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The tagged book is one of two books I received... one and the other inspire great flavours and histories from power women with their family and community.

Really thanks @karisa and @chelleo

Karisa It was fun perusing cookbooks for you. So glad you like them! 💗 12mo
bcncookbookclub @Karisa You did it wonderfully, very good choices! 😘 12mo
bcncookbookclub @WanderingBookaneer @Chrissyreadit @NeamhainHughes @Larkken and some else who likes this book! What about starts to read the tagged book together? Since April next, maybe?!

(edited) 12mo
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Pride | Ibi Zoboi
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Thank you @LeshaMac ! Finally get to open my #BlitsySwap box #bhm #blitsy

Chelleo That blanket 😍😍😍 12mo
aCleverDuck @Chelleo it‘s so soft and gorgeous 12mo
LeshaMac @aCleverDuck I am so glad you like everything and you‘re welcome. 💜 12mo
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Black Buck | Mateo Askaripour
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Yay for #TBRTarot! Fourth from the left, top shelf of the TBR bookcase. I received this book in a #blitsyswap a couple of years ago and am excited to add it to my March reading plan.

CBee Perfect!! 😊😊 12mo
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Untitled | Untitled
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Another #BlitsySwap is in the books. Thanks to everyone who participated. I always love seeing how much thought and generosity goes into each package. It‘s truly a joy to witness.

TheBookHippie Thank you for all your work! 12mo
Gissy Thank you to you @Chelleo for this swap. It is one of my favorite swaps, I know this type of activities are time consuming but there you are, putting all the love, time and effort to it. Thank you again for your box. It was a pleasure that you was my match this year. Until next year #BlitsySwap 🤗♥️ 12mo
S3V3N Thank you for putting it together every year. 12mo
LeshaMac Thank you for all the work you put in @Chelleo ❣️💜 12mo
Sbonnette Thank you for including us and organizing this! We love it and you @Chelleo ! 12mo
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The Poet X | Elizabeth Acevedo
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Thank you so much @CaliforniaCay I love everything ❣️ @Chelleo thanks for another year of #blitsyswap #blitsy

Chelleo Ok, that tshirt is too cute!! 12mo
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I was very happy to open my #BlitsySwap package today! Can't wait to wear the shirt and socks and drink the tea. I usually don't read swap books right away but these 2 I just recently stacked and am itching to dive into, so perfect picks. And I'm already halfway through the bag of starbursts 😛 Thanks @BeaG for all the goodies and thanks a million @Chelleo for organizing such a fun way to celebrate black history month!! 🖤🤎🖤🤎

Chelleo Love this! Such a nice collection of goodies! 12mo
S3V3N @CaliforniaCay I‘m glad you like your items. Enjoy! 12mo
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I love my #blitsyswap package- thank you! But I do not know who it is from? The book choices are perfect! Octavian and Loki agree ❤️❤️❤️

dabbe They're having a ball! Sweet kitties! ❣️🐾🐾❣️ 12mo
Chelleo Your match is @MoonWitch94 🥰 12mo
Chrissyreadit Thank you Danielle!!!!! 12mo
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AmyG Are those coasters? 12mo
Chrissyreadit @AmyG yes! They are fun!!! 12mo
AmyG I love those! 12mo
Chelleo Agreed…those coasters are so cute! 12mo
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Maud Martha | Gwendolyn Brooks
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So excited I‘m overwhelmed I love absolutely everything and I‘m so using this paper in my journal ♥️♥️♥️

I‘m so excited for these books!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Thank you so so much!
#BlitsySwap Megan I just love it all♥️♥️♥️

TheKidUpstairs I'm so glad you like it! There is still one package heading your way, straight from the vendor, with something that pairs well with poetry in the mornings. So be on the look out for a package from "Sip and Sonder" ? 12mo
Aimeesue Maud Martha ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
TheBookHippie @TheKidUpstairs oh how fun!!! 12mo
TheBookHippie @Aimeesue I‘m so excited ! 12mo
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Thank you so much @Chelleo 💓 💗 What a great #BlitsySwap package!!! I love everything. I'm a sucker for bookish socks, and the bookmarks are gorgeous 😍 And a fantastic selection of books, I love them all and I love that they are from three different genres so I'm ready for whatever reading mood hits!

Your off-the-TBR pick is perfect! I'm a sucker for retellings and anything mythology based, so it's right up my alley!

Thanks again!!!!!!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awesome package 🎉📚🎊 12mo
Gissy I liked All Her Little Secrets book. I want to read those two also. Great package😍👌Enjoy the reading📚🙌 12mo
Chelleo Aww..so glad you like them and that everything arrived in time! Hope the socks fit :) 12mo
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S3V3N I loved All Her Little Secrets. What are the titles of the other 2? 12mo
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