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Joined February 2019

Literacy is my passion! I love classics and fantasy and all books in general!📚📖💙 I am blessed to work with children with special needs! ❤️
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Good Omens by Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
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The Last by Hanna Jameson
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The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
Circe | Madeline Miller
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What should I read next? 📔

Ruthiella I would go for The 7 & 1/2 Deaths. A mystery for Fall. 😀 1mo
Liatrek I loved Circe 😊 1mo
BookishMum92 Circe was fantastic, I loved it and highly recommend 1mo
Scash1114 7 ½! 1mo
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Mistborn: The Final Empire | Brandon Sanderson
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💿📀Finally getting to this series! 📀💿

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Just my cat with my book haul for the day! Which of these books I should read first? I just am finishing Evelyn Hugo. #yourewelcome #catsoflitsy #nextbooksuggestions

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awwww!! 😽😽 I love Evelyn!! 💚💚 3mo
Scochrane26 That‘s a hard choice between good omens and crawdads. Depends on if you want to laugh or cry. (edited) 3mo
AllieLovesBooks @Scochrane26 I‘ll go with Omens I‘ve read only Greek and Roman epics and “Educated” all summer long. Time for a respite. 3mo
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brit91 Cute kitty!😻😻 3mo
Dragon 😻 3mo
Dragon 😀👍 3mo
cj82487 😻😻😻😻 I love cats and books pics 😍😍😍😍 3mo
Tiltedwhirled Where the crawdads sing 3mo
keepingupwiththepenguins What a fantastic haul! Would love to here what you think of Crawdads 🤓 ❤ 2mo
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“Never let anyone make you feel ordinary.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

AliD73 I love this quote! I hope you don‘t mind if I steal it for my page! 3mo
AllieLovesBooks @AliD73 I love it too, and I certainly don‘t mind you using it as well! 📗💚 3mo
marleed What a great pic for a great book! 3mo
AliD73 @AllieLovesBooks Thank you! 3mo
AllieLovesBooks @Marleed Thank you I was trying to capture the vibe!Haha 💚 3mo
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1. Shane we‘ve been friends for 20 years. He stood up for me in 4th grade and let me play football with the boys.
2. St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
3. Sunscreen and surfboard wax
4. The Iliad and the Odyssey
5. Whoever wants to do this too!

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Anyone else accidentally dress matching their current read? ....Oh that‘s just me.... #litsyfashion #matchingmybook #booknerd

readordierachel Wow, love that edition 😍 5mo
AllieLovesBooks @readordierachel Thank you! The publisher is The University of Chicago Press. 💛❤️ (edited) 5mo
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The Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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So far this is exactly what I was anticipating from Margaret Atwood. She possesses a fantastic writing style and this book is a total page turner!

JackOBotts That typewriter!! 😍 6mo
wanderinglynn Love the typewriter! 😍 6mo
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SarahHarts_books Loved loved loved this book! And the typewriter 💖💖💖 5mo
AllieLovesBooks @SarahHarts_books 💙 Thanks you!! 5mo
CuriousCaterpillar BOTH the typewriter and the novel, love it ! By the way you have an awesome picture profile.

AllieLovesBooks @CuriousCaterpillar Thank you!!! 💙☁️💙 Love Toy Story! 2mo
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Perserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you.” Psalm 16:1-2 #HappyEaster

Laura317 Happy Easter! ✝️ 6mo
AllieLovesBooks @Laura317 Happy Easter! :) 6mo
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Whimsical and beautiful, this book will be forever cherished by my family! #litsy #bookart #art #books

AutumnRLS I love this one. 7mo
AllieLovesBooks @AutumnRLS me too!📚💙❤️💚 (edited) 7mo
Book_Gobbler William Joyce is truly a stunningly illustrator! Love him. 😍♥️📚 7mo
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The Hobbit | J.R.R. Tolkien
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🍀Happy Saint Patrick‘s Day!🍀 📗Have you read any of these green books? I love them all! 💚 #stpattysday #greenbooks

