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SantaThing for Litsy
SantaThing for Litsy | Litsy
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Shopping Scavenger Hunt: ❤

Can't explain it but this random Santa head just makes me laugh. It's only a head connected to nothing. . . Poor Santa!

#WinterGames #TMSkellington @Crimson613 @StayCurious

Crimson613 1pt!! 12-11 Santa decorations are weird! We have a torso only Santa and I hate putting it up, I'm like this guy is scary 😂 1d
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A quick reminder for SantaThing participants who haven't picked yet: SantaThing closes 12pm on Monday!

If you're having trouble coming up with gift ideas, post a comment here with the link/id and I'm sure others will flock to help!

Litsy [EDIT TO REMOVE!] (edited) 5d
Gillyreads I though I had done mine? 5d
bellprincess6 @Gillyreads you probably do, but this is just a general reminder. Probably if you have like an extra dollar or two you‘re tagged (edited) 5d
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Lynnsoprano I did mine Friday. Did something go wrong? 5d
Special_K @Lynnsoprano if there is a green check mark when you look at your santee, you did it correctly 5d
Gillyreads @Lynnsoprano you‘re probably fine. I had a quick look at it. Seems like @Litsy has tagged the people who haven‘t had a gift selected for them rather than people who haven‘t finished. 5d
Lynnsoprano @Gillyreads @Special_K Thanks. I went and checked and saw the green check. I‘d had trouble when I first tried, it kept saying I wasn‘t signed in. So my first thought was that something had gone wrong. 5d
Born.A.Reader Wait I picked the gifts for mine. Did it not go through? 5d
Booksnchill I don‘t understand what any of this means- I signed up, paid now what is needed? 5d
dariazeoli Hm, I picked my books out and my Santee is green checked. Maybe this list is reversed? 5d
ShelfAddiction I picked gifts for mine days ago. I can email a screen shot. 5d
Soubhiville @Booksnchill santathing works differently from Litsy swaps... you have to go through LibraryThing to purchase gifts for your swap recipient. There should be directions there to who your Santee is and which seller they want their books chosen through. Also all the directions to do the book choosing. 5d
Booksnchill @Soubhiville thanks- that Library thing on the web was my issue- I never use the website and had no idea we had to go there to see who we pick for!!! Glad I saw this post! Whew! 5d
KatieDid927 Nope, did mine days ago. If there was an issue with my picks there was a better way to communicate that. 5d
KatieDid927 @Booksnchill Yeah they never actually properly notified us when the matches were picked. 5d
Betterthanasharpstickintheeye Oh sorry I was confused how to do it. 5d
Juliwyant I picked my gifts already using the page link you put up before....it shows the books I picked, the total, etc. is there another step I missed??

....I went and checked. There is a green checkmark.....so not a straggler.
(edited) 5d
Litsy Sorry for the panic @Gillyreads @Lynnsoprano @Born.A.Reader @dariazeoli @ShelfAddiction @KatieDid927 @Juliwyant . As someone guessed, the data was essentially reversed. Anyway, everyone has until noon tomorrow. 5d
julesG When I was looking for books for my Santee Amazon.com reminded me that there'll be a 5$ discount on book orders of over $20. I was wondering if I should have picked with that discount in mind. 4d
JodiPM I have 2 cents left on mine 😂 4d
Litsy @julesG Unless you've seen something on Amazon that I have not, I think this is a misunderstanding of shipping charges. If the order is a low value amount (under $25 for Amazon), we add shipping on--you'll see it as you order. If over, we don't. This corresponds to free shipping criteria. It's not an order discount. 4d
julesG @Litsy Thanks! That's probably it. Works differently here in Germany. 4d
LMJenkins @Litsy is telling me I‘m tagged twice in this post but I don‘t see my name AND I have picked my gifts several days ago. (edited) 3d
julesG @LMJenkins I think the tags were removed by Litsy because you were tagged by mistake. Tagging is strange these days. I get notifications on my phone but when I check Litsy there is no notification. When I check the Litten's post I was supposed to be tagged in I have indeed been tagged. 3d
LMJenkins Okay, I just hope it worked okay....😳 3d
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If you signed up for SantaThing, be sure to go to https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing to find out who you're picking for!

