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I study science. Sometimes I get confused and think I am an English major.
Trick Mirror | Jia Tolentino
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Hello after two weeks, Litsy!

This collection of reflections on feminism in 2019 is near perfection. Tolentino is an extremely talented writer who takes on everything from narrowly envisioned female protagonists to the way women (and all people, really) are prescribed (by “society”/instagram) an “optimized”, free version of themselves which is anything but.

Lots to mull over in this book, so if you‘ve read it let me know!

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This book on casual internet language (think abbreviations, emojis, and strange punctuation) is an interesting linguistic history by Gretchen McCulloch.

As someone who would be categorized as “Full Internet” based on her classifications in the book, I still learned a lot about how internet language developed in the past and continues to evolve today. E.g. Did you know there are widely accepted *sarcasm* punctuation marks used on Tumblr?

Lindy I‘m looking forward to this. 👍 4w
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Disgrace | J. M. Coetzee
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1. Too much abuse of power as it starts with a 50 year old prof who forces himself onto an undergrad and gets in trouble for it. I think we‘re supposed to be sympathetic with his plight? 🤢🤷‍♂️ Still, hard to believe it was Nobel worthy in 2003.
2. Bojack Horseman (and yet it‘s also so sad ☹️)
3. Toast with Peanut Butter (Mr. Peanut butter anyone? 🐶)
4. Eastern
5. Blue Stripe Internet


Emilymdxn Completely agreed on number one! 2mo
Pruzy @Emilymdxn Glad I‘m not the only one! Some books age well...some don‘t 2mo
Emilymdxn I just read it for the first time last month I think and in my head I was just like... I don‘t see how this got published let alone nominated for a prize 2mo
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What if you were obsessed with something that you were only middlingly good at?

All The Wrong moves explores Sasha Chapin‘s extreme obsession with chess and his attempts to drastically improve his game to beat a player with a rating of 2000. His journey starts in Thailand and takes him back home to Toronto, then to St. Louis, India and LA. If you like chess at all or want to read a metaphor for your ultimate hobby you will enjoy this book!

BarbaraBB No selfie this time? 2mo
Pruzy @BarbaraBB It‘s all about the book today 😆 2mo
BarbaraBB Haha! 2mo
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”Chess demands the sole ownership of a bunch of brain cells that the post-adolescent mind may have already devoted to the ability to navigate a grocery store lineup without screaming”

This is too relatable! Does this mean I‘ll play better chess on days when I feel like I can‘t handle being at a grocery store? 🙋‍♂️Anyone hate unnecessarily long grocery store line ups as much as me?

MicheleinPhilly 🙋🏻‍♀️I have line picking down to a science at my local store. It‘s not just the number of shoppers in front of me, it‘s the employee that determines which line I choose. I‘ve become quite familiar with the speedy scanners. 2mo
Pruzy @MicheleinPhilly Nice! That is a good strategy! Unfortunately, when I happen to go when there‘s only one lane open that‘s when I‘m really in a bind 🤦‍♂️ 2mo
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Double Fault | Lionel Shriver
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Double Fault by Lionel Shriver was a wild ride. A searing look into the complexities of married life in the context of pursuing one's dream career. Wilhemina (Willy) and Eric are two aspiring professional tennis players battling their way through the WTA and ATP circuits, but when Eric's innate talent well surpasses Willy's, Willy is unsure whether her marriage to Eric is to blame. I loved this novel and will read more Shriver in the future!

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Double Fault | Lionel Shriver
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Ho hum...a quiet Friday night. Is it wrong that I‘m drinking coffee while reading this amazing novel so late at night?

Crazeedi I drink coffee any time of the day or night! 😊 2mo
Pruzy @Crazeedi Glad to hear I am not the only one! 2mo
BarbaraBB Sounds like an evening well spent! (edited) 2mo
Pruzy @BarbaraBB Indeed! 2mo
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My latest #bookhaul are books that I heard about in unusual ways. All The Wrong Moves, a chess memoir, kept showing up on my instagram ads (targeted ads McClelland & Stewart?). Someone Who Will Love You is by the creator of Bojack Horseman (why does it feel so good to watch something so existentially depressing?). I heard an author interview for Because Internet on the Book Riot main podcast (maybe I‘ll finally understand early 20-somethings).

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A couple weeks ago I finished The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, which came highly recommended to me from a former classmate in my graduate program. This book has a reputation for being at the same time philosophical and pretentious. I have to say, the womanizing main character Tomas and his acquiescing wife Teresa were immensely frustrating. However, there were interesting scenes of life in communist Czechoslovakia.

KatieDid927 Agreed. 2mo
Pruzy @KatieDid927 Glad I‘m not the only one who feels this way! 2mo
KatieDid927 @Pruzy It took me a really long time to get through because I didn‘t care. 2mo
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Pruzy @KatieDid927 Fair enough! I read it fairly quickly, but just couldn‘t garner sympathy for Thomas until the end. He finally became a somewhat better person 2mo
ephemeralwaltz A bit tedious but an interesting read! 2mo
Pruzy @ephemeralwaltz Definitely a lot of ideas in it! 2mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Hmmm. I have this in my stack 😕 2mo
Pruzy @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Maybe you‘ll be one of those who likes it? At the very least, it will give you an appreciation of the hype surrounding the book. 2mo
Louise Perhaps my view of this book is buoyed by the fact that I read it on the train to Prague in my mid-20‘s. 🙃 2mo
Pruzy @Louise Probably the perfect time to have read it! 2mo
Louise Yes! I lucked out on that one! 🤓 2mo
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The Marriage Plot: A Novel | Jeffrey Eugenides
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Where has Jeffrey Eugenides been all my life? I just finished reading The Marriage Plot, which is much much better than the name suggests. It follows the lives of three individuals, an English major, a Religious Studies major and a Biology major after they finish undergrad at Brown. I would say the writing style is very reminiscent of Meg Wolitzer or Lauren Groff. This is the perfect type of literary fiction I was craving this summer!

BarbaraBB Loved this one! His best one imo 💕 3mo
Pruzy @BarbaraBB I hope there are others that come close! Which of his books do you recommend next? 3mo
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Pruzy @BarbaraBB Perfect! Thanks for the recommendation. I will keep an eye out for it 3mo
MicheleinPhilly Agree with @BarbaraBB - Middlesex is AMAZING! 3mo
Pruzy @MicheleinPhilly Glad to hear a ringing endorsement! 3mo
merelybookish Middlesex is his masterpiece! 3mo
Pruzy @merelybookish Wow! High praise! 3mo
Redwritinghood @merelybookish @pruzy Actually, I would have a hard time choosing between Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides as his masterpiece. They are both excellent. I haven‘t read this one though. Need to check it out. 3mo
Pruzy @Redwritinghood Interesting! I was wondering about the Virgin Suicides since that is presumably his most well known (edited) 3mo
britt_brooke I haven‘t read this one, but Middlesex is SO good! Virgin Suicides was so-so. 2mo
Pruzy @britt_brooke Nice! I‘ll bump up Middlesex in my Eugenides reading order!! 2mo
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Found an English bookstore in Warsaw! Got the pictured book which I‘ve never heard of before, but seems to be the history of a small, and potentially cursed, Polish town. Also got Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk (I really enjoyed flights)!

I figure getting Polish books in translation in Poland is probably fitting, right?

