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The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel | Diane Setterfield
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Love this story!
But let's get real. What time period is it from?! What age is it set in?
1950s? 1980s? When was Mrs. DeWinter young?!

#time #clock #13 #gothic #tales
Hi @NikkiRobson73

jb72 I loved that book! 3d
emz711 @jb72 what time period do you think it takes place in? 2d
jb72 @emz711 It‘s been a long time since I‘ve read it, but I did not seem to think it was too far in the past. I‘ll have to dig out my copy and take a peek. 2d
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The Princess Bride | William Goldman
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Not ready yet but here's my next pile TBR. Top ones are #rereads bottom 2 are #newbies
#blue #cmyk

What should I read first?

And hello to @bhmurray

TobeyTheScavengerMonk That is a solid stack of winners! But I‘ll say Pan‘s Labyrinth. 4d
emz711 @TobeyTheScavengerMonk so I just bought it thinking it would have artwork from the movie but it doesn't and I'm kind of disappointed? 4d
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Can we discuss?
I read it, watched TV series, now audiobook

-Multiple plots - strange vs norrell, theoretical vs practical magic, man with thistledown hair
-So much backstory as if there are so many other parts of this world
-Magic is obviously a big part of the book but it doesn't describe the mechanics like in Harry Potter

I feel like I'm reading a Jane Austen novel with magic instead of politics or a gothic novel with footnotes

Fridameetslucy I enjoyed it too. I didn‘t finish watching the movie but the book stayed with me. I would need to read it again to talk about it 7d
Aims42 I loved the book and enjoyed the mini-series too. I need to re-read it again too 7d
emz711 @Aims42 any way to categorize it? Or explain it because it's really hard for me to get anyone else into it 7d
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cariashley How‘s the show?? I‘ve been meaning to watch it! 7d
emz711 @cariashley good, a lot more plot driven. Not really the same as the book where you're trying to figure out wtf is going on and why she's going off in directions with the story 7d
Aims42 @emz711 Hmm.... it‘s a tough one to catergorize 🤔 I‘d say your comparison to Jane Austen in terms of the time period and society is accurate. Then there‘s the magic aspect. It‘s definitely not Harry Potter meets Jane Austen. It‘s just a odd book to describe, haha! Some books just aren‘t for everyone. There‘s been plenty of hyped up books that I just didn‘t like. To each their own 😃 7d
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Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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First time audiobook. Reread novel form. So much easier to figure out the timing!
Love! #reread #circus #pool #summer

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I Am Pusheen the Cat | Claire Belton
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Have a good reading weekend!
#reading #pusheen #cats

Sarahreadstoomuch You too! 2w
Catsandbooks Love pusheen! 2w
Slajaunie I love Pusheen! You as well! 2w
SW-T You too 😊 2w
emz711 Wish we could post gifs because it would be pusheen galore 2w
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There's a lot of light today.
Happy 4th!

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Finished! On to the next book pictured behind.

I really enjoyed this book, not something I've really ever read before. Are there other haunted places books that really go through the history of the area, show fact from fiction and ask the tough questions about history?

#ghosts #history #haunting

And hello @Dragonfairykats @Dhanya2277 @ImperfectCJ

vivastory I loved this one. The following is more about the legitimate science of the afterlife, but it's the only book I can think of that is similar 3w
ImperfectCJ Ghostland disappointed me somewhat (it felt a little repetitive after a while), but I loved the next book you're reading. Enjoy! 3w
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Loving listening to the voices! Best way to listen to any celebrity written book.

Welcome and thanks for the add @theunnaturalsquare @laur89 @kramerh77

readingjedi Interesting tale: my mother was obsessed with the stately homes of the UK & one day dragged me to Haddon Hall ... on one of the days they were shooting there! 4w
emz711 Anyone else love the movie? 3w
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I'm sure someone's said it before but isn't this like A Man Called Ove? But middle aged and less sad.

I'm listening super fast because I got too many audiobooks at once and I couldn't figure out the suspend hold thing!

Welcome @jenniferw88 @CarolReads

emz711 Anyone thing the same? 4w
emz711 @staci.reads finished it and loved it! 4w
staci.reads I'm glad! I hadn't thought of it, but I can definitely see the comparison. 3w
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Weird place to read a spooky book but I'll take it

RealBooks4ever I found this book to be interesting. 💜 4w
emz711 @RealBooks4ever yeah it makes me want to go to all these places! 4w
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Loved it! The stories have really stayed with me. They're so slightly off reality.
#magicalrealism #tornado #bog #tree

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Storm might be on its way but I'm the only one on the beach!
Enjoying The Magicians but soooo different than Harry Potter

