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Love reading/writing obvi; Im a pianist and teach private lessons; i have 2 bulldogs who I love so much that I know love is real. 🐶🐾💖
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Book of American Martyrs by Joyce Carol Oates
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Four, Three, Two, One by Paul Auster
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Middlemarch (Revised) by George Eliot
Thursdays Child | Helen Forrester
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1 Fall
2 Caramel Apples but they have to be the good kind. Not those nasty Happy Apples that are smothered in peanuts
3 Hayride
4 of course! Many, many times
5 sure! I like it but I‘m not one who is waiting in line for it the day Starbucks brings it back. Besides, I prefer hot apple cider. W/ bourbon.

Norwegian by Night | Derek B. Miller
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@Laughterhp @Ajessgirl I hope you both can figure out my map of comments 😕 After I wrote this one I sort of just paused and stared at it. Then decided the most logical thing to do is post it on Litsy #LTLPBC

Laughterhp Wow!! It looks like you helped explain my confusion, so I appreciate! It looks like you need a notebook or something for your thoughts 😂 4y
DebBates101 @Laughterhp Lol! That was just a particularly long note 😂 But i wasnt sure if it even helped w/ ur question. Sheldon is an interesting character and i am very curious about where this is headed 4y
Q84 I use those large sticky notes for those long thoughts! 4y
DebBates101 @Q84 oh dang! Thats a good idea! I didnt know my thought was that long until it was over lol! 4y
Q84 @DebBates101 understandable! It happens! 4y
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Norwegian by Night | Derek B. Miller
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I am excited to read this and I love all the very thoughtful goodies! Tysm @Laughterhp #LTLPBC 1.2 is gonna be a good one ☺️ @Ajessgirl

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I love Fiona Davis and The Masterpiece is her best work. The storylines are richly woven around each other while Grand Central reflects the storylines, the characters, and the ways our lives can effect change in our hearts and our soul. I found the stories to be as lovely as the artwork described within. @Ajessgirl @Laughterhp I hope you guys like the book and that you find the symbolism as interesting and as beautiful as I did. #LTLPBC

UnabridgedPod Can‘t wait to read this—come on, library hold! 4y
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1. Migraines
2. Amazing weather

DGRachel Migraines seem to have whacked a lot of us in the last week!! {{hugs}} 4y
MerinEliza Migraines suck. I had one last week too. Hope yours become alright. 4y
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The Gilded Hour | Sara Donati
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This was a wonderful surprise in the mail today! Ham is excited too 😆💝 Thank you @Ajessgirl You‘re a rockstar!

OriginalCyn620 Loved Eleanor! Love the doggie bookmarks too! 5y
whatsthEStorey I love that your bulldog's name is Ham! 😍 5y
DebBates101 @whatsthEStorey ty! I named him after the NASA chimp but he took that name and owned it like a pro. He is a complete and total ham in every way possible 5y
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My new deck is finished and I have my reading nook all set up ❤️😍❤️

SledgeReader Beautiful! 5y
BooknerdsLife Beautiful reading nook 😍😍 5y
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1. Getting my new patio set ready for my new deck; a graduation party; supposed to have a date but I am dreading it
2 I have been a slacker this month so only 10. But last month I read over 20 😵
3 both 🌞💦🌨☃️ because I need variety
4 either Madonna at Madison Square Gardens or U2
5 Happy Friyay everyone!

@jesshowbooks thx for a fun friyay!

EchoLogical How is 10 books indicative of slacking?! 😂 5y
DebBates101 @EchoLogical haha! For me it is, though. That is my minimum in a month. 🤓 5y
EchoLogical @DebBates101 I hear ya. If it makes you feel any better, I read 3 this month. Lol 5y
DebBates101 @EchoLogical aww I luv ya for tryin to ease my guilt 😘 5y
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I packed for my trip!

Ruthiella 😂😂😂😂 5y
BeckyGudge I pack like this and then end up buying more books on my trip! Can't help it, it just happens! #nevertoomanybooks 😊📖😊 5y
rustoryhuf Hubs and I are going to Germany later this year. I‘ve already scouted the bookstores in each city. Taking an extra bag just in case. 😎 5y
Linsy 😆 5y
KateFulfordAuthor Room for one more?!? If you need another recommendation, may I point you to my People‘s Book Prize nominated debut? Sassy female narrative, laugh out dialogue and a pacy plot. Check the link in the bio for 2 free chapters, reviews and more. 5y
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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So grateful for my BOTM delivery. This is a heartbreaking week. My sugary, sweet Roxie Hart has been suffering from bladder cancer for a few months and I can‘t let her suffer any further. The next few days I will spend loving on her and indulging her in every way I can. On Thurs morning our vet will arrive here and Roxie will be put into a final rest and be freed from her pain and misery. And then my BOTM stack will be my respite.

