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Burial Rites | Hannah Kent
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This is headed back to you today @Littlestbookshelf - such a great book, and a great wrap up for #lmpbc wave 5.

Tamra Loved this one! 8h
Littlestbookshelf So glad you enjoyed it! 3h
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Never Have I Ever | Joshilyn Jackson
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#lmpbc next book finished, being mailed tomorrow! It was an #arc of Jackson's new suspense novel. I found it a good summer read, about a woman who encounters a new member of the neighborhood who starts a Never Have I Ever type game that seems targeted at the protagonist. I'd say 3.5-4 star pick! I was entertained and the twists were surprising for me.
@TsundokuAleax @Schlinkles

Washington Black | Esi Edugyan
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Forgot to post this before! Second time through with Washington Black, this time for #lmpbc - the writing is at times lyrical and wonderfully, powerfully descriptive, but the plot threads get dropped and tangled and the mid-to-ending falls flat. My star rating dropped during my reread. However, I'd try something else by Esi Edugyan again.
@Schlinkles @TsundokuAleax
Mailing this out with the next book tomorrow!

Untitled | Unknown
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Here are my selections from my TBR bookcase! What looks interesting to you? #lmpbc #round6 #groupc

HufflepuffGirl90 The Accident Season and Rook sound really interesting! 20h
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Red Birds | Mohammed Hanif
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Sorry for the delay but this is headed your way Carrie!

I'm not entirely sure what I just read lol. Equal parts anti-war satire, social critique, musings on family & dealing with grief, ending with a fever dream of revelations...this book was indeed weird & lacked cohesiveness, but I like weird books! I've heard his non-fiction reads better. He has some powerful 1-liners & I felt some emotion towards the end, so I do see potential! Maybe ⭐️⭐️💫?

CSeydel Ack, I need to get a move on - I‘m still reading 21h
lele1432 @CSeydel I did feel like that one needed a lot of focus to take it all in! 20h
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The Adults: A Novel | Caroline Hulse
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My book from this round of #LMPBC made it home! @EH2018

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Picked up my #lmpbc book from the Tattered Cover yesterday.
I plan to read and send it off soon, as I'm leaving town in early July and won't be back till August. Sooo....for mailing, who sends to who? Shall we follow the order in @suvata's email or switch it up to go due west/ east?
@LibrarianRyan @Johanna414 @IndoorDame

LibrarianRyan Normally we do the order in the email. But I am all for east to west. Cheaper shipping to people that are closer. But that would put one person paying for a longer shipment. using book rate it is not much of a difference, and I am good either way, but I don't want to speak for the group.

BTW the miss the #TatteredCover. I probably say that anytime anyone mentions it.
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vivastory Are you going somewhere exciting? 1d
merelybookish @LibrarianRyan I'm happy to do east to west. I was already slated to mail east so doubt it would make much difference whether it's to NY or MA. Did you live in Denver? And yes, The Tattered Cover is a wonderful bookstore! 1d
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merelybookish @vivastory Well, I wouldn't say exciting, exactly but I am looking forward to it. ? I'm heading "home" to New Brunswick to visit my family in Canada. 1d
LibrarianRyan @merelybookish Yes, for 5 years. I went to grad school at DU and worked for the Highlands Ranch Public Library (Douglas County) full time as well as Arapahoe County Libraries (hired for the Glendale branch that was a block from my apartment, but kept getting sent to Sheridan), and for Littleton Public Library (one of the worst libraries I have ever worked for) 1d
IndoorDame I'm happy to do eat to west as well. Let's make a post with the order we're settled on. And have a fabulous trip! 1d
merelybookish @LibrarianRyan Oh that's cool! I don't really know those areas. I'm in Lakewood so more west. Too bad about Littleton. I find JeffCo libraries pretty good but maybe they vary within a county. 1d
merelybookish @LibrarianRyan My preferred Tattered Cover is the Colfax location. 🙂 1d
LibrarianRyan @merelybookish I‘ve been in Jeff Co libraries. When I was there there was a major funding shortage for JeffCo libraries. My fav Tattered no longer exists. I loved Cherry Creek. I didn‘t live to far. Colfax just opened when I left. I went to the HR branch frequently but I know it has been shuttered as well. But then again I spent the most time at the Mall location because that was where the signings were. (edited) 23h
Johanna414 I‘m good with East to West if that‘s what everyone else would like. 22h
merelybookish @LibrarianRyan Yeah the locations are very different now! Colfax is where they host most of their signings, although Aspen Grove in Littleton gets the YA & MG authors. 22h
merelybookish Okay if everyone is good with east to west the order would be @indoordame ➡️ @Johanna414 ➡️ @LibrarianRyan ➡️ @merelybookish 22h
LibrarianRyan @merelybookish works for me. 22h
Johanna414 @merelybookish sounds good! 21h
Cathythoughts Looks good .. might look up fo #booked2019 #diversemiddlegrade 👍🏻👍🏻 17h
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Here are six of my contenders. Thoughts on these? (Books tagged individually in comments) #GroupN #LMPBC

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BookishBelle I‘m most interested in Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance. It has been on my tbr for awhile. I am not interested in The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna or Behold the Dreamers. 2h
nomadreader Thanks, @bookishbelle! And thanks for tagging the others, which I thought I had done! 2h
LitLogophile I would also like to read Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance! But I‘d read any 😊 1h
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