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This is a reminder that Litsy has a Facebook group, “Onward Litsy!“ where staff and members get together to talk about the future of Litsy, discuss potential features, review new features, take polls, etc.

It's open to all Littens, with over 1,000 members already!


Litsy We know not everyone is on Facebook. But Litsy doesn't have the ability to conduct detailed, threaded, group discussions, and we didn't want to force everyone on LibraryThing, which does. Facebook was our best option.

Needless to say, we're always glad to get feedback and have what discussions we can on posts like this. - Tim
baes I wish the group was Closed (this would still be searchable). 😕 I don‘t like all my activity showing up to my FB friends in their feeds. 1d
baes My only major recommendation for Litsy is to be able to save posts and maybe be able to turn on notifications for new comments. I can never find posts I want to check-in on later. I do like the idea of a status bar for reading progress too. 1d
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RebL I refuse to go on Facebook, but I‘ll look for threads on LibraryThing. 1d
Litsy @RebL Sorry. I understand. I wish I had a better way. Perhaps when LibraryThing gets fully mobilized, it will be an answer. 1d
umbrellagirl @baes I agree wrt the group being closed. I don‘t like having all comments public for anyone to see. @Litsy 1d
Litsy @umbrellagirl @baes Thanks for the notes. I've changed it. I think the public nature helped early on, when it wasn't clear what it was. Now that more than a thousand members are on it, we can take it closed. Thanks! 1d
umbrellagirl @Litsy Thank you! 1d
mreads I second the saved feature mentioned, also would be nice to be able to have an owned list or notation for swap purposes 1d
baes Awesome, thanks! I requested to join. 😊 23h
SkeletonKey Yay! 22h
lkpreader Good to know 😀 55m
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Litsy (I want to make this a regular feature, for users who aren't on the web version of Litsy. So this is an experiment.) 6d
DefLeppard Really like this idea. 😊 6d
LiteraryinLititz Cool idea! 6d
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BlameJennyJane Awesome idea! 6d
LauraJ 👍 6d
Melissa_J Oh, I like this! 6d
Geeklet That‘s really cool 6d
Karkar Love it!! 6d
sammisho I love this! 6d
Shley9225 Yessss I love that Six of Crows is on there ❤️❤️ 5d
bookaholic1 I've read 6 of the books 5d
Jee_HookedOnBookz Love this idea! 5d
sprainedbrain I‘m reading one of these right now! 5d
rohit-sawant Such a cool idea! 5d
jlabombard10315 I ❤ Jennifer McMahon! 5d
DGRachel Fun! I like this idea. :) 5d
Janeeny Very nice, chuffed to see I've read some of these too. I'm on Trend!! 😆 4d
CherylRussell Love this idea! 😍 13h
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We gotta get Litsy out there, and need your help! How about… a naked bribe!

Share a post or your Litsy profile to FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr before May 28, and post the URL here.

On May 28, we‘ll choose five random Littens to get mugs!

CouronneDhiver Can‘t do it... Litsy is the only social media I have. 💙😉 7d
TimSpalding @CouronneDhiver Videos of you standing on a street corner with a sandwich board also accepted 😉 7d
squirrelbrain @CouronneDhiver - same here! How unusual are we?! 🤣 7d
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julesG @squirrelbrain @CouronneDhiver You are perfectly normal weirdos. 😘 7d
saresmoore @TimSpalding @squirrelbrain @CouronneDhiver @julesG I think that‘s the case for a lot of us diehard Littens! BUT I promote Litsy to every reader, librarian, bookseller, and generally interesting human I meet. 👍 And I would totes just buy a mug...or a tote... 🙃 (edited) 7d
UnidragonFrag I have other social media, but don't use it often lol here's one: https://twitter.com/unidragonfrag/status/1130557279953010688?s=09 7d
SqueakyChu I shared Litsy with those who read the Facebook page of my Little Free Library of Twinbrook (#7720) in Rockville, Maryland, USA. :D
sprainedbrain I‘ve been sharing my reviews to Twitter since I caught up and checked out Litsy on the web. Today, I shared my profile. 😃 https://twitter.com/sprainedbrain/status/1130658559493115904?s=21 6d
flying_monkeys Love Litsy! So I'm rarely on Twitter anymore but I posted there since the only other social site I frequent is Goodreads. https://twitter.com/LeahSaylorAbney/status/1130868320352296961 (edited) 6d
JoyBlue . . . last one for me: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/48554502220118426/

Hope the campaign is wildly successful! 😍😎
ajennell I already promote you as much as I can, but what's a little more promotion, hum? ;)

Posted to twitter!
(edited) 5d
ajennell @saresmoore a tote would be awesome! I'd definitely buy one as well :D 4d
lnrcta hehehe...I see I am not the only one who hane no social media at all 😁
Well I just landed here at Litsy and I already like it ❤
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When using Litsy on the web, you can now use the “j“ and “k“ keys to skip forward or backward a whole post. If scrolling drives you a little mad, this will help!

I made a video of it on Facebook https://tinyurl.com/yxsrpken

MidnightBookGirl Thanks for the tip! 1w
larah17 I didn‘t realize you could use Litsy outside of the app! That‘s very good to know, thank you 😁 1w
TheSpineView 💜💜💜💜 1w
Litsy @larah17 Great to hear. We've been talking about it a fair amount, but there's no perfect way to reach users—particularly if they follow a lot of people and don't stop in CONSTANTLY. :) 1w
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On Wednesday we added the ability to tag your posts to 48,000 bookstores and libraries from the English-speaking world.

Today we've added another 45,000 from the rest of the world. The map above puts them all on a map, including 8,000 in France alone!

Can't find your favorite bookstore? Go to LibraryThing Local and add it yourself https://www.librarything.com/local . (Free LibraryThing account needed.)

TimSpalding I find this a mesmerizing image, like the map of alien conquests in Edge of Tomorrow. Quick—retreat to Savoy or Brittany, and there's safety in Basque country! (edited) 1w
kezzlou85 Cannot believe my library is on here. Its brilliant though Library Thing cant seem to find my location. 1w
Litsy @kezzlou85 Probably you need to tell it. LibraryThing doesn't guess. 1w
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Peddler410 @TimSpalding Is this a website-only feature right now? 1w
TimSpalding @Peddler410 No. Search for your local bookstore or library as a book. They're all there. In the future, they'll be separated out. 1w
kezzlou85 @Litsy I did entered my location and it seemed to think I was in America. One of the suggested local libraries was in Japan. I live in England. 1w
Litsy @kezzlou85 Yeah, it's by what you search--the words you use--not by your location. Litsy doesn't track your location. (Maybe we should, be we don't.) 1w
kezzlou85 @Litsy I found my local library on Litsy but when I used the link on this thread for librarything, it couldn't find my library or any events, libraries etc anywhere near what I typed in. It just kept finding places in the US or Japan. 1w
EchoCharlie It's showing me places in Japan as well 1w
Litsy @EchoCharlie It's supposed to. It shows you whatever you search for. It's not based on your location per se. 1w
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Book people love books, but they also love bookstores and libraries. So we added them to Litsy!

When you visit your favorite bookish places you can share your love, and take a selfie or a photo of your haul and tag the place, instead of a book.

The 48,000 venues were added by LibraryThing members. For now, you search for them just like books; we'll be separating them when we can. Litsy on the web adds venue photos and a “pin“ icon to every post.

C.Perone Love this!!! 2w
vivastory This is utterly brilliant!! 🙌🤘📚👏 2w
Litsy Thank you. I should mention that we shopped this idea on the Beta Group first. Reaction was mostly positive, so we moved forward. I can't wait for the app to fully integrate this, but I didn't actually want to wait for it—it's too fun to have. 2w
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Birdsong28 Brilliant 🎊🎉📚📖 2w
LibrarianRyan Awesome!!! 2w
BarbaraBB So cool! But I can‘t find the Dutch bookshops that I did add to LT, is that correct? (edited) 2w
TheSpineView Such a cool feature! Thanks! 2w
KatieDid927 Oh I likey! 2w
LeahBergen This is great! 👍🏻 2w
Jas16 This is awesome. Thanks! 2w
8little_paws Great idea! Is there a way to add a store? 2w
kyraleseberg Awesome feature, thanks so much! 2w
Litsy @BarbaraBB The initial load was Anglosphere-only (US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, NZ). I was saving non-Anglosphere for a later post. But I've gone ahead and added the Netherlands for you now. If something doesn't come up, wait 10m as the index is recomputing now. 2w
Litsy @8little_paws Yes. All the data comes from LibraryThing Local, LibraryThing's bookish-world feature. To add a store or library go to LibraryThing. If signed in, you can go directly to https://www.librarything.com/venue_edit.php . New stores are moved from LibraryThing to Litsy every night. 2w
Theaelizabet Terrific addition! Thanks! 2w
8little_paws Thank you @litsy! 2w
Clare-Dragonfly Wow! This is so cool! 2w
bookishbitch I love this!! 2w
Daisey @CharleaFinley Have you seen this? Now you can post in connection to a bookstore, and I found River Reader in the list. 2w
riversong153 Wonderful! 2w
CoverToCoverGirl Wow my little indie used bookstore is on this list... so amazing!!!! ❤️❤️ Thank you this is brilliant!! 2w
RaimeyGallant Omg!!! 2w
Nerdfins This is so cool! 😁 I just added my two local Barnes and Nobles so I can constantly tag myself in them here. (edited) 2w
Litsy @Nerdfins Just moved them over from LibraryThing to Litsy. Thanks! 2w
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By popular request, you can now mute hashtags you don't want to see. Tired of challenge posts? Tired of #CatsofLitsy? Mute them!

To mute tags, you have to do it on the Litsy website. What you do there will affect the app too. (We plan to include this in the app in the future, but app changes take longer to do.)

To mute tags, sign in and go to https://www.litsy.com/web/hashtags . The page is also found on Settings/Import, at the bottom.

