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Shelfie: Clutter-clearing ideas for stylish shelf art | Martha Roberts
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An interesting response to the clutter-clearing movement has been 'the shelfie' as a decorating trend and social media phenomenon. What started as a label for beautiful bookshelves is now applied to artfully stylish arrangements of collectables, flowers, photos, crafting ephemera, perfume bottles - and of course books. And shelfies don't just appear on shelves but also on tabletops, fireplaces and desks. At a time when we own six times more objects than our parents did, and move house more often, de-cluttering, and then curating our possessions stylishly, is an important way of having a dedicated space that is a 'little bit of us', injecting stylish personality into the home and workplace. In the first book on the subject, Martha Roberts explores the art of creating great shelfies, explaining colour, scale and composition then showing inspiring shelfies in every room in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, the home office to a hallway, allowing you to declutter your surroundings without throwing away the things you love in the ultimate form of self-expression. The book's photographer, Nick Pope, took the photographs for At Home with Plants, also published by Mitchell Beazley.
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Like mother, like daughters 👩‍👧‍👧
We had to buy a second bookshelf for my girls‘ room cause their books were overflowing!! And I had no idea that their overflow would almost fill up the new shelves 🤓 #lovemygirls
#happyreaders #readtoyourkids #read #happilyreading #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #shelfie

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Redid my bookshelf, since I was starting to just shove things wherever they fit. 😬

Due to a tight space, my books are living in a case on the floor of my closet - forcing me to become very creative when it comes to making shelf room for new books! There are quite a few cardboard boxes hidden throughout to give my stacks some structure.

Can‘t wait for the day I get to set up a proper home library! 📚

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New reading chairs! Messy bookshelves! ♥️

Slajaunie Love them! 7mo
BooknerdsLife Wow! Love them so much!!! 😍💖💖 7mo
MellieAntoinette @BookFrog 🤗 Thank you so much! 7mo
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MellieAntoinette @BooknerdsLife ♥️ 🤗 Thank you so much, my friend! Reading anything good this weekend? 7mo
MaleficentBookDragon I love the chairs and your whole reading area!🤤😍 7mo
MellieAntoinette @MaleficentBookDragon Thank you so much!! It‘s super cozy! 🤗 7mo
stacybmartin I love it - it looks like a cozy reading spot! 😍 7mo
Texreader This looks so awesome 7mo
Stacypatrice Obsessed with your bookshelves!!!!!! 7mo
Ddzmini Love it 😍 just the place to spend the day dreaming 🙌🏽📖😋 7mo
readordierachel Love them! 7mo
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I‘ve been a bit lax about posting on Litsy lately... so I‘m going to spam you all with my RiotGrams photos - starting with this shelfie...

Thinking about reshuffling/reorganising... any suggestions?

rather_be_reading wow its gorgeous!!! 7mo
Cailey_Mac I‘m obsessed with this😍📚📚 7mo
bewareofwords Wow, gorgeous. 😍 You‘ve done an amazing job! 7mo
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#30JuneBooks - Shelves: There‘s no more shelf space. There‘s no place for another bookcase. The only option is to start stacking on the floor. This towering stack is one of many from the ground up. My sister-in-law asked me “Why do you buy books and so many at that?” I told her that it is a collection like any other collection...valuable to the collector. She wasn‘t impressed. 👇🏽

