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@Come-read-with-me i love hearing about the connections between Littens! I'm sorry you'll miss your train buddy, but glad you made a good friend and congrats to @rather_be_reading on your new job!

Like many, I discovered Litsy from a BookRiot article. I had an account for a few months until I finally started really using it, and it's been such a bright spot ever since. 💗💗💗


I have decided to write a short story anthology as a way of easing into writing a novel. So far, I have a short story called 'The Echo Chamber' in mind. I could use some ideas for more short stories! Feel free to drop some ideas so I can see what I can make of them!

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Thanks @Arvena for the tag!

1. My sisters are big readers. My love for reading comes from my mother and grandmother. They recommended some of my very favorite books to me.

2. I‘m happy to share books with my sisters, but 90% of my books come from the library. I have access to an excellent library system!



TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 12mo
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@Come-read-with-me is hosting a giveaway!

I read about Litsy on a Buzzfeed books group post on Facebook 3 years ago. I created an account within 5 minutes and reading has never been the same.

Congrats @rather_be_reading on your new job. I love this celebration of friendship! #strangersonatrain

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1. My brother gifted me the first 3 Harry Potter books after I watched the Sorcerer‘s Stone movie and loved it. He continued to gift me the books as they were being released and we‘ve been bonding over books ever since.

2. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I am now obsessed with the series!

3. Anna Karenina

#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs Thanks so much for joining in-love # 1 📚🤗📚 12mo
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Poorly lit, but my #Blitsy swap went into the mail today!!! It was kind of exciting going to the post office - I actually got to interact with people on a non-digital platform!!! @Chelleo

Chelleo Yay! Glad you enjoyed the outing too! 12mo
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❤️ I used to share books with my Mum! After she had a stroke I would choose books we both wanted to read and read them to her ❤️❤️ If someone attempts to even touch my books they lose an arm! Who do you share books with @readordierachel , @johncadams , @AmyK1 , and @hes7 ? Thanks for the tag @Eggs

AmyK1 Thanks for the tag! I posted earlier today 😊 12mo
readordierachel Nice that you could share that with her ❤❤. My mom is a reader too, but our tastes only overlap sometimes :) 12mo
TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 12mo
johncadams My fiance is over from the US staying with us for six months. He's been rifling my horror collection. 12mo
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Mitch Yes - take it all !!! 12mo
vivastory IMO the official beginning of the year 🎉🎊📚 12mo
squirrelbrain Aargh too many books! 12mo
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MicheleinPhilly @Mitch @vivastory I literally start singing “It‘s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” when I see it. A month late, but...🤷🏻‍♀️ 12mo
MicheleinPhilly @squirrelbrain NO SUCH THING, HELEN! 12mo
ozma.of.oz No! No more books for my TBR... No! Well... maybe one or two. 12mo
sarahbarnes So many good ones! But also how are they still publishing books posthumously from Roberto Bolano? 12mo
TrishB Ohhhhhh, off to have a look. 12mo
Oryx I think it's going to be a good year for books. 12mo
readordierachel This was the wrong year for me to institute a book buying ban. I need to rethink my life choices. 12mo
Amor4Libros @readordierachel LOL, same!!!! 12mo
batsy @vivastory Agreed! 🎉🎉 12mo
ValerieAndBooks Wow, a lot of these look good 😍! 12mo
Reviewsbylola I love seeing graphics of new books like this! 😍 12mo
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My brother wants to get a kindle - any recommendations? I prefer physical books so I don‘t know how to guide him. Thanks in advance for any leads!

BooksCoffeeNurse Kindle Paperwhite 100% ☺️ 12mo
NeedsMoreBooks Kindle Paperwhite! 12mo
282Mikado I have a Paperwhite, but prefer my Kindle Fire 10 HD. It allows me to do so much more than just read books; even watch movies, which is great when I am on travel. 12mo
Dostoyes Thanks @BooksCoffeeNurse , @NeedsMoreBooks , and @282Mikado for your input! Much appreciated. (edited) 12mo
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#BFC21 Week 1

I read in print for at least one hour and tracked my food for 5 out of 7 days. I was sort of still holidaying last weekend.

I drank more water and ate no candy for 6 out of 7 days.

I‘m thinking about adding an earlier to bed goal for the weeknights, but not sure.

Chrissyreadit 🙌🎉🙌👏❤️ 12mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 12mo
eanderson That‘s awesome! 🎉🎉🎉I‘ve been eating all the candy for you. 🤣 12mo
Bookzombie @Chrissyreadit @wanderinglynn 💗💗 @eanderson 💗 I said candy so I wouldn‘t pick up other sweets, but chocolate is my weakness. Thanks for eating my share! 12mo
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1. Contemporary Romance by a mile, but I also enjoy suspense/thriller
2. Other bookish items - especially knickknacks
3. Either.
4. I don‘t have a lot of cultural items so I‘m pretty open here.
5. Either!

