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I‘m always down for some good Nick Hornby so I‘m tackling this next. Just found out it was a TV show though. Anyone ever watch it? #litsyatoz #letters

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The Virgin Suicides | Jeffrey Eugenides
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I did not dislike this book, but did not love it either. I don't know, there's just something missing. The writing was good, and while I thought the "outside looking in" perspective was unique, it was probably the reason why I never felt the connection with the Lisbon girls. Still, I'm glad to have checked this classic off my TBR list. I might rent the movie to see if that's better.

#Booked2019 #booktomovie
#LitsyAtoZ letter V

Megabooks It‘s one of the rare times when the movie is better! 4d
4thhouseontheleft Definitely watch the movie! One of the few times I have watched the movie without reading the book. 4d
ladym30 Definitely see the movie! 4d
Cinfhen I‘ve only seen parts of the film and I wasn‘t wowed 🤷‍♀️so I think I‘ll skip this book 3d
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This was a quick, fun holiday read.

You can't pick your family.
As the saying goes 'Blood is thicker than water.' 🔪🔪🔪

#LitsyAtoZ letter M

JennyM I‘m just starting this now...so far so good 😊 5d
Rissreads @JennyM I finished it in one night. That's the beauty of being on holidays 💚 5d
JennyM @Rissreads we are back to school today - holidays already seem a long time ago 😩 Enjoy yours and give your 🐶 a cuddle from me. Gorgeous ❤️ 4d
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I couldn‘t decide whether to give this a pick or a so-so. Clearly the subject matter (polygamy, rape, incest in the name of religion) makes it a difficult read but I also found some of the historical elements about Latter Day Saints rather dry.

However, as it‘s so important that we know about these issues, I‘ve gone with a pick; it‘s a necessary book to read.

Eggs Your review is spot on in my opinion 5d
Kdgordon88 This is my U pick for #LitsyAtoZ. I keep bypassing it when it‘s time to choose the next book but the year is half over so I need to get it read. Just haven‘t felt in the right headspace to tackle it yet. 5d
squirrelbrain @Kdgordon88 , yes it‘s a hard one to read. If you can read more than one book at once, then I‘d do that. Dip in and out of this one, while reading something a bit lighter at the same time. (edited) 5d
Kdgordon88 Good advice! Thank you! (edited) 5d
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Goodbye, Vitamin | Rachel Khong
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I feel like I was a little late to the party with this one, but I‘m glad I got to it!

A bittersweet read from a daughter‘s point of view as she sees her dad go through the beginning stages of dementia.

My favorite parts were the sections of journal her dad kept with memories from her childhood. “Today you asked, what do germs taste like?”

Igor approved.

#LitsyAtoZ, #BBRC for “swap”, thanks @mcipher ! It‘s a pick! #Igor

CBee Hi 👋🏻 Igor! I love your kitties ♥️♥️ 6d
monalyisha I‘m both late & early to this party. I snagged an ARC from the bookstore where I used to work when I visited (they had a bunch) but I haven‘t read it yet. 🙈 6d
AmyG Igor ❤️ I really liked this book, too. 6d
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LauraJ Igor, you gorgeous creature! 6d
Leftcoastzen Those eyes!😻Loved the book too! 6d
mcipher 👏 He‘s such a cutie and I‘m so glad you liked it! 6d
Dragon 😻 6d
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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Wow! This book started a little bit slow for me, but quickly became a book I didn't want to put down. It's a story about a circus unlike anything you've ever heard of. I love how creative and unique this story was! 🎪

#NewYearWhoDis @monalyisha @Maria514626
#LitsyAtoZ #AbecedarianTBR #N @BookishMarginalia
#ReadingThroughTheYears192021 #2011

Jee_HookedOnBookz One of my all time favs! ❤️ ❤️ 7d
pilardib I already started watching the movie 😓 7d
Clockworkbee I love this book! I was lucky enough to attend one of her signings a few weeks after it came out. ❤️ 7d
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Cortg Good to know! I tried in on audio and couldn‘t get into it but I have a physical paper copy that I want to try. (edited) 7d
wanderinglynn I loved that book too! 👍🏻 7d
wanderinglynn @pilardib There‘s a movie? Last I heard, it had been optioned by Lionsgate and a director had signed on, but that‘s the last I heard about it. (I‘m always behind on these things.) (edited) 7d
ulrichyumiodd @Cortg Same here! I tried it on audio and couldn‘t focus. I‘m planning to buy a physical copy someday to try again. 7d
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Kiss Quotient | Helen Hoang
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This was such a sweet romance novel! I loved every second of it, and the characters were all likable in a realistic way. Definitely want to read her newest book next! #romance #litsyAtoZ

Goodbye, Vitamin | Rachel Khong
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“You‘re saying I‘m not smart,” she says, “Is that what you‘re incinerating?”
He says, “I‘m not incinerating anything.”
( @MrBook I thought you‘d like this!)

Also, great first line:
“Tonight a man found Dad‘s pants in a tree lit with Christmas lights.”

#GreatFirstLines for #LLB #LittenLoveBingo, and #LitsyAtoZ #LetterK for author

mcipher I loveeeed this book! Hope you enjoy it!! 1w
Lindy 😆 1w
MrBook 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🤗🤗🤗 1w
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britt_brooke I loved this book so much! So quirky. 💚 1w
kspenmoll This was such a fun yet poignant book. 1w
Eggs This book💗💗💗💗💗 1w
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This is such a good book. It's fictionalized account based on actual people who moved to the Galapagos Islands to spy during WWII. Riviting story.


Jennick2004 That cover! 😱💜 1w
Tamra Sounds great! 1w
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