Melissa_J Thank you!!! 2w
StephanieMarie Who on earth is tired of cats of litsy?? But otherwise awesome feature! 2w
Litsy Snort. Yeah, I was baiting a bit there. 😀 2w
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dariazeoli Thank you! 2w
GingerAntics Love this feature!!! I need to log in and get this set up. I have no problems with cats of Litsy as long as books are still involved. Gratuitous photos of cats I can get just about everywhere else on the internet. 2w
Soubhiville Question @Litsy : if I block a hashtag but someone tags me in a post with that hashtag, will I still get a notification? I could do without all the surveys, but if someone tags me I still like to comment to be polite. I think this is a really smart new feature! 2w
CouronneDhiver Cool. Although, I‘m all for the CATS! 2w
LeahBergen @Soubhiville This is EXACTLY how I feel, too. 👍🏻 2w
BarbaraBB Echoing @Soubhiville and @LeahBergen. Otherwise, awesome feature! 2w
Litsy @Soubhiville Yes, you'll still get the notification, and you can click on it to go to the post. You won't be able to see it in your feed or their profile feed. 2w
Buechersuechtling Wonderful new feature. Thank you, @Litsy. 🙇🏽‍♀️ Even if I bother a bit that I have to log-in on the web for this. I‘m only using the app so can you please make this feature available there, soon, too❓ Thank you. 2w
Soubhiville @LeahBergen and @BarbaraBB see response above. Yay! I‘m going to get on the computer today and play with this! Thanks @Litsy ! 2w
BarbaraBB @Soubhiville Thanks for tagging, this feature can come in handy! 2w
Susanita Great idea! Now instead of dismissive posts about things that don‘t appeal to you, just mute the tag. But I‘d never mute the cats! 2w
gilroyc Works great... When people use the hashtag on the post I want to mute. If they don't, not so much. 2w
Allthebookclubs Cats of Litsy 😂😂😂 2w
Allthebookclubs *You can also control your newsfeed by limiting who you follow....if you don‘t like the challenges, then stop following people who post them. 2w
LeahBergen Thanks, @Soubhiville ! 👍🏻 2w
esurient YAS! 2w
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The new Litsy on the web ( https://www.litsy.com ) has a “night“ mode, so you can browse Litsy at night and rest your eyes.

So far, the app doesn't have it, but we're looking at adding it in a future release.

Night mode on the web is available on your Settings/Import page. (Go to your profile and then click the little “cog“ icon.)

julesG Tried that feature yesterday! Great idea! 3w
TheSpineView You guys are the bomb! Thank you!💜💜💜💜 3w
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LiteraryinLititz Cool! Hey, is there a quick way on the website or the app to look up my own review of a book I read a long time ago? I know I can scroll to find it in my timeline or on the book‘s page, but it would be awesome to have a shortcut. 3w
Leftcoastzen Nice! 3w
Kimberlone Would love to have this feature available for the iOS app! 3w
Kalalalatja Hey, that‘s my pic! I thought for a second I had made a double post 😅 great idea! 3w
Litsy @LiteraryinLititz This would be a good feature, I agree. It's on the list of good potential features, but not currently in development. 3w
Merethebookgal Very cool! I also like I‘m a suggested friend 😄 2w
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We recently improved Litsy sharing, on both app and web. It looks better, and people get more than a single static page—they get Litsy.

So go ahead and share Litsy with your friends and followers.

Web sharing goes to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. And there's a special image-download for posting to Instagram. Mobile sharing does whatever your smartphone does, which is probably a lot.

guinsgirlreads Awesome!!! 👏 👍 😊 3w
BarbaraBB You‘ve been working hard! Thank you so much! @TimSpalding 3w
EadieB I love using my computer for Litsy! Especially since I was just using my iphone before. Now I can see the posts so much better! Thanks! @TimSpalding 3w
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Now that we have Litsy on the web, it can be shared—and Litsy can grow! Feel free to spread this graphic around.

1. Share your Litsy posts on other social media. Sharing works great now.
2. Share your Litsy profile
3. Link to your Litsy profile in your bio on Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter.
4. Rate the Litsy app on iTunes or Google Play.
5. Tell a friend, or find your Facebook friends on Litsy now ( https://www.litsy.com/web/friends ).

Litsy @bklover Revised version here. 3w
TheSpineView Shared on social media! Will update my blog next!💜 3w
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BookishClaire Oh wow! And you can import Goodreads! That is so cool. 3w
BookishClaire And you can buy!! Yayyyy 3w
TimSpalding @BookishClaire Ha. A pretty small feature. Also, not entirely unselfish—Litsy gets an affiliate kick-back. We shall we celebrating our occasional pennies mightily,let me tell you! 3w
RaimeyGallant OMG, I am freaking out!
RaimeyGallant Are there vectors of the logo kicking around so those of us who want to can link to Litsy within the social media pages section of our websites?
Litsy @RaimeyGallant Yes! I'll get out the page of logos soon. 3w
SilversReviews How do you add the link on Instagram? 3w
Litsy @SilversReviews I don't know! Anyone an Instagram-er who can explain?

If you mean posting, there's no automatic posting. But you can click the “share“ icon and download your a post's picture, for uploading.
(edited) 3w
RaimeyGallant Sweet sauce. 3w
SilversReviews @Litsy I mean add my Litsy Link to my Instagram profile...thanks. 3w
RaimeyGallant @SilversReviews Instagram doesn't allow link posting. You can share the exact web page you want to on there, but it won't show as a link. There are some exceptions, I think, for users with tonnes of followers. 3w
SilversReviews @RaimeyGallant Thanks. That‘s why I LOVE Litsy!! Love the clickable links. (edited) 3w
Litsy @RaimeyGallant Right. But the share feature has a way to download your image, with a Litsy logo on top. Click it and see. 3w
SilversReviews I put a link on my blog and will put it on Twitter too. 😊 I actually posted on Facebook and Instagram too. I said on Instagram that Litsy uses clickable links. 😊 (edited) 3w
truebookaddict I posted about it on Facebook. So thrilled you're on the web now! I just finished importing from my Goodreads. I will add a button to my blog as well. Well done, Litsy. 😍 3w
MaGoose Great! I'll start posting about it later today. 3w
overtheedge Awesome news....I have mentioned you many time to netgalley....I will add you to my Facebook and goodreads!! 3w
PurpleyPumpkin A brief note to thank you for making this wonderful community accessible on the web. Awesome!👍🏽 3w
IheartYA Love the sharing feature. 😉 3w
Aims42 Loving this!! THANK YOU!!!! 3w
IamIamIam Love this!!! I tell everyone I can about @Litsy and the amazing community here!!! Thanks for the follow, too!! Lol, I'm not sure what I do to stick out, but I'm flattered! 3w
Litsy @IamIamIam Thanks. We really need the help. We certainly have no money for advertising, and tiny social sites always struggle to get noticed! 3w
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@DannyHattan came up with this fantastic explainer for importing your Goodreads stacks into Litsy.

1. On your browser open Goodreads, in the “My Books” page and on the bottom left in tools there‘s a “Import/Export” tab,click it.
2. At the top hit “Export Library”, it will download into your computers Download folder.
3. Head to https://www.litsy.com/ , in your profile under “Setting/Import”, drag your file into the import section.
4. Job done.

rretzler What happens with books that are already in Litsy? 3w
Litsy @rretzler There's an option to replace them or not. Replacing would change the ratings, for example. Nothing affects posts. 3w
rretzler Thanks! 3w
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dariazeoli I imported my Read stack and it appears to have imported a bunch of books already in my Litsy stacks. These imported versions have ratings, but many have no covers. 3w
TimSpalding @dariazeoli No cover books get evaluated for covers every night. I'll take a look and see if that helps.

Can you give me an example of “already in your stacks“? At present, it's pretty exact. If you have the Hobbit in one edition, it will import the Hobbit in another. Perhaps it shouldn't. Give me an example and I'll look at it.
(edited) 3w
dariazeoli @TimSpalding Perhaps the issue is the ratings. I gave this one a thumbs up on Litsy back in January. 3w
dariazeoli @TimSpalding My GR was 3 stars, so it imported as a so-so with blank cover: 3w
rretzler Not to also be a downer - but a bunch of my books didn‘t import correctly. Some came through as being critique/analysis when I know the actual book was in Goodreads. Others duplicated - including my books listed as currently reading (A Pale View of Hills, The Redbreast and Melmoth). Melmoth came over as Melmoth Intl. Unfortunately, I started fixing before I thought to keep track of the errors. After awhile with some 2,000+ imported, I gave up. 3w
rretzler I‘m seriously thinking of reverting as it just seems a mess now and too many books to go through to see if they‘re correct. If I reverted and then reimported, also I could start a list of what didn‘t come over correctly and let you know - though I would probably revert again after that exercise. 3w
Litsy @rretzler Sorry for the trouble! If you want to give us the file, we can certainly take a look. A couple specific examples of problem records would be a big help. -Loranne 3w
rretzler @Litsy @lorannen - No problem at all! I'm wondering if trying to import that many books is just asking for problems anyway. I reverted to my saved data, and I'm going to reimport later today or tomorrow to see if I can make a list of some of the books that are causing the problems. I can then email you the CSV file and my list of the books that don't seem to be importing correctly. 3w
Litsy @rretzler Sounds like a plan! Fingers crossed it goes better this time, but at least we'll have some data to work with, if not. You can send details to litsy@librarything.com! 3w
Brooke_H When I drop in my file, I just get a down arrow pointing at a “clear upload“ button. No indication that it's doing anything.... I have a pretty huge library. If I leave it alone for a length of time, will it work? I guess I wish there was an hourglass or spinny wheel or something to indicate it's working on it? 2w
Litsy @Brooke_H I don't think you've left the screen where you load the file. You need to scroll down to “Upload File,“ and click it. 2w
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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Litsy is now also available on the web!

Try it out at https://www.litsy.com

Litsy on the web has all the features of Litsy on iOS and Android, including posting and a great image editor. We've added a few features to entice you to check it out, such as a Goodreads import. If you use a larger screen, you will see new sections for trending books and hashtags.

