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My reading life has been all over the place lately, often in the form of following a scooting baby around the house with a borrowed ebook in hand. 😆 This series is fun. It‘s been nice to read some light fare lately (lots of YA) interspersed with the NYRB picks and psychology & spirituality books for my continuing education. Perhaps I‘ll post a review or contribute to a discussion again soon! Then again, maybe not… 🙃

Bookwomble Priorities 😊🤱 3mo
GingerAntics It‘s an awfully adorable scooting baby, though. 🥰🥰🥰 3mo
saresmoore @GingerAntics She really is! And so squishy, too! 😍 3mo
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GingerAntics @saresmoore that‘s such a great stage!!! They‘re so snuggly when they‘re cute and squishy!!! 3mo
marleed Scooting babies are so much fun! 3mo
Cathythoughts ❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
saresmoore @marleed I love it so much! She does the same motion in the pool, so it might translate into swimming skills later in life. 🐬 3mo
Centique Hello Sara! Just wanted to say Hi and best wishes to you and your lovely family. Hope you are all doing well 💕 2mo
Suet624 Psst…thinking of you! 1mo
Cinfhen Was thinking about you!! Hope you and the girls are all doing well 💜💜💜 3w
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I Dig Bathtime | Brooke Jorden
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This baby girl genuinely loves books, even in the bath! She gingerly turns pages and babbles out a story. It‘s wonderful. 🥰

batsy Precious 😍 3mo
TrishB Lovely ♥️ 3mo
Ruthiella You THINK she‘s telling a story. It could be a critical review of the book! 😂 3mo
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MicheleinPhilly 🥰 I am smitten. 3mo
marleed Oh wonderful! 3mo
saresmoore @Ruthiella Excellent point! 😆 3mo
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly She‘s everything and more, this one. ♥️ 3mo
Tamra Read everywhere! 😆😍 3mo
mom2bugnbee What a sweetie! 3mo
Cathythoughts Little doll 💕 3mo
Nute Be still my heart!💓 3mo
GingerAntics How sweet!!! 🥰🥰🥰 3mo
MaureenMc 😍💕 3mo
Suet624 So very sweet. 3mo
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Birthday Monsters! | Sandra Boynton
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This sweet potato turned one today and we had a little get together with some of our besties! Her favorite things are books and the packages that toys come in. 🥰🥳 Happy birthday, Clara Jo!

saresmoore @Suet624 I finally got around to posting a new photo! 😅 4mo
hilded Happy birthday 🥳 4mo
MaureenMc Happy birthday! 🥳 4mo
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Ruthiella Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! 🥳🥳🥳 4mo
Leftcoastzen Wow , a year went by so fast ! Happy Birthday! She is so adorable! 4mo
Bianca Happy birthday! She's so cute! 4mo
BookDadGirlDad Happy Birthday little one! (Sandra Boynton is a staple in this house.) 4mo
Tamra Cutie! 😍 Boxes are the best! 4mo
Nute Super cute photo! So adorable! Happy Birthday, Clara Jo! 4mo
Suet624 What beautiful people you are. Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday!! 4mo
MicheleinPhilly Happy Birthday Zerbert! 😘 4mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Happy Birthday little one! ❤️ Love that she likes the packages better than the toys! 😂🤣 4mo
marleed She‘s as beautiful as her mama! Happy Birthday! 4mo
GingerAntics Love that she loves the toy packages more than the toys!!! 💙💙💙 Happy Birthday cutie. 4mo
Cathythoughts Two beautiful girls ! Happy Birthday little one 💕 4mo
LeahBergen Happy Birthday, sweet girl! 💞💞 4mo
Reggie Where does the time go? Happy Birthday!!! 🎈🎂🎁 4mo
batsy Happy birthday, beautiful Clara 💖😘😘 4mo
andrew61 Happy birthday, enjoy the day everyone. 4mo
Lindy Lovely to see your smiling face and that adorable Clara Jo! 4mo
CarolynM 🎂🎈🎉 Happy birthday! 4mo
ValerieAndBooks One already 😍 ?! Aww!! 4mo
Centique Such a darling! Hope you and the family are all doing well 💕 4mo
britt_brooke Beautiful! 3mo
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My First Numbers: Let's Get Counting! | Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
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This girl loves books. She has a funny way of scooting around on her butt and she will scoot at full speed to get to a board book and then spend a few minutes turning pages and looking at the pictures.

Not pictured is the pile of her big sisters‘ books that she pulled off the shelves upstairs. 😅

Alfoster How adorable! 5mo
marleed I could spend all day looking at pictures that depict this love. How adorable! 5mo
Leftcoastzen So cute! 5mo
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Bookzombie So sweet! 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm Awww 🥰 5mo
Cathythoughts Adorable 💕💕💕 5mo
LeahBergen The darling! 💖 5mo
Suet624 Scooting is such an awesome way to get around. 5mo
ValerieAndBooks My older two kids were scooters!! My third did a combo scoot/crawl. And the apple doesn‘t fall far from the tree re: books 📚💖 5mo
saresmoore @ValerieAndBooks I am so glad to hear that! The scooting is pretty adorable. 5mo
Suet624 Any new photos??? 4mo
BarbaraBB I love that mirror, positioned especially for Clara 🤍🤍 (edited) 4mo
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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Book & CD | Bill Martin, Lois Ehlert, John Archambault, Ray Charles
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What time is it? It‘s naked reading time! I can never choose one book to read, either, Clara.

LeahBergen 🤣🤣 6mo
Megabooks 😂💜 6mo
GingerAntics 😂🤣😂 it‘s the little things in life 💙💙💙 6mo
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Hooked_on_books I like a kid that values books over clothes. She has her priorities straight! 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm 😂 Awww 🥰 6mo
Cathythoughts So sweet 💕 6mo
batsy 😆♥️ 6mo
marleed Oh naked reading time! 6mo
Centique Oh she is so cute! This brings back so many nice memories of my babies - thank you for the reminder. She‘s such a beautiful bundle 😍 5mo
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It‘s a nice day to read in the park!

GingerAntics 🥰🥰🥰 6mo
Leftcoastzen Awwwww! So cute! 6mo
marleed She‘s just beautiful! 6mo
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andrew61 Lovely photo Sara, nice to see her mothers love of books has started early 🙂 6mo
Suet624 Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks So cute 😍 6mo
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Kind of a Big Deal | Shannon Hale
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I didn‘t have time to grab a book for myself at the library before Lucy‘s violin lesson, so I‘ll be reading one of her picks for the next half hour. Needs must! 😄 (Why don‘t I keep books in the car?! Dammit, Marie Kondo, you‘ve ruined me...)

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Valentino and Sagittarius | Natalia Ginzburg
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Here‘s my #bookhaul from So & So Books. The bottom two are for my husband. Weather and Disappearing Earth were recommended by the co-owner, Charles. He seems like a really excellent human and runs a bookstore as a side job that generates no income.

Megabooks He made some excellent recs! 6mo
vivastory I've heard great things about Ginzburg 6mo
saresmoore @vivastory I was stoked to see some NYRBs on the shelves! It‘s a very intentionally curated store. 6mo
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vivastory Also, I'm curious about the design on the bookmark. Is there a theater there too? 6mo
saresmoore @vivastory I actually don‘t know! It is located in an old building, so it may be a reference to its origins. They also sell records. 6mo
LeahBergen That NYRB sounds good! 👍🏻 6mo
BarbaraBB The co-owner knows what he‘s talking about 😉 I loved both! 6mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful stack. I have Disappearing Earth ... they all look good 6mo
batsy The top 5 books are all on my radar 😍 Need to get started on the Ali Smith ones... 6mo
Suet624 I really enjoyed Disappearing Earth. I hope you do too. 6mo
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So & So Book | Raleigh, NC (Bookstore)
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Visiting Raleigh on a little anniversary getaway without the big kids, found a super cool bookstore, bought (probably an inadvisable quantity of) books!

Centique I advise that any quantity of books is advisable 😂😂😂 Your little Bub is gorgeous as always! 6mo
saresmoore @Centique I will take that sage advice! 😄 6mo
JennyM This pic! ❤️ 6mo
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LeahBergen Sweet girl! 💖💖 6mo
Branwen There is no such thing as too many books, my friend! 🙂📚💕 Also, I can't get over how adorable yoyr baby is! 😍 6mo
Bianca Any quantity of books is the right quantity of books! Sweet looking little one. 💙 6mo
GingerAntics 🥰🥰🥰 6mo
Cathythoughts What a dote ❤️ 6mo
batsy Aww look at her 💕 6mo
tracey38 Cute! I live around this area and haven't heard of this bookstore. Will have to look it up! 6mo
saresmoore @tracey38 It‘s a small selection, but so intentional. I hope you like it! 6mo
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Sorrowland | Rivers Solomon
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We made a fully vaccinated, socially distanced trip to Greensboro, NC this weekend and I discovered a lovely independent bookstore. I was delighted to find a new book by an author I love, Rivers Solomon, and to learn that they would be presenting at the (virtual) Greensboro Bound Literary Festival on my birthday!