Lovesbooks87 Oh no so sorry to hear this! Hugs! 5y
Captivatedbybooks Awww my heart is with you! I love that the vet is coming to you. ❣️❣️❣️❣️ 5y
Onceuponatime I‘m so sorry! 😢 I‘ve been there too, it is absolutely heartbreaking to know you‘re in your final days together. Lots of love! ❤️ 5y
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Kshakal I am so sorry to hear this... I will be thinking about you and Roxy in the days to come! 💖 5y
AmyG I‘m so sorry. 😪 5y
Buddys_Momma So much comfort to you and Roxy. My heart breaks for you. Dogs are so amazing. 💜💜💜 5y
Prairiegirl_reading 😢😢😢 5y
Smrloomis Sorry for your little loved one 💜 5y
SassyBookworm Oh goodness! So sorry for what is going on with Roxie. Fur babies have a special place in our hearts. Thinking about you during this sad time 😭🐾 5y
Jess7 I‘m sorry to hear that. Thinking about you. 5y
alysonimagines So sorry. It‘s always hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet this way. 5y
FeastOfFiction 😢😢😢 5y
dragondrool 😢💕 5y
rubyslippersreads Sending ❤️❤️❤️ to you and Roxy. 5y
FairyHighRoad I am so sorry! I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog last year. Take comfort in your happy memories and know Roxie is still with you. 💕 (edited) 5y
bookworm29 All my love to you and Roxie 😪💕 am sorry to hear that. That‘s very sad! I know how heart breaking it is, all my love....💕 5y
Ruthiella I am so sorry 😢I‘ve been there before. I never gets easier but you‘ve given Roxy a wonderful life full if love and petting and treats. 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww I‘m so sorry 😢 5y
asiriusreader Oh no. Love to you and your sweet baby. It‘s so hard to say goodbye to our wonderful furry family members . 💗 5y
Yellowpigeon I'm so sorry. Give her an extra rub from me and my cats 5y
TNbookworm Oh! I'm so sorry! 5y
Emiller I‘m so sorry 😢😢 5y
knittedgnome Oh, I am so sorry. So glad you can give her extra love and let her pass in peace. 5y
QuietlyLaura I'm so sorry. Hugs to you and your furbaby. 😢💙 5y
BookwormAHN I'm so sorry. Hugs to the both of you 😿 5y
JoScho I am so very sorry. Losing a pet is so hard and gut wrenching. Enjoy your last few days with her and spoil her rotten! Sending love and strength to you 💕 5y
Branwen I am so so sorry. Sending love and positive thoughts your way. Hang in there 💙 5y
tracey38 I am so very sorry. I know letting go of our pets, who are definitely family, is one of the hardest things to do. Sending many thoughts and hugs your way. 5y
Dragon So very sorry, I‘m glad you have some time to indulge Roxy before the vet‘s visit. 💔 5y
cobwebmoth I'm so sorry. *hugs* 5y
saradxxiii So very sorry. It is never easy to say goodbye. Peace to you and to Roxie. ❤️ (edited) 5y
ErikasMindfulShelf So sorry 💕 5y
ladym30 So very sorry. 5y
BookwormM So sorry 5y
niftytiffd Sorry for your loss. 💔 5y
Yvonnel Oh no. So very sad for you. 🤗 5y
peacegypsy Terribly sorry. Losing a pet hurts in a way that nothing else can. Hope you are doing all right. 💕 5y
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Going w/ Audible today so I can work on this light fixture. I loved this vintage beauty but didn‘t love the chain swag it hung from. I updated it by removing the chain and plug and hardwired it to hang directly at the ceiling. It turns out my project is much more interesting to me than this book. I don‘t like the characters, am annoyed by the narrator, and if this story doesn‘t go anywhere I will not be shocked.

tpixie You‘re talented!! 5y
DebBates101 @tpixie aww thank you! 5y
tracey38 Great job. Love the lamp. 5y
readinginthedark Yeah, I always feel like I should like Patterson, but I usually don‘t. 5y
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1. Picking and drying flowers to work on my botanical jewelry like in the picture above
2. Cake (not a pop) AND donuts
3. Finished 4 but one was a novella
4. Getting and planting forget-me-nots
5. Last person to like one of my posts @Chili

olivia.ferz That's so pretty!😍It looks hard to make though. 5y
ReadingRuby Wow that is gorgeous! 5y
DebBates101 @olivia.ferz @ReadingRuby tysm! There are things about it that is difficult but mostly it is just a process 5y
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readinginthedark Wow, how is that sealed? 😍 5y
DebBates101 @readinginthedark the clear orb is resin. I mix together two parts and they chemically combine and harden so it creates a solid, permanent piece 5y
readinginthedark It‘s so pretty! 5y
DebBates101 @readinginthedark awww thx! I will show u some others next time icu. I also want to make some literary-focused pieces too. Like cutting out a 1”x1” clip from a book, laying a small, pressed flower on that, framing it in metal, and sealing it w/ resin. 5y
readinginthedark Oh, that would be so fun! It would probably take some piecing together to make a square, but I bet it would look cool! 5y
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Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes | Karin Slaughter
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It is interesting to me that Slaughter wrote this as, really, a short story. A topic that is so important and could have been expanded extensively. But it strikes me that even the brevity of this piece is significant in and of itself; a parallel, a representation of the story‘s message: rape and rape victims were not worthy of society‘s time.

whatsthEStorey Did you read Pretty Girls? This was the prequel. I'm not sure prequel is the right word, but this character is also in Pretty Girls. If you liked it, you definitely should! 5y
DebBates101 @whatsthEStorey tysm for the tip! I will definitely check it out 😃 5y
MonthlyBookClub I love this author! 4y
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The storyline was engrossing and the sympathetic characters led to that. I was invested in the “what happens next” factor, but then after the “reveal” the rest of the ending became too elongated, too predictable, and therefore fell flat. I still give it a pick, I just felt as if the end could have been tightened up a little more because it was already clear what was going to happen so I didn‘t need a 1.5 hour unfolding. Just end it already.

MonthlyBookClub This cover is intense! 4y
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The Sleepwalker: A Novel | Chris Bohjalian
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It is because of you Lovely Littens that I decided to again try OverDrive. Last time I was unimpressed with the selection and the wait time but I keep seeing comments about OverDrive and about using Libraries. All of your random, subtle “libraries are awesome” comments worked their way into my brain where they waited and grew as more amazing Littens noted more and more about utilizing the library system. I am now devoted to digital-library-ing!

