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Knowledge is Power, Wisdom is Key 🌌
The Color Purple | Alice Walker
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Some of the other books i read this year (check last post and the following post for the rest 😀).

6 of these books were audiobooks, of which An Astronaut's Guide to Life On Earth was the most enjoyable and inspiring listen, and Good Morning Midnight was the most boring.

Jules Vernes' Le tour du monde en 80 jours was suringly enjoyable, and Moonwalking with Einstein was very useful to learn about the function of our memory.

Cortg I‘ve had The Color Purple on my TBR for years. Maybe 2018 will be the year to read it! Chunky books are my goal next year! 2y
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Read 32 books this year ! (will be posting the rest of them in the following posts 😀) Which is very good considering i was planning for 25. A big chunk of them are audiobooks which is why i got time this year for more than 30 books.
Do you consider listening to audiobooks as reading?

AmyG Yes. I count audiobooks. (edited) 2y
PatienceFortitude Audiobooks definitely count. 2y
MaleficentBookDragon Yes it definitely counts. Congrats!🎉 2y
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KellyK We were having that discussion at book club last week. I count them. 2y
Bookletting YES! Makes me sad when people think otherwise. 2y
enidkeaner Yup, they count! You‘re still experiencing them 2y
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I‘ve been thinking about reading the first harry potter book for a while. Finally opted for the audiobook version narrated by Stephen Fry.
I‘m one of the few who didn‘t like the movies, wondering if i‘ll enjoy the books!

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I love the books, but I didn't love the audiobook...but I'm not sure if it's that narrator or not. I believe there are two (one in the US and one in the U.K.) 2y
twohectobooks I didn't really love the movies either, in my opinion the books are way better. Hope you have a similar experience. (Although I read at least the first four books quite a while before the movies existed.) 2y
Jinjer Stephen Fry is an awesome narrator! I just finished this one and now he and I are on chapter 6 of the next one. I have not yet seen any of the movies. They're next after Fry & I finish all the books.😂 2y
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Ender's Game | Orson Scott Card
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Being a big fan of sci-fi, i felt i had to read this classic. I did not expect it to be so hard for me to finish it... I just couldn‘t get myself to enjoy it.
I guess it was all the focus on Ender‘s importance that bothered me most.

minkyb 🙁 2y
Kammbia1 If you want to read a modern science fiction classic, try Hyperion by Dan Simmons. It is based off of Canterbury Tales. 2y
mariejoechahine @Kammbia1 I already have it on my to read list! I‘ll read it soon. Thanks! 2y
dragondrool I had to gag this one down. I'm glad I am no alone. 2y
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Earth Abides | George Rippey Stewart
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“Men go and come, but the earth abides”
This was such a mindblowing book!
I found it was a realisric perspective of how civilization might end with a lethal virus.
There was many lessons learned from how the main character lives in this post apocalyptic world.

I only regret not having put a notebook next to me while reading to note all the innumerable inspirational quotes!

Lwsmith Totally agree. Images from that book have lived on in my mind for the two years since I read it. 2y
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Sarah's Key | Tatiana de Rosnay
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I haven‘t been active in a while but managed to get to 10000 Litfluence!
Looking forward to posting more in the future, love the litsy community!

BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 3y
ValerieAndBooks Congrats! 📚🎉📚 3y
rubyslippersreads 🎉📚🎉📚🎉🌟🌟🌟 3y
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BekahB Congrats!! 🎉🎉 3y
Lynnsoprano Congratulations!👏👏🎉🎉 3y
monkeygirlsmama Nice! Congrats 🎉 3y
nickimags Woohoo congratulations! 🍸 3y
DGRachel Yay!!🎉🎉🎉 3y
CoverToCoverGirl 🎉🎉🎈🎈😎 3y
Shemac77 Congratulations!! 3y
Redwritinghood 🎉🎉🎉🎉 3y
Dragon 👍😀🎉 3y
JessClark78 Congrats! 🎊🎉🎉📚 3y
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A Thousand Splendid Suns | Khaled Hosseini
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Went book shopping today 😍

(Couldn‘t resist buying the August Space Issue of National Geographic 😍😍)

What do you think of these books?

Smrloomis I loved the Lahiri! 3y
ValerieAndBooks The two on the left are both very good! Have not yet read Sarah's Key. (edited) 3y
MarticaMustRead So many feels!!!!😍😍😍😍😢💓💔👍 3y
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tjramsey75 I agree with @ValerieAndBooks! The two on the left are personal favs! 3y
minkyb The Lahiri is wonderful. A Thousand Splendid Suns is wonderful but I cried a lot. 3y
Smangela I loved Sarah's Key! 3y
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About the life of Einstein, this book gives so many insights about the genius' life, his relationships, how his scientific career begun and developed, his opinions in matters of politics, religion...
It was very interesting getting to know Einstein as the person he was rather than only by his equations.

kingdomofbookss Love your choice of books! 3y
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The Catcher in the Rye | Jerome Salinger
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I've recently started with this classic novel. Still in chapter 5 and starting to get bored... Should i be patient or is it possible that the book is just not relatable enough for me? Anyone faced the same problem with this book?

JuliaTheBookNerd I know I am in the minority on this one but I hated this book and wanted to punch Holden in his face 😤 3y
Prairiegirl_reading I read this in high school and also didn't enjoy it. Read it for book club as an adult and didn't enjoy it any more the second time. If you aren't into it yet move on. 🤓 3y
twohectobooks This is one of my very favourite books, however it does seem to be one that people either love or hate. It's a book where the narrator is a whiny teen and you have to really be paying attention to what he's not telling you, and various throwaway lines are very important. It's so short that I have to recommend sticking with it, unless you're really hating it. 3y
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Chelsibno When I first attempted to read it in middle school, I couldn't get past the first few chapters. It just didn't feel relatable to me. A few years later, I tried it again and found I actually rather enjoyed it. If I were to read it again as an adult, I'm not sure how I would feel about it. It's a pretty polarizing book, with readers either loving it or hating it. 3y
Wannabe_Quijote I read it in graduate school. Not a fan. 3y
HippieChickHomeschool I think I only made it 5 chapters too. I intended to get back to it, but never have. 3y
OrangeMooseReads I would say keep going, but CitR is my favorite book. It is a love or hate book it seems though and if you aren't enjoying it stop reading. Life is too short to read books you don't enjoy. 3y
Miznanner I read it in high school in the late 60's- not a fan but always thought it was because I just could not relate to Holden. Oddly enough I was totally into early Joyce Carol Oates at the time- very dark, twisty characters and stories. 3y
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This is one of the few non-fiction books i actually found quite useful!
The author is a journalist that decided to train his memory for a year after attending the US Memory Championship and decided to participate himself.
He shares with us the techniques used by those considered memory masters (like the memory palace, which is not like in Sherlock!) and proves that everyone's minds have huge capacities, we just have to know how to train them!