And although I am at a Costa coffee, which isn‘t a Polish chain, it‘s still exotic enough 😆

BookishMarginalia I agree! Enjoy! 3mo
Henrik_Madsen I also try to buy some local books when travelling. It adds flavour to the trip! 3mo
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Lindy Olga Tokarczuk ❤️ 3mo
Pruzy @Henrik_Madsen Most definitely! 3mo
Pruzy @Lindy Indeed! 3mo
MyNamesParadise I loved Poland when I was there. I remember going to a chain bookstore when I was in Warsaw. It was in this big shopping complex. 3mo
Pruzy @MyNamesParadise I‘m guessing the big shopping complex could have been Arkadia (two level, round, not downtown, but relatively close) or Zloty Terrace (in the heart of downtown). I‘m guessing the chain was Empik (which is more of a multimedia chain). Empik didn‘t have any English books when I checked it out 3 years ago. Unless you went to an English bookstore...it used to be in Arkadia, but moved or closed. 3mo
MyNamesParadise @Pruzy Zloty Terrace rings a bell! It was in the heart of downtown. It‘s been 5 and a half years since I‘ve been but they had Polish and English books from what I remember. 3mo
Pruzy @MyNamesParadise Awesome! I didn‘t have a chance to check that place out in detail this time around, but good to know! 3mo
RaimeyGallant Sounds so interesting. 3mo
Pruzy @RaimeyGallant So far it‘s great! 3mo
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The Fox | Frederick Forsyth
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On Book Culture:

I‘m visiting Warsaw, Poland right now and I got to say that I am loving their literary culture! Coffeeshops and cafes are frequently decorated with artful stacks of books on shelves, I frequently see people reading on public transit, and it is not uncommon to see ads for books splayed across the city. Amazing!

What is the literary scene/culture like in wherever you are right now, be it your home or on your travels?


ephemeralwaltz That's awesome! Enjoy! 3mo
Pruzy @ephemeralwaltz Thanks! Have you ever been? 3mo
zuzia Hope you'll enjoy your time there! 3mo
Pruzy @zuzia Thank you! 3mo
ephemeralwaltz @Pruzy never, but one of my best friends is there at the moment! What a coincidence. 3mo
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Westgate Books | Saskatoon, SK, Canada (Bookstore)
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Gotta love bookmarks for indie used bookstores!

Use the hashtag #IndieBookmarks and let me know what your favourite indie bookseller is!

saguarosally I‘ve got a handful of indie bookmarks at home and a bunch more in storage. I think I have some from a dozen states or so. 3mo
Pruzy @saguarosally Amazing! Care to share?? 3mo
saguarosally @Pruzy Later when I can find some. I probably only have two or three states with me. 3mo
Pruzy @saguarosally Haha, I like it! Save it for the big reveal 3mo
ValerieAndBooks I‘ll look through my bookmarks in the morning!! 3mo
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Disgrace | J. M. Coetzee
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I‘m not entirely sure what to think of this book.

J.M. Coetzee‘s writing was amazing, but I feel that the protagonist of this novel, David Lurie, who is ostracized from his college community for not recognizing that his affair with a student was an abuse of power is hard to emphasize with in 2019.

Yet, the book was written in 1999 so its themes are ahead of its time.

Lurie‘s development on his daughter‘s farm doesn‘t do enough to redeem him.

Geeklet I‘ve been considering getting this book for awhile. I definitely think I want to check it out. 3mo
Pruzy @Geeklet I will definitely be checking out more Coetzee! 3mo
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Nothing like travel to finish a bunch of books! First book finished is Havana Requiem by Paul Goldstein, a legal thriller in the vein of John Grisham that takes place in Havana and New York. While it has its moments with descriptions of Cuba, there is a lot of old white maleness going on with the main character Michael Seeley. What‘s with old men always thinking they are hot enough to get with younger women 🤦‍♂️.

Won the 2013 Harper Lee Prize!

julesG Safe travels 3mo
Pruzy Thank you! 3mo
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Dark Places: A Novel | Gillian Flynn
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I always tell myself no more selfies, people are just here for the books, but 🤷‍♂️.

Anyways! Dark Places was an amazing read. Despite the hype surrounding Gillian Flynn this was my first novel of hers that I read. Honestly, I was inspired to read this by how good the HBO series of Sharp Objects was and I wasn‘t disappointed. Beats many popular thrillers of today (ahem, The Woman in the Window)! Highly, highly recommended.

Any read-alikes?

BarbaraBB The selfies are niiice! 4mo
Pruzy @BarbaraBB 😊 Thanks! 4mo
batsy I enjoyed this one a lot too. And haven't yet found another writer who hits the thriller sweet spot like this (particularly where the writing is concerned.) 4mo
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Pruzy @batsy Yeah, she really is in a category all her own! 4mo
Amanda.T Flynn is a great author. This was my second favorite of hers after Gone Girl. Keep up with the selfies! 4mo
Meaw_catlady I‘m here for the books. But I‘m also here for the selfies! 🥳 4mo
Pruzy @Meaw_catlady Works for me! 4mo
Pruzy @Amanda.T Haha, good to know. And thanks! 4mo
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Hotel Silence | Audur Ava lafsdttir
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Hey everyone! Sorry to be showing up so often on your feeds today 😆, but I just wanted to share a Litsy milestone with you! I‘ve reached 18,000 Litfluence thanks to my wonderful interactions with you all here on this site!

These milestones are usually blown past by the time I usually get around to checking Litsy, so I am happy to have caught it for once!


Tagged book is another book I started today🤦‍♂️😁

Avanders 🎉🎉🎉 4mo
Pruzy @Avanders Thank you!! 4mo
LeahBergen Yesss! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
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Pruzy @LeahBergen 😄😄 (edited) 4mo
crazyspine 👏 way to go! 4mo
BarbaraBB Great picture! And congrats! 🎈 4mo
Pruzy @BarbaraBB You are too kind! 😝 4mo
Pruzy @crazyspine Thank you!! 4mo
Bklover Woohoo!! Congratulations!!🎈🎉🎊 4mo
Pruzy @Bklover 🎉🌟 4mo
Crazeedi Congrats! So glad you're here!!🎉🎉🎉 4mo
Pruzy @Crazeedi Thanks!! 4mo
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁😁 4mo
Jas16 🎉📚👏 4mo
Pruzy @Megabooks 😊😊😊 4mo
Pruzy @Jas16 👍🤩👍 4mo
JoScho 🥳💜🥳💜🥳 4mo
Pruzy @JoScho 😃😃😃 4mo
mrp27 🎉🎉🎉 4mo
vivastory Congratulations! 🎉👏🤘📚 4mo
Pruzy @mrp27 Thanks!! 4mo
Pruzy @vivastory Thank you very much! 4mo
KirstieE Congrats !! 👏🏻🥳 4mo
batsy Yay!! 🎉🎉📚 4mo
Pruzy @KirstieE Thanks ☺️! 4mo
Pruzy @batsy Woohoo!! 4mo
Cathythoughts Well done 🥳🥳🥳 4mo
Cathythoughts The book sounds good 👍🏻 4mo
La_Cori Congrats!! 🎉📚👏🎉 4mo
Pruzy @Cathythoughts Thanks and it does! 4mo
Pruzy @La_Cori Thank you very much! 🙂 4mo
Redwritinghood 🎉🎉 4mo
Pruzy @Redwritinghood 👍👍 4mo
readordierachel 🎉🎉🎉 4mo
Pruzy @readordierachel 😄😁 4mo
Erofan Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 4mo
Pruzy @Erofan Thank you!!! 4mo
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Dark Places: A Novel | Gillian Flynn
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Wow! I‘m trying the web version of Litsy for the first time today and I would just like to say that it is a thing of beauty!

The suggestions of people to follow (who are actually recent) and trending books features are amazing!

Butterflyamore I didn‘t even know there was a web version! 4mo
Pruzy @Butterflyamore I saw the e-mail announcing it, but I was skeptical that it would add anything above and beyond the phone app. I was wrong! It's great! 4mo
Butterflyamore @Pruzy I‘ll have to check it out! 4mo
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Pruzy @Butterflyamore It is equally addictive! 4mo
Butterflyamore @Pruzy Fantastic! I definitely need another addiction! 😂 4mo
Pruzy @Butterflyamore In all honesty, I totally was feeling the need for another one today too! I'm also dusting off my Net Galley account...time to do some reading under a time crunch! 4mo
Cathythoughts Sounds great ... I wish I had a computer 4mo
Pruzy @Cathythoughts Well it‘s not sooooo great to warrant having a computer if you have the app, haha 4mo
PaperbackPirate I‘ve been wishing it could be accessed from a computer! Thanks for the good news! 4mo
Pruzy @PaperbackPirate It‘s great! 4mo
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Dark Places: A Novel | Gillian Flynn
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When you‘re waiting for a seminar to start so decide to sneak off to your university‘s library to squeeze in some personal reading.