Chelleo As a librarian, I‘m overjoyed to hear this! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 5y
DebBates101 @Chelleo 😆 I love libraries but I have always been one who buys books rather than borrow them. Now I will be borrowing a LOT of audio- and e-books 💖💖💖 5y
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KathyWheeler Like @Chelleo, as a librarian, I‘m also overjoyed to hear this. My library uses 3 different digital services and I use and love all three. 5y
KathyWheeler Oh, it may have been @Chelleo who first did this, but someone inspired me to add up the money I saved every time I read a library book instead of bought one — it‘s been almost $700 I‘ve saved so far this year. 5y
CouronneDhiver Yay! I love Overdrive! 5y
Ruthiella I am a big Overdrive user! It‘s great 😀 5y
Kindredanne I have just added an app that was recommend by my library that I love that is done by overdrive. It is called Libby! I love it!! It is even more user friendly and has more options!! I think it is fabulous!! You might want to check it out!!! My local library is recommending it to everyone!! By the way I love the library!!!! I have been going to the library every two weeks since I was kid!!! 5y
DebBates101 @Kindredanne Yes! My library uses Libby so I manage my book requests/loans/holds/etc w/ Libby but then use overdrive to listen to the audibles. I need to explore libby a lot more, though. Thx for the tip! 5y
DebBates101 @KathyWheeler Oh, man, if i had been using overdrive all year I would also be at at least $700 saved. From Audible I get the 2 credits/month but then I always purchase an additional 6 at the very least. I can get through an audible book a day...clearly I need the library. 5y
StephanieGeiser Libby is the best!! I just started using the app to download and listen to audiobooks in my car while I‘m commuting or running errands. 5y
Chelleo @DebBates101 I still buy books but I don‘t buy audiobooks which makes the library a great option. I also tend to read outside my comfort zone with audiobooks. 5y
Chelleo @KathyWheeler I WISH I could take credit for that great idea but it wasn‘t me. Libraries really are an economical choice. 5y
KathyWheeler @Chelleo I wish I could remember who I first saw doing it. It made me curious. After seeing that money, I‘ve started to think twice about buying books. I ask myself if the library has it and if the book is something I will reread. 5y
Bookmarkie Libby is my fave😀 5y
ThatBookishGal Overdrive/Libby itself has a great collection. What you have access to is based on what your library selects. If you have multiple libraries and library systems available to you, you can be a power user and have multiple digital collections at your disposal! 5y
jillrhudy E-book budgeting is tied to e-book use! If you want more, use the e-books! 5y
mkinney10 @ThatBookishGal @jillrhudy thanks for the reminders! I love overdrive through my library for audiobooks and am grateful to have lots of choices. 5y
DebBates101 @mkinney10 @ThatBookishGirl @jillrhudy those are def great tips to consider. I am extremely fortunate where I live because our county has a pretty extensive library system. But to top it off, even though I live outside of St Louis County I also get a free membership to their library system! AND in the email they sent me outlining their services they said their libraries actually rent out telescopes!!!! Im a huge space nerd so this thrilled me 🤩 5y
DebBates101 @KathyWheeler What are the three digital services your library uses? 5y
DebBates101 @Chelleo I am the same about reading out of my comfort zone w/ audiobooks and have found that I am pushing those boundaries even further when the books are from the library. And if I hate a book I dont have to feel bad about it like I do when I call Amazon to ask them to refund yet another Audible. They have never refused but I return enough Audibles that they make me call them instead of being able to do it online like everyone else 😯 5y
DebBates101 @Chelleo @KathyWheeler a question for the experts: if there is an audiobook I want that my library doesn‘t have, what is the best route to take? I can request/hope they buy it, right? I dont know anything about their buying/selection process. Is requesting it worth it or am I better off just borrowing what they already have and buying what they dont? 5y
jillrhudy @DebBates101 That sounds like a great reference question! Call your library‘s reference desk and ask whether they take purchase requests or suggestions for e-books. We LOVE guidance in collection management in my library. Chances are unless your tastes are totally bizarre there are other patrons who would like your selection. 5y
DebBates101 @jillrhudy awesome! I am gonna call them tmrw 😁📚 tysm 5y
Chelleo @DebBates101 Yes to everything @jillrhudy said. Also, check your library‘s website. They may have an online form to easily suggest titles. Talking to the librarians/staff may give you a better idea on how best to make your suggestions. Also, subscribe to the newsletters because they may include upcoming titles that you can put on hold so you have access to them as soon as they become available. 5y
jillrhudy @Chelleo you just gave me a brainwave! I bet our patrons would love a service that gives them intel on new ebooks. 5y
Chelleo @jillrhudy Great. My library does this and I‘m usually adding holds for items that have been ordered but not yet processed. 5y
KathyWheeler @DebBates101 I‘m in an academic library so my answer is a bit different. We take requests for purchases from patrons, but for us to actually purchase them, they must fit the curriculum. For public libraries, as @jillrhudy said, unless your taste is extremely bizarre, chances are good that someone else will also want it. We take into account the number of people making a request and I bet public libraries do as well. 5y
KathyWheeler @DebBates101 Hoopla, Cloud Library, and RBDIGITAL. 5y
DebBates101 @Chelleo @jillrhudy @KathyWheeler TYSM to all of you for your input, ideas, advice, and for promoting such an underutilized but brilliant public service. 5y
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The Best American Essays of the Century | Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Atwan
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@Kaye you‘re so cute with the survey entries! I love it 💖

Kaye 🎁Thanks very much for playing. I‘m not sure about the cute part. I‘m just a born yakker, so I like asking questions. I keep asking the dumbest things I can think of to my husband. He‘s got the patience of a saint. He just answers and never gets mad. Thing is, he KNOWS I‘m doing it to bug him. Sort of a game we play. I keep trying to rile him up. Impossible. I‘ve tried for 40 years 5y
DebBates101 @Kaye lol! Perfect match, u2 are ❤️ 5y
Kaye Well , they said it‘d never last. We are almost up to 41 years in about 6 weeks. Who knows.... it MIGHT not work out. 🤷‍♀️ 5y
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Ham is always reliable for a good expression.

JoScho Yes Ham!!! 5y
DebBates101 @JoScho I forgot to tag you xoxo 5y
DiruVamp Adorable!!!!! 5y
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JoScho Lol not necessary 😊 5y
wanderinglynn What a cutie! ❤️🐶 5y
Kamisha Ahhh! 😍😍 5y
BookMaven407 😍😍😍 5y
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1. At least 12 if I don‘t go to a thrift store to buy some. 2. I love rice so I am fine w/ that fate. 3. Las Vegas 4. Nope. 5. @Genstl3

Amanda.T 🤚🏻 5y
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LeshaMac Super cute! 5y
thereadingowlvina Oh yes!!! 😁🙋 5y
DebBates101 In case anyone wants one here is the link. I have never purchased from this company so I am not endorsing them. https://www.lookhuman.com/design/299411-i-believe-in-my-shelf 5y
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Jess7 Cute 5y
Mollyanna So cute! I have a pic on my wall with Sean Connery that says “A book fell on my head... I can only blame my shelf”. Makes me smile every time I look at it. 5y
DebBates101 @Mollyanna ha! Love that 💕 5y
Purrfectpages Love this! 5y
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All the Missing Girls | Megan Miranda
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This story got inside of me and stayed with me, begging me to finish. The characters were likeable, yet as the story progressed, more and more of their flaws were revealed. My favorite aspect was the way the author wove together philosophy and the psychological thriller in a way that supported the story but also propelled the story.