Thanks for the follow @annahenke @Schmieds @Theaelizabet @olivia.ferz

#beach #magic #coffee #rook #fillory

thegirlwiththelibrarybag That‘s the problem with marketing using phrases like ‘Harry Potter for adults‘ or ‘the next Harry Potter‘ - have you watched the tv series? 1mo
emz711 @thegirlwiththelibrarybag no I haven't, any good? 1mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @emz711, haven‘t watched it yet. I‘m about to start watching A Discovery of Witches - my library hold finally came in! 1mo
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emz711 @thegirlwiththelibrarybag I didn't realize that was a show too. The book was not my thing 1mo
CBee I love the TV series!! 1mo
Scochrane26 It was marketed as HP but is actually much more like Narnia. Also, I‘ve heard the tv show is very different from the books—many seem to like it better. (edited) 1mo
emz711 @Scochrane26 I totally picked up on the Fillroy/Narnia vibes 1mo
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Now compared to my last post on Mistborn, this one I liked! I listened to it on Libby.

I think I only like certain kinds of fantasy. How about you? @chael0910 @wanderlustywriter @lauren.lerner @kramerh77

#gray #Red #white #black #London

AutumnRLS This one is on my TBR. I've only heard good things :) 1mo
JenFowler I LOVE this series!! 1mo
chael0910 Another one for my TBR List. Thank you for recommending me this😊🙏 1mo
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lauren.lerner I‘ll be honest, I‘ve read precisely zero VE Schwab. That said, lmk where to start because I‘m always up for something new these days! 1mo
emz711 @lauren.lerner this is my first! 1mo
wanderlustywriter I liked this. However I looooved Vicious and Vengeful! 6d
emz711 @wanderlustywriter yeah? Maybe I need to get on that 6d
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Mistborn: The Final Empire | Brandon Sanderson
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I've heard such good things! Am I an idiot for not pushing through the first couple hundred pages?

EastWind76 Not an idiot. I loved the series, but it's not for everyone. :) 1mo
AutumnRLS There are really great parts and the trilogy all together is super interesting where it ends up going plot-wise, but I remember feeling like other parts really lagged. You do you. No reading shame! 1mo
wordslinger42 I started this but didn't make it past the first hundred or so pages. It just didn't appeal! 1mo
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Picture from last summer.
Nothing better than reading with your feet in the sand.
What's your favorite place to read?

Thinking about this #summer and hopefully getting to the #beach soon!

Thanks for following @Pricel101 @destinykay122 @Kdgordon88 @amyrohn @tjwill

Shvonne The beach,my balcony and my bed 1mo
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Vanity Fair | William Thackeray
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I bought this gorgeous edition of Vanity Fair years ago and read it but... It's one of the books where I think the movie was better!

What #moviewasbetter for you?

hello to @Smrloomis @Lizzybennetgirl

Freespirit Maybe Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but only just😊 2mo
emz711 @Freespirit it's on my list! 2mo
Lizzybennetgirl I definitely liked the Gone With The Wind movie better than the book. The book is amazing, but I feel like the movie does a great job of bringing the book to life and condensing some tedious details. 2mo
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BooknerdsLife That edition is Gorgeous!!! 😍😍 I‘m drooling lol 😆 2mo
emz711 @BooknerdsLife I know right? I couldn't pass it up 2mo
Smrloomis I liked Divergent far better as a movie and also - I was surprised to find - I thought Black Klansman was better too! Sorry, Ron Stallworth. Not classics but I still really remember those! (edited) 2mo
emz711 @Smrloomis I never got into that series 2mo
Smrloomis @emz711 I enjoyed the first book, but not the rest. I think you should skip them and - gasp - watch the movies instead! 😆 (edited) 2mo
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Lanny: A Novel | Max Porter
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This is definitely for a particular taste but I thought it was interesting.
So who or what is Dead Papa Toothwort?
My answer - wind spirit
How about you?
@girlwiththeglasses @eri.reads @bedandabook @Booksnchill @Emilymdxn

girlwiththeglasses Hmmm... a magical herb for me 😂 2mo
eri.reads I haven't read it yet, but it's on my TBR. Hopefully I'll get to it soon! 😁 2mo
bedandabook I think wood spirit, but the wonderful thing is he‘s whoever your imagination wants him to be. 2mo
Emilymdxn I felt like he was just a manifestation of part of Britain‘s unconscious, like a repressed memory, and I think being able to become a lot of different things or mean a lot of different things is part of that so there are a million answers! 2mo
Booksnchill I think he is the green man of British lore - more malevolent than a wood spirit I think- a bit of Puck but nastier 2mo
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So fun! It's got drawings for each story. Maybe I bought it at Tim Burton's MOMA exhibit? I can't remember.
Stain boy is my favorite!