Thanks for the Q‘s @riversong153 #BHMS #BlitsyHistoryMonth #BlitsySwap

riversong153 Thanks for participating! 12mo
riversong153 I made a spelling error but corrected it on my post. Sorry! I put Blisty instead of Blitsy! 12mo
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For the week:

Finished 2/7 books - one for #lmpbc and one for #newyearwhodis
Rode the exercise bike 5/4 days
Walked 7.1 out of 10 miles

Need to up my walking but it is January in NY and I hate the cold! Lol
Also thinking of adding a food goal but need to give it some thought.

Overall, happy with my progress.
#bfc21 @wanderinglynn

Crazeedi I had walking in my goals, but didnt because it was sooooo cold , so 45 and up I can do but 20s 30s nahh 🙄 12mo
mhillis Good job! I hate walking in the cold too! 12mo
wanderinglynn Great job! 🎉 I hate the cold too. Is there an indoor activity you could do in lieu of walking on those really cold days? 12mo
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This article really resonated with me. In 2020, I was way too focused on beating my #goodreads challenge than actually enjoying reading, and so I ended up reading a lot of novels that were cheap eBooks and not necessarily very interesting to me (a few romance novels come to mind - not my type at all).


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Went to the library today since it‘s supposed to be crap weather this weekend.

Texreader 🤣🤣 12mo
DarkMina 🤣 12mo
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YAY I've seen so many #BookSpinBingo posts but hadn't been able to find it until now. Happy for an additional challenge! 😈 Here's my list of 20. @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Glad to have you along!! I drew January's numbers this past Saturday, so you may have to scroll down through my feed a bit to find them. Just let me know if you don't see them or if you have any questions!! 12mo
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Just because...

Take care of yourselves today. Be well and stay safe.

julesG Same to you! 12mo
AmyG Awwwww 💕🙌🏻 12mo
Cathythoughts Gorgeous 12mo
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Megabooks You too! ❤️❤️ 12mo
Booksnchill Hugs😘 12mo
Nelnjali Oh, precious! This was the first thing on my feed this morning. Thanks for starting it off with a much needed smile! 12mo
fredamans 😊 12mo
candority Adorable! 12mo
Leftcoastzen Awwww! So cute! 12mo
JenReadsAlot You too! So cute! 12mo
batsy ❤️ 12mo
AlaMich Enforced play break! 12mo
Bianca Same to you! 12mo
rachelsbrittain ❤❤❤ 12mo
LeahBergen Smooth that little wrinkled forehead for me. 😘😘 12mo
readordierachel ❤❤ 12mo
QuietlyLaura So cute! Thank you for sharing. ❤️ 12mo
ValerieAndBooks So sweet of Pickles (and you) 💖 12mo
Suet624 😍😍😍 12mo
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Yay another BookPage is out♡♡♡

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#thinkpositivebepositive. I would title this “Every great adventure begins with a great friend.”💕💕 My husband David‘s entry is “A good friendship is pageless.” 👀 He is just kind of a groaner, but I think he‘s spectacular! @Buechersuechtling @NeedsMoreBooks @MolliesaurusRex and @DinoMom come and join the fun!

Buechersuechtling @Come-read-with-me @Eggs @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m pretty sure I will, but before, someone please explain the “rules” to me. I switched to the hashtag and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled … , but couldn‘t find the manual. 😇 (edited) 12mo
DinoMom I would caption this “Reading is like an adventure wrapped in a warm hug” 12mo
Eggs Great captions Paula and Paula‘s hubs ❣️❣️❣️ 12mo
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Eggs @DinoMom Love that❤️❤️ 12mo
Come-read-with-me @Buechersuechtling You are like me; I‘m not always sure of the rules! I just usually make something up and hope for the best! Just a fun game of adding a title to a picture that makes you feel happy - at least I think that‘s what I was supposed to do?!? (edited) 12mo
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Challaborough, Devon. #VirtualTour

Late again! What a week. After 5 days constant working, 8;hours sleep in three days reached my post Adrenalin lull. Received a complaint today over our remote learning offer. All those compliments so why does one complaint floor you! Education minister endangers children , goes missing & what does he do when he reappears but threaten schools with OFSTED inspections and encourages parents to complain to OFSTED.