RaimeyGallant Nice review. :) 5y
BookedBySunrise Read this last year on vacation.. Different but really enjoyed it 5y
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All the Missing Girls | Megan Miranda
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I got home from lunch w/ mumsy and you would think that after 1/2 bottle of wine it would be ME sleeping. But, alas, it is always the bulldog who wins the sleep war. Especially Ham. At least I can continue my Audible, which I am loving!

wanderinglynn What a cutie-pie! ❤️🐶 5y
DebBates101 @wanderinglynn yes, he is a sweetie! A mama‘s boy for sure ☺️ 5y
AmyG Awww ❤️ 5y
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BookwormM Cute 5y
DivineDiana How sweet! 5y
DGRachel ❤️🐶❤️ 5y
Sleepswithbooks Ham must be a world class snuggler!! He is making me crave puppy breath 😅 5y
DebBates101 @Stacypatrice omg he is the best snuggler ever! I tell him “Ham, come have a cuddle” and he gets all cozy. The funny cuddles are when Im sitting up partially or have my knees up and he wants me to lie down so he puts his head on my chest or on my knees and falls asleep. Btw, his head weighs a lot! 5y
stacybmartin He is so cute!! 🐶 5y
Sleepswithbooks @DebBates101 - I‘m so envious 😍 5y
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The Music Shop | Rachel Joyce
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Who Am I? | Gervase Phinn
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1. St Louis, Mo 2. HAHAHAHA! That was so funny 3. Not a series kinda gal. Too much commitment 4. Depends on the genre 5. Again, several, but one current show is This Is Us. Also anything about crime/murder 6. Tori Amos 7. Turquoise 8. Literary fiction 9. I teach piano 10. I have two goofy, lovable bulldogs: Roxie Hart, who‘s 11, and Ham, who‘s 6

readinginthedark Do you still live in St. Louis? 5y
DebBates101 @readinginthedark I do! Are you nearby? 5y
readinginthedark Yeah, I live in St. Peters! I‘m thinking of setting up a meet-up of some kind in May or June. We only had a couple of people last time, but it was fun! 5y
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DebBates101 @readinginthedark OMG! You‘re so close to me! I grew up in St Peters but live in Ofallon now 😀 We should meet up for coffee and I would love to help you plan a meet up. 5y
DebBates101 @readinginthedark find me on FB so we can pm. Im on there as Deborah Bates. 5y
readinginthedark 👍🏻I‘m barely ever on FB. I‘ll add you—just make sure you pm me instead of posting on my wall if you want me to see it! 5y
readinginthedark Also, mine‘s Hannah Waterman. I don‘t have a photo as my profile pic right now, but I promise I‘m not a stalker. 😆 5y
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The Music Shop | Rachel Joyce
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I gave the bulldogs a bone so I can go read and soak in the tub 😆

LazyLibrary Such a cute doggy!!!!! 5y
ladym30 He is so cute! 5y
DebBates101 @LazyLibrary @ladym30 tysm! That‘s my sweet nugget, Ham. 5y
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A Year in Provence | Peter Mayle
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1. A Year in Provence 2. Pizza cuz u can do ANYTHING to it! 3. Fatty, blubbery, globbilly meat 4. Thanksgiving! 5. Local restaurants that use fresh ingredients: Annie Gunn‘s, Katie‘s Pizza & Pasta, so many others

Pamwurtzler Katie‘s Pizza & Pasta in STL? 5y
DebBates101 @Pamwurtzler YES! Do you know it?! 5y
Pamwurtzler @DebBates101 Yes! My daughter & one of my brothers live there & we‘ve been there. It‘s SO good! 5y
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QuietlyLaura Your answer to number 3 is perfect! 5y
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This is one of those I didn‘t want to put down and only paused to sleep last night. The main character is undoubtedly a mess, but is the type pf mess you care about and feel a need to know what happens to her. This is a definitive pick in my book!

DebBates101 @ChrisBohjalian congrats on the success of your book! I absolutely loved it. I would be very interested in your creative process—is there an interview or anything that I could read/download? 5y
Jess7 Nice review! I want to get this one to read soon. 5y
DebBates101 @Jess7 there is more i wanted to say but it would give away too much. When u read it tag me in ur review if u think of it 🙂 5y
See All 8 Comments
Jess7 Ok will do. It may be awhile... unless it goes on a kindle daily deal, bc the library wait list is pretty long. But I definitely will post about it when I get a copy and let you know. 5y
DebBates101 @Jess7 i wish there was a way i could loan u my audible copy. That is one of the things i dont like about getting an audible or ebook 😠 5y
Jess7 I think the same thing! I think there is a way to loan out some kindle ebooks (maybe), but I‘ve never done it and I am not sure how it works. I have soooo many kindle ebooks I would love to share too. Thanks for thinking of me though. 🤗🤗 5y
DebBates101 @Jess7 amazon marks certain books that are available to share, which is nice, but there are not many at all and a lot of them are books that are already free. I have given my login info to a couple of ppl so they can access my account 😯 5y
Jess7 Oh gotcha. I wasn‘t sure how the sharing worked. 5y
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Congrats on 1,000💖📚💥🌟 #SuperStephSurprise

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Adding to my tbr and cant wait! This Book About The Woman Behind 'Little House On The Prairie' Just Won A Pulitzer Prize - Bustlehttps://apple.news/AO8QTbFQiRuqKmnWmvGMDtg

Tjackson I saw this! Looking forward to reading it, too! 5y
emilyhaldi Awesome!!! #stacked! 5y
Ericalambbrown I live about an hour from her home in Mansfield, MO. I had not heard of this book. I need to check it out. 5y
See All 9 Comments
Bourriquet76 Loved it! Christmas gift from my husband. :) 5y
DebBates101 @Bourriquet76 I‘m so glad to hear good things about it! I‘m going to read it next 😆 5y
DebBates101 @Ericalambbrown Im in STL and I have never been to the LIW house. I think I need to plan a trip! You have been there? 5y
Ericalambbrown @DebBates101 I have! It‘s been several years. I haven‘t seen the new improvements they put in a couple of years ago, but I‘ve heard great things about it. There is another nifty place in Mansfield called Baker Creek Seed Company. It‘s a fun old timely place to visit, too, if you do make a trip to Mansfield. 5y
Ericalambbrown @DebBates101 If you are on FB, check out the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum page. They posted a video of someone playing Pa‘s fiddle this afternoon. It‘s rather lovely. 5y
DebBates101 @Ericalambbrown thats awesome! Thx for the heads up 5y
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The Innocent Wife | Amy Lloyd
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Where do I even begin. I gave it a pick so I did like it. The premise and the storyline are so interesting. There were some things that were a little uncomfortable to read but that is because it is very real. Where it gets problematic for me is the end of the book. I almost feel like I missed something and I am still wondering what the ending actually means. If anyone else has read this I would love to chat!