Picking closes Monday at 12pm. Good luck and have fun.

If you need help, ask people in a comment here. People can leave comments on your Santees entry, and they can't see them until the gifts arrive.

Tagging all participants in the comments.

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emz711 whoo! 1w
CBee @Litsy I‘ve picked the gifts for my Santee, and it‘s showing gifts added. Is there anywhere to save that or am I all set? 1w
BethM Thanks for the tag- I was waiting for an email 🤦‍♀️ 1w
BethM Ok guys I‘m super confused- how do I see who I‘m picking for? I click on the link and just get the master list? @TimSpalding 1w
TimSpalding @BethM You need to sign in to Litsy web. If you're signed in, the list will start with YOUR “santee.“ 1w
LiljaPleasant @Litsy if you have 30cents left of the budget... What happens? 1w
plemmdog I‘m still confused. Somehow I was expecting an email. I‘m also not a member of Library Thing. So, if I‘m interpreting this correctly, I click on the Entry tab, and the first person at the top of the list of hundreds is the gifted whom I‘ve been assigned? 1w
shanaqui @plemmdog You want to click on “See your 1 Santee“. I've done a screenshot showing it: https://snipboard.io/oJvjKq.jpg 7d
shanaqui @plemmdog You can also see it at the top of the “current entries“, under the heading “You Pick For“. But you need to be signed in! :) 7d
shanaqui Everything I think up eats up most of the budget already so I can only get one book! >(

If anyone has recs for this Santee, let me know! https://www.litsy.com/web/santathingitem/255
CBee @shanaqui check and see if she has any of the Akata series on her TBR; if not, they are SUPER good, middle grade and witchy (lots of cool Nigerian lore). Really anything by Nnedi Okorafor could fit her tastes I think. 7d
CBee @TimSpalding I've picked the gifts for my Santee, but don't see a way to save. Am I all set? Thanks! 7d
Kelican17 I picked books, but there is no “confirm” or “save” button?? What next? 7d
Bibliotekate @CBee As long as you've clicked to “Add gift“ after filling out each book's info, you're all set! 7d
Bibliotekate @Kelican17 No confirm or save necessary: as long as you've clicked “Add gift“ after filling out the info for each book, you're all set. 7d
Kelican17 @Bibliotekate thank you! 7d
plemmdog @shanaqui thanks! For some reason my giftee only shows up in the web browser and not the app, but I found him and am delighted. 7d
CBee @Bibliotekate yay, thank you! :) 7d
Litsy I've added green check marks for whether or not the entry is done. (Done is defined as having less than $6 left to spend. Of course, it's hard to get close.) If you're minded, consider contributing some comments to the ones that aren't done yet—the Santas may need help! 6d
Sapphire I am confused. I don't see who I am supposed to pick for.... 6d
Sapphire I am so relieved I figured that out in time!!! 5d
Booksnchill @Sapphire i connot find that either? I never got an alert- how do I know who I am picking for??? 5d
shanaqui @Booksnchill You need to be on the web version of Litsy and signed in. Then go to https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing and the person you're picking for should be at the top, under the heading “You Pick For“. :) 5d
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Apparently matches went out yesterday. Unfortunately, that information did not reach me.


I did a bit of digging around and found my Santee (no info on budget and which shop yet). Unfortunately, again, I also found out who's my Secret Santa. Not sure whether this was intentional, but the info is on Library Thing for all to see @TimSpalding @Litsy