saresmoore For more info on the festival, visit greensborobound.com. 7mo
ncsufoxes I love Greensboro, they have so many neat places/shops. I‘m a UNCG alumni, great school & great city 7mo
saresmoore @ncsufoxes Cool! We were so impressed with the city and the commitment to diversity. It‘s a stark contrast to Wilmington, which seems to still think it can sweep a sordid history of racism and a present state of inequality under the rug. 😕 7mo
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Leftcoastzen Wow , very cool ! 7mo
Palimpsest I was not familiar with this author, but saw a write up about this gothic thriller in the latest Pages book review and added it to my to read list. It looks good! 7mo
Palimpsest @saresmoore Thank you! 😊 7mo
BarbaraBB I just read Everything Inside and loved it! I think you will too 💚 7mo
ncsufoxes @saresmoore yes, one of the things that I loved about UNCG was their commitment to diversity & inclusion (I graduated in 2003 & this was the way it was then). They really work hard as a university to make a difference in the community & students are expected to be active in the community. I have heard things haven‘t been great in Wilmington (we live in CA now but we‘re from NC). 7mo
saresmoore @BarbaraBB Lovely! I‘m sure I will, then! 7mo
saresmoore @ncsufoxes Whereabouts in CA? We lived in Pasadena and Ventura for a few years and loved it there. 7mo
ncsufoxes San Diego, we moved here for my husband to do his fellowship & have stayed since the research he does is here. We like SD just hate the cost of housing, not like NC at all 7mo
LeahBergen Happy Birthday, my friend! ❤️📚❤️📚 6mo
saresmoore @LeahBergen Thank you! 🥰 6mo
Centique Happy birthday Sara! Hope you are having a lovely day 💕 6mo
Suet624 Happy birthday!! 6mo
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Papercuts | Paper Panda, Louise Firchau
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I found a brand new bookstore in my downtown (Wilmington, NC) today! The owner is a book hoarder just like the rest of us and opened up what is already my favorite local bookstore. ♥️

Tamra Love the name! 7mo
LeahBergen Ooo, lucky you! 7mo
MicheleinPhilly Hey Zerbert! 7mo
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TrishB Cool 👍🏻 7mo
Leftcoastzen Oh good ! Nice photo! 7mo
wordslinger42 I lived in Wilmington when I was little! Sounds like a cute bookstore 😊 7mo
Kalalalatja Sounds awesome! 7mo
Cathythoughts Lovely picture ❤️ 7mo
Suet624 Yippee!! It's so fun having a brave soul own a bookstore in your town. You both look so beautiful. 7mo
kspenmoll Matching hair! Great photo- glad you found such a nice local bookstore! 7mo
BehindthePages I will have to check it out! 7mo
Centique What a cute bookstore and your daughter is gorgeous as always 😍 I loved that photo of her with the applesauce too! 7mo
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Nothing But the Night | John Williams
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This book is a trip! Aside from the obnoxious “male gaze” description that lasted waaay too long, I appreciate the interior deep dive and the pretty wordsmithery that Williams is bringing, thus far. There is a quirky cast of characters, but the book is really only about Art, albeit on many levels.

saresmoore Have you started this one, Scott? 7mo
vivastory Not yet. I hope to start it today. It sounds fascinating! 7mo
Hollie That cover is creepy...but the background baby is super cute! 7mo
saresmoore @Hollie Isn‘t the cover unsettling? I don‘t much care to look at it, so I always place it cover side down. 😅 7mo
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Happy Easter, everyone! We‘re having perfect weather and our kids‘ epic treasure hunt ended in a locked box of treats and books. Now they reap the rewards of their clever clue-solving with some lovely Sunday reading. 📚🐣🌷

LeahBergen How fun (and look at her little ‘90s choker! 😩) 8mo
Bookzombie I love her hair! 8mo
AmyG Adorable! 8mo
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TrishB Lovely pic ❤️ 8mo
batsy She's so fabulous! 😍 8mo
MaureenMc I am in awe of her fabulous fashion sense. 🤩 8mo
BarbaraBB She is so adorable cool 😎 8mo
Cathythoughts Lovely girl 💕 8mo
Suet624 Happy Easter, Sara. 8mo
ValerieAndBooks Love the hairstyle! Your kids are so cute. 8mo
britt_brooke Love her style! 7mo
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Barchester Towers | Anthony Trollope
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Halfheartedly doing some #Trollopeing, but mostly just enjoying the squish enjoying some applesauce. Wonder if it‘s good for the scalp because there is plenty in her hair, as well. 😅 #BandofTrollopes

Flaneurette So cute! I remember those days! 8mo
StaceGhost Definitely a good hair tonic imho 8mo
TrishB Awww ❤️ 8mo
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MicheleinPhilly Lookin‘ good, Zerbert! 😍 8mo
Come-read-with-me So cute!!! 8mo
NikkiM5 So cute 🥰 8mo
LeahBergen Mmm, applesauce! 😘😘 8mo
Reggie Omg she‘s gotten huge. She can sit up and has teeth! When does this happen Sara?!!!! Next thing you know she‘ll be thirteen. Lol, whata cutie! 8mo
Bookzombie So adorable! 8mo
CarolynM What fun! She's a cutie😍 8mo
mitu.delghy Awwww ❤️ cute 8mo
vivastory How adorable! 8mo
Leftcoastzen So cute ! 8mo
saresmoore @Reggie I know!! But don‘t say “thirteen.” *cringe* My oldest is 12 and it‘s utterly terrifying. 😅 8mo
Suet624 It‘s so fun to watch her grow. Thank you for sharing these photos. 8mo
ValerieAndBooks 💖💖💖 8mo
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Rising Strong | Bren Brown
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Morning light on the patio with a reread of Rising Strong. It feels good to rumble with my story in such a lovely, peaceful setting. ♥️ Thinking of you, @LauraBeth

Cuilin I‘ve been listening to her talks and books on audio and doing some necessary rumblings myself. 8mo
saresmoore @Cuilin It‘s such good stuff. I love the way she presents the material as descriptive rather than prescriptive. Have you listened to either of her podcasts? She did an interview with Sarah Lewis on Dare to Lead that was powerful. 8mo
Cuilin I haven‘t checked out the podcast. Where will I find them? I have audible and Spotify. I‘m listening to Dare to Lead now. @saresmoore (edited) 8mo
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LauraBeth Awww - thanks, friend 😘❤️ 8mo
Cuilin @saresmoore thank you 🙏 8mo
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The Hearing Trumpet | Leonora Carrington
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“I am never lonely, Galahad. Or rather I never suffer from loneliness. I suffer much from the idea that my loneliness might be taken away from me by a lot of mercilessly well-meaning people...”


Not sure how to feel about how much I‘m relating to Marian. 🤨 This book is endlessly quotable!

vivastory Yes! "Mercilessly well-meaning people". So perfectly stated! 8mo
batsy Same, Sara. So much same. 8mo
BarbaraBB I know what you mean. And indeed so quotable 🤍 8mo
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BookwormM I soooo relate to that quote 8mo
KVanRead Same! 8mo
Suet624 Yup. I nodded my head when I read this. 8mo
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Sisters who read together...

AmyG So sweet 💕 8mo
TrishB Gorgeous ❤️ 8mo
kspenmoll Adorable!!! 8mo
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Cathythoughts Lovely girls 💕💕 8mo
vivastory Love this pic! 8mo
BarbaraBB Perfect picture ❤️❤️ 8mo
Centique Oh my lord that is CUTE! 😍 8mo
JennyM ❤️❤️❤️ 8mo
GingerAntics 🥰🥰🥰 that is so freakin‘ adorable!!! 8mo
MaureenMc 😍☺️💕 8mo
Kalalalatja They are getting so big! ❤️ 8mo
Bookzombie So cute!!! 8mo
LeahBergen Ohhhh! ❤️❤️ 8mo
batsy This made my day 💖💖 8mo
valeriegeary I can't. This is too cute. 😍 8mo
ValerieAndBooks 😍 !! 8mo
Moray_Reads They're both getting so big! 😍😍 8mo
saresmoore @Moray_Reads I can hardly believe it! Admittedly, this past year has been like a neverending Twilight Zone episode, but it still surprises me how quickly they‘re growing while I‘m not aging at all! 🙃 8mo
Moray_Reads @saresmoore My body is definitely super-speeding into middle age. The aches and pains of sitting around all day are unbelievable! My nephew turned 1 last week and I can't believe it's been a year already 8mo
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This. Book. I got about 100 pages in a few years ago, but had to put it down as I was not prepared for the revelation it was bringing. But now, my body is ready, and I am learning so much that is enriching and enlightening all of my prior study of psychology and the brain. FASCINATING

Bookwomble Besel van der Kolk is brilliant. I'm trying to persuade my manager to fund me for his online training, but looking like I'll end up paying for it myself! I'm glad to hear you're finding it helpful 💗 8mo
Lindy The right book at the right time. ❤️🤗 8mo
saresmoore @Bookwomble 🤞that you‘ll come by the funds! I am now going to look up this training—thank you for mentioning it! 8mo
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saresmoore @Lindy It‘s some kind of magic! ✨ 8mo
Apostcardlife Ooh thanks for this! That's been on my TBR for a while now! 8mo
youneverarrived This book helped me immensely. I felt the same when I read it a couple of years ago. 8mo
Megabooks Yes! I read this earlier this month, and it was difficult but revelation to me! 8mo
EKonrad This book was such an important read for me. So helpful! 8mo
paytanmal i have found myself trying to read this book through 100 times. it‘s so well written & reveals a lot but there is so many triggers in it. definitely a great healing book but the only way to heal is to grow/go through it. def need to try again! 8mo
Suet624 This sounds powerful. 8mo
saresmoore @paytanmal It is tough to get through, just like residual trauma! But, you‘re right, it‘s so worth doing the work to heal. ♥️ 8mo
saresmoore @youneverarrived Yes, so helpful. But I have to take it in small doses. 8mo
saresmoore @Suet624 It is forcing some things to the surface and into my reality that I had been ignoring/forgetting. But I think if I let it work on me, I‘ll be able to help a lot of others with the wisdom gained. Also, science! Research! It‘s a wonderfully rich work, to be sure. 8mo
Suet624 That sounds fascinating. Now you've got me wondering if I'm willing and ready to explore. 8mo
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The Hearing Trumpet | Leonora Carrington
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I have laughed out loud three times in the span of reading the first five pages. #NYRBBookClub