#TimBurton #nightmarebeforexmas
#gothic #doodles

Curiouser_and_curiouser We have has this for years and its certainly a fave with our kids. 1mo
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I need some encouragement to read this again. I liked it but not sure I loved it. I watched the BBC series and enjoyed it.

Please push me to reread! @Sarz
#reread #thistledownhair

suzisteffen So, I have read it twice, listened to it once, and watched the series. I liked it far more after listening to it than I did at any other time. I guess I‘d encourage listening! 😉 2mo
emz711 @suzisteffen ooo really? I try not to do long books on audio because i get them from the library but maybe you've convinced me 2mo
suzisteffen @emz711 I‘d be happy to send you an audio version if you want to send me your email addy and tell me what platform. It IS long! 2mo
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suzisteffen My email is my name at gmail btw 2mo
Moony Oh it's on my tbr too and I have to read it soon because I borrowed it from a friend. 2mo
Aims42 Re-read it! Re-read it! Re-read it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 2mo
emz711 @Moony ha you're going to be a while! 2mo
emz711 @Aims42 yeah? Like will more things come together if I read it over? I feel like it was disjointed but still interesting 2mo
Aims42 @emz711 I‘m biased since I really enjoyed it, I wish there was a sequel to it. The ending had me wanting more 😆 2mo
emz711 @Aims42 have you watched the show? 2mo
Fridameetslucy I also semi enjoyed it - have you read Drood ? 2mo
Heatherfeather Have owned this book for a decade but still haven't read 2mo
emz711 @Fridameetslucy no what's that?! 2mo
Aims42 @emz711 yes, must‘ve been 2 years ago... I think? I remembered liking it 2mo
emz711 @Heatherfeather go for it! 2mo
emz711 @Fridameetslucy hey what's Drood? Who wrote it? 2mo
emz711 @suzisteffen started audiobook from the library, I'm definitely enjoying! 2w
suzisteffen @emz711 Awesome! Sorry, we were dealing with travel and time zone changes, so I just now saw this. Glad you're enjoying! 1w
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Persuasion | Jane Austen
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Anne's family doesn't approve of her engagement so she breaks it off and he joins the Navy. Eight years later, he dates Anne's friend who hits her head and he runs away. He comes back to hang with Anne and her family and friends but she's dating someone else. He overhears her talking about how women love the longest and he writes her a letter... no spoilers!

How about you @kramerh77 @NikkiKey94


Such a fun book! Can't wait to see if there's going to be another

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Waiting for husband's surgery to finish.
#audioknitting at 1.5 speed. Trying to finish second sleeve on my first and probably last sweater I'll ever make!

I'm enjoying the story!

emz711 Anyone else knitters? 2mo
Fridameetslucy Omg another knitter!!! Yay. I am listening in audible to Born to be Posthumous - biography of Edward Gorey and knitting a dress out of impossible thin hand dyed cotton thread. Very obsessive but that‘s how I roll 2mo
emz711 @Fridameetslucy I'm really not sure I could do this again! It's exhausting! I usually do hats and maybe scarves. 2mo
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Fridameetslucy @emz711 whatever it is - it‘s really besutiful!! Sweater? I see how much charting or counting it involves. You‘ve got to really concentrate 2mo
Smrloomis Nice job! Hope the surgery went well 🤞🏽 2mo
emz711 @Smrloomis it did thank you! 2mo
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Got the stack at library book sale for $11!
Tagged my most excited to read (only because I read the Night Circus already and loved it)

And welcome @kramerh77 !

#booksale #themagicians

RealBooks4ever Great haul! 📚💜 2mo
Kimberlone I love the Magicians and The Night Circus. You have some great picks in there!!! 2mo
RaimeyGallant Nice! 2mo
emz711 @Kimberlone in the middle of the magicians now. It really skips through the whole school years thing 1mo
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Persuasion | Jane Austen
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One of my favorite books and I can't say no to a pretty cover!

What are your favorite books that you collect new editions of?

#NewEdition #Persuasion #JaneAusten #Austen #WentworthisaDream #NotMyDarcy #Sailaway

