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Recursion | Blake Crouch
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Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
I got my #BOTM box yesterday and for this month I only picked this book. I immediately started to read Recursion and could not put it down, which resulted in me finishing it this afternoon. It was mind boggling, a page turner, and just fantastic. I did sick a half star because I felt like the ending was dragging.
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Crazeedi Did you happen to see my recent post? Look on my feed, it describes you exactly! Lol 5d
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Welcome | Barroux
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New Litten alert. Please welcome @Gretchen311 I've recruited her from Monthly Book Club on Facebook. Haha. She is especially interested in #LMPBC and #swaps. Haha! Give a wave and a follow please, y'all.
#welcomewagon #littens

stacybmartin Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 🎉📚💙 6d
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Jee_HookedOnBookz Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 ! 6d
cobwebmoth @Gretchen311 Welcome to Litsy! 6d
JoScho Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 6d
Kdgordon88 Welcome! 6d
Birdsong28 Welcome to Litsy @Gretchen311 🎊🎉📚📖 6d
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Lately, reading has felt like a chore. I blame the pevelance of reading challenges and trackers and myself for acquiring too many books 🤣. I'm working on a strategy that will help me plan my reading but will also feel like reading at whim. I'm making a numbered list of categories and each month I'll use a RNG to choose 4-5 categories. Then I'll read books I already own to fit the categories. Do the #littens have any category suggestions?

Sarah83 Maybe chunksters, classics and cosy crime? 2w
Sarah83 Or even Netgalley, if you use it. 2w
gilroyc Urban Fantasy? Science fiction? Book into movie? 2w
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Amandajoy This is a great idea. I would need a biography/memoir category. 2w
Bradleygirl this is pretty genius! I'd put “comedic“ in there to lighten up my load (lots of other categories are also comedic, so it gives some leeway in choice) 2w
MarkoPDX I occasionally like to read travelogues. I will be interested to see how this plays out for you. I quit doing reading challenges. I'm getting burned out on one of my two book groups. I don't feel like I'm reading for fun anymore. 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @Sarah83 those are great suggestions! Adding them now! 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @Sarah83 I don't use Net Galley. I know myself well enough to know that I would fail 🤣 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @gilroyc oh! I'll add Urban Fantasy for sure! 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @Amandajoy I thought about that, but I don't own very many so I just lumped it with "non-fiction" 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @Bradleygirl that's a thought. Maybe humor? 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @MarkoPDX I am SO DONE with challenges and any sort of tracking/stats beyond my handwritten journal. I was never a book club type since I really don't like people in person 🤣 2w
gilroyc I'm not a challenge or book group person because I read so slowly. What some people read in two days can take me two months... 2w
Sarah83 Great you like them 😍 2w
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Sorry this is not book related, but are there any other #Littens who watch Coronation Street?

LeeRHarry I am having to watch it under duress as I am at my parents at the moment 🤣 2w
Birdsong28 I watch on occasion why? 📚📖 2w
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suzie.reads I watch it but then I'm usually reading when its on 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @Birdsong28 mainly curiosity. I watched an episode on Britbox yesterday, but I was talking to someone who said Canada was behind. Apparently I live under a rock 😂 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @Birdsong28 oh I watched an episode of that too! I did like it a little more. (Even though a horse did get a minor injury 😢) 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @suzie.reads I used to be able to watch TV and read. Back in the day when I could multi-task 😂 2w
xicanti Every day! Except I‘m two days behind the Canadian schedule (which is about about two weeks behind the UK) because I normally watch it with my mum and she was busy. 2w
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @xicanti I feel like maybe you and I discussed watching this.....months ago? And that's why I finally checked it out. I was trying to remember which Litten and then which broadcast. So the episode I saw yesterday must be way ahead of what you've seen so I'll keep my lips zipped 🤫🤐😂 2w
umbrellagirl @Birdsong28 I always thought so. 2w
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Spin the Dawn | Elizabeth Lim
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Rating: 4/5
Release: 7/9/19
This definitely has Mulan vibes, but it only lasts for about a quarter to half of the book. I loved the magic in the book and the different empires/cultures. I do feel like the MC became a bit juvenile over the romance, but overall it is a good book and something I definitely recommend.
#arc #netgalley #litsy #littens #bookstagram #bibliophile #spinthedawn #pick #review

Untitled | Unknown
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I‘m going to my very first #BookCon tomorrow, and was wondering what other #Littens will be attending. Is there a meet up planned?

