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Middlemarch | George Eliot
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Submitting final grades like 🎄🧑‍🎄⛄️baby #2 arrives tomorrow morning 👼

Secret Santa | William T. Bix
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And gift 🎁 #2 wrapped and despatched

thegirlwiththelibrarybag Wrapped and dispatched has such a good ring to it! 2d
MrsMalaprop Pretty 😍 2d
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The Goal | Elle Kennedy
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Just finished reading the 4th book of the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy. Loved the whole series, definitely recommend it.
#1 The Deal (Garrett‘s book) 4.5⭐
#2 The Goal (Tucker‘s book) 4⭐
#3 The Score (Dean‘s book)4⭐
#4 The Mistake (Logan‘s book)3.5⭐

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Chat #1: with Adiba from London

Black Box by Shiori Itō, Allison Markin Powell (Translator)

Chat #2: with Christy Jordan-Fenton

Disappearing Moon Cafe by Sky Lee

Fatty Legs: A True Story by Christy Jordan-Fenton, Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, Liz Amini-Holmes (Illustrator)

shawnmooney Chat #3: with Raymond from Maryland

Down Along with That Devil's Bones: A Reckoning with Monuments, Memory, and the Legacy of White Supremacy by Connor Towne O'Neill

Chat #4: with Nancy (The Literate Quilter) from Metro Detroit

Assembly by Natasha Brown

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Untitled | Unknown
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My ten year old niece is looking a new book series to spend her holiday money on ( I love that she is planning ahead). She has recently loved the Babysitters Club graphic novels and would appreciate any recommendations you all may have. Thank you!

mrp27 Try the friends series by Shannon Hale or anything by Raina Telegmeier 5d
Tamra My 11 year old daughter has recently really enjoyed the TBH series. It isn‘t technically graphic novel, but they are stories told via texting. She‘s also enjoyed the graphic novel adaptation of Jackie HaHa by James Patterson. She asked for #2 for Xmas. 😄 5d
EvieBee I liked this one, and there‘s a sequel coming out next summer! 4d
EvieBee Also this series! 4d
Jas16 @mrp27 @Tamra @EvieBee Thank you all so much! All of your suggestions look amazing! 4d
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A Very Merry Princess | Susan Mallery
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Holiday novella #2 on audio done. 26 points #wintergames #mistletoemaniacs #Bookspin @TheAromaofBooks

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Game on | Jonny Zucker
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#TeamGameSleighers! Time for the first #WinterGames weekly game. This game will run from December 1st to December 5th, and is available for unlimited points.

Please communicate in the comments below, and then once you have your answers please repost the photo, tag Littens for each prompt, and tag your team captain. ❤️

