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These 12 sit in my bookcase mocking me. Goal is to defeat this epic #MountTBR list before buying more. 😭 Where do I start? Have you read any?

Lovesbooks87 I have read Four Dead Queens, Red, White & Royal Blue and The Testaments. They were all amazing! 4d
Maike I‘m currently reading Red, White & Royal Blue and it‘s a lot of fun. The Fifth Season is an amazing read! 4d
Sweetkokoro Crown of Feathers is so good! It was a little slow at first but once everything started falling into place it became so captivating. The Gilded Wolves was interesting and my heart broke a little while reading it. 4d
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The Doll Factory: A Novel | Elizabeth Macneal
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Such gorgeous end papers in one of my new books this week. #prettybooks #butterflies #tbr #mountTBR

Cinfhen Pretty 4d
Cathythoughts Very pretty.... I‘m wondering what the book is like - look forward to your thoughts 4d
CoffeeCatsBooks Lovely! 4d
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The Last | Hanna Jameson
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Mini book haul while out with my boys this afternoon 👍📙📙📙❤️❤️
#tbr #mountTBR

The Competition | Marcia Clark
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@MrBook has posted the official scores for week 2 ofScarathlon, and #TeamSlaughter is in the lead! Congratulations team! We‘re killing it! A special shout out to the current top 3 contributors @overtheedge @Liatrek and @Lizpixie 🙌🏻

Hope everyone‘s having a blast, and crossing off some of those #MountTBR books! Good luck in week 3! Happy Halloween Season!

Linsy 🎉👻🎉 6d
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SomedayAlmost Woo hoo! 6d
samanthagutt Yay good job everyone!! 6d
EH2018 Yay!!! Go team! 6d
Liatrek Yay!!! Go team 🎉🎉🎉 6d
MartinaLove Congratulations everyone! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6d
Lizpixie 🙌🙌 It‘s been an amazing month so far, the rest should be awesome! Huge congratulations to our fearless captain my captain @Clwojick for her dedication to our success. Let‘s keep it up & crush it!💪 5d
overtheedge I'm having so much fun.....go team slaughter 5d
Clwojick @overtheedge yeah! And the fun continues! Whoop whoop! Keep it up. You guys are killing it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 5d
Stacypatrice Amazing job TeamSlaughter!!! 5d
MidnightBookGirl Woot! Good job, Team Captain! 5d
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The Winter People: A Novel | Jennifer McMahon
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Stayed up to finish this tonight because I was so close to the end. I didn‘t find it terrifying, but it was a good blend of mystery and paranormal. A bit creepy, but didn‘t keep me up at night or give me nightmares. I really enjoyed it and if you like a little spooky without pure terror, I recommend it. 4 🌟 Oh, and finally another book for #MountTBR! That makes #56. 😊

aprilpohren I really enjoyed this one as well! 1w
4thhouseontheleft 🧡👻🖤 6d
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Taking a brief break from paper writing. I‘m trying to decrease my ridiculous TBR on Litsy but the starting over every time a delete a book will make it a very long process. What are your TBR #‘s?

IamIamIam The worst part is that the books in my house aren't even on my TBR on here!!! I'm going with a rough estimate of 600. 1w
Liatrek My Goodreads TBR is at 1,030 and I‘m pretty sure I add a new book each just from Litsy post 😊 1w
TalecArashi I have 27 ahaha ...but like a hundred more on LibraryThing... 1w
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LauraJ I refuse to keep count. 1w
DrexEdit I empathize! My #MountTBR is definitely over 1000, but most of it is on goodreads. 1w
ShelfRighteous I wish litsy gave a number, I'm sure it's too much tho😆 1w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Are we talking books we already have on our tbr shelves or books we have on our list?! 🤣🤣🤣 1w
Chrissyreadit @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks on the TBR on Litsy 😆- @ShelfRighteous I went on the computer site for Litsy and there are actual numbers!!! I‘m trying to make mine manageable and discovered I have 1200 books listed....what are yours? 1w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Chrissyreadit ok that ones not near as bad!! 1w
Gissy I have not count how many books are in my Litsy tbr? But the reality is that it could grow at anytime😱in this little problem of book dependency😌But I'm updating it all the time. I am constantly deleting books I buy or books I received. 1w
LibrarianRyan the little bubble on my Litsy TBR says 2k. 1w
Chrissyreadit @LibrarianRyan your number definitely makes me feel better! 🤣 5d
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Dead Certain | Adam Mitzner
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Interesting premise for a novel. Two sisters; one writes a book describing her relationships with multiple men and then goes missing after sharing a draft with her sister. The older sister is a lawyer by day and sings in a club at night. The lawyer is left to solve her sister‘s disappearance. Audio narration was just okay. Speeding it up helped a lot. #MountTBR

Hannibal Rising | Thomas Harris
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This one just didn‘t deliver like I hoped. We learn the story of Hannibal‘s upbringing and medical training and how his bizarre killing methods and cannibalism began. Unfortunately, I had difficulty staying engaged with the story. #MountTBR

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Akata Witch | Nnedi Okorafor
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Some have compared this to HP, but I don‘t think that gives justice to this unputdownable #OwnVoices YA book that veers away from the Euro-Centric elements common in the fantasy genre. Sunny is a great heroine, and I‘m diving right into the sequel!

Okorafor places the Akata series as #africanjujuism, a sub genre of fantasy. I definitely want to delve more into this sub genre!

#booked2019 #POCParanormal
#pop19 :2 word title

4thhouseontheleft @Clwojick This fits #scaryscavengerhunt : Witch in it, over 200 pgs, part of a series. 2 pts for theme (serial killer subplot), 1 pt participation. #teamslaughter 2w
Clwojick woohoo! a 6 pointer! 2w
TheSpineView Way to go! 📚🤩 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage There‘s a prompt idea for 2020! 4d
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September has come and gone.... 15 read, 2 in progress, but I don‘t see myself finishing either yet tonight, so here‘s the breakdown:

1 comic
5 short stories
2 picture books
1 simply fun
6 books

8 women/7 men
3 non-fiction/12 fiction

3 #NonfictionMatters
7 #SeriesRead with @TheSpineView
2 Tolkien with #FellowshipOfTolkien
1 with #PratchettPosse #OokBOokClub
3 #Booked2019
7 #MountTBR
1 #Nonfiction2019

#SeptemberStats #SeptemberWrapUp

Lindy Nice variety! 2w
TheSpineView Way to go! 2w
Gezemice Very nice! We both read the Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs in September and we did not even coordinate... 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Gezemice My guess, we both got it on the same audible deal-of-The-day sale, so audible coordinated us. 😁 2w
thereadingowlvina 👍🙂 2w
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