Victoriahoperose I love a good book that leaves me thinking at the end. Looks like I need to get this ASAP! 5y
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How to Walk Away | Katherine Center
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I got a scoop! BOTM sent me a survey and one of the questions asked me which book from a list of 5 I would select for my botm. As I was scrolling down I saw a book that was already familiar to me, as she is a Facebook friend of mine and good friends w/ one of my besties. She confirmed that, indeed, her book is going to be offered for May! I have to tell you all that May is going to be a tough month because they all look like amazing options!

mklong Oooh, my eye went right to Rachel Kushner. That book isn‘t released until June so I would be very excited to get it a month early 5y
DebBates101 @mklong Did u get the same survey w/ the same books? Did u notice the screwed up summary they gave of Still Lives? 5y
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mklong No, I was just going off the screen cap that you posted. That‘s weird that they sent it out with a messed up summary though. 5y
DebBates101 @mklong it was so bad it did not even make sense so i looked it up on amazon. They had deleted part of a sentence and didnt piece it back together at all. So i emailed botm to let them know cuz that author will not get good results w/ the way the description read. 5y
DebBates101 @swishandflick Still Lives by Maria Hummel was one of them, too. I cannot recall the last one, though. 5y
DebBates101 Ah! I remember! The Perfect Mother is the last one! Anyone ever notice that Amazon has the botm selections at the top? Not sure if it is a coincidence because March was my second month but I have noticed a trend...just sayin 5y
mrozzz Oh I definitely notice that on Amazon month to month! 5y
stuck.in.the.stacks Oh I won a copy of this from Goodreads so hopefully that will make choosing for May a little easier. 5y
stuck.in.the.stacks So did you see the rest of the spoilers or just the one? 5y
DebBates101 @felinesandfiction there are three in the pic and the other two are Still Lives and The Perfect Mother 😆 5y
DebBates101 @mrozzz ty! I thought it might be coincidental based on only 2 months. But if others have noticed then it is likely real. That makes me very very happy 😁 5y
Aswenson May spoilers?! Holy moly we are on a whole new level of #botm sleuthing! 5y
DebBates101 @Aswenson haha! Thats what u get when a former journalist joins the group! 5y
DebBates101 In the mean time I am doing everything I can to figure out the April selections 5y
swishandflick I posted the April selections a while back, I'll tag you 😄 5y
DebBates101 @swishandflick yaaaaaaayyyyyyy! TYSM I love you! 5y
MicheleinPhilly @swishandflick Oh wow! Thanks for the tag! 5y
Lovesbooks87 This sounds really good! 5y
catiewithac Another month of ALL novels. Bummer. 5y
Jess7 Thanks for the tag and the heads up @swishandflick - what‘re your thoughts on these May #BOTMSpoilers? 5y
The_Heeler_Booklife Now I regret deleting my email. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 5y
The_Heeler_Booklife @DebBates101 I had the same email for a survey, but I deleted it. 5y
BookFreakOut Ooo, I just got an ARC of this, will have to read it fast and get a review up, I really enjoyed the excerpt I read! 5y
Jess7 @TheLibrarian - these are supposed to be the ones for May. They sent out some kind of spoiler email or something. 5y
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Rainbirds | Clarissa Goenawan
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This book keeps getting dubbed as a mystery but I read is as more of a piece of literary fiction that happened to have a mystery within it. The imagery and metaphors are beautiful. If you are familiar with the themes in Midnight‘s Children by Rushdie you will find some pertinent parallels.

everfree7 I got this one and look forward to reading it! 5y
DebBates101 @everfree7 I would like to hear what you think 5y
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Beneath the Surface | Heidi Perks
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I enjoyed the entire story but felt like it ended a little flat.

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The Collection | Bentley Little
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Happy reading to you all! 💕💖💕

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Curled up w/ a book and my old girl, Roxie

MiyakoBunny OoOoOo 😻 5y
Ubookquitous This is my favorite of his books 5y
PictureandBook A fav! 5y
Craftylikefox This is one of my favorites! Doing a reread right now 😊 hope you enjoy 5y
DebBates101 @Ubookquitous I really like it so far! It will be a quick read considering how dense it is 5y
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The Sacrifice | Joyce Carol Oates
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The mail arrived = tbr grows

Louise Lots of JCO! Lots of reading! Woo-HOO! 5y
tammysue Wow! 📚😍 5y
Lcsmcat I really liked 5y
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BiblioLitten Oooo nice! 😍 5y
DebBates101 @Louise jco is one of my favs so I wanted to pick up the hardbacks Im missing 😆 5y
DebBates101 @Louise btw ru a fan of jco? If so i would luv 2 know ur favs from her 5y
Louise Hi, @DebBates101, I've read some of her short stories and found them extraordinary. My main connection to her is that I was determined to get her autograph for a friend in Germany who is a huge fan. I walked through Central Park in pouring rain to get to the B&N, where she would be reading that evening and ended up buying dry clothes from a sale rack at the Gap just so I could attend the reading. My sopping sundress went into the shopping bag! 5y
DebBates101 @Louise and u got a story from it...sounds like a great writing op 5y
Louise I got her autograph on a long postcard of the NYC skyline, complete with the WTC, which was still there. I think about how eerie that must have been for my German friend when the skyline on her treasured postcard changed so traumatically just a year later. JCO was gracious about signing the card and also my book. 5y
Louise Yes, a treasured memory of bookish determination! 😂 5y
DebBates101 @Louise what was she like? Was she friendly or more reserved? I know it can be hard to say if there were a ton of ppl there 5y
Louise She was friendly in a reserved way. She smiled as I told her about my friend in Germany who would be thrilled with an autograph, and she thanked me for my compliments about her writing. But I think she is a true introvert and not into small talk. And that was just fine. She's kind of quirky, which I like in people! 5y
DebBates101 @Louise thank you for sharing! That is exactly as I always imagined her ☺️💕 5y
Louise You're welcome! I hope you get to meet her someday! 5y
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This or That? | Delphine Chedru, Bernard Duisit
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Dog ears!! Lol 😱🤣😂 5y
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What is the oldest book you own? Mine is our family bible (ironic because no one in our family is really a bible believer) but it is a beautiful piece of art and has our family history in the back in the form of a few pictures and the family tree my dad and I researched.