Follow @Litsy for more details. And let us know what you think!

LibrarianJen I'm so loving this! 3w
heikemarie Amazing! I‘m excited! 3w
LibrarianRyan Been loving this!. More info on the Good Reads import please. 3w
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Litsy @LibrarianRyan We'll be posting little tidbits about new web and non-web features, but here's the import page https://www.litsy.com/web/upload 3w
riversong153 Yay!!! 3w
batsy I'm using the web version now for the first time. It's great; thank you! 3w
Litsy Apologies if you were using it just now and found it slow. We are re-routing the much increased traffic! 3w
catchingbooks I've been using this for a week now and I love it!!
erzascarletbookgasm Woohoo! 👏 3w
TheSpineView I love you guys for doing this! Thank you!😍😍😍 3w
Litsy @TheSpineView Thanks! 3w
silentrequiem I love it. Thank you!!! 3w
Litsy We found another bug, that might have scotched some posts. It only appeared with high load. So, if it didn't work, it should now. 3w
TheRomantiCate 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 3w
LeahBergen Wonderful! 👏🏻👏🏻 3w
j9brown This is great! I love seeing the trending tags and trending books. Very very cool 😊 3w
Bookishlie So excited!!! More ways to procrastinate homework!!??!! 3w
cobwebmoth Thank you for this! All of the extra features are really cool. Will we eventually be able to scroll through all of our Followers/Following lists? Right now it just shows the 50 most recent people. Thanks! 3w
Litsy @cobwebmoth Yes. If you go to the bottom of your followers/following list it should load more. If it's not--check again?--it's a bug. Can you tell us your Browser/OS? 3w
cobwebmoth I'm on my HP laptop(Windows 8). I tried Chrome and the Avast browser, but both stop scrolling after 50 names. Thanks! 3w
TimSpalding @cobwebmoth All fixed. Sorry for the issue! 3w
cobwebmoth @TimSpalding Thank you so much! 3w
Melissa_J Can anyone on the web see my account (if it‘s public) even if they aren‘t on Litsy? 3w
Litsy @Melissa_J I thought I answered this. Maybe I answered on Facebook? Anyway, by default anyone can see your account, but unless you do something to make it so, it is marked as forbidden for Google to index. 3w
Melissa_J Thanks! That confirms what I suspected. It is possible you answered my question already, but I‘m not on FB so wouldn‘t have seen the answer even if you did. 3w
Samjewel Good! I will enjoy this community more often then. 3w
esurient I'm noticing on the web-version of Litsy, the green 'So-So' banner is now reading as 'Meh'? Are we transitioning to new wording? The original wording looks to still be retained in the web rate-the-book stack options and Help/FAQs section, and throughout the app-view (Android). 3w
esurient Also, the counter indicating new Activity (the red-dot with number) is showing one count in the app-view and a different count in the web-view? No biggie; just looks curious. 3w
Litsy @esurient Ah. No. I need to change “meh“ back to “so-so.“ Internally, it's stored as “meh.“ The app changes it. I guess the app builders changed their mind at the last minute. 3w
Litsy @esurient Well, if you look at one, it should affect the other. I'm not quite sure how to test this, but I think it's right, once you take that info effect. 3w
Heavenly_Human What a happy news ✨ 3w
annieftbooks Thank you for this!!! 3w
esurient @litsy Thank you, especially for the cool background information! I'll go clear my activity counter (web at: 62; app at: 10), and I suspect you're correct that going forward it should auto-adjust. 3w
Litsy @esurient Another thing to note is that, if you keep your Activity tab open on web (like I do, constantly), those unread counts won't disappear until you refresh the page. Switching back and forth between the Activities and Conversations will clear the individual unread counts on those subsets of notifications, but the unread count in the nav bar won't clear w/o a refresh. Do let us know with some specifics if you see any issues after this point? (edited) 3w
esurient @Litsy Will do! Thanks again! 3w
zembla I'm so so happy about this! Many thanks to everyone who made it happen 💖 2w
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After a big push, we've reduced the number of Litsy books without covers by 74%. When our usual cover supplier, Ingram, doesn't have a cover, we are now drawing on covers from @LibraryThing and Syndetics Unbound from ProQuest. As of now, only 0.9% of books have no cover at all!

LibrarianRyan This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Awesome!!! Thank you!!!
Caterina Yay thank you!! 4w
Leftcoastzen Awesome! 4w
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tournevis 👏👏👏👏 4w
julesG 🎉👏👏👏🎉 4w
llwheeler That's awesome! Thanks! 4w
CherylRussell 👏🏻👏🏻 4w
Crazeedi Great! 4w
Smarkies Yay! 4w
LiteraryinLititz Thanks for doing that! 4w
Lindy 🎉🎉🎉 4w
GypsyKat Awesome! 4w
Itchyfeetreader 👏 🎉 4w
BooknerdsLife Yeah!!! 👏🏼👏🏼🎉 Thank you! 4w
LeahBergen Awesome! 4w
DivineDiana Fantastic! 3w
BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 3w
RaimeyGallant Wow, I've missed so much! 3w
Chelsea.Poole I love this news!!!! 🥰 3w
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Trivia: These are the first 450 most popular Emojis on Litsy posts. (The first, ⭐, was used 90,805 times. The last, 🙌🏾, was used 124 times.)

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego That's kinda cool. 4w
suvata Very cool indeed 4w
OrangeMooseReads Very interesting 4w
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CoverToCoverGirl Interesting 4w
rather_be_reading glad to see 📚📚 was 2nd! 4w
julesG Interesting indeed. Especially, since Android swallows a lot of them and just leaves an empty box with an X for me. 😔 4w
Sarah83 Great 😍 4w
TheSpineView I see some of my favours at the top of the list. 😊💜📚🐾😍📘📙☀️ 4w
DebinHawaii Awesome! Although I was sure I used the avocado 🥑emoji myself at least 90,800 times! 🤣🥑💚 4w
tpixie 🥳📚♥️😊🐶😜🥰🐱 are my favorites!! I don‘t think I see my Happy New Year 🥳 one! 3w
Megara Littens should have a tater tots emoji. 😜 3w
WitBeyndMehsure Can we get more stickers! 3w
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One Week in the Library | W Maxwell Prince
post image

This week is #NationalLibraryWeek in the US, and our sister site, #LibraryThing, is celebrating with a library-themed treasure hunt! Solve the clues to find library cards scattered around the site.


If you're not already on LibraryThing, this is a fun way to get to know the site! Plus there are prizes to be had.

Need a hint? See the Talk discussion: https://www.librarything.com/topic/305699

conceptDawg Remember, you can check the Talk post mentioned on the Hunt page if you want some hints from fellow LibraryThing members. 2mo
charl08 5 down! 2mo
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post image

We have added two settings under Preferences > Push Notification Settings. They tell us whether you are an EU citizen/resident, and if you want to receive the newsletter. (The newsletters have an opt-out link, which is separate from this system.) EU citizens must check the latter if they want the newsletter. [Note: Yes, this is for legal reasons. We'd rather not care; EU law requires us to care.]

Angeles Why on earth does Litsy care about my residence status in the EU, the USA or China? I find it intrusive and creepy. 2mo
JinxMoon @Angeles I guess thats because of the EU privacy laws. They require that we have to explicitly accept to everything they use our data for. 2mo
Litsy @MirisBooks is exactly right. Particularly GDPR, which was went into effect last May. @Angeles 2mo
See All 22 Comments
Angeles Thanks for the clarification, still I would rather they follow the strongest privacy laws for everyone so those of us in the US are not second class clients with less protection. Still it is a bit less weird and creepy than my gut instinct told me. Thanks 😀❤️ 2mo
Litsy @Angeles So, we are voluntarily abiding by the GDPR, Europe's new privacy regime. It has rules that apply to European citizens, such as, basically, forbidding us to send you an email without an explicit, additional opt-in. We, of course, have no way of knowing who's an EU citizen and who isn't. So we're giving members an opportunity to indicate that they are. If you are, you won't get any email from us, unless you ALSO indicate you want it, again. 2mo
Litsy @Angeles To your second point, Litsy sends out a newsletter, and has always done so. It has an opt-out, of course. But, previously, signing up for the service meant receiving the newsletter unless you didn't want to. Now, for EU citizens, we have to send no emails unless you explicitly and separately tell us to. I'm not going to apply this to the US because, to be perfectly honest, I don't think anyone is harmed by it. 2mo
Litsy @Angeles In the future, we're going to analyze the IP you use and make a guess at EU status. If in the EU, you won't get email. We may also need to shut off all phone notifications, because, although Litsy members downloaded an app that sends push notifications, and subscribed to a service that sends push notifications, and can turn them off at any time, we did not separately ask for permission. — @timspalding 2mo
Angeles I guess given the political moment and my Hispanic name anytime people inquire about citizenship I get too sensitive. I must apologize if I made you uncomfortable but I still would not want a private company having too much sensitive information because Facebook and its issues with data scared me. I love litsy and don't mean to be a bother. Thanks for the extra info and the hard work 2mo
teebe CASL is similar and has been in effect since 2014 so wouldn‘t this also be necessary for users from Canada? Particularly for users who joined years ago as any implied consent would be expired. 2mo
BookishClaire GDPR is a pain in the neck but I have to say I wish American companies had something similar — endless junk mail no matter how much you unsubscribe to things!! 2mo
Litsy @teebe Maybe so. And rules vary state to state too. Fundamentally, however, as a US company we are only really punishable under US law. The EU or Canada or Saudi Arabia can say we're liable for this or that, and file claims against us there, even, but they can't enforce it because we have no legal presence there. We're complying with the EU voluntarily, to make our European users happy. Maybe we should add Canada. IDK. 2mo
Litsy @BookishClaire I feel your pain. I get them too. But sending email after you've unsubscribed is already illegal. These regulations tire me out because they cost money and mess things up for good companies, and the bad ones don't care, don't stop, and aren't punished. 2mo
Litsy @Angeles No, thank you. I'm sorry. This topic makes me extremely grumpy. :) 2mo
gilroyc Is it bad I don't remember seeing a newsletter in all the time I've been a litsy member? 2mo
LibrarianRyan 👍🤓 2mo
Litsy @gilroyc Only a little bit - we haven't sent too many (1 for sure, maybe 2 since the acquisition?). Certainly not monthly updates like we do with LT. - Loranne 2mo
shanaqui I can't find any settings for Litsy at all within the (Android) app, which the Google Play Store is telling me was last updated in 2017... I am wondering if I am missing something. 2mo
shanaqui 😰 As soon as I complain I can't find something, I then find it. After my phone helpfully crashes and makes it *look* like Litsy's fault, of course. 2mo
Litsy @shanaqui Glad you found it! And sorry for the trouble. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help! 2mo
teebe @Litsy There were a handful of MOUs signed with various countries to get it to apply cross-borders. The CRTC and the FTC supposedly work together on enforcement but who knows how that‘s going now, all things considered. (edited) 2mo
RachelO Hi @litsy - I ‘m having problems updating my settings. If I tick the Yes- EU button, it either doesn‘t save, or changes my push notifications. Any suggestions? 2mo
Litsy @RachelO Sorry for the trouble. We had some brief database downtime over the weekend that is likely the cause. Please try it again now and if it doesn't work, drop us an email with some more details (i.e. device type and OS version) and we'll be happy to look into it. 2mo
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post image

