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A good list of suggestions for book clubs. I‘ve added several to my TBR. I like this list because it is heavy on nonfiction, though there are plenty of fiction suggestions, too.


Mitch A great list. Thanks for sharing 5mo
ValerieAndBooks another good list for me to save!! 5mo
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What do #booknerd kids do on a rainy day? Set up a summer business curating personalized reading lists for other kids!

My daughter came up with a blurb and response form this morning, and 1 hr after posting her project on my FB page, she already has a waiting list of parents wanting a personalized book list for their children! 😍😵

squirrelbrain How entrepreneurial of her, and how lovely that it‘s book-related! ❤️ 5mo
jb72 That is awesome! Good luck to her. 5mo
GondorGirl This makes me so happy! 5mo
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LibrarianJen Perhaps you have a future librarian on your hands. What an awesome project! 💖 5mo
RealLifeReading Great idea! 5mo
Megabooks How awesome!! #veryimpressed 5mo
LeahBergen This is amazing! 😍 5mo
bookishbitch I love this so much! 5mo
cobwebmoth So cool! 5mo
Bookzombie I love this! 5mo
4thhouseontheleft @squirrelbrain @jb72 @GondorGirl Thanks! @LibrarianJen Maybe! 💗 Her current career interest is astrophysics. She‘s always been fascinated with space. 5mo
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#jbuk #litsylove #litsyswaps #updatedtbrlists

Hey lovely book reader's can some of you maybe share this so others know you don't have to it's just happening a bit more lately.
We all love book's and shearing books, talking about books, loving on books. 📚💚☕

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yes!!! The tbr list should be unowned books that you want, but haven‘t read yet! (edited) 6mo
TrishB All my stacked books are books I want to read! 6mo
kaysworld1 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks brilliant thanks for your support guys x 6mo
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kaysworld1 @TrishB Thanks for your support x 6mo
Sharpeipup I just double checked mine & found all sorts of doubles/old books. 6mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ll repost!! 6mo
Sharpeipup @Litsy could you make this easier somehow? As I updated my list, it kept kicking me back to the top. 6mo
kaysworld1 @Sharpeipup yer mine does that also a pain but we love books enough to put up with it 😆 6mo
Litsy @Sharpeipup Sorry. Can you explain more what happened? Web or app? What are you doing, where? 6mo
Sharpeipup @Litsy on my to be read list, I was trying to clean it up (purge duplicates) and any time I changed the status of a book or deleted it, it would kick me back to the very top of my list. Well, many tbr lists are rather long so it took me over 30 minutes to complete thanks to all the extra scrolling to get back where I had been 6mo
Litsy @Sharpeipup Thanks. On the app or the web? 6mo
Sharpeipup @Litsy it was on the app. 6mo
TimSpalding @Sharpeipup Loranne (@lorannen) and I can't see this, or perhaps figure out what you mean. As she put it “I‘m not getting this behavior either. It‘s working as you described, regardless of whether I use < or tap on my profile icon in the navbar.“ Sorry to make you answer more questions, but can you perhaps describe what you're doing in more detail? Often in such cases, there's something obvious we're missing. 6mo
kaysworld1 @TimSpalding when you click on a book to remove it from your list and then come about out of it to the whole collection it takes you back to the beginning of your TBR list instead of staying in the position of where you were say near the end or middle so you have to scroll the whole thing again, it takes a while if you're TBR list is huge. X 6mo
Sharpeipup @TimSpalding @kaysworld1 That‘s it exactly. 6mo
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My March TBR, funny enough it lines up with the rest of my spring #Booked2019 categories! 😂 The Butterfly Garden is also the last #LMPBC from... 2 sessions ago? @whippoorwill815 it will be coming to you soon!

callielafleur And of course by Spring I mean Winter. Can you tell I just want it to be spring already?? 😜 9mo
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I‘ve spent the last two weekends updating my Libib libraries. I need to not buy any more books. Is there a Mt TBR that‘s bigger than Kilimanjaro?

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@LiteraryLona Found this and reading it, loving the book list compilation!

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700 books milestone!! 🤗

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Looking at this amazing list from @Moray_Reads and planning my reads for January. The only two books I've read are Woolf's Orlando and Sayers' Gaudy Night, and a good number of the other books are on my radar, so I'm excited to see how many I can fit in! 💜 #NewYearWhoDis @monalyisha

Flaneurette Such a great looking list! @Moray_Reads has read everything ! 11mo
saresmoore Ooh, ooh! Screenshot! 11mo
monalyisha Especially looking forward to/crossing my fingers for reviews of The Tsar of Love and Techno, Radiance, & Smoke Gets in Your Eyes! 🤞🏻💖 11mo
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BarbaraBB Great list! 11mo
batsy @Flaneurette She has! 😁🙌🏽 11mo
Suet624 Loved #1. That author is my secret boyfriend. 11mo
Moray_Reads I hope you enjoy them. I loved them all (obviously). I tried to get a good mixture of genres but we'll see how that works for you! 11mo
Moray_Reads @Flaneurette 😂 I hope not, what would I do with myself! 11mo
Moray_Reads @Suet624 I read Year of Love and Techno really really in the year but I think it's still holding strong for favourite of 2018 11mo
Suet624 @Moray_Reads I‘m so happy to hear that. 11mo
cathysaid Gaskell ✅ (edited) 11mo
batsy @Suet624 😁 11mo
batsy @Moray_Reads It's a lovely well-rounded list that I'm going to have trouble narrowing down because I'm a slow, slow reader ❤️ 11mo
batsy @cathysaid I'm most excited about that! 11mo
Moray_Reads @batsy @Cathythoughts I love Wives and Daughters so much. What a marvellous story of women's lives. I can never work or whether this or Cranford is my favourite 11mo
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Yay @orange.books I am so excited about this list!!! I am not sure which one or ones I am going to read yet, but a couple are already on my TBR list, so I am leaning towards those. I can't wait to get started in January! Hope you like the list I sent you too!

#NewYearWhoDis @monalyisha

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So I wanted to rearrange my books to see what I have left from this years tbr BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE 😵😬🙅🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ this is what I have just from my fiction books so then I thought well I can STOP 🛑 buying books... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 never mind been there tried that so the never ending tbr ... something to live for 😋📚

britt_brooke 😆 12mo
SamHeartCoffee Nice shelfie! 12mo
Ddzmini @britt_brooke I know right 12mo
Ddzmini @SamHeartCoffee thank you 😊 12mo
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Here‘s my wrap-up from the Decatur Book Festival weekend ... WITH BOOK LISTS!!! 😜


Lindy Those surprising delights that you wrote about—Ruby Lal, the storytelling panel, the film announcement—are what I love about book festivals too. Thanks for writing about your experiences. 1y
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As a list lover, this one flipped my switch! It‘s interesting, and I‘ve added a few more books to me TBR list. 😁

Ladygodiva7 I want to read this. Going to find it at the bookstore today 🤞🏻 1y
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