Anyone else try to take some moments out of their day to read when they have some downtime?

LiteraryinLititz Absolutely! 4mo
Pruzy @LiteraryinLititz Great to hear! 4mo
Cathythoughts Gone Girl was my favorite 4mo
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Pruzy @Cathythoughts I haven‘t read that one because I heard so much about the plot when the movie came out. I watched parts of the HBO adaptation of Sharp Objects and it was really good, so that left Dark Places to read 4mo
wanderinglynn I absolutely sneak read as many minutes of the day as I can. 4mo
Ericalambbrown I love this one. Living in rural Missouri, these characters seemed sadly familiar to what I so often see. 4mo
Pruzy @Ericalambbrown Flynn definitely has a talent for describing the region in almost a Southern Gothic style. 4mo
Ericalambbrown @Pruzy She does! And she captures despair and poverty shame very well. It‘s not always easy to read. 4mo
Pruzy @Ericalambbrown True! Very eye-opening in some ways 4mo
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Finished this book yesterday! So yes, it has the eerie story about a nanny that murders the children she is caring for (not a spoiler, revealed in the prologue to set up the book), it also contains a multitude of existential reflections about what it is to be a parent, a spouse, or even a progressive who ultimately becomes an employer of a nanny. I guess I‘m saying that the chapters about the parents were more compelling than those about the nanny

Cathythoughts Great review.. I found it a very interesting read too. 👍🏻 4mo
Pruzy @Cathythoughts Thank you! 4mo
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The Twisted Ones | T. Kingfisher
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I'm really craving a good new (to me) horror story on par with The Shining by Stephen King or The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp.

Anyone read any amazing horror that they couldn't put down and that made them unable to turn off the lights? I'd love to hear your recommendation as I'm making a list for myself!

FlowerFairy I‘m going to be following your post very closely. Could do with some new horror recommendations as well. 😁 4mo
Pruzy @FlowerFairy Hmm, I might just be inspired to make the list into a full on post or blog with enough interest! (edited) 4mo
FlowerFairy That would be great! 4mo
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LeahBergen I would like something really creepy, too. I‘ve been buying a few of the old 70s/80s horror novels that Valancourt has been republishing (they‘re fun!). 4mo
vivastory My apologies if I have already recommended these, but 4mo
Bklover I love this thread! Taking notes! @Reggie @vivastory 4mo
vivastory I 💯 co-sign @Reggie selection 4mo
vivastory It is wonderful & will immediately draw you in 4mo
vivastory @Bklover Thanks! Hope you enjoy! 4mo
vivastory @Reggie I'm glad I clicked on the link for Dark Matter, at first I thought it was the Blake Crouch. This sounds interesting 4mo
Pruzy @vivastory Awesome! You know a book is good when it‘s getting recommended multiple times in a row! 4mo
Reggie Lol I will be the Amanda to your Jenn any day @vivastory. Also I never would have discovered Demonic Theory if it wasn‘t for you. Dark Matter was pretty good. I remember reading it late at night and being scared of having to close windows before bed lol. 4mo
Pruzy @Reggie That‘s the sign of a good horror! 4mo
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Hey all! It‘s Saturday night and I‘m reading The Perfect Nanny and sipping some wine. Looking for some good book chat, so if you have anything on your mind about books or reading at all (or even a non-spoilerly opinion of The Perfect Nanny), I‘d love to hear it!

wanderinglynn What‘s your wine? 🍷 4mo
Pruzy @wanderinglynn It‘s a Canadian Riesling. Unfortunately, half of it is from an old bottle I had lying around which makes it taste less great 4mo
annahenke I'm spending my night in exactly the same way. 4mo
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Pruzy @annahenke Perfect 👌. What you reading? 4mo
annahenke @Pruzy just finished a sweet romance. It was fluffy but enjoyable. 4mo
Pruzy @annahenke Sometimes thats just what the weekend calls for! 4mo
annahenke @pruzy so true! 4mo
Pruzy @annahenke I guess that implies that something else is next? 4mo
annahenke I'm switching to fantasy for more fun. I adored Christopher Paolini's Eragon books, so I'm driving into my copy of 4mo
Pruzy @annahenke Not gonna lie, also sounds perfect for a Saturday night! 4mo
Cathythoughts I thought this book was really good. Well written. The tension builds. I couldn‘t put it down. I did not realize it was based ( not sure how closely) on a true story. She has another book .. Adele , which I have on kindle... will read sometime this summer 👍🏻 4mo
KirstieE I‘ve been binging the handmaids tale and even though I found the book boring (and the show is probably full of added drama) I kinda wanna give the book another go now that I understand it more now ! 4mo
Pruzy @Cathythoughts Based on the way this one is written I will definitely be picking up Adele 4mo
Pruzy @KirstieE I‘m watching Season 3 now and it is soooo good. I thought season 2 was a little slow at some parts, but season 1 was amazing 4mo
KirstieE I‘m almost finished season 2 so I‘ve nearly caught up! Bad thing is I don‘t want to catch up cause then I‘ll have nothing to watch ! Haha 4mo
Pruzy @KirstieE Well, luckily season 3 is just airing now so you'll be able to watch it as it happens! And maybe discuss too :) 4mo
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Wow! This is one of the best books I‘ve read in 2019! If you thought Harper Lee called it quits on writing after finishing To Kill a Mockingbird, you‘d be wrong! Partly a biography of Lee, partly a true crime story of “The Reverend”, which was the focus of Lee‘s 2nd book (that she never finished)and partly a legal thriller. I empathize with Lee‘s struggles after Mockingbird, and wow, I‘d consider visiting Alabama (crazy politics aside)!

megzlynn Come visit! I live here and love everything except the state government lol. 😂 4mo
LibrarianJen You‘ve got me sold! On the book part, not so sure on Alabama... 4mo
Pruzy @megzlynn Sounds like a solid endorsement of Alabama to me! 4mo
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Pruzy @LibrarianJen That‘s 100% understandable 4mo
LeahBergen I‘m looking forward to this one! 4mo
Pruzy @LeahBergen I‘m in a book hangover from it! I don‘t know what to read next...time to stare at my shelves. 4mo
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Fascism: A Warning | Madeleine Albright
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Fascism: A Warning by the former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright is a very clear and concise overview of fascism, starting with a refresher on Hitler and Mussolini and moving on to our present day with an overview of a multitude of countries with leaders who are dictators or have demagogue-like qualities.

A much needed rallying cry for democracy on days when it is sometimes easier to put your head in the sand and hope it all works out!

RaimeyGallant Great review! 5mo
Pruzy @RaimeyGallant Thank you! 5mo
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Westgate Books | Saskatoon, SK, Canada (Bookstore)
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Thanks to the post by @BarbaraBB I now know that bookstores can be tagged and shelved in posts! The tagged bookstore is one I visited recently, Westgate Books in Saskatoon, Canada and was the topic of my previous post.

As you can see it is a used bookstore, but what do you think about this level of clutter? It made finding titles very tough!

Also, random crowdsource moment, does anyone know of good English bookstores in Trieste, Italy?

Reggie No, it‘s perfect. Clutter and all. 5mo
Pruzy @Reggie Can't argue with having more books to find! 5mo
batsy I'd go nuts. I both enjoy and hate clutter; the latter because I'll just be running around in a frenzy 😂 5mo
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Pruzy @batsy The frenzy was part of the fun! I definitely don't get as worked up thinking I am going to find a hidden treasure when I am in a regular bookstore 5mo
BarbaraBB It looks great but would make me nervous too, afraid of missing something 😉 5mo
Suet624 It‘s perfect! So much possibility! 5mo
kspenmoll Hours & hours of exploration!!!! 5mo
JacqMac It wouldn‘t be great if you‘re looking for something specific, but I love it. 5mo
Pruzy @BarbaraBB @Suet624 @kspenmoll @JacqMac Yes, definitely an overwhelmingly large number of books! 5mo
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Double Fault | Lionel Shriver
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Managed to visit my favourite used bookstore in Saskatoon, Canada called Westgate Books. It‘s been some years since I‘ve been. This is my first time visiting their new location and it perfectly replicates the feeling of their old location! My only complaint is that their literature section is divided by male/female authors and the female sections are startlingly small. I couldn‘t find Wolitzer, but I found the tagged book!