“Indeed I do have a short grey beard which conventional people would find repulsive. Personally I find it rather gallant.”

vivastory 😂😂Such a great book. I'm so thrilled that NYRB has brought her back into print. She was always one of my favorite figures associated with the surrealist movement 8mo
saresmoore @vivastory I feel a deep dive coming on! 8mo
vivastory @saresmoore I remember also enjoying 8mo
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GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 8mo
daena Ha! Loved that line. It‘s one of so many... 8mo
daena @vivastory I plan on moving right to that one after this! 8mo
BarbaraBB Sounds good! I had never even heard of her before our vote...🤦🏻‍♀️ 8mo
vivastory @daena I look forward to your thoughts on it! @batsy just gave it a very thoughtful review 👍 8mo
LeahBergen Oh, good!! You‘ve made me look forward to starting now. 👏🏻👏🏻 8mo
batsy I haven't started but I'm looking forward! That impish humour comes through in Down Below, too, in lines like, "I wondered who would help someone, dressed in a bed sheet and a pencil, to get to Madrid". @vivastory @daena 8mo
Cathythoughts Sounds good. Lovely picture 💫 8mo
youneverarrived Same 😂 I‘ve only read a few pages but I hope the humour continues 8mo
KVanRead Me too! I‘m loving the humor so far!! 8mo
Suet624 Getting ready to start this one today. Glad to hear it‘ll make me chuckle. 8mo
Suet624 Ahh!! You neglected to mention it was a quote from a woman! LOL. 8mo
saresmoore @Suet624 Right? Marian is a hoot! 8mo
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Busy Babies | Amy Schwartz
post image

I‘ve taken an unintentional Litsy hiatus because #lifeandreasons, but I‘m back and happy to be here with my favorite reading friends! Looking forward to #trollopeing to Barchester Towers and going on a wild ride with the #NYRBBookClub and Leonora Carrington. 🥰🥳

BarbaraBB Good to see you back! And your wonderful kids 🤍😘 8mo
AmyG Adorable ❤️ 8mo
rohit-sawant Wonderful seeing you back! Lovely picture. 8mo
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readordierachel Welcome back! Great photo ❤ 8mo
Libby1 Hello, @saresmoore ! So happy to see you! ❤️📚❤️ 8mo
Leftcoastzen Always a pleasure to have you here! Adorable cuteness! 8mo
Crazeedi Looks like you had a good reason to concentrate on little sweethearts!! 🥰💞 8mo
vivastory What a wonderful pic!! Glad to see you back. 8mo
batsy Welcome back! And could they get any cuter?? 😍 8mo
Kalalalatja Great pic, and great to have you back! 8mo
marleed Oh so sweet - welcome back! 8mo
KVanRead Wonderful as always to see those busy babies! Thanks for brightening my day 😊 Welcome back!! 8mo
Redwritinghood Welcome back! 8mo
Jas16 Welcome back! 8mo
LeahBergen Hello hello!! Those sweet girlies! 💖💖💖 8mo
rubyslippersreads Welcome back! Adorable photo! ♥️ 8mo
TrishB Hi ♥️ lovely pic 8mo
Reggie Welcome back! 8mo
CarolynM Lovely photo😍 Glad you're back. 8mo
Suet624 I have such a yearning to give that little one a big squeeze. 8mo
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The True Deceiver | Tove Jansson
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#whoops #babybrain #nyrbbookclub 😆😴🤷‍♀️

Suet624 Whoops.
BarbaraBB Haha, #babybrains 😉. I‘m sure you can find someone to share that extra copy with. It‘s so good ❄️🤍 10mo
LeahBergen 😂😂 10mo
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erzascarletbookgasm 😄 I can assure you, you‘re not alone! 10mo
Cathythoughts Been there 🙄😂 10mo
saresmoore @BarbaraBB It is a great book! I‘m looking forward to the discussion. 10mo
vivastory 😂 There's been a couple of months where I ordered the book & later realized I already had a copy on my shelves 10mo
Centique How are you going Sara? Sending you and your lovely family best wishes 💕 9mo
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The True Deceiver | Tove Jansson
post image

I am LOVING our #NYRBBookClub pick for this month. The photo is just for you, Michele. Our Clara-girl is blowing so many zerberts for you! 🥰

batsy ❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
TrishB Aw ♥️ 10mo
Leftcoastzen 🥰🥰🥰So adorable! 10mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Awww❤️ 10mo
Megabooks Beautiful! 💜 10mo
BarbaraBB So cute 🤍 10mo
marleed She so cute! 10mo
LeahBergen Little darling!! 💗💗💗 10mo
MicheleinPhilly Oh thank you, Clara. Blowing them right back at you, kid. 😘🥰 10mo
Kalalalatja What a lovely little thing 😍 10mo
Reviewsbylola She‘s adorable! I really liked this month‘s pick too. 10mo
Reggie Oh my goodness! So cute! 10mo
ValerieAndBooks Aww 😍!! 10mo
merelybookish Those cheeks! 😍 10mo
Suet624 Oh gosh. Just adorable. 10mo
sarahbarnes 😍😍😍 10mo
sisilia Adorable! 10mo
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The Heart of Learning | Lawrence Williams
post image

I‘m enjoying my current view while soaking up yet another wonderfully rich book on learning & home education. It‘s a gloomy day here, but I love it.

MicheleinPhilly “Now how many of those are for me?” 11mo
marleed Oh what a beautiful picture! 11mo
AmyG Just so sweet. ❤️ 11mo
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emilyhaldi Gloomy days are lovely when you have a cozy room like that! 11mo
GingerAntics What a great view!!! 11mo
BarbaraBB It looks peaceful and full of anticipation! Enjoy! 11mo
Freespirit Gorgeous room❤️ 11mo
KVanRead Best view ever! 11mo
LeahBergen Someone‘s eyeing the presents! 💗 11mo
erzascarletbookgasm It‘s a lovely view ❤️ 11mo
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly 😂 That‘s perfect! 11mo
batsy What a gorgeous space, Sara! And she's got her eye on the prize 😁😍 11mo
LauraBeth One of the best things in life is a baby‘s first Christmas ❤️ 11mo
Suet624 What a beautiful home you have, Sara. Merry Christmas. 11mo
Moray_Reads Hope you and the family had a lovely Christmas xx 10mo
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2020: the year I kicked panic disorder‘s ass, had a bébé, and drafted a whole damn book. It‘s been a helluva year and it makes me very cursey, but there have been some awesome things to come out of it. I‘m feeling thankful and full and ready for a new year, please, very much.

4thhouseontheleft 💞🙌🏽 12mo
CaliforniaCay ❤🧡💛 12mo
BiblioLitten Such a positive note! 💕 (I love a Moira Rose reference😁) 12mo
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saresmoore @BiblioLitten She is simply the best! 😄 12mo
vivastory You're such an inspiration, Sara! It's been such a pleasure getting to know you via Litsy & I couldn't be happier than to see this. 👏 12mo
Moray_Reads Congratulations, Sarah. Considering everything that's been happening in 2020 these achievements are even more impressive! Love to you and all the family 12mo
vivastory @Moray_Reads This is so true. I really feel like at the end of the year all of us who survived this dumpster fire of a year deserve a massive round of applause 12mo
BarbaraBB You made it all happen yourself, you can be so proud! And your positivity and your smile are the best! 💕 12mo
Megabooks So happy for you!! 👏🏻💙💙 12mo
Cathythoughts Well done ✨ 12mo
emilyhaldi Quite impressive achievements for the year 2020!! ❤️ 12mo
AmyG You are awesome! 🙌🏻 12mo
saresmoore @Moray_Reads Thank you, friend! My love to you and yours during this special season. Will you be able to spend some time with family or will it have to be virtual this year? 12mo
saresmoore @vivastory Aw, shucks! Thank you, Scott! 12mo
saresmoore @BarbaraBB Oh, thank you, friend! You brought tears to my eyes! 💗 12mo
saresmoore @Megabooks @Cathythoughts @emilyhaldi @AmyG Thank you, all, for sharing in my joy! 💓 12mo
MicheleinPhilly This is just delightful on so many levels. Much ❤️ to you and yours my gorgeous friend! 😘 12mo
saresmoore A shoutout to @micheleinphilly because I don't think I could have done it without Pickles and pickles!! And also @LauraBeth because, friend, you are an inspiration and I can't thank you enough for your words that helped me open my heart to what life had in store. 12mo
jmtrivera You're amazing. Congrats! 💜 12mo
KVanRead Amazing 😍😍😍 12mo
LeahBergen Woohoo!! 👏🏻👏🏻 I‘m so happy for you, my friend! 😘😘 12mo
LauraBeth @saresmoore literally just made me cry! Back at you - you‘re one of my favorite people ❤️❤️ 12mo
Moray_Reads @saresmoore we are allowed to meet family over the Christmas period but it's only 3 households per “bubble“. I'm not seeing them in person so that my parents/brother, my sister's family and my other brother can get all together. It's tough since I've only seen them once this year but it makes sense as they're all in the same area. I'll stay in Edinburgh with my partner and we'll see his family in Boxing Day. How is your Christmas looking? 12mo
Kalalalatja That is so wonderful to hear! 💕 12mo
MaureenMc Outstanding! 🙌 12mo
Bookzombie Awesome! 💗💗💗 12mo
wordslinger42 That is amazing!!! 12mo
saresmoore @Moray_Reads Oh, that is such a tough call! I am glad to know that you won‘t be alone, though. This year is going to be really hard for so many. My mom was the last of my immediate family to move to Wilmington in March, so we‘ve all been isolating together and will be able to do some gatherings for Christmas. 12mo
Jas16 ❤️🙌🏽❤️ 12mo
sprainedbrain You‘re incredible! 🥰 12mo
ValerieAndBooks Love this post 💖!! And I think Clara is taking after her dad in looks 😊 12mo
batsy You absolutely rock, Sara. I admire you tremendously! And this picture is gorgeous. Love to you and your family 💗 12mo
saresmoore @ValerieAndBooks It‘s funny you say that because, in this particular photo, she looks almost identical to some of his baby pictures! 12mo
saresmoore @batsy Thank you, friend. ♥️♥️♥️ 12mo
readordierachel Yay for all of this! 12mo
britt_brooke Love everything about this especially those baby cheeks! 😍 12mo
saresmoore @britt_brooke Her cheeks are epic! 12mo
Centique You are a superstar! 🌟🌟🌟 That is a huge lot of things to accomplish, let alone in one year. Give yourself many pats in the back 💕 12mo
Suet624 So much love for this post. You inspire so many of us, Sara. Best wishes to you. 11mo
valeriegeary That is a Year! 🙌🏻👑🥂 11mo
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Tun-huang | Yasushi Inoue
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“During the third battle, Hsing-te was wounded and regained consciousness only as the wounds were being dressed by a comrade. He had no recollection of being struck. Probably it had happened after he had fainted. From these experiences, he came to the conclusion that going to battle was not so hard after all. After shooting his stones, he was free to faint or do anything else, leaving the rest to fate.”