Before, when you search or click a hashtag, Litsy showed posts tagged with that hashtag

Now, for some hashtags, like #cozies, #paranormal or #AmericanHistory you also get posts on books that ARE that tag—paranormal books, horror books, American history books.

• This is a GREAT way to find people who read the genres you love!
• Tags are drawn from LibraryThing's 140m user-added tags.
• No posts are removed; most Litsy hashtags are unaffected.

Litsy Discuss here, or on the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnwardLitsy/ 2mo
umbrellagirl Thank you! 2mo
TimSpalding There are a lot of wrinkles here, if anyone is interested. For my part, this has made Litsy much more useful, because I can search for genres and topics I care about. Absent this, I was lost trying to find my tribe on Litsy. Now I can search for hashtags like #AncientHistory #GreekHistory #Archaeology #EarlyChurch #Turkish and find lots of posts about books I care about, and the people who write them. (edited) 2mo
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TimSpalding In other words, whether YOU like it or not, I LOVE it. [runs from the room] (edited) 2mo
saresmoore Super cool! 2mo
JennyM Awesome! Thanks guys 2mo
speljamr I like this and will be exploring this more. 2mo
Crazeedi Great!! 2mo
gilroyc I'd rather the two searches be separate. Genre isn't the same as hashtags. 2mo
TimSpalding 1/So, we had a choice. A new feature along those lines would take a lot of work and therefore cost a lot of money. And where would it go? Or perhaps we could tell people to use ## instead of #. Or we could have a setting that turned it off and on. But Litsy is an aggressively simple application, and I think it's worth keeping it such. To reverse it, when you search for #horror, do you really only want posts tagged that way? (edited) 2mo
TimSpalding 2/ I think most of the time you're interested in horror generally, and if it surfaces posts about horror books—some tagged horror by the posters and some not—that's good. 2mo
TimSpalding 3/ I'm interested to hear cases where it falls down, if any. We might also add a line at the end of posts like: This book was tagged #horror by other users so you know why. Or even list a few such tags. And, yes, we can add a setting to turn it off. But I need to see significant examples where it's worse before we add complexity. 2mo
rretzler Hmmm. Now I just need to try to figure out what hashtags are applicable to the books I like since I don‘t use any particular hashtags on LT 2mo
BarbaraBB Thank you!! 2mo
LibrarianRyan Great. Thank you. 2mo
LazyDays You all are awesome! So much hard work for a free app, Thank you! 2mo
SW-T Awesome! Thanks 😊😊😊 2mo
xxjenadanxx This is going to make such a difference! 2mo
MoonWitch94 So great! 2mo
Madison91 Can we also get a grid view 🙋🏽‍♀️😂 2mo
CouronneDhiver 👍🏽 2mo
LeahBergen Oh, this is exciting! 👏🏻 2mo
Litsy @Madison91 What are you looking for a grid view of? 2mo
Madison91 @Litsy peoples pages, or is there already a way to do that? 2mo
TimSpalding @Madison91 Your point of reference on grid views is Instagram here, right? 2mo
Madison91 @TimSpalding yes! Saves me time on scrolling 😅 2mo
Stephjotsdown Hi, I just discovered Litsy and i am loving it. But when I was updating my books, i find that quite a number of titles cannot be found in Litsy. How can I alert Litsy to add these books?
215 likes2 stack adds27 comments
post image

Litsy has long been plagued by multiple editions with trivial differences, like two versions of "Daisy Jones and The Six." Posts about them were kept apart.

Now, drawing on LibraryThing's extensive work-edition-media concept, we are combining all posts about the "work" together. We aren't changing search, because sometimes people care about choosing THEIR cover or edition.

Litsy Discuss here, or on the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnwardLitsy/ 2mo
umbrellagirl Love this! 2mo
TimSpalding Minor details: LibraryThing's conception of a work includes all editions and translations. So, in theory, you might look for a Harry Potter book and get someone posting about the Italian edition. Mostly, I think that's good. There's a big question about whether we should try to combine all the editions in search or, conversely, give people the ability to choose ANY edition they want. I'm going to ask that on Onward Litsy. It's too much for here. (edited) 2mo
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saresmoore Ooh! Fantastic! This will be especially helpful for buddy reads. 2mo
gilroyc What's funny is Librarything members have been asking for an edition layer for years... 2mo
TimSpalding @gilroyc Litsy doesn't have an edition layer. It has a bunch of books, fairly randomly plucked from Ingram's data. (The algorithm is to only use the first item with the same title/author and throw the rest out. So there's really only one edition of most books, but Daisy Jones & The Six differs from Daisy Jones AND The Six!) LibraryThing has a much, much, much more complicated, flexible, user-changeable and interesting work-editions concept. 2mo
TimSpalding @gilroyc What I've done here is bring what LibraryThing knows--that Daisy Jones and the Six is the same as Daisy Jones & The Six!--into Litsy. Thus, along with thousands of libraries and a few bookstores, Litsy is benefitting from the work concept LibraryThing runs on, which is part algorithm and part users combining and separating the editions layer on LT. 2mo
TimSpalding @gilroyc In theory, LibraryThing could have an editions layer that aggregates what we currently call editions--trying the various ways an edition (however defined!) shows up in the different data sources LibraryThing has. Basically, it would be works, but with a different definition. We could do it but… I dunno. I think it would be a lot of work for minimal gain and a LOT of definitional haziness because, well, we have metadata, not books. 2mo
LibrarianRyan I am so looking forward to this. Thank you. 2mo
SW-T That‘ll be very helpful! Thank you 😊 2mo
Clare-Dragonfly Wow! That‘s a really good idea. Thank you. 👍🏻 2mo
TheReadingMermaid Woohoo 🎉🎉🎉 thank you 🤗 2mo
CouronneDhiver You guys are doing amazing work! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 2mo
llwheeler That's awesome, thanks! 2mo
emtobiasz Oh, this is great! I was hoping something like this would be in the mix soon! Thank you! 2mo
LeahBergen Yes!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Weaponxgirl Thankyou! 2mo
jmtrivera YES! 2mo
Sills Thank you @tpixie 2mo
wckdtwstdsweetcandy ...thnx... 2mo
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post image

I hate to do this, but Litsy has to shut down #bookishbrewswap.

In a better world, online beer swapping would be welcomed. I'd love to participate.

Unfortunately, it's legally risky. For that reason sites like Reddit have banned beer swapping (see https://www.reddit.com/r/beer/comments/8643kq/rbeertrade_has_been_banned/). If a huge, well-funded site like Reddit can't take a risk, we definitely can't.

(More in comments.)

Litsy As I said, I hate this. Beer swapping is a fun idea, and services should not be responsible for what their users do. Generally we aren't, but once we were alerted, Litsy become liable. After I post this I'm going to take down older #bookishbrewswap posts. I won't disable the hashtag, so you can talk about it. In the future using Litsy to coordinate swaps of controlled substances will be a violation of our Terms. Thank you and sorry, Tim (edited) 3mo
Litsy Allagash is just one of Maine's great local beers, ciders and meads. If any #bookishbrewswap people come to Portland, ping me and I'll buy you one! Photo credit: Allagash Brewing Company CC-BY 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/allagashbrewing/31560908813 (edited) 3mo
Soubhiville Sounds completely reasonable to me. 3mo
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PagesByTheWater Unfortunate but understandable. @Jilly6183 (edited) 3mo
Suet624 Makes total sense. 3mo
Jilly6183 @litsy Tim - thank you for your very kind email and this post. My sincerest apologies for not considering that such a swap could be problematic for Litsy as a platform. For those who signed up for the swap, keep an eye on your email. I will be sending out an update soon. 3mo
Litsy No, my apologies. What a pain. Needless to say, we cannot and won't police anything happening elsewhere. Just don't use Litsy to coordinate, advertise or plan it, and we're good. — Tim 3mo
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post image

Litsy's latest iOS version is fully optimized for the iPhone X! Scrolling through your feed and viewing book descriptions both work a lot better now (among other bug fixes). If you haven't already, now is a good time to update!


Android updates are in the works.

C.Perone Thank you for keeping things working 😊 3mo
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Heartseeker | Melinda Beatty
post image

For the second year running, our sister site, #LibraryThing is hosting a Valentine's Day treasure hunt! We're written up rhyming clues to help you find the hearts scattered around the site.