Andrew65 Why do we even bother! 😡 Now saying that all children not have facilities for on line learning at home or a quiet area to work in have to be back in school. This along with children of critical workers given the deprived community we serve would lead to virtually all children in school. What a joke! Let‘s kill everyone in the country with the virus especially in deprived areas. Do these people live in the real world. (edited) 12mo
Birdsong28 I am sorry to hear about the stressful time you are having. Sending you lots of love and hugs ❤️ 12mo
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Andrew65 @Birdsong28 Thanks 🥰 Just goes from bad to worse! 12mo
TheSpineView Why does it always seem to get worse when we can see the end in sight? If everyone would stay the course it would get a lot better sooner. I admit I just don't understand people. 12mo
Susanita Nothing makes sense anymore. 12mo
CocoReads What a crapfest we‘re all dealing with. I‘m sorry things are so stressful for you Andrew. And I have no words for what‘s going on in our capital. It‘s a very dark day. 12mo
kezzlou85 Its always the bad that seems to stay. Had our first virtual learning today and we had a few technical problems but it went fine. The teacher did an amazing job and my daughter really enjoyed it. 12mo
Andrew65 @kezzlou85 Was that primary or secondary? 12mo
Andrew65 @Susanita Isn‘t that the truth! 12mo
Andrew65 @CocoReads Just seems to get worse day by day by day! 12mo
tracey38 I'm so sorry for all you're dealing with! I wish I had words of comfort. Sending you positive thoughts and loving energy. 12mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I can't imagine having to deal with all the immediate changes you've continually faced in the last year. What a mess! Things on this side of the pond have been interesting today with protests in Washington, DC. Mad Max was apparently set in 2021 so maybe we should just start applying spikes to our leather underwear and wearing the chainmail now! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 12mo
IamIamIam Totally over today and I think I might skip the next few also, thank you very much... 😟😠 12mo
Ellies_Books06 😢 12mo
FelinesAndFelonies Thinking of you and your family! Self-care is absolutely mandatory. Positive vibes. ✌🏽 12mo
kezzlou85 @Andrew65 primary school. My eldest is in high school and they're doing it differently. 12mo
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Not book related- but if you haven‘t already, you should probably turn on the news. 😣🤯😣😡🤬

Moonprismpower This makes me so sad. 12mo
Rachel.Rencher What a fucking disgrace. I thought they were the law & order party...watching people hold blue lives matter flags and then storm police is just...wow. 12mo
CoffeeK8 This is just terrible 12mo
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A little late to start this task, but now writing up my 2021 TBR list. I‘ve found it hard to focus on reading for a while now so I‘ve set myself a challenge this year to get myself back into the habit;

📚Trying to read 24 books in 12 months!📚

I‘ve got 16 books on the list so far that I‘ve been wanting to read for a long time now and looking for some new recommendations to fill the other 8 spots.

Anyone got any good ones to check out? 🤓

Emily_Jane21 I might easily pass the target of 24 books but thought I‘d keep it modest to help me along. 12mo
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I saw this Tumblr post on Facebook this morning, and just had to share it with my fellow Littens. One of my favourite things about Litsy is that everyone is supported in reading and loving what they want. Have a great day today guys, reading whatever book you want!

monkeygirlsmama Yaaaasssssssssssss! 12mo
MsMelissa I so agree with this! 12mo
BiblioLitten Yesss! 12mo
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I've been in Storygraph for a few months now and I'm absolutely in love. The interface is gorgeous, the updates are pretty quick, and they're super receptive to feedback. I really, REALLY hate Goodreads, it's not intuitive at all and the platform has not changed since the beginning. If you're on there, I'm theshrinkette on there as well, add me!

Librariana This is the first I'm hearing of this! What is this beautimous wonder!? 12mo
theshrinkette @Librariana Omg Ana it is the best thing ever! Ditch Goodreads, this is so useful and beautiful and you don't get overwhelmed by a shitty UX 12mo
Megabooks I hate goodreads too! So glad to be on storygraph! 12mo
Readergrrl I‘m intrigued!! 12mo
cdreincarnate I just signed up with StoryGraph last month and have really been enjoying it so far. 12mo
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#bfc21 @wanderinglynn
1. 8
2. Track my water intake and curse less. I think ill come up with someway to do this

wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 12mo
kspenmoll Water is such a good one! Curse less makes me laugh; I used to pay my sin a quarter when he was little every time I did!!! 12mo
audraelizabeth @kspenmoll No kids but its something Id like to improve upon. 12mo
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Needed this today thanks Misty! @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Sending this to some friends, tag and spread the message if you like!