theresidentromantic How old is it? Are family events recorded in it? 5y
DebBates101 The best I can tell, it is from 1900. There are some family dates recorded in it but no one was very good at doing that. I inherited it and as conservator of it I have taken on the task of filling in the missing pieces up to now. 5y
dsfisher How lovely 5y
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LauraBrook I have one like that in my attic, and I should really get working on filling in some blanks. After taxes get done. 5y
jenmoody23 My mom has our old family bible. Yours is beautiful! 5y
TheBookgeekFrau Beautiful, both the Bible itself and its history 5y
rachelk It looks absolutely beautiful. My oldest is dated 1876. It‘s also a family inheritance, but mine is a book of poetry written by sisters that I am related to. I‘ll have to post about sometime! 5y
DebBates101 @rachelk That sounds amazing! 5y
ThatBookishGal That is amazing!!! Beautiful! 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It‘s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
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The Best American Essays of the Century | Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Atwan
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The mail arrived! Now I have some reading choices to make 🤔

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I chose Rainbirds and The Broken Girls 📚 5y
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1. Every song on The Voice 2. Rainbirds ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (but I JUST started and am only 1 page in) 3. Les Miserables. There are several at around 1,000pgs but Les Mis wins. 4. @Genstl3

Genstl3 How do I do this @DebBates101 5y
DebBates101 @Genstl3 take a screenshot of the image and edit it to crop it to just the graphic. It will save to ur camera roll/gallery. Create a new post by clicking the + at the bottom of Litsy, and use the ‘blurb‘ option. Click on ‘add image‘ and add the graphic. I know u can figure it out from there. 5y
Genstl3 Thanks @DebBates101 I‘m so bad technology 5y
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Sad Perfect | Stephanie Elliot
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@mrozzz Ham and I are sending u puppy luv and sympathy. Maybe a good book would help distract you from work?

EKonrad Why are dogs with underbites so cute? 😊 5y
Sleepswithbooks This face 💖🐶💖🐶 5y
DebBates101 @Stacypatrice yep. Try disciplining that. 5y
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CherryPie That mug! 💕 5y
mrozzz Definitely! Puppy pics tend to act faster though... 💗😊 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
ladym30 So sweet! 5y
AmyG What a face ❤️ 5y
Sleepswithbooks @DebBates101 - I couldn‘t. He would run the household 😅 5y
DebBates101 @Stacypatrice He runs my heart. As sweet as he looks, he is even sweeter in person. He wants nothing more than to make me happy and will do anything for a cuddle and a goodie. 5y
Sleepswithbooks I‘m in love from afar with him!!! 5y
DebBates101 @Stacypatrice awww thx! He gets a LOT of attn everywhere we go. At Panera the drive-thru employees know him and we get to the window and they all come running over to see him. I wish I could post videos here. I would show you some of the games he has created. 5y
TNbookworm 💕💕 5y
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This or That? | Delphine Chedru, Bernard Duisit
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eimear.reads Charlotte's Web is one of my all time favourite books 💜 5y
DebBates101 @eimear.reads mine too! 🕸 5y
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The Purchase | Linda Spalding
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TY @ kois88 I picked up a couple of books tonight from Book Outlet 🙂🤫

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1. Books! Duh! 2. I always remove the dust jacket while I‘m reading 3. Amazon, Audible, Goodwill

tanya1512 1. Pug items 2. The naked book I hate when the cover keeps falling off when you are reading 3. Amazon kindle mostly 5y
MelAnn These are great! Thank you for playing along! 5y
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Silent Victim | Caroline Mitchell
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It was‘t exactly a mind-blowing ending but I was captivated enough to stay awake all night to finish listening so I definitely enjoyed it ☺️ My next dilemma is whether I go to sleep at 4:30am or just stay up. 📖👀⏰

Jhullie I‘m listening to this too. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. 5y
DebBates101 @Jhullie it took me awhile to get into it but i did like it. How far in are you? 5y
Jhullie I‘m 60% through and very intrigued. 5y
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Poison: A Novel | Galt Niederhoffer

I attempted this book at least 3 times and I just could not get through more than half.

Ajessgirl Hi Deborah! I‘m part of your group for the tea lovers‘ postal book club. Just wanted to check if you‘ve gotten the emails about book picks so we can get started. So excited! 5y
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The Piano Teacher: A Novel | Janice Y. K. Lee
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Now that I bailed on a book I am ready to curl up with something new. Any input? I have The Piano Teacher by Janice Y K Lee; The Echo Chamber by Luke Williams; and In America by Susan Sontag. I love Sontag but I actually am a piano teacher. I have never read Luke Williams but the philosophical nature of The Echo Chamber is right in my wheelhouse...

rmaclean4 I really enjoyed The Piano Teacher. 5y
Lcsmcat I second @rmaclean4 ‘s opinion. 5y
SomedayAlmost The Piano Teacher is vivid and evocative. I really enjoyed it. 5y
DebBates101 Thank u all for the advice. Piano Teacher is where i started 😊 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The Piano Teacher cover is gorgeous!! 💚 5y
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Poison: A Novel | Galt Niederhoffer
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Struggling to get through this. Please. Make. It. End.