If you're not already on LibraryThing, this is a fun way to get to know the site! Plus there are prizes to be had.

saresmoore Yay! I really enjoy the hunts. 😊 3mo
kgriffith Testing android notifications 3mo
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post image

We‘ve updated/fixed how blocking works on Litsy.

Blocked users can no longer see:
* their blocker‘s posts on book profiles or hashtags
* their blocker‘s comments or likes on other users‘ posts
* their blocker in followers/following lists

If a blocked user navigates from an interaction from before the block, the blocker‘s feed and stacks will not populate.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnwardLitsy/permalink/373100156806730/

CouronneDhiver Great! 👍🏽 4mo
Litsy @CouronneDhiver thanks. Credit goes to @Foxnorth 4mo
Gissy I still haven't meet anyone in Litsy that I feel the need to block that person. Good news, don't you think! 4mo
Litsy @Gissy Glad to hear it! We want everyone to feel safe on Litsy, which is why we made a point of fixing this feature. 4mo
GingerAntics Good to know. 4mo
174 likes7 stack adds5 comments
post image

If you have any questions leave a comment here! You are also welcome to the vigorous and useful discussion on the "Onward Litsy!" Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnwardLitsy/ . Thanks - @TimSpalding

LibrarianRyan Thank you. 5mo
monalyisha Got it! 🙌🏻 5mo
valeriegeary 👍 5mo
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LeahBergen Thank you! 👏🏻👏🏻 5mo
RaimeyGallant Smart. 5mo
BookwormM Thank you can we make groups of people to tag a feature as I always forget who to tag in group reads 🤣🤣 5mo
LittleBug 👍🏼Great!👍🏼 5mo
Bklover 👍👍 5mo
Soubhiville I actually would prefer these posts be pinned to the top of the feed so I don‘t miss them... is it possible to pin them for a limited amount of time? Like 48 hours or something? @TimSpalding ? 5mo
TimSpalding I don‘t think so, unfortunately. But we‘re going to look at it. @Soubhiville (edited) 5mo
CouronneDhiver Awesome! I‘m curious 👍🏽 5mo
mcipher I agree with @Soubhiville - I missed this and pinning it would help so much (and also @BookwormM - that would be amazing!!) Very excited for your news!! 😊 5mo
Kenny Excited about all the changes, but I miss being on the Suggested Users list. That was fun. Y‘all are the best. xoxo 5mo
Fishgirl How can I read a book on here 5mo
Str8up That‘s what I wanna know I can‘t do anything 5mo
Litsy @Str8up @Fishgirl Litsy is for talking about, reviewing, & keeping tabs on the books you've read or want to read. You can't read books on Litsy. 5mo
Litsy @Kenny Sorry to disappoint! You aren't gone forever from the list, necessarily, just, now it changes every day & is different for every user! So, folks who are reading the same kinds of books you do are more likely to see you as a suggested user. 5mo
Kenny @Litsy: That‘s so fancy. I love it. You‘re doing great work. 5mo
gradcat Yes, I agree with @Soubhiville . I only saw this today—a whole week later—and I‘m on every day (at least once a day). 5mo
koka77 @Fishgirl you can't you can only review books 5mo
Qwer Vast enthusiasm!!! Many exclamation marks!!! 5mo
Vaani08 Got it! 5mo
lenaduncanolson Can someone tell be how to add books I have read to my list 5mo
led567 Lena, you go to the magnifying glass, search for the book, and can then choose symbol for: to read / reading / have read. It took me a while to work it out. 5mo
Bookclub Where do I see list of books I have added to read? 5mo
Litsy @Bookclub Go to your profile and tap the open book icon about halfway down your screen. That's your To Read list. 5mo
SitsWithaBook Is there a way to add custom tags? If, for instance, I want to track the year I read something? 5mo
Litsy @SitsWithaBook You can tag anything you like, just by using "#" followed by the text of your tag (no spaces, if it's multiple words). Tags are links & there is currently no tag following system. You can tap on a tag to see all posts with that tag, like so: #litsy 5mo
led567 Hello, I notice some people have added their own photos and can review audiobooks and other things not (I think) reached by tapping the magnifying glass symbol - how do you do that please? I think there are quite a lot of functions of Litsy I haven‘t discovered yet; is there an instructions page somewhere? Thank you! 5mo
RachelO @led567 You might like to look at @RaimeyGallant ‘s tips for new users or @chelleo ‘s videos - links to both are in their bios. To add photos, when you write a review/blurb, there‘s an ‘Add image‘ button just underneath. I find it‘s usually eaier to upload the photo before I type the review. Good luck 😉 5mo
Litsy @led567 I'm not sure I follow what you're asking about the magnifying glass symbol. That's used for searching for a book or Litsy user. To add a photo to a post, tap the + symbol, and choose whether you're adding a review, quote from a book, or blurb (which is basically anything that doesn't fall under the other 2 categories). From there, you'll see an option to add a photo to your post. Feel free to email us at litsy@librarything.com with Qs! 5mo
led567 Thank you both, very helpful. My badly-worded question re magnifying glass was trying to express that I couldn‘t see how to make a comment without beginning by searching for a book and reviewing it, but now I understand that‘s ‘blurb‘ - I thought that was going to be a section for quoting from the back of a book jacket, which did seem a bit pointless! 5mo
DiggySoul Hi guys, new to this and am a little confused. I have read my first book and reviewed this with a picture. My litfluence says I have read 1 book but my page count is zero? Also how do I build up my litfluence score? 4mo
Litsy @DiggySoul Welcome to Litsy! We're still working out some kinks with some of the breakdown of numbers on Litfluence at the moment - this is likely why you're not seeing your pages change. However, your overall Litfluence should change as a) you make posts and stack books, and b) as other littens interact with your posts. 4mo
Wonder18 Can you please tell me how to actually access the books to read. I have added books to reading and I tap on it and it takes me to the book profile. I‘m definitely doing something wrong or I don‘t understand this app. 4mo
Litsy @Wonder18 Sorry for the confusion. Litsy is a social networking app where members talk and post about books they're reading, want to read, etc. You can't actually read books on Litsy. 4mo
Wonder18 Okay, thank you, I was very confused. 4mo
pjh139 Is there anywhere to get total of books read? I am not seeing any. Part of why I wanted this app was to keep a running count out of curiosity. Sort of like another site reading challenge? Basically I just would like a count 4mo
Litsy @pjh139 I'm afraid there's not a count feature just yet. It's on our list of requests, though. 4mo
SmartSassery @pjh139 @Litsy Isnt the total number of books read under the litfluence portion of your profile? I do believe it shows books and pages read. 4mo
SmartSassery @Litsy I'm new here, how to we find people to follow? 4mo
hhavel I'm new here too. My name is Harvey. 4mo
Swalsh How do I add books to my read stack? 4mo
Litsy @HerHighness From your Litsy home screen, tap the person icon in the upper left corner. To search for a friend's username, select the "find friends on Litsy" option. You can also find Facebook friends on Litsy or see a list of suggested users to follow. 4mo
Litsy @Swalsh You can add books to your stacks from posts on Litsy in which a book you'd like to stack has been tagged, or you can search for books to stack using the magnifying glass icon on your home screen. Tap the book stack icon to add a book to your stacks! 4mo
SmartSassery @Litsy Thank you! 4mo
Conve026 Hi- New here and still figuring out how to navigate the pages. Where do I view books I‘ve added to my stack? From my home screen it shows “0” for following but if I click following my stacked books show up. Is that right? 4mo
Litsy @Conve026 That's right. That "following" number reflects the number of other Litsy users you've followed & has no bearing on how many books you've stacked. You can see your currently reading books at the top of your profile. Your Read and To Read stacks are indicated by the open book and closed book icons below your followers, following and Litfluence counts. 4mo
Suni How can i open the book which i have stacked? 4mo
Just_reading New here and so confused. Any lovers of young adult or historical fiction I can follow? 🤔 4mo
Litsy @Suni I'm not sure what you mean by "open" the book. You can tap on the book title or cover just about anywhere to see the book page (and posts from other members about it). You can't read books on Litsy, though. 4mo
Litsy @booknerdMA I'd recommend starting with either the Suggested Users feature (from the home page tap the person icon in the upper-left corner) to find some new friends to follow. Or find a book you've really enjoyed & tap the title to see who's posting about it! Feel free to email us if you have further questions: litsy@librarything.com 4mo
NissBit What does the Bail when reviewing a book mean? 3mo
Litsy @NissBit "Bail" is meant to indicate that you didn't finish the book. 3mo
Livyshell10 I didn't know this! Thank you 😀 3mo
DrSpalding Thanks @TimSpalding Great name! 3mo
BooksShoesChocolateAndCoffee Hi how do I see my feed - posts from people I follow? I press the home icon but all I get is one of my posts and this one! 3mo
Litsy @BooksShoesChocolateAndCoffee Sorry for the trouble! Please make sure you're using the latest version of Litsy, and update if necessary. If you're already updated, try signing out of Litsy and signing back in. If that doesn't resolve it, please email us at litsy@librarything.com with more details (phone type/OS version) and we'll help you from there. 3mo
BooksShoesChocolateAndCoffee Thanks... Took my battery out and that sorted it! 3mo
Girasol O 3mo
Mmariannee How do i ad books in my list? 3mo
Litsy @Mmariannee you can stack a book by either searching for it (using the magnifying glass icon), then tapping the book stack icon on the book page, or tapping the book stack icon on another member's post. Anywhere you find the gray book stack icon, you can add that book! 3mo
Tiffanie How do I get a job reading books?? 3mo
Litsy @Tiffanie Litsy is an app for posting, listing, and talking about books you're reading or want to read. It's just for fun! I'm afraid we don't have any staff positions for reading books. 3mo
wlmeikle I'm wondering if any of my King's friends are here? Let me know if you are! 2mo
Amersmom Help please! I am unsure how to locate books for reading. 2mo
Litsy @Amersmom Litsy is an app for posting and talking about books you're reading, have read, want to read, etc. You can't read books on Litsy. 2mo
Cressie I couldn‘t find the book I am reading when I want to quote it. Are users allowed to add new books and where? 2mo
allonsycap My app logged me out and when I tried to get back in it made me create a new account. I'm so confused and can't find anyway to contact a support 🤷‍♀️ what can I do because I don't want to have to add 200 books again. 2w
Litsy @allonsycap You can contact litsy@librarything.com. You're going to need to give us a username or password that you used; this username and the email attached to it are unique. 2w
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Litsom k litsy | Jozsef Lengyel
post image

We‘ve revamped the “Follow Suggested Users.” The old one was full of verified accounts that don‘t use the site now. The new is full of fresh, active members you‘ll want to follow. It‘s partially personalized according to what you read. And it‘s new every day. Enjoy!