Nute So then I dazed her with the statement, ‘the time will come when each and every one of these books will be needed for their author-given purpose. Enough said!‘ I guess this is why my family never gives me books as birthday presents.😞 8mo
DivineDiana I also have no more shelf space, but my family keeps on giving me books! 😂 8mo
SW-T Some wonderful titles in your collection! Love the height on those stacks 😄 If it space that‘s a concern, they do have vertical towers to stack books on. Friend of mine uses them. (https://www.walmart.com/ip/Southern-Enterprises-Tampa-Spine-Book-Tower/17299558) I like the floor maze look myself 😂 8mo
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CarolynM Looks like my house😂 8mo
rubyslippersreads @CarolynM Mine too. 😹 8mo
Amiable Wow! 😍 8mo
Reggie This pic makes me smile.😁 8mo
BooknerdsLife Hahaaa you SIL sounds like my sister!!😂Well I love your stacks of books! 😍📚📚😍 I have stacks around the house too 🙈 and I love that every corner in the house smells like books 😆📚📚 8mo
Chelleo Some people just don‘t understand 🤷🏽‍♀️ 8mo
Nute @DivineDiana Is your family looking for a member?😂🤣 8mo
Nute @SW-T Those vertical towers are so cool. I‘ve never seen them before. I like the design, but I have grown accustomed to the ‘floor maze‘ look. Guess I‘ll keep stacking from the floor up!😂🤣 8mo
Nute @Amiable @Reggie on many occasions I think this has got to stop especially when due to a space limitation factor. Then I hear of an interesting book or I see a lovely book cover and all reasoning just fades away.😞 8mo
Nute @Chelleo I know, right? I‘m think that I‘m giving up on trying to explain. Say no more!🤭 8mo
SW-T @Nute Yay! The floor maze rules! 🧡🧡🧡 8mo
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Part of my shelves. These are the ones with doors to keep the dust out and to hide the mess. Some read, mostly not read..Initially I tried to arrange according to genre, then group the authors, but looks like there‘s no system now.

#30JuneBooks #Shelves

Kalalalatja They look perfect in all their unstructured-ness 😍 8mo
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My #shelves are a mess! I have four that used to be organized. I‘m going to have to go back to shelving by spine color so I can find stuff again. #30junebooks @howjessreads

LeahBergen They look lovely! 8mo
Leftcoastzen Love your gargoyle dudes! Lovely shelves! 8mo
mreads Gargoyles 😍 8mo
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These are just the little cube thing of #shelves that I have in my living room! Excuse the mess on the left 😂. #30JuneBooks @howjessreads

Nute I never notice ‘mess‘ when there‘s bookshelves to gaze upon.😄 8mo
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#shelfie with some of my bookcase knick-knacks! #maymadness #minichallenge

Leftcoastzen Cute! 8mo
Sarah83 Loving the Sherlocks 😍 which tiny books are on the right side? 8mo
booklover984 I really need to redo my book shelves...I just put them on the shelves with no thought because we'd just moved in. But it's been a few years since then, so it's a project I need to do. 8mo
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wanderinglynn @Sarah83 Those are actually matchboxes from Out of Print (https://outofprint.com/collections/matchbox-sets) 8mo
wanderinglynn @booklover984 I love organizing and reorganizing my shelves. 😉 8mo
Clwojick Love it! ♥️🤩🧡 8mo
booklover984 @wanderinglynn I've been meaning to but my excuse is I need more books first. I had a lot but when we moved, we still had some in storage and got behind on payments so I lost a whole box ... 8mo
wanderinglynn Thanks @Clwojick ☺️ 8mo
Brooke_H 😍 😍 😍 8mo
BooknerdsLife Love all your Sherlock Funko!!! 😍😍💙 8mo
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We've got a fun #MiniChallenge for you guys!!!

Post a #Shelfie !!!!!! 📸

#MayMadness @Clwojick @RadicalReader

Jee_HookedOnBookz Hey there beautiful you! 😊 8mo
TheReadingMermaid @Jee_HookedOnBookz awe hey sweetie!!! 👋😁 8mo
tammysue Love it!! 😍 8mo
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Princess-Kingofkings I love seeing you and Edgar Allan Poe together! 📖🤣 8mo
RadicalReader What a wonderful Shelfie 8mo
TheReadingMermaid @Princess-Kingofkings Me too girl! 8mo
TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader awe thanks sweetie 8mo
BookwormAHN Nice 💜 8mo
BooknerdsLife Awww hello there gorgeous 🙌🏼💙 I love your shelfie 😍 📚📚💖 8mo
TheReadingMermaid @BooknerdsLife awe thank you sweetheart 💗 8mo
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2 weeks later and I've got one bookshelf unpacked. I'm definitely never moving again.