wen4blu I borrowed this one from the library, forgot when it was due, and had to pay a fine!!!! 😝 3y
Bradleygirl Sweet, this is on my TBR but I keep sidelining it. #motivation 3y
Laura317 @wen4blu Your comment that you forgot after reading a book about remembering gave me a giggle. 😁 3y
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On my quest to read the most famous books of all time, i chose to listen to this classic romance novel.
I got one of the free versions narrated by Elizabeth Klett.
It was good, but i couldn't see it as the most amazing book everyone thinks it is.
I see that the evolution of the love affair between the prejudiced woman and the proud man is captured brilliantly, but i didn't particularly get hooked
Maybe i should have read this book later in my life

Bookwormjillk With this one it took me two reads. 3y
Reviewsbylola I really enjoyed this one but I would say I loved Emma and Mansfield Park more. 3y
Pemberley This is my comfort book...I reread it at least once a year. I'm still working on Emma though, so I understand!! 3y
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enidkeaner I'm not sure if it's age that's the issue. Sometimes you just don't feel for a book the way others do and there's no shame in that. I read P&P as a teen and loved it immediately but I absolutely hate Mansfield Park. It happens. 3y
CrowCAH It's ok, we can still be friends. Lol My favorite book, which surprisingly, I don't have the cover you pictured in my P&P book collection. 3y
Jinjer I'm finally about half way through. I'm not enjoying it AT ALL but am determined to finish it. Then I want to watch all versions of the movie & mini series. Why? I Don't. Know.😬 3y
mariejoechahine @CrowCAH It's okay to have different tastes! :) And I took the cover at random from google since i have listened to the audiobook, i don't own the book 3y
mariejoechahine @Jinjer Why would you watch all the adaptations if you're not even enjoying the book (which is supposed to be better than its adaptations) Wouldn't it be better to get to know other books during the time it would take? 3y
CrowCAH @mariejoechahine bummer, could have used it in the collection. Lol 3y
Jinjer @mariejoechahine I'm just weird like that. 3y
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This was a short 2 hours long listen read by the author himself. Didn't find it too interesting.
The story is just as the plot says it is: The Queen of England discovers Literature -> Queen falls in love with reading and neglects her responsibilities.
Are novellas supposed to be this simple?
I'm not used to reading them, i even think that's my first other than La Parure from Guy de Maupassant read in school (which was amazing!)

BookishMarginalia Yep, it's really a puff piece. I very much enjoyed it as a quick, light palate cleanser. 3y
Dogearedcopy This is a light piece; but not because it's a novella; but because the author writes in a twee style. 3y
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This was such an insightful and interesting listen. Narrated by the author/astronaut himself, Chris Hadfield brings us all sort of lessons and funny (often scary) stories he has gathered from his successful and hard earned life as a Canadian astronaut.
Very Recommended!

Oryx This was a great book. Aim to be a zero. 😀 3y
mariejoechahine @Oryx Exactly! 😍 3y
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I was afraid that listening to a book from my favorite series as an audiobook and listening to my favorite characters' voices would be weird and even might ruin it for me.
I was so wrong!! The narrator does Eve's voice perfectly! Roarke and Peabody sounded a bit weird comparing to their voices in my head but it didn't matter much.
So whether in reading or listening, this series still rocks 😍😍

mabell That is always my concern! Certain series are perfect on audio - Poirot, Miss Marple, Bertie and Jeeves. But some series I've read so long the characters are real, and the audio may spoil for it me. An example being, Meg and her crazy family - 3y
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The Color Purple | Alice Walker
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This book focuses on the life of Celie, a black woman living in America during the 1930s that has been through too much ugliness at a young age, and whose personnality you see evolve with every person she meets and experiences she goes through
Read by the author herself with a perfect narration, it gives a new perspective to the lives of this specific minority group that has been mistreated through the centuries as well as all the aspects of life

Cortg I'be had this on my TBR for a long time. I'm hope 2017 is the year I tackle it! 3y
mariejoechahine @cortg Try it out, the audiobook is very good! 3y
Cortg Thanks! I might do that! 3y
bookwrm526 One of my all-time favorites 3y
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The Great Gatsby | Francis Scott Fitzgerald
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The Great Gatsby is a really Great book even after almost a century of being published. Although the story is not that exciting, what pushed me to keep reading till the end is the great depth in the characters that made me care what happened to them.
The criticism of society's obsession with vanity is still valid today, if not more so.

Vexingcircumstance My favorite thing is how people completely miss the message of the book and have big Gatsby themed parties to celebrate things. 3y
arlenefinnigan @Vexingcircumstance ain't no party like a Gatsby party cos a Gatsby party don't stop until two people are dead and everyone is disillusioned with the jazz age 3y
arlenefinnigan @Vexingcircumstance I don't know why I've put a spoiler alert on that,the book's a century old,everyone must know how it ends 3y
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mariejoechahine @Vexingcircumstance @arlenefinnigan People will only see the party and ignore the rest... And it's always safer to put a spoiler alert, i've only read it now after all 🙈 3y
glp4766 @mariejoechahine this is one of my top 3 favorite books. It is also one of my favorite classic movies... 3y
KnjiskiZmaj Always love coming back to this book 😍 3y
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We Are Legion (We Are Bob) | Dennis E. Taylor
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Just finished this one as an Audiobook.
Very cool and funny listen comparable (but not as good as) Ready Player One and The Martian.
I found the story very interesting especially in the beginning but by the end i was getting bored.
Will consider continuing the serie when book 2 comes out.