saresmoore I can‘t imagine this approach to life, let alone war (!!), but it says a lot about our main character. 12mo
vivastory Agreed. The way he described the soldiers being tied down to their horses & occasionally horses would return with dead soldiers in the saddle. So grim, but he relayed it in a detached fatalistic tone 12mo
saresmoore @vivastory The Hunting Gun reflects that total unsentimentality, too. I don‘t know what it is about his writing style, but it really works for me. 12mo
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saresmoore Whoops, forgot to tag #NYRBBookClub 12mo
vivastory Same here. I just added Hunting Gun to my TBR. This one is one of my faves that our group has read. 12mo
saresmoore @vivastory Not to enable your book buying, but there is a lovely little Pushkin Press edition of The Hunting Gun. 😁 12mo
batsy Yes! I was really struck by this passage and sentiment, too. 12mo
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I‘ve fired up the spreadsheet and started planning for 2021. Two reading challenges for the coming year sounds just about right, as I will be homeschooling my two tweens, nursing the bébé, and working on writing a book of my own. ? I am looking forward to it! #Booked2021 #POPSUGARreadingchallenge

batsy If anyone can do it, Sara, you can 👊🏽💗 12mo
saresmoore @batsy Thank you, Suba! That‘s what I need to hear! 12mo
Cinfhen Echoing @batsy 💚💚💚and are the girls really tweens ??? How‘s that possible?!?!?!?!! 12mo
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saresmoore @Cinfhen I don‘t even know how it happened! Lucy turns 12 in January and Elliott will be (a very mature) 10 in February. We‘re giving Lucy her first phone... 😭 I think Charlie Brown expresses my sentiments about this perfectly: Good grief. 12mo
MaureenMc Wow! 👊 12mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Glad to hear you‘re jumping in #booked2021! It sounds like your life is super calm and you should be done with all the books by about April. LOL. 🤓 12mo
LauraBeth Meanwhile I‘m over here without two tweens, no baby, and not writing a book and I‘m like, “I don‘t know - not sure I can commit to a reading challenge...” 😂 12mo
saresmoore @LauraBeth Yeah, but you‘re good at boundaries and priorities. I‘m notoriously the queen of “overpromise & underdeliver.” 😆🙃 12mo
LauraBeth @saresmoore It‘s adorable that you think I‘m good at boundaries 😂 12mo
saresmoore @LauraBeth 🤣 I think you might be one of my favorite people. 12mo
Suet624 I appreciate your optimism. 12mo
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I don‘t think I can do the tagged story collection justice with a review. Suffice it to say, it immediately made my 2020 favorites list. I want to write like Deesha Philyaw when I grow up. So. Good. (Photo completely unrelated, but too adorable not to share!)

vivastory This picture 😂😂 I'd been curious about that book. I almost ordered it earlier & you just sold me 💯 12mo
null000 Love your shirt! 12mo
Reggie Clara! Great pic! 12mo
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batsy Perfect! 😆❤️ 12mo
zezeki Great photo!! 😄 12mo
mklong Love the pic! And your shirt 😂 12mo
Leftcoastzen What a great photo! Hugs to all in your family! 12mo
saresmoore @vivastory I think you‘ll like it! 12mo
saresmoore @readingwino Thank goodness for Etsy humor in these crazy times! 12mo
saresmoore @Reggie Her personality is really starting to shine. It is so fun! 12mo
saresmoore @mklong Alexis & David really capture my true feelings about a lot of things, especially this pandemic. 😄 12mo
Centique Echoing How Cute your girls are - and also Awesome shirt. 😍 Is that Alexis and David from Schitts Creek? 12mo
saresmoore @Centique Yes! Schitt‘s Creek has been a little balm for my soul this year. ♥️ 12mo
readordierachel Great photo! 12mo
Suet624 Clara!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
Centique Just popping onto an older post to say I‘m wishing you and your family all the best in the difficult and frightening times we find ourselves in. I hope you‘re doing okay and that your lovely family are all well 💕💕 Arohanui from New Zealand. 11mo
saresmoore @Centique Paula, thank you! You are so kind & thoughtful! I hope you and yours are doing well, too! It is truly a bizarre and scary world right now. I‘m thankful for people like you who bring light & love into the heady darkness of it all. ♥️ 10mo
BiblioLitten That tee is everything! 😍 Adorable picture🤩 10mo
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This is how we all celebrate when there‘s a pandemic and we are just so tired from waiting for the outcome. BUT SO HAPPY! 💙💙💙

Moray_Reads CONGRATULATIONS! Oh my god, I'm so relieved for you, for us all ❤️ 13mo
Leftcoastzen Nice to see your smiling faces !💙 13mo
Ruthiella 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 13mo
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Bookwomble Well done USA! From a very relieved world 😄 13mo
UwannaPublishme What a beautiful family photo! 🎉🙌🏻💙💙💙 13mo
Karisa 💃💃💃🗽🗽🗽🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳 13mo
LeahBergen Yessss!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 13mo
Sace 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 13mo
Chrissyreadit 🙌💙🥳🎉🥳💙🙌🎉❣️❣️💙🙌🥳 13mo
Caroline2 ❤️😉 13mo
vivastory I love this picture. 👏 13mo
Oryx 💙💙💙 13mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful 😍 13mo
Reggie 💙💙💙 13mo
squirrelbrain Wonderful pic! And great news! 💙 13mo
AmyG Your girls have a new role model in our amazing VP elect! 🙌🏻👊🏻💙 13mo
SamAnne Yes! 13mo
KVanRead Soooo happy!! Love seeing all of the beautiful happy faces. 🎉🤗🥳 13mo
TrishB Awww 💜💜 lovely pic 🎉🎉🥂🥂 13mo
Megabooks Great family picture and 🎉🎉🎉🎉!! 13mo
mklong Huzzah!! And what a lovely picture! 13mo
bookishness Aussie here! Congratulations US!! 💙💙 13mo
andrew61 And breathe, phew. Lovely photo, enjoy the moment. 13mo
mrp27 💙💙 13mo
Christine ❤️🤍💙 13mo
BarbaraBB So happy for you and the future of your kids 💙💙 13mo
GingerAntics 💙💙💙 13mo
Bookzombie 💙💙💙 13mo
sprainedbrain 💙💙💙💙💙 13mo
Heideschrampf Congrats‘ 13mo
Centique Such good news. I feel a weight lift and I‘m thousands of miles away! I can only imagine what it feels like for you and all my US friends 💕 13mo
batsy ❤️ 13mo
Suet624 So many happy tears. Such a relief. 13mo
staci.reads 💙💙💙 13mo
britt_brooke Look how cute y‘all are! 💙💙💙 13mo
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Big Little Lies | Liane Moriarty
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Well, this book was much more intense AND better written than I expected. It was a bit triggering and dark, but I thought it was well executed. Moriarty kept me guessing and turning pages throughout the book. I finished it up tonight as we watched early election coverage together as a family. It is just STRESSFUL, this whole crazy world in the last four years, and the tagged book turned out to be rather stress-inducing, too. 😑

LeahBergen I‘m watching from here in Canada! 13mo
Prairiegirl_reading I am stressing here in Canada. Going to try to sleep but I‘m not that hopeful. 🙁 13mo
KVanRead Stress is what‘s happening here In this house too! Gotta remind myself to breathe and be patient and pace ourselves. It‘s gonna be a long one. 13mo
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readordierachel I really like the HBO adaptation of this. (Hang in there 💙) 13mo
Centique You have such a beautiful family 😍 Fingers crossed for you all 💕💕 13mo
saresmoore @readordierachel You, too! ♥️ It doesn‘t get easier, does it? 13mo
saresmoore @Centique Thank you, friend! ♥️ 13mo
kspenmoll Lovely family photo! 13mo
Suet624 The wait was unbearable. Love your family photo. ❤️ 13mo
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Anne of Green Gables | L M Montgomery
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“Isn‘t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive—it‘s such an interesting world.”

I‘d say Anne pretty well exemplifies that enthusiasm, even if she does match it with melancholy.