BoleyBooks A-men sister!!! I feel the same. The movers hurt my shelves and my books when we transferred last year. 9mo
danibolahood @BoleyBooks oh no!! That sucks! I lucked out and had really great movers but the unpacking is never ending! 9mo
BoleyBooks I've been working on my next book release, so we still haven't finished settling in. 😊 Priorities. 😉 I hope you enjoy your new nest! 🌺 9mo
JoScho I have already said I hope I die in my next house so I don‘t ever have to move again. 9mo
kamoorephoto I love that bookcase! 6h
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View from @ChrisSmithIndy ‘s side of the bed. One of 4 bookshelves in our room😁😌

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I‘m taking a break to eat potato and beetroot pizza 🍕 and thought it a good time to post a #shelfie 👌

#dewyapril #readathonhourlyphoto #readathon

ju.ca.no Pretty as always😍 10mo
Zelma Such a pretty space! 😍 10mo
Simona 😍😍😍😍 10mo
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BookwormAHN Lovely 😻 10mo
LeahBergen 😍😍😍 10mo
readordierachel A very good time 😍 10mo
trioxin_sematary 👌👌👌 10mo
Avanders Soooo pretty 10mo
Chrissyreadit 😍 10mo
HipcheckandPaperbacks I love all the ribbon bookmarks hanging out! Your shelves are awesome. 10mo
ephemeralwaltz It's always a good time for a shelfie! 9mo
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Thank goodness I sorted on my bed or else I would have gotten tired and given up half way through. But finally, organized by genre!!! From left to right: classics, picture books, mystery, thrillers, horror, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, young adult, contemporary, history, memoir, true crime and science! Even have a whole cubby free out of frame for current reads! 😁📚📚 #shelfie

JennyM What a beautiful space! Great job. 10mo
JessNevertheless @JennyM Thank you!! 😊 10mo
candority That looks so good! 😍 10mo
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Tamra Nice! The effort paid off. 10mo
Tamra 👍🏾 on your IKEA chair - it‘s my favorite. So comfy. 10mo
Eggs Looks wonderful! 10mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty!!! 10mo
JessNevertheless Thank you @candority @Eggs and @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😊!!! @Tamra thanks and I love that chair too, great reading spot :) 10mo
Ddzmini 😍😍😍📖 looks amazing 😉 10mo
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Your post and pic reminded me of this @JessNevertheless

JessNevertheless OMG 😂😂😂 I love this!!! 10mo
Cathythoughts Love ♥️ it 10mo
squirrelbrain 🤣🤣🤣 10mo
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britt_brooke 😆 10mo
Naj Love this! 😂😂 10mo
Ddzmini 🤣🤣🤣 10mo
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Random #shelfie for today.

JMEdwards I sure wish we could zoom in on photos! 10mo
Annl @JMEdwards take a pic and then you can zoom in! That‘s what I do when I am incredibly nosey! 😂 10mo
JMEdwards @Annl great idea! 10mo
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JMEdwards @speljamr Looks like you have quite a collection! 10mo
speljamr @JMEdwards This is only part of one shelf. This one has a lot of stuff I collected when I was buying from the Science Fiction Book Club years ago. I started collecting when I was a teenager. 10mo
Vivlio_Gnosi Thank you for alerting me of the #shelfi. #NewFan 10mo
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Here‘s my TBR shelf.... I catalogued it at the beginning of the year and there were 177 books, including Kindle books. Since then I‘ve read 18 of those, plus many more of course that weren‘t already on the shelf ☺️.