jenniferajanes Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚 2mo
emz711 @jenniferajanes thank you! What's your favorite book to get multiples of? 2mo
BooknerdsLife That‘s a very gorgeous cover😍😍 I love & collect copies of Jane Eyre & Alice in Wonderland with Anna Karenina as my new favorite 😁 2mo
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HOTPock3tt Pride & prejudice! I have 5 or 6 different copies 2mo
jenniferajanes @emz711 Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier! 2mo
emz711 @BooknerdsLife Jane eyre! Yes! I only gave one copy but I'm on the hunt for others! 2mo
emz711 @jenniferajanes I just read Rebecca and honestly it didn't do it for me. Like not gothic enough? Maybe I'll have to try again 2mo
emz711 @HOTPock3tt something about Austen 2mo
jenniferajanes @emz711 I‘m a sucker for big plot twists. I can tolerate the slow build I guess because I know what‘s coming. The first time I read it was in high school. I remember liking it then too, but I honestly had an amazing teacher... whose name was Rebecca. 🤣 (edited) 2mo
BooknerdsLife @emz711 Theres just something very special about Classics 😍 And there are so many gorgeous copies out there & I‘d like to read every single copy that I bought so am collecting them very slowly! I still need to give Jane Austen another go, maybe I‘ll try Persuasion next 😅🤗 2mo
emz711 @BooknerdsLife it in s the best, truly. If you like gothic novels, Northanger Abbey may be right up your alley 2mo
BooknerdsLife @emz711 Awww Thank you for the suggestion! Putting it on my TBR! 🙌🏼💖 And will let you know how it goes 👌🏼 2mo
emz711 Come on, I know there's some Wentworth lovers out there! Some never Darcy's. Where they at? 2mo
HOTPock3tt @emz711 @jenniferajanes I‘m currently reading Rebecca and i can‘t say that I love it 🙁 it‘s dragging a bit and I keep picking up other books... maybe it gets better further into the book (I‘m almost Halfway thru) 2mo
jenniferajanes @HOTPock3tt @emz711 I guess I need to think more about why I like it. It has been one of my all-time favorite books since I read it in high school, and I‘ve read it multiple times since then. Time for reflection.... 2mo
emz711 @jenniferajanes nah! You like what you like. I read persuasion every year. It's my jam! Everyone else can have Darcy 2mo
HOTPock3tt @emz711 I loved Northanger Abbey too! it was a lot of fun!! @jenniferajanes Rebecca is one of my moms‘ all time favorite books so I grew up hearing her talk about it all the time. I think it definitely has quite an appeal. Maybe I just have to finish it to see the overall appeal 🤔 (edited) 2mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Hope you're enjoying Litsy so far 📖💖 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! 2mo
Slajaunie Welcome to Litsy! 📖💙 2mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🌺 2mo
emz711 Thank you! Jane Austen fans? 2mo
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This book has stayed with me for years! I can't even tell you if I loved it but the mood and the images it formed in my head are so creeptastic! Probably time for me to buy it.

emz711 What's everyone's favorite Tim Power's book? 2mo
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All the colors of the rainbow!
Ready for the next one in paperback!

#flaviadeluce #rainbow
#pie #hangman #redherring #shadows #bones #arches #chimney #thrice #graves #colormepretty #cmyk

PurpleyPumpkin They look so pretty together!📚 2mo
emz711 @PurpleyPumpkin the next one is pink! 2mo
emz711 Anyone else love Alan Bradley? 2mo
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rretzler Welcome to Litsy! 📖 I absolutely love Flavia and this series. I have all the books as ebooks and your pic makes me want the paper versions too! 2mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗🌸 2mo
emz711 @rretzler I decided on paperback instead of hardcover for my wallet's sake but both are super colorful on a shelf! 2mo
rretzler I can‘t ever wait for the paper - I‘m too impatient to read them. That‘s why I buy the ebooks! 🤣 2mo
emz711 @rretzler I request from the library for the new one. First person on hold every time! 2mo
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The Shadow of the Wind | Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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How could I not start off with an incredible series that we have waited so long to complete!

After reading Labyrinth, I had to go back and read them all over again!
#firstpost #cemeteryofforgottenbooks #CarlosRuizZafon #Barcelona #MagicalRealism

Kaylamburson Welcome to Litsy!! I hope you love it here! 2mo
JohannaRose Welcome to Litsy! 😊📚💜 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! You will love it here! I cohost a monthly photo challenge if you‘re interested. This month it‘s #Amonthofsongs and I cohost a book club if you want to check it out!! #BotmBuddyRead!! 2mo
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Insightsintobooks Welcome to litsy! I hope you love it! 2mo
Ericalambbrown Welcome to Litsy!!! 😊📚🙏🏻 2mo
SW-T Congrats on your first post 🎉Happy reading 😊 2mo
Libby1 Welcome to Litsy! ❤️📚❤️ 2mo
Soubhiville Hi! Welcome! 2mo
Chelleo Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. #LitsyWelcomeWagon 2mo
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 2mo
PurpleyPumpkin Welcome to the Litsy family! I hope you enjoy. 😉👍🏽 2mo
jpmcwisemorgan Welcome to Litsy!!! 2mo
BookwormAHN Welcome to Litsy 😺 2mo
DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚🎉Hope you enjoy it here! 2mo
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