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If you‘re frequenting the hostess restaurants in Roppongi, Tokyo, you‘re the Japanese equivalent of a #partyman. This book is so atmospheric, about the disappearance of a British woman in Tokyo in 2000. I‘m fully immersed in the culture and lifestyle. #soaringscores

LeahBergen I‘ve heard this is a good one. 👍🏻 2h
BarbaraBB This one sounds soo good! #stacked 2h
Cathythoughts Sounds really good ! I‘m scared , but I‘m stacking 👍🏻 2h
CrowCAH Was she ever found?! 1h
Cinfhen I‘ve stacked previously but now I‘m HUNGRY for this book!! 28m
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This reads at a breakneck pace. Quite like the city it embodies. Right from the title, the cover to the first page and every one that comes after, sucks you in to the vortex of disparity in time, means, gender and the art of chugging along. Soul-crushing moments jostling ones that make you soar. If I had read this in college, I‘d be shook. #Booked2019 #MuslimAuthorOrMC

AppuNthebooks An Existential Crisis seems to be a right of passage. And this particular reading of two youngsters in a city and circumstance that‘s not hard to fathom, make it all the more relatable. That search for purpose, spiking interest in politics, moved enough to feel strongly but unsure you can do something to make a difference. The language is on point, the lead characters feel real. A fantastic read that stirs up old thoughts and notes to self. 1d
Cinfhen Such an awesome and heartfelt review!!!! #stacked 1d
AppuNthebooks @Cinfhen Thanks 😊 I hope you enjoy reading it 1d
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I went to a book event for Saeed Jones‘ memoir last night and it was lovely.

britt_brooke Awesome! His book sounds good. #stacked 3d
mdemanatee @britt_brooke The book is so excellent. The level of vulnerability on the page. And the poetry background shining through in the use of language. I adored it. 3d
britt_brooke @mdemanatee I‘m looking forward to reading it. 💚 3d
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Skye | Kevin John Grote
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Cinfhen I really like the blurb on this one!! I‘m intrigued #stacked Have you read it!?? 3d
arlenefinnigan @Cinfhen no, it's another Goodreads find. Cool cover. 3d
Cinfhen I agree!! Cover totally caught my eye 2d
CrowCAH The exact spelling of skye! 2h
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It's hard to say very much about this without spoilers, so I'll just confine myself to saying that it is beautifully written and teeming with ideas. If you want a linear story it is not for you, but if you want something to chew on you couldn't do better.

JennyM It‘s on library hold! Looking forward to reading it 📚 (edited) 4d
Cinfhen Ohhhhh!!! Great review #stacked and I‘m very intrigued 4d
Cathythoughts Lovely review! I have it stacked 👍🏻♥️ 4d
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TheEllieMo This is on my TBR mountain. Booker long-listed, wasn‘t it? 3d
Sace Just put it on hold! 3d
Amiable Sounds intriguing—stacked! 3d
Rissreads It is lovely, I enjoyed it too 2d
Rissreads @JennyM I'm happy to send you my copy if you like? Then maybe you can forward it on to someone else? 2d
LeahBergen I just sent you a little “thank you” package. I sent it the cheapest way so it may take a few weeks to arrive. 😆 2d
JennyM @Rissreads oh you lovely human, Nerissa. Thanks for such a thoughtful offer. Send me an email: jenny.murfield@bigpond.com 😘 2d
Rissreads @JennyM done 💜 2d
Centique Carolyn - I felt so gutted for your team last night. The emotion on the field at full time🥺😟 They put their hearts into it for sure. Commiserations xxx 21h
CarolynM @Centique You are very kind. I saw a team making all the same mistakes they've been making for the last 3 years and a coach with a questionable attitude who is well past his sell by date. It was frustrating but not surprising. Were you pleased with the AB performance? We didn't get to see your game because we were away for the weekend and relying on free to air TV (we are lucky to get any rugby on free to air in Victoria) (edited) 15h
CarolynM @LeahBergen That's very sweet of you. Thank you. I will look out for it😘 15h
Centique @CarolynM yes it was good - I only watched the first half though and then I went to bed! 😴😴😴 I think my hub said pretty similar about your coach 😬 better luck ahead I hope. 14h
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It‘s YA, but it‘s interesting, hard hitting, important and well written. Also a reminder of some of the crap (young) women have to go through. Enjoyed it 👍🏻

Kalalalatja I‘m in the mood for some hard hitting YA at the moment 💪 #stacked 4d
TrishB @Kalalalatja I think you‘ll like this one 👍🏻 4d
Cathythoughts Nice review 👍🏻♥️ 4d
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Girl in a Blue Dress | Gaynor Arnold
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I read this one ages ago, and it‘s one that I‘ve often recommended to people over the years. It has a low rating on Litsy, but I liked it. Maybe it‘s because of the indignation I felt towards Charles Dickens and his treatment of his wife, Catherine. This novel is based on the couple‘s relationship, which has gone down in history as odd and very complicated. I want to read more about her, just to see all the truths. #TheBlueDress #SoaringScores

CrowCAH Sounds like an interesting historical piece about social norms. 👗 6d
Cinfhen I‘m intrigued #stacked As always, thanks for sharing xx 6d
Reviewsbylola Loved this one! It was my first thought with this prompt too! 6d
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#SoaringScores #catchup
Kauai is one of my favorite places & this book is a favorite too. It‘s about the author‘s #JourneyToTheIsland to work at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens there. 🌺

BarbaraBB I must get there one day. Still on my bucketlist.... 1w
CrowCAH I agree Kauai is beautiful! 1w
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Fake | Stephanie Wood
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The true story of one woman‘s experience with a lying, manipulative narcissist of a boyfriend. Stephanie Wood is an intelligent, well-respected journalist, not someone who ever expected to be prey for a con man yet that‘s exactly what happened. When she realised she use her journalistic talent to explain what really happened and why. I found the style a little clunky at first but then utterly compelling. This is fascinating and insightful reading.

JennyM I‘m so curious about this one #stacked 👍 1w
LeeRHarry One of my book group members read this one and said it was interesting, it made for great discussion. 1w
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The Art of the Steal | Christopher Mason
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This was a recent #BookOutlet find...

This one sounds interesting! And, it took #ANationOfThieves to devise a plan to swindle art collectors out of millions of dollars. #SoaringScores

CrowCAH Woohoo perfect timing! 1w
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