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m always afraid to count mine! 😕 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love it!!! ❤️❤️ 11mo
TrishB Lovely ❤️ 11mo
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jillannjohn ❤️ 11mo
BarbaraBB 😍 11mo
Tanisha_A How neat 😍 11mo
Gissy Beautiful! 📚📚👌❤️❤️❤️ 11mo
vkois88 Wow 😍😍 11mo
minkyb So much neatness! 10mo
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#shelfie of my messy library, full of stuff shoved in there at xmas to stash it safely of the way of the holiday mayhem. This pic doesn't show just how unusable the space is right now. My comfy chair is stacked with stuff, there's no room to walk other than a tiny path & trying to reach for a book is treacherous. I haven't had the time or energy to get on there and clear it out but I need to soon! I miss my library! #Riotgrams @bookriot

ravenlee I like your penguins! 12mo
TK-421 @ravenlee Thanks! 😊 12mo
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Just me and my shelves #shelfie #24in48

Doing pretty well with the readathon - got about 8 hours in mostly audio reading while cleaning and doing laundry and running errands. Made a dent in my book The Blade Itself and read 3 children‘s books on my stack so far.

How are you doing?

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Hour 12 #shelfie for #24in48. 8.5 hours in and switching to audiobooks for a little.

#24in48 #hour12

mdhughes72 Nice pic! 12mo
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A #shelfie for the hour 12 #24in48 challenge! I am 5 hours and 30 minutes in, which is pretty good! I had a ton of books on hold from the library come in this week, which was perfect timing for the readathon! Hoping everyone is having a grand old time; best of reading to you all!

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A tired #shelfie for the hour 12 challenge 😴 #24in48

Suet624 💕💕💕 you can do this! 12mo
TrishB Great pic 👍🏻 12mo
Reviewsbylola 😍🥰😍🥰 12mo
PurpleyPumpkin I recognize those Folios, and have some of the same ones!👍🏽 12mo
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I have been slow to start for this #24in48. I‘m counting this as my #shelfie as I haven‘t been up that long and am looking rough. 🤪

parttimedomestic Totally counts! 😂 Cute sock! 12mo
Bookzombie @parttimedomestic 😂 Thanks! 12mo
julesG 😂😂😂 I was thinking about doing the sock-shelfie, too. 12mo
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Bookzombie @julesG You always look great in your pics. 🙂 12mo
julesG Thank you! I always see my faults. 😶 12mo
Bookzombie @julesG I think we are all hardest on ourselves. 12mo
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#Bookshelfie taken seated on landing with iPad in cramped and insufficiently lit hallway = awkward. 😂
This 3-shelf case holds non-fiction and some sci-fi, but the middle shelf is for books I think my daughter will like. She grabs a few at a time and puts them on her TBR-shelf in her room, where they remain largely unread while she reads books from the school and public library. 🙄


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#Shelfie for #hour12 of #24in48
Luna wasn‘t really feeling it!! 😹 She says it‘s to early and we still look like we just woke up!

CareBear Luna 😻 12mo
Tomigirl44 Yes, Luna! 😍😻beautiful girl! 12mo
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HOUR 12 PHOTO CHALLENGE #24in48 #readathon #ShowUsThatBookShelfie Excuse the puffy face & crazy eyes, I‘m running on fumes at this point. The only thing that bugs me about this readathon is that by the time I‘m exhausted & have to sleep, it‘s prime reading time for most of the rest of you.🤷🏻‍♀️This is one of my overflow #MountTBR #stacks Not the best photo but my days of contorting myself to get a great photo are long gone.🧘🏻‍♀️