@catiewithac @AmyG @Mrs_B @Blerdgal_Fenix @BayouGirl85 @jinxmoon @ScoobySnacks3

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks And you are appreciated ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
AmyG Thank you 😘 12mo
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2020 was a terrible year. And December was personally pretty awful.

But it‘s a new year! There are new books! And I‘m hoping to be around more to talk about them! Hi to all my fellow west coast time zone peeps. I hope 1/2/21 is treating you well.

(I had loooots of words about these books, too many for a Litsy caption. Find them here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJjo2Ucg-JA/?igshid=1evhz7iby5it4


Level1:alpha&omega series-patricia briggs
1 Cry wolf
Level 2: cold fury hockey-sawyer bennett
1 Garrett
2 Ryker
Level 3:dark hunter-sherrilyn kenyon
1 Dragonswan
2 Night embrace
3 Dance with the devil
Level 4: demonica-larissa ione
1 Desire unchained
2 Passion unleashed
3 Ecstasy unveiled
4 Sin undone
Level 5:the mckettricks-linda lael miller
1High country bride
2Secondhand bride
3Sierra's homecoming
4The mckettrick way
5 tate

EadieB Nice list! 12mo
audraelizabeth @EadieB Thank you 12mo
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This can be any genre you choose. You can do as many levels as you choose. I do encourage at least 4 levels. I plan on doing a giveaway at the end of the year.
You may post your list at the beginning or as you go. Please tag me in the posts so i can keep track for the giveaway which will be random.

Crazeedi So this is read 1 2 3 4 of a series ? This sounds great as I have several to read! 12mo
EadieB I have series I want to read too. I‘ll make my list tomorrow. 12mo
audraelizabeth @Crazeedi It is designed for you to read the number of books of different series but im flexible. 12mo
See All 22 Comments
audraelizabeth @EadieB Sounds great. This is designed as a year long so take your time. 12mo
Crazeedi @audraelizabeth I have several series I plan to read, will be posting! 12mo
audraelizabeth @Crazeedi Great. Its good to have you 12mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Looks great, I‘m trying to read and complete some series this year...how does this work? 12mo
audraelizabeth @Riveted_Reader_Melissa it can be any genre. Read 1 book from 1 series, read 2 books from another series, read 3 books from a different series from the first two, so on and so forth. 12mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Sounds good! Thank you! 12mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @audraelizabeth Do you need to read them in level order? Like a level 1 first, then a 2 series, etc? 12mo
audraelizabeth @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Nope, whichever order is right for you 12mo
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m in! Great idea! 12mo
audraelizabeth @CoverToCoverGirl Glad to have you 12mo
tdrosebud This sounds fun. I have a lot of series on my TBR that I hope to get to this year. 12mo
audraelizabeth @tdrosebud Welcome, that is my hope 12mo
CrowCAH Hello! I saw @EadieB post about this challenge. What are the details for the levels? 12mo
audraelizabeth @CrowCAH You can start anywhere in the series. I do encourage each level being a different series. The series if you didnt read in order does now have to be in order for the challenge. 12mo
CrowCAH @audraelizabeth oh okay. And it goes throughout the year, so it could be multiple series, each accomplishing a level. Well, I know right now that I‘m planning on continuing the Gentleman Bastards series; I‘m on book three and there‘s seven in total, so I‘ll be reading five, level five. I took a screenshot of the challenge to remind myself. Thanks! 12mo
audraelizabeth @CrowCAH Exactly, if you end up reading the last 2 it could become level 7. Your welcome 12mo
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#bookspin and #doublespin 2020 wrapup
I finished my september double spin behind the scenes.
I also finished my novermber doublespin frankenstein in baghdad.
I finished both my bookspin and doublespin for december twilight's dawn and shortest way home.

TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Thank you for the update!! 12mo
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Probably hard to see but I got my #bookspinbingo board ready and did another digital one. Still getting into the habit of digital journaling. I want to put book covers over the digital one. Still enjoying coloring my physical journal though! 😄 already started a few so hopefully they get marked off soon!