Untitled | Unknown
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My first book in the Spanish language! I'm getying good 😊 It seems interesting and original.
The book is divided into the days of the year, for each day the author comments on a historical event that occured that day, mostly in a satirical manner that criticizes issues like racism, slavery...

minkyb Congrats! 3y
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This one is my first non-fiction read as an audiobook. It's a very interesting book that gives you general knowledge about, well, nearly everything 😜
I am discovering that i like non-fiction better to read rather than as audio since it helps me retain more information, but then again i finish audiobooks way faster (It took me a few months to read Guns Germs and Steel, but a few days to listen to this one...)

jpmcwisemorgan I enjoy Bill Bryson. Have you tried any of his other books? 3y
mabell I love his travel audiobooks, but I'm listening to - and it's a little tough. The narrator does and awesome job, but seeing the words on the page would be preferable. 3y
mariejoechahine @jpmcwisemorgan Nope it's my first by Bill Bryson. Any other you recommend? 3y
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mariejoechahine @mabell Yeah i agree such books are better to read, especially sometimes i lose concentration while listening. I'll check out his travel books 3y
mabell @mariejoechahine Yep I definitely lost concentration! Just naming a couple, I highly recommend A Walk in the Woods and 3y
mrsthilkey I did ASHoNE on audio, too. Loved it!! 3y
jpmcwisemorgan I really enjoyed A Walk in the Woods because it's a little bit travel and a little bit about nature, but his others are good too. 3y
Zelma I love the travel books as well. Neither Here Nor There is a favorite. 3y
Gina If you liked this one I would suggest my favorite Bryson book which is his memoir of growing up in the 50s. I laughed out loud reading it. 3y
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The Great Gatsby | Francis Scott Fitzgerald
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My Date this Valentine's! I'm so lucky 😍😜
Anyone else spending Valentine's with fictional characters? 😂😂

Leniverse Yes. I'm spending it with Lord Peter and Harriet Vane. Re-reading Gaudy Night. Though I might also re-watch Only Lovers Left Alive. There's my notion of a romantic movie! 3y
Cortg Yes! My hubby bailed on me for a business trip to Hawaii. My son is going to the movies with a friend and my daughter has practice....so I'll be their personal chauffeur and catch up on some reading by my lonesome. 3y
Thedrunkstrawberry What a great cover!! (edited) 3y
mcipher I'm giving blood for Vday and hopefully getting some reading time in at the same time. We are not Valentines people. 😉 3y
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Dune | Frank Herbert
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This one of those books that i would have rated between Pick and So-So.
This book is an epic Science-Fiction classic comparable to Star Wars.
I listened to the Audiobook and although some parts of the story were difficult to follow and the audio had some glitches, the full cast narration combined with the sound effects made it a very enjoyable listen.

Tonton The spice must flow! 3y
zsuzsanna_reads Definitely a pick for me! And the movie is so brilliantly flawed and camp. 3y
bookwrm526 My husband has been begging me to read this for 20 years, but the movie put me off so much that I haven't been able to commit to it 3y
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Le rocher de Tanios | Amin Maalouf
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This story loosely inspired by true events set in a village in the Lebanese mountains during the 19th Century is described with great detail by the Lebanese/French author Amin Maalouf.
Despite being a little boring at times, the characters felt real and were interesting.
I'll sure look into more of this author's books.

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New York to Dallas | J. D. Robb
This post contains spoilers
show me
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Another awesome J.D. Robb novel 😍 Definitely one of the best! Although i would have preferred Eve to interact more with her mother, discover more about her past...
Still, i hope the author will never get bored of writing these books 😁

BookishMarginalia I love those characters! Eve and Roarke rock! 3y
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Dune | Frank Herbert
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Chose Dune as my next Audiobook. I've been reading good reviews of this classic Sci-Fi book and the Audio version seems interesting.

Moray_Reads I haven't listened to the audio but the book is fantastic. Dense, but worth the effort 3y
LectricSheep Are you listening to the full cast version? I've been eyeing it for a hot minute. 3y
mariejoechahine @Moray_Reads I didn't want a dense book at first but all the praise for this one made me want to try it. And it felt easier to listen to than read 3y
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mariejoechahine @LectricSheep Yes it's the full cast version, i'm almost three hours in and i'm enjoying it until now 3y
LectricSheep Ooh, I do love a good full cast audiobook. Maybe I'll pick it up with my next audible credit. 3y
mariejoechahine @LectricSheep About audible credits, you only get one per month right? And is the first month really free? I'm trying the 30 days trial of Audiobooks.com but they took 15$ although it should be "free". I'm still new to audiobooks so dont have much experience with the sites 3y
LectricSheep Audible says: "Get an audiobook of your choice, plus a one-time bonus audiobook credit, free with a 30-day trial. After the trial, your paid membership will begin at $14.95 per month. With your membership, you will receive one credit every month, good for any audiobook on Audible." So it sounds like they shouldn't have charged you during the free trial! And yes, you're right: after the trial, you pay $15/month for one free credit. 3y
mariejoechahine @LectricSheep Thanks! It's audiobooks.com that charged me while they shouldn't, i wanted to try out both sites to compare them before deciding if i wanted a membership in any of them. Next month i'm trying Audible 3y
LectricSheep Oh crap! So much for my reading skills. 🙄I'm not sure about audiobooks.com, I just ended up on Audible because of all the advertising they do on the podcasts I listen to. 😬 Plus, Amazon Prime members get a selection of free audiobooks to stream. 3y
Lwsmith Interested in what you think. I've toyed with the idea of reading this book for years. 3y
mariejoechahine @Lwsmith I'm 5 hours in now and it's a good listen! Some parts are boring but the narration by the full cast is very interesting. I'll make sure to post a review when i finish. 3y
Lwsmith Excellent! My library has a lot of audibles available. I'll look for this one. Thanks! 3y
Bradleygirl This one is fairly awesome-I absolutely recommend. And also recommend not reading any other Dune books. 3y
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Ringworld | Larry Niven
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I got attached to audiobooks so quickly! Made a small list of some books i wanted to read that i found as audio. Which one should i read next?
I'm not experienced yet with audiobooks and their narrators so if you have any idea about how these are i'd be grateful for feedback! 😊