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StayCurious I‘ll start: April bday; Fave book is Blue Eyed Devil; I mostly read romance; I definitely have an ugly Christmas sweater but it‘s ironic; of course I buy my dog a present; I definitely snail mail all year round; not working this year because on Mat Leave; I make everyone smile 😛 (edited) 5d
BayouGirl85 August bday; Fave book is The Song of Achilles; Dec TBR - The Holiday Swap; I still mail out Christmas cards; (edited) 5d
ChasingOm Yay! It‘s #WinterGames time!! I‘m an October baby, my favorite books (right now 😅) are the Lady Sherlock series, I also mostly read romance (@staycurious) but like sci-fi and fantasy too, and since we have animals instead of children they DEFINITELY get Christmas presents. 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐕 (edited) 5d
wordslinger42 Bday Month: August; Fave Book: Lord of the Rings; Dec TBR: The Christmas Pig; I mostly read fantasy and I love middle grade fiction; I absolutely get my dog, Maggie, Christmas presents 🎁; I don't have an ugly Christmas sweater; I love mailing Christmas cards! 🎄; I will not be working on any of the holidays; 5d
kimmypete1 August birthday, I have too many fave books, I mostly read romance, Dec TBR: The Holiday Swap, The Matzah Ball, Eight Days of Christmas. 5d
PuddleJumper March; Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb; TBR is Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell; I mostly read queer fiction and fantasy; I have an ugly Rudolph sweater that is amazingly warm; already bought my cats their presents; I don't post cards; Not working the holidays this year; 😁 5d
peanutnine July birthday; fav book currently Red, White, and Royal Blue; Dec TBR: 12 Dates of Christmas, Dash and Lily, Holiday Swap; I like to read romance (esp queer) and sci-fi/fantasy; I have a Christmas sweater but I don't think it's ugly; my spoiled cats will be getting new toys for Christmas; working on sending cards now; not working over the holiday! 🎄 5d
Crazeedi November birthday, fave book -the seven sisters, December tbr -the missing sister, historical fiction and mysteries, I get my kitty and dog presents, I have a Christmas sweater not sure I'd call ugly!! Sending cards, not working 5d
Hansarjohnson August birthday; fav book Cinder; I have an ugly Christmas sweater; I‘m buying my cats presents; Not working on Christmas 5d
Bookworm54 @StayCurious I too have an April birthday :) my fave book is The Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordan. I buy my dog presents @Crazeedi and @Hansarjohnson he even has an advent calendar this year 🤣 I have an ugly sweater and not working xmas or sending Mail! 5d
Pigpen_Reads June birthday; Fave book is Daddy by Danielle Steel; Holiday Swap is on my December TBR; my grandpa inspired me to read more; Mostly read romance and fantasy/paranormal; I don't have an ugly Christmas sweater, yet; my dog has a stocking; Sending snail mail this year; I'm a stay at home mom, I'm always working; my husband makes me smile. 5d
Laughterhp October birthday; many favs but I‘ll say Veronica Speedwell series, Lady Sherlock series, and Night Circus; Dec TBR: lots, Holiday Swap, Matzah ball, 12 dates of Christmas; I like mystery and fantasy‘s mostly; I have an ugly sweater; I buy my dog Xmas gifts; sending holiday cards in mail; not working on holidays. 5d
TheSpineView December birthday; Fave book A Gentleman in Moscow; tons of books on TBR list (posted my list a week ago); My Father always inspired me to read; my grandson (we both love Fantasy); I have 2 ugly sweaters; my dogs and my horse get gifts; always mail cards; off for the holidays; my fur babies 5d
carlthecattt February bday. Fav book: Looking for Alaska. TBR list posted a couple weeks ago. 1 ugly sweater. My dog will get a gift. Mailing Christmas cards. Off for the holidays :) and my kids always make me smile. 5d
galueth28 April birthday; love Starless Sea and Pride and Prejudice; romance, fantasy and misteries; trade cards by snail mail; will be working only days 24 and 31 this year, if that counts. 5d
rjsthumbelina November bday; can only pick favorite classics from childhood-high school: Anne of Green Gables, A Wrinkle in Time, & Great Gatsby; read mostly SFF, gothic, nonfiction, YA, literary, and romance; my TBR is to finish started books and read a few Christmas books; no ugly Christmas sweater, presents for pets, or snail mail; MO state governor even called the eves as state holidays, so I will be off 5d
mrsmarch March bday ( @PuddleJumper !); my favorite book is Little Women or Anne of Green Gables; you can check my Dec TBR in a post on my profile; I don‘t own a single ugly sweater; of course I buy a gift for my pets!; I actually snail mailed a card this year; I‘m a SAHM, I‘m always “working” on Xmas! ( @Pigpen_Reads I read your comment after posting mine, LOL!) (edited) 5d
Lynnsoprano November birthday, fave is Pride and Prejudice; I didn‘t do a TBR because i never can stick to one; no pets, yes to mailing cards, no ugly sweater; retired so I‘m perpetually off😄 5d
sebrittainclark Feb birthday, fav is Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice, got my dec bookspin as my tbr on my profile, no ugly christmas sweaters, I do buy my pet a christmas gift, I mail Christmas cards, I won't be working on Christmas or New Year's 5d
IndoorDame April birthday. Favorite book A Gentlemen in Moscow. TBR posted a few weeks ago. No ugly Christmas sweaters, no pets. I‘m disorganized so snail mail is kinda hit or miss. I‘m a teacher so always have the holidays off. 5d