SandyW Life is too short to read bad fiction! 5y
DebBates101 @SandyW thank you for saying that!!!!! I always tell that to others but I feel like something is wrong with me when I have a hard time w/ a book. It is good to have someone here (YOU) to knock me into reasonable thinking xo Now I have to pick my next book 😆 5y
SandyW Always happy to be of service. 😉 5y
DebBates101 @SandyW gtk! Will u now help me pick my next book? (edited) 5y
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Ham and I want to know where everyone lives and what ur reading. I am near St Louis, Missouri, USA 💗🇺🇸 and I am taking a break from reading Poison.

SilversReviews Pittsburgh. 5y
tonyahoswalt I'm in NW Louisiana 5y
debthmpsn Northern Michigan, we love the city museum in St Louis :) 5y
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LitsyOwl I live in southeast Alabama 🌻 5y
jessijames A tiny South Alabama town that is an hour north of Pensacola, FL and two hours east of Mobile, Alabama. 5y
toofondofbooks South Mississippi 5y
Jerdencon Queens New York 5y
dariazeoli 🎵Iiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised...🎵 Nope, sorry, I mistook myself for Will Smith again 😁 I‘m a NJ girl, not too far from NYC (edited) 5y
DebBates101 @debthmpsn City Museum is awesome!! 5y
Dragon Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 5y
DebBates101 @dariazeoli Haha! I stayed in Oakland for awhile 5y
mjdowens Indianapolis, IN (or just outside of it really) 5y
Alfoster San Diego, CA but originally from Minnesota. 5y
CSeydel Los Angeles! Hubby has relatives in St Louis though. Can confirm, City Museum is awesome! (edited) 5y
GripLitGrl 🐕💕I'm originally from NY now in New Jersey 5y
LibrarianJen Albuquerque, New Mexico 5y
Myhusbandhatesreading I‘m in Delaware ☺️ 5y
rachelk Portland, Oregon (aka Portlandia) 5y
LiteraryinLawrence In rural PA! 5y
jenmoody23 Northwest Tennessee 5y
CaitZ I'm in western suburbs of Chicago and I'm trying to figure out which of the nine books I have from the library to start next. 5y
DebBates101 @CaitZ what are your choices? 5y
night_shift Near Portland, OR! 5y
bookish_wookish Milford CT 5y
ElleSkel Hi Ham!! I‘m near Providence RI 5y
ladym30 I am in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey and am reading Truly Devious. (edited) 5y
JessNevertheless Washington, D.C.! And I‘m slowly savoring Night Film! 5y
Bostonmomx2 Reno NV and reading We Were the Lucky Ones. 5y
Notafraidofwords I‘m from Newark, New Jersey. I‘m reading 5y
CocoReads Northern Indiana, pretty much on the border of Michigan. Reading multiple books but mostly concentrating on Bad Apple by Lani Lynn Vale. Been on a biker romance kick lately. 5y
shadowspeak17 I‘m from Texas, and I‘m about to start reading Bloodchild and House of Leaves. 5y
DebBates101 @Elle_Skeldon Ham said he thinks Providence needs a lot of bulldogs 5y
Librarybelle I‘m in South Central Pennsylvania and am currently reading so many books right now it‘s not funny! 5y
ElleSkel 😆 ❤️ 5y
FlowerFairy Im@from Florida and I‘m currently reading Glimpse by Jonathan Maberry and Dark Shadow: Heiress of Collinwood by Lara Parker. Any more Floridians? 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m in Lancaster, PA and reading three books right now. I want to add two more but am holding back! 5y
JoScho I love Ham! That is a perfect name. I live in SC and I am about to start One of Us is Lying. 5y
vlwelser What a face! I'm in Boston and I'm reading Jane Steele and Munich. 5y
DebBates101 @JoScho i cant wait to read that!!! Plz remember to tag me in ur review. ☺️ And TY. Yes, Ham is the perfect name for him. He is a total Ham and is the sweetest creature you could ever imagine. I named him after the NASA chimp that was the first to go to outer space and survive 5y
JoScho @DebBates101 will do! I love that he is as sweet as he looks! 5y
CaitZ @DebBates101 My top three choices are Shotgun Lovesongs, Reading the Rocks, and News of the World 5y
Christine11 I live in Edinburgh, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and I‘m about to start The Bell Jar ! Ham is adorable 😊 (edited) 5y
CouronneDhiver Ontario 🇨🇦 5y
ReadingRover New York and I‘m reading Armada-Ernest Cline, Beneath the Sugar Sky-Seanan Maguire, Eye of Zoltar- Jasper Fforde. 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww Ham!!! 🐶❤️ I live in Mississippi 💕 5y
ericarobynreads Manchester, New Hampshire 😁 5y
Katehubb Gilbert, AZ when he was wicked and warning light. 5y
Karen3 Northern California and reading the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society 5y
Sleepswithbooks Ham 🐶- you‘re gorgeous!! I‘m in Florida☀️ ( @FlowerFairy 🙂) and finishing up, “We need to talk about Kevin.” 5y
vkois88 Haha too cute! My name is Tori, and I'm from VA 😊 5y
vkois88 Also; I'm reading 5y
Bpsmith6176 Ham! I love it! I am in lincoln Nebraska and I have two English bulldogs! 5y
FlowerFairy Hi @Stacypatrice!!! I‘ve had We NeedTo Talk About Kevin for ages but haven‘t gotten around to it. Do you like it? I‘m in north Florida. 5y
RebelReader I‘m from Minnesota and I‘m currently reading Trump is F*cking Crazy, Still Me and 5y
corycatelyn I'm from Pennsylvania and I'm getting ready to start 5y
EricaReads I live in Hainan, China and am reading Dune and 5y
DebBates101 @Stacypatrice Talk...Kevin is such a good book. It is tough and emotional. They did a good job w/ the movie too 5y
Bourriquet76 We live in beautiful Colorado Springs! I‘m about to pick a new book, probably Eleanor Oliphant, and in the middle of Beartown. 5y
DebBates101 @vkois88 Hi Tori from Virginia! I would love to know your thoughts on Life After Death. And Ham says TY. That face is irresistible 5y
DebBates101 @Bpsmith6176 yay! Another bully lover! Do u have boy/s or girl/s? Ham is 6 and his sister, Roxie Hart, is 10. Her 11th birthday is April 1 but we dont know if she will make it that long 😢 She was diagnosed w/ bladder cancer 35 days ago. They told me she might have 4 months left and everyday she slips a little further away from who she really is. I luv my babies and I am going to go through an extremely rough time when Roxie has to leave me. 5y