To use, go to the home screen and tap the blue person icon in the upper-left corner. Select "find users to follow."

InLibrisVeritas That's wonderful! 6mo
TheReadingMermaid Yah! 🌺🤗🌺 6mo
LazyDays Is this a IPhone option only? 6mo
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Soubhiville Thanks! It‘ll be fun to check in with regularly. 6mo
Litsy @LazyDays nope! Everybody gets this one. No update required. 6mo
LazyDays I found it! Thank you!😊 6mo
Eyelit Awesome - thanks so much! Already found some new peeps to follow! 6mo
llwheeler Awesome! 6mo
ssravp Nice! 🧐 6mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai 🤸‍♂️♥️🤸‍♂️♥️🤸‍♂️ Love it. 👍 6mo
alifesheloved Cool, just wish I knew how to get to this page to use it 😂 6mo
Sarah83 Yes. Sounds great 💖 6mo
saresmoore How did you do this?! *gets out Rubik‘s Cube, solves it, still fails to understand algorithms* 6mo
AsYouWish Yay!!!! This sounds amazing!!!! 6mo
Litsy I suck at Rubik‘s cube. Never get more than two sides. But I can write a program to solve it! :) (edited) 6mo
TheSpineView That's great! 6mo
xicanti This explains why so many people followed me today! 6mo
TNbookworm This is awesome! 6mo
Cailey_Mac Yay! I‘ll check on it again 6mo
LeahBergen Very cool! 👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
amie This is great! I'm looking forward to finding lots more littens to follow. 6mo
Litlady Awesome sauce!! ❣️📚❣️ 6mo
ju.ca.no How can I see that page though? Where do I find it?🙈🙈 6mo
Litsy @ju.ca.no see the instructions in the 2nd paragraph of the post! 6mo
ju.ca.no @Litsy oops. Thanks🙈 6mo
RaimeyGallant Yea! 6mo
CouronneDhiver If I make my account “private”, will I still be featured on the Suggested Users listings? 6mo
Litsy @CouronneDhiver Nope! Private accounts won't be featured. 5mo
Ms_T @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Most of them still look like robots to me - no bio, no photo, no posts and they all follow around 150 people. Very strange. 5mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Ms_T That's because they are likely brand new. Also, you can 'follow all' suggested users, if you choose that you follow 150 ppl in one go. It's a great tool to help new littens get started. 5mo
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The Night Before Christmas | Clement C. Moore
post image

Don't miss out on #SantaThing! Sign-ups close soon.


Pick your favorite bookstore and your price point, and LibraryThing matches you up with a Secret Santa to choose books for. Everyone gets surprise books in the mail!

saresmoore I‘m looking forward to it! 6mo
SassyBrit I can‘t wait to join in! 6mo
kgriffith Only getting notifications on Android for comments 3mo
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Christmastime | Alison Jay
post image

Here's a sneak preview of the mug we're giving away to the first 20 @litsy members who sign up for #SantaThing.

Find out more here: http://blog.librarything.com/main/2018/11/santathing-for-litsy-members/

If you've already signed up, we'll be reaching out to lucky mug winners on Monday!

saresmoore 🙌 6mo
BethM 💗 6mo
Dragon Cute! 6mo
RaimeyGallant Want. 6mo
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The Night Before Christmas | Clement C. Moore
post image

Every year LibraryThing members participate in "SantaThing," our Secret Santa for book lovers. This year we're inviting Littens to join in!

The first 20 Littens to sign up for SantaThing will get a free Litsy mug! You‘ll be the first to get them, even.

LibraryThing/Litsy takes no cut of SantaThing: It's a community project, not a money-maker. And it's a lot of fun.


Soubhiville I did it! I love that this is all done online- and I don‘t have to ship another box. Looking forward to it! 6mo
saresmoore @Soubhiville My thoughts exactly! 6mo
LibrarianRyan That is pretty cool 6mo
See All 14 Comments
Slajaunie Done! 6mo
RiaWritten I signed up! 6mo
RidgewayGirl This is so much fun. I participate every year and I‘m always pleased and surprised. 6mo
M.V Sounds super fun, I joined 😄 6mo
dms12880 I submitted a form, should I get an email confirmation? 6mo
Litsy @dms12880 not automatically! I'll be sending out confirmation messages manually later today. - Loranne 6mo
booksaremyfriends Whats this about lol 6mo
decaturmamaof2 Yeah! Got signed up and curious to see what books I get. 6mo
Factaddict73 I cannot quite figure this whole thing out: Do we discuss books we choose or you assign them? Is there an allotted period of time to complete a book? Do you have a “Master List” somewhere that books are sourced from? Are you older published works or newer ones? Is there a back-and-forth discussion on certain books, or do individuals just post their observations and opinions? There are lots more questions, but I‘m sure you know mine...Answer please 6mo
Litsy @Factaddict73 I'd be happy to help! But I'm not quite sure what your question is about, exactly. Litsy in general? SantaThing (since you commented on a post about SantaThing)? If you'd like to email us at litsy@librarything.com, I'll be happy to help you from there. 6mo
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One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote | Bonnie Worth, Katherine Ross
post image

It's #ElectionDay! Go vote!

Crazeedi ❤️ 7mo
Leftcoastzen 🤓👏👍 7mo
CoverToCoverGirl ❤️ 7mo
Jas16 ❤️ 7mo
kgriffith Testing android notifications 6mo
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Litsom k litsy | Jozsef Lengyel
post image

Introducing a new feature: Add a Book to Litsy! The @Litsy database and its sources don't have every book. Upcoming, self-published, and non-English books are not always available. So, by popular request, members can now add a book to the Litsy database.

The feature is currently available as a web page. In future versions, we'll add it to the app.

Check it out: https://www.librarything.com/litsy_addbook_manual.php

Let us know what you think!

JoScho Awesome! 8mo
CouronneDhiver Excellent - thanks @Litsy 8mo
Megara 👏👏👏👏 Thank you!!! 8mo
See All 26 Comments
sammisho 👏👏👏👏👏 8mo
SilversReviews Nice...thanks for the link. 8mo
LibrarianJen YY! 💖 8mo
rabbitprincess Woo hoo!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 8mo
Addison1 Thank you! 8mo
Clare-Dragonfly Awesome! I think you will like this @tournevis 8mo
tournevis @Clare-Dragonfly YES!!! 8mo
Serotonin Yes! Thank you!! 8mo
PomegranateMuse Finally! 8mo
BookNerd9906 Awesome! 8mo
Heavenly_Human Waiting for it, specially non English books ヾ(^-^)ノ 8mo
kgriffith Testing comment notification on android 6mo
KiePen Perfection~~~` 6mo
RaimeyGallant How do I change a title for a book that has the wrong name in the Litsy system? It's a new release and the pub must have changed the title recently. The title in the system is 'Deep Enough for Whales' but it was released as 'Luminous Ink'. 6mo
Litsy @RaimeyGallant There's not currently a way to change titles like you're looking for. This feature only covers adding new records. In this situation, if create a new record with the correct title, as new readers aren't likely to find the old one. As we improve our database, we can eventually combine the two. 6mo
RaimeyGallant @Litsy Thanks! 6mo
RaimeyGallant Unfortunately, the new title didn't show up after I added it. Is it because I used an ISBN that's already in the system? 5mo
Litsy @RaimeyGallant Likely, yes. Did it give you an error message, or did it appear to add but now it's not showing up? I'd try skipping the ISBN. Please feel free to email if you need any further help! litsy@librarything.com 5mo
RaimeyGallant No error message. It said it added the book and that it should be visible. I'm updating my Litsy Tips blog post at the moment, and I'd like to be able to say that this actually. Can you tell me if it has worked for any of you? 5mo
Bookzombie @TimSpalding Hi, could you add the link to the Litsy profile possibly? It was easy to find right now for someone, but as time passes it will get buried. 🙂 Thank you. 5mo
Heavenly_Human @Litsy the link doesn‘t work with me! 4mo
Litsy @Heavenly_Human We're working on fixing this feature right now. Should have it back up and running soon! 4mo
Heavenly_Human @Litsy Good to know. Thanks ✨ 4mo
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Tag, You're It! | Penny McCall

Just want to let you know that we're aware of the issues tagging and searching for people. Tags are still functioning, so you can either type them one letter at a time and close the search box at each prompt on iOS, or just type the full name on Android in an original post. Tags in comments are working by typing full usernames. Search and autosuggest will be restored ASAP.

Jess_Read_This Thank you for the update! 10mo
julesG Thanks! 10mo
Pamwurtzler Thanks for the update! 10mo
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Litsom k litsy | Jozsef Lengyel
post image

Quick heads up: we‘ve changed email providers. If you‘re subscribed to our newsletters, you should receive two emails today:

1. One via MailChimp saying that we‘re moving
2. A second, through our new servers. If you don't see it, check your spam folder.

You can unsubscribe with a link on the second email.

If we can guess that you are in Europe, the second email will say so, and it will be your last (!), unless you click to subscribe again.