TrishB It‘s a great pic 👍🏻 you and books! 12mo
VioletBramble What is that cool van/bus on your shelf? 12mo
Bookzombie I agree with @TrishB ! 12mo
Lizpixie @TrishB thanks lovely! I look like a sleep deprived zombie, the books make it a good picture.😴 @VioletBramble its a Lego VW Kombi/Camper van. I‘m kinda obsessed with Kombis, I have them everywhere in my library. My dream is to buy one, deck it out & travel Australia in it🚌🇦🇺 12mo
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#24in48 Hour 12: Show Us that Bookshelf(ie) | a snapshot of my pride & joy, my most favorite part of my apartment (apart from my bed 😂) @24in48

post image

#24in48 #hour12challenge #bookshelfie
So, I‘m the worst at selfies, but I am in that picture on my shelf so hopefully close enough 😜

Leniverse Clever cheat. 😂 12mo
Bookish.SAM @Leniverse 😉👍 12mo
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#24in48 shelfie challenge, I'm in a car all day today so I couldn't get a new shelfie, but I have this one from an in-progress Half-Price Books that I thought was pretty cool! They were doing buyback to build up stock before the grand opening, so we could look around but not purchase, it was fun to see it all coming together. @24in48

Bookzombie It is cool! 12mo
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My long-awaited wall of shelves were installed yesterday. Can‘t get the full 5 metres in one small Litsy shot 📚🤓😍. #shelfie

AmyG They are glorious. 13mo
BookishMarginalia Beautiful! 13mo
PerksOfBeingABookworm This looks amazing! 13mo
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Julsmarshall Just beautiful! 13mo
Chrissyreadit Beautiful 😍😍😍 13mo
Freespirit It looks wonderful..with space for some new books!😍 13mo
JennyM Wow...I love it!!! Such a beautiful space. Merry Christmas lovely 😊 13mo
erzascarletbookgasm Look great! 13mo
BarbaraBB 😍 gorgeous! 13mo
Kalalalatja Beautiful! 13mo
LeahBergen Wonderful!! 😍😍😍 13mo
mrp27 😍😍😍 13mo
Thousand-Lives Wow, looks awesome! 👏👏 13mo
youneverarrived 😍😍 13mo
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Day 28 Shelfie Nov

A very small and colourful section of my bookcase!


@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @vkois88

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty 💛💛💛 14mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Great stack!!! 14mo
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My shelves for the #rencher10k #giveaway. As you can see a bunch of the shelves are empty. We cleared out our fundamentalist Christian books and I'm wanting to replace them with more Progressive Spirituality books (which is what some of the books on the floor to the right are).

Jee_HookedOnBookz Love your reading spot!! 14mo
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To me this is #luxury! A full book shelf! #gratitude30 @hermyknee

cherinium That's a beautiful bookcase! 14mo
MicrobeMom @cherinium thank you! My husband made it. I love it! 14mo
GingerAntics That is a gorgeous (luxurious if you will) book case!!! That is some book love right there. 14mo
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post image

Getting there slowly with the new shelves..... Clearly they need actual shelves putting in and some will have doors....


CouronneDhiver 👍🏽 1y
SMayWrites 😍😍😍 1y
TrishB Lovely 💕 1y
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youneverarrived Fab! 😍 1y
Zelma It‘s going to be amazing! 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa That‘s awesome! 1y
Kalalalatja Ooooooh 😍😍 1y
Dolly ❤️👏👏👏👏❤️!!!! 1y
Cathythoughts So nice ❤️❤️💕 1y
Phantomjest I love those shelving units! Where did you find those? I've been trying to find something similar in my area, but no luck. 1y
squirrelbrain @Phantomjest - they‘re just Ikea billy bookcases. Just about to post the ‘nearly finished‘ pic (Ive put doors on some of the units) so check that out.... 1y
squirrelbrain @CouronneDhiver @SMayWrites @TrishB @youneverarrived @Zelma @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Kalalalatja @Dolly @Cathythoughts Thanks for all the love for the shelves, isn‘t it funny how we all get so excited about such things!? Just about to post the finished shelves.... 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @squirrelbrain Yes! Litsy is definitely our tribe 1y
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Finally got a little bookshelf to keep all our cookbooks in our kitchen!