Kimberlone Love the Paper app! 12mo
Ash.on.the.line @Kimberlone Yes I just recently got it and am still figuring it out, but enjoying it! Quite fun to create new page designs! 😄 12mo
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Sitting on my back deck watching the hummingbirds (and reading). I‘m mentally preparing for cleaning that needs to happen later/soon. 😀

BestDogDad Great photo! I can‘t wait for our hummys to come back next spring. 12mo
Ruthiella @BestDogDad I was lucky to get it! When I move, they are apt to fly away. 12mo
Cathythoughts Gorgeous pic ❤️ 12mo
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#readthestates2020 wrapup 2 of 2

post image

#readthestates 2020 wrapup 1 of 2

post image

#litsyatoz wrapup

post image

#readharder 2020 wrapup 2 of 2

post image

#readharder 2020 wrapup 1 of 2


#mmdarcy 2020 wrapup
1. The bourne identity
2. Heat and light
3 meddling kids
4 october sky
5 black spring
6 he little prince
7 the heartbeat of wounded knee
8 the shop on blossom street
9. 1984
A turn in the road
The shop on blossom street
Window on the bay

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#booked2020 wrapup
@Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibarbarathe
17brave new world
18 smokejumper
19 driftwood cottage
20 carmilla
21 the white tiger
22 the shop on blossom street
23 maggies heart
24 brighty of the grand canyon

Cinfhen How many did you read this quarter? I want to make sure I add the right amount for the gift card drawing 12mo
Cinfhen Woohoo 🙌🏻 awesome 🤩 this is your #OfficialFinalEntry #Booked2020 🎊🎊🎊🎊 12mo
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#booked2020 wrapup
@4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage
1. The tsar of love and techno
2 shotgun bride
3 alzheimers for dummies
4 behind the scenes
5 white knight
6mercy thompson volume 1
7 the martian
8 the kids are all right
9knots and crosses
10 the devil came on horsebavk
11 waiting on a bright moon
12 the joy of keeping horses
13rocket boys
14 the sweetness at the bottom of the pue
15 the hate u give
16pinot red or dead

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Librariana I just posted mine, too 😊 Great job on yours! 💜📚 13mo
Reggie Great job!🥳 12mo
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#merryreaders #wintergames My points for the final week. Thank you admins so much! With the two big teams it didn‘t feel overwhelming or like I was letting my team down. I really enjoyed this year!

Avanders Oh! I have to post mine..... 12mo
Clwojick Thank you for participating!Way to go! ♥️❄️🎄 12mo
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My dear Littens, the year that's behind us was, interesting, to say the least. I'm thankful to have found this amazing community and your posts have often been the source of comfort, positivity and motivation throughout this strange year. I hope you have an amazing 2021, and may this year be filled with love, laughter, and great books, and above all, lots of hugs and kisses, we need those the most!


Gissy Happy New Year!! 🥂🍾🎉🎊 13mo
LeahBergen Happy New Year! 13mo
CarolynM Happy New Year 🎉 13mo
See All 8 Comments
readordierachel 💕💕 13mo
IuliaC Happy New Year! 🥂 13mo
Simona Happy New Year 🍾🥂 13mo
BarbaraBB Here is to a better 2021 🍀🥂💚 13mo
batsy Here's to an easier 2021 for all ❤️ 12mo
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Here is my #bookspin list for January. This year I am going to try and limit the books I buy and read the books I already own. I say this every year but the books I own that I haven‘t read it getting out of control! Thanks for putting this together again this year Sarah! 😀

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 13mo
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Glad to report that I have published my first short story of the year. It is an odd story with probably just a few places where it would fit. Will post the link later. Excited to start the new year this way.

post image

Happy New Year everyone! 🎉🥳🎊🥳🎉🥳🎊

I'm planning to work my way through the last of my Penguin Little Black Classics and start catching up on my #AudioBook collection which has grown far faster than I realised!

I also want to try and work through some of the book series I've collected but never actually finished... wish me luck! 😅

Cupcake12 Happy new year x 13mo
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hopefully 2021 will be much easier for reading . The pandemic ruined my motivation for reading :( But I'm slowly getting back into reading again ! Here's to a new year with lots of interesting books !

post image

Happy New Year! Set my 2021 #ReadingGoal. Will work on reading more print books from my personal library this year.

MallenNC That is one of my goals too. I have to make progress with the books I‘ve already got instead of being dazzled by new books! 13mo
GreenGrl87 Woohoo!! (I need to do that too!) 13mo
Chelleo @MallenNC And they are all so dazzling!! 13mo
See All 7 Comments
Chelleo @GreenGrl87 Wish me luck. I‘ve been doing an awful job of reading print books this past year. 13mo
MallenNC @Chelleo Aren‘t they? That‘s why my book stacks never get any smaller. 13mo
Chelleo @MallenNC I did a sizable weeding of my library and still have more unread than read books on the shelves. 13mo
MallenNC @Chelleo I haven‘t done that yet but I‘m sure it will be the same for me. 13mo
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Set my goal for 2021. Last year my goal was 20. I only got 7, but considering I basically only read January-March (and not much) and the last week in December I figured 25 was doable this year.