SilversReviews I‘ll have to look. I haven‘t seen one. Thanks. 11mo
Clare-Dragonfly How odd, the first one went to my spam but the second to my inbox. At least I saw the important one! 11mo
Litsy Ha. Well, okay then. Mass email sending is a crap shoot. 11mo
Peddler410 I got the second one, never the first. Not even in spam! It‘s okay though, I‘d already seen the message on FaceBook. 🙂 11mo
Simona @Clare-Dragonfly Same here 😅 11mo
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

Don't forget! #litsymovienight tonight! We're watching & discussing the film adaptation of Stardust.

Use #litsymovienight in your posts, or join the discussion on Talk on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/292633

hermyknee This is so cool! Stardust is one of my all time favorite movies! 11mo
riversong153 I‘ve never read this...might give the movie a watch. 11mo
wordslinger42 What a cool idea!! 11mo
See All 6 Comments
Craftylikefox The book and movie are fantastic 💕 11mo
LoverofLit @sammisho This would have been fun to watch together and participate! Maybe keep our eye out for the next one? We still need to watch 11mo
ElizabethEmma89 Love this book at movie! 11mo
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

How does Gaiman explore the concept of desire (along with the explicitly capitalized “your Heart‘s Desire”) in Stardust? Is it a good thing, a bad thing, or somewhere in between?

Reply here or tag your post #OLOB

Discussion on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/292872

56 likes2 stack adds
Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

What‘s your favorite scene or passage in Stardust?

Reply here or tag your post #OLOB

Discussion on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/292813

LoverofLit She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars. 11mo
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

Which tropes and themes from fairytales do you see Gaiman using in Stardust? Which ones does he use, and which ones does he twist or subvert?

Reply here or tag your post #OLOB

Discussion on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/292812

kgriffith The good ol‘, “Once Every [set amount of time], something magical happens.” It‘s a personal favorite, as it not only allows the author to get creative with their world-building, but it also creates a sense of urgency when the conflict has to be resolved in keeping with the magical rules of the setting. 11mo
leahbird The fairy market. It's one of my favorite themes! 11mo
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

How does switching around between different characters‘ points of view influence the plot taking shape?

Reply here or tag your post #OLOB

Discussion on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/292811

mariepml What does #OLOB stand for? 11mo
kgriffith @mariepml here it could be “One Litsy, One Book,” but it started as “One LibraryThing, One Book” in Talk over on LT. 🙂 11mo
mariepml Ahh, I see! Thank you! @kgriffith 11mo
kgriffith @mariepml You bet! 11mo
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

What do you think of the title? Why is it called “Stardust”? Is there a more apt title you can think of?

Reply here or tag your post #OLOB

Discussion on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/292810

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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

Which edition did you read? Stardust was originally released in a graphic novel/illustrated format, and designed to be accompanied by artist Charles Vess‘s illustrations. Later on, it was also released in a prose-only format. Which edition did you read, and what did you think of it?

Reply here, or use tag #OLOB on your post.

Discussion on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/292809

wanderinglynn I have the prose edition, but I want the graphic novel edition. 😀 11mo
Crewgurl Prose only, but the graphic novel sounds delightful! 11mo
Lindy What @Crewgurl said. Charles Vess is great and I‘ve never seen that edition. 11mo
lorannen 10 yrs ago, I first read the graphic novel (tagged here), after seeing the movie. This time, I opted for prose-only. I kind of prefer the latter, largely because I'm rather precious with my graphic novels & always concerned about them getting dinged up in my bag, in a way that I'm not with the average paperback. 11mo
kgriffith I‘m reading the all-text edition, as an ebook. I‘m fairly certain that my first time through was the audio of the all-text. 11mo
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

Coming to a screen near you: the first ever #litsymovienight, Friday, June 29th!

We're starting a group read of Neil Gaiman's Stardust earlier that week (details: http://blog.librarything.com/main/2018/05/group-readmovie-night-june-2018). We'll finish up the week watching the 2007 film adaptation.

Stardust is available for streaming on Netflix, along with other platforms.

Linsy Ooh, fun! 💫 11mo
Cinfhen Nice idea👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 11mo
cozynarwhal This is one of my favorite movies! 11mo
See All 12 Comments
VioletBramble I recently re-watched the movie. I have to check to see if I still have a copy of this book. 11mo
Litsy @LitsyHappenings may want a heads-up! 11mo
SpookyBoogie One of them few times I liked the movie better than the book! 11mo
Caterina I won‘t be joining in (many reasons, including that the movie is not on Netflix in Palestine and the group watch time is 4 AM here), but I love this idea and look forward to future movie nights! 👍 11mo
Litsy @Caterina Sorry we'll miss you this time around, but we appreciate your feedback! We'll definitely look into launching future movie nights at different times so other time zones can get in on the fun, too. 11mo
BethFishReads Sounds fun. I‘ll be celebrating my mom‘s birthday. Hope everyone has fun 11mo
tracey38 Sounds fun! Really enjoyed this movie. 11mo
LitsyHappenings Hi! Sorry we were unable to repost in time for you -- we are working on getting help to stay on top of these! 11mo
Litsy @LitsyHappenings No worries! Let us know if there's anything we can do to help! 11mo
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Litsom k litsy | Jozsef Lengyel
post image

I wanted to update Littens on Litsy images loading slower.

We found the issue last week, fixed it and have confirmed it's fixed. The issue was that, with the app update, Litsy images stopped being resized appropriately, so they were larger than is ideal. (Graph shows image data growth and return to normal.)

We've since reintroduced resizing (and "resampling"). But we are doing slightly less of it, to make the images crisper.

LeahBergen The tagged book‘s title! 😆😆 11mo
saresmoore 🤓 Cool. 11mo
Itchyfeetreader Thanks for sharing 11mo
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Stardust | Neil Gaiman
post image

Starting June 25th, join us for a group read of Neil Gaiman's Stardust! Details: http://blog.librarything.com/main/2018/05/group-readmovie-night-june-2018/.

Post here on Litsy, or join the discussion on LibraryThing's Talk forum: https://www.librarything.com/groups/onelibrarythingonebo

Use #OLOB for your posts here, and stay tuned for updates!

Friday, June 29th, we'll be doing a #litsymovienight, too, viewing the film adaptation.

laurenbescoby Count me in! ❤ 11mo
Litsy One point of clarification: there are 2 versions of Stardust - illustrated & not. Please feel free to read along with whichever you prefer! 11mo
wanderinglynn I‘m in! Love this story. ❤️ 11mo
See All 7 Comments
Bookspirit The Illustrated Stardust is from Vertigo right ? 11mo
Litsy @Bookspirit It is! Illustrations by Charles Vess. 11mo
Bookspirit ☺ I'm on my way to get that one ! ☺ 11mo
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Announcement | Washington State University

Note: remainder of post continued in comment/s.

Last night's service disruptions solved. We think. As with most technical failures it wasn't a single thing that caused it, but a cascade of things that were wrong.

Short answer:
The disruptions were ultimately caused by a bad setting in the Litsy code combined with a service outage of our push notification service. We've change the code to handle this sort of outage.

Continued in comment/s...

Litsy Long technical brief: the issue was that the service that we use for sending out push notifications was down. In addition to that the original Litsy code was using the default (1) MINUTE timeout for requests to this server. That meant that when a Litten would go through their feed and like, like, like, like posts they were causing a backup on OUR server because our server was having to wait up to a minute for each of those likes... 12mo
Litsy ...to receive a response from that push service that was down. That caused more and more resources to be used on our server, eventually bringing it down too. Hundreds of PHP requests holding open waiting for responses from this service. We‘ve changed the timeout for those requests to a much more respectable number so we shouldn‘t have the problem again... (edited) 12mo
Litsy ... Obviously we‘re sorry for the downtime. We feel bad if there‘s ANY downtime much less the amount of failure that‘s happened with Litsy over the last few weeks. We are working hard to make the service bulletproof for the future. 12mo
See All 13 Comments
C.Perone Thank you for the explanation! Feedback from you guys is always helpful 😊 12mo
JSW It‘s actually really interesting to me to hear what goes on behind the curtain. 12mo
LeahBergen Thanks for the update! 12mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you!! 12mo
CouronneDhiver You are doing great - so appreciate all of the hard work happening behind the scenes! @Litsy 12mo
Itchyfeetreader I am still seeing issues - I can‘t post and comments say they are not appearing but then do. Looks like I am not alone this morning ? 12mo
SydBookReader @Litsy I can‘t post it says error and try again 12mo
Litsy @Itchyfeetreader @sydnimekael sorry for the trouble, folks! Should be running fine now. Let us know if not? 12mo
Itchyfeetreader @Litsy all seems good now. Thanks 12mo
nevermind can some of you active users follow me and I'll follow back?! I was excited to be on here until I noticed most of the users I've followed so far haven't posted in months/years 😭 12mo
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Announcement | Washington State University

Okay, if you've been having any trouble uploading photos, go ahead and try again.

We discovered that the maximum file size was set too low on the servers. File size varies, but it was a particular problem for users who have newer, or nicer, phones. We've raised the limits.

We've tested it with some of the images members sent us. (Thank you!) It worked. So test it yourself?

saresmoore Good work, team! 12mo
Tameeka Thanks! 12mo
ephemeralwaltz Awesome! 12mo
LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 12mo
lorannen Testing! 12mo
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post image

The whole note, from the Facebook group, won‘t fit in the image, but, it has the most important part. Our apologies for today‘s problems—slowness and connection problems. They were bad. But we think we fixed something important, and things will get better!

