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All's Well | Mona Awad
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I thought “Bunny” was darkly weird, but this is more so! Exhausting, intense, darkly funny, and I read it with horror, too. All‘s Well has a clever connection with a couple of Shakespeare‘s plays. It‘s a poke at the perception of chronic pain, and of the health care industry. There‘s a good dose of the supernatural (or is it painkillers?) at play, that left me confused in parts. I think this makes a good book club read-lots to discuss. Quite ⬇️

erzascarletbookgasm …a ‘problem‘ book, like the Shakespeare play but it was a gripping read. 14h
Graywacke I‘m intrigued. Great post! 14h
batsy Nice review! I enjoyed Bunny a lot and will be attempting to read this at some point. Within the year, I hope. Lol 😆 13h
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It‘s too hot to do anything, so I‘ve parked myself in front of my glorious electric AC and I‘m finishing this. It‘s really good.

Augustdana Ok I finished it. She‘s good. Very good. 1d
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The Tempest | William Shakespeare
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Went to the woods for Shakespeare on the Green's sunset production of The Tempest last night. Fireflies danced around out feet and bats contributed to the chatter. We filled up on kettlecorn. The vibes were healing. ✨️

Prairiegirl_reading That sounds lovely! 💕 1d
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Shakespeare's Sonnets & Poems | William Shakespeare
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Shakespeare in Autumn (Seasons Edition -- Fall): Select Plays and the Complete Sonnets https://a.co/d/3ni6YU2

Was on sale for 15.99 it‘s my Shakespeare reward. Arrived today it‘s beautiful

Also someone just left M & Ms at my door in a bag and a note that says thank you for always fighting

So now I‘m crying

JenReadsAlot ❤️ 3d
Liatrek That‘s beautiful ❤️❤️ 3d
MaureenMc 💗💗💗 3d
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Hooked_on_books That‘s gorgeous! And so is the bookmark! 3d
TheBookHippie @Hooked_on_books it is stunning in person!!! 3d
Leftcoastzen 👏✊M&Ms ! 3d
Cathythoughts So lovely 💫 3d
batsy What a lovely edition (and gesture! M&Ms 💚) 3d
GingerAntics Wow, I love that someone noticed, but maybe also doesn‘t feel safe speaking up more publicly given the environment you both live in. 🧡🧡🧡 2d
GingerAntics I‘m going to have to look into these editions as well. This one is gorgeous. I‘d love to see the other three. 2d
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics I have Jane Eyre and Hunchback of NotreDame both gifts! They are so cool! 2d
TheBookHippie @Leftcoastzen @batsy @GingerAntics my love of the M & M is well known 🤣 2d
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie I love everything about this. 2d
Lizpixie I have the whole set. They look so pretty on the shelf😍 1d
TheBookHippie @Lizpixie oh how lovely! 1d
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A Crime of Passion Fruit | Ellie Alexander
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#BigJuneReadathon #BigJuneReadathonPhotoChallenge

So many books with #AnyFruitInTitle so I picked a random selection of 20 different fruits from my shelves. Some read, some in my #TBR. 🍎🍊🍋🍉🍌🫐🍇🍒🍑🥭🥥

Clwojick So many good ones! A couple I‘ve read, and a bunch on my TBR💜 (edited) 4d
Clwojick Save me the Plums was fantastic! 4d
TheBookHippie It‘s so pretty! 4d
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I love a good book dedication. This one says: “For the many weird and wonderful thespians whom I have had the good fortune to call my friends. (I promise this is not about you.)” 🎭. This has been on my TBR list for a while. I even have the audio version of it on my audible.com account. I ordered a physical copy of it as well a few days ago from Amazon, instead of from my local bookstore, and my husband is making me feel so guilty!

Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel

This was tough to read in our current times, but interesting characters and story. I wish I had a little more resolution with some of the characters.

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King John | William Shakespeare
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(Background shows the joys of getting new floors installed)

Mad world! Mad Kings! WS‘s least popular history rewards attention. Ok, King John‘s nephew comes to an awkward end. But the play looks at political expediency, a desperate king of iffy legitimacy invaded by the French. And, in place of a wise fool we have the Bastard, the perfect king if only. And he can express himself…and he‘s got a pretty good speech writer. #shakespearereadalong

batsy I like that it was a pick for you! I imagine if I pick it up again sometime in the future & I set aside some time to only read this & nothing else, I might find it more rewarding. 6d
Graywacke @batsy the language won it for me. 🙂 I agree, all these plays are going to be better with unbroken focus - and, also with performance. But reading in bite-sized bits has its lazy appeal. 5d
DivineDiana New floors! It will all be worth it! 5d
Graywacke @DivineDiana yes. Eventually. I might not feel that way just now. 😕🙂 5d
DivineDiana Understood. 🙂 5d
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