LeahBergen I love that bookstore and always try to go when I‘m in Saskatoon. 👍🏻 5mo
Pruzy @LeahBergen Glad to hear it! 5mo
Megabooks Cool! 5mo
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Lcsmcat What an odd way to shelve fiction. 5mo
8little_paws That way of shelving is extremely off putting 5mo
Tamra Yes, that‘s odd organization. 5mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Weird shelving idea - but that photo makes me 😁 5mo
Pruzy @Lcsmcat @8little_paws @Tamra @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Glad you all agree that it is an odd organizational structure 🤔 5mo
GypsyKat Wow, that seems weirdly segregated. 5mo
8little_paws Honestly it's weird enough to me I probably wouldn't buy from them. 5mo
TheLudicReader What could possibly be the reason for such a classification? 5mo
Pruzy @GypsyKat @8little_paws @TheLudicReader I wonder if it is a hold over from when someone thought that they were highlighting women's fiction progressively. Now it just seems like they are highlighting how out of touch they are with such a small women's section that is in no way reflective of the current ratio of female authors active and writing amazing fiction today. (edited) 5mo
GypsyKat @Pruzy I think you‘re right. 5mo
Pruzy @GypsyKat Thanks! 5mo
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I don't usually read books naked (without the dust cover), but the artwork on the Canadian edition of the hardcover is hideous! Looks like a softcore erotica. Unfortunately, the novel itself is not one of McEwan's best. Full of rants and plots that are better handled in his other novels, this book is about an alternate 1980s in which a man buys a Blade Runner-level robot who inserts himself into the lives of the main character and his girlfriend.

merelybookish Now I want to see the cover! 😆 5mo
Pruzy @merelybookish Google it and tell me what you think 5mo
batsy It's a pretty awful cover 🙈 5mo
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Pruzy @batsy Thank you for feeling my pain! I was reading it on a plane so taking the cover off before my trip was a smart choice 5mo
Cinfhen I must investigate 5mo
Cinfhen I started this book and I‘m not liking it at all 😬 5mo
Cinfhen Is your cover the same as mine?? I didn‘t get that erotica vibe at all🤷‍♀️ 5mo
Pruzy @Cinfhen I dunno, the cheezy 80s computer graphics looking guy and the fact he isn't wearing any clothes is kinda odd. I guess also supposed to be channelling the fact he is an "Adam", but still a bad design! 5mo
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I really enjoyed Songs For The Cold Of Heart by Eric Dupont (translated from the French by Peter McCambridge). This book is sprawling, taking place across a small town in Quebec in the early to mid 1900s, Toronto, Berlin and Italy in the late 1990s, with detours to WWII Germany and East Prussia and intermittent stops in New York. This book is on nearly every bookshelf in Quebec and with the masterful way it is written it is easy to see why.

Penny_LiteraryHoarders LOVED this one. I think it was robbed of the Giller Prize. 6mo
Pruzy @Penny_LiteraryHoarders I dunno! I‘ve also read Washington Black which was really well written. I feel like Washington Black had themes that were more universally approachable while Songs For The Cold Of Heart painted vivid characters, but their complexity, and the complex elements of the novel (e.g. less than priestly priests or the sexual content of the novel) made it less approachable and palatable for a general audience. 6mo
Penny_LiteraryHoarders @Pruzy true. I'll admit to not reading Washington Black yet so I really shouldn't be that adamant about Songs - but I just loved it! 😚 6mo
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Pruzy @Penny_LiteraryHoarders It was really good! The next book I‘m reading is nowhere near as well written 6mo
ShyBookOwl I'm from Quebec (don't live there now) and I don't know that I've ever read a book set there .... this is just occurring to me. I should rectify it. Stacked! 6mo
Pruzy @ShyBookOwl Awesome! Quebec is a great province. From Montreal? 5mo
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I‘m loving the Cora‘s inspired subplot in Songs For The Cold Of Heart by Eric Dupont (Translated by Peter McCambridge).

For those who don‘t know, Cora‘s is a Canadian national breakfast restaurant chain (think IHOP, but classier) started by a woman from the french speaking province of Quebec.

In this novel it‘s called Mado‘s! I love how a breakfast place features in this quintessential novel about life in small town Quebec.

The Buried Giant: A novel | Kazuo Ishiguro
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Unfortunately, The Buried Giant by the Nobel prize winning author Kazuo Ishiguro lived up to its controversial hype. It was not controversial due to any lurid material, but rather the story falls somewhat flat and the ending is predictable from fairly early on.

This novel lacked the emotional resonance of Never Let Me Go and The Remains Of The Day. That said, maybe this mediation on marriage resonated more with other readers?

callielafleur This one was a total dud for me. So disappointing. 7mo
Pruzy @callielafleur Unfortunately it seems that Ishiguro might only be able to write one novel and change the set pieces... (edited) 7mo
cariashley @callielafleur @Pruzy completely agree with both of you. I was so disappointed 😔 7mo
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Pruzy @cariashley Oh well! On to the next book! 7mo
BookNAround My entire book club was underwhelmed by this one. 7mo
Pruzy @BookNAround So were the reviewers in The New Yorker and the TLS. Neil Gaiman reviewed it for the New York Times and he was also politely underwhelmed 7mo
TrishB This totally underwhelmed me too! 7mo
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The Buried Giant: A novel | Kazuo Ishiguro
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Also, can someone tell me whether this is the cover for the UK edition? I got this from a used bookstore in Calgary, Canada called Fairs Fair. I think it is about 10,000 square feet, but they‘re saying they‘re moving out of their building from the historic Inglewood region. Will still be in the neighbourhood though...


Melissa_J My Canadian edition doesn‘t look like that one. Mind you, mine‘s hard cover so it may look different from the paperback. 7mo
Pruzy @Melissa_J That‘s good to know! I remember when the Canadian hardcover came out. It had a blue chalice on it I think, right? 7mo
Melissa_J I think mine is green with a tree? I‘m not close to it at the moment so I can‘t verify, but I‘m totally going to check in the morning 😆 7mo
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Lindy Does that red circle say Sunday Times bestseller? That would be British. 7mo
BarbaraBB I live in Europe and we do have this cover indeed so I think it‘s the UK edition 7mo
TrishB Not the cover of my hard back and I‘m in the U.K. 7mo
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The Buried Giant: A novel | Kazuo Ishiguro
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I‘m about halfway through The Buried Giant and I am enjoying it so far! I admit it took me a while to get into it, but now I‘m hooked!

I‘m also looking forward to seeing what sort of twists and heart wrenching turns Kazuo Ishiguro has planned. If there‘s one thing my experience with Never Let Me Go and The Remains of the Day have taught me it‘s to protect my heart!

#NobelPrize #Selfie

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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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Well, everyone, the last day of our Live After Life #buddyread has arrived! Thanks to all of you who participated and made it this far. Congratulations! This was a really rewarding book to read and I‘m definitely going to read more by Kate Atkinson in the future. Special shoutout to @Ingerella for keeping the buddy read going on weeks where I wasn‘t able to engage as fully as I would have liked!