MisterWhitaker Ready Player One as read by a Wil Wheaton is pretty great, and all of the David Sedaris books are MEANT for audio. 3y
AshleyKorinE Just finished Color Purple on audio and she does such a good job. She's the author so she knows the characters personally I guess and it's easy to distinguish between who is talking, and who your listening too. I could put it down in the middle of a letter and come back and know I'm still listening to Celie or Nettie. (edited) 3y
Ruri_kaichou The whole Enders Game series is fantastic! HP is a lovely one to listen to. Also, His Dark Materials is phenomenal. It's basically a radio play where the author narrates and a cast voices the dialogue. 3y
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bookwrm526 My brother HIGHLY recommends the King - he's been after me to listen to it for ages 3y
readinginthedark I love Ender's Game! Haven't read the other books in the series yet. 3y
MrFluffyPantsMan Dune, it truly is a masterpiece!! 3y
carl.eee Ender's Game is one of my favorites! 3y
Suet624 Dune. 3y
Ncostell I haven't listened to any of these on audio unfortunately but I can highly recommend Born a Crime by Trevor Noah on audio which I am listening to now. The Harry Potter books are wonderful on audio as well. 3y
jessdean 11.22.63 is the only one on this list that I listened to on audio. And I loved it!! The story itself is awesome but the narrator also does a great job. 3y
Juani19 I just started listening as well, with Born a Crime, my first. Read the Harry Potter books and a friend recommended them on audio, stating the narrator is great; just started and have to agree! 3y
rjsthumbelina I loved the fireman by Joe hill on audio. Can't beat being narrated by Captain Janeway! 3y
jlondon1963 Scott brick is a great narrator the only one I haven't listened to is the Niven book. If you enjoy funny you should check out The Tent the Bucket and Me by Emma Kennedy the author reads it and it is 😂 3y
ChasingOm I didn't know she was the narrator, @rjsthumbelina! Gonna have to grab that one in audiobook now. 👍🏻 3y
rjsthumbelina @ChasingOm i think she narrates at least one of his others, too! 3y
athenapeterson I'm listening to Enders Game on audible right now! It's kind of a different listen because it's all dialogue, but I really like it! 3y
Oryx The Martian was excellent on audiobook. 3y
GrammaCar I love the narrator of the Ender series! I listened to most of them. And when i do read an OSC book, I hear Rudniki's voice in my head! 3y
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Although i got many recommendations for this book, i found myself bored and wanting it to end.
I don't mind zombie related stories, on the contrary i love The Walking Dead, but i did not find anything special in this plot.
Finty Williams' voice is nice, but i didn't like it in the atmosphere of this book, found it too calm and depressing.
I wouldn't say it's a bad book, it's all a matter of tastes, and it wasn't to mine

Mccall0113 I'm still struggling to finish. I think I'm around 29%. I just can't seem to want to invest 3y
bookdrunkard78 I'm glad to hear someone else say this! I thought I was alone in my opinion. I nailed on this one. I tried audio and physical versions and just couldn't. And I also enjoy The Walking Dead and books with zombies, right it'd be right up my alley! 3y
bookdrunkard78 *bailed 3y
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Aseleener I bailed also. It's frustrating to not like a book everyone is raving about! But everyone's different. 3y
8little_paws Ditto. It felt like there was no plot for a long time. 3y
LitHousewife Thanks for the review. I read Carey's second novel and did not like it one bit. I'll avoid this one, too. 3y
rachelgomes Good to know. I just got this and will give it a try, but always good to have a warning! 3y
asmadasbirds I am so glad I was not the only reader of this book to feel this way! So many people really rave about it and I just found it exhausting to get through causing me to just give up half way through 😞 3y
Reviewsbylola My husband just read this but so far my inclination is to skip it. 3y
Reggie Omg, thank you for this. Every time I read a review of this, people loved it. I thought it was boring, and sooooo slow. If you ever read Joe Hill's The Fireman, u feel that that book is what this book should have been. 3y
Cnatal Amazing book! 3y
Smashlee I have this in my TBR list. I loved The Fireman....maybe I'll wait a bit for this one. 3y
tjramsey75 Agree! I can't finish this! Thought I was the only one! 3y
GrammaCar I listened to it so i really enjoyed it. But I'm not sure if i would have finished it if I were reading. I find a lot of books more palatable listening than reading! 3y
GrammaCar BTW, I read her newest book, Fellside. Very odd but very good! 3y
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Art of War | Sun Tzu
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Listened to this (abnormally short!) audiobook.
Well it would sure be useful if i was preparing a war... But not sure how relevant it is to me now.
Still, can't ignore the wise words delivered by a Chinese Warrior-Philosopher from 500 BC !

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Le rocher de Tanios | Amin Maalouf
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In my Quest to diversify the books i read, i decided to start with a french novel by an author from my own country. Amin Maalouf is a renowned Lebanese author, his books are praised by the french critics. Reading right now The Rock Of Tanios, and it's quite good!
Looking forward to reading more non-english books this year 😎 󾓧 󾓪 󾓫🇱🇧

LubicaP Samarkand is also good, although I found the early 20th century storyline a little OTT. I hope you enjoy The Rock of Tanios! 3y
YaraB You should try Les Désorientés too 3y
mariejoechahine @YaraB Added it. Thanks! 3y
mariejoechahine @LubicaP Thank you, enjoying it so far 3y
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I'm thinking about trying this one out as an audiobook, anyone has tried it? Do you think it would be better to read it instead of listening to it?

BookishBeth I read and listened to it. It is well worth the listen as the narrator's voice is gorgeous. 3y
MidnightBookGirl I loved the audiobook! 3y
deserthooker I read the audio, it was outstanding! 3y
See All 17 Comments
Dogearedcopy Another vote for the audiobook here! After listening to this, Finty Williams became one of my favorite narrators ❤ 3y
tricours Great audio! 3y
BookHermit 👍👍for audio 3y
Wife Good to know. I need a new audiobook and like tips. 3y
prowlix This is great on audio! 3y
Reganw I've heard the audiobook is really good, I read the book. 3y
TNbookworm I read the book and loved it! 3y
[DELETED] 3144876009 It's awesome on audio. Wonderful narrator. I believe she is Dame Judy's daughter..,, 3y
Debiw781 I had trouble staying interested in this one via audio 3y
Aseleener Same as @Debiw781 . I ended up bailing after 6 hours. 3y
drbethandherkindle I had no idea what this was about before I read it, but I LOVED it! 3y
mariejoechahine @BookishBeth @MidnightBookGirl @deserthooker @Dogearedcopy @tricours @BookHermit @prowlix @Reganw @TNbookworm @lyndzstone @drbethandherkindle Wow did not expect so many responses for the audiobook! I'm starting it then 😍 Hope it'll live up to my expectations 3y
Cnatal AMAZING book!!!!! Without giving anything away: the ending blew my mind!!! 3y
Foxybaxter Audiobook was amazing!! 3y
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Little Women | Louisa M. Alcott
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As i followed the story of the four heroines of this book, from childhood to womanhood, i felt myself learning from every lesson the sisters learned, touched with their happy life events and saddened by the difficulties they went through. The characters of this book feel so real, so relatable, even 150 years after it has been written. It was definitely the right choice to try it as my first audiobook!