Love this game, Kristine! #litfortunecookie

Anyone else want to play?

saresmoore Oh, I didn‘t scroll through and see that @Ruthiella already tagged Anne! See my last post for my excuse for being in a brain fog. 😂 13mo
KVanRead Anne‘s enthusiasm is garnering enthusiasm! Love it! And you have the sweetest possible reason for brain fog.😍 13mo
Ruthiella Anne is such a perfect example though! 😀 13mo
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LeahBergen I thought of Anne, too! 13mo
saresmoore @LeahBergen Great minds and all... 😁👯‍♀️ 13mo
BarbaraJean Matched with melancholy indeed—the highest heights and the depths of despair! I love Anne! 13mo
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Panda Pants | Jacqueline Davies
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Fell asleep reading again. 😴

MicheleinPhilly That‘s okay. I will wake her up as I gobble her cheeks! 🥰 13mo
MsMelissa Awww ☺️ 13mo
KVanRead The sweetest 🥰 13mo
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Texreader That‘s me! 🤣🤣 what a precious little boo boo! 👻 13mo
saresmoore @Texreader Right? Me, too! 😁 13mo
Devilspawnxxx Awww!!🥺💕 13mo
AmyG Ha! She is all of us. ❤️ 13mo
LeahBergen Me, every night. 😆 13mo
saresmoore If it wasn‘t so complicated to make midnight bathroom trips, I‘d sleep in footed pajamas, too. 🙃 13mo
batsy Big mood! (Also, cheeks! ❤️) 13mo
ValerieAndBooks Aww! Is that a hint of red in her hair 😍? 13mo
saresmoore @ValerieAndBooks Just a hint! It certainly runs in the family! 😄 13mo
kspenmoll So sweet!!!! 13mo
Suet624 Oh gosh. So yummy she is. 13mo
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The Dud Avocado | Elaine Dundy
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I loved this book because of its protagonist & narrator. It‘s an excellent character study and the storyline takes a backseat to the quintessentially American Sally Jay‘s musings and antics as a young expat in 1950‘s Paris. Dundy shows us a scrapbook of a particular time & place, adding her own embellishments and creating a muddled narrative of tangible experiences and blurred memories. I found it to be hilarious and unique. #NYRBBookClub

saresmoore Baby Clara is channeling Sally Jay‘s exhibitionism. 😆 13mo
AceOnRoam She's so cute. Those knees 🤩 13mo
saresmoore @AceOnRoam I know, right? Baby knees are the best! 13mo
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KVanRead Great review and thankful as always for baby pic. Nothing cuter than baby belly 😊 13mo
GingerAntics Is she trying to get you to blow bubbles on her tummy? 🥰🥰🥰 What a cutie!!! The book sounds intriguing, too. 13mo
LeahBergen I‘m looking forward to starting this one (and blow on that baby belly for me!!). 13mo
Leftcoastzen She is so adorable!Hope you are doing well , she‘s glorious! 13mo
batsy Lovely review! And I can't stand how adorable Clara is! Must... pinch... cheeks 😍😍 13mo
andrew61 Great review ,read it last year and loved it. A photo to brighten everyone's day ,thank you 😊 13mo
Suet624 I‘m looking forward to starting the book. What an adorable baby. 🥰🥰 13mo
MicheleinPhilly Zerbert time!!! 13mo
Centique Awww all the cute! And your comment cracked me up! 😂😂 13mo
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly I always pass on your zerberts and her reaction is hilarious! She wriggles, shakes her head, and opens her eyes wide in something like shock. 😳 Every time! 13mo
saresmoore @andrew61 Thank you! I remember you liking the book, so I was ready to enjoy it. 😊 13mo
saresmoore @batsy My children have all had very pinchable baby cheeks! 13mo
MicheleinPhilly ☺️ 13mo
ValerieAndBooks I‘m loving all these baby pictures! Clara is so adorable 😍 13mo
Moray_Reads What a cute tummy! 13mo
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post image

Is anyone doing #NaNoWriMo next month? Is there already a Litsy group or shall I create one? #unrelatedbabyphoto

rabbitprincess It‘s Super Baby! 13mo
Cinfhen She‘s adorable 😍 who can write with such a wonderful distraction?!! 13mo
BookBelle84 I'd join the group! 13mo
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AmyG What a cutie! 13mo
llwheeler I think I'm going to do it unofficially, maybe with half the word goal... For the group, maybe @TK-421 knows? There's a discord group with some of us who wanted a place to chat after nano Camp ended, let me know if you want an invite to that 13mo
Bianca I'd definitely join if you create one! 13mo
Prairiegirl_reading More baby photos please! ❤️ 13mo
GingerAntics I‘m doing it. I think I have an idea now, too. I need to find some time to do some prep at some point, I think. I didn‘t plan at all last year and it went really badly. I second @Prairiegirl_reading‘s motion as well. It‘s impossible not to smile at baby photos!!! 13mo
Chrissyreadit Adorable Smiling baby in front of bookshelf? Yes please! 13mo
BarbaraBB I don‘t know what nanowrimo means but I love the photo 🥰 13mo
KVanRead Beautiful photo 👶❤️ i always think of doing it then always chicken out. Maybe a Litsy group is the push I need. Please tag me if you form one.😊 13mo
TK-421 @saresmoore @Bianca @BookBelle84 @KVanRead and anyone else interested: The Litsy writing group I started in April is still open and has room for six more writers. If anyone wants an invitation to join, please let me know! And as @llwheeler mentioned, there‘s a Discord group too! 13mo
LeahBergen Beautiful photo! 💖💖💖💖 13mo
saresmoore @TK-421 Yes, please, I‘d love an invite! 13mo
saresmoore @BarbaraBB Thank you! National Novel Writing Month happens every November as an online community of writers who attempt to write 50,000 words in a month. It‘s a fun way to get out a first draft of a book! 13mo
TK-421 @saresmoore Is your Nano name the same as here on Litsy? 13mo
saresmoore @TK-421 Oh, yes, it is! Totally forgot to mention it! 13mo
TK-421 @saresmoore Invite sent! 13mo
BarbaraBB That is cool. And very stimulating I think to do it together. I didn‘t know you write! 13mo
Suet624 She‘s so big already! 13mo
kspenmoll She is growing up with us!!! 13mo
valeriegeary Oh my goodness! Why am I just now seeing all these cute pictures of your new little! I need to get on litsy more often. ❤️ Did you end up doing NaNo this year? 12mo
saresmoore @valeriegeary I did do NaNo and won! I went for nonfiction this year and think there might be about 5,000 words of not-crap in there somewhere. 😅 How is your writing life? 12mo
valeriegeary @saresmoore who hoo! I did NaNo this year too. Fiction, though. First time winner! I haven't figured out yet how much crap is in there but probably too much. 😬 I'm writing a lot these days. Though publishing for me is a bit stalled at the moment as sometimes happens. I'm hoping for something interesting to happen with all that soon. In the meantime, I just keep laying down the words. 😄 12mo
saresmoore @valeriegeary Oh, that‘s awesome! I‘m sorry to hear about the stall on publishing. That‘s the piece that intimidates the heck out of me. But I love that it‘s a season to keep writing! I (selfishly) am very pleased to hear it. 😁 12mo
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The Dud Avocado | Elaine Dundy
post image

My current (delightful) view is a sleeping baby and a great book. I‘m loving Sally Jay and Dundy‘s meandering, vivid writing style. I plan to do NaNoWriMo next month and I‘m finding this book to be very inspiring!

I look forward to the discussion for #NYRBBookClub this month.

BiblioLitten A truly delightful view! 🥰 13mo
GingerAntics Such a cutie!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Is NaNo really next month already?! I‘ve got to get thinking of ideas. 13mo
Bianca Lovely view! I'm planning to do NaNoWriMo as well. 13mo
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BarbaraBB 😍💕 13mo
batsy Precious lil one 😍 I haven't started this yet but I love that it's inspiring you where your own writing is concerned. Books like that are the best. 13mo
saresmoore @Bianca Woohoo! Best of luck to you! 13mo
saresmoore @GingerAntics I‘m going full Pantser this time. I will most likely produce something either appalling or abysmal, but at least I‘ll have spent a whole month writing! 13mo
GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 that‘s what I did last year and it went really badly. Luckily I named my project “Random Outbursts” because that‘s exactly what happened. A bit of this story, a bit of that. It was madness. I didn‘t like not having any direction at all. I think I‘ve got an idea now, though. 13mo
saresmoore I love it! I will be satisfied with a collection of random outbursts this year. I think I will be satisfied with rambling as long as it‘s 50k words worth of rambling! 13mo
QuintusMarcus I tried to like this, and thought it was boring. Maybe I should try it again. 13mo
saresmoore @QuintusMarcus It does have some pacing issues, but when I started to get bored, I read the intro (no spoilers) and had a new appreciation for it. It‘s really a character study and a snapshot of a specific time, place, and subculture. The plot does thicken, too. 13mo
ReadingEnvy This is one of those cheer up books for me! 13mo
saresmoore @ReadingEnvy I can certainly see why—it was so fun to read! 13mo
Suet624 All these baby pics are making me rethink the possibility of offering to babysit a little one. Gracie is almost 3 now, the Captain is 7. Time goes so quickly. 13mo
saresmoore @Suet624 I can‘t believe it! I‘m actually thankful for being cooped up from the pandemic because I feel free to savor every last minute with this miraculous baby while she‘s still squishy. But as to your babysitting again, I think the way you‘ve come back into your empowered sense of identity through activism & involvement while also owning your grandmotherly role is BEAUTIFUL. Whatever gives you life is worthwhile, but you will always be so much 13mo
saresmoore ...more to the world and to those you love than a babysitter! ♥️♥️♥️ Thinking of you in this fall season. 🍂🥰 13mo
Suet624 Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me. 13mo
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Everywhere Babies | Susan Meyers
post image

Clara‘s doing some light reading today.