My question for this week is below! #LAL2019

Pruzy Life After Life started with the assassination of Hitler, surprisingly, Atkinson chose not to end the book with the assassination, although it came close to the end. Rather, we see that Ursula eventually gives up futilely trying to kill Hitler and instead tries to find Teddy and survive the war. The last scene in the book is from the midwife‘s perspective and not Ursula‘s what did you think about this understated ending? What does it signify? 7mo
cobwebmoth It seemed to me that even though Ursula had kind of figured out how to better use her "gift" the whole cycle would just keep repeating. 7mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth Yes! Almost as though there was nothing for her to do, but enjoy the cycle and tweak it every time in a way that kept those she loved near to her. That said, we still didn‘t get an answer about what Sylvie was doing in London that one life 🤔 7mo
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cobwebmoth @Pruzy I know! There were a couple of things that I had hoped would be clarified by the end, but we just kept getting swept along with Ursula's new timelines. 7mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth What other things did you want clarified? What happened to Izzie‘s kid? 🤔Hmm, what else 7mo
cobwebmoth Oh yeah, I did always wonder about her baby. And while I enjoyed the book I was kind of hoping for an explanation of why Ursula? What made her so special? 7mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth Right! What gave her the abilities she had? Interesting question! 7mo
readordierachel @cobwebmoth @pruzy As far as why Ursula, I kinda got the impression at the very end, when Sylvie had the scissors ready, that she knew what was coming, maybe because she had the "gift" too. Maybe it *is* hereditary. I'm curious about Teddy in the next book. 7mo
cobwebmoth @readordierachel Ooh, interesting! I'm definitely curious about Teddy's book. 7mo
DivineDiana @Pruzy @cobwebmoth I thought Izzie‘s baby was Roland, and we eventually find out that he was raised by Sophie and Hugh. They find out that he has a mental condition, and drowns at the beach. 7mo
DivineDiana @readordierachel Yes! When Sophie was ready with the scissors, it led me to believe that she had “the gift “! 7mo
cobwebmoth @DivineDiana Yes, that happened in one of the timelines. I guess I just wanted to know what happened to him in the timelines where he was adopted. 7mo
DivineDiana @cobwebmoth Oh, I do remember that! Forgot there was another timeline for him! I found it all a bit confusing! 7mo
cobwebmoth @DivineDiana There was a lot to take in! 7mo
Ingerella I'm a little late to the comments here, but I did love the book ending. It felt kind of like a snapshot of just some of Ursula's possibilities. I imagine they just go on and on. I loved in the last section where she was really having deja Vu moments like crazy! I didn't mind not know some of those missing details because I really got into what was in store for her in the next life. @cobwebmoth @DivineDiana @readordierachel 7mo
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The Marriage Plot: A Novel | Jeffrey Eugenides
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So my local used bookstore was having an inventory clearance of their basement sale items. Every book in the basement was a dollar!

Here‘s what I found:
1. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
2. What is Stephen Harper Reading by Yann Martel
3. Four Souls by Louise Erdrich
4. Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

Has anyone read any of these books or heard the hype around them? If so, what did you think?

#BookHaul #ShopUsed #BuyLocal

jpmcwisemorgan Books on sale, how can you not take advantage of that?! (edited) 8mo
Pruzy @jpmcwisemorgan Yeah! Those prices are amazing even at a used bookstore! 8mo
Pricel101 Great haul! Yann Martel is a fave author of mine 🇨🇦 What Ia Steven Harper Reading was very enjoyable! 7mo
rather_be_reading awesome! 5mo
Pruzy @rather_be_reading Thanks! Full disclosure I haven't got to any of these books yet 5mo
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The Monk of Mokha | Dave Eggers
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It‘s been a very long time since I finished a book in one day! I recommend this to anyone who enjoys coffee!

This is the non-fiction story of Mokhtar Alkhanshali, a Yemeni American who dreams of bringing high grade Yemeni coffee to the speciality coffee world. There are only a few problems...Mokhtar is no coffee expert at the start of the book and Yemen is on the bring of civil war.

Read this exciting adventure of the Indiana Jones of coffee!

Pruzy @rather_be_reading It is really good! Love how some complaints about the area have not changed over the hundred-ish years the area has been American 5mo
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Washington Black | Esi Edugyan
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Washington Black by Esi Edugyan won the 2018 Giller prize, Canada‘s highest literary award and after reading this book I can say the prize was well deserved.

It is about a young slave, Washington Black, in the 1800s who is freed by Titch, the brother of a slaveowner named Erasmus, and is trained to become a naturalist. Unfortunately, Erasmus hires a bounty hunter and Washington and Titch find themselves on the run.

The writing was exquisite!

AmyG Well deserves prize. I absolutely loved this book. 8mo
Pruzy @AmyG Glad to hear it! 8mo
irre Reading it right now. 8mo
Pruzy @irre I hope you enjoy! 8mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
This post contains spoilers
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@Ingerella is focusing on the purpose of this section for today‘s #LAL2019 discussion, so I‘m going to take this opportunity to ask about a more obscure event that occurred while Ursula was in London...she saw Sylvie leaving a hotel with another man! Do you think her eyes were playing tricks on her or if it actually occurred, what so you think Sylvie was doing? Was it an old fashioned affair or some sort of espionage? And what does it mean?

Meaw_catlady I was just assuming affair. But now that you mention it maybe Sylvie was living a secret life of espionage. Sounds more intriguing . 8mo
Pruzy @Meaw_catlady Yes, wouldn‘t it be a nice plot twist? 8mo
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Dogearedcopy I thought it was Sylvie having an affair, and that was the reason Izzie abruptly made the U-turn with the car: Izzie was hoping Ursula wouldn't see, but Ursula saw it anyway. 8mo
Pruzy @Dogearedcopy Oh interesting! Ursula thought Izzie was unaware, when it could be that actually she was trying to actively hide it from Sylvia! 8mo
cobwebmoth I think that Ursula definitely saw Sylvie. I am curious to find out what she was up to. An affair would be unsurprising to me because Sylvie has eyed other men before. It would be more fun if it was espionage. 8mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth Which men has she eyed before? I can only think of George 8mo
cobwebmoth @Pruzy I was primarily thinking of George. 8mo
Laura317 I hadn‘t thought of her being a 🕵🏻‍♀️ spy! I doubt it, but that would be a fun twist. 8mo
Ingerella Interesting question! I think Sophie was having an affair. I didn't pick up on the fact that Izzie might be aware of it. Hmm. There were a few times when it seemed Sophie was really ambivalent of Hugh... maybe the affair was the reason why. 8mo
DivineDiana Agree that she did actually see her mother, and that Izzie knows what is happening. Just finished reading Warlight, and there is a glamorous mother character who unbeknownst to her children was a spy. At first, I thought affair, but who knows at this point?!? Onward in the story! 8mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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To everyone participating in the Life After Life buddy read, it‘s been a crazy two weeks, but I‘ve finally caught up. Sorry about the delay in facilitating our discussion! Hopefully all of you are still interested in carrying on because the last section was extremely intense and I‘m sure will harbour much discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow and keep those reading pics coming! #LAL2019 #BuddyRead

Dogearedcopy I'm still around, though admittedly, I read ahead to the originally scheduled section. I'm one of those people who, if I let too much time lapse between reading chapters in a book, tends to become indifferent, and then I end up DNF-ing the book! I'll just have to be careful about spoilers tomorrow! (edited) 8mo
Ingerella The last section was definitely intense! @Dogearedcopy I'm the same way. It doesn't take much for me to lose interest these days. But, I am really enjoying this book so it's been no problem to stick with it. 8mo
MellieAntoinette This whole book is intense. Where‘s the happy place?! 8mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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That feeling when you are rushing to catch up on your Life After Life #BuddyRead after a busy work week. 😅 #LAL2019

BookishMarginalia Indeed! 8mo
Ingerella This is me this week too! 8mo
readordierachel I hear ya! 8mo
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Pruzy @Ingerella @readordierachel Yikes! Is it unusual for buddy reads to give a one week extension? 8mo
readordierachel @Pruzy @Ingerella I don't know the protocol but I sure wouldn't mind 😆 8mo
Pruzy @readordierachel @Ingerella Maybe @Ingerella and I can make an announcement to push it back a week? If @Ingerella agrees?? 8mo
Ingerella @Pruzy @readordierachel if another week is needed, I'm ok with it. It makes me think week 3 is having another life! 8mo
Pruzy @Ingerella Let‘s do it! Give week 3 another life! 8mo
Ingerella Do you mind making the announcement and I'll repost it? My hubby just surprised me with Hamilton Tickets!! For 1pm today, 2 hrs away!! I can repost when we get in the car. Hamilton!! 8mo
MysterySleuthReadsAgain I love book covers. This is 😍😍😍😍. 8mo
Pruzy @NightSparrowReads Life After Life certainly has a nice cover! 8mo
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Love Is Blind | William Boyd
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I finished reading Love is Blind by William Boyd a few days ago. While I appreciate Boyd as an author and really enjoyed Brazzaville Beach, Sweet Caress, Waiting for Sunrise and Ordinary Thunderstorms, this book was not his best. The story is somewhat ho-hum without the gut-wrenching tension and emotion of his other novels. I did like the classical music connection. It is about a piano tuner in the employ of a famous pianist in the late 1800s.

Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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Time for Sunday‘s Life after Life buddy read discussion! Feel free to ask any questions you have here or make your own post! I‘m going to ask my question below because it is spoiler-y. #LAL2019 #BuddyRead #LifeAfterLife

Pruzy #TriggerWarning: Suicide - Suicide came up twice in this section, the first was when Ursula‘s mother passed away and the second was when Ursula decided to let the gas burn during the after war years. Why do you think Sylvie decided to end her life, and considering that Ursula is beginning to suspect that she can live life after life, do you think she knew it wasn‘t really the end? Dark questions, I know. 9mo
Ingerella These are such good questions! 9mo
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squirrelbrain I definitely agree that Ursula knows that the end wouldn‘t be ‘the end‘. In terms of Sylvie, I wonder if Ursula had inherited her condition / gift from Sylvie. Throughout the book so far I feel that Sylvie has had a curiously detached way of raising her children, other than Teddy, so maybe she knows that they are inheritors and therefore it doesn‘t matter what happens to them... 9mo
CoffeeNBooks @squirrelbrain Oh! Interesting thought about Sylvie also having the condition. I hadn't thought of that! 9mo
squirrelbrain Later in the fifth Armistice section (so difficult with these repetitive chapter names!) Ursula knows the names of the Shawcross children before they meet; ‘She was getting as good at keeping secrets as Sylvie‘ - could this also be a hint? Or if not, what are Sylvie‘ secrets?! 9mo
CoffeeNBooks As far as Sylvie's suicide, I wondered if at some point, we'll read where Ursula has changed that timeline so Sylvie doesn't commit suicide. 9mo
CoffeeNBooks @squirrelbrain I wrote in my notes for this week about Ursula getting as good at keeping secrets as Sylvie, and I'm very curious about what secrets Sylvie has! 9mo
daena @CoffeeNBooks I also wondered the same thing, how and if Ursula will try to change Sylvie‘s fate. Or if it is as you are mentioning @squirrelbrain (which I have been wondering myself too) is there some sort of unspoken understanding of both having this condition that neither Sylvie or Ursula can interfere in each other‘s life/lives in such a way. I agree there is so much more to Sylvie‘s story. Secrets yet uncovered. 9mo
Meaw_catlady @pruzy Interesting theory. Perhaps she left the gas on because she wanted to go back and get a chance to make things better for everyone including Sylvie. I just wondered why if she knew she could change things . Why she didn‘t change things sooner in that timeline. It seemed so bleak. 9mo
cobwebmoth I do think that Ursula knew it wouldn't be the end for herself, so it wasn't crucial for her to be careful. I'm not sure about Sylvie, but I'm enjoying all of your theories. 9mo
DivineDiana Great comments! I was shocked that Sylvie took her life! She always seemed so positive! Devastating! But now I‘m hopeful that there will be an alternate life. 🤔 As for Ursula, by this point, I expect her to start her life over again! 9mo
Laura317 I am enjoying all your comments! When Sylvia said she thought science made the world a worse place, do you think it had a deeper meaning? Or are we to take that at face value? 9mo
sblbooks I agree with @squirrelbrain and @daena I believe mother and daughter have the condition, and they both know the other has it. 9mo
Pruzy Wow, such interesting ideas from all of you! I didn‘t even consider that Sylvie might have the same ability! Once again I am looking forward to continuing reading this next week. 9mo
Pruzy @Laura317 Hmm, I didn‘t initially think that comment had more significance, but now that you are bringing it up I wonder if Sylvie has tried to get herself examined for her condition? However, considering how devastating the atomic bombs were, I think people thinking science made the world a worse place was a common sentiment after WW2 9mo
readordierachel Interesting discussion! It didn't even occur to me that Ursula was making a conscious decision with the gas. I totally read that as an accident. But now I'm wondering. It kind of makes sense; maybe she's subconsciously testing her limits. 9mo
Pruzy @readordierachel That‘s an interesting idea! 9mo
Dogearedcopy I carefully re-read "Peace | February 1947" and I think that we are actually witnessing what it is actually like for Ursula as a self-aware adult. I do not think the incident was a suicide (agreeing with @readordierachel on that reading,) but at the moment of transitioning, the language changes in the last full paragraph before "Darkness began to fall." The lack of panic, the change in perspective indicates just another episode. (edited) 9mo
Dogearedcopy As for Sylvie, out of all the children, she seems particularly attached to Teddy, expressing more distress over losing him or the thought of losing him at other points than with her other children, so it did not surprise me that she would have chosen death on Teddy's bed. I just wonder *why* she feels this way about Teddy or doesn't feel that same connection with any or all of her other children. (edited) 9mo
Pruzy @Dogearedcopy Interesting ideas! Thanks for rereading the section to see if you could verify our crazy ideas 9mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
post image

I‘m ready for Sunday‘s second discussion on Life After Life! I feel like we are finally getting some answers!

I hope everyone else is in our Buddy Read is enjoying this week‘s section. And, if you‘re somewhere that‘s completely frozen, I hope you‘re staying warm!

#LAL2019 #BuddyRead #LifeAfterLife

Laura317 @Pruzy I flew through this section! I write down several things I hope to ask everyone on Sunday. Stay warm! 9mo
Pruzy @Laura317 Awesome! Can‘t wait to hear your thoughts! 9mo
cobwebmoth I zipped through this week's section, too. I'm enjoying it so far. 9mo
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TheBookAddict I will be reading this week‘s section today since we are staying inside today and tomorrow. It‘s supposed to feel like -49° F out there right now. ? 9mo
readordierachel @Laura317 @cobwebmoth Me too! Now that I've got the rhythm down, this section went by in a flash. Stay warm @TheBookAddict ! 9mo
TheBookAddict @readordierachel thanks, I am. We are staying inside. 9mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth Yeah, I think I liked it better than last week‘s 9mo
Pruzy @readordierachel Yeah, it sure does. I read it faster than last week‘s section. 9mo
squirrelbrain Yes, I‘ve just read it too! It does become ‘easier‘ once you get the rhythm doesn‘t it @readordierachel ? I also made a few notes @Laura317 .... roll on Sunday! 9mo
Pruzy @squirrelbrain 👍👍👍 9mo
Laura317 @readordierachel It is getting easier to read! Now I‘m seeing patterns. @squirrelbrain I can‘t wait to hear your notes on Sunday! Roll on, indeed! 9mo
CoffeeNBooks I had to start writing down little notes based on the dates, and that helped make sense of the jumping back and forth withbthe narrative. I've definitely got some questions written down for Sunday! 9mo
Ingerella @TheBookAddict Oh my goodness, don't go outside!! 9mo
Ingerella I almost finished it last night. I have just a few more pages. This section did go fast but I'm trying hard to notice details. I can't wait to discuss it! 9mo
Pruzy @CoffeeNBooks @Ingerella I‘m excited to see what details you both come up with! 9mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
post image

A new week, a new section of Life After Life! Thanks to everyone who participated in the first discussion for the book on Sunday! I‘m reading the book with a new eye towards the characters‘ points of view.

What are you looking forward to the most as we get started this new section??

Have a great week, everyone!

#LAL2019 #LifeAfterLife #BuddyRead

cobwebmoth I'm just curious to see how far Ursula gets this time, before the story goes back again.😊 9mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth Haha! I think you‘ll find the next 20ish pages very interesting! 9mo
DivineDiana Perhaps some clarity as to why these alternate occurrences are happening to Ursula?!? 🤔 9mo
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Pruzy @DivineDiana Possible! If we ever get out of her childhood! 9mo
Ingerella The same for me! I am looking forward to seeing how far she gets, and what other changes happen. I can't wait to get started tonight. 9mo
Pruzy @Ingerella 👍 9mo
TheBookAddict Same! I want to know how far she‘ll get this time, why it‘s happening to her, and if she or anyone else will notice that it‘s happening. 9mo
Pruzy @TheBookAddict I think there are more hints in the section! 9mo
TheBookAddict 🙌🏽 I‘ll have to get to it ASAP. 9mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
post image

What a great first week of our Life After Life buddy read!

