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The Fine Print | Lauren Asher
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a playlist of my dreams ♡

LoverOfLearning Hi!! Welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon. 1mo
LoverOfLearning And what a cool way to start this book! I was not interested in this one before seeing this. Thanks for sharing! Keep posting! I'd love to see more of what you recommend! 1mo
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Geekerella | Ashley Poston
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I suck at being social. I think one thing and my mouth says something completely different, like I'm possessed. By a whole lot of stupid.

swishandflick Well you're in good company here on Litsy! Welcome, welcome! 👏🏽 3mo
swishandflick There are so many amazing people to follow in this amazing bookish community of ours, but here are just a few to help get you started! @Megabooks @Breanne1 @Cinfhen @Bookzombie @MicheleinPhilly @TrishB @LaraReads @marleed #litsywelcomewagon (edited) 3mo
fortune_bookie @swishandflick Thank you 🩷 3mo
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fortune_bookie @swishandflick Just followed them. Thanks for the suggestion. 🩷 3mo
swishandflick More littens I recommend (part 2) and I just KNOW I'm missing people, haha. This is truly my favorite corner of the internet so I hope you love it as much as we do! ❤️ @Clwojick @KristiAhlers @Cathythoughts @EadieB @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @monalyisha ❤️ 3mo
fortune_bookie @swishandflick I used to have an account here but I stopped posting due to personal reasons. And now I‘m trying to make a comeback since IG isn‘t the same anymore. 🩷 3mo
swishandflick @fortune_bookie I feel you there! I've found Litsy to be my safe space, and other social media can be toxic for my mental health (personally). Well glad to have you back and also - love the handle you chose! 🥠 3mo
fortune_bookie @swishandflick Thank you so much. Was contemplating whether to reuse my old handle bookie monster or to start a new one. And oh that‘s entirely true. Some people aren‘t much of a help too. Glad I‘m back here. Here‘s hoping for the best 🩷 3mo
marleed Welcome to Litsy - it‘s a wonderful space! 3mo
JamieArc Welcome back to Litsy, where you can be as social as you want!!! 3mo
fortune_bookie @marleed Thank you so much. It‘s nice to be back. 🩷 3mo
fortune_bookie @JamieArc Oh bless you. Thank you so much I‘m happy to be back. 🩷 3mo
Deblovestoread Welcome! Glad you came back. 💜 3mo
Clwojick Welcome back! 🎉💜 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @swishandflick thank you!! Welcome to Litsy!! 📚🎉❤️ 3mo
fortune_bookie @Deblovestoread Thank you. 🩷 3mo
fortune_bookie @Clwojick Thank you so much. 🩷 3mo
tpixie Welcome to LITSY! There are lots of friendly book-loving introverts here! 💙📚💙 3mo
fortune_bookie @tpixie Thank you 🩷 3mo
DinoMom Welcome to Litsy! I enjoyed this series ! 3mo
BethM Welcome to the best place on the internet ! Check out @Chrissyreadit for tips and tricks and @LitsyEvents for up to date happenings! 3mo
fortune_bookie @DinoMom Thank you. And same here. One of my favorites. 🩷 3mo
fortune_bookie @BethM Thank you. Already followed her. 🩷 3mo
Eggs Welcome 🥳📚😍 1mo
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Welcome Wagon | Annie's
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I shout from the rooftops about Litsy to my bookish friends, and one finally signed up 😅
Please take a moment to welcome @Summernicholej
#welcomewagon #newlittens #litsywelcomewagon

Deblovestoread Welcome to Litsy! @Summernicholej You will love it here! 😊 4mo
TheSpineView Welcome! @Summernicholej Litsy is the greatest bookish community!📚📚📚 4mo
Ruthiella Welcome to Litsy @Summernicholej ! 😃 4mo
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wanderinglynn Welcome to Litsy! 👋🏻 4mo
DivineDiana Happy you are joining us @Summernicholej ! 4mo
Eggs @Summernicholej Welcome to Litsy🥳📚🌺 4mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!!! 🎈🎊📚🎉❤️ 5mo
dabbe Welcome, @normalreadinglife! You'll love it here! 😊 5mo
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fredamans Welcome to Litsy! 5mo
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag @Birdsong 😍, welcome to Litsy @normalreadinglife 🤗 5mo
hannah-leeloo Welcome to litsy @normalreadinglife thanks for the tag @Birdsong28 happy reading all 📚❤️📖 5mo
Monica5 Welcome to this great community of booklovers 5mo
julesG Welcome to Litsy @normalreadinglife! Thanks for the tag @Birdsong28 😘 5mo
TrishB Thanks @Birdsong28 😘 hi 👋 5mo
RebelReader Welcome @normalreadinglife! Thanks for the tag @Birdsong28 5mo
tpixie @Birdsong28 thanks for the tag!! Welcome to Litsy @normalreadinglife !! Check out the bio of @Chrissyreadit for tips! 5mo
FashionableObserver Hey there, @normalreadinglife! Welcome, welcome! Thanks for the tag, @Birdsong28! 💜📚💜 5mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy🥳📚😊 @normalreadinglife 4mo
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Enter the Aardvark | Jessica Anthony
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After seeing their post about people being cruel about shipping delays, I responded to the email to let them know how much I loved my first box and that I wasn't going anywhere! I also plugged Litsy and told them BOTM has never joined us over here. This was their response ❤️ #Aardvark

AardvarkBookClub Hey hey hey 😄👋 7mo
AardvarkBookClub We‘re exploring it now and loving it so far! 🫶 7mo
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Centique Welcome to Litsy! @AardvarkBookClub 7mo
marleed Oh cool! 7mo
Eggs Welcome @AardvarkBookClub 🥳🥳 6mo
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The Book Dragon | Kell Andrews
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Hi all, please give a warm welcome to fellow bookdragon @Chelseathebookaddict

She just joined today after how wonderful I told everyone Litsy is and the Litsy community!