BookishMe 👍🏽👍🏽 12mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great good news!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 12mo
ValerieAndBooks 👏👍 12mo
See All 13 Comments
saresmoore Thanks for the updates! The database is absolutely a mess. I can‘t imagine the scope of hosting something like this and I don‘t think the originators of Litsy imagined it either. You all are doing wonderful work and deserve lots of doughnuts followed by a week of sleep and binge watching Netflix! Thank you! 🙌🍩😴🎞 12mo
Pamwurtzler Thanks for all your hard work & congratulations on finding the big bug! 12mo
LibrarianRyan Yeahhh. Thank you. 12mo
Alfoster Thanks! We appreciate it!👏👏👏 12mo
Ashley2.0 Mine is still all messed up. Just downloaded for the first time yesterday and haven‘t been able to use. 😕 12mo
C.Perone 🎉💃🎉Thank youuuu!!!!! 12mo
Mdargusch Thank you for the information! 12mo
whatshesreadingnow Thank you! 👍🏻 12mo
Melissa_J I just want to add my thanks for taking care of the site‘s infrastructure. Sometimes updates don‘t go quite as planned, but the problems didn‘t frustrate me. I knew they‘d be fixed even it took longer than planned. 12mo
MayaSingh I aapriciate it. Actually a good news 12mo
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The Announcement | Michael J. Gajda

As noted, Litsy members may find their notifications/activities/conversations are empty. This is temporary. You‘ll se them later today. (Fun technical background: For an obscure reason, the notifications data is 80% of all data on the site, even though it‘s regularly pruned. So rather than have a five-hour downtime moving systems, we decided to have a one hour one, and load the notifications back slowly after.)

Jess7 Thanks for the info!! 12mo
LibrarianRyan Works for me. 12mo
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Announcement | Washington State University
post image

Litsy will be down for scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16, from 7:00am to 8:00am Eastern US time (11:00 GMT). We're adding redundancy and speed.

We'll be "truly" down, with connection failures, for about two minutes. The rest of the time we'll be up, but only one post--a downtime post--will be showing.

When we come back, past notifications will be empty, but they'll come back within an hour or so.

101 likes1 stack add
Announcement | Washington State University
post image

We've got a new-new iOS (iPhone) app. It repairs the blank-screen bug, as well as issues with stickers and frames and the app name. It's also MUCH smaller. Update your app by going to the App Store, or following the link below. (Or just wait and it will eventually happen automatically.)

Let us know below or at litsy@librarything.com if you have any problems.

GarthRanzz Thanks for the update! The posting of it here is much appreciated! 13mo
Taylor Can we have highlighters back in the photo edits? I used to highlight passages all the time but can‘t find it anymore. 13mo
GarthRanzz I will say it does still force a log out of the app. You may want to mention that as some users have avoided updating for that reason (needing to log in again). 13mo
See All 10 Comments
CouronneDhiver Done! Thank you for everything 🙂 13mo
Litsy Yes. It requires a re-log-in. This can‘t be avoided in switching Litsy from one company account to another. The process expires keys in which log-in is dependent. 13mo
huongtra Yay! 13mo
cygni The app crashes every time I try to add a profile image from my photo gallery. I tried 4 times. 12mo
Litsy @cygni would you email litsy@librarything.com with your username, operating system, and Litsy version? Thanks! 12mo
cygni Managed to add photo on my profile image. This time I used my already existing Litsy account (whose password I had forgotten but have now changed) & didn‘t have any problem. My initial problem was when I was trying to create a new account. The image issue seems to be limited to new accounts. 12mo
blloyd I had the same behavior when trying to add a photo at sign-up. After I created the account, I was able to go back and add a photo. 11mo
381 likes27 stack adds10 comments
post image

Having trouble with Litsy? Please let us know! We want to help. Email us at litsy@librarything.com, or tag @litsy.

GlassAsDiamonds @Cinfhen ... are you still having massive connectivity issues? 14mo
Cinfhen Thank you so much @GlassAsDiamonds I wouldn‘t say “massive”😉😂😬it seems to be EXTRA slow & sketchy at times & a big hater of WIFI but I‘m doing ok 💋thanks for keeping me posted and in the loop❣️❣️❣️ 14mo
Litsy @Cinfhen If you want to tell me what you've already tried in the way of troubleshooting, I'll be happy to help. @TimSpalding's most recent post has a list of steps to try, that differ a bit depending on if you're on Android or iOS. 14mo
See All 9 Comments
Cinfhen Thank you for reaching out...I‘m currently staying at an AirBNB so I‘m not comfortable playing with the router box etc..I‘m hoping once Im home all will be fine... 14mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen I just saw something in the FB group that I was hoping Litsy would post. It happened at midnight-ish. They did some troubleshooting with a Litten and discovered another issue. It‘s something super techy, and Tim said they are going to get right on it this morning. Cross yo‘ fingas! ❤️ (edited) 14mo
Cinfhen Super techie....sounds serious!!! Thanks for letting me know @BarbaraTheBibliophage 😘credit to the LT team for really trying to resolve the issues... 14mo
Litsy @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen Can confirm! Here's the gist of it: it's not a DNS problem after all (but it did a darn good impression of one) - it's a configuration problem at our facility - either our ISP's or ours. We've got technical staff working on it right now, and will be sure to post updates everywhere as we have them. Thanks for your patience! -Loranne 14mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Litsy Thanks for the updates, Loranne. I‘m sending lots of technology good vibes to your team!! 👏🏻👏🏻 14mo
Cinfhen Thank so much for keeping us updated & for working hard to resolve the issue 😃sending strength to your tech team 🤓💪🏼 (edited) 14mo
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post image

Reminder that scheduled downtime will start at 3am while we move Litsy to the LibraryThing servers. We anticipate about 8 hours of downtime. Hopefully many of you will sleep through most of it, but for those in anxious anticipation, come hang out in the Downtime Lounge, a LibraryThing Talk thread started so folks can mingle and chat while we wait! http://www.librarything.com/topic/289278 #LitsyonLT #litsynews #litsyhappenings

CocoReads Well I‘ll be at work most of the morning and then we moved our usual card playing/dinner with the folks to Tuesday this week and starting at lunch instead of later. So I guess my Tuesday plans are set! Hoping the move goes smoothly. 14mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Hey Everyone! We want to give you a heads up about a scheduled downtime while we move Litsy to LibraryThing servers.

Litsy will be down starting at 3am Eastern (7:00 GMT) on Tuesday, April 3, for approximately 8 hours.

Can you help spread the word so it doesn't come as a surprise to any of our fellow Littens?

ReadingSusan 🙀🙀🙀 14mo
See All 46 Comments
Crazeedi Is this going to change litsy? 14mo
kgriffith @Crazeedi Nope, just shifting where it lives behind the scenes. No code changes, no features added/removed, etc. Just picking it up from one place and setting it down in another, but it‘s a big job so it takes some time :) 14mo
Jess7 Yes, I‘ll repost this and tag a few more for you! 14mo
Crazeedi Thank You! I'm just trying to learn how to use litsy, so I wasn't sure 14mo
GarthRanzz Already reposted! We will get the word out! 14mo
kgriffith Thanks @Jess7 and @GarthRanzz 🤓 Please do tag other Littens either here or in your reposts; we don‘t want anyone to be blindsided and not know where to find out what‘s up. 14mo
Chelleo Posted! 14mo
LeahBergen We‘ll spread the word. 👍🏻 14mo
MsLeah8417 😳😳😳 14mo
CouronneDhiver Yikes! I‘ll be suffering withdrawal symptoms. 🤪 14mo
LibrarianRyan @Bklover I was pushing send. Had to do something a little different. 😁 14mo
kgriffith Check out my latest, I‘ve created a temporary home, the “downtime lounge” if you will ;) https://www.librarything.com/topic/289278 14mo
MinDea Thanks @Bklover !!! 14mo
Litsy @Crazeedi well, it allows change. The first change will be in better book data. 14mo
MrBook Thank you for the tag, @Bklover ! 🤗🤗🤗 14mo
MrBook And thank you too, @kgriffith 😁!! 14mo
jfalkens I thought Litsy wasn't switching to featured posts and having posts in random order? Only sorted newest to oldest. 14mo
kgriffith @jfalkens Not all @Litsy posts will be featured; we want to be very discerning and intentional about use of that tool. We thought folks would want to know about the downtime ahead of time, so we considered it a worthwhile use of the feature. No other ordering of posts is affected. 14mo
TricksyTails @Bklover Thank you for the tag! I‘ll be sure to share! 🤗 14mo
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @kgriffith geez. I just noticed the "featured" on this post. I didn't even know that was possible. (Android Littens have fewer options it seems.) 14mo
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag @Bklover 👍, and will repost. 14mo
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Bklover @MrBook for letting me know ...I‘ll repost after the weekend as it gets closer!!! 14mo
tpixie Thx! I‘ll repost! 14mo
AyaOfSiwa Good to know 14mo
dariazeoli Thanks for the tag, @Bklover - will post this weekend! 14mo
Fedaykin Why won‘t you respond to my email asking, how do I delete my account? 14mo
kgriffith @RestlessFickleBookHoarder I‘ve found that to be true in my testing android vs iOS. For example, iOS separates out “conversations” from “notifications.” In this case, there‘s a line that reads “featured” below the image associated with the post. 14mo
kgriffith @Fedaykin did you write to litsy@LibraryThing.com ? My apologies if so and we haven‘t gotten back to you. If not, please email that address and I‘ll let the team know to keep an eye out for your email. 14mo
Fedaykin Your web site(litsy.com/help) says “...or general inquiries, please email us at contact AT litsy.com” contact@litsy.com is what I used, thanks for the update. 14mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @kgriffith Just had a chance to post about it. Thanks for the tag and heads up! 14mo
jfalkens @kgriffith that's good 😊 14mo
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @kgriffith I've seen that on my iPad. I like the separation. I think iOS allows for editing of comments too. Not so with Android. I can only edit posts. (I'm an odd duck with an iPad and android phone.) 14mo
kgriffith @RestlessFickleBookHoarder yep, that‘s also a notable difference. I have an Android strictly for app testing purposes and one thing I‘ve noticed is that the “send” arrow on android is where the backspace is on iOS. I‘ve had to delete and resubmit many a comment 🙄😋 14mo
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @kgriffith hope that means one day Android users will get to edit comments 😁 14mo
LaneyCash Thank you! 14mo
decaturmamaof2 @RestlessFickleBookHoarder I'm a similar odd duck. Android phone, iPad. 🦆 14mo
kgriffith Testing! 12mo
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