Reviewsbylola I haven't read this since I was young. I think I may need to read it on serial next. 3y
Megld4 The first classic I ever read, I had to do a project in 4th grade. I had to make a cereal with the theme of the book. I, being a not very creative child, did "Family Flakes." 3y
Lwsmith @Megld4 😂 Family Flakes! Love it!! 3y
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Wife I have this on my TBR. A favorite movie 🎥 (Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder version). Your book is beautiful 🌹 3y
mariejoechahine @Wife I don't actually own this book but have listened to it as an audiobook, it was a great listen! 3y
mariejoechahine @Megld4 Nice one 😂 3y
BookishJess I felt the same way about this book. ❤️ 3y
mom2bugnbee My favorite book ever! 3y
kirriemummy I'm reading this to my little girl right now, a chapter every night. I'm loving seeing it from her perspective and it never fails to amaze me how much is similar to my, and now her, life. Whether it's a 3y
kirriemummy Gah pressed send too soon! - whether it's Amy saying that she's tired of being poor, Jo wanting to stamp about in boots like a man all day, or Meg going to vanity fair, I see them all as me, or at least as the oldest and best friends. I'm so glad I can introduce them to my kiddie. Enjoy!! 3y
mariejoechahine @kirriemummy It's so great that you're reading it to your daughter! It's so full of lessons that she can learn from while enjoying the good story 3y
kirriemummy Absolutely! Although I suspect she will never be quite as angelic as Beth... thankfully, I'm not sure I would know what to do with that level of goodness!! 3y
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Little Women | Louisa M. Alcott
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My first audiobook is a free one that i found on audiobooks.com
I've been wanting to read this book for a while but it's old english and lenght discouraged me, so thought i'd try it as an audiobook. Enjoying it so far!

monkeygirlsmama My 8th grader had to read that this year. Definitely not an easy read with all the old language, but good story once you get through. Enjoy 👊👭 3y
Laura317 I read it years ago. I need to read again. Maybe as an audio! 3y
Nat_Reads This is one of my favorites from childhood ❤️❤️❤️ I usually read it around Christmas every year. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Also, kudos to you for reading outside your comfort zone!! 3y
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mariejoechahine @Laura317 The one i'm listening to is quite good! Although i can't really judge since it's my first... 3y
mariejoechahine @Nat_Reads Thank You! I like to diversify the books i read 3y
mom2bugnbee My favorite book of all time! I hope you enjoy it! 3y
BookishJess I just finished this a little while ago. I loved it so much! Enjoy 😊 3y
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New York to Dallas | J. D. Robb
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Been looking everywhere for that book, so just decided to order it and after three long weeks it finally arrived 😍😍😍
So exited to read it! It looks like it's going to be one of the most exciting In Death books, it sure seems from the title that Eve will discover something of her past... (I'm beginning to worry that i might be expecting too much 😂 However it goes this will always be my favorite book series 😍)

BooksAtNight I thought it was one of the best in the series! And you're right, Eve does get to figure out more of her past. I hope you enjoy it! 3y
mariejoechahine Thank you! I can't wait to get some down time and devour it 😍😍 3y
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BooksAtNight @mariejoechahine 👌you can catch up just in time for the next one coming out in Feb! 3y
mariejoechahine @BooksAtNight Oh i'll hardly have time for that! Being at book 33 i'll never be able to read 10 books in a month. I usually read one every once in a while, so i'll never get bored with them and they'll last longer 😍 3y
Samantha.1020 I love this series so much! Enjoy! 3y
Thursdaycheshirerain Audiobooks are awesome... the reader is just amazing! 3y
mariejoechahine @Thursdaycheshirerain I never listened to an In Death book as an audio! I should try it out 3y
Thursdaycheshirerain @mariejoechahine trust me it add another level to the books. Susan Erickson is amazing! 3y
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Never would i have thought that a book with talking animals would feel so much like a political book 😂
Seriously this book is really mindblowing. The way George Orwell uses the animals to criticize human corruption was brilliant and unexpected!
Now can't wait to read 1984 (man how much i regret having watched the movie before reading it...)

suvata 1984 is also amazing. I just reread last year and couldn't believe how much is still relevant. 3y
Oblomov26 Orwell is great but don't stop with 1984, try Homage to Catalonia, or Down and Out in Paris and London or Burmese Days. 3y
kyraleseberg I dreaded reading this in high school and then it ended up being my favorite school read (well, tied with Pride & Prejudice). 1984 is also incredible! 3y
Leelee.reads I think 1984 is even more relevant now. With the Internet and cell phones and government data collection, and now with what feels to me like so much fake news and the suppression of truth, I find the relevance so unnerving. 3y
Pandareads37 Read both Animal Farm and 1984 last year for the first time (wow amazing books) 3y
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Glory in Death. J.D. Robb | Robb, J D Robb
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My Read list is equal to my To-Read list!
It won't stay that way for long since i'm adding books to read everyday lately... 😂
(I'm ashamed of having only read 88 books when my litsy timeline have so many great people having resolutions of reading over a 100! 😂😂 Hoping to catch up to you all someday!)

twohectobooks I add new books faster than I can read them too. 3y
Bookdragon69 88 is still an accomplishment! I read 49. Quality over quantity and as long as you are doing something you love. ❤📘🤓📕 3y
Kalalalatja 88 is high! We all have different circumstances, reading times and non-reading activities, so don't feel bad 😊 3y
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Amazons Audible Audio Books | Albert N Thomas
post image

So i've never listened to an audiobook so decided to try one out from the Audible app using the free trial. What would you recommend?
Added some to my wishlist to consider but i have no idea as to which book would be better in audio...

(Also i'd be glad to hear your recommendations for better apps which include free audiobooks as this one doesnt seem to include any)