#welcome #Litsywelcomewagon

Blackink_WhitePaper Warm welcome to @Chelseathebookaddict 💐🥰 9mo
julesG Welcome to Litsy, @Chelseathebookaddict 9mo
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wanderinglynn Welcome! 👋🏻 9mo
JessClark78 Welcome to Litsy! @Chelseathebookaddict 🙂📚 9mo
TheSpineView @Chelseathebookaddict Welcome! Litsy is a wonderful community and I just know you will love it here. 9mo
fredamans Welcome to Litsy! 9mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy @Chelseathebookaddict 💗📚🥳 7mo
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I have to count this as the best Lirac‘s I have read so far. It‘s not just a damned good locked room mystery, it‘s a really great police procedural. As always, Lorac‘s descriptive abilities are exceptional. With vivid detail, she paints the slowly decaying Wulfstane Manor, and then, with a few phrases, she brings the English countryside to life. She creates a plot that is clever, filled with detail that keeps you riveted. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

SW-T A belated welcome to Litsy! #litsywelcomewagon 9mo
MrsK Thanks! 9mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 📚🥳💗 7mo
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She Loves Me | Melissa Foster
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“She ran down the path, nearly tripping over a small rosebush in a pretty blue container at the entrance to the dock. A rosebush! She‘d never loved cut flowers because they died, and she couldn‘t remember if she‘d ever mentioned that to Harley, but she must have.”

BBroward I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I hate flowers for the same reason, but THIS? This is genius. I actually sent this to my husband as a (not-so-gentle) hint! 11mo
slategreyskies Welcome to Litsy!! ✨ 11mo
BBroward @slategreyskies thanks, girl! I JUST found out about it from another girl on GoodReads! 11mo
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slategreyskies Oh, you‘ll have so much fun here! If you like romance, check out the tag #romantsy . It‘s filled with awesome romance novel info and plenty of people to follow who read romances. I‘ll tag some more people for you to follow too, since Litsy is so much more fun that way! :) 11mo
slategreyskies @sprainedbrain @HOTPock3tt @CBee @AmyG I‘m trying to remember screen names and keep blanking. If anyone else wants to tag someone, go for it! ✨ 11mo
BBroward @slategreyskies awesome! THANK YOU! And yes, all I read is romance! I can‘t stop 🙈 11mo
sprainedbrain Welcome!! ❤️ 11mo
AmyG Welcome to Litsy! 11mo
CBee Welcome, @BBroward 😊😊 11mo
Catsandbooks Welcome to Litsy!! Check out @LitsyEvents for all the happenings on Litsy. Hope you like it here! ❤️ 11mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 📚🥳🙌🏻 11mo
TheSpineView @slategreyskies Thanks for tagging me!😘 11mo
TheSpineView @BBroward Welcome! It is the best bookish place around! I hope you enjoy it here! 11mo
TheSpineView Since you are a lover of romance be sure to check out the #LitsyLovesRomamce book club hosted by @StayCurious 11mo
StayCurious Thanks for the tag @TheSpineView ! Yes our romance book club #LittensLoveRomance picks a book to read together every month! Feel free to join in - we‘re currently reading 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @slategreyskies thank you my dear 😍 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! It‘s a wonderful community!! I hope you love it!! 11mo
BBroward @StayCurious how do I join the group? I‘m brand new to this app and can‘t quite figure it out 🤣 11mo
BBroward @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks thank you!! I‘m happy I found this app a few days ago! 🙌🏼 11mo
StayCurious @BBroward I can start tagging you when we start our next read in August- it‘s Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare. You can follow along with the group throughout the month (I‘ll make posts along the way) or you can join in on the discussion at the end. If you‘d like to join in for our July read discussion as well let me know! 11mo
BBroward @StayCurious I‘d love that! What‘s the July book?! 11mo
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Normal People | Sally Rooney
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this is me rn trying to figure out how this app works…

also, i‘ve finished the normal people book yesterday and immediately had to watch the show. i really like it, absolutely recommend. the photography‘s amazing, mainly in the scenes on the italian summer. #normalpeople

SW-T Welcome to Litsy! #litsywelcomewagon @chelleo has links to tips on her profile and if you ever need help you can always post your questions. It‘s a very welcoming and helpful group! 11mo
gabrielasmj @SW-T thank you! im gonna follow her☺️😉 im so far loving the app and the little community! 11mo
Chelleo @gabrielasmj Welcome to Litsy! Thanks for the tag @SW-T! Check out @LitsyEvents too! 11mo
SW-T @gabrielasmj Glad you‘re enjoying it so far and pleased to “meet” you. ☺️ 11mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 😊📖🥳 11mo
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Still working my way through this chunkster, I finally made it to the third section yesterday 😮

It still reads a little like a history book, but I‘m gonna keep trying to finish.

Also please welcome my delightful co-worker who just joined Litsy and give her a follow @Sunspeckled

#welcome #LitsyWelcomeWagon

Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🥳 @Sunspeckled 12mo
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