Born.A.Reader I didn't get notification either. How do we know where to pick books or how much? 1w
julesG @Born.A.Reader I don't know either. 1w
dariazeoli I don‘t have a Santee yet. Hm... 1w
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julesG @dariazeoli Have you checked the link that I've posted? 1w
dariazeoli @julesG yes. But I tried to comment on my post and it says I‘m not logged in. Aaaand I just realized why! I‘m in @kindlitsy on the web. D‘oh! Back to the web 😂 1w
julesG @dariazeoli 😂😂 1w
LiljaPleasant Thank you for sharing! Doesn't work on my phone. Tells me I'm not logged in eventhough when I go to my profile it says I am... Have to check on my computer later... 1w
julesG @LiljaPleasant You might have to log into the website, too. 1w
LiljaPleasant @julesG Now I tried on my computer... Logging on to the mainpage (litsy.com) and going further to santathing etc... If I want to go on and order the gift I am told I'm not logged in... Or which website did you mean? (Sorry for asking you... ^^' Don't know who else to ask)
julesG @LiljaPleasant That's strange. You should be able to see your Santee when logged into your Litsy account on the website (litsy.com) 1w
jenniferw88 @julesG @Born.A.Reader @dariazeoli @LiljaPleasant if you log into the website now it tells you website and budget. 1w
julesG @jenniferw88 Thanks! 1w
LiljaPleasant @jenniferw88 Thanks! But it still tells my "not logged in" when pressing add gift... ? I might have to try later... 1w
Lynnsoprano @julesG @LiljaPleasant @jenniferw88 I just saw this this morning, and I‘m having the same issues. Logged into Litsy on my laptop, got to the Santathing page and found my Santee, budget, store, etc. When I tried to add a gift, “not logged in.” And that‘s all there is on the page. Ugh!!! 1w
Allylu Me too. Please tag me if you resolve this issue. Thanks! 1w
dariazeoli Hopefully we‘ll get a longer span to buy since there are still issues 1w
Dvd I emailed about the issues and went back. All is apparently working now. 1w
Sapphire Thank you for posting that screen shot, my link does not have a see Santee button 6d
julesG @Sapphire Oh No! Make sure you are logged into your Litsy account on the website. If that doesn't help, contact the folks at Litsy/Library Thing. 6d
Sapphire @julesg thank you!! That was it. I had been trying on my phone but on the website I can see it! Whew! Just in time. 5d
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SanaThing, Litsy's official “Secret Santas“ program closes 12pm EST Monday. Sign up now or—perish the thought!—you may not get any books this year! https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing

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Yeah... So... Why not? 😅
I love secret Santa things, so I joined!

#santathing #secretsanta

Jari-chan Welcome to the club 😁😁😁 2w
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Less than a week left to participate in SantaThing for Litsy, our “Secret Santas“ for Littens. See it here:


So far some 62 Littens are participating. SantaThing closes Monday.

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Is it already too late for me to join #santathing ?

Megabooks I think it ends on December 2 but check @Litsy or @LibraryThing 👍🏻 3w
Litsy Yeah. Not to late. Go to https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing 3w
vumblereads Thank you! 3w
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Have you joined up for SantaThing yet? It‘s the easiest Xmas swap I‘ve found, you put your name down with a list of genres you like & use PayPal to pay from $15-50USD. After the cutoff on Dec 2nd you get matched to another recipient, choose books for them in your price bracket & santathing does the rest, including ordering & sending them. I think it‘s a great idea!🤶🏻🎅🏻👍

Karkar This sounds like fun! 3w
Caroline2 This is a great idea. Is it open to UK users do you know?? 🤔 3w
vumblereads Love it! 3w
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Sapphire I just signed up! Thanks for sharing :) I like fun but super easy.
charl08 You can do it wherever you're based - book depository delivers to most places if amazon is expensive. 3w
Gillyreads Just signed up :) 3w
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Sign up for SantaThing on Litsy https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing

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I wasn‘t going to do any other swaps this year, but I just couldn‘t resist this one🙈🥴

Visit https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing for more info or to sign up!

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My first time signing up for the secret santa exchange from @LibraryThing #SantaThing. Has anyone else signed up for this? #swap #litsyswaps
It looks easy and fun!

Sign up at https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing

Crazeedi I am signed up for enough for December so I have to pass on this! It looks fun! 3w
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Check it out at https://www.litsy.com/web/santathing .

SantaThing is a yearly event on @LibraryThing. We've now opened it up to Litsy members completely. Sign in is on Litsy, and you can choose to give to Litsy members.

TimSpalding @.ioisblocked sorry, but it‘s mandatory 3w
.ioisblocked @TimSpalding I don't care 3w
Litsy @.ioisblocked 😢 3w
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