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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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May‘s #24B4Monday #Readathon has crept up on me. Now got 24 hours to choose the books before it starts. Need to be careful with my targets as got our first grandaughter‘s Christening to attend and a 500 mile drive over Saturday evening / Sunday morning.
Hope you are going to join myself, @Clwojick @RadicalReader @TheReadingMermaid for this special edition Readathon where we join with #MayMadness and aim to read a banned book or 2 this weekend.

TheReadingMermaid Woot woot 🤘🏻🎉🙌👏 3h
TheReadingMermaid Also please be safe in your travels sweetie. Let us all know how the christening goes 😃 3h
Samplergal I‘m in! 3h
EadieB I won‘t be able to read much this weekend either as I‘m babysitting on Friday all day and will be thoroughly exhausted as I also am babysitting on Thursday too! On Saturday I have a family birthday party to go to so not many hours left for reading. 2h
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The Hangman's Daughter | Oliver Pötzsch, Lee Chadeayne
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Okay guys we've got one day until the big day starts! Time to post those stacks!!

What will you be reading during #24B4Monday ???
What is your time goal? 😃

#MayMadness #BannedBooks #Readathon
@Andrew65 @Clwojick @RadicalReader

ehewett88 I loves a monster calls brilliant book, I saw th film first so couldn't help but hear liam Neeson throughout (not a bad thing in my opinion haha) but the book is beautifully written and the reason behind him writing the story is also so heartbreaking and sweet 5h
Andrew65 Were any of these banned books, @TheReadingMermaid ? 5h
Andrew65 @ehewett88 I need to read A Monster Calls. I read and loved this trilogy of his. 5h
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TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 no, but I might be able to squeeze in Alice in Wonderland for the read-a-thon 😉 5h
ehewett88 @Andrew65 I haven't read any more of his but I will have a look into them 5h
Andrew65 @ehewett88 Hope you enjoy the trilogy when you get to it. 4h
PurpleyPumpkin Yes, I'm really looking forward to my first #24B4Monday #Readathon! Not sure how much I'll get through, but I'm willing to try. 😉🙌🏽 3h
TheReadingMermaid @PurpleyPumpkin congratulations on your first read-a-thon with us darlin! I'm so happy that you'll be with us. And no worries go ahead and test yourself on what you can do and then make your goals next month accordingly. 😉 3h
PurpleyPumpkin Thank you for the warm welcome! And yes, you're right. I'll challenge myself and see how it goes. 👍🏽 3h
LoverofLit Thr Hangman's Daughter was a pleasant surprise read. I also sobbed through A Monster Calls. It was one of my favorite reads of last year! 3h
TheReadingMermaid @LoverofLit girl I have been wanting to read A Monster Calls for so long! I just found out that there was a movie adaptation to it 😲😲😲 3h
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Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts | Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose
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Ok, I promise that this is the last graphic novel for #MayMadnessWeek3 #graphicnovel challenge! 😁

Drawing from Japanese mythologies of yokai, yorei and obake, Anthony Bourdain cooked up eight terrifying tales of fear & food from around the world in Hungry Ghosts. Great artwork, enjoyed the stories but they're not scary for me.

Rating: 3🌟

@Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader

Hamilton: The Revolution | Lin-Manuel Miranda
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Ten dollar founding star on a cover of his own musical. #mayscavengerhunt #maymadness

@Clwojick @RadicalReader @TheReadingMermaid

TheReadingMermaid Nice ✔️ 9h
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I have these two #bannedbooks on my TBR pile for soooo long! Now is the time to read them for #MayMadness Week 4 challenge! 😁

@Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader

The Recommendation | Jonathan Caren
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My favorite #BannedBooks for #MayMadness: A Light In The Attic by Shel Silverstein and Scary Stories Treasury By Alvin Schwartz

TheReadingMermaid I didn't know that the Scary Stories were banned????? 10h
RadicalReader @TheReadingMermaid once in the 90s and again from 2000-2009 9h
TheReadingMermaid WHAAAAAAAT???? 😲😲😲 9h
TheReadingMermaid Now they're hitting in my genre and that's really not cool! 9h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Looking forward to this. Hopefully I can get a decent amount of uninterrupted reading time. 📚🙂📚

#24B4Monday #Readathon #BannedBooks Edition #MayMadness

TheReadingMermaid 🤞😃🤞 11h
Andrew65 Thanks for posting. Good luck with the Readathon. 👍😊 4h
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A few of my favorite #bannedbooks for #MayMadness #Recommendsday.

sarahbarnes Great list! 13h
TheReadingMermaid Awesome 👍 12h
RadicalReader I love A Light in the Attic just recently found out another of my favorites had been banned multiple times 11h
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