Reviewsbylola Nice, and right next to my favorite kitchen gadget, the kitchenaid mixer! 1y
Jilly6183 @Reviewsbylola It's the best! 1y
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Weekend project: new bookshelves. I boldly decided to organize by trim-size and the neatness makes me happy.

saresmoore Oh, they look so nice and precise! 1y
shelf-improvement @saresmoore that's what I like about it!! 1y
Mdargusch Such a thing of beauty! 1y
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post image

Day 2, Shelves: I think I've posted this picture before, but here are my lovelies! 😁❤️📚

#31bookpics #shelfie

rather_be_reading 😍😍 1y
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post image

#Day2 is a #shelfie for #31BookPics so here's one of my bookshelves.

Do not mind the kids mess surrounding it 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol I can't put any bookish goodies on the last 2 rows or my babies think they're there for them to grab and play with. Also that bottom row takes so much abuse from my son (he's 9 months old).


post image


My shelves are a mess. Mainly because I need more shelfing than I have. One of these days I'm going to get more organized! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and congrats on your milestone! @MicheleinPhilly

MicheleinPhilly Thanks for entering! 1y
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I'm currently living in a relative's spare bedroom, so all I have at the moment is a "to read" shelf. All my other books are boxed up in storage ☹️

Thanks @MicheleinPhilly for a chance at your #ShowMe giveaway and congrats on your milestone!

MicheleinPhilly At least you have some “friends” to keep you company. I‘ve been there and it was tough to be separated from them. Thanks for entering! 1y
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post image

@MicheleinPhilly congrats on your milestone and thank you for doing this super fun and generous giveaway!

I badly need new bookshelves but these are what I'm working with right now lol couldnt get it to fit the whole picture of the 1 though

#ShowMe #Shelfie #giveaway

MicheleinPhilly Your bookshelf is like a great game of Tetris! ☺️ Thanks for entering! 1y
InBooksILive @MicheleinPhilly 🤣🤣 oh my gosh that's so funny! 1y
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Congratulations to @MicheleinPhilly and her excellent litsy milestone! 🎉 Here is a partial pic of my book room, which is my favorite place in my home! 😄 #SHOWME

erzascarletbookgasm So festive-looking! 😍 1y
Branwen @erzascarletbookgasm Thanks so much! 😄 I love the way it looks in the dark! 1y
BooksBikes12 Dang girl ! You need more shelves ! 😆 1y
See All 8 Comments
Branwen @Books_Bikes_12 Ahahaha! I know, right?! It's totally out of control! 😂🤣 1y
MicheleinPhilly YAAASSS to book rooms!!! I love it! Thanks for entering! 1y
Branwen @MicheleinPhilly Thanks for histing such an awesome giveaway! 😀 And congrats on your milestone! 👏💕 1y
Carolhreads So pretty and satisfying to look at I love the lights and the little tea cups they are so cute ! 1y
Branwen @Carolhreads Thank you so much! 🤗💕 It's my favorite part of my home! 📚 1y
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post image

@MicheleinPhilly #showme I decided to go for the long view rather than the close up. This is one side of our living room/library. These 3 bookcases contain fiction organized alphabetically by author‘s last name. Then out of the shot on the left we have a bookcase of YA and MG. Non-fiction is relegated to its own bookcase in the basement (sorry!). And there‘s a separate shelf for library books and other borrowed books. 😁