pppooraikul What genre(s) do you prefer? :) 3y
raelaschoenherr If you like The Princess Bride, you'll love the audiobook As You Wish. Also, you can rent audiobooks from libraries through apps like Overdrive. 3y
mariejoechahine @pppooraikul i do have a slight preference for sci-fi but usually i read about anything. I'll take recommendations for any genre :D 3y
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BookishMarginalia The best way to decide is to listen to the sample to see if you like the narrator. I love Jim Dale (Harry Potter books), Reese Witherspoon (Go Set a Watchman), anything with Lin Manuel Miranda ... other interesting ones: H is for Hawk, Modern Romance, Furiously Funny, and 3y
cariashley The first book I truly loved on audio was 3y
Seekingtardis The app/website audiobooks.com has several free books and books to purchase. They also have deals all the time for free new books. I have that app and audible and purchase and get free audio books all the time. It's magical! 🐉🦄😆😍 3y
Simona I'm new to audiobooks too and I discovered that fiction doesn't work for me (except short stories) but I love to listen nonfiction books. 3y
mariejoechahine @cariashley i already read this book, loved it so much 😍 Do you think it's worth listening to even if i already read it? 3y
drokka I used Overdrive to access my library's audiobook catalogue. I would recommend 3y
Amandajoy I find I like to reread on audio. It brings another layer to a story I've already enjoyed, & then if my mind wanders I'm not lost on the plot. Jim Dale doing Harry Potter was what made me love audios. I'm also becoming a fan of Neil Gaiman on audio 3y
mariejoechahine @BookishMarginalia Thanks! I'll check them out 3y
mariejoechahine @Simona I think i'll try both. I've saved this one to try out as an audiobook 3y
BookishMarginalia @Amandajoy I also color while I listen; it helps me focus. 3y
mariejoechahine @raelaschoenherr I don't know them but i'll check them out. Thanks! 3y
peaknit I love audible! I really enjoy nonfiction on audible. Autobiographies read by the author are great. I'm enjoying Trevor Noah Born a Crime now, also loved Night Circus and Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes trilogy and Dr. Sleep too. 3y
pppooraikul @mariejoechahine I haven't listened to so many sci-fi audiobooks but the one I enjoyed was Artemis Fowl. (I already loved the books before listening.) The narrators I like are David Tenant (How to Train Your Dragon), Stephen Fry (Harry Potter), Carolyn McCormick (Hunger Games). And I've recently listened to Anne Hathaway's Wonderful Wizard of Oz and a full cast recording of The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman which are really good. ;) (edited) 3y
Simona I like this book very much, but I read it in paper format. 3y
prowlix I agree with the comments of finding a great narrator to help. I love Robin Miles who does Fifth Season, Hidden Figures, and Under the Udala Trees (my current listen and great!). Also Edward Hermann does a lot of nonfiction that's great like Bully Pulpit and a lot of David McCullough 3y
readordierachel I think nonfiction is particularly good for audio, because it's like hearing a lecture from an engaging professor :) Also, memoirs can be amazing, as they are often read by the authors themselves. 3y
mariejoechahine @prowlix Thanks! Wow i have so many recommendations to go through now :D 3y
mariejoechahine @ReadOrDieRachel Yes and it might be more interesting to listen to! I'll make sure to try a non fiction and a memoir (hoping to find enough time 😂). Which ones are your favorites? 3y
readordierachel @mariejoechahine Recently I've really enjoyed Shrill by Lindy West, We Two by Gillian Gill (about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert), Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and I'm Just a Person by Tig Notaro. Happy listening! 3y
Amandajoy @BookishMarginalia I've done that while listening to class lectures, maybe it'll be more fun with something I want to listen to 😊 3y
mrsthilkey #1 Check out audiobooks from your library! So easy. I use Overdrive. #2 I've had great luck with nonfiction that is read by the author themselves- A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling. Into the Wild wasn't read by author Jon Krakauer, but it was great. 3y
mrsthilkey Is *Everyone* Hanging Out Without Me 3y
LindsayReads I'm about halfway through my Audible free trial, but I think I'm just going to stick to OverDrive and Hoopla (both available through my library). 3y
LindsayReads That said, Bahni Turpin is my favorite reader...check out the books she's done! 3y
mariejoechahine @LindsayReads This Audible free trial is confusing me. How many books do you get to read during this first month? 3y
cariashley @mariejoechahine definitely worth it, and I rarely reread! 3y
cariashley I also agree with everyone who's saying nonfiction is great on audio. When it comes to fiction I stick to thrillers, crime, and fast paced stories like RP1. 3y
minkyb Thanks for this great question @mariejoechahine I am new to audio as well but it might still take me a while to get to it! Hope you enjoy. 3y
mischa The Martian was excellent on audio. Redshirts and Lock In as well. I've listened to Harry Potter twice - once with Jim Dale and once with Stephen Fry. Dale is great but I prefer Fry. Go the F**k to Sleep is read by Samuel L Jackson and is fantastic. In terms of non fiction, So Good They Can't Ignore You, So You've Been Publicly Shamed, and The History of White People. 3y
mariejoechahine @mischa Thanks for all these titles! I'll check them all out 3y
mariejoechahine @mrsthilkey Thank you! I was thinking about trying a short history of everything. I'll check the others out 3y
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Studying or reading George Orwell... The answer would be obvious if i didn't have my finals a few days away 😭😭

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Upgraded from 20 to 25 books per year! (
Hoping to get to 30 but i prefer not to pressure myself 😊)
Yes i know it's not much but i never seem to be able to get past my two books per month average... Blame it on studies and my other time consuming passions... 🎬🔭🎶🍴📚⏳ #toomanybookstoolittletime

BookishMarginalia It's not quantity that matters💜 3y
suvata Exactly 3y
britt_brooke 20-25 is great! 3y
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JackOBotts 25 is a fabulous goal, @mariejoechahine! I'm right there with ya! Happy reading! 📚 3y
Handmade_Redhead 25 is a great goal! 3y
tracy_anne8 I'm at 25 too! It's a great goal. I always believe it doesn't matter how many or what platform your reading on as long as you're reading! 3y
Baileeandme My goal in 2016 was 25 books and I read 30. I think two books a month is a nice and enjoyable goal. Happy reading in 2017! 3y
BookishJess I read 23 books in 2016 and my goal this year is 30. Quality over quantity right? 😊 3y
Texreader I've the same. 25 would be an awesome goal for me too. 3y
little.miss.books I have 27 books in my goodreads challenge. I would like to read more, but same as you, I prefer to keep i real and not to put too much pressure on myself. Good luck with your challenge!😄 3y
TofuandBooks Oh thank goodness, on Goodreads all my friends had read 100-200 books and I only read 35, I felt like I was the slowest reader ever. This is more like a normal goal! 3y
mariejoechahine @jessreadsbooks That's right! 😊 3y
mariejoechahine @Matejchi We must not forget to make room for the bigger books too! Thank you good luck to you too! 😊 3y
mariejoechahine @TofuandBooks I always wonder how a lot of readers have time for as much books 3y
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The War of the Worlds | H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
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It is difficult for this one to choose between Pick and So-So (i definitely think there should be more than 3 choices!). It's undeniable that it is a good book especially for it's time, i liked how it puts humanity's position as rulers of the earth into perspective through the invasion of a superior species.
I just found it a bit boring at times, maybe i should've read it faster instead of reading bit by bit every day? (i blame exams...)

myers85 I read it a few years back and I did enjoy it but I know what you mean, there are a few slow points. I think the musical is the best interpretation of the franchise though! 3y
TheLondonBookworm I think it does lend itself more to a read in one sitting type book but I agree with the ratings I need a little something I between pick and so so! 3y
Ksvz I enjoyed the audiobook 3y
Bookdragon69 I totally agree with your review. I was disappointed but have to mention that it was great imagination for the time it was written. 3y
zsuzsanna_reads I read it more as a social comedy. 3y
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Tokyo Ghoul | Sui Ishida
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So this was my first manga and in truth i found it a little boring, both the story and the characters did not interest me.
Looking forward to trying some other manga that i might enjoy, but i'll surely not continue with this serie