SheReadsAndWrites Love this!!! 🍀 7mo
Confused_child_of_the_universe Your planter is so cute! I've read the Harry Potter and The Hobbit 7mo
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tpixie So sweet a photo!! I‘ve read Harry Potter and the hobbit. 7mo
Velvetsun Groot! ❤️ 7mo
WhatDeeReads I just read The Half-Blood Prince but I have The new edition. It‘s purple and gray. 7mo
AllieLovesBooks @Confused_child_of_the_universe Thank you! A fellow fantasy reader!!! 💚 7mo
AllieLovesBooks @tpixie Thanks 💚 7mo
AllieLovesBooks @Velvetsun I am Groot! ❤️ 7mo
AllieLovesBooks @WhatDeeReads Nice, I‘ll have to look up that edition! 7mo
Book_Gobbler Oh yes! You betcha! 😘😘👏🏻👏🏻📚 7mo
BooknerdsLife Love Harry Potter& Sherlock Holmes!!!! (Can‘t read the spine on that book so I hope I‘m not wrong😆) And Your Groot!!! 🤗💚💚 7mo
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The Hobbit | J. R. R. Tolkien
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How many books do you typically take on vacation? I took 3 books for a 4 day skiing trip!

Pruzy Hey, if you have 4-5 hours to read a day seems like no big task at all! 8mo
JamieArc For me, it‘s not about how many books I will finish, but the need to have choices! 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @jamiearc Exactly!!! 💙📚 8mo
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mdhughes72 I always end up taking WAY more than I end up reading. 8mo
Buechersuechtling I stick totally with @JamieArc and @mdhughes72 – it‘s all about having choices, so taking more than managing to read is also my goal for about 4-5 hours daily reading time as @Pruzy states correctly. I always take 10 e-books from the library plus one or two I buy at the airport. 😃 8mo
mdm139 I am like @JamieArc I need choices so I usually take 5 for a weekend trip. Even though I have kids and I know on vacation I will be lucky to get an hour of reading after they fall asleep. And I am famous for buying more books while on vacation. 8mo
ReclusiveHermit Less luggage, more books. It has always been my motto. 8mo
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Had a perfect birthday today! I was even able to set aside a few minutes to read some Harry Potter! 📚⚡️🦁 #BestDayEver #Griffindor #Reading #LadiesofLitsy #Litsy

RadicalReader @AllieLovesBooks hope you had a phenomenal birthday 8mo
nelehelen Happy birthday! 8mo
Cinfhen Happy birthday 🎂 8mo
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Erofan Happy birthday! 🎁🎈🎉🎂 8mo
julesG Happy Birthday! 8mo
RachelO Happy Birthday 🎉🎂📚🎉 8mo
Naj Happy birthday!! 🎉🎂🎁 8mo
Librarybelle Happy Birthday! 8mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! 🎊🎂🎉 8mo
JacqMac Happy Birthday! 🎉🌸🎉 8mo
shellleigh33 Happy birthday! 8mo
Elma Happy Birthday!!! 8mo
tpixie Happy Birthday! 🥳🎁🎉🎂🎈 🥳 7mo
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🌸Where is your favorite place to read?📖 #Litsy #Reading #Readingspot #PlacesToRead

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“Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts.” -Charles Dickens (no book was harmed in the making of this picture) #litsy

CoffeeNBooks This is on my TBR list for this year! 8mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🌺 8mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! 8mo
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bookseller_cate Welcome to Litsy! 📚😊 8mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Hope you're enjoying Litsy so far 📖💙 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @CoffeeNBooks So far it has kept me interested and I‘m flying through it, Dickens is an amazing author! (edited) 8mo
Lcsmcat Welcome to Litsy from a Dickens lover! 8mo
BridgetteM Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
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The Beauty and the Beast | Gabrielle-Suzanna Barbot de Villenueve
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Thank you for tagging me in #HelloThursday ! I‘m new to Litsy, this is my favorite book couple and flower!!