Here‘s my Sunday question: Ursula is the character who experiences the titular Life After Life, but the story really seems to be revolving around Sylvie‘s perspective. At this point in the novel, have we gained anything from the repeated framing or would the story be just as good if told without the stops and restarts?

#lifeafterlife #buddyread #LAL2019

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Maybe it‘s me, but I‘m still a little confused with what is going on. Maybe when I read ahead it will clear things up. Also if it were told more from Ursula‘s perspective that would help... 🤷🏼‍♀️ and I don‘t like all of the start and stops... I would like for it to flow a little more. (edited) 9mo
cobwebmoth Even though Ursula hasn't made it very far in life, each time it goes back there have been added details about the various characters, which I think helps to paint a better overall picture. And I think it's really powerful that it shows how just a tiny difference can mean life or death. 9mo
See All 46 Comments
Meaw_catlady The starts and stops do make the flow weird. But it also is intriguing. Without the stops you could just say they have been near misses. But clearly from the part where she climbs out the window she changed her mind the second time for some reason. Somehow knowing she had made the decision before. That was interesting to me . 9mo
CoffeeNBooks I like the stops & restarts, so you really get a sense of what could have been the story line, but isn't. I feel like I can hear a record player scratching every time the story stops and restarts. I'm curious as to why so much has been from Sylvie's perspective so far, but maybe that will become clearer later in the story. I find it very interesting so far, though! 9mo
DivineDiana I am finding the alternate stories fascinating. It definitely adds to the reading experience for me. Very curious as to why the author has decided to use this technique. Assuming that all will be revealed later. 😉 9mo
sblbooks Yes, I'm not a fan of this technique. I agree with @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I think it would make more sense if I listen to the book in its entirety. 9mo
Ingerella @cobwebmoth I agree with you. I think the format is showing us the little changes that are happening with each redo. For example I noticed in the life where Ursula fell from the roof, Mrs. Glover was making gloves for George and it mentioned how proud she was. But, in the next life it mentioned George had been in a gas attack. I am loving the format because I'm enjoying seeing the small differencea each life brings. 9mo
Ingerella I'm still thinking about why the story is told so much from Sylvie's perspective, but it's an interesting question! 9mo
Pruzy @Ingerella Neat observation! I didn‘t realize it was the exact same moment in the timeline when those things were occuring 9mo
Pruzy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I feel like it does make the book feel like it is going by quickly! (edited) 9mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth It‘s true, I feel like we get a more complete understanding each time, but couldn‘t the same effect be achieved by including more detail in a single timeline? 9mo
Pruzy @Meaw_catlady I agree! It‘s like she had a uncanny sense of Deja vu without realizing it was Deja vu 9mo
readordierachel I'm a bit disoriented like @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks and @sblbooks mention, but it's early yet and I'm still enjoying the ride. Like @cobwebmoth and @Ingerella I like the new details with each "come back" (is she being reincarnated? What do we call it?). Also, I'm wondering if she's actually coming back or if it's an alternate reality kind of thing? I like the focus on Sylvie for now b/c she's an interesting/funny character. 9mo
Pruzy @CoffeeNBooks I‘m expecting the perspective to switch to 100% Ursula at some point 9mo
Pruzy @readordierachel Good question! And is there much of an effective difference if she is reincarnating or whether it is the same event in multiple universes? I guess one is much more sci-fi than the other 9mo
Ingerella I think we still have yet to see how much this format plays a role in the story. Is Ursula learning from each life? Will it help later? Is it a sixth sense from past experience that helps propel her further into each life? I can't wait to find out! 9mo
Pruzy @DivineDiana I suspect you are right and we will all be here to talk about it! 9mo
Pruzy @Ingerella I think a sixth sense for sure...I guess we‘ll see if self awareness is to come! 9mo
Pruzy @sblbooks I guess we will see if there comes a point where it makes sense for the story to have only been told with the repeating lives 9mo
readordierachel @Pruzy I don't think there is much difference if it's one or the other. But I'm curious! 9mo
Ingerella @DivineDiana I agree with you, too. I think it will become more clear as we keep reading. 9mo
cobwebmoth @Pruzy Sure, there could be more detail in a single timeline, but without the "resets" the title and concept of the book would be lost. It would just be like any other historical fiction novel. 9mo
TheBookAddict Yes, I agree with @cobwebmoth @Meaw_catlady @CoffeeNBooks @DivineDiana and @readordierachel . I also think that without the stops and retelling the main concept of the book would be lost. It also shows that it doesn‘t just affect Ursula‘s timeline/life, it also affects other characters and events. It‘s pretty intriguing. 9mo
TheBookAddict Maybe it‘s told through Silvie‘s perspective so we know what is going around in Ursula‘s world, because writing through Ursula‘s eyes we may only get what she understands. We‘d only get the goings on in the life of the child. I‘ve also been wondering if she comes back in a different universe or if it‘s just like hitting restart on her life. I think this is a book I‘ll have to read again once I‘m done with it so I can see what I missed the 1st time 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m even thinking maybe I should read this section again... 9mo
daena I am really enjoying the stops and starts. At times it feels like we are sitting back and watching pieces of a puzzle put together, or maybe not? I am curious to see how things tie into each other. Especially with the first section where we are introduced to a older Ursula. Curious if any of those younger versions we‘ve seen so far are connected. 9mo
Laura317 I am finding myself slightly confused by the jumping back and forth in the timeline. Is Ursula really dying or is time resetting right before she would die. I‘m with @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks in thinking I might need to read this part again. 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Laura317 🤷🏼‍♀️😊 9mo
Dogearedcopy If this were a book with a single continuous arc, we could only read about one of Ursula's fates/destinies and the whole drive and premise of the book would be lost! 9mo
Elma I'm with @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @sblbooks and @Laura317 . I'm finding the time jumps very hard to follow and it seems that so far the book isn't really telling a story, more like little vignettes, which have yet to connect with each other. I like my books to have a clear beginning, middle, and end (although I don't mind time jumps or even stories told backwards). I guess we'll see if this one starts coming together as Ursula gets older. 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Elma I‘ll give it a little bit longer... 9mo
Laura317 I‘m still really enjoying the story - confusion and all. It seems very timey-wimey...I can‘t wait to see how this all sorts itself out. 9mo
Pruzy @cobwebmoth True! That is what makes the book unique and what made me want to read it in the first place! 9mo
Pruzy @TheBookAddict It is very interesting how the other characters are affected! 9mo
Pruzy @TheBookAddict Also, true. We would definitely be lacking some of the depth and nuance if the story was only told from Ursula‘s perspective 9mo
Pruzy @daena Oh yes! Older Ursula was very interesting. She was a spy it seems? Definitely a part of the character development to look forward to. 9mo
Pruzy @Laura317 I‘m starting to see what would be lost if the story was on continuous arc based on this conversation! 9mo
Pruzy @Dogearedcopy Yes, definitely! I am convinced now 9mo
Pruzy @Elma You have to admit the vignettes are well written, though! 9mo
Pruzy @Laura317 But us it timey-wimey enough that if you were to give it to a fan of SF/F they would enjoy it? 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Pruzy I think I‘ll start over and take notes! 9mo
Laura317 @Pruzy Maybe. I am a sci-fi fan and enjoy it. I find it more of a puzzle to try and figure out. 9mo
Pruzy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Haha, yikes! Well I don‘t want to hinder your enjoyment of the novel! 9mo
Pruzy @Laura317 A puzzle is a really good way of putting it! 9mo
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Washington Black | Esi Edugyan
post image

Finally, a quick moment to read a good book over breakfast!

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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
post image

I‘m all caught up for our Litsy #BuddyRead! Kate Atkinson‘s writing style goes down easy! Didn‘t feel like 70 pages at all and I‘m looking forward to reading more!