Magpiegem I‘m a august baby, my Dec TBR is on my profile but includes Let It Snow- John Grisham (our buddy read), I have MANY ugly Christmas jumpers (see today‘s post), I always send my Christmas cards snail mail, Fave book is All my friends are super hero‘s by Andrew Kaufman, my dog sky always gets a Christmas squeaky toy - she kills it in 3 glorious seconds, I‘m not working this festive season (unless you count looking after 3 little boys!) 5d
Moll @staycurious Maybe a silly question but are we trying to find someone who has the same answer as us or someone who just fits one of the prompts?😊 5d
JoyBlue 1 of 2 notes
1. February birthday
2. The Phantom Tollbooth
3. December TBR list here: https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2314163
4. I hope I inspire people to read more. I have a blog to which I post reviews of all my finished reads. In November, I finished 29 books (atypical—I generally range from 12-22/month).
5. I read mostly mysteries, thrillers, general fiction, and nonfiction (politics, bios, current events, social justice), YA.
JoyBlue 2 of 2 notes
7. My pet ball python wants for nothing, but he doesn't get presents.
10. If I'm your type of gal, I'll always make you smile. There are a few strange people who don't like me at all. 😜 😂
Crazeedi @Bookworm54 that is such a cool idea!! For my Mojo!!🐶 5d
StayCurious @Moll anyone who fits the prompts😊 5d
Roary47 1.) May 2.) And Then There Were None by: Agatha Christie 5.)I enjoy Mystery/Thrillers and Middle Grade books 6.) I have a few ugly Christmas Sweaters 7.) I have a lot of pets, but some of them get presents 8.) I do not 9.) Not working- I'm a teacher. Hope this helps someone for a tag 5d
mdm139 September birthday, can‘t narrow down a favorite book cause maybe it hasn‘t been written yet, I have an ugly sweater. I posted my tbr awhile ago, but I have 6 trending holiday romances on there. I am a stay at home mom that homeschools so I never get a day off. My hubby is on call on Christmas as well. 5d
dainarmb 1. July ☀️
2. To Kill A Mockingbird
3. Posted on my profile !
4. Stronger Spine BC or Bookstagrammers
5. I read and enjoy all sorts of fiction, with the occasional nonfiction memoir/biography in the mix!
6 & 7. I do! 🙋🏽‍♀️
8 & 9. Not me. 🙈
10. My family 💕
Moll @StayCurious Fab! Thank you😁 5d
Patchshank 1. September 2. Too hard to choose a favorite. Hitchhiker's Guide I guess. It's a popular book that I'm sure someone shares. 3. On my profile. 4. 5d
Patchshank 6. I don't own any Christmas sweaters. 7. I'll usually buy my pets gifts. 8. I do snail mail cards. 9. I won't be working 5d
vonnie862 1. September 2. Outlander 3. My tbr list is in my profile 6. I have an ugly sweater but I think it's cute 7. I spoil my dog on her bday AND Christmas 9. I get 3 weeks off for winter break 5d
Kdgordon88 August, I have many favs but will go with Night Circus, see my Dec BookSpin post, all Littens inspire my reading, pets get gifts, Christmas cards are in the mail, no ugly sweater, fav genres historical fiction and mythology retellings, not working 5d
MatchlessMarie 1. November ♏️ 2. The Bell Jar and Fahrenheit 451 3. TBR is my BookSpin list. No Christmas sweater. No pets. I do snail mail. 💌 I will be working on Christmas Eve 🥴 4d
PageShifter 1. December, 2. Gone with the Wind, 3. Holiday Swap, 7. I'll buy a special bone to my dog every Christmas, it's his present 4d
audraelizabeth 1. December 2. The symphony of ages 3. Let it snow 7. Usually a toy and treats 9. I will be working very likely either the day before or after christmas. 4d
CaitZ 1. February 2. The Night Circus 3. Let It Snow 4. My mom did 5. Cozy mysteries 6. Yep, I have an ugly sweater 7. No pets 8. I mail a few cards 9. I'm retired so not working 10. Family always make me smile 4d
Moll 1 - January
2 - I don't have one but I'm about to read Let it Snow so let's go with that haha
3 - Let It Snow!
4 - @Emilymdxn
5 - Love me something light and heartwarming; ooo and a bit of magic too
6 - Not me!
7 - Not me! (Sorry Patch haha)
8 - Not me!
9 - Not me! (A whooole 2 weeks off over xmas woo yeah)
10 - Imma just tag the entirety of team game sleighers for this one haha
SeaToSkyes 1. October 2. Harry Potter (#2 specifically but generally the whole series) 3. My TBR is on my feed ☺️ 4. Everyone on Litsy! 6. I do have at least one ugly Christmas sweater 😁 7. I am that pet mom lol 8. I haven't done snail mail in a long time but I'd like to start again! 9. I'm off for Christmas Eve/Day and NYE/day 10. Everyone on #TeamGameSleighers! 2d
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🎧 The TARDIS has been stolen. Doctor #2 is off on an adventure with Jamie to find the police box.

They follow clues to an old antiques shop where it becomes evident that IT‘S A TRAP!

Monster of the week? DALEKS!

They are looking for the “human factor”, something they feel will help them TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE!

One of those old series that‘s still missing an episode.


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Finished this audiobook this morning. It was about all the crazy things that boys do when they are young. The author‘s note at the end was really interesting. I really like when those are included in audiobooks. The narrator was also very good. #139 #BookSpinBingo #2 #BFC21 #BOOKED2021 Jewish author #20in4

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1w
Cinfhen Just in time for Hanukkah 🕎 😉I also appreciate and enjoy author‘s notes. It adds a whole new dimension to the story. 1w
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 1w
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The Night Watchman | Louise Erdrich
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Starting Book Club #2 reading selection.
Starting with Hoopla audio and just received notification that the actual book is ready for me at the Library! 🎧 📚👏🏻

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