LiteraryinLititz The Scrabble tiles on the wall are because my boyfriend Will @wanderer15 is a tournament Scrabble player. Zoe, Fitz, and Emmie are our cats‘ names. 💗 1y
DivineDiana You are organized! 👏🏻📚👏🏻 1y
Meglet I love the Scrabble wall tiles. 1y
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SMayWrites Love your space! Feels cozy 😊 1y
kstadt929 I love the names on the wall!!! 1y
InBooksILive Omg I love the scrabble names on the wall!! That is such a cool idea!! 1y
Tamra Cozy! 1y
CouronneDhiver Lovely! 1y
TheWintergarden This is obviously a cat library. And quite well stocked.🐈 1y
QuietlyLaura You have such a wonderfully cozy space! Love the Scrabble tiles on the wall and the kitty in the chair. 🙂 1y
robinb Lovely 💜💜💜 1y
DivaDiane I love this picture! 1y
MicheleinPhilly Oh, how I love this space! 😍 Thanks for entering! 1y
MayHallak Thats so lovely and cozy ! 1y
Squidapus Wow! I long for a room like this! 1y
RavenLovelyReads 😍 cozy, comfy, perfect! 1y
Crazeedi Beautiful 1y
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Hello Litsy friends! Not sure how or why it‘s been 2 months since I was last here - it‘s very much my bad.

I‘ve fallen down a YouTube rabbit hole for planners and planning. And desk/office tours and sticker organization. And speed cleaning/decluttering. One good side effect is that I‘m getting rid of stuff more often and at a higher volume. One bad thing is that I‘m buying more stickers!

Here‘s a not-great shot of some TBR in the guest room.

thegirlwiththelibrarybag Welcome back! 1y
Lcsmcat We missed you. 1y
JenReadsAlot Hello! 1y
See All 22 Comments
AlaMich Sooo, I‘m curious...YouTube desk/office tours? I ask because I am trying to create/organize a study/Room Of My Own and it sounds like maybe that is what you are doing? 1y
MicheleinPhilly 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼I was just thinking about you! Welcome back! 1y
Texreader That‘s a gorgeous room 1y
BethM Glad to have you back! 1y
MallenNC Welcome back! I need some of those cleaning/decluttering tips! 1y
BarbaraBB Good to have you back. Those are ‘some‘ of your tbr? Wow.... 1y
ju.ca.no Welcome back😊🎉 1y
LeahBergen There you are!! 😘 1y
Readerann Those are some lovely shelves! 📚❤️👍 1y
drbethandherkindle 🙋🏼‍♀️Hi!! Your shelves look amazing! 1y
Suet624 You‘re back! 1y
LauraBrook @thegirlwiththelibrarybag @Lcsmcat @JenReadsAlot @MicheleinPhilly @Texreader @BethM @ju.ca.no @LeahBergen @Suet624 I‘m so happy to be back. I‘ve missed all of you!!! 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 1y
LauraBrook @AlaMich Yes, I‘m trying to reorganize my house as much as possible, and trying to get ideas from what others have done. Kind of hard in my old house, not much space to shift any furniture that much, but more how to store things, and places to keep them. I would LOVE to see your study/Room Of Your Own, it sounds amazing!!! 😚 1y
LauraBrook @MallenNC Me too! It‘s an endless battle. 😚 1y
LauraBrook @BarbaraBB Yes, that‘s probably a third of my TBR, including the stuff on the bed you can‘t really see. The bin with the white lid is my current “books I‘ve read and want to save” bin, it‘ll live in the basement once it‘s full. At some point I‘d like to have my already-reads upstairs on shelves, but seeing as my TBR is more than doubled that amount, it‘s unlikely in the near future. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Always a book lover... 😚 1y
LauraBrook @Readerann Thank you, my dear! 😚 Will you be doing Dewey‘s next month? 1y
LauraBrook @drbethandherkindle Thank you! I wish we could post videos here, I could do a quick shelf tour. I wish I didn‘t have to double stack, but it‘s a necessity. 😚 1y
AlaMich @LauraBrook Weellll, it is a work in slow progress, but I will share whenever it is finished 😊 1y
Readerann @LauraBrook Absolutely! The last one didn‘t go so well, so hoping we can ROCK this one! 1y
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Show me those shelves everybody!!!
#ShelfieSunday @TheReadingMermaid

Jilly6183 Ohh I love that middle left one! 1y
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