GingerAntics 🥰🥰🥰 she‘s a very attentive little reader!!! 13mo
Bianca She's beautiful! 13mo
Jas16 Love this picture so much! 13mo
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LeahBergen Look at that alert little face! 💖 13mo
batsy Her little face ❤️❤️ 13mo
Kalalalatja I can‘t even 😍😍 13mo
saresmoore @GingerAntics Her attention span is impressive for one so young. When I wear a high contrast striped shirt, she is captivated for several minutes! 😆 13mo
saresmoore @jas16 Thank you! ♥️ 13mo
saresmoore @Bianca @LeahBergen @batsy @Kalalalatja Isn‘t she just the squishiest? 🥰 13mo
Megabooks 😍😍😍 13mo
GingerAntics Wow, already? Sheesh. That really is impressive. I have this mental image of her just hypnotised by your shirt now. 😂🥰 13mo
BookwormM So cute 13mo
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The Dud Avocado | Elaine Dundy
post image

I‘m thoroughly enjoying this book and Clara is thoroughly enjoying being adorable. 🥰 #NYRBBookClub #bookandbaby

BiblioLitten She‘s absolutely adorable!! 🥰🥰 14mo
LeahBergen The cuteness! 💞💞💞 14mo
Lcsmcat Awww! ❤️❤️❤️ 14mo
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squirrelbrain So cute! ❤️ 14mo
Moray_Reads I'm surprised you can tear yourself away, even for a book 😍 14mo
BookwormM Cutie 💕💕 14mo
marleed She just a little bit of everything perfect! 14mo
saresmoore @Moray_Reads It really is tough to want to do anything other than coo & snuggle with her. The laundry pile is impressive! 14mo
Cinfhen Awwwwwww, my heart is melting 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 14mo
MicheleinPhilly I would blow so many zerberts on those cheeks. 14mo
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly You should see the other cheeks! 😍 They blow zerberts of their own, though. 😆 14mo
xicanti Clara‘s really nailing it on the adorability front. Good job, kid! 14mo
kspenmoll What a cutie!!! ❤️ 14mo
GingerAntics She‘s getting so big!!! She‘s doing a great job at being adorable!!! 14mo
MaureenMc 😍 14mo
Bookzombie She is so cute! 💗 14mo
erzascarletbookgasm I love her expression ❤️ 14mo
KVanRead She‘s no dud 🤗 14mo
Cathythoughts 💕💕💕 14mo
ValerieAndBooks What a cutie 😍! 14mo
Lindy 🤗 14mo
TrishB Awww, lovely ❤️ 14mo
vivastory Too adorable!! 13mo
Suet624 😍😍😍 13mo
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The Dud Avocado | Elaine Dundy
post image

I‘m about to start reading for this month‘s #NYRBBookClub in my little sanctuary, aka the closet nursery. I‘m also sunning out diaper stains next to some apt embroidery art. 😄

LeahBergen 😆😆 Love the embroidery! 14mo
MicheleinPhilly @LeahBergen Seriously. Maybe my next tattoo? 🤔 14mo
Cinfhen Awesome photo 💕 14mo
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MommyWantsToReadHerBook Ooh I love you for using cloth 😍 14mo
LeahBergen @MicheleinPhilly Definitely 😂 14mo
Aims42 LOL, this is a great pic. Made me chuckle 😆 14mo
saresmoore @MommyWantsToReadHerBook I was on the fence about it at first, but I‘m so glad I went for cloth this time around! It has been a really (surprisingly) wonderful experience. 14mo
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly Absolutely yes. 14mo
erzascarletbookgasm Love that embroidery 😁. 14mo
Cathythoughts I gave this too & looking forward to reading 14mo
BiblioLitten That embroidery 😍😄 14mo
dottie.floating.on.words Love that embroidery!! 14mo
vivastory That embroidery 😂😂 13mo
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Princeless: Save yourself | Jeremy Whitley
post image

Sister reading time. 💕

KristenDuck Well this is adorable!! 14mo
erzascarletbookgasm ❤️❤️ 14mo
Cupcake12 Precious photo 📷❤️ 14mo
See All 19 Comments
jennbee So sweet! 14mo
Megabooks 💕💕💕 14mo
Wordsling This is such a lovely photo 14mo
batsy I love this ❤️❤️ 14mo
Cathythoughts Lovely 💕💕💕 14mo
LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️ 14mo
KVanRead 💓💓💓💓 14mo
she.reads.alot ❤️❤️ 14mo
GingerAntics 🥰🥰🥰 14mo
BarbaraBB So sweet! It looks like you‘ve got everything under control 😀❤️ 14mo
Hooked_on_books The baby does not appear to have a book. What are you waiting for? 😉😆 14mo
readordierachel 💕💕 14mo
Bookzombie 💗💗 14mo
saresmoore @Hooked__on__books 😂 Her sisters read to her all the time and show her the pictures. It‘s so sweet, but I‘m like, “You know she can‘t actually see that yet, right?” 14mo
saresmoore @BarbaraBB Not in the least! But I practice a lot of mindfulness, so I‘m okay with it. 😂 14mo
BarbaraBB Really? That is so funny, I‘ve always considered you the perfect, calm, all under control mother! ❤️ 14mo
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post image

This book is an excellent inspiration for simple painting projects inspired by the work of current artists. My kids tend to take the projects to the next level. 😆

#schoolofsmoores #homeschool

Cinfhen Hey, Mama!!!! So nice to see the girls!!!!!! How‘s the newest member of the family???? How are you???? 1y
Lindy Looks like lots of creative fun. 😊 1y
Bookwomble I like the skull your daughter is painting - is this getting ready for Halloween, or just a natural gothic affinity? 😊💀 1y
See All 15 Comments
Cathythoughts Brilliant ✨💕 1y
LeahBergen ❤️💙❤️💙 1y
saresmoore @Bookwomble It is a natural affinity! She knows more about bats, snakes, plagues, and death than any other nine-year-old I know. ☠️ She also loves babies & kittens and has invented a hilarious persona of a snarky old woman, named Auntie Mia, who calls everyone “Dearie.” She‘s a complex individual. 😆 1y
saresmoore @Lindy If we lived anywhere near you, I‘d be begging for a chance for us all to sit at the feet of your creative curiosity. You inspire me! ♥️ 1y
saresmoore @Cinfhen We are all doing really well, though we are missing time with friends. Clara is an absolute gem and we all adore her chubby cheeks and baby squeals. Life is hard work, but so, so good! How are you, sweet friend? 1y
Lindy @saresmoore That‘s so sweet of you to say. I would welcome you and your girls, as long as nobody steps on my broken toes. I‘m hobbling slowly these days. 1y
saresmoore @Lindy I‘m sorry to hear that! It‘s amazing how much such a small part of the body can slow you down so much. 1y
Lindy @saresmoore Yes, it‘s both big toes. Turns out they play an important role in balance when walking. It‘s been two weeks, so healing is happening. 1y
TrishB Gorgeous inspiring pic ❤️ I‘m in awe how you fit it all in. 1y
Cinfhen I‘m in awe of all you do too 🙌🏻Baby squeals sound wonderful 🥰we‘re well, missing family SO MUCH 😢 1y
britt_brooke Love this! Such creative little ladies. And my paint bin looks identical. 😂 1y
saresmoore @britt_brooke Of course it does! 😂 1y
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post image

I‘m loving this history timeline picture book. It‘s told from the perspective of a boy who finds history boring, so his teacher gives him a magical notebook that transports him to different times in the past. There are interesting facts and profiles of famous people and it is, refreshingly, not a whitewashed version of history. And the illustrations are beautiful!

#schoolofsmoores #homeschool

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post image

This year, on the first day of homeschool, my older girls woke up to a letter from the esteemed headmistress (baby Clara) of S‘Moores School of Innovation & Inquiry, inviting them to enter the parallel world of a boarding school where “magic is in the mind.” They were each placed in a house named for a famous woman innovator (Grace Hopper & Temple Grandin) and began their journey of imaginative exploration for a new school year. 👇

tpixie I‘d love to send my grandchildren to your school! Awesomeness!! 1y
saresmoore They each designed a house crest and came up with a motto based on the qualities they share with the remarkable woman for whom their designated house was named. Two things are clear: Harry Potter informs our family mythos and I have a lot of fun with homeschool... maybe too much. 😆 1y
saresmoore @tpixie It‘s so much fun! 1y
See All 28 Comments
Heideschrampf That‘s such an amazing idea! So thoughtful ❤️ 1y
KVanRead Wow, that is absolutely fantastic!!! 👏 1y
tpixie @saresmoore you deserve a trophy 🏆 congratulations on working hard to show how learning can be fun! Your girls will treasure this forever!! Yes! Harry potter has left a big impact on us all! 1y
TrishB How cool 😁 we‘re sat here watching HP at the mo and my daughter‘s 19!! 1y
Hollie You‘re awesome @saresmoore ♥️ 1y
LeahBergen I wanna come over for some of your homeschooling!! 👏🏻👏🏻 1y
Linsy Oh my gosh, I love this!!! Never too much, your girls are so lucky!! 🥰 1y
GingerAntics What an adorable and fun idea!!! Plus, that name. I know it‘s a play on your last name, but it still sounds yummy!!! (edited) 1y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm This is the best. ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Centique This is SO COOL! 😍 1y
Nute So cool! What a fantastic way to motivate and inspire young minds! I like it! Accolades to you!🙌🏽 1y
Kalalalatja This sounds amazing! 🙌 1y
batsy This is so fab! Sara, you're brilliant 😘 1y
saresmoore @batsy I dunno about brilliant, but if that‘s true, it takes one to know one! ♥️♥️♥️ 1y
saresmoore @TrishB Yes! ♥️ It never gets old! 1y
saresmoore @LeahBergen You know you‘re always welcome! And fortunately our school exists in a parallel world so there‘s no Trump here. 🤪🙃 1y
GingerAntics No Trump there?! I wanted to get sorted before, but now I REALLY want to get sorted...or sweep the floors, or whatever needs sweeping in this parallel world, or be a librarian, or a library book maybe!!! 1y
saresmoore @GingerAntics Next life goal: reincarnate as a library book 1y
GingerAntics @saresmoore right? It‘d be a pretty cool life. 1y
Suet624 You‘re amazing. 1y
ValerieAndBooks Wow 🤩!! 1y
BiblioLitten That‘s amazing! 🤩🤩 1y
Moray_Reads I'd love an honorary membership to what sounds like an absolutely wonderful school, mine did have houses named after women (former headmistresses) but this sounds much better. And congratulations on your new arrival, she's beautiful 😍 😍 14mo
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Shakespeare's Secret | Elise Broach
post image