DebBates101 @FlowerFairy hey! I know you asked @Stacypatrice but i wanted to tell u that i loved Kevin. It is such a difficult subject but i think important 5y
DezaraeOsborne I live in Carrboro, North Carolina (right next to Chapel Hill) and I'm currently reading All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely! 5y
kezzlou85 I'm all the way in Norfok England and reading the hunger by Alma Katsu. 💜 5y
Velvetfur I'm in the south of England, UK, and I'm reading The Complete Fairytales by the Brothers Grimm 😊 5y
Bpsmith6176 @DebBates101 oh I am so sorry to hear about Roxie :( I understand completely. I had to put the English bulldog I had growing up to sleep about 6 years ago and it broke my heart. It‘s so hard to watch them suffer:( I have a boy- Bernie and a girl Pinkie and they are both almost 2. Bulldogs are the best dogs to have❤️ 5y
Em_loves So cute. I‘m from the West Midlands in England. Current read is I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh! :) 5y
Sleepswithbooks @DebBates101 and @FlowerFairy - I despised the characters (the author did a great job creating them) and I‘m glad I‘m done reading it. I had too many emotions reading that book. The movie made me disgusted too. Flower - I‘m in South Florida ☀️ 5y
Lindy Hi! I‘m in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Currently reading 5y
Bookishbroadway What a cutie! I‘m in Ohio and currently reading Indian Killer (for a Native American lit class) and Genuine Fraud (to keep me sane 😅😂) 5y
Hokey I'm Sarah. I live in NE Kentucky about an hour south of Cincinnati. Currently reading. 5y
Michael_Gee Hey! I am in Saint Charles! Reading 5y
pmg227 Hey, I'm in NC, outside Charlotte. Reading 5y
DebBates101 @Bpsmith6176 Thank you for your kind words. I have shed many tears in the last 5 weeks but I think Rox knows I am taking special care of her and she gets a lot of love from Ham and me. I worry a lot about having to put Roxie to sleep. Of course, I would rather she go on her own but I will do the best thing for her. I am sorry for you, too, having yo make that decision for your own dog. 💗 And I TOTALLY agree with you—bulldogs belong in pairs! 5y
mabell Hi Ham & Deb from STL ❤️ 5y
IamIamIam 🙋 Hey hey! I'm from Long Island, NY which is right outside of NYC! We're dog people ourselves & bulldogs are awesome! We have a soft coated wheaten terrier who is basically my other kid. 😄 I'm also a book polygamist, but this is what I'm involved in before we head out for vacation. 5y
Tera66 @DebBates101 Im in Arvada CO, reading Tarnished City By Vic James, And I just saw your post above. I had to put my furbaby down right before Christmas. I knew it was time, and had no doubts. Its the most difficult thing, but the last gift we can give them. He was sick for a year, so I think we were in the same situation from the sound of your post. Sending good thoughts and love from Colorado💙💙💙 And Ham is a handsome boy!! 5y
DebBates101 @GhostStories whaaaat?!?!?! St Charles MO?!?! Awesome! I grew up in St Peters, left at 18 and lived all over. Now Im in O‘Fallon off of Hwy N close to where I 64 & 364 meet. Is the Invisible Men ur reading by Becky Pettit? I need to read that. Theres also a documentary you need to watch (i think everyone needs to watch). I cant find it but i will post it when i do. Let me know how the book is xo 5y
sarahbellum I live in Oakland, CA and am currently reading 5y
Bookish_AF 👋 I‘m in upstate NY (Syracuse area) and currently reading 5y
DebBates101 @GhostStories heres the 2nd part of my reply. You need to watch this on Netflix “Time: The Kalief Browder Story”. WHEN I am independently wealthy criminal justice and prison reform will be my great focus. Check out “Time: The Kalief Browder Story” on Netflixhttps://www.netflix.com/title/80187052?s=i&trkid=13752289 5y
Sharpeipup Minneapolis, MN & trying to decide what to read next 5y
DebBates101 @Tera66 Ty for your words of support. It means a lot to me. Btw, I used to live in Denver and then Westminster 🌄🌞💗 5y
Tera66 @DebBates Wow, Westminster is right by me. Too bad you moved! 5y
Rachel52 I'm from Plymouth (UK) and I'm currently reading Chocolate Lovers' Wedding by Carole Matthews 😊 5y
Titania Jackson, WY here! I'm currently reading Nigerians in Space and listening to 5y
ErikaB What a gorgeous boy! I'm in Dixon, Illinois, and currently in the middle of several books - I always have a few going so I can jump to another if I get stuck. I think the one I'm closest to finishing is the audio version of Louise Penny's "Still Life". Lumberjanes Volume 7 is on deck. 5y
DebBates101 @ErikaB you read like i do. I need variety for all of my many moods! 5y
Michael_Gee @DebBates101 We‘re neighbors! I am reading Ellison‘s novel, which is maybe where Pettit got her title. I will add that documentary series to my queue! Thanks for the rec! 5y
bookishbitch I'm in Maine. Soon to finish The name of the wind. Ham is adorable! We used to have a French Bulldog. Love the bullies! 5y
Bookladylinda I‘m in Duluth, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. I‘m reading several book right now, today I started 5y
DebBates101 @Genstl3 read through some of these to give u a vague idea of locations and also to give u a glimpse at what Littens read. 5y
Genstl3 Ha I already did lol @DebBates101 5y
ValerieAndBooks I‘m near Philadelphia, PA! 5y
ValerieAndBooks And currently reading Crime and Punishment 5y
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📖Best Feb Book: The Alice Network 💁🏼‍♀️I have 5 aunts, but one died a few years ago 🐜 I say ant, not ahhhhnt ☀️ For breakfast I had nothing because I ate my last cookie at breakfast yesterday 🖐🏻👊🏻 high five backatchya and a fist bump to boot @readherwriteher Idk any other new Littens either

readherwriteher ✋🏼 Fancy meeting you here! 😁 5y
ArcticDwarf I'm Norwegian. We say "Tante" ? 5y
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Accurate for me 🤔

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