emtobiasz I‘m reading this edition right now! Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @emtobiasz It‘s Beautiful! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 📚🥀 Thank you for the welcome! (edited) 8mo
CrowCAH Welcome to the Litsy family!!! 📚 8mo
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AllieLovesBooks @CrowCAH Thank you so much! 8mo
Megabooks Great pic! Welcome to Litsy! 📚👋🏻 8mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 And welcome to Litsy! 👋🏻 8mo
Lynnsoprano Welcome to our Litsy family. 8mo
taraWritesSci Welcome to Litsy! Beautiful edition of the book. 😊 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @Lynnsoprano @taraWritesSci Thank you so much I can‘t believe how nice and welcoming everyone is on this app it‘s like coming home. :) 8mo
bookseller_cate Welcome! 📚😊 8mo
jenniferajanes Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚 8mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Perfect choice!! ❤️ 🌹 8mo
zsuzsanna_reads Welcome to litsy 8mo
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Happy Valentines Day Everyone! ❤️ #catsoflitsy #valentinescatsoflitsy

CoffeeNBooks Gorgeous cats! Welcome to Litsy! 📚 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @CoffeeNBooks Thank you!!! I love it already!! 📚📖 8mo
TheLibrarian Welcome to Litsy and what beautiful kitties you have!! 8mo
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AllieLovesBooks @TheLibrarian Thank you! Your cat is very cute also!! 8mo
Mynameisacolour Welcome to Litsy! That's a stunning pair of kittens! Are they Bengals? 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @Mynameisacolour They sure are bengals! They are sisters a year apart the older one in front is Tiger Lily she‘s 3 and the younger one is Tinker Bell she‘s 2 and was the runt of her litter so she has stayed pretty tiny, which works for her name! Thank you for the welcome! 8mo
BookwormAHN Cute kitties, welcome to Litsy 😺 8mo
Smrloomis Wow, these cats are gorgeous! 😁 8mo
SW-T Cute cats 😸 8mo
Dragon 😻 8mo
DebinHawaii Gorgeous kitties! 🐱❤️🐱❤️ 8mo
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This means all of you! 💙📚❤️ xoxo

Librarybelle Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
Amiable Love your socks! 8mo
AllieLovesBooks Thank you Ladies!!! 8mo
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Cinfhen And maybe a coffee too!!! 8mo
rather_be_reading welcome to litsy 📚☕📚 8mo
Chelleo Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. #LitsyWelcomeWagon 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @Chelleo @DarcysMom @rather_be_reading Thank you!!! 💙📘📚📕❤️ 8mo
readtheworld Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @readtheworld Thank you everyone is so nice and welcoming!! 8mo
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @RaimeyGallant Thank you so much, I can‘t believe how nice and welcoming everyone has been! 💙 8mo
ValkyrieAndHerBooks Welcome to Litsy!🎉📚💕 8mo
MaGoose Welcome to Litsy. 8mo
Smrloomis Welcome! 😂 8mo
rmaclean4 Those socks are everything!! 8mo
AllieLovesBooks @rmaclean4 Thank you! They are from the Etsy shop: 2troubleboys ! 📚 (edited) 8mo
SW-T Welcome to Litsy! Love the socks 🙂 8mo
rmaclean4 @AllieLovesBooks thanks for the info!! 8mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🌻 8mo
PurpleyPumpkin Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a great community and I hope you enjoy it here. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!👍🏽😉 8mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!!💜💙♥️💙💜 8mo
Tonton Love those socks! 8mo
Nute Cute socks! Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a warm and friendly community. I know that you will enjoy yourself here. I‘m looking forward to getting to know you.🙂 8mo
DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy!! 🎉📚🎉Hope you are enjoying it here! 8mo
DebReads4fun Welcome to Litsy! 7mo
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