The new homeschool year is in full swing, as evidenced by the beautiful mess everywhere. We are studying early modern history, animals & evolution, and reading, memorizing, & learning all about Shakespeare. The tagged book is our first read-aloud and it is excellent—sort of a cozy mystery steeped in history and tween angst. There are some neat intergenerational friendships and commentary on social mores. Plus lots of cinnamon toast! 🤤

BarbaraBB It looks so cozy and happy! 😍 1y
Leftcoastzen Wow , super impressive! Hey , I want cinnamon toast! 1y
batsy I read this book and enjoyed it! This photo makes me so happy 💕 1y
See All 6 Comments
saresmoore @batsy I thought of you when I posted this! 🥰 1y
saresmoore @Leftcoastzen 😂 The power of suggestion! 1y
Suet624 I wish my grandkids could go to your school. 1y
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Bunny: A Novel | Mona Awad
post image

Well, I‘ve made it to Part Two. I had no idea what to expect, but I‘m glad to report that it‘s intense, hilarious, compulsively readable, and so seriously f*cked up. So.

LeahBergen It is, isn‘t it? 😂 1y
BarbaraBB Hi there! Good to see you and glad you are enjoying Bunny - sort of. The book discussion last week was great, if you‘re interested check #bunnyread. But I can imagine Clara is greater 💚 1y
rachelm Yesss enjoy 1y
See All 9 Comments
saresmoore @BarbaraBB Yes! I‘m really looking forward to the discussion! I‘m disappointed to have missed it live, but such is life. ♥️ 1y
saresmoore @LeahBergen I kind of love it! 🙃 1y
batsy I found it compulsively readable, too! Now that it's over I missed being in its fucked up world. 1y
Cathythoughts Yes ! It‘s good 👍🏻 1y
saresmoore @batsy I think we‘re both suckers for the twisted secret lives of the intellectual elite. 1y
batsy @saresmoore That is accurate! 😆 1y
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Bunny: A Novel | Mona Awad
post image

My hold *just* came in for this one, unfortunately not in time for the #bunnyread, but I‘m still excited to read it!

Side note: This is my accountability post to say that I will be prioritizing more of my own reading if it kills me!

TrishB Awww, enjoy, book and baby ❤️ 1y
rachelm 😍😍😍 1y
JennyM Cutie ❤️ 1y
See All 12 Comments
Caroline2 Beautiful bubba!!! 💖 1y
MicheleinPhilly Blow a zerbert on that belly for me! 1y
Butterfinger So sweet. 1y
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly You know I will! 1y
batsy Precious! 😍 1y
KVanRead As long as you keep posting pictures of that sweet baby girl💗 1y
vivastory Making reading a priority is def important. Hope you enjoy the book! 1y
andrew61 Lovely pboto. After a long day she has put a smile on my face. 1y
Suet624 💕💕💕 1y
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post image

Clara, after catching a glimpse of my TBR pile.

In other news, she‘s balding and growing chins like a tiny old man and it‘s hilarious. 😍

GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣🥰🥰🥰 what a cutie!!! 1y
marleed She‘s as beautiful as her name! 1y
BiblioLitten 🥰🥰 1y
See All 26 Comments
Ruthiella You have a responsibility to your daughter to get that pile in order! 🤪😂😂😂 1y
Leftcoastzen 😄how adorable! 1y
SheReadsAndWrites 😂❤️ 1y
BookDragonNotWorm 😍😍😍 Too funny!!! 1y
Pageturner1 😆 1y
KarenUK Gorgeous 💕😍💕 1y
Cortg Sooooo cute! Congratulations! 1y
LeahBergen Awww! 💙💙💙 1y
CarolynM 😂😘😘 1y
sprainedbrain Omg! 😍😍😍😍 1y
BarbaraBB She is so cute 😍💝 1y
Reggie Hi Clara! 😄 1y
batsy Ahahaha that's so adorable 😍😘 1y
KVanRead Those cheeks!! 😍😍😍 She‘s adorable! 1y
erzascarletbookgasm 😂 Hi Clara! 😍 You‘ll get used to it. 😉 1y
Kalalalatja Adorable! 😍 1y
BookwormM 🤣🤣great photo 1y
ValerieAndBooks 💖💖💖!!! 1y
Suet624 She looks like I feel. Thanks so much for letting us get to know her. 1y
vivastory 😂😂📚📚📚 1y
kspenmoll Sweetie! 😂😂 1y
tpixie Lol 😂 what a cute bundle ! 💗💗💗 1y
Centique Ohhh she is so cute. Love that astonished face! 😍 1y
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How to Read a Book | Kwame Alexander
post image

I‘m still not reading, but here‘s a picture of a new baby, one very happy daddy, and two smitten sisters.

Eggs Congratulations 👶🏼🥳👏🏻 1y
Leftcoastzen Awwww!yay!🎉🎉Congratulations 🎊 1y
Dreamichson You have a lovely family!! Congratulations! 1y
See All 23 Comments
zezeki What a lovely family! Congratulations! 🎉🎉 1y
tracey38 Aww, congratulations! What a sweet picture! 1y
merelybookish Beautiful family! 1y
LeahBergen Aww! 💕💕💕 And the (two big) girls are growing up so much! 😮 1y
jmtrivera Awwww! 1y
Christine ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Beautiful ❤️ 1y
batsy ❤️ 1y
Kalalalatja Adorable ❤️ 1y
BookwormM So sweet 1y
andrew61 Lovely photo ☺ 1y
CarolynM Such a lovely picture💕 1y
emilyhaldi Congratulations!! Beautiful fam 😍 1y
TrishB Gorgeous ♥️ 1y
ValerieAndBooks Love this 💖! 1y
Suet624 So much love to you all. ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Bookwomble Aww, lovely picture of you all 😊👼🏻💝 1y
kspenmoll So happy! Lovely family! 💕💕 1y
tpixie All adorable! Congrats!! #FamilyLove #FutureLittens 💗💗💗🥳🥳🥳💗💗💗 1y
Nute Congratulations! A lovely photograph of your beautiful family!💕 1y
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Three Summers | Margarita Liberaki
post image

Dear current reads,

I‘ll get to you eventually.

The Milk Maker 🐄

Caroline2 Ahhhhhhh, lovely. 😍 1y
Texreader Absolutely precious!! 😘❤️❤️❤️ 1y
KVanRead Precious babe 💕👶 1y
See All 26 Comments
Cathythoughts Adorable ✨ 1y
vivastory Afternoon nap sounds pretty good 😴 1y
britt_brooke So sweet! 🤩🦩 (edited) 1y
ValerieAndBooks 💖😍💖 1y
dainarmb Adorable! 🥰 1y
marleed Gorgeous and enjoy every second as a milk maker. My son was Daddy‘s boy since the day he was born. One day I fed him as his dad came home. He held tight to the breast but twisted his body crying for his dad. It was hilarious- even then. At that moment I was just his food source. ...But there‘s also when they are holding tight to the breast, look up, see you and with all the love in the world, smile big and get a face full of milk! 1y
Kalalalatja What a little cutie 😍 1y
saresmoore @marleed Such sweet memories! And yes, I love the face full of milk moments! 😅 1y
KarenUK Just so gorgeous! 💕 1y
AlaMich I love the sassy, hand-on-hip pose! ☺️ 1y
Eggs ❤️💗❤️💗❤️ 1y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
BarbaraBB Too cute 😍😍😍 1y
BiblioLitten Ohh so adorable🥰🥰 1y
Lcsmcat So sweet! 1y
andrew61 Thanks for sharing sara, lovely photo, i hope you and your family are all enjoying this special time ☺ 1y
saresmoore @andrew61 Thank you! We are savoring every precious moment. I waited a long time for this little one! 1y
LeahBergen Clara! 😘😘😘 1y
CarolynM That's important work you're doing. The books will still be there when the all night feeding stops🙂 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Enjoy these precious moments! I‘m fondly remembering my milk feeding with my second child (I didn‘t get to breast feed my first one). 1y
batsy Hello, sweet Clara 😍😍😍 1y
Suet624 Wonderful. 1y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
post image

Wet diaper, stained shirt, milk drunk, swaddle askew. Clara‘s had a rough day, I guess. 🤪

Tagged is the only book my brain can handle during 4-hour, middle of the night cluster feeds. 🙃