Olivia306 I'd recommend "Fruits Basket" by Natsuki Takaya. It's really great and the story really builds up. I loved it. 3y
Joybishoptx Fruits Basket is fun. Uzumaki is really good, but it's horror. I liked Death Note and Parasyte too. My boyfriend suggested Monster, but I haven't read that yet. (edited) 3y
moranadatter I wasn't a fan of that one either. I second the recommendation for Fruits Basket. Also, xxxHolic is my favorite. 3y
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DrJAdMerricksson Fullmetal Alchemist and Gensomaden Saiyuki were both marvellous manga and awesome anime 3y
Weaponxgirl Fruits basket, death note and holic are great. Anything by clamp though is a win to me! 3y
mariejoechahine @Olivia306 @Joybishoptx @kmdartist @Weaponxgirl I guess i'm gonna try Fruits basket then! 3y
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My sister has this lying on her shelf. I've never read a manga before so thinking about it out. Anyone recommends it?

Weaponxgirl I've not read this one, but I think it's quite gory if it's the one I'm thinking of. Depends on your tastes, I heard its good if I think :/ I love manga but it's finding the stuff that takes your fancy that can be hard 3y
Joybishoptx I like it. It definitely has a horror feel. 3y
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The War of the Worlds | Herbert George Wells
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Thinking about starting this next. I'm afraid that since it's a very old book (1897) i might not enjoy it enough. Anyone read it? What's your opinion?

the_hibernator I loved it. I'd say give it a try and if you don't like the style scupper it. 3y
Gina The radio play 30s/40's (not sure) from this book where people tuned in on the middle of the show and thought it was really happening. Riots broke out (not kiddin) WAS/IS amazing!!! I would suggest finding it if you don't enjoy the book. 3y
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BookBelle84 This is one of his best. You won't be bored. 3y
ChasingOm I'm reading it on the Serial Reader app right now, but the pauses b/n issues jar the suspense a bit. I think I need to read ahead when I'm into it, so I'm going to pay for the "read ahead" option. ? 3y
mrsh62010 I tried when I was much younger and found it boring, but I may have been at that stage where *everything* is boring. Now, oppositely, many things are too shocking for me. I hope you enjoy it! It's certainly a fantastic story. 3y
jpmcwisemorgan It might be good as an audio. 3y
mjdowens I loved hearing a recording of it as a kid. I can understand why people freaked out when it was on originally. It really does sound like a real happening event 3y
PomegranateMuse You will LOVE it, it's a classic no matter how old 3y
valeriegeary I really enjoyed it when I read it! Thought it was better than the Tom Cruise movie by a mile. 3y
Leniverse I actually haven't read this yet. My partner has. And heard the recording. When we watched the Tom Cruise movie he kept shaking his head and exclaiming, "What? No! Rubbish! That's not right! Why did they DO that!?", which are normally my lines when we watch the film adaptation of a book. ? 3y
WhatDeeReads I just read Wells' Island of Dr. Moreau and I enjoyed it very much. 3y
bookwrm526 I read it for the first time recently, and I really enjoyed it! 3y
Lwsmith I finally read it last year and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. It is most definitely NOT the Cruise movie. 3y
Gina @ocdIrene Sweet, thanks! 3y
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The Kite Runner: Rejacketed | Khaled Hosseini
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A sad tale tackling all sort of important matters in life: growing up, friendship, parenting, love...
This book was so enjoyable and full of important lessons as well as interesting facts about Afghanistan's history.
If you haven't read it yet, do so!

Libby1 I loved it. ❤️️. The movie is excellent, too. 3y
LauraJ One of my favorite reads 💕 3y
Apeksha Love this one! My all time favs!🤗 3y
heidisreads This a story that is so much better when listened to! I highly suggest the #audiobook!! 3y
Gissy Definitely I will try then audiobook! 3y
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The 2016 Goodreads awards' results are out! Are you satisified with the results?

Kalalalatja I am a little surprised by the Fiction winner. I haven't read it, but I just thought that there were so many other wonderful books in that category, so I had expected something else 3y
Cinfhen I agree @Kalalalatja and that book was not one of her better ones, I only gave it a so-so 3y
LeahBergen @Cinfhen @Kalalalatja It kind of looks like the book display at a Costco 😂 3y
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Cinfhen @LeahBergen 😂😁😂I can laugh all I want but man do I miss walking into Costco😩 3y
LeahBergen @Cinfhen Oh, I can imagine! I can never leave without buying a book. 😂 3y
Kalalalatja @LeahBergen @Cinfhen now I am all jealous, we don't have Costco in Denmark 😂😄 3y
Cinfhen @Kalalalatja do you have something similar to Costco? Or Target? Because here in Israel we have NOTHING that comes close or can even say is remotely similar 😡😔 3y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen we have some large supermarked chains, but nothing compared to the US 😄 and the book sections are worthless 👎 3y
LauraBeth The fiction winner makes me not trust the Goodreads reviews 😂 not that it's a bad book per se - but the best of the year?? 3y
Godmotherx5 I was not expecting those results. Par for 2016. 3y
LauraBeth I read the 2014 fiction winner (Landline), and that was one of the worst books I've read in years 😂 3y
8little_paws Goodreads is always a popularity contest, not merit 3y
LuLeeBelle I'm salty about it. I'm only really happy with ACOMAF and the poetry winner 3y
JDHawkins I was not super pleased, with the fiction winner especially. 3y
Marni My thought about the fiction winner is just that there were more people who read it. She's a very popular author, so lots of people read the book right away and may not have read the others, so they voted for it. I personally voted for Eligible. 3y
twohectobooks Honestly I hadn't read a single 2016 release so I didn't vote this year and am pretty indifferent to the results haha 3y
Bklover I am so glad to read all of your opinions on the fiction winner. Last night I made a snarky comment and then deleted it. Should have left it- I like Liane Moriarty books- haven't read this one yet but generally do. But Best Fiction? Seriously? I really think that the the Goodreads winners should be called most popular. 3y
Reviewsbylola I agree with the other posters, I was shocked at the fiction winner. I think it is very interesting, and overall I was surprised by a lot of the winners. 3y
AmyG People read garbage. Not US...just people in general. ;) 3y
mrsthilkey It Ends With Us was pretty poorly written and the characters and situations were so cliché. I think it won because it does deal with a very important subject. 3y
MaleficentBookDragon Dark Matter by Blake Crouch should have won IMO. 3y
Bookdragon69 Fiction winner?! I read it and kept waiting for it to get good. 😑 Never did. I want those few hours of my life back. 😉 3y
assemblyize I wasn't too happy with the fiction or romance either. But, I was most upset about the fantasy winner. 3y
mcipher Agreed on the fiction winner - she has so many great books, but this wasn't one of them 3y
Desirai Does anyone read all the books in a single category before they vote? I just voted for the books I read which I enjoyed. 3y
Pandareads37 @Desirai I also vote for the books I read 3y
Foreversweetserendipity I am completely skeptical of the Romance category. I don't even know how Hoover's book won. Not much romance at all, I couldn't stand it. 3y
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The Kite Runner: Rejacketed | Khaled Hosseini
post image

