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Furyborn (Empirium, #1) | Claire Legrand
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Apparently I'm not the only one in my home that loves to cuddle up with books! 😻💕📚 #catsoflitsy #littenkitten

LauraBrook What a beauty!!! 😽😽😽😽😽 2h
tpixie So adorable!! I love Your black kitty with the little white tips !!! ♥️🐱📚♥️ 2h
Dragon 😻 1h
Leftcoastzen So cute! 1h
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The Fiery Cross | Diana Gabaldon
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What a cutie!! (And the cat's quite cute too lol😂😂) #catsoflitsy

From Diana Gabaldon's FB page

HOTPock3tt Omg I ADORED her cat in the books!!! 😍 he was sneaky at times and Claire would be like “not today, cat 😑” lol. I almost got a cat on my pandora bracelet because of him (to do an outlander theme) he‘s a super cool character in the story! 🙃 7h
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I think my #audiobook has lulled #Amber to sleep 💤
You all did great for the #BookFitnessChallenge today, so many great posts! Way to go! 👟💪🏻👏

Reecaspieces I am slacking on my posts. But still working and moving! 17h
CocoReads @Reecaspieces yep I‘m a posting slacker too! Just so busy at work that when I get home, I‘m pretty much done. It‘s been a work, workout, eat, shower and sleep kind of week 17h
Reecaspieces @CocoReads exactly. I can‘t hardly function when I get home. It is just let me sit a minute 😂 17h
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wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 And Amber is so pretty! ❤️🐱 16h
Clwojick Way to go! 15h
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Perfect reading buddy. It‘s a good thing I don‘t need both hands to read. #catsoflitsy #bugabookitty

TheSpineView Awwwww.... 💜🐾 19h
CareBear 😻😻😻 18h
Crazeedi So soft and cuddly!😻 17h
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This isn‘t the most effective situation for reading, but it is a good “you have to pay attention to me” strategy. 😺

#CatsAreBrilliant #Gabby #KittensofLittens #CatsOfLitsy

AmyG Beautiful cat! 21h
dgingo @AmyG Thank you! 😻 20h
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Rearranged my bookshelves...this is the side that holds my Worth Press Classics. Does anyone else collect these? #catsoflitsy

krismlars I don‘t but they‘re beautiful! 1d
JohannaRose Beautiful!! 1d
RavenLovelyReads @JohannaRose Thank you! 💕💕 1d
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RavenLovelyReads @krismlars I found most of these at Costco! 🤓 1d
mabell 😍😍😍 1d
akckitty Oh wow. Too cute ❤️ 12h
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The Catsitters | James Wolcott
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#bfc #bookfitnesschallenge @wanderinglynn 😁

Was gonna lift weights, then this happened...

RachelO Well, that‘s that than! 😹 1d
BookwormAHN Cute problem 💙 1d
TheSpineView We mustn't disturb his highness! 😊 1d
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Caterina Awww well now you're just stuck, nothing you can do 😂 1d
wanderinglynn Yes, cats take precedent. I think it‘s the law. 😉❤️🐱 23h
4thhouseontheleft #catsofLitsy mine always gets in the way when I try to do any kind of floor work. 😹 23h
Chrissyreadit My dog is preventing me at moment. She want her belly rubbed and ears scratched. 17h
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Again, but Better | Christine Riccio
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Erofan Cutie 😻 1d
kelseynicburke Beautiful 😻 1d
Soubhiville Pay attention to 🐱! 💜 1d
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Guess who just stole her first bookmark 🔖 😈
#catsoflitsy #hpbuddyread

cathysaid Awww...I bet you‘re proud. 2d
Leftcoastzen Is that the demon child that was so angry in a previous post? (edited) 2d
BookNAround What a sweet little purr pants! 2d
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LauraJ @Leftcoastzen Yes. She‘s warmed up to me, but is still bullying the dog out of her bed. (edited) 2d
Leftcoastzen @LauraJ 😂a little toughie !😻 2d
Meaw_catlady Awwwww!!! Adorable 😻 1d
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Catspaw | Mary Borden
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Look! It‘s one of my feral cats. 🙄. #catsoflitsy

AmyG Ha! I worked at a shelter and the ferals all shared their food with whoever stopped by. 2d
AthenaWins He's so cute!! 2d
Slajaunie He actually looks sick in person. I felt sorry for him. @AthenaWins 2d
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AthenaWins @Slajaunie Poor thing. Maybe he just needs a little food and water. They're great animals though. Eat all kinds of pests. 2d
KathyWheeler I had one come inside with my cats once in order to eat. Took me a second to realize he wasn‘t one of them. When I chased him out, the cats looked at me as if to say, “Why are you chasing our friend out?” They weren‘t happy with me.😄 2d
Slajaunie @AthenaWins He‘s not the first one. I live in a small town surrounded by sugar cane fields and bayous. We get a lot of things here. 😂 2d
AthenaWins @Slajaunie lol. Me too! South Louisiana here. 😊 2d
AthenaWins Walker. A tiny little town east of Baton Rouge. 2d
Slajaunie Up until 4 years ago, I lived in Denham Springs. @AthenaWins 2d
AthenaWins @Slajaunie What a small world! Lol. I work at Cavalier House Books in the antique village. 🙂 2d
Slajaunie Even smaller. Michelle and John are my adopted children. My daughter Victoria used to work there. @AthenaWins (edited) 2d
AthenaWins @Slajaunie That's so funny! I've met you. 🤣 2d
everlocalwest @Slajaunie @AthenaWins lol, this is my favorite comment thread ever! 😂😂 2d
Slajaunie This is hilarious!! 🤣😂🤣😂. Coming for our Louisiana meet-up? @AthenaWins @everlocalwest (edited) 1d
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