GingerAntics Awwww she is just precious!!! 🥰🥰🥰 1y
ravenlee It‘s a good thing babies are cute, because they‘re sure a lot of work! 1y
Theaelizabet Beautiful! Many congratulations! I read every paperback mystery I could get my hands on during our daughter‘s first year, because she was more prone to a good, long nap if I held her and paperbacks were easy to handle. 1y
See All 26 Comments
CrowCAH Congrats! 💖 1y
Hollie Congratulations ♥️ 1y
vivastory TGIF, Clara 😂 1y
Graciouswarriorprincess Congratulations! 1y
LeahBergen I hear ya, Clara! 😆 1y
Megabooks 💖💖💖 1y
Lcsmcat So sweet! 1y
MicheleinPhilly Same girl, SAME. 1y
saresmoore @ravenlee SO true! 1y
saresmoore @Theaelizabet That‘s an excellent strategy! 1y
andrew61 Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Take care ☺ 1y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks for adding the sunshine to this day! She‘s beautiful! 💕 1y
AlaMich What a sweet pea!! 1y
KVanRead Thanks for the big smile you just brought to my face.🥰 Sweet girl 💗 1y
erzascarletbookgasm 🥰 sweet Clara 💕 1y
Leftcoastzen Aawwww!🥰 1y
batsy Oh my ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
CarolynM 💖💖💖 1y
Liz_M Congratulations! I hope you and your expanded family continue to be safe and healthy. 1y
youneverarrived Congratulations ♥️♥️ what a beauty! 1y
Anna40 Congratulations! 1y
ValerieAndBooks Aww 😍❤️ 1y
Centique Oh my goodness, those little legs. She‘s so perfect. You‘re giving me such beautiful nostalgia - although I remember the cluster feeds with a little more dread. Best wishes to you all. 1y
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post image

Sorry in advance for spamming completely non-book-related things, but I‘m in postpartum oxytocin delirium. Can‘t believe Clara, the impossible girl, finally came and she arrived bizarrely near perfectly. Even in the midst of a crazy world situation, I felt supported and totally equipped and she came on her own time with almost no medical intervention. She looks like a squishy alien (as one does) and I couldn‘t be happier!

Darklunarose Welcome earthside Clara! 1y
sprainedbrain Congratulations! I‘m so glad all went well. She‘s a doll! ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Lcsmcat Congratulations! She‘s adorable! 1y
See All 73 Comments
Jas16 Clara is absolutely precious💕 1y
Daisey Congratulations! She looks perfectly content. 💕 1y
AkashaVampie Congrats sweetie. Love her up becuz time goes by fast! 1y
TobeyTheScavengerMonk Oh how wonderful! Congratulations! 1y
britt_brooke Oh, sweet girl. 💜 Thanks for sharing Miss Clara with us, momma. Hope everyone is well. 🤗 1y
AkashaVampie Oh and sleep when she sleeps... it's the only time u will get to sleep! Haha 1y
xicanti Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Clara! 1y
GingerAntics What a cutie!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Congratulations!!! 1y
AmyK1 Congratulations! 1y
ValerieAndBooks Oh!! Congratulations!! Welcome, Clara 💖💖💖 1y
valeriegeary Oh beautiful squish! Congratulations! ❤️💛💙💜 1y
rubyslippersreads Congratulations! What an adorable new Litten! 👶❤️ 1y
LiteraryinLawrence Congratulations!!!! 1y
ErikasMindfulShelf Congratulations! Beautiful 💕 1y
PurpleTulipGirl Yay! Hello, Clara! 1y
Bklover I love her name!!! She is just beautiful. Congratulations- enjoy every second! 1y
TheDaysGoBy Congrats! 1y
Prairiegirl_reading Congratulations!!! 1y
Booknerd2 Congratulations!! 🎉🎊🎈🍾 She‘s perfect! 💜💜💜 1y
CarolynM Congratulations! She's beautiful - totally worth the wait. So happy for you and your family.💕 1y
JennyM Congrats. So beautiful ♥️♥️ 1y
Leftcoastzen Oh , she‘s beautiful! You made my night and made me cry ! Many blessings to you and your beautiful family!💓💞💕 1y
BookwormAHN Congratulations 💕 1y
Branwen Congratulations, dear friend! She's beautiful! 😍💖 1y
Megabooks She‘s beautiful! Congratulations! 💖💖 1y
Cinfhen Woohoo🌷💓🌷💓🌷She‘s a beauty 😁congrats to the whole gang and much love to you😘😘😘 1y
KVanRead She‘s beautiful!! So glad all went well. Congratulations!!💝💝💝 1y
batsy So happy for you and your family, Sara! Congratulations. She's perfect ❤️ 1y
marleed Oh my gosh she‘s so beautiful! And I think I can speak for all Littens when I say we absolutely must be informed when children are born to book lovers! 1y
mrp27 So sweet, congratulations! 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Hello, Clara! 🥰 Congratulations to you and your family, Sara. ❤️ 1y
julesG Congratulations! She's a beauty! 💖 1y
mirnass Congratulations! So cute😍 1y
Ruthiella Congratulations! Beautiful baby! ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
ChasingOm Good job, Momma! Welcome Clara!! 1y
Reggie Congrats, Sara! 1y
LeahBergen Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! She‘s beautiful and perfect!!! Congratulations, sweet friend! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ 1y
AnneCecilie Congrats ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Butterfinger She is precious. Congratulations!! 1y
mklong Congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Birdsong28 Congratulations 🎊 🎉 📚 📖 1y
Freespirit She‘s beautiful! 1y
CaliforniaCay Adorable! Congrats 🎉🎉🎉🎉 1y
Mrs_B Congratulations!!! 1y
Cathythoughts She is beautiful ✨💕 1y
LeeRHarry Congrats! 1y
MicheleinPhilly This was the most perfect news to wake up to. Welcome to the world, gorgeous! Good work, mama! 😘 1y
LuckyNotepad Congratulations!! How awesome! 💛 1y
Jess Congrats! She is beautiful. 1y
8little_paws Congrats!!! 1y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm And what a beautiful squishy alien she is! ❤️😉❤️ Way to go mama! 🤘😆🤘 1y
SamanthaMarie She is so beautiful!!! So glad your labor and birth went well!!! Spam away with all these cute photos 😍 1y
jmtrivera She's adorable! Congrats to you and happy birthday to her! 💜 1y
MaureenMc Congratulations! She‘s gorgeous! 😍 1y
kyraleseberg Congratulations!! 1y
andrew61 Congratulations sara, she is beautiful. I hope you are well. ☺ 1y
DaveGreen7777 Awww! Congratulations to you and your family! 😊 1y
kathedron Congratulations! ❤️ 1y
tracey38 Aww, congratulations, she's beautiful! 1y
bookishbitch Beautiful baby. Congratulations!! 1y
LL1964 Congratulations to you and your family ! 1y
Christine ❤️❤️❤️ So happy for you. 1y
Suet624 Keep the photos coming. 1y
sisilia Congratulation! She‘s adorable 😘 1y
rohit-sawant So adorable! Congratulations! 1y
Billypar She's so beautiful- congratulations!! 🤗💜 1y
Flaneurette Absolutely darling, so happy for you! Congratulations 🎉 1y
Centique OH she is gorgeous! I‘m 100% smitten. Please do post lots about her - can‘t get enough lovely squishy baby faces in these crazy times. Best wishes to you as you go through the newborn life schedule, when night is day and up is down much of the time. 💕🙂🙃 1y
merelybookish Already styling! 👒 1y
tpixie Oh my! So precious!!!! Congrats! 1y
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Little Women | Louisa May Alcott
post image

We did it! Introducing Clara Josephine Moore, born 6/26 at 6:41pm; 6lbs13oz & 20.5in long.

Everyone is doing well and I, for once, am at a loss for words. Completely overwhelmed with gratitude.

She‘s finally here! 🥰

Nikki_E Congrats! I love the name. 1y
Palimpsest Congratulations! 😊 1y
Librarybelle Congratulations! 1y
See All 34 Comments
riversong153 Congratulations! 1y
meghathecloud Congratulations! 1y
KarouBlue Welcome little one! Congratulations! 🎈 1y
Lovesbooks87 Congrats! 1y
MallenNC So cute! Congratulations. 1y
BarbaraBB Finally! You both are beaming! Congratulations 🎈 wiskunde you all the love and happiness ❤️ 1y
Jas16 Congratulations!!! 1y
AlaMich Congratulations!!! She‘s beautiful! 1y
ValerieAndBooks Wonderful!! So happy for you all 💖 1y
itsjustme40something Congratulations! Now buckle up for the ride of your life 💜💜 1y
SamAnne Congrats! 1y
Sasstronaut Such a wonderful picture! She seems like she‘s asking “what‘s next?” Ready to explore. 1y
Megabooks 💖💖💖 1y
ErinSBecker I love the look on her face. She's all "Moooooommm, you're embarrassing me!" ❤️☺️ 1y
Cinfhen Welcome Clara 💕💗💕💗 1y
zezeki Congratulations!! 💕💕💕 1y
Cupcake12 Congratulations...a pretty name too ❤️😊 1y
kezzlou85 Congratulations, she's beautiful and love the name. 1y
Cathythoughts Wonderful ✨✨✨ 1y
JessClark78 Congratulations! 1y
Bookwormjillk Congratulations 👶❤️ 1y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Welcome to this great big universe, Clara! Such a lovely family! ❤️❤️ 1y
andrew61 Lovely photo, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your special time. 1y
rabbitprincess Looks like she‘s plotting her next escape! 😊 Congrats! 1y
vivastory I can't believe I didn't see this until now! A massive congrats, Sara! Welcome to this strange, & terribly flawed, world filled with people like your mama hoping to making it better, Clara! 1y
Suet624 6/26? Do you mean 7/26? What fantastic news! Congrats!! 1y
merelybookish Beautiful! Someone once told me baby#3 brings the spice. So congrats and welcome to spicy little Clara! 1y
TrishB Oh I missed it and was just thinking about you 😁 congrats to you all ❤️❤️😘 xx 1y
Lindy Congratulations! It‘s lovely to see photos of the newest member of your family. Spam away. 💕 1y
tpixie Ah ha! Note I know where your girls get their beautiful hair!! Lol loving stalking you today!! This photo is a keeper!! Day 1 Joy!! 1y
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