Just started The Kite Runner upon the recommendation of my fellow #littens and i can say i'm already hooked! Especially loved this quote that the father says to his son:
"There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft."
Felt like i heard it before, don't know if it first came from the book itself.

Centique That is a great quote. 3y
Abailliekaras A wonderful book. Have your tissues ready 😭 3y
LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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Libby1 That quote has stayed with me for many years. 3y
Soubhiville I loved this book! 3y
Dolly Read it a long time ago but still remember it as a fabulous book. 3y
Bookdragon69 Great book!!! 3y
slhbooks Be sure to read A Thousand Splendid Suns, his second book. Another excellent read. 3y
ptkpepe98 It is wonderful, and yes, have the tissue handy. This book stays with you. 3y
Carleneishere Love. This was required reading for my high school literature class and I read it in a day. 3y
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Treachery in Death | J. D. Robb
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Finally finished with book #32 and i can say i'll never get bored of this series 😍 11 to go and i'm sure hoping the author doesn't stop writing any time soon 😁

s-b Definitely one of my favorites in the series! 3y
Demelza It's actually Nora Roberts isn't it? 3y
Bookcation74 Completely agree! I look forward to each new release! ❤️Roarke! 3y
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robinb Love, love, love these! We need these made into movies....but I don't think ANY male lead could measure up to Roarke! 3y
mariejoechahine @robinb Even if they made movies i don't think i'd watch them. I wouldnt dare letting them ruin the characters for me 😨 3y
robinb Good point....they'd never get it right! 3y
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The Kite Runner: Rejacketed | Khaled Hosseini
post image

After a few weeks of barely having time to read, i'm almost finished with Treachery in Death! Now what do you think should i read next?
I know it probably doesn't matter since i'm gonna read them all anyway 😂 But i'd like to hear opinions about these two 😍

DebinHawaii I'll third The Kite Runner! 😀👍 3y
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myers85 Two completely different books but I love them both. The Kite Runner is the better book but it's also a very emotional read so maybe read War of the Worlds after for a bit of escapism! 3y
Abailliekaras The kite runner. 👌 3y
Meg11726 The kite runner. 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Kite Runner. *sigh* so good 😍 3y
ptkpepe98 Both...I always read two to three books at a time. Nonfiction, fiction, scary, funny, whatever. It depends on my level of exhaustion, since my only quiet time anymore is bedtime.😖 3y
SusaninTX The Kite Runner 3y
Bookdragon69 Kite runner definitely. Great book and will make you want to read his second book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, immediately after. 3y
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Stranger in a Strange Land | Robert A. Heinlein
post image

Happens way too often 😂😂

JDHawkins Uggggh. The struggle is real. 3y
R.Lyn-Romance-Reads Hahaha!! My convo with myself every week. 3y
Paula3 Story of my life! 3y
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BekahB Yep! At the beginning of every year I tell myself that this will be the year I read through my entire TBR and that I won't buy new books until I do. Then Book Outlet has a sale and it's over before it really even starts. 😄 3y
Foxyfictionista Payday is in a few more days. Despite the fact that my I'm creating a fire hazard with my books, I will be buying more. Why else do I have a job if it's not to buy books? 3y
Librariana This is me!! (And many of us, I'm sure) 😄 3y
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Walden | Henry David Thoreau
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I haven't read anything for too long... midterm exams problems 😵 What i would give for some time just to sit outside and read surrounded by nature 😍

MyBookSwapClub So beautiful!!! Need sun in London :) 3y
Thedrunkstrawberry What a view 😍 3y
mariejoechahine @MyBookSwapClub @Thedrunkstrawberry Thank You! It's in Lebanon, at my grandmother's 😄 3y
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Loyalty in Death | J. D. Robb
post image

Not a such a special milestone but felt like sharing it 😀 I just wanted to say how happy i am to have this community of book lovers to share my favorite books with ❤💜 #Litfluence #Litsy

megt Hooray! 📚❤️ 3y
RanaElizabeth Nah, all milestones are special! Way too go! 🎈🎈 3y
Lynnsoprano All the milestones are special. Congrats! 3y
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DGRachel Yay! 🎉🎉🎉 3y
Rjamesstevens 🍻🎉🎉🎉 3y
intothehallofbooks Yay Congratulations!! 👏🏻👏🏻⭐️🎉 3y
DuckOfDoom Litsy is the best! And congrats!📚🎉 3y
jpmcwisemorgan Yea!!! 3y
PurpleyPumpkin Nice!🎉🎊🎉🎊 3y
Weave Congratulations xx 3y
LeahBergen Yay!! 🎉🎉🎉 3y
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Room: A Novel | Emma Donoghue
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Room is definitely the best book with a #childprotagonist i have read. It's even one of my favorite books of all time. I think it's the book that affected me the most emotionally. Even the movie was quite good!

ehewett88 I love this book it is so beautiful. I have recently bought her new book and cannot wait to read it. 3y
KaitiWinchell One of my favorites ❤️ 3y
Alfoster Loved it too! 3y
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Cortg I enjoyed this book but was not a super huge fan. I think it was because I had read Jaycee Dugard's A Stolen Life: A Memoir shortly before reading Room. They were very similar story lines but one fiction, one not. Donoghue's writing was obviously much better though. I have the Room DVD on hold from the library, should be in any day now! 3y
mariejoechahine @ehewett88 I haven't read any of her other books, but i think i should considering how much i liked this one 3y
mariejoechahine @Cortg The movie is pretty good. i think they couldn't have made a better adaptation of the book 3y
ehewett88 @mariejoechahine that was my thinking exactly which is why I have her new one. 3y
ptkpepe98 I really loved this book, which surprised me because the story it told bothered me for so many reasons. A great book. 3y
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