Jess_Franzino @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Thanks! I just saw that @MrBook might have some kind of Litsy meetup. Would love to find out more ♥️ 2w
MrBook @Jess_Franzino Ohhh, this is awesome news!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🕺🕺 What‘s your email, I‘ll add you to your Slack chat group. Can‘t wait to meet such a fantastic Litten as yourself! ☺️🤗 2w
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Jess_Franzino @MrBook Thanks!!! My email is Jesslf.writer@gmail.com 2w
Jess_Franzino @MrBook Oh! Please let me know when you add me, as sometimes my email can get wonky. Thanks! 2w
MrBook @Jess_Franzino I tried and it keeps bouncing for some reason 😩 2w
MrBook @GripLitGrl Same thing with you. For some reason Slack will not allow me to add you to the group. Do you have alternative emails, Littens??? 2w
Jess_Franzino @MrBook Try jessfranzino@gmail.com ? 2w
MrBook @Jess_Franzino Okay, see if the invite went through. It bounced for that email too, but after a bunch of tries it might have gone through 2w
Jess_Franzino @MrBook I got the invite 😃 2w
MrBook @Jess_Franzino WOOHOO! 😁👏🏻🤗 2w
Jess_Franzino @MrBook I just had to install the app, so, getting that all set. 2w
GripLitGrl @MrBook i do use diffrent emails for personal & books would a gmail work better? If so mcpeluso1030@gmail may work 2w
MrBook @GripLitGrl Not sure. I‘ll give that one a go right now! 😁 2w
MrBook @GripLitGrl Says it sent! 😊🤞🏻🤞🏻 2w
GripLitGrl Perfect got the email to set up an account working on it now thanks! 2w
GripLitGrl Set up the app clicked on your link. There are no updates or info yet i think if i did it right i hope ill check back tomorrow. 2w
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The Cozy Cookbook: More than 100 Recipes from Today's Bestselling Mystery Authors | Laura Childs, Jenn McKinlay, Cleo Coyle, Julie Hyzy, B.B. Haywood
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Well, we all already know it, but here‘s more proof that #littens are the best! Thank you @vkois88 !! What a lovely surprise!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

vkois88 ❤❤❤ it's just an interim bc I'm literally the worst and haven't shipped your stuff, and now need to redo Buggy's present 😕 3w
Avanders @vkois88 lol you are obvious not literally the worst! 😁😘😘 But I know the feeling — happens to me too! 😳 In reality, you‘re sweet and thoughtful and wonderful! ♥️♥️♥️ 3w
vkois88 Thank you, I needed that this morning ❤❤❤ 3w
BethM I can‘t wait to hear what you think! I‘ve been eyeing this forever! 3w
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No reading tonight because it's girl's night!
Wish me luck #Littens 🤞
#GloBingo #ItAlreadyHurtsMyEyes #INeverWin #MomsGoneWild

wanderinglynn Enjoy! 3w
TheSpineView 🤞 3w
Stacy_31 Looks like fun. Good luck! 3w
SaturnDoo 🍀🍀🍀sending lots of luck🍀🍀🍀 3w
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Footsteps | Richard Holmes
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Week 2 wrap up #BookFitnessChallenge

Two more books completed and I participated in my first Fitbit challenge ever, with a great group of #Littens who inspired me to keep my feet moving! I‘m going to need new walking shoes! The ice-cream is my reward!

I‘m cheering everyone on — Go Team Go — but not keeping track.

5 / 12 books read
118,597 / 70,000 steps weekly

My total active minutes 1250.
Kilometres walked 78.48.

baes Way to go! 3w
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Fantastic week 2! 3w
Clwojick Holy crap! Over 1200 hours of active minutes! You‘re awesome! 😅💪🏻👏🏻 3w
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Thanks for posting this @thegirlwiththelibrarybag since I would have never seen it otherwise. I‘m surprised I‘ve actually read 10 of these. Most I‘ve never heard of so I guess I could always add those to my ever-expanding TBR. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The tagged book is one I LOVED SO MUCH and can‘t get anyone else I know to read including my own family 😆 https://www.listchallenges.com/pulitzer-prize-novels/list/3

AKinderman I took it and read 12, how fun!
Smrloomis @AKinderman 👍🏽 I love those kind of things 😁 4w
thegirlwiththelibrarybag I love lists (especially book ones) so I‘m a bit sad that I got zero. Haven‘t heard of the majority 😅 4w
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Smrloomis @thegirlwiththelibrarybag I also had only heard of the more recent ones. I love book prizes so I was surprised that I didn‘t know more of them! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4w
Blaire I have recommended the orphan master‘s son to so many people as well. One of the best books I‘ve read in probably the last 10 years. 3w
Blaire I‘ve read 32 of these books. Not too bad. 3w
Smrloomis @Blaire has anyone followed your advice? Once I say North Korea and orphan, most people are like hmm, well, that doesn‘t sound bleak at all. 3w
Blaire @Smrloomis nope. like you I got the “sounds too heavy” reaction. But I still push it, it had such an impact on me, and the research he did to write is incredible. 3w
Smrloomis @Blaire Agreed! Maybe some fellow #Littens will at least take our excellent advice! 3w
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