I‘m all set for discussion! Here‘s my idea for Sunday...anyone who has thought of an interesting question to discuss make a post about it with #LAL2019. Hopefully we all get some good back and forth going! We‘ll probably need to use spoiler tags...don‘t forget!

Ingerella I agree, it's going fast! 9mo
Pruzy @Ingerella Now I have a chance to get back to Washington Black for a day or two 😆 9mo
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Ingerella That one looks interesting! 9mo
Pruzy @Ingerella It‘s also really well written 9mo
readordierachel Sounds good! 9mo
MellieAntoinette Excellent! 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m caught up too and I agree it went by quickly 🙌🏻 9mo
Laura317 Sounds great! 9mo
daena I‘m almost all caught up. Her words just melt off the page. 9mo
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Wow, I had no idea that city libraries paid so much for eBook editions in their collections. Can you believe that Little Fires Everywhere is over 3x more expensive?

This was first brought to my attention by the instagram feed of the local library of my old home city, but you can read more about it at econtentforlibraries.org

Crazeedi Someone recently posted figures on what libraries pay for ebooks, the more they are borrowed, the more libraries pay, it's not a one shot payment, I was stunned 9mo
Pruzy @Crazeedi Yeah, I have heard of the before, too. What also surprised me (in a good way) is that libraries don‘t pay a huge mark-up for physical books 9mo
Tamra It‘s really too bad. It makes me more empathetic because I have a tendency toward frustration with the selection of our smallish rural regional system. (edited) 9mo
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Pruzy @Tamra Time to fundraise and petition for a larger cut of municipal funds to go to libraries 9mo
Tamra @Pruzy 👍🏾👍🏾 9mo
Crazeedi @Tamra I have the same issue at my small library. But they are great about getting me interlibrary loans any time they can. It's just lately the "new book" section has been meh, so I've been buying my own (and then donating them) or doing overdrive 9mo
writerlibrarian Yep. And unlike paper format where the number of loans is well unlimited as long as the book is in acceptable shape some ebook are limited to 25 loans for that price. The going price for a new Patterson is ...85$ can minimum for one digital copy (edited) 9mo
Pruzy @writerlibrarian That‘s so few! Shocking! 9mo
Pruzy @Crazeedi Where do you donate to? 9mo
Tamra @Crazeedi I use Libby, which I think is the new Overdrive. I count my lucky stars that one of the urban counties issues nonresident library cards. 🤞🏾 Frankly, the system should be statewide, if not nation wide. 9mo
Pruzy @Tamra Yeah, selection is definitely correlated to municipality size” 9mo
Crazeedi @Tamra yes I count my lucky stars on this too. My library overdrive is limited. It should be statewide I agree 9mo
Crazeedi @Pruzy I donate the books I but that are in excellent shape when I'm finished with them. Usually newer titles or ones I think my library will shelve. And most of the time they do. I should be ordering their books for them😉 9mo
Crazeedi @Pruzy buy, darn autocorrect 9mo
Pruzy @Crazeedi Nice! Good taste! My library makes a point for telling me that they will most likely NOT shelve my titles, but rather donate them to the friends of the library store 9mo
Crazeedi @Pruzy REALLY, that's not very kind! You'd think they would appreciate the books if they are ones that are known etc. I've given several series to my library too, I've turned them on to a lot of different books! Now there are some they've put in their sale, but many get shelved. Your library I guess just dont know what they're missing! (edited) 9mo
Crazeedi @writerlibrarian wow that's crazy 9mo
Pruzy @Crazeedi I think they include it as a caveat emptor so people don‘t get offended if their books do end up at the library sale without their knowledge. In the librarian‘s defence, they were very apologetic when they told me that. (edited) 9mo
Crazeedi @Pruzy I can understand that 9mo
ErinGoBragh1011 I am completely shocked! I had no idea it was so much. That explains why a lot of books I want for my Kindle they don't have. I will def. Be checking out the article on the train. Maybe it will tell me why the library version is much more than the ebooks on Amazon? 9mo
Pruzy @ErinGoBragh1011 I know! So many questions! 9mo
ErinGoBragh1011 @proxy also, I figured the hard copy would be more because I thought it costs more to produce? 9mo
Pruzy @ErinGoBragh1011 Yes! Definitely agree. Even if there was a mark-up for licensing or something similar 9mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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Are you joining us for the Life After Life #BuddyRead, but don‘t have the Back Bay Books paperback edition?

May I present the chapter numbered reading schedule! Essentially if a chapter appears more than once, I‘ve assigned it a number based on which iteration of the chapter title it is.

Hopefully this makes it easy to follow along with eBook versions, different localized editions, etc.

Any questions? Let me know!


Ingerella You're awesome! 9mo
Pruzy @Ingerella Aw, sucks, thanks. 9mo
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Pruzy @Ingerella Woohoo! Thanks for joining us! 9mo
TheBookAddict Can‘t wait! I started reading it today. I‘m enjoying it so far. 9mo
Pruzy @TheBookAddict Glad to hear it!! 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Ingerella 🙌🏻🙌🏻 9mo
squirrelbrain Thanks so much @Pruzy @Ingerella 👍 9mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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It begins! The Life After Life Buddy Read! Who‘s excited to get started?? Feel free to chime in with your own initial impressions and thoughts (like, dislike?), but let‘s keep it spoiler free until the first 70 pages on Sunday! #LAL2019 #BuddyRead

readordierachel 🎉🎉🎉 9mo
Laura317 So far I‘m enjoying it. Sylvie‘s idea of white slavery being the equivalent to a romanticized harem gave me a giggle. 9mo
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Pruzy @Laura317 That was definitely an image...which even Sylvie knew wasn‘t accurate 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m a little confused starting out, but hopefully it will clear up 🤣 9mo
Pruzy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yeah, if I didn‘t know the premise of the book going in from author interviews, I would be totally lost! 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Pruzy I read the cover flap, but I‘m still unsure about everything!! Maybe it‘s just me 🤷🏼‍♀️ 9mo
Pruzy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Essentially the premise is summed up by the third epigraph at the start of the book...”What if we had a chance to do it again and again, until we finally did get it right? Wouldn‘t that be wonderful?” -Edward Beresford Todd 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Pruzy I‘m looking for that now!! 9mo
Pruzy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Funny enough I looked up who Todd was, and he‘s a character in the book, lol! Is this a meta epigraph? 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Pruzy I‘m trying to look him up and can‘t find him... maybe it‘s further along! 9mo
Pruzy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Must be...I just googled the guy 😆 9mo
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The Monk of Mokha | Dave Eggers
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Today's #bookhaul! Pictured are:

1. The Monk of Mokha by David Eggers
-A biography of a man who buys coffee beans in bulk from Yemen when the war breaks out

2. Mouthful of Birds by Samantha Schweblin
-A South American short story collection

3. You Know You Want This by Kristen Roupenian
-A short story collection featuring the buzzy “Cat People” which I want to read

And, didn‘t notice this until now, but all the spines have the titles in caps!

Prairiegirl_reading I‘ve had the Monk of Mokha on my tbr for a while now. I really need to get to it! 9mo
Pruzy @Prairiegirl_reading Next Litsy Buddy Read after Life After Life?? #LAL2019 9mo
Reviewsbylola Great haul! 9mo
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Pruzy @Reviewsbylola Thanks! I feel like I did my first visit to a bookstore in 2019 right! 9mo
Prairiegirl_reading @Pruzy I‘d be in for that!! 9mo
Pruzy @Prairiegirl_reading Awesome! If you are up for it still in March then we are on! 9mo
batsy I have high hopes for the Schweblin collection. Loved Fever Dream. 9mo
Pruzy @batsy Apparently she wrote this short story collection first 9mo
Tanisha_A I am really intrigued by The Monk of Mokha! 9mo
Pruzy @Tanisha_A It does sound interesting. I wonder how much will be dedicated to coffee and how much will be dedicated to the conflict in Yemen (edited) 9mo
BarbaraBB I am also intrigued by the Eggers! 9mo
Tonton Great haul! 9mo
Pruzy @BarbaraBB It‘s amazing how varied the books he writes are. 9mo
Pruzy @Tonton Thanks! 9mo
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